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    Dr. D

    Reality Management, absolutely. But that only shows that, as I said yesterday, they are all completely insane. They think the world follows their egos, and if you just lie about it, reality will too. This is false and therefore unstable, it always fails. But don’t think that will stop them, as the definition of being mentally ill, maniacs with their maniacal plans.

    Following today’s theory, let’s hypothesize that Trump is not getting adequate cooperation and surrender from the people who DID do S11, or let’s be more generous and say, “the people who he can BLAME it on, true or false.” So he is putting them on notice that if they don’t shape up, he’s going to Tweet a very interesting story about them and we can all discuss it in public.

    Because otherwise, why threaten? Why lie by keeping the truth to yourself? If you know something, just say it, then we’ll all know. Note his phrasing allows the real culprit to be literally anybody, to match any groups’ internal biases, so every one of them is filling in a different boogeyman right now.

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    Dr. D

    Yup, that pic won’t post. The answer is it’s Denathor who abandons the city to pure evil rather than try. …Even thoug hif evil gets in, they all die anyway.

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    Dr. D

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    Dr. D

    “1,000 additional troops”

    Hilarious. 100,000 more people wouldn’t take Iran. 1,000 is target practice. Since THEY know that (although apparently reporters and the public don’t) what ARE they up to?

    Anyone remember “Thirteen Days”? “This is not a blockade. This is language. A new vocabulary, the likes of which the world has never seen! This is President Kennedy COMMUNICATING with Secretary Khrushchev!” So if you offer Iran new target practice, what are they saying? Because the reporter doesn’t get it, he doesn’t even suppose that they ARE talking.

    Is it here? “UN Officials: US Planning a ‘Tactical Assault’ in Iran (JPost)”

    Hypothesis: Just like us, Iran has a “Deep State” that the civilian government is not in control of. That’s who Obama gave the 3 planeloads of printed money to, not “Iran”, a term so large it’s meaningless. WHO in “Iran”? The President? The Oligarchs? The cab drivers? No, it was given to the MILITARY of Iran. And not the Army dog-faces, but a SPECIFIC PART of the military. That is who Trump is talking to right now, and why he wants to scare the pants off them by hiring maniacs like Bolton and Pompeo.

    Furthermore, Rouhani can’t say, “Oh sure, I give up, I’m not in control of my own nation, go ahead and bomb our version of the CIA/Black Ops Mr. Trump.” No. He obviously has to defend Iran and try to instead get control over this power block. If he doesn’t, Trump doing it for him will discredit him among insiders. Nevertheless, using diplo-speak, they are each going to understand what the other is doing, and the other guy’s motivations and problems. Rouhani is not going to trust the U.S. not to invade, to go too far, with good reason, and more importantly, he IS going to capitalize on the U.S. for power and popularity by RESISTING the U.S. at home, and forging alliances due to the U.S. with Turkey, Russia, China, etc. …Even though they ALSO know what’s going on. And maybe the reporters do too.

    But the takeaway would then be: EVERYBODY’S LYING. If someone, please someone, would just take a step closer to the truth and what’s really going on, we citizens could understand what’s happening far clearer and make better, more informed decisions about it. But they won’t, because then they would lose their edge in negotiations, and control over keeping us more ignorant than any medieval peasant, while we pretend we all know what’s going on by reading the constantly discreditec NYT, where nothing makes any sense, everybody is just stupid, our team is the best, and they should do it my way even though I know the absolute LEAST of anyone, not being inside the classified documents and diplomatic cables.

    Think about it. Because the Official Story, what they’re trying to claim is real, doesn’t make any sense at all. …And like always, that means it isn’t true. …But you knew that, because an adult wrote it and a paper published it, so you know it’s a lie.

    Anyway, what is the (one faction of the) U.S. saying in the JPost? “Knock it off and put these guys on a leash or we’ll do a surgical strike on their H.Q., see if we won’t.”

    What is Rouhani saying when he says they’re going to breach the Uranium limit? “Gosh boys, looks like the Iranian (non-)agreement is already de-facto shot to pieces. If you don’t cough up your billions in payoffs (seen before with Iran publicizing pan-European bribes), or get us a solution to Pompeo’s pressure, we’re going to have to end that deal officially as well. So make your move!”

    And so on. Now I can’t prove any of that, but I CAN prove that the OFFICIAL story is complete, unmitigated rubbish that doesn’t make any logical sense. This does. Make up your own story if you wish, because the State Departments and reporters sure won’t.

    “We know what will be done to Assange.”

    You don’t know jack. I don’t know why everyone is universally defeatist. They love to give up and lose. Meanwhile, Judicial Watch is plowing through the government records like a paper whirlwind, revealing everything and opening the way for other, more civil lawsuits. But don’t join them! Don’t civilly sue Monsanto and shut them off. Don’t Civilly sue Oberlin and make them be responsible again! Nope, abandon the city to the enemy like this guy:


    The case the U.S. brought against Assange goes far too far and is very difficult to win. …And that’s just on the LEGAL side, to say nothing of the Freedom of Speech argument. This may or may not be intentional, as Assange is ALSO the only guy who can free Trump – which is why Trump is a) trying to kill him, or b) trying to get him to provide legal testimony under oath – but in any case, they got about as much proof on Assange as the Mueller report. That is to say, an empty bag. Manning had no idea who he talked to. Assange did NOT provide any help cracking/hacking anything. So therefore, you would WIN the case in five days, not lose it, all else being equal.

    But you know our new motto, “We will surrender on the beaches, we will surrender in the air, and we will always, always surrender and run away like little girls.” ‘Cause you know, it takes work and stuff.

    “Did the US overplay its hand?”

    Yes. But was it also intentional? All you have to do is hire the most biased prosecutors you can find and tell them to run far and fast. You totally believe in them! Then they overshoot and collapse, and you say “Aw. So sad. Oopsie!”

    “contracts out with a foreign individual,”

    If only it WERE an individual. It was MI6, who then paid Russians like Skripal to use his contacts in the Kremlin. So they were literally paying multiple foreign spy agencies to interfere. MI6, FSB, and all the Five Eyes in NZ and Aus. But RussiaRussiaRussia! The thing we have NO evidence of, instead of the very thing we DO have evidence of. Because in the #AntiLogos world, every day is #OppositeDay.

    “Kuroda’s as clueless and delusional as Draghi and Powell.”

    I don’t think they’re delusional at all: the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. That’s the mission, and they are totally successful at it, as their offices have not been lit on fire by the public. The people they work for are better off than ever; isn’t that the point?

    “World Democracy Tour”

    Totally unfair. Clearly all those nations were in need of some FREEDOM! As seen by how wonderful they all became after the U.S. government “helped”! Just like at home in Flint, Michigan and Baltimore. And we probably couldn’t list all the places we bombed. Like the SF s—t map, it would be red dots covering the entire earth. Including all 50 states.

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    Dr. D

    “Boeing May Never Recover From 737 Debacle (Auerback)”

    Much as the government caused this by NOT regulating Boeing, they ALSO caused this BY regulating Boeing. If there were no regulators – fake regulators, who watch nobody and regulate nothing, but are eye-wash to the public, similar to the SEC, FBI and CFTC – then Boeing would NOT have AirMAX’ed the plane. Like Howard Hughes, they would have changed the wings, the airframe, re-designed the plane in record time like they used to in order to capitalize on the improved engines.

    They COULDN’T. IT WAS AGAINST THE LAW. To design the plane correctly would have required re-certifying everything, and as governments can’t do anything right, would have finished its series of delays, utter screw-ups, and stoppages about 20 years from now, like its co-albatross plane the F35.

    So since, like everything else the government does — the EPA, child abduction, health care, colleges, housing, welfare, insider trading, they didn’t actually protect you but generally attack you randomly and without cause – you might as well save the money, NOT regulate any of this, and let the Boeing fail anyway. Because, as you just saw, the government was the menace and root cause of them trying to get around it.

    So, “this disaster was a [NOT] problem of hardware, not just MCAS” it was a failure of BUREAUCRACY. Which is why we can’t win wars or make nuclear power plants — or even useless widgets anymore. What did Tainter say about increasing complexity leading to collapse of general infrastructure? Beuller? Beuller? If you have the same outcome, but one costs money and critical decades of time, and the other doesn’t, pick the one that DOESN’T take money and time???

    Don’t worry. We won’t. We’ll create a third Department of Redundancy Department, on a 5-year mission to explore redundancy, and no one will go to jail.

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    Dr. D

    As Max says, it’s because they never really cared then either. MLK? They HATED MLK. Even the blacks hated MLK as he was controversial and many thought he was making trouble for them – which he was. Obviously the establishment hated him. And a slice of people on all sides, because with any two people or campaigns will disagree on tactics and approach. Even to now, as Christians say, “Christians execute their wounded” and Obama says the Left is in the usual “circular firing squad”, attacking each other for the slightest transgressions of ideological purity. Not related, but this morning’s news, mega-pop – and “country” — star Taylor Swift joins in to support Gay Pride month! …And is promptly attacked by everyone on the left, including LGBT(etcetcetcetc) community. For…supporting them??? For not really meaning it ENOUGH? In short, they say she’s a poser, trying to monetize popularity…by supporting them? So she shouldn’t support them? Or she should? Or do it better somehow? Differently? Exactly, EXACTLY, precisely SLAVISHLY like THAT PARTICULAR Twitterati would have done it, and no other way, or else you’re DONE, Mister. We slander, ban, boycott you, kick you off the Oscars. …Yet the way THAT Twit would have done it is the opposite of how the OTHER Twitterati would have done it. …Oh and the irony is that she may be gay, so the LGBT are attacking both a definite ally, but also a prospective convert to come out of the closet. But who cares, right? when HATE FEELS SO GOOD.

    To Bruce, to Hamilton, to Mandela, to MLK and so on, THIS is what you get on the ground in real time. They’d say he should agitate, but in sermons. He should march, but not in Birmingham. Once violence happened he should have stepped back. Malcolm X says once violence happened he should have gone forward. Should do this, should do that.

    Point is, it’s ALL FORGOTTEN. People HATED Joe Strummer, hated Johnny Cash. Why couldn’t they shut up and just stick to music? It’s only later the reality is replaced, completely and entirely, with an entirely fake cutout that ANYBODY cared. Suddenly, after Civil Rights was won, everybody in that generation had always supported it. They were deeply – so deeply – involved. Instead of going to work, safely staying out of it and seeing it on TV, as statistically, actually happened, they were there! They were involved! Look at Joe Biden right now. No slight to him for doing other things, but you can’t air-brush yourself into the photos either.

    Nobody ever wrote songs for any Assanges. Not for the MLKs. Not for the Robert the Bruce. Not until they are dead and it’s entirely, perfectly, provably, testably, totally safe again. Then suddenly we always loved them and had always supported them. Yet somehow despite 100% of us supporting them, they lost!

    So now is NOT different. It’s the same. Men are still all cowards, and liars, and weasels as well. When I support him, far from joining, they attack ME instead for having the principles they do not. But such is life in the land of the immoral, the irreligious, who believe in nothing and stand for nothing. Because it’s only an unshakable belief in a larger life that will make you stand up for principles and against the difficulties in this one. That’s why religion, principle, is the #1 enemy right now, to be discredited and slandered at every turn, even getting out of bed at midnight to do some slander on the side.

    And if you have principles, YOU are a target for those who don’t, because the two worlds, the two outlooks are entirely incompatible. You’re either #Logos, WITH reason, Logic, or as the old-timers called it, “Natural Law” – or the VERy old-timers, the Tao, the “Way”; or you are #AntiLogos, and believe the world, reality, is anything you tell it to be, anything you make up in your mind, reality-optional, in fact. “when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality … we’ll act again, creating other new realities.” That is, reality just obeys your EGO, it is something that is optional, is decided by a popular vote or consensus that is run for and decided by narcissists. The world has to conform to MY ego, instead of vice-versa. The two cannot co-habitate. Either the world, reality, God is in charge, or else ME, a 20-year old, 100lb sack of meat runs the entire universe and the universe obeys ME. I AM YOUR GOD. Ask Zuck. He will cast you, and Assange as well, into outer darkness for the good of the saints and all things holy.

    If you have principles…of any kind…you will always run afoul of ME and my popularity, my wishes, eventually. Then King John will have you quartered, we will slander, jail, de-bank, de-monetize, de-platform, erase all news of you because “The Law is in My Mouth.” It’s either ME, or God. Either you obey ME, or your principles, your lying eyes.

    But as you see, no one has any principles. They don’t now just as they never did before. Not 60 years ago and not 600. The song will only be written after the battle is lost and the heroes are dead. And if we don’t stand for them, perhaps that is all we deserve, yes? Still, I stand, because the requirement is not in the winning, but in the DOING.

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    Dr. D

    “It would completely redefine Europe as a place not caring about human rights”

    Hold on, when was the last time Europe cared about human rights? Certainly not since the Iraq War. I. When they applauded Clinton chopping up and bombing Serbia, handing it to him for a base where he sat on top of a pipeline and the major drug trade? –Coincidentally, of course. When Franco was around? When the tanks rolled into Czechoslovakia or Hungary? When Ireland was occupied and bombed for 20 (120) years?

    “ ECB Will Act If Inflation Expectations Are De-Anchored: de Guindos (R.)”

    They don’t care what you think because you don’t have enough money to turn the dial. They only care what billionaires and possibly 2-digit millionaires think because their actions matter. I mean, if that weren’t already obvious.

    “global trade disputes, one of the biggest drags on growth”

    Hmmm. Nice framing. But probably 1/30th of the effect of overwhelming debt which is exponentially compounding. So…we had suck growth in 1999 because of disputes? How about ‘08? Trade Wars? No? How about 1929? Oh wait, that was AFTER the growth had already collapsed. Does anyone read their own text before hitting “send” anymore? You’re fired. No wonder you work for the non-news source “Reuters.”

    “Make banks healthier so that they could support a vibrant economy.”

    Speaking of non-news from non-sources, BANKS don’t make economies, dummy. Production does. We have this thing you can use called “cash”, and it’s a thing that can finance your business without a 1,000 pound weight hanging over you. But since we don’t produce, AND we don’t have or use cash – you know, profits? — I can understand how you’ve never heard of producing wealth and storing it for sale and trade. How gauche. How primitive. For neanderthals and rednecks, clearly.

