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    D Benton Smith

    So, let me get this straight. China and Russia have tricked, bribed and enticed the Collective West (principally the UK/USA) to attack Russia and China for the purpose of stealing Russia and China’s resources (grain, natural gas, coal, workforce, market, etc.) which China and Russia already possessed (by dint of BEING Russia and China).

    For some reason or other, I don’t think so. I think it was something a little more Machiavellian.

    Let’s run a hypothetical scenario. Pure speculation.

    Let’s say that I’m China and Russia and I’m sick and tired of the USA and all of it’s nasty shenanigans. Furthermore, I wouldn’t at all mind stealing all of the USA’s stuff and making it my own. But, alas, if I tried anything so risky directly (like with a straight up invasive war of aggression) I would both get my ass kicked AND lose the few possessions I already had.

    Let’s try a longer game.

    First I offer soulless greedy Western financial and industrial elites BAIT that they are emotionally and intellectually incapable of resisting: immeasurably numerous SLAVES. A whole country full of them.

    I sweeten the pot with cheap money, low taxes, lax regulations and the most bribable civil authorities that the world has ever seen. A so-called “business friendly” environment that makes a Wild West brothel in full swing look like Sunday school.

    Switching the world’s industrial base over to slave labor can be a VERY profitable enterprise. While getting immeasurably wealthy from that process I can also use those proceeds (and counterfeiting, too!) to buy and control every single one of the Collective West’s governments, news media, banks, justice systems, educational systems, spy networks and even much of it’s top brass military. Spies and Soldiers are a tough nut to crack, but it’s amazing what is possible with enough money and the ability to make TREASON look just like ordinary politics.

    Now that my hands are firmly on the controls (virtually ALL of the large scale organized controls in existence) and there is no one in charge except me, I then direct the Collective West (principally the UK/USA) to attack Russia and China for the purpose of stealing Russia and China’s resources (money, grain, natural gas, coal, workforce, market, etc.) which China and Russia possess.

    And make special note that I have made damn sure that it is an attack which can only fail. And I mean FAIL as in total and complete debacle. Defeat of the Collective West and victory for Russia and China has to be a lock cinch, slam dunk, absolute friggin’ CERTAINTY. Which isn’t all that difficult since I control pretty much everything that’s anything in the whole damn country.

    The music rises, the Grand Ball opens, and the weird dancing begins.

    When the smoke clears and the dust settles I will have removed the Collective West (principally the UK/USA) as any sort of threat, AND I will have stolen (and now own) all of their stuff.

    In a sense it is a kind of giant circle that winds up coming back to very much the same place: of countries and Empires owning countries and Empires. What’s the point? Why bother? Upon closer examination, however, notice that it is not a circle but a SPIRAL, and that when the whole shebang “comes full spiral” that it is not the same ownership of Russia, China and the Collective West as it was at the start.

    At the start it was in MANY hands, and at the end it is intended to be in FEWER hands. Far, far, far fewer. (as an aside, I sure would like to know who those intended few hands actually are.)

    It’s a moral puzzle, and puzzle solvers get to survive. In my opinion the rulers of the whole damn clown show have been so intent on each other (rulers large and small) that they failed to take proper notice of everybody else, and thereby gravely miscalculated in their Machiavellian visualization of who the moral puzzle actually applies to. They forgot that the moral puzzle applies to EVERYONE, not just the noteworthy. They failed to notice that in the process of battling for more (and ever more) POWER that they were abusing a literally incalculable number of quiet but capable folks who just wanted to be left alone. They’ve never actually bothered to count how many that number actually comes to, but let’s just say it is a very big and very unknown total. And increasingly pissed off, no humor intended.

    And what is the moral puzzle? It is that for anyone to live on Earth for very long that person must earnestly and sincerely answer the question of whether it is better to submit to slavery or to fight against being enslaved, quite possibly suffering severe loss, injury, death or even killing others in the process?

    It is a very very hard question which no one, ultimately, avoids answering.

    My best advice is to keep in mind that the only thing really worth saving is you . . . and I do not mean the temporary housing accommodation called your body. I mean the consciously aware non-material being that is you and your loved and all the rest of us.

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    D Benton Smith

    The Three Stages Of Deceit

    First they lie to us so well that we don’t even know it.
    Then they lie to us so poorly that only the insane could believe a word of it.
    Then they don’t even bother to lie about it, and just do whatever they want to in plain sight.

