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    Rembrandt van Rijn Belshazzar’s feast 1635-38   • Unicorns Are Real (Batiushka) • Soul Man (Jim Kunstler) • Physical Integrity Of Nuclear Plant ‘
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    George Clooney, don’t know what it is but from the first time I saw his image on TV, I knew I would never see any of his films. And I haven’t. He emboddies all the things I really viserally despise in Hollywood. It is as if every time I look at him I see green haired fat lesbians in superwoman costumes … I know, kind of weird. In keeping with my track record, I closed the video of Georgie when I saw that slimy face.


    Clooney’s in Oh Brother Where Art Thou, one of the best films ever made. Bad idea to miss that.

    V. Arnold

    Syriana is another Clooney film where he breaks his pretty boy role in a very gritty performance…


    Belshazzar’s Feast

    We’ve been waiting for you to post this one.
    It made a strong impression on us when we first saw it in the flesh in the National Gallery back in the 80’s.
    So appropriate to today’s Empire of Lies.

    Thanks again for the excellent daily selections.


    I watch less than one film per year. When I do watch films they are usually Asian films. The last movie I saw was The Lunchbox which I am sure made its way around the west’s cinemas as it was a big prize winner.

    I remember this Chinese movie I watched a few years back now, can’t remember the name. In the scene of interest, this grandfather was sitting on a bench with his grandaughter and their tortoise was on the ground in fron of them. The tortoise had decided that it wanted to walk around, so it walked towards the right side of the screen, very slowly (its a tortoise) and the scene was almost over when it went out of the shot. I am sure everybody was watching the tortoise, it was very tense: will it get to the edge before the end of the scene. Anyway, it got to the edge and just as people were wondering what was going to happen to the tortoise, a hand grabbed it and discretely placed it back in the middle of the shot. The sense of relief in the cinema was tangible. Cinematic gold, the tension could be felt throughout the theatre. That is the sort of stuff I love about cinema, so much so that I cannot remember the film’s name or the story line.


    This is not supposed to happen in a constitutional system based on shared, limited powers: The Constitution gives Congress the power of the purse, but Biden just gave away the store.

    Not supposed to happen? You still think there is any restraint being applied? There is no law so these people are stealing billions through Ukraine, Taiwan and other unmonitored financial destinations. This give away is only not to Biden’s chums because he wants to win in November, this is a bribe, which is different to the outright theft that the POTUS and other DNC scum are performing at the moment.


    … given that prominent CCP virologist Shi Zhengli was leading the Chinese side of this research collaboration, it is entirely reasonable that Xi Jinping would have known about her project.

    Which would explain why Xi instigated the Zero Covid policy, to keep this germ alive and to use it for as long as possible. Xi is still locking down cities at the moment and the effort seems mainly aimed at the areas associated with his political enemies. He is using his inbuilt corruption to try and defeat opponents to him being voted as “Emperor” by bashing them over the head with a baseball bat rather than out running them. The problem with this sort of corruption is that China ends up being led by a Chinese Yeltsin. Mind you, it didn’t do badly for Russia as Yeltsin led to Putin. Maybe someone good will follow Xi.


    Weird things happen when I go to TAE. And especially when I use the comments submit icon; sometimes I get taken to a Maori language ‘health advisory’ website, and sometimes I get taken to some kind of adult fantasy gambling website, nwither of which is of any interest to me. Clicking on the ‘go back’ icon and trying again usually fixes it and I eventually get to where I want to be.

    On my travels around cyberspace I notice that there is all sorts of garbage everywhere: government issued garbage about the strength of the economy and how ‘vaccines and masks save lives’; mainstream media garbage about celebrities and corporatised sport; advertising garbage; magic solutions to all kinds of non-issues garbage; YouTube garbage telling me how Ukraine is winning the war and making great advances; garbage about Putin being an ‘evil dictator, determined to take over the world; garbage about the CCP and how evil the Chinese people are; garbage about the British royal family…..

    I had to withdraw from a community group because there were people who sincerely believed that aliens were meeting agents from Earth on Jupiter to decide how best to save the Earth; others talked about ‘white hats meeting on/in/under Antarctica to discuss the fate of humanity; ‘med beds being distributed (January to March 2022) that would instantly cure all illnesses’; the issuing of a new global currency that would make everyone wealthy; the issuing of a allocation of gold to everyone on Earth…..