    Banks are the ENEMY of the economy. Ask Greece.

    “.those new laws are protecting American interests… by keeping the sitting president out of the loop.”

    The President hasn’t been in the loop since Eisenhower. And that was only because he said he’d show up at their door with Patton’s 3rd Army if they didn’t let him on the base. True story. Well after Eisenhower came Kennedy, and we see how the Dulles brothers locked him out in an brazen attempt to start WWIII in Cuba among other places, and it was only his genius to get outside lines that revealed to him how much the “military-industrial-congressional” (Eisenhower’s words) had erased the people and civilian government and ended democracy. This is the origin of the phrase, “break them up and scatter them to the winds.”

    Well we all know THAT story, and that was 60 years ago. So you really think the MIC lets the President and Congress a) MORE in the loop or B) LESS in the loop? Bonus question: where did that $20 Trillion verified missing money from Federal (non-military) budgets go? They have a lot of paper clips hiding somewhere? Or maybe into the military black funds of DUMB space war?

    …And people wonder why Trump ignores Brennan’s CIA and Mueller’s FBI briefings and listens to the Military Intelligence that put him office. (who is also lying to him but in a different way) Why waste his time? Everything they’ve said since 1958 has been a lie. Right NYT? Right Rachael Maddow? You know, with the official leaks you keep reporting for years about incubator babies and WMDs and then (never) retract?

    He’s more likely to get the truth from Putin himself, and that’s saying something. So let me ask you: in this situation, how do you right the ship? How do you get it working again, honest and truthful? Yeah, I thought so.

    Btw, don’t be stupid: Russia certainly has those same tools already embedded here. It would be irresponsible not to. That’s just spywork. So maybe we should ask instead, “why are they never used?”

    “Is The Caspian A Sea Or A Lake? (ZH)”

    Hilarious. Like all laws, it’s defined according to whoever has the guns. There is no law. I’d say “between nations” but clearly there is now no more law within nations either, not here, not in Britain, Sweden, or Iran either. Men love corruption more than life itself.

    “Record CO2 Emissions In 2018 Driven By Surging Use Of Gas (CB)”

    Speaking of articles being a dog’s breakfast. So CO2 increases because energy use increased? Why blame gas? And renewables increased? Why bother reporting it? It’s hardly a rounding error despite now bankrupting Germany, exactly as anyone with a pencil could predict. The Paris Accord? You mean the one that allowed the two largest, worst nations to pollute at will while crushing cleaner nations with restraint? The Accord nobody was following at all anyway? Gosh, made a lot of difference when it was halted then. Not. And so we’re not going to reach the Zero line no one thought we would ever reach anyway? And? And this article leads us where? I thought y’all wanted gas, as that was the cleanest energy out there, not coal and not nuclear. Can’t please some people.

    Take care of your own house because these guys aren’t going to save you. If you haven’t noticed over every day of your human life, they only ever make things worse.

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    Dr. D

    Liking Tulsi Gabbard and hating war clearly makes you a “Hate Agent”. Wear it proudly.

    I don’t know what they’re doing. I don’t think it’s a winning strategy, short or long-term.

    You can see Paul Singer does his master’s work well. This is what would make Jerusalem the world’s capital, as they are now the (information) power source. …Of blackmail and manipulation, made with and for China’s Dragnofly system, imported here.

    Perhaps as seems to be in the winds, it is time for America to go isolationist again.

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    Dr. D

    “Elizabeth Warren To Propose Cancelling Up To $50,000 In Student Debt (MW)”

    She should call this just what it is: Corporate Welfare, Corporate Handout. What do you call it when you have all profits but no risk? Easy: Welfare. Direct money written from the government/taxpayers TO a private corporation. A thing which only government can provide, and only from my money.

    This is nothing new, this is just what they did back in Reagan by having the Feds “backstop” student loans brokered by Sachs and Morgan: they made all the usual profits, but couldn’t lose. But lo! Completely risk-free profits were not enough: Bill and Hillary illegally and unconstitutionally made student debt undischargable in bankruptcy, thereby protecting the Federal balance sheet AND all the banks, and throwing the people into penury. How? Well, the structure now set was to offer loans infinitely, and when you have infinite money chasing finite goods, prices rise straight up, as they have. So thanks to their “helping”, college costs maybe 5x what it should and the market can bear, AND the people are on the hook for the fascistic merger of government and corporations. Exactly as predicted and desired.

    As strangely, like the Post Office and the Patent Office, bankruptcy is enshrined in the Constitution, the solution would STOP IGNORING THE HIGHEST LAW, and re-enact bankruptcy. For the people, and coincidentally thereby on Sachs and Morgan too, who will fail when the $1T hanging over them appropriately defaults, and will be replaced by non-idiotic, non-corrupt, non-fascist banks. As that would destroy the entire financial system – probably worldwide – and is Congresses’ fault – or rather their K Street bribing/blackmailing handlers — DJT’s approach was to split the difference 50/50 while re-enacting the existing law of personal bankruptcy that was never amended or repealed. Yet the banks would still be face-punched as they richly deserve for trying anything so crooked and stupid. Of course all the good and right people said this was crazy and nobody wants it. K Street visited later that day to pay thanks.

    Anyway: the usual. Warren’s plan, like all their plans, looks like it helps the people but actually helps the 1% and throws the poor into the meat grinder. But hey, enforce the law, the Constitution? Who wants that?

    “UK Government Blew Billions on “Help to Buy” Scheme (DQ)”

    Like Warren, spending Trillions in taxpayer money to screw, cripple, and price-out the poorest, leaving them in a cardboard box. #Winning.

    “His narrative of a “progressive army” and a fresh rally of forces for elections “that will determine the future” is coming under constant attack.”

    That’s because every modern Progressive is a Regressive and Neo-Liberal/Neo-Con in drag. They just abuse the good will and good faith of people trying to do right, but lack cynicism. And you know what Lily Tomlin said, “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.”

    “The near sole purpose of present-day academia is indoctrination.”

    Wow, speaking of the credulous. This has been well-established since the Progressives grabbed public school to attack immigrants back in 1900. They’ve written about it pretty much since then. So if you can read: not a surprise, not a statement, not bold at all. Besides, look at the test scores since Carter (illegally) started the Dept of Education (there is no Federal Mandate and is illegal under the 10th). Straight down every year for 50 years and we’re now 39th behind Slovakia. So what did you THINK they were teaching? Not math, that’s for sure. And if plummeting test scores bothered anyone, they’d have changed course. They haven’t. Obama’s Common Core was measurably the worst plan ever made, exactly as everyone who looked at it said it would be, and it was a high challenge to do worse than “No Child Left Behind.” What’s more, you cannot get those children, those brains back. Essentially, those citizens are now permanently stupid. But wait! When CNN and Twitter talk to them, say that $2T + $2T = a balanced budget, now they believe them! How could they tell the difference? #Winning.

    Point being, if it bothered anyone, they’d change it. It doesn’t bother them: they overwhelmingly approve. Just as cranks like me have been saying since WE were in school, and saw what it was really built for, what it really does, many years, a century ago.

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    Dr. D

    Bolton is dementing.a Dementor.

    Fixed it.


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    Dr. D

    “ABC Raids a Wake-Up Call to Journalists Who Left Assange Swinging (SMH)”

    SMH. Yes, Shaking My Head indeed. But don’t worry, Zuck will only censor and destroy my enemies, never me. Wait – what? Who’s that at the door? The police? BRB.

    It’s like goldfish. It’s astonishing anyone can be so credulous, yet here we are. So what am I supposed to say? I said it way back when but even AFTER it’s you, even AFTER they raid your house, arrest your sources and prosecute you, THEY STILL DON’T BELIEVE IT. THEY STILL SUPPORT IT. If you won’t respond to the 20-year air raid siren, with people being dragged off the field daily, maybe you deserve what you get, who can say?

    “The Thought Police Are Coming (Chris Hedges)”

    Speaking of not believing, the thought police are already here, and long since have been. He probably knows this but is respecting the overton window. But that’s no help, we don’t say, “perhaps peace in our time is ill-advised” after the buzz bombs have already been dropping for 3 years. After people are hauled off, you might instead say, “we are under present and mortal attack which needs to be countered.” But no. It’s always someday, further on. Not us. Can’t happen here.

    “1/3 of Americans Need a “Side Hustle” to Make Ends Meet (SHTF)”

    That’s because another +20% are already on food stamps and grifting other social programs as their side hustle. …The wealthy have nothing BUT hustle, with $20T missing + $23T bailout welfare going to themselves. Without those social programs, they would have already had to fix the problems, which shows that social programs are a payoff TO the very poor, BY the very rich, with the middle classes’ money. OF COURSE they don’t care. Look at L.A. and S.F. right now, they’re the worst of the worst. They just don’t want them stinking up Malibu and Bel Air, it’s no different than paying for private security and a gated neighborhood, only the neighborhoods and the payoffs are larger and far less moral. So long as the 60,000 “hustlers” are dying in South L.A., we’re fine. Go attack and kill more businesses that could make more jobs, because they’re the real enemy, right? However, God forbid Sachs lose money.

    “Trump Says Foreign ‘Dirt’ Not Election Interference (ZH)”

    That’s pretty weird. He’s suggesting we literally criminalize the truth? Why not? Certainly not the craziest thing this week, with Assange being extradited and Veritas being banned for doing exactly that: recording, presenting, and reporting literal, verifiable truth. It would in fact be different if it were false, but not very. We have free speech, and as a free society, Russia would be as allowed to lie about anything or any one they choose, as Germans, Indonesians, or Americans are. Who can even say what is the truth until we try to report it, then cross-check it with each other. WMDTiesToAl-Queada. That is to say, it only applies to Libel and Slander laws which are older than the U.S. itself. It’s always been so, what changed? How are we exposed now when in 1953, at the height of the cold war, with nuclear destruction hovering, we could still somehow have free speech and free discussion, because we believed freedom was stronger than oppression, the truth was stronger than lies?

    “Europe must distance itself from NATO.”

    I don’t know. It seems like Europe IS NATO, just like a single faction in the Deep State/State Dept/Lockheed-Rand/U.S. Army IS NATO. Neither regular Europeans nor regular Americans want it or want to pay for it. I guess we need more precise language on who “Europe” is in this sentence. People? Billionaires? Governments? Factions of each?

    “Australia Approves Vast Coal Mine Near Great Barrier Reef (AFP)”

    That’s okay. They can just be poor and have no A/C. It’s a valid choice. But you won’t be able to have huge energy consumption and record housing bubble if you don’t sell anything. You’ll have to live modestly, even in what today seems like poverty. And where is this going? If coal is a bad mine, then aren’t gold, copper, and nickel as well? Why wouldn’t we stop them too? Adult choices, but they are your nation’s to make. As so the rest of us, incidentally.

    “Troubling Levels of Glyphosate in Foods Marketed to Children (RT)”

    They are entirely #AntiLogos #AntiLife. They are the DeathEaters, mass murderers, and the people apparently nod their heads and say, “Hey, bub: you wants my child next? I’ll sell them cheap!” 80% of immigrant children are not related to their custodians but are almost certainly human traffickers. 100,000 children go missing a year, probably raped and murdered, and the FBI WON’T EVEN KEEP RECORDS on it because they want to solve it so little. But you know: this is only continuously, without fail, since 1960. Let’s not rush things. By the way, is it somehow different if we kill children than adults? Is one not valuable, not a citizen, not protected by like 20 laws against this thing? (Environmental regulation, fraud, reckless endangerment, manslaughter, murder 3, etc) Nope. We only enforce laws against people who REPORT on the manslaughter, fraud, endangerment, and murder. Cause, see above: #AntiLogos #AntiLife, that is our state religion, by their high priests, enforced with zeal. The people approve. What can I say?

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    We’re doing less than nothing, we openly approve. So why WOULDN’T they run over us?

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    Dr. D

    “Who Will Pay For The News? (R.)”

    Why would I pay for news that is 100% biased and 100% wrong? We don’t pay for a cover-to-cover op-ed editorial flyer, that’s a self-indulgence we readers tolerate because the other 95% of the paper is actual news, and factually correct.

    What is it? “Opinions are like” what? I don’t pay for that anatomical part to be put in my face, thanks.
    Then they’ll complain wah wah, “Newspapers are dead”, “internet” “wah”, when many U.S. newspapers ARE DOING FINE. Maybe you should go look at them, because they are the few NOT 6 mega-corps who actually get off their butts, out of the office, and report the (local) news instead of commenting on it.

    “FBI elites have been fired, resigned, reassigned, demoted, or retired — or just left for unexplained reasons.”

    They did naughty things? I mean, yes, right? or they wouldn’t be fired. And yet nobody went to jail. One guy lost his pension after making 6-figures for decades and starting a gofundme footed by billionaires he sold the DoJ to that replaced it. From the screaming you’d think something happened. Meanwhile, I get arrested for having the wrong railing height on my ice cream shop. Somehow they argue that The FBI Tragedy: Elites are NOT Above the Law. They are. Clearly.

    As V. says, “and the people think this is all good.” How are you supposed to clean anything up when everybody’s fine with every level of immorality, theft, violence, abuse, and corruption? You can’t. And they’ve had their chance. Now the nation richly gets the fruits of their labors: violence, injustice, corruption, fraud, and money. Money being the hyperinflation that happens when your government is richly discredited, and rightfully so. Violence when foreign nations kick us out and put us down like a rabid dog, hazardous to the peace and stability of the planet.

    Sayeth the people, “Whut?”

    “Outgoing UK Diplomat Slams ‘Chaotic Politics’ and Brexit ‘Shambles’ (Pol.)”

    Speaking of getting your just desserts, the honest consequences of your actions.

    “The Countries with the Most Monstrous Corporate Debt Pileups (WS)”

    This is why they’re negotiating the inevitable reset now. Obama tried to double-cross the last attempt by stealing Libya’s and Ukraine’s (and Syria’s) gold, but were unable to start WWIII via Brzezinski’s Ukraine, or with HRC’s “no-fly-zone” reline in Syria, and now they’re out of cash again. …Thus the attempt to steal all of Venezuela, $300B hypothocated 400:1. But water under the bridge. The reset of vertically compounding debt is here.