    It’s stage 3 that you should worry about.

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    D Benton Smith

    “It is generally a good idea to avoid ascribing nefarious intent to actions explained by mere stupidity”

    Yeah? And what kind of an idea is it to ascribe stupidity as the motive for premeditated murder while the killer is literally engaged in the act of killing you six ways from Sunday.

    Please grow a pair, Jim, or kindly shut the fuck up. It just PAINS me to witness a major intellect such as yourself embarrass the rest of us with your pusillanimous dodgery.

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    D Benton Smith

    Be careful when behaving normally, it makes people suspicious.

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    D Benton Smith

    Orlov is right again, as usual, but he could have saved himself a lot of time and trouble in arriving at his conclusion by simply saying that the precise situation that exists at this very moment is always (and can only be) the predictable consequence of the beliefs and actions of the people who believed and did things based on the facts they accepted as true, and the solutions that they thought would work. If Russia is now strong and America weak because America succeeded in implementing bad solutions and failed at implementing good ones is simply to re-state the self evident.

    Whether those beliefs and actions were due to conspiracy OR NOT, is rather irrelevant. The only things which are relevant are the beliefs and the acts themselves, along with the assignment of responsibility for each belief and every deed to individual people.

    “Eliminating the impossible” is just another way of saying “identifying the actual.” When lies and errors are removed from data, all that’s left is facts and those darned facts just land where they land and that’s all there is to it.

    Conspiracy theories?

    Everything is theoretical until it happens (at which point it becomes too late to change) , and all interactions between collaborators are conspiracy (to either one side or the other in a conflict). That irrefutable truism pretty well covers the bases. In other words, ALL human interaction is applied conspiracy theory.

    Like Sir Doyle’s super-deducer Holmes liked to say, “Elementary, my dear Watson.”

    It would behoove the species at this time to discover and report exactly who did what, with which and to whom. . . eliminating the impossible on the fly as we go. Once that’s all out in the open there won’t be any questions about which parts were conspiratorial (or not) in the naughty sense of the word.

    And the bonus is that if we get right on it and do a good job then we might just still be alive to experience the fruits of our labor.

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    D Benton Smith


    I agree, but would add this : of the two approaches (full-on war waged by the Western cabal versus Limited Special Military Operation waged by Russia) , which one burns through the respective party’s finite resources the fastest ? In other words, which side runs out of vitally necessary stuff first?

    My own opinion is that Putin (and a large bunch of other realistic Russians) is fully aware and fully willing to play the game all the way to “Last Man Standing.”

    It’s one helluva game of chicken, but I’m placing my bet on the side that has gas, oil, coal, iron, wheat, fertilizer and manufacturing capacity (and relatively sane realists as citizens) versus the side with stacks of counterfeit money and mentally ill vaccinated criminal drug addicts holding most key positions from sea to shining sea.

    It’s going to get spicier, for certain, but the Western Cabal (and its Eastern Cohort) will eventually lose world war 3 . . . and everybody else will win.

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    D Benton Smith

    @RaulIlargiMeijer “But key ones are missing?”

    Apparently so, and therefore the $64,000 question is who has the intention, the power and the finesse to actually make those key emails go missing. Not to even mention (Heaven forbid !) the unspeakably vile porn and other evidence of human (child) trafficking/abuse/worse by the same individuals who are currently having a go at crushing Russia.

    If I were Vladimir Putin for a day I would use my vast spy network to hit “The Collective West” where they are the weakest : their CRIMES of every sort. Dangerous work, but, hey, what’s he got to lose?

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    D Benton Smith


    Regarding labels and acronyms like VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), or ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement.)

    Y’all need to stop saying everything backwards. That’s what is making it so hard for folks to understand what the heck you’re saying (or even decide whether we should try to or not.) Just because that’s the ‘small clues first’ way that scientists discover things using the scientific method (i.e. small factual evidence first (s) first, and then The Big Picture emerging from the details later) does not mean that they should explain it to people the same way (backside first). People want the wide view first so that they can quickly decide whether or not they should go on listening to the boring details.

    Want me to invest the time to understand the basic science lurking beneath the geeky terms and arcane acronym? Then put the key idea first, for example
    VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) should be IDSVA:
    Immune Deficiency Syndrome [ which gives me a reason to pay attention … it’s about my well being] , Vaccine Acquired [ which hints at how I might avoid the threat .]

