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    Dr. D

    So let me get this straight:

    Saudi Arabia comes back from an oil deal where because of the U.S., the world is oversupplied, oil is backing up in this very refinery, their budget gets no reprieve, certain bankruptcy to follow, and worse this kingdom may fall due to a total humiliating loss to the hillbillies of the peninsula, the Houthis.

    Israel comes back from Russia where not only were they prohibited from openly attacking Iran/Syria just for laughs, but Putin said, “while you’re asking, I’m telling you you can’t touch Lebanon either.” Lebanon the eternal punching bag since they attempted to set up a Swiss-like oil banking center in the late 70s and fairly compete with inside bankers such as are allied with Israel. If Bibi doesn’t get an attack he goes to jail.

    After months of lead time and warnings, Europe is too broke to pay off Iran, who has already openly said they were bribed by European leaders, and if the agreement fails, Iran will out their high-level corruption for profit and for merry sport.

    AND after months of pressure and an attempt to start WWIII to blame the world financial collapse on war with a drone shoot down in Iran, Rahouni finally roots out the war-happy drone-shooters in the Revolutionary Guard and agrees to peace talks with the United States.

    Peace breaks out, war is averted, a 50-year attack on Iran potentially comes to an end, and like NoKo, Iran opens up and releases resources, oil prices drop, and everyone gets rich and prosperous.

    …And only THEN Iran decides to start WWIII without the slightest warning by bombing Saudi Arabia in a wildly overt act of aggression, which for some reason they deny and the Yemenis keep claiming credit for?

    Uh-huh. Pull the other one, because like the 30th gas attack in Syria, this makes no g——d sense at all.

    I’ve got a much more plausible theory: the war mongers in the dark CIA, in Iran, and in Europe all want a war and will do anything to prevent a peace from breaking out that would cause them, just like Bibi, like E.U. officials, like Macron, like Blair, like Brennan, and like JPMorgan, to be prosecuted for 40 years of fraud, murder, and war crimes against humanity, lose all power, and have to cede control back to the people under a democracy that has restored rule of law. Clearly THEY have a motive for war. Iran doesn’t.

    Thankfully and surprisingly, looks like markets are nailed on to this reality as well, although the 20% price shock on $1.4 QUADRILLION in derivatives has started a landslide in the overnight Repo, if not an avalanche at this time. But those derivatives won’t come in the money until month-end. If the system goes down, we may end up blaming the right people for a change, and sending them to jail for this diabolical market-rigging, human trafficking, and open, illegal attempt to start WWIII and kill a few million for sport, and that’s not something Brennan, Blair, Macron, and Bibi want.

    The attempt to start a war in the U.S. isn’t going well either. Instead the liars are slowly being discredited, retracting stories almost as fast as they can invent them.

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    Dr. D

    The Saker said the same thing here: http://thesaker.is/president-macrons-amazing-admission/

    The West has fallen (that was reported) what he doesn’t say is that that’s because we’re essentially no longer the “West”, and no longer have freedom, democracy, capitalism, justice, or any of the other Enlightenment values. So no one will fight for these villains, and also handing power to idiot sons of an idiot-son while the smart and dynamic are artificially held down for 70 years means nothing is getting done.

    Anyway, Cheeto only put down the Bush mafia a few months ago and is still fighting for his life against the CIA-Clinton-DS mafia. He can’t also take on Israel, but already has by making his wedge against them be Mossad’s boy Epstein. So he has to feed them on, which can work since when he feeds Bibi rope, the world realizes what a maniac he and these guys are. How do you destroy someone? Give them everything they ask for and everything they want. “Whom the Gods would destroy…” That’s classic Ayn Rand, btw, it’s called ‘giving them enough rope to hang themselves.” In this case it’s more like, “if you can’t pull then push,” a Judo move they talk about with Putin sometimes. He can’t put down Israel’s wiretapping of all D.C. using Stingray cell phone interception right this minute, and he needs Israel off his back til he puts down Comey, McCabe, Brennan, etc. So why not give them everything and expose them instead?

    Problem is, with all the endless stalling, he may not get around to double-crossing them in enough time to really get them back under control. Then Bibi and the boyz escape to make more endless trouble later. Likely, but you can only do what you can do. If they want this done, stop obstructing justice from crimes back home and he can speed up the schedule.

    Speaking of, betting RBG is feeling sickly again since the Kavanagh has nada to do with him or nuttin’, but to make sure NO ONE, EVER, however patriotic, nor however so bad, will EVER attempt to become a Supreme Court Justice again. They’ll force him to look in the dregs, the bottom of the barrel. You know, by peevishly preventing any and all democracy, ever and forever again, because they cannot, will not, never ever cede control when it’s not “her turn.” Nevertheless, the country will continue merrily on. As above, the people now see how crazy they are, and the people don’t like outlawing comedians, chicken sandwiches, good times, and democracy.

    Better than an open civil war, which is what they had planned, and between Beta and the Boyz call to confiscate door to door and ‘round up all Republicans, you can see that was a definite, certain, open plan: arrest and re-educate all the opposition, and kill perhaps 30 Million, just like ol’ Bill Ayers said, the sage and grandfather of the Left. But hey, how are you going to be a good communist with low numbers like that? Surely you want at least 45 Million dead or you can’t call yourself a revolutionary not hardly.

    Hey, remember Deagle.com, the CIA/Defense research guys who said exactly that only two years ago? Yeah, that sure was funny good times.


    But don’t worry. I’m just crazy because I’m literate and can read and understand think-tank white papers, and read openly published books and political speeches. Back to sleep, citizen! It’s all a coincidence.

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    Dr. D

    Don’t know about the attack, but I’ll tell you all the traders know that if oil falls, an “accident” is 100% guaranteed to happen to raise it up again. They bet billions a day on this constant coincidence. List of people requiring prices above level X: Saudi Arabia, OPEC, Exxon in their fracking…oh and the entire U.S. and world financial system. But no, the Houthis attack to help all these guys out. Right on schedule. A dozen times. Just like Syrian chlorine.

    “US Stands Ready To Tap Emergency Oil Reserve After Saudi Attacks (R.)”

    I’m sorry, but isn’t this nonsense? The Houthis attacked a REFINERY. The oil reserve is CRUDE. They’re only related in the minds of traders, which is the point: Perry is telling them “we are controlling prices”. I mean, isn’t he? What other conclusion is under that sentence? And since the market is rigged and has been since 1970, all he has to do is stop the intervention from being overwhelmed. By reality. And thus having a free, true market. ‘Cause Capitalism, ‘natch.

    “London Upper Tribunal Rejects La Repubblica’s Assange Docs Appeal (Maurizi)”

    What is that saying about, “freedom is when the government is afraid of the people”? So here the people democratically have no oversight and no evidence although they’re paying for it all. Meanwhile, the government is spying and having complete oversight and collecting evidence on all of the people. Freedom!

    “Boris Johnson is a liar who only backed the Leave campaign to help his career and Michael Gove was a “foam-flecked Faragist” whose “one quality” was disloyalty,”

    You mean like how Churchill changed parties 2-3 times to help his career? Yeah, true, but this is Britain, don’t overreact.

    3, 2, 1 Like clockwork: “accused Boris Johnson of mounting a racist election campaign”

    Him, Corbyn, and all my enemies, wot a coincidence! It’s almost like I smear my political opponents. It wouldn’t matter if the few million immigrants were Canadian, there aren’t enough jobs to absorb that much immigration so fast, as proven in every stat Britain keeps: food, housing, rough sleeping, social support, health…

    “the total amount of damage resulting from the EU subsidies.”

    Damage from “this is what happens when you merge corporations and state to ‘help’ them.” Governments pick winners and losers, pick wrong, have taxpayers backfill, then irrevocably complicate the whole thing leading to arms races, international grievances, and retaliation. Satisfied yet? Heck no! We need some more mergers of already-monopolized mega-corps and some MORE government ‘help’ and interference.

    “Italy’s New Government Lets Charity Ship Head To Italian Port (R.)”

    Charities making certain that people will keep jumping into rubber rafts and getting killed because the immigrant lottery stays open. Well meaning in the small view, causing larger deaths and tragedies in the wide view.

    “World ‘Losing Battle Against Deforestation’ (BBC)”

    What a shock says a country that cut down their last trees by 1600, cut down their hedgerows in the 90s, and is furiously deforesting the regrowth now simply to get better signal on 5G. No joke. And they carefully log that wood and use it? Nope, throw it in a chipper. Hey, gotta get home and lecture other nations on deforestation after a long day of killing everything green from the Channel to the North, eh?

    Meanwhile, hateful and unenvironmental America is the only nation that lowered CO2, and also is re-substantially greening. Not only with better logging, but because of the thousand cities in flyoverland where all the houses have caved in and trees grown up like the fall of Rome. Example: Detroit, where miles of city are no longer paved, no longer exist. Isn’t that what everyone wanted? Isn’t that winning, that millions of Americans live in boxes and tents like good environmentalists? And they’re increasing Typhus, plague, and perhaps now even leprosy, as in L.A., lowering the population as everyone most desired: shouldn’t they get a medal? Behold a Green Horse!

    On Snowden yesterday, much as I appreciate and value his revelation, things don’t, ‘just happen’, it has been said that this was a big move by the black CIA against their hold-the-line NSA, because Snowden’s revelations made everyone patch the holes revealed and thus for a short, critical time rendered the NSA blind. Like during the Iran negotiations where pallets of cash where shipped in giant C-130s? I don’t mind if they know, because if the NSA has a lousy back door, China is already exploiting it, and mass surveillance is against the 4th, even though I don’t have a practical solution for today’s reality. Just be forewarned.

    So did Snowden know? Did he draw the short straw? Did the CIA immediately try to double-cross and kill him so he fled? The weird way he left, and mostly was allowed, suggests something is there.

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    Dr. D

    Ugh, Tulsi. So frustrated.

    First because I could vote for her, second because she could win. It’s hard to watch anyone commit suicide, but especially in public. But if the DNC is going to kill themselves, at least make it quick without the crazy-ex theatrics.

    Absconding? Brits can tell me, is this a common word there?

    If he’s served his sentence, then…isn’t he free? What happens next is his problem. And the United States Judiciary’s. So if they can get him, fine. Or will the U.K. hold him forever, outside of his sentence, because the U.S. MIGHT, SOMEDAY, successfully extradite him? Go jump off a pier.

    Brexit will indeed be hard, and as I said, you could very seriously improve matters by saying, “We all in this together. Whatever the costs are, we will all pay them together, each doing all they can.” etc, etc. Nope. Nunavit. Westminster just wants the same ruinous extraction they’ve run for 30 years, and Brexit only wants a win. Sure, Brexit MAY help, someday, but that’s not the same when it’s so easy to at least PROMISE to share the hardship. I mean, how hard is it to just lie? Everybody else always has. This sudden lack of lying when it’s serious is confusing me. Like, they’re now so far beyond lying, so far outside of democracy they no longer care?

    The No Deal opposition are also divided: Half, like May, disingenuously pretend their objection is only a deal, but then torpedo it over and over forever, making Britain’s situation not only worse, but irrevocable. The other half actually want a deal and don’t see why we can’t get one. But the reason they can get one is faction one, who will, and has sold out to Europe and always will. No deal can be made so long as traitors are in the gates, lowering the drawbridge. …And that’s aside from how Europe would rather die than deal anyway: one because no jilted psycho ex-wife is going to be rejected, lose superstar status, and give up huge payments from their spouse, and second because as Soros said, if Britain leaves the EU collapses, goes bankrupt, is no more, goes kaput, ends, along with all their unelected, unaccountable, unaudited money and power. No ways. Which is what I and Mish said from the start, maybe as far back as ‘97. And true, true, true, although meandering.

    Most probably you are right: the leave-at-any-cost voters are nowhere near 51%. However, since Europe will grind Britain for 10,000 years if necessary, you can also see why Leave, and probably the Queen, can only attempt to cut off British tragedy as soon as possible. How would it be the will of the people to stay for the 10,000 years the EU and Westminster will delay? That has only 1/3 of the vote as well.

    I’d say put it to a vote. But they did. May lost. BoJo was in. BoJo called for a vote himself, twice, to again win a plurality of the people and thereby clarify the true sentiment on the matter. Westminster vetoed him, and you can bet it wasn’t because they were about to discover a savage win in favor of Staying-at-all-costs. You can bet they only stopped democracy because they were about to lose big. I’d rather have the vote, but doesn’t that strategy tell you even more what must be going on? Leave is still increasing, ‘though slowly.

    Well, I guess Britain’s history and character is hard and messy that way. That’s okay: it’s theirs to choose.

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    Dr. D

    Well WordPress got the Comment line back on, so that’s good.

    So another bright and lovely day for surrender. Who should we surrender to today? Ah, nevermind: doesn’t matter. The first person who asks.

    “How the UK Security Services Neutralised The Guardian (Declassified)”

    “The Guardian: Father of Lies™” Or are they the servant of the father of lies?

    Well I still buy them every day, because why buy a paper unless you know every word in it is untrue? That’s their business model, and it’s going well.

    “The Consequences of the Bush-Era Assault on Civil Liberties (Taibbi)”

    The Bush era? Taibbi, you’re 8 years behind the times. More like 14. But it’s nice people noticed. I told them at the time and they said the FBI and CIA would NEVER wiretap Congressmen and Presidential candidates and run a hidden secret government akin to the KGB. Obviously that’s crazy although that has happened Every. Single. Time. in history, ever. Nope, won’t happen, didn’t happen, and today it still hasn’t happened. Just ask Brennan who works for NBC, and McCabe who works for CNN. They wouldn’t lie to you! They just retract every story for being false a day after publishing it. Accidentally. All in the same direction.

    But hey, they’re still alive, so today is another chance to arrest and indict Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Chertoff, Wolfowitz, Feith, Yoo, Kagan, Kristol, Bolton, oh and Mueller, who with yet more lies from his master helped it all along.

    Waiting. Patter patter, up and at ‘er. Mr. Law and Order seems to be a little slow off the starting line.

    Still, always a good day to get up and report on all the many, many, MANY illegal, unconstitutional (but I repeat myself) programs that we have on the list to be erased and all their proponents jailed. Maybe Taibbi can send a special memo of the names to the sleepy Justice Department so they can all arrest themselves.

    “a first court has now declared prorogation is unlawful”

    Arrest the Queen, I guess. She’s the one who approved it. But as we see all over, courts do whatever they feel like. Judges are essentially unelected, unaccountable, unremovable voters, superdelegates who overrule Legislators and Executors at will.

    “Under the Ministerial Code, Government ministers must have “no actual or perceived conflicts of interest”.

