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    D Benton Smith


    Notice how “rabbi” Zevi (rabbi in name only) stole both the organization of Judaism AND the name of Jew. It was quite the slick trick and highly effective, largely because the mental mechanisms of the trick are quite difficult to hold firmly in the mind’s eye (our “modeling software”) long enough to get through all of the steps without loosing track of which step one is on.

    I would compare that difficulty to how hard it is to parse out the sensibility of statements that contain the so-called “double negative”. It makes you stop and count the steps on your fingers to make sure you haven’t mistakenly “negativized” the positive statement too many (or too few) times.

    Only in Zevi’s case it was more like a TRIPLE negative (or worse). He was a complete sociopathic and narcicistic psychopath, first of all, who claimed not only to be Jewish (he was a Turk of Ashkenazi origins , not Hebrew in the least) , but to be the MESSIAH of that religion, and therefore (as the self-proclaimed god-author of all rules) was not himself subject to such rules, but was nevertheless protected by them because the rules are ordained by omnipotent God who decreed that Jews were the people chosen by God to receive his favor over all other people. Those who disagreed with Zevi (or rightfully DESPISED him) were therefore NOT really Jews, and thus not covered by that Divine protection, and who therefore deserved the destruction that would certainly befall them as the consequence of the crimes that Zevi and his followers committed as a sacramental acts of worship (not to mention lucrative sources of wealth and power.)

    Is your brain broken yet? Just wait. It gets worse.

    A key component of Zevi’s contorted “reasoning” was that it was not merely permissible, but actually desirable to do the OPPOSITE of the core commandments which the faithful Hebrews believed God had given to Moses (i.e. The Ten Commandments) , and HIDE that despicable fact by lying and pretending to be “normal” traditional believers in their ancient Abrahamic religion….. while in fact and in practice being the mirror image reversal of that tradition.

    He was, in short, the absolutely quintessential liar, and in the event of being caught could simply direct the inevitable vengeful public wrath upon those faithful truth worshiping Jewish simpletons (in Zevi’s way of looking at things) while he and his devoutly feckless liars sneaked out the back door with the loot by lying, cheating, stealing and killing….. which was , after all, the only religion that Zevi actually believed in.

    This technique is by no means and in no way limited to Judaism or any other religion, system or group. It works equally well with Pagan Empires (like Rome and Byzantium,) Monarchies (England, perhaps, or Austria) and even Constitutional Democratic Republics such as America, France or the original Marxist Soviet Union for examples. In fact, that is EXACTLY what Zevi and his brethren have done, to ALL of the above, with greater or lesser effect depending on how long it took folks to wise up enough to throw the bastards out.

    The technique works like a charm, requiring ONLY that the perpetrators are completely and utterly devoid of all moral impulses or adherence to truth as a guiding principle. It requires literally Satanic devotion to evil.

    Here’s how it’s done: Simply find a country or other institution that works and is broadly admired and protected by a well earned good reputation, infiltrate it by pretending to espouse and exemplify those noble purposes (while hating them passionately) , and then usurp it completely by secretly (at first) doing the EXACT opposite by lying, cheating, stealing and killing anyone who tells the truth, reveals the lies enforces actual justice, helps the less fortunate or (and this most crucially of all) promotes connection with or reverence for the actual Divine Creator of the Universe.

    To call such creatures Name Stealers is more than a little too kind. They are pure evil, and that is what they worship and work for.

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    D Benton Smith

    Liars are diagnosed and classified as liars by virtue of the fact that they lied. We are all liars to greater or lesser extent.

    Those who can be persuaded to not lie can be gradually cured, as an ongoing process that typically takes just forever.

    Those who remain unpersuaded unfortunately remain liars, and therefore they must not be presumptively trusted until proven trustworthy. In dealing with them care must be taken to separate their words and deeds into two importantly different categories, namely the categories of “Truthful” and “Deceitful”.

    Those who lie about their own lying cannot be cured, for so long as (and to the extent that) they continue lying about the lies they are telling (or enacting). They will remain liars until persuaded to stop lying about that lying. This is notoriously difficult to accomplish because only the liar himself can decide to tell the truth or not, and only of their own free will. Furthermore the ONLY thing that cures a lie is the pertinent Truth which corrects it, and truths are also notoriously hard to come by, especially for liars.

    The crux of the problem is that “the observable Universe” is observable only to those who are both willing and able to observe it. Those observations are only of service when they are true. This level of courage, integrity and awareness is even rarer than truth and honesty. Luckily it is a gradient scale sort of thing and you don’t have to accomplish all of it all at once. You can do it a step at a time, one corrective truth after another, step-by-step. It’s difficult and it takes a long time. The compass for that long journey is truth. Go towards the truth. Go away from lies. You go TOWARDS one by going AWAY from the other, so be sure to peep it straight which one is which and don’t compromise, ever.

    Be advised. There are liars who lie about lying so adamantly and well that they they have practically turned that devotion into a religion. In some cases, they have LITERALLY turned it into a religion, in fact SEVERAL religions, going by different names. The distinguishing characteristic of all of them is that believe it to be virtuous to deceive. To such persons the greater the deceit then the more virtuous is the deceiver. Yes, that just happens to be, well, Satanic. Precisely my point.

    There have been several books on this interesting phenomenal fact . One of my my favorite is the one about the horrendous rabbi Sabbatai Zevi, declared himself the Messiah in 1666, and founded rabbinical Judaism at that time on the premise of “redemption through sin.” Roughly half of the world’s Jews went along with him, but the exact number is impossible to discern or calculate because a KEY PART of that “be good by practicing evil” new religion was the idea that it was GOOD to LIE about the fact of practicing evil as a deliberate form of worship.

    And by the way, Zevi reckoned that since he was the Messiah of this religion that it was perfectly okay to steal the name and call it Judaism. They aren’t the only ones doing this sort of lunatic stuff, of course, but they certainly are among the more organized. That’s why “Jewish” surnames are so common in the hierarchy of organized criminal activities like corporations, institutions and governments. Essentially, ALL habitual devotion to crime is the dramatization of this serious mental/spiritual malady. Like the old joke says, “You don’t HAVE to be Jewish, but helps.”

    You see the problem with that, without further elaboration, right?