    Explain it like I’m 5 , and lose the Geek Speak.

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    D Benton Smith


    The weird thing was that the material still made fairly good sense to me even when I had the wrong definitions plugged in. Ah well, AWBTDOUA *

    [ * Acronyms Will Be The Death Of Us All ]

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    D Benton Smith


    I really do like your commentary content BUT please define terms before switching acronyms because it takes too damn long for me to Google them.
    TPTB=okay, even I know what this one means
    FF = Fossil Fuels
    MIC = Maximum Import Capacity
    ICE=Internal Combustion Engine
    APC=An Automated Passenger Counter (APC) an electronic device which accurately records boarding and alighting data.

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    D Benton Smith

    Although the incremental annihilation of advanced civilization can be alarming to witness, losing it is not worth getting one’s panties all up in a bunch over, for a bunch of reasons.

    First of all, except for the specters of injury and death (which, realistically, are not escapable in either case) the only things one stands to lose in returning to basics are the baubles and addictions that weren’t good for them to start with.

    For examples, most of that “instant effortless pleasure on demand” on offer from Technoland is proactively harmful to our truly best interests. It is, after all, not good for anyone to become weak, unhealthy, stupid, over-dependent, or incapable of the skills of basic survival (like food, shelter, clothing. cooperation and self-defense !) . . . all of which are the natural consequence of letting other people do what people ought better to be doing for themselves. Really.

    Not only is such laziness debilitating, but it yields no personal growth, advancement or ascendance. No sense or pride of accomplishment. No self or other esteem. When the external supply stops, the recipient is left in a state of actually being LESS than they were when the freebies started. Give a Ferrari to an idiot and the result is an idiot in a Ferrari, who forgets how to walk.

    All the glitz and gadgets are entertaining, sure, and let’s not overlook the huge doses of drug-like pleasure from constructions that are so exotically complicated (Ferraris !) that folks could not replicate them on their own if their lives depended on it (which could happen, ya know?). But there is not much personal gain in waiting for the next cool (and externally supplied) “thing”. About the only thing learned from waiting is learning how to wait.

    Hands-on life is actually LIFE! Substantial, vivid and gratifying. The civilized simulation is thin, vapid and inadequate. The real stuff is so much more satisfying. The thin stuff will never suffice again.

    Real life! Try it, you’ll like it (if you live) which might be the whole point and purpose in the first place.

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    D Benton Smith

    When the smoke does eventually clear from the accomplished Great Reset, Earth’s population may indeed be only a billion or so, because . . . without intrinsically fragile technologically advanced civilization . . . that’s about how many hunter gathers a planet like this can support.

    The irony however is that the Elite Cabal who deliberately engineered the collapse of civilization for purely selfish reasons, have neither the skills nor the grit to be among them.

    And in final, Supreme, irony those people for whom the Elites held the greatest hatred and contempt, (those with skills, grit and spirit) . . . having lost every material thing they ever owned . . . will be hunting, gathering, and happy.

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    D Benton Smith

    Government censorship is a boxing match in which the Referees get to smack whoever they want, however they want, whenever they feel like it, and the boxers can only hit certain designated opponents in arbitrarily approved ways when the Refs say they can.

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    D Benton Smith

    @JohnDay re : “Probably no wrong-interpretation of “fog of war”. Everybody needs to trick and kill everybody else in war.”

    I guess I’ve been in this current game (war) for so long that being tricked and lied to is so normal and expected that I see the tricks and lies as just alternative forms of the same stream of information. They all provide a clear view of what “is” (sans fog) if and when I have the gumption to confront each for what it is. Bill Gate’s lies about his intentions are as revealing of his true intentions as would be a confession . . . probably more so. Reminds of the line from the homicide detective who was about to interview the roomful of witness rounded up in the dragnet following a high profile murder. He said, “Alright, lets go see who’s lying, who’s lying more and who’s lying the most.” The only fog for me is the dimness of vision stemming from my unwillingness to “see” what I look at. My fog is internal, not external.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 14 2022 #107933
    D Benton Smith

    The term “Fog of War” is a bit of a misnomer. It isn’t actually “fogginess” in the intended metaphorical sense of the word. The so-called fog would be much better described as emotional unwillingness for Consciousness to accept that which is actually perceived clearly enough for all practical purposes.

