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    Boris Seymour

    America is getting vaccinated. Now what?

    “What worries you most about the future of the pandemic?

    “TH: I’m not worried about the science. We’ve seen incredible breakthroughs in a relatively short time, and I think researchers have done everything we could to stay on top of the virus. What worries me more is societal behavior and public health messaging. Simple things that would have helped mitigate the scale of this crisis didn’t happen; measures to contain the spread were relaxed too early.

    Vaccination is critical, and it’s still under way. Variants of concern are circulating in the population, and we must keep the numbers down to limit the chance that these variants acquire further mutations that could reverse our progress. There is a way out of the pandemic, but we are not there yet—and many countries in the world aren’t even close. So we need to convince policy makers and the public that, unfortunately, some effort is still required from each and every one of us.”

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    Boris Seymour
    “Contra Costa is the first county in the Bay Area to publicly break out new coronavirus cases among vaccinated and unvaccinated residents, and the numbers show a stark disparity — virtually all those now being infected have not gotten their shots.”

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    Boris Seymour

    RE: Texas and California –
    “California has had a nearly identical case trajectory as Texas.
    In TX, schools are open. Businesses are open. People can go for a walk.”
    CDC figures show:
    Cases / 100K
    4,323 – Texas
    3,316 – California
    Deaths / 100K
    78 – Texas
    50 – California

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