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    TAE and comments are rockin’ it these last several weeks. RIM hasn’t featured Denninger in while, there’s a good one in recent days. It summarizes well the known-unknowns of the covid vexes, and surmises on the unknown-unknowns. The new bivalent boosters for fall sure sound awesome, tested on mice so you know it’s all good. The Bottom Line On Trust and Medicine

    Apologies if this posts twice, website acting wonky and my 1st try vanished…

    I’d call the covid vexxes the second-largest medical experiment ever undertaken. The first being genetically modified foodstuffs introduced in the 90s. At first it was promised they were only going into the animal-feed stream. Then they “accidentally” found their way into the human food supply. Then the FDA approved GMO’s for us with no scientific evidence, merely inductive reasoning of “well they ain’t that different from the real thing, hurr durr” and “nothing’s happened so far” because you can’t see what you don’t study. And the checks from Monsanto and Cargill that fund the studies clear. And the Vatican jumped aboard in favor of GMOs too because they have centuries of knowledge on the subject.

    Snap poll – What disease states have literally exploded in quantity and severity in the last 30 years? Diseases of inflammation – heart disease, food allergies, diabesity, crohns, asthma and on and on. Hell, cancer and a lot of chronic infections are probably result of inflammation simply because the body’s defenses are busy fighting autoimmune/inflammatory states and get overwhelmed (full disclosure I’m not a biologist, tho I can occasionally define what a woman is)

    I state (without evidence, just observational) those GMO’s might be responsible for the explosion in inflammatory diseases. Our food system – devoid of nutrition, because nutrition has lousy shelf life, and lousy shelf appeal to boot – our food system was probably responsible for that from the 60s through early 2000s. Now we have GMOs, transgenes filtering through the food system with totally unknown, un-studied consequences. You can “prove” in the laboratory that genetically-engineered genes and breakdown products never make it to humans in the food supply; they are destroyed by the rumen or the GI tract or the heat of cooking or whatever. But release GMO foods into the world, and you introduce 100 new variables, 1000 times as many edge-cases as you could every look at in the lab. Without evidence, but it sure as hell would be great if someone would look into it. If we had a competent government, they would.

    And on disease of inflammation – the source of so much suffering and laundering of money into the Medical-Industrial Complex – the NIAID (national institute of ALLERGY and infectious diseases) allergies being a disease of inflammation – WTF have those two f***ers Fauci and that Collins guy been doing the last 30 years at the NIH NIAID? Certainly not actually studying allergies or disease states. Somebody was the kingmaker, the Don, the “Sollozzo the Turk” (he’s good with a knife!) – directing moneys toward research he chose to support, including the dark money/military dollars being funneled to labs continuing all the genetic and weaponization work that we don’t do in the USA because we’re the good guys. Imagine all the grift and corruption and racketeering and plain old money-laundering that takes place in the vacuum of no oversight.

    When I rediscovered TAE a few years ago, I had skepticism of Dr.D’s skepticism of gov’t. Now I see it, top to bottom, every facet of everything they do, tainted. I see the same thing everywhere. I have a stack of covid tests next to me provided by my employer because reasons. What, $30 bucks a box? What a racket. Still under an EUA, after 2.5 years, because it’s more profitable when you’re not fettered with a Quality System, like every other medical device from colonoscope to tongue-depressor. We’re in an emergency, doncha know. Half-ass works just fine. For 2.5 years now. Again, if we had a competent government, they would mop up the mess by now – covid tests made cheap under GMP and GDP, approved quality standards, Quality Engineers overseen by FDA quality “experts”. Maybe even produced in the USA where it’s easier to assess quality and integrity, even if we can no longer make the fancy filter paper for a lateral-flow test or whatever’s in that tiny vial of Ancient Chinese Secret that transubstantiates your snot into a diagnostic test [heavenly chorus.wav]

    PS I’ve done it before but indulge me in thanking the ones who have influenced my thinks the most in virustime, RIM of course, Dr. John Day, Dr. D, Bosco in his variants, DBS, VP. AFKTT I wish we could grab a beverage. Phoenix I much appreciate your slice-of-life perspectives. Not an all-inclusive list – I rarely skip anybody’s comments!

    PPS I wonder what goes on in the FDA at present. 75% going along to get along, silenced by the 20% sociopaths and careerists (the 75% think that 20% are the majority) the remaining 5% disgusted and trying to balance their integrity, feeding their family, and not getting vanished in the black of night; the sad fate of the whistleblower.


    ‘Regardless of who or what you are, surely you can do better than that’

    You are right, I can do a lot better than that. I know expletives you probably have never heard before!

    But I only use such terms on persistent trolls and those who persist in ad hominem attacks!