    How do we now tell the difference between the Jews who believe Zevi was the Messiah, and the ones who know he was a Satanically inclined, psycho/socio-pathic, con man and crackpot. The tragic outcome of the relationship between “Jewish” Benjamin Netanyahu (monster) and his “Jewish” shrink Moshe Yatom (not-a-monster) is a near perfect illustration of the problem, and why it has become such a BIG problem, and one that must be addressed.

    Anyone interested (and really, folks, EVERYBODY should be interested!) in this important topic can get the book “1666, Redemption Through Sin”, by Robert Sepehr. It’s a quick read, even if it isn’t a quick fix. There IS NO quick fix. There is only TRUTH, and that’s going to take a little more time.

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    D Benton Smith

    The presumption of sanity in another is an error. The only thing that one can or should presume about another is that they exist in the same Universe as does one’s self, and are therefore subject to all of the same conditions, limitations and worth as you.. That means the other person might be either a saint or an evil monster or something in between, and that you will not know until you interact with them, observe what is there to observe, and only then decide who or what it is that you are interacting with.

    Benjamin Netanyahu’s psychiatrist could not observe the patently observable. I know this for a fact because if he HAD observed the patently observable, then he would have used that knowledge to act in a way quite different than killing himself. He would instead have killed Benjamin Netanyahu.

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    D Benton Smith


    The term, “The Observable Universe”, does not mean what you think it does.

    Yeah, you’re absolutely right about that, and it was when I finally came to understand the fact a little better that I realized I rally needed to do some more work on my observational and thinking skills. I’m still working at it, and it’s worth the effort.

    Take home lesson: Don’t just assume without earnest personal inspection that you know what the term, “the observable Universe” means. You should take a closer look. And when you DO observe it and think about it more directly then your notion of what constitutes “the observable Universe” is definitely going to change. By a lot.

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    D Benton Smith

    Imagine, if you will, (and it will take an iron will to muster that much will) a life in which the only joys that can be felt are the pale and passing passions that only flesh can feel. That life, if one can even claim such crushed and narrow view to be a life at all, is all that demons and their minions ever know. Imagine if you will endless despair as the greatest hope and highest aspiration, upon which all efforts and intention must be trained lest even that be lost. Do not be lured to hatred by their fouled souls and fouler deeds, but pity so profound that even contemplation of it makes God hang his head and weep.

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    D Benton Smith

    Officially this cost 180 million. Doomcock’s anonymous sources, who are usually right, say the project ran well over 300 million. Infinite money-waterfall from somewhere.”

    All of Hollywood’s money-waterfall falleth as a gentle rain from the Intelligence Community via DoD cut-outs.

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    D Benton Smith

    Obama walks Joe Biden off stage. The exposure of the lie (i.e. that there has ever been an actual Joe Biden “Presidency”) gets so serious that Joe’s handler has to step out of the shadows to escort the lie offstage.

    That’s pretty serious.

    If there is much more pressure resulting from this wind whipped shitstorm prairie fire then OBAMA’S handler will have to step out of the shadows (and from behind the curtain) to save HIS ass from some similarly unavoidable embarrassment . It’s unraveling fast, people. The Blob is getting down to its last cards. Any bets on who (as in a real person with a name and everything!) the “Biden Team” takes its orders from? It IS a chain of command, ya know. There IS an Indvidual that Obama answers to.

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    D Benton Smith

    Not a joke.

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    D Benton Smith


    Has any one thought what the world is witnessing in the decline of the U.S. president is the effects of an unknown number of Covid-19 shots?

    That’s a damn good question. Let’s see if we can get others to ask it, too. Ask it very loudly and clearly, right out there in public.

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    D Benton Smith


    I could go on and on about your rhymes being works of true art, but don’t want to overdo it. Just awesome MPSK. Move over John Swift.

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    D Benton Smith

    A bully reckons that if he can steal your lunch money then he will. And it’s simple logic to understand that If he literally CAN’T do it , then he won’t.

    Problems can arise however from a couple of other possibilities. The first problem comes from bullies who even though they can’t ACTUALLY overpower you with force, they reckon they can terrify (or simply fool) victims into believing that they can, causing the victim to cough up the cash.

    The second problem can occur when the bully is so aloof, arrogant and stupid ( VERY closely related conditions) that they DON’T KNOW that they aren’t actually able to overpower their intended victim. This comes about for a variety of closely related reasons ( such as thinking that they don’t have to actually LOOK at reality, but mostly because they are the product of generations of people who believe their own lies. You know the lies I’m talking about. The lies that the bullies paid lesser bullies to tell them so that the aloof arrogance arising from wealth and power could be continued unabated.)

    It’s this second problematic condition that seems to cause the most problems. That’s what’s going on with the current Bully Blob child murdering Satan worshippers.

    They think they can still overpower us. They were MANIPULATED into thinking that way by people who had grown tired of being robbed and decide that the only way to bring down the bully was to entice it into EXTREMELY ill advised actions by appealing to the bully’s own criminal impulses divorced from reason. These transparently insane acts of stupidity absolutely guarantee it’s demise.

    The mistakes were myriad and BIG. The bully was tricked into using compromised “decision makers” to borrow vast sums that it could never repay from an unforgiving lender. That lender (the Universe itself) nevertheless still does DEMAND repayment (and it SHALL be repaid). The Bully was encouraged (by means of bribery, mostly, but also mass propaganda from a captured media and education system) to commit criminal atrocities in plain sight for unforgivably awful reasons. It was bamboozled to attempt to steal EVERYTHING from an enemy against who it had NO CHANCE of defeating on any front in any way. Finally, and as a soon to be delivered coup do grace, that very same “leadership class” to burn down its own financial system all the way to the ground.

    If the nukes don’t put an end to things sooner then the bully will have killed itself dead before the smoke clears from Ukraine and Gaza.

    It was an organized military operation folks. The planning and execution has been in the works for at least decades, and was so genius-level wise and clever that Sun Tzu should leap from his grave and salute them.

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    D Benton Smith

    Sherrod Brown (D), Bernie Moreno (R) and the 2024 Presidential “election”. Great, the Uni-Party has decided that we’re going to have yet another President hailing from the great State of Ohio. What does that come to now, EIGHT? (Harrison, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Harrison, McKinley, Taft, and Harding) And what a fine menagerie of crooks, clowns and hat-storage they were, too!

    Doesn’t say much for the moral standards of Ohio, or the mental prowess of the conglomerated American voting pool.

