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    Dr. D

    Supreme Court, going around in circles. Sounds about right.

    Should have said Tewoo, not ICBC, as we already knew their version of “Glencore” commodities house (and commodities rigger, like us) was going down. P.S. Glencore (Marc Rich) is in it’s own trouble, again.

    This has issues. Okay, so they’re all rigging. Where? Stocks, assets, houses = UP. Food, energy, expenses, rates = DOWN. So roughly, all intervention planetwide is focused on one thing: pushing money INTO markets and OUT of commodities. (i.e. into fantasy and away from reality) So why’s that dangerous? What happens if that breaks? Well if stocks, or in this case bonds, ever go DOWN, people, traders, will the the weird idea that they shouldn’t buy ever-more of them. If commodities go UP, people will see THAT as the new bull market and flood into it, driving up prices.

    So the cast-iron bathtub breaks, and all the water will flow out of one and into the other, unstoppably, if it starts.

    Here’s the problem: unlike assets they’ve pumped fake quadrillions into, commodities are REAL things that people need to buy to stay alive. So when Tesla goes from $1 to $1,000 no one cares, they get rich in fact, but when gas or milk goes to $1,000/gal people don’t get to work, nothing gets done, and your child opens up an empty refrigerator. Which is as predictable as the sun, which is why you should never rig your markets or inflate your currency: it always ends the same. So should they lose control – and they will – we’ll have “a day’s wages for two cups of barley and no money for oil or wine.” Why? Speculation. Why again? Because they already created those quadrillions, create more every day, but left it in a giant dam upstream. Oh and then didn’t do any maintenance so they could pump more water.

    The other irony? This is all because THEY WOULDN’T ALLOW GOLD TO RISE. Unlike all the other commodities, gold is completely useless. Its price rise would have no effect (relatively) on the price of gas, oil, corn flakes, and your child not dying. If they had allowed it to rise, it would have prevented the price of wheat, barley, and oil from rising, because it would re-connect the system of fantasy and reality. Too bad, too late, because the savage pricing that destroyed 40 states of the Union, and the North of England and half of France that only recently got back at you, has destroyed the 50 years of infrastructure that would bring on adequate supply and constrain the prices.

    …But in my opinion the plan was always to do this and kill everybody; Just they were supposed to be in power when it happened. More charitably (grimly) you could say that they were happy to LET everybody except themselves die, so long as they continued with ever-compounding asset-skimming profits. But anyone who knew that would then know it was an option, not a natural law, and therefore an active choice, which is the same: they knew it and actively chose it, allowed it, continued it, although it would kill millions, the liked and defended it with all their power. What’s the difference?

    A bit late now, though. I’ve been screaming about it most of my life to opposition and dumb looks. We’ll have to do the best we can.

    IG Report Reveals Scandal of Historic Magnitude for the FBI and US Media (GG) “

    All over being done pretty well. At least they are putting the pivotal Carter Page thing to rest. What are the odds your own self-hired, long-trusted Russian informant is now somehow a random guy off the street, flipped by the Russians? A: zero. If it were, they’ve have to be arrested for their catastrophic failure monitoring Page instead. Either way, everybody goes to jail. It’s better than that since it was SO obvious, as well it should be, that they had to directly doctor emails and tamper with State’s evidence. Which is a felony. In the pursuit of another felony. To lie to the court, which is a felony. To election-tamper, which is a felony. Call me when anyone gets arrested.

    “Bellingcat is a crucial provider of “evidence”

    Hahahahaha. Bellingcat’s never seen evidence in his life. They should teach a whole class on Bernays and the rise of social engineering. By the technocrats, and their self-named, and-I-quote “Scientific Dictatorship.” But Madison Ave would just say, “No it isn’t” and everyone would believe them!

    Hunter was discharged from the U.S. Navy after testing positive for cocaine. One year after, he landed his job with Burisma. Two years after that, a 2016 police report said that Hunter Biden returned a rental car in Arizona that contained a cocaine pipe and “a small ziplock bag with a white powdery substance inside all sitting on the passenger seat.”

    You know, I wish this were slander, and they treat it as such, but these are just the objective facts. You can only imagine what the larger reality, the decades of hidden parties and people and crazy nights are. Ask his new babay-momma and son. However, here we have a college student doing drugs? And lawyers bid him out on a first-time charge to avoid prison? That’s arguably normal and how it should go. The problem lies with Joe, and maybe he meant it more than ever seeing Hunter’s troubles, but it doesn’t look good, while poor people went down.

    One-Third Of Credit Card Debt Is Caused By Medical Expenses (CNBC)

    They’re already paying, what, $12,000 a year in insurance, yet somehow nothing is covered and has to be back-stopped in cash too? Speaking of industries and prices that have outgrown themselves by trillions. The only thing worse than this is if the government ran it. Because since 1990 they have, and every addition they made with every passing year did indeed make it worse.

    Obama revived the Espionage Act. But he didn’t have the guts to use it against journalists.”

    He probably did. There were many cases. He passed the Edward Bernays Act that authorized the already- deeply-entrenched propaganda against U.S. citizens, and thereby handed CNN to the CIA. NBC took on Maddow and “Live from the Moon” Williams and his “beautiful bombs”. The exact amount was handed to Amazon in a CIA contract who then bought out WaPo, changed the writers and editors, and CBS buried the Epstein story. We can more or less confirm all that, but a lot of journalists died mysteriously or lost their jobs, definitely.

    A Million Times More Microplastic In The Oceans Than We Thought (Wef) “

    There is not ‘them’ only ‘us.’ Whatever you do to them you do to yourself, just as you cannot erase the rights and protections of others and not find that it’s you who are suddenly undefended and under attack. There is only ‘we’, so think wisely about what you do unto others.

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    Dr. D

    Excellent catch, Doc.

    From yesterday, suddenly fixing trade:

    “but this situation is too critical at this point and I fear that if someone does not blink here, we are headed into a global political contagion.

    This is why a deal had to be tentatively arranged with China on trade. There are politicians out of the loop and this whole thing which is way too far above their heads to even grasp an understanding.” –Martin Armstrong, https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/markets-by-sector/interest-rates/trump-fed-meet-why/

    It’s probably much bigger than this, but imagine if they told Congress DeutscheBank or ICBC was going down. Even if they shut up for the sake of the planet, unlikely, Congress would immediately insider-trade on it and through their trades indicate to their brokers what and who it was anyway. You think you can get out of your rigged system with more rigging? I say who cares, let it burn, but others won’t.

    “the system must be very fragile if a handful of berries can bring it down.” — The Hunger Games

    The system that is based on #AntiLogos, and its AntiTruth is a fragile system indeed.

    “Backed by the full faith and confidence of the U.S. dollar.”

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    Dr. D

    “ NY Post Editorial Board Names Eric Ciaramella as Whistleblower (ZH) “

    Again and again the illogic, but in a land dedicated to the religion of #AntiLogos, no one can tell or knows things even SHOULD have logic. So we don’t know who the whistleblower is, then we can call whoever we want as a witness. We call Ciaramella. What? Why not? So therefore you DO know who it is, and YOU are the one who just outed him with your defense and confirmation. But another day, another lie, another fantasy, that he’s been outed everywhere, by everybody, but like abused, battered children, have to pretend we don’t. K.

    “Labour Voters ‘Defected Over Corbyn, Not Brexit’ (Ind.) “

    Kind of. It was a savage blowout election. However, they are repudiating a Labour that’s done nothing for decades and specifically since the referendum, which mocks the north and other downtrodden, repudiating Socialism, but that represented best by Corbyn personally. If they were into Socialism, Corbyn wouldn’t have been an issue. Same here. If they savage Warren as seems likely, it’s not Warren personally, she’s just another dumb jerk and just the face of a system of plans and beliefs the people have desperately trying to say they don’t want. …Just like U.K. and Brexit. Can you hear me now?

    However, this article, like all articles by all communist journalists from London (but I repeat myself) cannot in any way admit that what the whole of the British people hated was THEM. Their bad, harmful, disproven beliefs, as well as them personally as an afterthought. Look for more disingenuous heiney-covering where they will say ANYTHING on earth except that people are done with socialism, as a general cycle, predictable and predicted by Armstrong.

    The blowout attacks ON the British public were breathtaking. They attacked British voters as racists, fascists, and far worse, while apologizing to the “real” people of Britain, the Muslims and immigrants. No joke, wish I were. So apparently the people they LIKE are anyone non-British, and the people they HATE are anyone and anything that IS British. …As if we all didn’t know, but you’re not supposed to ADMIT you hate Britain, Britons, and all things and principles British as worthy of being annihilated. Why? Because then your vote and your party will be annihilated. As just occurred, and will likely occur here. Don’t mean to be so harsh, but nothing seemed to be drawing the left back into the moderate, milquetoast moderate center Britons are known for, and parties, like the dreadful Jo “it’s-funny-when-men-die” Swinson lost her seat and her party may die. You’d think that would make an impression and it did, but here we are a day later, denial has kicked in and they’re thinking of not changing again, the true definition of a zealot, or of doing the same thing over and over, of a lunatic.

    They’re lucky Britons are so incredibly tolerant, patient, and long-suffering that they got this far against every will and expression of the people since, heaven knows, at least Tony Blair.

    “ The State of the Canadian Debt Slaves (WS) “

    I wonder how this compares to Toronto vs the Maritimes. Don’t see how anyone outside of Toronto and Vancouver could get any credit.

    Talks At COP25 Stalled ‘Because Of Australia, Saudi Arabia & Brazil’ (SMH)”

    But not China, which doesn’t and never has.

    “ Esper Tells Syrian Kurds US Never Promised Them A State (RT) “

    Quid pro quo again? Better start arresting some Presidents.

    Lawyers Complain About Lack Of Access To Julian Assange In Jail (PA)

    So again, if Assange and his team have NOT lost their mind, what possible condition would make this system of facts make sense? That he cannot move for his own safety, yet is waiting for something right now and doesn’t need lawyers or THIS defense to move forward?

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    Dr. D

    Here’s that article on Columbia and the wholesale creation of St. Greta:


    “Over 250 news outlets and journalists partnered with Columbia University School of Journalism’s flagship magazine to shape control of “climate crisis” coverage in the lead up to the United Nations climate conference. The coverage-coordination initiative included directing how much time, space and prominence should be devoted to the coverage, and asking that climate “news” be added to seemingly unrelated stories.”

    Because: Friday, they are not journalists but activists, and because their mouths moved, they are lying. In other news: water is still wet.

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    Dr. D

    Bosco: Answer about generals on yesterday’s comments.

    Brexit: now the hard work starts.

    “REPLY: The central bank has been in control of short-term rates, not long-term. The Quantitative Easing of 2008-2009 was all about reducing the supply of long-term debt in hopes of lowering long-term rates, which they hoped would revitalize the real estate market. Here, the Fed is dealing with its own perceived power. The mere fact that the Fed had to step into the repo market and continues to provide liquidity is an effort to prevent short-term rates from rising. It also reflects the reality that the Fed has lost control of interest rates. They will ultimately be unsuccessful in maintaining control over short-term rates on a sustained basis. We are entering a whole new dimension. This is not Quantitative Easing as so many immediately called it. They just lack the understanding of how the economy truly works both globally and domestically.

    The Federal Reserve made no change to its target interest rate at its December meeting, expressly saying that the economy remains strong. They said that in fact the economy is so strong that few central bank officials currently saw any need to cut interest rates over the next 12 months. This is because the capital flows are still pointing into the USA while the rest of the global economy is showing major signs of stress. The Fed cannot lower rates when the pressures are for rates to rise due to risk factors nobody will talk about publicly.

    This is simply where international analysis overpowers domestic. We advise internationally. You have a whole different set of criteria to watch.” https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/markets-by-sector/interest-rates/why-the-fed-is-not-lowering-rates/

    Well, they found a place with enough sides to have a civil war, another attempt underway:

    “Virginia Lawmakers Threaten 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries with National Guard”

    80 areas (sheriffs) have declared they will not comply, and even deputize their citizens to fight this illegal action. …Which it is. If you want this, the legal way is to float and pass a Federal Amendment. Sorry.
    Is this hot air? Well they had zero compliance to the laws in NY, CT, and NJ, so probably not.

    “In Virginia, state law supersedes local law. Citizens and local officials have to comply with state law”

    Strange they would know this and not know FEDERAL law, the 2nd law ever written, supersedes STATE law. Weird how law only applies when they want it, then vanishes when they don’t want it.
    The only question remaining is, who’s ready to die on this hill?” Everyone, they hope. Causing the civil war itself IS the victory. But you knew we weren’t going to just walk away from this.

    Fed Will Flood Market with Gargantuan $500 Billion to Avoid Repo Crisis (ZH)

    Everything’s going so great, best economy evah! That they already have a $500B running bailout and rising exponentially. Remember, it was zero, they were shrinking until 9-11-19. We’re at $500B a QUARTER. That’s $2 Trillion bailout a year, or rather, as it’s doubling each month, $2,040 Trillion by Jan 2021. We won’t get there. As above, they are fighting the (logical and obvious) need for far higher rates.

    However, it may be why Trump has pulled back from the China Tariffs: he cannot have that be the “cause” of the imminent re-set, as the media keeps attempting to plant. …I mean unless you don’t believe he follows the loss of half-a-trillion a month under his own Treasury Secretary. I mean because it’s not like he’s seen a ledger or watched a company go bankrupt and restructure before.

    Trump signed off on it…nobody will ever know what’s in the actual deal, even once we pass it!”

    Oh noes! You mean like the ACA, the Iran deal, TPP which it was illegal for CONGRESS to read, and every important thing in the last 20 years? Call me when he arrests himself or the people give a d—n.

    This has been the most inclusive debate process with more women and candidates of color”

    This is what the party has come to: fascinated with and determining everything on the pre-eminence of skin color over character, but unable to give fair and honest standards without changing them to add or remove candidates at will. …Just as has been criticized every year about the random, insider “Superdelegates” now decades ago. Now that even the superdelegate rigging is not enough to lock out non-insiders, they’ve moved on to this. But it’s “Diverse”, so long as it’s only the candidate the 5 of us picked in a smoke-filled room. Are you all demented? What does skin color have to do with it? That’s not “diversity”, to promote and demote and judge people based on their skin color is racism.

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    Dr. D

    Bosco: problem is, it’s very big, very deep, and very light. Reading geopolitics hours a day for years gets you a list of two columns: “That makes sense“, and “Huh, What is that?” So it’s hard to point to all the constellation dots that make up a sense that something is out there and exists: but this is all Intel work. Am I seeing an influencer over there or just a pattern out of noise? Or a real influencer but one I’m misinterpreting? Or one that is punking and misdirecting me? There’s no cure for it, it’s the nature of human models and objective reality, but in this field, where every breath is a scam and a lie, and the truth is surrounded by bodyguards, it’s far harder.

    Okay, did you know what Mr. T was doing before all this? As a young man he worked for a certain notorious mafia guy, who likely was also a pedophile. Perhaps Trump’s father rented him out to him, it’s certainly odd mentor to have, and more odd to definitively leave that and into generally honest (for NYC) work instead when there’s always more money, connections, safety and success in mafias and crime. Next, we see Trump in the 90s working with who? Guiliani. On what? Wiping out the Italian mafia in NYC which they succeed at. How? Trump was required to be squeaky, impossibly clean so there’d be no leverage over him, and because his books would end up in court when the FBI finally brought the case. Which they did and won. Same dozen anti-mafia guys just happen to be working with him now, in a similar project, except with a larger, worldwide mafia that includes ex-administrations and U.S. agencies.

    Who was Trump’s pals back then? Well, as he was a lifelong big-city DEMOCRAT, how about JFK Jr? “If my dear friend Donald Trump ever decided to sacrifice his fabulous billionaire lifestyle to become president he would be an unstoppable force for ultimate justice that Democrats and Republicans alike would celebrate,” This might be an apocryphal quote, but their friendship was real. Who were the enemies of the Kennedys, all dozen dead of them? At this point do you think the Mueller FBI and Brennan CIA don’t follow potential Presidential candidates decades ahead on a short list? We already know for fact they were also wire-tapping Cruz. So why not a few years earlier than that? Why on earth WOULDN’T they be? Because the law? Hahahahahahahaha. No one’s followed the law in 50 years.

    So although JFK wasn’t really into politics, he sets up his mag “George”, basing for a Senate run — then presumably as a cast-iron lock for President — against Hillary Clinton. But oops! His small plane goes down in clear weather for no reason and she — a non-NYer — wins the Senate seat instead. So if you’re the Kennedy-Trump power-region, who are your supporters? Who are your enemies? With your presumed torchbearer down, your powerbloc, your “mafia” is in a sling compared to, say, the Clinton-CIA powerbloc. What do you do? You need a Don fast, because their faction has consolidated nearly all the power in the whole U.S. already.

    …Unless there is no such thing as a Chicago power bloc, a Kennedy power-bloc, a Trump power bloc, a Wall St power block, a CIA power-bloc, a Silicon-Valley power-bloc, and a Military/MIC power-bloc, among hundreds. But I think you and I are adults and don’t live in the world of children.