    I had to withdraw from the local bridge club, despite being the top player at the club, because the nutty people there told me I could not play unless I wore a mask and had been jabbed with potentially lethal jabs that I knew were completely ineffective in protecting from Covid, as were the masks..

    All efforts to get a Permaculture garden established at the local school were sabotaged by the local council. The apathy and complacency of the headmaster didn’t help that project progress, either. 18 months later, nothing has
    happened, though the apple trees I trimmed and shaped are looking better that they did.

    My neighbour went completely nuts when I stored vital information about the lethal nature of jabs in a place she could see from her kitchen window. After being physically threatened by her friends for daring to write and speak the truth -they were all jabbed mask-wearers, of course- and having had to call the police to deal with them, I cut of all communication with them.

    It is at times like this that one realises most people in western societies are mad, and some are completely mad.

    Thankfully, I have good friends who check TAE regularly and know it’s all bullshit. They also have fruit trees and extensive vegetable gardens.

    As I said to another friend who is not mad yesterday, anyone who has not made the preparations by now has left it too late.

    My daughter, trapped in England, told me she was in tears over the cost increases for power that have already taken place.

    My grandson, who is extremely bright and following the gentiec line, is extremely good at chemistry, physics and maths, needs to plan his next round of academic training.

    How do I explain there probably won’t be universities by the time he is old enough to go?

    Indeed, so mightily FUBARed is Britian, as a consequence of decades of corruption, lies and ineptitude, it is difficult to see how millions will not freeze or starve to death. 🙁

    And then there are the deadly jabs that so many British people were conned into accepting, my daughter and family included. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Veracious Poet


    Thinking about the optics of Biden’s speech, I think the two Marines were there to make sure he didn’t wander off in the wrong direction when leaving the podium. You couldn’t really have 2 people dressed in Easter Bunny suits doing that shepherding job for this speech. Easter Bunny costumes wouldn’t convey sufficient gravitas.

    Dr. D

    That may be quite the relevant painting. Other than Rosh Hashanah ending Sept 28th, they seemed to like to be merry pranksters fighting over who owns 9-11. That’s right now, as the market looks happy to drop 30%.

    Clooney: “Science has, in many ways, helped ease the suffering of this pandemic … which was more than likely caused by science.” –Jon Stewart

    Science’s goal is to create an assembly line of Frankenstein’s monsters, then run around the planet being unable to put even one back in the box. Answer: More Science!

    DeSantis’s War Room. Yes, after staging “Dark Brandon” with everything but the VonTrapp family in the alcoves, they are going to stage Cheeto’s arrest on fake charges. That means they need a DeSantis arranged on the outside. This is not about one man, as if DeSantis goes, they will merely anoint another, as freedom is eternal. That’s what makes it “inalienable.” And all a huge WWF stage show at this time. The point of which is to bludgeon you about the head until you wake up and do your duty. Act like a human again.

    “An autumn chill is descending on every European country”

    They are actively, intentionally, for no reason, shutting off the life-giving infrastructure people have come to depend on, and calling it “Russia” or “Depletion” or “Overshoot.” How those things are being said and credited, I have no idea. Also importantly: if they gave enough time, people would also adjust to the lack of infrastructure, and it’s not actually that hard. But it takes time, and in war, when you’re genociding your own people for no reason, a sure way to maximize casualties is to fall upon them suddenly and give them no time. …And so they have.

    …Because this is an intentional genocide to cut off 100 years of gas that is cheap and available, and Russia is still happily selling them.

    Will it work? Here’s the same thing, and worked great:

    “According to the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, “an epidemic occurs when an infectious disease spreads rapidly to many people.”

    Thus, a pandemic is a disease that spreads rapidly to many people all over the world.

    Based on this pretty much universally accepted definition, a pandemic can do exactly one thing: it can spread disease to many people around the world.

    What can a pandemic NOT do?

    A pandemic cannot impose mandates or lockdowns.

    A pandemic cannot block borders or force people to stop traveling.

    A pandemic cannot shutter schools – overnight or otherwise.

    A pandemic cannot impact math and reading.

    A pandemic cannot cause learning gaps.

    What can our response to a pandemic do?

