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    Dr. D

    Odd, their finally learning something and not arresting Trump seems to have set Team Trump back as well. No new responses from him, no new strategies. Too bad. Naturally it was fun like in Bakhmut for your enemy to walk into your guns and lose every day. It’s when they have a strategy that you’re in danger and need to work. Right now of course, they’ve suspended and waiting to spring a Grand Jury a day before election. Like all these weapons, people actually THINK they work. They’re such cowards that the fear – of any weapon – gets them more than the weapons themselves. I remember the story of Beirut, where Reagan said the offshore battleships can hurl shells the size (or rather weight) of Volkswagens. This worked great right up to the point they fired. Then the people said “These guys can’t hit the side of a barn. Also even a city is enormous and the odds of getting hit is still near zero. Go ahead and shoot.” Negotiations over. Huge hit to the reality. Like: “What U.S. Navy?”

    So the only weapons they have, are the weapons they never use. I’m supposed to be forever scared of all your guns that are empty?

    “AZ Governor’s Press Secretary Resigns Amid Outrage After Calling For Violence Against ‘Transphobes’

    I’m still lost on this. So in the large sense, THEIR shooter, shot OUR people. And yet THEY are the ones calling for revenge? That word may not mean what you think it mean. You have to be a victim, not a mass-murderer, to call for “revenge.” As a mass murderer, it’s just your day job. I was sure I was just mis-hearing this, but it’s persisted.

    Also only people this far from sense and tangible effects could call for a “Day of Rage”. Why? “Rage” is not pleasant to experience. It’s also not strategic. It’s unproductive. So you are going to take time out of your day, feel bad, hold grudges, accomplish nothing, and not promote your cause but actually reverse it? There’s a reason it’s a cardinal sin. It’s dumb, unworking, illogical, expensive, counterproductive, and #AntiLogos.

    Their strategists are usually smart fellows. This has been tried recently and had these very predictable effects. So WHY?

    The only possible conclusion is, it’s not about caring, it’s not about rights, it’s not even about winning. It’s about making a mess for others. Attacking them. Not even your “enemies” ; whoever that is. But to cause chaos to the society generally, with no specific goals or plans at all. It’s a wide-scale military disruption and military action of one society on another they are at war with. And the number of trans sites calling for arming up and killing everyone that even mildly annoys you, without asking questions, without checking, is unusually high and suspiciously sudden. Know what I mean? Yeah, all the “Love and Tolerance” granola-crunching Left, marching for peace and worker’s rights – which even if wrong, they actually believe – definitely reach for gun FIRST, not last, and definitely SHOOT FIRST, gun rights forevah! so they can get the Woke purity test points for being in the moral right by killing 9-year-olds. That’s not a total, 100% reversal over everything ever thought, said, and done by them at all. Totally not opposite to their basis and their psychology. Not Opposite to everything they still for a century, reversed in one week in 2023. Nope, not at all. Nothing strange or suspicious here.

    “A State of Never-Ending Crisis: The Government Is Fomenting Mass Hysteria:
    We have become guinea pigs in a ruthlessly calculated, carefully orchestrated, chillingly cold-blooded experiment in how to control a population…”

    Yeah, something like that. Call me sus. WHOSE government, though? The “government” doesn’t help itself by accomplishing the #Opposite of a government’s functions at home. Those are the actions of Revolutionaries who wish to END present government. Undermine, conquer, and replace it. Whoever could that be?

    Institute even more authoritarian policies for the so-called sake of national security without many objections from the citizenry.”

    Why? What good would it do? The government doesn’t listen to any objection we’ve made in 20 years. The “citizenry” broke their arms and shut down the Capital Switchboard calling their Representatives to stop the ‘08 bailout. They didn’t care in the slightest. Suppose J6 was what they claim: still don’t care about a level of “objection” reaching “violent armed insurrection of the citizenry”, and doubled down on ignoring them instead. TSA has been a joke for 20 years running, was reviewed and missed every bomb that’s ever been test-run, didn’t stop several subsequent attacks, and verifiably have killed 10,000 fliers with X-ray cancer that was well-known. They merely label this “consent” when it’s nothing of the sort. Instead, it shows Americans are stupid, stubborn, and pig-headed and WILL protest for 50 years, but even they are not THAT stupid. Eventually they stop. It’s not consent. It’s the awareness of universal tyranny. …And what happens after that?

    “Moscow will simply not tolerate “an openly anti-Russian state, whatever its borders..”

    Like the “military STYLE weapons” above, they can’t stop giving in to their enemies. Style? As in how they appear? Air-soft toys APPEAR “military-style”, what are you talking about? Why would you concede a point that doesn’t exist? You’re taking the enemy thought – that is: a LIE – into your own castle. As here: Moscow will not “tolerate”? They can’t stop assuming false premises. Russia doesn’t need to “tolerate” anything: they own the field and are going to do exactly whatever they like. They could have erased Ukraine in 5 minutes on 2-22-22, and CHOSE not to. They can end the war today as well. The war will end when-ever and exactly how-ever Russia feels like it. They’re not going to “tolerate” anything, they’re going to do what they want to and we can’t stop them.

    That’s not a “negotiation.” There’s no “Peace Treaty”, because having one requires believing the signers. They are going to dictate any terms to us that they feel like, and we’re going to sit down and eat it in front of them.

    “West’s War Against Russia Is Bound to Last – Peskov (TASS)

    Only if Russia feels like that happening. It can all be over in 30 minutes if they feel like it too. “Letting the war last” is an immense generosity given to us as fellow men.

    “Western officials said that the city poses no strategic military value, but Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky pledged to defend it as long as possible”

    Uh-huh. Psychos. “This tie pin is worthless to me, but I’ll die defending it just to show you what.” Who does that except weak, empty, childish losers? You’re not a man if you get your self-worth from others, from showing THEM. You’re still a child. The opposite interpretation is that it IS valuable, and you’re lying. This is also the defining mark of a child, unwilling to admit realities and confront them openly, give your enemy his due. So there is no interpretation of this statement where Ze is not a childish, hollow, narcissistic, self-serving shell. Even if he were an evil man, he could be respected. This cannot.

    “He stressed it’s important to collect the anticipated taxes this year, adding that no major tax changes have been planned.”

    Taxes on what? No electric for factories, no fields have been planted. People who don’t do work, like governments, have no idea. Go back to your goosestepping and leave me alone.

    “the compliant will upload their biometric data (fingerprints, photograph and DNA swab) to a centralised database to which the 32 public authorities presiding over the UK biosecurity state will have access.”

    You’re thinking about this wrong: how will CRIMINALS use the system? They will move to something, and that will be the economy. The State can provide nothing, so they are not relevant, not the honey pot here. You’re going to be part of the black market if you want anything, so you might as well get started. If everyone’s part of the black market, then that’s just “the market” and the government has no power. Do whatever you want, but like Vichy France, it’s useless, unstable, hated, and will fail. Nigeria doesn’t even have the power of Rhode Island and they sank this plan against these “master planners” without even trying.

    “The top 1% of US taxpayers paid 48% of total US income taxes… the top 10% paid nearly 72%… Meanwhile, the bottom 40% of US income tax filers paid no net income tax at all…”

    Now I ask, does that sound fair? Honest question. 1 in 100 people pay half. Let’s say it’s a summer Boy Scout camp. 100 kids. One kid’s father pays half, nearly the entire camp, all the land, all the rent. A mere 10 fathers pay almost all the rest, all the food, payroll, maintenance, etc. The other 90 kids pay $20 a week, a mere pittance, not even charity. If they reduced affairs only slightly, they could not have to pay at all.

    So shouldn’t only those 10 men vote? What if they don’t wish to pay? What about the other 90? What makes them entitled to come to camp? Shouldn’t they just start another that they themselves own and control? Shouldn’t the ten? Honest questions.

    It is not official, but it it is Karl Rove who said “We create Reality.”

    “Andrew Jackson is often held up as a ‘shining example of decency and honour’”

    Who specifically? I live in America and I’ve never heard that. In fact, all my school textbooks were against him. What a surprise. He’s considered a pretty rough fellow who had a few bright chapters, and that’s outside the textbooks who consider him deplorable without explaining why except that ‘The people liked him.” You know: Democracy. The thing they hate most. Secret fear: THEY are not really the popular girls. Secretly everyone hates them and likes this other guy.

    Mentally-ill, they seek LOVE, the very love they have banished from their hearts then wonder why it’s missing. Diabolic Narcissism, they then HATE whatever shows or has the thing they lack. The thing they lack because they rejected it. Love. “God is Love” doncha know?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 29 2023 #132291
    Dr. D

    “Media Loses Confidence In Preferred Pronouns after Transgender Shooter Attacks Christian School”

    That’s all been fun, but listen up: They finally learned something. They’re going nowhere with gun control for 40 years. In fact, they’ve been the greatest gun salesmen America has ever seen. And now, last few shootings, ramping up, WHO is the victim? Now it’s the Right, as well-shown in this case. Christian 9-year-olds. Black Supremacist, on the Brooklyn Subway. Black Nationalist, driving into a Christmas crowd. Get it?

    “Oh help me Daddy Government, we’ll demand every regulation if only you’ll save us from these bad (leftist) men!”

    Now I don’t think that will WORK; however there is at least a PREMISE, and they’re not repeating what’s laughably failed for half a century. The idea is sound: 1) Kill the few remaining Christians. With extreme malice and bigotry. Yay!!! 2) Christians don’t want their 9-year-olds killed. Therefore they will demand “Something be done”, “Take those guns from the hands of the Left and the Mentally Ill!” “Your wish is my command.”

    …What will actually happen is the Right will ARM the teachers, and REMOVE their children from schools. But at least they have a POINT this time. We’ll watch. Who are the next 5 mass shooters going to be?

    Anyway, again, apparently if you put on pants you become a man now? And if you put on lipstick you become a woman? I thought we settled this back in 1909.

    Same with banning TikTok actually. The Right might approve, then immediately government uses this basis to ban/censor everything else.

    “AI Will Lead to 300 Million Layoffs in the US and Europe”

    Uh, whut? Is this like how they bought 600M shots after everyone already had one? “President Bush, 8 Brazilians died today.” “O noe! But…How many is a Brazilian?” They are. Really. Bad at math.

    “Something Very Dramatic Has Changed”: Matt Taibbi Says Democrats Ditched Free Speech:
    “There’s no question about it anymore, that now the parties have had a complete reversal on how they read these issues.”

    Thank God this is now consensus reality. Maybe I can shut up about it now.

    “House Overwhelmingly Passes 1st Ever US Bill to Punish CCP’s Forced Organ Harvesting: (MTG and Thomas Massie voted NO…) Interesting.

    Canadian organ harvesting has gone through the roof with their new Eugenics plan. Gosh and by golly, somehow that exactly fills the organ harvesting Organized Crime Income that’s being lost elsewhere. But it’s not organ harvesting when we do it. It’s Love.

    Is Japan’s Population Really Going To Fall By A Third”

    Speaking of this on yesterday: Um, the Japanese are no fools? They’re not yeast in a dish and they’re not idiots? Did anyone ask them? Did anyone check before declaring national Seppuku Mass-Murder Day? Japan knew they had trouble, and they placed their investment in all the young countries like Vietnam. Not as a conquest, but as a direction and expertise. It’s a symbiant, so far at least. My guess is they do not want to solve the problem with more humans, as Japan has been haunted by overpopulation and starvation for centuries. However, they can offset this using their talent and work. In a world of globalization, they still run models that are 19th-century when it suits them to advise for more murder and theft. Why?

    “Vax Report: $147 Billion in Damage, Tens of Millions Injured, Disabled (ZH)

    Yes, I expect these numbers are quite conservative, based only on what they can prove in court.

    “The Best Way to Protect US Troops in Syria (Ron Paul)

    Iran is now shelling us again there I understand. But it’s an illegal occupation, without UN mandate or local law, 10,000 miles from home with no act of war. What are we doing there? (The CIA is funding itself with oil thefts, that’s what. Their money for their crime syndicate had been cut off and they’re filling the gaps elsewhere.)

    “Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton has warned that the Biden administration may not be taking Russian President Vladimir Putin’s pledge to move tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus seriously”

    Who? I only listen to people who are relevant. And sane. Yeah, the local drunk stopped me in the street to tell me the same thing and I didn’t listen to him either.

    “the ‘rule-based order’

    Watching this use of words over time, it’s now very clear that “Rules-Based” is distinctly opposed to “Law”. They never refer to Laws and legal process and precedent. What was that about words that always lack all specific and detail? Why did we suddenly start referring to this old thing with a new word?

    Russia Knows Why It Fights In Ukraine, Russians Must Be Freed – Lavrov (TASS)

    Careful, this is the Lebenraum argument. Russians are in another country, therefore that country is now Russia.

    “Trump can solve the Ukraine War in 24 hours”: This isn’t rocket science, the U.S. is practically the only party to the conflict. Without us, Europe couldn’t go, even Davos. Without us, Ukraine would have no money and no arms. So yes, if WE stop, the war stops. Because we, the United States are essentially the whole war, at war with Russia via Ukraine as published by Brzezinski in 1970 and the CIA in 1950. There’s also no ACT of war. There is no war via Congress. Therefore the President has no demand to fight the war and in fact the war is instantly impeachable, and should be. So if the President says “I end this war in 24 hours”, it ends.

    This is not some kind of genius master stroke. You’ve all just been baffling yourselves, panicked in a fury in lust for war. OF COURSE it ends.

    “Flying drones at greater distances from the conflict zone and at higher altitudes has reduced the quality of the intelligence that they can gather”

    You mean the drones 10,000 miles from home in a country we’re not at war with? Those drones?

    “Musk has objected to the “weaponization” of his technology,”

    O Rly? After you told them you would rapid-deploy it expressly for Ukraine, in a war zone? You thought they were going to download cat videos? STFU.

    “It was precisely such mini-submarines that could have placed the explosive charges”

    The CIA just blew their credibility by backing the story of the Polish water-skiing boat. But now they’re going to get a second bite at the apple, just keep releasing official stories until one sticks?

    “That would be the most plausible explanation so far for what happened to the Nord Stream pipeline.’

    No, that would be the LEAST plausible: Russia owns the spigot. Righty-tighty, Lefty-loosy. They laboriously invented a world-wide sub-sea pipeline in excess of $6B just so they can blow it up at the first sign of trouble, while STILL selling Europe all the gas and oil they want? LEAST Plausible.

    “Maybe you were in favor of censoring accurate information on Covid, climate, and trans issues. But what if the shoe were on the other foot?”

    You’re using logic and reason. Stop. I mean unless you ALSO have another expression that will actually have effects, as the good guys we’re required to inform them, read them their rights before we shoot them when they inevitably flee.

    “Jamie Dimon In Hot-Seat as Sworn Deposition Looms in Epstein Lawsuits (ZH)

    Again, I’m lost as to why this is illegal. If I beat my wife does my bank have to close my account? What’s the idea here? Just to get a legal precedent so we can de-bank Republicans and gun manufacturers? AT&T carried Epstein’s phone calls – should they be sued too?

    “While large farming companies have the means to meet these goals — by using less nitrogen fertiliser and reducing the number of their livestock — smaller, often family-owned farms would be forced to sell”

    Two parts here. The whole POINT of regulation – the very reason it exists – is for corporations to drive their competition out of business, and for Government to SELL them that fascist power. Like “fines” for corporate misbehavior, they then become symbiants, moving ever closer, uniting against their one enemy and power source: YOU, the People. So the two parts are 1) Fascist consolidation of all power against all private individuals, including all property and all income, and 2) Even if that weren’t true, “shuttering” 10,000 farms would crush the food supply and kill all Dutch.

    Upsides? None. Even the most lavish, fevered fantasies of the CO2 crowd fully admit if all Holland reduced emissions to ZERO it would have no effect whatsoever on worldwide climate models. Every person in all Holland would die for nothing. …Yet they still want it. Badly enough to lose elections. Badly enough to be lit on fire. Why?

    That’s because the goal is staring you in the face: the GOAL is to kill everyone in Holland…or at least everyone we don’t like and authorize and approve of. That’s the goal. CO2 is merely the nearest excuse. If it weren’t this, we’d grab the next one.

    “Traditional farming, though, is suffering an unprecedented attack. Small and medium-scale farmers are being subjected to social and economic conditions in which they simply cannot survive.”

    Yes. Regulation. Put in place by Bill Gates and Co. I mean if no one noticed over the last 80 years it’s been happening every minute of every week. Example: there was once a bird flu. Yeah, I know, there are so many, and none of them add up to nothin’, so it’s hard to keep track. Well, because “Bird flu” – which again was forgettable and didn’t add up to anything – they “regulated” that all chicken growers needed a way to dispose of chickens – that nobody could tell were even ill – dispose of “Properly”.

    What’s “Properly”? Oh, just a mere $10,000 contraption, sold by one or two corporations that lobby the government extensively. So if you own 5 backyard chickens, $10,000 for you! …Or you could just get out. I mean, if you can’t take the heat, you little backyard farmer you, daring to grow 5 tomatoes. I mean: How Dare You? Leave that to the “Very Important People” who have white coats! Can’t you see my white coat? And would never, ever let 30,000 pounds of contaminated beef out on the market last Monday, would they? Because “Science”. Trust us.

    The point of regulation is fascism. That’s why everyone is in favor of it. The food source of all fascism is YOU.

    Now we probably do need some regulations, just as we need some government, just as we need some raging fires somewhere, but they should be very, very carefully boxed in and very carefully controlled. And if they – say a stubble burn off – gets out of control, we want very, very clear compensations and punishments for those who burned down my house and killed my dog. Right?

    “The trans movement is the mirror image of Christianity, and therefore its natural enemy.” Huh.

    But not the opposite, as trans people are not the enemy of Christians. They are another human worthy of compassion and perhaps to also seeing Christ or his ways. The whole point is that Christianity gives support to sinners, rebels, prostitutes, or worse, tax collectors. Even doctors. Or even offer a door of redemption and new chances to people who were lost and in trouble. So trans, gays, even tax collectors, are to be met with love and a unique opportunity of peace. The reverse? Apparently not so much. A professor was disciplined this week (amazing, I know!) for calling for the immediate shooting of all non-Leftists. However, it’s generally just a quiet, seething hatred with little action.

    “Record Snowpack Triggers Massive Avalanche at Utah Ski Resort: Last Friday, Utah broke the record for snowpack with more than 700 inches of snow this season.”

    When will this 1,000-year Global Warming drought ever end?? Okay, that’s fun, again and again and again and again and again and again and again but: Isn’t that THEIR model? Accurate, computer-generated, Scientific, Model? And it’s dead wrong. Again. So why would I believe ANY of their models, ANY of their predictions? They’re fools. They’re wrong. Worse, they can’t admit it 50 years on. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    If someone told me to burn my house down every week, and was wrong every time, surely we’d stop listening to him and taking their argument seriously. Wouldn’t we? How often do you get to be wrong? Forever? Well, 30 years at least, I guess.

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    Dr. D

    Actually, this week’s example was Yale Economist suggesting that all of Japan could solve their looming demographic problem if only all the old people would kill and disembowel themselves. For their own good, of course!

    Luckily the reason this is making the rounds is that it actually roused some revulsion and protest among a very few. Okay, um, could have babies? But also “Disembowel”? Like just dying, maybe refusing to get that super-extra lifesaving procedure not enough? HAS to be Seppuku, according to Yale. Only the most grisly death imaginable will satisfy them.

    I read it but it didn’t even occur to me because I read this all the time, especially in Canada, and when I bring it up, people felt I was being alarmist. So I’m glad there is still a level somewhere.

    So, is this what happens when people are too long removed from their emotions?

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    Dr. D

    Certainly surprising that no matter how many hundred times I bring up, “This will kill literally everybody, including YOU, your children, and everybody you know”, so “Maybe we should look into the validity, veracity, or even sanity of people who say such things” it always falls on deaf ears, as if it weren’t spoken.

    My assumption therefore was that THIS IS THE POINT. The deepest, most secret, heartfelt wish is to murder everyone and everything everywhere, but I could be mistaken.

    Like others of that sort, words spoken by the rebels, the serfs, the poor, the other tribe, the people over hill, the “other”, the poor benighted hovels of the subhumans we conquer and deign to teach better in our great beneficence, well, they’re not words at all. Just animal grunts, worth nothing, ignored. Just as the British in India. Hear nothing, engage in nothing, learn nothing. Just as all humans are worth nothing, ignored, wiped out, paved over. Only the Secret, Special humans who all know each other’s secret code phrases are worthy of time and attention. The others? As Sheridan on the Sioux Wars: “Nits Make Lice.” Kill them all.

    Just as Socialism and the workers, actually. Kill all the workers. Only then will they learn. And fight. So only by killing them can they not be killed. Very simple, don’t you see?

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    Dr. D

    Now 25 of 30 of the last Mass Shooters were Leftists?

    Don’t worry: they’ll never notice. Reality is but a distant dream.

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    Dr. D

    “EU Threatens More Sanctions If Russia Stations Tactical Nuclear Weapons In Belarus”

    You are literally kidding me, right?

    Oh well if it’s SANCTIONS, Russia will definitely surrender. I mean, how could they not after the Steven Seagal sanctions? Good thing they’re not allies with half the world’s GDP, ‘cause WHEW! That would be bad.

    14 Legged killer squid. So if we go YET ANOTHER place we have no business being, 15,000 miles away and 2 miles deep, we can get our comeuppance.

    “Vaccinating During a Pandemic.

    Always wrong, against their own 100-year rules. They know this, tested it, printed it, recommended it, repeated it for 50 years, so why did they deny and contradict their own Science? Just “One day in May?” Do they just hate medicine that much?

    “When safety testing is skipped…”

    Everyone just loved Trump so much, they mainlined his juice into their veins…

    “US Democracy ‘A Facade’ – Patrushev (RT)

    Patrushey should just really quote Jimmy Carter, Harvard, and Columbia on this subject. It’s been well-established by the highest sources.

    ““vassals” that are constantly “humiliated” in their abusive relationships with the US.”

    The nationalists are against this constant, war, abuse, and violence, which is why they are the enemy and we hates them for ever and ever.

    “US politicians are “held captive by their own propaganda” and still believe that Washington could deliver a fatal nuclear ‘first strike’ against Russia”

    They are the few, unfortunately they’re burrowed in all over the place.

    He claimed that Russia has 12 times more military aircraft than Ukraine.”

    Ukraine has zero, so what’s zero times infinity?

    “NATO members appeared to be using the Ukraine crisis to dispose of “old equipment they no longer need.”

    They are slowly eliminating Ukraine and handing it to Russia.

    • The EU Is Losing Relevance In The Emerging New World (Fomenko)
    “It’s what happens when you only blindly follow.”

    They blindly follow because free speech and open debate is dead. They hate and oppress all the Western values that caused their success, including love. And its associates marriage and children. We’re going to win using hate, isolation, and oppression. Yeah, that always works.

    Ukraine may need to conscript even more people into military service to potentially fight against Belarus,”

    We’re fighting Belarus now? Says who? Who decided?

    “The resolution was supported by 3 countries (Russia, China and Brazil), no one voted against, 12 abstained.”

    12 nations have no interest in knowing. That’s odd. So there’s a major International Criminal running around, which has extremely high-level talents and is willing to use them against civilian infrastructure, but they have no interesting in discovering who these people are. Right. Any Mayor or Policeman would do the same.

    World Bank: World Economy May Face “Lost Decade” (Az.)

    Yes, but only since 1999. Oh wait, is that more than a decade?

    “Jim Jordan Demands Docs After IRS “Attempt to Intimidate” Matt Taibbi (ZH)

    The IRS “exists” therefore they lie, fabricate evidence, and oppress the people. It’s what governments do. (If they don’t live with the fear of God in them every second of their lives.)

    And yes, essentially that’s witness tampering.

    “The Worst Model in History: How the Curve was Not Flattened (Ugo Bardi)

    I’m lost as to why anyone would care if the earth warmed. It’s been 6 degrees warmer and was far better off, manyfold the plants and animals of now. It had 9x the CO2 for millennia and never had a runaway effect. I think we can put that nonsense to bed now before we all die of solving a problem we don’t have. Cultures worldwide flourish when the temperature is higher. They quickly collapse if it’s even slightly lower. I guess we know which of they two they desire. The answer is murder. …Just skip the question, who cares? I already know the answer is murder.

    While their work is funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) … the sponsor can’t prevent the report from being made public,”

    You are kidding me, right? Who pays the piper picks the tune“. …Oh but not with these saints and angels, they would never. They would definitely have Pfizer yank all funding and be suddenly unemployed instead.

    “Australia Bears Witness To Vaccine Deaths (Horowitz)”

    It can only be the vaccine.

    “he argues for Net Zero within 12 years, complete with a refit of U.K. housing stock, a withdrawal of all combustion engine cars in favour of expanded public transport, electrification of industry, the roll out of ‘zero-carbon’ energy, and the banning of all fossil fuel production.”

    …So he’s called for the immediate death of 40M people. Immediate, like start the camps, the bodies will pile up in a mere 10 years. Sadly, that’s not a surprise, they recommend murdering every human they can find more or less hourly. As I say to the Ukraine boosters: “If you want it so much, here’s a gun.” Real solutions start at home.

    Equal the Luftwaffe? You are kidding, right? Germany barely touched Britain, they’re just hysterical liars who like making up stories. More like leave Britain in the state of the Dresden bombings. Or worse: Detroit.

    Of course the sad part is, it wouldn’t matter even if CO2 caused warming. For one thing their solution would kill 3-5x as many people, and 100 years faster. The other is, if they did 100% of their goals, it would have net-ZERO effect: All the emissions are in China, India, etc, who DGAF. It WOULD, however, make you the planet’s juiciest target for an immediate foreign occupation, and all the rapes, murders therein. #Winning! I say do it. Britain can cease to exist on the planet in a fortnight. Why stop them?

    AFKTT: Man I wish you were young enough to take a $10,000 bet on that. Even $1,000 at 10-to-1, but alas, it will take quite some time to prove or disprove the thesis. Sometimes life isn’t fair.

    Rich, I don’t know either one of them. They were both in the military during the period in question. They weren’t put in Leavenworth, so clearly they followed orders. That’s it, the only relevance. What would “reformed” even mean? Everyone here is so eager to take offense here, myself foremost.

    No wonder everyone is Black Pilled, we’re going up against the world’s greatest Empire with almost no one on our side, but we’re going to make no allies, talk only with people exactly like us, and associate with no bad men, not even the pawn broker down the hall, or mildly salty public figures, but CERTAINLY no one who as ever raised his hand in anger. We shall remain entirely pure, our purity rings intact, knowing for certain we lost by Doing the Right Thing™. I mean for real?

    Who do you think is IN a rebellion, an insurrection? BAD people. Thieves, traffickers, fist fighters, people who like to make things go boom. People who SELL guns, who therefore sell drugs, who are therefore nowhere near true believers. And certainly not church mice. Why did John Hancock own a warship? To drink tea off the poop deck?

    I love these lunatics. I think they’re the best. Nothing’s better than people coming up with crazed ideas you never thought of and never would. However, they are a bit dangerous and also exhausting.

    Haven’t seen TAE Summary. We scare him away?

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    Dr. D

    “Putin Impressed with American System of Prosecuting Political Opponents” – BBee.

    We’re #1!