    So, work with me: Here we have a guy, just a guy. And he doesn’t know anybody? Nobody wants to get behind him and help him? He just randomly wanders in and accidentally wins, the way CNN reports? No? So then WHO got behind him? Not Brennan’s CIA, not Chicago’s/Wall Street’s Obama, not Mueller’s FBI, that’s for sure. Peoria’s dog catcher and rotary club? No. Don’t make me laugh that there were NO power blocs, or a 10th-rate barely-billionaire like this Hotel Concierge could get in alone with barely enough money to make a scratch. Who is the ENEMY of the Obama/Clinton/CIA/Wall Street/Silicon Valley block, since those blocs were already getting in the hundred TRILLIONS ($23T in ’08 Bailout alone), every thing they could possibly want, including Epstein’s favorites 3x a day and would never bother to oppose…themselves. Who has power anywhere near that level? Who has their own Intel agency? Who has their own bodyguard agency? Who is really quiet? Who is left, uncaptured in the federal government, and is also really, really, REALLY pissed off? Who, in a world of weasels and ballless girly-men, will face them up, shoot them to pieces and laugh for decades when taking deadly fire down to the last man, against overwhelming odds, finding it “A h-ll of a good time shootin’ some folks”?

    Well you know there is only one entity on earth that can, would, should, and did face off against the Obama/Clinton/CIA/Wall Street/Silicon Valley block, has vowed to, is required to, and has the power to: Military Intel and the U.S. Generals. They have a vow to the Constitution, to the people, are being gutted and killed by the ten-thousands, they have their own parallel structure to the g-d d—-d CIA that’s been jerking them and creating phony wars that get them shot up and then worse, making them LOSE those shoot-ups for decades. But certainly not EVERY general. Not Petraus for instance. Which ones?

    They run U.S. vs the American people civil war scenarios regularly, and I’m sorry to say, THE MILITARY ALWAYS LOSES. Against our small-arms and guerrilla fire. Why they would run war-games as the people are supposed to be their employers, and the VERY THING THEY ARE PROTECTING, I won’t say, but we can all guess. Anyway, what do those, regular, periodic war games going back decades show? The Air Force always sides against the people. The Navy always ignores the people, follows the government, and covers the coasts. The Army is split but tips slightly towards the people. AND THE MARINES ALWAYS SIDE WITH THE PEOPLE, against everyone, every time. They are a much smaller, tougher force and not kidding around.

    So if you’re promoting and electing a candidate, who are your backers? Military intel and the Marine Generals. Who surrounded Trump aside from the cabinet picks they forced on him? Military intel and the Marine Generals. What did we find recently, in the IG and other reports? The Trump administration appears to have been at least incidentally aware of the CIA/FBI surveillance throughout the campaign. How? Not by the CIA, not the FBI: that leaves military intel, it’s impossible to be anyone else. And who else? White knight comes over the hill and unexpectedly the NSA everyone thought was CIA/Obama-allied turns out to be siding with the Marine Generals and the Constitution. How? Against direct orders Admiral Rogers sets up a SCIF in Trump Tower and outlines the ways he is being surveilled, who his enemies are. Next day, media lambastes Trump for moving everybody and everything to Mar Lago, away from the 50,000 wiretaps we now know exist. And next? Trump stops listening to the CIA, ignores them at briefings, leaves the room when they’re talking. Why? Who is he getting intel from if not the Dulles/Brennan CIA?

    At the extremely nervous and grave inauguration, 50 times Trump thanks who, says what? “We are returning the government to the people.” “America First.” Where have we heard “America First” before? Oh, yeah, it was the slogan of the generals purged from the Clinton Administration, who saw the wild Federal overreach beginning and tried to brace the military to resist the Presidental anti-Constitutionality and the Bush-CIA people. You know, just before a dozen of them died in a plane crash together. Or did you think the Federal government got this far out of hand and nobody ever resisted it and tried to re-assert the rule of law before? I mean AFTER Eisenhower said so and AFTER Kennedy Sr. said he’d smash the Dulles CIA and scatter them to the winds or die trying.

    …Or you can believe, like CNN, NBC, ABC, BBC The Guardian, and Rachel Maddow, every day Trump gets up and wanders around eating cookies and watching T.V. like a 3-year-old, and every day for 1,460 days he goes to bed having accidentally shut down the Neo-Cons, the Neo-Libs, the CIA, and the DNC totally accidentally. Your choice.

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    Dr. D

    That must be why they’re now outlawing RV/Van life. It’s getting too popular, too many people not chained down.

    Your timeline is probably off. Like mega-fauna, humans and Neanderthals lived side-by-side for lord how long, 30,000 years? Although there’s nothing wrong with the premise, it’s like claiming humans made animals like sabertooths extinct. Sure, but why only THOSE animals, the rest, buffalo and grizzlies chased humans around in North America for another 10,000 years and were still chasing them — with the animals having the upper hand honestly — until William Penn arrived. And in places like Africa for like 200+ years longer, or even today. So “Humans”? Which humans? The Iroquois had the largest army in North America in the Revolutionary war yet there were more animals than ever since they had exterminated all the rival tribes into Ohio and the Midwest instead.

    Same here: Neanderthals co-existed for mega-thousand years, longer than the U.S. has existed, longer than Britain, longer than Rome has been a city, and just ONE DAY they wiped them out? Maybe, but there’s something else going on. Human version 3.0? And what would that be? Not brains, not tools, not war, those all existed already.

    Even today they call for psychopaths and how humans are bad everywhere, yet in the few places there are traditionalists, including European ones (Norway, Finland), Africa, Amazon, Alaska, they live in harmony with nature. Same humans. Why?

    Because mental illness isn’t natural and has to be specifically engineered and drawn out of humans by force. Left alone, they will be lazy and return to living placidly, goofing around in the woods and streams, uninterested in the other people, the giants or the dwarves over the hill. My Theory.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 12 2019 #52098

    Dr. D


    “with a promise of money for EU nations”

    So the EU is going to get rich by paying the EU. …With their own money. Cool! My guess is, as 100% of the time so far, this money will go FROM the poor in Provence and Poland, and TO the rich Al Gores and Elon Musks. …Exactly as outlined in 1938 with the technocratic elite, the philosopher-kings, above us all who, as Mr. Bloomberg says, “should tax the poor because they’re too stupid to know what’s good for them.” Smash the patriarchy! In #AntiLogos #OppositeLand, by giving those (male) billionaires and that patriarchy every tiny thing they ever ask for, and give violent, deadly austerity for the poor and ruined, just as in France, with their gas taxes, 56 weeks into the gilet jaunes, missing eyes and all. Go Ursula! When we get women in like Merkel, Hillary, and Albright, we won’t have those illegal wars, mass-poverty, mass-deaths, and income disparity anymore. No rapes in the streets and open slave markets backed with increasing child-homelessness rates. Nope.

    But we have to! We’ve ruined Greta’s childhood by letting her skip school and work, sail her around the world to meet with all the leaders at their palatial estates to eat 5-star salads flown in from Auckland, and made her Person the Year. How DARE we? The world is burning, climate-change is making people go hungry, and she and her mother both own a $10,000 armchair. “This is all wrong.” Indeed. –Oh if you hadn’t heard or guessed from like, the first breath of the first syllable, Columbia School of Journalism arranged the whole Greta thing with the proper media/propaganda outlets months back. All you have to do is be able to read their own statements on how they, the other media, and her parents, are a fraud and a scam. And they may even believe their cause. But that doesn’t make it real or not deadly to the rest of us. P.S., if she’s attacking the billionaires so much, why are they the (only) ones supporting and meeting with her?

    On that note, yes, “Today is the start of a journey” a journey to homelessness and austerity riots across all of Europe, not just France. Godspeed. A journey to kill a few hundred million people as they’ve openly published, just as Mein Kampf’s plans were openly published. This is what happens when you lie so much you don’t even believe yourselves, same as then.

    silly US plan to create a Jeffersonian democracy”

    Not silly at all. They’re just bare-faced lying as paper-thin fig leaf cover for sucking the nation dry with fake and inflated Halliburton contracts x1000 while bulldozing Michigan into the sea. Well they have to say SOMETHING. Aaaaaand this shows why Mr. Nobody from a land no-decent person would ever deign to talk to is even IN the election: exactly BECAUSE he’s the waterboy for these guys which you knew from the words “Naval Intel”. Sorry to tell you, but there are 100 South Bends in Flyoverland and exactly ZERO mayors are considered credible candidates except him. …Just like unknown community organizers from Chicago who haven’t completed a single term as anything, have no overall credits to their name, yet suddenly get several billion from rich Cook County financiers, then say $100 billion from Wall Street who he installs as his cabinet. Totally organic. Not a crooked set-up at all. And so with poor Pete. They fact he is not being viciously attacked, shut out, investigated, and smeared is all you need to know.

    They were never like a couple. Jeffrey and Ghislaine were best friends, or like brother and sister. Never holding hands or kissing. And she wasn’t his employee.”

    No, they were co-workers. They worked for Mossad. And they may have lived and slept together but spy-work is a terrible and lonely job from which you are never free.

    I expect the FBI knows exactly where she is.”

    Interesting statement, since they didn’t know where Epstein was, what he was doing, who he was with, or where his money was for 30 years straight, even after the NY Times reported it. Now that he’s dead, they don’t know why that is either. So this organization that didn’t know all their top officials, with 5,000 security-check bodyguards between them, were meeting with Epstein, now suddenly knows where all his former associates are? Do tell. Sounds like one or the other of your stories is a bare-faced lie. So did they know what was going on before and lied? Or do they know what’s going on now? And since Horowitz got 51 printed, affidavit-lies out of the FBI only yesterday, why would you believe them?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 10 2019 #52084

    Dr. D

    Yes, and four individuals who were spied on, not just Carter or two. …P.S. totally proven, as I said, Page was an FBI(etc) informant from way back. …And now they think he’s a Russian? Maybe you should investigate yourself and your own background checks if that’s true. OR you have rock-evidence he’s definitively a double agent now. OR, and most likely of all, HE WAS PLANTED IN THE CAMPAIGN AS AN INFORMANT FROM THE GET-GO. Also Manafort, most likely, which is why he’s still in jail, most likely. Anyway, four people, each with two wire-tap hops, I should think they could wiretap most of the east coast as planned, and as I warned the day the word “Patriot Act” was first heard. “Oh Herr Docktor, they would NEVER use that power to spy on Congressmen and Judges and opposition candidates!” even as that was the very FIRST thing they did within weeks, like the KGB and every secret-state in the history of this poor blue planet. What was it Santayana said? People who are gum-durned idiots who don’t bother to learn a fool thing will burn badly and destroy us all?

    51 crimes right off the top, for omitting, but also ACTIVELY misrepresenting evidence to FISA. …Oh and FISA, run by the eerily-quiet Mr. Roberts, saw all this in court 3-12x (4 people x 3 renewals) and didn’t say “Hold on pilgrim! Go get me some additional support and make me really, really SURE you’re not just spying on an opposition President for personal entertainment.” Nope. Roberts say, “Yes sir, how high, how long sir?” Because not like the FBI has made serial fabrications about something high-profile like 4 times a year for 50 years or anything, Eastwood’s movie being but one, but they JUST had the FBI lab basically doing no tests and phoning back any results the agents wanted for years, while smoking all the meth they sent. With (gender-undefined)Boy Scouts like them, who needs Satan’s minions? He can eat lunch: you’re doing fine on your own. Now are any of the honest agents going to DO anything about it? Like whistleblow or arrest their own betrayers? Apparently nope. So are they not therefore, by definition, also dirty agents and the whole agency too? You decide, but I’m talking about Bush’s man Mr. Roberts here, and that whole 3rd branch of government who authorizes everything they’re told, no matter how hilariously, transparently anti-legal. ACA taxes anyone? Civil Forfeiture? 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments?

    So, they’re really going to do it, and I didn’t believe, but was told. This week, this Tuesday, Trump has stellar economy, stellar employment, rising approval, just got the USMCA through by holding them down and shoving it down their throats with a funnel after 30 years of Clinton (Bush) NAFTA devastating the country…so obviously they must impeach him. What? The people will get whiplash you so double-talk them. And #2, like Mueller, for a process ‘crime’ * that wouldn’t have existed except for their investigation and for #1 “Abuse of Power” which I think still remains undefined. It’s bribery? Quid pro quo? An attempt to remove the DNC’s weakest candidate in an ill-fated attempt to run against someone actually viable and harder? Can’t tell since it changes every day. One thing that doesn’t change is Ukraine and their PM both declare that NO CRIME WAS COMMITTED, no pressure was applied. Now they could lie, but a) it’s legal record and therefore there is by definition an honest dispute to be had, and b) Why would they? If they remove Trump, even by LYING about his intent, they would get an administration that owes them its existence and would give them all the billions they ever dreamed of. Makes no sense, but doesn’t need to: media refuses to report that the guy they claim was robbed is in court, on the stand, telling the jury he wasn’t robbed, he doesn’t know of any robberies anywhere, and the whole case is brought by the mental fantasies of the prosecutor. “Strike that from the record, your honor, the Jury must not hear the victim is not a victim at all and there is no crime!” Okay, boys, whatever. So what do you think will happen in the Senate?

    *obstruction is pretty debatable under separation of powers and needs to go to the Supreme Court

    On Ukraine, Russia, like eastern-thinkers, isn’t in a hurry. They’ve won every war so far by letting their enemies idiotically waste themselves, get bored, collapse, and leave. Ukraine and the West ALREADY lied every day for 5 years in the Normandy agreement, and 10,000 exchanges a year, there hasn’t been a single day of ceasefire, Trump’s U.S. and NATO are still (heavily) arming the Banderite Nazis, nor were any of the other points upheld. So clearly there’s no possibility of just handing over the border, nor any need. They’re up to something, but I wouldn’t worry. Maybe they are arranging pieces for when we go broke and they buy us some bus tickets to get our soldiers safely out of their backyard. Market-timer Armstrong isn’t giving a date, but he’s suggesting we’re going into ’08 part two shortly.

    And Epstein just HAS to be dead: when has the FBI and DoJ ever lied to us? I mean except every time they’ve opened their mouths every day in my lifetime.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 10 2019 #52075

    Dr. D

    The real wealth of the nation, and what it costs. It’s why those cities exist, DeLuth, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo. But we don’t want wealth or its costs anymore, and like the Maya, the Mound Builders, Detroit is returning to forest, to be tomorrow’s mystery.

    …Oh and like Ayn Rand said in 1954 if we got where we were headed. Seemed like sci-fi, nonsensical, hysterical, hyperbolic exaggeration, like “1984” and “Brave New World.” Nope. Detroit is returning to bushes, with illiterate people raising rabbits. …And that was already documentary fact in “Roger and Me”, in 1989.

    In a huge surprise to no one:

    “Wikipedia Fraud EXPOSED: Troll farms and the CIA have hijacked the once open platform”

    Looks like Phil Cross has been busy editing Wikipedia 500 times a day, on weekends and holidays. Busy busy. No rest for the wicked.

    The application of overwhelming and regular intervention is the prime feature of the day, but also including markets like Cryptos. There may be actual, real traders somewhere in the oil or bitcoin pits, but is overwhelmed by a 24/7 blizzard of fake orders illegally cross-trading between themselves, or illegally offering nothing then retracting when asked. …All totally illegal of course, as I imagine Philly-boy is illegal under terms of service too, since he’s pretty veritably not a single person and contributor, but a non-person influence agency. Maybe Coca-Cola should start their own Phil Cross and add Coke to every great moment in history. “That Genghis Khan, he sure loved a Coke!” Reported by Brian Williams, on the moon: “Neil Armstrong drinks Coke on the Sea of Tranquility.” Why not? Still a more plausible than these guys. Or the Dow, S&P, gold, BTC, and oil pits. Unlimited money is the root of it, the ability to hire, hide, and payoff all watchmen in ABC, the SEC, and every relevant agency and structure, and the trading public too, who somehow think they’re getting one over on the casino.

    “Morgan Stanley: Central Banks Are Injecting $100 Billion Per Month to Crush Vol and Spike Markets”

    BTW, the Fed changed Repo reporting to something crazy like a 1,000-month geometrically-weighted moving average, so although overnight spikes to 10% or 100% may be happening, we can never know or see it – the truth – again. Ah, Capitalism! Where there’s no price discovery, no price signaling, no profit or loss, and no bankruptcy! Only, me, my pals, and a haystack of cashola, and Epstein’s favorite chicks in the back!

    “Contrary to Conventional Wisdom, US Farmers Are Having Their Best Year Since 2013“
    “The United States Department of Agriculture recently announced that US net farm income this year will climb to its highest level since 2013. This is very significant as US farmers are not faring nearly as poorly as many pundits and media outlets continue to often report. As a result, US farmers collectively have not been in any real uproar and are not jeopardizing Trump’s re-election chances.”

    While I don’t believe this either, it’s contrary to the common media, which as far as I can tell, hasn’t asked any farmer anything, probably because they’re afraid of being contaminated by their deplorableness even over the phone. 1st the Farm reports are wildly optimistic. 2nd, you have survival bias, where many farms DO go under, but their sales are picked up by ADM conglomerates. 3rd, prices RISE due to shortages, which is something, somehow, every reporter always misses. The WORSE the year, the BETTER for prices (for anybody who has some). And these are just off the top of my head, yet to see a report that bothers to pursue them.

