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    I think you should put the blame where it really belongs, on the shoulders of a corrupt Senate/House. On domestic issues Congress reigns supreme!

    This is the deception. It is true to a degree, but it is false. Why? Because the people in those institutions are de facto CAPTURED BEFORE THEY GET INTO POSITION. How? It takes massive money and major media to get into those positions. WHO can compete on those terms with the Money Power and the Media Complex? The truth is NOBODY CAN!

    Have you read Machiavelli’s The Prince? He recommends that the real ruler rule territory used to be free by hiring rulers from the so-calld free country to rule in the stead of the THE PRINCE. IOW, the Prince would still be the ruler, but he would rule through the people hired to do execute his plans.

    The gullible rabble were to be none the wiser.

    I’m not just arguing that this is possible, I’M ARGUING THAT THIS IS THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE OUTCOME POSSIBLE.


    Nancy Pelosi is NOT a shot caller! She’s a sellout! Nothing more, nothing less. The concept requires suspended disbelief in a rational person — good thing most people are no longer rational, but reactors.

    Think about it this way, the Royals and Rothschilds have allodial title — their property is NOT COLLATERAL for the INEXTINGUISHABLE GOVERNMENT DEBT. They control the global money systems. They are above the money, and rightly know debt-based money to be a mass murder mechanism as the poverty it must induce is the world’s number 1 murderer. And they blame you and I for using it. Their for-hire Presidents and CONgress people all pay property taxes. Their property will go up for auction when the Royals and Rothschilds call in the debts.

    The Royals and Rothschilds will be foreclosing upon them and asset stripping them. If the President or CONgress had any real power, THEY’D PROTECT AT LEAST THEMSELVES. WHOSE IN CHARGE AGAIN?

    Didn’t the head of the Republican CONgress go to jail for messing wrestlers… but, but, but… he ran the world. How about the Prince Edward — what happened to him when he was caught messing around with underage girls? NOTHING.

    WHO HAD POWER OVER GOVERNMENT? The man you claimed does who went to jail, or the man who is above being charged at all?

    “Demoralizing and partitioning…controlling the educational system, the media, medicine, law, religion, the “governments” and… almost forgot…that pesky money supply! Yes, that should about do it…leaving only the details to be filled in!
    Glad to hear I received a high score! That fills me with pleasure!”

    “Bickle, the presidents are NOT great or accomplished men. They are empty suits, willing to sell their souls for some simple comforts and perks.”

    “The bush bloodline is of no relevance, except to them. They are regarded as one would a low-brow neighbor who unwittingly came into some undeserved windfall. They won’t be a factor.”

    “Of course, groups of humans may band together and set rules with various and sundry methods of registration and dispute resolution based on the common good….
    Of course, such systems may be completely infiltrated and corrupted beyond the most wild imaginations limits, but that is another story for another time…
    Laughing out Loud!”

    “Mr Turkey, the International Banking system is a wonder! Study it and learn how its tentacles grow and spread across the earth! Silently and without respite. Whom do you suppose created this? Your local government?
    Laughing out loud!!
    It has created the appearance of wealth for a generation! Many have received benefit and many have suffered. Of course, it is all illusion and based on faith.
    The international monetary system is the one true religion of humanity. No small feat?”

    “there is only POWER, and ILLUSION.”

    “For many years, human governments were pitted one against the other…resulting in wars, famine and poverty…except for the banking classes! They benefited greatly from war! And still do. As the era of the nation state comes to a close…on the cusp of a global world order…competing nations will give way to class warfare and ultimately competing bloodlines. Poor Chinese will hate rich chinese…poor americans will hate rich americans…europeans the same. Poor will wage war against the “rich” much larger scale than nation states. Perhaps you are seeing this play out now!
    Laughing out loud!”


    @Saul, unless they can provide an FDA approved vaccine product that is NOT EUA, THEN THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW as far as it is written, as far as I understand. It is illegal to force a person to take an EUA vaccine. If they demand you be vaccinated, THEY HAVE TO MAKE SURE IT IS A LEGALLY ADMINISTERED, FDA APPROVED VACCINE.