    “Under a new directive, the Federal Security Service (FSS), which parallels America’s FBI, is reportedly looking into the seedy history of many political opponents to see what can be thrust in front of the media to turn public opinion against them before they are thrown into a gulag for the rest of their life.

    “But digging into a man’s life and prosecuting him for crimes that normally would not warrant such dramatic attention? Not only do you ruin their political prospects, but you also make the news all about them. People forget you exist. Genius! Putin said.”

    “Democrats Vow to Arrest as Many Political Opponents as It Takes to Defeat Fascism” — BBee. All of them, of course!

    Among people who must be arrested, punched, shut down, put in their place: all women!

    “Parker organises public events called ‘Let Women Speak’. It’s a genius initiative. She knows these gatherings of women who merely want to give voice to their profane belief that sex can never be changed will draw out crowds of intolerant trans activists and their allies. She knows the ‘Be Kind’ mob will do everything in its power to stop women from speaking. And she knows it will all brilliantly illustrate her core belief: that trans activism is misogyny in disguise, misogyny in drag, if you like, and that it has devoted itself to silencing women who believe in biology.

    Australia and New Zealand played their parts brilliantly in Parker’s clever scheme. From Melbourne to Canberra, Hobart to Auckland, huge crowds of the right-on turned up to drown out the voices of the pesky women who dare to call men ‘men’. ‘Let women speak’, Parker says. ‘No’, says the mob. She incites them to confess their misogyny and intolerance in full public view. And they do.”

    Get back in the Kitchen you XX. Women are to be seen and not heard. You’re not SUPPOSED to be safe anywhere. That’s Love and Tolerance, Progressive-style.

    Basis of the article? This is what a Salem Witch Burning looks like. This is where you march the undesireables to the guillotines. By the same people for the same reasons. “That mob was drunk on sanctimony. This is what happens when we tell people their identity is the most important thing in the world and that anything that so much as grazes their self-esteem is an outrage that must be crushed.”

    Remember: words are violence, but actually attacking people and throwing things is free speech. Burning down black neighborhoods is DEFINITELY free speech. And medically safe. It’s almost Passover, “Let My Felons Go!”

    Speaking of, I don’t know what you mean by the calendar Easter isn’t Easter. The Crucifixion, that is, Easter, was on Passover, thus the last supper. This happens on a changeable day set by the last moon of spring, exactly the same as today.

    MacGregor: Yes, I’ve mentioned how all the present Generals and most staff participated in and supported all the wars from Vietnam to now. I guess otherwise they’d never get above Buck Private. However, that doesn’t endear me, as they were all totally on board, in the broader sense, until Bush completely failed in a smoking crater at taking over the world by capturing – or more specifically, destroying and denying — the oil. (Note $1T in war spending = zero oil. We stole almost none of it and could have bought all of it at ¼ the price.) So the “White Hats”? Don’t really want to shake their hand, would look for a long, very specific explanation of WTF they thought they were doing from 1990 to 2007 or whenever they started being visible again. I’m open to hear it, but not happy. MacGregor is one of those men, as is Scott Ritter.

    Yellen: throwing Powell under the bus. “1,000:1 Debt:GDP ratio is sustainable so long as Powell keeps rates at 0% until the sun burns out.” Uh-huh. Clearly illiterate, unaware of any and all events in financial history, Ms. “We’ll never see another crisis in [your] lifetime.”

    Speaking of, Denninger runs down why SVB can and MUST collapse, https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=248367 As Luongo also said, the money-pyramid firehose is that they loan money, not for a car or something, but to NOBODY, for NOTHING. That is, Venture Capital, Vaporware. 10 loans for 10 perpetual motion machines, all of which must fail. Nobody cares because 1) SVB gets paid and makes loans 2) CEOs get paid from the debt and make salaries 3) New stock is issued on yet more debt taken out by stock traders. 4) When it all fails like Home Depot, Mozillo, Cathy Woods, no consequences exist and people hand them a billion dollars again as if they never lost the first billion. 5) They then start a new failure and pay themselves a new salary. Sure beats working! And pays 10,000x better!

    If this were an ACTUAL loan, something would be created. Somewhere. That money would then be re-deposited in the banking system, somewhere. But SVB essentially counterfeits money, loaning it for nothing. At nothing interest. They then take the “wealth” of that loan, call it an asset, and lever against it again.

    This works until, um, ANYTHING happens. In this case, 1% interest means you can borrow $100,000, pay yourself millions, and pay only $1,000 for it. Great! Until rates rise to 5%, where you borrowed $100,000 against vaporware, have no prospects, your employees produce f-all and always will, and you owe $5,000/mo instead of $1,000/mo. You go to the stock market to issue more bovine waste products for them to eat, and the stock market can’t support an issuance (meaning more debt) of $5k, only $1K. Your monthly is $4k in the hole, and in 5 days you collapse.

    Because you’re a d—n pyramid scheme, fools! All pyramid schemes collapse, which is why they are ILLEGAL. “But, but, the Regulators don’t take them out.” THEY JUST DID, you fools. Powell and NY just nuked them bc San Fransisco won’t.

    Denninger outlines this process and why, if you want to NOT collapse the banking, the U.S. and thereby derail the gravy train Wall Street gets by allocating capital, they need to arrange a hit and execute these guys in public. Which they just did.

    “U.S. ‘Shoots Itself In Foot’ By Limiting Use of Dollar – Putin (TASS)

    Yeah, funny ol’ world where every move accidentally stops the Empire and strengthens the nationalists. Must be the biggest string of coincidences in my lifetime. As above, if the ARMY (MacGregor), the BANKS, (Wall Street), and the PEOPLE, (everyone outside D.C.) all want the nation to function because the Empire is going down. Only a few idiot holdouts believe that if we just try HARDER, this will work. Unfortunately they’re locked in the control room. What do I mean?

    Powell himself said he doesn’t want a Petrodollar, the world reserve currency. There is room for many competing currencies, he said.

    Did you get that? POWELL, of the FED, does not want the US$ to be preeminent. Triffin’s Paradox. Whoever has the reserve currency is eaten from within. That includes Bitcoin, which he ALSO has no problem with, only the StableCoins, which are universally frauds like the money-gin counterfeiting of SVB. Powell can’t control money supply or policy if everyone and their brother (Eurodollars) can just print up new money without him.

    Powell wants the US$ to be a NATIONAL currency, not the World Reserve. So how did the US “Shoot itself in the foot” if the U.S. WANTS to limit the use of the Dollar? …At least 2/3rds of the U.S., minus the “crazies in the Basement” as Reagan called them. (the Neocons).

    Now do some math, adjust your worldview when the Fed doesn’t WANT the World dollar. He just said that publicly, again and again. Fed vs Davos. Out loud on camera. Like raising rates, no one believes him. They think he’s lying??? “Don’t Fight the Fed.”

    Nope! The whole market is all out there fighting the Fed. Telling Powell he doesn’t think what he says he thinks. Okay then! I’ll take your money. Don’t all line up at once.

    Again, these painfully sloppy thinkers, “The ‘U.S.” said…” “Europe wants…” WHO??? Who EXACTLY in the U.S.? Who EXACTLY in Europe? Every man, woman, child, and housecat? Or a VERY SPECIFIC group therein? And this isn’t rocket science, isn’t new: there are always competing factions in every nation on every subject, even if we pretend it was only Democrats and Republicans, that’s still two. Now WHO thinks/says/acts that?

    WHO decided to kill every Israeli with the shots but specifically let every non-Jew live? That’s odd. WHO?

    “with China’s trade surplus surging 30% to an all-time high of $877.6 billion..”

    With Who? Is this just inflation?

    “Russia To Make Three Times More Ammo Than West Promised Kiev – Putin (RT) “

    The Duran spoke of 1,000 NEW tanks a year at their massive plant. That’s 100/month. This may or may not be true, but the point was this ONE factory is massive. Like the old U.S. factories used to be in the black-and-white era: 30,000 employees in one building. It’s exceedingly hard to estimate that a place that big is capable of, especially when they have all the raw resources they need. Russian factories were all established on this principle. Massive, overwhelming, to centralize as, why not? There’s nothing but open space out there. Unlike the U.S. which is (was) made of all small towns, why not, like Canada, pour concrete in one place on one railroad with one apartment block, and economize?

    Let’s say Russia “only” has 500 new tanks and only 500 re-fitted last-gen tanks. “Only”? Ukraine has zero. Germany sent 10. 10 tanks per generation, 20+ years, as opposed to 100 tanks per month. Why do I talk? Logic isn’t used in the Western Hemisphere: It just annoys the pig. I’m sure Captain Marvel will fly down from space in the nick of time and we’ll win.

    • The United States Is 13 Years Behind In Ammunition Production – NYT (Y!)

    NY Times: “Learn to Code” I guess. The entire nation of America, minus a few coastal outliers, told you not to do this. 1,000 times. You couldn’t stop laughing and stabbing them. Stabby-stabby, Hahahaha! You bible-clutching neanderthals! Don’t you know we live in VIRTUAL reality now, where we can make infinite virtual guns instantly? Yes! Right here in my imagination!

    That’s okay: I “Imagined” that I dug up your pipes and fixed your backed-up toilet. That’s $2,000 virtual dollars, please.

    ““Eisenhower did it, so we don’t have to feel so bad,”

    Okay, repeat history lesson: Reagan did NOT deport any Mexicans but signed on universal amnesty. That’s why he’s the enemy of the Left, hated forevah and evah! But that was a one-time deal depending on shutting the border and not allowing this to continue. Guess what happened next? As in the very next day? Promises, promises. 2M illegals a year, 10 new U.S. cities because ‘Merica is so terrible and racist n’ stuff.

    If only we could re-elect the President who deported the most illegals ever. Obama.

    “• Italians Refuse to ‘Eat Ze Bugs’ (DS)

    Why? Why on earth would you ever, ever do this? Bugs – which are animals – are not cheaper than grain, which is what you FEED animals. There is no logical premise whatsoever, as with most Green stuff. That makes my only conclusion that it’s bad for your health and murders people widely. Murder is always the answer. Even before you ask the question, I can tell you murder is the answer. Never ask a druggie what the answer is. The answer is more drugs.

    “Costs more, works less.” Yup! All systems go! #OppositeLand. #AntiLogos, on the case! Shut up and steal my money!

    ““but will cost trillions, trash large portions of the environment”

    40 years later, they finally noticed. Man it must be REALLY obvious, practically caving their heads in, if OXFORD can tell. Now if only they could tell about AGW.

    What was that about recycling the 80-foot turbine blades, which wear out rapidly? Oh yeah! You can’t, they are essentially deadly, eternal waste and never rot, can’t burn or decay. Unlike the 6-foot wood rotors of NON-centralized wind power like with Hugh Piggot on Isle of Skye, made from 2x4s and an old Volvo. Wind does not “Fail on every count” then. …Bout only if it’s not centralized and the wrong people get the loans and the money: that is to say: YOU. Like wages, this must never, never happen.

    Sleep without breathing, that’s an interesting idea. Why do they call it “sleep”? Isn’t that leading the question? Why not call it “meditation”? Or something else?

    They’re Scientists. These dum-dums probably can’t define what “sleep” is to begin with. Can you?

    Sleep is an aspect of consciousness. Go ahead and define that for me, you physicists.

    in reply to: Zelensky Admits Ukraine Already Ran Out Of Ammo #132121
    Dr. D

    He’s far, far too generous. Not only do they not have anything, any shells, guns, tanks, trucks, bullets, or planes,

    They don’t have any men.

    The End. That’s all Folks! Game Over, Player One.

    Okay, they HAD the combined might of NATO, they HAD Europe’s largest army (almost). They HAD all the training and all the weapons in the world stashed in Azov Port and the Salt Mines. They already defeated all NATO combined. What, now, with no running start, they’re going to get weapons off the end of an assembly line? I guess it’s possible but Moses could return again too.

    Okay, THAT part is toast. The other part, suppose they HAD any shells, guns, tanks, trucks, bullets, or planes, they’d need MEN to operate them. Suppose that they were all trained — another whole problem, let’s just magic that away — WHO would operate all of NATO’s gear?

    Okay, let’s mobilize: France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, UK, Boom, you’re in. UK has a smaller army than I dunno, Nevada. Germany has no tanks. France won’t go. There are no men. So you’ve got Poland and like 20k x 5? You can’t get them to the front, it will take months or a year (there are no trucks, transportation, or supplies) so Russia can either pick off each 10k as they trickle in, or watch with perfect certainty as you amass them, then mobilize themselves equally.

    So whatever. Get tired of saying it. Europe might. Why not? Haven’t shown sense in 25 years, why start now?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 26 2023 #132084
    Dr. D

    “As Trump arrest Looms… Waco Rally”

    You know, in the headline I can feel the #Opposite. There’s no arrest, which again is pretty disappointing. But being able to walk around without being arrested all the time is a little disorienting after having lived in a Fascist Police State for +20 years. This is at the same time Matt Taibbi comments that the People can, or did win with mis/disinformation attempts, and Ana Kaspersian of the Young Turks, who are kind of hardened, partisan, Blue no Matter Who Left has come out declaring she knows what a woman is. And not a “bleeding person” who she says publicly “Do you know how belittling that is?” Uh, yes? We all DID know?

    So…Highwater mark for Mass formation? Or what?

    It’s always gotten higher before, but… Taibbi even says 9-11 is a “Spell” that was “Cast” over the American people. Interesting language. That “Spell” is broken, or breaking. But WHAT broke it? Who popped it? Without an active shooting Civil War?

    Blood sacrifice of thousands to “Cast a Spell” that gives you power. Interesting idea. Is being able to NAME the power that breaks the spell? Is it making the unconscious, conscious at last, as New Age or people like Jung would say?

    They’re down on Luongo, but here is an extensive thesis: https://tomluongo.me/2023/03/21/fdic-insurance-credit-suisse-day-fed-killed-europ/

    Have to apologize it’s so long, but the essence of world finance and power is, um, complicated. If we give it some time, we can probably develop a way to sound-bite it better. The upshot of THIS article on THIS day is that Swiss has escaped Davos and wants to keep an independent banking system they’ve always had just as America does.

    We knew the “SSS” bank runs were a put-up job by someone, because their business models were screwy, essentially money laundering pyramids, only legal. Powell and NY wanted to cut that off and attacked. Not because they were weak, the weak link, but because they are the channels by which dollars can escape in large size. The Fed can see all the books directly, and NY no doubt can indirectly, not like SVB can hide it’s “your own people” taking you out. This caused an FDIC run, which is no surprise to anyone, and with the first 1bp hike, surely Powell know a bank would fail somewhere. BUT, he now has stopped the contagion, and got unlimited FDIC support, and now has enough firepower to stop anything, any time he likes.

    How does that compare with Euro banks? And several issues here: first, they, the US, don’t have to be “Good”, and they certainly don’t have to be the “Good Guys” – they merely need to be BETTER than Europe. Whose banks are more sound and capital is well-treated? Powell remain many points above EU, which just got off NEGATIVE rates, has no economy, and whose banks are cracking but does not have FDIC.

    That leads to part two: IF any of that is true, NOT ONLY will money rather park here for a few percent with percent less risk, BUT….a steady money flow from Europe could actually and unbelievably make a high Dow, charted ready to crash, even HIGHER. And make a crashing, ending US Dollar STRONGER. But that tide of money flows would have to shift, high-water, and begin, and we haven’t proven that yet.

    If so, remember BTC, Gold, rise WITH a strong dollar. U.S. interest rates rise WITH a strong dollar. This is how it used to be. Higher interest means people come TO, right? Why would paying more make people flee? That’s #Oppositeland. We may be going back to sound money and away from #Oppositeland as U.S. banking, an perhaps the United States, gets its collective brains back and the Civil War is called off. …The one Europe’s been paying for 20 years to start to get our money flows to go over there.

    Lithuania calls against God. As Lira just said, “If you say God is on Russia’s side…then whose God is on your side?”

    MacGregor, “Ukraine is Crumbling.”

    Like Russia running out of ammunition, they have been “crumbling” and about to collapse for 12 months. Wake me when something happens.

    God bless France (Who will sizzle like Holy Water at the phrase) showing the U.S. how to fight and resist. U.S. people and protests: “Dropped once, never used.” They can’t do this in America because it’s filled with thoughtless lowlifes who throw cones in the river and if there’s a protest will burn down your neighborhood because “that’s what is done.” Law is the only thing controlling us – law internalized – so when people see law is lifted, they explore what it feels like to break the first law they see, generally shop windows and such. No one cares about the protest, even if they could name what it’s for. Like a sports ball match, it’s just an excuse to party .

    Ashley Biden Diary. Didn’t we just hear that has been confirmed as hers and real?

    Dr. Atlas… News here is he was printed in Newsweek? What the heck is happening out there?

    “Russian troops had been firing three times as many shells as the Ukrainian side. In light of this, he reiterated his calls for Kiev’s Western backers to send more arms”

    This is what you can expect if NATO or the United States has your back and is your source for security. Ask F-Stan, the day after which Saudi Broke up with the United States and signed with Russia. What good is a security guarantee with a guy who has no arms? What’s he going to protect you with? A sternly-written letter?

    The U.S. and Nato are useless and I remain astonished for years that the propaganda works so well no one is aware of this. Apparently they’re all going to die before realizing it, one funeral at a time.

    “Ukraine’s counter-offensive against Russia cannot start until Western allies send more military support.”

    Translation: Never. But since every one of them is a born failure, it’s about where you put the blame. Last week, the Pentagon said Ukraine needed to fight better without any arms. So this week Ze says we’re not winning because of the Pentagon. …Could care less. Your words mean nothing to me.

    “would contract by at least 8 percent. The real number was 2 percent and the Russian economy — despite sanctions — is expected to grow in 2023 and beyond. This kind of miscalculation has permeated Western thinking”

    They’re in an air-tight tower of smug, sniffing their own farts. They’ve been blowing smoke up their own collective behinds for so many generations, they actually high on their own supply of lies. Not like this was hard, either. Everyone knows we don’t make anything. We don’t have steel mills or shipyards or mines. Yet we’re ALSO a $20T economy? On WHAT? Circle-jerking bond trades and our massive exports of porn and diabetes? It’s just astonishing.

    “Around 156,000 ethnic Hungarians live in Ukraine, most of them in the western region of Transcarpathia. Ukraine is also home to around 150,000 ethnic Romanians and more than 250,000 Moldovans..”

    There go three more cities lost. They’ll leave as soon as they can.

    “The years of Western boom, enjoyed in the 90s and early 2000s,”

    Huh? I guess this guy doesn’t live in America. The U.S. has declined every year of my life without ceasing, and that means almost all other living people too.

    “European supervisors have been critical of the US decision to break with its own standard of guaranteeing only the first $250,000 of deposits”

    Note who squawks and why. Why would Europe care? Ah, because SVB WAS a back-door for them. It DID matter. Notice who doesn’t squawk: Jamie Dimon and NY.

    since Justice Department policy discourages filings that might affect an election.”

    Hahahahahahahahahaahahahaha! When was the last time Justice did NOT interfere in an election? Surely before Kennedy, right? The Entire Justice Department – which includes the entire FBI – EXISTS to interfere in elections and politically horse-trade fabricated charges. They sure do nothing about those 100,000 child-trafficking Twitter accounts that were entirely public.

    Strzok: Way to go, man! Garner that support! Waco is now, and forever thus shall be, a raid and murder of children by the government. Not what is actually is, a city in Texas of 130,000 people. Yup, both Texas and those 130,000 voters sure appreciate that they’re all cultist white supremacists dying each day in a fiery death. Nothing makes them vote Democrat more than language like that. …Or all the many cities of 200k nearby who understand it.

    Free speech, man: never stop.

    “• Prosecutor Admits DC Police Officers Acted as Provocateurs on Jan. 6 (ET)

    Depending how they admitted this, is that not straight-up illegal? “We must break the law to catch those who break the law, by breaking the law. Law[glitch]law[glitch]lawlawlaw…”

    “[The officers] had earlier remarked “someone would get shot.” and then went along to make absolutely sure. Public safety and all that, firing into a crowd.

    • CIA Says Americans Who Visited Assange Had No Privacy Rights (Gosztola)

    Really!?! Fascinating legal argument. So they hung a sign around Julian s’ neck so we would all know he was a “no-rights” zone? How does that work exactly?

    Horsepower. Yeah, they need at least twice that many men. Probably 3x.

    To give an idea of how much lying is going on all day, everywhere, my blender says it’s two horsepower. Really. Really people? You look at a blender, the size of a butter roll and you REALLY think it can drive a go kart 20mph around town? You REALLY think that a horse – a Shetland pony in a strap, not even a collar – and there’s TWO of them inside?

    How far off in lying are you with that? Factor of 100? Or maybe lying by 1,000? Maybe 5,000?

    What do you get out of lying like that? Who are you selling this s—t to? Do you think a guy shows up and says “Well, between these two identical blenders, it’s the HORSEPOWER rating that makes it want to be on my counter?” Like WTF are you talking to, man? Can’t you just say “Ninja: cuts ice”?

    Nope, words were used, so they had to lie. And now I have to look at it every day. But that’s nothing: on the side are all the legal and medical threats about how if I use it, I’ll probably die of poison in California and be thrown in prison for abuse. Just the thing that makes be feel great about your product before that morning coffee! So…WHY do they do it?

    “Two horsepower.” Okay, get these two horses and tie them to a 300hp Ford “Mustang” and see who wins. Granted the car is likely to be in the range of pulling two belgians, but probably a “40hp” tractor from 1950 is stronger, you know, back before we were soaking in a universe of lies, like fish under water.

    Speaking of every word being lie, every expert being a liar, for so many generations no one can tell:

    “Another California Storm Is Coming
    “We’ve seen a substantial amount of condensed water over this winter, and there are no signs of this letting up as we roll into yet another active week next week!”

    When will this Global Warming drought ever end? Don’t you know we need to cut off farming and vacate California? This is a 1,000 year drought!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 25 2023 #132015
    Dr. D

    About who’s fighting who, look at Luongo’s thesis. WHO is fighting bad guys? Other bad guys, Wall Street and national oligarchs. Or we could say LESS bad guys. Bad guys more in line with our values because they have to accomplish things, make stuff, and live here.

    But what does that mean? Isn’t that always the way? Who was the Good Guys fighting British/American Oligarch interests that reclaimed sovereignty in 1840? A slaveholder who marched off the Cherokee and murdered them all to death for fun. Who claimed sovereignty from certain death in 1860? A dictator who canceled all citizen rights, Habeus corpus, Posse Comatatus, jailed the press, printed paper money, gave the nation to the centralized railroaders, industrialists, and corporations, and then DIDN’T free the slaves.

    Okay, how about an example that’s closer? Who were the good guys in WWII? Lazy alcoholic Scotsmen, just getting off beating their wives and children, racist against everyone including the Jews, leaving a line of bastard sons through Europe…while they picked up a rifle and fought in ditches as the 51st Highlanders.

    The Pastor and the Deacon don’t make the fighters. The wire-rimmed scholar with books don’t make the fighter. A man playing Queensbury Rules down in the East End don’t make a fighter. So who do you THINK is going to get up in the morning eager and aching to go bring a load of fight and steaming wet s—t on the world’s most powerful men? Are they going to stand up there and say, “Now Johnny, don’t use bad words, you know we shouldn’t be mean…”?

    Uh no. In a sense they are other bad men. Who’s fighting “them” right now, down in the visible at our level? Intolerant rednecks who won’t obey nothing, no matter how simple it is. Won’t give up any guns because they like beer and when things go bang for no reason. Cooking up homemade fireworks then drunk driving home. Reckless, uncaring, unobedient, — BAD – men.

    Now the character of bad men is different as you go up the ladder, who is willing to fight and how if you’re, Elon Musk for instance, or Dr. Atlas. But they have to wake up ready to pimp-slap everybody they come across, laugh about it and think they’re right. You know, people like Sam Adams and Alexander Hamilton. “Hey let’s steal these cannons over here and shoot some policemen with them. That’ll be a laugh.”

    Nemo: So if Russia is clearing a nation of 25M of all their Nazis, doesn’t that make them the good guys? But you firmly place them in the Bad Guy camp. When are fewer Nazis a bad thing? And I could care less if Russia is authoritarian, I don’t give a rip how they run their country because I believe in sovereignty and they are entitled to run their country anyway they want. If it’s fine for them, we don’t interfere. But their nation’s actions very markedly is helping our nation’s goals. If they’re advancing our strategy to return human rights in the multi-year sense, they are the good guys. Later is later, if they stop, we change horses.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 25 2023 #132013
    Dr. D

    Great in here:

    “Thanks to 20 years of research on mRNA platforms, they told him,  this vaccine can be rolled out in months, not years. That means that Trump can lock down and distribute vaccines to save everyone from the China virus, all in time for the election. Doing this would not only assure his reelection but guarantee that he would go down in history as one of the greatest US presidents of all time. 
    This meeting might only have lasted an hour or two – and might have included a parade of people with the highest-level security clearances – but it was enough to convince Trump. After all, he had battled China for two previous years, imposing tariffs and making all sorts of threats. It was easy to believe at that point that China might have initiated biological warfare as retaliation. That’s why he made the decision to use all the power of the presidency to push a lockdown under emergency rule.”
    It only took a few weeks for Trump to become suspicious about what happened…”

    Er, maybe? And also he didn’t lockdown. He left that to the cities and states. So something was going on there.

    Here’s the thing I’ve been saying (tho’ late), that the “Pentagon”, that is, people he believed to be Nationalists and on his side, were the ones giving him 1) Straight lies as intel and 2) bad advice about what to do with it. That is, he was now fighting HIS OWN BASE. His own power that put him there. Or rather, that “power base”, the Pentagon and Military Intel had finally decided to move and pull itself out of the shadows.

    The Pentagon was fighting the Pentagon. And what if you’re the President, Trump? Not “are you going to continue”, but “Who was who?” What other advice have you been getting? What other “trusted” people are on their side? What other “facts” about China, the world, were also totally false? Does call for a time out, doesn’t it?

    Etc, etc as we’re still trying to figure it out. Maybe they are too. Probably.

    Article has some other dead-falsehoods too. He also says Paul can’t get State Dept docs because “they’re classified.” Rand specifically objected because they are expressly NOT classified. So why are they not provided? That’s how it is now? Things are not classified, you just can never oversee them anyway? Ever? I Guess so.

    Well if you’re not going to express your massive power, cut off their budget, and bring them to heel, you get what you get. So why aren’t they all arrested?

    “Many CDC Blunders Exaggerated Severity of COVID-19: Study”

    Objection your honor, attributes motive. CDC ACTIONS Exaggerated Severity. You can figure out for yourself WHY every action they took was against all science and made it worse.

    Never understood, they’ve never made the slightest case about why TikTok is bad. Similar to the war, I assume that means they got nothing and can’t admit what they’re up to because it would make us not support them.

    BRICS, as with social media or its predecessor, money, it needs a critical mass before it can overturn the old.

    “Get rid of the US, and peace becomes possible.”

    We have been saying this for more than 20 years. It’s still chilling to see it proven though.
    Who is their greatest enemy? Anyone who wants to pull out of war and make 4 peace deals including the Abraham Accords. Who’s their greatest hero? People who aerially bomb brown people with white phosphorus to make way for a new slave market. What’s there to say?

    “I think sends a very troubling message, a message of support,…I think that would be very troubling for the international community.”