    Speaking of pools, that would almost certainly be a better way of choosing Presidents. Just put the names of every native born American over the age of 35 into a hat, and select one at random.

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    D Benton Smith

    There are only three possible reasons that anyone at all thinks that government has the right to involuntarily control people. Those three reasons are brain washing, violence and mental illness.

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    D Benton Smith

    To the best of my knowledge no population of free people ever created a government to submit to. It has always, and ever will be, exactly the other way around.

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    D Benton Smith

    Have you ever met a wolverine in its own environment, alone. up close and personal? Well I have, and I can tell you a few things about wolverines that I hadn’t known and appreciated fully before that . I easily survived the encounter because although the wolverine was totally alone, with his front paw in steel trap, I was not alone. I was with my genuinely cool-headed tough-guy Dad, who was well armed and a crack shot.

    Here’s something I can pass on about wolverines. Firstly, they only weigh about 40 pounds, full grown, and would never stalk or attack a human if given any opportunity to steer clear. BUT, if cornered and in defense of its own life, in a direct confrontation that human, even if he was a big guy in peak condition, would have a very bad day and the wolverine would have a nice meal.

    That’s the way to handle the threat coming at us from our deranged government. The same way that a wolverine would handle it. Give no offense. Take no shit.

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    D Benton Smith

    I am truly sorry to have to say this, but it has to be said. The only thing that will be accomplished by continuing support of the GOVERNMENT of the United States is an exponentially larger mountain of dead people, as that oligarchic “government” (can anyone even diagram it?) sacrifices people in the wars that it absolutely REQUIRES. Such wars are its only means of feeding and protecting itself with financial, “legal” and physical power.

    The United States ruling class (and what a “Blob” it truly is… half of them aren’t even Americans) has clearly and unmistakably shown that it WILL use every resources at its disposal (fair and foul) to PAY ITSELF and PROTECT ITSELF, at the expense of all who stand in the way of THE BLOB rubbing out anyone and everyone who isn’t fully on board.

    From the point of view of that official and unofficial Government, citizenship is not recognized, at all. Human rights are not recognized, at all. The only thing recognized (at all) as being worthy of protective recognition is membership in and and loyalty to THE BLOB. Step outside the “lane” that they prescribe and you will be smacked as hard as it can manage. To stay “in lane” and be suffered to live you must obey its orders, pay its tribute AND publicly pledge allegiance to its narrative. Otherwise you and your loved ones SHALL be compelled, fined, jailed, censored, vaxxinated or SHOT.

    Looks like we’re at that point again, boys and girls. The Blob has decided that people are either for them or against them (no gray zone) and if not 100% FOR them then too bad for you.

    Is it worth your life to protect such a monster from the Ruskies and Chinese governments (and a few billion others), when the present United States government is worse than all of those others combined? I’m not talking about former regimes or anyone’s ancestors. I’m talking about the people who are in charge NOW. Look at how they are currently conducting themselves. Based on the evidence, who is better, and who is worse? How MUCH better, or how MUCH worse?

    This is not advocacy for violence or betrayal of any nation in any way. It is advocacy of withdrawal of support from treasonous conspiratorial criminals who are energetically decimating captive populations as we speak, and getting worse by the day. I’m calling for boycotting the Blob. Say, that’s not half bad as a combo slogan & battle cry, “Boycott the Blob!

    Incidentally (and to allay any fears about rash action) there is no need to even touch them physically, actually. On the contrary. I’m saying don’t touch them at all! There’s no need to “destroy” them, because they’re doing a bang up job of that part all by themselves. Just look at them! Isn’t self destruction exactly what they are doing? “Offing” themselves by canceling everyone who doesn’t cower down and suck up? Aren’t they accelerating the process of excluding themselves into a smaller and smaller enclave of “loyalists” who refuse to listen to anyone but their shadowy masters? Do you see that they are attacking their OWN victims and slaves? If that ain’t a recipe for near term extinction then I’d like to be informed what is.

    Continue that algorithm-for-self-erasure for very long and you wind up with a weak terrified mouse on one side and an enraged bull elephant on the other. The outcome is so predictable that it can be presumed as fait accompli before the real fight even gets started.

    As for persons who are already deeply ensnared in the Government’s web such as those dependent on the Government for vital necessity incomes (and by Government I mean the WHOLE magilla, the extended Blob, and am by no means limited just to the “official” government) the only advice I would give is to either figure out how to jump ship, or to resign one’s self to going down with it.

    A lots of this stuff is already locked in by the trend of ongoing events. The only wild card is the nukes, and the risk of nukes is just one of those realities that is what it is. The nukes and madmen exist, so all you can do about that is to do what you can. Minimize the risk, keep your affairs in order, and pray for salvation. You don’t run the world, you just work here. On a more hopeful note, remember that winners don’t have any reason (or inclination) to blow themselves and everyone else to kingdom come. Secondly understand that losers tend to have less motivation to trigger the dead-man switch if they see alternatives that are significantly more attractive than radioactive suicide.

    Historically, offering opportunities for redemption and survival have been been very effective. It will work this time, too.

    The people are the nation. Says so right there in the contract, and it says what to do to fix it when it’s broke, too.

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    D Benton Smith

    Pretty good broad-brush analysis of WW3 by Black Mountain Analysis, here: https://bmanalysis.substack.com/p/nuclear-war-ahead-i

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    D Benton Smith

    Here’s a solution that might not get anyone shot. Boycott the Blob.

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    D Benton Smith

    Raul, as you have probably seen from recent comments between me and Dr John Day , John would like to securely send me his email address (and vice versa). Would be willing to send his address to my email, and mine to him? I’m presuming that both of our emails are visible to you by way of our registration to TAE. If you would do that for me I would in exchange promise to behave myself as much as possible from now on.

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    D Benton Smith

    Banks and Governments (the two ends of the same snake) work in collusion to rob the people, and I don’t mean “rob” in a metaphorically literary sense. I mean “rob” as in STEAL OUTRIGHT. Neither of them can do it alone, so they must pretend to be different entities.