    Nice sentiment, but impossible, although making an Irish bet on it is clearly egregious. The only way this could work is if you always vote AGAINST your own interests. If you’re a businessman, you have to vote straight-line anti-business. If you’re an environmentalist, you have to vote to defund ecological incentives, if you’re Socialist, you have to vote against your interests in killing 45 million people. (Sorry, NY Times post yesterday, “Falling in love with Mao all over again”), etc. Clearly, that’s unworkable and not the intent. Similar to the constant barrage on “emoluments” act. So Americans, Federal Employees, are not ALLOWED to stay at Trump Hotels? It’s illegal for a private citizen to buy a private service? George Washington was not ALLOWED to sell tobacco from Mt. Vernon to Britain or Spain because he would profit by his advertising exposure? Er, no. …The outcome would be that only men who never worked a day in their lives, had always and only ever worked in government, would be eligible for office, which is exactly what they want. Idiot bureaucrats who follow orders and never worked a day in their life. As a businessman, you have to burn down your business, sell all your assets to the wind, and unemploy everyone before you can even RUN for office. …I don’t think that’s what they mean. But expressed this way, there is no legal or logical difference.

    Moving on to lies and constant lies, “Nothing but Lies Cover to Cover™” what does connected mean? They said Styx was “connected” to Nazis because he once interviewed Richard Spenser…who even himself isn’t even a Nazi, but whose views are nearby. So clearly CNN is a Nazi supporter because they just had Spenser on too. So are they “connected” if Cummings is a member of the same golf club? If it’s his estranged brother-in-law? Or do we need some actual “connections”? If so, maybe they would like to name one of them? You know, like “reporting”, with facts? Who, what, where, when, why? Sure, probably happened, but honestly…

    As for the letter, we naturally investigate “Leave”, but forget to investigate the dozens of (foreign) billionaires who contributed millions to “Stay.” ‘Cause our friends, ‘natch. They’re on the side of the angels, so whatever they do is right. Politics as usual. My side right or wrong. For 10,000 years.

    “the country favored equality (though, to be sure, only for whites)”

    Nope. Can never resist. Can’t stop apologizing for when Ogg hit Grogg with a rock. So Mr. Ahamed, what was “White” in 1800? Not Irish. Not even Celtic. Not Polish. Not Italian. Not Spanish. Not Slavic. Certainly not Jewish. In fact, that definition of “white” as being wildly narrower than one’s skin color is the same one used by the Nazis a full 200 years later: Hitler didn’t even like Italians, who were too “latin.” That is, the “Master Race” wasn’t “White”, they were the children of a very certain race from near Iran, “Aryan”. Thus, the “Caucasians” from the “Caucus”, i.e. Iran and Kazakhstan. And P.S., as occultists, they actually meant the children of the fallen angels from Mt. Hermon. No really. And not Europeans and not English.

    Second, young America was astonishingly cosmopolitan. All these people who were Caribbean, Spanish, German, Moroccan, African and were in the North, and to some extent even the South back then, were free men. As free men, over 21, with property, they had the same legal rights as any other “white” citizen – who weren’t “white” anyway, but a narrow subset. –The real problem they had were Lords and Magistrates, the rich and poor, as seen in the “Writs of Assistance.” So how now “only whites”? First, whites as we define them now did not exist, second, if you weren’t “white” by any definition, even modern ones, half the U.S. didn’t legally care. Ask Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, or John Adams. Third, a sizeable portion of (pre-Revolutionary) whites WERE slaves. 7-year Indentured Servants, transported convicts like Australia, and escapees. I’m sure their equality helped them a lot as they died like rats of malaria in the sugar plantations. Later it was their privilege to die in the Massachusetts Mills or Virginia Coal Mines.

    So how many levels of false have we followed now? 2? 3? 4? Heck, you’re not even “white” today. If you’re white, like Obama, but have a drop of black blood, they call you “black”, but somehow if you have a drop of white blood, like Bob Marley, you’re not called “white”? Why? Why do they persist in this Jefferson Davis belief of “racial contamination”? Isn’t that a nonsensical fake belief reserved for Nazis? And why is this illogical, unscientific racism pandemic on the Left? I just call them “Americans”, a word that has logic and an actual definition. Have been for 300 years, no different now, unless you’re “The New Yorker”. The New Yorker divides and defines people by their skin color instead of, for example, the content of their character, because they’re “Progressive,” same as when they joined with the KKK back in the ‘teens.

    P.S., Hamilton, one of the people he slanders, wasn’t “American” at all. He was West Indian. Which was British. Like Kenya. And India. And England. And Scotland. And Ireland. And the Windrush generation. People, all the same, same, same. So good work Mr. Ahamed, still carrying water for those Lords and Magistrates the rich and powerful Bezos’ and Epsteins’ of the world, by keeping us downtrodden and fighting after all these years.

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    Dr. D

    “The Dogs in the Street Know (Craig Murray)”

    What I said about the queen. And they’re buying it.

    Ah, disregarding democracy every day, while decrying attempts to stop the democracy they don’t want. Irony is dead. The story is wrinkly instead.

    “In a parliamentary democracy, we – parliamentarians, legislators – cannot in all conscience be conducting a debate as to whether adherence to the law referendum is or isn’t required.” Fixed it.

    It is indeed “astonishing” that “anyone has even entertained the notion”.

    “If the government comes close to disobeying the Act, Referendum, the MP said that Parliament the People “would want to cut off such a possibility and do so forcefully”.

    How different is that? Not very different.

    “ Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Must Face Criminal Charges”

    Still nobody arrested.

    “ US Justice Department To Release Name Of Shadowy Figure In 9/11 Case (R.)”

    Speaking of. Now 18 years later they can finally admit one teeny-tiny part of what happened. That’s after a(nother) revolt by the firemen and engineering associations?

    “U.S officials … would spend decades in luxurious buildings in and around Washington while the people of Afghanistan Baltimore and Michigan would continue to suffer nearly another two decades of conflict because of their policies.”

    Hey, remember that multi-million dollar gas station in F-Stan? That was a hoot. Gosh, could have backstopped a dozen schools with that money. You know – the same schools who were holding bake sales to buy body armor for local soldiers?

    “Palace Revolt at the ECB, Legitimacy of Policy out the Window (WS)”

    It’s almost like Central Planning with wealthy party members and their families living in palatial estates with extensive expense accounts doesn’t work! Who knew? Well when you find that out after 200 unsuccessful attempts, there’s just one thing to do: try so much harder.` Why? Because although everyone failed always, I am SO MUCH SMARTER than every genius who ever lived, and when I do it, it’ll work. Hold my beer.

    “The New ECB QE Is A Mistake. Here Is What It Should Have Done (Lacalle)”

    Nothing can be done. “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.” Once you create the distortions – which can only exist with government force, Socialist power – then nothing you do after can fix it. You must stop and lose money and wealth by repairing the system again that you screwed up the first time. i.e. Repent! The End is Nigh.

    “The ECB is creating created a dangerous bubble”

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    Dr. D

    So dark.

    I thought everyone would be happy Bolton’s gone, and what’s more, to have his mania create the peace talks in Iran and North Korea. I mean, isn’t that the ultimate insult and revenge on a warmonger? But no.

    Bolton: I’ll tender my resignation, if that’s what you want.

    Trump: No, no. I’d rather fire you.

    Hilarious. A happy win for everyone except Shapiro, who is showing why he was set up to shill for Israel and get Americans to die in service of taking out giant Iran without a single Israeli lost… No problem getting air time, never banned, and I’ll bet his mail lists never bounce. Well that’s his right, I guess.

    in reply to: Assange, Varoufakis, Brexit #49705

    Dr. D

    Assange and Varoufakis. What interesting, useful ideas.

    Appears I was correct, however, when the EU was created from the ground up, for 50 years, to be an undemocratic, unaccountable, bureaucratic Soviet nation, there was no chance of reforming it as Varoufakis wished. Not only because all the founders didn’t wish it, not only because they put in place all their toadies and synchophantic handlers who didn’t want it, but because structures themselves are very like living organisms, and have life cycles. A puppy cannot chrysalis into a bear or vice-versa. A nation or a people, once created, cannot so easily move far from the root, as seen with the devil-driving leather and spurs of the left on the United States. It only leads to backlash as nations, systems, mimic the form to which they were born. The handlers, the god-like believers in Tabula Rasa always forget this like the mouth-breathing idiots they are, and unable to feel or participate in humanity or in human feelings, human love, and human culture, always discount and dismiss the incredible power of culture, of belonging, or family and tribe and berate it, squash it, trample it, attempt erase it and replace it with their own face and ego, and then like Napoleon before St. Petersburg, crash, burn, and fail spectacularly, brought down by the lowest, common men, nations of shopkeepers and mountain peasants, NASCAR watchers and red-necked border people, who erase their epic plans from the earth while barely shaking off the dust, then go back to sleep.

    But here we are. I respect Varoufakis’ dream of reform, but history says institutions reform so seldom as to be not worth the bother. They are inevitably rotten, are kicked over with barely a push, and are replaced organically with something shiny, new, and just as messy as all human endeavors. Soros himself said — again — that if Brexit occurs, the EU will fall. That’s why they use every illegal, immoral, underhanded method to force it. He says it will fall as the Soviet Union fell, which may be saying more than he knows. But don’t they see, just as Varoufakis says, there is no hope in forcing it? Only in offering it, and changing terms until they sign willingly, honestly, and heartfully. But the controllers are incapable of understanding these four things: voluntary will, honesty, duty, honor.

    So here we are, it appears the EU WILL fall, though not very quickly, and that money will, for a time, flood in and threaten to capsize the United States. Just as it did in the ’20s, before the gold sloshing and currency flows capsized the entire financial world. And led to war.

    Lot of ideas there.

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    Dr. D

    Wot I said. Now that he doesn’t need to scare the pants of, say, Iran (and has had the fun of banishing him to Mongolia), he can normalize things. That suggest a talk, or even deal, is nearby. We know that also because Iran finally asked and he said they’d meet at the UN(?). So, harder than NoKo, but prettymuch same pass play.

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    Dr. D

    Oh. My. God.

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    Dr. D

    Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – chapter 57

    Rule a nation with justice.
    Wage war with surprise moves.
    Become master of the universe without striving.
    How do I know that this is so?
    Because of this!

    The more laws and restrictions there are,
    The poorer people become.
    The sharper men’s weapons,
    The more trouble in the land.
    The more ingenious and clever men are,
    The more strange things happen.
    The more rules and regulations,
    The more thieves and robbers.

    Therefore the sage says:
    I take no action and people are reformed.
    I enjoy peace and people become honest.
    I do nothing and people become rich.
    I have no desires and people return to the good and simple life.

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    Dr. D

    “MPs Order Boris Johnson to Hand Over Government Communications (Ind.)”

    They’re just determined to give every possible negotiating supremacy to Europe, aren’t they? But don’t worry, if they got this far without leaks, most likely already didn’t write anything down.

    No idea how this goes since it will now depend on the arcana of Parliamentary process, but you did catch the possibility that he called for this – and for a real, honest election, twice – so that the Queen can then say, “Hey, YOU YOURSELF just proved there is absolute confidence in government, and YOU YOURSELF said and demanded Boris be in charge.” Then carry on with his, or rather Cumming’s, plan. (Presumably allied with the Queen, but can’t be proven as she has to appear an innocent)

    Same article pointed out that they have also outed 21 party traitors, which is a fabulous win. Gee, seems hard to negotiate effectively with half the government, plus 21, constantly selling out your every move and plan to Europe. No wonder they didn’t want an election. The people might be less-than-pleased with this epic screwing by Westminster by everyone left and right, within 500 miles of power.

    “Cambridge Analytica”

    Really? THIS is what they object to? Well, thank God for Trump Derangement Syndrome, or no one would promote any adherence to the law at all. #AntiLogos. That is to say, #AntiLogic, #AntiLaw.

    Do I exaggerate? Well the 2nd Amendment is FEDERAL LAW, but people march daily protesting AGAINST laws, and AGAINST their enforcement. Same with the 1st, the 4th, the 5th, immigration entry… They are, one and all, A N T I – L A W. Against any form of law and order at all. There is a means to fix this if they don’t like it: P A S S a L A W. But they won’t, they just selectively enforce ‘laws’ that do NOT exist, then selectively refuse to enforce laws that DO exist. That is to say, they live in a world of complete madness, without rules or definitions. What is right or wrong, rewarded or punished, legal or illegal, is whatever I think of from minute to minute, and will change again by lunch. It’s the madness of King Louis or King John, the order of Caligula and Nero. History does not smile on nations who accept and encourage the end of rules and “Let each man do as they wilt,” whatever “seems right in their own eyes” whatever the Aquarian New Age touchy-feely, “who am I to judge” “we tolerate all, however so violent” of such things.

    “Hong Kong Leader Tells US Not to ‘Interfere’ After Fresh Protests (AFP)”

    I can’t believe they are asking Trump to save them. Do they think he’s going to invade? Dummies. Okay, suppose he did: do they want the gentle democratic care we’ve given Iraq, Libya, and Syria? They want the full benefits we give Chicago and Baltimore? The only way we know how to save a town like Hong Kong is to bomb the town. Whatever. It won’t happen anyway, and more’s the better for them.

    “In the beginning was #Logos, and the #Logos was with God, and the #Logos WAS God.”

    If you can’t use language correctly, with shifting definitions, without lying, you can’t think straight. Then your sloppy, illogical talking and thinking lead to civil war as the #Logos must be restored, as has long been planned and is being attempted now. Ask Orwell: the first thing they attack and destroy is language. Why is that? The Devil is the “Father of Lies.” How come? Hold on: let me ask CNN.

    Ah but the Nobel is such a perfect indicator of complete Economic idiocy! Krugman has one, and he hasn’t said a word of sense since. Wrong in every prediction, more wrong than Gartman. You can make a lot of money on that. Besides, it tells you who’s in and who’s out and what they’re going to try next among lying, cheating, stealing, and murdering, as a tireless lion roaming the earth, seeking to devour. All for the low price of the Fauxbel prize. I say keep it! But force a warming label on the side saying, “This prize is dangerous to life on earth” and require the winner to wear leper bells and a dunce hat.

    Speaking of Nordhaus, however, the World Meteorological Organization Chief just warned off the million climate alarmists as basically being religious fundamentalists and not scientists. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-09-09/world-meteorological-organization-chief-castigates-climate-alarmists-its-not-end
    That’s coming from a guy and community that got 105 of 108 climate models wrong, all in the wrong direction. #NotScience

    Perhaps we need a new Fauxbel and some more hats, no?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 9 2019 #49649

    Dr. D

    “A former supreme court justice has said Boris Johnson would be in contempt of court if he applied for article 50 extension while simultaneously trying to get the EU to reject it.”

