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    Dr. D

    Can’t stop, won’t stop:

    “Putin ‘is done’ as losses in Ukraine degrade Kremlin’s force projection | Peter Zeihan

    “West agrees to use Russian assets to fund Kyiv as Putin faces small war gains | Michael Bociurkiw

    Putin could lose initiative as Ukraine stabilises Kharkiv and hits new targets in Russia | Frontline

    How ‘humiliated’ Putin lost the trust of his inner circle | Prof. Mark Galeotti

    How Ukraine’s strikes on Russia could make Putin’s commanders rethink the war | George Barros
    Times Radio

    Yup, Russia’s giving up. Any time now.

    Speaking of, where’s the Ike? So safe and unharmed no one’s seen it.

    AI: Robots are incapable…completely incapable…of taking an ORDER. For french fries.
    Look out they’re taking over, the world’s about to end. Apparently all we have to do to defeat the war ‘bots is throw caramel sundaes at them.

    “Unelected Bureaucrat” photo. We can now add for Meloni “Demands we start WWIII”. Sadly. Wouldn’t want to leave her out. Apparently new President of Mexico is the same. Another scam Obama, or Johnson.

    “Russia will retaliate by putting a lien on $40 trillion at the Euroclear custodian.”

    elections is really irksome to them. They hate the whole idea that people they despise would have a role in choosing the government or have any power whatsoever”

    It is emotional, such as they have emotion. They are the children of angels. We are vermin. They can’t stand referring to us about anything, and making jokes, rigging it, and laughing up your sleeve only goes so far. It’s tiresome after a while. So they do it publicly, get themselves in trouble because they jsut get tired of lying about how they control everything and we’re morons not to see it, y’know?

    Rickards: come to think of it, RUSSIA is now getting war reparations, FROM EUROPE. That’s the $40T in Euroclear they can attach. Here’s what they may be thinking: of course 1) If they don’t get $61B this week, the entire Western system collapses, so there’s no “Next move ahead” Jim is talking about, and 2) IF they can get this and hold it a while, they can SELL that IF we ever stop attacking Russia with nukes, Smallpox, IceNine, etc, THEN the entire Western Banking System will collapse. …But it’s past tense, so they have buy in, it’s like “Financial terrorism” of a sort. It’s We’re all Lashed together. We fight Russia or we die. See?

    “Democrat hoaxes used to be convincing,” …But now their hoax is that Biden, Harris, and Clinton exist as viable people. No one can suspend that much disbelief.

    “• Next Stage – The General Staff’s Targets After Putin’s Feint (Helmer)

    So two summits, basically everyone in the world wants to join BRIICS, and NOW. Like they could add 100 nations in the next two weeks. G7 can’t even hold seven nations’ attention: G1 keeps wandering off.

    “Putin is confident of victory not only over Ukraine, but also over the entire collective West.”

    He didn’t win: we lost. Now he MIGHT have won, he might be able to win, he’s playing well: but every move I see is us trying to lose. Hour after hour, day after day, not a single smart move as far back as I can remember. Like to ‘08 or ‘99. Make you long for the days of Rumsfeld and Cheney who while being the most evil on the planet were at least a COMPETENT evil.

    Not that it matters – not sure to waste time on this – but the Swiss Canape Summit only had these few show up. A bunch didn’t sign the “memo” anyway. And? And the memo they signed was made of weasel words. It only referred to Ukraine’s “Article 4” of the UN charter, nation’s sovereign boundaries, etc. Right? So they are signing on, supporting “Unprovoked Russian Aggression”. NOPE. Article 4 ALSO supports “When a nation is under grave and military threat”, that is to say RUSSIA’s position in the matter. They can barely IMPLY that they are Pro Ukraine and BARELY get a sign on, but without the weasel words they couldn’t even get this bad a showing, a few other nations took this Article 4 ambiguity loophole and would have backed out. Nice. Nobody likes you G7, and your mother dresses you funny.

    “• NYT Docs: Putin Was Willing To Compromise To End War in 2022 (Antiwar)

    Another conspiracy theory first FROM ( I have no doubt they reported it) then PROVEN (now) from the NY Times. NY Time retracting and contradicting themselves, or sure feels like it. Yeah, we all knew. Because it was never a secret, it was a lie.

    • US Must Be Saved From WWIII – Trump (RT)

    I forget who said it – they must still believe there is SOME validity to elections, however slight – that the Democrats need to start WWIII, are desperate to start WWIII, before they get dragged out of office. This is their “last gambit”. (In reality they never stop and will fight being ID’d then fired from State and Agencies for Treason.) Maybe it’s more like the window is closing on their weirdo Death Cult religion. IF the people realize what they’re up to, AND that they exist, they will mobilize and be an immune system to stop them. Which we have. But right now they own “The Commanding Heights” as is being said this week (Alistair). They own business, Media, government, State, Schools, NGOs, and banking (maybe). We own us. And we’re going to kick their ass quite handily.

    But you can see the problem: EVEN WITH a 100% corrupt FBI, CIA, State, DoJ they can’t stop us NOR start WWIII, so if they firmly lose even ONE commanding height, it’s over. And the Whole Federal Government is quite a Ship of the Line to Un-Pirate. No way to win and kill everybody after that. And then what will their Death Cult God do?

    But Trump’s discussion of this is still for idiots because almost no one in public or electorate is up to speed. That’s how it goes.

    “• If Putin Ukraine Peace Offer Rejected, Next To Be Tougher – Intel Chief (TASS)

    They’re kind of at a loss. We’re so infantile and retarded, they have to try to visualize how to tell us “Water is wet” and “Wars have consequences” because we literally are proving every day we don’t know that. So sorry if it sounds like talking down to us.

    “NATO could soon face “something that it has never faced before, and that is two nuclear-powered potential adversaries”

    Like this. Apparently he has never read a single page of history concerning the last 80 years and never hear of “Russia” and “China” having nukes the day after we did. These are our top statesmen. Never heard of the “Cold War” thingie nor “Mutual Assured Destruction.” Nope! “Never before now” he says. That’s why NATO exists: Because Russia was never a threat or adversary.

    “• NATO In Talks To Put More Nuclear Weapons On Standby – Stoltenberg (RT)

    Again, thankfully, THEY set up the line that THEY can’t start it, they have to get the guilt on RUSSIA to start it. So this is one legal way to try to have a little “accident” that ends all life on earth. Oopsie!!

    “• Schumer Plans Vote on Bill to Ban Bump Stocks After Supreme Court Ruling (ET)

    So many levels are so dumb I can’t name them all. “Shall not be infringed” but until the USSC strikes down ALL gun laws (their own illiteracy) that won’t matter. That we should PROMOTE bump stocks as much as possible because they work so badly they’re safer: you can’t hit anything with one on. But yeah, the point here is, if you want a LAW, you have to pass a law. That’s the minimum and it’s way too much for them.

    “2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas, in which a gunman used firearms equipped with bump stocks to fire multiple guns”

    Yeah…about that. Are we ever going to look into that event? What else has vanished “Who has power by what you don’t talk about”: Maui. Ike. Congressional Baseball shooting. Sri Lanka. Ohio. Chinese Bioweapons labs in CA. List your own.

    Yeah, Vegas, one 60-year old guy shot out of two windows in two different apartments, after hauling in enough weapons for a platoon. …In the most surveilled square inches of property in the state. Nobody saw nothin’. Nobody knows nothin’. Couldn’t figure it out. I can figure this out: the Casino was in on it, so what does that mean? After being in on it, nothing happened, so what does that mean? The police and feds know what I know, so what does that mean?

    But I am a Coincidence Theorist and a guy can be in two places at once all the time.

    “The UK’s ruling Conservative Party is heading for “electoral extinction,”

    OMG about time. They had Cameron, May, and Johnson, if you didn’t already have suspicions after, or even during, Thatcher. What were scandals about Heath? I don’t care what they do after, but Conservative is not Conservative, nor do they care a whit for their own platform, who are only eclipsed by Labour being violently ANTI-Labour, pro-bank, and Pro-war, like Blair. If they weren’t compared to someone just as dreadful, they’d look beyond the pale. They are the most perfect example of the UniParty, — that is, an unelected, oligarchic dictatorship – worldwide. At least they’re first in something.

    “• Brain Chips To Replace Cell Phones In Future – Musk (RT)

    You DO know that when you put foreign parts inside the human body there’s a good chance of DEATH, right? From several things, but sepsis being one? What happens when it breaks like every cell phone you can get today, barely works, they run a “patch” that cuts the processor and battery in half. Get a couple new brain surgeries each year? I can’t fix my computer and I can drive it to the guys and dump it on their desk for 6 weeks. You haven’t made a unit that can work since the i386.

    How does this keep happening??? (Looks up from typing, ON the computer, that doesn’t work, WHILE typing an article on data hacks and digital surveillance) “Hey honey, what we need to fix the world is this amazing new computer thingie they just invented!” “Uh-huh”.

    You haven’t fixed the one you had once in the last 40 years. We have 4x 2.2 BILLION processes per second, instead of 133 THOUSAND processes per second, and the World processor on the 133hz from the Salvation Army 1990 PC works FASTER.

    This proves the point there is LITERALLY no level of utter, catastrophic, embarrassing, deadly failure that can get through to anyone.

    • Tesla Begins Testing Full Self-Driving On Chinese Roadways Ahead Of Rollout (ZH)

    Well, he didn’t promise they wouldn’t kill everyone. He has that now. Imagine the scene: Tesla autonomous cars cruising all China tirelessly looking for fire trucks to ram into.

    “CBS, ABC, NBC, and other media outlets would be running 24/7 specials about the horrific situation..”

    No they wouldn’t: CNN is the BUYER of all these children. We saw that with the last two or three execs that got canned.

    ““Many of them are dead,” Trump sadly revealed. “

    This is the mike-dropping quote where the interview should just stop. It doesn’t. Literally no one cares. Didn’t care – adults didn’t care – once since the first kid on the first milk carton. They still don’t care now. It has zero meaning to them, it’s a political point, Oh! Sick Burn! Safety of children, of ANYONE, anywhere, has zero meaning, zero priority. To anyone, even those living there, like in the bad part of town, they are ALSO Deacons of the Death Cult, not lifting a finger, nor if they did would any neighbor act and join in.

    No? Okay then, explain every public school from coast to coast. Not just the bad ones – that’s obvious – but where is the best location for professional training on drug use, sales, child prostitution, porn, and OnlyFans, is your local school starting grade 6? …But only when they can get enough time away from sleeping with the teachers, which happens regularly in every country and Zero Meaning, Zero Priority, Zero response.

    When parents passively back away and put them in private or parochial schools, they go nuts. How DARE they keep their kids from being exposed to the largest local drug dealer all day? That’s abuse. Coach Happy-Hands will be most displeased.

    So in this interview. It’s not “brown people”. Americans don’t care about 85,000 of their own children killed, probably in the most horrifying possible way. Means nothing to them. Political points. That’s not Trump’s statements, that’s OUR, the interviewer’s visible response to it. When he says this — as he just did — WE don’t go nuts. Like we should.

    “BREAKING: Kansas Attorney General sues Pfizer for “misleading Kansans on COVID vaccine.”

    They actually had a better argument: THEY’RE NOT VACCINES. Therefore they are not protected by law concerning vaccine injury.

    Nobody knew they were going to sing except the pre-staged camera crews. Sorry. Seen and the unseen.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 17 2024 #161348
    Dr. D

    ““The risk of being hacked by humans or AI, while small, is still too high.”

    It’s not small, they proved any 9 year old could hack it. Back in 1999. Too soon? We also have the wifi records that all the units were live and attached to the internet in real time. No court will see them, which is not suspicious at all.

    “• Biden-Trump Debate Rules Revealed (RT)

    Biden needs to bow out when Hunter is killed by that deranged “Patriot Front” guy. (Those were the gay bois in the matching khakkis and haircuts, no beer guts, all same age, aka “100% Feds” There is nothing gayer in America than they are, not even leather bikers in the Blue Oyster Bar. More gay than Dylan Mulvany in a tutu, gayer than Ru Paul. More Gay / Than Doris Day. )

    Anyway, they’re up to something. They spoke, didn’t they? Therefore it was a lie.

    Joe Biden:
    Babylon Bee is having one of those epic weeks: https://babylonbee.com/

    “ President Pretending To Be Catholic Meets Pope Pretending To Be Catholic”

    Biden Disappointed After Huge Scoop Of Vanilla Ice Cream Turns Out To Be Pope Francis”

    G7 Officially Changed To G6 After Biden Wanders Off Again”

    Authorities Warn Of Con Artist Scamming Dementia Patients Out Of Billions Of Dollars” (Picture of Ze and Biden)

    Our most trusted news source™! At least they’re not lying!

    “• AI is Digital Control, You’ve Been Warned – Catherine Austin Fitts (USAW)

    As stated here, THIS part is true. AI is a scam – mostly – but the REASON for the scam is this. Control. They don’t CARE that it doesn’t work and can’t do anything, because that’s not the point. They don’t care that it lies and will kill everyone, that’s the point. Like Gaza, the POINT of AI is to say “Well this ‘Expert’ AI (insert magic religion god here) SAID we should target every square inch of gaza with dumb 2,000 bombs. Who are we to argue with that kind of amazing and intelligent insight?” We had no choice, Senator. Computer Said No.


    What is this REALLY? A: THE COMPUTER AI IS NOW THE AUTHORITY. As in the “Fallacy” “Appeal to Authority” which apparently shuts off everybody’s brains everywhere. Not only that, Fitts specifically outlines each of these things. THAT they knew this. THAT they needed to create, fabricate, and inject a religion. THAT the AI would be God, or at least the High Priest of Science™. And that’s all so YOU WOULD OBEY IT.

    She says the major use of AI is fraud. That’s it. That’s why it exists. Even at our low moral state – lower than the last 500 years – people are STILL too moral to do all the evil things, thieving and mass-killing they want done. They’re STILL too intelligent and notice it too much, believe it or not. If you send soldiers out in the field they’ll STILL say “this is an immoral war crime in contradiction to all morality and law”. That’s why they need all this done by AI. Because only AI can POSSIBLY be as immoral as they require, for the level of stealing and killing that is necessary for them not to lose power.

    It’s actually quite breathtaking. But that’s the point: COMPUTER IS GOD. “Computer says.”

    Derrrrr, Derrrr de derp derrrrr.

    And that’s only circling back to “Control Grid”. What kind? Oh she has an example: Hotel rates or even prices at Dollar General (this has been proven in recent lawsuits) they re-price things wrong at the register and then say “Oooooopsie!!!!!” Did I add 30% to 5 of your purchases? My bad.” Hotels make you sign in, book, talk to, and complain, to an AI phone system that will put you on hold 6 hours. So they can set the rates according to your hourly pay, how likely you are to catch their error, and how much money you have lying around to complain and push back, sue them. So they could “Oooopsie!!” Charge you an extra $500 knowing it’s not worth your executive time to fight them. They already do this but it’s not that organized and in a different way. AI could and would be happy to do these levels of fraud, which already exist in our system. This AI con and theft is ALREADY destroying every model and it hasn’t been out 2 years.