    In other words, there is nothing “foggy” about a bold faced lie that contradicts everything that we know about reality. (examples: The Vax is safe and effective, or Bill Gates is trying to help the helpless). The only thing indistinct about any of it is how you treat the data after receiving it.

    Withdrawal of faith in one’s own ability to see is called “doubt”, and doubt typically includes the strong desire for more or better information, without which we become mired in the paralysis of indecision. And that apparently justifiable indecision enables relatively guilt-free inaction. Ahaa! Now, THAT is what we were looking for ! Plausible justification for not taking remedial action.

    Hopefully (we hope) there are smarter braver people somewhere who will take that action for us. Some courageous Champions, perhaps. Well, don’t look now but there ain’t any. At least, not for us personally. When it comes right down to your own personal sovereignty, decision making, beliefs and responsibility there is no one smarter or braver than you. Because there CANNOT be.

    Sorry if that seems harshly judgmental or critical, but it’s not meant in that vein. It’s just the way that the Universe is built. There simply is no possible way that anyone else can take our place and do those things for us.

    The endlessly unslakeable thirst for more and ever more “information” (instead of the usual and expected mashup of lies and waste paper that we get) isn’t faulty visibility. It’s faulty self confidence. It is the absence of responsibility.

    To acknowledge what is actually right there in plain sight would necessitate taking non-retractable steps to handle it, and few indeed are the people willing to do THAT if there is any other way out, and noncommittal uncertainty can almost always serve as that way out. I use it every chance I get. But eventually one runs out of chances.

    There is a distinct propensity in the vast majority of people (and absolutely myself included, of course) to choose not to see what is plainly there, and seen. The word denial springs to mind, as do several other less-than-complimentary words. They fill me with guilt and shame. That, too, is just the way that the Universe is built. It’s sorta baked into the cake of being human. We are flawed. We must deal with it. The situation is perhaps the ultimate example of the admonition, “If ya can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen.”

    The tragedy is that so many have already died at the hands of a few evil criminals who are able to continue their senseless carnage in plain sight, while those who can stop them (us) shroud our own eyes and stay our own hands . . . with doubt.

    The fictitious fog of this Great War, plainly, has not yet fully cleared, but it’s getting close. Damn close. The light of factual reality (so to speak) is shining into dark and scary places and the so-called “moment of truth” approaches with literally terrifying velocity. It’s headed straight at us. No dodging allowed, or even possible.

    Harsh realities are happening all around us in ways that simply shall not allow much further avoidance, and there ain’t much doubt about that. It would be a fatal mistake to further doubt the resolve of the Cabal to continue killing until either they are finished off, or we are.

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    D Benton Smith

    Everyone with a spare neuron to keep them company knows that the accelerating dismantlement of civilization is a carefully deliberated series of long planned actions . . . not mistakes or incompetence or simple greed (although mistakes, incompetence and greed sure do make the job easier !).

    The plan is simple : when enough people are dead, dying or nearly so, then the starving survivors (maybe 20% of the current 8 billion or so ?) will be presented with the choice between Unconditional Surrender to unmitigated slavery . . . or death-by-chaos. Same way that smaller scale enslavement has always been done.

    That such stupid insanity could result in extinction does not even begin to phase the degenerate Death Cult who are currently executing the plan like there is no tomorrow. No tomorrow seems just fine for people who worship death.

    Might be a good idea to give them what they ultimately want, only a little sooner than they had planned on. Put them in jail, or in the ground (their choice) and let nature takes its course.

    It’s a tough call, isn’t it ? Really, really tough. I respect that some folks favor martyrdom over resistance. I just don’t happen to be one of them.

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    D Benton Smith

    So when most (f not all) central governments in the world surrender their nations’ sovereignty to the World Health Organization in a couple of weeks it is going to bring a few serious questions to the fore in a way which will be literally impossible to further ignore.

    The W.H.O. will give orders, and when they do then populations will be faced (unavoidably) with the choice of whether to obey or not.

    Our so-called “sovereignty” situation is about to shift rapidly, almost instantaneously, from hypothetical world dictatorship to actual world dictatorship. On paper.

    But crowning themselves Emperor is not the same thing as enforcing their self-declared Imperial authority. They have already made their intentions pretty clear, but do ya think they’ll actually try it?

    Will they actually attempt enforcement of something dire? Would populations comply ? More to the point, will WE comply? If not, then what form would such a rebellion take?