    Read up on it, and then put it in writing, and present it to them (if my belief is correct). Get them to reply, in writing, that they don’t care if they are breaking the law. They can’t require you to smoke crack with clients. Why? It is against the law. They can fire you for not smoking crack with clients, but they will have wrongly terminated you.

    Maybe you will decide to take the jab just to go along to get along, but I recommend you really pin them down legally first. See what they do. They almost certainly have NO IDEA they are breaking the law since a mass Empire, Inc. programmed psychosis is in play here.

    Also, do you have natural antibodies? If so, you already have much better immunity than a vaccine only can provide, so your clients pose much more risk than you do. If they can’t abide by the law, make the argument that you are actually less of a threat (by at least 6x, and up to 27x) than a vaccinated person. This MINDLESSNESS has to stop somewhere.

    EVERYONE IS JUMPING OFF OF A BRIDGE SIMPLY BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS. Natural immunity is better than the vaccine!

    Peggy Haul, Peggy Haul, Peggy Haul — SHE KNOWS THE LAW. Your company does not. Read Title VII for yourself. Your company is breaking the law, IMHO. Now, Empire, Inc. doesn’t care, and hopes everyone folds under pressure.

    It is you against a corrupt Empire, Inc., and they have all the mon-eye. You can still demand some semblance of integrity.

    “I, Saul, am willing to take an FDA approved vaccine in order to meet my job function. However, I am not willing to take an EUA vaccine, and this law says that EUA vaccines CAN’T BE MANDATED (cite the law and the actual text). Please tell me where I can go to get an FDA approved vaccine that is NOT on an EUA. I am attempting to do no more than be a law abiding citizen.”

    See what they do. You might make them mad, but what kind of soulless DEMONS are working for, anyway? I know, the same most everyone else. This Money Power financed scenario sucks.

    “So rule one would be to learn the rights accorded to you under the highest applicable law. Example, a township statute cannot trump the Constitutional law.
    Once a person is aware of their RIGHTS and DUTIES under the law, they know what laws and duties apply to them.
    Second, if a demand is made not in compliance with the law, the person MUST refuse the request…ie, exercise their rights under the law. The driver in the example above did just that. After a few minutes of noise, the cop waved the drive through the checkpoint!
    If even 3 out of 10 refused to comply, the checkpoints would come down! Systems of oppression require voluntary compliance! Remember that ratio…30% non compliance kills a voluntary system!
    A golden nugget for those so awake.
    Does the Constitution require a passport? Do all of the illegal aliens flooding into the US have the proper paperwork? No? Then why do YOU feel compelled to comply? Are you willing to cross the border as they do? No? Well then come in like a man, on your feet, BUT be prepared to stand your ground!
    Why do you think the US has passed a “law” stripping the citizen of their Constitutional safeguards?
    THIS….standing one’s ground…is where the cowardice of most good citizens falls to pieces. They are under the delusion that obeying whatever crazy “laws” are implemented must be obeyed!
    Sorry to be in that situation!”


    “In order to understand the system of confiscation, you must have a cursory understanding of contract law, which is remarkably easy to obtain if one is willing to turn off the idiot tube and apply ones self to the acquisition of knowledge. Doubtful.
    Second is the understanding of the fact that words mean things. Further, words are empty vessels to which meaning can be filled. Under contract law, words carry the meaning that the contract drafters assign. Read a REAL contract and you will see that, after the recitals, generally come definitions. What are definitions, you ask? Whatever the contract drafter SAYS they are.
    Example, you are writing a contract that says “The word GREEN, for purposes of this agreement, shall be held to mean RED”, as defined by a standard Pantone color chart. You sign this contract in order to obtain a drivers license, and have therefore accepted this meaning of the word green. Chances are that you did NOT read the contract, but merely signed the form that the drivers license official stuck in front of you and told you to sign. SHEEP!
    Laughing out Loud!
    You are subsequently ticketed by a corporate armed militia employee and charged with running a green light. You go to the local court and become tongue tied trying to unravel a Gordian know of nonsense.
    Good luck with that one.
    There are ALWAYS ways to avoid the trap
    . I have already explained this in great detail, and most of your other questions as well. Why do you not take the time to READ AND LEARN?”