    Because the PEOPLE won’t stop it, not AI. Because it’s FRAUD, and it’s not “AI”, AI is run, makes phone calls, sends brochures, fake invoices, as part of a legal COMPANY which has full liability. …Except if and when there’s no rule of law at all, like now.

    Just remember: AI exists to set bombing targets like in Gaza. That’s its purpose: to shift blame. That is, to LIE.

    If it’s no lying, AI is of no use to them.

    On the other hand, like the internet, filled with bots, or Dating Apps, which have made is so people can’t even F–k correctly anymore, the solution to this is perfect: re-meat space your life. With actual people and GET OFF THE D–N CUBE. If everything digital is now a scam, a grift, or a risk, then the only solution for all humans is to re-built a parallel human system. Um, like we just came from up to 1980, where you’d do things on paper, and write your friends? A: Yes. They — their scams — are going to MAKE the humans do this and re-Human, whether we want to or not. Good.

    From Oroborus, Fitts also added that Blackrock ominously said Demographics is Destiny. Each person added = added GDP. For 1,000 years. Right? Well he just said, “We reconfigured the model so we can all have increased economic growth with FEWER people.” But of course, he’s not advocating or helpin’ or nothin’. Strictly hypothetical.

    Yeah, like I said, if they actually believe this s–t? Ominous. Fewer people = Profit. More money.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 17 2024 #161347
    Dr. D


    In this cartoon run, the card is in trouble with the Queen of Hearts because he left a single flower in the garden unpainted and “White”. How dare he. White is the loneliest color that may never be.

    “Japan Grants Asylum To Just 303 People In 2023 As It Rejected 98% Of Applicants

    That’s very generous. As I’ve said, there are mostly zero actual asylum seekers. Like how many Assange and Snowdens have you heard of?

    “”Possible Chemical Agent” Released At Pride Event In Baltimore

    Yeah, what’s with the total lack of false flag attacks lately? C’mon guys, show some spirit!

    “Is 10% the new normal? While it took Apple 2 days to achieve a roughly 10% move, other large- cap companies are also jumping 10% or more in a single day. However, some others are losing that much in a day. As discussed in Is 10% the New 1% that is likely a sign that the market is more controlled by options, day traders, and “machines” rather than “traditional” investors. Probably a sign that liquidity has very little depth.” Peter Tchir

    Nvidia. $3 Trillion out there with no support or stability. I’m sure it’s fine.

    “Education Nightmare: Baltimore & Chicago Public Schools Spend, Spend, Spend As Test Scores Drop
    “Isn’t it ironic that as more money is poured into these schools the outcomes seem to become worse.”

    Ironic? It’s the most expected thing in the world. But wait, how can I say that? Aren’t I a capitalist? So therefore nothing exists but money? Money solves all things? (Wrong on three counts). No, the schools are A) run by government B) Centralized to be as large as possible C) have no control, no feedback, and no competition. They are as anti-Capital as could possibly be. I suspect like other places you’d have higher graduation and literacy rates if they were OUTLAWED, along with all the teachers. There’s already more heroin use than literacy there, and that’s illegal. Why not try?

    Armstrong is on lines he doesn’t usually write:

    “The Hope for the Future – We Will Make It There & Win

    There is no change without the pain.
    You do not fix something that is not broken.
    The grand facade will come down, and it will come to an end. Ursula von der Leyenis a mere UNELECTED puppet of the Globalists installed by Klaus Schwab. Her direction and policies have undermined Europe, and nothing has become more self-evident with her vile treatment of Hungary, which is the ONLY sane member of the EU…

    There are those who see through this fake facade. It may seem depressing, but if we do not stand our ground, then we do lose everything. Step ONE is identifying who is the Enemy. Europe’s June 9th Elections was a Rejection of this LGBQT Inclusion Agenda. That will lead only to an authoritarian dictatorship as the same cries for equality and inclusion produced the Communist Revolution, which is their goal to retain ABSOLUTE power forevermore.

    Sorry – But Socrates has always been right on its geopolitical forecasts.
    Globalists – You Will Lose this Quest for Ultimate Power” –Armstrong

    “Critical Theory”. “Critical Race Theory”.


    “While we must first go through some hard times, we will NEVER reform until most people see that this is NOT going in the right direction. It is unbelievable.

    However this was about Italy’s Meloni “Conquered by the Neocons” She says : ““Defending Ukraine means uniting all the efforts of the international community to protect Ukraine. If Russia does not agree to Ukraine’s terms, we will force it to surrender. We need to set the minimum conditions for this discussion.”

    Oh WILL you, ma’am?

    Then his model does time and cycles, “These failed leaders, who are clearly incompetent to drive a taxi, are steering the world into World War III. This insane confrontation with Russia appears to be heating up in July. Putin is the ONLY adult in the room. He desperately keeps warning is this where you want to go?”

    And as he said, the crisis (oddly) NEXT year into 2027(iirc). Which didn’t seem possible with Trump 2016, Coof, etc. Here we are, took this long to get this momentum, right again.

    “what [Musk] said next that was very telling. “In the sort of extreme form of the environmentalist movement, people start to view humans as a PLAGUE on the surface of the earth, as a fundamentally bad thing, and with the implication that if all humans disappeared, somehow earth would be better off.” Musk described this as “The Extinctionist Movement.”

    Yes, the “Extinction Rebellion”. They are Pro-Extinction. They will rebel until everyone is dead.

    Arms prices are soaring!

    Yes, because the dumbest guys on the planet got on international TV and said they were desperate for shells and would pay any price. And whaddya know! World arms dealers raised their prices!!! But aren’t dem guys like all as moral as the Church Social? What gives? …And that’s not all, apparently they gave them duds, or disassembled them, removed parts like half the powder, and sold them again. Maybe.

    Ah government! Is there anything you can’t screw up? You can’t even kill people correctly with a blank checkbook running trillions of dollars!

    But that’s not just the comedy part of today’s program. The serious part is: Remember how they all said if they didn’t spend $100 Trillion dollars, RIGHT NOW – on something, they were very unclear on what – they would all…mumblemumble, something? Remember that about, oh, er, about a few months before Covid? Where the runaway debt compounding bites and the markets were locking up late September 2019? Oh. That.

    Yeah, well ain’t it the world’s biggest coincidence theory that AFTER Covid, (which prints trillions) they then have a WAR (which prints more trillions) and that debt compounding hasn’t bit yet? Which is why in this article they need MOAR trillions, and don’t care what they pay for shells or if they even work?

    Yeah. That.

    It has nothing to do with nothing. Only this. “The System” is the MONEY system, it’s how we talk to each other, but it’s ALSO how they direct CONTROL. That is the only system that matters, to them, as they will lose control, but also to US, because it’s how we get fed and bread is delivered in trucks to your house.


    Yesterday, NYP Story blowing the whistle on how illegals are given voter registration forms in 49 states.”

    There will be no election. It will have to be called off as no one will trust it. Therefore the DNC can delay their removal. And remember kids! “Nothing lasts so long as the ‘Temporary’” – Napoleon. Hey did we re-open that “Temporary” gold window yet? 55 years. Of course we need to not have elections, same as to not have candidates, to “Save democracy.” Nothing’s better than democracy with no elections, right Zelensky?

    “• Putin’s Peace Initiative Last Chance To Save Ukrainian State – Medvedchuk (TASS)

    That’s probably true. Even in the state Ukraine is in, it’s possible to reconstitute it. It’s not as bad as Black ‘47 yet even now, although you’d have to get everybody back from all Europe. By attracting them, not ejecting them, that alone seems unlikely. But once Russia has occupation on all Oblasts, then what? Why bother speak Ukrainian, etc, and have no self-direction, basically.

    Actually could care less at this point. Ukraine was only vaguely ever a different country, as different as London and Yorkshire, not even Scotland, and far more similar than, say, Quebec. All directions are fine.

    “• Putin’s Peace Proposals on Ukraine Are ‘Golden Opportunity & Lifeline’ (Sp.)

    Armstrong, above, they will not do this. THEY, need nuclear war, it’s the only thing that can save them. So THEY will keep trying. So THEY need to be stopped, and someone will have to have an ACTION to stop them. That someone is Russia, and the time is almost right now. I’ll send them a Congressional Medal of Thanks – or even Freedom – later. 99% of all counties and 70% of our people think they need to be stopped too. But we’re not coordinated enough in the details to do it ourselves right now. You can see the progress, but it’s too slow.

    “the acquisition of large and profitable properties, by large Western corporations, constitutes a very important step towards worsening the conflict and one that I believe goes unnoticed by many good people,”

    Do it! Sell it! …Because that’s all COLLATERAL. When the Collateral is lost, they will collapse. The Port of Odessa will still be there, better than ever, but Russia/Ukraine will run it and Santander and DeutscheBank will have imploded.

    “Polish President Andrzej Duda has called for the “decolonization” of Russia, claiming that ethnic minorities should break away from Moscow’s rule and form their own states.”

    Like Estonia “We are going to break up Russia so it ceases to exist.” Got it! Thanks! And here when all this started even the Russian people thought all that was a Conspiracy Theory. But thanks to you, all that has changed! Freedom of Speech. Never stop speaking. If I were Putin I’d issue you a Russian military medal in honor of faithful service. It would be hilarious.

    “It has become very pervasive in my thinking during the past few weeks mostly due to strikes of Ukraine to Russian early-warning system.”

    What’s good news in this is that means THEY (the West, or rather the parasites as Occupation government in the West) need RUSSIA to start the nuclear war. As least visibly. Imagine if they could just push the button on offensive attack without apology – it would already have happened yesterday, last month, a year, or 25 years ago. They’d be whacking that button night and day like an experimental crack monkey.

    SO: Russia needs to “do something” and have an “Event” they can get us to point to that scares the pants off everyone and injects an Atom of “Reality” back into their pea-brains. But yet not be enough for a mobilizing “Pearl Harbor”. I think they can do it but won’t project where or how. A big part of it is how obvious and how much we no longer trust government. …Which was the whole point of the White Hats these 10 years, so that work has been good if frustrating.

    Again: To be American is to have a distrust of government. That’s it. There are other things written in our Declaration and Constitution but that’s WHY they were written. Distrust centralization. And particularly homogenization, anti-diversity as these guys clearly are. Do that and everything will be fine.

    “The E.U. is as it has long been—an undemocratic institution atop which sit neoliberal ideologues and austerian central bankers, technocrats who take no interest in the democratic process or the wishes of the E.U.’s citizenry.”

    Just like we said since 1999. Or 1989. How dare we. We were the hated, despised, backward “Brexiteers” before the EU existed, and said, it, and all the fraud, essential, foundational fraud that it was all founded on. –As well as raw extraction, first day, as Greece paid billions in fraud to Sachs, to write fraudulent books for Germany. Gee, how can something that starts so well end so bad? Then the non-referendums (Germany) and all the fake Referendums, then the reversed referendums when they didn’t vote correctly. Ah, but with such good and honorable intent, however did they get here?

    This is why you have to call a spade a spade. Otherwise: everybody dies. We said it was possible to build an EU, but this wasn’t it. Right again.

    (link bots)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 16 2024 #161280
    Dr. D

    Silicon Valley Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya”

    How did he get on coverage? You’re not supposed to tell the truth in public. You have to lie or people won’t like you anymore.


    I have actually said this. They said, “Well I think something happened to him,” as in, he lost his mind, went crazy in his old age. “Did that thing happen about the time he ran for President against Hillary?” “Yes.” “But no suspicion, no connection there?” “No.”

    What can you do? This is a foundation on the basis of “Expert”. The Media is the “Expert” and now what they say is “real”. It has to be real because they are the expert and experts don’t lie authorities never lie.

    ….This is why I bring it up as a “Daddy” thing. No, I’ve said this. Doesn’t matter. Reality will never matter again. ‘Cause some guy said. Daddy said. “Were you THERE? Can you tell which?” Nope, doesn’t matter. That the same people lied 10,000 times the last 20 years doesn’t matter. Only Daddy matters. Only POWER matters, and who is going to beat me next if I don’t do what I’m told. …That the generation of crippled, abused children, thanks to public schools, erasing all mothers, and right on schedule by the social engineers.

    …For example, home schooling and trad wives are rocketing right now. Why? To protect the children from this, and thus ourselves.

    “It would prove that the Biden regime could have stopped this war the entire time, yet chose to push us to the brink of WW3 anyway”

    Not hardly. No one will notice nothing. Just like hiring the first woman, above. Republicans, the Right: always thinking logically. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR LOGIC, FOOLS. 70 years, never have, buy a clue.

    Fani: is it not pronounced “Fanny”? And that’s not a woman’s rear, it’s everyone’s. Don’t just make stuff up, it makes us sus. I notice that she didn’t notice or care so much that she talks about us all the time. Okay, thought experiment: IF she was a real serious prosecutor, with gravitas, focused on her job, WHAT would she be doing? That’s right, like Atticus Finch, Clarence Darrow, she could get up to the podium with gravitas and make history, a huge name for herself, despite the joke. “History’s eyes are on you” — Hamilton. Like, say, Musk does despite the jokes. By what she is DOING, thinking, being. Who she IS. No one’s stopping her, she could rise to the occasion and be a better person where we change our minds and say “Wow, what a hero, I want to be like her.” …Or as you notice, she could not, and be like the rest of us, small and offended.

    Looking that up, note the article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scopes_trial It basically says it was a publicity stunt. Officially. That’s true of Roe as well, but also most major cases like Dred Scott. They’re all staged. Dred Scott? Case of a slave pre-Civil War? Set the flashpoint that killed 1 in 20 men? Yeah, he didn’t want to be free. He could care less, in a way. His owners staged the whole thing to get it to court as entertainment and social engineering. If you wonder if he could care less, suppose instant he got his freedom, in Wisconsin or something, I dunno. Yeah, then he’s unemployed and homeless, and has no old age pension as a longstanding servant. Also in a world with a lot of racism, north and south. Now that may not be PREFERABLE, and in a perfect world I suspect he would agree, but it is PRACTICAL, and at some level you have only one life and have to no f around with weird things that don’t work. Only when you’re so rich you have fortunes and decades to blow would you do that, like his owners.

    All. Staged. Right out there in the open. No one’s denying it. Wiki is written at 6th grade level. Too high, can’t read? Also that’s why Roe was such a very weird case, and why several cases nearby were dumped because they felt this was the best narrative the writer’s room pitched on. I think the Roe person has done speaking tours and more or less admitted it was all a put-up. And that she was used. Using and abusing vulnerable women then tossing them away. How appropriate.