    Obviously, we shall see. And by that, I mean we SHALL see.

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    D Benton Smith

    @MrHouse re : Pizzagate

    Brace yourself, because as the truth continues to leak out and release yet more truths, the world will learn that the actual situation in this real world makes pizzagate pale to insignificance.

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    D Benton Smith

    Us vs Them

    The whole sense of the phrase depends on which cohort you think of as “us”, doesn’t it?

    In fact, the conceptualized scene and the human values within it do a nauseating, morally disorienting, brain wrenching, 180 degree U-Turn by simply switching the identity of who the hell “us” is.

    At this moment the “us” that I think of as my team does NOT seem to be the “us” that’s running pretty much everything even remotely in charge of governance, officialdom or Authority. Some OTHER “us” (i.e. what looks to me like some sort of “them”) seems to be in the wheelhouse. Whoever it is, it sure ain’t the folks I always thought of as “us”.

    Somehow or other (and it’s no big mystery how, really) the owning, ruling and governing population has determined itself to be different than the people I’ve always thought of as “us” . And that owning, ruling and governing population (who I’m quite sure think of THEMSELVES and cohort as the only legitimate “us” worthy of being in the world) has come to the apparently unshakable conclusion that most everyone else are deadwood, useless eaters not worthy of life . . . and must therefore be eliminated. The “us” (the elite in this particular case) has concluded that democide of the “them” (the plebes in this particular case) is not only acceptable, but mandatory.

    Yelling at these so-called ruling elites to stop destroying the world because governance exclusively of by and for the owners/rulers/governments is causing injustice, loss, disease, famine, and death, etc. is equivalent to a herd of deer yelling at the hunters to stop shooting because it’s causing too many venison dinners.

    In other words, all of the complaining by plebes is not telling the owners (and goombah loyalist cohort) anything they don’t already know. In fact, it isn’t just known. It’s known, loved and whole heartedly approved of. Democide, after all, is not some kind of passive criminal negligence. It tends to be on purpose.

    Indeed, democide reflects the MOST earnest and sincere criticism of which humans are capable. It isn’t done lightly. It’s done because the perpetrating “us” deeply believe that it is crucially and vitally important that the targeted “them” cease to exist. The elite/owner/ruler/governing “We” which is so intent upon mass murder on the grandest scale believes that the world can only properly exist when the vile sub-human “them” is utterly and forever removed from it.

    Preventing that removal, at some point PRIOR to its accomplishment , would probably be a good idea for all persons currently on the list.

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    D Benton Smith

    TAE’s commentariat is on a roll! Hot damn there’s some good stuff pouring out of your hearts and minds and onto these pages. I’m really enjoying the read.

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    D Benton Smith

    Back in the day America couldn’t lose a war. Then things deteriorated until for quite a long stretch America couldn’t win a war. Now things have got so bad it’s looking like they can’t even start one properly.

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    D Benton Smith

    @JohnDay ref: “(Not so much “shoulder to shoulder” as pelvis-to-sacrum)”

    I love it when you talk anatomically.

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    D Benton Smith

    @Oroboros Yeah! Contemplating those predictable outcomes sorta makes my day.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 8 2022 #107556
    D Benton Smith

    @JohnDay Thanks for the link, it engendered many recollections indeed, although I must say it was more like a trip-and-fall back down the rabbit hole than it was a stroll down memory lane.

    Back then was my first inkling that our spies and their masters have behaved very very badly. In the half century since then I’ve learned that attempts to describe their bad behavior with strong modifiers like “very” or “depraved” are frustrating. Words don’t get the job done in the description of fully dedicated and purposeful evil incarnate.

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    D Benton Smith

    @Noirette Yes, and it is also clear that Ukraine is doing its hunting outside of its own national game preserve. It is taking its prey in OTHER nations, through a process that is so far outside any conventional legal framework that no one has even heard of such a procedure to give it a name. In other words, international extra-judicial targeted abduction being carried out under the thinnest of veils “window dressing” of legality.

    Hmm. And yet the entire world knows that Ukraine itself isn’t actually a sovereign in any real sense of the word. Ukraine is a merely proxy, a puppet, an extension of greater forces. Do those masters reside in the USA/NATO or some deeper shadow of the fuzzily defined but well recognized “Western Empire”? In either case it is not actually Ukraine committing the atrocity. Ukraine is just the goon carrying out orders. It’s Ukraine’s boss who is committing the crime.