    Oh, and the chart is wrong because the U.S., like London, is GDP of financial rigging and HFT circle-jerk cross-selling, while the underlying productive GDP is approaching zero. So your debt-income is multiples worse than reported.

    “UK Accused of ‘Silently Eroding’ EU Pesticide Rules in Brexit Laws (G.)”

    Compared to Europe? Hahahahahaha. They just ALLOWED glyphosate, they CREATE the poisons shipped to South America, and have all Poland, etc not exactly environmental. That’s in addition to how environmental it is to build all cars and pave everything from sea to shining sea. But okey, sure.

    “Bauer is OK. But what about the poor bear wandering the Carpathian mountains with a sore head?”

    WTF? Bauer is definitively NOT okay. Two animals got in a fight and one has a broken leg and the other a poke in the eye. Generally we worry about the person who is NOT just going to walk it off, but has a long-term disabling injury. Unless you hate humans and want them to die, naturally, which is always in fashion these days. Moral: don’t punch a hippo, just die already, you loser peasant.

    in reply to: Putin, the African Queen #47907

    Dr. D

    Wow, spelllling today.

    in reply to: Putin, the African Queen #47906

    Dr. D

    “building relations with existing rulers, striking military deals… The aim is to foster political, economic and cultural cooperation.”

    Liking people and having deals? Cooperation? That’s crazy! Everybody knows that all the good countries threaten, undermine, and crush African nations with secret armies and financail boycotts that are legal acts of war, like we do. And Britain, and France, and Belgium, and…

    Oh, and besides, we sell the worst, most overpriced, least effective military hardware in the world. Our missiles and jets are from 1970 and our Navy is from 1980. We’re using a rifle (M-14) that basically from WWII. But we charge the most, so we got that going for us!

    “One aim is to “strong-arm” the US and the former colonial powers the UK and France out of the region.”

    They’re removing the colonialists from their colonies! Heavens! What will Prince Albert say? This must be stopped!

    “The Kremlin has recently stepped up its ground operation in Libya.”

    And now he’s trying to stop the open-air slave markets we created! Madness! Evil incarnate! Slavery, especially financial, must proceed at all costs! Otherwise, then we’d have to work for a living, and where would we be then? When you have no job-skills but murder, out on the street, that’s what!

    So these are the guys they are halting free speech for, in lieu of “authoritative sources” Google’s Pichai said just yesterday, even to embedding hidden code that push up the “right” kind of guy, like Luke, and push down the “wrong” kind of voices like Glenn Greenwald and the Automatic Earth. They proudly said they would erase all content that questions ANY official story. And Luke here, via the Guardian, is now an official, credible source.

    Therefore, YOU, heir reader, are to be removed for wrongthink, for asking if what Mr. Luke, who has been wrong with every story he’s ever written, along with CNN, NYT, the Guardian, who all proudly reported incubator babies, “weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al-Qaeda,” with Saddam’s own arch-enemy, who claim that Iran supports Sunni Wahhabist ISIS, THEIR arch-enemy, who told you Glyphostate was safe as water and Hillary was +12% in the polls, HOW DARE YOU QUESTION OUR AU-THOR-I-TIE with your logic and free speech? We hereby banish you from society for even ASKING about Russia, the Skripals, Africa, ISIS, OR ANYTHING ELSE.

    Submit or Die. That’s how free nations act, with a free press and open societies in the marketplace of ideas. If I disagree with you, I banish you to the streets, have you arrested, unemployed, ruin your family, take away your children, that’s Liberty, that’s the Tolerance that we all fight and die for.

    And Luke is our Archangel of free societies and free press. If you don’t side with him, well, clearly you are on the side of the dark lord and must be eliminated. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, see if I won’t. We who scrictly obey or punish with irrational violence are not like Voldemort at all, that’s THEM, the other side, anyone who questions us and Luke.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 11 2019 #47882

    Dr. D

    “1 in 4 Americans Skip Medical Treatment Because They Worry About the Cost (M.)”

    I haven’t been able to go to the doctor in my lifetime, as they got rid of capitalism in 1990 when the government intervened on behalf of the insurance and medical companies to keep prices high. Since Obamacare was going in, prices have risen 10% yearly compounding, for something like 10 years, after 5% compounding for the 10 years before that.

    So, thanks to government ‘helping’, like in housing and college, prices are 5x? 10x? 20x? higher than they were and than they need to be, devastating industry and employment and hollowing out the nation. So – nice going! Thanks! I used to see a doctor for $100 flat rate for half an hour, now it costs $100 for 5 minutes, PLUS $500/month, he also won’t do anything and refers me to a specialist and a testing agency who will charge me ANOTHER $100 apiece.

    So thanks to our great care, I’m not sick, but I am bankrupt and living under a bridge where I can get Hep B from needles and typhus from rats. Don’t worry, this will be my fault somehow. Go Team!

    “House Committee to See Mueller Evidence (AP)”

    Isn’t this the evidence in the report by Mueller that they didn’t read? And why have a special counsel if you’re going to re-do a do-over and re-interview, re-investigate, and re-council again? And again and again? Why? Politics of course! Not that it will critically weaken our country at a time we’re about to collapse anyway. There’s nothing else going on, no other challenges to address, certainly not in the next 6 months as rates invert, nations stop buying bonds, and the economy collapses.

    “Was Mueller the Wrong Man to Investigate Trump? (G.)”

    Well, considering he made a career of railroading innocent men and personally muled the uranium to Russia in the multiple felonious Uranium One scandal, I’d have to go with ‘yes.’ Probably not legally appropriate to investigate yourself, your best friends, and your own malfeasance. However, thanks to a media that won’t report it, he has the public trust despite paying multiple damages for false prosecutions! Men like this: we only promote them, up and up and up, until they are especially-trusted, paragons of virtue, lauded for generations to come.

    “Big US Defense Merger Touts Tech, But Trump Has Questions (AFP)”

    See how we have capitalism? With one company that has no completion, protected and merged with government? Now they just need to merge with GE and Disney and follow JD Rockefeller, that “Competition is a Sin.” Just like health care.

    “Google Earned $4.7 Billion from News Organizations in 2018 (RT)”

    Maybe. Google said they don’t run ads on news searches, so… However, since the old media is dying due to biased misreporting and decades of serial lying, they are now attacking the competition that is replacing their irredeemable terribleness. Thus going after all high-rated Youtube (Google) and Twitter competition one by one, beginning with the Right, but as already seen immediately extending to any anti-war Left. This is similar to how the RIAA – rather than sell music at an honest price, like $1 a song on iTunes where everyone makes mint – attacked Napster, sued posters, websites, individuals, and generally made a villain and nuisance of themselves, while catastrophically losing firehoses of cash, and completely ceding their market, anyway. Except that in their case, the music actually WAS illegal, unlike Free Speech.

    “Kim Dotcom Fights U.S. Extradition in New Zealand Court (AP)”

    Speaking of illegal file-sharing. But the U.S. is attempting to make its jurisdiction the entire world. Totally. Illegal. Yet the only shocking part is that New Zealand is even attempting to uphold some kind of law or sovereignty, as nobody else does and they’ve long proven they’ll roll over for anyone.

    “it’s worth remembering that the top marginal tax rate during the time hailed as capitalism’s Golden Age floated somewhere north of 90% in the US.”

    Yes, but just like all taxes, the rich didn’t pay them. They used tax breaks and loopholes, just like now. Reagan closed the Kafkaesque leviathan of loopholes in EXCHANGE for a lower tax rate, but, as everyone expected, they immediately double-crossed the taxpayers in the Bush I administration and got “Read My Lips: More Higher Taxes” AND no loopholes. Suckers. Don’t you know by now if the government says it, they’re lying? Just like how Income Tax would be only on the rich and only 1%, and we’d never have Income Taxes AND Tariffs, and every other thing the government has ever said since John Adams. So no, there was NOT a 90% tax rate, just like there isn’t now. Amazon, GE, Bezos, they don’t pay taxes:

    YOU DO.

    So it has been, so it shall always be. So don’t be a sucker and buy this stuff.

    PS, England and France have 90% upper tax rates, and their billionaire oligarchs DON’T run roughshod over the people? Have you even tried to substantiate your argument?

    “The Permafrost Thawing Nightmare (CP)”

    In other news, they put up signs in Glacier National Park 20 years ago saying the glaciers would be gone by 2020. In fact, they started melting in 1919, and were predicted to end in 1948, then in 1980, then 2000, then 2020. But 100 years later, the glaciers are still here, and instead, the signs have been removed to save the continual embarrassment of being always wrong. In fact, there are late snows there preventing planting, but we’ll see what that means for glaciers. From the snow still hiding in the shadows of Arizona’s Grand Canyon in June, it suggests the glaciers will start building, but unlike the other side, I won’t jump to conclusions but wait for proof.

    “Honey Bee Colonies Across Europe Plunge 16% (ZH)”

    That’s awful fast. And an amazing parallel to the admission of glyphosate into Europe. More research needed, if you have time. I don’t, so I’d just ban them first and make them (finally) do some research to prove it’s safe. To anyone. Anywhere. Bees included.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 10 2019 #47862

    Dr. D

    This is the same thing (and same period) as “meek”, as in “The meek shall inherit the earth.”

    To be Meek, in the original, is to have power under control, as in training and riding a horse. Great power under your control, not an animal running wild. That’s how your human, or manly nature, should be.

    So these people: those who cultivate great power, but also cultivate and use great self-control, are the people who will dominate. NOT the people who lie down and let everything happen to them, clearly those people are going to get screwed. Not at all unusual statement from an ascetic and monk, a religious man.

    But goes to show how control over human minds runs from changing the meanings of words, or even better, having two meanings for a word, so you can invoke and lie about both. That’s why, to quote another book, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Lawyers at that time were exclusively PROSOCUTORS, the King’s persecution team, who would accuse nobles, and ordinarly men, in order to steal their title and property in civil forfeiture. Again, the meaning of the words change. And the context: the speaker of this famous line was a historical faction that thought if there were lawlessness, they could grab the crown. So pointing this out highlights that the Judges and Advocates SAVE the common theatre-goer from anarchy and lawlessness, and are to be commended.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 9 2019 #47851

    Dr. D

    “Food prices will undoubtedly rise in the future thanks to a capitalist system which creates artificial shortages and surpluses.”

    French Revolutions start only in an economic downturn. But more, even when it’s just money, only ‘just money’ changes happen. To get a real revolution requires food prices, food shortages, as we saw in the engineered “Arab Spring”. Only this time they’re not in control, nature is.

    Now point out that food shortages CAN be dealt with, and easily, with a system that is already credible and functional, as ALL parties tighten their belts equally, perfect the food chain, increase yields all over, and pay attention to fairness and charity in a system of “us”, of a mythos, a story, a religion of doing and helping. We have none of that. However, we do have the reserve currency and are one of only a few existing food exporters, so it will hit us last. Imagine what Europe will do, having no food and no life-essential industry.

    “What we appear to be all bearing witness to is the total decay of political integrity and vision. We now live in a world where our so called leaders are devoid of principle, immune to responsibility and seem only to prioritise their own interests, power and most importantly private profit above all.”

    …Speaking of. The Anglos are rotten all over, having given over everything that made them great.

    “Boris Johnson…said he would withhold a previously agreed $50 billion Brexit payment.”

    Well it’s about time. Not sure if that could fix the socialist catastrophe (again) of the National Health, but it could fix a hundred Windrushes and all food banks for a decade to boot. …Or one warship. You know.

    “The average used-vehicle loan also hit a record, $20,137.”

    This is what we wanted, right? The price of all our assets to go up and up and up forever? Now cars are worth more than houses, and houses are 10x income so one one can buy them. But Moar, moar! Most often a bad idea is just a good idea gone too far. This is systems analysis, where a healthy, growing lung is a good thing…until the lung is growing and growing and everything else is not, is starved. That’s called cancer. That’s what it looks like when your health is 25x larger, banking is 10x larger, and all agriculture and manufacturing is down 80%.

    “another devastating blow to lower-income car buyers in subsequent years.”

    It took a surprising long time, but the price of used cars I would guess doubled over time, wrecking the poor and bankrupting them as they were forced into $500/mo loans at gunpoint. At the peak, you couldn’t find any reliable used car at less than $10k, instead of $4k before. Government, helping! Helping so much! Help, help help!

    Oh, and the environmental impact of destroying 5 car-years off every crush, forcing new cars to be smelted, shipped, built? Helping! Helping all the more! But we saved $50 in gas! Like a $50k Tesla, with lithium mined new under the war in Afghanistan, shipped worldwide twice and paid for by the poor families in Flint, Michigan, helping! My bet the all-in environmental cost is 4x that of keeping a 1975 Volvo running, because that car is already smelted, delivered, exists. The gas is a fraction of the cost now. But that doesn’t wastefully and fraudulently increase GDP, taxes, and step 3: Profit!

    Bonus question: if you already own a 1975 Volvo wagon, how much petrol is $40,000? About 10,000 gallons worth? Seems like you could drive a long, long time before melting that car makes sense. But sense: we got none. “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

    “China Banking Regulator Says Small Bank Risks Manageable (R.)”

    Brought to you by the Tautology Department: small things are by definition, small. However, big things are not small. And China’s banking system is large and their banks are the largest in the world, ahead of RBS, Morgan, etc.

    “just a few firms with big data access and artificial intelligence could run the global payment and settlement arrangements.”

    You mean, how cranks like me have been saying they were planning and engineering for 30 years? Probably a total accident. Not intended. Nobody saw it coming. You know, except for those hundreds of white papers describing how it was all going to work, then bought off by government to make it so, steamrolling every obstacle and existing law. The IMF is involved with, reads, writes, and plans those same white papers with those same people. Nothing can happen without their approval, for otherwise, you would see their influence obstruct it at every turn. They haven’t: they planned and approved. But now that it’s collapsing, OMG! I suddenly realized! “Regulate us daddy government, you’re our only hope (for continued existence and fascist/monopoly status)!”

