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    I have not seen much about climate science (or any other science) that says “I’m totally sure the answer is X”. Scientific comment tends to be far more circumspect. Indeed that has been one of the criticisms of climate science – the lack of certainty.

    I believe that the problems are far better located in education (rather lack thereof) about the scientific process, and in reporting of science (which goes back to the prior point). That, combined with a desire for and expectation of simple answers in a complex world leads to the anti science rhetoric that we are subjected to. The “simple world” model is inculcated in equal parts by politicians, Hollywood and crap television. The reality is that we have benefited hugely – mindbogglingly hugely – from the application of the scientific method. Sadly it’s easy to forget that.

    I’m sure going back to superstition, religion and witchcraft will be great. Not.

    Seriously, I like Scott Adams cartoons. But he’s got it wrong this time.

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