    If we decide to shut down schools for months and years on end in response to a pandemic, then it is our response that has caused whatever educational deficits and devastation to children ensue. It is not the pandemic.”

    The Pandemic Did This? New York Times Fails Fact Check

    This is just what I said – from their own data, in 2020 – and now we all have to live with it. Perhaps it can begin a better day, a new chapter, where whatever experts say is disgraced, discredited, suspected, and we use our own best judgment to minimize effects instead of looking to others to solve our problems. Home schooling, researching, discussing. Non-coercing as if we are a Republic founded on Liberty and Human Rights.

    It’s an expensive lesson though, and few have learned it even now.

    If you think this is bad, the Paris study was devastating.

    People loved it then and love it now. And not just when it killed all those “essential” workers like Juanita. It killed them and their children, extinguished their family line forever, and they love, love, love it still. Wearing masks out camping and denying Paxv and IVM even against all CDC data and advice. They are a death cult, and killing humans, for any excuse made up, is their religion. It’s for their own good really, when I drive my kids into a pond and kill us all. A sure sign of mental stability and Truth.

    “We are glad the Russian Federation did what it needed to do to keep our inspectors safe” – UN spokesman”

    They are glad Rus helicopter-strafed near thousand Ukie men. Ouch.

    “Russia and the rapidly declining fortunes and dominion of the long-since irredeemably corrupted American Empire.”

    “American”. Interesting. Well I can’t discard it, but he should be more careful who the players are. If it’s “American” why are the “Americans” themselves their major enemy, such that Dark Brandon declared open war on them?

    “ Russia to Halt All Oil Exports to Countries that Impose “Absurd” Price-Cap (ZH) “

    This is amazing and illustrates just how far from reality they are. You walk into Tesco and say, “I want these whole chickens, but really I’m only going to pay you £1 for a dozen.” You don’t get the chickens. I can give you 1/12th of a chicken, maybe. We can discuss with the manager. But the answer is no. That’s what “Property” means, and why they, Socialists, don’t believe in it. They believe all things belong to the “State”, and the “State” is them.

    That you could phrase this in any way that wouldn’t cause raucous derision and laughter shows how similarly out of touch people and magazine editors are.

    “EU Country Bulgaria Wants to Negotiate Gas with Russians Again (NOS)”

    If Bulgaria wants something else, something much harder that has never been invented before, they will have to make it. But that takes “Work”. And also unpredictable time. For example, nearly all of America was declared uninhabitable for centuries. Americans had to “Work” and invent windmills, canals, waterworks, that made our present population and distribution possible. Once we build that, people immediately appear to steal it, and also complain: why is Kazakhstan an undeveloped backwater? You should give us your stuff!! No, God did not GIVE us this stuff, we WORKED for it, really hard. Go do your own work and get your own stuff. This is the Carbon-credit programs that transfers trillions, perhaps quadrillions, from the ecological 1st world to the dirty-coal 3rd world, to insure they can keep polluting recklessly. Because the people at the top love the earth so much. They can see it from their jets!

    “Biden’s Hateful Rhetoric Presents the GOP with a Sterling Opportunity (AT)”

    Nothing could be better, and as above, I’d stage it if I could. Apparently even the movie set of the “Sound of Music” fails to break through the dunderheads in blue America. Note although this is a declaration of war on 77 million gun owning Americans, they did not take up any shooting. At all. Can you tell me who are the good guys here?

    “Andy McCabe says Biden didn’t go far enough threatening Republicans”

    Exactly. Okie-dokie, little buddy! Maybe you haven’t realized how big America is yet and how little power you have in it. The Mississippi map gives a small indication.

    President Biden just wiped out what is estimated to be $1 trillion owed to the country — the size of the Reagan budget — without a single vote, let alone approval, by Congress.”

    Indication that it – MIGHT – be illegal.

    We have constant posting problems, but never THOSE. Often logging out and in clears the mechanism, and note it dislikes over-pics or over-links.

    I’d say have your daughter sign up to help sail around the world — yes those jobs actually exist — but I couldn’t tell you where is safe right now. Uk vs Oz? Bad call. Somewhere in America, probably, but that’s a big space, and every corner will require something different. We can only do what we can and stay lively.

    Dr. D

    Follows Magnetosphere, yesterday:

    Picking up the very observable, and very easy to trace the mechanism, fact of magnetic weakness leading to “Pole Shift”, we can begin to understand some things.