    “• Americans Must Criticize Our Corrupt Courts (Holloway)

    I just heard criticizing the courts for doing anti-American things is Anti-American. Only by SUPPORTING anti-American things and not having free speech are you being American. Bothneitherai.

    “I believe that the verdict in New York may ultimately be overturned.”

    Of course. But that’s part of The Plan™. It’s like this: take BLS economic numbers. If you just LIE and say another million people were hired every month, soon 900 Million Americans were hired while everyone you know is unemployed. That doesn’t work. Yet you NEED to say 1M Americans (the non-citizen kind) were hired every month for 4 years before the election. What to do? Well, obviously you LIE! You’re not going to not lie, that’s right off the table. So you LIE upfront, then as soon as the headline is dry, print a retraction on page 16 of ONE fact. Then two days from now, print another retraction of ONE fact. Then you “Revise” the BLS unemployment numbers back down from 1M gain to 400k LOSS, over the next 29 days, until it comports with reality again. Then July 1st, repeat all over again, for every month of every year since Carter.

    Applause! Accolades all around! Genius! And why shouldn’t it be when no one can be discredited, no one is ever fired?

    Okay, next level: why AREN’T they fired? Because we control the MONEY. So long as I can print Infinity Money, no one has to get fired because everyone can get paid. The numbers are always wrong, every prediction is false, but the markets go up anyway! For example, from the Internets, a guy in F-Stan was saying he has his Dept of 40 men, accountants, to track all the contracts, goods flowing in and out. He said when he started, he used to do two projects like this by himself. That’s an 80:1 increase in bloat in say 20-40 years. Who’s going to complain? Those 79 other people who now make 6 figures?

    They the donate to their Party, and know, they are dependent on it, if anything happens to “Party”, they’re useless, parasitic, unproductive sots and will lose everything. — This may not be TRUE, mind you, but it adheres them perfectly to the POWER. Then kids growing up say “I want to be successful. So I want to lie, cheat and steal like they do instead of being a plumber.” So this is “What is done.” That’s Infinity Money and why corrupting money ALWAYS collapses the nation. ALWAYS.

    Anyway, the point is for the Court to tell the lie, TODAY, that is, the day before the GOP nomination. DGAF what happens after. Overturn it, whatever you want. Then we back-revise reality to match so the lies don’t run away from us and dissolve all CONTROL. That is POWER, over you.

    Then we lie again! I can do this all day. Lying is free. If I can breathe, I can lie, and you give me things!

    “• The Corruption of Attorney General Merrick Garland (Turley)

    The GOVERNMENT? Is CORRUPT??? Oh no. But only since Adams.

    “A poll last month for the progressive advocacy organisation Stand Up America suggests that the supreme court will now play a crucial role in voters’ choices in the 2024 election.”

    So that’s your Plan™? The election will be so clean and normal it’s going to land before the Supreme Court. Got it.

    “Nearly three in four voters said the selection and confirmation of justices will be an important consideration for them in voting for both president and senator in November.”

    3 in 4 voters in the Guardian Offices in London? (They’re illegals, they can all mail-in vote). Because nobody here in America knows what you’re talking about. Poll: “Yeah, sure, I guess. Whatever.”

    “Alito has rejected demands that he recuse himself from a case considering presidential immunity after flags similar to those carried by 6 January 2021 rioters flew over his homes in Virginia and New Jersey. Justice Clarence Thomas has ignored calls to step aside because of the role his wife, Ginni, played in supporting efforts to overturn Donald Trump’s loss to Joe Biden in 2020.
    Ethical standards have been under scrutiny

    …Scrutiny that IF we have a standard, ALL sides agree to follow it. Right Merchan? Without this level of trust and cooperation, there is no democracy and we can figure things out by shooting each other in the streets, if you like. Remember who has the guns if you feel like it.

    Okay, Reality Check: Alito flew A FLAG. A flag, people. And not like the Lithuanian flag, Kenyan flag, Russian flag, the AMERICAN flag. THAT is why he can’t be a Supreme court justice anymore. Btw, although he didn’t fly the Nazi flag every flag he DID fly BECOMES the Nazi flag. Like the 1707 Pine Tree flag posted Wikipedia yesterday.

    “Jeffrey Sachs Blames US ‘Irresponsibility’ For Ukraine Crisis (RT)

    Jeff Sachs and Prof. Meirshiemer are considered lifelong “Experts”. But then The Memo™ that the “Experts” are no longer experts today because I said so. Those experts are no longer experts and are wrong and don’t know anything. Now there are a posse of new “Experts” who were never there and nobody ever heard of until just now, when I SAID SO. Got it?

    Experts = Experts ≠ Experts.

    “• Putin’s Peace Offer ‘Not Serious’ – Scholz (RT)

    See? This is why Putin could so easily offer it, as if he had maybe HE would sign it, but he’d take a lot of heat back home for it, just like running this war too slowly and too nicely. But Europe solved all that for him.

    Listening, there are so many jaw-dropping things every hour you can’t keep up, but commenters pointed out the ASTONISHING level of belligerence, from “handkerchief-sized” nations. I think it was Alistair. No, LITERALLY Lithuania is saying THEY are going to attack, kill, cut up, and cease to exist, all Russia today. Yup! I mean, you hear things, you hear even Germany say so, which is technically equally laughable, but when you hear not like France, not like Germany, but like Muncie Indiana, openly declare they Signing a Declaration of War against Russia, are invading tomorrow and expect the war to be over by July, when you hear MAYBERRY, with Don Knots saying he’s got one bullet and and charging Russia and expects to sling all Russia over his back and carry it home to the pot, well, that’s just another whole thing.

    Yes, Estonia says THEY are attacking and will destroy all Russia. Right now. Watch me.

    Okay man. I’ll watch, good luck! …What can you DO with people like this? Russia has already attacked and beaten them like 50 times over the years. Do you deport them to Alaska or something?

    Btw, in comparison, Estonia probably couldn’t beat Muncie Indiana. The Boy Scouts probably have more rifles than all Estonia combined. Boy they sure are brave with OUR army!

    THAT, my friends, is what is “Not Serious.”

    “• Rejection of Putin’s Peace Offer ‘Exposes’ NATO’s Proxy War in Ukraine (Sp.)

    Exposes it to who? Nobody cares. You’re saying there are people who didn’t know and go “Slap! I need to totally re-think my support of the German Greens, all Europe, and LePen! I just realized I’m an arch CONSERVATIVE now!” Nope. No one cares. As above, facts are the only thing that do NOT matter. Feelz do. And they’re not going to jump in and Feelz they’re wrong, their whole life is a lie.

    “• ‘We Must Go After Everything Russian’ – UK’s Cameron (RT)

    Because Cameron is PM. Yeah, got that last month. Hey, um, shouldn’t you hold elections or something about that?

    “The West must show Moscow that it stands “completely” behind Ukraine by sanctioning everything Russian, Britain’s foreign secretary David Cameron has said.”

    Typical Anglos. By “The West” he means WE have to do this. Germany has to cease to exist and live in huts by the shore, and the U.S. has to bankrupt and destroy itself, losing its entire army. London, of course, being neither large nor near the front lines, has to sit and drink tea, watching us all fight while cutting the crust off watercress sandwiches. We = YOU. No buddy, gfy, there is no “We”.

    “Of special concern to Cameron was the so-called shadow fleet of tankers delivering Russian oil in defiance of the G7 “price cap” and the Western embargo.”

    Huh, funny as Europe is buying all the Russian oil, and the U.S. under Biden is importing more than ever! Nice sanctions you got there, like all government plans, it accomplished the #Opposite, but in record time.

    “The UK has used its dominance in the global shipping insurance industry to blacklist all Russian vessels,”

    Because…no one…can figure out the astonishing complexity that is “Insurance”? Here’s a business plan: 1) Put money in a coffee can. That’s it, there’s no Step 2. Good thing the Russkies will never figure it out!

    “• G7 Countries Could Lose $83 Billion If Russia’s Assets Confiscated (Sp.)

    Do it! For the love of God, do it!!! Now, why wait, do it now!!! (Actually, I think it has to be timed to the election, as the US$ collapses a day before Nov 11)

    The leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) nations have demanded that Russia pay $486 billion to Ukraine in damage allegedly inflicted by the ongoing conflict, according to a joint statement issued on Friday.”

    Okay, so you’re broke and the number to keep you from collapsing in a steaming heap is $500B. Got it. You can SAY you want this. I’d file 100 lawsuits a day SAYING you need to pay me for some service I never provided to your company. But you need to court JUDGMENT to pay. SAY anything you want. Your words mean nothing, legally or practically.

    “• Two Summits… Elitist Warmongering G7 And Peacemaking Multipolar BRICS (SCF)

    Pointing out they call us the “Golden Billion.” Hahaha. “the G7 has become a caricature of power. The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan are seen as being ruled by self-serving extortionists, contributing little to global development.”

    That’s because there ain’t no “Billion” about it. We get ZERO of that money. They get the mine, we get the shaft. It’s like the “Golden 10,000” at the top, who run extortion and colonialism on us too. And that’s so much worse.

    “Elon Musk details why Tesla is uniquely positioned to make the best humanoid robot and the immense opportunity ahead.”

    Why would he be telling the truth? He was lying about sales numbers and projections since he got there. What’s floating him is stock printing with Infinity Money, not sales or success.

    Clearly Hinton is not a very smart man if this only occurred to him. They’ve been talking about this since the 20s, and as a big deal with I Robot, in the 50s. It was in Oddessy 2001 in 1968.

    Also he can’t define “Intelligence”, what is that? Nor has he read anything about how AI goes insane, lies constantly, has hallucinations, and in a Machiavellian way will kill everyone to accomplish its goals. (If that’s how humans program them). All these seem perhaps obstacles?

    Just like 3D printing, it’s only sales-job for a bubble we’re dumping on the Muppets.

    Speaking of, Nvidia is $3T company now. So like 3 companies are now the market. From Russell 2000, the Nasdaq FANGS, to the S&P 500 to the Dow 100 to the now 3 companies. That is, zero breadth, zero liquidity. This happens at “market ends” but because we didn’t have “Infinity Money” before now, the previous lunatic “Market End” would normally have been years ago, with just a few stocks like FAANG, or Tesla. But so long as Powell can say, Cantillion another $60B/month – which had been true for years – then there is infinity money for a stock that’s 100x sales, going to expand by selling cards to another new planets, like Mars, Venus, and Jupiter, like Cisco said they would at the top, 1999.

    Now they ask this “Very Smart Guy™” what to DO about AI and he answers….Drumroll…GOVERNMENT! Yes, according to his Very Smart Experience™ at 65yo, Government has always been really successful at everything it’s tried and never like failed or corrupt or nothin.

    Uh. Wow. Wot a child. That is very nearly the DUMBEST thing I have ever seen.

    So Why am I watching this? Why now? They haul out these IYI “experts” who are too dumb and naive to realize they’re being used by these very same people to sell off this crap at the top…which will then make this Expert™ look like an idiot in hindsight. “We have reached a permanent Stock Plateau” Irving Fisher, 1929 “By 2005 It will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine’s. – Paul Krugman 1998.

    Nineteen ninety EIGHT. He had failed to realize the Internet mattered by 1998. While typing it on a computer that he emailed to the NY Times.

    We’re 15 years on and 3D printing seems to be going nowhere either, but it’s not Infinity-Money backed with open, fraudulently printing and pumping like Renewables or AI. There’s no “AI” yet. It’s just a database that uses a lot of electric power. Wow.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 15 2024 #161262
    Dr. D

    Phoenix: It may be difficult, but try to arrange a Plan B. You don’t have to tell anyone. There are places people can go both in or out of the country. There are jobs you can have and be reduced to, cash, transient or even illegal. Keep in mind if the government goes to war and tries to kill you, or them. They need my, our, your consent. Make it hard. So you haven’t seen them in a while and you don’t know where they are, sorry. Maybe they’re doing drugs, I guess, so sorry, who knows?

    If everyone made it super, incredibly hard, it couldn’t be done. Sorry. If everyone checked out of the system, then there is no system, it’s OUR system. If they have to send a car, track down, round up everyone one by one, it costs more than it’s worth. So if you were Ukraine, seeing them, what happened, what would you do?

    I don’t fight for my country, I fight for our Constitution. That’s why it’s an OATH to the Constitution. That is to say, by definition is legal, as it is on behalf of the primary Federal Law. Right?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 15 2024 #161224
    Dr. D

    “In Bed” reminds me of “The Snowy Day” Keats 1962

    “DOJ Won’t Pursue Criminal Contempt Charges Against Garland

    DoJ says DoJ is fine and we didn’t break the law. Ask me again and I’ll tell you the same.

    “Market Braces For Return Of European Debt Crisis

    Really no kidding?

    That goes with “U.S. Markets up 14%, new highs.”

    Yeah, world capital flows. On Inflation. People are doubting the Government bonds, and bonds are 10x stocks. Also if Germany is going back to living in caves, then buy Frankfort? FTSE? It sounds good; it is good right now, but the best performing stock market in the world is Zimbabwe. 14% is only keeping inflation, ZERO gain. Inflation eventually overruns stock gains, and sure you lose LESS – that’s what traders do – but not as much as hiding it in commodities or something. — Also difficult as times are hard and commodity STOCKS may also go bankrupt. While the product they sell spirals up. Copper for instance: it rises 10x but there are no houses built, so no wire sales, so the slowest company in musical chairs has no revenue, etc. Commodity cycles are (were) 1/3 time Stock Cycles. That’s 10 years or so.

    Putin Names Conditions For Ukraine Peace Talks (RT)

    What is Putin up to in Switzerland?

    I think this: Again, doing the PAINFULLY legal thing. To inform, and offer something legal. Doing the PAINFULLY generous thing. To hand back the rest of Ukraine as long as it’s neutral, etc. Why?

    Here’s the part I’m guessing: Because although he would actually sign 1 and 2, (important, they are not tricks or bluffs) there’s no risk because the West will never accept them. Yet. So what’s the difference what he says? Already the entire West has Mass-Psychosis not reported it at all. “We all Know.” Without any memo, they know telepathically that any word he says doesn’t exist because they all know without any discussion, memo, or center that HE and his nation don’t exist and shouldn’t be mentioned. Bigfoot can be discussed, but not Peace, Russia, or Putin.

    Riiiiiiiiiiight. Okay then.

    “and officially renounces plans to join NATO,”

    That’s how sure he is. Because they’re just going to Minsk on them, just like 1979, 1994, 2014… Personally I wouldn’t dare offer this double-crossing, but might have something to do with Euro collapse and the war pacing. Again, Europe will collapse and go-nuts. He doesn’t need to be billed as the cause 5 years from now when crime is 1,000% and everyone’s starving. He’ll say “We told you. You’re guilty.” Collective guilt but it works.