    Here’s one we do know, that this article finds:

    Trump’s $60B he set aside for the trade war is finally reaching farm “income”, which is a generous term, because it’s bailout/welfare, but the BLS does the same thing often for food stamps, SS, unemployment and other payouts, counting them as GDP instead of the OPPOSITE of GDP, which on any normal balance sheet, they would be, being debt. Still, good news in a way: will probably slow bankruptcies as attempted by China. …And the media. As I’ve said, they’ve simply reported this trade BS, asked nothing, interviewed nobody, and ignored epic, record, late, and non-plantings, snowed-in harvesting, and equipment/field destruction. And why? Exclusively to sour farmers on Trump and directly election-tamper, as ever. However, farmers are not idiots and know what their eyes look like on their own backyard, and what their neighbors say in their own states. …And they also know that reporters hate farmers with shivering genocidal fury and lie with every waking breath. I wouldn’t count on it swinging the election much: nice try.

    Speaking of: the polls are now in, and as said by me and many others, Trump is beating ALL Democratic candidates handily. No one knew about Hunter, Burisma, Ukraine, nuttin’, UNTIL – da de dah! The media started covering it every day by COVERING IT UP. And again, so…after 15 candidates, 1 election, two parties and the U.S. media destroyed, it’s just another accident by a Neanderthal-browed man-child, who never intended or planned any of it, totally on accident, nor has he ever planned or done anything else ever, and certainly not realizing the media will only report if it’s HIS mis-deeds, then arranging the Zelinsky call and leaking it accordingly. No. That would be impossible because you’d need the brains of a 12-year-old to do that, and the media does not. But we know they are illiterate, as will be proven again today with the IG report they won’t be able to read accurately, so QED.

    So anyway: thanks Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, and thanks to all the press! Without your feckless, idiotic, and wildly overzealous, illegal and partisan actions, Trump would not be front-runner and looking into the possibility of a landslide in 2020. All you had to do was shut up, follow the people, follow the law, and run Tulsi or even Buttigeig with appropriate (fake) media support. This is what happens when you always double-down on risk instead of backing up, moderating, and cutting your risk. …Aaaaand that’s how Bush and the Neocons also lost. Now on to the complete loss to their identical, conjoined twin, the NeoLibs.

    Let’s skip IG for today and go elsewhere: What? The Pentagon and every paper was lying with every waking breath? About War and about Afghanistan? For 20 years? Oh noes! But I thought you couldn’t hide something big, involving a lot of people, and over a long time! It’d be a “conspiracy.” And now we’ll be discredited like a bunch of bloodthirsty idiots and fools just like Russia when they went there and Britain before, and lost not only there, but their empires as well? Whoo’d a knoon? It’s our national anthem:

    Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, and lie.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 9 2019 #52056

    Dr. D

    “could explain a recent spike in U.S. money market rates”

    It COULD, but really DeutscheBank is going down and China is getting hammered. But if they said that, there’d be a panic, and we want THEM to panic and be destroyed, like Thailand was, not us.

    “Did the big banks know the Fed would move in?”

    Yes, obviously. This is the very and single purpose of the Fed, so JPM can be absolutely certain the Fed, owned by JPM, would help JPM, who owns the Fed. This is why they don’t need to coordinate or conspire: they just set the mission parameters and let things proceed naturally. If Powell did NOT hand out infinite money of U.S. Taxpayers for JPM profits and bonuses, only THEN would he be removed, because he would have failed his fiduciary duty according to Fed and Congressional guidelines. What is it somebody says here, just make the illegal, legal, then steal at will? Then when I say that and we all spend 20 or 100 years watching it happen, they say “Oh what nonsense Herr Docktor, what imaginative stories you invent. We simply read the story you predict every day forever but it doesn’t mean that.”

    …Actually, just like a news show recently where a guy talked about “conspiracy theories” where – get this! – they actually THINK that there are pedophiles in the highest levels of business and government who are allied with each other and use blackmail to control governments. Can you believe what a ridiculous story? What will people think of next?! he says. Btw, new breaking news on Epstein, mysteriously dead in a top security prison, his government and business clients, his stories being buried by every largest news source, and his deep and provable connections with Mossad. Ah but those conspiracy guys still are nuts, ain’t they?

    Now you know why they don’t hide anything. Why bother? Nobody believes their own eyes anyway, but they’ll believe any illogical third-rate huckster who ever spoke.

    Northern Ireland customs arrangements may thwart Boris Johnson’s plan to leave the EU”

    What do they think he will say, “Aw shucks Gomer, guess we can never leave the EU then!” Um, no.

    “The EU/UK future relationship cannot be settled in 11 months.

    Well it hasn’t been settled in the last 2,000 years of Anglo-Euro relations, so I don’t know why it needs to be settled now. Like other neighbors, all matters are always ongoing, and ebb and flow. But hey, why not solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict while you’re at it? I hear Kushner’s free.

    which raises the danger of the UK crashing out with no deal.”

    Why is this a danger? I told you three years ago the EU would kill every Briton and sink the island into the sea before they would allow them to leave voluntarily, so it’s the only possible outcome. Also, although disruptive, their economy will start recovering from that minute. That doesn’t sound like danger to me, it sounds like –although painful — you finally lanced that pus-filled boil called “Merkel” and can start healing. The only danger is to Westminster and self-dealing pinheads who write articles defending their embarrassing indulgence in The Guardian while their countrymen and nation are destroyed.

    I am absolutely unable to square the opinion polls with the evidence of my own eyes”

    Silly. Trust the polls and ignore your eyes like a good citizen. –The danger here is that, like Trump voters, they are going to shut their mouth, vote hard, and then deny it to pollsters, the public, and their wives.

    China has ordered that all foreign computer equipment and software be removed from government offices

    Interesting, since it wouldn’t matter. Is China then telling us Intel has U.S. back-doors the same way Huawei has Red Army exploits? Hey wait: we already KNOW they BOTH do, as a matter of public record. Don’t you remember that rushed and crippling Intel patch after the Vault 7 release to every server (and desktop) on earth? Ha, but those conspiracy guys who claim there’s an Intel back door the government has keys to sure are dumb, aren’t they? That happened, what? Yesterday? It doesn’t exist anymore, it never happened, it’s “debunked”. Winston made sure of it.

    Now China will have to watch and go pubic a few more times when UPS/FedEx intercept tech shipments so the chips can be re-soldered as was also in the news a bunch of times. Oh wait: not it wasn’t. Yes it was. Except it wasn’t. That was yesterday’s reality, which is not true today, but will be true again by 7pm.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has charged NATO with wanting to “dominate the world

    See, isn’t that ridiculous? NATO only wants to add every nation on earth, increase the budget, run attack operations all over the planet, and surround Russia from Belarus to Afghanistan to Japan. How would absorbing every nation on earth and bombing every holdout with depleted uranium one by one be “dominating the world”? You so silly.

    “Africom Confirms Russian Air Defense System Shot Down US Drone Over Libyan Capital”
    “This highlights the malign influence of Russian mercenaries acting to influence the outcome of the civil war in Libya…”

    But not the malign influence of U.S. forces influencing the outcome of the Civil War in Libya? Do tell. It’s not evil when we do it. Election riggings R us, admitted worldwide, when we’re not killing and bombing them instead.

    in reply to: Elizabeth Warren’s “Foreign Policy” #52042

    Dr. D

    *U.S. State Department tasked with Ukraine. e.g. Vindman, Yovanovitch, and Hill. And every think tank from the Potomac to the Bay.

    in reply to: Elizabeth Warren’s “Foreign Policy” #52041

    Dr. D

    “Longstanding allies in Asia are doubting our reliability”

    What heavens! That sounds like a quid pro quo. Do we do favors and have favors done for us on a President’s direction?

    Waitaminit: there WAS a quid pro quo, to trade Germany for the Warsaw Pact and then they DIDN’T keep it. Make it, break it, seems like you can’t win. And about that “breach of trust in allies thing,” huh. America hasn’t kept her word since before she was born and isn’t going to now.

    I will recommit to our alliances – diplomatically, militarily and economically. I will take immediate action to rebuild our partnerships and renew American strategic and moral leadership,”

    So then she re-affirms and re-establishes empire that the (one part) of the military so arduously and expensively sacrificed. So the U.S. can –again– unify and take over the world, most particularly and especially Russia, the one true holdout.

    This is what Pelosi was saying that the world will fail if Trump wins, the world will never recover, all their plans and dreams will end. WHAT dreams, WHOSE dreams, Nancy? I’m not in on them. They MUST re-establish those alliances, they MUST get that outrageous military spending even if every citizen in the West goes hungry, and they MUST move forward and attack Russia NOW, like Hillary promised. It’s probably already too late, they needed to nuke Russia in the 90’s when they were helpless like Dick Cheney demanded, and he never forgave them for it. Ah, but poor Russia: fated to be the bad end of idiots and empires. Glad we’re not cursed with that fate. The young idiot perhaps, but not his end, rather his beginning.

    And hold on. I heard that migration was due to climate change, like every sparrow’s wings and every other raindrop that falls. Now after being responsible for the NHS and anitbiotic-resistant bacteria, Trump’s responsible for that too. Is there anything he’s NOT responsible for, in control of? According to you people, he’s the God-Emperor indeed. Their language, their perception is what give him his power. I certainly didn’t do it.

    You see from this diagnosis, based on decades of tiny data points, drip drip drip, that they MUST have war or lose all, and RIGHT NOW. That goes for both parties but Trump and the Marines have turned possibly half of the GOP now, with some on the short leash of a little black book, or rather a warehouse of tapes made in a certain Caribbean island and New Mexico ranch. That’s a strange twist of history it wasn’t the other way ‘round, but history is strange that way. Instead, turned out to be the Left to be the party of the CIA, to love and trust authority above all, to be pro-spying, pro-war, and anti-free speech. That’s because they’re throwing their little black book to the other side, and I suspect also to China and this Supra-state entity the CIA is merged with that works in MI6, in Saudi, in Ukraine, and in that little country of the east of the Mediterranean, all working together with tech billionaires to that one glorious, unified world under one government, with no more war…and no resistance.

    Now, what did I just say?

    “increased contributions to NATO”

    While typhus breaks out in Pelosi’s district and children can’t drink the water. While millions are homeless, tent camps expand every day, and 30,000 die of opioids. Yet THIS is their priority. And I ask you why. NATO? NATO what? “Operations” Where? Thousands and tens of thousands of miles away from the north Atlantic, continents away from Nebraska, Why and Why? There IS nothing but that NATO, funded by US though every last American dies, projects its military EVERYWHERE, throughout the whole PLANET, and right NOW, ten years ago when Brzezinski and Wesley Clark said. What else can she possibly be saying? NATO operations? NATO held back Stalin. He’s been dead for 60 years. The USSR has been dead for 30 years. There IS no threat, anywhere, anyone can point to, except for the very war-refugees they demand to import by the millions. Yet they, and Warren, demand we EXPAND operations. To where? To do what? The “Common Defense” against who? Are they deranged? Do they see ghosts? Genghis Khan? Napoleon? Saladin? What? Well apparently Neuromancer and F-Society, who will attack us in our dreams inside the cyberspace world of our VR Playstations. How will we ever? After that, NATO’s 10-fold budget will bomb water into Libya, bomb food into Yemen, and bomb snow into East Anglia (too late, sneak attack). Their non-carbon bombs will somehow offset the Pentagon being the largest user of Carbon on the planet, bar none, but we should expand them. Only then can we “protect ourselves”, presumably from our own psychosis and idiocy.

    To the end here, yes Russia would attack us, because we’ve surrounded her, made ourselves that big a threat, then credible Presidential candidates and the whole Ukraine State Department bragged about our intentions to destroy her immediately on national TV. But get a grip, ‘gov: Russia doesn’t have enough people to occupy RUSSIA, they can’t attack for real much less invade. It’s literally, physically, logically, logistically impossible. Which with #AntiLogos, the illogic of the world, dissuades them not a bit. Russia can literally, physically, logically, and logistically only DEFEND. That’s it, ever. So DON’T MAKE THEM DEFEND. Leave them alone for the love of Christ and everything holy if you love your mother and kittens-with-strings.

    So America, this is your time, this is your choice. Who are you? What do you stand for? Conquest and complete annihilation for no reason anyone can discern, or…something else?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 8 2019 #52028

    Dr. D

    Ah, an empty bank, just like ours and yours.

    “you’d think they do it on purpose.”

    I think they baffle themselves with their own bulls—t, as we yanks say. Since every adult lies with every waking breath, they have gotten into lying to themselves by posting what they themselves believe (technically, if a poll disagrees with them, they suspect it’s ‘wrong’ and re-do it until it’s ‘right’), lie for money when parties and groups pay them, lie on purpose to sway opinion with the public voting for whatever’s popular, until now, like Dr. Seuss and the Star-bellied Sneetches,

    “Changing their stars every minute or two.

    They kept paying money. They kept running through
    Until neither the Plain nor the Star-Bellies knew
    Whether this one was that one… or that one was this one
    Or which one was what one… of what one was who.”

    And what is the next line?

    Then, when every last cent
    Of their money was spent,
    The Fix-it-Up Chappie packed up
    And he went

    See what I mean by you don’t have to be a genius around here, only moderately literate? The polls and pollsters, and the people who pay them, are all such liars, without a truth to put together among them, that they know longer know WHAT’S going on, and are wrong all the time…and since they lie to themselves, and think they’re the only one getting over on someone and the OTHER guy ISN’T lying…don’t even know why they’re losing over and over again. When any tosser who went into a dozen pubs could tell you what’s going on.

    Calls Grow To Stop Boris Johnson With Tactical Voting As Race Tightens (O.)”

    They can’t tactically vote because they’ve been lying to themselves about their own party, their base, and the British people. They wouldn’t know where to apply this quite-good plan without re-adding honesty to their behavior, which is impossible, because their religion is #AntiLogos and they’ve have to have a religious conversion and radically change themselves and their policies. A dog can only bark.

    Patient Data From GP Surgeries Sold To US Companies (G.)

    I agree, this sounds amazingly innocuous, and under US HIPPA law, the names and identifiers would be stripped making it truly anonymous. However, I don’t trust the guys and I don’t prefer it. P.S., the U.K. who’s so worried lost ALL the medical records of ALL the children in Tommy Saville’s Britain in ONE laptop, and nobody cared a bit, so don’t go nuts now.

    “Just a reminder, elderly earn and spend half as much as working age persons and “destroy money” via deleveraging while working age persons “create money” via undertaking new loans (debt). The current and future situation is one of collapsing credit and collapsing money creation as the growth of deflationary elderly overwhelms inflationary working age growth”

    What I said about Japan yesterday. So, again, since things expand AND contract, there is summer AND winter, why must you prevent deleveraging? Sounds like your system is stupid and needs to be destroyed. …Unless of course you KNOW it will be destroyed, plan for it, and short it all the way down. 1988 Economist, anyone?

    Who’s Buying Ads?”

    Not only that, they’re the first good ads. Sharp, focused, speaking to the common American. Too bad we already know Bloomberg is a maniac and a liar who would outlaw 40-ounce sodas because the poor (us) are too stupid to breathe for ourselves and should be taxed like mules after we’re shaken down in the streets for two (four?) of our Constitutional Rights. …Otherwise known as openly flouting Federal Law just ‘cause he feels like it. But hey, if like the other 17 Democrats, he openly promises he will ignore all of the first ten federal laws, and then move on to selectively enforcing all the rest of the federal register, well sign me up, right? When your top policeman promises to ignore every law in the book and to make it up as he goes along, what could possibly go wrong?

    on unfounded corruption allegations and disproven claims”

    Ah, our Sneetches at work. Amazingly unfounded by the entire Ukrainian parliament, their prosecutor(s), and a book of legal affidavits, a stack of check stubs, the President of Poland, and Joe Biden himself on openly-available videotape. Go man. You do you.

    Is Russia Overtaking The US in the Realm of Strategic Bombers? (SF)

    Not sure, but they’re five(?) generations ahead of us in warplanes, and 3 generations ahead in defense missiles. Plus their hypersonic and electronics-disruptors, which turned a US Destroyer into a lump of coal. Sounds like you shouldn’t antagonize them, especially as they have no overseas projection capability. As us guys say about everything, to everyone, every day: leave them alone. But the meddling maniacs and do-gooders can never leave anyone alone, anywhere on the planet, no matter how far they run or how quiet they are. They HAVE TO TELL EVERYBODY WHAT TO DO, and then make them. That’s Socialism. We confiscate anything valuable, anything you build, make, do, or think, and All Your Base Are Belong to Us. Speaking of laws, there’s another list of Ten Laws, and I think this plan is against two of them. Cover…Coven…Cove-it? ‘Is Good? I can’t remember.

    The B-2 is the only stealth bomber in operation anywhere in the world.

    That’s because it’s an overpriced piece of s—t that was obsolete a day after it was made. It’s not “stealth”, it’s just more U.S. marketing bull-pucks doing what we do best and blowing smoke up up everybody’s rear end. It’s “invisible” to the radar of 1990. So when it came out, they added bands and made their radar stronger. Now they can see it just fine again. Holy d-dud duh duh. They can even turn it into a titanium brick at Mach 2 with their electronics-fryers. But we’re not allowed to say that or Boeing’s sales would drop WITHOUT killing a few more B2 pilots, or getting an overconfident Air Force, with a totally misguided Congress, into a war that will destroy the United States and replace its Constitution as long-planned. But hey, why believe me when you have eyes and can read words: go look it up.