    “other freight companies that now have come to grief under Amazon’s boots,”

    Amazon destroys everything it touches, just like all illegally-protected monopolies (above). And this is what we can see. Just imagine what they’re doing with the data of Senator Joe’s mail-order dildo collection and his Alexa tapes. But wait: that can’t be right, we all know multi-national corporations and their billionaire owners never misbehave! That’s why we put them in charge of free speech!

    “The End of the Arctic as We Know It (G.)”

    Meanwhile, there is still snow in the Grand Canyon in Arizona in June. Glaciers have stopped in Greenland and and building in Iceland. Too cold to plant in the Urals. Stay tuned.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 8 2019 #47839

    Dr. D

    As predicted by everyone, Youtube et co deleted black reporters, vital reporters on white supremacist groups, schoolteachers talking about WWII, historians…oh and for good measure, non-historical, non-political, non-speaking sounds of the outdoors, which simply records the sounds of the beach and forest for relaxation.

    Hey, anybody wonder why? Well, ad revenue is falling worldwide with the economy, and even JnJ cut millions from their online ads without noticing any difference. Meanwhile, CNN is literally collapsing, having almost no viewers outside of airports, and is laying off hundreds. NBC is right behind, which is what happens when you report the news 180 incorrectly, obviously, stupidly, totally, transparently wrong, for years, while re-hiring Brian Williams, “live from the moon” and his “beautiful bombs.” When asked for a statement, Rachael Maddow said “RussiaRussiaRussia” for an additional 2 ½ years.

    So plummeting Vox, which is now plummeting NBC, went online to tattle to the principal that the kids were being mean to him just because he was a narcissistic jerk who was being mean to THEM, and attempting to deplatform them every day, like a good safe-space bully. Aw, people didn’t like you? Welcome to the Internet. Oh, and adult life: not everybody likes everybody else, you might have noticed.

    So here we have the actual constituency of viewers and creators, which is anti-war, and despite new obstacles thrown at them every day, #winning. THEY are taking the ad revenue, and despite being de-monetized over and over, keep telling the truth such as they know it, anyway, for free. (donate Automatic Earth Patreon today!) So these 6 insider media companies and the billionaires that own them have lost control. They cannot sell free speech, cannot sell elections, and cannot sell insider access to their pals because nobody believes or is listening to them anymore. And media, journalism, consensus, requires that people BELIEVE what they read, at least a little, that the stories that Assange, all his friends, everyone he ever met, and his dog, are all coincidentally serial rapists. Without that, no thought-shaping, no Bernays, no influence, no power, and no beautiful wars. So they are trying yet another level of attack, but one that is increasingly visible, revealing them all as tin-pot dictator social engineering frauds — and incidentally government-funded DARPA citizen-control moles – that they always have been. Take the declining, collapsing ad revenue, and channel it to the remaining friends who are not dead: NBC, CNN, to keep them alive. Try to turn the internet BACK into a 1960 authorized three-network system of lying, government-media insiders, which Ta-Dah! you see the calls for today.

    They tried this with Facebook’s “Regulate me, senpai!” in order to be authorized as a monopoly government (fascist) cooperative, but failed. Now that call is out far louder, with Crowder, and NBC’s Vox, and Buzzfeed, and all the other guys who’ve never journal-ed in their short, miserable lives. Save us Obi-Wan government, you are our only hope!!! Only you can save our catastrophic failure, and FORCE the public to watch content they actively, bitterly, hate and avoid!

    This again, as with the last 4 ad-pocalypses, de-montetizes everyone they don’t like, but now basically ALL small, independent creators. ALL. So adding right and LEFT, or even non-politicals, is a new turn, because they were fire-bombing gays, blacks, women, and jews for years now — but that’s only a public good if those minorities are Republican. Otherwise, it’s a bigoted hate crime. You know what I mean, brother! I always call Ben Carson an “Oreo” on front-page MSNBC, (check Friday June 7) and that’s always God’s work…because he’s a Conservative. Just like Don Lemon calling Kanye a “house-n*****” on prime time, because, ‘Red Hat’ means we attack all minorities with racial slurs and get accolades from our peeps, amirite?

    They need a crisis so Congress can swoop in and save them, bail them out, which is, what? That’s right, the OPPOSITE of capitalism: Socialism, where the government protects, co-owns, and runs all businesses. And that IS what we had for 30 years to MAKE those vicious monopolies, with special legal status for all these lumbering, murderous giants, using federal contracts, contacts, lines of credit, even source code, to run all competitors out of business. So since they STARTED, they PROTECTED, they FUNDED, and they RAN these social-media giants, isn’t this catastrophe of free speech really the government’s fault? Their interference, their suspension of the basic rules and norms of free speech for short-term political gain? Of course it is.

    So: 1) take small remaining money. 2) channel to friends. 3) look to daddy government to come in and beat up the 10-year old (black) kid who’s been mean to you. 4) shut off internet and turn it back into entirely-controlled state media. 5) Shut down all anti-war voices, all whistleblowers, all bloggers who reveal and embarrass us. 6) Start that war, steal that money, smear that critic, kill that whistleblower with impunity, no one will report! If they do, we’ll shut off his bank and Amazon card, just like Aaron Russo said. 7) Profit.

    …Or we could have free speech, as well-delineated in law and running now for 230 years. Your choice. Boring, slavish sitcom jokes and false news, or uncomfortable opinions where you can hear all sides and decide for yourself? You’re on TheAutomaticEarth, so I can guess which news, which reporting, which truth, you wish to read.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 6 2019 #47799

    Dr. D

    “the most protectionist nations in history during most of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the very period in which it rose to economic supremacy, with tariffs routinely as high as 50 percent. More politicians than not backed tariffs because they protected American industry. And supporters liked tariffs because they kept wages high.”

    …And the opposite of a GOOD idea is, what?

    And although coincidence is not causality: “How Connecticut’s “Tax on the Rich” Ended: Middle-Class Tax Hikes, Lost Jobs, More Poverty”

    So, just like the people who were right about the last 40 years said, and incidentally, the tariffs and offshoring, just as those same economists said, oh, and all the ‘dumb’ people said about ‘that giant sucking sound’ and all the smart people said, “no it isn’t”, for 40 years, as every day it demonstrably and measurably happened. But don’t worry, today is another day! They will just deny it all again! And say you’re stupid, hateful, and should be de-platformed. Right, NY Times?

    “Beijing Warns US Farmers May Lose China Market for Good (SCMP)”

    These guys are hilarious. First, yields are collapsing worldwide as the rain and cool seems to appear. We may not have any exporters AT ALL, possibly INCLUDING the United States this year. So China is planning on NOT feeding its people? Srs? Second, although not reported and nobody cares, Trump was perfectly open in press conferences about China. “How much does China buy in farm products? $20B? (so little?) Okay, pull that out of the tariffs and set it aside to bail them out. Okay, now let’s go golf.” And we HAVE already made much MORE than $20B on them. The real problem – which again, being true, cannot be reported – IS NOT THE TARIFFS, IS NOT CHINA – although ordinarily that WOULD be something. It’s that 1/3 of the grain elevators, the cows, the tractors, the fields, have all washed away in the new desertification, I mean flooding/inland sea on the Mississippi. Oh, and PS, only 1/3 has been planted and now it’s too late. If nobody did nothin’ to nobody, farmers would still be having a hard time, ya think? But that doesn’t fit the narrative, and we don’t have pics of the massive, 150-year record flooding from Illinois to Baton Rouge. Nope. It’s Trump. And since last time we said Trump caused bad weather they laughed us down, we’re going to say it’s Trump in China. Yeah! That’s it!

    Anyway, when food triples this year, who do you think is going to be hit? The U.S., as their exports multiply and rectify the trade deficit? Or China, which is running out of cash and needs food? Gentlemen, place your bets…
    That puts to lie and scorn the main quote here: “If the US loses China’s market, it will be very difficult for the US to regain it.” Sure Han, sure. Only if you never want to eat again. I’m sure your countrymen will be good with that and not mad at Xi at all for paving every rice paddy from the Pacific to the Gobi.

    “Everybody gets poorer while BECAUSE the Fed pours trillions into the economy.”

    “…the Fed has failed to distinguish between credit driven bubbles and mania driven bubbles..”

    Is that because there is no difference?

    “Google, Facebook Have Tight Grip On Growing US Online Ad Market (R.)”

    They were all given monopoly exceptions that are completely illegal. But now we have no idea how it all got this way! We’re helpless to regulate them the way we do all the non-monopolies, right down to Pa’s Diner and Autoparts Emporium in Muncie Indiana. Nope. No idea how this happened! Here’s a clue:

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” – attributed to Mussolini

    But golly gee, how can we do that when they have all collected phone records and blackmail on Congressmen, judges, regulators, and officials, just as every one of us predicted would happen? It’s a mystery no one saw coming.

    “governments already operate according to the framework offered by MMT,”

    Yes, and that is exactly what is destroying everything, and shifting all money from the poor to the rich, from competition to monopoly, from Republic to Fascism, just as predicted. But I have a solution! MORE MMT! More UBI! That’s the ticket! They won’t abuse their power at all this time!

    “There was a wish to wait for the maximum weakening of Germany’s military power from its enormous losses in the east, while reducing losses in the west…”

    This is entirely true. What worse, the West, essentially England, engineered Hitler in order to facilitate their attack on Russia, and leave Britain on top. So…Chamberlain had no idea? Really? Ford didn’t win a medal of freedom from the Reich for selling millions of trucks to Hitler, IBM and Standard Oil didn’t sell all the war materials through the Bush family to the Reich right up to the outbreak of war? Even after when they refused to bomb certain insider German factories and companies? Pu-lease. Their only problem was Hitler double-crossed them by attacking Europe first to get the materials to attack Russia second, and the Anglos didn’t like it. Nevertheless, they were fine with it so long as Germany and Russia crippled each other. When Stalin won, the U.S. had to jump in and make sure the Anglos got Europe back under (their) control. Oh, and don’t think Stalin didn’t know it. And thus the Anglos are still on top today…and engineering ANOTHER war with Russia, Germany, and MacKinder’s inland empire

    But I’m sure because it’s our side, we’re lily-white as the angels and never did anything wrong.

    And we just keep making the stuff. And keep proclaiming we love our children.”

    They demonstrably hate all life on earth and humans especially. So what sort believes that? #logos? Or #antilogos?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 5 2019 #47787

    Dr. D

    “10 Million Acres Of US Farmland Won’t Be Planted With Crops This Year (Snyder)”

    I guess they were right all along. The U.S. has turned into a desert, with no rain in California and the southwest, a dry plains, and no more snow anywhere, certainly not in Greece, Corsica, L.A., Saudi Arabia, and colder than Mars in the upper midwest.

    Oh wait: that was the exact OPPOSITE of what AGW science said. For 30 years in a row. But don’t worry, they’ll just say it again tomorrow. It’s the dry heat CAUSING the cold wet worldwide. There’s no longer anything anyone can do to get discredited.

    “Brazil Amazon Deforestation Rising at Fastest Rate in a Decade (R.)”

    If I’m guessing where most of you live, it used to be an endless forest where you are too. But instead of telling somebody ELSE how THEY need to not cut down their trees and, you know, starve, I’m planting yet more trees myself. Then if the chimpanzees come — or as I call them, ‘children’ — they can. Anyone want to take me up on the challenge? The internet is not life. Life is life. You don’t solve the problems of life with talking but with doing.

    in reply to: A War of Questions #47786

    Dr. D

    Steele decides to testify just as DJT can speak in private to the Queen. Coincidence? Or cutting a deal that will get out what they must, yet protect MI6, British, and probably the queen’s villainy when they shouldn’t?

    The U.S. will devolve, because that’s what it’s supposed to do, legally and culturally, and it must. The U.S. is a union of independent STATES, each with their own cultures and laws, and it was never meant, in fact it is strictly illegal, to run them from the center, trampling each and all, as we have since Lincoln. This is the source of nearly all our problems, the other being federal taxes, funding which then wouldn’t be large, and federal monopoly, influence, and protection which couldn’t exist.

    So look forward to the ‘devolving’ even if you wish to call it ‘tribalism’. Maybe, but it’s regionalism and culturalism, and I don’t see how it can function otherwise. Regions, peoples, and cultures, are why we don’t have a planet government, or at least not yet.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 4 2019 #47763

    Dr. D

    “it can be enforced against anyone in the press”

    That’s why this, and many other laws, are completely unconstitutional. But when government wants more power, which is always, judges agree with prosecutors, policemen, congress, and the executive AGAINST YOU, to make anything illegal that’s convient at the time. There are a variety of others, like the 2nd, of course, but the recently exhumed Logan Act comes to mind. Never used since 1799 in the Adams Administration, it intends to keep private citizens (Presently Kerry, Biden, and Obama) from trying to co-negotiate and co-represent the presently-elected U.S. government and thereby hamper all progress from pure self-interested peevishness. As it’s written, however, it prevents all American citizens from talking to anyone who is employed by any foreign government about virtually anything that might be seen as profitable and political. Nevertheless, it’s still hanging around to be used when the government feels like enforcing it against anyone they don’t like, for the once-in-240-years emergency. Or against you, if you happened to exchange words in a cruise ship bar, with an Italian who was once a diplomat.

    “The more laws and commands there are, the more thieves and robbers there will be” –Tao te Ching.

    But don’t worry: we’ll make more! We make thousands more a year, but that’s nothing: the EU makes ten thousand.

    “No man’s life, liberty, or property, are safe while the legislature is in session.” –Gideon J. Tucker

    “Swedish Court Rejects Request To Detain Julian Assange (G.)”

    Assange breeching the first gauntlet, to be exonerated of his smears in Sweden. Thanks Sweden! Hey, you’re the nation that’s held up for us all to emulate, obeying any oligarch, breaking any law, killing journalists, the people cowering in their rooms rather than do anything about it. Yes, that’s our hero!

