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    Dr. D

    “In a defining move of his Presidency.”

    WaPo either has very, very low standards for the next 900 days, or a great sense of irony. Screwing the base for no discernible reason while they watch and are aware could indeed be a defining act for him and the party.

    “Showers the people”? Yeah, at $300/year I feel showered on alright. We have a term for that shower in America, and it starts with “gold.”

    “The American Rescue Plan Act is estimated to cost over $1.9 trillion through 2031, but the ultimate price tag could be twice as high”

    Failing or filling irony, this one seems to believe in positive bailouts while believing in the negative of paying for it. You know how they make fun of the GOP over the impossibility of “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps”? This is the Democratic version: that everyone can live at the expense of everybody else. Everybody, is going to pay everybody else’s taxes. But you make it up on the volume. Once I can’t math that high, the math just goes away.

    But: price. Hasn’t the Fed handed out $200B/mo since 2008 in just one program? That would be $2.4T we didn’t even discuss and we probably have five of these programs. Common knowledge of everyone says they just HAVE to hand the most money to the most richest, least useful group.

    “they’re a sign that the economy is getting back on track,”

    They very well might be. But that won’t change tripling the interest rates on $70T in America alone. And rates are what? Going to go to negative 20%? No. So what happens if rates aren’t local noise but start a cyclical reversal to somewhere higher, even a normal 5 – 8%? Yeah, the whole world explodes. Why?

    Well, bonds are safer (not true) and are essentially required by law (not smart). So funds would be thrilled to get out of stocks and balance their portfolio risk into bonds. Sooooo, stocks fall? Right. Okay, but again, not just locally. If stocks start falling people aren’t going to just sit around. They’re going to sell stocks and get cash. But they can’t just sit on dead cash, they buy bonds to clip a little interest. Bonds go up AGAIN. So rates rise AGAIN. So stocks are sold AGAIN. In an unstoppable feedback loop all the way to the moon. Da moon?

    Yes, in the 1970s, although you don’t see it on the charts, real purchasing power of the Dow fell 90%, wWhich is the standard average for bear markets. US Treasury Bonds rose to 20% to keep people from fleeing the utter disaster that was the U.S. system. And top gold trader Jim Sinclair, son of a top trader on par with Jesse Livermore, made from $40 to $880 on gold, 10x leverage, compounded, threw in the towel on the gold run, saying “It’s over, boys, 20% rates will suck money off the moon.” And so they did. Many people locked in a 20% US$ coupon and lived off the interest for 20 years.

    Next problem, so you should run to bonds, obviously. Duh. Stocks are falling. FALSE! Okay, so today you got ahead of the game you smart guy, sold out of Tesla at $100,000/ share or whatever it shouldn’t be today, bought a rising bond at 3%, and are sitting pretty. Except…

    Today your bond is 3% and worth, let’s say 90c, prorated to expiration in the future. So what if all the other bands around yours slowly begin to pay 6%? Why would anyone want your crappy, low-paying trash? And face-value of your bond crashes to 60c, because only a fool would buy a bond at 3% when they could get 6%. But THAT’S TRUE UNTIL THE CYCLE ENDS, at 20%, 50%, 100%, 100,000% wherever it is. No one can buys bonds of any type at the same time they can’t buy Stocks of any type. They’re “Certificates of Confiscation”, as they called them in the ‘70s. A guaranteed dead loss.

    So where do BOTH the stock market AND the bond market flee for safety? Historically, the Commodities market, which includes gold. So now we have the worst of all possible worlds: your STOCKS are tanking, your BONDS are tanking, and your costs are rising fast. And when that happens, the economy craters and comes unhinged. No one has money, you can’t get loans. That’s the “Misery Index” from the ‘70s, Inflation + Unemployment. The only good thing is that commodity markets are 1/3 the length of stock and bond markets, and are over in ~10 years. The other great thing is that they transfer all national wealth to speculators and insiders, so only the rich get rich. The poor fall to a desperate, sub-Stone Age state. Which is why oligarchs run inflations in Argentina, Venezuela, etc. as much as possible, perpetually in fact.

    Hey, wasn’t Mr. Gates just buying some of that farmland that makes those imminent rising prices? And establishing UBI (so you don’t go hang him), while introducing shortages, rationing, and price controls last year? But that is a coincidence, and not suspicious at all. I’d rather hang him for several levels of mass murder (plus the world’s worst operating system) but that needs to be adjudicated in a court of law.

    So food rises, oil might even rise, economy crashes. These inflations are NOT from health and speed nearly ever. They are always in the worst, most ruined, and unfree, central controlled economies, like Zimbabwe. But all the money printed, all the money “made” in stocks and bonds is now trying to get on the 5 lifeboats of the Titanic: Silver, gold, real estate, oil, inventory, and Bitcoin.

    So it doesn’t matter Mrs Yellen, if it’s the wondr’us success of the vaccine Biden invented. If rates rise, it ends. Worldwide. We have an Economic Reset. Maybe you’ve heard that phrase before. So they’re going to hand that reset to serial failures and fraudsters like McKinsey. Technocrats: killing all life on earth since 1930. So clearly the answer is to give them more power and ourselves less.

    “US Covid Cases Continue to Decline after Brief Plateau (JTN)”

    Because Vitamin D, so seasonal, peaking the day of winter +2 week lag. Because PCR now down to 30. Because lockdowns end so people go out.

    “Connecticut Lifting All Covid-19 Capacity Restrictions On Businesses (F.)”

    Didn’t get to see a Congressman cry, but did get to see Fauci (nearly) cry, which is almost as good. “Mr. Governor, DO NOT tear down this wall!!!” When nothing has happened, and he changes his mind hourly. I mean, I literally do not know what the rules are, actual, practiced, or theoretical. No one can keep up. But luckily it makes no different since none of them are based on science. The virus sleeps after 10pm, and only happens in restaurant doorways, not at tables. And only for peasants, in coach, never for Lords in 1st class. That’s just common sense. Which Fauci several times this month said we are using instead of science.

    “customers’ Microsoft Exchange servers.”

    Well there’s your first problem. Gates never saw a virus he didn’t like. 5-to-1 it’s Microsoft themselves or the U.S. services using their own built-in back doors instead. Does no one read Snowden? It’s not rocket science. It’s very very easy. 1) open document 2) read words. Alphabet = lies. 4A = violated. Now reclaim your humanity and go do something about it. Oh, also it would be more likely for CIA to do this simply to CAUSE a war (tensions) with China than vice-versa.

    “Bitcoin Could Soon Run Head First Into US Money Laundering Laws (ZH)”

    Top and almost only money laundering medium worldwide is the US$. Yellen’s got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do. But in any case, they’ll never outlaw it. How will Senators make briefcase payoffs and buy gay prostitutes? They’re not going to outlaw themselves, you know. There’ll be something and it won’t be Tide Pods.

    “ The Dark Side Of “Eating Lower On The Food Chain” (Turchin)”

    Yes, cancel meat is a health-destroying scam. It’s yet more complicated. It may not be the “thing”, but that veg oils are GMO, soy has estrogen and hormone as well as other bad elements, rapeseed oils (and non-virgin oil) are poison-processed in a chemical factory, wheat is sprayed with glyphosate a day before eating, wheat is bred into an unnatural protein gene for appetite stimulant and gluten intolerance, peanuts are stored in elevators with trace fungus toxins, and so on. You COULD, most probably eat any of these in their non-deadly state. Paleo just happens to go around the majors. They will add a new deadly poison, in lab meat or something, and the fad diet cycle starts all over again.

    Denninger has a stellar post on his night and day reversal from eliminating most carbs. They are causing “inflammation” which obesity is one response. I believe it from my experience, but haven’t knuckled down to do the uncomfortable myself. Maybe this week.

    As I wrote in Cows and Acres and elsewhere, everyone loves cows, animals, and they are far more adaptable, out of the factory concentration camp methods, if they are done small scale, the way we know they should. If we don’t, they will all go extinct, which is the plan from the Schmarty-pants technocrats. But our dependence and interaction with other living things and environment is very complex and not one-dimensional, which is why the mentally-ill like them cannot understand it.

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    Dr. D

    Listening to a new word cloud: “People Velocity”. Now that’s related to monetary velocity, which as we’ve noticed allows you to print $1T/mo for a couple years and not spark hyperinflation…and therefore the end of the juicy, juicy power structure.

    “People Velocity” was used in relation to Covid, where the economy stall has monetary effects, which is what Powell is complaining about right now: any release will cause “transient” inflation. “Transient?”, really? Ohhhhhhhhh, maybe really. Why are they heck for leather to get an irrational, unscientific, unnecessary vaccine passport? And who are these “Technocrats” anyway?

    “Guardian Promotes “Global Lockdown” Every Two Years To Combat Climate Change”

    Yup. So…new plan. Keep printing money and handing to my friends. But NOW, if it starts inflation with the masses, we have a disease, an ecology…whatever, I could really care less what it is, that’s what I pay Facebook and Madison Avenue for… then we LOCK DOWN, stop “People Velocity” and thereby stop “Monetary Velocity”. Inflation. Or inflation that imperils my private jet to St. James. That’s why it has to go on forever.

    Technocrats said they would do this in 1930 in their magazine. The million-man subscription that like Eugenics, was all the rage with Universities, CEOs, you know: the smart set. However, the Soviet experiment set up proved they could NOT match production to consumption with central planning. And both killed 300M people AND collapsed in ignominy. Naturally the last part is the only bad part. Embarrassment.

    But now they have computers!!! And THIS TIME IT’S DIFFERENT. Our alien ant farm techno-Utopia will work at last. We have exact accounting of production, of shipping, and demand, via Amazon, or purchases, of banking, of electricity use, a tricky one, and a currency that makes it all possible, one that YOU CAN’T SAVE. All money, digital, now goes to zero every payday, every two weeks. It’s called “inflation.” So also no naughty revolutions, you won’t have the stuff, ha ha. Not a day’s food, not a minute’s power. Perfect harmony: supply, demand matched minute by minute. Man finally put in bounds. Ecological paradise.

    So here’s the thing: Lockdowns are “People Velocity.” Too much velocity, screwing up Utopia, we call a lockdown on it, on you, on money, on humanity. Any time we want.

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    Dr. D

    Arles is no doubt a strip mall now. Google Earth it.

    “Prof Andrew Hayward, a member of the UK government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), has said society will have to live with a degree of mortality that will be “substantial”, but added that we will “get back to normal”

    And where has he been since I said this in January 2020? Why is every uneducated troll living under a bridge like me smarter than every expert who ever lived? Because normal people can see and interact with a thing we call “reality”, not just their own minds. As the Buddhists would say, Moha, “delusion”. The more mind you have, the more delusion. When you work at the car shop and ride 4 wheelers, it’s all contact, all real world, less delusion. Back to when FDR decided we all get rich and end hunger by plowing under crops. And any 2-plow pair of jackasses were smarter than that and refused to plow them under. That was his “Brain Trust”. Haaaavard. And those guys were certified geniuses compared to the mouth-breathing inbred morons deciding things now.

    Anyway, so I’m glad a Professor and Scientist can finally see what any moron, every curry-shop dishwasher in Blackpool figured out a year ago. And screamed about. And were arrested for. Better late than never.

    “we have a vaccine that definitely has no side effects..”

    RussiaRussiaRussia. We’ll kill half a million people before we allow Russia to sell their vaccine.

    “trial published on Thursday in the journal JAMA.”

    Am I impressed when The Lancet published and entirely, totally false, totally exposed debunked research almost a year ago? Nope. They’re “Experts”, no matter who they kill, how many millions, personal family members, we keep going back. 10,000 mass murderers are not discredited, much less arrested. Having printed Vioxx and the Statin hoax, JAMA is no different.

    “vaccine passport system that would allow the return to pre-Covid-19 activities,”

    “Professor,” proving my point. As others here have said, if A) the virus is everywhere, B) with variants, C) with vaccines for everyone who needs one D) that work, then OBVIOUSLY there is NO POSSIBLE need for said passport. EVERYONE is already safe, with or without “papers please.” A PhD cannot figure this out. 1 + 1 + 1 equals? “I obey any authority. Submit or die.” Sorry, Doc, that is not a number, it’s a non sequitur. Same Professors that hyperventilate to approve 90% bills that have nothing to do with Covid or economy, but are bribes and political payoffs.

    these Democrats … have wimped out”

    As Jimmy Dore says every day. It’s a scam, they are screwing you with intentional betrayal, failure, and double-cross, which is what they need co-WWE-wrestlers in there to create the theatre like McConnell. But as I wrote in “Political Ironies” this betrayal, reversal, this LIE, is 100% of the time. Apparently if you want something, vote the guy who says the opposite.