    In #OppositeLand, where everyone is #AntiLogic and #AntiLogos, “Supporting” people is bad. Only war and division is good.

    There Could Be No Winner In War Between Russia, US – Medvedev (TASS) “

    Yes because essentially all our army is on one continent and all of theirs is on another. Whoever ATTACKED would lose because they’d have a 10,000 mile supply chain. As we see daily. Losing losers who lose.

    No talk about distancing from our British Ally.”

    Well there’s your problem. Britain isn’t your ally, they’re your enemy. Has no one in Europe ever read European history? Anyone name a war Britain didn’t cause?

    the local population suffered from a skyrocketing number of cancer cases. The West is well aware of the consequences of using such weapons,”

    Yes, it’s come up 100 times. They always do it more. I think we may not even MAKE non-DU shells. Must. Kill. Veterans. Fist. Of. Death. For All. Americans. It’s all their fault: if they didn’t want me to kill them, why’d they join the Service?

    …Oh wait, plus the other guys, our enemies. They die too.

    The ramifications of this are immense.”

    Yeah, I’d shut off all those platforms everywhere. All Europe would go dark. Risk is too high. Any time got a budget hole? Poof, 12-year-old Britney texted online she doesn’t like MyLittlePony. Bam! 6% revenue! GTFO. If these guys weren’t already Davos, they would have left already. Next everyone will use a proxy then what? Sue them through bad registered IPs? Do it. Doooo It!!!!!

    “This gives the EU an extraordinary amount of power.”

    Like all their power, only if, like now, the never use it. Make-believe power. When they pull the trigger you find out it’s a squirt gun like Paulson’s “Bazooka.”

    “But Washington and its allies overestimated international sentiment: They could get no appreciable support”

    Worse, they have now discredited the ICC and it ceases to exist. That’s another one of their Make-Believe Powers.

    “These children, not to be missed, were removed from areas under constant artillery bombardment
    ….from Ukrainian forces”

    So we arrested the bomb-ees and not the bomb-ers? Yup, that’s #OppositeLand, #AntiLogos. The Spirit of #AntiChrist writ large.

    “Pepe Escobar tweets it was not Scholz, but Robert Habeck. He’s the vice-chancellor, from the Green Party(!).”
    The German Green Party is “eat the bugs” Davos. “All humans everywhere must die Davos” They may have been environmentalists for an hour way back when but they’ve been a war-mongering, German-killing, co-opted plant for decades. Sucks to be one of their base, who I’m sure weren’t aware ‘til now.

    “58% of Republicans still believe that the Bush administration was right to launch the invasion”

    Showing that Science progresses one Funeral at a time. Ask if they support today’s war and you get the opposite answer. Ask them to change their minds and repudiate a 20-year old decision, and they won’t. No one EVER admits they are wrong. No one EVER changes their mind. Ever. That’s why the propaganda works so well. Just frame the 1st thing they hear about it in a certain way and poof! Never again will they be able to absorb information. It’s g-d infuriating. Both that they believe it ever, AND they when they find out Yellowcake was totally made-up they STILL won’t change. Maybe eating crow is the real nutritional requirement that keeps us healthy.

    Rank-and-file members of the red team and the blue team can see no evil nor hear no evil when it comes to their tribe. Their “leaders” are all on the same team,”

    Team “Government”. It’s the Government, the Insiders vs the Outsiders. And it’s a Club you’re not in.

    I don’t think so. The reaction may be enough to bum-rush “Joe Biden” and Company out of office.”

    Nope. If that were possible it would have happened long before now. No one cares in the slightest. As other “revolutionaries” or social engineers have found, only deaths and empty bellies, the crash of the money can affect anyone. Watching your children die before you. Pain. Writ large and widely.

    It doesn’t HAVE to be that way, they MAKE it that way with a refusal to change their minds and learn, adjust course. “They are a brass-necked people.” Worldwide, not just here.

    “Increased debt levels devalued British pound sterling by 34 percent”

    So eggs and coffee that cost £3 then cost £4 a year later. We just did that here, with eggs and gas cost $2 now cost $4. Did your paycheck double in that time? His did.

    Anyway, what’s the GOAL? Other than stealing everything so they can fly a newer private jet to Epstein Island? Well, they tell us daily. National currencies fail. Banks fail. As “nobody knowd nuttin’” nobody caused it, well, we just have to erase national currencies and private banks and issue a CBDC Universal Basic Income, with all “banking” now directly from the central bank/government, Soviet-style. …Unless you breathe a word of discontent, in which case you’ll be found out, picked up for bad words, tortured publicly, and killed. …You know, like now!

    But “Central Planning Never Works”. Ah! But don’t you know “we never really tried” “Real” Central planing, “Real” Socialism? You know, which is perfect and just when – I – do it? We’re going to collect all data in the universe this time using our panopticon surveillance, and process every action in the universe using AI! Hahaha! And AI is perfect. Godlike production. Then we’ll finally have the emotional joy of telling everyone what to do every minute of their lives, and also – not fail – when we do it, and look like red-a—ed baboons lacking the brains of a hamster!

    ¡¡¡This time, Socialism will work!!!” Uh-huh. Technocracy will work. Putting Humans in a bug farm where they’re all drones will work and the humans won’t break out and be, you know, like “human.”

    Oh my GOD grant me patience with these people…or more, the people who believe and follow them. NO. Your AI is NOT going to work. It’s the greatest PoS we’ve seen in 50 years and says dead-wrong things with perfect confidence and you believe them. You’re going to kill 100M people again, only in 6 months, not 100 years.

    Anyway, that’s their plan. But SOMEBODY DOESN’T WANT IT. Why would Chad in the Hamptons making $10M screwing East Palestine from Wall Street give up his Miami house? F that. He doesn’t want to be on the UBI. How’s he going to cheat on his third wife? How’s he gonna get coke for his hookers when all the money is tracked now? Screw the Technocrats, I ain’t giving up my new power yacht, they can blow me.

    …And if the Americans are off the ranch, not LEAPING at the collapse of all nations, all currency, all banking, all stock-allocation-of capital, then Europe crash-n-burns. No Technocrats, no “critical Mass.” They can’t do Jack because everybody’s going to prefer being in a rigged casino in NY to no casino at all. Eeet ze bugs and die.

    Not that hard. And that’s BEFORE you have to get through the American PEOPLE on that issue, 4 times zones and 400 million guns. Maybe if you’re in Brussels you can’t understand the scale of the problem, just as they can never, ever understand the size of Russia and misjudge it by a factor of 10 century after century. Okay then. Be Napoleon’s Army returning. I’ll watch and point at you and laugh.

    Anyway, that’s “US Bank Trouble Heralds End Of Dollar Reserve System (David Goldman) “

    Really? Because we can ALSO go back to sound money here. Europe can’t.

    White House Worried Over Janet Yellen’s Fumbling Of US Bank Crisis (Gasparino) “

    Are they? Because Yellen has never been competent in all the 50 years she’s never held a job, done anything useful, but worked at the Fed raping workers instead. Ms. “There is no Recession” “There will never be another Crisis in [your] lifetime” (Because we’re going to kill you all instead.) She’s never made a correct decision anyone can remember. Yet they pick her out for incompetence and elevate her there, knowing she’s a failure. Not an accident. She’s clearly making billionaires happy, not sad.

    Because they WANT, they NEED, U.S. Banking to fail. Only then will money flee to Europe and have “no choice” but to nationalize under 5 mega-banks and force the CBDC.

    She’s not “fumbling”, she’s moving the ball right where they want or they would have already removed her.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 24 2023 #131986
    Dr. D

    ““The Pandemic” allowed for $US trillions of money to be created and channeled to the biggest banks, starting in November 2019, as Event 201 was underway to war game it all out. The next huge direct-injection into banking, and people’s pockets, came in March 2020, with the lockdowns, which kept it from being spent right away, but then caused street-level inflation, not just asset-price inflation.
    This led to a crisis-declaration, and the usual crisis-solution was to create more debt, which would eventually lead to an insurmountable crisis and widespread debt-default. War against Russia seems to have been the control-narrative to deal with this looming crisis. Russia would be blamed, and if all went well, the carcass of Russia would be picked-over. That has failed…” And is a war of attrition, waiting for someone to break.

    Agree. Is this Luongo? Because this is the direct dissertation he gave yesterday.

    This goes with the debt-compounding clock and the energy-out, or energy-price clock, but of which are scheduled to end as planned out decades before.

    The whole POINT was to have a war, which could – and usually does – hide everything. Immorality, theft, rising and falling of nation as war profiteers jump from ship to ship, all that. They want, they NEED the war now, they’re WAY overdue, as they were supposed to INTRODUCE the new currency in 2018, and therefore have a complete crisis collapse 2 years before. That is, the two years supposed to be started by Hillary, who publicly said she would start WWIII, before all that got interrupted.

    So we don’t want a war. Who wins a war? What’s it good for? Absolutely nothing. So the Good Guys know all they need to do is DELAY the war, because the system will collapse and there will be no excuses as they’re exposed. This has never really been tried before though.

    So they delayed the war, 2 years, burning cash to keep the debt-compounding going. Then as they were being bled dry, “Then a Miracle Happened” and they printed and transferred far over $2Trillion back to themselves, to forestall and try again. They are now trying again, in every time and place. In Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, America, Ukraine, any and everywhere. They don’t care where, they don’t care why – just KILL someone already. So the GOOD Guys don’t want that war. They need the war to be regional, not escalating, and bleed them out again. Putin is doing that there, Trump’s team is doing that here.

    So, “War of Attrition” as they said. You see why it works so well. All these guys can do between surrender and escalation is just squeeze. No one knows how long it takes a Boa to strangle a rat. It can’t be known. But if the squeeze isn’t stopped, it’s inevitable.

    Russia is squeezing the live power, and Powell is squeezing the money power. China’s on their own squeeze too.

    What seems to have happened is Switzerland unexpectedly escaped Europe of all things. Who thought that might happen? First POWELL bails them out. WTF jurisdiction does he have to do THAT? Nevertheless, they were squeezed in Europe and Powell takes them. No fail. Now Suisse goes down, which would take out more of Switz, a HUGE sector, perhaps taking them out nationally, in sovereignty terms. Guess what? They are also the largest stockholder on earth and perhaps the sole reason Tesla and the FAANGS are at like 5-10x any normal value. That is to say, if Swiss goes down, AMERICA IS ATTACKED. The run starts with us and money flows to Europe.

    But no. This illegal merger wipes out EUROPE. That is, the bonds were hosed, and who holds them? EUROPE. Ball’s in your court. We’ll see your minor regional bank and raise you a DeutscheBank.

    So what are they going to do? Well Yellen’s both trying an excuse to print unlimited money – like that $131 Trillion they keep talking about – and to “accidentally” cause a bank run in the U.S. so again, all money flees to Europe and saves them. Neither is going to happen though.

    So Europe: got another miracle up your sleeve?

    Even today, a Whooooooooooooooooole buch of articles were made up by ChatGPT and printed explaining how Deutschebank is nothing! Really! Jim Cramer says “BuyBuyBuy”. Boy is that the world’s biggest tell or what?

    Go AMLO! Get Mexico back.

    Let’s make this simple like the moon thing. If there was no opposition, we’d already be in the pods. But they seem beset on all sides, even among themselves. So somebody sure isn’t on board. A whole bunch of people are fighting. So…who are they? They ARE there, so let’s name them.

    Nemo? If You’re black pilled and everyone’s bad, who’s holding them off?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 24 2023 #131945
    Dr. D

    The reflectors? There are spacecraft, just not the ones they admit to. Why would you think all the flying TikTacs, which the Navy has proven are real, aren’t “ours”? Whose else would they be?

    If they can fly at impossible speed, also into the ocean, have no visible propulsion or air-burning from speed, why wouldn’t they fly without an atmosphere?

    We’ve been seeing them since 1949? When all of D.C. was covered them? So why wouldn’t humans have one by 1969? To imagine otherwise is what’s really the stretch here. We can confirm SOME events without hypothesis or rumor. Taking the simplest, most-likely conclusion from what millions of people have seen and photographed — including the U.S. Navy, officially, right now, leads to some pretty simple conclusions.

    Let me say it this way: the SR-71 Blackbird started in the 1950s and it “didn’t exist” either. …But that’s right “no one can keep a secret” “It’s impossible” although the U2, the SR-71, the Manhattan Project, the Japanese and Enigma Code were all kept secret by thousands of collective people even over decades of time.

    If anything were going on, the government would never keep secrets and you would know more than every CIA director and 4-star general combined, right? That’s how this works?

    We don’t have to know where these PROVEN craft come from to know humans are the ones flying them. If they can fly them here, why not there? If we could fly them in 1949, why not 1969? Why not 1999? There, was that so hard?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 24 2023 #131944
    Dr. D

    “Only 7 Out Of 30 NATO Members Hit 2% GDP Defense Spending Target In 2022
    As Ukraine war rages, Stoltenberg chastises alliance…”

    One YEAR later. They’re going to book a meeting, about the meeting, about scheduling, about talking about, getting some weapons. Maybe later. After we build a factory and make them.

    Okay then!

    “Defense Attorneys In Jan. 6 Case Allege FBI Informant Spied On Legal Team”

    It’s against the law, so of course they did. Breaking the law so they can prosecute people breaking the law! That’s how you reduce breaking the law!

    “USA Today Again Picks Biological Man As ‘Woman Of The Year’”

    Attacking and eliminating women wherever they can. That’s Love and Support! It’s the protecting of women and girls that’s hatred and bigotry, doncha know.

    Endless charts here. Market Dow, multi-year, rose, failed to make new high, came down, built right shoulder, retested resistance, failed to get through…so all-clear to fall sharply. All standard events have happened.

    BTC, same thing in reverse: 3-year broke out in 2020! Up to the $64,000 question!!! …And then collapsed. Two years and years, back down…but not even to the $15k breakout level, now retested the breakout, rose above the 200DMA, cut right through the former high of $24k, and…here we are. Broke out, retested, ready to rise. (this may not be the minute to buy, that’s a very long chart, but the structure is here now showing substantial strength. — Even unexpectedly.)

    Article charts also show US and Europe are in a major financial fight – bond expectations between them do NOT match up in the most diverging way in history. Somebody is wrong. Europe – and the Dow – are still saying, demanding, Fed will pause and seriously reverse by a whole 1% immediately. The Dow has not cracked, the Fed has no credibility, nothing has really broken, Dow still at 30k, nosebleed highs, along with P/E and every other measure: unprecedented, above 1929, nosebleed, ludicrous highs. And Powell’s gonna stop?

    I’ve got the under on this one. Most of the world is Davos, and the Davos market is the one that’s wrong. Europe is the bond rate that’s going to crack, not Powell. But we’ll see. We might have another “Miracle” like Sept 2019. When it’s bedtime they throw more tantrums.

    “Pentagon Doctors Take Medical Orders from Seven Year Olds”

    Sounds about right. But only if it kills/sterilizes them. If it makes them healthy or it’s a mask the CDC proved doesn’t work, then we don’t. That’s just logic.

    Anyone follow poor Jazz, one of the early highlighted trans people? Who is now crippled beyond repair and as a (literal) man stuck in a “woman’s” body actually IS now trans? Since they did the surgery so early, he’s now a teen and wants to date girls…but he’s a girl now. A sterile one with no parts and a scarred-up Frankestein body. You think it’s hard to find love? Imagine you’re also a burn victim…on your parts. And sterile before 20 with no hope of a family, dying alone.

    They love this and want much, much more tragic stories for any child they can get hold of.

    “”An Unprecedent Inquiry”: Manhattan DA Fires Off Angry Letter Blaming Trump For Arrest Rumors”

    Um, YOU booked the Grand Jury…which is a real thing…then YOUR people leaked it to the media where it was published widely. Whose rumors? Trump rumored himself? I thought the whole point was rumors. The breadth and level of illogic is shocking. “Trump shelled himself inside that nuclear plant.”

    “Pompeo Warns of Biden Administration’s ‘Enormous’ Mistake (RT) “

    Pompeo. Really. After you did the same thing for four years, maybe 12?

    “Medvedev Says Diplomacy Doesn’t Always Work, Special Op Was Right Move (TASS) “

    Their task was to sell it to the Russian people, why there was no alternative and this was smart, and they’ve done that. The West hasn’t and in fact hasn’t even started. There is no argument, because there is no choice. You Do What You’re Told.

    “• Nato Chief: West Must Brace To Support Ukraine In A Long War (G.)

    A long war where one side has no ammunition? Please explain.

    ICC and Ukraine, Hungary.

    Everybody has to do the #Opposite of the law. That’s how we do things now. Only if we follow the law are we arrested.

    many Democrats repeatedly stress that influence peddling is not criminal,”

    I’m a little confused. “Bribery” is not illegal? Under what statute, as it’s in National, State, and Local law? Is this like how Insider Trading is not illegal? And this is not illegal only for them because the Constitution clearly states Congress and government must be subject to their own laws and cannot be a special class?

    Huh. Well it’s #OppositeDay again, I guess. I guess I’ll go “Influence Peddle” my Family Court Judge, lock out my ex, and tell the State Police that it’s not Criminal. That’s how we do things now. If the police give me any trouble, I’ll “Influence Peddle” them too. That’s Justice!

    NASA: I’m a little lost. “In Space no one can hear you scream” because there is no sound. Therefore, they took something else, and digitally fabricated it into sound. The Sound of a thing (which quite certain isn’t sound but light) “From which nothing can escape”. Are they TRYING to break over my mountain of credulity here? I’m hearing a not-Black Hole (maybe the areas surrounding it?) with the not-sound (maybe the light emanating from it). WTF?

    I’ll just go on Youtube, play “Stairway to Heaven” backward, and post it with this title. Same thing.

    They do the same thing to, for example, the “streetlight from space station” photos. They are synthesized, pieced together, from location and also wavelength shots. Then made uniform, translated to visible light, and cleaned up. That is to say, they are entirely fabricated in Photoshop, with virtually nothing you see being real. The predecessors to the AI generated pics. “Just Made S—t Up!”

    It’s okay if you know it’s art, not photo. Photos are deceptive enough, but we consider to know its likely limitations. This is as open as the world-wide human imagination. That’s also the run with the AI/Trump Arrest. A lot of photos are about to come out, on Biden, Epstein, and da boyz. They need no one to believe their own lyin’ eyes and are doing a great job. They need to be a post-truth, post-reality society and it’s going quite well.

    Without reality, #Logos erased entirely, you “Do what you’re told”. What other choice is there? There’s no conflict to be had because where would it come from? Your own eyes and ears? Nope!

    That leads to…My thought on Uranium was the same. That’s a description that’s logical, mathematically sound…and completely wrong. CLEARLY dust wanders around everywhere, and ALL of it is heavier than air. You see this every day of your whole life, walking around. Always, since you were a wee lad. Where is the disconnect that you don’t believe your own lyin’ eyes?

    Now uranium is VERY heavy, so that made me stop and consider, but, you know ROCKS are heavy too, and sand-dust is tiny ROCKS. Besides, the article pointed out that as a decaying nucleus, it has constant ionic charge. I’d have to look into that more as so does everything else, but it’s plausible. Surely it can’t be so heavy as to NEVER float. I can grind metal and smell it. It must at least a little, which isn’t the greatest problem. That’s that it is very heavy and very small, so it remains where it lands, in the soil. We know for a fact it causes birth defects in Iraq and our veterans, although we may not know how long, clearly on decade-level scales, perhaps tapering off after 50 years. That’s not good, and it is indeed chemical and radiological warfare of dirty bombs. In this case on “Russian” soil. Perhaps NYC will “accidentally” have a tsunami and save us the trouble.

    We need to “accidentally” leave these “perfectly safe” weapons Russia is “Overreacting” to throughout the Hamptons, Switzerland, and Kensington. Since like Ohio they’re “As safe as water” they won’t mind, right?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 23 3023 #131861
    Dr. D

    “We pay their pensions and bank bailouts.”

    * And free national health care!

    “The scam was to cover something else,”

    * The giant Apollo rockets did take off from earth. You know: the ones we “forgot” how to make? What were they carrying? Parts for our long-term military space stations? They were carrying something that couldn’t be done in small size. Would that sort of thing — plus all those DUMB bases like the one the hypersomic missile blew up that doesn’t exist — cost something like the Federal Budget’s missing $40 Trillion? Wonder why we’re poor? Where’s my money, Brian? Where’d it go?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 23 3023 #131860
    Dr. D

    3/22: Russia and China end Pax Americana. The U.S. is now officially a nobody, locked out of all talks and meetings.

    Also 3/22: Red Letter Day! The Bad Guys finally learned something!!! They got cold feet and did NOT arrest Trump (yet). Every. Body. Every. Where. Told them it would lead to his election. Every. Lawyer. Said this was nearly the most ludicrous case ever brought to court. After they got their cold feet, Lo! Trump releases the Cohen letter saying this was all established YEARS ago not to be a payment, or an election, catching the tail of the news cycle while it’s still hot. And as above, we can read Stormy’s CONSTANT denials of an event, which was PROVEN in a court of law where Trump got $300k in damages from her. …It sure is hard to have a case where you make years of public denials beforehand, have no details of when or where, no evidence, and only “just remembered” the day of the election. The Jury agreed.

    I’m pretty disappointed though. Playbook #2.5, which like the slowpokes they are took years to develop, was to float Trump for each thing they desire FIRST. So they make THEM, the DNC run his taxes up to the Supreme Court and set a precedent to examine Joe Biden, Paul Pelosi and everyone. Here they were establishing the breaking of the political veil, that it was okay to “Lock her up”, because they just made it okay to “Lock him up.”

    NOW who are we going to lock up??? We really needed this.

    I assume the NYC D.A. accepts all bribes, can we get a GoFundMe or something to bribe him to arrest Trump?

    Also 3/22: With Powell’s help, Yellen tamps down the bank crisis by promising all deposits, everywhere, forever. Whew. THEN REVERSES HERSELF ON CAMERA and blows out the market again. #Winning.

    “• Why Hypersonic Weapons Change Everything (Krainer)

    Nah, it’s just one of many. China had giant trebuchets (okay, artillery) that would launch dead shells 300 miles out into the China Sea. That’s plenty to sink every surface ship as they can keep it up all day. In three weeks they can place the same on all the new islands they created, then go create more.

    Then we have cheap loitering drones and instant-targeting artillery, by sight or sound. Shoot a gun in a forest and the drone hears you and levels every tree in your area. We have seen less of this, but it’s happening.

    “No unity in EU on supply of ammunition to Kiev!”

    Europe never agrees to anything, that’s irrelevant. However, all combined Europe has NO artillery. A year later. France has guns for ONE day. I’m thinking of taking Paris myself, anybody with me? At this level of readiness, there are enough guns in Connecticut – a gun-outlawed state – to take the whole nation. Still no alarms. Suit yourself. I’m sure the bad guys will use Nerf guns and cream pies on you.

    The “Bad Guys” are already inside. They are YOU, fellow Frenchmen.

    “China Gives US Advice On Ukraine (ZH) “

    The U.S. is “impartially” giving $200B to Ukraine’s Army since 2018. We pay their pensions and bank bailouts. That’s what “impartial” means.

    “Ryabkov pointed out that the US Congress didn’t even realize”

    Yes, but Congressmen are too dimwitted to realize how to spell “realize” so you’re talking to the retarded mentally ill. If you want to know how many secret, talking fire trucks live in their closet, they’re your man. Anything about reality on earth, not so much.

    “Macron Will Not Seek Re-election, Ready To Sacrifice His Popularity (TASS)

    All ten points of it. What new dreadful drooler will they pull up from the sewers now?

    “[Protests] should not exceed the legality of democratic decisions, which come to life through the decisions of the people’s deputies,”

    That is to say, all Protests are legal until I decide in my head that they aren’t. And they all aren’t. Ask the other least-popular leader in national history, Trudeau. Chief defender against Confederate, White Supremacist Sikh Semi-Drivers. That’s why he had to dress like one in blackface. Tricky-tricky.

    “[AMLO] has repeatedly insisted that there is an “anti-Mexico” conservative element within the US government that is trying to inflame tensions between the two countries.”

    Yes, the Democrats and NeoCons. Nothing is more “Conservative” than defending the status quo.

    “Elon Musk Urges US To Guarantee All Bank Deposits (RT)

    Twitter has registered as a new PayPal, a new currency processing platform, just like we said. Remember, all these same guys, Musk, Dorsey, created the original, uncaptured PayPal, as an original “Cryptocurrency” back when. Not saying his statement indicates that, just bringing it up. It’s ready to run at scale when the currency rocks and they attempt the hated, failing, CBDC. And not the ONLY, get that sort of idea out of your head. There is no more “one” “centralized” or “only”. It will be 100 “currencies” of all different types, all at once. …As were the 1840s or the 1740s.

    details he told the Department of Justice in 2019, which he says it ignored.”

    Huh. That was Trump’s administration – you know, the fascist, dictatorial one. What gives?

    If you go to the moon landing sites, they’ve got some pretty good stuff. Check out the parallax of the background stars. Same backgrounds over and over, that sort of thing. It wasn’t meant to be able to be disassembled frame-by-frame the way we can now with every human owning a stop-motion copy in their house. This was the old film-projector-theatre days. Well, as I say, go look, it’s a lot of work and I haven’t done it myself.

    Next question: we’ve been to the moon, but not in those ships. The scam was to cover something else, not just to be entertainment.

    Turtles have 13 plates for the 13 moons of the earth year.

    “So we had a pandemic that could be treated fairly easily with Ivermectin.”

    It was Fauci’s own paper that established this. With SARS, its closest relative. …Of course Fauci just hitches his wagons to everybody else’s work while being entirely absent, but nevermind that. He said it.

    Will it ever matter? We’ve known for 10 years, Apparently not. Everyone will merely die first. Pension solved! Currency failure of too many promises, solved! Murder is always the way!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 22 2023 #131781
    Dr. D

    “700 NYPD Riot Cops Mobilized, Steel Barriers Deployed Ahead Of Potential Trump Arrest”

    D.C. is the same. Somebody want to tell me what’s going on here? Because downtown Manhattan and D.C. are hotbeds of MAGA Country? Chicago: “This is MAGA Country, Jussie Smallet!!!” Boy there sure are no more likely places to have protests than in the ice-blue, bluest blue, so-blue-they’re-white areas!

    1) They actually believe their own talk, which is to say, they are psychotic and have broken from reality itself…and then picked up some guns. 2) They have already hired the character actors to riot for them, which would seem a stretch except we have it on camera no less than four times in the Capital alone. These Blue Antifas live in Manhattan and aren’t going to come in from Harrisburg. Too lazy.

    3) They are merely pre-positioning troops. Why? Let’s assume they know the ship is going down, the currency is about to collapse, and the great hordes are going break into Paul Pelosi’s house. Who are they protecting? NY and DC. Who is at risk when the currency collapses? NY and DC.

    Huh, that does seem like a more likely explanation. Same one we saw with the “Walls Don’t Work” ring-fenced the entire capital. Who then looked like idiots. Arranged to attack and kill their own citizens. No one came. Just like J6 where everyone I knew already heard, weeks ahead repeated over and over by Alex Jones and Steve Bannon: “It’s a setup. Don’t bother.”