    Such brazen lawlessness! It’s really spilling over. A world run by Mafia bosses ordering hits on anyone challenging their no-holds-barred right to lie, cheat, steal, rape and kill. Wow.

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    D Benton Smith

    I’ve been giving some more thought to @MrHouse’s astute observation made recently that, “The half life of each ‘crisis’ appears to be getting shorter and shorter.”

    Is anyone here keeping a tally of the bullshit (albeit lethal) diversionary failed crises we’ve endured in the past 8 years ? By “diversionary failed crises” I mean really and truly over the top crap. If I had to recite the list right off the top of my head I must admit that I’ve practically lost my place in that litany of lies. Let’s just say there have been lots of them, LOTS and lots.

    And they do seem to be occurring more and more frequently. Back in 2015/16 (ancient history ?) the hair-on-fire crises seemed to pop up on a roughly 6 week cycle. Now the turnaround time is way under 6 days.

    Are we watching a chain reaction in Slo-Mo ? If that’s the case (and my theory is that it is) then 6 days will fall to 3 days within a few days. Then that will fall to 3 hours and then become (for all practical purposes) virtually simultaneous. Otherwise known as an explosion.

    Each new false crisis spawns a rash of new truth revelations, and that too is picking up speed. Each new truth revealed kicks loose half a dozen other related truths, and so on, until ka-BOOM.

    Cool thing about this theory is that it won’t take much time to test it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 6 2022 #107483
    D Benton Smith


    Tacking the sardonic additive comment of , “Yeah, right” onto the tail end of the obvious bullshit lies is a brilliant idea, for all of the reasons you stated, and I intend to take your advice and do just that at every opportunity.

    Thank you for that, and keep ideas like that coming. We can use the assistance.

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    D Benton Smith


    From yesterday, you very wisely observed that , “…we march against the Universe We rebel against God, and yet we don’t know why; not our merit, not our fault.”

    What I understand from your statement is that we humans rebel against God but we don’t know why we rebel against Him. Of course God knows. He knows why we do it, why we rebel. So why doesn’t He just tell us why so that we would know, too, and could decide whether to go on rebelling or not.

    Ahh! But, perhaps, He actually IS telling us, and we (in our selfish arrogance) are just not listening?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 5 2022 #107370
    D Benton Smith

    Instead of leaping to non-sequential conclusions and opinions about whether abortion should or should not be done, how about asking a question about an uncontested and unquestionable fact which PRECEDES all voluntary abortions?

    That fact is that the pregnancy is the easily foreseeable result of a male and female having sex (under the usually usual circumstance of wanting to). So WHY did she change her mind all of a sudden?

    Ya just gotta wonder. Evolution has had a LONG time to work out the bugs on getting species to procreate. Could the process be THAT wrong in how it actually works out in real practice?

    Is the instinctual drive to mate and have offspring so abysmally erroneous and janky that people will kill to avoid it? Something just doesn’t seem to add up if such is the casethe case. Maybe our species needs a new or different instinct than the one it developed over the course of the last million years or so.

    Nah. I think something else is in play here, and it probably has very little to do with expectant mothers actually WANTING to kill their fetuses.

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    D Benton Smith

    @MrHouse mad the astute observation that, “The half life of each ‘crisis’ appears to be getting shorter and shorter.”

    That is the perfect metaphor, “half life” of each crisis. That’s exactly how it’s playing out, and the concept of decaying into less, (eventually silence) as time goes forward. Perfect.

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    D Benton Smith

    reference : the illustrated quotation of Bertrand Russel hailing the delivery of happiness to automatons by a science based One World Government.

    Old Bert was just one brick short of a load, but the brick he skipped sure has proven to be the dooziest doozey of them all.

    He fails to mention the existence of any consciously aware individuals to do the science or feel the happiness. Without such entity the science could not be fathomed nor done. And there would be literally no one even there to feel anything at all.

    He got science and philosophy precisely back-ass-wards to each other. Science must, and can only, answer to the authority of Philosophy, not the other way around. About what to expect from an over-bred rich and arrogant old elitist like Russell.

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    D Benton Smith

    So, let me get this straight, Ukraine is celebrating a glorious victory in rescuing civilian hostages who were being held as human shields by Ukraine’s own troops?