    It’s against the law to talk out both sides of your mouth? Parliament is in trouble.

    Besides, Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry just said she would do exactly that on national TV. Better build some more prisons, Britain. But then, that would only put them all where they belong.

    “Johnson Has Reneged On Good Friday Agreement Vows, Says EU (G.)”

    They can say this before anything’s happened? Besides, when was the last time the government obeyed the law? Iraq invasion, anyone? Libya? Syria? Assange? May be SLIGHTLY more important than this. Besides, as I’ve said before, if Europe cares so deeply for Ireland, why wouldn’t they issue a stay for the border and maintain the interim status quo while negotiations are finalized? That’s right: because they WANT Britain to have to break the law and Northern Ireland to suffer to promote their peevish revenge. Just like everywhere else the EU acts.

    “China’s Exports to US Fell 16% in August as Trump Escalates Trade War (CNBC)”

    But I thought we had to surrender! All the Schmarty-peoples told me we had no leverage, nothing would happen, so we had to cede the nation to China. What happened? Reality check, however: those jobs did not return here yet, they have moved further out in S.E. Asia.

    “Nearly All British Airways Flights Canceled as Pilots Go on Strike (CNN)”

    Only concerned about B.A. help evacuating Bahama.

    “States Expected To Target Google In New Antitrust Probe (AP)”

    Note that in general, to counter objections, the Trump administration is allowing others to push when possible. Judicial Watch is another example.

    Trump so blatent about running the media around for utter nonsense, distracting them and making them chase their tails, he literally posted a meme of a cat and a laser pointer. They still didn’t get it. But remember: they’re the schmartz-people, and Donald is the dumb.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 8 2019 #49635

    Dr. D

    “ UK Minister Amber Rudd Resigns, Says Unclear Who Is Running Country (Ind.)”

    Is this another form of slavery? Why didn’t she just keep doing her job in pensions. Certainly none of the rest of us listen to their bosses at all, since they neither know, nor care what we do. In fact, isn’t this really the best situation, since she can stamp the department most with her will and get the most done? So if this is intolerable, does this not suggest she doesn’t do jack on her own but runs to her master for every little decision? If not, then isn’t this just another case of being hyper-political but pretending not to be.

    Don’t be a slave, ma’am, you can do your job your way, with your own power. You are a powerful and independent British citizen.

    “Sir Nicholas Soames says Boris Johnson is “nothing like” his grandfather Sir Winston Churchill”

    Well I would think not, as his grandfather was a double-crossing alcoholic and a raging a-hole, but he got necessary things done. BoJo is a mild-mannered misfit. Would we want every President to be like Andrew Jackson and have 5 duels before lunch? Should they all be FDR and suspend all private decisions on a failed New Deal, then double-cross us into a war? No. Each Leader is their own, for their own time. Hey, let’s Google search Churchill’s saucy racism and see how long he would last today. Different times, different people, irrelevant and illogical comment, as ever, but we know because it was printed in a paper, by an adult.

    “How Bad Is Boris Johnson? We Can’t Even Find The Words (Globe & Mail)”

    Yet apologetic to May to the very end, and had no trouble with Blair’s illegal wars, pedophiles like Heath and Saville (and so many still there today), and the complete gutting of Britain for 40 years. But it’s Boris.

    P.S., they should read up on similar times back in British history, I believe like the pre-war period where Churchill was shrill and desperate to war-monger and not a single minister would back him. Didn’t age well. Now he’s the hero, forgetting every little thing that ever happened, and just as usual, or even required in history. Like MLK or Assange, they will always hate you, lie about you, stab you, until you’re safely dead dead dead, then they love you and always loved you once there’s no risk of change.

    “Trump Abruptly Cancels Afghan Peace Deal, Camp David Meeting With Taliban (BBC)”

    You’ll never have peace if you wait for the last dog-face to put down his pistol and have no accidents first. I wonder what it’s really about. Maybe raking them over the coals for pre-negotiation positioning. The other side says we’re not allowed to even TALK peace until they unconditionally surrender, disarm, then adopt all western values, become Americans, then kill themselves and leave their nation empty for occupation. i.e. “never.”

    “China: A Paper Tiger In A Fragile Economy (LN)”

    Them and us.

    “He was the master when it came to covering up the kingdom’s role in 9/11..”

    It’s just what Boy Scouts do, and why the Media and all love him so very, very much. Murder! Mayhem! Lying and railroading about no less than 5 high-profile cases! He’s our man!

    “3 Damaged eyes”

    Really? They are so very, very far behind Macron and the West, by which everyone cheers, “Democracy!” “Liberte!”. I mean, he’d have to murder at least another dozen, and per-capita maybe 100 dozen. Come on China! Surely you can keep up with the West! Don’t you want to be free and tolerant like us?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 7 2019 #49627

    Dr. D

    25% and more than half is financial rigging and kiting. 17% and the price structure is at least twice as high as is healthy. So that’s 25% of U.S. GDP that’s fake right there. I’d wager a bunch more is false in insurance derivatives, bubble home prices, and government mandated monkey-shines, so count on a solid 33% of GDP being complete garbage. Then add the fake inflation number, overestimated by half, and you have some idea how important the U.S. is anymore. More than Canada, perhaps, but a lot closer to Italy and behind China. That’s what Cheeto is trying to fix, but not only is everyone stopping any attempt at diet and health, but he needs 25+ years to turn the dial. …But we could always surrender. I hear that’s in fashion these days. Any time, to any body, for any reason.

    Note that if we have 30% less GDP, our debt:GDP ratio is 30% worse. And since our debt is perhaps twice what is public, it may be 230%

    “Fed Chair Powell Repeats Vow To Act ‘As Appropriate’ (R.)”

    I’ll say it ‘cause it’s always funny, “The A-hole at the J-hole”, 2019 edition. “As appropriate” clearly means the Fed picks the President, not the people, and has a mandate over everything, every body, every decision, every thought and every action. He didn’t release anything countering Dudley, so I have to assume he agrees.

    However that brings to mind Jackson’s 1828 slogan, “A bank and no Jackson, or Jackson and no bank.” The bank did indeed come out in a public newspaper and declare he would bring the president to heel. He did indeed crash and crush the economy for two years. However, we see how that turned out: they people hated their everloving guts, and would rather die than obey such feckless, idiotic, ineffectual, stuffed-shirt, coastal tyrants. But hey: we’ll see! Everyone likes slavery now: they buy Apple, Nike, and support wars in Libya.

    “A Trump Brexit Threatens (Wight)”

    This gentleman is quite a bit over the top. Britain can do whatever it wants, even boycott the United States, although there will be consequences. 50 years of terrible decisions, hollowing out every aspect, every business, every convention, all wealth and all hard work and self reliance will do that. But that’s not Trump or Pence’s fault. It’s not even Boris, May’s, or Thatcher’s fault. There hasn’t been a man born there in 50 years that would work to put it on the right path, and no different than America or Europe. Be yourself. Do what you must. Live for what YOU most value and are willing to sacrifice for, for these are the times that try men’s souls. Wight seems to vote surrender and is looking for a slave master if not Europe than must be in the ‘States. Don’t be a slave at all, sir. Be a man.

    …But you can’t have this disaster capitalism without Socialism, because you cannot possibly create adequate distortions without government force. That’s not against Socialism if you want it, but pointing that such disasters he blames on Capitalism, aren’t.

    “CIA, Mossad, “the Epstein Network” and an Orwellian Nightmare (Whitney Webb)”

    Isn’t it amazing Joe Schmo from Kokomo like me knew all this decades ago and top reporters only now suddenly discover it? Golly, wot a shock! It’s almost like they weren’t doing their jobs and were being told to shut up, or their cars mysteriously ran into trees, had strange heart attacks at 30, or were shot by muggers who didn’t take anything, while I commented on that too. Yawn. Call me when someone’s arrested.

    Since Epstein was Mossad, then he is channeling funds to MIT projects Mossad wants, from a group of people Mossad helped build. Am I wrong? He’s a busy guy, raping three teens a day, so it had to have been pretty important to him to bother.

    “For The First Time In My Life, I’m Frightened To Be Jewish (David Graeber) “

    Stop reading the news. It’s almost completely fake, and it’s making you crazy. Obviously there are not significantly more racists or Semites than 2-4 years ago, people don’t change that fast. But media and editors do. They drop one story proven to be hilariously, overwhelmingly fake and pick up another fake push in a single staff meeting. ‘Lookin’ at you, New York Times.

    in reply to: Boris is Broken #49626

    Dr. D

    Reminds me of a certain guy from Michigan who said ‘When the people finally get to vote they’re going to give the establishment the biggest f-u they’ve ever seen.”

    You can’t keep up your Yakety Sax Benny Hill chase forever. Sooner or later is has to be absolute tyranny or a return to populism and democracy.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 6 2019 #49601

    Dr. D

    “Why is our industrial supply chain located inside of an adversary?”

    Clue phone: someone finally picked up. We don’t have steel, shipbuilding, circuits, or rare earths, which means we are helpless before a military adversary. How long does history suggest that can last?

    “The free traders have an answer: because the market wills it.”

    Well yes, quite so. However, those corporations have a home country. If they would like to maintain their business license there, they cannot be undermining their host’s economy and committing sedition. Ask China. That is exactly how they treat (U.S.) corporations there, and GM, Google say “Yay! Of course we will help the Chinese nation and Chinese military! We love China.” Hey wait: when we ask you to do that here, you say it’s crazy and oppressive. “Well yes, but we hate America, Americans, the Betsy Ross flag, and everything America stands for, i.e. “Freedom’ and Democracy, instead of Authoritarian Fascism.” Duh.

    “Free trade with China means allowing its distortions into our market.”

    Yes, but we don’t have free trade with China. We are open to China, and they are closed to us – a one-way street. “All your base are belong to us.”

    “we will watch helplessly as American innovations are transformed into growth-boosting industries elsewhere,”

    Yes, if you fight a war against an unarmed opponent – and in this scenario WE are unarmed. But like they say: I’m not picking on China, if the U.S. body politic gives the whole nation (that is to say, all MY money and options) to China for tiny bribes like a 10c whore, China should absolutely take them. …And we should then arrest, try, and hang that body politic for sedition if not treason. But that’s China doing the RIGHT thing, it’s US that needs reform

    “First, as is well known, US taxpayers, not Chinese consumers and companies, are bearing the burden of Trump’s tariffs.”

    Like everything written by adults in America, this is false. Here we go, using Denninger’s example: In America, we now have 10% tariffs on $100 shoes. So $110, right? Wrong. The tariffs are on the WHOLESALE price, pre-import. Thanks to the disaster-that-is-globalism, the shoes may cost $20 in Hong Kong. 10% of $20 is $2. So the price has risen to $102. Hardly relevant to any American consumer.

    But wait! It’s not even $102, small as it is. In reality, the businesses in the supply chain look at the pricing: retail says, “hey, can we just hold the price at an even $100? We’re not sure customers won’t change brands.” Wholesaler grumbles and says, “alright, I’ll split it with you.” = $1. Then HE goes back to HIS supplier and says the same thing, and HIS supplier is in China. China is losing jobs to Vietnam and Thailand furiously and has been for years. So they say, “Absolutely, we will cut out prices (profits), $1.75, just keep our lights on and our wheels turning.”

    Cost through to Americans? $0.25 on $100. Are we winning? Yes. And we can keep this up all day, which is why Trump just reloaded another $100B by claiming they are a “currency manipulator”. He did tell them at the beginning, when you’re in a hole as deep as Congress has dug America, all directions are now up. China has had to bail out three mega-banks banks that in Europe would be considered the largest on the continent.

    Sanity check: go to China-Mart, am I wrong, are prices rising? No. I’ve been shocked at the LACK of push-through on prices. …And I thought all you Socialists WANTED corporate profits to drop. Now they have: they’re eating the tariffs and helping the workers. But that’s bad now? Can’t please some people.

    No Peterson, your statement is false. Visit Wal-mart sometime in your life and check your theories against reality. The surprise has been how WELL it’s been going and how little it’s hurt, although it would have been worth it even at the whole cost. …Otherwise, America would cease as a nation.

    “The US only comprises around 18% of Chinese exports.”

    Alt-Market is correct. Besides, as they talk about “adjusting value-added,” “purchasing parity” blah blah, it’s quite difficult to tease out these numbers. However, China was getting hammered long before 2016, and their factories were unmanned “alien dreadnaught” factories installed by Japan with no workers already. Yet, like America, they must have employment or unrest. America’s adjustment is also pressuring the rest of the world, so the OTHER 18% buyers from Europe and Australia are going down. But China needs to BUY MORE OF ITS OWN PRODUCTS. Beyond necessary rebalancing of the world, they work hard and they deserve it. But we know from their production decline, electric use, and bank failures, they’re under enormous pressure. So while the facts are true, the headline impression is not.

    China – being centralized and authoritarian, but also alien to us – believes that the Central powers, the Deep State, the media are all correct. They just have to hold out for the 2020 election, where every DNC candidate plus Joe Biden’s dog can easily beat Donald Trump. Then the DNC can sell out every American worker, every nut and screw, every port and real estate, to China like the last four Presidents did. It seems legit from their perch, but is COMPLETELY WRONG. Trump’s approval keeps rising each month, and is rising among black and Hispanic communities as well. –Some racism. Meanwhile though seemingly impossible, the DNC has found WORSE candidates than HRC, and is again openly destroying the only two that had any chance: Gabbard and Yang. This is while pissing off everyone in America by having a platform that attacks Betsy Ross, comedians, super heroes, and chicken sandwiches.

    They’re the more backwards, fundamentalist, cult-like, lemon-sucking nags and scolds than Dana Carvy’s “Church Lady” ever could be, and Americans don’t like that sort of thing. If anything, at this point I’m sad to say Trump will win by 30% more than last time, and thanks to “the Squad”, win the House too, giving China no reprieve. But you can see their point: China always is patient, and out-waits their enemies.

    “Trump Administration Backs Privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (MW)”

    MarketWatch, ever protecting fakeness, forgets that Fannie and Freddy WERE private. Top front of their stock said in big red letters, “THIS IS NOT BACKED BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT” and will not be bailed out. Americans called in to Congress 1000:1 and shut down the phone lines ordering them not to bail them out. But we don’t have a democracy, so of course they did. So, MarketWatch, WHY WOULD IT MATTER IF THEY ARE “PRIVATE” or not? There are no “Private” corporations in America, all insider companies are a merger of Corporation and State. What’s the quick and handy name for this system of government? You should know it, the term is being used a lot lately.