    US Government Drops Case Against Journalist Max Blumenthal (GZ)”

    Speaking of Assange and the White Rose yesterday, good to hear it.

    The mysteriously missing evidence

    You mean like the Flynn 302s which they have — but don’t have — and know — but don’t know — who wrote them? Like the hundred IRS Lerner hard drives plus all the servers and all the off-site backups? Like the 33,000 emails? Like the Epstein prison tapes? Like Strozk and Page’s phones? Their server phone records? Like all the Fannie Mae documents? Like the records in the Pentagon about the missing $6B? Huh. Well, that is not suspicious at all.

    What are the chances? My bet: 100%.

    in reply to: Assange and Auschwitz #52027

    Dr. D

    Interesting. Let’s assume Wikileaks is no less honest than ever. So in that world, WHY would they not need to prosecute and sue? What hidden facts make laying low and waiting be a better idea?

    Everyone talks about the camps, and now, in history, the ONLY people ever in the camps, or ever prosecuted. What careless, hapless, reckless history. As if to not understand how it happened, to cartoonify it, would stop it from happening again, instead of helping it. Here’s a thought: a friend’s parents met in a camp, in Poland. NEITHER were Jews. One was from Greece, which is a lesson we seem to have forgotten. Like Kamala Harris’ CA kids, they picked them up, just ’cause. Just ’cause they were work camps and they needed the work. Harris is considered an honorable, credible, top Presidential candidate, and their only disappointment was the people didn’t like her proto-camps after they invested a lot of media time on her.

    So no, the thought that Assange is in ANY WAY dissimilar from Nazi Germany is ridiculous. This is exactly what happened to thousands who attempted to flee, just as Julian attempted to flee, we caught, just as Julian was caught, were put on show trials or no trials just as Julian was –NOT– put on trial, and then died in prison, just as the White Rose society, a group of four teens who released just six –six– leaflets. Sophie Scholl was then executed for said publishing. Last I knew, none were Jews, they were good Germans, who believed as Germans should, and as we say in America, were defending their country against their government. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Rose

    But none of this happened in history now. Hitler was not a socialist. He was not democratically elected. The majority of the German people were not against him, or at least did not vote for him. No one opposed him, undermined him, constantly attempted assassinations of him. He never killed Bavarians, Lithuanians, Dutch, Norwegians, Belgians, or Poles, only Jews. And now when we suggest he was oppressive at home, against Germans who stood for the people of Bach, Gothe, Handel, Gutenberg and Plank, who opposed their own governments and were run over by the fashion-mob like Captain Von Trapp, we must apologize.

    We’re never going to NOT repeat history if we don’t understand history. Nobody, no group ever was not opposed. There were always exceptions, ironies, contradictions. Nobody ever did or followed the platform they espoused. History itself is the catalogue of their intricacies, reversals, and contradictions. In this case, Assange is EXACTLY the representation of Nazi Germany, the real one, not the cartoon version we now use in every sentence and see on TV.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 7 2019 #51999

    Dr. D

    Abenomics has Failed Japan. Financial Times Wants to Make it Global. (Lacalle)”

    Correlation is not causality. Yes, I believe the BoJ caused the problem, but they were in an unavoidable demographic slowdown…in addition to the generation turning where children never hungry ask “Why am I working 110 hours a week again?” This is why banks need to grow AND shrink, expand AND contract. But leveraged systems cannot contract without collapsing, EVER. It’s just that in gold systems, those weak banks fail, vanish, are bought up, it’s painful, and life goes on. In a fiat system, nobody ever fails, EVER, because that’s Capitalism. Oh wait, I meant the exact OPPOSITE of Capitalism, welfare and socialism for the rich, and austerity and failure for the poor, just like every other time in socialist history.

    Once you get involved and screw it all up, it becomes impossible to tell where, exactly, the screw-ups are anymore – they’re in every market the BoJ touched, with Yen-carry, every market on planet Earth, but you CAN say they’re responsible. …Or catastrophically, fatally, IRresponsible, your choice.

    Thanks to them, both Japan, and its people, are entirely and completely defenseless and unprepared for, say, China to man-handle them. I’m sure the animae grass-eating girly boys will put up a Kamikaze-like sacrifice and defense. Oh, and like here, if you’re the upper half of coastal-land. If you’re the lower half, you’re already dodging gunfire in the streets.

    What the ‘Expert’ Panel Should Have Told You About Impeachment (ET)

    A very must read for the language-drift since 1789. A “High Crime” is a felony. Murder, etc. A “Misdemeanor” or “High Misdemeanor” is a large, not small, breach of fiduciary duty. Embezzlement, commingling, etc. Bribery speaks for itself, but I’d be pretty sure they meant Brib-ee, not Brib-er. Not that it matters, because his other point is, this HAS TO BE UNUSUAL. If every other president and diplomat, leverages, arm-twists, and de-facto bribes foreign nations every day (and they sure do) then it is not a breach of the office, but a continuation of it. …Not to bring up that since they ARE all corrupt, and it IS the common, usual thing, and has been for 50 or 100 years, then you have a problem making a criminal case of it, even when your unauthorized charity that lacks accounting and files no papers, and provides no services, receives a few hundred billion in “donations” each year, but then somehow has no “donations” as soon as you leave office. Or provides no-bid or so-specifically-bid contracts that only one company (Amazon) can possibly receive the dough, who then buy up a paper and soft-peddle the bidder’s line (CIA). Hey, isn’t that bribery? …But nations have solved this before, as with saying “From here forward” or “provide general amnesty” as happened in the Civil War and Prohibition, when Budweiser rolled up a wagonload of fully-finished beer with Clydesdales, the day after liberation. (Libation?)

    He makes the point I make, which is that, so what if if helps him? If it’s his job, there’s obviously no conflict, otherwise he’d have to always do the OPPOSITE of his own beliefs and wishes. And in #OppositeLand, I’m sure that’s no shock. It’s only when he undercuts the well-being of his client, the U.S., that it can apply. …Which is what the detractors said. However, when you can make the argument that looking FOR corruption is good and a duty, and harassing your political opponents is bad and a caution, you have a viable disagreement on public policy, which is debated, then voted through your representative, not impeached. They just disagree on policy, fine, I respect and encourage that, however, you cannot REMOVE for policy disagreements, nor can you thwart it. …I mean, unless you want to go to the streets against a party holding 90% of our 300 million guns. …Which I think they do, suggesting they’ve never read a history book or been in a fistfight.

    A Fraught Moment (Kunstler)”

    Everyone seems to have lost their cool: Kunstler, Tim Pool, Pelosi, Biden. Did they not know it’s been this same way since the 90s? There’s nothing new here except the level and the brazenness. Do they not remember Cheney attacked the whole press, Plame’s CIA, General Shinsaki, and the DIXIE CHICKS of all people, for no reason except they were totally, completely right? At the same time, Mueller attacked a totally innocent scientist and tried to railroad him for chemical weapons and attempted murder. Epstein was setting up shop with an ex-Mossad gal, yet neither the FBI or CIA could find any-old-thing about him when he met with hundreds of protected top-level officials and their expert bodyguard security teams. The movie “Narcos” was on, where Pablo Escobar openly says he moved hundred-billions for the CIA rat-lines through the SWIFT banking system, buys jumbo jets, and nobody can find nothin’. This is when Magintsky and Browder were around and Martin Armstrong was serving 7-to-life for contempt of court because he wouldn’t turn over his trading program to Goldman Sachs. This is when Clinton attacked and then occupied the Serbian oil pipeline and bombed an aspirin factory in Africa. Hey dudes and dudettes, where’ya been? Why lose your mind now, when we can finally talk about it?

    what was the world’s leading law enforcement agency.”

    I’m confused, he says this, then refers to the FBI, an agency set up by J.Edgar to spy on congressmen and other connected people for blackmail and political gain. Is he suggesting there was a single year that wasn’t their mission and purpose? ‘Cause I haven’t seen it.

    FBI teaches its agents never to engage in activity on FBI phones or in a public forum that reveals personal bias.”

    This poor guy believes that is not the specific PURPOSE of the FBI, to protect pedophile Epstein congressmen, lose FBI and IRS hard drives, fabricate evidence against Congressmen in Alaska and scientists in Ft. Dietrich, railroad Leonard Peltier they admit they have no evidence to hold, and that prosecuting the people who walked free is just a cover operation for it. Why don’t you ask MLK and his family about it?

    But to look on the bright side, that I can say these things without the FBI arresting me does show that despite all the U.S. is better than the E.U. or U.K., much less nations further down the list, and that’s why people are still breaking IN here, and not OUT. Lookin’ at you, Mr. Robinson. Jesus loves you more than you will know, ’cause England does not.

    Bloomberg On His Democratic Rivals: ‘Trump Would Eat ‘Em Up’ (R.)

    Quite expectedly – and pointed out by Kunstler – Bloomberg’s entry into the 17-way race has just screwed the only viable moderate out of winning: Buttigeig. And he was alright, I don’t mind him. But Bloomberg is trying to be the centrist anti-Biden, except he’s ALSO 80, and he ALSO attacks blacks, is a corrupt billionaire and so on. So if you run two annoying, self-serving Manhattan billionaires, who do you think will win? Not Bloomberg as his base hates billionaires, stop and frisk, men, and white people. The Trump-pets don’t care. And they don’t care AS LONG as he goes up and smashes Warren, Biden, Bloomberg, Cooper, Macron, the EU, NATO, the CIA, the FBI, and every double-crossing ambassador and Harvard law professor right in the face, on Twitter, every day. It’s only if he STOPPED tweeting, attacking, and being mean to these smug, entitled idiots that he’d be in trouble.

    Are we now all free to call each other whatever we want?

    Nope. Only billionaires. Musk sued someone looking at his corporate releases and stopped his free speech and mild opinion on matters of legal record. Musk effectively told the SEC to lay off him and go f—k themselves…many times. They obeyed entirely. Don’t worry, if Solomon Tweets links to 11 items of factual, legal, photocopied evidence, he’ll be sued to the moon. Just like me. And you. And be thankful they don’t arrest you for something fabricated like Mueller and Obama did, and hold you until death with no charges or merely contempt of court.

    But we ain’t like the middle ages, like the bad old days, iz we? No, we’re brilliant, smart, gifted, moral, exceptional.

    in reply to: The Fed Detests Free Markets – 2 #51998

    Dr. D

    Buy in cash, not credit. If you’re one of the few than can save, save in gold.

    Or at least when it’s not in a mania.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 6 2019 #51980

    Dr. D

    Roosevelt…just before he ordered farmers to plow under crops while people starved. Brilliant! Experts!

    Ah, but we care JUST SO MUCH about people imprisoned and dead 80 years, about statues and slaves happening 250 years ago…and absolutely nothing about concentration camps, executions, and slavery happening today. …In fact, people who oversaw the re-establishment of western slavery got the Nobel Peace Prize, I kid you not! That’s the #Helping and #Caring we have. And in our dudgeon, we wonder what THEY were thinking, those stupid people in 1939 and 1839. How dare they, immoral beasts! We are so, SO much better, enlightened. Practically perfect in every way. Ain’t none o’ that in St. Louis and San Antonio, Paris and Belmarsh, no sireee!

    “Make no mistake: all roads lead to Putin” – Nancy Pelosi, Dec 5th, 2019

    Great. One problem: HOW? So you’re now going to point to Mueller, who couldn’t find anything, and the three things he did sort of find are essentially reversed in court: Flynn, the click farm, and Popadopolous. Doesn’t matter. When you’re #AntiLogos religion, “We create reality now, and while you’re reacting to that, we’ll create it again, and again, and again…” Great plan, btw. However, it is paramount to madness, insanity, and despair. But when #AntiLogos is your god, madness, violence, and despair ARE your goals, QED, so everything is going perfectly.

    What strikes me is the weakness of the fascist, authoritarian, #AntiLogos people: total lack of latitude and imagination, they’re like cartoon minions. “No! It can’t be! My master plan! It’s Impossible!!!” So just as if they get orders from some Dr. Evil who will kill them if they waver even slightly, when the original plan for “Russia Interference” – confirmed to have been established day after election with Podesta and other top-strategists – goes awry, they just go forward into Mueller. And when that goes awry, they haul Mueller before Congress. And when that goes awry, they do the same accusations and reports in Ukraine. And when that goes awry, they resurrect Mueller, which just went awry a month ago, and proceed as if what they planned and hoped actually happened. …And like every day since HRC catastrophically lost to Cheeto. As some wag said yesterday, “If they think trotting out legal ‘experts’ from Harvard and Yale is going to sway the American people, they’ve learned nothing about why they lost in 2016.” Word.

    …So here we are again. Maddow’s dried off, Back in Baby’s Arms again, crying RussiaRussiaRussia! How can we NOT believe it? And myself, and every voter in PA, MI, WI, plus Nunes, Guiliani, McConnell, Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders, the media, the Vermont Electric Board, Jill Stein, and probably the Pope are all Russians too! People, I’m Serial here. Why won’t you believe me?

    And as they say, we send 14k troops as mercenaries to Saudi, who are supporting the deaths of 30k civilians in an illegal war crime and embargo that extends to pirating oil tankers to Syria too, and THIS is what they impeach on. Well, history will remember if there are any books left after the war.

    Okay, next thought: although they are mindless minions and zealots, they’re not stupid. An Impeachment goes to a Republican Senate and the bar is 2/3 vote. What are they up to? I know Pool for instance has deep frustrations with the do-nothing Republicans, but I think this is wanted and much desired. No one’s going to learn unless we have a Bright Red Mecha-McCarthy roaming free, smashing towns reporters and citizens with his illegal wiretapping AT&T subpoena-gun. The GOP has warned about this since before Reagan, that they would trample state customs, stop all speech, follow all reporters, confiscate all guns, cancel all Bill of Rights. No one cared, it was a joke. So…here ya go! Just like they said for 50 years! 100% totally correct. The public has their own problems at home, so they need to see that written large. Then these guys are establishing the best-possible, slam-dunk case for, say, Schiff to be indicted for doing exactly what he says Trump does, but McCabe, Nadler, Biden, Hillary, and even Obama too. Why stop them? And if they DON’T impeach, how are you going to have a trial in the Senate, with actual evidence, actual witnesses, and actual perjury, televised on a National TV that won’t report anything except its #OppositeLand? Please: carry on, you’re doing great. Transmute me unto that smilax genera patch hastily, at thine earliest convenience.

    For the GOP, there is yet a chance someone can come to their senses. It’s not ALL the DNC that’s involved; it’s not ALL of any one. It’s only this layer of self-serving sellouts to China etc, who are a rogue state led by the CIA openly named as far back as Kennedy, and Eisenhower before him. They didn’t invent this, you know. So if the DNC chooses, left and center, they can stop this madness, take their medicine, and let the bad apples of “Chinese spy-hire” Pelosi, “Human-trafficking port” Schiff, “State headmaster” Brennan, and his installed agent Obama take the fall for the actions they provably did, and move on fairly and openly with the reformed, people’s party. They may or may not do that, but a house impeachment vote will reveal their loyalties. My party right or wrong, my tribe uber alles? Or to look to their voters in Colorado, Iowa, and Michigan and away from billionaires Bloomberg, Gates, Sandeep, Zucker…and J.J. Epstein. Spot-check. That’s also critical for Barr and the GOP to know how to proceed as everyone indicts everyone, as Talib said she would, marching into the floor of Congress and locking up the President and his Generals in Detroit County Jail. (I expect she hasn’t read a military history book.) So, so many chances to back out, like the two recent House members who flipped. Or Lisa Page, who it seemed might have a sort of DoJ deal, now wants to go public against it. Does that show who wants to split the country, and who wants to just drain it? Only time will tell.

    Ukraine Fires Prosecutor Investigating Burisma and Hunter Biden (CDMedia)”

    Since overseas, I’d be absolutely sure they already have all the evidence – they’ve had 3 years for the NSA to B&E – but this can muddy the chain-of-evidence, if that’s all you have. Nice how it brings Soros in, though. Much desired. But it’s impossible for him to do wrong because it’s a ‘trope.’ No billionaire has ever used his money for political ends, never, nor has he ever coordinated with other billionaires and power-blocs to do so. It’s unheard of! And if you removed all those pages from the history books, you’d have…well, probably just the title page and glossary. But nobody reads “books,” so who can really tell?

    Fed Goes Hog-Wild with T-Bills, But Repos Drop and MBS Shrink by $22 Bn (WS)”

    Not entirely. Like everyone else in ‘government’, they are lying weasels and put the continually-rising amounts in back-charts and footnotes. …Probably borrowed an expert from BLS on how to do it more weaselly. It’s $350B and still rising, and all the stated numbers are prefaced, with “At LEAST X” meaning $350B is a MINIMUM, with no drink maximum for Happy Hour. Timed perfectly to market-break if/when impeachment goes forward. Mnuchin is a villain but he’s not a dummy, he follows orders.

    a significant majority said it would chill their speech online.

    Well, that is the point. And I love how they keep saying, “If we don’t look out, we could end up in a dystopian 1984 state.” Could? Where have you been the last 10, 20, 30, 40 years? Ready to say “No” yet? Speaking of people opting out and going back to the woods to live in tents, I forget which mega-agency (U.N. related?) wants to make RV and Van life illegal now, since people were getting free, not making trouble, and not in debt. No citizen, you MUST live in a house, EXACTLY the size we say, and not a single foot bigger or smaller. If it doesn’t exactly match the system built by Google and deployed in China, EXACTLY, the SWAT teams will be over shortly.
    …Or if you’re drinking milk from cows. Very bad.