    Here’s how it works. The bank (lets say the IMF for example) loans a jillion to a country, but not directly to producers who might use it productively and then pay back the loan and keep assets and wages and profits that it had made with all of that increased production. No, no, no, no! That won’t work at all. No, the jillion must be lent to the GOVERNMENT who can safeguard it and allocate it and oversee and manage and track and properly administrate it so that nothing goes unaccounted for, and so that NONE of it ever winds up in the hands of actual producers. Every penny is “administrated” straight into the wages and compensation packages and fees (i.e. the private pockets), etc. of both the Administrators AND the Lenders. Not a single law is broken, and not a single thing is produced, either. Not to even mention that not single penny of any of it found its way into the pockets of the people who it was ostensibly lent to.

    Then the lender then comes calling to collect repayments due on the note, and of course such payment can’t come from any proceeds from increased production because there hasn’t been any! The payment must instead be made by the Government taxing the people half to death and using that. (The gov, bank and administrators get nicely paid for all that paperwork and administrating the repayment funds as well too, by golly!)

    Did you catch the grift there? The million bucks got stolen, split up between the Government and the Lender for a myriad of nonsensical reasons of no benefit to anyone except the grifters who took it. Nothing went to the chumps. The chumps then coughed up ANOTHER, seperate, jillion to “repay” the bogus loan which was not really a loan at all (it was just grift payout to the gov and the banks and all of their little helpers.)

    As the country slowly (or rapidly) sinks into the sunset of poverty, the bankers come back to buy the country’s assets, resources, etc. (anything that ain’t nailed down) and buy it all up on the cheap with a small part of the jillion that they had just stolen from them.

    Sweet way to get something for nothing, with lot’s left over, and on top of all that get paid for doing it. Rinse and repeat until you own, literally OWN, pretty much everything that can be owned. Once the Blob gets to that stage they go to work using that incalculable wealth to own things that CAN’T be owned.

    Banks and Governments. A marriage made in Hell. Truly.

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    D Benton Smith

    I wonder if Lindsey Graham has any conscious understanding of the meaning of his own words. He just said, in an extremely public and official setting, that the compelling reason that the United States needed to take all of Russia’s natural resources was that if we didn’t go in and take them then the Russians were going use those trillions of dollars worth of their own property for their own benefit.

    It’s been a while since I’ve heard it explained so plainly. If I don’t steal that guys wallet at gunpoint then that guy is going to go off and spend that money on himself! Horrors! He is practically certain to use it to become so strong that I can’t rob him any more!

    Thank’s Lindsey. Couldn’t have done a better job of writing your confession if I had composed it myself.

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    D Benton Smith

    A country so worthless that the only way to get brave young men to protect it is to FORCE them into being (and serving) as slaves-in-uniform, is a country that stopped being a nation a long time ago.

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    D Benton Smith

    It’s not the catchiest American folk song, and it’s musicality will make your teeth hurt, but it is so agonizingly APPROPRIATE that we should make it the National Anthem.

    Sing along.

    There’s A Hole In The Bucket

    There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza,
    There’s a hole.

    Then fix it dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
    Then fix it dear Henry, dear Henry, fix it.

    With what should I fix it, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    With what should I fix it, dear Liza, with what?

    With a straw, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
    With a straw, dear Henry, dear Henry, with a straw.

    But the straw is too long, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    The straw is too long, dear Liza, too long.

    Then cut it dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
    Then cut it dear Henry, dear Henry, cut it!

    With what shall I cut it, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    With what shall I cut it, dear Liza, with what?

    With an ax, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
    With an ax, dear Henry, an ax.

    But the ax is too dull, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    The ax is too dull, dear Liza, too dull.

    Then, sharpen it, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
    Then sharpen it dear Henry, dear Henry, sharpen it!

    With what should I sharpen it, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    With what should I sharpen, dear Liza, with what?

    With a stone, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
    With a stone, dear Henry, dear Henry, a stone.

    But the stone is too dry, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    The stone is too dry, dear Liza, too dry.

    Then wet it, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
    Then wet it dear Henry, dear Henry, wet it.

    With what should I wet it, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    With what should I wet it, dear Liza, with what?

    With water, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
    With water, dear Henry, dear Henry, with water.

    But how shall I get it?, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    But how shall I get it?, dear Liza, with what?

    In the bucket, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
    In the bucket, dear Henry, dear Henry, in the bucket!

    But there’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, a hole.
    There’s a hole.

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    D Benton Smith

    Joe Biden vows not to pardon his son. Perhaps he will and maybe he won’t, but since Joe Biden is the embodiment of pathological deceit and heartless psychopathy I am sure he will do whichever of the two that he and his strategists consider to be politically expedient. It’s not as though he hasn’t done things like that to his doomed son since the hapless child was born. Can you even imagine what it would be like to have a demon like Joe as your Dad?

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    D Benton Smith


    Thanks for the meat and potatoes

    You’re welcome, and thank YOU for the four good things you sent to me, namely the nice compliment, the link to Bruce Charlton (whose blog I’m now reading in the middle of the night because it was too good to stop) and the two excellent new words added to my vocabulary because I had to look them up (disquisition and etiolated).

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    D Benton Smith


    Solve/answer to the following
    Birth control

    Make it completely legal in all countries for the subscribers to those agendas to do any and/or all of those things BUT ONLY TO EACH OTHER. Shouldn’t take more than a few years and the problem would be fully resolved.

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    D Benton Smith

    Pepe Escobar brings harmonious news from St Petersburg. Music to my ears. https://youtu.be/JTaBL2wMn0E?si=SUG2jl101ghpx4ac

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    D Benton Smith


    I visited your blog (not the first time) but could not find any means to send anything to you that would contain my email address. My electronic and internet geekhood is about 20 years out of date. I would really enjoy further conversation about Name Stealers and related subjects, so if you can come up with a step by step on how we can exchange emails I will walk the walk.

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    D Benton Smith

    The following will probably appeal only to the more extreme philosophy geeks in the audience, but I know that there are a few of you out there (lurking, mostly) who like some meat and potatoes to balance out the usual fare of gruel, geopolitics and fruit loops, so here goes.

    Despite recent outpouring (last few centuries or so) of vast troves of atheistic materialism to the contrary, and especially since the false dawn of the literally Luciferian “Enlightenment”, the world is real, and the sum total of all of the “material” in it accounts for only half of that reality Those halfwits who deny spiritual reality reckon that their pathetically inadequate science and math somehow competes with or even replaces the Divine works which the Creator realizes with a mere thought. Notice that the materialistic sciences and mathematics can only FOLLOW what already exists (has already been created) and are merely dreadfully inadequate, incomplete, and frequently WRONG “explanations” of what has been placed before them to be examined. It’s quite silly, really, and the cause of no end of monumentally insane efforts to “improve” what they can not create even so much as a single atom thereof.