    “The Myths Of Green Energy (CHS)”

    As Kunstler says, they’re going to go medieval. If we weren’t lying with every breath about what that was like, we wouldn’t mind so much and enjoy a break from the mindless coke-fueled hysteria we live now where people on private jets poison every brook and pave everything. Instead, they believe if you go backward, you take all. If you light a candlestick, you must own a slave. If you hire people in manufacturing, you must light the Cuyahoga river on fire. If you ride a horse, you will get the Black Plague. If you cruise in a 1954 Lincoln, you are required to install separate water fountains. I kid you not this is the VERY FIRST thing out of people’s mouths when you want to de-energize the Religion of Progress. Like other religions, apparently they are very, very mentally ill, because otherwise, how are these things even related?

    “Inaction is simply not an option..”

    Nice quote, but inaction is not only an option, it’s an inevitability. This is government we’re talking about. Inaction is their default setting 99% of days. Besides, Joe needs those kids since he’s re-authorized human trafficking. So…they are complaining they haven’t released kids in 72 hours.

    To WHERE????????????????

    I wouldn’t hold runaways for truancy, then release them into South Bronx or worse, San Frio St, San Antonio. So you have 3 choices: 1) hold them together in concentration camps. 2) hold them separately in cages 3) Have no border and let everyone go. Or 4, what conservatives say, have a border, a wall if necessary, and re-deport them to stop the incentive and the people flow, cut off human trafficking, and stop 100 people with medieval diseases or even Covid from being released into the population throughout Texas. Nah. Importing medieval diseases and encouraging profits from human trafficking is pure love. Stopping it would be mean.

    Anyway, so you have to release the kids, but have no adults whatsoever, and don’t know if those adults are at all related, but less not child-pimps and traffickers? Explain to me how this works.

    “Legislature Strips Cuomo of Emergency Powers (ZH)”

    All GOP claimed to be gone, in disarray, but it’s easier than ever to remove Poster child DNC Presidential candidates for mass-murder, or far worse, inappropriate comments? I know they eat their own, but really. No idea where this pressure is coming from, and that is really strange. I assume it’s from some impossibly wide coalition like NY Business association, i.e. everyone. You know, plus his old enemies and new power-maniacs making a play.

    “US, Allies Drop 46 Bombs Per Day for 20 Years (MPN)”

    As Russell Brand says, apparently this is non-denominational, both parties overwhelmingly approve. The people vote it out each time, which is why they get more.

    And the “rocket attack” now from Iraq, next article. Three whole rockets? Why haven’t we re-invaded? Clearly, this violence cannot stand, as the Dude said.

    Neoclassical Economics III: A Machine to Destroy the World (RWER)”

    The people show over and over again they don’t want this. They are not the yeast, the germs in the petri dish. So who is? Who passes the laws, prints the money, defends the economics, harvests the earth? Ravi Balasubramanian? Won Lee? Joe the Plumber? Or non-doctor Gates and non-doctor Jill?

    “The Catholic church promotes UBI.”

    Which only proves the claim we have an anti-pope. A) Catholics CREATE value, through work, as Adam did from his brow and Paul did from his tentmaking. B) Catholics duty to CHARITY is VOLUNTARY, their Christian impulse, and are abdicating their duty, their expression, their religion, in favor of outsourcing it to raw violence, i.e. the power of the state. Then they can keep all those gold statues and un-taxed palaces and stop having to smell poor people stinking it up. It’s wrong and anti-dogma from every angle. Many say this, e.g. in Obamacare, forcing death, outlawing Catholic Hospitals, and are shouted down as unthinking bigots, because no one will “ask them” for a “statement” and “listen.” It’s just too hard. How can I hate them like I already decided to if they have a human point of view? Better to “Other” them so my ego stays unchecked.

    From Docktor’s point of view: Great! You know where the money is going to. Now where is it coming FROM? Who controls it? It comes FROM hard work, that is the only place things come from. It’s being controlled by a Club of Insiders and apparatchiks, those are the only controllers. And you ain’t in the Club. Therefore you’re being beaten with it. Duuuuuuuh. Don’t vote your own hard work away. Haven’t you noticed who the people are you’re handing it to?

    “You’ll own nothing”… because WE will own EVERYTHING. And if you cross us, we own your food and medicine, your house, your wife, your children, because we believe in power and prisons, not the ridiculous “rights of man.” “Neo,” meaning new. “Feudal” meaning F’d.

    The Dr. Seuss book is too simple. They wouldn’t get it. The political irony I guess is that someone can write a joke that direct, pointed, and obvious, and it still won’t sink through.

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    Dr. D

    Madam: holy smokes that’s crazy! The poster child of we-said-it-so-it’s-true insanity.

    Yeah, I’m sure these same scientists, who say we’re all mindless victims of evolution and our Neanderthal heritage, now say in 90 days humans no longer need touching, society, interaction. Nope, nope, nope! They’ve intermediated and monetized work, child rearing, trading, thining, knowing, talking, clubs, and now friendship, and all communication whatsoever. Talk about lack of collateral for hypothecation of an exponential function! I’d say I’ll be sure to tell my kids but they’d already rather text than speak to me.

    And now on to the REAL news, what’s happening in the bond market that will move every other action on earth, and post haste.

    UST 30-year is over 3%, UST10 is over 1.6% and yet shorting liquidity is negative 4%. No, for a change I don’t claim to understand this. But the bond market sets the price for money which sets the price for everything. Next thing to keep in mind is, if the markets rock, which seems likely, even for Powell to take another crack at Bailout: Infinitity, then the US$ will STRENGTHEN sharply and kill every emerging market on earth, harvest them, and also hammer cryptos and stocks. The core currency falls LAST. These appear to be the stresses that are slipping right now.

    This will eclipse covid or even war. But it will put you in mind to get food from Mr. Gates as inflation suddenly begins.

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    Dr. D

    “Covid Vaccine Ads Aim to Influence without Alienating People (G.)”

    Covid advertisements advertise, they do not not advertise. Sad panda is sad.

    Why does nobody but AWFLs who sucked 90% of the money out of 90% of the counties and killed 6 million brown people overseas trust Big Daddy Government and slave-harvesting MNCs?

    ” WHO Inspectors ‘To Scrap Interim Report’ on Probe of COVID Origin (AlJ)”

    A year later and they still don’t even have a PROBE. While the U.N. bioweapons treaty scientist said it was manmade in weeks. Ban! We NON-scientists, NON-doctors at Google and Facebook make all the medical and scientific conclusions on behalf of the doctors. The ones we know they really MEANT to say, comrade, except they are black White Supremacists and Nazi Russian bots. (Do I have to add here that Russians and Nazis are ALSO as opposite as Black White supremacists? Apparently yes.)

    “If you lined up all the economists end to end, they still wouldn’t reach a conclusion”

    Apparently the same is true of every chemical and biological weapons accusation investigator. 10 years now since Syria, and they only thing they found UN OPCW is nothing. Bellingcat’s still going though, still supported by BBC/Reuters/MI6 merger, and Biden/Raytheon/Exxon merger starting new bombing and blowing up 3 regional Nobel treaties.

    “Majority of Brits Say They Will “Miss” Some or Many Aspects of Lockdown (SN)”

    Simply shows that humans are adaptable and try to make the best of any situation.

    “Capitol Police Requests National Guard Past March 12 (F.)”

    That’s odd. Pelosi said she didn’t WANT 10,000 guard members there only last month. Racist Wall that don’t work isn’t who we are. But if it costs money and doesn’t work, we’re the government and we’re all over it. The only possible add is that it destroys all human rights, so, lock.

    Speaking of what won’t work:
    “White House Weighs Minimum Wage Negotiations with Republicans (Pol.)”

    The US$ has lost 99% of its value since 1913, and we wonder why wages should rise? Who makes money when money is printed? Is that somehow related to how financiers have the largest wealth gap in the history of the world? Hey: let’s do MORE! Moar government! Moar helping! There are still a few workers and children left alive somewhere, but we can fix that.

    Bonus: Powell says there is inflation. Rates come unhinged on cue, giving him a crisis he can use to grab more power and profit, make more poor folks.

    “Even if Democrats were to eliminate the filibuster, they would still need Manchin’s stamp of approval for virtually all legislation,”

    Whiskey Tango? Or any of the other 49 Senators. Wtf is Manchin? Compromise like Congress has for 240 years, Parliament did for 400 years before that, and you’ve got no problem at all. Is everyone literally this illiterate and illogical? What they’re saying is that they’re ramming through enormously unpopular legislation on half the country, legislation so bad that not only can they not only not get a single opposing members to sign, but not even their own people. That’s Democracy, quite literally. 51% trampling the 49%. We passed a law saying we could rape your daughters, 51%-49% Now it’s law! There are no protected rights for the minority like in a Republic. Because we’re against minorities! Democracies also reverse daily as the winds blow, as we see here. Today’s Wheel of Fauci? Two masks in California, except I see all their own officials wear only one, if any. Tomorrow, anyone’s guess. We’ll vote on what reality is then.

    “Where is all that money going?”

    BLM’s website said it was going to destroy America, install communism, and to erase the heteronormative family. I mean, doesn’t anybody read anymore? 1. Click. 2. Page appears with words on it. 3. Read words into brain. 4. Question answered. They were also bailing out arsonists and pedophiles and being the fundraising arm of anti-Progressive known racists like Biden, who is on camera saying “we don’t need to n—-r mayors,” and just recently, that Black folks are too stupid to use a computer.

    Offensive? You bet they are. So I hope you are. This is what they said about voting rights. Just another day in the land of Love. You didn’t think they were going to give that money to police violence did you? No, you misunderstand it was FOR police violence, like Kamala rounding up innocent black children, imprisoning them, and telling the judge she’d never let them out even with a court order ‘cause corporations merged with the state needed them to fight deadly forest fires at $1/hour. THAT’S what BLM stand for. Mission Accomplished. 1. Click. 2. Page appears with words on it. 3. Read words into brain. 4. Question answered. Oh I forgot: 5. Deny every word you read and say it isn’t true. #RealityOptional

    “Top song of 2020: Wet A– P—y” On public radio, Good for kids!
    Dr. Seuss 2020? Banned. Even private copies and private sales.”

    Must have been that rousing approval by Black President Obama that did it. Every candidate he endorsed was immediately defeated.

    Again, when was the last time the people banning and burning books, rounding people up and deplatforming them, ending all human rights and disarming them were the good guys?

    Humanity is almost certainly improving. We don’t have to have Leviticus warnings at this point, “Don’t kill your infant daughters by burying them alive in the sand,” etc. However, the improvement is a cycle, a spiral. Since we are against all laws, all rules, all restraint, and all truth everywhere, it’s little wonder our present experience is poor. It will improve, but a lot slower than most of us can stand. My problem isn’t that they bear improvement or are slow. My problem is that they cannot, will not leave me alone. No matter where I go, what I do, what I say, they will chase me down and start “helping”. Helping me to be a Borg-cube clone of conformity like them. Ignorance is Strength. Resistance is Futile. Exterminate.

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    Dr. D

    Speaking of Lee Camp (who I respect), here’s another ultra-leftist that sounds just like Herr Docktor.

    (Russell Brand. He wanders so you may need to take his channel more as a collective body)

    How can that be? Could it be the world isn’t Left-Right, but Insiders-Outsiders? Boot-licking toadies vs and Working Independents? Yes, and our nation was founded on that principle: LIBERTY (Freedom + Responsibility) vs Everybody Else. Now it’s the also-rans and the concept of Liberty and Work is politically homeless. At least until Mitch McConnell is drummed from office and back into the Chinese trust fund he crawled out of.

    But here’s the ad: YOU CAN HAVE LIBERTY. Just do it, right now. Just act it. Stop chatting on EvilCorp. Stop shopping at EvilCorp. Stop voting for EvilCorp. Stop banking at EvilCorp. Don’t use EvilCorp’s money. Boom, they collapse, you’re in charge. Lee Camp’s $13,000 blood-money-funnel stops cold. SachsSquid fails. But you won’t. You’ll tell SOMEBODY ELSE to do it. Government, funded by EvilCorp, is going to stop EvilCorp on your behalf, you wait-and-see-this-time-mister. What can I do with you? You’re all still on the internet, not using Bitcoin (or a freer, privater alternative) If you weren’t here, I wouldn’t have to be. We’d be bowling in person after throwing hay.

    “Joe Biden Just Yanked Away Stimulus Checks From 17 Million Americans (Week)”

    Yup, but more amazingly, they yanked the microphone away from HIM. Who? Who shut off his mike in his own press conference? No one knows. Which means no one knows who’s running the government. Not Joe, apparently not Harris either. I think it’s Psaki. She’s sneaky that way, you wouldn’t see it coming. This was likewise the end of the USSR, and made the USSA super antsy at the time.