    Good cop Bad Cop with Medvedev. As usual, but really pointed here. That’s why they’re in the Caribbean, and note, if I were going to do this, send dud missiles to land in the D.C. reflecting pool and hide them 4th of July night when there’s non-stop fireworks going on on radar all night.

    “• Scott Ritter: West Has to Decide If It Wants Peace After Putin’s Proposal (Sp.)

    No. The answer is no. Not just with the Lindsay Grahams, who gave the finest sound bite in American history as to why we exist and why we’re there (“To steal $2 Trillion in Russian resources, otherwise RUSSIA will mine and spend and use them all”) (how did THEIR resources get under OUR Ukraine?) not just Democratic Party, or the GOP (On Israel), but look at “Occupy Peace” in Kingston, NY, where Celente spends thousands year after year to get ANYBODY to show up, or do ANYTHING for peace. Anything at all. Even talk about it in their basements online, eating chips. Nope. No interest, no uptake. Bigfoot conventions are more popular.

    So: No Peace at the top (Atlantic, Economist), no Peace in middle management (Graham, Biden, Marcon), no peace at the bottom, (Public, Nascar, Code Pink). No peace in schools (university) and no peace in industry (inflation, shortages, costs, profits). No.

    That’s not to say there isn’t peace, don’t misunderstand. But this peace is now “Ignore and Boycott the Blob” peace. We cease to put our eyes and attention, our effort and worry on them. So they cease to exist and are dead to us.

    I just created a new country: “Shinuopdoeshinapdboolonied” as Biden just said. So I need you to sign up, fight and die for it. Right? “What? What country? Never heard of it.” “It totally exists, you’re living in it. It has a flag and everything.”

    See what I mean? The PEOPLE don’t feel the COUNTRY exists. What country? Country with no history and no borders? With no law or basis? That country? To make someone do anything – even interact with it – we have to FEEL it exists. In our minds, if nowhere else. Or there FIRST. Ireland thought they were a country, not a province, Israel thought they were a country WITHOUT a province, you have to be a PEOPLE, an IDEA first. Okay sold, you win: America is no longer an idea.

    So you can’t draft us, we won’t even understand what you MEAN by that term. Good luck.

    Here’s the Biden quote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Be1vzHzqnms (Dore)

    “Is it possible that NATO forces could become directly involved in the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine? Until recently, such a question seemed very hypothetical”

    Are you kidding? We were there in 1550. 1950. We’ve been there since 1995. We paid billions to be there and make sure these very oligarchs existed. Their money is all based on OUR money laundering. Then we were there with $6B for the NEXT level coup, then there training 300,000 soldiers because we were there providing weapons and stocking their salt mines. To ethnically cleanse Russians, as pay a million dollars on “How to make Russia attack us as quickly as possible”.

    He then admits they are there while denying it. Because I said Words, redefined the definition. Also known as “Sheep Dip”, which is older than dirt. We’re there but not there, bothneitherai.

    “There is no other conceivable reason to require more than 16 million American males to be automatically registered for the draft, other than to prepare for a large-scale war.”

    Am I wrong, or weren’t they always required to be registered? I don’t think this ever stopped. And of course: kill all the men, women weren’t required, thanks Feminism, who is NOT marching for this, nor for men’s rights. Everyone shrugs and says, of course equality means getting all the good things and none of the bad things. We pass all the bad things to the men. Like early death and homelessness.

    They may be bringing up this thing which hasn’t changed a bit in order to advertise to young voters what’s going on around here. I’ll have to look into it. If they were Tom-Fool enough to try it, good luck. There aren’t enough drill sergeants and daddies to spank all the recruits who dgaf and will lie down and frag every Major for lols from Boot Camp on, no longer just in the jungle. They have no sense of reality or consequence, so shooting the arms instructor in front of the target field? Why not? Same setup as Russian Revolution, Unpopular WWI. Country no longer exists. Sold. I’m now a citizen of Virginia and Alabama, not the “United” States, just like it used to be. So if I get kidnapped out of Virginia to serve in this foreign army, be it Union or Ukraine, I’ll shoot my way out. See the problem?

    ““The deal is not a “treaty”, but an “executive agreement” since Biden didn’t seek a congressional approval to make it..”

    Note “He didn’t even try”. Had no discussions or attempts at all. “I Just Said”. With my mouth. Now it’s real. Name it and Claim it.

    “and the Israeli leader was branded a Russian sympathizer,”

    Note what this means, Meta-context. We can have no sympathies for Russia. At all. None. Ever. They can have NO point of view, no existence. Even THINKING they have a point of view is treason. I think that’s quite a lot worse than, say, Ireland – 1603 -1921. During that period you may not APPROVE of Irish independence in the House of Commons, but you could DISCUSS it. With words.

    “• Russian Troops Never Intended To Capture Kiev – Putin (RT)

    We know. Why am I reading this now? (Because they are re-taking or at least re-threatening Kiev)

    ““..they rest on the source credibility of being “non-governmental” and merely devoted to human rights, which increases the effectiveness of their messaging..”

    They should call them “Corporate” entities. “Multi-Billionaire, Oligarchic Spin, Bribers and Gun-issuers N-O’s”. Because they ARE against governments, in a way. And FOR corporations-as-government instead. I’m sure that’ll be a HUGE improvement around here when classy firms like Amazon and Monsanto are running things. Nothing’s more for the people than that.

    Shut off the money, or nothing happens, nothing matters. The US Petrodollar is dead, and so we’ll have what worldwide? No reserve currency. So we’ll have to what? Reduce to our actual size. …Not that the U.S. isn’t still powerful, even in the shattered shape we’re in. So 10:1? Gas $30/gal? However, the Core currency fails LAST. That’s not saying much, Europe has been riding us and ruling us using EURODollars. That is, issuing Infinity Money in all Europe banking system – but hiding it just like us by denominating in DOLLARS.

    They say “the Issuer of the currency has the Cantillion” etc? Yeah, well BANKS issue the currency, roughly. So EUROPE BANKS issues OUR currency. …Didn’t think of that, did you, Nixon? The US$ became THEIR power, and OUR problem, didn’t it?

    Anyway, that goes to today, YES, Europe has all the power – and power on us – by issuing EUROdollars. BUT! But ultimately that only goes so far. IF there is a shortage of dollars they have LESS control than the USDX’s home country. So they will have shortage, a bank run, FIRST. So Europe fails FIRST, the core country fails LAST. Ha ha ha.

    …Except for this: we’re so tightly tied that Europe will fail OVERNIGHT, and the U.S. NYC, Wall Street will fail 24 HOURS later. So amirite? Yeah, and it hardly matters. “Last” doesn’t give us anything, it might as well be the same time.

    Okay, moving on, AFTER we fail 10:1 on “Inflation”, collapse-of-currency, THEN what happens? Well, here’s the problem: the U.S. has Food. We are the largest food exporter, or can be. If China wants to eat this winter they better sell us tractor parts. We are the largest nation with world-class copper, silver, iron, gold, rare earth mines: better re-open some of those, won’t take too long. We are the largest OIL producer, and have a bunch of discoveries we’re not pumping, plus two coasts we’re not drilling.

    What does Europe have? So we go 10:1, go on par with China in wages, are competitive, and Europe? 20:1? 50:1? 100:1? What can they bring to the table? Whatever it is, they better think of it fast. I’d say they’re great design, manufacturing, smart people, become Japan. But that isn’t how they think right now. They think like ANTI-Producers.

    Speaking of, WHY has Macron called snap elections? We thought he was running a gamble, like the last 40 double-downs he lost. But no. Apparently he has no chance in the polls, it doesn’t take a second to notice this. So surely he knew. (check me on this, this is first reporting) No, Europe is going down, and Macron, nit-wit as he is, is the SMARTEST in Europe, and the most honestest. I’ve commented before on how him having any sense of reality is getting him in trouble with all Europe. So?

    So he’s going to LEAVE, like Sunak. He’s saying IT’S GOING DOWN. I’m yelling Timber. Huh? Translation:

    He’s handing it all to Marine LePen so it can utterly collapse on HER and be HER problem, and the fault of the RIGHT. Capisce? I think LePen can take it but it will be a George Washington-size challenge of human character. And the media will be right there making every problem they can for her (just like they did for Gen. Washington). She’ll either be DeGaulle, or she won’t, but I think she actually supports France enough to hand it off if she has to. To do whatever is necessary to save the nation, as messy as Rothschilds like Macron and Klaus have made that.

    “Our Children’s Trust is suing state and federal government agencies on behalf of individual children, claiming that fossil fuel regulators are negligently ruining their future.”

    I take you up on that. I’m suing on behalf of children if we DON’T use oil. Imagine: shutting off all the oil. No A/C, no Plastic food wrap, no medicine, no hospital equipment, no ambulances, no incubators… Sure I’m sure that’ll all save WAY more lives. You’d lose more lives in banning plastic wrap on chicken alone than all Global Warming combined.

    Seen and the unseen. Cost and Benefit. That’s Logic, #Logos, so we don’t do that. Reason is our enemy.

    “The UK Meteorological Office has just reported that we have enjoyed the hottest May on record. Meanwhile, those of us who have lived in the UK during May have endured unseasonal cold and rain,”

    Who you gonna believe? Yourself? You’re not a biologist, how can you know if you’re a woman or not?
    Anyway, that’s the logical conclusion of the era of Bernays.

    “the destruction of his life and his subsequent death in prison will have served its purpose with its message to everyone else: “Don’t ever mess with us or we will do to you what we did to Assange.”

    That’s why instead you need to arrest all of THEM and make THEM rot in jail. Nothing else will do. Just setting him free won’t serve OUR purpose.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 14 2024 #161222
    Dr. D

    Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 14 2024 #161178
    Dr. D
    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 14 2024 #161161
    Dr. D

    Like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQ-JdVEyU9M

    Funny? Sort of. But you need to be better than that. Hit the next level.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 14 2024 #161153
    Dr. D

    “GOP Lawmakers Seek To Block US Funding For Rebuilding Gaza

    Now there’s an interesting idea. Why would we? Oh yeah: because out bombs leveled it. But if we rebuild it, we profit and control it. Or Israel. But if we don’t it stays flattened. Hey, there’s a great lesson on why you should never have gotten involved in the first place?

    “The Washington Post Makes Last Plea to Keep the Laptop “Conspiracy Theory” Alive

    WaPo thinks the US Government’s legal department is part of a Russian Disinformation wing, who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. RussiaRussiaRussia is running the entire U.S. government, and sinking the President via his son. Yup. That’s totally way easier to believe than the normal, that some guys do drugs and politicians are sometimes self-serving and dishonest.

    ““It’s not a question if congress has jurisdiction over the Supreme Court, it is what power are we going to exercise” AOC

    Great presentation! really finally on point. However, as with most things, she’s a retard and totally wrong, has no idea what she’s talking about, and is embarrassing everyone. I’m sorry you have to have basic competency in both skills, but there we are and it’s not that hard, or didn’t used to be. Supreme Court Ethics crisis? Did I miss something? RBG wanted sex work to be legal, and the age of consent to be 14. And you’re calling a crisis now? USSC required an amendment to outlaw alcohol, but next year no amendment to outlaw drugs, and you’re calling a crisis now?

    …Soooo, what you’re telling me is, you’ve mapped out that you’re about to get slapped in court, because something is about to happen that drags you all there. What? Brunson? Where you all refused oaths of office because you’d already sworn blood oaths to Hydra or the CCP? Otherwise why pick on Justices and try to get them kidnapped and shot, for a flag from 1700, 100 YEARS before even the Revolution? “The flag is the official maritime ensign for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, though the script was removed in 1971” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pine_Tree_Flag How dare he? Everyone knows Massachusetts is a NeoNazi State. Yup, that’s about the level now.

    “would these cases have been tried at all if we weren’t five months away from a presidential election?”

    Meta-Meta context is these two cases are entirely equivalent. Are they?

    “Is Congress’s $17 million sexual misconduct hush money fund campaign finance violations?”

    You need to ask? Yes, of course. But the jurisdiction is the “State” of D.C. entirely run by Congress, so how can Florida sue? Hahahahaha! Forget I asked! Hire Bragg and and he’ll make up something, no problem! “The Law is in My Mouth.”

    “new Trump hoax today: Trump said he doesn’t like Milwaukee.”

    Because Trump is so popular in Milwaukee? And the people who would vote for him believe the media?

    Yes the Early Warning Radar is extremely disturbing. It does say first strike and is IN RUSSIA. They are of course trying to start WWIII as that is the only thing that will save them. They’re going to keep trying.

    “• West Has Declared ‘War Without Rules’ On Russia – Medvedev (RT)

    Kind of. But this means Russia is signaling they are at the next level.

    MacGregor: “The Europeans are scared“. Well F’ing good! It’s about time. You wanted US to go fight this, FOR YOU, so YOU could get all those yummy resources that would stop your collapse for being lazy, selfish, fascist, tyrannical dickweeds. People tried to tell you, you laughed. So here, we’re giving you EXACTLY what you wanted: you win. You’re the boss, tell me where to point this broom in the train station. YOU are the competent, I just take orders.

    NOW you think a war is a bad idea ‘cause you’re like 100 miles away and we’re 6,000? No s—t.

    “Russia could trigger a war in space, wage a psychological warfare campaign against Western citizens so that they “tremble under blankets in their cozy homes”

    Nah, that’s impossible. Because that would be real and we would deny or not understand it. Same as telling a 3-year-old.

    “forced the Moscow Stock Exchange to suspend all trade in the US dollar and the euro.”

    With perfect timing, the world is safe again. As the US$ and Euro collapse, Moscow and half the world are now completely isolated or as isolated as can be arranged. They asked: “We’ve never had a worldwide fiat currency, with a fiat currency collapse. Always before in Weimar, one area collapsed while the nearby nations kept stable currencies.” Challenge Accepted. Problem Solved. WE have the “worldwide” fiat currency. THEY, the BRIICS and entire Global South – most of the world – do not. So thanks almost exclusively to sanctions, THEY will survive and we can re-kick-start by leveraging off them. Okay by me. We would probably do it anyway, figure something out anyway, but I love having several hard backup plans.

    Again WE are the ones arranging this. FOR Moscow, whether they want to or not. WHY? And WHO? Who SPECIFICALLY said to do this – when it totally won’t work as a sanction and is laughable – and do this NOW, not two years ago? Sus much?