    The other half of reality is immaterial (spiritual, if you will, for lack of a better word) and the two exist in perfect balance for a reason that Buddhists (and it’s cousins) have developed into deservedly well respected and recognized world religions, and which Christians know to be (and worship) as the product of a singular Divine intelligence.

    These realities meet in the tumultuous middle, wherein resides many many things and creatures, but especially that creature we care about the most: the so-called Human Being, that peculiar hybridization of body and soul, the creature that tries to understand itself and make things “better”.

    Now some folks think that this critter, who asserts being in the image of God, is no such thing. They claim that their science proves humans to be mechanisms, and as pointless in their existence as rocks.

    God, and the historical record, however seems to have other ideas. In any case we exist (with great effort) at the very nexus between large and small, material and immaterial, good and bad, right and wrong, alive and not.

    In fact (and I use the term literally), when examined very closely in both the spirit-denying material sciences and spirit affirming philosophical contemplations, humans exist at the very tipping point between the two “worlds” (material and spiritual) which comprise the whole.

    The deeper you dive, the more irrefutably true that will be seen to be. For example, did you know that the neuronal connections in ALL living organisms exist in the precise state of “phase change” between organized and disorganized relationship of molecules (neither fully part of nor distinctly NOT part of the structure and resultant functionality that distinguishes organic life from inanimate chemicals). In other words, right AT the “tipping point” between the two states, the infinitesimal shift from one state to the other being constantly approached but never reached or exceeded.

    Mathematically the description of that structural peculiarity expresses as a true fractal. As does the phase change (tipping point) state between liquid and solid, good and bad, true and false, etc ad infinitum.

    So that’s just one more case of math and science crudely and inadequately trying to “explain” a “thing” which the Creator Of the Universe (God, if you will) simply caused to exist and operate with no math necessary. God provides love, science produces romance novels. In other words. Science tries (and largely fails) to explain what Nature simply does.

    So-called “science” is amazing, but it can only approach the tipping point by materially explaining it, sometimes in finer and finer detail, but it will NEVER get past the tipping point between real and explanatory, into anything actually “creative” without bridging that gap (which exists AT the tipping point) and on into the OTHER half the real world: the spiritual realm, and even then it can only advance in accordance with what the Creator created in the first place. At best we are currently almost halfway there, so don’t quit now.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 13 2024 #161118
    D Benton Smith


    Btw, does anyone else notice DBS’s absence?”

    I thought that I did, momentarily, but then I remembered that I had gone to find myself. Should I return before I get back, please wait for me.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 13 2024 #161105
    D Benton Smith

    I want to discuss something that is so ultra ultra simple that it is very nearly impossible to communicate the concept without making people roll their eyes and say things like , “Yeah, well duh-uh !”, and just laugh me off without giving a second thought to what I said.

    Seriously, folks. This ain’t easy. Please bear with me. It’s geeky, it’s weird, I know. Some of my less sympathetic detractors (Yo! @aspnaz, you don’t want to miss this opportunity so you might want to pay attention here.)

    Basically, the only things that we know for SURE are the things that we have experienced for ourselves and determined to our own satisfaction that they are true. Admittedly this standard of proof is more than a little bit subjective, and we each have our own threshold of trust when it comes to knowing whether we believe something or not, even to the extent of believing our own two eyes or not.

    Alright then, let’s start from that point.

    Given that we do believe our own, direct, lived experience (more or less) we are immediately faced with an extremely critical dilemma, which is that the knowledge and information obtained only from our own directly lived experience is not even close to being enough for us to survive for more than a few hours in this admittedly competitive environment called life in the real world.

    Examples abound, overwhelmingly so, so many that I don’t need to list them in order to make the point that we absolutely NEED secondhand information (and help) to live through each, any and every day.

    From the moment that you are born the fact is that you, me, and every other living creature in the entire world (and Universe) is utterly dependent upon information that they did not personally create. Even a microbe living by pure instinct originally inherited that instinct (from progenitors perhaps) which it had no role in creating.

    My point is that ALL information is second hand. ALL of it. Even the information gained through your own senses (fictitiously called “direct” observation, which it isn’t) is only available because you are aware of it, and frankly you personally have not got the foggiest notion of HOW you came to possess your own awareness in the first place. Big mystery. What neuroscientists and other charlatans call “the Hard Problem”, when in truth it’s no problem at all. It simply IS, and that’s that. “Science” won’t (can’t) explain it, so I suppose it’s a “Hard Problem” for THEM, but only because they are liars trapped by their pretentious conceits.

    It’s a gift, people, and that gift comes with strings attached, not the least of which is the fact that it’s totally up to you to decide which of those secondhand data are true, and which are not.

    Which brings us to the second gift. The gift of being able to make the decision (and act on it) about what is true or not, all by yourself. It’s called free will, and as mere humans we are also less than totally certain where THAT gift came from either. All that we have to go on is our own awareness, and FAITH that TRUE truth is a thing.

    Where do things like gifts (or anythings, really) come from? They come from causes, of course. And how do you find causes? Well, to be truthful I suppose you would have to say that you find causes by tracking backwards from the effects that they have caused. Effects always come from causes, because “Science”, right?

    You see where this is going of course. It’s going to Prime Cause, whereupon “Science” does a runner and slips out the back door without so much as a fare-thee-well. Those chicken shits. After all that hoopla and hype “Science” just leaves us totally hanging without a grip from the slippery lip of the abyss. Those feckless bastards.

    Until you come to know, and ACCEPT, that awareness itself is a gift from the Creator of the Universe, then try as you might you will NEVER understand that truth itself is a gift from the same source. A more poetic way of saying it might be that your endowment of free will and awareness are a gift from God, and that God is a gift to Himself. Hardcore genderists can use “Itself” if they prefer. (Silly rabbits. It makes no difference whatsoever.)

    And now on to practical matters.

    There has been an awful lot of talk and implication recently about killing people and all of the reasons that homicide in its myriad modes of operation should be done upon one kind of people or another. One of the more compelling arguments is that we need to kill those people to stop them from killing innocent people for totally unjustifiable reasons like greed, contemptuous hatred or dominion.