    Leak Confirms Turkey’s “Gold-For-Gas” Scheme To Evade US Sanctions On Iran (ZH)”

    Going on 5+ years and working pretty well. U.S. itself demanded it by politicizing Swift under Obama. Russia yesterday said cutting off Russia on SWIFT would be – and I quote – “a declaration of war.” Not that anybody here cares. They WANT that war, abroad and and home. They won’t love death enough until they are nuked. …Or us anyway, since they think they’ll be safe in their DUMB bunkers. (See History Channel) They won’t.

    BPA Chemical Levels In Humans Drastically Underestimated (G.)”

    Like Monsanto, they’ve known about this for ever and never. They just don’t care, because they WANT us all sick and dead, just like the medieval peasants. Make less trouble that way, and too screwed up to avoid their wars.

    That’s all the news, but I’m sure it’ll double even before 5:00EST! We been Drivin’ that Train, high on Cocaine, and Casey Jones ain’t slowin’ down now!

    in reply to: The Value of Legal Experts #51962

    Dr. D

    And neither will you.

    in reply to: The Value of Legal Experts #51961

    Dr. D

    “The facts are uncontested.”

    Similar to what Biden just said in Iowa when challenged on Hunter. “That’s not true. And no one has ever said that.” “Number two, no one has said my son has done anything wrong and I did not on any occasion, and no one has ever said it…”

    That’s stupefying to me, because it’s not that they didn’t SAY it. It’s not saying it is even the problem: the question is whether it’s TRUE. Which IS contested by the way, but not by many signed affidavits and the entire Ukrainian government. That’s why we look into things.

    So what is this with “Nobody SAID”, “Without evidence” “Unfounded allegations” etc. The allegations ARE founded, like the recent one on Ilan Omar, they’re in the legal record. Just say they’re false, like we usually do, and fight them. I’m sure after a cursory investigation you’ll be fine. So strange.

    So in an investigation about INVESTIGATING your political rivals for political gain, then leaking it, they investigated the press and their fellow Congressmen…and leaked it. …To throw an election. A matter of national security, both in election tampering and violation of the 4A. Stellar. You can’t plan this stuff. Do they check with anyone before they act?

    …Naturally that’s beyond the FIRST time they investigated Trump, wiretapped his phones and planted evidence in widespread coordinated election meddling, and coordinated with Ukraine and MI6 as a national security risk on several levels.

    ““If what we’re talking about here is not impeachable, nothing is impeachable,”

    I know, right?! But I thought we were talking about Obama, who authorized it all.

    Hey, wouldn’t reversing the election and removing the President weaken the U.S. and help Russia? Maybe that. RussiaRussiaRussia. No? Why not? Russia is trying to divide us and undermine our institutions I hear; is removing the elected President going to bring us together? Maybe THEY love and help Russia now? Confused.

    “this is about Russia, who benefitted from the withholding of that military assistance,”

    You mean the assistance that wasn’t withheld? So weird.

    John Kerry now endorses Joe Biden.”

    You do know Kerry’s son worked partners and best friends with Joe Biden’s son, right, both being investigated for getting multi-millions to Rosemont Co. – the name of Kerry’s personal estate — in Burisma, while partnered with the CIA and admitted by the President of Poland yesterday? I mean, trivia, unrelated to anything here. I’m sure Kerry is just suddenly is overwhelmed with love for the DNC although they ran against each other and called each other WWE names many times.

    “There’s so much more I could write here about the “experts”

    As could I. That they’re not “experts.” The experts are almost always, always, dead wrong and are trying to kill every one of us to a man with their self-dealing mischief.

    With the government unhinged, bombing the world, with 4/5 of Congress raging “blood and guts and veins in their teeth”, some U.S. sub captain will surface on rogue orders from Brennan, and Russia, China, and no doubt France, will nuke us just to shut us up and send us back home. That’s the kind of thing that happens if you don’t calm down and respect the rule of law, but apparently nothing else will do. When you love death and war and lies this much, somebody has to give you a dose of it so you can remember why they’re considered “Bad Dog.” “Lie down.” “Stay.”

    You do know we’re not going to get out of this, right? A nation like ours cannot become this corrupt and walk away free. We won’t either.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 5 2019 #51955

    Dr. D

    Pure Democracy is certainly what the founders feared above all. The French Revolution more than affirmed their worst fears. It seems pedantic to clarify we are not a Democracy and never were, but it may be worth the crossed looks to point out that we protect individual rights and property above all things, against both the government AND the mob. Maybe we need a good dose of Democracy ourselves to see why they feared it, and as seems to be happening now with states trampling other states’ wishes and local behavior.

    Very bad turn to remove the Senate from state hands, as almost all of our Amendments were likewise poor.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 5 2019 #51950

    Dr. D

    Gosh she’s beautiful. I wonder what happened to her. I’d like to hear the short story of all Shorpy/Lange’s people—if you drilled in, the Oregon or Bust people yesterday had a tale. They’re so down on tents, or being poor. It isn’t the tent that’s the problem. Alexander the Great and Sitting Bull lived in a tent. Odysseus was a pig-herder. It’s about having class. Civility, neatness, order, is the root of Civilizations, not Cities. Cities only breed Citiots. Like the people on Venice Beach, CA, I’d rather live in a tent a free man than a $250,000 slave in your 2,000 square foot house. So they do, and no one can figure out why. Why we have homeless problem? Because your #Helping has made life a hell on earth for every working man and every law-abiding person in the nation. Heck, if you just give up your job, you even get free health care! You’d practically be crazy to NOT live in a tent. So they do. The so like the Maya, the natives are going back to the forest, take notice.

    The Repo Market Is Broken and Fed Injections Are Not a Lasting Solution (MW)”

    Following from yesterday, yes the US$ is undisputed king and that cannot change. A total reset will likely kill millions and no one (China) wants to be responsible, although now we have alternatives – gold (10:1 claim ratio) and cryptos. But as Hugh Smith says, collapses are not under anyone’s control. As debt ever-increases, the demand for US$ may go UP, not down. This forces nasty austerity, especially on all non-U.S. persons, and they may not be ABLE to tolerate the dollar shortage and rising dollar, as it will kill everyone. At the end, the structures to go around it that have been carefully built will create a multi-polar world, and the US$ at the end can change. …Which is easy, actually, since it’s not a “U.S.” Dollar at all. It’s a “Federal Reserve Note” a private, unaccountable, banking cartel. So the U.S. Treasury can do whatever they want, and issue our coins even right now, and Kennedy issued a U.S. Treasury note against the Fed just before he was killed. The law is there. They’ve written about how to do this since 1971 or before because fiats only last 40 years. But that won’t make it easy, no one has the answer, it’s never been tried, and will be messy indeed.

    Illinois’ Unfunded Pension Liability Rises to $137.3 Billion (R.)”

    All promises, by everyone, everywhere, are not going to be kept. It’s physically and mathematically impossible. They will almost all default. Only things like food are real as we will soon find out. And the trillions of dollars of inflation all resting in paper promises and derivatives will flood there, which is why they rig commodity (and crypto, and all) prices. If even a fraction of the promises were redeemed, they’d find out how empty every vault is.

    “Legal Experts Called by Democrats Say Trump’s Actions Are Impeachable (R.)”

    Couldn’t be more awesome. Not only do they demonstrate the partisan witch-hunt better than any GOP accusation, but since they project all of their own crimes on Trump, they just made a perfect case to indict Biden, Schiff, Comey, even Obama. Let them talk!!! Keep digging!!!

    Now am I exaggerating? Their argument is, wire-tapping and investigating your rivals is removable offense While Adam Schiff wiretaps and investigates rival Congressmen, the President’s private lawyer, any passing journalist, then exposes all their phone records on national TV in violation of the 4th Amendment. You can’t jump the shark on water skis any higher than that Senator McCarthy. So Adam, those are criminal, impeachable, removable offenses? Since you’ve committed them on national TV, we’ll be sending the police over shortly. Surely you won’t protest then, right? These are YOUR rules and standards.

    Michael Schellenberger, founder of Environmental Progress, points out that Climate Change extinction is a pack of lies, and almost completely anti-scientific: https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelshellenberger/2019/11/25/why-everything-they-say-about-climate-change-is-wrong/#54a31a2912d6

    ““I’m reminded of what [late Stanford University climate scientist] Steve Schneider used to say,” Wigley replied. “He used to say that as a scientist, we shouldn’t really be concerned about the way we slant things in communicating with people out on the street who might need a little push in a certain direction to realize that this is a serious problem. Steve didn’t have any qualms about speaking in that biased way.”

    Don’t worry, no one will care. The plan, the result, the requirement of this pack of lies is to have dictatorial, authoritarian control, violent, forced austerity on the poor, even though it will, must, and they daily advertise the wonderful merit of killing 2-5 billion people, recreate neofeudalism, and give and total control and profit for the 0.001%. There’s always lots of support for that by the media and Schmarty-peoples. Read the history of Eugenics or the Holodomor, both created and supported mostly by the intelligentsia, and fought by the stupid common people. Everybody was for Eugenics, until suddenly, one day, no one had ever been for Eugenics, and certainly not Harvard and Berkeley, Time and Life magazines. And hey, just like Fascism, Mr.-Stalin-man-of-the-year. Weird huh?

    About relentlessly lying to the people, the Greenpeace guy said the same thing. That they hijacked his organization and directed it to their personal, profitable, political ends decades ago.

    How can people be so fooled by transparent anti-science? https://dailycaller.com/2019/12/03/detroit-valedictorian-math-msu/?utm_source=&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=11159

    Well, the Valedictorian of Detroit can’t pass college algebra. Baltimore is graduating only 5% of students with competency, and most cities are the same. This total lack of schooling, knowledge, and competency has been going on every day of my life and is rapidly accelerating. Meanwhile China is 4 grade-levels ahead of the U.S. http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/how-dumb-have-we-become-chinese-students-are-4-grade-levels-ahead-of-u-s-students-in-math

    My thought: Only 4 grades? Since our graduates can’t read and write, that would be 11 grades above a Chinese 1st grader. Here’s what school looked like before the government got involved in #Helping: https://newrepublic.com/article/79470/1895-8th-grade-final-exam-i-couldnt-pass-it-could-you I assert that no master’s graduate in the U.S. could pass what an 8th grader could pass without comment 100 years ago. But like Baltimore, it’s not time to give up! We have so much more #Helping to do! We’re already spending $50,000 per student and failing 95% of them. Surely we can spend $150,000 and pass no one at all! We’re so close, we shouldn’t give up now!

    Other top hits:
    #1 One recent survey found that 74 percent of Americans don’t even know how many amendments are in the Bill of Rights.
    #2 An earlier survey discovered that 37 percent of Americans cannot name a single right protected by the First Amendment.
    #3 Shockingly, only 26 percent of Americans can name all three branches of government.
    Less than half of all Americans know which country used atomic bombs at the end of World War II, and 25% don’t know who we fought in the revolutionary war.

    History is not kind to cowards, weaklings, and idiots. But more especially when they’re PROUD of it.
    Reminds me of Tytler all over again. “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury.”

    Not that one, this one: “…The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.”

    But the only thing we learn from history is that nobody learns anything from history. Especially Americans. Because they don’t know history.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 4 2019 #51924

    Dr. D

    …But I’m not rich.

    Speaking of our awesome justice system throughout the west, “Pedophile Mueller Witness Charged with Steering Illegal Campaign Contributions to Hillary Clinton” https://www.zerohedge.com/political/pedophile-mueller-witness-charged-steering-illegal-campaign-contributions-hillary-clinton

    Ah, pretty petty and partisan. “A convicted pedophile who became a key witness in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation has been indicted on charges of illegally funneling campaign funds to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign using straw donors, according to Politico.”

    “Nader, also a Lebanese businessman, has a shadowy record that includes a 1991 conviction on child pornography charges in the US – for which he served only six months in a halfway house thanks to his role in helping to free American hostages in Beirut.”

    And was freed.

    “He was also charged and convicted in the Czech Republic in 2002 on 10 counts of sexually abusing minors, and eventually received a one-year prison sentence.”

    And was freed.

    In initial charges filed against him, authorities alleged he had carried child pornography when he arrived in the country from Dubai in January 2018.”

    And was freed.

    The explicit videos of minors were found on one of the phones Nader gave to FBI agents working for the special counsel. He came and went from the country several times while being interviewed by Mueller’s team”

    And was freed.

    Lobbyist George Nader, who was arrested this June at JFK airport for sex-trafficking a 14-year-old boy, has lobbied on both sides of the aisle.”

    Well, he hasn’t been freed yet, but statistics are clearly in his favor.

    This guy’s in jail though: “Feds raid Amish dairy farm—twice—for selling unpasteurized milk”.

    “SWAT agents stormed a Pennsylvania Amish dairy farm wrongfully accusing the owner of selling raw milk interstate. The agents arrived at 4.30am while the owner Dan Allgyer’s family was still asleep and he was preparing to milk the cows. A warrant was served upon him claiming the police had “credible evidence” he was involved in interstate commerce.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 4 2019 #51920

    Dr. D

    Harris out of race, weird how the front-runner, right after Biden in the news at her peak, actually has no support at all. It’s almost like the polls are made-up to attempt to corral the public toward candidates they prefer. In other words, THEY’RE ALL COMPLETELY FALSE. Which you know, because they were written by an adult and published in the news.

    “If you want your lie, you can keep your lie.”

    33% increase in homelessness in L.A., San Fran’s poop on the streets somehow DOUBLES in just one year. #Winning!


    Of course NYC admits they give them a one-way ticket to CA or HI, (or NJ, they’re being sued) as do many other states btw. WV was sending them TO NY. Are we done yet? Can we move to a different approach, like the Republican one for JOBS, and leaving people alone so they can live in a shack in the woods with an outhouse if they like? (A: Nope. There is never a time I will leave people alone or stop telling them what to do. …Or paying for it. Helping! Helping so, so much until you just can’t STAND it!)

    Speaking of, https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/climate/letter-how-to-advise-a-teenage-daughter-on-climate-change/

    “Since the girl on TV demanded “we need to get rid of our dependency on fossil fuels” and our daughter agreed with her, we have disconnected the heat vent in her room. The temperature is now dropping to twelve degrees in the evening, and will drop below freezing in the winter, we have promised to buy her an extra sweater, hat, tights, gloves and a blanket.
    For the same reason we have decided that from now on she only takes a cold shower. She will wash her clothes by hand, with a wooden washboard, because the washing machine is simply a power consumer and since the dryer uses natural gas, she will hang her clothes on the clothes line to dry, just like my parents and grandparents used to do.” etc

    And like her parents, I’m not kidding about that either. I’m perfectly willing to do those things, but if I did, IT WOULD BE ILLEGAL, the sheriff would show up, take the kids, confiscate everything, and involuntarily hold me until I promised to return to central electricity, central heating, phone bills, taxes, rent, debt, a car, and the whole shebang. How do I know? HAPPENS EVERY DAY with homeschoolers, homesteaders, and off-grid people, primarily the religious. Verboten, citizen. Babylon is not an option: it’s an order. Even the Amish are being SWATTED.

    So go ahead and try to be environmental and live in a tipi or a bark house. It won’t be a week before you’re #Helped right into prison, if the locals don’t steal everything you own for not having a lock first, while the police look on and laugh, and abuse you themselves just for fun.

    Do I detect a bit of an environmental problem here, where if you DON’T use 5x the world’s average energy use while in the Western world, you effectively go to prison? Sounds like that problem will be hard to solve when it’s required by #Helping law and enforced by #UniversalViolence.

    ““should just go with censure”

    It’s too late to just go with censure. They already DID the impeachment thing, and unlike the 2016 elections, no do-over. They’re getting plastered in the moderate swing states, and have probably just guaranteed Trump wins 2020 in a landslide. Congratulations. Do Pelosi, Schiff, and Schumer work for Trump or something? Seriously, because the things they do are inexplicable otherwise.

    They HAVE, however, increased their support in NY and CA. …States they already had and were not in danger til now. Is this the HRC plan for the 2020? Campaign everywhere you’re already liked, then piss off and ignore WI, MI, and PA? ‘Cause I think that’s what they just did. …They wanted a 2016 do-over in 2020, but maybe that’s not the part they had in mind.

    Democrats Accuse Trump Of Abusing Power, Obstructing Impeachment Probe (R.)”

    As I say every day, with every one of these articles: “Okay, great! Where?” Surely you can say, October the 23rd, IN the Library, WITH the candlestick. Instead it’s, “Well he didn’t stand with the Rohingas, so we Steady State Generals started a coup.” (Not kidding, see Vindman, Zaid, Strozk, Page, and https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/welcome-to-the-potemkin-village-of-washington-power/ )

    “Schiff later chalked up his fictional summary of the phone call to a joke”

    Schiff does standup, LIVE from the floor of Congress! Better keep your day job. …I wouldn’t make a lot of it, however, and that the Cheeto HAS made a lot of it shows there’s a something going on. …Probably my theory that Schiff was paraphrasing the fake transcript the CIA stole off the White House servers.

    Nunes Sues CNN Over ‘Demonstrably False’ Ukraine Report (York)”

    They need to sue every one of them every time, like the old days. Although pistols at dawn is good too. Then no matter who gets shot, the people win.