    Now if only he can live long enough to testify before Congress and hopefully prove his 1st Amendment case. That may, or probably, is the deal DJT is cutting with the Queen right now. The U.K. and MI6 are going to get away with rigging the U.S. election, in return we’ll keep quiet about it and let them save face, while Assange gets to the U.S. to testify about Brennan et co, but also doesn’t counter-attack the murderous British villains who masterminded all this, including Brennan et co. Or so one can propose. There is NO specific evidence and can’t be, or Brennan and the Dark state would kill him if they had to nuke London to do it.

    “US Moving Toward Major Antitrust Probe of Tech Giants (R.)”

    Ah, it warms to cockles to see these INGSOC maniacs begin to be completely destroyed. At least here. I have no doubt China will have a tyrannical fascist state, and Europe mimicking them, as we see in Article 13, joyfully followed by Macron arresting journalists who mildly embarrass them and barely do their jobs, and Germany, and the U.K, and…

    “Tech Stocks Crushed by Potential “Unprecedented, Wide-Ranging Probe” (WS)

    As wildly deserved when every 3rd-rate unicorn who never turned a profit is worth more than GM or Ford, and every tech giant out there is worth more than Exxon. Which do you think is more valuable? Heat and light? Or Tweeting?

    According to the market, Tweeting, obviously, but that’s what happens when money has no meaning, and there are no free markets worldwide. Ask Powell, that’s his day job.

    “Amazon and Facebook Both Want to Read Human Emotions (Kesel)”

    The problem is less that they do this, than that – if you know ANYTHING about computers, they will TOTALLY DO IT WRONG. It will break, fail, attack people with facial deformities or ethnic types, it will alert authorities in grade schools (who plan to use this) of the wrong threats, who will then overreact, attack students, and get counter-sued into oblivion. But since every. single. thing. computers do is an utter failure, they’re broken all the time, they lose your money, steal your password, reveal your data, misroute your Square receipts to your ex-husband, falsely book your hotel rooms, crash your plane, break your car and make it burst into flames, clearly we haven’t had enough and the answer is – you guessed it – MORE computers. Because when you hate humanity and all life just. that. much. Any possible way to remove, destroy, annoy, and unemploy humans is a sacred good, even if the world you created for yourself doesn’t work at all, for anyone, computers and cars included, and collapses on itself, bankrupt. Or so my total life experience has demonstrated, at least since Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in 1823.

    But don’t worry, just like government, this one time it won’t backfire and it’ll all work out. Trust us.

    “Canadian Inquiry Calls Deaths of Indigenous Women ‘Genocide’ (R.)”

    Okay, so 1,000 in 30 years? That’s 30 deaths a year in a nation of 30 Million. The murder rate in Canada was 660 last year. That would be 20,000 in 30 years. While noticeably higher than the aggregate population (and meanwhile, they live in some of the toughest neighborhoods) and need remediation, I think what they’ve murdered here is the meaning of the word “genocide.”

    “High Likelihood of Human Civilization Coming to an End in 2050 (Nafeez Ahmed)”

    Dez guyz. I know what they mean, but it’s hard to believe how small-minded and culturally-oblivious/centrist they are. So…schmarty-guyz, was there no human culture or civilization before the Internet? No cathedrals in the Middle Ages? No aqueducts or instant, ocean-wide galley travel in the Roman era? The Greek era? The Egyptian era? No pyramids? No terra-cotta army in 200BC? No steam-powered robotic automatons and Antikytheria machines in Greece?

    Hold my hand and travel further back: No Iliad, no human civilization of men, with kingdoms, laws and rules of hospitality in 1,000BC? No massive writing and astrology in Babylon? We’re now at 3,000 BC.

    How about the !Kung bushmen? Not human? Not civilized? Gee, they seem NOT to have invaded 15 nations and killed 2 million people this century, unlike, oh, say, YOUR people. How about the Algonquin, the Mandan — not human, not civilized? They don’t even have roads or ‘houses’, yet their culture would carry on and not even notice the loss of London, New York, Tokyo, and be far better off for it. Wow, the cultural superiority and myopia is breathtaking. If 5 humans exist, there will be human civilization and culture. Because that’s who we are.

    What he means is there won’t be Toyotas and Starbucks peppered between unsustainable and temporary suburbias, with useless, invasive, oil-wasting 737s overhead, protected by an army that uses the most oil on the planet and kills the most humans for no reason, all fed by Monsanto that is destroying the most seed species and poisoning the most plants, bugs, and humans while their children are abducted and raped by the ten-thousands by active violence and neglect. THAT’S the civilization he’s worried we will lose. But he’s already lost it, because our “civilization” is ALREADY not civilized. Nor is it any longer “human”. But having no sense of history, culture, biology, or humanity, he can’t tell. Which is pretty much worldwide, no slight to him personally.

    “If we are (almost) the only animal with a sense of justice, it is because we also are (almost) the only animal with a sense of cruelty.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Speaking of, clearly Taleb has never seen a cat with a mouse. They have a refined sense of cruelty, just as animals in the wild tear each other apart and eat their fellows, still screaming and breathing. It’s only our human sense of “justice” that makes us NOT be so cruel, and to aspire to something greater and better. A cat won’t. A cougar would as soon fell and eat you as look at you if it can get away with it, as happens in Colorado and the rest of the United States from time to time. You’re not special, but you’ve been so sheltered you think you are. Sheltered by what? The “human civilization” you think we don’t have. We do. And wherever three or more of you meet, he is there.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 3 2019 #47751

    Dr. D

    “Economic Growth Is an Unnecessary Evil (TLE)”

    True. However, it is an artifact of debt-based compound interest. Without re-setting the monetary system, this cannot stop without wrecking the economy, probably going to war, and killing millions. Re-setting the economic system and repudiating the vertical-compounding debt is what they’re discussing right now, in China-US particularly. But don’t think it’s easy. Everyone loses.

    “Mueller Must Testify Publicly to Answer Three Critical Questions (Turley)”

    Still astonished at the rhetoric about the clear guilt of a man he could not refer charges for. They’ve taken to the weeds in whether he can be “indicted” or not. He cannot. However, the process and sole purpose of Mueller was to find and refer charges that could be, or not be, voted on for impeachment. As far as I can tell, he referred no charges. “Mr. Mustard, in the Library, with the Candlestick!” Instead, his rhetoric seems based on the assumption of guilt.

    Did anyone catch the run this weekend of his chop-job on transcripts? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-06-01/its-all-fraud-deceptive-edits-found-mueller-report
    He pointedly edited the lawyer’s phone records from something innocuous into a slime-of-obstruction. Or, as Cardinal Richelieu would say, “If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.” Our hero!

    But hey, no impeachment for illegal wars or the apparent attempt to entirely and completely sink the 1st amendment with Assange.

    Why? Because if you let government get large, they will always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, tyrannically join forces against the people, openly trampling all law, all order, all reason, and all contract to do so. hey will always take the side of themselves. So here we have the one thing all judges, Congress, and the President can agree on: more power, more violence, more oppression, more wars, and taking more money for themselves. But I have the solution! More government! Maybe making governments larger and trans-national! And giving more power and freedom to multi-national corporations and their billionaire owners. That’s the ticket!

    “He also knew his people had to mark the material because they were in the grand jury proceedings. Thus, Barr and Rosenstein reportedly were dumbfounded to receive a report that did not contain these markings. It meant the public report would be delayed by weeks”

    Anyway, along with the fun of lying-by-creative editing, THIS, and so much more!

    I wonder if anyone in Congress has read the Mueller report yet. As of last count, only two had bothered. RussiaRussiaRussia!

    “Alan Dershowitz: US ‘Overplayed Its Hand’ on Assange (NM)”

    Question of the hour: is it on purpose, as there is no double-jeopardy, and also a Supreme Court precedent to be had? We may not find out, as Britain will publically murder him first, with great cheering from the press. “Me next! Me next! Oh, oh, daddy government, slander and shoot me next!!”

    “Schiff was gung-ho to declassify “as much as possible about Russia hacking our elections” back in the summer of 2016, but now describes attempts to declassify information about the reasons for the probe as an attempt to “weaponize law enforcement.”

    Or as we call it in the United States, “Monday”. Congress, the secret agencies, Justice, the FBI, prosecutors, lie and have no principles? I’d say ‘why do you think Americans feel they need to be armed?’ but that’d be going too far.

    Well, at least Taibbi still tries. He and Kunstler are not on team “my side right or wrong.”

    ““..a million euro per Commissioner,”

    Has anyone looked into how much $1 Million is in Cyprus and Romania? I’m sure they don’t mind, and you can throw in the Greeks too. Who needs electricity and heat when we have EU commissioners to feed?

    “Science Institute that Advised EU and UN ‘Actually Industry Lobby Group’ (G.)”

    Ah, Science! The science that’s settled! (By going to the highest bidder, and changing willy-nilly as the auctions come in.) So. Shocked. But go on, love your secular priesthood as they screw you AND little boys. Me, I’ll put kindling between their toes and light it on fire and chase them round the town with a whifflebat to keep them honest men. …Because apparently they require it.

    “EU Candidate to Run UN Food Body Will ‘Not Defend’ EU Stance on GMO (G.)”

    Speaking of screwing the public, oh, and screwing all the animals down to insects too… Put that in Leviticus of your Green secular Bible.

    “Helsinki’s Radical Solution to Homelessness (G.)”

    Have to look that all areas and solutions are not the same. In several U.S. places, the young have shelters but refuse to use them. I agree. I’d rather camp than put up with any rules, which is a wide problem among the people I’ve known in this position. They’re not obedient, normal, cube-hamsters, because if they were, they’d already be working at Taco Bell. If you give them houses, often enough they’ll trash them for similar reasons, and when they’re too unpleasant, move on to greener pastures. Ask me how I know. If not, you’re their maid service, and they live better than me, and on my endless hard work. There are solutions, but they’re not “houses”. We have houses. A lot of them. “Many long-term homeless people have addictions, mental health issues, medical conditions that need ongoing care.”

    Right now, L.A. is tearing out the carpets in City Hall because they have fleas. The fleas ARE carrying typhus. They’re going medieval in L.A., S.F. and all over C.A., and bubonic plague is not out of the question. All for this, above, which they won’t solve. And these are all DNC states and cities, who have all spent 10x what their counterparts have spent, and it’s only compounding the problem. Meanwhile, in 1952, or 1922, we had a fraction, a pittance of the money, no government programs, and didn’t have these problems. My bet: stop destroying the community, the family, the nation, and self-help because you see all human action as a threatening competition to government. Let the people be, as the Tao te Ching suggests, and it will stop getting worse. How? Well, the more you’ve been trying the worse it’s been for 100 years in a row, isn’t it time to try the opposite? “Let my people go!”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 31 2019 #47702

    Dr. D

    “Julian Assange Shows Psychological Torture Symptoms – UN Expert (G.)”

    Not sure what they’re saying here: we already know he’s been extensively tortured. We watched it happen while the UN did nothing. In fact, he’s probably being murdered right now. So…UN planning on doing something? Well, they didn’t even issue a sternly written letter here, so my guess is no.
    Here’s an idea: vote the UK as a terrorist state and major violator of human rights, then take a vote to censure them and boot them out. You know, in lieu of bombing and invading them, which we might vote to do tomorrow. That’ll get their attention. But no: it’s far FAR more important to SIGNAL virtue than to HAVE virtue. PS, where’s Australia? Censure, sanction, and boot them too.

    “we now have to hope he’s never moved from there to America.”

    And great that everybody thinks charges = conviction. There is no presumption of innocence, or that a man, once charged, even MIGHT, even COULD, be found innocent and set free. Maybe we should discuss why that is so deeply ingrained they can’t see the fishbowl. In my world, you’re just as likely to be found innocent as guilty, because if the government charges you, you probably ARE innocent, not guilty. Join with the sound of inevitability, Mr. Anderson! Don’t bother using the 50,000 tactics at your disposal to actually get things done, like Monsanto plaintiffs or Judicial Watch does, you’re small and helpless. You outnumber the government 170:1, any State Attorney General can bring them to heel, they already can’t enforce federal laws nationwide, but we’re helpless and have no leverage. Might as well surrender now.

    So the Supreme Court upheld the Pentagon Papers and nothing’s changed now; so why do you think they would lose and not win? Wishful thinking? If you’re a helpless loser, you don’t have to do anything, you can have “peace in our time” and not “if trouble must come, let it, the mortal fight, come in my time”? Apparently. You can shut down the government in 6 hours with a tax strike. The states can stop cooperating until the law is re-established—we already know they can, since they do it to protect NON-citizens, while they utterly refuse to protect NATURAL citizens. But it’s your Republic, ma’am, if you can keep it.

    Oh and PS, this is what always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, happens when government gets large. But wait! We’ll make it larger and give it MORE power to stop it! Yes!!! Social Democracy, that’s the ticket! A ticket to “The Unrelenting State (Craig Murray)”

    “The only way the S&P 500 doesn’t sink massively today is if Trump rows back on this.”

    They’re hilarious. The only way it could sink is if we actually had markets. We don’t. Trump will tell Mnuchin to click a mouse, then go have coffee for 6 hours. Traders will cheer and buy buy buy.

    Well, good for returning jobs, I guess. We’ll need them since sanctioning the whole planet means we’re cutting ourselves off from the world. Good for the world? Good for us? I would think people would be happy, but you can’t satisfy anyone these days.

    “Trade policy and border security are separate issues.”

    Perhaps, but any attempt to even discuss non-open borders, say the DACA he already offered, increasing immigration, but legally, have been rejected out of hand. Congress won’t negiate, nobody’s doing nothing. So when 100,000 foreigners enter your nation monthly, say 1,000,000/year, what would you call that? And they’re mad we didn’t build 5-10 new cities to house them, such racists as we take 1M legally and probably half that illegally — almost entirely their vaunted “POC” — without fretting too much. But it’s never enough.

    Let me put this another way: A Chinese general said if he fought the United States, he’d put a million men on the field….and have them surrender. Then he’d take a million MORE men…and have THEM surrender. The system would be choked, the U.S. by their own morals wouldn’t shoot them. The nation would be overrun and collapse as 2M men would escape and overtake from within. For whatever reason – intentional or unintentional — that’s exactly what’s happening now. 6 states have less than 1M population. You are adding a new state, every year, for what’s probably 25 years now. Nobody really said nothing. We weren’t making a big deal. We’re tolerant, but even the U.S. has limits. 25 new states since Reagan’s amnesty? A new (democratic-voting) U.S. city every 30 days? Can you see why this is a crisis? They are each and all citizens of their own countries. Why aren’t they home, working and improving things there?