    I think we should be careful about that. Extra careful.

    I personally think that the only time that it is permissible to kill another human being, whether directly or through deliberately indirect actions, is when it is really and truly necessary to preserve your personal existence or the lives of loved ones or other innocents. And I do mean personal.

    Taking someone else’ life is utterly beyond human reversibility. We cannot take it back. Therefore, killing just because someone told you to is not good enough reason, because if a situation does not affect you, then I don’t see any way that you could possibly know enough about that situation to justify murder over it. For one thing, there is the matter of how sure you are about whether such rash (and irreversible!) action is TRULY necessary. Is it? REALLY? If something has got nothing to do with you then how in the world could you claim to really know, for sure, very much about it? Based on the fact that you are not fully aware of how that situation does or doesn’t affect you then I dare to say that you don’t REALLY know anything about it at all! Nothing crucially important anyway.

    The trouble is, we’re being harangued 24-7 to take up arms (or pitchforks & torches) against all sorts of critical situations that require our participation, approval or silent acquiescence in killing folks (directly or deliberately indirectly) like starvation or civil strife or outright genocidal mass murder of innocents.

    And I would point out that pretty much ALL of that harangue consists of SECONDHAND information, and most of that from often HIGHLY dubious sources.

    This is a humbling thought, when you think about it. For one thing it means that you have to make really big and often unretractable life or death kinds of decisions on secondhand information from sketchy sources whenever you become more or less “aware” that people are fighting. You have to decide whether or not you should step in, and if you DO step in, should you break it up and move them both to neutral corners while you sort it all out, or should you take sides and fight to stop an aggressor?

    Just how are we supposed to DO that when the info is patchy, mostly third or fourth hand, from report sources thousands of miles away by people you don’t know and can’t see?

    You need the truth; from a source you can dependably trust with your very existence. Ultimately your acceptance of that truth is identical to your personal faith that there even is such a thing as truth, and that it had to come from an immaterial “somewhere”.

    There is no other way across that gaping chasm which is the tipping point between truth and lie. That leap across the chasm, of nearly zero distance, requires the exercise of the two gifts for which there is no other explanation: your aware exercise of free will.

    Science logic and reasoning might get you to the tipping point (or away from it if your methods are misguided or malicious), but only faith in truth can cross it. God bridges the gap.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 12 2024 #161051
    D Benton Smith


    and the medics who take part in these mass harvests of organs in war-torn regions have grown quite proficient, removing and packing organs within minutes and disassembling human beings in a startlingly short time.”

    Gives a whole new meaning to the term Chop Shop.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 11 2024 #160974
    D Benton Smith


    DBS- you have hatched from your chrysalis. [ #160941 ] “

    Thank you for the info. I was WONDERING what had happened. I can’t say that it was an entirely unpleasant experience, but it sure was disorienting there for a moment or two. Think I’ll just flutter around awhile to get my bearings before I try to soar or anything.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 10 2024 #160920
    D Benton Smith

    This is WTF is going on:

    The national security state that we currently serve in the so-called “United States” of America, was the gradual culmination of the ultra-uber-security apparatus that grew up around the production and use of the A-Bomb and it’s big brother the thermonuclear H-Bomb. The entire operation, both the bombs and the extraordinary secrecy, were justified and touted to their enablers in the government and industry as being both existentially vital to our national survival, and that having the bombs exclusively, would enable the Western hegemony to put an end to all wars once and for all. No irony in that slogan, I guess, or much sanity either.

    In any case, that level of secrecy, compartmentalization, restricted clearances, black budget funding and gun muzzle authority put a de facto end to the United States LONG before the end of WW2. None of that is opinion. It’s easily proven beyond doubt by non-classified uncontested publicly available documentation…… to anyone with too much time on their hands and nothing better to do.

    Ironically the fact is that for the very reason that it is such an inconceivably powerful weapon , the weapon is literally, INCONCEIVABLE . At least it was inconceivable to the minds of an uninformed reasonably sane populace who had never heard of such a thing.

    It had to be MADE “conceivable” to people, and so they exploded a couple of them over a couple of cities just to give people a great big real life demonstration. Good bye Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Farewell two hundred and fifty thousand lives in the blink of an eye.

    Most of us are a little nutso in our own little idiosyncratic ways, but very very few of us are actually INSANE. That can not be said of the mad bombers. They are as insane as rabid sewer rats, so they needlessly incinerated two cities and upwards of a quarter of a million unsuspecting human beings who were given absolutely no warning whatsoever before their lives were transformed into radioactive ashes, as a sort of combined mission statement and advertisement. “Do what we tell you to or die like those Japs.” Thug think.

    It’s worthy of note that they blew up those two densely populated cities for the sole purpose of making it conceivable to everyone in the world that not only were the mad bombers capable of making such a weapon (the ONLY ones capable at that time, I might add), but that they were also completely willing to use it to scare the world’s populations into terrified compliance. It worked. I sure believe them anyway. On THAT point.

    To this day (and I’ve made many attempts) I cannot yet fathom the mind of someone who would do such a thing under any circumstances, whatsoever. Could YOU burn to death a hundred thousand innocent children just to make a political statement? Well that’s precisely what THEY did, which shows pretty unmistakably the sort of people who run this country, and who aim to run this world.

    Back to the point. Their next order of business after WW2 was to establish by policy that previously forbidden activities which violated every law known to man, God and the US Consitution, were thenceforward to be considered as LEGAL activities under certain circumstances when it was the mad bombers themselves who did them. No such free pass for anyone outside the club however, and it was the club alone who could decide when that applied. To this end they designed and caused to be ratified the National Security Act of 1947, which basically set up new rules for everything.

    The new rules said that the mad bombers could do anything they wanted to and that therefore everything that they wanted to do was automatically okay due to the absolute primacy of “National Security”. How many times have you heard THAT justification for bloody crimes, cover-ups and secrecy? All is fair in love and war, I guess, and they do love war.

    Paramount among these rules is that the madmen would thenceforward have full operational control over who got to be in (or know about) the membership and doings of their special brand of Murder, Incorporated. Only top club leadership could decide who would or could be “read in” to their various “projects” or be privy to ANY of its secrets. Admittance is by invitation only, all information is compartmentalized, and EVERYTHING that the club leadership thinks you don’t need to know is top bloody secret, punishable by death for any violation.