    Durham Needs to Bring Indictments (Farrell)”

    …Aaaaand 3 years later, no indictments are had. For all the smoke and hair-on-fire the media puts out, you’d think somebody had done something, but nope. This is the same media that calls Armageddon when there’s snow, in the north, at 6,000 feet, in the winter. Unprecedented! Travelers in Atlanta might experience…rain. Heavens!

    Why did the FBO fire Strzok? And how does that make Lisa Page’s claims look?”

    Poor Lisa only said she hated the way WalMart deplorables even SMELL, and they had a plan with Andy and would do ANYTHING to prevent Cheeto from getting in. …But that didn’t affect her judgement, neutrality, or her job in any way. Huh. Poor girl. She’s right: she is a victim…of dementia.

    In an age where people around the world want to avoid war and to focus instead on the climate chaos that threatens future life on earth,”

    Ah, of course. Despite unprecedented COLD through the whole northern hemisphere, there can be no permitted article, anywhere, on any subject, that do not throw in on this. Cheeto is talking out both sides of his mouth about every minute on NATO, which has the effect of smashing everything in NATO and in Europe. …Which is exactly what the American people sent him there to do. Smash away, brother! When NATO fails for the joke that it is, we can stop occupying Europe, paying their defense bills while they make fun of us for the free health care our multi-trillion-dollar allows them, and start fixing Flint’s water lines back home. Can’t smash Macron and NATO fast enough for me. With a guy who shoots the eyes out of French ladies for fun and profit, Trump’s far too easy on him.

    Hillary Clinton Still Refuses to Rule Out Running for President (PJW)”

    Please, please, PLEASE run. This would be the best thing evah! To watch her violent, psychotic, narcissistic dreams be shattered before her eyes not once, but TWICE? There is no better or greater punishment for her, not even prison. Can we donate and FORCE her to run or something?

    About 94% of the energy used in the transportation sector was petroleum”

    And we’ll be carbon-neutral by 2030. No ICE cars will be sold in Europe in like one year. Hahahahahahaha. But if they asked any engineer, ever, they would have told them. Because they DID ask, and they DID tell them, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100 years ago. They even told them “there are not enough square feet in all of Germany to produce enough wind to run a fraction of the economy.” Now there are windmills on every square foot, and Germany has no energy. They import toxic energy with complete and fatal national security risk from France and Russia, just like the engineers all said. But in an #AntiLogos world, reality is optional. “We MAKE reality now,” as a famous zealot of that religion once said.

    Tackling Degraded Oceans Could Mitigate Climate Crisis (G.)”

    OMG what dips. Without unlimited DEBT, issued by the central banks, the economy would HAVE to fall to a steady state. Then we would not be ABLE to pollute the oceans this fast, and both environment, and carbon would fall massively. …But along with GDP being cut 1/3 to 1/2, and taxes falling too, along with the ability to send wars, and kill millions for sport in 30 nations worldwide. Awwwww. No wars? No pollution? No carbon? No dead rhinos from China printing endless money and driving horn prices beyond Mars? Life’s hardly worth living then. Can’t we destroy some stuff and blame poor people for it or something? Worked for the last 50 years, why not now?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 3 2019 #51901

    Dr. D

    From yesterday, an article from Tim Pool on how business sucks and women are deeply unsatisfied having followed it: https://www.youtube.com › watch › v=aYkiKCY4mJM

    Hey, no kidding, almost all the MEN think work sucks too, but they don’t have options.

    He repeats the debunking of a wage gap – more men sign up for dangerous and fatal, higher-paying jobs (hero theory) – and that women are slightly less represented in the top-tier because men have a wider bell curve, where more men are stupid (and homeless, good only for manual labor) but also more men are geniuses, and likely to succeed. Women have a slightly closer bell curve, so more women will be of average intelligence. That just about explains all the differences we see in the West at this time, including that more women are in college.

    Then following HRC’s stinging loss after promising WWIII, Warren promises to cause an American Civil War if elected: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/03/19/elizabeth-warren-eliminate-electoral-college-1226686

    That’s because eliminating the electoral college, Vermont, Wyoming, Alaska, both Dakotas, Delaware, Rhode Island, Montana, Maine, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Idaho, West Virginia, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Kansas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Nevada, Iowa and Utah will have to secede from the Union as they will never have representation again. But Civil War was always the plan, going way back to 1968. The problem is, the only sides that can possibly fight are the rural militias – gun owning, unified under principles – and the government – gun owning, unified in policies. But what happens if the rural reds ARE the government? Who fights now? No one, as the combined power of both arms-owning halves – who are also both law-supporting — would make any uprising the shortest ever.

    Finger-sucking granddaddy Biden has a lot to worry about, since Hunter’s paternity suit is far more than embarrassing: in order to determine child support, the judge is demanding 3 years of taxes, which will end up on public record, and as is usual in such cases, and every Ukrainian payout will be revealed. Ricky got some ‘spaining to do. The Arkansas lawyer recused himself immediately and without warning. He may have unexpectedly found himself in one of those dangerous and/or fatal jobs.

    “Donald Trump’s actions towards Ukraine were “entirely prudent” and involved “no quid pro quo, bribery, extortion, or abuse of power”, according to a draft Republican report Zelinsky and the whole Ukrainian government.”

    Zelinsky and like the 25th official release BY a sovereign nation that says no quid pro quo, BidenCo stole all our money, where’s my money? and no one cares. It’s a “debunked conspiracy theory” when a major nation of 42 million people declares something internationally with affidavits. …But of course! We all knew that. It can’t BE reported, because the truth cannot be in their mouth. They’d choke.

    Because there is no voting fraud ever – never has been, ask CNN – many local officials have been prosecuted nationwide, and PA electronic voting machines go crazy: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/pa-county-election-turned-nightmare-after-voting-machines-malfunctioned

    “it was obvious there was a problem. The Democratic candidate, Abe Kassis, only had 164 votes out of 55,000 ballots across 100 precincts. In an area where you can vote for a straight party ticket, it was near a “statistical impossibility”, according to the New York Times. “

    “The machines used in Northampton County were also used in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs, crucial areas for next year’s Presidential election.”

    Nah. In 2012 when 100% of all voters in Philly voted DNC, with –ZERO– cranks voting otherwise just to be funny, it was considered totally normal! When 10% more people voted than were registered in Detroit under Stein’s 2016 recount: totally normal!!! When billionaires coughSoroscough vow to overturn elections and spend billions to do so and then OWN the voting machine companies, no problem!!! And when a 6th grader can hack one – as well proven in like every hacking conference ever – that’s totally not worrisome at all! …And this is why CA just bought a bunch more machines that have no security, no paper receipts, and no possibility of recounts for 2020. See? America got no problems! One billionaire, one vote. As their hero says, “It’s not who votes that counts, it’s he who counts the votes.”

    Not to be a gadfly here, but after the totally rigged Kennedy-Nixon vote, didn’t a bunch of states like IL and NY go with a totally un-hackable, completely honest, auditable two-key paper-punch system? Do we like, still know how to make those machines, or is the idea of a lever-machine that puts holes in paper too hard for us now?

    it can send made-up votes to the vote counting software without needing a real ballot. Fake ballots are a feature no voting machine should have.” …The automatic tests in Northampton proved to be problematic in that they didn’t even cast votes for every candidate. …The machines were rolled out and used anyway.”

    What was that Smith said yesterday about every single thing the whole nation being a lie?

    “EU Leaders to Push for Climate Neutrality by 2050 (R.)”

    Hahahahahahahahahaha! Not unless you want to kill 6 billion people first. Enough said.

    “In the American imagination, at least, the family farm still exists as it does on holiday greeting cards:”

    Like everything, it’s a lie and a fantasy. They utterly destroyed that over 50 years ago, and left the ruins of Chernobyl, as shown by Mellencamp as far back as the 80s. Then they sold their daughters to slavery on “SugarDaddys.com” then salted, then strip-mined, then paved the ruins up to now even this very minute. And then we made fun of them for it! “I unironically embrace the bashing of rural Americans,” [Berkeley] Kernion wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “They, as a group, are bad people who have made bad life decisions…and we should shame [them]” Ah, Progress! Now why iz they mad at us? We never did nuttin’.

    And Science™! We have a black hole too large to exist in the universe, a star too old to exist, and a plasma firewall on the edge of our solar system where no wall should be. But when you’re practically perfect in every way, you reject the facts to fit the theory instead of changing the theory to fit uncomfortable facts. …Just like the rest of our society.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 2 2019 #51900

    Dr. D

    They would have to be careful. Since there’s nothing BUT corruption in the West, exposing and therefore cutting off all the illegal Russian flows would bankrupt the Danish-Swedish banks, and therefore destroy Scandinavia itself. …And how is a broken Scandinavia going to be a stronger wall against Russia?

    Russia doesn’t need to do a d–n thing. Just sit by and watch the West destroy itself with corruption and overreach and outlast us. Like Stalingrad.

    Speaking of weather, it’s -50f there. In NOVEMBER.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 2 2019 #51873

    Dr. D

    Living in vans, working for Amazon. The company store. Hey, welcome to the real America.

    “White House Says It Will Not Participate in Wednesday Impeachment Hearing (R.)”

    He’s so guilty, they can’t call any witnesses or cross-examine, and the 8-hour testimony of an IG witness is still locked up as Top Secret. …Nothing to hide here, all above board, you always hide all the facts and testimony when the suspect in question is guilty.

    “Next year: can Republicans still marry Democrats?”

    No, because marriage supports the oppressive colonial patriarchy. Worse, you might have children. With two parents. And since children with parents is a top indicator of success, they will also succeed at money and capitalism. Arg! We want them hating jobs and money, but then complaining about not having any.

    They don’t point to this, but worse would be if you don’t affiliate with EITHER party, for then you are the enemy of BOTH. Ask me how I know. Note the article and research doesn’t consider this as an option. In any case, ‘cause either diversity or liberty, Irish need not apply.

    Sadly, we’ve lost the capacity to simply tell the truth:”

    They’ll lie about the weather or about golfing and tweeting. No shame, nothing happens, no one cares, “The truth is not in them.” Their vow is the vow to never have the truth in their mouth. It burns like holy water. They’d rather lose impeachment and the whole nation than tell or admit the truth. That’s how you know it’s their highest calling, the most important, core principle, their one true religion.

    “This is the pathetic state of America: our outrage is reserved for those telling the truth, not for the legions who lie, cheat, steal and prevaricate to conceal the truth at all costs.”

    Now division of labor and the power it confers depends on one thing only: trust. The confidence that when you ask someone to do something, they will keep their word. When they tell you something, that the job is done, that it actually is. This is how it dissolves, and dissolves not back into distributed regionalism, trust within family or group, but trust into power that a warlord will come down and bash your head if you cross him. – Everyone else is fair game for lying, cheating and stealing. What do you think can be done with such people? God can’t help them, they can only help themselves.

    unless the individuals who are responsible for the advancing fascism are executed, there won’t be any real hope for democracy anywhere in the world.”

    I agree and least of all here, however this will stop if the world refuses our US$ and ring-fences us like South Africa, both of which will probably happen. Besides, these guys like fascists most of all, like Pinochet, or Banderite Ukraine. They hate democracy in any nation they overturn because it’s unreliable, and – surprise – the people don’t want their nation robbed and extracted, Mr. Perkins.

    It’s been 5 years since the first whistleblower stepped forward. Who’s in jail?”

    Assange and Manning, of course. The one true enemy of our God is the Truth. And you and me next for the same reason.

    Prince Andrew ‘Has Kept in Constant Touch with Ghislaine Maxwell (DM)”

    British royals are deeply and perfectly aligned with Mossad? And they rape, kill, and blackmail people for personal gain and amusement? You don’t say.

    Serbia, Slovakia Join Sudden Eastern European Gold Repatriation Push”

    Sure, but why now? Following Putin who says the US$ is about to convert? I’m shocked they were able to get any of it, since they refused Germany and everyone last time. Better melt down the bars and sell the tungsten.

    “Men have always been allowed to act out of self-interest – as in economics, so in sex. For women, this freedom has been taboo. If not flat-out forbidden. Woman has been assigned the task of caring for others, not of maximizing her own gain”

    Wow, speaking of never having the truth in your mouth. So…men have the self-interest of dying in a Scottish coal mine to selfishly get food for his family. Gotcha. He does no caring whatever in handing the money to them rather than fleeing to a new life in Belgium. He must do this because he does NOT have menstruation and childbirth, and also has no societal choice, as the same society will shun and destroy him if he does NOT voluntarily die in the coalmine with his family safe at home. Welcome to manhood. Not only do you DO this thing, you furthermore are ATTACKED for doing this thing you are required to do. What’s more, if you bring up the huge fatality and suicide rates, you’re a pansy, mocked, and told how awesome you have it. While those who sit by the fire with the kids and cook bacon are the ones who really have it rough.

    These people write from a perspective where everything is controlled and monetized. So…who do you THINK is going to nurse the baby in 1627, 1827? If he mother does not do that for two years, that baby will likely DIE. Dead. Yet you don’t want her to do that, it’s more important she own property instead. Unlike today, where you can goof off and be a fool every minute, where every mistake will be backstopped by the state, either coal mining OR AND ESPECIALLY children is a deep-knowledge specially you need to be trained in from birth. It’s BECAUSE of her home expertise, trained from birth, that it’s even POSSIBLE to raise kids. And since the man was trained from boyhood to a totally different specialty, he can NOT do that, because no one has time, or formula, or doctors, or disposable diapers, or childcare books, to do both.

    So the woman is a deep-knowledge specialist, same as a surgeon. WHICH FEMINISTS THEMSELVES HATE AND DON’T VALUE. Because she MUST be home, both not coal mining when pregnant, OR away from the children when nursing for two years, maybe +6 career years total, her deep-level specialty then MUST turn to the household finances, the bookkeeping, but also anything else on the home front. Which again, the man can’t do, and you’re too stupid to do either. You know how to cook ox lungs? Make sausage? Cure colic? Make soap? Knit socks? Launder linen by hand? I didn’t think so. You’re completely useless, while she’s completely useFUL. The reason this is unseen is because of YOUR history. YOUR women’s studies. YOUR story of how totally, completely useless and unimportant women are. That’s your fiction, not mine. Men sure don’t think women are useless and should be discarded. Only other women think that.

    Gosh I hate people who undervalue women, women’s roles, and femininity, and want to make all women men, as if men had it good and had no problems of their own, and as we see in movies, as if being tough, beating people up and killing them is the real apex of humanity, and NOT helping people, holding them together, or giving life. This is what they REALLY hate about women, and what must really be destroyed. Love. Family. Children. Helping those you care for. No. Hate hate hate. Money money money. Fight fight fight. Destroy destroy destroy. Narcissistic ego of self, independence, which statistics show women have been getting more unhappy Every. Single. Day. since feminism started. Movies are a good insight: women want to be valued and loved; men want to die the hero. So these idiots want WOMEN to fight wars in a deadly, loveless environment, and MEN to stay at home in ignominy, so that every individual in the whole society can be miserable, unfulfilled, and warring. Thus is your #AntiLogos. And as in this clip, is based on endless lies as ever.

    Current commitments made by national governments under the Paris agreement fall far short of what is required”

    Hey no kidding: both India and China are exempt. Not only exempt, they’re the top polluters of plastics, toxins, and coal plants, but don’t worry, WE’RE the ones who need to change, right Ms. Thunberg? It’s us colonialists, not Africa, India, and China who’s really to blame, although we have a stellar environmental record, and they’re near the bottom. You know, the bad guys are those white, northern Europeans, who sail the world on expensive ships, telling all the poor natives what to do in their own country, because they know better than us. White Swede’s Burden, to enlighten us poor folk in Arkansas. Why won’t we listen?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 1 2019 #51860

    Dr. D

    Do I believe my eyes? Good news breaking out in more than ones:

    Malta PM out for killing a whistleblower/reporter.

    Like me, Macron asks, “What the heck is NATO for? Who is our real enemy?”

    He says “terrorism”, of course, except he will soon designate the Gilet Jeunes and everybody he doesn’t like (Ms. LePen) as t’rrsts. Like any Mr.-unlimited-completely-open-borders-hate-our-own-culture would. But: baby steps. NATO = dumb. Russia = bulletproof from Western sanctions. U.S. = Sent home. Russia = open. Ukraine = lost. Russia = part of Europe (duh, get a map), Western (U.S.) sanctions = devastate Europe to favor the U.S. etc. Took a dozen years but the clue-by-four has finally been delivered. But don’t worry, there’ll be a “terrorist event” or something just like F-stan if peace threatens to break out.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 1 2019 #51857

    Dr. D

    And so we have climate migrations again today. Record cold U.K., record cold (and no kidding, brother!) in Russia.

    “Automakers Offer Record Incentives As Trillion Dollar Auto Bubble Bursts (ZH)”

    Well, we had a record number of cars, then a crash. But instead of letting the number of cars and car manufacturers fall to a reasonable level (admittedly under capitalism, a little too low, below the trendline) we bailed them all out with taxpayer money – including Harley and Toyota – and told them to go on their way. Doing what? Um, making cars? They don’t make egg cream sodas. So immediately what? We have too many cars again, we flood the market again, and oversupply has layoff and a bankrupting slump in sales again, all because you couldn’t leave it alone, you had to “help.” Thanks a lot, instead of one section of GM going bankrupt, and those machine tools being re-directed to I dunno, renewable energy inventions*, you bankrupted the whole United States and Germany instead. #Winning!