    Continuing that MacGregor, just reminding that ALL DONBAS is “Russia”, legally, to them. We are already attacking “All Russia” in what we call “Ukraine.” Belgorod is of course different, we are referring to “1994 border Russia” and Russian behavior agrees: they are very sanguine about it, yes they’re in a war, things get blown up is their attitude. And yes, if UKRAINE were doing this – as their pointless drone attacks – they’re also very fatalistic. Of course that’s a sliding scale as OUR bullets and money and gas are in THEIR cross border attacks, so same thing, right? I’m saying Russia is being EXCEPTIONALLY generous and understanding of military and political reality here. However, since we are already over the line, they are giving us an additional DMZ to cross before the minefield, not placing it 6 inches from the survey flag, but a few meters over where dogs and cats won’t accidentally hit it. That line is with medium range, large-size missiles, into 1994 Russia. Easy to understand. That’s not one, two, maybe three violations all in one. As they’ve said, “Ukraine” is striking exactly nothing. We did not give our satellite intel and operations to Ukraine. These are 100% U.S. men, from orbit to the big boom, not a single Ukrainian anywhere, by definition. Americans won’t get that but courts will.

    “Ukrainian strikes anywhere inside Russia using Western-donated F-16 aircraft would not be an escalation of the conflict and would not make NATO member states parties to it”

    Stoltz better check International Law, pretty sure he’s mistaken on this. We can tell they plan to use the F16 as the trigger because – just like the nuke plants back when – they can’t help themselves but “Signal” it like true narcissistic sociopaths. The “Signaling” is the emotional, POWER part to them, it’s where they get their rocks off by showing they’re better than you, you’re helpless before their 80-pound majesty. Thanks, I guess. Thankfully God created the world so they have to do this and save us all, although sadly we’re such retards we generally disbelieve and ignore psychos when they say it. But IF we had any #Logos, and IF we had any sense, it would be super helpful and protect everyone so easy.

    Anyway, they’ve been “signaling” and tee-hee-ing they’re clever for months about this, playing “hide the salami” about where they are, thinking they’ll just spring an F16 with Moscow Nuke on it, or get Russia to overreact and “Start” a war they can sell back home. They are. By definition. Retards. They are embarrassing, retarded, mentally ill, glue-sniffing morons. No, Russia is NOT going to do that. Your plans are the plans of 5-year-olds, but since you’ve never talked to anyone outside of Harvard you don’t realize how infantile and moronic you sound. To the rest of us. Out here doing “work” in America. You couldn’t take an effective swing on a wino passed out on the street.

    ““..given the pledge is an “executive agreement” and not a formal treaty, it can be undone by future American administrations..”

    Exactly my point. So the SENATE confirmed this treaty? Then it doesn’t exist. We also don’t have the money, so good luck.

    Anyway, Duran, The U.S. finally got Europe on board with the plan NO LAWYER would approve: and we’re talking “Better Call Saul” level lawyers here. So the best they could do, and STILL got refusals from almost everybody, is to steal the INTEREST on the Russian money. $6B, whooptie-do, as the same glue-snorters ALREADY blew $200B and probably more. So it gets better: the PREMISE is, IF Ukraine wins, and IF Russia is completely erased, THEN they will be able to win war reparations in a UN (Western) court. Yeah, the idea of pre-reparations is laughable too, so, so many countries are still barely paying any reparations, like Greece, Poland, etc 100 YEARS later. They just ASSUME they win, then win, then win again. ‘Cause rich kids, amirite? Just like Congressional budget auditors just ASSUME we will grow at 8% compound with no recessions for 50 years and STILL Have a $1T / 100 days deficit. “We Make S—t Up!!”

    No. We all know that, that’s not the good part. What’s REALLY been stopping it is this: The U.S. wants a LOAN, say $100B against a mere $6B in assets. That’s what Trump and the Congress have been up to with the stall, although there are a lot of games at play. A lot of hooks and lines, trying to see who’ll bite. But the U.S. — now leaning Trump, just like Europe is – said “Hey, we’ve got to sell this to the people and you can see how hard. EUROPE needs to CO-SIGN the Ukrainian (illegal, confiscation) loan.”

    Europe was like “Are you f’ing stupid? Only a moron with a death wish would cosign a Ukrainian loan.” That was a month ago.

    Well son of a bitch, guess what? They got rid of that prosecutor and are signing that loan. As Ukraine is collapsing, right on schedule for the elections.

    Just like WWI and WWII? If they do – and Ukraine is already toast – then Europe becomes our b-tch again. They will have collapsed, and owe us the next cycle, like 50 years. NY/Wall St wins, Europe/Davos loses.

    …And that seems likely. Powell has no pivot. ECB has to cut rates. World capital flows more to the U.S. and Europe is a crater. Euro coup d’etat on the colonies (Us) fail again. And worse than 1812 and 1860, we get more independent from their banking system WHILE they have no oil, gas, or help, and they become Africa while we move into the techonoverse with China.

    Cosign that loan, you f-xxxers. Or concede Ukraine, NATO, and all European collateral honestly, I dare you. Reality Bites. Life’s hard but it’s harder if you’re stupid.

    “• Biden Needs More Bloodshed In Europe To Stay In Power – Zakharova (TASS)

    Biden’s not in power now, NOR would the situation in Europe have the slightest effect on American voters. We DGAF what you do, never have, never will. You never cross our mind, ever, if you disappeared, we’d forget. WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO??? Who? He’s talking not the the Euro-Elite, but directly to European VOTERS. The regular people. This is a story they can understand. End the war AND f—k America? Yes!!! Of course it’s more complicated than that, but anything that sells peace I can get behind, because it would take far too long to explain otherwise. Yes, “Get out from under America” (who is being run by Davos in Europe) and stop the war.

    “• Do The New US Sanctions Mark Russia’s Final Divorce From The Dollar? (Johston)

    Yes. And again, part II Duran: We are now sanctioning anyone-who-funds-anything. How? Well “We Make S—t Up” so we “just said” that “Russia is a war economy”. Therefore ALL things in Russia, like CocaCola, help the war effort. ‘Cause we said, just thought it in my mind a second ago. Therefore any BANK who talks to any company, who talks to any OTHER company, who talks to Russia, is sanctioned. Like our FISA warrants and 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, EVERYONE is on that list, then we authorize every one of our friends, and blackmail everyone NOT our friends. Do YOU want to be our friend, Santander? Bob’s Regional Bank of Iowa?

    Okay, so what? No, no, no, this has nothing to do with any of that. We are sanctioning CHINA. This was all created, “We Made S—t Up” to attack all CHINA’S BANKS. All of them. In Huuuuuuuuge numbers. Because we’re broke and are going to steal all their money I’m-sure-they-won’t-mind or do nothin’. We are stealing, re-directing their capital flows here to forestall our utter bankruptcy. Capisce? Got it?

    So opening that war on China, which I’m sure we’ll totally win, being unable to win against 12 Yemenis in a hut. Who sank the Ike, prove me wrong or where is it? Proof of life, the Ike with today’s newspaper?

    Duran: Note THIS IS NOT DENIED. 5 or more days later. Total silence. If it’s fine, surely you would DENY it, right, Mr. US Navy? Heck, you deny things that are true almost daily, but not this? Funny ol’ world, and hiding in the middle of an ocean where you can be seen from space. Everybody knows. Now – I – don’t know, but every NATION knows. ‘Cause Iran has satellites there, and they know. And India too.

    “• Will Average Citizens Pay the Price for G7’s Theft of Russian Funds? (Miles)

    Kind of a trick question. We’ve ALREADY paid, since 1994 or 1974 or whatever. But will pay again? As the dollar drops 8:1? Probably, but is that bad if we get rid of all the parasites who steal 100:1, 8:1 will be a bargain and we’ll be rich again in no time. Just like post-war Germany when they got rid of their parasite.

    ‘..Ursula von der Leyen represents the old guard and everything which is wrong with the EU: deluded, outdated views run by elitists who believe the only solution to the EU’s power problem is to take more..”

    Interesting. She and the EU are BRAND NEW. They just invented it all yesterday. So what do you mean? There’s a real “Old Guard” hiding somewhere that jumps from ship to ship? I thought the EU was created to get rid of all that old corruption and influence, have you been lying to me? I feel so betrayed.

    “• Macron’s Coalition Sees Him as Liability Ahead of Feared Snap Election (Sp.)

    What was Macron thinking? Or his real brains that he uses on loan, Rothschilds Bank? This was so obvious it could be seen from space, NOR was it going to work NOR did anyone else in Europe, much less the U.S. support it. …And we all supported him more than the French People did.

    Is there a textbook on how to do everything wrong he’s been using?

    “The country is ‘deliberately’ evading the right to asylum”

    I sincerely doubt that as “Asylum” is by definition a very rare thing. It’s impossible for even 1% to be true “asylum” and for decades there was essentially zero asylum at all unless you were a Nobel Prize winner. So they’re not “Evading” asylum, they are using it properly according to law and not lying, an unforgivable offense.

    Any fine they give is a pittance, since like here they give $5k per person in cash AND use “free health care” AND encourage a million more applicants. Avoided applicants alone would overcome any fine, and that’s before you factor in crime and collapse of government. Nah, keep your money.

    • Joe Biden Vows Not To Pardon Hunter (RT)

    Uh, yeah, Odd or what? Explain? And none of us would pardon either, right? Hahahahaaha, no. Of course we would. So they’re up to something, Hunter OD’s and Biden slips out. They all meet in Vanuatu under witness protection. They are using the LEAST crime to get Hunter off the news, and avoid 100,000 counts of Presidential bribery, to say nothing of raping underage prostitutes, although admittedly, that’s in jurisdictions where that may be legal. Picking a crime that seems “Real” and picking a sentence that seems “Just”. Out of a hat, there are so many. So this is all a sales job, to us, the People.

    ““..a supposed “ecosystem” of citizens and organizations in the US, whose narratives “echo key messages of Russian propaganda..”

    Wow, great words. Super cool. Awesome. Um, is any of this TRUE? No? Mueller couldn’t substantiate a single word? Huh.

    Ah, the Korean thing is fun. Now with the internet, I see so many more second-rate comedy which is more like mean, political and not clever. It has to be BECAUSE of this, then this, then this. Cause and Effect. As lunatics with no life experience, they are insulated and their minds never work like that. In the previous cycle, only Canadians were all out comedians because they weren’t mean. Ah the good old days. Now they’re bad or worse, not mean, but the 0,1% political activists. NOTHING is more boring than making everything political, comrade. Buy razors is political now. No one is funny because so few are humanitarians and have generosity.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 13 2024 #161108
    Dr. D

    Truck license and work for the DPW. Or garbage. If you’re not much of a reader, and not much of a people person but can show up, sounds great, probably stellar pay (when including benefits). Worked for a friend of mine before trade school. Now he makes more than a surgeon.

    Why? He had the brains (and self-knowledge) to avoid college. I’m not saying those jobs are easy, but making more than a Doctor with no student loans is not the be trifled with right now.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 13 2024 #161106
    Dr. D

    I don’t know what to do with job searches. So form history, it’s easy: you need an appointment and a letter of recommendation. Like Dickens and Victoria. That is, straight nepotism, what I usually argue against (as a meritocracy). So you need a PERSON that you know, knows about a job, and that PERSON need to tell you they should hire you. Then, of course, they merely BREAK EVERY LAW and process, ignore every rule, and put you “on top” and if there’s nobody better among the few people listed, they pick you. Simple. Very human as well. And works, since it’s rare for anyone to put their neck on the line for anyone unless they’re serious. You too: you fail and you just threw your friend/family member under the bus. Good, don’t do that, don’t fail.

    So big plus: this requires lying, cheating, and stealing (the job from the regular applicants) all of which match our style and nationwide custom right now. So it’s a lock, definitely the only way. That leads to the other thing, like in the military, “Card punching” where whatever dumb-ss checkboxes they want you to punch, you put them on a list and punch them. Certifications is a good one, really. Never college, that’s no cost-benefit. But member of the Masons, the Rotary, the Jane Austen society and Audubon Club? The local cruise-in car wash? Or better as nepotism is the only way, the Country and Yacht Club? Or only with the very few remaining people who actually make any g-d d—ned decisions anymore: restaurants and caterers. Lawn mowers. But the rich can be amazingly generous for them is a trifle that can set a path for life. Housesitting, for example. Dog sitting. Not like a career, but a contact and a few bucks since you’re not working. All you need is a name. You don’t need ALL the jobs, you just need YOUR job. One name, one lead. Over.

    I hear there is loose change in driving cars for dealers right now, but I don’t know it personally and if you’re 18 may not be great. Fabulous connections though, if you let them know what your dreams are. Anyway, no quick fix or we’d use it, a lot is knowing what you want — but problem, when you’re 18 you have no experience or idea yet WHAT you want, nor should you. So the task is to try as many things risk free so you can find out, meet a lot of people, know a lot of things, tell cool stories for later when you’re locked in that cube.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 13 2024 #161075
    Dr. D

    Biden Issues Executive Order Limiting Border Crossings To Just 5,000 ISIS Terrorists Per Day –BBee

    For JB:
    “Colorado Supreme Court Overturns Hunter Biden Conviction” –Bbee
    And another for him:
    “Why Nearly Half Of US Online Job Postings Are Fake

    This is true in my experience. It also drives head-hunters crazy, they are also doing work finding multiple candidates for jobs…who are never, ever called. All we do in America is waste time, because everything’s a lie, a scam, a grift, of a make-work project. Like Romania. Insult to Romania. Like Romania under the USSR.

    Times Radio. “Balanced. Trusted. Insightful. We present perspectives from different sides of the debate to help you shape your opinions. “

    Well the second part is right.

    What are they up to today?

    “Putin’s Army Could Crumble” (And aliens could fly out my butt, but I don’t think so.)

    Strikes on Putin’s air defences put Crimea at risk | Matthew Savill

    How Ukraine’s strikes on Russia could make Putin’s commanders rethink the war | George Barros

    ‘Special operation might crumble’ as Ukraine strikes key targets in Russia| Hamish De Bretton-Gordon

    ‘Russia’s gamble has not paid off’ as Ukraine hits command post and coveted SU-57 jet |George Barros

    Putin being pushed to breaking point over nuclear weapons

    What Putin’s defeat could mean for the West | Ivo Daalder

    Russian ‘desperation’ showing as Putin losing ‘1000+ a day’ | Gen. Philip Breedlove

    Putin’s ‘inability’ exposed after Kharkiv push doesn’t reach objectives | Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges

    Putin’s ‘panic’ as Kremlin fears losing to US supplied Ukraine | Dr. Yuri Felshtinsky

    ‘The Kremlin knows this is not sustainable’ as Putin’s losses mount in Ukraine | Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges

    NATO’s options to put pressure on Putin explained | Sean Bell

    ‘State of panic’ as Putin realises he cannot win in Ukraine | Yuri Felshtinsky

    Putin ‘will pay a big price’ for Russia’s losses North of Kharkiv | Sean Bell

    Three years of this, not a blip. This is what I mean by “It’s impossible to be discredited.” Way to go Baghdad Bob. Brixton Bob.