    Only the leadership could decide who could or could not be murdered in cold blood with 100% impunity whenever the madmen felt like it. In other words the arrogated TO THEMSELVES the legal right to imprison or kill or manipulate whoever they damn well pleased, in any way that they pleased, regardless of statutory law, but especially control or kill anyone who they thought posed any kind of a real or potential threat to the club or embarrassed any of its members.

    And perhaps the biggest single enabling fact is that were granted an UNLIMITED budget to buy it all done, and grant themselves unimaginable wealth. Just spend as much as is needed or wanted to pull off any crime and pay off any authority. The boys in the accounting department are authorized to just spend whatever is called for, and cover their tracks with more crime and secrecy. Sweet gig while ya got it. When the unlimited money stops being unlimited, however, things go south in a hurry.

    There was one last big piece missing from the strategic plan. Namely, how to project that hard power into the farthest reaches of the world they wanted to steal. Back in those days, before multi-Mach speed jets and ICBMs, such considerations as distance and geography were even more important than they are now, which is to say, VITALLY important today, and even MORE vitally import back then.)

    Someone had a bright idea on how to solve that geography problem. We can only speculate at the moment on who that might have been, but their idea was ISRAEL. They decided to set up their KEY forward base in Palestine, and call it Israel. It’s a small country, sure, but it would be all theirs, and it just so happens to also sits right smack dab on top of the legendary, historical and ACTUAL crossroads of the world. And it’s ALSO just the right distance from Beijing, Moscow, Istanbul, Tokyo and Tehran to reach out and touch them with a thermonuclear gift card should any of them get any big ideas about stopping the Blob from draining their money, stealing their dogs, kicking their wives and raping their children.

    Of course the land of Palestine did happen to already belong to the millions of people who lived there at the time (as they had for centuries), but fixing that was no obstacle for mad bombers who had just ended WW2 with the worlds first atomic mass murder. It seemed like a great idea, and to make the idea even easier to implement the Zionist members of the club offered to do their part to make it so. Slaughtering a few tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians was the easy part (I mean, Palestinians were just Muslim Arabs, after all). So, given total US Government support for the operation the deed was quickly done. Bingo, a brand new exclusively Jewish state right where the Cabal wanted it, complete with an unrevealed number of nuclear missiles. Where the nukes magically appeared from is a thing that no one is supposed to ask about.

    All that remained to be done after the pieces were all in place was to just do all the work (meaning: make OTHERS do all the work) to go about eliminating everyone who didn’t pay up or play along like the compliantly passive slaves or corpses that they were meant to be.

    It should be mentioned at this point that a Satanic cult has resided at the heart of Judaism since time immemorable. Even Jesus called them out on it. He’s quite specific and unambiguous on the subject. Read the book.

    Talmudic rabbinical Judaism (“redemption through sin”) has officially existed since the 6th century (and under various other names and labels for a thousand years or so before that), and that “secret inner compartment” has been a devil worshiping death cult from the start. Garden variety Jews don’t know that because they don’t wanna know, and they are well brain washed to stay that way. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

    Those in-the-know back-room perpetrators concealed and kept (and still keep) their existence and actual beliefs secret from the “rank and file” of commodity grade Jews the same way that the all governments (and especially the British and American governments) keep their true nature secret from mere citizens. They do the only things they know how to do, which is to lie, cheat, steal, threaten, bribe and blackmail for fun and profit, and silence or murder anyone who tries to stop them. Hey, it works for them, and the rank and file Joe Public types have been successfully coerced for years into not wanting to know any part of it. Nobody in ordinary society wants to know what those evil bastards are up. If you doubt that, then go try to tell people what’s up. I suggest you keep a safe distance from them when you try.

    Back to the point again. Not too surprisingly that “secret” branch” of Judaism (its leadership and legions of willing minions) were totally on board with the Israel idea. They certainly had an abundance lawyers of bankers, and thieves to help set it up and keep it running, too, which they proceeded to accomplish via Zionist and financial networks long established within the British-American Empire who were more than willing accomplices, enablers, bosses and beneficiaries.

    All that remained to be done then was to kill or enslave all the people who currently lived there. So they did, or at least started to do. They’re still working on it, and their patrons are still helping them. Their intentions are not exactly invisible. They continue to pretend to hide what everyone already knows because to do otherwise would require someone somewhere to do something about it, which must never be allowed to happen.

    Now I know that a whole bunch of people will say that bloody wars of colonizing conquest are just human nature. Well they’re not. No creature large or small of any species has a “nature” of wanting to abandon their own homes and loved ones to throw their own life and welfare away by committing genocidal mayhem upon strangers for the thankless purpose of enriching elite parasites who risk NOTHING themselves and produce NOTHING themselves, and who hate and detest everything about commoners (including their very existence).

    That’s not sane. That’s crazy. That’s VERY crazy.

    Nature does not DO crazy. It simply doesn’t. Crazy is inefficient. Crazy doesn’t work. Crazy gets you killed. Crazy ends in extinction by self destruction.

    So, no. It’s NOT “human nature” to foment and fight wars. It is inhuman nature, meaning the nature of something that isn’t human, as in “Not Human.”

    Now at this juncture let me clearly state that I am acutely aware that many people are unready to grab the hot end of that iron right now because it unsettles their already tenuous grasp on reality such as they are able to grasp it now. They’re barely in touch now and really don’t want to weaken the connection any further. They avoid at all costs such “outlandish” notions as the existence of God (something that’s totally obvious to the sane) or that this ball of rock with life on it is NOT the only one of its kind in the macro-cosmic Universe, which is also pretty obvious if you’re any good with numbers and can see the sky.

    These folks, many of them endowed with very high intelligence , and extensive education, (not to mention fat salaries dependent upon happy bosses) would MUCH rather argue about politics, money and sexual confusion instead of things that actually matter. That’s fine. I mean and feel no disrespect or animus toward anyone for that preference or for their their critically low level of awareness of the world which really IS all around them. But there are existentially important events afoot right now (at least insofar as life on THIS ball of rock is concerned) and we can’t afford to slow the whole show in waiting for stragglers to catch up. Some of them will wake up and smell the dumpster fire, but many or most simply will not do so at this time (or any time soon). That simply has to be accepted. They have freewill, and they WILL use it. You can persuade people to change their minds, perhaps, but YOU can not exercise THEIR free will for them. It is not possible.