    “focused on whether FBI executives knowingly and unlawfully misled the FISA court and Congress”

    Which everybody on the planet already knows without subpoena power. The question is, what are you going to DO about it?

    “This is how common knowledge happens.”

    Only for people whose reality is formed on the basis of popularity. For the rest of us who have real jobs, or are engineers, knowledge is truth, physics, not fashion.

    “No Shots Fired by Rioters, No Firearms Recovered During Siege on Capitol (JTN)”

    This is how we know it was the biggest thing ever, bigger than 911 and all Republicans should be rounded up, reeducated, and shot on sight. What is it about their “Reality” “Common Knowledge” that’s based solely on what people talk about? That is run by 20 magazine editors? Which are owned by 6 billionaires who call them at 4 am each morning for talking points? Seriously, people? Yes, dead serious. Serious psychosis, as serious as dementia and schizophrenia combined.

    Other news: Cheeto requested 10,000 National Guard for 1/6 with Pelosi, who overruled it. Capital Police backup denied 6 times. She said it would have bad optics. Bad optics like when you erected the 40-foot fence of Pelosi immediately after? That kind of bad optics? ‘Cause I’m having a hard time believing you here. And where are those 6 camera-fed pipe bombs? And where is the $75,000 CNN paid to Mr. Sullivan to break Capitol windows and film it? Poof. Gone. Not in the 4am talking points, so not in the AI word-cloud. Therefore Reality doesn’t exist. Unreality DOES exist.

    “use of chemical weapons and abuse of human rights have severe consequences,”

    We’re going to cut off more stuff we don’t have and never sent before, see-if-we-don’t. You’re denied fairy dust, denied unicorns, denied Dick Cheney’s heart, denied, denied, denied!!! We are clearly the most laughable clown nation that ever was. I could not possibly bring it down faster than they are doing already.

    Agree that Cait is a good read. I almost only read people I disagree with. Because that’s everyone. But anything breaking up the standard bubble (politics VS science VS economics VS…) leads to freedom and the new like she does.

    “Iran Wants War” Yes, but they are now PINK military bases. That means they are filled with love drones and love bombs. Just like back home.

    “Democrats are taking us from Trump’s world to Orwell’s.”

    Joke: “Biden is erecting a monument to George Orwell.”
    “Really? Where?”
    “A: Everywhere.”

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    Dr. D

    “I think it’s a big mistake…It’s critical, critical, critical that they follow the science…”

    Irony is, they’re the ones who are following science, clearly not WHO and Fauci. But the “Big Mistake”? They said that about the FL Superbowl. Guess what? Nada. Nuttin’. Zip. …Don’t worry, reality has no effect on t hem. Clearly. After 400 days of being totally, completely dead wrong. Dead as in “The top CDC recommendation is to murder 15,000 people and lie about it, feloniously lie about the records. This is the model for the nation to follow.” Says CDC/Fauci about NY. Note killing 15,000 people is NOT Neanderthal thinking. That’s Progressive. Pure love.

    Hundreds of millions have now been through a full year of government-imposed tyranny on both a federal and state level.”

    And it did literally, provably nothing. In fact, all states were better than NY. I hope they learned something, but looking around, apparently not. They learned they want MOAR tyranny, MOAR poverty, oppression, murder, MOAR attacking, deplatforming, arresting neighbors. MOAR mentally ill children and seniors dying hopeless and alone. More of everything, except life and humanity. Tolerance, forbearance, forgiveness, understanding.

    Instead? “The War on ‘Misinformation’ Claims Two Victims (Pfeiffer)” Ban all doctors, nurses, governments, all speech in general. Submit or die. Your kids in the woodchipper.

    Injuries Reported to CDC After COVID Vaccines Climb by 4,000 in One Week (CHD)”

    So the cure is now provably more dangerous than the 99.997% safe disease?

    “fabrications by FT reporters; Bloomberg and Reuters too.”

    Hey, are these the guys that bid on propaganda contracts with MI6? Yes, so add the BBC to the “Always Lying™” “We Make s—t Up™” club

    “Turns out that no situation is urgent enough to compel the state to start actively pursuing something like” saving people’s lives, or not merging with corporations for power and profit.

    “We haven’t seen any evidence yet indicating whether or not they stop transmission.”

    If nobody’s sick, why would you care about transmission? A yawn has transmission. I don’t care about that either.

    P.S. There is no vaccine passport. That’s a Baseless Conspiracy Theory™.

    “lonely kids will be delighted to see this day come,”

    Wow, I guess we know the reporters at the Guardian are teacher-licking brown-nosing suckups who worship authority. But I said “The Guardian,” so… Normal kids would rather play in the stream outside. Besides, I find it impossible to believe they could be behind in school: there is NO possible educational method, even sitting home, that could teach you less material in more time, with more raw abuse, than the school system. It was specifically designed for this purpose and does it perfectly. But aren’t tests racist anyway? And math? And all institutions everywhere? So isn’t it less racist if they are all ignored and refused? Your logic, not mine. The only thing better would be to let them all run wild in the forest with pirates and Indians like the Lost Boys.

    “Self Harm Claims Among US Teenagers Increased 99% During Pandemic (F.)”

    Those teens are ALSO not playing in the creek since they would be abducted, raped, and killed. Parents have overwhelmingly approved of this since 1960 and have done nothing to stop it, and everything to encourage it. #Winning. Having a mother at home who could watch these things would be capitalist white heteronormative patriarchal oppression, and it’s better to have society fall apart and children neglected and killed. One must have priorities. Communism first, death rate last.

    Guessing from my 99-attempt post, that it doesn’t like word length, also doesn’t like a 2nd image (that was always flaky) and perhaps hash symbol and web links. It may see them as bot attempts. Cutting it to pieces and breaking the links made all postable, but not elegant.

    There are several ways to interpret the marshmallow test. One is that wealthier kids didn’t have parents that d—k with them and give them false promises all the time. Growing up with non-insane family gives one the edge to expand the time horizon with confidence. At the moment, I would fail it, since if A) Dr. Fauci B) Pope Francis C) Donald Trump D) Joe Biden promised me a marshmallow, I would DEFINITELY eat it on sight since I can GUARANTEE they would lie, cheat, and double-cross me faster than my arm can cross the desk. See what I mean? That would be totally, totally logical. The tests are WEIRD: Western, educated, industrialized, rich, and democratic, and presently, hilariously out of date, out of touch with modern norms. Cuttlefish don’t have that problem, and can therefore behave in a sane fashion, unlike the rest of us. …But the researchers will DEFINTELY double-cross them, just to see what happens. They’re scientists: therefore, they did lie, are lying, or about to lie. In writing. Then kill the cuttlefish and dissect it, not eat it, and throw it in the trash. #MentallyIll.

    “What can we do?”

    Arrest Cuomo and Fauci and give them the electric chair as a warning to others. Arrest all the governors and give them 5-10 for human rights violations. Class action Gates and Pfizer and bankrupt them until their fortunes are scattered to the 7 winds. …For a start. That’s all legal and would have already happened in a normal society that didn’t love death and lies more than breathing. I have other ideas, but these are a good start.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 3 2021 #70465
    Dr. D

    Ah, that was an epic saga in attempts for computers to shut down free/all speech. However, we own the programming and the power plug.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 3 2021 #70464
    Dr. D

    “I had naively thought that the STEM disciplines would be spared from this ideological takeover.”

    Like lemon-sucking church ladies, religious zealots like WOKE have to control EVERYTHING, tell EVERYONE what to do OR ELSE, in their bizarre, illogical Theocracy.

    (Image denied)

    St. Dolores. Non-gender-conforming Queen of taking Umbridge. For power and profit.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 3 2021 #70462
    Dr. D

    “Rents and Home Prices have Diverged”

    Are you for real kidding me right now? There’s a moratorium on rents and evictions. OBVIOUSLY there is no pricing or markets in rents. For that matter when you rig interest rates and fraudulently sell MBS on houses you don’t even have a title to in MERS, there’s no pricing in home sales either.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Big_Short_(film) By golly gee Chester, that was only SIX YEARS ago, and we all knew it was going on since 2002, TWENTY years ago. And he’s arguing “prices”? Please for the love of God, stop.

    (Denied denied denied.)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 3 2021 #70460
    Dr. D

    10 Stages of Genocide: https://www.hmd.org.uk/learn-about-the-holocaust-and-genocides/what-is-genocide/the-ten-stages-of-genocide/

    Arrest all opposition as they are no longer human. Put their kids in PBS camps and woodchippers. They’re burning books on religion and anti-racism. Are we on #9 or #10?

    (Still at it, every post denied.)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 3 2021 #70457
    Dr. D

    “The Goldilocks Stimulus Myth (Varoufakis)”

    Says a guy who wants the government to intervene in everything. Then describes how when the government rigs markets, prices, money, it all completely comes apart and kills everyone. But there’s a solution! More government!!! Just put me in charge of it! This time I just KNOW we won’t kill 300 Million people AGAIN.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 3 2021 #70450
    Dr. D

    “The EU doing what it does best. Be useless.”

    Governments. But we have a solution for them being totally useless and killing 15,000 people. More Government! Nationalized Health Care! National UBI of $600/year! National ration cards! National censorship departments for all human speech and children’s books too! Helping!!!!!!!!

    Israel: I assume this chart is attempting to prove vaccinating very, very few people in two cities goes faster than vaccinating a lotta-lotta people across 4 times zones. If so, you’ve made your point. It IS faster to vaccinate one person than 330 Million.

    “Warren’s Wealth Tax Would Cost 100 Richest Americans $78 Billion (Hill)”

    And anything like the last 100 years, EVERY. YEAR., it will make those same people $178 Billion in loopholes. Like WalMart. $15 minimum, because they know it will destroy all small-business completion, completely devastate the economy, bring employees to complete ruin, and so they’ll be able to do whatever they want to prices and wages later. Helping!!! Helping so much!!! See how progressive WalMart and Amazon are, while they destroy every family, pave every acre, and make employees wear an ankle monitor and pee in a bottle? Now that’s Pure Love. That’s your ProgressiveFuture. But at least we’ll have rainbow flags on the walls!

    Andrew Cuomo Is Living To Regret The Deal He Pushed On Letitia James (IC)”

    They are sacrificing star-power insider Cuomo to #MeToo in order to divert from their nationwide #CovidFive murder of +15,000 people and how it’s 99% a total power-grab-profit-medical-lie-scam. So think about that. They want this to go on, they want the lockdown, and they are willing to sacrifice Emmy-winning Presidential Candidate poster-child insider mafia family and CNN embarrassment in order to keep ‘Rona, lockdowns, and #GreatReset going. Does that tell you something about their will, their schedule, their priorities? While Gates buys food and farmland away from you?

    Don’t let them get away with it. Hashtag #ElectricChairCuomo, the biggest mass murderer in NY history. …According to their own story, their own medical logic. Of course they COULD admit it’s 99.997% safe, and they fabricated the whole thing using fake tests and statistics. Your choice. Choice: we will kill any grandma, any doctor, any leader in order to keep the #BigLie. To protect killing the NEXT 15,000.

    Next up: Whitmer. Killer of maybe 10,000 in her own state, so illegal she put YOUNG people in nursing homes so long as they had Covid, and overrode her own legislature and Supreme Court to get those murders done.

    People cheer! We love you Whitmer! We love you Fauci! #CuomoSexuals! So long as you’re licking interns without permission like your pal Weinstein, you’re our man! Man of the hour with P-grabbing Biden and Slick Willie, top donor Epstein.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 3 2021 #70446
    Dr. D

    “…all we know about the vaccines is that they will very effectively reduce your risk of severe disease. We haven’t seen any evidence yet indicating whether or not they stop transmission.”

    Yes, like all vaccines. Um. Logic: WHY WOULD WE CARE? If people are vaccinated, they’re safe. If they don’t, well, that’s their problem and choice. So all the transmission is happening only to people who want it, and volunteer. The only way to prevent this is raw violence, FORCING them to, against all human rights and religion. Which is exactly what they want, are doing, and the whole point of all of this. The point of power is POWER. The point of violence is VIOLENCE. The violent, mentally ill just want to commit violence; any excuse will do.

    If your vaccine is super-awesome, it will still create total immunity, and everyone will recognize how safe and effective it is and line up for it. You know, like Obamacare. That Congress refused, their staff was given an exception to, and no human citizen bought. Because, and I repeat, it was so super-awesome and good, and worked so wonderfully well. They hate us for our freedoms.