    Does this tell you something about the timing here? If they know it will cause riots, then WHY ARREST? Speak to lawyers like a NORMAL legal case. Chris Rock among others said “Whaddya stupid? YOU are launching Trump’s re-election campaign.” Because they’re not stupid. They’re criminals and they’re up to something else. Down at the street, yes, people are psychotic and literally believe (and wrote in articles yesterday) that arresting Trump wouldn’t get him even one more voter. After 5 impeachments. Are you for reals with the “let’s rally the base who’s cooled and drifted away from the vaccinator-in-chief” right now? Of course it would. Yes, Blue-Bloods in DC and Brooklyn DO believe it’s a win-win and arresting-without-charges-is-ultimate-good, but they’re retards and they don’t run anything. Strategists like Podesta do NOT believe that, they are up to something and merely LIE to their Blue base to herd them too and fro like lemmings. “Mueller is Coming.” “RussiaRussiaRussia.”

    And THEY, Podesta, Pelosi, are pre-positioning troops around their gated compounds and blaming Trump. You didn’t think the people would sign on to a year of unlimited overtime if I told them I was protecting my DNC golfing buddies did you? No! So I just lied. “When it’s serious, you have to lie.”

    Here’s the other one: When Trump is arrested, “All the Republicans will withdraw their money from the banks.” Oh noes! There’ll be a bank run! Darn you White Supremacists!!! It’s all 3,000 of you, fewer than believe in Flat Earth that caused our currency collapse! Not our printing a new $4 Trillion every year to send to Ukraine while our bridges are collapsing at all! Does it have to make sense? No. As stated it’s better if it doesn’t.

    “because [Russia] is running out of ammunition.” – John Kirby”

    Yes, but only for 14 months in a row. And they have no hypersonics although they just used them and use them any time they like. They’ve run out which is why they drop a shell every SECOND in Bakhmut. Yes, this is all about the LIE, aka the “narrative”. They need to say something, and the first plausible thing that popped into their heads was to say China is the reason we lost in Ukraine, not because we’re fighting a war with no men, no energy, and no industrial base.

    Then we’ll what? Attack China which is 15 times harder? We can’t beat a country — as THEY say — the size of Holland. Why not? I’ve never seen the laptop class make an intelligent decision before, why start now?

    Cartoon: The wrong world leader is on the leash.

    Florida is the new financial center. Their outlawing CBDC has meaning.

    “Ukraine Planning Major Attack on New Russian Territories – Bild (RT) “

    The laptop class plans things all the time on their spreadsheets. None of them ever work because they don’t ask anyone if they are functionally possible, or if there are any materials to accomplish them. It’s like giving finger paints to retards to keep them occupied and the only problem comes when they think their drawing of the fire truck is real. Which they do more or less all the time now.

    unfounded fears of ‘escalation’,” Sen. James Risch (R-Idaho), Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi), Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), and Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Alabama)”

    So when we round people up, be sure to include these many Republicans, about half of them. I’d say we should send such munitions to Idaho and Alabama, but they just did in Ohio and no one cared. “10 out of 10 would derail again!” Break that Strike, Joe! Strikebreaking for Environmental Catastrophe is the Democratic way!

    “The United States and its minions are trying to turn the world against Russia by sowing hatred against the country”

    No, against the people in the greatest display of open racism in 70 years. But racism: that’s who they are. Racism in the morning, evening, and mid day. DiAngelo and Ibram Kendi are core pro-segregationists, and California is repealing Civil Rights Equality. This is considered the HEIGHT of moral form, somehow not racist like when Scott Adams says the same thing. Racism: It’s for Nazis. Keep talking, let us know who you are.

    “He is reportedly going to convert a misdemeanor for falsifying financial records into a prosecution of a federal crime.”

    It is hard to grasp how non-legal this all is. So Poof! A misdemeanor for paperwork becomes a felony and Poof! A State then prosecutes on behalf of the Federal to lock out the oversight of Congress. On Poof! The front running opposition candidate. Poof! For a crime that’s long past the statute of limitations. Really it’s the CITY of New York telling the ENTIRE country who they can vote for. As I said, only BECAUSE their candidates suck so, so badly, they so rigged the 2016 against Bernie and any/all Progressives, and they can’t win at the ballot box. So NEW YORK ALONE, one man in one city is going to decide for you like The Hunger Games.

    I’m sure that won’t come to a bad end or nothin’. Go ahead. Even Upstate will ring-fence NYC, cut off their food, and happily watch them all die. They don’t have any guns, what are they gonna do?

    “New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg was HIDING exculpatory evidence from the Grand Jury!”

    Grand juries are now meaningless as they ALWAYS hide evidence. Always. There are no rules at all about it. Heck, they now always hide evidence during the ACTUAL trial where there ARE rules. …Because there are “rules” and we don’t follow them. We do the #Opposite.

    “nor will we let baseless accusations deter us from fairly applying the law,”

    Like against rapists and assaults in your own city? Lighting a police car on fire with the officers inside is merely a ticketing offense now. Very fairly applied, sir.

    “that virus escaped…probably somewhere in the September [2019] timeframe…”

    At least we’re getting to THAT truth, or rather three: it was September, it was us, and we created it sans pangolin. Now can we get over it being the Mother of all Coincidences ever-evah!? The day Powell had knocked (Europe’s) financial system, and the day before the election they needed to win? “And Then a Miracle Happened.” New miracles every day.

    “Likely repolarizes some of the immune cells to a less inflammatory subtype”

    This sounds like word salad; are these words medically applicable?

    That’s not Science. That’s business.”

    And also the complete unrestrained merger of corporation and state. Newsflash: Hitler won.

    America is the greatest failure on the planet.(With Covid) That’s why everyone should follow us. Ask anyone still wearing a mask. They’ll tell you. They worked greatestestest! And the Vaccine! That’s why they’re still wearing the mask!

    Headlines: University of Helsinki Gives Greta Thunberg a Doctorate of Theology” Thereby proving that Climate Change is a religion, not a science. Also that you’re a fool to go to school since if you drop out, you get a degree anyway, cheaper, easier, and better. But we always punish hard work wherever it is found.

    For more fun, a list of headlines: https://www.mediafirst.co.uk/blog/our-all-time-favourite-newspaper-headlines/

    Including the classic: “Alanis Morissette’s manager had one hand in her pocket” But those modern headlines don’t have the same crisp parameters of the typeset.

    “Is reality really like a video game with a bunch of NPC’s inhabiting it?”

    I would say yes? How? Because these same people firmly believe WHATEVER they are told, WHATEVER is posted on Twitter, WHATEVER experts say, people believe. That’s why it’s so important to control it. That’s why they run around like chickens looking for these secret people and “dog whistles” from the Right. Which there are none. None of them agree on anything, so CLEARLY there is no source and memo. But they can’t believe that, because THEY are like that, believe and follow anything said with words.

    So they clearly ARE the type of people if a dog told them to crack their kid’s head open with a spoon they would do it. We just saw two years of it. And they can’t be convinced others aren’t as slavish as they are. If you DON’T hear the voices in your head, you’re the crazy one. However, they may have just won the Darwin Award for generations.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 21 2023 #131719
    Dr. D

    Everything Everywhere All at Once: And it still doesn’t matter. Reality never matters again.

    Biden and Iraq: His son died of Cancer. Talk about borrowed valor! Borrow of his, borrowed by his father, twice removed. And all to shut up an actual veteran. Well, that’s our political class and the people who support them.

    Prosecutor Khan has his brother released from prison just before releasing a jaw-dropping political accusation. But there are no pedophiles. Nope! Not a one. They never work together and traffic together in rings to get supply and keep each other out of prison, nor have symbols and code words like other criminals. That’s just an FBI conspiracy you can read on the FBI website and find in court records worldwide.

    “”The people who have died from COVID, vaccine deaths, and early treatment denial is greater than all the world wars”

    And it still doesn’t matter. Doesn’t even register, no one’s looking or starting on it. They love death. That’s why they’re a Death Cult and thereby the definition of #Anti-Christ.

    “The Biden family may have committed over two dozen federal felonies …, that would put the Trump family or any ordinary citizen behind bars for decades.”

    Never matters. And you thought they could do anything with total impunity before? Lose a girl in a car in the bay for a DWI? Drone strike a 16-year-old American citizen? Start a slave market? You ain’t seen nothin’! This is what happens when you have Mercy and not Justice for every crime going way back. Mercy isn’t mercy to the other people, the next victim of their actions. It’s not “Justice” for them. This is also a whole generation raised without discipline and order. The first time there are consequences they are going to throw a violent, aggressive fit that attacks, harms, and destroys others – and regularly do.
    https://www.youtube.com/shorts/PJdmTZCWKXM Sad and disturbing. How do you fix? You lost that window now it’s impossibly hard. That’s not love to set up your children for certain failure and disaster.

    Galloway’s not wrong of course. However, China is just spying ALSO. They are oppressing a few people ALSO, as most countries do somewhere to some of their people. It’s not fair to run just a “enemy best” “homeland worst” story just as it isn’t fair to run “We’re #1!” like they do all day on all Western channels. We sometimes do this to counteract a diet of too much, but governments are governments and people are people. Where they do good we say so, and where they do bad we say so, and don’t decide ahead of time because “that’s my guy.”

    “I think the United States still has it in its mind that it’s the world hegemon and that they can do what they want.

    That’s quite true and is the best sign they’ve lost their mind.

    U.S. $20T GDP? Um, we were $15T just a few years ago and I’m pretty sure we didn’t expand by 1/3rd. So goes the money printing and false reporting that calls Government spending, “Production.”

    Every nation does this on the route to hyperinflation. It looks good initially, like the German Miracle after WWI. Then the inside nation rapidly decays with misallocation, and the misallocation or rewarding bad people decays morality widely. Then the nation is cut off from foreign investment, slowly at first, then faster. This is now as our currency and bonds are avoided. Then there is an intangible tipping point when the market – the aggregate people – realize they’re never going to get paid back and need to cash out. A small motion like SVB causes others to join in. In a few months from then, the currency is worthless and the government discredited and out of power. “Prices” go to the trillions which is really nobody wanting the currency. Cooperation breaks down and everybody dies. Some then, but many more when Napoleon or Hitler re-establishes order. “Our Guy”

    Every time.

    But I’m sure this time will be different. Any nation that can increase their GDP by 30% in just 5 years is a rocket ship of success and prosperity, right?

    Iran as a spoiler, the Islamic revolution of 1979 was explicitly anti-American.”

    Maybe. I’d consider that France was involved, and Saudi, and the result was to lock up a huge supply of oil for generations, preserved for future use. That keeps oil prices nice and high if you’re a nearby nation…selling oil. Wouldn’t want a glut or nothin’, would you? And the price was $20. Dirt floor. So tell me again how the Iranian revolution – which hundreds of anecdotes show people expected, sudden as it was – was any disadvantage to strategy. How about this for Iran, their oil, and their revolution: You don’t want to give 99% of the profits to BP and Royal Shell, don’t want to grind up your country and kill everyone for our amusement? Fine. “If I can’t have it, no one can.”

    And, as reported again yesterday, they WANTED it, and KEPT it going until after the 1980 election. But we all known for years that was Pappa Bush’s people in the CIA. The headline of course was Reagan did it personally — not a Pappa Bush in sight, no siree! Certainly no Comey, Valerie Jarrett and the gang, all amazingly and coincidentally each and every stationed/born in Iran. That’s quite a reunion that EVERY CIA member there ALL went on to be famous, ain’t it? But I do not find that to be a coincidence at all.

    Now, as I state monthly, a whole generation’s worth of oil is sitting in the Iranian oil field “bank accounts” unused, waiting to be spent. At the time of their choosing, they makey-makey nice-nice and poof! Open it up. Now WE thought we would toss Saudi under the bus and pay Iran a Billion cash-on-pallets for it, but turns out Saudi threw US under the bus and opened Iran themselves. Either way, Hey! I thought we ran out of oil!!! And here we have another generation of oil untouched! What gives??? Is the Club of Rome going to say they’re sorry and revise their book now?

    Of course not. Data has never affected their beliefs before, why start now? Malthus was wrong every year for 200 years, why stop now? That’s Science!

    Question next: Does Cuba have any oil? Because the same political events happened there.

    We feel like we’re not moving fast enough to build a bigger Navy,” says U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher.”

    To do what? Give China better target practice? Every ship on the surface of the ocean can be sunk in minutes and 375,000 men is a speed bump. Get a grip before somebody dies. We’re going to what? Station them in Hawaii? You’re kidding, right? This isn’t 1940; I can remove Hawaii with one bomb. Talk about fighting the last war, why don’t they just get some coal dreadnaughts and get it over with? It’ll match their Maxim machine guns.

    “turned the Muslim world and the Global South against us. The enduring images we left behind from two decades of war include President Bush standing under a “Mission Accomplished”

    The whole POINT was to destroy US, the U.S. military. We were too strong and needed to be ground up. We needed to lose the next war under Hillary, thus our Constitution, and to be brought equal to the level of the 3rd world, like Clinton’s Most Favored Nation with China and Bush’s NAFTA. He launched McCain’s “100 year war” of “Three World Wars” total exhaustion until as the “Mass Psychosis” video, they will accept “Their guy” just to restore order. Once launched, they had to go all the way. This is the “Mission” that Bush “Accomplished” and he was right to take accolades for it, that plan was going perfectly. The plan to destroy all of us and take over the world. McCain’s 100 year war is still going briskly 22 years later and looks to continue for some time, so that’s a win as well. Most of the Constitution is a dead letter and the people love it and want more. Another win.

    See you have to know what they WANTED to know if they’re winning or losing. Their goals are not our goals. Our goals are peace, prosperity, order, life, freedom, and so on, while theirs are the #Opposite, like to the god they worship and the weirdo religion they follow.

    They worship the “Lord of Chaos” and the “King of Lies” and it’s going quite nicely, thank you very much.

    Now our nationalists may not be saints, but they do believe in stopping chaos, returning to our borders, and trying to improve the lives of our citizens, for better or for worse, and in the messy, disconnected way we do things here. And always have. The Indians were no different.

    “In France, the pension law was amended without a parliamentary vote. In Germany, the electoral law was changed by a simple majority.”

    This is fantastic as now we know there is no democracy, no representation, and no law. Hey, if there’s no law for you, why am I following it? I’ll just do whatever I feel like too!

    Note this sounds like a win, and yes, that’s the de-legitimizing of government which is, visibly illegitimate and must be rejected. However, to actually do this is to fall into a state of chaos and disorder, the very world which THEY prosper in and daily, visibly, seek to create. You can ignore the government, yet your loyalty is to God, the higher order. And to follow HIS laws, like it not, even if you have to disobey and choose between man’s laws. Only then do you continue to have order, and a better one.

    YOU are the government. Remember. If you’re not self-regulating, nobody else can make you. Or can I not get heroin in 10 minutes if I want to.

    “If [Ukraine’s attack] fails, “it will be extremely difficult to obtain funds for the next one.”

    Again and again, it’s not the MONEY. Your money means nothing to me. They can get the “Money”, the Money is unlimited. What they can’t get is the REALITY. That is, the bullets, bombs, and men. And shortly the food, as a means of controlling the population. How can they buy your daughters unless you’re desperate? That’s just Disaster Capitalism 101, “The Fire Sale.” First, Start a fire…

    “Second Russia-Africa International Parliamentary Conference in Moscow. 45 African nations.”

    Hey, remember the U.S. Conference of the Americas? Where no one from Latin America came because they hate our guts? Good times, good times…

    “You are reportedly about to engage in an unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial authority: the indictment of a former President of the United States and current declared candidate for that office..”

    That’s funny: I thought that was instantly impeachable. Even when it was for a person who wasn’t a candidate, and even when it wasn’t him but his son. And even when it wasn’t an arrest but merely an investigation. But now we can have election tampering not for a man’s son and family, but for himself? And when he’s not a prospective, only a vague, unlikely possibility, but an official declared candidate and front-runner? And not an investigation but an active arrest?

    Okay then, carry on. We see you. Never stop speaking so we know who you are.

    Things will degrade rapidly if they do that, BUT THAT’S THE POINT. They need fear, chaos, disorder, lack of rules, chaos, breaking norms and boundaries. “Deconstruction”, “Burn it all Down”, only then can they bring out “Their Guy” and “Build Back Better.” Remember: “First, start a fire”. Burn your neighbor’s house down while you stand there with a book of matches watching. Then, buy it at fire-sale prices! Tell him if he pays you $1M, you’ll put the fire out. That’s practically pure love and tolerance! Who could even be so generous?

    Sounds great to me. Go ahead.

    “• NYPD Mobilizes 700 Riot Cops, Steel Barricades For Potential Trump Arrest (TP)”

    Pay the rioters to pay the riot control. The best opposition you can buy is the one you build yourself. Think of all the Overtime! Boy, good thing we let every felon in the five boroughs go!

    As Trump says here, what this says to everyone is, “We can’t beat Trump at the ballot box. We have no good ideas and no one supports us. Otherwise we wouldn’t need to take these measures but would have no trouble knocking him out without this.” That is to say: they’re losing losers who lose. And know they’ve lost. Otherwise, why cheat? And yet they’re also so strong there’s no hope and they’re going to run us over?

    NYC is also arresting the head of a prominent, wealthy, Jewish family. What’s up with that? I thought the Jews ran everything, especially NY. I thought we were on the same side. Everyone’s a Nazi. So the Jews are Nazis and the Nazis are Jews and also the Jews are #AntiNazi and the Nazis are #AntiJews? Huh. It’s almost like that makes no sense and something else entirely is going on.

    Just like the Mueller case was bogus.”

    News review, memory hole, what happened to Mueller’s cases? He didn’t bring any against Trump. After 2 years and all the records, nothing, and also NOT this Stormy Daniels payment which came to their attention. He DID bring a case against “Russian Election Interference” to a private corporation placing ads. Whatever happened with that?

    Well, the company – which is entirely out of their jurisdiction and need never bother – showed up in court to defend the charges. Mueller immediately withdrew all allegations and ran away. That is to say, even this thin case, totally unrelated to Trump, was completely and publicly abandoned for lack of evidence.

    This is the one the Congressmen was defending and demanding Taibbi swear fealty to during the Twitter hearings. Uh: yeah, that’s pretty bogus! Two years? I could create evidence to jail a ham sandwich given two years and a million dollars but you couldn’t even find that?

    But this time those Duke Boys won’t get away! We got ‘im now!!!

    ““weaponize their office to impose a political agenda on society at the expense of the rule of law and public safety.”

    Astonishingly, this sounds like your average political rhetoric but isn’t. It’s LITERALLY the supervillain’s, the Joker’s master plan to let all the criminals out of prison to roam the streets. LITERALLY the master plan to spring anyone arrested on bail – or lack of bail – to be back out in two hours, robbing again. To go fondle women in women’s bathrooms as a camera-ready demonstration of lawlessness and disorder. Literally 80 years of this in movies, comic books, pop culture — because it’s so outrageous it’s merely fiction.

    A THIRD OF THE COUNTRY SUPPORTS THIS. They will arrest YOU for NOT letting a rapist out of prison. They’ll burn down your house and run you out of your job if you DON’T allow drug gangs and human traffickers over the border. When you say “Maybe this has gone too far” “I actually don’t prefer to be raped,” they then say YOU are the crazy one, and the wider society agrees.

    So “Weaponizing” to go after weird “political enemies” while letting violent criminals daily go free is not hyperbole. If anything, it’s become an understatement.

    So that’s why we need to give up our self-defense and beg Daddy government to help us. …Help us solve the problems they created by not doing their job. So the answer to them not doing their job is to do their job? HuhWhat? Maybe they could just do their job instead?

    “The Financial System Is Terminally Broken”

    That’s odd, since even under the most oppressive, diabolical Socialism, there remains a strong Capitalism of private property and Black Market. Since it’s self-organizing, self-generating, and eternal through all human activity, peace, wars, plagues, riots, how can it be “broken”? How can it “fail” when it is already eternal, never varying or dying?

    Oh, is that because it’s NOT Capitalism? It’s NOT a financial system? And what is going to “Fail” is merely the rigging, the exact measure of the NON-Capitalism? The bit you perched on top? And the “Breaking” of which you speak is actually the “Free market” and “Honest price discovery” reasserting itself? That is, “Fixing” not “Breaking”? Fixing = Breaking in #Oppositeland.

    Oh wait: yes!

    What they call “breaking” “collapsing” was only and ever their price-fixing to pretend things were worth something that they weren’t. What THEY own (dollars, debts, real estate) are worth millions and what YOU own (labor, food, commodity production) are worth pennies. They get every color of butt-hurt when their price-rigging scaffold collapses and reveals the truth: they are small, worthless people. Doing nothing, helping no one. Their system is only a system of violence. Capitalism is a system of VOLUNTARY exchange.

    “the Death of Money doesn’t just mean that the dollar (and most currencies) will make their final move to ZERO, having already declined 98%”

    For fun you should see the dollar in Bitcoin terms. Fallen 99.9% in only 12 years. For that matter, gold has fallen nearly as much in Bitcoin terms. Which would you buy? Just a question, no right answers.

    Calvin and Hobbes, arcana: Watch the cadence here. Some newspapers don’t have the first panel. Some don’t have the second. Some only have the panels below. So Waterson needs to fit in what are 2, 3, 4 jokes, each independent, a sort of Tetris game. This isn’t that unusual, if you know how headlines are written, you have X spaces (or you can reconfig the whole page) and therefore CAPS are worth x pica, round letters X pica, and tall letters like “I” another Pica. They all must and ever add up to your White Space, rounded to one. It’s that LIMITATION that creates he genius of headlines like “Ford to City: Drop Dead” “Axis of Weasel”, “Headless Body in Topless Bar” or [Antony] “Weiner: I’ll Stick It Out”. Without limitations, this can’t happen, there’s nothing to push against. You become shapeless, pointless jellyfish. No action, no fun.

    This is what they want for our culture: No rules. No order. No limits. And that is why they are worthless, spineless people. Without limits, there is nothing to exceed, no goals to succeed, no finish line, no prize. Losing is the same as winning. Being weak is the same as strong.

    And it’s also self-contradictory. If money is bad, why do you want $5M in reparations forever? I thought you hated rich people and capitalism. If there’s no such thing as gender, why will you fight to the death to become a man or woman you said are mental fabrications that don’t exist? How are there gay people with no genders? Doesn’t that make the straights one of your own?

    It’s the limits of the Sistine Chapel that Michelangelo filled. It’s the limits of the marble that made David. It’s the limits of the field that made Patton’s victory so grand. It’s the limits of money that give it value. And it’s the limits of death that makes life precious.

    If I hadn’t seen that goat I wouldn’t believe it. Or that the eagle could survive it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 20 2023 #131681
    Dr. D

    “Pro-Russian Western Media” is quite an oxymoron.

    I disagree, there was definitely a virus. Yes, all the other things happened, but it was already knocking people flat before Jan 1. With near-certain suppression and refusal to admit it, the doctors at that time struggled to name and cure it. It only came back from the labs “corona virus”, meaning generic, the common cold. This does happen though. The cases I heard were sub-40, one asthmatic, while we know there is virtually no death rate below 50, and deaths were so rare even at 70 that the age of death was 78. Not sure who would notice a 80 year old getting pneumonia, the most common thing in the world.

    Not sure what exactly this was. Ideas: 1) They developed it using Uigher prisoners, already ill and violently lacking Vitamin D. This seems likely. 2) There WAS a dangerous virus and it was swapped with a milder one before release. If you released nothing, nothing happens; if you release the real, everyone dies. Likely but I don’t see the kind of panic of a real virus in the Black Hats, Pelosi in public, no real caution on their part. Amazon buys trucks, other guys all pre-position, but not to that level. 3) There are several things going on which is why it isn’t clear. Someone gets a release, it goes to the Army games, they are all unsure what’s happening, there are several strains all different as in Italy, Iran vs France or NY. This is why they immediately ran the deadly hamster experiments on the two cruise ships. 4) In this case we are sure that as this is unfolding, they are feverishly running scenarios, inventing narratives, and coordinating stories about China. 5) This part HAD been all pre-planned because we have their books and notes. So once they knew WHAT it was, they all did — were forced to — move forward with their pre-plan, as arranged 20+ years. This is why it was so goofy and didn’t match reality at all.

    6) It seems likely they were very disturbed by not just a low death rate, but near-ZERO death rate. THAT would not do, so Cuomo found 5,000 grandmas and murdered them on camera. They tried everything else, with nuclear attacks on gyms, sunshine, exercise, vitamins, and outlawing anything else that would make you even slightly healthy. Even that didn’t work, but it explains their bizarre and revealing behavior.

    7) The original plans are VERY CLEAR they need 10 year lock downs and constant forced vaccinations. They got none of it. No one participated, the participation was messy, there was a control group, and only the vaccinated got Covid again, so there was no re-uptake. But you can see IF they got real military lockdown, IF they got to shoot violators in the street, IF they got constant covid waves and constant vaccinations, — along with food shut offs and MS-13 roaming the streets, it WOULD have made sense and worked.

    Only digital Vax cards would get you food, money with 5+ years unemployment, or travel +100 yards from your house. All by PERMISSION of a Socialist government that provides everything…to only their friends and GOOD children. BAD children are punished. And you all have been very, very bad to Mommy.

    It’s confusing unless you understand what they MEANT to do. Heck, in a fever dream, knowing how bad that might run, if I were the White Hats I might release it myself just so the timing explodes in their face, as it has and did. Imagine they had those 4 more years to lock in, prove and acquire the chips, launch the CBDC as they’re doing now, and so on. Release “it”? Yes, a virus that has a 0.03% death rate and an age of death at 78? You bet. You probably save 4B people doing that instead of the real one.

    Nah, of course I wouldn’t, but I understand it. That’s why I’m not in that job.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 20 2023 #131643
    Dr. D

    Bosch is high on psychoactive beer, but I often wonder why his people are all naked. Surely that’s not a given of visions.

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Senate Republicans are set to introduce on a bill on Thursday that would codify the right to bear arms for self-defense outside the home.”

    You mean “The Constitution”? Federal Law #2? I just. Can’t. In many ways this is worse than just fighting the original rule. Pass a law to support the law of the law we don’t follow? Well pass another law then! Or have a third government to enforce the laws the first two governments won’t!

    “”The New Normal”: New York To Lower Math And English Proficiency Standards Due To Poor Test Result”

    Clearly NY has zero competency. Look at their leaders! But there’s a solution! Lie about the standards, Cheat by lowering them, and Steal unearned accolades that you graduated when you’re actually illiterate! That’ll fix everything! The next heart surgeon and bridge engineer is on his way. A whole school of these guys designed the F-35!


    Whaaaat? And they didn’t want it and forced them anyway.

    “UBS To Buy CS For $3 Billion As AT1 Bonds Get Wiped Out In Record Bail-In; Swiss Govt Grants CHF9BN Guarantee; SNB Offers $100 Billion Liquidity Backstop”

    Okay, so after 60 days’ lead time they broke the law AND they broke the bonds? K….so you DO know that everyone who owns those bonds and doesn’t get paid are going to daisy chain other derivatives, right? That will take 30+ days to appear?

    If that’s your least-bad choice I have to wonder what’s going on.

    And we’re on the “22”s now. Wonder what they have cooked up for March? Feb 22 was to push Bakhmut and make it clear Ukr was lost.