    Now just because these things SEEM obvious doesn’t mean that they’re true. Only that OTHERS have come to believe them, and we can tell from their huge, strange actions which are otherwise unintelligible. WHY in 1979 or so, they sent out Viking, and very suddenly increase their line of financialization exponentially, that very clearly was not sustainable? Why did they go mad for “Continuity of Government”, “DUMBs”, and multi-trillion dollars go missing, location unseen, although that is physically impossible?

    WHY did they drive as if their lives depended on it – Jobs at Apple is a top example – a cult to have all humans attached to a portable computer, like “Logan’s Run” and THX1138? Time was VERY urgent for them, and people who appeared, like Jobs and Gates, were endowed with some of that $40Trillion of missing money.

    WHY did they loot as if the world was ending, starting 2001, and had not the slightest compunction about it, nor care that the public should know? Why did they start purchasing all food infrastructure following, and arranging their quite clearly murderous “Green New Deal” of electric utopia thereafter, losing trillions of dollars in zero-return-on-investment infrastructure?

    Why, Dr. Day? Because whether we’re in a 200 year Maunder cycle, a 12,000 year Flood cycle, or a 42,000 year asteroid-cycle, – and we may be in all three — the outcome is the same: poor crops, angry people and falling governments. Failed cultures even, like Crete. Maybe a failed whole planet, knocked back to a few men in caves, like after the flood 12,000 years ago. Around 1979 they had access to enough historical records, and also to the science records, putting out satellites and probes to prove it. And whatever “IT” was, it must have scared the h—l out them. And also could not admit or reveal “It”, or both people would freak out and stop being productive for their 401ks, but also compete with governments for foods and resources, pre-positioning and transitioning, in effect toppling the governments before “The Event” even hit.

    So it was necessary to shut up the Ice Age people, get Science on the payroll, and invent a “Reason” for all the very-obvious events that were about to happen. As the sun and space weather changed. So they bought them, they ruthlessly deleted careers, and fabricated a “reason” to do what they really wanted to do: PROTECT THE BILLIONAIRES.

    Now as the sun changes, and the magnetosphere fails, lowest in millennia, the poles are moving fast and even splitting, the earth has no protection and the weather comes unhinged. This may also be NOT from us, from the sun, but from something “out there”, or that these two are coincident, so when they see the evidence of one, they can be sure the other will happen. Asteroid strikes? Crust cracking? Like volcanoes are on cue at these cycle points, although not gone off for deadly global cooling: yet.

    For our purposes, ignore all the blathering of science that has proven failed predictions for decades: watch what they DO. Do? To them, it’s going down. Nothing matters. They need to actively reduce (aka “mass murder”) so many people that they can’t even do it with bullets, 1930-style. They need YOU to murder yourself, your neighbors, your country, using bad, erroneous beliefs. In this case, Chloros, the Pale Horse, the Green Agenda. CO2.

    You see: not that there aren’t a ton of ecological problems out there, but I understand THEIR panic, THEIR strategy, and THEIR position, and therefore it’s relatively easy for me to predict their next moves, and position MY strategy to suit. I understand and sympathize why they did it, why they lied, why they panicked, why they are presently murdering millions using false environmental agendas, but I cannot condone it. And my job is to simply state what I think and enact it in my own life. These things are almost certainly happening. If you were them, knowing all this, what would YOU do?

    And also, they will lose, by the way. What is that about “They will hide in caves (DUMBs) and the rocks will fall in on them” in Revelations? Very likely. Getting MOAR power and bigger houses is not the answer.

    Their plan is “Continuity of Government”, Continuity of POWER, really, inherited, undeserved power, and they THINK they are doing right. They think they ARE saving the earth and all mankind. Creating underground cities of some type, seed stores, army trucks, earth ships, colonies on Mars, whatever. They think they can’t save everyone, so they save whatever on the ship they can. That’s logical. Also why they do not care a whit about you living or dying. To them, the “Science” they have says the ship is going down, so flood the engine room and all the people in there if you have to. Completely coincidentally, they live on the bridge.