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    D Benton Smith

    On a lighter note, with some new world enflaming crisis hitting the Head Lines every day or so, right about now would be an excellent opportunity to get out in front of the story on any skeletons currently stuffed way back in the closet. No matter how gruesomely horribly bad the facts might be the story will be instantly shoved out of the News Cycle by tomorrow’s fresh outrage. My sense of humor is maybe a shade too dark.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 3 2022 #107263
    D Benton Smith

    (and now for my “Columbo” moment, wherein it is said, “Oh, yeah, and just one more little thing.” )

    Therefore, to complete to temporarily top off the list of the litany of lunacy that the Psychopaths are inflicting upon us because they NEED to (in order to not be immediately and summarily executed by their victims) there is “one more little thing” that they see as necessary. They pretty much NEED to kill most of us. In addition to censoring our ability to speak truth to each other they also need to murder us . . . murder being merely a very very sincere form of censorship.

    Herds that get too big to control become uncontrollable, n’est-ce pas? So to keep the herd from becoming too big to manage requires “thinning”. From an efficiency point of view it is WAY more efficient to also “cull” the herd of problem critters at the same time as you thin it. Get rid of any recalcitrant or rebellious animals while at the same time leaving the docile and easy to manage. If you want to save money and turn bigger profits with less work then the nearly perfect three-for-one operation is famine. There’s nothing quite as effective as Famine with it’s combo of lethality, ease of use and soaring prices to accomplish all three in one swoop.

    So add that to the list. Oh yeah, and more thing. Throw in a nice little proxy war for good measure.

    About all that’s missing is Religious Conflict and Alien Invasion, and ya know what? I wouldn’t put it past them.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 3 2022 #107260
    D Benton Smith

    @ Dr_D summarized my diatribe thusly , “D Benton. That is a breathtaking list of indictments. Instead of compounding, somehow they all distract from each other, like seeing too many trees, whichever in front of you most of all. Maybe we should line them up and list them all every Monday, like the Pledge of Allegiance, so we don’t forget.”

    Yup. Unfortunately, that is what they tend to do. But not because any of them are less than factual. On the contrary. It’s because they ARE true, and converging , simultaneously , with breathtaking velocities, that their imminent arrival needs to be announced. Startling ain’t the word for it. Shattering comes closer. I reckon full uproar before the next fake election, at latest. If 5% of the population keeps their wits about them I will be absolutely astonished.

    I thank you for bringing it up. The initial deafening silence from the commentariat worried me a little. I thought maybe I had finally spoken a too frankly about things that are always left unsaid which should never be left unsaid.

    The only reason I list the bloody bill of particulars this time was to reassure the awakening minority that no, it ain’t themselves who have gone stark raving lunatic homicidally wacko. It is the stark raving lunatic homicidal wackos who have been running RICO and calling it a civilization who have finally gone over the edge into truly irretrievable depraved madness. I understate the case by several orders of magnitude so as to not scare the horse any more than necessary to save lives.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 3 2022 #107234
    D Benton Smith

    A pre-release draft of Roe vs Wade ruling “secretly” “leaked” from the political smoke filled back room of the Supreme Court which is, of course, far too noble to be swayed by politics, ambitious personal greed or fear. The topic of the draft is about putting an end to the currently ongoing industrial scale murder of the unborn in America (sixty-two MILLION so far, and counting).

    A Looney Tunes censorship czar with unlimited funding and mental health issues gets anointed by the de facto but not-elected “secret” President, Barrack Obama, to end free speech as the only way to save democracy.

    Half a trillion dollars is stolen outright from Russia by the EU & USA, followed by international effort to force Russia to sell its natural gas for counterfeit Euros and Dollars which Russia is forbidden (by the EU & USA themselves) from spending anyway.

    It has become not just gauche but statutorily illegal to differentiate males from females in any way whatsoever.

    An election is stolen in broad daylight, assisted by the FBI and US Justice Department, and the issue is kept from investigation or hearing in courts of law for years.

    A population is poisoned en mass, with millions dead and more dying, by the most lethal genetics experiment in medical history, promoted and protected by the world’s biggest and most powerfully authoritative medical institutions, universities and agencies. The culprits are known, but nothing official happens except more of the same, doubled-down.

    The so-called Reserve Currency of the planet is transparently counterfeit and bereft of tangible collateral to underpin its value. The USA just prints up as much as it needs or wants and everybody else has to give REAL stuff in exchange for it, and EVERYBODY knows it.