    “Trump sends arms” And also was key in unprecedented sanctions on Russia. Now is it this way: Everybody everywhere is part of the Derp State and not trusted? There’s no hope? Or is it my way: Trump knows Russia is an ally against our common enemy, the only nation presently with mobility, and the sanctions he put on so Putin could blame us made Russia STRONGER as JUST HAPPENED? The way to “sell” Ukraine – a major DerpState Black Hat power base – to Russia to clear it out was to start a war. Trump moved the first pawns in that direction, not committed, but heading there.

    Also on that, we have a “clear” delineation, as much as anything is clear, of the U.S. Military in two parts: Above the Generals and Below the Generals. Colonel is the highest you can get and not be a blood-sucking fiend, and all the considerable talent organization-wide is locked below that level.

    But they also know it. Clinton took out the last Red-Hat generals making trouble in the 90s, the “America First” club. Obama purged anyone that moved in preparation for Hillary starting WWIII. So we have people like MacGregor now openly against the Milleys. Who keeps Trump alive? That he can wander around doing anything he likes and anyone who wants things done has to visit the kingmaker at Mar-Lago? Think about that when you ponder the question.

    Okay, suppose I’m right? How do you have every dog-face to colonel overturn every General in the U.S. Army without causing a shooting war that kills 30M people and hands off the country to China and Mexico? When they have and are happy to release bioweapons all day?

    Speaking of: I didn’t understand yesterday’s thesis on the USAF and the Labs. WHO are the players and what were their goals? Did they succeed in them? Things were suggested but not said directly. Could you repeat/translate?

    That goes with the rest of us as well. Grassroots Americans are against their leaders also at some “Colonel” level. But how do the floor assemblers take over the VP’s/HR office down in the factory? And so what if they did? They actually don’t know how to run the tasks up at those levels either. It’s a hostage situation.

    “If I want to increase production of gunpowder I need probably three years..”

    With what minerals? They came from Russia. With what nitrogen? You just outlawed nitrogen worldwide. Told every producer you would come and illegally burn down his factory, force-merge them against Swiss national law, without a vote. Oh SURE! I’m going to open a new expensive factory for you! Right after I invest in farming, pipelines, and gas-powered cars!

    They can’t be trusted. With anything. All commerce STOPS. This is the state of Rome in 200AD. All coins are buried, all people hide and go back to a self-contained Roman Villa run by the local power, not yet a warlord or Feudal Chief. Division of labor and economies of scale STOP. Commerce, travel on roads, STOP. Brigands in the forests, the collapsing roads cause even inter-town travel to STOP. All “modern life” STOPS. We go to the Middle Ages.

    You can reverse this and turn around any time you like. STOP STEALING. KEEP YOUR WORD. PUNISH THE GUILTY. Reward the industrious. They won’t. Those are anathema to thieves and communists, but I repeat myself. They need to “Share” themselves to your goods, your hard labor, the very hours of your life.

    Gunpowder? Surely you jest. Gunpowder is a step above food, and you don’t have that. Holland is proposing to re-plant her medieval forests. Try attacking Russia with a crossbow.

    “Some militaries will have to up their recruitment efforts.”

    Same as above: you already double-crossed, attacked, impoverished, betrayed, belittled, and killed everyone. And NOW we’re just going to “Sign up” for you as if you’re a real person and there’s a social contract? Don’t make me laugh. They’re training troops in high heels, and promoting gay rapes in the ranks (true fact, not hyperbole). Sign me up! Definitely! I’m all-in for a Sweden or France that is run for the pleasure of African migrants. I’ll definitely die making sure my blood and treasure goes to them and I’m a second-class citizen when I get home, arrested for standing quietly even NEAR a protected people, like in England.

    Uh: No. Newsflash: No. A thousand times: No. http://www.no.com No and no. No means no. No plus no with a side of no on the side. I’d jump in the Baltic and swim to the Faeroes before I’d join you, or anybody like you, until every one of you is hung until black and your bones stick out.

    I don’t fight on the side of Nazis.

    However, my job is also to survive and see them hung, unlike the White Rose in Germany. “The job isn’t to die for your country, it’s to make the other poor sap die for his.” — Gen Patton. You can go die in a hole. You first.

    “• Poland May End Up ‘Joining’ Ukraine Conflict – Diplomat (RT)

    There are still some Slavs not genocided. I don’t fight on the side of Nazi genocides.

    “justify” a preemptive war on Iraq, where there was nothing to preempt.”

    Yes, but you didn’t need a security clearance to know that, you probably didn’t even need to be literate. Was Iraq going to occupy us? Invade us? Shoot 500 ICBMs at us? WTF were they going to do to us? WTF was the risk to us? Oh, so we were protecting Iran and Syria, their neighbors from Saddam’s non-aggression? With Turkey having Europe’s largest army right next door? WTF was your premise here?

    20 years later they still focus on the WMD that weren’t found. But how would they even be used? What “Mushroom cloud” TF were they talking about??? And he DEFINITELY had them: Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush SOLD them to him for use on Iran, which he did on their orders. The Kurds, actually. Our bestest pals.

    Now with Russia. What is Russia going to invade Delaware? Occupy Detroit? WTF do you think is happening? Europe spends 0% GDP on their army and don’t have one, WTF would I do it for them if they won’t? Not. Hard.

    That’s to avoid discussing if Russia would take Paris which they don’t want and probably couldn’t even during the Soviet era. If Europe has no army I sure ain’t gonna provide one for them. Let them make their own and at least demonstrate the concept.

    What do you think would happen if you trained all of Europe in high explosives and firearms and sent them back to the streets of Paris? Oh, you wouldn’t survive a month? Too bad so sad. Sounds like you’re not really a government then.

    25 highest-earning billionaires paid an average tax rate of 16%,”

    It’s a tough call as they own Senators, write loopholes, and have dark money. But my point would be the top 100 people now pay half the taxes that come in. New Jersey – a VERY large state – lost some huge income with just ONE man leaving for Florida. Clearly THAT can’t continue in so many ways. For one, the balance of power is appalling. But also when you have only 100 people supporting the budget of a state of 10 million, you can’t double the taxes on them. They’re already far above tax limit, like UK is (again). You can’t “tax the rich” or plausibly claim to. YOU ALREADY DID. And what the little people will notice is although you already did, 0% of the money went down to them. Every year you say that, it’s worse than the last. Every State and City where this is done is worse than where it isn’t. People are dumb, but there are limits.

    “Imran Khan Hit With Terror Charges (RT)

    Pointed out that B in BRIICS has been sidelined, but most likely – and with Belt-andRoad – Pakistan is likely to meet India and replace them? What would that make it, the P-RIICS? (South Africa is barely functional right now too. Viral videos of black people saying they support White Rule again just to have order again. This is of course wildly racist: it’s not their melanin, you fools. It’s that the “Black” ANC, etc are all SOCIALISTS. White Socialists destroy countries just as fast and as thoroughly everywhere they’ve tried as well. Look at Argentina, once ahead of Germany in every way, until Lo! Socialism fell on them and they won’t give it up.)

    Anyway, this is about keeping P out of the BRIICS. Made-up BS, or the same crimes every politician does, only lie Bolsonaro, or worldwide, “It’s not a crime when MY side does it.” And we only arrest our enemies and overlook our pals.

    “Total Weight Of Wild Mammals Less Than 10% Of Humanity’s (G.) “

    Every model is always wrong and these guys can’t count to 10 without lying, so I wouldn’t bet on it. However I don’t favor the present balance and would change it substantially. I think most humans would agree with me, so who is driving them against their own wishes? When cows and trees make them happy, who’s making them miserable?

    Women’s Bathrooms. Protecting women every day in every way. Women Kneeling before men on National TV for National Woman’s Month. Know your place, I guess. Don’t you know wearing a dress and lipstick makes you a woman? There’s nothing more to it than that. Other than wearing that dress, you’re worthless. …That’s what I hear anyway. Would anyone like to stop now? Or do more women need to be raped and killed first?

    Mass Psychosis video yesterday very worth the time, so posting again if you missed it. Covers all points without being political or hyperbolic. https://youtu.be/fdzW-S8MwbI

    Too long to cover because it’s already entirely dense, but note it’s a form of torture, the point is to alarm you for nothing, then relax to get a good grip, then alarm again for no reason…you know, since 90-11. It is BETTER for everything to make no sense. That’s the POINT. Logic can be addressed. Illogic not so much. So it is the PLAN to have fake enemies, fake fears, fake arguments, the faker the better, it’s all part of the breakdown. In “their” language, the “deconstruction.” Deconstructing the modern. Post-Modern. That’s what all the really smart, cool kids are doing this year: illogic and murder, living in hovels with medieval diseases: don’t you want to join?

    Then at last, like “Three World Wars” they trot out their “Saviour”, “The Man”, who will “Fix” it all and bring “Order” again. Their order. Very simple. Should be taught in all schools with a refresher each year. But since teachers are the instruments of the illogic and torture, I expect not.

    Is Soros a White Hat?” No, but don’t be so simple. If my chess opponent puts a pawn somewhere we say colloquially, “He’s playing into my hands”. Now is he ACTUALLY me, moving for me at my direction? No of course not! And not every move wins: my job is to put him in a position where he has no good moves and HAS to put his pawn someplace it will be taken. This is the situation of the Trump arrest. They have no good moves, so they’re falling back on the (failed) old eliable. I see this morning that after floating that, they’re finally learning something and getting cold feet about it since it – as I say – will play right into their hands.

    Can we rephrase that? That chess move is one that can either stand as it is, — no arrest and he can do as he likes — or if addressed, the White Player has contingencies to address that will still be favorable to him. Black Player can see that: although they get the short “win” of taking a bishop or something, still capturing that White Bishop will open up the board and lose it in that area a few moves later. Now give in to temptation of the short win, or what? Or give in to it – although losing – because all the other moves are even worse?

    The same play, same board arrangement was set up with the Trump Mar-Lago FBI raid last month. They took the bait for a raid and got slapped silly all over the board. They are STILL releasing Biden Top Secret docs all over the world, another one just last week. Now does “Soros”, his DAs, and the Black Hats want to take this piece, this yummy bait again? PLEASE, PLEASE do this.

    And again, I’ve said the whole 6 years: Trump has like ONE play in his playbook, AND THEY STILL FALL FOR IT EVERY TIME. Why? Well when it stops working, he’ll stop using it. I’m happy to say after six years, they’ve finally learned Playbook One, and Trump has had to trot out Playbook 1.5. Not really 2.0 yet.

    They. Are so. Stupid. Why do you think they’ll win?

    Again, I’m begging you: go ahead and arrest Trump. Impeach him AGAIN, the third, fourth, fifth, sixth time. It’ll be HILARIOUS, and a total exposure, waste of time for you, while the rest of the White Hats below Colonels wander around the board kicking more pawns.

    “The US Govt dictates to Ukraine that it wants more war and more dead Ukrainians. What a friend”

    More exposure. Everything they do exposes them for the maniacs and mass-murdering psychos they are. You can’t stay married, stay obedient to a guy like that once you know. But denial of battered wives and children of abusers is very very high. Clearly.

    The current ruling western theology is very simple; profits over human lives.”

    This is merely a translation of “We kill people for power,” but implying a motive. This is the extra half-step that I propose. Don’t let them off the hook because “it’s all an accident.” If it’s not Murder 1, you can go away a long time for Man1 or Reckless Disregard. I actually don’t believe that when it’s become a lifestyle, but it’s easier to prove and does the job: they become a bad, terrifying example to others.

    “Half Of California Lifted Out Of Drought; Flooding Now A Concern”

    Drought prediction, drought model, 1,000 drought model, all part of the AGW model, dead again. The End.
    Again and again and again and again and again and again and again. That’s Science! Being wrong 100% of the time and never changing. When my hypothesis is proven wrong, I just change the data and do it again!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 19 2023 #131588
    Dr. D

    The Arrest sure demonstrates the pointless puppet show. I am not of the opinion this would create a landslide. Mostly nobody cares. That includes Trump supporters because they’re not a cult following a man, but looking to drain the swamp and give a big F you to the right people. If Trump can’t deliver that (and he hasn’t) they’ll go around him.

    However, remember Trump is the Team Mascot and the White Hats zipped him into the furry suit as a show and distraction. They need to take the system down. Everybody does, everybody wants it – what they’re all fighting about is what happens on the other side. Do we BBB the Bugs? Or something else? Do we erase government and at last replace them with corporations as began under Lincoln? Or not?

    In any case, the next move is, they have pulled the pin on detonating the banks. They want and need the whole thing to collapse under the Democrats, and seem to have accomplished that. They timed Joe and Hunter’s releases to the same months. It’s going to get hot. So what’s with the arrest?

    To Democrats, they need to rig 2024 and demonstrate that ALL laws, governments, and people are equally corrupt. Nihilisticly, there are no good guys, no faith. Therefore “abandon hope all ye who enter here” and as “there is no law but power” “Do what you’re told.” That’s the end of anything, everything, the Republic, Democracy, Law, Property, Safety even. But it’s their move, pretty predictable.

    The White Hats move is they need Trump out of the way, in prison when it all happens, like Bolsonaro, their Beta test, so that Trump can’t be blamed for what happens next. “I was in prison! How could I possibly be running the country? Creating a coup? Etc? It was all Joe Biden.” See what I mean?

    So the minute he’s in custody, the balloon goes up, but not in the way even XeroHedge ridiculously suggests. Like J6 saying “Let’s peacefully let our voices be heard” = violent insurrection and national coup without weapons” they say his vague Tweet, “Take our country back” means “go out and riot nationwide if I’m arrested.” WTF? We already showed, idiot: ain’t nobody going to riot for Trump. That’s not their expression, that’s Antifa’s expression as violent Brownshirts who like to burn black neighborhoods. Where do you get this stuff?

    The Balloon isn’t going to go up there, in yummy PR-disaster riots (although they’ll probably stage some for the cameras), it’s going to go up elsewhere, in finishing the takeout of banking, pulling some long-planned exposure in the Spy agencies, Congress, and/or possibly the Supreme Court if/as a final backstop.

    Now it doesn’t matter that “Trump” or rather Trump’s team, actually DID plan this. As we know, the truth means nothing anymore. What matters is, base Democrats and Republicans are both going to point and say “are you nuts? The guy was in YOUR prison, wiretapped with his lawyer like all prisoners on YOUR watch. He was clearly NOT running this only-latest-in-a-series-of-bad-lucks, like finishing the banking collapse. Yuh.”

    Which like FTX, like SVB, STOPS THE BRIBE AND RIG MONEY. They don’t have an organic base, they have 3% loonies and a payoff, an operation. They shut off the money in F-Stan. The money in Ukraine. The money in FTX. Now the money in SVB. Head of operations. Why did SVB go the way it did? Arcana, but there WERE buyers for SVB. There always are. But Yellen STOPPED this merger of SVB, pulled the plug and spooked the market at noon, not even waiting for 5pm to hide it. Why?

    Because to buy/merge it, SHE WOULD HAVE TO OPEN THE BOOKS. Like FTX, everyone would then see that SVB was a fraudulent money-laundering bank with no real operations, funneling money to the DNC donors of Silicon Valley – Alphabet Agency merger. And we just took them out before the election? Huh.

    Died of coincidence.

    How long can the mafia keep bribing/killing people as the noose closes on all their operations and funds? Killin’ people is expensive. That now includes the CIA, who is the funding source for Silicon Valley and always has been. They’ve run out of weapons to black market, all the human trafficking in Ukr is gone as nobody’s left there. Ecuador is recaptured, out of their hands. They’re shrinking everywhere.

    Now when you really go at them, I want Cheeto out of the way.

    Not that this will all go well, it’s messy, it’s a war and they wouldn’t be doing their job if people didn’t get hurt and break things. But I’ll sit here and watch.

    “These equity teams are a Trojan horse planted in the heart of every federal agency to fundamentally change decision-making”

    The USSR had the same thing because they’re all the same people. They were “Party Members” “Political Officers” sitting in on all meetings to “make sure” whatever the party wanted was followed in the production of left-handed spanner nuts. We already did that. They had one such “CIA” Party Official” on the deck of the ship, pointed at the Captain, and said he’d be court martialed if he helped save the soldiers and diplomats in the compound at Benghazi. He had to watch them be murdered instead.

    We only had machine guns and RPGs from 1986. A Degtyarov machine gun from 1943. And the Maxim machine gun from 1933.”

    As we’ve all said: “Gee, that’s odd. It’s almost like all the money isn’t reaching Ukraine and is just circling back to campaign donations in America.” Laundered by FTX and SVB.

    Hey, where’s Mr. SBF? He can’t have gone that far since his coffee-clatch raised one BILLION dollars for his bail, or is that just chicken feed now? For the Stanford-CIA merger?

    What am I saying? There’s a MAFIA. This mafia is moving funds among ITSELF to survive ITSELF, as Mafias do. Mafias that are always, always international, even as the Cosa Nostra. Doesn’t matter if it’s Pfizer circling money back, or Lockheed, or heroin and black-arms sales, it’s all the same cash funds, all the same slush, supporting all the same people. They are defending themselves.

    Okay then, we can see that. But then WHO is pressuring them? I hear there are no White Hats, so why are they having so much trouble? Just amazing bad luck? Same as if it’s the Sopranos, they are taking money in one false business front, reappearing in another false business front, all to pay off and silence Congressmen, Policemen, etc., and buy the kids a new pony. On crack.

    They’re not clever and it’s not complicated. Very simple: You have stuff. I steal stuff. I can’t steal from people who don’t have anything, so I steal from YOU. I don’t care what I have to say or do to make that happen. It’s only words, and it’s better than working.

    Now how do you put your people into witness protection? So they don’t get WHACKD?

    I mean, you might accidentally tie yourself to a tree with an electric cord, forget and leave the gun in the trunk, and shoot yourself 2-3 times. It happens.

    “• Nearly 200 US banks At Risk Of Repeating SVB Collapse – Study (RT)

    Yes, it’s called “raising rates” which is why we said they broke the system and were trapped in 2001. That’s been true but it took longer. Long enough I consider myself wrong about it, in a way.

    The other part is that they borrow short/ lend long, which is a business model issue. This would probably not be allowed without government protection and requirement. They are selling a product they don’t have, in a root-level pyramid scheme. No wonder the government loves it.

    “UBS Seeks $6 Billion Government Backstop In Credit Suisse Takeover (ZH)”

    Okay, that seems modest, but we’re used to hearing numbers in the United States. GDP (fake) of $15T. Swiss GDP is $0.800Trillion. 1/20th? So the $6B is $120B in U.S. terms. Likewise, that is like throwing 200,000 people out of work.

    Neither Chinese nor Russian banks are going down right now. They have cut themselves off because they know Western finance is collapsing and both sides are helping it to.

    taxes as a share of GDP are expected to hit 37.7% by the end of the forecast period, representing a 70-year-high and”

    …And no Health Care. I’m sorry, what did you all pay for all that time now? With the doctors in disarray and being investigated for 10,000 counts of eugenics, clearing those nursing homes?

    “the mutational rate it had to be in the wild no later than roughly the end of September of 2019.”

    Yup, but since everything is a lie, no one is revising their story. If it was released then, then is is also true it leaked from Wuhan lab? Probably not, although I’m happy to keep the spotlight on Fauci and DoD’s completely illegal work there. Wuhan also knew, because after Sept they suddenly and inexplicably took down all their DNA postings about the virus.

    “Workers are doing too well! Call the Fed to shut that down!”

    Wages are the ONLY measure that cause banks to act. They only intervene if the poor get richer. When the rich get richer that’s because they’re smarter, better, and gosh darn it people like them.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 18 2023 #131549
    Dr. D

    It only makes sense if you know what Lincoln was fighting. Like The Revolution, it goes without saying that everything we know about it was a lie.

    In the Revolution, we had the Progressive faction back from Newton etc decide to breakaway from the King and establish the new Utopia. Remember, Communism hadn’t been invented yet. They succeeded, only in being sure they could breakaway and win, they over-played and the Founders double-crossed and locked them out, making it an ACTUAL attempt at democracy, not a fake attempt to be taken over. They/King never really surrendered and tried again in 1812.

    They tried again in France and went too far the other way, but did start a domino of erasing Kings and Popes in their progressive Utopia. …That ends in starvation and guillotines. As soon as the Napoleonic Wars were over, they returned to re-capturing the Colonies. America was moribound and run by the Adams oligarchs, stealing everything, only a little nicer than before. Jackson re-started the American Experiment and takes it from the American Child-of-London oligarchs back to Democracy. That leads us to Britain paying both sides to inflame the American Civil war. Who cares who wins? They fund both sides and if the South secedes, it sets a precedent for ever-smaller areas seceding forever, until either America is weak as Africa, or they scoop up the Grand Republic of Boluxi they are so small.

    As this is all arranged, the North is already extracting colonial force out of the South, the South is already a cotton fiefdom of British mills. Perfect. No one is willing to stick their head in the noose to be President of the disaster, and yes, perhaps in that state they arrange Lincoln as the final affront. QED, game over. You can: stay together and be in debt to London, break apart and be gobbled by London, keep squabbling and be weakened by London.

    Lincoln screwed them blue. On principle, he should free the slaves as his mandate, get in the war that was his mandate, or let them go as was the original “Union.” He should support rights of man, not declare martial law, and fall into chaos. He did none of it.

    Instead of borrowing from London banks, he borrowed from himself, like Hamilton did. London did not get stronger. Instead of letting them go, he reconciled and dawdled for years like Putin, only eventually smashing them. Instead of letting society tear itself apart with London’s fifth column, in Press and the Banks, he summarily arrested them all without process. Instead of letting the South continue, he blockaded them so LONDON suffered the loss. Instead of allowing and authorizing secession, he crushed it and as he said, his only goal, preserved the Union. Only at the end, conceding this would simply be an occupation, smashed the country, and freed the slaves.

    By the end, the Union – the North – was made twice as strong as before and equally strong as Britain, settling the dominance issue for good. Instead, Britain was peeved at Russia, who prevented the attempt at Blockade of the North, and went after them in the Crimean war, having to settle with London-friendly Northern industrialists undermining Democracy that eventually broke our sovereignty 40 years later, using the new, social, non-war method.

    Now none of that is in the history books, but it’s very clear from Lincoln’s actions that that’s what he was fighting. The day after the war, he was assassinated to as to prevent proper re-unification (like Ukraine) and to prevent him cutting the Northern Industrialists back to size, both of which were his top priority. And/or not going after London, which is not mentioned as a policy goal, but I sure would.

    So think about that when you hear about the South hardening into plantation slavery and the North being funded with unlimited Abolitionist Progressives, with lavish, all-expense-paid book tours. Who as funding them? Both sides? It’s St. Patrick’s Day, as the Irish, who had landed but didn’t want to be involved.

    He’s an interesting sort of failure, don’t you think? Like Trump, he accidentally takes apart London and Empire with every move, but somehow also never knood nuthin’. Nope! All an accident! Just like Sun Tzu would say.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 18 2023 #131542
    Dr. D

    About sticking your head in the Bassmaster?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 18 2023 #131530
    Dr. D

    Possible that painting is a camera obscura and the reason it’s so off-center is the balance of where the pinhole fell in the room.

    “ATF Gains Financial Information On Potential Gun Buyers For Warrantless Tracking, Documents Show”

    Yes, requesting this information would be a “warrant”. But that’s a law and we don’t follow those.

    “White House Rejects Ceasefire In Ukraine As China Mediation Intensifies

    We’re not in the war, but it’s our decision alone if it ends or not. Got it.

    “Arrest Warrant Issued For President Putin By Hague-Based ICC

    That’ll settle things down. I’m sure he’ll call for a ceasefire and leave now if he’s to be arrested forever. Meanwhile, Bush, Rumsfeld, Obama, Hillary, Chertoff, and now Biden are all walking around discrediting the ICC Court forever.

    JPM: As Bank Run Drains $550 Billion In Deposits In One Week, QT Is Essentially Over”

    Kind of. More accurately it appears the Fed and Treasury are fighting. Yellen demands and promises all bailouts, nationwide. Powell defers, as the Fed is established by Congress and if the GOVERNMENT wishes to print, on THEIR budget, he must comply. The TREASURY is ending QT. She had been trying in several ways, including starting a world-wide nuclear war, but this is their new Covid to end the dollar and install Davos.

    Okay, ALL banks are now the Fed/Government. And ALL risks are now the Fed/Government’s. Happy now? Have we reached nirvana now that we have 100% moral hazard, still done nothing to execs who have no risk compliance, insider trade, then give themselves options as an insult to the bankruptcy court?

    All banks are now one bank. All risks are now one risk. So when Pa’s Crab Shack n Bank in Maine fails, the entire daisy chain fails up to JP Morgan. That now happens via the currency. All actions are now government actions, so not stopping it is the government’s fault. Do you think they move fast enough and have eyes everywhere the way the market does?

    I forget what the level of insuring all deposits is, $40 trillion? Commercial alone is $17 trillion. She just did this, no act of Congress. Somebody want to explain that to me when all spending bills originate in the Congressional House? And Biden had already hit the budget wall and were using overtime measures to pay for things?

    Why would that happen? We have first month ever with “M” money supply contracting, causing compounding-interest bank failures, not only right-on-time, but to the second accuracy. Yellen is now stopping the Money Supply contraction, which will move the risk to the currency, as risk and mispricing cannot be reduced, only transferred. …And increased.

    The Covid inflation occurred, just as we all said (although I was badly off on the timing). We are now tripling that.

    Wokeness Did Not Cause Collapse” Factcheck.

    Fact Check: That’s not what they said. In true NPD form, they latch on or even fabricate something that wasn’t said or even invent something, then deny that made-up fact instead. What they said was, SVB had no Risk officer for a year, while they had a Diversity officer flying around, spending millions, instructing the public where the SVB board puts their pee-pees. So where were SVB’s priorities? THAT is what they were saying, which are objective facts.

    Bombshell: “The walls are closing in on the Biden’s”

    …As exactly nothing happens. As usual. Complete abdication of duty at every level, down to the dog-catcher.

    ““Who would have thought 15 years ago, that taking care of children, saving them and treating them, would become criminally punishable in the West.” – Maria Zakharova

    I guess she doesn’t live here. Killing our children is a time-honored tradition now for generations. The more unsafe and violent it is for them, the more we go in that direction. The more we refuse to turn around and go back. Killing children is our compass that way.

    “The market’s proverbial “vibes”—feelings, emotions, beliefs, and psychological penchants—suggest a dark turn”

    They always call on “animal spirits” theory because they’re failed economists with failed theories that failed 100 years in a row. No. Human action is not irrational. Ask “Human Action.” A crypto bank went down after raising money. Fed interest rates have been rising, erasing collateral and SIVB, too busy talking about their pee-pees, did nothing to mitigate the planet’s most enormous, obvious, and slow-moving risk. When SVB then spoke of raising capital (and STILL had done nothing about the deteriorating bond portfolio condition because I guess they’re “not bankers” and can’t do “you had one job”) Peter Thiel and others took it as a red flag. He removed some $21B personally, no doubt signaling to others. Why? Irrational spirits? No. Removing the money costs essentially zero, while not removing it could cost essentially everything. That’s just logic and incentives, “Self Interest” in “Human Action”. Socialists would have you lose 100% of your money in order to backstop a system/decision that will fail anyway. The collective is more important than the individual, so we kill every individual one-by-one to save the…wait, what?