    “Is Armed Conflict Possible in Today’s Europe? (Spiegel)”

    Ah Spiegel, I wouldn’t know where to start. Yes, after ANY war nations are too exhausted to fight = peace. Always, for 5,000 years, nothing new. For 75 years, as always, they used that peace to overtake and chisel their neighbors, setting the stage for grievances and imbalances that precipitate the new war. Peole’s cultures and Nationalities never went anywhere, and thanks to the attempt to destroy all your neighbors for power and profit, nationalism has been rising since the EU failed to allow even the illusion of democracy in the votes of ’99. Europe was not ‘growing’ together, it was being shackled together against the rather tepid objections and adjustments of the people. Because of all that, Europe, like all over, was not a democracy, and the EU by its own process and structure is absolutely not a democracy in any form. Parliaments have no power over it, and the EU representatives are a student government that can only limply suggest what the bureaucracy should do. Like the vaunted Soviet State, the EU Soviet bureaucracy has all power and control and reports to powers unknown while pretending to work for the people. This is made abundantly clear by their actions of destroying Greece, Italy, Spain, Catalonia, Portugal, and even themselves in Germany, France, etc.

    Therefore, rather than leaving nations and people alone, YOU Spiegel, YOU E.U., have insured the coming war. …And so we shall always warn them, but so it shall always be.

    …But what would it matter, a nation E.U. or a Federal E.U.? You think the U.S. can’t have war, a civil war, because they are “one nation?” Don’t be an idiot. They’re precipitating and insuring a civil war here they’ve been setting up since the ‘60s. Nationality is no preventative for war: not screwing people is. But power-deranged sociopaths can’t understand that. They can’t stop stealing because otherwise how would they get rich? On their own merits? Then Eton and Harvard would have to close.

    “Boris Johnson: I’d Rather Be Dead in a Ditch than Delay Brexit (BBC)”

    I’m not following this, but didn’t Labour prevent all democracy – again – by preventing a snap election? Why? Because as everybody knew, they are against all their own people and districts, and FOR London and the wealthy EU powers, in erasing all sovereignty from these British shores. Just as they’ve said, they are international communists, undermining England for 50 years. …Aaaaaaaaand here we are.

    …And just like our own Democratic Party, back home.

    Anyway, point being, they don’t want democracy, and they don’t want their people. They work for billionaire insiders to destroy all citizens, like everybody else. So if the people really hate Brexit, why not have a vote? Why not try some democracy? You’d clarify your support and get some real power to stop it.

    “The Pentagon Wants More Control Over the News. What Could Go Wrong? (Taibbi)”

    While I understand this, if the Pentagon wants to just ADD speech to the chorus, what’s the harm? Are they not allowed to speak? Does the Pentagon not have a Press Office already? Of course, I would only do this after reversing Obama’s law that allowed the government to use propaganda against their own people. That was in 2012; notice anything different in the pitch and demeanor of news since then?

    P.S, “lunatic privacy-invading projects like LifeLog” is simply Facebook. Yes, lunatics. Yes, government. Yes, spying. Yes, to root out, imprison and destroy reporters and whistleblowers. “Facebook: Just Say Yes to Fascism Stomping on Your Face Forever™”

    Why wait 4 years for Glyphosate? So they can reverse themselves later. But really, if you don’t want food shortages we already have, you’re going to have to allow for system planning and adjustments.

    “Targeting the Tongass National Forest for Amazon-like Destruction (CP)”

    Meanwhile, the people who don’t want this done, in London and San Francisco, haven’t torn up their parking lots and high rises to re-plant the trees that rightfully belong there. I wonder why. Could it be they want somebody ELSE to take the economic bat to the face instead of themselves? I mean, if they care, they CAN, and arguably SHOULD level Nantucket and stop mowing all those yards, spraying all those parking lots.

    “The only reasonable explanation of the murky world of Trump and the Republican politicians (of Alaska and the rest of the country) is that they reject science.”

    Don’t make stuff up. False, false, false. And the GOP doesn’t have a monopoly on being anti-science, from people who believe gender and DNA is something you choose each morning, or that, as discredited, the Amazon “creates oxygen” and is “the lungs of the earth”, or that electric cars magically don’t use coal and nuclear PLUS lithium, or that having destroyed earth, we can pop off to Mars and make it a garden.

    It’s too long to get into, but America doesn’t have any of these “evangelical Christians” anymore, maybe 3%. Every church is still closing, attendance is still dropping fast as ever, and the beliefs of the few remaining attendees are for gay marriage, evolution, and gun control. It’s a coastal elite fantasy that these guys exist, because they didn’t bother to call anywhere, ask anyone, or get ‘facts.’ Same as all these new Nazis, by the way, the same people who voted for a black President named “Hussain.” Twice. Newflash: THEY DON’T EXIST. They’re LYING.

    The Red-hats are hunters and farmers. So they’re idiots about nature while Blue-hairs from Brooklyn know all about it? “Do these politicians, including Trump, ever think about the real bad effects, ecological and social, of their actions?” Yes, they do, which is exactly the reason YOU won’t plant 200-year trees on Staten Island. YOU won’t re-start the old growth that was and belongs there, and only doesn’t re-grow due to YOUR constant effort with every manner of CO2-emitting gas-powered machines. Why? You know good and well your economy and your wealth will be destroyed. So you want ALASKA, rural OREGON, NEBRASKA to be destroyed on your behalf, so you can snoot down your nose and feel both rich AND good.

    …But this is Socialism. WE (meaning ME) decide what WE will do with OUR (meaning YOUR) resources. And WE (meaning Me) always decide YOU take the hit and mine chromium in Siberia, while important priceless educated people like me live in a Dacha on the Black Sea coast, and am sadly force to hob-nob in Swiss shopping trips. You know, “For the People.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 5 2019 #49574

    Dr. D

    “John Doe Begs Judge Not to Name Names in Epstein Gal Pal Case (NYP)”

    Unfortunately, this is a problem. Now if they were suing John Doe, or charging him, that WOULD be public record and released. But if there are no charges and no legal interest, you should remain private. But how private? Since court documents ARE public, should the fact that you were the greengrocer for Jeffrey Dahmer taint your reputation? How are you related to his case? And I’m sure among the extensive black book, there ARE in fact many innocent people, caterers, golf partners, even friends who he hasn’t tried to compromise yet. Do they have rights? How is protecting their rights at all hurting the victims, who are not trying to sue those third parties they know nothing about?

    Well, they’ll have to hash it out. You can only tell this by having good faith in the spirit of the law, and executing competing interest as best you can. Really most of the law is this, and not usually the clear and exciting stuff.

    From the spin though, I’m guessing Doe is no innocent.

    “Erdogan Says It’s Unacceptable that Turkey Can’t Have Nuclear Weapons (R.)”

    They can have them. Everyone can. He would just need to do it. Certainly Israel and Pakistan don’t care about the law, so I don’t know what overlord he declares he’s still reporting to. NoKo never signed non-proliferation, so the West and their psychotic handmaidens have no legal right over their program at all. …As if the U.N., and international law, exist, ever existed, or anyone cares about it more than in posture. Lookin’ at you U.S. and Britain and your 15 illegal wars of aggression, including one against civilians in Yemen this very minute. Which country has used nuclear weapons specifically against a civilian targe that was surrendering: Turkey? Or the United States?

    “US Offered Millions in Cash to Captain of Iranian Tanker (AFP)”

    Speaking of no international law, the U.S., piracy on the high seas! Ah, but only in defense of an illegal blockade, which is a de facto act of aggressive war against a civilian population which is itself an international war crime. Impeachment anyone? Of course not! We would never, never impeach for illegally killing millions of people worldwide! That’s what you get medals for, silly-billy. Reported on by Rachel “Russia will shut off your heat” Maddow, Brian “beautiful bombs” Williams.

    BTW, clearly Trump is a Putin puppet to illegally embargo Russia’s regional ally at risk of re-starting the Syrian and thus the Third World War. The Russians are really tricky like that, attacking themselves where you’d never expect it.

    “400 Million Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers Exposed in Privacy Lapse (AFP)”

    Facebook collects the data, then hands it to China and the Deep State ‘by accident.’ Oopsie! Did I forward all top secret emails to my private bathroom server and CC’d every line to a Chinese company? My bad. China and the Deep State use it. The 4th Amendment and its principles become irrelevant in the merger of corporation and state. Democracy dies. No one goes to jail. Oh, except Assange. RussiaRussiaRussia.

    “Plastic Pollution Has Entered the Fossil Record (G.)”

    …Along with everything else, as EVERYTHING is in the fossil record. It’s called “Archeology.” Anyway, better tell Asia and Africa to knock it off, since almost all the ocean plastic comes from them. I’m sure they’ll listen tout suite.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 5 2019 #49573

    Dr. D

    Yes, but they are not released en masse, to the public, they are PROSECUTED, as required by and through THE LAW, unless you prefer mob rule to courts, evidence, and procedures. Because if you do, be sure they will be coming for you next for some Post you wrote in 2004.

    in reply to: Incontinent Mendacity #49559

    Dr. D

    “Boris Johnson had secretly decided to suspend parliament nearly two weeks before asking the Queen,”

    Dumbest. Paper. Ever.

    YES he had decided to try that ahead of time, because it would have been a pretty workable idea. And yes, it is provocative. But what is “The Guardian” suggesting? Boris should have showed up for tea and suddenly said, “By Jove, Liz, I JUST thought of something! We should Prorogue Parliament! Whaddya say, old gal?”
    Um, no, FIRST because you have to HAVE a plan before you TRY a plan, and second, because he HAS TWO PLANS, because the Queen could have (and arguably should have) said no. Which means the P.M. has a number of plans to accomplish his, his voters and constituents’ goals, and is working them in order of likelihood.
    Genius, Guardian, just genius. Same paper that says Trump is an idiot, after winning on the same pass play 17 candidates in a row.

    And he dragged his feet on admitting it, as the surprise move would have the requisite impact, and therefore success, only if he did? …So you’re saying he’s a politician and Member of Parliament. Surprise.

    “Mr. Johnson as having a record that was “characterised by incontinent mendacity, an unwillingness or inability to speak the truth”.


    And it IS a deeply oppositional system, but it’s theirs.

    “it was for parliament, and ultimately the electorate, to hold the government accountable”

    And how exactly are they going to do that? They JUST HAD a vote. They JUST voted Leave. Parliament said “We don’t care what you vote, so suck it, peasants and non-Londoners” (but I repeat myself) So Parliament is a “self-regulating body” like Enron? Yeah, I know.

    “The idea that if the PM suspends parliament the court can’t get involved looses some ugly demons. If he can do it for 34 days, why not 34 weeks, or 34 months?”

    Um, I think because the Queen has to authorize it? And she did. She could (and maybe should) have said “three days” or even “three hours.” Or maybe you want to remove the Queen from even this power now? Ignore she existed?

    “There appears to be a contradiction in terms here,”

    Yes, there does. If I’ve read correctly, technically, Parliament DOESN’T EXIST for that period, and the Ministers are demoted to common citizens. That means they can’t sit even if they wanted, until the Queen’s time is up.
    However, unlike saying the Queen or the PM is the ruler, they’re not. As happened ‘back when, in ol’ 1215, ultimately they will have to work together, the Royal authority, the money power and the dual legislature/executive as Britain has it. So they’ll get their day all right. Atm, they’re in no danger of having a mock government of dictatorship. Yay. At the same time, they are PROVING they have a mock DEMOCRACY, that refuses to cede power to the winning side. Not entirely, perhaps, but disturbingly.

    But tune in tomorrow. Shocking to “The Guardian”, I know, but probably BoJo n Co have even THREE plans! Maybe as many as FOUR! Why? Because they’re all legal weasels who backstab each other for a living, and expect this sort of thing, this kind of self-defeating opposition, every minute from the time they enter ‘til they leave, and it rolls merrily on after their deaths for 1,000 years so far.

    YES, he has a plan C. However, as plans go, it must therefore be a less good one.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 3 2019 #49522

    Dr. D

    “Resurrecting the American Economy with Stalinism 2.0 (Dmitry Orlov)”

    Certainly was interesting, but his plan to save America is to surrender everything America ever stood for? Sort of “bomb the town to save the town” plan? Newsflash, Dmitry: America is ALREADY a Centrally-planned Socialist state, and like them, it has astonishing hypocrisy and mind-bending income disparity equaling that of China and the USSR. How does that happen? Exclusively BECAUSE of the merger of corporation and state in service of the insider party members. Go look: who are the top corporations, billionaires? Bezos, protected monopoly; Rockefellers, protected monopoly with tax incentives; Zuckerberg, protected monopoly; Gates, protected monopoly; Lockheed, protected monopoly merged with government; Halliburton, same; Sachs, Fargo, et al, protected monopoly with $23Trillion bailout. On and on and on.

    I don’t know what Orlov wants, what he asks for already exists and it’s going as well as it ever has in history: i.e. badly. If anything, it’s China that’s imitating us with a fake capitalism and unlimited insider money handouts with fake regulation that really flow according to your golf partners. What’s making Russia work again – and considering the Russian disposition is toward authoritarianism – is that it is becoming capitalist, with fairer rules appearing slowly, slowly, every day, and hard work being distributed to the workers in a thing called a “paycheck” slowly slowly every day. Unlike us, where a cumulative UBI has a socialist check going to +50% of the nation.

    “There is also China’s “nuclear” option of dumping US Treasuries.”

    They already essentially did this. Twice. First to dump Fannie Mae into Treasuries, crashing our market, second to very short-term Treasuries, covered in Operation Twist. We printed up $23T in Fed money, quasi-public, and $20T in dark money, found squirrelled away in various Federal Department accounting frauds, as for 50+ years. (and probably a lot more, in cash pallets to Iran, and off-book fake bonds) So the U.S., like the blob, ate everything thrown at it without much trouble. The other Treasuries are a joke, as China may ‘own” them, but are owed to pay for, say, chromium on deliver in 2050 from Eastern Africa, now that China has built their railroad. Since that’s the contract, it’s not China’s fault that Zaire wanted delivery-of-payment in T-bills, and those T-Bills are worthless in a U.S. default. So those are already earmarked and thus not really “Chinese.”

    He is right about the reverse, though. The U.S. is an Anglo, and the Anglos never, ever keep their word: ask anyone. They might try counter-defaulting, and when we stole all U.S. holdings, China would leap out and take the whole Pacific rim instead. What would the U.S. do, occupy it? Don’t make me laugh. We can’t occupy Afghanistan after bombing it into the stone age. We can’t even control Baltimore, same.

    “ECB Official Mersch Calls Facebook’s Libra ‘Treacherous’ (MW)”

    He’s just jealous that Libra is more crooked than he is. Maybe. Mersch and his banks set a high bar.