    Anyway: open up Europe. Everyone vaccinated is perfectly safe. Masks work 100%, so that’ll cover until they get the shot. And anyone who doesn’t, well, “Some men you just can’t reach.” Think of them like Hassids or Rastafarians. Oh wait: we arrested and forced all them too.

    Wait: Logic. Nevermind. We don’t do that here. #Truth is the only enemy.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 3 2021 #70440
    Dr. D

    A: Yes. Yes we are. We put up with all this, praise them, and beg for more. “Please sir, I have one Human Right left, will you please, please remove it from me? It’s too much for me to bear having my own mind, my own opinions, that I dare no longer speak. Please make me stop thinking the wrong and naughty ‘logic’. I’ll be good.” And thus they banned Dr. Seuss, creator of such massive anti-racist hits as “The Sneetches.” Says an old White Man who used the phrase “n—r mayor” while the former Black President says he loved them.

    This image won’t load either.

    [Ilargi: Because it wasn’t saved as jpg, but as Google Webpage]

    In favor of uber-white DiAngelo, who says she is an avowed racist and race must be primary in every human interaction. Just like Dr. King wanted. Since they’ve banned all books, even Black Supreme Court members, I remember his speech clearly:

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will be judged solely by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character.”

    Why not? Winston’s working overtime erasing history, and everyone loves it. Remember when they said we just needed 15 years to lower the curve? What? It was days? Impossible: surely someone would remember and be mad about it. Fauci said “Don’t wear a mask, they’re useless?” You’re crazy, surely he would be fired for reversing such science on the basis of no evidence. He said NY was the best state in the union, a model for all other states while they were killing 15,000 people? C’mon! Surely at least ONE person would be hauled into court and given the electric chair!

    If you hate #Logos, hate God with every moment breathing, this is what you get. Tell the truth for once. I promise it won’t burn your mouth.

    I promise it won’t burn your mouth.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 3 2021 #70436
    Dr. D

    Here I have a disease that takes all your clothes off, and only if you’re an idiot can you still see them:


    I see nothing but clothes. And today’s Wheel! Of! Fauci! says I see 11 masks.

    20 attempts, still not posting. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 3 2021 #70429
    Dr. D

    So Basquiat’s thought was we should have only White policemen and complain about racism instead of 1/3 Black policemen and integration? He was ahead of his time. That’s logic so opposite only the Woke era could possibly believe it. And against everything Dr. King believed in.

    He’s a thing though: I defend his right to his opinions and free speech. Presumably he would erase mine.

    Chart: WITH Covid. Yes and we knew +99% of people had 3 underlying conditions and were over 80. (Where do they even find these people?) That makes the death FROM Covid like 3. More suicides were caused by their irrational, unscientific, unworking lockdown. Cheers all around! I locked my kid in a closet and he hasn’t seen sunlight for most of his life! Ain’t I great?

    “Texas And Mississippi Drop Covid Restrictions – Even Mask Mandates (F.)”

    So under President Trump, who implied with should open, they were closed. But under President Biden, who demands they close, they’re open? Yup, that makes as much sense as everything else around here.

    “I’m still a bit amazed at how the meaning of “herd immunity” seamlessly came to include vaccines.”

    “Words mean just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” Because “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that’s all.”

    In the looking glass world when you can’t destroy a written contract like the Constitution, you just destroy the meaning of every word IN the Constitution, then it means anything you want to. You know, like the “National Man-Boy ‘Love’ Association.” Love. Makes me just a-quiver all over. And ‘Tolerance’ of burning every neighborhood and every book. Sigh. It’s just paradise.

    How would they know we have herd immunity when they use a test that doesn’t work in the first place? Against a disease with no death rate? Seems like one of those definitions that stops all thought and logic.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 3 2021 #70428
    Dr. D

    Nothing posting. Again. Also ads run weird and clicking “more” on homepage leads to #google error only on first click.

    in reply to: Emergency vs Humanity #70402
    Dr. D

    It’s simply impossible for Australia to have done any vaccine research.

    Q: Did the required 10-20 years of double-blind studies pass since the virus genome in Jan 2020? No?

    A: Then they did no normal vaccine testing whatsoever. Not even 1/10th of it. Use yer noggin’

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 2 2021 #70400
    Dr. D

    Here’s a guy kissing his own *ss.

    ““Did You Agree To This? Everybody’s Locked Up” – Edward Snowden (ZH)”

    They will do this ‘til you stop them. And torture your kids. Or better, have you do it in Toronto. “I love you! Now get in this iron box with an iron mask.” “It puts the lotion on it’s hands…” — Mommy Dearest.

    “the better to transfer wealth up the pyramid to those at the top, and in addition gift vast amounts of money to itself and its cronies. Now they are “going for broke” as the debt bubble has become so monstrous that it is running away, so they are creating money at a prodigious rate – which is why the stockmarket keeps going up – in full awareness that before too much longer the whole thing will fly apart as the debt bubble explodes, interest rates will spike uncontrollably, there will be a short-lived rally in the dollar before it reverses and plunges into the abyss, stockmarkets will plunge as credit markets lock up, and the world goes Mad Max – and once this happens it will happen very, very fast. In the meantime, while they create fantastic amounts of money, they are averting the hyperinflation that this would otherwise cause by killing the economy with lockdowns, so that there is no money velocity, and they are therefore able to buy up distressed assets at firesale prices and also colonize the world by pumping trillions of dollars through foreign Central Banks – you won’t hear much about that though. Quite often you see long-winded articles trying to explain why the lockdowns are ineffective, but these innocent (or misguided) writers completely miss the point, which is that the lockdowns are not about containing the virus – you don’t lock up healthy people, you lock up sick people – but have much more nefarious objectives which are, as mentioned above, to kill the economy to slow the velocity of money to zero so that the Central banks can print money at prodigious rates and literally “buy up the world” with the added bonus that they damage people’s health and make them more desperate, so that they are more likely to submit…” Clive Maund

    Look on the bright side though: they did it because they couldn’t get Hillary Clinton’s war!

    “A convenient scapegoat for a complete financial collapse could of course be a massive cyberattack and – just by coincidence you understand – the NWO have been running simulations of massive cyberattacks for some time notably Cyber Polygon 2020, with a big one scheduled for this coming July, which could, like the prophetic Event 201 in NYC in October 2019, presage just such an event, which would further the Great Reset agenda” –Maund

    Event 201? Naw, Cleetus, that Mr. Gates is just super-duper lucky that he did the exact simulation in that exact month. Totally unrelated. And Gates owns farmland. Because he expects supplies to stay strong, prices to go down, and he’s just that kind of nice guy.

    “When you have the bulk of the population believing that their personal comfort, safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance, you have a population of unprincipled spineless cowards. Now, there is an old but true saying that for evil to flourish, all that is necessary is for good people to do nothing. Well, good people (and not so good) have been doing nothing, or not a lot, for a long time now, and while good has been taking its ease, evil, which is tireless and always looking for an opening, has seized power and gained total control” –Maund

    ” Coronavirus Crisis Unlikely To Be Over By The End Of The Year – WHO (G.)”

    Says the people who were wrong about everything so far, and the reporters who reported it wrong each of 365 days. That’s who I listen to! If they had it right, they’re crazy and wrong!

    “WHO Panel: Hydroxychloroquine Should Not Be Used To Prevent COVID-19 (Hill)”

    I rest my case. What Science are they using for this?

    “Data On Long Covid In UK Children Is Cause For Concern, Scientists Say (G.)”

    I rest my case. So far as reported a year later, zero kids had COVID. So who are they referring to?

    “US, EU Set to Impose Sanctions On Russia (NBC)”

    NBC, not being news, doesn’t seem to realize A) it won’t happen, and B) they won’t care. That is, nobody cares about Russian sanctions. They only lose a customer as Moscow buys from China instead. I mean, you thought the U.S., U.K. actually made anything? What would they buy from us? Obesity and pron?

    “Duckworth Calls For Russian Bounties Intelligence To Be Declassified (Hill)”

    I assume Duckworth, being an idiot, doesn’t realize it was all a lie, like everything else released by the Letter agencies over the last 50 years.

    Hey, did you catch BBC and Reuters not only being PAID by British MI6, but actually spend their time BIDDING ON CONTRACTS for them? That is, not Reuters being “salted”, “fooled” by Bellingcat and other totally transparent mouthpieces, hiring known CIA liars like Brennan, no. Reuters reads the BID for open misinformation, influence, and espionage from MI6, then accepts the contract and gets paid as a major source of income. That is, there is no journalism at all. It’s completely espionage and election-tampering. P.S. that’s been true always. They just released 50-year old FOIA records where Reuters did this in the 70’s against the Soviets. They released a press issue “Yes, that was then, it was different times, we don’t do that anymore…” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the next day Reuters is shown to be still doing it, i.e. constantly lying, being totally anti-truth, every day, more than ever.

    And BBC too. Of course! They’re the ones pulling the RIDICULOUS Syrian gas hoax, the somehow, impossibly-more-ridiculous Skripal hoax, the even more transparent Steele hoax, and every other story they’ve ever printed, like the no-polar-bears and no-snow-in-10-years hoax. Lies lies lies lies. But they are British, after all. Hoax Hoax Hoax Hoax Hoax. Lies and more lies to create yet another war, as every war I can think of came from the British.

    Speaking of:
    Stefan Halper’s Role in Crossfire Hurricane Larger than Previously Known (ET)”

    …As if ANYONE on the whole planet didn’t already know this, and about the British. And then there’s TIME Magazine that SAID, openly, they rigged the election. And using the Steele/Halper/MI6 election-tampering material. I say nuke London so they’ll support democracy and remember not to do that anymore. That’s what they said to Russia, right?

    “Bernie Sanders Vows to Force Vote On $15 Minimum Wage (Hill)”

    Bernie never met a power he wouldn’t roll over for. Sadly. As in: Jimmy Dore ALREADY wanted to force the vote on M4A over Pelosi, and they said “Over our dead bodies”. But they care so much about this. Right.

    It’s still lucky $15 won’t get out since it will spark inflation, destroy the poor and make the rich stock holdings wildly richer (and me), but I wouldn’t call it a GOOD thing. They’ll just destroy the poor slower. You know, like in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore…

    “Odyssey Banned for Violence, Sexism; Is this the End of World Classics? (GR)”

    Yes, AntiFa and the Left are already banning books like a coven of lemon-sucking Church ladies. They Burned books all summer. So tell me a time when the people burning books…and burning ethnic neighborhoods in cities…were the good guys? I’ll wait.

    They say they’re burning black neighborhoods to help black people, but they’re just finishing off Black Business so Feinstein can “Build Back Better.”

    Your war map missed the United States. Gun violence in every DNC gun-banned city, 30,000 deaths from opioids alone overseen by the DEA, AMA, and approved by Congress, 177,000 soldiers and police, 114,000 soldier suicides, 45,000 citizen suicides, 67,000 drug overdoses, 70,000 approved prescription drug deaths, 21,000 infant mortality, worse than Cuba. These are all preventable and re-approved and expanded with each year of my life. …Should I go on?

    Susmarire: Um, because they’re not Trump-bots at all like the media claims and mostly think for themselves? Why on earth WOULD you think they should do what he says? Liberty people are not followers. Of anyone. They’re Independents. That’s both their strength and their weakness. But to me that reads like a non-sequitor. Joe doesn’t want $15 wage, so why don’t 53% of his Democratic base immediately agree with him? See? Of course they don’t. The idea itself is odd.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 1 2021 #70341
    Dr. D

    “Bill Gates Warns Post-Covid Return to Normal Could Take All 2022 (F.)”

    But we will never go back to normal! He already said so! He also said these vaccines do not allow you to a) behave normally b) shop normally and not at Amazon c) eat normally and keep small businesses open d) not quarantine and therefore torture your children in solitary confinement and e) not wear masks.

    In fact, they’ve already told us the vaccines do nothing, because they do not affect rules and behavior.
    Not willing for something this dumb to stand, Fauci says ““really good vaccines” that Americans should “have no hesitancy whatsoever to take” A statement he cannot possibly make since there is no data, evidence, you know: SCIENCE, behind it yet. So he’s LYING. Lying Lying Lying Lying Lying Lying Lying

    You know, lying like this:
    “Brazil Variant May Make Foreign Summer Holidays Impossible”
    “Why “New Cases” Are Plummeting (OffG.)”

    So it’s BOTH rising and falling. It’s both coming and going. A ≠ A

    AND Lying where both Sweden and UK have identical charts, CA and TX have identical charts, AND we’ve cured the common cold.

    Is it just me, or is it LYING in here?

    “Trump on 2024: ‘I May Decide to Beat Them for a Third Time’ (SAC)”

    Should be easy: he’s letting the economic collapse happen on Sniffin’ Joe.