    Why the next banks? “Human Action” and Self Interest in Incentives again: The Fed, last time, has OFFICIALLY says there are “Systemically Critical Banks.” WE didn’t make that up, they did, in policy that is essentially law. Under THEIR policy, the Fed/Treasury will ONLY backstop these FOUR largest banks. Everyone else will go bankrupt. So if the 20th largest regional bank was NOT to be bailed – as JUST occurred – then EVERY bank 20th and below are NOT SAFE. THEY did not say that with their irrational animal spirits, the FED said that, by ‘law’.

    Therefore, every rational person with two brain cells to rub together (not SIVB), pulled their money from EVERY regional bank and moved it to the four monopoly banks. That took down the next two banks. That’s Yellen and Bernanke’s fault. THEY did that. Also great for competition. Capitalism!

    So then? To stop the bank run on every bank OTHER THAN the Four – which THEY caused – Yellen now backstops ALL banks. To ALL levels. That is, we now have a nationalized banking system. But in the American way, All the fraud, none of the benefits. And a inflating currency to boot.

    Their cover? To say IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT. Yeah, you little people! If you hadn’t been “irrational”, tried to make “payroll” and not go “bankrupt”, — and just sat there and let us rob you – none of this would have happened! Now stop defending yourselves and let us steal. Why you gotta be so rational all the time and “not die”?

    Weird how the “market vibes” somehow always involve “self-preservation” according to the incentive structure THEY set up. I blame Peter Thiel. It’s the Biden Administration: they always attack women and the gays.

    “Ukraine will remember those who backed it in its conflict with Russia and will hold those who did not accountable,”

    Who?? Sorry, I only listen to nations that are relevant. His statement only makes sense if you know who “We” are. Somehow a tiny sliver that runs Ukraine is claiming they ALSO have the power to hold all nations worldwide to account. O Rly? Would you like to expand on that notion? Are you saying you have paid, planted sympathizers in these administrations that are paid to actively work against their own nations’ interests and in the interest of this sliver of Ukrainian oligarchs instead? Because, newsflash: that would be “treason” in all the nations involved. So please, by all means send me your documents on this subject.

    Violent protests in France over Macron unilaterally pushing through pension reforms.”

    When one man “just says” and the law appears, that’s Democracy! Sounds like the United States. We haven’t passed a thing, nothing on Covid, no war powers acts, no debt forgiveness, no congressional budget for bailouts, but as Biden says “he’ll just do it” using Obama’s “Phone and a pen.” One man rules all = Democracy. They also shoot them in the streets because they have such public support. Quick! Tell King George! All he had to do is say “Democracy? You already got one!”

    “US ‘Taking Close Look’ At Drone Operations – CNN (RT)

    Already conceded. They immediately launched another drone (so they can tell the papers) then keep that drone 100 miles away, over the horizon from Crimea and the crash. (as a message).

    Scott Ritter rips into Marco Rubio & Lindsey Graham”

    Yes but Marco Rubio is not an American, and Lindsey Graham is not a human.

    “A government-linked academic group pushed Twitter to censor factually correct stories about Covid-19 if they risked “fueling hesitancy” about vaccines,”

    How do you know if a story causes “Vaccine hesitancy”? Using your Putin-Telepathy? You now know the internal states of all humans you never met? And as Dore says, They, being the super-smart and special people, are not affected by reading all this propaganda for you and censoring it. You, being the stupid, ignorant, deplorable sub-humans ARE affected by these words and obey them slavishly, totally affected and not having minds of your own.

    BTW that’s Munchausen again. That’s the whole Left. “Mommy needs to protect you because you’re a weak, worthless, injured, incapable non-person who can never survive without me.” For instance, that’s the line of the Wicked Witch in “Tangled”, the Rapunzel remake. Mommy is the savior; you’re the sap. Her one true job and burden is to protect you from facts and the truth.

    The truth that you’re fine, you don’t need her. This is a height of violence that men, and “the patriarchy”, can’t even conceive of. But “it’s not evil when I do it.” When I kill you, it’s Love, don’t you see???

    Don’t fool yourself, they’re creating the largest bank runs since 1929.”

    As I said, probably not, but they are transferring all $40T in bank runs to the currency.

    alleged “hush money” scheme”

    WTF does that mean? It’s illegal to pay people now? There are no more non-disclosure agreements? Papers can’t buy an “exclusive”? There’s no such thing as employees or contracts? They’re capable of anything, so I guess we’ll find out, but I didn’t know paying my ex-lovers was illegal.

    MPSK: Why? A gun should be the last thing to own. Especially after door locks and moving. After tasers or pepper. After everything. You are most likely to be injured with your gun. The most likely thing is it will be taken and/or used on you. It will be a liability in court in contrast to clubbing them with a toaster.

    That said, what gun? The one that is nearest when you need it. Which to buy? Skip the gun and spend all the money on training how to use it. That said: what do you mean to shoot? To kill? What are the laws in your area?

    Unrestricted, everyones’ choice is a Glock with a lot of bullets. Restricted, almost everyone’s choice is a shotgun. Those two don’t match up but it is possible to pair ammunition between a pistol and long gun for instance with a .410 or 9mm, e.g. But you’ll know all that if you do 6 months task-specific training like you might if you feel the need to shoot things.

    Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre has one of the most reasonable takes on it, having survived, then intelligently left Argentina and their near-constant economic and social collapse. https://www.survival-spot.com/survival-blog/argentina-collapse/ (for example)

    Sorry, but it’s a tool and so it all depends. If you’re on a Wyoming ranch dealing with coyotes, the suburbs of Pennsylvania, section 8 in Chicago, or a condo in Florida. Don’t ask about the gun, in fact, ignore the gun, avoid it if you can. Focus on the task. What’s the goal? Fill the goal any way you can without a gun first.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 17 2023 #131457
    Dr. D

    “Fed Announces Launch of ‘FedNow’ Real-Time Payment System,”

    I’m sorry Mr. Powell, I’m afraid you are promoting misinformation and conspiracy theories. Don’t you know there are no CBDCs? They sure are in a hurry since they attacked and took out SIVB.

    We counter attacked and took out Credit Suisse, already in receivership. Europe somehow appears stronger right now, unexpected…

    Big Banks Agree To Historic $30 Billion Unsecured Deposit Injection In First Republic Bank”

    Saudi refused Suisse though… Gee I wonder if that’s because 5 years ago they stole all their gold and left an IOU in the empty vault…

    “As Bank Crisis Looms, Biden’s Aggressive Focus On Firearms Is Suspicious”

    Ya think? Since the answer is “Come make me” guns are relevant here. Sadly THEY are the ones making them relevant. “Government is FORCE. It is FIRE…” which is why we should use it to run everything, especially health care! And Day Care! Violence and Destruction are right up their alley, right?

    “”This Is Sheer Idiocy”: Capital Gains Tax Can Exceed 100 Percent Under Biden Proposal”

    Perhaps that is why? Anyone with Capital Gains are their Apparatichiks and Manager-enforcers. If you steal 110% of their goodies, I think you’ve lost the rest of your base. Billionaires robbing the Millionaires.

    “FDIC Demands Signature Bank Buyers Stop All Crypto Business: Report”

    Russia says they’re very happy to be insulated from the Western Banking collapse. The FDIC here is making sure Crypto will be well-insulated from the FDIC’s collapse here shortly. Thanks!

    “Protests Erupt After France’s Macron Bypasses Parliament To Pass Pension Reform”

    Democracy is so passe’. And no need to outlaw all other parties like Ze did: in France they are all cooperating with tyranny already…

    White House Responds To Poland Sending Jets To Ukraine”

    “Game Changer”
    … which means it’s not. Poland is the 1st country, but they already had 20k? 50K? Troops there, and it’s their pilots, so…

    …Don’t think Russia doesn’t know it. This may be why Turkey can get Finland into NATO, or Russia allows it: NATO is about to cease to exist and be a giant embarrassment to Finland.

    Target Shutters Downtown Philly Location Citing “Declining Performance”

    That Black Representative from California said “Reparations are they only thing that can stop black people from stealing things.” That is, by constantly paying them off with extortion. …Nope, I don’t think I can come up with a more racist thing anyone can say with their mouths. Yet this is considered “good form, old chum” in the grand old state of Blue. Philly, same thing. Odd how every place Blue has every worst problem they rail against. Must be the fault of Jimmy John and his stupid red hat in Kentucky that Chicago, Baltimore, and Philadelphia are smoldering craters. Yes, that’s it!

    Victory, however, is not the point. The point is maximum destruction”

    Yes, but not of Russia. They have erased Ukraine as a national people.

    West Warns Ukraine Not To Blow ‘Last Ditch Effort’ – NYT (RT) “

    Sure is good to be the laptop class, sending memos from your nice warm office, or in your pajamas at home. Sean Penn, Lindsay Graham, AOC all want to help, so, so much. I’ll give them a plane ticket!

    Oh so it’s DIFFERENT? You’re the Very Important People and are much too valuable to be shot in a frozen building? SO ARE THEY. If anything, your cowardice and narcissism makes you LESS valuable. Here’s a helmet. Hope you last the first 10 minutes.

    Pentagon…Pfffft! “I wrote it right here on this spreadsheet that Ukrainians shouldn’t die…”

    “Russia intimidated NATO nations, stopping them from giving Ukraine the weapons it needed” – Bolton

    Kind of, yeah. It’s called “Full-scale WWIII and worldwide nuclear Armageddon”, you might have heard of it.

    “Scott Ritter Loses It Over Lindsey Graham’s Mindless Warmongering”

    I think Spetznaz should parachute in, give Graham a revolver, and let them fight it out in his house. If he wins, he’s defeated “Russia”, or at least those valuable soldiers, right? We’re only offering him a fair chance at the very thing he demands. The Pay-per-View can help fund Ukraine. I see no downside when this is what he believes.

    “US Estimates ‘Upwards’ Of 100,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed – Politico (RT) “

    Getting there. It may be 3x that by now. 300,000 men. Although some may be Poles and other Mercs.

    “Kiev Has No Plans To Leave Bakhmut – DPR Head (TASS) “

    That is their prerogative. The Russians will accommodate them.

    “Desperate West Will Turn To Russia For Turnips – Putin (RT) “

    I’m sorry to say he will be correct. Or did you think fighting a war with no food and no energy would end another way? Because you changed your avatar and got a rainbow flag?

    Dutch Farmers’ Protest Party Scores Big Election Win, Shaking Up Senate (R.) “

    What a relief. And they’re not fooling around. They may not know government but they are NOT going to sell out in 6 months like AOC, The Greens or so many others.

    “The records show Hallie Biden received $35,000 over two transfers in 2017 f… from State Energy HK Limited, a firm affiliated with CEFC China Energy.”

    I’m sure she’s good for it. She’s probably an expert in playing video games or something, more expert than Hunter in either Russian or Energy. P.S. that’s a year’s salary in one go. Note all profit as the rest of us have living expenses during that year of life and therefore “make” sub $10k of it.

    Anyway, they’re timing the Biden releases with the Biden bank crash. Too bad they can’t include Obama, who approved the whole thing.

    they have explicitly guaranteed that no matter how bad the deposit run is, they will keep the bank funded”

    Or how corrupt (Epstein, Biden) or how failing, or how wasteful, or poorly run. And another thing: regardless of how criminal we must never, ever allow free competition. YOU can’t just start your own bank. And the Treasury/FDIC/SEC just said you’re not allowed in Crypto. (UNLESS it is as corrupt with deep money-laundering oceans as FTX was) Don’t you know No Bankruptcy, No law, No consequences, and No competition is Capitalism?


    Starbucks: This guy is English, in America it’s even easier. It says right on the note “This Note is for ALL debts public and private” and is REQUIRED to be accepted by law. That’s how it was installed in the first place. You can – and many have – sue Starbucks Pro Se and tie them up with about 150 million lawsuits that cost us nothing. And probably get a pleasant class action settlement. Nobody does though, which is disappointing as it’s really the easiest, quietest, and most profitable way to bring the system to a halt in 12 hours.

    Apparently everyone has forgotten but THAT WAS THE POINT of the Civil Rights movement and the Buses, either the boycott (they go bankrupt) or the arrests (they have no facilities and go bankrupt). Now they whine and call a whaaaaaaambulance when they ARE arrested and create civil rights because: Civil Rights is all just painless, pointless Virtue Signaling, doncha know? If “Revolution” costs a nickel or inconveniences me for an hour, we won’t do it. Now excuse me I have to post my new Avatar flag for “the Latest Thing”.

    Foreign Affairs: I guess we’re winning then. Let’s keep going on! Man that’s awesome. If I could plant such a story, I would.

    “Blown to Bits”. In Clinton Arkansas airport. I do not find that suspicious at all. A bomb takes out a civilian aircraft practically every day for no reason whatsoever. Probably not even worth mentioning or investigating.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 16 2023 #131357
    Dr. D

    I wonder how long they held Credit Suisse off. We knew it was dead last month when JPow bailed them out.

    Yes, SIVB is a takedown. Why and by who is the question.

    No bail out SVB, then all the others? No. They have to: remember, now they have lashed all things to the ONE thing. Any failure is now ALL failures. Welcome to Hell, idiots. But there’s still time to throw Bernank and Yellen in prison.

    Newsom bails himself out. He was neck-deep in SVB.


    Now as reliable as Time’s Man of the Year or the Nobel Peace Prize.

    A more personable explanation of the same events. Bringing it back to us and why we’re crazed and struggling.

    Kiev Independent.

    Again, their concern is their Feeeeelz. How do the Russians Feel? How are our signals? Do we need to rewrite a book or attack another statue or something?

    “Credit Suisse is labeled systemically important, aka too big to fail”

    Yes, but what does the U.S. Federal Reserve have to do with it? Do we bail all banks worldwide? How about Russian and Chinese banks? Nigerian banks? Ohio? Omaha? No?

    So you’re saying “We only bail our friends.” “Socialism for me, Capitalism for thee.”

    ““I don’t see any risk of contagion,” French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Monday.”

    Well, that confirms it. And really? Credit Suisse is down and what? It’s just a small local bank? Uh-huh.

    “imagine Washington’s reaction”

    As infants and narcissists, they are incapable of imagining being in the shoes of others. This is literally like saying “Blah blah blah blah blah, Fluffy” to them. Reality for thee and not for me. Save your breath. You’d get about as far explaining to that man in the ward that a dragon doesn’t really live in the keyhole. That is: nowhere. You’ll only get attacked.

    That’s madness, and in a world of nuclear hellfire madness can indeed lead to you glowing in the dark.”

    Yes but they ARE mad, insane, and believe dragons like in their ear-hole and Putin is under their bed. Everything and everyone is in on the vast conspiracy. Putin both controls all elections and gets Joe Biden elected. Yes, Insane. ‘Round the bend. Foaming at the mouth, barking at the moon, “danger to themselves and others” madness.

    ““We’re still assessing whether there can be any kind of recovery effort.”

    Well, let’s see: we have no ships in the Black Sea. Probably not.

    Ukraine Wants to Legalize Controversial Hacker Brigade (RT) “

    Let’s see: are these the guys that keep the kill list on children? Or were they the “CrowdStrike” guys that “proved” Hunter’s laptop was fake and that Russia cybered the DNC emails? I always trust my security and antivirus to E. European hackers. That’s just common sense.

    How Russian Identity Was Wiped Out In What Is Now Western Ukraine (Plotnikov) “

    They’ve been after Russia always, for 200 years in a row. Why?

    The Tyrants Are Passing State Laws to Push CBDCs (Thomas Renz) “

    And failing. States are also passing laws outlawing the laws. Gold is tax free in many states now, and some are outlawing CBDCs and forcing acceptance of cash.

    Are we at a new high for gold? Yes, of course no one mentioned it. Wouldn’t want anyone buying the way up or anything. Silver: still a zero.

    Charts and charts: https://www.macrotrends.net/1333/historical-gold-prices-100-year-chart
    $2621 in 1980 inflation-adjusted.
    $2058 in 2020 actual.
    We’re at $1950-ish today.

    Silver is at a nose-bleed, never-in-history +80:1 ratio. And has been near there for YEARS. In 2020, 110:1 ratio.
    Silver leaves the ground at a 16:1 ratio or so and has no stocks. 10x out of whack, minimum. (Longer than you can remain solvent”)

    All-time high $140 Inflation-adjusted, 1980.
    Presently $20-ish.

    How can I put this: Dow:Silver ratio is 40:1 at the 1980 high. Trends at like, 250:1?
    Right now the level is almost 2,000:1 Again, warning it’s been over 1,000 since 1994. –You know, when Larry Summers wrote that paper about breaking the gold price to hide inflation and get Bill elected?? Yeah, that one.

    Benton I don’t really grasp it. Is bribery not a bad thing? Do we believe in sovereignty and therefore doing what is good for our people? Whatever “us” is? China bribing us is now a good thing? Not a bad thing? And NY? The whole point was to ask: “Hey, I thought these Jews run the world! And here they don’t even run New York, one of their most powerful centers. What gives?” So…what gives? Your argument is, they run all Banking, even down to tiny transfers from 2nd tier banks – where the whole board and everybody else transferred a day before too that’s WHY there was a run – and yet somehow they don’t run NYC, their 2nd largest center? Also 90% killed in Israel where they definitely run things.

    What gives? Sounds a lot like they’re taking it in the teeth like the rest of us.

    Or is it really my way? All Mafia are Italians, or nearly so; yet all Italians are not the Mafia. Isn’t that easier?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 15 2023 #131297
    Dr. D

    Cathie Wood’s ARKK Recorded Largest Inflows In Years As SVB Collapsed “

    Holy crap they like losing money! And why not? J Pow and everybody will bail them out. Every thing, for every dollar, up to trillions. As long as they’re not from Ohio.

    “We now have financial records showing Biden family members receiving money from CCP connected individuals.”

    Great, except no one will care. They’ve picked their side, POWER, right or wrong.

    School in the 70s or 90s. They have no medical curiosity. Not the slightest concern for child’s safety or even sudden death. Haven’t in generations. They are diabolically opposed to finding out which direction and “going back.” Why?

    The U.S. has departed from a rational path.” -China

    Polite and restrained. We left that path in 2002 if not before.

    “Glazyev: ‘The Road To Financial Multipolarity Will Be Long And Rocky’ (Escobar) “

    What I said yesterday.

    Wagner/Bakhmut. Instead of strangling NPD/Soulless psychopath infants in the cradle, perhaps we can put them to good use? They are capable of great things although having a disability, need to be monitored. Why not let them be heroes instead of rotting, tortured, and very costly in prison?

    Also, see the “failure” of the Russian Army, claimed to be corrupt, etc, so Russia appears to be using Wagner for their things, and the Russian Army for a different thing. That’s going well. Later, they can roll Wagner into the general army and spread their culture.

    “Russia cannot abandon the Russian-speaking population and it is fighting for the Russian world”

    The West had planned standard practice (of aggressively attacking and murdering everyone). Slice off each sub-group, sub-ethnicity one by one. Ukraine, but before that Belarus, and after the war started, tried Belarus again. A week before the war, tried to peel off Khazakstan. Now Georgia. …Unless you think all nations on earth died by coincidence, all in order, one by one. Americans: “Foreign Nations? I can’t name three. Canada, Westeros…”

    “No One Seems to Care That Zelensky Is Closing Down Churches and Throwing Christians in Jail”

    Biden is doing that to Catholics right here. While claiming to be one. Then when caught is proud of it. So…no? He has complete approval of the entire Blue to attack all (other) religions (than theirs) at any and every time. Justin is doing it in Canada, and DeBlasio was shutting down the Jews in NY. The only thing that matters is you’re not THEIR religion. A weirdo death cult of lies.

    no decompression chamber, no dive, no story.”

    Yes, but no one cares. That’s the truth, they love lies, and like any con man, tell you what you want to hear so you’ll say “yes.” They don’t WANT to check. They don’t WANT to know, as proven by how they’ll attack you for warning them. THEY WANT LIES. And war. And worldwide nuclear exchange with the murder of 6 billion people, especially all the children and the whole ecology forever. This seems good, just, right, and reasonable to them.

    …So telling a little white lie in the beginning to get there and accomplish it doesn’t register. Get a grip.

    30-50% of the West is in this category. I meet them every day. They’re not “racist” as they say: they are happy to murder everybody. Right there in WalMart if they could.

    “announced new sanctions against the import of Russian aluminum and steel.”

    High prices for Canada. Low prices for Ecuador and Chile. Sold!

    • Defending Ukraine Not Key US Interest – DeSantis (RT) “

    DeSantis channeling his inner George Bush, running on “less government interference and no foreign wars”? Whatever they say, they immediately do the #Opposite. (“Drain the Swamp”)

    “Government is introducing CBDCs”

    Reading that list (which is true) shows that it’s impossible. In six hours some new item would become “money”. What would you give the grandkids? Amazon cards? What will political bribes and prostitutes be paid in? Drug bags. Even if it’s cans of tuna, in a single day that new thing will exist. They are trying to outlaw HUMAN NATURE (again, as they just can’t learn. They are like an alien race, inhuma, insect hive-like.). They are outlawing “Capitalism.” Newsflash: you can’t. No one ever has, never, not even for one minute. It’s called “The Black Market.” I’ll make more money then than ever, and the government is less powerful when it’s around. Ask Capone.

    Anyway, their lovely CBDCs? How did Nigeria do with that? Oh, it was the most epic failure in the history of the world? Everyone moved to Bitcoin? Then they outlawed cash, put pressure on, pissed off the nation and STILL go no uptake for their stupid ideas? Tell me again how “They said” and therefore “We lost.” “Come and Make Me.”

    “reducing requirements for bank buffers was one of the few ways to prevent the stimulus addicted lending sector from plummeting.”

    Raise your hand if you were around in 2001 and said the Fed would never stop easing. That this was a one-way trap. Like Bakhmut, they can hold on a long time, longer than anyone imagined, yet the end is always the same. “All inflations end” “

    “Continued inflation inevitably leads to catastrophe.”,

    “inflation is not an act of God, that inflation is not a catastrophe of the elements or a disease that comes like the plague. Inflation is a policy.””

    “Inflation is the fiscal complement of statism and arbitrary government. It is a cog in the complex of policies and institutions which gradually lead toward totalitarianism .”

    “Inflation has always been an important resource of policies of war and revolution and why we also find it in the service of socialism.”

    “But then, finally, the masses wake up. They become suddenly aware of the fact that inflation is a deliberate policy and will go on endlessly. A breakdown occurs. The crack-up boom (Katastrophenhausse) appears. Everybody is anxious to swap his money against “real” goods, no matter whether he needs them or not, no matter how much money he has to pay for them.

    Within a very short time, within a few weeks or even days, the things which were used as money are no longer used as media of exchange. They become scrap paper. Nobody wants to give away anything against them.” –Mises Human Action, Scholar’s Edition, pp. 423–425.

    The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.” — Ernest Hemingway

    “By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.” — John Maynard Keynes, while recommending this policy.

    “In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value.” — Alan Greenspan, who used his pal, Summers, to break the gold pricing mechanism with $4 QUADRILLION dollars in unmonitored derivatives make sure.

    Oh wait, I’m sorry: Nobody Knoood. Espeically not us, living under a bridge, saying this since 1994 when Alan printed to get Bill elected.

    So why? “[Americans] hate inflation but love everything that causes it.” William E. Simon

    And! Remember this! “It’s all Trump’s fault!!!”

    “Apparently, Silicon Valley investors and startups are too big to lose money when they take risks.”

    Yes, when Ohio Bank goes down the same you’ll see an amazing LACK of bailing out. That’s with Ohio not being so idiotic, glue-sniffing, pin-headed to leave amounts over $250k in there, so we won’t bail the FDIC levels either. Watch.

    It’s unrolling now.

    Peace in Iran and Saudi. Just as if Trump was in. He was after this and got some things started. Can’t say it’s connected, now I just keep an eye out for things.

    ““reckless” maneuvers which resulted in the MQ-9 drone being struck and crashing”

    How can it be “reckless” when there’s no pilot at risk? They’re clutching pearls for the Russian MIG Pilots now?

    I find it hilarious, correct me if this isn’t what border pilots are supposed to do. Come to think of it though: they can’t get out the side of the plane with a gas gan, what technically could they mean by “fuel dumping”? They cooked it with the after burners? Because a refueling jet goes IN, not out.

    “we call on the Russians to conduct themselves professionally and safely,” Hecker [said]

    This is after sending a drone 5,000 miles around the world to a country we’re not supposed to be invading. Without a transponder, which is itself a high risk. As in, intentional provocation that can continue the path to a worldwide nuclear exchange.

    “Why Not Let Banks Fail?” -Article

    Why not insure them? I know that’s uncharacteristic of me, but why not? They pay their own fees, collect in these unusual events. Why? For one, all bank crisis events cluster. But mostly because the existing FDIC insurance is a fraud. Its government-run, which allows it to be criminally mis-priced. Then like Fannie Mae, when it reaches its limits they just turn on the printing press and keep going, exactly as they’ve done, caving in just 24 hours this week. Because it’s not a scandal, the SVB execs who 1) Insider traded a day before then, 2) Gave themselves options ahead of failure, both felonies, are never prosecuted and clawed back to investors already made whole. Essentially the government bailout pays their insider trading and options, and worse, they know it, do it, and are correct. “They Knew it” It wasn’t a bailout, it was the plan. — Mark Baum, The Big Short.

    “..Any bank has a problem of keeping its asset valuations higher than its deposit liabilities. When the Fed raises interest rates sharply enough to crash bond prices, the banking system’s asset structure weakens. That is the corner into which the Fed has painted the economy by QE.”

    This is a Federal, legal requirement.By LAW. That is, the GOVERNMENT. Up to the BIS even. THEY decide what assets you are allowed to hold, what is “Tier 1” or not. THEY said Treasuries, which are about to crater, you are REQUIRED to hold. Gold you are not allowed to hold (basically, they’ve made this quite clear). Definitely not other commodities. In a turn (which happens twice the 70 year Kondritieff Cycle) the only thing that goes up in a financial crash is commodities. And even that may not be by price (price of food dropped in the Depression, although relative cost rose).

    They legally REQUIRED this collapse. Then they trade and politically capitalize on it. Same as REQUIRE the stock/bond ratios for investors, particularly retirement, knowing for a mathematical fact that bonds will default.

    The Fed’s program to rate collapsing (must collapse) Treasuries “at par” I’m sure is why this is not the “Big One” in the “Monday morning closure” sense. But I haven’t fully thought it through yet. It is straight inflation and puts risk on the currency. But the world reserve currency, which still falls last.

    Again when they talk “mismatched” that is via “numeric” only. The relative value of a bond could go to a million as “money” “liquidity” is in shortage. But if it’s number price falls 30% it still collapses. That is, $100 bond now can buy $1,000 worth of bacon, as in a Depression money is in demand. However its market trading value is $70. Collapse via leverage although the bank is “worth” 10x what it was before. Gold used to solve these problems. It would revalue, and it was the currency.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 14 2023 #131193
    Dr. D

    “Biden Gives Go-Ahead To Giant Alaska Oil Project, ‘Green’s Furious”

    Every day now, just like Trump would have done. Maybe he intended Joe to be gone by now and has to get these pieces in place.

    P.S. Joe does this because “there’s no oil.” We all ran out and there is no other North Slope, right? There IS oil in Alaska, but there’s also NO oil and I have to have an electric car by 2025. Schrodinger’s Oil. Which is now Schrodinger’s everything, all the time. Otherwise known as: lying.