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, here is a video which clearly demonstrates why no one should take any notice of what the Guardian, or any other of the fake news distributors, say.


    Veracious Poet

    John Day

    Thanks for the kind and thoughtful words, Herr Werner.

    Last night, Dr. D said “Apparently, believing in a certain religion can cause people to both despair and kill themselves, and saving our overlords the trouble. That is odd, if it is a good and true religion. The Truth ties you to Source, which ever-increases your hope, your energy, your tirelessness. Your work. Your love. Yet this system of beliefs does the opposite. It appears to be lacking a hallmark of Truth. And that other more visible hallmark that it is practical, and makes accurate predictions.”

    That’s pretty darn good in general. I don’t got for the “Red Sermon” or other religions much, and I “practice Buddhism” because it has” preactices”, things I can do with my consciousness.

    My mind has always been different from most people’s minds, and I think DBSand AFKTT have more cognitively in common than might easily be seen, partly (only partly) because their life-paths have been so different.

    My mind is really curious, and is also able to hold a lot of possible explanations in abeyance. I discovered that most people need to get an explanation and move on. My mind just won’t take an inadequate proof, though it seems happy to hold it, awaiting something to prove or disprove or improve it.

    Some people on the internet are irritated that I don’t keep to my place as a Doctor of Medicine, and I understand that, but I am not that kind of person, not an incurious expert. Yes, COVID was very interesting for 2 years, but it has been much less interesting to me this year, because I felt my nderstanding was adequate, and part of that understanding is the weapons-against-humans aspect, which is very interesting to me. I’m completely against that approach for multiple reasons. Firstly, I think that doing things to make people suffer always leads to bad outcomes, even if making-them-suffer was not the main point. the mind that embraces that path is inherently divorced from a critical art of reality in the cause-and-effect within human existence. That is “mystical”.
    Marx was a physical-absolutist, not merely an”atheist”. I’m not that.
    I have observed spiritual cause-and-effectin my existence repeatedly, and it provides an essential aspect to how I understand my living-reality. It’s partly a useful abstraction, but it has feelings with it.

    I regret having to write that much, but my mental-comprehension paths and patterns are unusual enough for me to mention them in the context of daily exchanges of ideas here. I will put non-standard information up that interests me, and not really seek to prove or refute it.

    I did read Jared Diamond’s “Collapse” around Y2k or so, and Guns, Germs and Steel. Good books, with useful perspective. All models are imperfect simplifications and always raise more questions. I am growing vegetables, making a house, seeking to work well with crop-rotations and no-till methods, because I think our life support system will be in decline for many reasons, and I don’t have to pick a main reason and fight for it. I became aware of The Limits To Growth in 1974. Arab Oil Crisis days; obviously true… It’s not perfect, but Hyman Rickover and M. King Hubbard also did that exponential function thing and came to very similar conclusions. Exponents against constants do that.

    Dr. D addressed the part of “reading the elites” in his essay today, the second one, where he addressed the “Space Weather” and our magnetic shields and underground cities, and gamma-rays and stuff, though he may not have written it all that way. His hypothesis is that the elites seem to have given up on “the future” by Y2k, and increasingly overtly since then, and now it’s a dash to … huh?

    I don’t know what they “know”, but they are clearly lying, cheating, stealing and murdering in it’s pursuit, so they are “wriong” in their approach, so they are “wrong” in their assessment, based upon my experience with the workings of life. My experience is scientific and also spiritual-mystical, and Marx would say they are incompatible, but it is all imperfect and incomplete. They are complimentary and as I get older and keep trying to work with both, I don’t often have to “pick one or the other”.

    Back to what “they” might “know”. The space-weather projections are that our magnetic shields are already weakening, but no numbers are getting released. In 2019 it looked like the 5 year update in 2020 was going to have a lot to say. Silence… No updates from NASA. It looks like lots of radiation will be coming our way, but most of that gets stopped by a sheet-metal roof, though not some of the cosmic radiation. You need a cave or a lead roof to stop that. I have neither. How bad are they expecting? All those living-spaces under the Denver Airport might just be nuke-war hidey-holes, since they plan a first-strike on other nuclear powers since 2001, openly plan it.

    Catherine Austin Fitts does note $trillions missing, and the cruise-missile that hit the investegators at the Pentagram ended that investigation, like WTC-7 going down at 5:20 PM ended the SEC insider-trading investigations.