    “Rebel Tories and Labour MPs are planning a bill to stop the UK leaving the EU on 31 October without a deal.”

    Ah, fighting democracy wherever it goes. “We shall fight against Democracy on the beaches, we shall prevent Democracy in the air…we shall always, always fight democracy, and do what our wealthy contributors ask us, slavishly, and without hesitation.”

    “Brexit is – will be hard, complex and lengthy. How, seriously, after more than three years can so much of our political elite still be in denial”

    The Westminster and the MPs may be in denial, but the people aren’t, so speak for yourselves. Besides, Greece, Italy, and Catalonia have already been leaving, Britain is just the fourth, fifth, or 28th agitating to leave. Scotland will stay though. Ah, Scotland. Like clockwork.

    Anyway, I don’t think there’s anyone who thinks it’s easy except politicians fighting strawmen, just as no one thought WWII would be easy. Just that IT’S WORTH IT for Britain to continue to exist.

    “Ahead of Brexit, UK Factories Go Quiet (R.)”

    Exactly as expected by everyone, except for insiders disingenuously fighting strawmen. There will be a recession. But for everyone outside of Greater London, there already is one, and has been for Dickensean decades. The people just want Westminster to join the party, the fun they arranged for everyone else lo these many years! After that, there is reason to believe it’s exactly the diminuation of trade that Rogers describes is what will bring jobs back. And independence, as Britain again becomes mildly more self-sufficient. That Rogers want to STOP that, stop you from having a job because it would cost a dollar at Tesco, is all you need to know.

    “…the RussiaGate ploy alerted Americans that there truly is a Deep State with its own self-winding agenda.”

    Speaking of those who would destroy every worker in the country because it might cost a dollar. But I’m too generous to them: really they’d do it for free! And have, every day of my life.

    “Who can stand in the way/When there’s a dollar to be made” –Midnight Oil

    “Jeffrey Epstein’s Model-Scouting Pal Has ‘Disappeared Without a Trace’ (NYP)”

    I’m not a genius, but considering he’s best friends and co-worker of Ms. Maxwell, I’d try a small country on the coast of the eastern Mediterranean.

    “It’s not just me. It’s much wider. It’s all of us. It’s all journalists, and all publishers who do their job who are in danger.”

    Of course, they’re always projecting defeat and surrender with every line they write. Why not believe you’re going to win, free press will be restored, and Assange will retire a hero? Is there something to be gained by assuming your inevitable loss?

    Now why would I say that? Because “It’s not just me, it’s all of us.” That is, Assange’s position must win, because free speech must win. To think otherwise means we must fall into a Stalinist authoritarian regime forever. For if we did, there would STILL be resistance. So it’s not Assange on the line here: It’s YOU. You’re next. And that means the enemy of Assange is the enemy of us all, so there is no chance of us NOT fighting them, on his behalf and our own. There is no chance of us not winning. Fighting as if you’ve lost is what’s taking so long.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 2 2019 #49504

    Dr. D

    “here is much to suggest Johnson wants precisely that,”

    Nice! So they think BoJo’s plan from childhood was to create chaos? “Some men just want to watch the world burn.” I doubt it. Just the casual, unsubstantiated smear on the average uncurious, fact-free day. And astonishing lack of self-awareness from Westminster, mirrored here, that the elites never EVER say, “Hey, we had a democratic referendum, and we lost. Now, as good sportsmen who don’t want shooting in the streets, we will now stand aside and execute that vote as the rules require, and get you next time ‘round.” So so many Brexiteers, vilified daily, had simply WANTED a vote. Like the EU, even the illusion, the trappings, some pretense of a sham of democracy would be enough, was all they were asking. Every one of them expected to lose and say, “Well, okay mate, as expected we lost. Now I can go on criticizing, advocating, and don’t say we didn’t warn ya.” But they would have accepted the Referendum, which is something Westminster, the elites, all those people who don’t have to bear the actual costs, cannot do. As Authoritarians in the Stalinist, Orwellian vein (but I repeat myself), it is only power, power for its own sake, will to power trampling the boot of all opposition, forever. My side right or wrong, my ego above all. #AntiLogos, as expressed by an angel, once.

    Can we just TRY democracy for a sec, before there are cricket bats chasing down people in the streets? Democracy not only means a VOTE – which they already resist with every fiber of their being – but ALSO to stand aside, stop meddling, and let the other guy, the other ideas, have their turn. Essentially, they’ve done neither, and now cry a “lack of democracy” and “democratic process.” You had your democratic process. You didn’t take it, and now, like the rest of us, it’s being shoved down your throat according to the rules you yourself enacted and gravitated to.

    If you’d done it in the first place, you could have set the terms, done it nicely, and looked like the good guy.

    “Leaked No-Deal Report Says Lorries Could Face 48-Hour Delays At Dover (PA)”

    They say it’s “for paperwork.” So? Suspend the paperwork for the time being. Certainly the U.S. doesn’t enforce their border and everyone thinks it’s the greatest, most loving, wonderful thing ever. Really it’s “for punishment.” And like the lost vote, they are going to stick it to them as hard as they can. Yet it will all be worth it, as Britain remains and does not sink beneath the waves, sovereignty lost, never to exist again. It’s pretty rough tho’ and no mistake, just as everyone knew it would be. Like any psychotic spurned ex, Europe hates Britain, but really won’t tolerate the loss of revenue and control, the loss of E G O, being made to look less, the ultimate unforgivable.

    “CEO pay has increased 1,008% between 1978 and 2018, while typical worker pay has edged up 12%.”

    Meanwhile, thanks to their Universal Lying™ inflation has been 30%, and the worker is 15% behind. But that’s the Federal Reserve Money Fire Hose™ sprayed all over my friends. It can, it will, never, never end until this system does, from Wall Stright to Congressmen, but everyone loves this system, they love the corruption, the lies, the honey, the payoffs, the crushing of others, so, so much, they will never end it. So am I supposed to save you from yourselves? Stop the consequences of your own theft, fraud, lies, and corruption?

    “Hollywood Reboots Russophobia For The New Cold War (Parry)”

    Ah, the McCarthy era! Hey, wasn’t that just nuts? We’d never do anything like that again, unemploying, blacklisting, debanking, depersoning people just because of their unsubstantiated, uncredible, un-adjudicated politicial beliefs, would we? And especially not Hollywood or Leftists.

    “ A Black Hole So Big It Shouldn’t Even Exist Is Baffling Scientists (RT)

    This coming after the Methuselah Star, which by their rules is about 50% older than the universe it lives in. Science! Wrong again! We know everything. We know the exact temperature it will be in 2050, and how there won’t be any ice left on earth by 2012, when Manhattan will be 50% underwater, but we don’t know what gravity is, what time is, what consciousness is, what a black hole is, or what the universe is. Really, humility is not our bag. …Which is pretty odd for a group that’s universally, serially wrong for 250 years. You’d think they’d have it down by now.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 1 2019 #49486

    Dr. D

    “Get the parties involved around a table before people get killed.”

    Sadly, the argument occurs before this. If the protesters get a seat at the table, they are essentially equals, therefore, China lost. Do you think D.C. would sit down with a million protesters? Well the Anglos always lie and cheat, so sort of, but not credibly. They would smear, discredit, and belittle them, buy time to research, arrest and disperse them. Check the Bonus Army, where the venerable Patton and Eisenhower gassed the kids of the poor veterans in the streets of D.C. with Pulitzer’s media slavishly reporting. Think I’m joking? Mueller’s FBI was created dossiers and injected informants on anti-war Quakers during the Iraq war. Read on Occupy. So if that’s us, what about them?

    “the eight-word British constitution established in 1689 – What The Crown Assents In Parliament Is Law – is a decaying, time-worn construct on which to protect and advance today’s democracy..”

    You’re right: we should get rid of the Constitution thing and just have the laws change every day when I get up, you know – like how King John did it. England already got rid of their Rights of Man, which included gun rights, so you know…

    In any case, BoJo and Parliament have nothing to do with the prorogue. The Queen could say “No, Brexit is far too important to suspend democracy, I refuse.” She could have limited it to three days. She could publicly withdraw support from BoJo or his de facto staffer, openly oppose Brexit. She could could even say, “I’M suspending Parliament and taking complete control until November.” Yet their upbringing seems to have made them blind to criticizing the queen. But why? Because she IS taking sides, and HAS decided Europe is going down and they’ll abandon the Continent and prosper in comparison. …Hey, just like everyone in Europe suspected since 1990, doubled-down and proven by maintaining the Pound, and thus their independence. Exactly as the indicator of keeping the Pound illustrated, they are now double-crossing the Euro to their detriment and maintaining sovereignty, the British (Anglo) ‘Empire’. I can’t believe people don’t find this as obvious as I do, as I did, in 1994.

    She didn’t ‘fold.’ They pulled the exact plan you could see 1,000 miles away, decades ahead, and each gets to blame the other. Oopsie! Johnson is therefore a figurehead, yes. But to the Queen and her deep insiders.

    “..Trump is “going to eleven” on trade: He’s going to turn it up so high that there is going to have to be a deal. That’s the way he wants to do this. He will just make it intolerable so everybody has to sit down and cut a deal.”

    Sure, but he also knows the field now. If he wants, he can call China and say, “I concede, you know that one last thing you wanted? I say yes, let’s do it.” Bang, treaty signed by dinnertime. Sort of like NoKo. I don’t think that’s the idea, but look at it as a safety valve, an option. I actually think he’s being genuine: let’s all be equals and all get rich and make money. But that means they have to remit patent and property rights the way they promised in ‘99, and we will finally get them some food, because – shocker – China can’t find food worldwide and will have to come see us by spring. But does it LOOK like we’re trying to starve them, shut them off? No, not really, and we could, it would be the easiest, obvious thing. Just keep your contract, don’t pay off Google to rig our election, is that too much?

    “ Bernie Sanders Proposes Canceling $81 Billion US Medical Debt (R.)”

    Because he doesn’t understand reality. One man’s debt is another man’s investment. So he’s saying he will destroy $81B in retirement funds. (simplistically) And yet he still won’t go after the price, which is 5x any reasonable average. Too many lobbyists.

    And continuing on ever-present surrender, to anyone, for any reason, Macron says, “We are living the end of Western hegemony.” No comments on the French and their stereotypes, his declaring the surrender and collapse of the entire West speaks for itself. So, great opener for negotiating position, Emmanuel? Way to keep France in the driver’s seat. And since he’s the most emptiest suit, the most puppetiest marionette, what bank told him to say this? Is it because if he weakens government, banks and corporations rise in proportion, and the billionaires with them, erasing all democracy, and everything the “West” stands for?

    in reply to: Hong King Kong #49460

    Dr. D


    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 30 2019 #49459

    Dr. D

    Guilty conscience:

    It was a good science article, and true (so far as I can tell), putting to rest the made-up facts about oxygen. Not that we would want a world without forests and trees.

    Also, the writer is from Colorado, not Boston. It’s The Atlantic from Boston I was picking on.

    See, isn’t this the kind of thing the good Doctor should be encouraging?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 30 2019 #49452

    Dr. D

    “What in God’s name made Trump think it would be a good idea to ask to bring Russia back to the table?” the FBI told Insider.”

    When you’ve got a nuclear world war planned, with the victors being slated as the billionaires and corporations, you don’t let it go that easily. Ask Kennedy about that Caribbean thing the Dulles twins ginned up. Which was right before K-129 accidentally sank while attempting to rogue-launch ICBMs on the U.S. and blame China. Oh and three other nuclear subs accidentally disappeared that year too.

    This was inspected by Howard Hughes with the cover story he was “mining giant undersea iron nodules” with space-age tech. You know, like a crazy conspiracy theory of 1971.

    But I’m a crazy person who only believes stuff that’s right there in Wikipedia and covered by Seymour Hersh.
    So why would the U.S. want to make peace with the world’s nuclear powers instead of irrevocably escalating them? Dunno, that would ruin DS plans. However, earth to leaking felonious FBI agent: Trump HAS been escalating on Russia and Putin, more than Obama, more than anyone else. Read your own news and Wikipedia, it’s right there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intermediate-Range_Nuclear_Forces_Treaty

    “China Rejected Hong Kong Plan to Appease Protesters (R.)”

    Under their culture, if China appeased H.K., then Hong Kong would be running the country and Beijing would be second. Obviously that’s not going to happen. And of course the Anglos reporting they are ‘invading’, as if the Army is ‘invading’ North Carolina by being stationed at Fort Bragg, or if the National Guard ‘invades’ by repairing the upcoming hurricane. …What it really says is, “We never gave H.K. back, it’s still ours, still British, still western and Anglo, and always will be.” Well, that’s the Anglos’ word for you: ask any Indian.

    “Saturday Protest Canceled in Hong Kong After Sudden Arrest of Key Activists (ZH)”

    When you have an open power struggle, what you’re discussing is power and who has it. Not love and cupcakes.

    “Hong Kong Activist Joshua Wong Arrested in Crackdown on Protests (R.)”

    He’s doing a lot better than Chicago, where they illegally rendition Chicagoans to black sites, or the dozen Ferguson protesters who one by one all got sad and accidentally committed suicide in the fields and woods of Missouri after getting anonymous threatening phone calls.

    So they know where this guy is, he was arrested, and now released? He is doing what Beijing considers sedition and didn’t serve even 60 days? Provable treason, actually, as they were photographed with the CIA color revolution team. Could they POSSIBLY be more gentle and legal than this? Good thing his prosecutor isn’t Kamala Harris or Robert Mueller, or he’d still be in jail. See today’s Butina article. Butina is, indeed, still in jail for having a (faithless, double-crossing) boyfriend and an NRA card.

    “I’m Going to Court to Stop Proroguing Parliament (Gina Miller)”

    Um, speaking of Coup d’Etats, you’re going to now overrule the Queen of England? Please: go give her a piece of your mind, tell her how it’s going to be, I’ll sit here and watch.

    “BNP Paribas Plans Bid for Deutsche Bank’s Equity Derivatives (R.)”

    Well BNP and France itself is the royal butt-wiper for Merkel’s Germany, so I imagine they’ll do whatever they’re told. Howso? Germany owns what, 2/3rds of French debt? That’s above Germany being the only nation controlling the EU and ECB. Because one nation ruling Europe is Democracy! Just as our fathers dreamed in 1941.

    I wonder how Argentina’s default impacts that. Certainly enormous stress on the system worldwide. Won’t really matter where it pops, as the avalanche will follow the pre-ordained path of resistance.