    Long story short. Down through the eons birds of a feather flocked together, and after a certain amount of time (count big, not small) those birds got organized, and the executive branch of that flock is not staffed by humans. That’s a whole subject of its own and unnecessary to finely dissect at this time. The POINT is that we’re playing in the Big Leagues, and “sand lot” level thinking is not going to get the job done. Only true truth can win THIS fight. Ignorance, lies, and silence and will fail, and not in a small way, either.

    Time’s running kind of short, ya know? Isn’t it about time we started paying attention? Maybe pry that Overton Window open a bit wider? For one thing, why do you think Overton’s so-called “Window” of socially acceptable topics of discussion was ever closed in the first place? Aren’t wisdom and knowledge supposed to BROADEN one’s view and INCREASE one’s understanding of a DEEPER body of knowledge? Do you think all that censorship, ridicule and invalidation was for YOUR benefit? Since when were you kept from speaking, were ridiculed, lied to, kept in the dark or invalidated for YOUR benefit?

    Those are all good questions, and for some of those questions there are good answers, too. Convincingly good answers. Truthful ones. Buy ya gotta ask and ya gotta look and ya gotta listen. Just finding a guilty scapegoat patsy to hate isn’t going to work. What has to be found and excised is the CAUSE of the cancer, not just a few random metastasized tumors.

    Those of you who want to go on thinking like @aspnaz and his homies are welcome to do so (although I would prefer you cosplay somewhere else where it doesn’t distract the adults) but I’m not going to invest much of my limited time and energy dealing with you individually unless some particularly obnoxious thing said provides an opportunity to convey an important fact or squelch a particularly harmful lie.

    Of course if no one else around here is interested in this collaborative attempt to save our individual and collective selves and loved ones from tragic defeat at the hands of evil, then I will simply take my crazy talk somewhere else. I love this place, but if there is no recipient here who wants to hear what I have to say about it, then I’m perfectly willing to go tell the truth somewhere else to someone who does.

    You can vote on it if you like. Of course, I’ll be the guy counting the votes though, so there’s that.

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    D Benton Smith

    Fugeddaboutit. You’re covered. Nobody here saw nuttin’.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 10 2024 #160912
    D Benton Smith

    Ever wonder why Russia and America never nuked it out between each other? I think I know why.

    In broad sweeping terms it’s because the the winning dog doesn’t need to, and the losing dog is so hopelessly helplessly irredeemably destitute that it can’t afford to destroy the only other dog big enough to save them from the de facto “annihilation” of total internal (and external) collapse.

    When the Soviet Union was collapsing and totally on the ropes in every way possible, they were absolute fish in a barrel. The US government hated the Soviets and could have easily done it, so why didn’t they? Answer: because they didn’t have to. They had already won.

    So why didn’t the flailing, failing, Soviet Union nuke the United States as America swept thru the rusted out Iron Curtain and started stealing the silverware?
    Answer: Well, first of all because their military was in total confusion and couldn’t even pay wages. But more importantly the Americans were the ONLY ones with the cash and clout to keep the lights on in Russia, and prevent famine and a return to 19th Century production and living conditions.

    I think a similar thing is happening this time, with the roles reversed.

    The wild card in the deck, however, is that back in the day the Soviets running the USSR show were not stark raving lunatics like we’ve got right now in the West. As always, time will tell.

    So, yeah, America is about to get counter-raped, but probably not involving nuclear weapons. I sure hope they’re gentle.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 10 2024 #160909
    D Benton Smith

    I’m kinda proud of that “Gas lit by Reality” line I just coined. There’s a lot of that feeling going around recently, don’t you think? I feel something like that every time I read the news about what some “freak of the day” just did in DC, London or LA.

    Like when people say, “I can’t believe they just did that!” and they LITERALLY mean that they can not believe their own eyes.

    Well, you better believe it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 10 2024 #160908
    D Benton Smith

    C’mon guys, somebody SAY something about the expiration of the US/Saudi contract that created the so-called “Petro Dollar” and backstopped the US Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency.

    The silence is starting to scare me. Am I missing something? Am I the last one to get the memo explaining how that isn’t a BFD issue any more?

    Right now I feel like I’m being gas lit by Reality.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 10 2024 #160907
    D Benton Smith

    So, the Petro Dollar is officially dead (since yesterday ,June 9, 2024).

    Why no funeral notices?

    That parrot is not resting or “pining for the fjords” (as Monty Python would say). that bloody parrot is DEAD.
    Reading the Financial news from all over the world is like spending a weekend at Bernie’s. They are NOT talking about the hard cold FACT of it. The so-called petro dollar is no more.

    The US Dollar is OFFICIALLY no longer the world reserve currency.

    Isn’t it curious how no one seems to be saying it aloud. They all speak as though the event was of great concern because it “might happen real soon now”. Well, bullshit. It’s done GONE. That game is OVER.

    Are they all in total SHOCK or is the Control Blob doing a full court press on censorship? I suspect a little of both, but mostly the censorship. I would not be surprised to hear of an uptick in mysterious deaths of key gatekeepers.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 9 2024 #160869
    D Benton Smith


    I believe that Scott Ritter should apologize to Gonzalo Lira (post mortem) and all of Lira’s friends, family and fans.

    But first we should all publicly acknowledge a discomforting fact. The fact is that Lira’s show did, indeed, act as a honey pot for Ukrainians authorities and the rest of the US/NATO nazi’s to discover Ukrainians (and others) who needed to be rounded up and killed, to protect the US/NATO naked war of aggression against the Russians and the rest of mankind.

    Scott believed Lira to be doing it knowingly. Which is now tragically disproven by Lira’s death at the hands of the Ukrainians. By the way, why are we even bothering to use the word “Ukrainian” as the nomenclature? We all know that the United States controls EVERYTHING that “Ukraine” does, all the way down to the level of Dog Catcher’s Assistant.

    If you think about it closely, there is a distinct possibility that Ritter is more than half right. Perhaps the Ukrainiians had captured Lira from the start, with Lira’s full knowledge, suffering him to live only so long as he kept broadcasting and thus providing the intelligence services to use it as a de facto “honey pot” for them to use.

    Personally I side with Lira. He tried to escape and they killed him to keep his mouth shut. I think that Lira was basically just a trapped guy who tried to play his cards the wrong way, and lost his life for it.

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