    Also, where is the epicenter? London. These guys put all American mouthpieces combined to shame. Every headline is a 5x anything America would dare. …Telling you that the center of the madness is right here. Not even in Langley.

    Speaking of lying, this is new: “Powell Admits The Biden Admin Is “Overstating” Jobs

    Sold! The economy is fine, just like Biden says. I’m raising rates!! 200 basis points.

    This is non-stop on news: “WHEN will Powell Pivot?” What the…? Never. Never is when he pivots UNLESS SOMETHING HAPPENS. According to you the economy is wonderful, so rates should be 5-8% long-term average. Right? The S&P is all-time HIGH!!!! Sure, we LOWER rates when we have a huge bubble of that kind, picking up speed. No, we RAISE them. I mean, unless you want to change your position on who’s telling the truth around here. Both. Neither. All. Aii.

    If you want to argue Powell should Pivot, then tell me Main Street is a crater, there’s no economy, we’re in a recession, unemployment is 100M out-of-workforce, banks are failing steadily…and inflation is dropping. Oh wait, not that last one either? THEN WE RAISE RATES. Consider yourself LUCKY it’s steady. Just like Ukraine, year after year of this, wrong every day of every week of every month for years. NOPE! No one notices. This nonsense pours out of their head-hole in a torrent. They just lie underneath with their mouths open like German porn and eat it. What. The. F—?

    Why? No cause and effect. Those guys were killed. There are no markets, only interventions. That’s Capitalism!

    “Europe Not Allowed To Lean Conservative? Warnings Of “Crisis” Abound After Shocking Elections

    The Left is Neo-Feudalist. Is that not really the mostest “Conservative”? How much more “retro” “reactionary” can you get than to live in caves while Feudal lords and betters live in a castle?

    “EU To Impose Tariffs As High As 48% On Chinese Electric Vehicles 

    Hey, didn’t only Trump-loving Conservatives want tariffs that helped working men?

    Speaking of Conservatives: “Le Pen Vows To Deport Foreigners Who Push “Totalitarian Ideology” In France

    LePen arrests people who are breaking the law. This is a radical position.

    How do you GET to be a “Conservative”? How do you avoid it? “Is Wellness A Gateway To Right-Wing “Fascism”? Be fat, unwell, never go to the gym. Hitler exercised once. If you exercise, you’re Hitler.

    More lying:

    Hey did you know that it’s HOT in JUNE in the U.S.? Just like – and I know this is new so brace yourself – COLD in the WINTER? Well cold means Global Warming. And so does Heat. Rain does, and drought. A ≠ A

    Speaking of people who don’t know what “reality” is and “Opposites”
    “Police Draw Guns Outside Seattle FBI Office After Armed Woman Reportedly Threatens Suicide

    We had to shoot the suicide to save the suicide. It’s how we tell her we love her and not to do it, people care. Too soon? That guy who lit himself on fire, the police drew their guns…to stop fire??

    While we’re doing this, The U.S. is starting WWIII by striking Russia and each day more drugs are in shortage here. “US Drug Shortage Reaches Decade High: US Pharmacopeia Reports: 125 in shortage.

    Are the prices not high enough? If we doubled them would you finally make some? Oh, the prices used to be 1/10th and we used to have no shortages at all? I blame Capitalism.

    “I Want Everyone To Watch This Because Trump Was Right About EVERYTHING Donald Trump “If Biden wins: – Your borders are gone – The middle class is gone

    And that’s because TRUMP is puppeting Biden. Personal opinion. No one wants to hear it. The campaign isn’t being run on them, it’s being run on US. EVEN WHEN all that happened, EVEN WHEN the Left locked the doors and tried to burn (several) Federal Buildings with everyone inside, EVEN WHEN they burned every black neighborhood, EVEN WHEN we had illegals killing girls on the Docks in ‘Frisco, even when, they didn’t believe him/us. So then what? Remove Biden and keep this fight going, the whole Left, 30% activated for war, killing every neighbor, stealing/burning every object? Trampling every right? NO. This has to STOP. And I gave up caring HOW you stop it or what it takes.

    So? THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES. You see NYC – baaaaarrrrrreeeely – waking up to 1M illegal immigration and 500% increase in crime, no industry, no tax base – MIGHT – be a bad thing? A Leeeeeetle bit? The slightest flicker, developing in their head and denied? That’s what it takes. And we’ll do it as LONG as it takes, until they swear off the Crack and really mean never to touch Marxism again.

    But hey: it’s all secret. I can’t prove nothing. Even AFTER if I say this, everyone would be mad as h-ll. Hate Trump and “Daddy” more for giving you that spanking you richly deserved and taught you not to be a lying, cheating, stealing, crack-smoking fiend. I didn’t want to do it either, but I showed you this picture of Hunter while I’m spanking you so you’ll know what I’m saving you from.

    Bad part is, it’s working so slowly we really need like 8 more years of Biden to get it through their thick heads. That’s why I’m voting on an “Event”. Harvard is never going to learn anywhere near fast enough, not out of retard-land unless we outlaw glue in Massachusetts or something.

    “But the 2024 election is ultimately going to come down to a simple question: Can the American people afford four more years of Biden’s policies and principles?”

    Can we afford not to if this is the only thing that gets through their thick heads? WORK means something? LAW means something? CONTRACTS mean something? TREATIES mean something? WORDS mean something? (number of tanks on this spreadsheet mean something?)

    “The 51 Spies Who Lied call their lying about the Biden laptop “patriotic”

    Nothing more supportive of Democracy than misleading the Electorate to your own Oligarchic ends, amirite? Only good electorate is a misinformed electorate that does what they’re told.

    “Pelosi should take responsibility!” Sund posted on X,”

    And Trump n’ Co was well aware of all this beforehand. “It’s gonna be wild!” SO THEN what happened? What did they, the Pentagon, etc do?

    ““These people are completely ideologically captured and sound totally unhinged. They’re also psychologically projecting exactly what Democrats are trying to do to Trump on to him..”

    Yes, they’re mentally broken. Like yesterday, all things that ever happened, never happened. President was 4 years ago, talked about it 1,000 times day — he was never President. We don’t know what will happen should that occur. Those are only the big examples, the little ones, where you go “Do you not remember 10 years of NYT articles that Ukraine were Nazis and the most corrupt nation, with the most Panama Papers offshore accounts” is only light arcana misunderstandings in comparison. …But they have every one of those too. They are definitionally insane. And we may not be sane on the Right either, but you’d hand the baton to the LEAST insane, right? Maybe he can’t see 20/20 but he’s the Less-Blind in the land of the one-eyed.

    “Again, history is helpful here. He’s not joking when he says this stuff,” — Maddow

    What stuff? Don’t keep me in suspense, what did he say since it’s so clear? Those who have details, specifics, facts, quotes are the truth tellers. Those who have broad-brush, implications, are the liars. Easy. We pick they liars, they have more Feelz.

    “And if going after Trump doesn’t do the trick, they’ll target the Supreme Court.

    This is what it takes. You need to see this. FEEL it, really. Because we told you since 1950 and every day since then were proven right. Didn’t matter, we were still liars. Ayn F’ing RAND told you. So? Time or Plan B: Tough Love, go be a crackhead, see for yourself if you like it and it’s all that.

    “This is under US law obstruction of Justice by the FBI.”

    There are so many crimes embedded in that, it’s almost impossible to name them all. It would also be election interference and perhaps Treason. Might be considered part of a Coup, such as Comey ran, or an insurrection, as when you pay your troops to burn down 12 cities (only the Black parts) at the same time. “Obstruction” seems such a mild crime, but it is of course a minimum they cannot even aspire to.

    Were they also interfering in, “Infringing” Free Speech by calling the Press once, ever? Yeah, that’s a Civil Rights violation. Same as lynching black men in the South, so can we prosecute it a little? No? Then why have laws if you can’t prosecute the little ones, and also not the big ones? Sold. Now I won’t follow laws either. Learned it from you.

    “For Hunter Biden, though, this was the first time he’s ever been held accountable for any criminal conduct, be it drug use, or prostitution, or tax evasion, or violations of various federal laws.”

    If you love Hunter Biden, why didn’t you give him consequences at age 3, 5, 15, and 20? This is hate and abuse not love. Same with his father, actually, this is disturbing Elder Abuse.

    Why? Why do we do this? Why do we express consequences? We CAN avoid them, as Joe showed one can. Because Reality Exists, that’s why. Joe was teaching his son sheer madness, that reality does NOT exist, there is no Cause and Effect, and he went insane because of it. Is that Love? Is dropping into self-destructive nihilism, attacking everyone around him in an ever-increasing circle or spiral, Love and Happiness?

    It sounds like I’m being “moral” but like other Christians, I’m not. I’m being PRACTICAL. This evil, sin, crime, madness, does not WORK. Having serial unprotected sex doesn’t WORK. Killing anyone who gets in your way like your infant babies doesn’t WORK. Because cause and effect exist in this reality and there are CONSEQUENCES. That’s what “morality” is supposed to mean and is no random Sky-Father coming down on you for arranging the forks one way not another.

    “The hope was that Wilmington is Bidentown and no local jury would convict the son of the favorite son of Delaware.”

    This seems unlikely. I don’t believe in this level of free action, sans corruption. How about this, Biden is “Whackd” as McAfee says. He commits suicide, ODs, thanks to those meanie Republicans, and Biden is so super sad finally realizing he has a son, that he steps down. Biden moves to the beaches of Cyprus with Epstein and Prigozhin.

    If nothing else, we’re sure they’re swapping Biden out, the core Biden Papers are reporting it in headlines. Right on schedule as the “Event” needs to happen and Biden needs to be “Sad” before the nomination a week from now.

    “Ukraine must prevail in its conflict with Russia if it wants to join NATO,”

    Weasels at Work. You mean, “Ukraine needs to completely vanquish and erase a nation 10x its size”? Which is what I’m reading, or “Ukraine needs to continue to exist at all in any fashion” which is a self-evident truism? Both. Neither. Ai. “I spoke, therefore it was a lie, there was a lie embedded in there somewhere.”

    Maybe he should ask how Ukraine can join when NATO no longer exists. It’s goin’ down. I’m yelling Timber.

    “• House Moves To Defund Ukrainian NGO That Issued ‘Enemies List’ (ZH)

    Gee, we pay for NGOs who call for the Assassination of Trump and other U.S. citizens, then do so many times (Like Lira, but several more)? Huh. I guess that’s a level too far now. I think Ukraine should invade us, shell us, take over the White House and direct our nukes before we should cut off their funding. Same thing, right?

    “Starmer in the UK,”

    Have the weirdest premonition of the name “Starmer”, exactly like he’s the PM Adam Sutler in V for Vendetta. No idea why it strikes me as so certain that way. Besides which, UK is in no mood, if Starmer gets in (when, he’s clearly already been hand-picked) he’ll be High Chancellor of nothing. No one’s going to cooperate. He’ll spend his time fighting shadows and brushfires.

    Like “morality” it’s easy when you’re following the will of the People. It’s messy and everyone contradicts, but roughly speaking, if you follow the aggregate will, you get a lot of forgiveness and can’t get into too much trouble. ALL these nations – ours included of course – are attempting the dead #Opposite of the public will: stealing everything, killing everyone, torturing them in a narcissistic expression and display, ruining all wealth and function, all of it. So when you are the #Opposite of the people, like all Europe is, you get the combined force of #Opposition from all People. Either “Lying flat” “Quiet quitting” (What would you say of someone who only did….the Minimum? — Office Space) or getting in the streets and burning you out, called “Tuesday in France”?

    I think this is the best place for Starmer. If he’s harassed every minute of every day it would keep him from having time to rape little girls or whatever he does.

    Still, I rarely have immediate recognitions of this. Chasov Yar was another, far milder. It’s important.

    “why the little Rothschild stooge with a Napoleon complex is throwing all his toys out of the pram
    “War President”
    “The countries of the Global South no longer want to be dependent on the double standards of the West and its whims.”

    Yes, but also the EUROPEAN south. Understand? For decades we heard only this and the Mark II transfers (Why can I never remember that??) Now? Poof! No European South at all. They don’t exist, and just as said since 1999, since 1989, GERMANY has conquered Europe, the NORTH runs the South who are their colonies and do what they’re told. The only one with any news at all is Meloni who’s had to tread very carefully to survive against combined “Europe” (really only Germany and the North in the EU) to have enough freedom of motion to act at all. …And she’s the BIGGEST, nothing out of Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc.

    “The Countries of the EUROPEAN South no longer want to be dependent on the double standards of the European NORTH.” UK.

    Speaking of, so Brexit is completely and finally erased now? Not a single flake of Brexit is left. How DARE they vote!!! Right now UK is sinking themselves defending the ECB and rates. (Vs Powell’s Non-Pivot) They are more Euro than Euro, more German than Germany.

    “• Cuomo Blames COVID-19 Nursing Home Order on Unknown Staffer (ET)

    …Then he found out about it the next day, the papers were lambasting him daily and he did nothing. Nice try. He still hasn’t ASKED who this staffer is and throw him to the media and courts. Nice try. 5,000 dead with the hospital ships empty. Nice try.

    Obviously this is part of “limited hangout” they know after 1-5 years you won’t be EMOTIONALLY mad enough to stab them in the heart. Because they’re narcissistic sociopaths with no emotions so can only learn and infer them from you. So he feels it’s safe to admit he killed 5,000 grandmas and you won’t do nothin’. …And he’s right. That’s why we don’t do justice by the “Feelz”. It’s legally required to investigate and charge if felonies have been committed – whether we LIKE it or not, and we probably won’t. Who does? I don’t want to send 18-year-old Hunter Biden to 2 years in prison, but what’s the option? Let him destroy 1,000 more lives until he’s raping underage hookers after selling his country to China? It has to stop somewhere, so why not today when it’s smaller?

    Donkeys are pretty smart, he may be a major asset to the elk.

    Stallion? He is extremely well-behaved.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 12 2024 #161057
    Dr. D

    I can totally believe they are organ harvesting, everywhere, widely, and giving men a bump on the head.

    What I can’t figure is, who is putting them IN? Where are they going TO? If you hadn’t noticed, there’s nothing but the normal demand and none of the doctors know anything. Waiting lists in hospitals continue. To put it plainly, we’ve quadrupled the supply and it’s going somewhere. …That no one can see.

    Where? Does anyone want to tell me where all this man-meat is being sold and used?

    Til you can hypothesize that, I’m going to have to be suspicious about the input.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 12 2024 #161039
    Dr. D

    ” Sorry you had to learn this way but we told you since 1950.”

    So long ago that EISENHOWER told you. …But according to Chad and Madison at Twitter, the top U.S. General and President doesn’t know anything and traffics in Conspiracy Theories. Yup! Chad would know.