    “Cohen believes the conspiracy theory – which remains front-page news in US media despite being thoroughly discredited”

    Nope. When I say something, sourced in wikipedia, like say Project Northwoods or Gulf of Tonkin, a thing where you can look up the documents in the federal register under FOIA, it’s still not true. When they keep saying something their own FBI special investigator says did NOT happen, it’s NOT a tinfoil-hat-wearing, spittle-flecked, stark raving nonsense. Because we only believe our own side. What’s true is whatever I think it is, a minute ago, without evidence, because there is no objective reality, there is no #logos. When everyone on Twitter agrees because billionaire oligarch Jack Dorsey prints and promotes it, how can that be wrong? Isn’t reality decided by popularity, by democratic mob vote? They are the Church of Karl Rove: “We create our own reality now…” How’d that work out for them?

    “Malaysia PM Wants Evidence to Show Russia Shot Down MH17 (FMT)”

    So do we all. Malaysia also said they plan to buy all the Huawei they can. Sounds like they need some #Freedom! Expect ISIS and Boko Haram to appear there tomorrow.

    “Why is the CEO still in office?”

    Because when you print phony shares in DTCC “failures to deliver” you also can create fake voters for fake corporate voting rights. So all you need to do to lie, cheat, and prosper is to control the system. Taser had a vote where twice as many people voted as there were shares outstanding. No one batted an eye. They all know, they don’t care, because they think fraud will get them money instead of getting them irreversibly down the road to h-ll. Y’all want money? Wait until our hyperinflation and repudiation, you’re going to get it good and hard.

    What? How can that happen?

    “Yield-Curve Spaghetti (WS)”

    It can happen when deep yield curve inversions guarantee a wicked recession while you’re all hyper-leveraged and the Fed is long since out of ammo. Duh.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 30 2019 #47680

    Dr. D

    “If we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

    Very surprised, though I shouldn’t be, that nobody has covered the basic legal issue here. Mueller did or didn’t declare Trump innocent. Was he saying there might be a crime? If he refuses to suggest charges, doesn’t that mean he’s guilty?

    Here’s the scoop: IF you are CONVICTED of a crime, by a jury, you are GUILTY. Working backwards, a prosecutor prepares himself for the court presentation by creating a case based on evidence given to him by an INVESTIGATOR. The investigator examines evidence from witnesses, crime scenes, etc, in order to refer this raw information to the D.A./Attorney General who can then decide whether the evidence suggests any such case can be won. They empanel a GRAND JURY in order to present cursory evidence, notably WITHOUT allowing any evidence to the defense, in order to see if those public jurors will refer the case to a real and expensive trial. And since the defense can do and present nothing at that time, often not even know the event is taking place, they can “indict a ham sandwich”, since the prosecution can essentially lie, hide evidence of innocence, and get in no trouble for it.

    Okay, so what do you have when you have: No trial, No case, No Grand Jury, and you HAVE been investigated, very, very thoroughly? Innocence? No, neither the investigator nor the prosecutor can affirm your innocence, as being declared definitively “innocent” exists only in Scottish law.

    No, YOU ARE INNOCENT BECAUSE YOU ARE ALWAYS INNOCENT, walking around. YOU ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Anyone remember any of that? It used to exist in this country. Not only are you innocent until investigated, innocent until indicted, you are right through the trial after the jury retires, and remain INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

    They’re having so much trouble with this – Mueller, Congress, the media, all of them — because they’ve forgotten the basic premise here, not having used it in 50 years. So if you’re considered innocent until convicted, how much more if no one can refer charges to the Prosecutor, or even delineate what crime MIGHT have been committed, even if they felt the case was too weak to present.

    But why do I bother? In a nation of men, not laws, law is only what I want it to be, until I want it to change and be the opposite, a minute later. Like when we investigate Russians for 3 years, but then it’s cray-cray to investigate Russians for Uranium One, Tony Podesta, or the billion from Ukraine for Biden, after he fired their prosecutor for looking into the transfers to his son. That’s NOT Russia. That’s NOT to be investigated, ‘natch. THAT’S political overreach, even though that actually happened.

    “China Accuses US of ‘Naked Economic Terrorism’ (AFP)”

    Quite correct. But they’re just jealous because they’re doing and want the same thing. As right now with Rare Earths?

    “cutting his worst-case forecast for Tesla stock from $97 to just $10”

    These guys have an amazing optimistic view of Bearishness. I’d put it at 10c, if not below zero. They were always a tax-transfer FROM the poor, carless folks in flyoverland TO the ultra-wealthy super-car buyers in San Jose. Without that money – my money – those cars cannot sell, and the company that sells no cars is worthless. Just like Solyndra, ironically ALSO a Tesla scam. But since Teslas destroy poor people, the nation, AND their drivers in gruesome fires, the sooner they die the better it is for the planet. Just like every other time the government “helped” with anything, Amtrak, school loans, home mortgages, health care — prices rise and quality falls in a straight line until the whole sector they helped collapses into rubble and utter ruin, at enormous cost. And takes MORE of my money I don’t have to fix, while billionaires like Mozillo or Daimon walk away rich.

    “He lied about Brexit by stating Britain would be 350 million pounds a week better off outside the EU…”

    I guess nobody knows because we can never find out. Wouldn’t surprise me though, the EU is dreadful and far from making money on free trade and borders, has been losing billions every year since they started.

    “The Day Einstein Became a Global Star (Dunn)”

    And yet Einstein is ALSO wrong, just as Newton was, but nobody yet knows what to replace him with, even though his theories say half the universe is unknown or missing. How big does the hole have to be before you cry Uncle?

    “Good News: Elephant Slaughter Down. Bad News: They Still Face Total Doom (AFP)”

    There’s only one solution: give elephants the right to bear arms.

    Offered for interest: Trump is trying to get the Democrats to impeach him. He knows the economy is going down, and needs them to blame it on. He also can’t be convicted, since they own the Senate, so it would be the ultimate in pointless, self-destructive virtue-signaling: their true forte’. I suggest this was always a primary plan, although they have others.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 29 2019 #47658

    Dr. D

    “Julian Assange’s lawyers requested the court session be postponed due to their client’s ill health.”

    Ah, so they’re poisoning him. I guess I should have seen that coming. Good call rather than risk putting him in front of Congress, and right up Britain’s wheelhouse after Litvinenko and the Skripals. Ah, but when it’s important, you have to lie, and cheat, and murder, right? Because that’s truth and goodness. The media cheers! “Oh, me next! Me next, please!”

    “The latest indictments of WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange are a blueprint for making journalists into felons, a test case for dismantling the First Amendment”

    Yes, and guess what will happen if the Supreme Court strikes it down as utter rubbish. Don’t assume it’s going here, nor there. It’s only a case right now, and it only sounds bad because the media — or the six billionaires that own it — is trying to kill him.

    “Christopher Steele Refuses To Cooperate With AG Barr’s Probe (ZH)”

    As far as I understand, Steele doesn’t have to do jack because he’s not a U.S. citizen. It’s a diplomatic matter between the U.S. and Britain, where MI6 tried to remove the sitting President of their closest ally, just ‘cause they wanted. Oh, and used Australia and New Zealand to turn the gears. However, if you like we can indict and extradite a non-citizen, who committed no crimes on U.S. soil, and give him 500 years in prison for (not) talking to the Russians, like Assange. Isn’t that what we do now?

    “Pence Predicts Perpetual War at West Point Graduation (Maj. Danny Sjursen)”

    They’re all love-birds of John McCain, who promised us a 100-year war. Trotskyites, the eternal revolution. Of who? Well, FOR the deep state for global government, and AGAINST every other human on the planet. Read their papers if you think I’m kidding. Also, it’s a perpetual war we’re losing or have lost. Only the best of W. Va. and AL have lost, now unable to be upstanding citizen and workers at home, doing their duty to hold down government instead of obey generals to move opium. Only the war profiteers have won, as intended. So, win-win, amirite? Dead patriots, high profits, no opposition.

    “The Geography of War: No Iraq…? No Iran! (OffG)”

    Can’t you see how belligerent they are? How did Iran get in the middle of all our military bases?!? They’re just asking for it, mister.

    “China Steps Up Threat To Deprive US Of Rare Earths (AFP)”

    This is hilarious. You think China won’t export them to France, who will export them to us, when all we need to do is print money on a color copier and load it on pallets at 10x, 100x, 1,000x the price, who cares! ? Or is China going to boycott the planet of rare earths? Or boycott a friend-of-a-friend the way we do? Or maybe we will boycott food if they boycott metals. …And don’t tell me we don’t have military stockpiles, when we can print money for free. We also were the world leader in this poisonous industry, so we COULD re-open the mines-on-tap in a year. But, your move. Paving your rice paddies to put us factories and houses was just as dumb as when we did it, but we’re still a top food exporter. Which would you rather have? iPhones, or i Eat?

    But wait, I forgot we have no leverage and should just surrender rather than negotiate.

    “Corbyn Set to Back Second Brexit Referendum (R.)”

    Didn’t we just have that referendum when Brexit/UKIP savaged all other parties for the MEP? Also Labour promised they wouldn’t double-cross us, and yet they double-crossed us first chance they got? So. Shocked.

    “UK by Far the Biggest Enabler of Global Corporate Tax Dodging (Ind.)”

    But unlike Ireland, they do it in a sneaky, underhanded way. So does the U.S. which is the largest tax haven, larger than Panama or anywhere. …But not open to U.S. citizens. Naturally if it’s ourselves, you’re screwed, taxed like a rented mule, even if you flee the country.

    “Amnesty to Cull Managers after Probe into ‘Toxic’ Workplace (CNA)”

    As long as you can print money, they will always infiltrate and muzzle all these NGOs, by design. Then the space if filled and you can’t get a REAL Amnesty International going anywhere. The best enemy is the one you built, own, and control, while the morons believe in Goldberg. The only thing better than that is TELLING them, openly, in 1949, having every school read it until 1990, and STILL having them fall for it. Ah, warms the cockles of the evil heart. But that’s okay, we’ll tell the Press, I’m sure they’ll warn everyone and work it out.

    “Canadian Lawmakers Fume after Facebook’s Zuckerberg Snubs Invitation (R.)”

    Welcome to being the servant of Multinational foreign corporations, dummies. This is why we have sovereignty. Shut them off at the border and pull their business license until they buckle. If not, I guess we know which of you is in charge.

    Here’s an idea: a corporation can only be licensed from the state after proving their idea or service is in the public good. That’s law, maybe we’d like to enforce it again. Wells Fargo, banking license, anyone? Unlike being a person, being a corporation is not a right, it’s a priviledge, easily removed. But as I say, I guess we know who is in charge.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 28 2019 #47624

    Dr. D

    “A pension ’til I pass away – that was the deal.”

    Why, oh why do people trust the government? Honestly, I ask you, why? And like GM or Nortel workers, trust the company too. You could have put money away from them, aside, so that in the very likely event they screw you, you’d have your own investment account to fall back on, but now it’s too late. I would be slow to blame the victim, but this is just law, and has been in the news yearly since 1975. Are you a victim if you don’t adjust your path after 45 years of warning? I mean yes, and no. Life is not a sure ride. Take action.

    “Charges that he stole nearly $300,000 from adult film actress [and] that he tried to extort up to $25 million from athletic apparel giant Nike”

    Speaking of trusting lawyers, this is the ethos. You think other lawyers, the bar, had no idea what was going on the last 20 years? And did not start charges, he hasn’t been investigated, much less disbarred. This is a surprise? And you trust them with your pension?

    “More than 10,000 Canadians have died of opioid-related overdoses since 2016..”

    They clearly didn’t care, because they let the number get to 10,000. (CA is 1/10 the size of the U.S., so think 100,000 deaths in American terms), however they DID see dollar signs, now that the states are filling their budgets on vulture ‘capitalism.’ Yay government! Let 60k die per year with towns of 2,000 have 200,000 opioid prescriptions and see no red flags! That’s regulation, that’s helping! Later, instead of arresting all the failed FDA/FBI officials who let 60k a year die for 10 years, they get PAID for your deaths. From the corporations who that allowed and encouraged to commit crimes. Just like mortgage fraud, SEC fraud, HFT fraud, Boeing, Nexium… Helping! Helping so much!

    “German Woman With 1,800 Cows Allowed To Stay In India (AFP)”

    And to think the environmentalists are trying to kill every cow on the planet, in order to help the animals of the earth. …We had to kill the cows, to save them, naturally. This sounds a cheerful story. Cows are pleasant fellows.

    “forcing ancient foragers to spend their days carrying water buckets”

    Both are true, or perhaps far more, as history is very, very large. So these stories tell far more about US than about them. …Of whom we know relatively little, actually. Today, you can go out in the wilds and live. Why don’t we/they? Cities have been terrible, but also magnificent, reflecting the same nature in all human hearts. And nature too, which we are: elephants would love to destroy your front garden; termites would turn your house to ash. We have the luxury of seeing our natural brothers as fluffy, lovable, stuffed animals, when really, as Rogan said, the grizzly you meet in the forest kills something every day. He killed something last night, and will kill something again tomorrow, and he’s not bothered if you are that thing today. Go out into nature and struggle with them, it will put your head on straight.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 27 2019 #47596

    Dr. D

    “ Centrist Bloc Loses Majority In EU (CNBC)”

    Might matter if the EU was a democracy, but it’s not. Parliament is purely an advisory role, like the Soviet Union or Communist China, the unelected, unaccountable EU bureaucracy makes the policy and decisions.

    “is likely to push the Conservative leadership candidates into hardline positions on leaving the EU.”

    Just as I said 3 years ago, they have no choice but a no-deal Brexit. They’re paying the bills, there’s no way the EU will let a helpless tax-donkey off the ranch. Congratulations: you’ve now wasted 3 years, this could all be over! And you still have to no-deal anyway.