    “Biden’s Message To Iran: The Battlefield Has Been Inaugurated (Magnier)”

    Do his “Beautiful bombs” make him “our President” now, or is that only for Democrats?

    “NY’s Sexual Harassment Working Group Urges Gov. Cuomo to Resign (NYP)”

    But they’ve always been in favor of sexual harassment. They were supporting Epstein, Weinstein, Clinton, Cuomo, P-grabbin’ Biden and all the others going +30 years. And the other ballers. Marion Barry with a freezer full of coke. Ed Buck having drug-fueled gay sex and murdering 2, 3 heck! Nobody knows how many! In his living room.

    ““By guaranteeing that eligible voters must apply for a mail-in ballot for each election, and that only the Department of State may distribute the applications to apply for mail-in ballots…”

    They did this last time. They just ignored it. Nobody cares. It still hasn’t made it to court yet, as the Supreme Court does not believe the Constitution is their jurisdiction.

    “Lou charged that the United States was monetising its budget deficit to transfer its debt burden to the rest of the world..”

    You have to travel all the way to China to hear the truth now.

    “Buy and hype. This is the principle on which bitcoin has operated from day one.”

    That’s because there’s nothing under it but electric costs. And this can only prosper when there’s nothing underneath the USD$ but electric costs – AND massive, open, transparent FRAUD. THEY created Bitcoin, not Nakamoto. It has zero chance of working in an honest system. It has 100% chance of working in an opaque, ruinous, extractive, unjust, unbacked system that uses the money bomb 6 million people this century. They’re fighting their own fraud. This guy seems happy he knew nothing about money and lost $300k. Maybe he wants us to do the same, so we can be super-cool schmartzy-peoples like him. Okey-doke.

    “Far-Right Platform Gab Has Been Hacked—Including Private Data (Wired)”

    If this is anything like the last one, it is totally untrue. With the Parler hack, again reporters are bad at math, and believe in “Infinity…and beyond!” they said they hacked, I dunno, 1,000 Terrabits over a dial-up connection? Yeah, um, no. Same thing would be similar to Gab, but I guess we’ll find out! In any case, I’d be shocked if they’re not scraping the pages constantly to create essentially the same data.
    Here’s one though: “Among the users whose hashed passwords appeared to be included in the data were those for Donald Trump,”

    Trump is not on Gab. It’s been a high-profile contention. So that’s not his password.

    There is one eternal truth though: Wired wrote it, therefore it’s false. Is it just too hard to ask? Can you not keep 7 digits together long enough to dial a phone?

    It’s also nice to know we believe everything people who say “Death to America” say, and don’t doubt they might doctor the data for even a minute. Nah: I always trust people who openly declare they want my death and the death of everyone I know. That’s just common sense.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 28 2021 #70297
    Dr. D

    It refused the image completely. Continuing:

    “Unmasking Bitcoin Inventor May Send Cryptomarket Into Tailspin – Coinbase (RT)”

    Yeah, they said that about every event in BTC for 5 years now. Tether being just yesterday, which like all of them, did nothing. But why would you think so? The most likely Nakamoto is the US government/Fed/NSA who are the only people with the expertise, following immediately on the ‘08 crash and possible Mad Max utter ruin and death of 200M Americans CIA-firm Deagle talks about.

    So if Nakamoto is the U.S. government white hats (consortium), then BTC is the new U.S. Dollar reserve currency. That erases the debt and doesn’t have the internal-external Triffin’s Paradox. That’s why it’s not being stopped. And that means BTC goes down? No, it goes UP. It’s the answer to the WFC, even if with competing currencies, hard money, and a multi-polar world, just as they wrote in their White Papers in 1979. “On the Road to the Golden Age”

    Best I’ve read: Satoshi is an obscure Japanese graphic novel character. Nakamoto is his sidekick, his page. Like “47 Ronin” they pretend they aren’t after revenge while actually planning the opposite. It’s very likely any programming nerd – an old one, over 50 – could have read and known this.

    Does that make more sense now? Or would you rather/do you think the combined forces of the U.S. government would just let the dollar collapse, have no plan, and there are no good guys anywhere trying to mitigate the damage? That’s Mr. 17, right? That’s why it’s an unhinged conspiracy theory? Mr. 17 says A) There is blackmail in the halls of power. B) there is pedophilia and bribes and C) there are good guys in government who would like to get the upper hand and stop them.

    That’s what this theory says: A) they know the bad guys got control in ‘63. Eisenhower told you this. B) they put the U.S. on a collapsing standard in ‘71 that would fail by 2018 (‘89 Economist) C) the replacement plan was a universal, technocratic, digitally tracked currency that can be shut off for dissidents, like Russo and Rickards said. D) All of that was already built, tested, and ready to install, as we see with Covid, where they claimed they didn’t, but a minute later have it, do it, against all logic, reason, science, demand, and human rights, as published by the WEF. E) Therefore, their plan needed to be undermined and diverted since they didn’t have the power to openly oppose and destroy it. F) They pre-released their own digital currency system ahead of time, to the people, in a way they were not in control of. Then forced the timetable so that the WEF would be shown for the murdering, fascist maniacs they are, and their close alliances with Epstein, Maxwell, etc. Then you have to trust the people themselves to take them apart, piece by piece. There’s nothing else you can do. But that’s all the power they had. If the people don’t choose freedom and punish serial, perpetual rape and murder, then we all fall.

    But although slow, they will and have. Although annoying, the WEF and WHO are totally discredited and opposed. People re-learn why freedom exists, especially freedom of speech. This is better than if Big Sky Father government and U.S. Military does it while you sit on the couch and complain on twitter. I bloody well hope you sweat, and fight, blood and tears. You deserve it, you feckless, derelict cowards. You should take a few licks from the government you deserved, but I can’t let freedom fail just because they deserve it. We have to, and are, and will, win anyway. They lost. It just takes time. I hope you get black in both eyes so you remember it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 28 2021 #70296
    Dr. D

    I like the practical math involved in that. Very nice.

    Mask indicator today (rolls 20-sided dice) = 7. 7 Masks today. Science™ says so!

    And remember: there both IS and ISN’T a vaccine mandate and vaccine passport. A = A and A ≠ A.

    They don’t like it and they’re not up to something:

    “Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world.

    “If there was any doubt that economic lockdowns supposedly inspired by the Covid pandemic are the peak in globalist propaganda, it disappeared not so “quietly” once and for all at 5:48am ET on Saturday, when the globalist organization which recently unleashed such lunatics as Klaus Schwab, best known for revealing the endgame with his book COVID-19: The Great Reset, deleted a that “Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world.


    Remarkably, the WEF’s propaganda tweet – which was was accompanied by a video showing deserted streets and silent factories, that noted a record drop in carbon emissions and linked to an article claiming that silent cities contributed to better detection of minor earthquakes (because millions of workers losing their jobs is clearly less important than being able to measure the next M2 quake to the 8th significant digit) – survived just a few hours following a barrage of mockery and outraged comments.”

    Naturally had to delete it. What did I say about it being impossible for me to destroy them faster than their pin-headed tone-deafness and out of touch psychosis was doing it themselves?

    Oh no, it goes on:

    “We’re deleting this tweet, but doubling down on our idiocy”:

    “But [lockdowns] are an important part of the public health response to COVID-19”

    Lambasted a second time, since lockdowns are NOT an important part, since our 1-year, 2 billion person experiment proved they do not work. At all. NY and FL are the same. CA and TX are the same. They did literally nothing besides cause lasting mental health issues in children and end all human rights forever. But with those wonderful side effects, who needs an reason, right?

    A #Science-freeZone.

    Finishing the comments on their dead tweet: “You’ve proven the conspiracy theorists correct in how mad you [really] are”

    WEF’s response? Blame the workers: “It was written by a working human being who made a mistake. It was deleted.”

    Knew this would be my/our fault somehow. We will be punished with lockdowns until we stop making mistakes like following Science.

    Other news today: “Why The Capitol Riot Terrified The Elites”

    Because they planned a false flag with those pipe bombs planted the day before, that everyone’s forgotten and no one can track in the city of 10,000 cameras – the day before mind you, meaning there can be no incitement – yet when their plan of being a weeping victim to those terrible, awful red hats didn’t go off, didn’t happen, AT ALL, the American people being overwhelmingly peaceful aside from an AntiFa “reporter” who CNN paid $75,000 to break in and film it, they, being minions with no imagination, just WROTE IT ANYWAY, and proceeded as if it had, looking like a bunch of weak, butt-hurt dummies. That is, it “terrified” them because they always planned to pretend to be “terrified” by their own framing of their enemies (viz. all 330 Million American citizens) and so “the show must go on.” You didn’t think anything these guys did from dawn to dusk was real, did you? That any single word out of their mouth wasn’t a lie?

    And they’re still at it, although I don’t know why these things work. Even generally sensible, centrist reporters like Pool casually admit that there was a “storming” or a “sieging” or an “insurrection” by unarmed people who had no plan and toured the building during a media-run AntiFa photo-op, directed other visitors not to break stuff, and in a few minutes got bored/worried and left.

    These are guys who own all 350 million guns, and this is literally their argument and story. Congressmen who point this out are considered nuts. I guess they’re talking to the #Lying and the #AntiLogos crowd, because that sure makes no sense, and no definition of those words I’ve ever seen.

    Was there unauthorized entry and trespassing? Arguably yes, even though Pelosi demanded the National Guard allow them, Capitol Police were denied 6 times, and the police opened the fire doors for them. And that is what has been charged in court, Zero counts of insurrection, rioting, or anything else. The media prints the judge, the prosecutors, the courts, and of course the country are “White Supremacists™” (the black ones, ‘natch) because even 99-44/100ths pure-blue D.C. can’t seem to hold them in jail for anything. Because there was a “Court” here, which meant they presented “evidence” with “logic”, exactly what the election cases so far have refused to do. Ever. Even once.

    So I guess they will pay fines or do 30 days for trespassing, as is appropriate. Sort of. It’s still grossly unfair if a policeman encourages/entraps you into it. “Hey why don’t you sit the driver’s seat of my police car, I’ll hold the door.” “Okay.” “You’re under arrest.” What?

    A Whopping 91% Of US Restaurants Will Invest In Kitchen Automation, Says Survey”

    $15.hr. Helping! Government can’t stop helping all people to an early death! They’re also the ones who put interest rates at 1%, 100% free money, and made it all possible. At 8%, the automation that murdered your family wouldn’t be economical.

    “Biden Says US Will ‘Never’ Accept Russia’s Annexation of Crimea (Antiwar)”

    Biden’s plan is WWIII just as Hillary’s was. Her setup was: Russia says they will fully engage in Syria if we go too far. That would essentially cause WWIII in weeks. She said she knew. She said to the world on camera she would do it anyway.

    Oh and they plan on attacking Russia to make WWIII without any planes. The F-35 “Flying Penguin” is essentially dead, after half a trillion in losses, that any non-flying, non-pilot taxpayer could see would never work oh for going on 20 years now. The only nation dumber than us is Britain, who erased the NHS to build a carrier for an airplane that didn’t exist and never will. Now why is every Billy dying in Blackpool, their children coming to school white with hunger? A: Don’t care, stopped at the word “white.”

    We are collapsing. We are coming home. Kagan’s empire we fought against him to end, ends with the US$ system. At 1.6% interest rates and $50k Bitcoin, that’s ending right now. Central Banks can print an answer to everything but inflation. Is Tesla at $1Trillion and GME at $200 inflation? Has the whole stock system come unmoored, so that the exchange are THEMSELVES de-listing trading on vulnerable stocks, the list ever-expanding, the Fed bank and Algos locking up in HFT fights with each other? Yes it is. Bye-bye. End of empire. I’m doing nothing but eating cake and drinking champagne to their immediate destruction.

    “the US/NATO “strategy” of containment of Russia”

    Only in their minds of #AntiLogos, the fight against Reality, God, and Truth itself. They plan on containing a nation with 12 time zones. Which is united with China. Without a home economy and without any planes. Of people who weigh 300lbs and will hide under a bed if someone coughs. Please.

    ” Can The US Become Self-Sufficient In Rare Earth Materials Again? (F.)”

    In contrast to the above: practically overnight. The military mothballed our advantage in REM but kept the equipment in place to draw China into the WWIII they were planning, making us look weak. But they can just turn on the lights and get all they need in weeks/months.