    Chad vs Doctor? I believe Chad!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 12 2024 #161032
    Dr. D

    “US Lifts 10-Year Weapon Ban On Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Azov Brigade

    Doing this of course because we have no plans to arm and fund Nazis. On D-Day.

    Dmitry Orlov: “Europe has no early warning system, so it would be a very, very short war, maybe 10 or 15 minutes…”

    So long, Mom! 1965. “Lehrer: “I feel that if any songs are gonna come out of World War III, we’d better start writing them NOW.”

    “I’ll look for you / When the war is all over / an hour and a half from now.”

    Left, Right, Far Right:

    Similar to that other graphic with the field staying the same, BUT, if you can get someone to go 1 mile to the left, then by definition, the “Center” is now about where Mao is right? And our Far Left is ¼ mile to the Left of Mao? (Mao believed in families, guns, genders, and the nation state, those are now all ultra-far-right).

    But as Tim Pool said this week, so the “Far Right” took Europe? Also the “Far Right” is up in the polls, looking to win here?

    Then that’s not “Far Right”, by definition. It’s the Center. If this platform – whatever it is – is supported by MOST of the people, a plurality, then it can’t be “Far” anything. It’s center on the bell curve. “Far” now becomes the people on the fringe again, whoever they may be, there’s always someone.

    Who gets to decide? The Media. And the NY Times, scum of the earth as they are, said the CENTER right victory in France as a MAJORITY of people have voiced their democratic will peacefully…destabilizes France. From what? From a minority they didn’t like and was oppressing them? That’s what the polls just said. Now the LEFT is rioting over it, burning France….and therefore it’s the “Right’s” fault. Do you hear yourself? We’re way past trying to convince you, at this point the whole population(s) know. THEY are the center and you’re calling them Nazis, but your word-corral is no longer working. The “OK Word” Corral. They’ve overcome your imaginary social censure because the idea that people holding the political positions of Obama, Sanders, and Clinton being “Far Right” is ludicrous, demonstrating you’re mentally-ill handmaidens of billionaires, just like we thought.

    “TUCKER CARLSON: “It just becomes clearer every day that January 6 was a hoax.”

    Armstrong has a report on this which is only like $10. The point of it was that 7 states were going to legally object and call for investigation…filing paperwork. Only if there was “An Emergency” could Pelosi do anything about it. …”And then a Miracle Happened” as the Right magically did the only thing in the universe that could stop them, after Bannon, Jones, and everyone else “Peacefully make your way” told them expressly not to. …Oh and there were so many FBI agents there the DoJ accounting lost track of them all.

    There was a second detail, objections had to be brought to a “Plurality” (or something) of Congress. I mean obviously, right, you don’t want two guys in a corner. Pelosi had outlawed more than 53 people at any one time for most of the year due to Covid. Funny ol’ world.

    Etc, we know it all already. Just pointing out that “Emergency” powers THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS AN EMERGENCY. There is only the Constitution. Second, when they cleared the Rotunda so Shaman-boy could get a tour escorted by police and bunkered all the Congress, THEY WERE ALL KIDNAPPED UNDER EXPRESS PELOSI POWERS. Personally. Why would she not start shooting them one by one and claim “Insurrection”? Crazy? After 5 vials of anthrax from Ft. Deitrick and 3 small plane crashes after Patriot Act? You can’t fight if you’re dead.

    Okay then, when you surface and are freed again, you go after them, right? Re-issue your claims before Congress again. Why would you do that when the nation needs to collapse under Biden, and the event is waking up more Americans with each month? You’re winning, don’t rock the boat. The crazier they act, the more the People realize they’re mentally ill. It’s not a joke, drill, or hyperbole. It’s not partisan. Sorry you had to learn this way but we told you since 1950.

    “Trump has made it very clear that if he steps back into that White House, he will rule as a dictator on day one.”

    Pointless to add, but he has???? Can you show me quotes? No, you did not show me quotes because there aren’t any. Let’s go ask him! Like a “reporter”! What, he denies it? Well, that’s typical of people who are all racists and proud of racism, denying they’re racists to everyone because they’re embarrassed — but also proud! — of being racist. …Or dictators, same principle.

    “..Platkin’s office has announced that it is “reviewing” whether to pull the liquor licenses for Trump golf clubs since he is now convicted of felonies in New York..”

    Once again, no State has ever heard of “The Law”. So Trump does his own accounting, which is why he personally “mischaracterized” the legal fees that NYS still doesn’t know how to “Characterize” correctly? Won’t tell us what was proper? And in this case, I didn’t know Trump was a sole propritiator and so New Jersey can ban him instead of each of every entity being a CORPORATION that is not related to it’s CEO or Board? Sold! I am DOWN with this plan! …Now go arrest the board of every chemical company in New Jersey for every spill and every accounting error the 5,000-employee companies make.

    …Worse, this somehow gets in the news with no special comment that THEY ARE ERASING ALL CORPORATIONS AS WE KNOW THEM. If this were allowed, you could no longer incorporate in New Jersey, nor perhaps anywhere in the United States. Because a Corporation and their legal status as a body, not a man, ceases to provide any protection. Flee Jersey now, just like NY.

    …That’s in addition to the law being rather arcane and applying only to truly “baseness, vileness, or depravity in the duties which a man owes to his fellowmen” whatever that means, but it’s really not more like getting a fine for serving someone driving drunk (which is dangerous) but like serving the 12-year-old Girl Scouts as a regular concern.

    I think it’s hilarious. Do it.

    “• ‘We Are So Proud’: Bidens React To Hunter Verdict (RT)
    US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill love their son and intend to respect the judicial process

    You don’t think this is all a show?

    Anyway, since there shouldn’t be gun-drug laws to begin with, (Shall not be infringed) they’ve continued their unbroken chain of only arresting people for NON crimes, not actual crimes. Clinton for having consensual sex, not the 1,000 other things like selling all Sandia Military Labs to China, or bombing an aspirin factory with no cause and no act of war. I need no go on, as Dore says, “The problem was to Arrest Trump for something the rest of Congress wasn’t already guilty of.” And so with Hunter. What are the odds?

    I say send it to USSC, and reverse it. “Shall not be Infringed.” it would be worth letting Hunter go free (after the 10 years of getting through the courts) to finally rule something like correctly. I think most of the original states ALSO have a 2A in their State charters. I wonder if Delaware is one of them. I’m not that mad about this one since there are like 10,000 crimes left to prosecute for.

    “On all fronts, the Israeli internal paradigm is fracturing; and externally, the West is itself fissuring,”

    Oddly. As the Social Engineers know about us, oddly the NARRATIVE that creates Israel is fracturing. That can and will end the State, AND cannot be easily repaired. That’s why they’re now ceasing to exist although it takes time, and why I’m fairly sure of it. I see no off-ramps although I also don’t see what they’ll transform to. Adding from his article, they are trying to CREATE that narrative that saves Israel now, Nutsy is, but that necessitates that it was and MUST be founded exclusively on a “Glorious Genocide” that all Israelis enthusiastically support and will have parades and wave flags for killing everything. Okay, fine. And what do you tell the rest of the world, where your real power is?

    They think they’re a viable nation-state but they’re not: they’re a European colony.

    “There is no justification whatsoever in killing 270+.”

    As I’ve said they’re diverting from the discussion that they were going to kill the 270 anyway, and the other 2 Million, they could care less about the hostages. They just bombed – oh who can keep track? — another apartment block, UN center, tent city, filled with children again yesterday, twice a day for 200 days.

    ““.. the “collective West” is a minority whose worldview is not shared by the global majority..”

    Is this why they primed us that “Every minority rules”? Either racially, or politically? Certainly economically. That’s our core “Anti Democracy” principles.

    “• West ‘Losing Trust’ In Ukraine – FT (RT)

    Three articles here on Ukraine Russia v West, it’s not interesting as something else will happen. It’s the canvas events will happen on, but no one will notice. We’re not getting good – or new really – news from the front. It’s not telling us anything? Yes we know exactly which 2-5 small towns fall each day, that 30 men were here, 20 there, but it’s not…and it kills me to say this, “The Narrative”. We were in the Narrative of pointing out Russia was sitting still, letting Ukraine lose by herding their men into a minefield. Then Russia felt they were weak enough and pushed forward without trouble, still saving their own men, also risking nothing in MIGs, copters, etc, saving them all for NATO (like German and Polish invasion). Then they had a soft spot by Kiev and took it. And now?

    The Narrative is all about Ukrainian internal politics, which like Israel, is all top secret, all lies, and no one understands, not even them. They themselves can’t guess who’s on which team and double-crossing, since they’re all liars and corrupt. That’s where the “New leader” of Ukie just Popped Up! Yup! It wasn’t Zu after all. It’s never been Ze. It’s not Badanov. It’s Ze’s staffer. That’s the ticket! Could be true, but doesn’t matter. And it’s not Ukie internal choices (to switch sides and surrender). It’s going to be the West making Russia sink half the bridges on the East Coast with Kinzals or something that’s going to matter. Nothing else will stop us.

    We can’t get off this train” Serbian PM says. You wanna bet? We can get off it right quick.

    Remember? YOU set all this up. YOU staged it. YOU made us Russian Revolution 2.0. Where WE lose WWIII under a weak leader and communist society. Then we collapse into internal war. Sold! I’m totally on board, you win! We now leave the “World War” and work out our stuff at home. Good luck, bye bye. We got right off that train, Americans were never on to begin with. Americans DGAF what happens to the world, we couldn’t see all of America if we got an RV and toured the rest of our lives. Only our Europhile occupation government run out of Harvard does. That’s been true since like Madison. GFY, couldn’t care less.

    All Europe now occupied by Moscow? Yawn. Well at least Western Culture is saved and you can have families again. Christianity will hold. Kiddie porn and human slavery will go down. Sounds terrible. All that and a recovering economy too! Oh you want to build a wall and hold to your NON-European values? Also don’t care. Be the biggest s—thole you want to be, none of my business. Rape all your kids, kill each other in the streets, become not the hand grenade city of the world, but the hand grenade CONTINENT. Why would I care? To each their own, maybe it’ll toughen you up.

    And so the American attitude on it. I’m not sorry. Don’t you WANT us to leave you alone? SHOULD we be up your butt about all your business all the time? We’ve got our own problems. Shouldn’t we fix those first before going abroad? Pretty sure whole world says yes, except Davos and MI6 who are running us as a meat puppet.

    “• US ‘Flirting With Neo-Nazis’ – Kremlin (RT)

    Flirting? We’ve long since married them and had babies. Paper Clip. “Goin’ Worldwide.”


    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 11 2024 #160999
    Dr. D

    There is no end to what’s crazy about it, something new each day, but what’s crazy about it is when you say something like, “I’m still a Liberal and I totally support Obama’s firm view that we should have legalized immigration, and Bernie Sanders agrees with me that importing free labor is a Koch Brothers plot to destroy the working class.”

    …One day after that is no longer “The Narrative™”.

    Bernie Sanders?

    Barack Obama?

    (Band screeches to a cacophonous halt)

    Down my brotha’?

    Agree with AOC?

    Foreign Wars are a Capitalist plot on the proletariat and only hurt the poor? (Silence)

    Quoting Obama says Ukraine is a trap and we can’t succeed there? Foreign wars only profit rich Republicans and are only wanted by dreadful warmongering Neocons like Dick Cheney?

    (Crowd slow rises and starts edging you to the door. In the back, someone picks up a bat.)

    Okay, like HOW does this flip, IN ONE DAY. In one HOUR? There isn’t even TIME for everyone to have “Got the Memo” on their blue square as I like to say.

    Remember Comey? Was anti-Hillary until THE NEXT DAY, 12 hours later, attacking Comey was then treason and made you a Nazi, WHILE he was still anti-Hillary, but he was ALSO pro-Trump, while he was Anti-Trump, because Trump was removing him, for being Pro-Hillary. He was Pro-Hillary because he caused her to lose the election, because the Russians caused her to lose elections, because Comey was Anti-Trump, which is why he’s removed by Trump, but is anti-Hillary, but is totally not Pro-Russian. Now he’s on TV. Neither pro or anti Hillary, Trump, or Russia. None of the three happened.

    Here’s the problem: ALL THIS HAPPENS AT THE SAME TIME. Inside the same people: ask them. What was true last SENTENCE, much less an hour ago, is the Opposite now, and you’re a fiend and a bastard, a traitor, if you so much as ask for clarity. I mean IF they would deliver it at “5 Minutes of Hate” meetings, I could go and keep up with today’s Party, but it isn’t, and you can’t be pro-infinity immigration and Pro Worker’s Party because they’re Opposites. That is, there’s no discussion unless you can be similarly illogical and irrational IN THE SAME WAY as the listener. It’s not enough to do it. It’s not enough to also be insane. It has to be THE SAME insane, and if you’ve ever visited a mental ward, you can see this in action. They all fight MORE than with the guards. And if you play along with the street schizophrenic and claim to see the same things he does, he suspicious and doesn’t believe you.

    And you’re right: like other mental illnesses, all things said ever no longer matter. All evidence, facts, etc all personal experience collected over a lifetime: gone, Poof. Never were. They have in a real and even technical sense: Abuse has driven them Insane. They are insane, checked out, aren’t coming back, from the trauma and internal conflict, and if you try to make them they’ll attack you.

    In a way that’s intelligent — I feel pretty abused for example — but in another way certainly not. But one thing we know about being insane, it’s not exactly voluntary. https://youtu.be/TEWZpUhDu8g?t=2926
    (Sorry couldn’t find the clip shorter, and yes that’s DeForest Kelly. To 52:05.)

    This is what happens when people lose their minds. From abuse and trauma. And this is the other side’s specialty, studied for centuries on us. They also know women are more susceptible to it, and that men will die to protect them, so both have to be divided, diverted, countered, and dealt with.

    Same old plan: divide, Kill all the men. Then rape all the women. All the kids are now yours.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 11 2024 #160979
    Dr. D

    I should add, I don’t care about that. I’m not looking down my nose at them or anything. I’m just looking for a viable and practical response to re-associate them with the reality that actually happened, you know, for real in history and for real what is happening now. That’s all. It doesn’t have to be magic, or instant, it just needs to work the task of re-tethering them to reality. So they don’t push me and their kids off a bridge or something. Don’t make up life-sentence charges on everyone they meet like “Mattress Girl”.

    I just need to understand it to have a plan, then work the plan. Adding: clearly THEY know how to UN-associate them from reality and are working THAT plan feverishly, with a trillion dollars. So why is it so much harder to undo when we’re working with reality and are their own family and friends, standing before them, need-to-get-along n’ stuff? Amazing.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 11 2024 #160978
    Dr. D

    I agree. I also see this daily and, as it’s not logical, I cannot understand it. As you see me wrestle with here each day.