    I’m doing my best to work out how to keep living on the planetary surface and to pass that down. I might well fail, but I’m trying, and I seek spiritual guidance and I believe that I get it, but Marx would not believe it. I can’t recommend my approach to purely-physical-materialist. You have to have your own best approach and test your reality-models a lot. I have a feeling that hanging with a big crowd of the like-minded, espousing a belief system wont be enough. I feel that we are going into a selection event, like that 42,000 year ago genetic bottleneck thing. I may be wrong.
    I’m often wrong. Ask my wife, Jenny.

    I’m having a somewhat meaningful human existence and not stacking up new regrets, If the cosmic rays come through and kill surface mammals, I’m not prepared.
    I’m only prepar-ing, anyway.
    Go with your true heart of you can, and do things when you can, so you won’t regret not doing them.

    That’s just my advice.
    Most people with COVID feel better the morning after starting ivermectin, and so did I.

    Veracious Poet

    Regardless of who or what you are, surely you can do better than that.

    Classic deflat-loo-terrorista MO:

    ~ Monomaniacal hubris
    ~ Capricious non-stop proselytization
    ~ Continuance spam re: “Irrefutable” evidence (Bait)
    ~ Total absence of humility, sentience, civility & spiritual connection(s)
    ~ Knee-jerk condescension, judgment & irrational trolling attacks on “unbelievers” (Gaslighting)
    ~ And finally, categorical manifestations of coprolalia disease in response to antagonists (loss-of-control via bursts of obscene words or socially inappropriate and derogatory remarks)

    What we’ve got here is a reformulated/repackaged version of TAE’s antecedent bot/troll (aka the “Defeated” one) 😆

    Veracious Poet

    D Benton Smith

    @JohnDay observed with preternatural astuteness , ” . . . I think DBS and AFKTT have more cognitively in common than might easily be seen . . . ”

    Verily, which is probably why I find it so entertaining ( and easy ) to dismantle his cognitive mistakes. Made all of them long ago and more than once. Practice makes perfect.


    Andy McCabe’s favorite party.


    Herr Werner

    Thank you. We do our best.

    Escaping from the Matrix isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would.

    And thank you for the Bottom Line on Trust and Medicine.

    It confirms what the top biologist in NZ and I had both worked out independently, 18 months ago, that the jabs contained potentially lethal cell biology modifiers.

    I began using the term cell biology modifier more than a year ago, when people were rushing to get jabbed.

    Joining groups and walking the streets with placards pointing out the truth made no discernable difference: the masses firmly held onto their belief that the government was benign and cared about the common people -rather than the reality, that it is malevolent to the point of viciousness.


    Dark Brandon goes Batsh¥t



    John Day

    ‘I feel that we are going into a selection event, like that 42,000 year ago genetic bottleneck thing’

    If you are thinking of the Toba event, that was 74,000 years ago, and is thought to have knocked back human numbers by more than 90%. Hence the huge fall in genetic diversity. Mitochondrial DNA tells us a lot!

    The bottlenecks we have entered will cause a similar proportional knock back in numbers. Probably more.

    I am not at all convinced magnetic reversals have any significant effect on life. They happen more-or -less instantaneously, and there have been hundreds of thousands over the eons.

    ‘Hyman Rickover and M. King Hubbard also did that exponential function thing and came to very similar conclusions. Exponents against constants do that.’

    Nicely put.

    The ‘powers that be’ of the west are not only fighting Russia, fighting their own populaces, and fighting nature, they are also fighting the laws of mathematics and the laws of thermodynamics.


    Der Führer, Sieg Heil!


    Funky vibe in the comment section.

    (Long before Greta)

    Darren Aronofsky’s idea for Noah originated when he was just 13-years-old, with a poem that won a United Nations poetry competition at his Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn school. Darren Aronofsky’s Noah poem was about the end of the world as seen through Noah’s eyes.

    The Dove

    A Poem by Darren Aronofsky

    January 13, 1982

    Evil was in the world

    The laughing crowd

    Left the foolish man at his ark

    Filled with animals

    When the rain began to fall

    It was hopeless

    The man could not take the evil crowd with him

    But he was allowed to bring his good family.

    The rain continued through the night

    And the cries of screaming men filled the air

    The ark was afloat

    Until the dove returned with the leaf

    Evil still existed.

    When the rainbows reached throughout the sky

    The humble man and his family knew what it meant

    The animals ran and flew freely with their newborn

    The fog rose and the sun shone

    Peace was in the air

    And it soon appeared in all of man’s heart.

    He knew evil would not be kept away

    For evil and war could not be destroyed

    But neither was it possible to destroy peace

    Evil is hard to end and peace is hard to begin

    But the rainbow and the dove will always live

    Within every man’s heart.

    Veracious Poet


    “Something very peculiar about 2022.”

    We see just how precarious industrial agriculture has become.

    And what happens if (when) the price of diesel doubles?

    And all those fungicides!!!

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