    “Second Former Aide Accuses Gov. Andrew Cuomo of Sexual Harassment (NYP)”

    If you’re wondering, Cuomo can’t be removed. As we learned in ‘20, nobody voted for him anyway, just like all the other DNC Governor states. It was all invented electronically. That’s why he doesn’t care. But I thought “our democracy was at risk” and they would all fight for it? Both Bezos and Newsome required signatures and drivers licenses to vote with them because it’s safer. But not for their enemies. “It’s not fascism/racism when we do it” says the Great Wall of Pelosi.

    Perhaps I over-state? Let’s see: Both Cuomo and the Manhattan D.A. took 6-figures ON THE RECORD from Harvey Weinstein for a free raping license. Yes, for a small fee to Mr. Andrew, you can rape any woman in the State of New York and walk away like he did. Been going on for years, decades, says Epstein/Maxwell. Why mad now? I don’t understand. This is how things are, how they have ever been. NY, the highest example, best place in the Union.

    “Why Bill Gates Is Now The US Biggest Farmland Owner (NYP)”

    Do you think he knows something, like his “Event 201” before Covid, or is planning to MAKE something happen, like his “Event 201” before Covid? A: Who cares? He’s telling you food prices will go up and he’s cutting off your supply. Respond. His pal Soros already bought up (and shut down) the food-moving service, like grain elevators. Their other pal owns the railroad. Other corporations-merged-with-government own the seeds and are outlawing old varieties. They have you by the balls. Do something.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 28 2021 #70294
    Dr. D

    Unable to post. Test.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 27 2021 #70267
    Dr. D

    See? There’s no “Vaccine Passport”. It’s a Conspiracy Theory(TM). See how silly you all are?

    “Merkel: EU Leaders “Have All Agreed That We Need Vaccine Passports”

    Airlines: “We are Creating Vaccine Passports”

    They’re totally, totally not up to anything. It’s not like pffft! they just make stuff up, lie, then change their minds, then lie and reverse themselves again every day. No! This is Science! Masks and immunity change every day, because, just like gravity, science and physics change every day.

    There is only one question: Which is to be master? That is all.

    As said, you don’t even know the electric usage of all banking computers worldwide, in every store, every branch, every headquarters, every HFT currency trading floor that keeps it going, do you? There is no possible way that is more than bitcoin. How many bitcoin rigs are there on earth? A couple thousand? A hundred thousand? Chicken feed. And they’re light, smaller, less energy than banking servers. The running of the systems when mining ends is clearly less. 5 computers could run the chain. The only ones on are the ones using it, otherwise, they will absolutely be off because, no profit.

    Next issue: BITCOIN ISN’T GOING TO BE USED. You could similarly say gold is idiotic and inefficent because you’d have Brinks trucks running around every city for no reason. Did that happen? Nope. Not never. Bitcoin isn’t going to be the money. It’s the worst made of all cryptos for that purpose and will never-ever happen. I don’t know which one will, but all the alternatives use a micro-fraction of the power. Bitcoin will be gold, a store of value, occasionally bank-wired to close international accounts, as between Uruguay and Argentina last year. You’ll never use it, although it will be on the replacement Commodites Exchange, just as you never use crude oil in 50 gal barrels.

    Just one method: like gold leaf pressed in a credit card, there’s a Bitcoin Wrapper coin, which has a light, fast, small envelope around a tiny measure of actual Bitcoin. Boop. Solved your problems. Next? I mean unless you think we’re going to do Point-of-Sale credit card transactions without using electricity somehow. And a fabulously expensive, overly fragile fiber-optic system. Waiting.

    These things have problems. Those aren’t among them. The BBC would know that if they asked anyone as is their only job.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 27 2021 #70242
    Dr. D

    “we will have appropriated just shy of $6 trillion for COVID-19 relief packages,” Cole said. “This is one and one-third times the amount of money the federal government appropriated for all of 2019.”

    And almost none of it reached the people. $1,400 UBI, your yearly wage, forever.

    I’m sure Mississippi will be thrilled to pay for NY’s roads, but really, it’s chicken feed. Isn’t this the ultimate in regressive taxes? CA and NY should be paying Mississippi and Michigan instead. They have the highest incomes, the other states have the lowest. Besides, NY already has a million fewer people: they won’t need the roads they’ve got.

    “What IS the Truth About Covid Deaths? (DM) “

    A year later how can we be asking this question? A: Because everyone loves lies more than air, more than their mothers, more than their children, more than freedom, more than their very own lives. Lies! I worship you!!! You are my all, my everything, never leave me, oh lies!

    “‘It’s almost certain that a number of deaths have been wrongly attributed to Covid-19.”

    Since day one. We’ve known since then, scandalized them and screamed. Nothing. Since no one cares. About the lives, about the deaths, or about the lies. So what’s changed? Hey did you know they spied on Trump in the ‘16 election? Yes. We know. Why do you all keep “proving” these things we’ve known for years, decades, lifetimes?

    “Nearly 1 In 5 US Adults Have Now Gotten At Least One Covid19 Vaccine Dose (F.)”

    Statistically, this is a must-win. Give the world’s least-developed, most experimental, most failed drug method ever, then when “something happens” that “nobody could have expected” then some % of the world population die. Or better, are sick forever and need trillion$$ in drugs and healthcare. Culling the world population “accidentally” and largely voluntarily. It’s called “stochastic terrorism.” Set up conditions that make death and disaster certain, then wait. Basically, it’s being the media. And this is being generous. I’d be shocked if, like most drugs, they don’t have 100 failed, instant-death studies they didn’t publish. Ask if this isn’t happening and isn’t a longtime scandal. They are supposed to publish all their studies, especially the failed ones, but never, ever do. That’s not Science, that’s Anti-Science. And since they knowingly do it for money, fraud. And since it injures and kills people, it’s reckless endangerment and/or murder.

    I always take an untested syringe of something from known murderers to stop a disease that has no death rate and won’t kill me. That’s just common sense.

    “America and Britain have no right to defend themselves on other people’s land. They are not victims, they are the oppressors. They are foreign invaders. They illegally occupy Iraq and Syria. They have no right at all to be in the Middle East or anywhere else and to kill people.”

    Again, where are we when somebody has to say this out loud? Bombin’ Joe Biden, starter of WWIII, says we “just had to” attack them in a foreign country, 12,000 miles away, who has never attacked us and we have nothing to do with, and have no act of war about. They hit us with 3 whole rockets!

    Three? Are you sure you counted right? I mean, who can count that high? And THREE rockets, hitting essentially nothing, not Cleveland, not the President, not is-he-is-is-he-ain’t Erogan, but a couple soldiers in the desert who are committing an unending, unauthorized war of aggression?

    Well in that case, bomb all you want. Clearly we need to occupy Syria for 100 years as McCain said about that OTHER nation who never attacked us and we killed several million of, Iraq. We’re well over 6 million into the gas chambers worldwide, but Madeline Albright says “It was worth it.” I watched them die one by one on T.V. in a state of sexual arousal, eating $1,000 ice cream from Nancy Pelosi’s new fridge.

    There’s nothing you can say to these people. So maybe Russia nuking D.C. will speak for them someday. I doubt they will understand then any more than a rabid dog, but it won’t matter either – at least the Nazi-era levels of death we’ve been running for 50 years will finally end.

    “Proud Obama Awards His Nobel Peace Prize To Biden For Bombing Syria


    While the U.N. removes the chilling condemnation of war, Guernica. They’re the new happy war now! We love war, war is good! War is Peace, actually. IN honor of the new war,
    Mohammad Ali would be very proud.

    “Middle Easterners Begin Painting Transgender Flag Colors On Doorposts To Avoid Biden Drone Strikes”

    See why it’s impossible to parody a nation this #AntiLogos? Reason is gone. You can’t play with what should or shouldn’t happen when there are no rules or norms. There are no genders. That’s why we’re protecting all genders-which-don’t-exist and arresting you if you don’t too. What do they say? Hell is the absence of God, therefore the absence of reason? Here we are, the world they wanted and have been working so hard for. Where you’ll be arrested and you won’t even know why.

    Speaking of insanity: “Bitcoin Energy Use ‘Bigger Than Most Countries’ (BBC)”

    Not for long. All coins will be mined soon, then there’s no mining left. Again, what world is this where we have to do this instead of having national currencies run by ourselves? A: when WE can no longer be trusted, have no morality, live entirely on lies, then yes, anything that is no #AntiLogos – anything, cigarettes, sardine cans, even useless rocks like gold, is superior.

    Also because BBC are liberals and reporters (but I repeat myself) and therefore can’t do math: so BTC will rise forever and ever and never ever stop, like Nortel Stock and Housing MBS’? No, Nigel, at some point ALL NATIONAL CURRENCIES WILL BE WORTHLESS, like in Kenya this week, and will be entirely replaced by a wide range of alternatives, including many cryptos. Then the price stops rising, and the mining, if any, stops, and the electric that runs mining, stops, and suddenly we can do other things with it. Paying mere kWh to convert off the Nazi-death-drone US Dollar was worth EVERY PENNY. Now that they’re converted, they have a surplus of free electricity no longer being used for that purpose.

    But that would take math. The kind 1st-graders get, that “there’s no such number as infinity.” If only they were literate, and could read…wikipedia, google…anything, they would know that. But then they would have to use a “telephone” and get a “statement” from a witness who would know something. In short, it’s the BBC, never happening.

    And again, that’s comparing BTC to the world-wide energy use of the existing banking system, all the servers at CitiCorp, all the store-end credit card machines, all the hard drives of old transactions in Tokyo, and compare to this one item. I think you’ll find two things: not as much electric is being used as they claim, (use your noggin: you and no one you know have ever even SEEN a mining rig, it’s impossible) and the Fed/Swift/worldwide beast uses hundredfold more and we take it for granted, give them a pass.

    …Except the Fed. To save power and go green, they shut off their website, their banks, and their check clearing. You know who would have cleared your transaction while they were napping at a fraction of the cost? BTC. ETH.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 26 2021 #70217
    Dr. D

    “$15 Minimum”

    What would I tell you? They are LYING. Lying Lying Lying Lying Lying Lying Lying.

    House floats a bill that has one line: “Minimum wage is $15”. Voice vote passes it. Everyone leaves work at 9:05 and golfs with Chinese lobbyists for the rest of the day.

    Just. Can’t. Figure. It. Out. Too hard!!! Helping is too hard!!! I can’t figure out how to give away somebody else’s money to themselves!

    But they can float a Covid bill where 90% of it goes to government and only 10% to the people. With the breathless support of McConnell.

    What they really don’t want is to give WSB another $2,000/pc to finish destroying Citidel.

    ” In Final Days, Trump Gave Up on Forcing Release of Russiagate Files |(Maté)”

    That’s odd, because I’ve been reading whole possets of information that was declassified. No one prints it. No one cares. Sort of like the UFO stuff. Will it ever be released???? It was. Many times. You can watch the videos on the US Navy website. “Yes, but when will they release the videos on the US Navy website???”


    “In other words, either we spend the money, or the government will take it away.”

    Yes. Like the 10 planks of the “Communist Manifesto” this is the plank of the 1930’s (fascist) Technocrats. A BTU (carbon) currency that will expire if you don’t use it by next payday. No savings=no safety=no resistance to totalitarianism of the ultra-wealthy techo-elite, even when they own private cabins on Minnesota girls’ band camp property and fly their private jet back and forth to St. James. In fact, you’ll like it!!! You’ll like it so, so much or you won’t dare say otherwise if you want food past next Friday, mister!

    Anyway, their bizarre and hollow fantasy is already being destroyed before their eyes. Nothing they do works. Everyone is leaving and all their companies are collapsing, along with their currency, their market, their credibility, and their power. I could not possibly destroy it faster or more thoroughly than they already are.

    “Atlantic Ocean Circulation at Weakest in a Millennium (G.)”

    They’ve been saying this since they day they discovered it and it’s never happened yet. However, it certainly DOES happen or the Thames couldn’t freeze solid enough for elephants and a street market yearly in 1600. Eventually it will. …But that would be the OPPOSITE of Global Warming.

    7-year Bond Auction fails. Rates spike. Fed Systems go dark.

    Nothing to see here! Everything’s fine, couldn’t be better!!! What’s the interest on $70 Trillion at 1.6%? $1.1 Trillion a year? I’m sure we’ve got that around here somewhere, come back Tuesday. What is it at a normal interest rate like 5%? $3.5 Trillion a year, $300B/month.

    Time’s up. You ran out of runway. You didn’t get off the ground. The game is over. Your dreams are being dumped in the ocean. You lost. Now how are you going to pay that bribe money and that protection?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 24 2021 #70171
    Dr. D

    You probably saw the entire Federal Reserve System is down. Speaking of the system going down. Right. Now.