    …Is the Science…right? All I would have to do is get control of these results for the CIA, MilIntel, arrogant Billionaires like Gates and say “Let me read you in on the secret. Shhhh. Everyone else knows the secret too! Since 1945! If you’re a Very Important Person I can tell you, or you can buy your way into The Secret because you’re so very smart and special and not like the other boys.” Bwahahaha! And they buy this s—t! Again, not that “It” isn’t “True”, but if I can control “The Secret” I can make all these tossers dance to my tune, steal all the markets, kill all the people, build all the bunkers, and double-cross them when the real best plan would have been to grow more trees on the surface.

    What Day has in space weather and magnetosphere, which causes unavoidable, unpredictable, planetary fatal climate effects is “The Secret” which explains all their otherwise “Stupid” behaviour. Because they’re not “Stupid”. They know more than you, are smarter than you, and have access to data you can’t get. By that definition, You’re stupid. Not them.

    Thing is, although I can see that, I don’t trust that either. If this occurs as we can predict and has occurred, and it has the effects we expect and is occurring, then their preparations are the wrong ones. Which means they’re being punk’d as fools, by someone playing into their arrogance. This is not the way, but to be humble and INCREASE life on the surface, not pave it. But that would not save THEM PERSONALLY. It would save mankind and the present ecology instead, which they don’t care about.

    It’s an enormous subject I can only discern the outlines of, so it doesn’t fit into a post. But can’t you see it now? In the nations positioning for the needed oil, pre-buying the land where the crops will grow 30 years from now? Pre-setting armies on useless land that is about to become valuable? And also pre-killing, pre-controling their populations to survive?

    What does AOC say a minute after she arrives and they start reading her into what’s going on, a little at a time? Carefully how she phrases, which exact words she uses? Yes. All this.

    THAT’S why Europe, THAT’S why Ukraine, THAT’S why Russia, THAT’S why oil. THAT’S why electric cars, THAT’S why phones, THAT’S why chipping people, THAT’S why Libya and Sudan, THAT’S why Silk Road. THAT’S why economic collapse primed and slated for the arrival point. And THAT’S why they don’t care.

    Oh it’s a Climate Change alright: but whatever reason in your whole life would make you think they would tell you the TRUTH about it? I mean, really!

    Veracious Poet

    The “Scienz” Greatest Hitz:


    “Experts” seem to think that the wood smoke will be worse than the hypothermia!

    UK wood suppliers have reported an unprecedented surge in demand for logs, briquettes and other biomass products as households rush to minimise the impact of energy bills rising 80 per cent next month.

    However, experts cautioned that a resurgence in burning wood in stoves, fires and boilers at home could exacerbate air pollution and damage people’s health.


    Catherine Austin Fitts has a lot of information/speculation about the missing money in the US govt. She says (roughly) that by the late 1990’s in the Clinton administration the govt itself started moving govt funds out of govt control and into private hands, very quietly, and with no accounting given. Lots of videos online of her making this point and other points. The US is now missing trillions of dollars, again with no accounting, according to her.


    Truth – Lack of energy – let’s count the ways

    Unicorns Are Real

    Unicorns Are Real
    An autumn chill is descending on every European country, though in each country in different ways.
    You cutting margins down low is of course difficult, but at least you have margins. We simply do not have anything to reduce’.

    We do not have a “hive mind”

    The variations of opinions at TAE will not produce a sustainable RESET or an operational alternate social/economic system.
    Getting the jab is playing/gambling Russian Roulette.
    Giving the children a loaded gun to play with

    The Markster

    Disappointed to see Clowney the Clintonite Harpie on this page today, peddling killler clot shots for toddlers, WEF & White House propaganda on the climate, and the kind of smug condescension and self-righteousness that saturates the Blue Team political establishment and corporate media here in Oregon. Watching that video made me feel dirty, nevermind the gag reflex.

    Great find on the NIH ivermectin listing, though – almost like an actual scientist with a conscience might still be employed there. Not that it will save them or us from medical ruin and unhinged political wrath going forward, but at least it’s something.


    The last few days, I have been puzzled by random items placed in-between the articles without explanation here at TAE. I’ve even reloaded the page, thinking the titles or the captions are just not showing up on my browser, but that does not seem to be the case. They are really just sitting there without any context.