    Need I go on? It’s beyond obvious, isn’t it? It’s even beyond brazen. BIG outfits are doing BIG things, flamboyantly in plain sight, which are the sorts of things that in earlier times were done only in the deepest darkest, and most hidden secret places.

    Why are they doing such absurdly crazy nut-job stuff right out in the open where people can see it? None of us have ever seen anything like this amount of outright insanity, and yet it accelerates by the day. That’s not NORMAL, not even for criminals and lunatics.

    Why do they do such suicidally crazy shit? The answer is: Because they have to. They do it for the reason that they have no other choice but do it. They know that they MUST lie, cheat, steal, hate, censor (and even kill) or else the truth WILL keep coming out. And that will be the end of them. Failure to silence the increasing storm of revelations of wrongdoing can only result in even more revelation of ever greater and greater wrongdoing.

    So how much, wrongdoing is that?

    Quite a bit, actually. Lots. I reckon All of it. Or at least so close to all of it that the difference won’t make much difference.

    Here is what “all of it” consists of, to the best of my research and reckoning: our so-called “civilization” is built upon the very foundation of everyone accepting a certain amount of lying, cheating, stealing, hating, hiding, censoring and even killing . . . so long as there is something in it for us personally, and wrongdoing does not go TOO far or get completely out of control.

    Well, things went too far. It is out of control. And now the extremely uncomfortable (terrifying, really) truth is being revealed that our ruling classes, elites, institutions, corporations, et al, routinely and professionally Lie, Cheat, Steal, Hate, Hide and Kill as the bedrock of their business model. In other words, those transgressions against humanity are what governing authorities do to make a living. Except for a stingily small allocation spent on window dressing, whitewash and camouflage it’s pretty much ALL that they do.

    So when they stop doing those things then they will reap the whirlwind and become consequently and instantly dead in their own footsteps . . . and they know it.

    That will happen when YOU know it. too.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 26 2022 #106853
    D Benton Smith

    The Bad Guys modus operandi is unchanged down through the ages and differs not at all from the garden variety “dark triad” criminal . (narcissism + psychopathy + Machiavellianism ). They pretend to be one thing (for examples: an American or a Jew or a Catholic or a German or a Capitalist or a Communist ) and ruthlessly climb to the top within that false identity by using the lower echelons to commit horrific and profitable crimes on their behalf. When the victims finally rebel (which is truly an irresistible tide of real strength) the Bad Guys flee by directing that ferociously righteous vengeance toward the patsy (Jew, Ukrainian Nazi, Capitalist, etc.) while themselves slipping away unnoticed to infiltrate and steal the identity of their next victim.

    This time, however, I believe we have their number. This time I think we’ve got a good shot at catching the slower ones and forcing the others back into the private Hell they have created for themselves.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 24 2022 #106752
    D Benton Smith

    @WES squirrels and bird feeders.

    I just gotta tell ya about the ingenuity and sheer courage of a kamikaze squirrel that lives over near a friend’s house. The lady wants to feed birds, not squirrels, so she bought the premium squirrel-proof bird feeder and placed it as far from tree limbs and roof tops as possible. Its smooth cylindrical design and mounting offered no way for the squirrel to climb up or hang on anywhere. Squirrel-proof! But not proof against this guy. The squirrel races across the roof and launches itself at the feeder which it can just barely reach at the maximum range of a long arc. No way to hold one once it gets there, but hanging on isn’t in his plan. He just smacks into it at high velocity and falls half-dazed to the ground, where he can then eat the seeds that were shaken out of the feeder by the impact.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 24 2022 #106747
    D Benton Smith


    Very well said, in my opinion. I really like the way the conversation here on TAE is addressing such fundamentals as they apply to so-called ” Real World situations and current events. I believe such an approach holds great promise for finding acceptable solutions in feeling our way forward through the murk.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 24 2022 #106745
    D Benton Smith

    Clif High connects dots in this outstanding interview by Greg Hunter. Clif graciously edits down some of the spookier content to “normal” levels to make the truth more accessible to General Audiences . . . but it’s kick-ass nonetheless. Basically it’s an eagles eye view of Ukraine/Russia/WEF and what the coming weeks might bring. Good stuff.

    link: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/clif-high-world-economic-forum-a-failing-criminal-organization_6zoNrBy11pcBoIJ.html

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