    *This is literally what happened as the only reason Tesla is even in business is they bought Toyota’s manufacturing plant at a mega-multi-billion dollar discount.

    Part II: They are wildly in debt for buying cars, but why? Because of the bailouts, car manufacturers can be totally, completely, irresponsibly unconcerned with customer’s needs. Which is a far CHEAPER car. Then how can they all buy cars that are too expensive? Because of the bailouts, BANKS can be totally, completely, irresponsibly unconcerned with customer’s needs, and lend to people regardless of if they go bankrupt, since there’s no such thing, only ME, the taxpayer, paying for everything. So the price of the cars is too high, because they’d like higher profit margins (who wouldn’t) then demand infinite regulation on safety, etc, to prevent competition and be government-protected monopolies, then raise prices 3x what any customer could possibly pay (like health care) then use infinite debt to make that even remotely plausible, while every customer slowly goes bankrupt from using their service, the one they would never in million years buy if they had any choice.

    Capitalism!!! Oh wait, I meant the OPPOSITE of capitalism, where money doesn’t allocate or account anything and bankruptcy and failure aren’t possible.

    ….Aaaaand speaking of:

    “ The Fed’s Answer to the Ghastly Monster of its Creation (E

    Stocks can only go up and not down. Housing can only go up but not down. Profits (markups) can only go up and not down. In #AntiLogos land, we’re making a world with all ups and no downs! And we did it for you! (Us, actually. You don’t own any stocks and can never afford a house) If you think we’re bad, you should see Australia!

    That’s okay, you can fight Mother Nature. It’s not like she wins in the end or anything.

    Where do you safely bury more than 28,000 cubic meters …of deadly radioactive waste for the next million years?”

    You pay Russia whatever you have to to take it as they have a conversion reactor that will break the waste down and use it. The technology German engineers couldn’t be bothered to build. The other stuff that’s filling the reporter’s dramatic volume is low-level waste that honestly isn’t that dangerous if left in a salt mine.

    Still, nice going. Science™! 200 years after Mary Shelley, still making the exact same mistake! Because we’re geniuses in the room and you should respect my authori-tie.

    We are now working for the dark side.”

    Ah, so good to know how we’re seen around the world. The respect and love Washington himself advised in his Farewell Address.

    “...our wars have killed 801,000 directly and resulted in a multiple of that number dead indirectly..”

    This is the basis of my regular statement that the U.S> has killed over 6 Million people, innocent civilians even. Because what is a “multiple” of 800,000? And although it’s impossible to truly know, take the baseline deaths in Iraq – just for one of the dozens of nations we attack every day – and trendline that forward as if we’d never been there. How many fewer people now, with lack of births, marriages, early deaths, etc? Oh yes, I’m sure we’ve outdone the 3rd Reich in deaths, suffering and misery, it just depends how far back you want to start the clock to get the numbers. Pinochet? CIA-funded drug trafficking? Hungary, 1956? You decide. The parties have decided, and they’re all for it! It’s the Green Plan to help the planet but good, just as suggested in all those environmental white papers.

    OPCW Manipulation of Douma Report Requires Fresh Look at Skripal Case (MoA)”

    Well at least somebody’s still looking at it. After a while you give up. Ultimately, it’s easier to say what it wasn’t, and it WAS NOT Novochok. And that means the U.K. and all the papers are bald-faced liars, which is all you need to know. And WHY they all NEEDED to lie, and lie even to this day is all you need to ask as a citizen. Unlike a court, I don’t need to solve the crime to prove you did it. Yes, very likely BZ. But since that’s just as good a story, why bother fabricating the preposterous, face-palming, self-owning, Novochok story? You could just say Putin likes drugs, and slander him. You were going to anyway and never tell the truth what’s the difference?

    And of course every time we find BZ, we replace the roof of the house. Standard procedure.

    Will The Epstein Story Ever be Fully Told? (Rice)”

    Obviously not. None of us could live long enough to even watch all the tapes. It would take the government decades just to interview all the witnesses. …But they could save time when interviewing themselves, Mr. FBI/Justice.

    So we’re probably doing what all corrupt nations do: using the evidence and cases as political blackmail to get things done. Does that make them better than Epstein? Only slightly, since the push is to stop such behavior overall. However, without publicity and punishment, where’s the warning to the next guy? How does democracy get to find out what’s been going on and how recent decisions were made?

    48/20 year rule. Actually pretty good ideas, which is why I’m sure no one will use them. It’s always better to #AntiLogos as your God and never forgive anyone, then act surprised when they come for you too.

    Newsweek Reporter Fired After Peddling Fake News That Trump Golfed On Thanksgiving”

    OMG! I actually saw consequences! For the consequence-free zone. For one person on one day! Just 329 million, 999 thousand to go!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 30 2019 #51842

    Dr. D

    Well at least they didn’t say he’d never left the state: he’s 12. And not wearing his Sunday best in the fields, obviously.

    “Banks in the European Union could close branches, merge or leave”

    “Close”? You told us not to close when you bailed us out! Make up your mind. I thought not closing, not leaving was the whole point? But now instead of ignoring capitalism you want to obey capitalism and do what it says? Is that because like all life on earth, it’s only allowed to exist under your control?

    Low profitability limits banks’ capacity to generate capital organically”

    That sentence above means literally nothing and is also false too. Naturally I’m being a rabble-rouser here, but these problems were caused by them. Low profitability? Wow, in 1968 the spread was “Lend at 8%, save at 5%, golf by 3,” and everyone drove Cadillacs. Today it’s “Lend at 30%, Save at 0%, and…we’re broke?” You got a 30% spread, Dukie. That’s 10x the long-term average. And you’re broke??? You sound like the health care companies. What have you been doing??? You’re fired! But it’s these exact ECB-blokes who caused the system to not work and make no sense whatsoever. Financial health? Dissolve yourself. It’ll be fixed in no time.

    traffic volumes at stores across the country on Thanksgiving eve were soft”

    With endless strip malls backed by deadly 4-lane traffic, shopping is ugly, difficult, and not fun. Not filling like when you’d see careful shop windows and other shoppers dressed up and cheerful. There is a point where more is not better, Mr. Creosote. However, the single largest waste in the history of the planet is not going back to cornfields. It will be toxic, inarable gravel for 1,000 years. And again, they’re using this to hide that far larger retail is sinking faster than far-smaller online.

    “introduce a resolution for censure”

    Wow. Doing literally nothing is going to go over just PEACHY in moderate-land. You can tell because two DNC Congressmen have already flipped and left the party, and the Town Hall meetings are spicy! “We sent you there to help us! And you did NOTHING!!!” Their answer: “We thought it was a 1776 moment!” “On what evidence??? Less people believe it now than before you started!”

    This is what happens when you’re radically #AntiLogos and don’t keep accurate views. In other words, Don’t Trump Derangement Syndrome. Keep your head and you’ll keep your head.

    If Assange gets extradited to the United States and if he gets punished for exposing the truth,”

    These are two relatively big “Ifs”. Don’t surrender.

    Jeffrey Epstein Is Dead But His Legal Legacy May Have Years To Run (G.)”

    So a lot of the structure, and all the other competing sex-lines are still out there, but our focus is on Andrew? Yeah, I’m way more worried about Andrew having to stay home on his palatial estate more than how many more people are out there like Nexium and picking up teens from Minnesota. …Which is to say, THEY STILL DON’T CARE. It doesn’t even occur to them to care. The only real people are celebrities and coastal elites, where everyone else on the planet is Untermensch. So…Epstein had like a million clients, and we have the tapes, sooooo…anybody planning on prosecuting any crimes? A: No. Shut up peasant, we’ll be around for your daughter soon. Just like our pals over in China. It’s only bad when THEY do it.

    On Corbyn’s reaction to Paris, props to the British PEOPLE, who stopped such an attack with nothing but a fire extinguisher and a narwhale horn. Remember kids: “When seconds count, the police are just minutes away!” And that’s why self-defense is enshrined in Britain’s Rights of Man. You know, the one that includes gun ownership and has been completely ignored for 200 years. All’s well when the people rise to their duty.

    in reply to: The Fed Detests Free Markets #51841

    Dr. D

    This is highlighting the difference I often bring up about Capitalism. Free markets are when I can carve a fishhook from bone and if my cousin wants it, he has to trade me something. That is, it’s organic. It’s innate to man, and as world-wide black markets show, is inextinguishable. That you should enjoy the fruits of your hard work is natural and opposed to the inorganic, rigged system we see today.

    However, the tilt toward corruption is *also* natural and organic, which makes it difficult to discuss clearly. Like other systems — the price system we’re talking about here — the level of corruption is always >+1, but should cycle around a centerpoint, the way market cycles around a trendline. What these guys do — or rather I should say, what WE do, when we abdicate all our duty and give up our morality for authority — is to allow that corruption to get far, far wider. And since it hovers near zero-bound, the only direction it can expand is up. Is that, too, natural? Well probably, as they’ve been struggling with it as far back as we have records, King Canute, Nebuchadnezzar, whatever. But that’s us, our cycles of indifference, selfishness, and immorality where we THINK we’re going to get that extra $1,000 by playing loose, but really when we accept policies and Presidents that play loose, we lose ten-fold that, and worse still.

    This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your sons and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen; …And he will take your daughters to be confectionaries, and to be cooks, and to be bakers. And he will take your fields, and your vineyards, and your oliveyards, even the best of them, and give them to his servants. And he will take the tenth of your seed, and of your vineyards, …And he will take your menservants, and your maidservants, and your goodliest young men, and your asses, and put them to his work. He will take the tenth of your sheep: and ye shall be his servants. And ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen you; and the Lord will not hear you

    This is what they — we — did to sign up to the system and “I’ll get mine!” and jump in line to receive the first fruits of the inflation, of the money flow, and screw the other guy, my co-worker, someone in Milwaukee. That is to be slaves and lose so, so much more. That part appears to be natural too, and it’s only our new system — and unprecedented lack of morality — that has allowed it to reach so far. And that makes the snap-back that much worse. For as the other quote says, the people will be punished with their whole country. When it comes, justice is broad, not fine. But nearly everyone nationwide, worldwide approves of this corruption, of all sorts, not just market interventions. No one has the least desire to be judged on their own merits, without inside help. You wanted dishonesty. Well God is a gentleman and gave you what you asked. Are you happy now or have you learned something?

    No one’s learned anything yet. Instead of their own work and merits, they plan on “sharing” themselves some of that other guy’s money, his hard work. …And the sad part is, when that guy stole it, then the fruits of that theft favor others for 100 years, how on earth do you settle matters and not fall into all-stealing-all?

    Maybe we can’t escape ourselves. If we’re corrupt how can we possibly hope to escape the results of our own corruption? That’s like dousing ourselves with water and expecting not to get wet.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 29 2019 #51804

    Dr. D

    …You see, since the Technocrats in the ’30s, they were going to replace the failing debt-compounded currencies, with a NEW, made-up, infinitely-hypothocated Carbon Credit. If they can’t get that replacement, they die. And considering the present currency is the “Petrodollar”, backed by oil, it’s not that far a jump. The Technocrats — you know the ones who wanted your vouchers, or currency to vanish every 30 days, keeping the people in perpetual darkness and poverty — they called it a “BTU-credit.” Yes, synonymous with Carbon-Credit. They’re the “Old World Order”, not otherwise, and their goal is to re-establish feudalism, as we saw when the USSR was run by the same fools, to the ruin of nearly all, and unparalleled environmental destruction

    That’s how she’s going to, HAS to, link her bank and failing Europe to the environment and AGW. As a new profit and control center.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 29 2019 #51803

    Dr. D

    “Negro woman who has never been out of Mississippi “

    Why would it be odd for a farmer to never leave the state? Especially in the Depression? Is Lange also one of the jet-setting Harvard elites that she expects all America takes a two-week holiday on the Jersey Shore? Even the middle class can’t afford this, even today. (Of course by definition, that would make you ‘not middle class’ but government lawyers set the definitions. and because, paid adults, they lie.)

    “Thanksgiving Is Canceled for Climate Change.”

    “Driving is less detrimental, but American cars emit close to a pound of CO2 per mile driven.”

    Wow people. Use your heads. Cars get 25mpg. That’s 1/25 gal/mile. A gallon is 8 pounds. I think you’re already with me here that 1/25th of 8 pounds is a lot, LOT less than a pound. (It’s a third of one pound.) And I doubt a fraction of THAT is CO2 as others waste products are emitted.

    Why do they lie? Then add lies to the lies? Then exaggerate the lies? Then cover the lies with the – apparently totally fake, fabricated, discredited – appeal to authority of science? Instead they just discredit science, then attack anyone with the common sense of a moo-cow, or a 6th grader.

    Why? They told us themselves throughout the 80s: no one was listening, they needed a crisis to MAKE people save the planet, even if they had to make one up. …So they did, as the Club of Rome published, and you can read for yourself. …Didn’t save the rhinos though. Maybe they should have tried honesty; we’re fighting the wrong enemy.

    What else can we learn? ““Meat and meat byproducts (cheese, butter and heavy cream, for example) have a larger environmental footprint than plant-based ingredients,” complains Alexandra Emanuelli.”

    Well yes. They are also 10x more nutritious too. So if they were 10x more energy intensive, they would only be equal to cabbage. Also – and they love this lie most of all – just because we DO ship pigs to China and back to be processed, doesn’t mean we HAVE to. A chicken in my yard has ZERO carbon, less than their salad. They just assume every calorie has the worst profile they can find, and every kale salad has the BEST profile they can find. (It doesn’t. It comes from California or New Zealand, where it’s irrigated with gasoline pumps, pulling water from rivers and aquifers) But, that’s Science for ya. And they wonder why people are starting to not believe them. They’ve been lying like this for 50 years, they’re far TOO loving and conciliatory to lying liars and their transparent lies, what took them so long to call bulls–t on this garbage?

    …and then LaGuarde is going to use the bank to stop climate change. Um, Chris? Where did you get that mandate? Because if you can just make it up, I’d make one that gives free ice cream to all children under 12. Okay, as the fire is directed at her, HOW would you plan to do that? Cut off banking to everyone you don’t like, as they do on Twitter and Facebook? Give free money to environmental projects that aren’t at all economically viable? …But they’re already do those things. How, exactly?

    But why stop there? If you can decide THIS is your mandate, for the good of humanity, why not take on social justice, racism, naughty speech and anything else on earth you dislike a little, like broccoli?

    This is what it’s like living in a world without rules, boundaries, or order, where your God is #AntiLogos.

    “Millennials Have a Right To Be Pissed at Boomers. This Data Proves It.

    New old front in trying to cause a civil war. If they don’t deserve it, you just kill your parents and inherit it! It was yours anyway, right?

    P.S. why did you get $100,000 in debt taking underwater basketweaving? Oh, you believed these jokers? Why? No kids had ever believed their parents before. Over 30 much? Lost Generation? Honestly though, this is a tough onion to unwrap, I’m just saying that hate and taking other people’s stuff is never a great start to right a wrong.

    ““typical law enforcement activities,”

    Yes, we know that using the secret state to spy on opposition candidates is “typical”. That’s the problem. $1M to ask a 3rd unknown hireling one question. Do go on. Explain to me how all that works and is legitimate. He works for the Clinton Fund. So that, MY, money wasn’t just sent from me, through him, to Clinton or the opposition party? Can you see why you don’t want to get started here?

    Six out of 10 Greeks have delayed paying at least one utility bill over the last 12 months..”

    Probably pretty similar in America. Might have the option of kiting credit cards to hide it though.

    G-d only knows why anyone would want to watch this sort of thing, but now the royal family is forever linked to pedophilia.”

    I wouldn’t sweat it. They did the Seville thing only 3-4 years ago and no one blinked. A few other kids came out about other PMs and officials at the time. Nothing changed. No one cared. No hospital, accomplice, or the BBC was charged. Because this is the sort of thing they WANT. …Want to cover their own blackmail, at least. I mean if you can’t cover your bad habits and not be arrested, what’s even the point of being in government, media, jet-set?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle Thanksgiving 2019 #51785

    Dr. D

    *Should be near 100% graduation FAILURE rates. In Baltimore, but many other cities too. It’s the TEACHERS cheating for the tests, not the students: stellar example. Know what we need, now that we have 100% taxes and 0% success? More money.

    “In 2017, not one student scored proficient in state testing. Its four-year graduation rate is 5 percent.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle Thanksgiving 2019 #51784

    Dr. D

    “Is Censure The Democrat Escape Clause? (Noble)”

    Trial balloon! They’re going to take his Pinata away too. No, don’t. Stop. Doing literally nothing at all is much too harsh.

    “A lone voice in the wilderness: “..you can’t win support from people that you treat “like garbage.”

    That’s ridiculous, because “diversity”, everybody who doesn’t think exactly like us is garbage. We’ve already outlined plans to round them up and imprison them at a minimum, you know, like that guy with the funny mustache that wrote that book? All our problems are from them, and the homeland will be a paradise if only we can remove them.

    Also she’s pointing out that you work with your AGREEMENTS, not disagreements, and how refusing to hear the other side isn’t a help, although she won’t say what I will, people who want to block knowledge from you are a Cult. THEY are the religious fundamentalists.