    Aug 31, near the top of the page, there’s a photo of Reagan with – I’m pretty sure – Gorbachev and Bush Sr. Why? What does this picture mean – no caption, not associated with any article, why is it just tossed in there? Then further down the page is a picture of a younger Putin and Gorbachev and someone else. Also not captioned. I know Gorbachev just died, but I’m not sure if these photos are supposed to be important for some reason, or if they are just stuck into the line-up of articles as a substitute for some sort of Gorbachev obituary.

    Sept 1, random photo of Reagan with… well, I’m not sure who that is, although I am pretty sure I should recognize the person. But why is this photo displayed at all? Does it mean something? Was it some important moment in history? Or are we just admiring Reagan, like, in general?

    Sept 2, near the bottom of the daily line-up, there’s a photo of a newspaper clipping from a German (?) newspaper. “GEA-ONLINE. Umfrage – sind sie zufrieden mit…”. Maybe a poll taken in Germany? Under the photo of the clipping, there is a line written in English, “ ‘Are you happy with the Chancellor’s work?’ Find the trick.” Hmmm, might be easier to find the trick if I knew what this clipping is and what it says.

    Today, under the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon (which is not attributed, btw), is a partial map of the USA. It would appear that the highlighted parts are the rivers that feed into the Gulf of Mexico. Is there something we are to gather from this map? Is this map giving us important information about something to do with recent events? Surely there was a reason to post it, but what is it?

    I feel like I am taking a Rorschach test here lately.


    Disappointed to see Clowney the Clintonite Harpie on this page today

    Really? There are people who don’t see that this is dubbed over irony?


    Aug 31, near the top of the page, there’s a photo of Reagan with – I’m pretty sure – Gorbachev and Bush Sr. Why? What does this picture mean – no caption, not associated with any article, why is it just tossed in there? Then further down the page is a picture of a younger Putin and Gorbachev and someone else. Also not captioned. I know Gorbachev just died, but I’m not sure if these photos are supposed to be important for some reason..

    Signs of his times. No captions needed.

    Sept 1, random photo of Reagan with… well, I’m not sure who that is, although I am pretty sure I should recognize the person.

    You should, it’s Gorbachev.

    Sept 2, near the bottom of the daily line-up, there’s a photo of a newspaper clipping from a German (?) newspaper. “GEA-ONLINE. Umfrage – sind sie zufrieden mit…”. Maybe a poll taken in Germany? Under the photo of the clipping, there is a line written in English, “ ‘Are you happy with the Chancellor’s work?’ Find the trick.” Hmmm, might be easier to find the trick if I knew what this clipping is and what it says.

    The trick is 100+ replies get a longer bar than 800+ others. No other info needed.

    Today, under the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon (which is not attributed, btw), is a partial map of the USA. It would appear that the highlighted parts are the rivers that feed into the Gulf of Mexico.

    Calvin and Hobbes attributions are always in the pictures. The map displays the mighty Mississippi and its sources and tributaries. And how much of America the muddy waters serve. They all feed into the Mississippi, not the Gulf of Mexico. Only the Mississippi does.

    I feel like I am taking a Rorschach test here lately.

    I guess so.


    @teri: Yes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Go with the flow…here’s my experience: Upon viewing the photos you mentioned (Gorbachev and Regan and Gorbachev and others) captured a moment in time where co-operation among rivals was possible. It gave me an opportunity to grieve for where we are now with Russia, and to reflect on how we got here, and WHY does it have to e this way. The Gorbachev Pizza Hut commercial was telling – seeing how we have been “corporatized” over the years, and how we spread it into every corner of the world. Sigh. The USA map with emphasis on watersheds was enlightening. Studying the web of rivers brings awe and gratitude into my Heart. What a beautiful design!

    @Dr D: The theory seems plausible to me. YOUR original thinking is very much appreciated. To answer the question “what would YOU do?” there is only one answer – tell the people the truth. Faced with a life-altering, monumental challenge – HUMANITY will adapt. Some will use the opportunity to create a more meaningful life and others will lose it and destruct. Many here UNDERSTAND that an end is near…and in your own words – We can only do what we can and stay lively.” To that I would add – stay positive.

    Why wait? The PRESENT is the present.

    LOVE to All.


    Red: “Experts” seem to think that the wood smoke will be worse than the hypothermia!

    I think that it is a reflection of current “woke” thinking where the focus is more on protected minorities than on the majority. It is an odd lens for viewing the world.