    So: printing $2T/quarter, immediately attack on GME that this tiny, meaningless stock is a threat to the whole system. Following attack on Silver, the Achillies Heel of the banks. Followed by a continuing BTC at $57,000. Followed by Yellen denials. Followed by Nigeria(?) giving up on USD and moving to BTC in central bank reserves. Followed by Interest Rates reversing and tripling. Followed by a un-advertised accident that takes out the anchor of the whole western banking system.

    I’m not a suspicious fellow, but after the dagger, the rope, the candlestick, and the lead pipe, I’m beginning to think somebody’s trying to kill Professor Plum in the Library. Now who would take out a tottering system that was about to collapse on itself anyway?

    Great reset indeed. Did they try ctrl-alt-del?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 24 2021 #70161
    Dr. D

    Currency failing? UST 10-years triple:


    That’s going to leave a crater. Bye-bye. Interest on $27 Trillion just tripled.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 24 2021 #70157
    Dr. D

    Oh! I missed it! Robin DiAngelo, Queen of Critical Race Theory, author of “White Fragility”, $500k-a-pop head of “Wokeness” is on the outside!

    She is now disavowing her own training materials from Coke that said: “Be Less White.”

    Well, what can you expect from a person who says in her own book that she’s a racist. What I couldn’t understand is why, if she’s a racist as she regularly says, everyone wants to follow her and do whatever she says and pays her, America’s most famous avowed racist, big money for her advice, and implement her every policy.

    Well, that’s what happens when #Logos, reason, logic, is your sole enemy.

    The Queen of Woke is on the outside.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 24 2021 #70156
    Dr. D

    Hopkin’s problem is that there’s nothing you can say anymore that’s more stupid and illogical than real life. Or, in my frustration, the stupid and illogical people who keep cooperating and keep it going in order to erase all human rights on earth.

    “Attorney General Merrick Garland will allow Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation”

    Speaking of, it’s amazing to see this sentence even published. The whole and entire POINT of a special prosecutor – soup to nuts – is that he CAN’T be removed. He IS independent, and has autonomy to proceed without interference. But of course that is “rules” and “law” and that doesn’t apply to us. It only applies to THEM, under Mueller. Whatever.

    “Finland COVID-19 Variant Reportedly May Not Show Up In Tests (NYP)”

    Why would I care about a variant that isn’t going to kill me either?

    “Today you inhaled 6 pollen, 27 cotton fluff, 100 Micrococcus, and one flea” Yup. Still fine. Still don’t care. I only care about disease that have a death rate. At all.

    Biden says the world needs to defend democracy. That starts at home.

    He says, as he rounds up and prosecutes anyone who uses democracy, free speech, free assembly, or due process. Meh. Nothing new. Same old, same old, all my life: “You shut up. We’re coming for you, we’re going to take your children to PBS camps/woodchippers, bomb/kill/drone/nuke you and your whole town/state/people.” Blah blah blah.

    Their problem is, that requires work. And logical strategy. They have neither. In fact, they’re crying uncle already, from behind the Great Wall of Pelosi:
    Caption: “Let my people go, Ms. Pelosi! Tear down this racist wall that doesn’t work!”

    News article (too slow to capture it), Biden(?) says we SHOULDN’T censor Twitter, etc. Oh What? Do tell. You see, they have all this “Power™”, but the problem is, when they USE this power, people instantly leave and collapse their stock $14B dollars. …Showing they DON’T have any power. …They have what we call in America, an “illusion” “Some bulls—t”, because We. Don’t. Care. So now that they’ve banned 75Million people off their platforms…Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, do I need to finish this sentence?

    …They have half the audience, they have no income, no one credits their ideas, everyone thinks they’re oppressive and stupid, all the cool kids, edgy, fun, and salty go to where they can speak, joke, and mock freely, their competitors, Gab, GAIN 75 million followers and all that income, they lose their “influence”, CNN’s ratings fall 40% in one day and shortly thereafter…die. The End.

    …And here we are. We won. They lost. Need more? Last week we had a 40 year NY Times Journalist discussing the context of using…or rather quoting…the N-word. How to use, not to use, whatever, because it is a word, i.e. “Reality” and a word people use, both positively, among friends, negatively, among enemies, and historically, i.e. “reality” and therefore among the non-insane must be addressed. Although STRICTLY left, totally adopting all correct dogma, he was instantly fired. For opening a dictionary.

    Yesterday a Slate reporter was discussing THAT reporter’s dilemma…and was fired for discussing that someone else once opened a dictionary. So thanks to their ever-spiraling ideological purity test, EVEN THE FURTHEST LEFT ideologues and cult kool aid members are being purged with a mania unseen at the height of the KKKultural Revolution. So where do you think those two will go? Do they die, or like Dido throw themselves into the sea? Um, no. They realize the insanity of what they’re doing, what the left does, and back up into some less-left position that is more free speech. Maybe a little, but it doesn’t take a lot. There aren’t any reporters left to accept these positions of “Pravda” and “Izvestia”. EVERYONE is now on the outside. Clinton advisors and 3rd wave feminists Naomi Wolf are on the outside. Trump hating communists like Greenwald are on the outside. Lifelong Jewish Democrats like Kunstler are on the outside. NY Times editors like Bari Wiess is on the outside. The whole Jewish community is on the outside. The Black Christian community is on the outside. Every small investor is on the outside. 2/3 the cities and 90% of Flyover States are on the outside. Gay hairdressers from NY and trans people from “Walk Away” are on the outside, and actively attacked and purged. Feminist businessowners from Vermont like Borysenko are on the outside. Insiders like McConnell are on the outside. The whole U.S. Military is on the Outside. Could be Andrew Cuomo is now on the outside, taking Newsome with him.

    So…who’s on the inside? Victoria Nuland and Fang Fang?

    What do you think happens now, in that situation? I don’t have to do a thing. You’re doing a great job all on your own. You’re discredited, governors are telling you to F yourself, your currency is crashing, all I have to do is wait with great joy and anticipation at the revelation of your complete failure as human beings. And I can do it with popcorn, in the warm safety of my own home.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 24 2021 #70153
    Dr. D

    Quote for the day:

    Robert Kagan Diagnosed America’s Biggest Problem: Americans Who Don’t Want To Run the World
    by Doug Bandow Posted on February 22, 2021

    All great powers” want to rule the world, declared Robert Kagan, propagandist for America as imperial power, democratic hegemon, aggressive unipower, and perpetual war machine. However, they typically fail. Wrote Kagan in a new Foreign Affairs article: “Much of the drama of the past century resulted from great powers whose aspirations exceeded their capacity.”

    The U.S. has a different problem, he contended. The American people. Rather than realize their unique calling to sacrifice themselves and obey their betters when instructed to patrol the globe, they continued to look inward.

    They failed to realize that their destiny is to impose order upon independent and subservient, judge innocent and guilty, wage war upon great and small, and, yes, kill anyone who and destroy anything which gets in the way of fulfilling this sacred duty. Instead of focusing on the wishes of Washington, D.C., the world’s imperial city, and rising to the greatness expected of them by supporting the aggrandizements of a globally dominant America, they focused on the local and personal – their careers and educations, their communities and towns, their clubs and associations, and their families and friends.

    Yes, he admitted, “they have met the challenges of Nazism and Japanese imperialism, Soviet communism, and radical Islamist terrorism.” However, they saw these efforts as “exceptional responses to exceptional circumstances. They do not see themselves as the primary defender of a certain kind of world order; they have never embraced that ‘indispensable’ role.”

    Such a revelation could shock only a certified ivory tower warrior, who believes that his comparative advantage in life is coming up with wars for patriotic young men and women across the country to fight. Not to defend America. But to create and preserve “a liberal world order” designed by the foreign policy equivalent of a priestly class, of which Kagan must be at least an archbishop or cardinal. It would be tempting to dismiss such arguments as the ravings of an accomplished, even celebrated policy entrepreneur. However, top officials have picked up these arguments, making them central to dealing with the rest of the world.

    Consider the egregious Madeleine Albright, former UN ambassador and secretary of state, author of multiple books and articles, member of endless commissions and panels, and all-around Washington paladin. She has become an apt if unusually celebrated representative of the foreign policy establishment. Preemptively channeling Robert Kagan more than two decades ago, she declared: “If we have to use force, it is because we are America: we are the indispensable nation. We stand tall and we see further than other countries into the future, and we see the danger here to all of us.”

    Being all-knowing and all-seeing naturally gives the US the right to impose its will on the rest of the world irrespective of the cost to others. As Albright explained, when asked about the humanitarian toll from sanctions on Iraq: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price – we think the price is worth it.”


    That price was 1 Million dead Iraqi children. Somebody else pays. Love. Tolerance. Supporting human rights for brown people worldwide. No wonder they are our leaders, our betters! Thank God we took out Baathist Saddam who was totally unrelated to Sunni Al Qeada terrorists and killed 2 million more! Manifest Destiny. “Theirs is not to reason why; theirs is but to do…and die.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 23 2021 #70129
    Dr. D

    Thank God major Bitcoin correction.

    So high it was getting bizarre. Even $10k lower in 24h it’s only back to the price 10 days ago. So…buy?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 23 2021 #70128
    Dr. D

    Thanks Phoenix, my frustration makes me less than charitable, but that is exactly how it is, and one reason it’s so much more frustrating. They are good and well intentioned, so it’s not like you can punch them or something, even if one would would do such a thing.

    But in that case, what CAN you do? You have social credit with them and still can’t break through. So what can I do from the outside before they send their uncle to the electric chair and sleep like a baby, as is being discussed on national TV?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 23 2021 #70115
    Dr. D

    From yesterday, for avocados, Russian orange trees:

    Should work fine as they don’t have constant rains like some places.

    “It’s Gene Therapy, Not a Vaccine (Dr. David Martin)”

    Gosh, I hate to defend this terrible, compulsory, untested, instant-death, non-vaccine, but his argument isn’t for much. Yes, it inspires the body to create the “toxin”, but only so the body will have it to react to. The only difference here is that in a normal vaccine, they inject the “toxin” into you, and here they have the body make it instead. So?

    And it doesn’t cause you to be cured, it mostly creates a mild case. Yes. So do classic vaccines. And you’re not “immune” later, you get a milder case. Yes. All those are true of old vaccines as well, although a bit different since an almost unnoticeable case of smallpox you would likely die of is different than a nearly-identical severity of a flu you were going to survive anyway. So it’s more similar to injecting you with the year’s flu rather than the year’s flu ‘vaccines’. You’ve got no argument. The vaccine causes you to have a milder case of smallpox, as does this one. And it does not stop transmission, as this one doesn’t either, except how ALL diseases the milder the case the wildly less transmissible, which they refuse to admit because it would stop masks, fear, money, and their power to stop protests, Yellow Vest and otherwise, and enforce regional, class-based fascism where if you’re rich, you can fly planes and get haircuts and $800 meals maskless, where if you’re poor, well…something happens but who cares, really? I’m dying, I can’t eat, it’s cold in here, please help, Blah blah blah, I’m bored already.

    “Bill Gates Warns of the Sacrifices We’ll Have to Make in Stirring Speech Given from His 650 Million Dollar Super Yacht”

    Now for the downside: obviously no testing, this method failed badly 100% of the time it’s been tried, often killed the hosts before as it’s been doing now, is totally unnecessary, with 0.54% up rate on a 99.97% safe disease, and worse, it has been suggested that it will soften you up to kill you later.

    It goes like this: in a normal disease, the body sees the intruder, sets the alarm, starts the clean up, conscripts other cells, the message spreads through the body, those cells wake up, start attacking, etc until the body is either fully on, or decommissions back to non-defense state. What did I say there? The key to immune response is TIME. The deadly part of Covid is TIME; you get a cytokine storm, too much immune response overwhelms you. What does the vaccine do? IT PRIMES ALL CELLS TO REACT IMMEDIATELY, that is, all cells recognize immediately and do not need to communicate with rising time, correctly-sized response, and it may (or may not) prime you to be MORE likely to have a cytokine storm when it sees the virus next time. Have we seen this yet? Not that we know of, the instant deaths seem to be different, and we should have had this appear by now if it was going to. But you see the many, many problems that a wee bit of testing might have prevented. Or since spike proteins are related to reproduction it may make some percentage sterile. Awesome, Richie-rich greenie-green dream come true: sterilizing the deplorables. A million private tragedies for those women and families. But they’re not curing disease, they’re collecting free tax money with no risk. That is, corporate welfare queens by the trillions, all deaths are good and legally covered. What’s not to like? But other than instant and common death, it may work great. Who knows? They certainly don’t, and don’t care.

    “Hospitals Across US Report Sharp Drop In New COVID patients (JTN)”

    Of course they did. On inauguration day they reduced PCR from 40 to 30. Magic! Just like we all said. Just like Trump said, although of course he’s always wrong although he was right. Same number of patients, same number of deaths, but flu and heart disease reappear and Covid disappears. A pandemic with no death rate. No one notices. No gears turn. Everyone does what they’re told and blames someone else.