    “ China Threatens Retaliation After Trump Signs Hong Kong Democracy Bill (ZH)”

    Well that should make things interesting, they’re stretched pretty tight. They tried it back at the end of Obama, but too ham-fisted, demanding they change their currency and blow themselves up for us, but they’re a diverse nation, and strong, not going to be so easy. So it takes more fronts, and more pressure to attempt to break them again. (Should I ask ‘Why oh why?’)

    “Baker regularly lunched with Washington Post Reporter David Ignatius.”

    They better have more than this.

    “Obama has spent his post-presidency cozying up to the global elite and delivering vapid speeches to corporate interests in exchange for unthinkable sums of money.”

    Did Jacobin miss all 8 years of his Presidency or something? That’s all he ever did. That’s why the party broke, Sanders exists, and Obama is now officially a ‘Republican.” (I forget which news source) No joke. …Also bought his multi-million estate at sea level on Martha’s Vinyard, great optics for his Green Policy.

    “Reuters sampled more Democrats than Republicans and independents combined”

    As per yesterday, “They’re Lying. Say it to yourself until you believe it.” This is for polls that show Biden in front, Tulsi at 6%, etc., but also for a guy who fills 20k stadiums every day is unpopular, below 40%. Not true. May not be 60%, mind you, but I think we just proved all their polls are false. …And everything they say is a lie. Why, children? Because that is their God, whom they will happily die for.

    US Wants NHS On Table For Post-Brexit Trade Deal – Labour Dossier (Ind.)”

    Yuck, and pretty typically, but “climate change should not even be mentioned in the deal.” Why would it be?

    “It was 0.000007 cent for every election dollar that was spend during that time.”

    Ah, but when reason is dead, this math makes sense. Besides: math.

    “Brick & Mortar Rent Meltdown, Manhattan Style (WS)”

    As per yesterday, their rents drop 50%, but the owner’s NY-high taxes do not. Costs cannot be cut, but not entirely thanks to normal retail cycles, but because of government. Put it this way: originally, let’s say there was no property and no people taxes: taxes were tariffs on goods like whiskey and imports. Scalable, predictable, avoidable. Later, it became property taxes, by which all property MUST produce or be stolen by the King, and income, other overhead taxes existed, including, say minimum wage, etc, flat overhead costs on people. But it was 3%. Capitalism can still adjust. Now it’s 30%, where regardless of output, each worker costs $50k/yr, standing costs are 10% to own a roof to work in, company taxes are 10%, and not just for you, but also for the costs of everything you buy from fellow wholesalers. Costs compound until government, compliance, regulation, are 50% of your costs, not avoidable, and not scalable. So unless you have the next iPhone, you can’t even open the doors. And they don’t, so unemployment, which basically didn’t exist until 1913, is now U6 near 20% and has been for 20 years, and U6 since the 70s has probably been 10%, higher than any time in human history. To offset that, we now need to FUND all that unemployment misery, pay people for NOT working, and give them free houses and healthcare that job we destroyed would have given them. …But also destroy their self-worth, their independence, and shove them down into a Kafkaesque reality so bent and depressing as impossible to describe to anyone who hasn’t tried it. So now we have free money, free houses, free health care, we’re at the point of patching over the spiraling suicide rates, which are combined with astronomical opioid deaths and rising binge drinking, plummeting marriage, children, and happiness rates.

    Congratulations: you’ve struck gold! And all because you raised taxes from 1%, 5%, to 50%, by “Helping.” Everything is worse than if you’d lived in a log cabin in Upper New Amsterdam. But keep it up! 40% of New Jersey wants to leave to go to low-tax areas, and Chicago and Baltimore have already been more destroyed than Chernobyl, more complete than if we’d had a nuclear exchange in the 80’s. But they’re not done! They’re raising MORE taxes on houses and cola on the poor, with near 100% school graduation rates. MOAR!

    “Europe currently cannot defend itself on its own,”

    Defend itself from what? Macron is the one shooting everybody.

    Speaking of, and in honor of Thanksgiving: Europe sure don’t like food. Farmers are protesting in Paris today against being vilified and shut down by government. That follows Germany and Netherlands recently. See: NO animals. That’s mean. And we’re going to cut pesticides, that’s good. …But we ALSO want food to remain at 1,000-year lows, and be as easy to get as water. Farmers are being destroyed, run off the land so we can pave it for housing in France or Wisconsin, required by (tax) law. So we can have LESS food, LESS arable land.

    Well, I fear you will certainly get your wish. When food rises 6x minimum, you can sit in the house where that food once was, cold, and stare at your iPhone6, broken, and think about how you might eat today if only you hadn’t protested AGAINST food in a misdirected desire to save the planet, back when. You wanted all the humans to die to save the rhino, now you’re one of them, and the starving people ate the rhinos anyway. Try to be practical.

    Since we got a weather break up to now, lucky for you the combines got a few more days in, the grain elevators are slowly moving from “very bad” to “poor,” but we’ll see if the late planting, poor quality, low yields bite. They call the farm problem from the trade war, and not knowing enough details to contradict them, I suspect it’s essentially false. Trade War is not great but hardly relevant for a U.S. flooded out, price controlled, farms and elevators ruined, crops put in too late, most failing, then harvested before enough ripening. China’s not involved in that. And they DID set aside all the farm aid, but in a corrupt, obstructing nation, that bucket has so many holes it’s not reaching the farmers, or not unless they’re ADM or a Chinese conglomerate who can do the paperwork with 20 lawyers. Thanks government! But nobody cares til they’re hungry, then it’s like, “Who did this?” You did, sir. You did. Stop “helping”, before we all die of it.

    in reply to: Jeremy Corbyn Hates All Jews #51782

    Dr. D

    Good point because…WHO are these antisemites he’s not rooting out? Do they have their names? (Probably) Has anyone looked to see that THOSE accusations aren’t identical made-up slander and hearsay. …Not like people accuse and loosely trash-talk each other in politics or anything.

    It is interesting that, ultimately, the politics of Israel overwhelm, are more important than the folk sleeping rough in Blackpool. Who is that country again, that they can set the elections of so many nations worldwide, have so many wars fought in their neighborhood, on their behalf? Britain’s Rabbi decides the elections now? Is this a theocracy or something? And I would say the same here about the Evangelicals.

    “things become reality by the grace of being endlessly repeated”

    This is the origin of our phrase, “The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.” If you don’t want to do your duty, the hard work of governing yourself, then submit to a king and see how that works out for you. There’s an Israeli story about it, somebody named “Saul” who then ran roughshod over the law until there was a rebellion, then the NEXT king was so terrible there was a inter-family civil war, then ultimately swapping Judges for Kings led to the complete annihilation of the nation, yada yada, so long ago, whatever I’m bored.

    “The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.” That means do your job. Reporters. AND citizens. I’m far more worried about their selfish immorality than their antisemitism. Immorality points everywhere, while antisemitism is only one tiny slice of life. Which do we care about in #OppositeLand? That’s right.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 27 2019 #51762

    Dr. D

    Except that’s not the reason: reporters like Tim Pool and others can raise millions without too much trouble. Clearly there’s a market for actual news, and Fox, for instance, makes money by leaning Right; Right-leaning YouTube is exploding in popularity: there’s mega-money there too. So all these journalists, these supposed grifters-for-hire refuse to click what WOULD make them money while HuffPo closes and their industry literally dies? No, they are political agitators and religous zealots, as has been said for almost 200 years now, Socialism, but also it’s brothers Humanism, Atheism, Secular-Materialism, are essentially a replacement religion, for humans must have a god. God as the State. But no one wants you hear your personal religious evangelizing in a news article. Give us the facts.

    As for this mythical “Journalism”, I turn you to the Pulitzer Prize, where Mr. Pulitzer said of lying to trick the U.S. into an unjust war of empire and aggression “Give me the photos and I’ll give you the war.” “Remember the Maine!” (Plymouth Rock, and the Golden Rule!) He delivered.

    In a college journalism lecture from the 80’s, a professor ALREADY lamented that he’d been driven out by the “What’s right is to print the news that gets the POLITICAL results I want” crowd, and such lying was already enshrined as good journalism in the textbooks years before 1990 and CNN. That and that the AP wire in the late 80s had no standards, anybody with a buck could tap in, PR firms, The Pentagon, and post any news article they wanted as literal, published “fact.” That wasn’t the bad part. The bad part was the stories were below 6th-grade level and you couldn’t tell, without calling the source and asking all over again (which they did back then), “What the heck happened? In paragraph 4, who did what to whom? Do you mean he died or his car died? By ‘Him’ do you mean person A or person B?” and so on. Mostly they didn’t call, or you assumed incorrectly with the best intentions. Oh, and there was already a lack or failing of whiskey-swilling hard-boiled copy editors that would smack you silly if you tried to print that garbage.

    That was 30 years ago, and I THINK perhaps things have gotten less accurate since then. So there was no “Golden Age.” It was the golden age of us starting illegal wars because everyone incorrectly thought having no morals but to get your way was the Highest Good™, that the other guy was doing his job, and so believed the most astounding nonsense, even after reading the Church Report among many other scandals, like when Dateline? 60 Minutes? put explosives into that car to make sure the gas tanks blew up? When CNN was caught on the Green Screen in Iraq I? When Rockefeller went before a room of NY journalists and said, “I’d like to thank you for covering for us, we couldn’t’ve done it without you”? Nope, no clues were had.

    It was never true. So look out for all the embedded knowledge you’ve inherited before 2010, every New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Newsweek, the textbooks you read since 1964, all total bulls–t. Yet that is how the structure of our mind were created to integrate the information we are receiving today. No wonder we’re going insane. The answer is super-simple: They’re LYING to you. Say it again until you finally believe it.

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false” — CIA Director Casey, 1981

    There is a class war. As Warren Buffet said: they won, because “none but ourselves can free our minds.” Redemption. Redemption Song.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 27 2019 #51755

    Dr. D

    Oh noes! The Russians are trying to make us happy:

    That Uplifting Tweet You Just Shared? A Russian Troll Sent It

    That Uplifting Tweet You Just Shared? A Russian Troll Sent It

    How dare they make us happy and uplifting? That’s plumb un-American!


    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 27 2019 #51754

    Dr. D

    Plan: I’m starting a new business with no taxes, no labor costs, and a multi-million dollar AA credit line. If it goes badly, I have no risk and don’t lose anything. Think I can compete vs. Joe Publix?

    Already hearing Bloomberg’s ads. He says he’s going to raise taxes on himself and all his friends and he’s a sharp businessman because he sells news coverage favors to fellow insiders and has run a protected monopoly for 40 years. Sounds legit. Do I exaggerate? Although he already has a policy Bloomberg Co. cannot investigate and expose fellow news organizations – on par with industry collusion and anti-trust violation – his first act as a candidate was to outlaw all investigations into himself. …But I’m sure he’s super-clean and did that ahead of time as his first official act for no reason whatsoever.

    Here’s an idea: should Pelosi even call for a mock impeachment vote at this point, every single House Republican should vote FOR it. …Then they can have a real, legal trial in the Senate and get some of this on record, under oath, and finally settled. Since they started and wanted this, it would be hilarious. What would they say? No, DON’T impeach him? We don’t WANT a trial to remove him?

    …Sooooooo, no vote will be allowed then? (A: no. Another fail. It may also end their obstruction into legitimate investigations of all of them.)

    “The One Terrific Impeachment Defense The White House Is Not Making (DW)”

    He’s not making this argument because it would undermine his case when he brings Biden and Co. up on Quid pro Quo bribery charges concerning the worldwide video of him firing the special prosecutor. Committing a felony is not protected speech by the way. You can’t attempt to bribe, incite to riot, or say, issue orders for a murder and claim innocent free speech. This is very, very old law.

    “Is Macron Right? Is NATO, 70, Brain Dead? (Buchanan)”

    Beyond that I would never agree with Macron, NATO is not brain dead at all. It’s doing exactly what it’s designed to do: cut apart and conquer Russia, and following by pieces, the world. And put it under whose control? And when that clear, everyday, desire is accomplished, would we not have a world unified under NATO, the West, and a few billionaires with access to the control levers? Is that not a one-world government, with a one-world taxing and surveillance structure, as written of in their papers? And since they are doing these attacks with vicious efficiency, both economically and militarily, do we not have a government that is in the middle of a world war trying to take over the planet, say, in Hong Kong, and that government, that system, that army, is us? NATO is in 28 nations and their live-fire military invasions span half the planet. We’ve helped kill 30,000 civilians in just the last few years. What other conclusion could you come to? It’s doing what it’s supposed to, what they’ve written about for 100 years, if only you’d read their biographies and hundreds of PAC filings. And from how the billionaire lever-pullers treat their own people in Paris or Flint, you know what their plans are once they succeed: total destruction and complete peasantry and penury for their own people.

    But hey, let’s fund them while the kids of Flint drink out of a pond.

    “Questions Cloud Story Behind Browder, Magnitsky (Spiegel)”

    That was decades ago, what brings this up? Somebody up to something?

    “Narrative Managers Faceplant in Hilarious OPCW Scandal Spin Job (CJ)”

    Don’t worry: Phillip Cross will have edited Wikipedia 500x a day over the holiday break to make sure the official OPCW reality is ‘just right.’ Bellingcat, living in his basement in Scotland, is an “on the ground expert” in the whole thing, and his tweets set national policy by which we missile-strike empty airbases 100x. Cue the circus music.

    “A Tale of Prince Andrew and Julian Assange (George Galloway)”

    I guess we should have seen this coming, when Britain’s greatest known pedophile (and that’s saying something!) Jimmy Seville, was a great guest of the palace and best friends with the royals. To bring it up to today, he was to be the Godfather of William and Harry and be nice and close to them, every day. After his 50-year reign of terror on British children was exposed, well, THEN … the Royal family did nothing. Didn’t even apologize or distance themselves from it. And why would they? Andrew was right there, just like Sir Edward Heath, and well-rumored Prince Phillip before him. It’s a tradition, a national institution, even. Droight de Signeur, only over the whole nation, any time, place, gender, or age, much worse than just wedding nights. …But not to pick on the Royals, since the person at the center of only-this-latest-scandal-and-outing was by citizenship an American with endless American customers that include most of our mayors, governors, and Presidents. People’s reaction? Yawn. “What else is new?” Well, since my daughter is already selling herself on “SugarDaddies.com” to pay for college, what’s the harm? What’s really right or wrong?” As the (non)Pope would say, “Who am I to say?” There’s no right or wrong, and no heaven or hell, it’s just a thing humans make up, so Party On, Andy!

    But don’t worry, Andrew of Jeffie will take a fancy to you in the men’s bathroom at the Carleton-Ritz, and then You’re Next. You didn’t mind when it was someone else, why cry now?

    As with Assange. You didn’t care when it was him in prison, so who do you think will cry when it’s you they pick up and hold indefinitely on faketotal lack of current charges?

    Ah but we space-age people are so much more morally advanced and progressive than our medieval ancestors. We do rape, slavery, murder, with 21st century efficiency. Ah for the old days when they had to actually send down one of only a few knights on horseback that would take 6 weeks before he’d bully, imprison you, and rape your daughter for no good reason. Now like Dominoes, they can do it in 30 minutes or less. True progress.

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    Dr. D

    So…Socialism. WHY did the previous store close? In our whole area, state, perhaps most of the country, it’s high property and other taxes, which are ESPECIALLY punitive to businesses. …But they give the discount on taxes to Wal-Mart, taken FROM the businesses on Main Street who’ve sat in on every council meeting since they were 20 and been struggling for 30 years. You know, cause anybody except our town is better™! So, like Churches, who are also doing okay, and halfway houses, and state agencies, and state-protected monopolies, which are every remaining business in these areas, This grocery pays no property tax. That’s probably a 10% gain, which is twice a grocery’s profit margin.

    Okay, next problem: Socialism always works great! …But only at first. No shame to it, that’s why it’s so tempting. After a while, the store is established, is not competing, the people have no means to complain or shut it down, and it very slowly gets run worse until it’s a DRAIN on the town, but no one will shut it down, because we’ve always had it and admitting it needs a shake-up is embarrassing to somebody’s smarty-pants brother-in-law who’s now running it at $75k salary plus full pension benefits due to 3% compounded raises over the years. When they get to this point, maybe 20 years from now, they’ll either sink the whole town — which, P.S. is EXACTLY HOW THEY GOT INTO THIS MESS, WITH TOO-HIGH BUSINESS/PROPERTY TAXES — or, like Britain, then “privatize” their failure, handing some rich guy this pig but at far, far under the market price, giving him the people’s assets for free.

    Oh and 10 miles? What are you kidding me? People in the U.S., out west, have DRIVEWAYS that are 5 miles long. And the totally-paved, fully-ditched, entirely-subsidized, DOT-approved, roads are just too hard and rough for them? That’s 10 minutes to the store. 20 to the city. You’re in the ‘burbs, man! Admit it. Every state not on the coast has a 10 minute drive MINIMUM to the store. But hey, it’s their right as the local government to do so if they wish, and it’s not impossible for it to go well, just pretty unlikely. Just saying would have been a lot easier to NOT screw the previous IGA owner to death and scare the prospective buyers silly with the terrible business environment your town provides. Then we wouldn’t have great stories about how Capitalism, which was run out of business by government, is bad, and Socialism, which destroyed all those previously-existing businesses and livelihoods, towns and counties, is good.

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