    Hypothermia is something that has ill effect on everyone. Air pollution will be specifically devastating to a subset. By focusing on the extra-detrimental effect on the subset, the “woke” are attempting to manipulate the masses’ behavior through guilt — the current fad for “deepest social shame” in woke circles is an act that benefits oneself while being detrimental to another who is weak and helpless.

    The deepest irony is that this is a form of projection by the WEFfers — they reveal their own intentions by their projections on others.


    “Weird things happen when I go to TAE”

    Weird things happen when I go to the internet, period. This has been so since the Dawn of Covid, and has steadily gotten worse.

    How much of it is intentional per surveillance and indoctrination, how much is just the ongoing erosion of industrial ability to produce things of a non-shit nature, how much is the erosion of supply chains and labor etc gradually avalanching through our economy…???

    But it has gotten really bad of late, and cyber-warfare is surely a major part of the blend at this point too. Local internet in a major USA West Coast urban zone has been eroding slowly but surely for two years, especially the past 6 months.

    We scan the skies for ominous portents but only discover cheesy gifs, alas:



    First paragraph from WSJ’s article about Biden’s weird speech the other day (courtesy of my dad, longtime WSJ subscriber)
    It’s been obvious for years that while Democrats claim to fear and loathe Donald Trump, they really can’t live without him. They need him around, they want him around, because they think he’s their ticket to remain in power.

    I frequently find fault with WSJ opinion pieces…and, courtesy to my dad, I see more of them than I would prefer! However, with this one I find some agreement — there are huge parts of the US that are turned off by the Biden Admin playbook.

    However, the Republican Party, MAGA or otherwise, is not a longtime solution. Ideally, I’d take a tip from Saul Alinsky and what could be helpful would be a popular movement that eschews both parties and instead plays them off of each other. Currently, both parties are playing segments of the US population off of each other. The US population needs to stop being dupes for those in power.


    Liar, liar, knickers on fire



    Red: “Experts” seem to think that the wood smoke will be worse than the hypothermia!

    Perhaps they’re thinking of smoke inside the house. I remember when I was back in the US Navy and we visited Pusan, Korea in the late ’70s. The primary mode of heating for many (most?) living spaces was charcoal in a stove placed in the center of the room. (If you took a bus ride through town you could see the big clinkers, yesterday’s burned out charcoal blocks, set out by the street for pickup.) Prior to putting into port we were warned that if we spent the night in town, we should be aware that carbon monoxide poisoning from these stoves was not uncommon.

    Clueless Honky

    As to the NIH Covid guidelines per Ivermectin:
    you can go to the NIH page:
    and then select the “Ivermectin” figure, which then takes you to the NIH page on Ivermectin, which states:

    “The Panel recommends against the use of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19, except in clinical trials”

    So no, NIH has not changed their stance, unfortunately.

    The Black

    I rather like the inclusion of photos or graphics with no captions or hints. When I saw the depiction of the mighty Mississippi drainage, I thought of a lyric from a mid-80s song by the Waterboys, “…That was the river. This is the sea.” Seems fit for these times.


    The map of the Mississippi Basin made me think of the Cuyahoga river running thru Cleveland where I lived once.

    Having a heavy ndustrial base is a highly romanticized notion.

    Especially when the river catches on Fire.

    The Cuyahoga River Caught Fire at Least a Dozen Times, but No One Cared Until 1969

    Randy Newman got it right.

    Burn on big river, burn on…..

    There’s a red moon rising on the Cuyahoga River
    Rolling into Cleveland to the lake
    There’s a red moon rising on the Cuyahoga River
    Rolling into Cleveland to the lake

    [Verse 2]
    There’s an oil barge winding down the Cuyahoga River
    Rolling into Cleveland to the lake
    There’s an oil barge winding down the Cuyahoga River
    Rolling into Cleveland to the lake

    Cleveland, city of light, city of magic
    Cleveland, city of light, you’re calling me
    Cleveland, even now I can remember
    ‘Cause the Cuyahoga River goes smoking through my dreams

    Burn on, big river, burn on
    Burn on, big river, burn on

    Now the Lord can make you tumble
    The Lord can make you turn
    The Lord can make you overflow
    But the Lord can’t make you burn

    Burn on, big river, burn on
    Burn on, big river, burn on


    Conspiracy Theory:

    The magnetic north pole moving from Canda/US to Russia is signifying a shift in world power from the new world to the old world. It is all about magnetic power! Putin is magnetic! Joe not so much.