    “The Amazon Is Not Earth’s Lungs (Atlantic )”

    No, Baltimore and Belgium are. And this reporter cites “millions of species, from every branch of the tree of life, each of them—its idiosyncratic splendor … irretrievable once it’s gone” he’s speaking of not of Boston, no! Perish the thought! Not of Massachusetts, once wild and whaled and clean but now paved and polluted from Chatham to Housatonic, no, no, no, for then WE’D have to DO SOMETHING about OUR Volvos. We’d have to pay OUR money to save OUR forests, give up OUR iPhones, and destroy OUR economy. Silly-Billy, we here in Coastal-eliteland never, never do that. It’s all you Deplorables and Brown people who have to suffer FOR us! For the good of everyone, of course, but ESPECIALLY for the profits of Boston, Williamsburg, and San Jose. Get with the program or we shall bomb you a second time. These are the guys who also want to make extinct every cow on the planet.

    Ah, if only he loved ACTUAL forests in ACTUAL Massachusetts as much as he loved theoretical forests that live inside his own ego.

    Emerson and Longfellow, the founders of The Atlantic, might like to have a word with you, sir.

    But let’s be positive here. Plant one tree, Mr. Brannen (I.Y.I.), and you’ll have done more good on earth than all your articles put together. It’s easy. Text me and I’ll send one to you. Acorns are easy to find.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 29 2019 #49443

    Dr. D

    “Boris Johnson Sparks Outrage after Forcing Suspension of Parliament (AFP)”

    Boris can’t force s—t. He can only ask the queen. She’s in charge.

    Certainly didn’t think BoJo n Co would get a suspension through. But that’s the Queen, she can do what she wants. She has revealed her hand, and wot a shock! The Queen believes England should be an independent country and not a fiefdom to Macron’s employers. Who knew? …Also that England set them up and then double-crossed Europe at a key juncture for her own gain just like everyone has said since 1995. Like THAT has never happened in history.

    Lucy and the football. Seriously. Do these guys not read history and the Anglos?

    What on earth is that cartoon representing? They are neither fencing within or without. The prison planet suggested is essentially global. So except for sovereignty, there’s no difference; they should pull the camera back and show France also with barbed wire and also a beret-man saying “Liberte’,” then pull back and show Spain, then Germany, then Denmark…

    “1.2 Million Britons Sign Petition to Stop Proroguing of Parliament (G.)”

    I mean, good for their expression, but is this like the one where they had voters from around the globe, basically a petition of English-speakers and not English-men? Since there’s never a moment and never a subject for which men won’t lie, I have to ask.

    And it is “The Guardian,” who hasn’t reported anything honestly in the 21st century. Or the 20th.

    “The Queen’s Active Role in the Right Wing Coup (Craig Murray)”

    Uh, the queen is unseating herself? To replace herself with herself? I knew the Anglos were tricky-dicky, but this is ridiculous. Framed another way, “the queen has preferences.” Like all men on earth. How dare she!!!

    “How much panic will we see in the next 2 months? How much protest, violence?”

    Ain’t seen nothin’. Wait ‘til Europe falls to the exact same currents. You’ll all wish you were in Britain. But that’s what happens when you subvert and stop democracy for 40 years. A snapback. But they do this on purpose, making power and money off the peasants fighting.

    Oh, and any and all falls of London prices is a miracle for the health of the country and the children. It will help right income disparity, unite the country away from “Planet London”, and allow the young to afford houses. But it will hurt the rich and their syncophantic handmaidens, thus the screaming.

    “The High Price of Dollar Safety (Coppola)”

    Well, I guess we’re already IN the global financial reset. I had wondered. It’s a synthetic dollar short position, as most debt is dollar-denominated and the world – not so much the U.S. – desperately tries to get some wiggle room by shedding debt. Can’t happen though. Also this unlimited run of the dollar skyward FORCES everyone off the USD system, ready or not. Anyway, since it’s rolling, I guess it’s too late, all but the rumble and the dust and the crying now.

    “FBI Studies Two Broken Cameras Outside Cell Where Epstein Died (R.)”

    Oh, not one but TWO broken cameras? That’s like not one but THREE neckbones broken by leaning against a sheet. But I’m a Coincidence Theorist and I don’t find that suspicious at all. People break their neck leaning against paper all the time.

    “.. the use of troops in Hong Kong will be the end of Hong Kong..”

    Hong Kong was handed over already, what did you THINK would happen? They would wait for 49 years and 362 days to assert some kind of convergence of principles? I have no idea what people are thinking. They have been trying to merge steadily, which is highly responsible and not disruptive, and this is the first test.

    Since China owns Hong Kong and the troops are Chinese, how would Chinese troops operating on Chinese soil end anything?

    “but after the dismissal of several pro-democracy supporters among its workforce under Chinese pressure,”

    Just like Google, Facebook, the CIA, NSA, BLM, FBI, Wal-Mart, Taco Bell, and Pa’s Cake-n-Bake. Opinions are treason. However, unlike us, their employees have not been illegally renditioned to Greenland with the approval of Denmark, using RAF transport, and locked up in an embassy on contempt for 8 years for trying to exercise their 5th Amendment rights. –For a newsday mash-up. Just call me The Guardian. I don’t check facts: I invent them.

    “New Lip-Reading CCTV Will Have People Fall Silent in Public (ZH)”

    I’d say welcome to having no limited government, 4th Amendment, or Bill of Rights, but not a man in the U.S. from coast to coast follows those laws anyway, so what’s the difference? If you want a Constitution, we can give you one: we’re not using it anyway.

    “All 4 Carter Page FISA Warrants Were Illegally Obtained – Joe diGenova (WE)”

    I told you this three years ago, and no one’s in jail. My point exactly.

    “Someone recently commented, “When I was a kid, people used to say that ‘It’s a free country,’ but they don’t say that anymore.” I tried it out the other day. The response? “It hasn’t been a free country in quite a while.” So I turned him into the FBI.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 28 2019 #49428

    Dr. D

    “Ex-NY Fed Chief Bill Dudley Urges Jay Powell to Prevent Trump Re-Election (ZH)”

    As explained by both Dudley and Durden, the Fed was running the nation and picking the President by raising rates. They had not raised rates in what? 5 years? They were still doing stimulus right through the recovery and far beyond. And the minute DJT is in they both withdrew balance sheet AND raised rates steadily.

    Now Trump, having at least the common sense of a jellyfish, then did what no other President has done and pointed right at the Fed. Why? Maybe because they were the ones doing the actions?

    Going to show how slavishly sycophantic each and every individual was since Wilson was wetting the bed, the Fed couldn’t believe this. How dare he not play along to his own destruction and shine a spotlight on our market and election rigging! Well, I never! Since when should we have to take the consequences of our own actions? Me and my kids didn’t buy our way into Harvard and lose $1 Billion dollars in the endowment fund to put up with this kind of treatment!

    So this is their response, their counterattack. They are trying to get the narrative back on track that it’s not the Fed raising rates every day Trump is in power, but that Trump trying to cut inter-nation deals that is causing the Recession. You know, the recession the media has never reported in 100 years until 2 years AFTER it happens (BuyBuyBuy!), but now breathlessly report BEFORE it happens.

    We’ll see which narrative is believed, but A) the Fed not only got revealed by Trump, more importantly THEY just admitted they run the President and make claims to be so far above him, the President-should-know-his-place as our servant. Don’t think people aren’t watching that, proving what people like me have been saying for 100 years with mountains of nonstop evidence. Oh and B) the people are not in the mood. Half dream of burning the Fed down and scattering the ashes to the wind and the other half dream of burning it down and handing the Fed to Congress to print unlimited MMT/UBI money. Either way, it’s over for them. And their 100-year market rigging = wealth extraction = income disparity alien dreadnaught machine.

    And then? Well you know my feelings, but it has to go to something real, that can be trusted and proven. Because no one believes Dudley OR Trump, and rightfully so.

    “Comey Confidant: Expect Andrew McCabe to be Indicted Any Day (GP)”

    What’s taking so long? The Fed’s Reserve Note has value ONLY because of their insider power and confidence in their system. If McCabe goes down, that system is having a civil war and its insiders do not have power, somebody else does. So the US$ crashes (ultimately). So you want to push the big red button on that? World finance, world economy, world food and oil shipments go down. World blame is assigned. Someone gets conquered, someone gets nuked. Ready? I would, Fīat jūstitia ruat cælum, but not a man but has found his balls in 100 years around here, so I’m alone in that, the only moral man in 100 miles, and I would run away and only won by them abandoning the field.

    Anyway, hope you got all the Cheetos you wanted to eat, because shipments may be disrupted for a while as they financailly ring-fence us. Like for 25 years. Ask Russia.

    “Hong Kong Protesters Say They Have Nothing to Lose (R.)”

    When I was saying China is a different place with different rules, it wasn’t to say I don’t hope they win. I do. And men fought just as these after Locke and Voltaire against the same kings and kingdoms. However, a map will tell you that Hong Kong is a speck on the pimple on the nose on the face of China. China has collapsed 100 times by humoring splinter rebellions like this and it is a mortal threat. And the protestors are so coddled, so privileged, apparently they are clueless about what they have to lose: in mortal conflicts like this, they, their city, everyone they ever met, knew, read, or have known, can be murdered and left to rot in a field, their children’s faces pointed at the crows, the whole city leveled and uninhabitable for 1,000 years until history itself has forgotten Hong Kong even in name. Is freedom worth THAT?

    Bruce Wayne: “I’m not afraid of you.”
    Carmine Falcone: “Because you think you got nothing to lose. But you haven’t thought it through. You haven’t thought about your lady-friend down at the D.A.’s office. You haven’t thought about your old butler. Bang! People from your world have so very much to lose. Now, you think because your mommy and your daddy got shot, you know about the ugly side of life, but you don’t. You’ve never tasted desperate. You’re Bruce Wayne, the Prince of Gotham…”

    P.S. 36 people arrested. Versus THAT risk, with 1.5 million protesting? They just arrested 36,000 Mulsims for amusement. China could not possibly be more coddling than they are at present.

    “Business Group Warns On China’s Corporate ‘Social Credit’ Plan (R.)”

    Speaking of a tyrannical China, this is what was supposed to happen when HRC promised to get us into a world war which would lead to a civil war under the Soviet 1917 plan. Then China + the other fascist corporations, now more powerful than governments, would install this system on the collapsed, exhausted United States. You can’t stop some of these big wheels once in 30 years’ motion, and this is one of them. But since that’s against not only every law in the U.S., not only against every principle held by the people, but also against corporate profits (see CNN), who is pushing it? No, really: I need to know, since what they are doing is illegal and they need to be questioned and indicted.

    “Up to 30 Jeffrey Epstein Accusers to Speak Out at New York Court Hearing (G.)”

    Someone may have forgotten they don’t need Epstein and in fact are better off and without him can now search the island . Why? Because he wrote everything down, has bunkers full of blackmail videos, and every participant is alive, on tape, and just as guilty as he. That being the case, pretty happy he’s gone, although too easy. We then move on to “Person 2”, “Person 3” through all 5,000 members of the 0.001%, arrest them one by one, adjudicate them, and legally confiscate all their fortunes. Hey, wasn’t that an executive order back in the first week of office? Who knew? But it was all an accident and Trump is an idiot.

    Arrest, adjudicate, and confiscate everything (then take my kids) what they’d do to me if I didn’t pay a parking ticket. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

    “Purdue Pharma Offers $10-$12 Billion to Settle Opioid Claims (NBC)”

    But if they stop, red-hat wearing people will live. Then how can I rig elections? How can I steal their stuff?

    “Near-Total Ban on Sending Wild Elephants to Zoos Agreed (AFP)”

    Do they not know what a mess elephants make? They tear up whole towns for amusement. What they need is space, habitat. Keeping them at home: great! Now those brown people can pay the high cost of death and destruction so you can feel good. So if you care, why don’t you buy the habitat, and not the individuals. Like us, they are expressions of their environment, and you can keep a black rhino, but they will be aliens without a home planet, doomed to wander for all eternity. They are your brothers, don’t make them homeless.

    “let’s develop the blight-resistant crops that will feed the world.”

    GM crops are not more productive than standard ones, often they are less. However, they are patentable, which vertically diverts profits to single points, and wrests control of food, and thus all humanity, into a few hands, with no escape. The ultimate extortion and terrorism. But let’s start with the obvious: GM crops DON’T WORK. They are more expensive and less productive. Do you like money? I like money.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 27 2019 #49419

    Dr. D


    If it was said by an adult on earth and reported by the news, it’s fake. Pics of amazon are 30 years old, number of fires may be BELOW average, much is standard farming, with the burning on the fields of farms.


    But of course, how can Macron and da Boyz screw the world’s poorest while being sanctimonious twits if they told the truth? No profit in that.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 27 2019 #49416

    Dr. D

    “Brexit: Shutting Down Parliament ‘Gravest Abuse of Power in Living Memory’ (G.)”

    So Parliament wants power and democracy after they have forestalled and denied all democracy by refusing to follow the people’s will in the first place? Sounds about right. Because if Parliament isn’t in session, how can they stop democracy and keep the people from getting what they voted for?

    “But first the U.S. should act by lifting all illegal, unjust and unfair sanctions imposed on Iran.” All 230 nations and planet earth. Fixed it.

    “Money pledged by the west to fight Amazon fires: $20 million.
    Money pledged by billionaires to rebuild Notre-Dame: $835 million.”

    Money pledged to fight equal or worse fires in Africa: $0

    “Can the press in the US still be saved?”

    The press in the US isn’t too bad, it’s just entirely with bloggers, and anyone the opposite of CNN and the New York Times. That’s why Google, Facebook, YouTube, are rigging numbers, money, views, reports, desperately pushing viewers into billionaire mass-media. Because nobody wants that stuff. The only way to get them to watch it is to use RAW FORCE. Remove and deplatform all opposition, ban, debank, smear, boycott and destroy them. You know, like American Army Major Tulsi Gabbard. ‘Cause that’s free speech! The freedom to do and think EXACTLY as I say, until I change my mind four hours from now.

    “Will Germany start applying stimulus, even at the risk of rising debt?”

    Will I hand out money to my golfing buddies? You bet!

    “Johnson & Johnson Gets $572mn Slap on Wrist for Opioid Crisis in Oklahoma (RT)”

    Point. But they were killing rural red-hat people and tipping the election, so shouldn’t they really be given a medal? They’re killing 42,000 people a year, more than the peak of Vietnam, so who’s really the victim?

    in reply to: Globalization Just Peaked #49413

    Dr. D

    “countries are hoarding dollars. And/or “protecting themselves by racking up enormous piles of dollar-denominated debt.”