    Governor Inslee to mandate COVID vaccination for all private businesses

    Jay scum Inslee goes full tyranny-

    Fuck You Inslee you pathetic bitch… you pathetic coward scum. Yep- it’s happening- and nothing is going to stop these scum until they are…

    Take your pick- decide for yourself, life and everything it is worth is at stake – Are you going to be a slave or choose a free life? War is On


    The last time I looked, the US Chamber of Commerce spent over $2 billion dollars a year to lobby (bribe) congressional critters! Lobbying is just legalized bribery!
    Assuming a US senator is worth twice as much as an ordinary house rep is worth, that worked out to (435 house reps + 100 senators) to over $3 million per year for each house rep and $6 million per year for each senator. With inflation up, it is likely much higher now.
    No President has any chance!

    And yet, Congress sits still while Presidents issue Executive Order Dictates and does nothing.

    Did Congress pass a law requiring mandatory vaccination for companies with 100 or more employees? H*ll, did Biden even file the executive order yet? Has Congress wined one bit about their power being usurped?

    No. Why? If they truly had power THEY WOULD FIGHT TO KEEP IT.

    They don’t, though. They, like the President, does the bidding of those who financed and promoted them into office. THEY KISS THE BRASS RING FIRST. It is an illusion to think random people make it into office and THEN get corrupted. Pffffft, they are corrupt as the day is long BEFORE the Money Power handlers even consider to finance them and promote them in their major media complex.

    If you controlled the money, THIS IS WHAT YOU WOULD DO, RIGHT? And you haven’t had a family line obsessed with holding onto power and, ultimately, being crowned Messianic Bloodline… and doing so for perhaps 1,000 years or more! About 60 seconds of thought and you’d conclude you’d finance and promote people who would do your bidding so you could maintain your position.

    Duh! Yes, the programming is there to deceive you as to WHO is really calling the shots.

    Of course, most understand that the major media outlets are, in fact, outlets to disseminate propaganda and protect the interests of those in positions of power. It is always amazing to watch those with otherwise skeptical minds refuse to assimilate information until confirmed by that very same mainstream source!
    Look to the LAWS OF NATURE and your understanding of HUMAN NATURE…and by that I mean how humans ACTUALLY react to various stimuli…not the BEAUTIFUL LIES they tell themselves and others!
    Laughing out Loud!”

    So, this controlled media would promote people who actually threatened “those in positions of power”? Rothschild disagrees, and he kinda, sorta would know firsthand, right? He’s a source document, if you will, not the imagination of someone on the outside. And, yes, this dude is almost certainly real based on the plethora of information he reveals, and the absolute disdain he has for the people his family is trying to exterminate.

    You imagine that government officials rule, and others imagine that Vatican rules the governments. Both are wrong, and Rothschild is very clear on the subject…

    “Actually, religion has historically served a very useful purpose…very useful indeed!
    However, all good things must come to an end when something more effective is developed!
    Laughing out Loud!
    FIAT has also been a useful religion, but it, too, will shortly be replaced as the PRIMARY method of control.
    You appear to be an enlightened CHAP. What, pray tell, is the NEXT BIG THING in a post-fiat world?
    Laughing out Loud!
    It has been lost on many the significance of the (financial) attack upon GREECE, birthplace of WESTERN CIVILIZATION!
    Laughing out Loud!”

    ” Of course, the “secret(s)” has/have made more than one bloodline powerful beyond belief, and there are struggles. Ultimately, one will win that’s interesting!”


    the US Chamber of Commerce spent over $2 billion dollars a year to lobby (bribe) congressional critters!

    And yet, for all their $2 billion, BUSINESSES ARE BEING WIPED OUT, left and right, based on economic warfare — the only description that fits. Unless, of course, the US Chamber of Commerce ONLY WORKS FOR THE MONEY POWER FASCIST MEGA-CORPS, which is entirely my point!

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