    “The ZeroCovid Movement: Cult Dressed as Science (AIER)”

    They’re hilarious, the thought that they can do anything, it would work, they have power, or that anybody would listen to them. Hahahaha! You can’t even get people to stop doing heroin and shooting each other, but you’re going to have 0% deaths, 100% wins on a disease more transmissible than measles shows how psychotic, egotistical, and devoid of all reality and consequences they are and have always been. Tell you what: we’ll try it. On a military base, boot camp or somewhere. And if anyone gets Covid anyway, we chuck you out of an airplane. Oh wait, the Nov 11 NEJM says they DID, and it DID, and here’s your one-way defenestration, sans parachuteo.

    Consequences. For you and not for us. See? That’s not so hard. Instead, they chucked US out of a plane without economic parachute and watch US die. Chucking altitude corresponding directly to wealth status. First class flight = no mask.

    “Michael Burry Warns Weimar Hyperinflation Is Coming (ZH)”

    Pop quiz: does hyperinflation look like this?
    When you compare between competing currencies?

    “The easiest way to build the prison is to get freedom lovers everywhere to build the prison for you.”
    She is exactly correct. Look out for this. And they did it with the building of the internet. Just as I said, warned, and no one cared. Personally I believe someone pre-released their digital universal, trackable currency into the wild before they did as a sort of digital vaccine. But that doesn’t make it harmless, just less evil, lethal, and workable than their original plan. You’re still going to have to do some work and get the bait while destroying the trap. Sorry I can’t do better than that while increasing your money 200 fold, you’ll have to figure out how to bear it.

    Savanah Hernandez
    Today officially marks Biden’s first month in office, so far he has:

    -Excused human rights violations by the CCP as “cultural norms”
    -Allowed biological men to play in women’s sports
    -Forced our military to sleep in freezing parking garages
    -Spent 483 million in taxpayer dollars to keep the Natl guard in Washington DC
    -Said minorities are too stupid to use the internet
    -Put migrant kids in overflow facilities (aka “put kids in cages”)
    -Raised gas prices by canceling the Keystone Pipeline
    -Put us back into the Paris Climate Accord
    -Rejoined the WHO (who is tied to/covers for China)
    -Lied about the COVID vaccine supply
    -Started having Kamala make head of state calls for him
    -Rescinded the “1776 commission” geared toward pro-America curriculum
    -Hired the most useless press secretary our country has ever seen
    -Normalized double masking
    -Played Mario Kart

    Erased thousands of jobs.
    Made Texas dark and didn’t help after.
    Refused to help with $2,000 while passing laws about where twice-impeached presidents are buried.
    Set up a border fence inside a city
    Arrested AntiFa for ‘protesting’.
    Killed a couple thousand Covid patients.
    And much, much more.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 22 2021 #70114
    Dr. D

    Well Biden certainly delivered that “Dark Winter” he’s been nattering on about. Especially to his political enemies. What? I thought every thing that happened is the President’s fault. Those are the rules. So I guess he killed all 500k people too.

    I heard Texas would finally secede over it, but I find that unlikely. Part of their trouble was they are not integrated into the other state’s grids in order to secede. Very not clear-cut, and more likely they should reinforce their grid first which would take years.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 22 2021 #70092
    Dr. D

    I get it!

    We wear one mask for each person Andrew Cuomo killed.

    And I’m sure you all today’s Day of History article where St. Fauci said “We would never shut down the economy for ebloa.” Well of course not! It’s got a higher than 99.97% death rate! In Oppositeland, the MORE deadly it is, the LESS we shut down, and vice-versa.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 21 2021 #70051
    Dr. D

    “The Biden administration wants digital platforms to suppress content”

    That is directly against 1A, Freedom of Speech. We know they danced around it, outsourced it, “forgot” to enforce it with Sec230, but this is direct. Cool. Glad we’re out in the open now. “Opinions are treason.” Top news sources like NBC are saying we should bomb all GOP members. –But not the Congressmen, they clarified, only the 75 million in the general population. What a relief! Professional courtesy. They’ll only have voter representation by removing all opposing party members from committees and then from Congress itself.

    Meanwhile, this came up from yesterday’s comparison to totally-failed wind and solar, and totally-impossible (anti)green batteries:

    “This Ismay wants to “break the will” – his words – of people who rely on gasoline to power their cars and oil and natural gas to heat their homes, in order to “combat climate change.”

    “He described “turn(ing) the screws” . . . in order to “break (the) will” of such deplorables. That is to say, the desire of the deplorables to resist being impoverished – and frozen – by well-paid-by-those-who-are-forced-to-pay-them government workers such as himself.”

    Ismay admits at the end of the clip, “I can’t even say that publicly.” …Because he’d be hung. For attempting to kill everyone that isn’t him and his pals. Is Texas broken yet? Is he happy, or only with a higher death count?

    “The Sound and the Fury of Andrew Cuomo (New Yorker)”

    There’s only one possible answer these days: Andrew hates Asians and is openly attacking them because he’s a White Nationalist™ (Patent Pending). Just like Disney hates strong women role models. What? That ISN’T the answer to all questions, animal, vegetable, and mineral? Could have fooled me. Do you have a matrix for this, a logic tree? I can’t figure it out. IF it’s gun violence BUT it’s in Chicago, THEN we don’t care. IF you commit arson AND it’s in Minnapolis whereas IF the police open the doors for you…? Something like that. Thanks.

    “ The Texas Freeze is a Catastrophe of the Free Market (Galbraith)”

    If you hadn’t noticed, there is no free market, or no markets at all, but ALWAYS in utilities. They are ALWAYS regulated public-private partnerships and have NEVER been market-run, at least not for 100 years. So…who do we blame when there’s no free market but government was in charge of everything but got paid off with bribes to not enforce a thousand laws already on the books? Capitalism, of course! Just like ‘08 when rating agencies didn’t cooperate and the government invented scandals to put them out of business and not make Moody and Poors look bad. …While they protected Madoff and MF Global.

    Another beautiful day: News, Congress is in psychological therapy for the trauma caused by unarmed people touring the Capitol building then leaving without arrest. …The Congress and Congressmen that WEREN’T THERE. You know, like AOC.

    Since they heard it on the news that the United States collapsed under the combined weight of 400 people and one pranked, but not removed, podium, I’m sure we can all understand their fears. What do they call it? “Validate their feelings.” “Fee Fees” for those toddlers. The job of psychologists these day, I guess. While we split the last pack of ramen noodles with the family and shiver in our cars waiting to die.

    Any day Congress is sad and terrified is a good day for me. Maybe they can share the “American Experience” for a change. Let’s start by making them unemployed.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 20 2021 #70043
    Dr. D

    Yes, you can’t have capitalism on collective infrastructure because there’s no competition. You can’t say, “just build another electric grid or railway line.” Practically speaking, it’s a monopoly or near enough, and so it is what it is. That’s why we have a public-private partnership after trying 1,000 different ways in 200 countries over 130 years. A total monopoly like the NHS eventually, one day, causes ossified group-think and bureaucratic self-protection with no services as seen right now, but a parallel monopoly like regional grids lets us say, “Hey! Southern electric can so this at 1/10th the cost, what’s with you?” Similar to the 50 states. Probably this has to do with scale and Iceland or Denmark wouldn’t need this, but clearly the perennially corrupt U.S. does.

    Someone said this about Thatcher the other day, and they were right. Some of the things she was doing couldn’t be done and didn’t work. The plan THEY have — and they’re not going to tell you — is to privatize, break it, steal all the assets so it’s re-nationalized, then refilled at gunpoint from taxpayers by government, then sold off, re-privatized, re-stolen all over again, as happens worldwide. All you need are some lobbyists and a lot of time, it’s like candy from a baby. There’s no other way to make tens of billions except to rob taxpayers with government’s help, i.e. their raw violent extraction from the poorest citizens. So you need a system that prevents this as well, which my plan does when you really must have monopolies. You could incentive to end even these monopolies and have ever-smaller cells, but that’s a slippery discussion of how small is small and how would they defend themselves. It’s enough to say sure, getting rid of the name “socialism” or “collectivism” on a project vs, “capitalism” (whatever that means today,) you have these practical challenges. We’ve basically solved that at least in the past 70 years’ system-structure. We just refuse to do the things that we know work, and instead do all the things some PR firm sold us theory on and either never worked or have never been tested.

    Don’t re-invent the wheel: do the thing that works okay, and keep up with the monitoring and maintenance of it. There’s no pure system, even in totally free capitalist libertarian systems, the root scale is communalism of the nuclear family. If you have to have have monopolies, so be it. And if you get punked and have to re-nationalize like Sweden’s banks, you do. Just make sure everyone’s sorely punished and no one profits by it to keep the system honest and feeding back consequences.

    We’re certainly going into a time where ideological purity isn’t going to help. But at least we could look at what’s worked and what hasn’t over time for a change.

    in reply to: But…Then There’s Math #70039
    Dr. D

    Thanks for the unexpected, and V. is completely right, kWh seems to be very high, which is bending my brain in several ways, one, since I remember the kW number from exploring solar at home, and two, since 200lbs of lithium would surely be more than a few hours. 200lb of much less efficient lead would probably be 24 hours. And here I was pretty sure it was the megawatt hour equation that was totally wrong, but as a mere comment, I didn’t fact check every item through google. I just figured that, it’s 1 million people when there are 29M people in Texas: even if I was off by 10x or 100x, the principle would hold, as THAT’S how far off the path we are.

    And here math is my poor subject, I don’t even drill the details and it’s STILL obvious to a blind bat how much this won’t work? It’s still in the news. Tesla is still $1,000/share or some such. Still lighting cars on fire. I just SMH and “Are people totally illiterate? What is going on that you can’t tell this isn’t working and their solutions are worse?” Or rather:

    The social aspect is important here. As TAE says, “we don’t have an energy (or financial) problem, we have a political (will) problem”, or something like that. Obviously we’re wasting 90% of our energy and resources on pure garbage that makes everyone miserable and not happy right now, but fixing it requires people change their minds and so is nearly impossible. But what we choose to do is very important, who we choose to credit, believe, follow, pay attention to.

    I think the old system is cracking, right now, has cracked, and the fracture and failure of ALL things, RNC, DNC, CNN, CDC, NYSE, UPENN, is fantastic. Couldn’t be happier. They all have to be discredited, let go, for anything new to happen. And those people are a SYSTEM. Their “GameStop must always win, the people must always lose” is so extractive, and they are so leveraged into it, that half of one percent will cascade-fail them now. I suspect from the Great-Wall-of-Pelosi that’s already happened and they know it, and BTC is showing the flop OUT of their system and into a new one. But the people ARE the system, Gates, Elon, Bezos, and the end of the present system means the end of them and their exaggerated power. What have I said, Wall St, College, Health Care are all 5x their usual size? The Federales are 10x, 20x, since they’re not supposed to be running much at all but leave everything but the Post Office to 10A and the States?

    So their fake and stupid solutions are about to disappear and be discredited with them, leaving a solution-vacuum as people — in Texas, but should-have-known-since-Katrina — in 12 burned-down cities, in $600/year UBI now delayed to pass a law about the funerals of twice-impeached Presidents who don’t care a bit, all those solutions are gone. You won’t buy a PowerWall because you’ll be broke as the dollar drops 90% PPT or something. You couldn’t anyway since the disruptions will stop all lithium supply, to say nothing of food. If you could it would immediately be stolen, even at gunpoint. And Sugar Daddy government isn’t going to help you: if anything, they’re going to hurt you, stop you, and raise your taxes in their (IL, CA, NJ, NY, KY) bankruptcy.

    So the world gets SMALLER, in a way. It decentralizes and depends on you. Your house, your family, your farmer’s market, your neighborhood. As you knew that was coming, it’s coming right now, it’s too late to change or fix the ship, you’re probably down to planning how to reef the sails and get the sea anchor ready.

    The solution-vacuum is a good thing as then it will be OUR solutions that happen, instead of the idiotic, self-serving, non-working solutions they’ve been at for 20 additional years. That’s how system change. The big rotten tree falls over, you obviously can’t graft a huge tree on new roots, even if they’re named “Morgan”. Hundreds of saplings spring up. Most are turned aside, but a few trees grow large, then one, and it crashes all over again.

    You’re the solution masters now. There’s nobody but you, possibly starting even next month. Thank God. I didn’t know how much more of these idiotic, egotistical dummies I could take, who can’t calculate a PowerWall within two zeros. As I barely can, and don’t need to.

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