    Wow, so according to Carney, cash and debt are the same. Assets = Liabilities. Therefore, there is no possibility of logic and there can be no double-book accounting. How the mask slips. #AntiLogos. All things illogical, unworkable, immoral, and wrong. The opposite of logic, reason, honor, truth, and fairness. He’s telling you. If you guys all do nothing but yawn, is it his fault? The devil gives you options, alternatives, that’s all. You COULD obey God, #Logos, as the angels do, or…something more interesting…

    “Carney warned that very low equilibrium interest rates had in the past coincided with wars, financial crises and abrupt changes”

    Yes, as the wealthy attempt to protect their outsized advantage at the expense of the poor, it does indeed make people grumpy. Their plan is to channel that stress and dissatisfaction into a war, so they can profit even MORE at someone’s expense. Or in our case, start a civil war, for race, gender, politics, CNN and Facebook lies, they care not what so long as it works and happens. Otherwise, they’ll have to go from a $10 Billionaire to a $1 Billionaire, and who wants that? Much rather kill 30M Americans and burn the nation to the ground.

    “[Libra] faced a host of fundamental issues”

    Yes, the exact same ones they face today: no accounting, no oversight, no restraint, and no limit on how much completely hidden currency they can create. No rules on whether those tokens are distributed on merit and work instead of favor and friends. This is why the US$ is collapsing, and why they can never replace that entirely ruinous, discredited system with one exactly identical. The people, or rather the players, won’t have it. This is also why the SDR is DOA. It is just a basket of the same fraudulent currencies that are illogical on the face and cannot be double-book accounted as cash = debt, assets = liabilities. They can only go to wheat, rice, which will cause undue price increases and starvation, or else entirely useless junk like gold, or today’s equivalent, BTC. No one starves then because no one eats or drinks gold or BTC, but they ARE in limited supply, which hot air from Carney and Draghi is not.

    “Globalization is a process, it’s something that moves”

    What you’re saying here is that Capitalism (or the modern debt version) must expand or die. That’s relatively true. The debt must increase exponentially or collapse, and China bought them the 30 extra years. However, although Africa exists, is is not exponentially larger than China, and their gambit to dominate world oil and create one world government failed. Their new plan to create EU one world taxation and currency of fraudulent hypothocated carbon credits failed. So here we are. Global financial reset. It can’t go to banker’s fantasy coins, because no one trusts them. So historically it goes to gold, but also to any commodity, anything real, which leads to resource scarcity and thus to war. We don’t have to do that, but history is not kind.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 26 2019 #49394

    Dr. D

    As yesterday, yes, Presidents don’t have much effect, fires are not that different from average in Brazil. Also having themselves burned every tree and made many species extinct in Europe, having turned Europe into a parking lot, Europe tells Brazil they’re not allowed to have paved roads. Nice! If you want it, then buy their rainforest and protect it. Then to show they DGAF, this:


    They also don’t say or care if the burning is EXACTLY WHAT THE NATIVES DO, slash and burn, then let the jungle grow back. So apparently they are against native ways and indigenous peoples now. I wouldn’t bet on it, but it points out they know nothing about natives or agriculture that it doesn’t even occur to them. So should I call them racists and bigots? Ethnocentric nationalists? I mean, that’s what we call everybody in every story now, right? Backing up; hey journalists, do your job: get on the phone and just ask somebody.

    So what’s really going on? Yesterday’s article, boy Macron say:“We can’t have trade deals when you act like this.” Oh, so France having destroyed their ancient forest is going to tell Brazilians they have to go hungry and not have an economy? Colonialism much? Yes, Virginia, they just don’t like Bolisaro and want to smear and remove him, as with anyone else who gets in the way of (European) profits. You see, the murder, slavery, and destruction in Africa is being extracted to Europe, so THAT’S alright. Macron and da boyz want to screw the 3rd world a little whiter, drop the deal at the last minute, and squeeze some more concessions for the E.U. mafia. …And that part doesn’t bother me: they’re all Mafias. The part that bothers me is the snooty, sanctimonious, utterly fake morality that they give any d—ns about the environment. They don’t. They stab the last rhino in the eye to buy one more share of Tesla stock and one more night on Little St. James Island. Lookin’ at you, Andrew and your 300 pals, while France investigates Jeffie’s visits to Paris, that Mario funded with his bond fire-hose.

    “Hong Kong Police Arrest 36 After Running Battles with Protesters (R.)”

    They’re missing that people’s and nations each have their own standards and ways. You can’t judge them all by some kind of “white” western standard. That standard is the consequence of the Enlightenment thinkers and thousands or men who died to protect fredom and those ideas. Thank your lucky stars you were born there. China is not one of those nations. They are not a democracy, never have been and never will be. You have no rights there but what they feel like giving you, and they kill a million or 40 million of you if you make trouble for them, if they have to and if they feel like it. Ask your hero Mao Zedong. So nobody’s watching 5,000 years of Chinese history, or China’s Muslim response in Western China last week? 36 arrested, are you for real kidding me right now? Police probably plant evidence on 36 citizens in the U.S. per week. Per city. London alone has 36 stabbings a quarter.

    So 36? Did they hold the protests in Lake Woebegone, Minnesota or Smallville, Kansas? 36 would mean something there. So when the facts are correct but the implication they are attempting are hilariously false, is it ‘fake’ news?

    “Not only buying back bonds from governments, but also from banks and companies. What for?”

    What for? To hand money to my friends at the expense of taxpayers of course! What other reason could there be? That’s our governmental mandate and it’s going swimmingly, as you can tell because everyone is happy and no one’s mad a bit. If they get mad, Draghi just grabs their handle and stimulates until they have a happy ending. Then they take their private submarines to St. James. But the people cheer, so what can I say?

    “Has Anyone Loved Being Prime Minister as Much as Boris Johnson? (Peston)”

    Why should BoJo worry? He was installed by his power backers like all world leaders (especially Macron), he doesn’t decide anything. So relax! Don’t do it. Same with Trump: what with thinking he is responsible or runs anything? Certainly Clinton, Bush, and Obama never did.

    “a country as prosperous as ours”

    They say the same thing here. Hey dummy: we’re not prosperous, as you can tell from the poverty you yourself are describing. Get a clue. The riches at the top are distribution problem that won’t go anywhere if shared, and is mostly illusion and debt. What was the meme where if you took every sports star, every billionaire, all the assets of every company, you could run the U.S. government until November? No joke: just math. Uh, you’re not rich: you’re broke. You’re Third World. Your grid is collapsing and you make and do nothing useful. Wake up.

    “English Police Could Patrol Northern Ireland Border After No-Deal Brexit (RT)”

    They COULD. But nobody wants a solution, they want to make problems. So problems is what we have.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 26 2019 #49392

    Dr. D

    Looks like a super staged photo, from Shutterstock, but I don’t have time to trace it today.

    Shut off brain, citizen! Obey feelings! When have we ever lied to you?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 23 2019 #49347

    Dr. D

    “It bans the practice of fracking to extract natural gas and oil, the import and export of fossil fuels and sets a moratorium on nuclear power plant license renewals.”

    …With nothing to replace them. And people wonder why I’m a crank claiming they’re trying to kill a third of people on earth. They are. Get a plan, test it and scale it, THEN tell me we can do this. Maybe. PS, the printing of the trillions would ALSO kill a third of the poor and pensioners with runaway inflation. #HolodormirNow

    ““…a trade deal with the United States. “Even if it were a strategic choice it would be at the cost of a historic vassalisation of the British state,” Mr Macron said.”

    …Said by the man who has vassalized Britain on behalf of France (and their slave-master Germany). It’s impossible for the U.S. to give you worse terms than the EU does every day of the year. Go fly a kite.

    “US Teachers Are Again Opening Up Their Wallets to Buy School Supplies (EPI)”

    Certainly happens throughout the United States. Hey wait: if citizens are volunteering to get normal tasks done, what do we need the government for? Since I’m volunteering more money, where did my tax money go? Says every citizen ever, 60 seconds after they build a program and let government/bureaucrats run it.

    Hey wait! In that chart the exact states that are taxed highest for school supplies are the exact states that aren’t getting them. Isn’t that weird? It’s almost like more government = less accountability and efficiency. Who knew except every citizen ever?

    “Wildlife Meeting Backs More Protection for Giraffes (AFP)”

    Talk to the bankers in the Western financial system. They set it so Africa has to get more money colonially extracted from the continent. To get this money, they have to farm more land grind more peasants, and therefore clear more wilderness. Result: print money to hand out for private submarines and private island pedo parties on one end, total extinction of wild species on the other. (PS, Africa also plays along instead of defending themselves) It’s like a win-win! It’s never not a good day for murder of all living things! #AntiLogos …And nothing to do with AGW, giraffes, or poachers. They’re all collateral consequence.

    “Bolsonaro Burns Down the Amazon (G.)”

    Bolsonaro got there like six months ago, what could he possibly have done by now? Unless you think He’s driving out there with petrol and matches, the way they accuse DJT. If Brazilians didn’t approve of it, they would also ignore whatever he says, like the rest of us citizens do everywhere else.

    “Time to boycott Brazil” Belgium. Fixed it.

    Europe and everyone can cut down all the trees they want, build all the malls, mine all the mountains, it’s fine! But when OTHER guys that I don’t have to pay for try to make a living, O M G They’z evil!!!! We’re all gonna die!!! If you want trees, then dig up your parking lots and YOU plant them. Level Berlin and Stockholm and plant some pines if you care so much. But they don’t care. They just want somebody else to suffer so they can click on a computer shopping for drone-delivery, dump the triple-packaging on China, and watch Netflix while other guys somewhere else do the real work. Oh, see above, about Giraffes for why after 200 years Brazil is forced to do this. Hey, how’d they get in debt? Who holds the debt? Why aren’t they on the beach in Rio and fishing in small boats before the afternoon siesta? Junker, Powell, Carney, Macron, Draghi…

    Why do farmers demand RoundUp? Because they’re so ground up, if their profits drop 2% they lose the farm their fathers had for 200 years. Who made that happen? Junker, Powell, Carney, Macron, Draghi…when they aren’t out killing giraffes.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 22 2019 #49327

    Dr. D

    “Trump’s Idiotic, Immoral Rhetorical Attack On Denmark (WE)”

    Following from Denmark yesterday, apparently they said, “No thank you, we are siding with Europe, NATO, and your CIA/DS enemies. We will not negotiate.” To which Cheeto says, “Thank you very much for being direct, we will proceed accordingly.” …And that part was public.

    My interest is, so according to media like the Washington Examiner, they were mad that Trump was coming, they don’t like him, and it cost a lot of money and trouble, but they ALSO are mad when he DOESN’T visit, and SAVES them all that money and trouble. Sounds like you just are irrational children who like being mad. …No reflection on the Danes, here, just the reporting.

    And as usual, fact-free reporting, “Washington Examiner, We Make S—t Up™” “in light of insults Trump directed at the Danish prime minister.” Okay, what insults? That’s the “What” in “Who What, Where, When, Why, and sometimes, How.” More arcane, “Trump’s words are also immoral.” How? To say no thank you? Immoral to try to own a ‘continent’ whose major industry is already our military base? Why? Just ‘cause. Orange Man Bad. Meanwhile, as I say every day, Trump is ACTUALLY doing ACTUAL things, like dropping those “beautiful bombs” in 5 nations we have no authority to occupy, supporting tyrrantical regimes killing their own people and the civilians of Yemen, refusing declassification of public documents, dereliction of duty by refusing to prosecute open crimes and sometimes sedition, prosecuting Assange against the 1st Amendment. …But you see, the Media and Washington Examiner LIKE all that stuff. So you have the strange situation of attacking all the things he DIDN’T do, and NOT attacking all the things he DOES do, which are, in fact, impeachable. Okay then. You lose.

    “WHO Claims Microplastics in Water Not Harmful to Humans (G.)”

    This is the same ‘science’ that claims RoundUp is as safe as water. And they wonder why I pick on them and no one believes them anymore. Guess what? You’re now the buffalo rattle shamans on top of the cargo-cult volcano. That’s what happens when you don’t do your job and lie continuously for 40 years, protecting your peers when they fabricate data and let 300 random-word articles get printed in your journals, including a word-swapped “Mein Kampf”. Congratulations, Science, you’re now the joke of planet earth, and rightfully so. Clean up your act.

    I wouldn’t worry though: Nature herself will solve the plastic problem, but you might not like it.

    “The Dog Whistle Heard Around the World (RIA)”

    Now that RussiaRussiaRussia™ is dead (although the NYT takes credit for their awesome, correct reporting), they’ve moved to a more desperate play: “How much would a recession hurt Donald Trump.” Now even before this, Democrat Bill Maher said he’d like a recession that would hurt every worker and brown person in the U.S. from sheer spite, just to unseat Cheeto, despite that it’s super easy and a lot nicer just to win the election like a normal person. But here we are. Recession news everywhere, trying to scare a recession into being. Okay. Well, when the economy dislocates and investment flees to safety it won’t be a good economy – we don’t have a good economy even now – but it will LOOK like one, and the DNC and media will be wrong and look like fools again. TDS. Meanwhile they COULD claim to be for working people, I mean, just lie! Win the election, remain a viable political party and move on. But no. There’s never a worker or brown person they won’t attack. /opinion, and /despair.

    “White House Preps GOP Elite for “Mild Recession” Before Election Day (ZH)”

    Yes, Mnuchin has over-extended the Dow rigging and they need a scare to reset the mechanism. They have 17,000 points of margin to do that. We’re at 26,000, it hasn’t even started, and already rates are lowering and he’s cutting taxes for stimulus. Think he might have this planned into Nov 2020? And that’s above the world crisis he could spark if he wants to flush money into Dow/US$. Hard to say we’re in Recession with a Dow at 40k. (although it’s absolutely possible. We’re in one now at 26k)

    “Johnson Accepts Merkel Challenge to Replace Irish Backstop in 30 Days (Ind.)”

    And if he just does this, what is Merkel going to do, attack and lock out Ireland? I think not.

    “France Dampens Brexit Deal Hopes as Johnson Visits (BBC)”

    The one thing you do see is that Merkel and Macron are both trying to cause as many problems as possible. …For Ireland. Congratulations.

    “More than two-thirds of the UK’s pharmaceutical imports come from the EU.”

    So the EU is planning to have no sales, no revenue, and thus no taxes from pure peevishness? Or do you think they can sell those drugs for profit to the U.K. just like now? Um, probably they can say, as in Idiocracy, “I like money, do you like money? Dude, we should totally hang out.” Or Merkel and Macron could try to kill everyone in Europe that doesn’t slavishly obey, which is much more fun. And people die! So that’s a double win!