    “his new party swept to victory in the United Kingdom’s European Parliament election,”

    This suggests that Brexit is more popular than the media portrays, and that a 2nd referendum might lose again, doesn’t it? Media, pollsters, Westminster, lying??? Heavens! “Hillary Clinton is up by 12%.”

    “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” ― George Orwell

    “But now it’s the very same Guardian that feels threatened.”

    Welcome to the party. PS also the Guardian who is still sitting on treasure troves of further material and refusing to publish it, like good little billionaire toadies and statists. Not printing the truth? That’s journalism! Or it is now anyway. Don’t worry, tomorrow they will smear him again, on fake news, without fact-checking. They only care about their OWN skin and jobs, because their actions prove they are narcissistic sociopaths.

    “S&P 500 Would Be 19% Lower Between 2011 And Q1 2019 Without Buybacks (CNBC) “

    This is the money fire hose that makes millionaires, billionaires, while the rest of their nations in the U.S. and Britain collapse into ruin, lacking food or water to drink. But more, this is not S&P GAINS, heavens, no. These companies took on overwhelming, crushing DEBT, did not invest it in people or R&D, have no sales and no market, and are now so far out on a limb a sparrow could collapse them. So don’t cry for me Argentina when the inevitable inevitably occurs. But dumb? Nope, they’ll have jumped out with a golden parachute, leaving the companies and their nations in flames.

    “Shanghai’s Pudong Development Bank was fined for using 1,493 shell companies to hide non-performing loans.”

    And China only learns from the best.

    in reply to: War and Young Americans #47584

    Dr. D

    It looks bad but don’t lose hope. The wars are fought, and fought forever, only because they can print the currency. If they lose access to money, they lose access to war. And they’ve never been so close to losing the money. China and Russia and everyone else have built a second system, and the more Bolton and Pompeo march around the faster it’s built. The more people we sanction, the faster we’re cut off. We have never been so close to losing the money system, not in 200 years. Could be next month, the way things look.

    And what if they try? That’s part two of keeping hope: although the government, the corporations, the media (but I repeat myself) are 100% pro-war, war every minute for every reason, the people are not, as illustrated in Caitlin’s quotes. On the Army website. In public. They are not afraid and not ashamed. The media is incapable of shame, but it doesn’t matter: they’ve already shot their wad. They’ve already done everything. They are 100% all in, redlined the engine and no motion. Will Americans fight? Sure, we’ll always fight, but apparently we’re all fighting the GOVERNMENT; one side fighting jack-booted statism and and the other is fighting Trump. I suggest that’s a different situation than before. P.S. I still wouldn’t suggest invading, as if that was ever a credible, even functionally possible threat, but I don’t think it is. We still have a rifle behind every blade of grass, like Admiral Yamamoto said. Don’t avert our aim from the government, monopolies, corporations, and Facebook, and attract it to yourself. No one will.

    But this goes like all markets, which are natural objects, like wind, weather, and flight of birds. It always goes vertical in an unsustainable blow-off top before suddenly reversing, without notice. A bird turns? A leaf falls? That last snowflake? No one knows, but it’s in the charts all the same. If the war mongers are 100% in, who’d left to buy? If with 100% support, they’re going nowhere, doesn’t that mean the tide is turned?

    I guess we will all know shortly. But the real turn is the return to truth and honest money, strangely they are the same. If 4 years or 40 years of villainy is declassified, what is a currency worth that is based on “Full faith and confidence”? In our banks, our government, our military that can’t take on Venezuela, the size of New Jersey, and ALSO can’t take New Jersey, and doesn’t dare. Hey didn’t they outlaw guns there, and Connecticut, and New York? And –zero– people obeyed the law? What’s up with that? Aren’t they all-powerful and going to round up those lawbreakers? How about the hash growers? That’s a high-level federal offense. Where are you guys? Bolton? Wray? Barr? Anybody home?

    So we have a currency depending on confidence no one has, in a nation no one respects, that doesn’t have an economy, and can’t beat Afghans from the stone age. That currency cannot abide, because both legs of the stool are gone: it’s not even inertia. And without that currency, the military cannot stand, because it can’t get paid. Today? Tomorrow? When the market realizes they aren’t getting a $5T stimulus thanks to reckless, pointless stonewalling?

    That’s when this ends, with honest money. And when that happens, China goes too, and they stop buying rhinos. Well, it’s an ill wind indeed that blows no good. We won’t like it, but the party was long ago. Now it’s only the paying.

    “I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.” –Thomas Paine.

    …Though the heavens fall.

    in reply to: War and Young Americans #47582

    Dr. D

    The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.” –Ernest Hemingway

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 25 2019 #47554

    Dr. D

    “may have triggered the most important press freedom case in the US in 300 years.”

    We’ve not gone anywhere yet. Imagine what happens if the Supreme Court upholds the Constitution for a change. …Which seems an easy call, but hey, there were 20 ways Obamacare was illegal, primarily that it is not a Federal function under the 10th, and that got through.

    P.S., you can’t be a spy when you’re not the one doing the hacking, but exclusively the publicizing. Because…a spy everybody knows? On the front page each month? Not much of a spy, is he?

    Note, at the same time, we may get a forewarning if pushing through Sweden forces them to drop smears and charges and reclaim his innocence. But they’ll call it an accident or legal error, watch. Doesn’t matter so long as he’s cleared.

    “WikiLeaks “repeatedly sought, obtained, and disseminated information”

    You mean like a journalist should? Like they would have if Clinton hadn’t stopped publishing anti-trust and pushed all media into 6 billionaire hands? Like that?

    “help a hostile foreign government interfere in our election”

    Because: not a journalist. This has never been proven, not even substantiated. Yet she can smear the one man who can prove it, and although he says it publicly, Maddow knows better, having never been there, and interviewed nobody. I’ve got an idea: the eyewitness has told you something; let’s believe him until we have evidence otherwise. Oh, and P.S., ALSO like a journalist, let’s believe the government is lying until proven otherwise. Safe bet.

    “Violence is the sole language of empire.”

    Well no, that’s why empires work, because they use other means; violence is always too expensive. But it’s a disturbing overtone that infects back home.

    “A war machine which targeted and killed civilians and journalists by soldiers behind a glowing screen thousands of miles away, as if they were playing a video game.”

    Don’t worry, they kill civilians here too, in person, and don’t care either. No one’s been charged; no one goes to jail. You could watch the bodycam footage all day. The fact he can say this and not recognize it shows how he’s been indoctrinated too.

    “Trump Wants Investigation Into Australia’s Role In ‘Russian Hoax’ (G.)”

    This is deep in Britain’s now-open election rigging via Five Eyes. Also the various trips by the ex-admin HRC and Obama to NZ to take that back-door look into the FBI investigations and their pals’ work, before their security clearances were revoked. (And still now, most are not. Obama and Kerry have moved on to illegally negotiating with foreign nations on behalf of the U.S. in Palestine, Iran, and Korea. Busy beavers.) But no. Although we have an encyclopedia of evidence it was Britain MI6 back-to-front, it’s RussiaRussiaRussia, every day still. Discredited? Nonsense. We just say it again. And Again. And Again. Forever and ever and ever and ever.

    “Trump Declares Emergency To Expedite Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia And UAE (CNN)”

    Ugh. But do remember the minute we stop with violent, regressive, oppressive S.A., the Petrodollar and US$ will fall. You want that now? This minute? Or later? I mean, your choice. Personally, I’d bet on Turkey taking down Spain, then the EU with contagion. China’s right behind, far worse, but under dramatic power and control. But it’s all about where you place the blame. For the record, I WOULD cut off S.A. Fiat justitia ruat caelum.

    Not only 3’ snow in Saudi Arabia, too cold and wet to plant in Ontario, snowing in Corsica, it’s so cold in Bulgaria that they are taking Storks indoors and feeding them fish to carry them over. And it’s June. It’s cold-warm, or warm-cold, and all this snow means warming, and the record water in CA and AZ means drought, just as always predicted.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 24 2019 #47541

    Dr. D

    Planting delayed throughout the midwest into June, and still raining in CA over the Oroville dam. No end in sight.

    No food for you!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 24 2019 #47540

    Dr. D

    “charged by the Trump administration’s Justice Department with 17 counts of violating the Espionage Act, carrying a maximum sentence of 175 years in prison.”

    What? That can’t be. I was promised by every media outlet that he was just paranoid and placed himself in self-exile in the Embassy. Besides, don’t we have a 1st Amendment here? And no jurisdiction over citizens OF other countries, IN other countries? Yeah.

    “complete authority to declassify”

    Yawn. Wake me when they tell the truth.

    “Wyden warned that using the draconian legislation to effectively punish Assange for journalistic work might have dangerous implications”

    And if it all gets overturned in court for being hella-illegal, that would have other dangerous implications. For the unbridled the Statism everybody is so in love with.

    “Today, they use the law as a sword, and have shown their willingness to bring the full power of the state against the very institution intended to shield us”

    As warned and predicted by everyone since 1776. That’s why we have LIMITED government. As small and pushed to the local level as possible. You can’t have government tax everything, choose everything, order everything, give everything, fix everything, without this also becoming so. And once it’s so, they STOP giving out and creating order and live only for themselves at the expense of the people, and murder anyone who gets in the way. Yet they will still –STILL—want MORE government, MORE fixes, to fix the fix of the last power-grab. When does it end? After 100 years of losing the same pass play, will someone finally learn here?

    “Amnesty International: Julian Assange “Not A Prisoner Of Conscience” (Wsws)”

    As soon as these guys are set up, like the Sierra Club – or the NRA for that matter – they are burrowed into by moles, bought off, and co-opted. This cannot effectively be prevented so long as we can print $20 Trillion to hand out to the co-opters, and China can print $40T in 20 years to buy dead rhinos. Are you done with corruption yet? Can you decline and promote honesty again, honest men, honest money? Nope, because that requires a change of the HEART, a change that is a spiritual revival, one willing to die for. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I’m alright, Jack. So if you don’t want it, don’t complain about it. Don’t curse God and his envoys on earth, he’s giving you exactly what you desired. Corruption, money, violence, power-over.

    “Theresa May Announces June 7 Resignation (G.)”

    Yay! May also entirely destroyed the Conservative party! And to think that’s something even Cameron couldn’t do. Because illegal wars, human rights violations, setting up slave markets, and the murder of a million brown people? Meh. Embarrass and inconvenience us at home? How dare you! And these are the CONSERVATIVES. It took Tony Blair, a Liberal/Labour, to REALLY kill millions. Let that sink in. I pray they’re both scattered to the winds. P.S., the precious E.U. supported every one of them, and the death of Greece to boot.

    Hey, I’ve got an idea! A new party will save us! We’ll just give it even MORE power and LESS oversight. That’s the ticket.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 23 2019 #47520

    Dr. D

    “Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi Warfare Hits New Level (USA Today)”

    Part of the circus, to prevent nearly everything from being done, no jobs, no roads, no water. Thanks! I’m sure your voters will love that in 2020. Anyway, Pelosi literally said in her after-meeting press conference, “I have no idea why Donald chose to take a pass on this opportunity for the American people.”

    No idea. Really. Because he told you in the meeting, then walked directly from that meeting, into a national, world-wide press conference, and told everybody why he took a pass. Lord, give me patience.

    Totally expected. However, not an election-winner, I don’t think. Citizens are not going to like to hear that a fire hose of money on their 18% unemployment rate was stopped because they wanted their 4th of 5th do-over.

    “Avenatti Indicted for Defrauding Stormy Daniels, Extorting Nike (ABC)”

    Remember: this is Presidential material according to CNN. His only problem is he stole a million not a billion. And he hasn’t killed anyone (we know of). To be an approved President, you need lots of practice, a trail of bodies, and repeat “beautiful bombs, beautiful bombs.” Then you’re the President. Remember, CNN?

    “On cable news, Trump’s decision to take action was nothing short of heroic.

    CNN’s Fareed Zakaria said Friday morning that “Donald Trump became President of the United States” the moment the bombs started dropping.”


    Ah, so proud! Our proudest day since Grenada!

    “Credit-Card Charge-Offs Rise Across Banking System (WS)”

    Because the economy is so great, perhaps the greatest, ever! With tent cities, no fresh water, and 18% unemployment.

    “The Truth about US Inequality (Colombo)”

    This is simple: we have non-stop government-protected monopolies. Cue Mussolini quote… So the solution to a problem created by non-stop government protected monopolies is? Of course, more government, taking more money, and handing it to more people, as if that’s not how we got here. Because THIS time, THIS time for the first time, they won’t hand it to the lobbists and their billionaire handlers. How about: competition will devour theses guys like pirranas, because they’re TERRIBLE.

    “Xi Calls Trade War “New Long March” (R.)”

    In the sense of they are preparing to mobilize for war with us if something doesn’t change fast. But if the U.S. is working feverishly to control their oil supplies in Iran and Venezuela to forestall that war, maybe they ARE in that hurry. Of course, if they didn’t plan to attack someday, the oil control wouldn’t be a problem so long as it isn’t cut off. Since they just mobilized the PR wing and public opinion, what does that say?

    “Panasonic, Toshiba Join Firms Stepping Away From Huawei (AFP)”

    Apparently Huawei wiretapping the planet was a key part of their plan, because that’s when they threw the tantrum. Thanks! Now we know. Your cooperation was appreciated.

    “UK Government to Lodge Complaint over UN’s Austerity Report (G.)”

    May is ending at the end of May. Now I understand why they waited! The pun was just too good.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 22 2019 #47503

    Dr. D

    Snowing in Corsica, snowing in Tuscany, not planted in the U.S., and it’s almost June.


    10 years until climate change gets us? What kind of climate were you thinking?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 22 2019 #47502

    Dr. D

    Sort of a wailing wall.

    Info? Who knows? I have the same problem myself, certainly. And then there are the obvious things clearly published we don’t put together…but the reporter almost certainly knew, and knew his editor would never let him point them out. So he prints the “facts” in the desperate hope that somewhere, somebody might clue in. But I expect that kind of reporter is mostly gone now.