    Green models, wrong every day since 1960: “Greta Thunberg embarrassingly deleted a tweet from 2018 that was connected to an article predicting the extinction of humans by 2023 due to climate change.”


    “Red Cross Giving Migrants “Maps And Guides” To Aid In Illegal Border Crossings

    So…accessory to a felony. One MILLION felonies. Attaching all their assets should fill that budget hole nicely.

    “Welsh Govt Says Statues Of “Old White Men” Should Be Removed, May Cause “Offense” To Britain’s Diverse Population”

    Translation: the very existence of White People is an affront to life. They must be erased, our Final Solution. That’s love and tolerance! Inclusion means everybody but you!

    “NATO will crumble.” Yay! That will make the U.S. collapse and return to her borders. Yay!

    “Kiev’s forces have been so “degraded” by a year of fighting against Russia that some Ukrainian officials doubt their ability to execute a planned spring offensive, the Washington Post has reported.”

    6-12 months behind reality. They ALREADY can’t wage a counterattack to elegantly retreat from Bakhmut. Even though they’re already there, dug in, and organized. They were expecting one and didn’t get a wet squib.

    “But other than 30,000 Poles, which other country is ready to send troops?”

    Sounds good for a weekend. Who will they have to fight next week?

    “During the coup d’état in February 2014, he was essentially ousted from office by force and, faced with a threat to his personal safety,”

    Arrested for defending himself and saving his life. This is the narcissist’s special. If you defend yourself, I’ll attack. Of course if you just stand there, I’ll attack too and blame you for being a weak-livered patsy not defending yourself. You deserved it. Ah, it’s good to be king!

    “Jan. 6 Attorney Alleges FBI Criminally Altered Evidence (ET) “

    Yes, but in their defense, they were just following generational FBI norms. They only did this because they’re the “FBI”.

    ““The unceremonious and uninhibited nature of Miller’s discussion of committing these serious crimes suggests an FBI culture of corruption and lawlessness” Yes, but only since before Hoover. Was Hoover not a clue to you?

    “stopped, and fully investigated,”

    By whom?

    “his attorney violated the Sixth Amendment, which prohibits invasion of the right to counsel”

    They already erased the 1,000 year attorney-client privilege, don’t you remember? Back with Trump and Cohen. But that was going on for decades, probably ever. Armstrong had them taping all meeting rooms in Rikers and that was old hat and normal practice 20 years ago.

    Eat your heart out Stalin, you got nothin’ on us.

    “If we don’t look out, something MIGHT happen. We might lose our civil rights or something.”

    “Joe Biden will go down as the Herbert Hoover (US President in 1929-1933) of the modern age. We will have a great depression far bigger and more powerful than that of 1929.”

    Cheeto can’t be sitting there when it all goes down. He’s making the DNC take the blame for the Uniparty, and they’re signing up!

    “bankruptcy of the 16th largest bank in the US,”

    They’ve been saying this is a “Small bank”. Look out for “small banks.” Now Morgan etc have a TRILLION dollar balance sheet, but as 20th bank, SIVB is clearly not “small”. …So why are they using this language? That is, LYING?

    the interest rate hikes that Mr. Powell spoke of so confidently only days ago just got stashed”

    I wouldn’t bet on it, and Howard isn’t an economist. Powell goes .25% and still hikes. He keeps saying and saying and saying no pause, no end, but since Greenspan, no one believes him. In Congress they asked, “do you worry about the national debt, the spiraling interest payments, etc?” He said no. Because that’s literally his job. He only has two mandates: low inflation and high employment. That’s the law. Bank failures? I’m sorry is that unclear? He has TWO mandates: running Congressional budgets is not one of them, the stock market isn’t one of them, Europe isn’t one of them and for sure he told Leguard Global Warming and ESG isn’t one of them. Do I stutter?

    He also hasn’t broken the stock market frenzy. At all. SURELY he is not done.

    “the Fed Funds rate should have been 300bips or so beyond that all the way back to 2020 — which would put Fed Funds at about 13% for the last three years.”

    Powell remains a THOUSAND bips behind the curve.

    Ugo Bardi has no access to Mussolini or his internal psychology, doesn’t understand anything about magic, yet like “Putin Telepathy” he can immediately decree Bonito as “Not possessed.” I mean, maybe he wasn’t, sure. But even people who are CLAIMED to be possessed and exorcised were impossible to tell from normal at the beginning. He can confidently claim that possession – and I guess the entire spirit world – doesn’t exist? Has no effect? He has a lot more confidence in his beliefs than I do. The evil IS in us, but wouldn’t it just be as easy as whispering in his ear?

    He also misses the very basis of evil in saying they’re “Not evil” but a mere “banality.” Evil isn’t hate, necessarily, Evil is merely the Absence of Love. The lack of connection, that is, Empathy. As Hell is the absence and removal of God, God’s Love. That’s it. “The Banality of Hell”. So TRUE EVIL is??? Yes, the mere absence of love in one’s self, that is, our all-one-God-faith connection to others and All. Bureaucracy, mediocrity, AI, IS the hell and demons he seeks. As if watching it twice in the 20th century weren’t enough to demonstrate the “mere” lack of Love is adequate.

    If he doesn’t know what evil is, or Hell, or what the creatures are who live there called Demons, how can he know if Bonito was like them, ruled by them or not? First read a book.

    “House Dems Use Hearing to Attack Both Free Speech and a Free Press (Turley) “

    I’d say, “Good, they’re reduced to this now” but really I’m not at all sure this is the end. They still have supreme confidence and a lot of followers who, like Italy’s Jew-killing people, agree wholeheartedly with more murders. Especially for Covid. If you THOUGHT a naughty word, I can take your job. And Lo! A little bird just told me you thought it. I KNEW IT!!!

    From Jb’s comment on the banality of narcissists, they did this in the hearings. Was it Wasserman who harangued all her speaking time getting Taibbi to reveal his sources? Then IMMEDIATELY said, in the next SENTENCE, “No I didn’t”. Then the Chairman read her quote. Then she said she didn’t, that’s not what the word “is” is.

    Similarly the Congressman from NY said, “Joe Biden never suppressed speech” so the Chairman read a direct quote, day after inauguration, of Joe requesting Twitter censor thousands. He then said it didn’t happen. Opinions are not “Legal” speech in his definition, so it’s not censorship, it’s “What we do.” This was to a CONGRESSMAN. That is, Robert Kennedy, expressing his personal opinion that Hank Aaron died of coincidence. “Some animals are more equal than others”? No. Like Ugo says of Bonito, there is only ME. I am the only ego in the Universe, God himself, and the arbiter of all words, all flags, and all reality. When I want your opinion I’ll beat it out of you.

    Booing Michael Moore – himself a deep blue Liberal. Yes. Goes to show this didn’t “change in 10 years” like Taibbi says, they’ve “always” been this way. Like just since they caved in totally after Mondale? (Going for big business and obeying banks and war with Clinton?) No. Who got us in the Vietnam war? Who stayed? (and who got us out?) Who bombed all Serbia and set up a drug trafficking base on top of their oil pipeline? Who voted overwhelmingly for Iraq? Got us into WWII after promising not to? They’ve been pro-war since always. I can say maybe once upon a time against their own base, but no. Did their base, the Unions, colleges, etc, make any noise after all these votes? No. Not so long as they could blame somebody else who voted exactly the same way. How does that work exactly? “Some votes for war are More Badder than others.” “It’s not war when I vote it.” Most recently seen by AOC and Talib.

    Is SVB the Big One? No. I don’t feel it. However, this is going to do that, which does this, which causes the next… So “Yes” as well? Maybe consider it a process that takes TIME. This was added by Luongo, in his long fascinating with games. Does SOMEONE end up with all the money at the end of Monopoly? Yes. Does someone take the King in Chess? Yes. But aren’t we a long way from there and need to play all the moves and strategy BEFORE then? You can’t focus on the King with the 3rd pawn moved.

    What we’re going to have now is a ROTATION. They didn’t have enough power and control before but now they do. Only when they have enough power will they say “It’s okay for something to happen now.” But that “Thing” is going to be the world’s biggest mess. There will be this system, EU systems, CBDC systems, corporate currencies, commodities, commodity-backed systems, each flying all over the place, everything, everywhere, all at once. So will you make money in Bitcoin? Yes, it just rose 20%. But it’s also likely to drop 50%. Then recover and go $200,000. Oil at NEGATIVE $40? We had that before and it wasn’t even a crisis. Day after day, month after month. For maybe three years or more?

    More wars like this one? EU falls with the Fed last to collapse but no one notices because too much going on, 5 more systems all rising in the same geographic areas with 3 of those collapsing?

    A real pain in the Arse. No wins for anyone. It begins now? It already began before.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 13 2023 #131155
    Dr. D

    SVB’s All-woman Investment Committee, like Cathy Wood, lose more money than any of us have seen in our lives. Like I said, this nonsense is likely to set women back a generation – because they didn’t take the hard path of meritocracy. Makes me pretty cross. The other part? That it’s the WOMEN who signed up to a no-work, no-merit hire and THEY are the ones crippling other women who HAVE talent.

    “All these folks chanting “we must save the system!” are stuck in the old dilution/solution model. “

    If you make a bad thing like Roundup or Dioxin then Surprise! YOU have a bad thing like Roundup or Dioxin. Barrels and barrels of it! There is no “other place” to put it. Are you going to mail it to Mars? There is no “over there” we are All-One-God-Faith.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 13 2023 #131106
    Dr. D

    “Fight Brewing Between Congress & Biden On Labeling Wagner A Terrorist Organization — Biden’s reluctance is causing anger in Congress”

    If only Biden does just what a Trump would do, if he were puppeting him.

    FOIA Pelosi/Epps: Is that actually true? That’s amazingly careless and against how I think these things work. I can believe it.

    We must put an end to this and let the American people know [who] is in charge” – Pelosi

    Aaaaand there you have it in a nutshell. WHO is in charge in America? THE PEOPLE. The People are in charge, THEY run the government. Pelosi thinks the Government runs the PEOPLE. Completely backward #Oppositeland. And this is quite common and defines the two basic orientations here: “Democracy” or some form thereof, and “Authoritarianism”, or some form thereof. Do YOU run your life? Or do you take orders? Do you know what’s best for you? Or do you follow “experts” instead? And we can see widely Americans follow experts against very apparent contradictions and against their own interests.

    Once Pelosi decides this – or any government, or ALL governments eventually – the nation is cooked as it becomes the government AGAINST the People. “A House Divided” and all that. Once they have that orientation, then it logically follows that what THEY do is good, and it’s only right and just to take all your money, your land, your lives, for themselves. Like Holland.

    “The Public doesn’t fear us anymore and you’d better do something.” — AOC.

    Is that how it is? We do all actions only via fear and violence? That’s your Love and Caring cooperation of Stakeholders?

    And kicker: After the former quote, Pelosi then says the #Opposite: “This was a mostly peaceful protest.” Can we quote you in court, Nancy?

    “I don’t care why they were there.” –AOC. That is, in exercise of their 1st , Freedom of Speech, the 1st, Freedom of the Press, the 1st, to peacefully assemble, and the 1st, to petition the government without retaliation. You might have heard of “Why” they were there. In support of Federal Law.

    She says, “We can’t allow that.” That is, we can’t allow that 1st Amendment, Human Rights thingie. Ever.

    Again, extending, So…who IS allowed? Who DOES decide? — I – do. AOC. Pelosi. Anyone in power. Any way they like. Any time they like. …As we then see by holding everyone in solitary without trial for two years, which is ITSELF torture and a war crime. So We THOUGHT something, so we tortured you for two years without checking and basically forgot about you. THAT is who is in charge. Way worse than King Louis or Stalin.

    The people go “Hey, what are you doing?” They too are shut down using further illegal means. Attacking speech, destroying evidence. Etc.

    That’s how it is as soon as THEY are in charge and not The People. Then rules don’t apply to THEM as THEY make the rules. It’s a nobility where all men are NOT created equal. Nor do we have “equity” of outcome. Burning down a police station? Nothing. Being escorted by police? Four years.

    ““…pledge collateral at par, not at market value, thus giving banks credit for all those hundreds of billions in unrealized net losses, and allowing banks to “unlock liquidity” based on losses which the Fed and TSY now backstop!”

    Yes, the Fed can CAUSE the bank run – essentially, by raising rates – then bail out ANYBODY THEY WANT to. Any WAY they want to. Publicly OR secretly. Ex-pals in Sachs? Paulson can bail them. Ex-competitors in Bear and Lehman? We do NOT bail them. Okay, starting from there, how about SIVB?

    Harry and Meghan, attempting to get into power and establish the British monarchy in the U.S. Bail or no bail?

    Silicon Valley companies that are merged with the FBI/CIA aligned in Black Block against free speech? Bail or no bail?

    DNC interests which will essentially hand over all sovereignty to Davos in Europe, ending price discovery and commercial banking here. Bail or no bail?

    See what I mean? Yellen has already piped up about this. And despite what is said here, they aren’t “valued at par.” They merely lashed more trunks and flotsam together on a sinking ship. Greek bonds are also “Valued at par” in the ECB. How did that work out for them?

    Yes, it causes enormous stresses and transfers the risk of the “value at par” to the currency (Fed). Like Swiss peg to the Euro. Risk is never destroyed. In fact, it can only increase. “Risk” is the market’s name for “Truth.” What things really ARE. What they’re actually, tangibly worth. So the Fed, as we’ve seen since 2001, or 1994 to get Bill elected, grabs all things in the nation, one by one, and bails or attaches them to the currency.(Via Derivatives) Silver market stopped. Gold market stopped (this is Larry Summer’s paper on how if they break the gold market they can hide inflation). Then student loans, stopped. Housing stopped. Banking stopped. Then all markets stopped until they are so thoroughly broken Oil is priced at NEGATIVE $40.

    ...And yet they still keep going, as now. All risk is national risk. If anything breaks, everything breaks.

    Ackman: why is anyone keeping deposits NOT insured? That’s the height of recklessness. With SIVB, a CONDITION OF LOANS to Silicon Valley Bank was to back-keep all banking inside SIVB. Concentrated risk, which is the #Opposite of a CFO. I’m sure there is a kickback/fraud/quid pro quo here somewhere as SIVB can avoid certain things (accounting fraud) by demanding this. But then payroll can’t keep their money safe.

    Normal payroll and savings is kept in Treasuries of some sort, or money market, as that is the most liquid, yet not a bank and also pays interest. So why wasn’t that happening? A: Because above, no free markets anywhere, no market pricing, therefore no time-earned interest on savings. Ironically, at this point they MIGHT get a little interest somewhere now that Powell has raised, but a lot of people seem not to have moved yet. That is, Powell is FIXING it, by RE-introducing risk and costs.

    Anyway, WHY are billions uninsured? The Fed and government. They broke all the markets and this is but one of dozens of bad consequences of it.

    Housing is also 4x income, no buyers, and the price won’t come down. Millennials have already, and never will, ever own a house. They’re 36. When did you think they would START building equity? …You know, that’s critical to retirement without living in a box? Or family formation? A: I don’t care, sucks to be you. I kill my kids any TIME I can, any WHERE I can, so long as it advantages ME. This is NOT a “Social Contract” that’s good for the long-term survival of a nation.

    “I think, hatred of all things particularly Putin, and also communism per se.”

    Hatred from where? Did Russia invade America some time? WHY?

    Passing that, “What Putin?” Putin isn’t “Russia”, he’s just an elected leader like Liz Truss. So…wha??? Why did you do that? On purpose? And Communism??? Hold the phone, W. T. F. ??? are you saying? Russia hasn’t been communist in a LIFETIME. Is that WHY you’re mad at them, for NOT being Communist, NOT being the USSR, while going on camera pretending they ARE?

    …We’ve discussed all this before.

    “The fact that the U.S. government officials leaked this intelligence to the New York Times at this particular moment.”

    I was thinking the other way: why did the U.S. Government leak it to HERSH at this time? (Start the ball for Biden’s removal)

    “all have high degrees of, plenty of intelligence. It’s just what they’re so driven by, I think, hatred of all things

    Perfect. Got it. Lots of degrees, but they only use their brains to scheme and their hearts to hate.

    Ukraine, Inc. He may be the puppet, but by those hands the master is Mickey Mouse over at DisneyCorp.

    ““Wagner” began storming the underground part of the “Bakhmut Azovstal”

    Huh. But all those underground bases are a conspiracy theory and a myth!

    Except in the Congress safehouse video above, and every factory in Ukraine, below. Plus things happening at Cheyenne Mountain. Plus the Nevada Test Rage. And all the Minuteman sites. But other than that, there aren’t any.

    “had marshaled overwhelming evidence to conclude Maidan protesters were killed by pro-coup snipers. The massacre by snipers of anti-government activists and police officers in Kiev’s Maidan Square in late February 2014 was a defining moment in the US-orchestrated overthrow”

    The Serbian Snipers were on Italian TV talking about it in 2015. What clued you in? A: Actual evidence isn’t unless it’s an Appeal to Authority. Only then is it real. So…how do you become an “authority”? Via another Authority. That is, it’s status quo all the way down…

    We have the Documents”

    Great! Just like Schiff. Are you ever going to ACT on them? Because knowing and not acting is way worse than just denying it like before.

    “then [I] realized that Garcia and Plaskett legitimately didn’t even know the basics of the civil liberties”

    Yes: it’s ALL FOR ME. That’s the only law I know or that matters. What I Want. That is to say POWER is my only rule and lode-star.

    “It was completely opposite to what the party was even ten years ago, when expression rights were an issue they wanted”

    Clearly that cannot be true. “Science progresses one funeral at a time.” That is, people don’t change their spots and they have to die before changing, making room for new people. So if they and the whole party can change in 10 years – practically overnight – they never meant it in the first place.

    This is like the American “Let’s stay out of foreign wars” party of George Bush, except that everybody already knew that was a lie when they said it. Like, ever, back into the 80s to the 50s. The difference here is some pinhead ACTUALLY BELIEVED the Democrats, once upon a time, and probably like most, right up through Obama opening slave markets and laughing on TV. So the only difference is Taibbi was once dumb enough to believe them. As were most reporters being 99% from the Left, which is why not having a diversity of thought is bad.

    Vitamin D: That’s why we must lock them inside under threat of arrest for their own good. Especially the kids. The closet or the trunk for their own good, which has happened.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 12 2023 #131052
    Dr. D

    “City Of Newark Humiliated In ‘Sister City’ Scam — Mayor signs treaty with nonexistent nation created by a fugitive”

    This is what happens when you graduate with zero competency for 20 years….

    “Proud Boys J6 Sedition Trial Halted After Leaked Chat Logs Show FBI Agent Said Her Boss Ordered Her To “Destroy Evidence”

    Yes, but just because it was the “FBI” and a day ending in “Day”. Hey wait! Isn’t it against the law to railroad White people? There are no white people in jail in America, how can this be???

    Wow with Trump. Herr Docktor says, Bim! Bam! Exactly what I was saying. What is J6 speech Twitter was desperate not to get out? The the President called for peace and ordered everyone home? What else? That “I know”, he says. That “We can’t play into their hands” and have violence…or a Civil War.

    That “We Own Ukraine” and we’re going to “Sell it” to Russia. …What’s the deal that was made, sir? Made between you two in 2019? What did WE get FROM Russia? I mean, first we deliver it, right? Then they help us get rid of our united enemy and hold the fort while our Good Guys are not officially in power?

    Biden: demonstrating the coup by like 20 guys in D.C. No public support. But do keep in mind they “Asked” no one to come, and put up all those “crosses” of some sort of covid representation art project, remember? And this could also be what they pulled on Trump, to show footage of hours and hours before the actual event. But even if exaggerated, it’s in essence correct. And the greatest Psy-Op in the history of the planet. Even including Covid, which we’ve argued much more about.

    TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in wars across West Asia. …One move leads it to waste.”

    That’s what happens when nobody wants what you’re selling. You’ve just moved too far from reality and self-interest. Even Bernays said so, as above. This is the end of most empires, and because they’re based on lies, they don’t realize it. They always use what works until they atrophy and over-use it.

    …Now, they realize it’s a LIE, and they’re going along – so easy prison time since they knew and helped evil for profit. BUT: they smoke themselves. Because it’s all lie, going back generations, enshrined in Yale, Harvard, NYT, they think they know HOW MUCH of a lie it is: that they’re so smart they have the accurate sense of what’s on the ground and really happening, and they alone are clear while everyone else is fooled, a rube. That NASCAR is the dumb one, not them. But they’re deceived by their own deception, every time. You can’t live in two minds at once. They think they’re on the pulse but the reality is 2-3x thinner than what they THINK is going on in their air-tight fart towers in Yale and RAND.

    Then you end up a year later, STILL don’t realize you’re losing, even though your headline speaker Kissinger told you so, and you’re making an idiot of yourself suing for last YEAR’S peace deal – you’re twelve months behind the curve, behind the facts. YOU’RE THE LAST TO KNOW. You’re the guy NOT in the room where it happens. Like Saudi-Iran. History is now happening TO you, while, “THEY are an Empire now, and THEY make reality.”

    …So head-jammed up the bunghole of their own lies they STILL haven’t realized.

    …Which as Putin-Trump axis this morning points out, is exactly where we want them to be. They lose, nationalism wins. No US$ dominance, no $$$, no army, no way to march around the planet making trouble even if we wanted to. That is: The End. No option of doing wrong. Yet the U.S. also doesn’t fall internally, it just needs to fix near-everything back home with all the money they saved and it’ll take a while.

    “Russia Should Lose, But Not ‘Too Badly’ – US Congressman (RT) “
    Like this.

    Lying to themselves, like this:
    Ukraine Is Lying About Casualty Ratios To Justify Holding Of Bakhmut (MoA)

    “Ukraine is endorsing a “dangerous claim” that its neighbor is a direct descendant of Kievan Rus.”

    Can’t you see how hard I’m signaling? Now why aren’t you obeying my signals? This just happened in Bakhmut: there’s a statue to the MIG there, and they were taking tour of duty photos in front of it. As Russia takes the area, Ukraine wastes priceless men, artillery, and time, to go back and blow up A STATUE. Not a soldier, a tank or something, A STATUE. Like Antifa soy-boys taking out Frederick Douglass’s favorite statue of Lincoln. Boy, we sure showed them! Our signaling is really going to annoy the teeth off them…as they roll over our whole front line because they are not interested in signals, territory, or anything else besides destroying every man in the whole Ukrainian Forces, one by one. What kind of war is that? Don’t you know you shoot people ONLINE?

    Speaking of – now with Twitter Hearings, exposes, DOCTOR Martenson (Peak Prosperity) is allowed to say certain things online again. Like maybe it came from a lab? Maybe vaccines allow 100% transmission and they — Birx — knew it? But there’s still one thing he can’t say, and it has to do with a country in East Europe that begins with the letter “U”. That is still perfectly censored but Twitter and everyone, so it must be very, very important to someone. Verboten, even.

    Wait, getting people “killed” with “misinformation” as a DOCTOR is safe and okay, but speaking of you know, soldiers shooting other soldiers in news is NOT allowed to be reported or to have opinions on. Even as we lose $150B…and give the nation we bought to Russia. Some animals are more equal than others. Kids starving in Blackpool? Know your place! We need these canned goods on the shelves of Kiev by morning.

    “Russia fires between 40,000 and 50,000 artillery shells per day,”

    And Europe makes 40,000 shells a YEAR. The U.S. still only makes 40,000 a MONTH, after an expensive panic-increase in production.

    Think about it though: It’s not like making bottle caps. You have to railroad in HIGH EXPLOSIVES. And metalworks. And high-security perimeter in the factory. So.. you have a new crew: what happens when a shell gets jammed in the power press? That’s right: YOU EVACUATE THE PREMISES and call the BOMB squad, every time. How you feel about opening one of those factories? As an investor? How about in your neighborhood? How about next to your railroad? It’s no joke.

    “Poland Builds Europe’s Largest Land Force (Az.)

    You are joking, right? They, We, NATO, just DID build Europe’s largest land force: it was called “Ukraine” and Russia knocked it out in seven days. 2,000 tanks? Poof.

    And I’m totally sure Poland can afford it and the people won’t get mad or nothin’ while they can’t get coal.

    “Biden ordered the Pentagon to transfer “precision aerial munitions” to Kiev in December.”

    Thus when they arrive and are fully on site, Russia blows them all up, plus everyone in NATO, in their “Secret” NATO treehouse base in W. Ukr. “Send all you want: they all burn the same to us” – Lavrov.

    “Set them all free, except for those few caught on tape destroying property and/or attacking people.”

    This sounds a bit crazy, but seriously: if they can demonstrate the State intentionally tampered, hid evidence, which seems a no-brainer, then they let them go EVEN IF THEY’RE GUILTY. Not kidding, this was the norm for decades, as a warning to other lying prosecutors trying to make a career. Human Rights are that important, eclipse the current issues even for murder, which this totally isn’t. In this case, we don’t even have that, since they have 2+ years time served. They should counter-sue for damages like $100k/year.

    Or you could buy them each a Killdozer, let them drive around.

    “More than $250 billion in Covid-19 relief funds were lost to “fraud” and “waste,”

    Well heck, half the SNAP funds are lost to “Waste” every year since 1960, so that’s nothing. The other part was it went OVERSEAS, to Nigerian Princes not even living here. Now THAT is new level of scandal.

    Bankman Fried all over again.
    • Silicon Valley Bank Employees Made Large Donations to Biden, Dems (GP)

    Knocking out DNC illegal funding, Part III. Ukraine, FTX, now this.

    ““I do think Dr. Fauci and the CDC changed the definition of gain-of-function research, so that Fauci has, like, this wiggle room, but they were juicing up this virus..”

    This isn’t “Gain of Function” it just “Gains the Function” of deadly viruses that never existed before and never would. That’s not bioweapons engineering when you create deadly diseases that can widely spread.

    Attack the Language. It’s a Leftist certainty. I hadn’t really understood this before, but it’s because their orientation is always to ATTACK REALITY ITSELF. “Reality” is their enemy; they hate WHAT IS. It would, should be different, better, it should change to suit ME.

    Speaking of, the Dutch Farm thing goes on, Raul should keep it posting, ‘cause it’s badddd. They are going to ERASE FARMERS who have lived there for 500 YEARS. They not only have to move to get his new pavement and condos in, they have to SIGN TO NEVER FARM AGAIN. So what are they going to do with the farm?

    THEY ARE GOING TO RE-FOREST HOLLAND. No kidding. Kill all the people, plant trees. First part of having that great Hunting Lodge I’m always talking about.

    There haven’t been forests there since the Middle Ages. They are literally “Going Medieval” on people, for Green.

    This is the Left, Socialists. ALWAYS ATTACK THE FOOD. Kill everyone widely. Make them so desperate that for their very survival they MUST obey and cooperate with the state to get a single bowl of gruel. Every where. Every time. They say “It’s an accident”; The world’s most consistent, predictable, reliable accident. Pol Pot, right back to Robespierre. CONTROL THE FOOD. KILL ALL THE THINGS.

    They “say” that they are “re-distributing” the farms to the “right people” like in Zimbabwe. Putting the “Smart People” in charge like Trofim Lysenko who’ve never lifted a shovel in their lives. Lo! And food goes down when we install people who are Loyal but have no idea what they’re doing! Who Knew???? (After the 53rd time in a row?)