    “Like Gibraltar, Greece must stick to EU rules”

    Why? No one else in Europe follows EU rules, ESPECIALLY about Greece. Remember no bailouts, no transfers, and 50 other things? U.N. provisions on torture war crimes? Refugees? There is no law. They do whatever they want. Just like everyone else.

    “MIT Professor Quits in Protest Over Lab Links to Epstein (AFP)”

    So you’re using evil money to do good and you want to stop that? By the way, if you take this posture, you can’t take money from any person who is imperfect or has ever done wrong. …Say from those evil ‘Capitalists’, who ‘extract’ money from workers and pollute the planet. …Or yourself. You’ve helped put microplastics into the environment, haven’t you Mr. Zuckerman? And contributed to offshore oil spill by heating your 2,000sq ft house instead of living under a bridge? Be careful where you start with this.

    “The Amazon is burning.”

    It’s only bad when the OTHER guy cuts HIS trees. When all of Western Europe, England, Connecticut, Maine, Oregon, Vancouver, Alberta, cut their trees to make pallets for Asia, that’s just business you know. A guy’s gotta eat. But when the Amazon, those other guys do it so THEY can eat, well! I never! How dare they eat! I’ve got an idea: start planting and recovering your OWN ecology so you have a leg to stand on before you start preaching about how the other guy needs to take in the shorts so YOU can have the thermostat at 82f, eating jerky on the couch, and watching your 70” TV.

    I’ll be over here eating lozenges talking myself hoarse begging people to plant so much as one apple tree their kids can eat and climb in. No takers, but a lot of guys clear cutting to the lot line and mowing down to bare earth. Later, when we’re in that Depression and your kids are thin, you can think of me.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 21 2019 #49312

    Dr. D

    “How Negative Interest Rates Screw Up the Economy (WS)”

    Late stage bubble blowing. “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion.” So none of this matters. Most likely, the world collapses first, and the core currency last. That means all capital worldwide will rush into the U.S. for safety, just like 1929. Dow 40,000 (or 30,000 at least), and US$ far too strong. But hey, it was always going to collapse from the minute you blew the gold standard, and this is how. –Count yourself lucky, since they both planned and in 2016 openly promised WWIII to do this reset instead, thus hiding the true plan and culprit.

    So anyway, his much feared negative rates won’t be long if they get here. We’ll sit down at a Plaza Accord and set relative currency rates, put trade back on a commodity basis, and erase the debt by running that only-reserve-that-is-worthless-and-connected-to-nothing, gold, to $20,000 to get reserves and pay the debt. But that requires something like trade-production parity, which the U.S. can only have if it hires a lot and China gets whacked. Why? Because failing a World War, which they are trying to start every day, that is the only thing that CAN happen. So it will. Mostly.

    “Gundlach Says Federal Reserve Has Lost Control (R.)”

    Yes, so as commanded, their rules require themselves to start the money fire hose. Chop Chop. Now did they lose control because Mnuchin is over in the Treasury rigging every market and price with the quadrillion in leverage from the ESF? Probably. Too bad, suckers. Don’t stress. It’ll all be over soon anyway, as above.

    “Bank Watchdogs Approve Rule to Loosen Ban On Risky Wall Street Trades (Hill)”

    Well golly, how are we going to have an adequately sized financial collapse to cause a world-wide currency reset if we don’t pull out some main beams? You know, like how the original Dodd-Frank, patented by E. Warren, put 100% of the derivatives cost – a trillion? A quadrillion? – right on U.S. savings accounts and taxpayers. Newsflash: we are not paying that. Not to be mean, we’re not paying it because it CANNOT BE PAID. By account holders, OR taxpayers. It will destroy the Fed, or even the U.S. to try. Therefore we, and everyone else, will renegotiate. If we DON’T, however, we will continue on being bled dry as the last 40 years and never recover our health. Or our Bill of Rights.

    “10 Declassified Russia Collusion Revelations Could Rock DC This Fall (Solomon)”

    But the NYT just said they covered this story super well! They won not one but TWO Pulitzer Prizes. Mr. Pulitzer, who started the Spanish-American war on equally fake, completely manufactured fake stories, and as a shill to billionaires for money and power, would be so proud. And yes, they are going to smack all these revelations into the 2020 election.

    “Italian PM Resigns, Denounces Salvini For Sinking Government (R.)”

    Step by step they gain power, and the EU loses and becomes bankrupt and irrelevant.

    “EU Rebuffs Boris Johnson’s Brexit Gambit (R.)”

    They can easily solve this should anyone want to. “See the Irish border? Okay boys, do whatever it is you’re doing now. I’ll be drinking tea.” But they WANT to kill Ireland in order to display their power. Which side? The EU , actually. The UK would be happy to get out of the problem by holding the Status Quo. So again, like Greece, the EU will kill any European, or their economy, at any time, for any reason. Oh, and always blame someone else. With friends like this…

    “China Could Overwhelm US Military In Asia In Hours – Report (CNN)”

    It would take hours? They think pretty highly of themselves. But okay, so if China can always have done this, why haven’t they?

    “US Will Act If Tanker Carrying Iranian Oil Delivers Oil: Pompeo (R.)”

    The U.S., pirates of the high seas, busybodying everybody’s business in every ship, plane or wallet, everywhere on planet earth. Doesn’t it just make you long for a world government where we can have much, much more of this and no escape? Paging the U.N.: piracy going on, illegal war crimes being committed, pick up the white phone, Dr. U.N. Oh wait: we’re their enforcement arm. The Blue hats couldn’t hold and occupy Cleveland. But they can rape and human traffic in Africa! Allies of OxFam.
    May be a theory with Greenland. So recently we heard the big scandal with CIA renditions worldwide, particularly Britain was enthusiastically torturing everyone against all international law. Well, it may be that Denmark was as well, supporting the U.S. actions and particularly flights, which landed where? Greenland. So negotiations go like this: “Hi! Denmark! Long time no see. Hey, I was just looking through this box of classified documents and gosh, wouldn’t you know it, there’s something super embarrassing to most of the endless politicians in Parliament and even to Denmark’s stellar reputation worldwide. But hey, let’s not go crazy or anything, it’s a trifle. Suppose you help us with a thing and we forget all about it, right?” Now is the thing the actual purchase of Greenland (why not?) or is it to hand over the flight-and-base records for the Trump/Military Intel’s arch enemy the CIA in Denmark/Greenland? Or something else? You decide.

    “Canada Election: Parties, Charities Warned Against Climate Change Ads (BBC)”

    What was that Dilbert cartoon? CEO says: “Opinions are treason.” Or as we say here, “When I want your opinion I’ll beat it out of you.” That’s freedom and democracy, you can do exactly what I say, exactly when I say it, and believe only exactly what I tell you to until I change my mind.

    This follows Facebook outlawing ads for “Women for Trump.” ‘Cause, Trump, I guess? And this is not election rigging as outlined Professor Robert Epstein about Google, which rigged 2-8 million votes. No. Not when our side does it. Then when we rig votes it’s peace, love, freedom and democracy. The end alwasy justifies the means. My side right or wrong.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 19 2019 #49281

    Dr. D

    ““[t]hey’re worried about their jobs, they’re worried about access to health care…”

    Yes, and since NAFTA and Obamacare, it’s gotten so, so much worse. Thanks guys. What new plan do you have this time, seeing as the last hundred years in a row you ‘helped’ you destroyed everybody except San Fran and Brooklyn? Why do you think South Bend is such a collapsing ruin out of Sci Fi (like Atlas Shrugged) that Buttigieg had to level all the poor black neighborhoods to build a casino? Did that happen before that Giant Sucking Sound? But don’t worry. They’re going to help us all right to death, and have got a good head start on it. But not this time. This ONE time it’ll all work.

    “Trump: Purchasing Greenland ‘Strategically’ Interesting (Hill)”

    To me this says he expects Europe to be in crisis within his 5 year time window. He’s setting the stage for Denmark to buy their way out, and cut their expenses in supporting Greenland, as I don’t believe they’re self-sufficient. Can’t hurt to try. With today’s technology of underground bunkers, it’s very different to work there than centuries past.

    “Yesterday the press was talking about thousands of protesters. There were 1.7 million.”

    Ah, so I guess they’re getting their facts from CNN?

    “It would be the end of Hong Kong as a trade and finance hub.”

    Although Hong Kong is one of the few places they have adequate CIA/MI6 in, this is particularly relevant. It’s not just about creating trouble, but a specific kind. They also can’t convert a new financial center in anything like the necessary time. It’s organic and can’t just be ordered.

    “‘Operation Yellowhammer’ Documents Reveal Brexit ‘Worst Case Scenario’ (NW)”

    “We shall surrender on the beaches, we shall surrender in the mountains…we shall never, never have sovereignty and self-determination…”

    “UK Elderly in Severe Poverty up Fivefold Since 1986 (G.)”

    Ah, the joys of inflation. Inflation and the utter mismanagement of Britain such that the Pound falls from 5:1 to 1:1. But since you not only STEAL that money from the elderly but KILL them all too, well, that’s just worth everything, isn’t it?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 18 2019 #49264

    Dr. D

    “History suggests that on average a recession begins 22 months after a yield curve inversion. It’s not until about 18 months after an inversion that the stock market turns negative. Yet Bank of America Merrill Lynch numbers indicate that we have less time.

    Perfect for the election, except, we’ve been in a recession the whole time, and most quarters since ‘00. It’s just the cover up and rigging that’s being overwhelmed.

    I guess seen that way, Great Depression, anyone? You know, where a generation lives under bridges in L.A., a generation lost in family formation, and a generation of hiding and “helping” that’s an expensive, catastrophic, complete failure? Yes.

    Well, the pretending is ending now, which will clear the markets. No one will like it, but unlike government helping, it will work.

    “US National Debt Spiked $363 billion in 2 Weeks, $1 Trillion in 12 Months (WS)”

    This is the ‘helping’. $1.5 Trillion a year. Now this is not all, as we know from the $20T missing in govt budgets plus the ‘off-budget’ one-time accounting, plus the FAASB changes that insure there is NOOOOOOOOOOOO government accounting ever again. Any dept. can hide any expense for any reason and call it ‘national security’, which is why democracies don’t have such things. But the exponential curve must increase, and at an increasing rate, now vertical for arguably 8 years, or they collapse. The Donald was installed by military intel to cope with the collapse/reset of that obvious curve, and negotiate our/everyone’s bankruptcy. He is being prevented because, how can they buy up the nation at 10c on the dollar and erase the Constitution if he does?

    “Who the heck is buying all this debt” … is becoming increasingly nerve-wracking”

    We are, in the PPT and ESF. We have been for years, but all the other nations had no other currency to go to. “It’s our currency but YOUR problem”,c. 1974. China had bailed FHA and crashed us way back when, and Operation Twist was just to cope with their flopping maturities. They already nuked us, financially. We just ate it like the Blob. Here’s the thing: after 100 years of open auctions, rigged by the back door in rate swaps and direct monetization Fed-to-Morgan bond purchases, now even THAT facade is dead. There is NO foreign bond buying. None. They moved the auctions to private, on a private phone call, to hide how bad it is. But as above, we’re in a vertical compounding set in 1971, or even 1963, and math doesn’t care. We can hold it off through direct Zimbabwe means, and are, but the clock is short and we’re here to negotiate the bankruptcy and reset. Worldwide. China bailed out three DeutscheBanks this month, so apparently our trade war is having an effect, and giving us leverage for later.

    “Prime Minister Boris Johnson … Westminster parliament cannot stop Brexit”

    Speaking of negotiating. The agreement is irrevocably screwed thanks to May’s “treason” but that’s what it is, he’s finally getting them to budge. A little. Probably won’t get much, but neither will it matter. The core currency drops last, so the EU will drop 1st or 2nd and make the UK look prescient. Then it won’t matter. Everyone will finally have bigger problems, and some dose of reality in their ninny little nonsense worlds.

    “The Gall of Ghislaine Maxwell”

    I wouldn’t call it gall. She’s doing some “In-n-Out” and getting photographed reading “A History of CIA Agents”in public. What do you think she’s saying, this daughter of Mossad who according to Acosta, was the world’s top “Intel” blackmail operation even low-life dummies like me knew about for 30 years, to say nothing of the FBI, CIA, MI6, and Prince Andrew’s security detail. (But Boy Scout Mueller let go on as child after child was raped.) So she is telling them, what, exactly? Since I’d bet 95% THOSE agencies already knew where she was and have been following her from house to house, friend to friend.

    “Hong Kongers Brave Rain To Join Anti-Government Rally (R.)”

    Looks like they finally got their “Umbrella Revolution”. Somehow someone on earth is still dumb enough to trust the Anglos while China masses tanks. They don’t have a Bill of Rights in China. Consider.

    “World’s Nations Gather To Tackle Wildlife Extinction Crisis (O.) “

    It’s those same nations ‘helping’ that set policies requiring the extinction of all life on earth that had never happened before. For tax revenue, ‘natch, as they can’t stop handing money to their friends.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 17 2019 #49242

    Dr. D

    • New York Times Admits ‘We Built Our Newsroom’ Around Russia Collusion Hoax (BB)

    Desperate to start civil war.

    • Members of the 10 Percent, Reporting for the One Percent (Taibbi)

    Desperate to start civil war.

    • Can The Phony Outrage; Bernie Is Right About MSM Bias (Salon)

    Desperate to start civil war.

    • The Yin and the Yang of It (Kunstler)

    Desperate to start civil war.

    • Just One In Three Britons Backs Crashing Out Of The EU On 31 October (Ind.)

    Desperate to start civil war (UK).

    • Boris Johnson To Head To Paris And Berlin In Bid To Break Brexit Deadlock (G.)

    Desperate to start civil war (UK)

    • No-Deal Brexit Edges Closer As Key Tories Refuse To Back Corbyn (G.)

    Desperate to start civil war (UK)

    • US Set To Give Huawei Another 90 Days To Buy From American Suppliers (R.)

    Desperate to start World War.

    • US Unveils Warrant To Seize Iranian Oil Tanker In Gibraltar Dispute (G.)

    Desperate to start World War.

    “Thor, Odinson, you have betrayed the express command of your king. Through your arrogance and stupidity you have opened these realms to the horror and desolation of war. You are unworthy of these realms, you are unworthy of these titles, you are unworthy…of the loved ones you have betrayed. I take from you your power…”

    –Thor 2011

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 15 2019 #49218

    Dr. D

    Speaking of bailing our Boeing and all-good-friends-of-mine:

    “Markopolos: GE Is “Bankruptcy Waiting To Happen”

    Both a major arms contractor and a major financial player, though less than before. What a coincidence. That financial vest strapped on and showing it to the taxpayers. “One wrong move and your wallet gets it. Right after the Constitution.”

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