    The Mississippi River map:

    Notice that the watershed area for the greatest amount of fresh water anywhere in the world, the 5 Great Lakes, all comes from Canada. Only the shoreline areas on the US side of the Great Lakes, drain into the lakes. Almost all of the continental US’s watershed area drains into the Mississippi. Chicago fills it’s toilets with Lake Michigan water and flushes it down the Mississippi!

    2020 Election Poll:

    Biden poll counts inflated by 13%. Each Biden vote worth 113%.
    Trump poll counts defated by 13%. Each Trump vote worth 87%.
    That and poll stuffing is how Biden won the 2020 poll!

    P.S. Power restored after 3 days! Ontario Hydro simply forgot about us!

    D Benton Smith

    @teri re: “I feel like I am taking a Rorschach test here lately.”

    I’m sure RIM can address the specific questions of why certain graphics were interspersed throughout and at the end) of the day’s main articles, but I would speak to the other part of your question, which is why TAE has taken on, slightly so far, a certain new “flavor” or style that can feel like there is a film noire unspoken subtext that you’re just expected to telepathically assimilate and understand without further explanation.

    Yeah. That’s what happens when a relatively small group of similarly smart people talk with each other over long span of time. It’s sort of like long-married old couples who have learned each other’s ways so well that whole paragraphs of thought and feeling can be communicated with two shrugs and brief silence followed by a subvocal grunt.

    It’s fast, effective and efficient for those in the know, but a blank screen for everyone else, especially those who have come to expect something different (and better!)

    It’s also a bad habit, born of laziness as much as anything else and I will try to reform . . . . but I have a long list of other bad habits I’m trying to reform, so it may have to wait its turn.

    D Benton Smith

    Just when the meds finally kicked in and my paranoia was going into remission something like Afewknowthetruth pops up like a case of shingles.

    Yesterday he was irate confrontational accusative and downright mean and weepy. Today it is all agreeable sunshine, but the paragraphs read more like a trot line of baited hooks inviting interest rather than a cogent line of coherent thoughts progressing toward some sort of conclusive idea at the end.
    There there is the alleged weirdness of TAE’s blog comment submit button linking to a porno gambling site. Nope. That didn’t happen. But why tell such a transparently hokey lie? To what purpose?

    Whereas Deflationista behaved like a human who had access to AI assistance, AFKTT behaves more like a straight up AI occasionally assisted by a human.

    It’s not a problem in any way, but interesting. I think I might spend a little time and attention giving it the Turing Test. What have I got to lose but a little dignity?


    DBS, re #115136. LOL. Thanks! 🙂


    ‘As case numbers fall and other countries continue to ease Covid-19 restrictions, University of Otago epidemiologist Professor Michael Baker said New Zealand will likely soon be following suit by easing mask requirements in many public spaces.

    Mask wearing is increasingly dropping in many public environments, and that’s likely to continue as the shape of the pandemic changes, Prof Baker said.’

    A clever feedback loop operates here.

    The universities are controlled by the government, which tells then what to say. And the universities then advise the government what polices should be.

    The government then declares: “We follow the science.”

    What the government never says -the fundamental truth- “We follow the money.”

    We [the government] also ‘print’ money via the central bankers, who tell us what to do.

    On one occasion the chief saboteur for NZ, Adern declared herself to be ‘”the only source of truth”.



    ‘something like Afewknowthetruth pops up like a case of shingles’

    Fuck off \, you weaselly arsehole!!!!!


    We see that that the Ukraine conflict really is clowns fighting a very clever group of tacticians who have superb strategies and superior weapons.


    It’s a mighty fine Big River.

    Big Muddy looks like a huge old oak tree while China’s big river complex looks like a dragon in its larval state:



    Reported today, Russia has carried out the steps necessary to cut off the flow of electricity from the nuclear power station to Ukraine. Ukraine can no longer on-sell electricity to the EU.

    No gas; less electricity. Oops!

    London and Washington are either shitting themselves or have brought out the champagne.

    D Benton Smith


    Regardless of who or what you are, surely you can do better than that.

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