    For example, what’s going on? China seems to have more or less declared war on us, more or less suddenly. Over Huawei not having Intel-type back doors and not enforcing patent rights? That seems awkward. What’s going on elsewhere? After longing to, and generally delivering on promises to bring troops home from Syria, suddenly we want illogical, illegal wars in Venezuela, even cutting off our own much-needed heavy crude to Houston? And in Iran, we’re going to what? invade them? Don’t make me laugh. They’ll grind us up and still be a nation when the U.S. is forgotten. So…what?

    How about this: the U.S. for reasons I suspect but won’t get into, knows that China is now nearly as powerful (thanks to being handed out patent book, then later our manufacturing knowledge), and being young, hot, and nationalistic, will probably leap out over the Pacific Rim like Japan did, as far as taking Hawaii. Meanwhile, the U.S., being old, tired, and chewed up in long-planned foreign wars, is gutted from within, de facto loses to China, and China hands the N.A.U. fiefdom to the traitors that undermined it.

    Offering to have everyone get rich, if only they can play ball (in their eyes) and enforce present law, has been rebuffed by both China and Iran, perhaps for reasons we didn’t entirely anticipate. Who wouldn’t sign up, given the alternative?

    Circling back, this is all in the news, front-page, with the “Trade War Song” on Karaoke to boot. Yet what does this mean? It means Trump, the U.S., run by the Marine Intel that installed him, are trying to win the war with China by cutting off their war-oil supplies worldwide. That means there is a clock on this problem. China, rather than catching us on the flip side, for some reason does not want to participate/cooperate but has moved to war footing. Now you can see why it was worth it to the inside planners that they MUST have Venezuela controlled, and they MUST have Iran shut down. Perhaps at any cost. And I mean that literally. Of course they all know this, all leaders, all nations. Only we do not, because everybody is lying, mostly by telling the truth, as in the headlines, above.

    This goes to a third interesting twist. As the flip-nationalism of DJT appears, they will throw those guys, Gen-Z alt-right patriots, into the war cycle, the 4th turning, like the young Americans of D-day. Dummies, fighting for banks and old, decrepit men again. But the twist is that Russia, our enemy, is to flip toward the new, now-reformed America, and fight along side us, against China, their old and former rival. Or so I’ve heard it planned in some circles. Here’s an idea: stay out of this nonsense. Stay out and stay home. We have no business prosecuting wars planned 100 years ago by maniacs long dead. If we’d stayed home and got rich, armed to the teeth like Switzerland as the Founders told us to, we’d have all the resources we need to counter China. Instead, we don’t. Plan accordingly.

    Read it in the news and see if it follows.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 22 2019 #47498

    Dr. D

    “Mueller Refuses to Testify Publicly before Congress (ZH)”

    Despite the focus of this story, it’s more likely that he realizes he would have to answer questions not from Democrats, but also from Republicans. And they would ask questions like: “Why didn’t you interview any of the key witnesses, like Assange and Binney?” “Why didn’t you look at the originating DNC servers?” “Since you interviewed the key people in question, how could you not have known that there was nothing of substance months before throwing the 2018 midterms? Ya know, stuff like that. That could get him counter-investigated and arrested.

    “Democrats’ Impeachment Divide Tests Pelosi (NPR)”

    Great! For what crime? And with Amash flipping to impeach, for what crime? It’s so strange to hear this, because I come from a very simple world: IF there is a “high crime” of substance, it is your duty to impeach immediately, Fīat jūstitia ruat cælum, “though the heavens fall.” And if there is no crime for which to impeach, then what’s the problem? Rejoice! The only condition that can NOT happen, is that there IS a crime, and we – in fact, the opposition that openly wishes to remove him – will NOT impeach. That itself says better than any words that there is no crime.

    Also, IF they impeach, and it fails – which it must, as we’ve already pretty well established they themselves have no crime – then Trump is inoculated against them pretty much forever, and their party collapses more than it already has. So they want it both ways, and unfortunately we’ve seen quite a lot of that from them lately.

    “We’ve Hit a New Low in Campaign Hit Pieces (Matt Taibbi)”

    Because she’s almost the only viable candidate to beat Trump – and perhaps without all that much difficulty – she is the only candidate the DNC MUST knock out. And the levels of slander and other team tricks have been off the charts, even by ’16 standards where the DNC literally vote-tampered in CA, and then were open about it in court. I see this, and yet in a way I do not understand. Do the DNC not like power? Do they not WANT to be in office, with a candidate that can re-establish the party and viably bring them together for the future? I guess not. They’d rather lose to Trump than give up mass murder and their beautiful bombs. And that’s a liberal value now. What can I say? I just report it.

    “US ‘Sees Signs’ Damascus ‘May’ Have Used Chlorine in Idlib (RT)”

    If you hadn’t noticed, the U.S. sees a lot of things that aren’t there. So now that he owns the whole country and isn’t fighting anyone, he uses chemical weapons? Wouldn’t it be easier to send the secret police and arrest whoever/whyever he was mad at them for? I won’t even bother with the argument, “So what? It’s his country, what business do we have with their internal affairs?”

    ‘The UK’s social safety net has been “deliberately removed and replaced with a harsh and uncaring ethos..”

    Oh no, they have a FABULOUS safety net. Trouble is, it’s only for bankers and weapons manufacturers. Trillions for them, but we have to pay for it somehow! Send home the Windrush pensioners. …Oh wait, we’re still $999 Billion short of target. Shoot the National Health.

    “Will FAA’s Plan For 737 MAX Fly Outside US? (AFP)”

    Boeing’s latest argument was that Boeings fall out of the sky if they’re hit by a sparrow. …Gentlemen, I’m not sure that’s a strong selling point.

    “Tesla Stock ‘Bear Case’ Is $10 – Morgan Stanley (MW)”

    Tesla is worth anything? That’s a bull case. Question: everybody else on earth now has battery cars and not one of them explodes into flames while parked. How can that be? Is it just piss-poor engineering and software that doesn’t work? You know, like when the doors don’t open and the bumpers fall off?

    “IMF Admits ‘Notable Failures’ In Bailout Deepened Greek Recession (KTG)”

    Because words have meaning: they were NOT bailed out. So adding billions more in debt to an economy that collapsed from debt, it somehow crippled their economy and increased a recession caused by debt? You don’t say. See? When you use real words, things make a lot more sense. But if they told the truth, they wouldn’t be the IMF. Ask Perkins.

    “Netherlands Becomes First AAA Rated Sovereign to Launch Green Bond (R.)”

    Now their bonds can collapse right after their economy, just like Germany’s.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 20 2019 #47474

    Dr. D

    “their companies are often compelled to hand over prized technology”

    I’m not a genius or anything, but: don’t do it? Don’t go to China and give away all your patents and manufacturing processes? Stay at home in control of your company and employing your people, the workers you grew up with?
    And they say it can’t be done, but if everybody did it…

    Dum dum dum dum…

    By the way, if they are stealing “prized technology”, not enforcing patent rights, and the “regulatory environment is “bleak” perhaps you would like to tell them instead of surrendering? You know, even have a trade war if necessary? But no, “We shall surrender on the beaches, we shall surrender in the air. We shall always, always surrender” because standing up for yourself might be hard.

    “stop the Chinese telecom firm from rolling out 5G mobile networks in Europe.”

    I would like to know what the 5G thing is, because it sure ain’t technological. It’s expensive, it stinks, and we almost certainly don’t need it. It’s faster? We already stream full video on our phones – how much faster do we need? As far as I can tell, its only purpose is to track and surveil whistleblowing reporters down to 6 feet, and to cause fires and cancer…for astronomical cost and complexity. So…discuss?

    “US internet giant Google, whose Android mobile operating system powers most of the world’s smartphones”

    Speaking of surveillance, these guys have no security at all, and a centralized point of information, where a claimed “private” company, has info on every Congressman, Senator, Judge, and Mayor worldwide. …But they’re unaccountable billionaires, I’m sure they’d never MIS-use that data, right?

    “Ecuador to hand over Assange’s entire legal defence to the United States.”

    Is this anything like search and seizure of a person’s LAWYER’S whole office, in search of a crime? I mean, 1,000 years of law, blahblah, I can’t hear you over the sound of my ego and ambition, endofwesterncivilization, blah.

    Nope, no rule of law. And money…and therefore power, always moves to where it is protected, and there ARE rules, and protections. This is the single indicator of prosperity worldwide, over all time. Japan: super-poor, no real assets = wealthiest. Congo: ultra-rich in every thing, land, minerals, gold, diamonds, labor, no rules = poorest. But hey, have it your way. They won’t learn until they are in the sty, eating with the pigs, dreaming if only they could go home again. To the Enlightenment, and a rule of law and not men.

    Otoh, Assange hasn’t been murdered yet, so that’s a wonder. Because any day now either Benjamin or Tommy will be.

    “Swedish Prosecutors Ask to Detain Assange over Rape Investigation (Ind.)”

    Excuse my ignorance here, but a FOREIGNER, an Australian, who is in ANOTHER country, England, is being asked to be detained over an INVESTIGATION, not even a legal charge? What’s Swedish for ‘Go f—yourself?’

    (Excuse my candor as for the moment we still have a 1st Amendment here.)

    Skripals: “the call, which has not been disclosed before”

    I’m not even going to use my 1st Amendment right to discredit this. It discredits itself, and the Guardian, and the Independent, and England, and Europe, and the Trump Administration who repeated it.

    “Rich White Men Rule America. How Much Longer Will We Tolerate That For? (G.)”

    Wow, what excellent racists. We now determine who can rule based on the color of their skin. Heinrich Himmler much? I could write a paper, indeed a book refuting the Guardian, but it’s been covered in every history book written before 1990, and they already refuted all credibility in the article, above. So when The Guardian’s England, has candidates that are ALSO not from Westminster, they openly slander them, remove their speech, openly incite violence, and cheer on their public murders, because The Guardian™ will not tolerate their own white men being unseated, even a tiny. Little. Bit. Not even in British Parliament, which has power, even if they won’t use it, but as Reps of the totally toothless, student government, EU parliament. And they still can’t handle it.

    PS, as I know you can’t read, listen to “Hamilton”, cartoon version, and tell me what you think about the racist, slaveholding founders.

    “Theresa May Prepares ‘Bold’ Last-Ditch Offer To MPs On Brexit Bill (G.)”

    Speaking of Westminster insiders with no imagination, completely controlled, against the people, May prepares a ‘Bold’ offer, to take the exact same offer she already gave, that was voted down by a 1,000-year record majority, or else. …Or else she doesn’t have any other ideas at all, and also no leverage to make anyone do anything.

    BTW, now she’s cooperating with Labour, which is itself history, as people hate Westminster so much BOTH Labour AND Conservatives effectively cease to exist as viable parties, in one short year.

    “NHS England Loses 6,000 Mental Health Nurses In 10 Years (G.)”

    Is this because National Health always collapses when they run out of other people’s money? “Government is FIRE. It is FORCE.” It is not a nice, caring uncle who will pay for and gently take care of everyone. It’s literally the OPPOSITE of that and, historically the WORST provider of ANY service in EVERY country, over all time. As if our “War on Poverty” and “War on Drugs” didn’t clue you.

    And gosh, I was in a good mood before the news today, too.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 20 2019 #47473

    Dr. D

    V. Compared to what? Is it 1960? Do we have segregated buses, schools, businesses, military? Are there separate laws? In fact, is there both private and government support and incentives for racially-based hiring? Are there black Mayors, Congressmen, Senators, Supreme Court Judges, billionaire businessmen, anchors, media stars, Presidents?

    People act like it’s 1959, since that’s what the media drums on, erroneously, day after day. And since we have all those things, have had them for decades, all those people are supported, were voted in by sizable majorities, I can only say it will never, ever end, and there is nothing, ever, any American can do, no person, no election, no demonstration, that will ever allow us not to be called vile overwhelming racists that still have slavery and lynchings coast to coast, in every state, every month, in public.

    Nope. No progress here! Might as well not bother. The 1 in 10 white guys killed in the Civil war fixing the 1789 compromise? Shouldn’t have bothered. The white Republicans, next to MLK taking it in the teeth, getting arrested and beaten to fix Civil Rights in 1969? Should have stayed home. White guys running the ACLU? Don’t exist. Yup, because none of that or all the years since ever mattered. No credit, nothing ever changed. It’s still 1801, and it always will be. Just ask CNN and The Guardian™, who would never lie!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 18 2019 #47458

    Dr. D

    “I don’t understand why upper class white males think that passing laws against women having abortions is going to increase the numbers of white women having more babies”

    Pretty sure this is because they don’t think that. 10 seconds thought will tell you abortion is racial genocide against the BLACK community, just as Sanger desired, and outlawing it will being more BLACK babies…and black/DNC voters, btw. So despite all the slander, the point is they have principles and they don’t care. They are against it regardless of who is involved.

    Sort of like that crazy phrase, “everyone to the right of Mao is Hitler”, we all thought was a joke, now we literally see, just as predicted, that they would legalize post-birth abortions, and by God I can’t imagine why. Until they’ve won, how can this possibly be good PR? And just as predicted, the erosion of life, and love, would lead to legalizing euthanasia, and obviously promiscuity, breakdown of family, collapse of social mores and order, and all that other stuff we saw in Germany in the Jazz Age. Wrong? No, apparently they were right, although we don’t know what to do about it.

    The “less for everyone” is Thanos’ argument, and you DO know he was the bad guy, right? He COULD have used the Infinity Gauntlet to double the universe, not halve the population. So can we, as we have since Malthus, although it’s an awful lot easier not to waste 4/5th of everything on nonsense, like we do in in the West.

    “Those white women do not want to dependent on a man. They want their own source of income and to be self sufficient.”

    That’s a pretty big statement. They may think so, but men think so and they are unhappy unless they have a woman and family in their lives as well, so how much more women? In fact, every day since women started choosing this back in the ‘70s, they’ve statistically gotten more unhappy. And poorer in most every way. And why add “white”? What does that mean? Black women don’t want independence and jobs? Not sure.

    Anyway, point was people CAN have principles and live by them, rare and disorienting as it may seem. And not to say they’re the right principles, but they do exist everywhere.

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