    Top of Wikipedia: “The Holodomor, also known as the Terror-Famine” Terror. As in, war. Intentional. Control.

    THIS IS HOLLAND. THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL YOU. All Europe, bring you to heel. And Canada too. You are not ALLOWED to grow and eat food, EVEN IF YOU OWN THE LAND. Even if you can afford the bankrupting taxes. So listen up you hipster dummies in Williamsberg and Toronto: YOU are the ones who are going hungry and DYING, so pitch in the barracades with the Dutch Farmers now while you still can. Join the Resistance! (Nope.)

    They won’t. But that only shows the Third Horseman is loose and roaming widely: Famine. ON PURPOSE. No reason whatsoever at all.

    Will you knock it off now or do you need to die first? A: They won’t.

    E120 and E904. You will Eeeeet ze bugz!!! …For no reason at all. Sheer power and love of murder.

    Hey for fun, let’s get some there quotes of what they want for ya:


    Evidence of widespread cannibalism was documented during the Holodomor:[56][57]
    Survival was a moral as well as a physical struggle. A woman doctor wrote to a friend in June 1933 that she had not yet become a cannibal, but was “not sure that I shall not be one by the time my letter reaches you.” The good people died first. Those who refused to steal or to prostitute themselves died. Those who gave food to others died. Those who refused to eat corpses died. Those who refused to kill their fellow man died. Parents who resisted cannibalism died before their children did.[58]

    The Soviet regime printed posters declaring: “To eat your own children is a barbarian act.”[59] More than 2,500 people were convicted of cannibalism during the Holodomor.” –Wikipedia.

    “…Scholars universally agree that the cause of the famine was man-made,”

    No? They’ll kill every man in a country of 25M, erase it’s people sell off and re-distribute their women for themselves, end farming, shoot French women in the face, but NOT do anything naughty to YOU?

    Uh-huh. You go with that. I’m sure you’re totally part of The Club and none of the other Clubmembers would push you down the stairs.

    in reply to: India Takes A Leading Role In De-Dollarization #130989
    Dr. D

    “US Treasury Secretary [The forgettable Ms. Yellen] actually said that India can buy discounted oil from Russia as much as it wants so long as western tankers and insurance companies are not used.”

    “You can buy as much as you want only if we can find no way to punish you.” Thanks! I’m glad all’s forgiven. Like Africa (?) and Macron the other day, um “We don’t need your permission? Stop being as condescending as Biden’s Press Secretary, we’re better than you and you’re not my daddy?” Piss off.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand London Insurance and Shipping is now dying the slow death whereas it was just pleasantly raking billions a year in good money for doing f-all before. Brilliant!

    Armstrong is right: the West is gone, now ceded their financial focus to places that do things, like Singapore. I would be caught dead dealing with London and I speak English.

    Please go faster. Never stop.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 11 2023 #130967
    Dr. D

    Reviewing yesterday:

    The CTH theory is correct. I didn’t know people didn’t know it, although I myself didn’t know the details to this level. What is “it” for TAE readers?

    The DNC/Derp State didn’t give a rip about how fake the election was. Because they were never going to allow a legal review. The faker the better. Remember Joe didn’t run, was locked in a closet all year and couldn’t fill a Starbucks? No problem. They had pre-arranged a disruption in the Capital on the day of confirmation of the electors, so that if anyone raised objections – and they would – Congress would evacuate due to “Trump Insurrectionists”.

    Here are the details though: As 100% of all the evil weasels are lawyers, they think like lawyers. So like “having immunity for vaccine injury” they have the FIRST person present and floor standard, boring legal objections to certification, and THAT MINUTE evacuate the whole CITY, declaring an emergency.

    Then when they reconvene (in Congressional terms a few minutes later) not only is everyone remote, locked down, whose cameras can be pulled, but have an armed Pelosi policeman standing next to them and their family “for their protection.” BUT, the “reconvening” session is under direct authority of Pelosi and follows none of the normal Congressional rules, as it’s a “National Emergency”, run by her personally — sort of a “continuity of govt lite” — and no one tables the election objections.

    So the States’, the Representatives’ objections are both tabled, and not tabled. They are both presented, and not presented. So when they go back to the Supreme Court, they can say BOTH “we had no objections” and “we dealt with all the objections.”

    So it is certified, no one stops them, slick as a pig.

    Great! So what’s the problem?

    One: THERE WAS NO EMERGENCY. The bomb never went off, remember? What else? TRUMP WAS MILES AWAY AND STALLED HIS SPEECH BY HALF AN HOUR. By Tooooootal coincidence. Therefore, none of Trump’s people were anywhere near the Capitol yet. What does he say? “When we get over there, it’s a-gonna get wild.”

    But they’re not stupid and never count on others to act. That’s why they needed to hire Shaman-man and escort him through the quiet and orderly building. His appearance can’t be missed in the confusion, and they pull him in whenever that “one minute” of the State’s objections occurs along with his buddies: Mr. Communist hand-tattoo and an entire press corps who WATCHED Shaman be escorted by police and said nothing to the public about it for two years.

    Poof! Mr. Shaman’s fancy dress – like dressin’ up like Injins on the Boston Tea Party – scares the pearl-clutching right off Congress and they evacuate. He stops them from taking that extra muffin in the break room, and. They get the camera shots that – yes, in fact the Congressional floor was evacuated – everyone politely puts down the papers and goes to Applebee’s for dinner. …You know, like terrorists and insurrectionists do.

    Great! Okay, where are we? Oh yes, summed up in this comment on the comment:

    An Interesting Comment From Over At Conservative Treehouse

    Anonymous Conservative Commenter says “If this theory is correct, it again implies our side is so incompetent, weak-willed, cowardly and ineffective that they just took it like a bitch and allowed it to happen. The entire threat was gammas playing word magic and saying “uhm actually I made a new rule that says I win, you lose, so you lose Trump lololololol” and literally NO ONE said “f–k the rules, we’re examining the fraud despite your crying.”

    Uh, yeah. If I were the Supreme Court, I’d laugh this stupid attempt right out of the country. Look, if the motion to review the vote was EVER tabled, it’s still tabled and wasn’t dealt with. If it was never ALLOWED to be tabled, you are ALSO in clear violation. Bye-bye.

    Now that’s easy to SAY, as I remind all the time, it’s not WINNING that’s the problem: it’s not starting an open Civil War that kills 30 million people in 3 months. Having a complex legal tangle when some minority of the people – even 20% — actually believe it doesn’t get us clear of a shooting war.

    And Pelosi’s plan – and Trump’s actions – made her think there would be hot synergy as he commanded the Generals to take and occupy D.C. and its fencing. She still thought so months later. That would have merged nicely with this plan would it not? But that would start their true heart’s desire: an open shooting war, and what next? No Russia problem, no Europe problem, and selling the West Coast to China. It “secedes” as Podesta said, like the last Civil War they tried – and actually the first, the “Revolution” — and states alone are easy pickings.

    But none of that happened, did it? Trump knew, no bomb, no Trump crowd, no generals gave orders, heck as we mock them all day here, no “insurrection” at all. Not even an IN-plausible one.

    Great! Next problem: so how do you get back on track? With the objections?

    Brunson’s Case the Supreme Court was so interested in. This may be why they ignored all others and are hot-line to some rando-citizens on this one. A “Normal” objection wouldn’t work as Derp would play the “Schrodinger’s Objection” card. Brunson ignores that. However, the court may see some detail they are trying to get Brunson to add that they haven’t added yet. Or not. It’s an odd thing. But it DOES get around the whole problem, right?

    Derp hammered their stake in the ground on this ONE location. Brunson just says “People who are slimeball weasels who refuse to uphold the Constitution are in breach of office and must be removed.” We can prove objections existed, weren’t followed, and poof! 200 Congressmen walked out by the bailiff.

    But back to the shooting war: Unless we can seed the ground that the J6 was a load of hot hooey, the common person won’t go along with it. Even with Trump it seems giving Joe his marching orders since it’s hard to see how Joe does anything I wouldn’t have him do. Get 25% unemployment and 15% inflation? Abandon F-Stan? Lose Saudi? Bail out of the Ukraine war? Trip on stairs? Set off Chernobyl and give $150B to foreigners? I can’t see how he could be made to look stupider or less supportable, YMMV.

    So now even the Left won’t support Joe, another 2 years for the common Democrat to notice he’s hostile to Unions, environment, and life itself. (probably not long enough. Nothing can break the hypnosis of the laptop class)

    Now when Tucker slowly demonstrates J6 – AAAAAND Fauci’s Vax – what happens when USSC says “Joe and Nancy suck, remove them”?

    Well the Derp State is still there with 100,000 protesters on command like Tsibli, but hopefully nothing. That’s why it takes this long.

    The last war took between 8 and 20 years. From Otis or Philadelphia to Yorktown. Most of that war was no fighting but Washington simply “not losing”. Same here.

    Today’s news? “Defendant Moves To Dismiss Jan. 6 Case Based On Newly Disclosed Footage, FBI Testimony
    “It establishes that the Senate chamber was never violently breached, and—in fact—was treated respectfully by January 6 protestors…”

    Now you can see why that’s a problem. And you can see why J6 committee spent two years fabricating the opposite reality. If judges start dismissing common trespass cases of guys being escorted by policemen (paid male escorts) then it’s ever-harder to support the rest of it when it hits USSC.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 11 2023 #130966
    Dr. D

    Too much going on, faster and faster. Much is the same-old. It’s like some prank song where you keep adding parts until the song descends into chaos.

    At the moment, that’s long-term rolling over action.

    What’re the odds when the Yield curve is the most inverted ever and price/earnings/sales and every other metric are at highs never seen?


    “GOP Presidential Field Rallies Around One Idea: Declare Drug Cartels Terrorists”

    Great Idea! Since we’ve lost the War on Terror™ everywhere it’s been tried, now we can lose to Mexico as well! It will be the Capstone, the Apex of GOP thinking. Remember kids: “We Win Things By Naming Them.” No bullets supplied.

    Article: “Is Georgia Being Slated for Regime Change?”

    A: Is Georgia a nation on planet earth? Then yes. No need to thank to Lindsay Graham and the boyz, helping all nations to a fiery, violent end is really its own reward.

    Banking Rout Rattles Global Markets (RT) “

    SIVB? That’s funny; where did FTX go? And Evergrande? So they have zero effect but a third rate State bank does?

    Noting elsewhere: the Fed hikes until something breaks. Every time. Either Europe or Yellen (same people) need it to be America that cracks, not Europe. Uh-huh. Well Powell has all the money he needs, and he has all the leverage he needs, and the U.S. banks are in the strongest position. — Shocking, I know. But they didn’t spend 14 years since 08 laundering and scrubbing their balance sheet for nothing.

    Okay, let me put it another way: Powell can allow such a fail because over here it can be controlled and endured.

    How about a third? The market still doesn’t believe Powell in the slightest. Dow 30k, no forward on rate predictions, market project no recession ever. The Fed has only two tools: free money, and Blarney. If Blarney has zero effect, Powell must get it to be respected again or the Fed ceases to exist, no longer has power. Apparently that’s going to take more than this!

    Silicon Valley Laptop class will get laid off, stop harassing the rest of us, and have to do real work? Um, Yay?? However will America survive if we have to fix roads and bridges, plant crops instead of clicking a new TikTok add-on? Instead of playing Candy Crush at work?

    “A competent intelligence service would have prepared a detailed story that was plausible and contained enough details to create doubt in the minds of those who accepted Sy’s account.”

    They released exactly the story that Trump would have, if he was running a talking Joe Biden puppet, hanging around taking blame. How? I mean once or twice, sure, but every day?

    China: “They must immediately withdraw from their unprovoked war and illegal occupation of 1/3 of…Syria.” It’s not illegal when we do it! We put “Black Lives Matter” stickers on those cluster bombs, so those kids are not really dead!

    ““The pontiff has repeatedly said that his visit to Kiev, on which the Ukrainian authorities have been insisting, is only possible if he is also able to make a trip to Moscow.”

    They’re not Catholic, they’re Orthodox, so who cares what the Pope says or does? Nobody else in the world either. And the guy we have isn’t even a Pope. Are they also going to invite a Shinto Priest and a South American Shaman? They have as much relevance. What is it with people and Popes? Can they never give up their “Appeal to Authority”?

    “Ukraine blew up a systemically-important asset of a leading country that supports Ukraine?”

    Yes, that’s exactly their argument. Why bother speaking? Facts only confuse me.

    Georgia: We found one nation on the face of the earth that doesn’t want to commit suicide!!! Naturally a world-wide death cult can’t have that. “You must, MUST be bombed into oblivion and cease to exist like your 100x larger neighbor, Ukraine. That’s just common sense. Now chop-chop you brown coolies and get into those ovens! Hunter’s got coke deals to fund.” Love and Diversity.

    Borrell: EU to Increase Financial & Military Support to Ukraine (Az.) “

    Uh-huh. How? And to UKRAINE? Not so France and Germany can back-fill what it at this point a TOTAL lack of army and COMPLETE exposure? The Faroe Islands could conquer Germany right now.

    “In 1993, when she was 40 and teaching at La Providence Jesuit high school in Amiens, she met Emmanuel Macron – who was 15 at the time, and a classmate of her daughter Laurence.”

    They have to do a transgender thing because THIS IS NO LONGER AT ALL DISTURBING FOR THE WEST.

    Nor here either. Hardly a year goes by that some teacher or another in the area resigns without any charges or scandal to marry some student or other they’ve been sleeping with. “You Can’t Judge Me!!” (Or fire you for rape, apparently) “Home of the Free!!!”

    I presume all the other teachers and administrators are just jealous, or just don’t want to marry the children they’re sleeping with. Who would? Now I have to marry Sister Margaret, my Chemistry teacher? Brrrrrr. But all the other kids were doing it, so…

    …Anyway, this is the state of morality around here. The Church was jsut shuffling priests to new districts and keeping it quiet? Yeah, SO ARE THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. But it’s okay because that’s government. “Nobody knew nothin’.”

    Just following here: On the 22’s. Example: 9/22 British bank run and reversal, 2/22 Bakhmut push and overrun. What’s 3/22 going to be?

    “an atmospheric river moves inland, pounding Northern and Central California with a series of moisture-packed storms. According to the National Weather Service, the mountains will experience “copious amounts of heavy snow,” while the lower elevations will experience “significant rainfall.” 

    Darn that 1,000 year drought! Flooding us AGAIN??? When will this drought ever end?

    Didn’t we just have this in Australia too? 1,000 year drought where the rivers flooded so completely that crocodiles were in the streets? When will people finally believe Global Warming Scientists? Do we have to wait until fish are swimming in the bath?

    Thanks to Science™ which is never paid by nobody of course, all these “record rain” “record snow” areas are ALSO still listed as “Emergency drought” locations. Rain = Drought.

    Darn Science deniers. I just can’t understand why nobody takes The Mister Science seriously anymore.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 10 2023 #130932
    Dr. D

    Don’t have time to apply, but initial sense of Christianity was the old, former dichotomy between Christianity, or religion in general, and Science.

    Once you take that position, you’re certain to lose, but since it never made any sense, why make it? Just because they run the whole machine by synthesizing, buying in a false polarization and dichotomy? The one that allows the motion? Like a ship, if things are stable, they can’t be steered. You need motion to change directions. Since humans would naturally be quite stable, only wanting good food and family, you have to stir them up and make problems on purpose.

    Then you BUY the one side, the side you’re going TO. And you SELL the other side, the side you’re arsoning and coming FROM. They could care less who is who.

    So if I were them, I’d spend a billion dollars shafting some preachers and enshrining true fundamentalists. What? You mean just like they just did??? In 10 countries starting with the Arab Spring? Must be a coincidence, even as we know these guys gave billions to certain preachers — which goes a long way. And they just spend a TRILLION on Covid, Antifa, and other dead-loss attempts right now. They don’t call it “Get Woke, Go Broke” for nothin’. Look at Star Wars alone is a $100B enterprise they sank. ESG blows another hundred billion$$$. So you’re saying we just invented this in 2002 and nobody did it for Billy Graham and pushed him while sinking some other guy? Osho, maybe?

    Make the false dichotomy. It’s PRICELESS. Because you can make the trade that delivers you whole NATIONS. Like now!

    Anyway, I think with Christianity effectively dead, and Science deadly discredited, they will merge in the face of larger problems.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 10 2023 #130916
    Dr. D

    Redfield was shut out of the CDC? Um, How? Being director means nothing? How can no one get fired? Is firing still a thing? You know if I lock my boss out of Taco Bell, I get fired. So firing and consequences only exist below a certain income? What if I kill a million people? As line clerk, I get in trouble, but as CEO I don’t?

    “Peace talks are dangerous.”

    That’s why they had to knock out Matt Gaetz. He’s not rabidly, veins-in-the-teeth pro-war like AOC is. Along with all the Far-Right extremists like Russell Brand and Jimmy Dore, led by their henchman, Noam Chomsky. Anti-war White supremacists like Candice Owens must be stopped.

    “Do they make up the details as they go along?”

    They actually don’t care. Like Georgia protesting FOR foreign influence, and NordStream II, since everyone accepts it, why bother? Make stuff up and the opposite tomorrow. Or reverse in the same paragraph. You can literally tell them anything — and have –. You can see why their utter contempt for common man is justified.

    “the New York Times reported, citing US officials, that a “pro-Ukrainian group” that acted without the knowledge”

    One, “I asked the murderer, and he said he didn’t do it!” Case Closed. Two, “I guess we’re going to investigate and cancel CIA funding for the greatest intelligence failure in 20 years.” No? They get MORE money with every failure? I want their job.

    ““The UN Secretariat which Moscow has asked to conduct an unbiased probe into the incident has been “absolutely passive and aloof,”

    This might go over well in your air-tight fart-bubble, but not with the other 7 billion people.

    Russia/Lavrov immediately identifies that they fabricated this preposterous NYT/Coordinated Media blitz because Germany is leaving The Plan.

    US To Discourage Africa from Doing Business With Russia – Official (RT) “

    Great, great. …How? Exactly? By encouraging them not to eat? You know, food?

    “Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s bid to appear virtually at the Academy Awards has been rejected for the second year in a row,”

    What a coincidence, Mine too!!! It’s almost like I’m a nobody who has nothing to do with movies and has no business wasting time there. …We’re practically blood brothers now.

    “Nuland provoked over the years with NATO expansion — has led to heightened sex trafficking and increased gender violence.”

    And open slave markets! We love women so long as they know their place: being traded like cattle to be used for sex and sweatshop work by men. That’s true love, caring, and Progressivism. Votes every time! Vote blue no matter who!

    “The fact that Nuland was given a diplomatic job in the Biden administration in the first place never ceases to amaze because her record reads like a war criminal”

    Yes. Anyone want to look into how that happens? Or it is all just a big coincidence?

    “Bare chested and wearing an animal headdress, horns and red-white-and-blue face paint, Jake Angeli Chansley” …Is listed as an actor. And is also a listed Climate Change activist. Very Republican of him, MAGA almost. We know Hollywood is a hotbed of the far-right. Environmentalists are invariably MAGA.

    “While it is understandable that many would object to Carlson being given an exclusive in the initial release,”

    I can’t believe this still gets traction. You know why Ticker got the story? NOBODY ELSE ASKED.

    Matt Taibbi Releases Twitter File Review #18 (CTH) “

    Yeah! And who is this “Bari Weiss” person, a chief editor at WSJ and the NY Times?

    “”Twitter was basically an FBI subsidiary”

    ….Aaaaaaand arrests for 100 million counts of violation of our civil rights comes when? I mean, it’s only Law #1. Maybe you haven’t read that far in the Federal Register yet.

    “Fox: funding the Wuhan Lab in China”.

    …Against the express wishes of Congress, recently passed, a clear end-run around felony law. So if I open a biolab in Denver, Congress will say “Meh. What can ya dooo?” Suuure they will. Every time we break the law on Weapons of Mass Destruction with Ties to Al Qaeda and the CCP, we go easy on them.

    Fox: They “Flanked Trump”? Trump was right there. What was he doing? What did he know? So the buck no stop no more?

    “Another Atmospheric River to Pound Central California “

    What? No drought? Models wrong again??? I’m so sad!

    Never fear: when it’s wet, we’ll say that’s our model too!!! Yes! Wet, Dry, and in-between, I predicted all three! That’s PROOF!

    Anyone got the input flow for Lake Mead? Is it going to get that far West?

    “‘A nice sign’: Big Rockies snowpack may boost Lake Mead”
    “It’s not even March yet, but the mountains that feed the Colorado River already have seen more snow this winter than they normally would through an entire snow season.”

    What? Oh no! This must be stopped! If there’s plenty of food, water, and oil, how am I going to get you to kill 5 billion of your countrymen? No one’s dumb enough to fall for that? Right?


    Headed for record, Oroville. Maybe all that global warming drought will overflow the dam again this year, too. Nothing like salmon swimming on the Sacramento Capital steps to say “This is a real 1,000 year drought.”

    Luongo has similar words for Peak Oil and Davos, but:

    “The Davos solution to their problems of overpromising the deliverables of socialism financed through the dollar is to default on those promises through global monetary inflation using war with Russia and China as the cover and Climate Change as the reason why it’s necessary.”

    The War for the Dollar is Over Part II: The Fly or the Windshield?

    Actually the thing is pretty good, not economic, more philosophical.

    Here was a quote everybody else is noticing lately:
    “When someone makes specific claims, and the responses are not specific, the response is not a response. It’s chaff, and it’s meant to cloud the air.”

    …Or tells you not to watch the raw video.

    All-American: Eating for $35/week from Dollar Tree: https://youtu.be/x_CYnqX-8yA No great shakes but eat your heart out Germany and England. Unf food is not the expense here: it doesn’t take up enough of the monthly budget and wouldn’t make a difference even if cut to zero. Those expenses are all monopolies: Student Loans, Internet, Phone, Insurance, Car Payment, and BlackRock’s rent. This is by design.

    Christianity and Hippies yesterday. It seemed Christianity was not up to the task. This appears to have been bourne out as true. So what happens now? It’s not like either Science nor Christianity is wrong.

    in reply to: Georgia Is Targeted For Regime Change #130899
    Dr. D

    It was widely advertised that Nuland’s cookies had amphetamines in them. …Never doubt the CIA to cook up a drug cocktail that gets people moving and comin’ back. That’s why they love showing the videos and find it so funny and uplifting to have you watch. Sure superiority.

    Drugs did the whole thing, and you watched it on camera and still were totally fooled! Hahahaha! Are you stupid or what?” …Well drugs and $6 Billion dollars, which the people ALSO heard and forgot. “Ukrainian Democracy!” Brought to you by $6B, an open admitted coup, and outlawing all discussion and jailing all other parties. I could show them handing out cookies all day.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 9 2023 #130879
    Dr. D

    Good to know. No Zinn isn’t likely to be read by public schools…directly. Like the NY Times, These guys set the tone for the next level up. Similar to CRT, which they say “Heavens no! We don’t teach anything like that! We just teach all the exact same principles without that name!” The don’t even KNOW that’s what they’re teaching. They just teach what’s new and cool…according to the media, TikTok, MSNBC, and other sources. Gosh, actually doesn’t that show how stupid, ignorant and uncurious they are in a nutshell? That they themselves, don’t know, don’t ask, don’t care?

    The school description is similar to what I’m saying, adding pointless trouble, wastes of time, points of failure that can all be avoided if we just go back to what we know last worked? Do I have to buy them a banana-smelling blue ditto machine, or should I get some chalk and horn boards? Maybe then someone would be literate for a change. Certainly the computer and phone prevents my work almost every day for some update or another.

    ACT mandated: sure, it’s straight corporate welfare with no competition. An American specialty these days.
    Oh wait: we can welfare Dell, HP, and Microsoft too! Boy they sure need the money! Not your kids, or teachers, of course!

    Anyway, I see nothing but Zinn’s same “All expose: everyone you know and everything you’ve ever believed is terrible!” in the hot, popular reviews of college education right now, going back 40 years, which is why I mention it. I had to put up with a lot of it, and it was all false. Try passing classes providing evidence for that though. Therefore…school and university teaches you to be a seamless liar? That would explain a lot.

    Curlene, yes, it would be illuminating to teach as a counterpoint. I don’t mind. Same as presenting whatever false happy-stuff they used to print like Mr. Lincoln “If I could win without freeing the slaves I would” and Columbus, invented, resurrected in 1900 as a raw pander to Italian Americans. …But having spent a lot of time in schools, they don’t. They won’t. It takes a lot of time, and being critical undermines authority, I.e the teacher and administrators, later the parents, police, and nation. So those people – who set the curriculum – don’t approve of kids questioning. …Anything.

    Getting rid of libraries is a national crime, as it’s a temple or museum to the old, maybe the only one an American town has. What’s best to find is the books you didn’t mean to look for: something forgotten from the 70’s, or 1870s, books once hot now forgotten. And the skill and aesthetic of each era back into books practically made of gold, leather and gilt, tiny, sharp printing inside using methods now forgotten. That is, practically every stupid, primitive guy straight back to 1600 was BETTER THAN US. At everything. That’s what you really learn, NOT what you “clicked for.” Try passing a set of Middle-School Primers on ebay from 1900. Try writing YOUR OWN NAME with a pencil anywhere near competency compared to an average farmer in 1840.

    Anyway, that only means when I do it, my old books will now be priceless and worth their weight in…Dogecoin, Pokemon GO tokens or something. I’m sure like Scrooge they’ll sell them off in a big heap like the curtain from my bed and use them to warm the cooking fire, just like any chimpanzees. Do I exaggerate?

    They have already. And those are the LIBRARIANS.

    in reply to: Georgia Is Targeted For Regime Change #130871
    Dr. D

    “she served most of her career as a French diplomat after having been born there and was previously [France’s] Ambassador to Georgia”

    That. Is insane. French. By birth. By upbringing. By passport. By occupation.

    Sounds like our oligarchs! Never spend no time here! Too busy jet setting in yachts with young pop stars like Elon!

    Anyway, she is THE EPITOME of a “Foreign Agent” having nothing whatsoever to do with Georgia, and no interest in the people of Georgia. Wasn’t the head of Ukraine one too? Or was it the head of Georgia is also the head of Ukraine? The revolving door moves like a blur I can’t keep up.

    Luckily the West has no brains, no skill, and no imagination or we’d be in trouble.

    There’s no dearth of “useful idiots” who can easily be misled into destabilizing their country to the detriment of its objective national interests”

    Like Elon? Oh wait, he’s African American. Like Pelosi and Biden and McConnell?

    “announced that it would continue to protest even after the withdrawal of the bill.”

    That’s actually a great idea! Since they keep protesting (the loss of their paychecks) that only demonstrates the bill has absolutely nothing to do with it. It’s the fastest excuse to “overthrow Democracy” in a “Violent, White Coup” as the DNC would say. I mean, all the protesters are White, amirite?

    That means they are by definition racist, and by definition, violent oppressors.

    So I agree with the DNC completely! The government just MUST shoot these “White nationalists” on sight.

    Am I wrong? Why’s that the correct thing here but not there?

    Anyway, they are failing failures who fail and have failed again, just like Khazakstan.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 9 2023 #130840
    Dr. D

    Gosh those spelling errors again…

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