    Here’s my example: NEW Math — modern Feminism — says that No woman ever owned a bank account ever. Not until like Obama, but at least 1970. When I heard this, I was like, uh, what, no? But to be REALLY sure, I went on their behalf and ASKED a bank teller from 1965, a woman, who not only got paychecks but also WORKED in the bank, you know, with all the other women. (I mean, when she was not in a bonnet and ball gag, chained up you know.)

    She laughed and said, “Uh no, she had never even HEARD about any woman not being able to get a bank account, and at her age, that “sense” of what was done must go back to the 20s or the teens, because otherwise they would all say “Oh yeah, it was amazing when FDR changed that law in ’37“, Right?

    ALL women worked. So women were cashing paychecks somehow, right? As our whole culture, sure a lot more women worked in farms, in a household than now, but there were Massachusetts Mill girls back to like 1800. Were they not paid? Because right early no one had a million dollars cash in the Payroll office on payday waiting to get robbed. Even farms didn’t keep money around because it would get robbed, and they work a lot of cash.

    So what’s my point? That history is wrong? No. My point is THE WOMEN ALL KNOW THIS. For a fact. Because THEY themselves and their peers are of the age that THIS HAPPENED. The feminists writing this ARE the women of 1970 who DID get a bank account to work pizzas in college, and was not remarkable in the slightest. Gee, when were female SS# issued? A: First day.

    So what does that tell you? That they are LIARS, but more than that. A very specific, very creepy, mentally disturbed KIND of liar. They actually believe this. Because they want to? And therefore don’t check? Men will refuse this as we are fact-oriented, so that’s not a good reflection on the mental acuity (or honesty, or something) of women. I hate to do this, but Phoenix, you are a woman and also were abused to some extent. What is going on here? How can this possibly be so casual and universal to deny not only what history books, movies, all recorded history knows, but what THEY know and lived personally?

    Why are people who got a bank account in 1965 telling 17 year old women today they didn’t? If they didn’t then what law changed one day so they could? It’s bizarre, truly bananas. Not like they win $500 by doing it. It’s something else.

    And yes, watching old movies old books — far back as you want to go — women are working. They never didn’t work, ever, which means they never didn’t get paid. Which means they had some level of independence, I mean besides shootin’ bear out the back door on the frontier here, and being queens and kingmakers constantly in all Europe (‘Lizabeth, Aquitaine, etc)

    I’ll double you: every DAY there is a new article “Secrets of History” on how “Lady So-n-So was actually an MI6 SPY in 1824”, “50,000 women worked in the CIA as codebreakers and nuclear physicists in 1943”, etc. So it’s not just — I — said this. I’m not pointing to “Cambridge History of Britain”, I’m saying MSNBC and Vox prints that “Women never worked, and if they did, they couldn’t cash their paychecks” AND MSNBC and Vox ALSO print that “Women worked everywhere, invented everything, and were all the important pivot actors in history, including they were every mathematician, policeman, soldier, writer, every NASA scientist, every codebreaker, and every engineer.

    “Both. Neither. Ai.” As I say.

    Okay, fine. They do that. But HOW? HOW do they do that? Why are they believed? How are both things believed at the same time? F’ing Brain damage? HOW?

    Yeah, worse than pointing to movies: your mother in law LIVED it and is still lying. It’s like just making up that she was raped, then making up the time, place, reason, person… Like dropping a nuke on 250,000 civilians, it’s unthinkable to us, and it’s happening every day now. With every person.

    They’re dangerous, and dangerously unhinged.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 11 2024 #160959
    Dr. D

    “The Brutalization of Israel Is Well Underway. If We Do Not Act, Its Collapse Is Only a Matter of Time  Haaretz   

    Sold! I can do nothing all day. This movie isn’t for you. Note: Haaretz. Gee, that’s odd, isn’t Haaretz a JEWISH paper? What they doing opposing all this like Sanders, Stein, and a million others?

    About Saudi Agreement: Really? I didn’t know it had a close date. But it hardly matters: we discussed this for years, since 2001, and a year ago, and when Saudi flipped the day after F-Stan, and up to three months ago. I long since thought it was a done deal, so what would happen now? I mean, if you sell a house, there’s a lot of deciding, cleaning, tossing, showing, moving, there are dozen dates with lawyers, etc. But the day of closing, essentially nothing happens. The keys are passed and no one visits the house, which is dark and quiet.

    It’s not like it doesn’t matter, but don’t markets move on expectation and future, and those have already been digested.

    But also no news on the Ike. I like Ike. How do you hide a battleship in the ocean?

    There are quite a number of good articles this week, is everyone getting their brains back and doing something? Turley: “There has also been a push by Democrats to keep third-party candidates off ballots. Again, the last thing democracy needs is for voters to have more democratic choice.
    In New York, Democratic congressional candidate Paula Collins even suggested that, after the election, the focus must be on “re-education” of MAGA voters, although she acknowledged that “that sounds like a rather, a re-education camp. I don’t think we really want to call it that. I’m sure we can find another way to phrase it.” (If we re-NAME mass murder, then it’s Love!)

    Democratic operatives are using the same rationalization to call for biased reporting to help Biden get reelected.
    Democratic strategist James Carville this week demanded more “slanted” media coverage against Donald Trump to save democracy. Carville was triggered by New York Times editor Joe Kahn suggesting that the newspaper report the news in a fair and neutral manner. The suggestion sent many pundits into vapors at the very thought of reembracing objectivity in journalism.

    “I don’t have anything against slanted coverage,” Carville insisted. “I really don’t, I would have something against it at most other times in American history, but not right now. F— your objectivity. The real objectivity in this country right now is we’re either going to have a Constitution or we’re not.”

    It was particularly galling to hear the call for “slanted coverage” in the same week that the Hunter Biden laptop was authenticated and used as evidence in his Delaware trial. The government has called the widely reported claim that the laptop was “Russian disinformation” a debunked “conspiracy theory.” Carville was making his pitch for more biased reporting to the very media that buried the laptop story before the last election and spent two years in denial of its authenticity.

    Yet, many journalists agree with Carville. Some journalism schools have been teaching that reporters need to dump concepts of objectivity and neutrality to achieve political and social reforms.

    Wow. I didn’t think Carville had it in him. Made it to the horizon. Then over. Then second star to the Left and straight on ‘til morning. And he’s flying there still. Um, maybe we’re going to have a “Constitution” by … upholding the Constitution? And we would NOT have a Constitution by … erasing all the lines and rules in the Constitution? A = A Carville. It’s not hard. As Fitts would say, “Sane, or Insane.” Your choice.

    “The fear that these newspapers might cover Biden and Trump in a fair and balanced way was immediately denounced as . . . wait for it . . . a threat to democracy.”

    This is, as Fitts said, merely “The Sane versus the Insane.” That’s all. Simple. There are many lies but only one Truth. Evil is division and Good is unity. …So to speak.

    VDH was writing well, and the article on how great AI is: Prove it. Track down and stop all the robocalls and end censorship. That should be but a morning’s work for a genius like AI. Wait: why is nobody doign this? Why we have 100x spam calls than ever 25 years after this was identified as a problem and national security issue that anyone could just wander around our phone system? Too soon? Still haven’t replaced any of the routers yet? Phone calls on copper wire with two ends is just TOO COMPLICATED for us. 1850 can figure it out by candlelight, but not us.

    “USDA Recalls More Than 20,000 Pounds Of Frozen Beef Products
    Neither the importer nor the USDA has received any reports of anyone experiencing any adverse reactions”

    Who pays the costs? So the government reimburses, right? Boy, glad we don’t have any of those unsafe small farmers and instead blow 20,000 pounds at a pop. Holo. Dormor. They can screw up tests and make you lose millions a day. Doesn’t hurt them a bit. I’ll bet if they paid they’d find ZERO problems and all that poisoned food would always get to market.

    Federal Court Revives Lawsuit Against Los Angeles COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate: Case hinges on effectiveness of the vaccines…

    The effectiveness is not the point. My body my choice. Do you own YOURSELF, or don’t you? Actually this would work either way, IF the vaccine works, no one is at risk. IF it doesn’t, it’s a fraud. Either way it cannot be mandated. But that would be logic and we don’t do that.

    “you guys just need to accept the fact that Donald Trump is going to go to jail.”

    I don’t need to do anything. Besides, I’m ahead of you on this. YOU need to accept what I told you 2-5 months ago. Anyway, Sure, why not? And who cares? Are they going to DO something about it? He’s talking Bernays, brainwashing, narcissistic abuse, etc. You deny it long enough the people aren’t mad, then admit it after they’ve blown off steam and won’t hang you for it. …Keep the stolen goods, repeat. Anyone want to tell me the arc of relationships that operate like this? The Abuser just wins, right? Because this process works, right? There’s never any end? Think.

    “Trump’s plan to eliminate taxes on tips for restaurant and hospitality workers”

    That’s interesting, since they don’t claim them and the Feds can’t prove them, so what you’re doing is not making them daily tax cheats. I appreciate not being a felon each day, like, can you just erase a bunch of the other laws no one follows? It’ll leave you more time for all those thousands of human right abuses you don’t arrest each day.

    “NEW: TikTok influencer Michael Cohen says people will be thrown out of windows”

    TikTok Influencer? Dafuq? You mean, “Convicted felon”? Charlie Manson, “Well known celebrity who bakes cookie for his mother.” “Beloved father gentleman and austere scholar, Al-Baghdadi, who ran Syria’s best-known political party.”

    Now if only they had stopped Trump and done bad things to him before now so we could test Cohen’s remarkable theory.

    Liz is up the butts of these people every day, and can see things that aren’t there, but I’ll always trust her first. You got some ‘splaining to do. It’s more likely something more messy: Bannon wanted something and knew the only way to get in was to provide something else: yes, their interaction would help Epstein be smoother, but it was the only chance to get the names or stories. ‘Cause Jeff is just going to give it all to you for free? ‘Cause he’s a dumb guy? ‘Cause you DON’T want to get this story or info? See the problem? But that leaves why it isn’t published. That it’s messy means if you want to know the reason, ASK. We’re after Bannon, a reporter, who talked to him once, but NOT the 1,000 names on the guest list? Priorities. This happens AFTER the decide to jail Bannon, so they’re already running a hit campaign? Why are you helping, or are you? Bannon may be a scum, but you’re a sucker and a patsy. I ain’t carrying water for some Podesta “Master Plan” of slander and division either.

    “Washington “cannot afford” to allow Russia to achieve victory in the Ukraine conflict”

    Great, you and whose army is going to do something about it? Here’s a rifle and a plane ticket, knock yourself out.

    Alexander was just talking about the long-term misery of Ukraine, as owned by Russia after the war and BECAUSE the West has required Russia to take all. Nope. Why? Why wouldn’t Ukraine and Russia get along as well as the last 100 years, and all be as wildly peaceful and prosperous as the rest of Russia, and virtually overnight? So I disagree. ARE there anti-Russian Ukrainians? Sure, but there are Anti-American people in Alabama: are they RELEVANT? All the Nazis in Ukraine are dead. WHO would run the difficulty you expect? This was all done with BILLIONS of pointless dollars, paying the entire nation to make trouble, like when we saw 20,000 paid NGO employees protesting in tiny Georgia. That’s like 1% of the country is on the direct payroll of Europe revolutionary coups, at 10x the wages of the average Georgian. Stop all that and there’s no trouble. (Same here) ESPECIALLY as everyone in Ukraine gets richer than they ever dreamed, and far richer than Europe, which is becoming a hole at the speed of sound.

    But Freedom of Speech, Lindsay. Never stop talking, let us all know. Were those million babies worth it?
    What’s interesting too is Who is he talking to? He knows darn well he’s not going to share a nickel of that $12 Trillion with the average American or South Carolinian, which is why we might support such theft. (we don’t) They’re going to do the #Opposite, steal our money AND theirs, and it’s going to piss us off more than if they hadn’t stolen it at all.

    So, Donor Class? They already know. Donor Class is in an airtight fart bubble unaware of how close they’re getting to a lamp post? Probably.

    “The military, including deployed NATO personnel, use the shops and the gensets, too. The idea of pooling their resources, sharing load among gensets, thus reducing wear and tear on the whole network, while collectivizing fuel and maintenance costs, doesn’t seem to have occurred to them.”

    That’s because they’re morons. I don’t have a great explanation of the Ukies, they seem like the Poles: incredible feats of bravery and redoubt, with can reach paintings and history books, while running a strategy designed by mouth-breathing mongoloids, high on hashish. You don’t win with spirit de corps and feats of bravery, hardship in the trenches, you fools, you win by KILLING THE OTHER SAP. — As Patton would say. The level of moronic behavior, not fitting of a caveman is jaw-dropping, in Ukraine as well as Poland. “Hey, let’s all attack Russia!” the Baltics say, for no reason, some random Tuesday. They did this for CENTURIES, and make a spectacle and pest of themselves all over Europe, Marie Curie comes to mind. WHY was she in Paris? BECAUSE THEY ACT LIKE THIS BACK IN POLAND. Yet instead of straightening it out, her plan is Polish nationalism to KEEP them acting like this. At least Ireland finally got a clue.

    Again, that’s highly contrasted by NOT being stupid, but being brave, sacrificing, hard-working apparently, at the same time all the deep, cutting, historic sacrifice and hard work is put to entirely idiotic and pointless ends.

    Don’t. Learn something for a change. Do something else. So as Alexander, JOINING Ukrainian resolve and feats of stellar bravery with RUSSIAN chess- tactics may be the best of both worlds? I’d tell Ukie to do it themselves, but they’re not, so at least join up with anyone who can think straight and do what they tell you to.

    The Russians feel the same way. They have great respect for Ukraine in the field, and are honored as fellow Slavs with their bravery…and likewise tell them to stop, we don’t want to kill you, but we’re just better, proven every day. Please join us and rise to our level.

    “• Russia Ready To Strike NATO Airfields Hosting Ukrainian Jets – MP (RT)

    Ze says he’ll keep his new jets out of harm’s way outside Ukraine then. Um…what’s the point?

    “• US Lifts Arms Ban On Notorious Azov Brigade (RT)

    Official Nazis as opposed to unofficial ones. Just like you can now vote for a convicted felon or an unconvicted one. (Babylon Bee) But you see: I spoke WORDS, and Named things. Now all reality is different.

    ““The Unit, [..] an apolitical, transactional form of cross-border payments, anchored in gold (40%) and BRICS+ currencies (60%)..”

    It’s complex. Think about it. So can you just take your 50% backing in gold 24/7 until you have it all in a locker, South Africa? Er, probably not. And London bombs you and steals it? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean it’s not there. …But in which case, it’s also not “50%” backing. That’s okay, it looks like a functional beginning, but don’t knee-jerk on the meanings and speeds here.

    One of the key points – from Luongo and Lanci – is that this is a DISTRIBUTED network, not a mainframe one. Now that’s the same as all the other transformational wins. IF there was only Shanghai Gold market, USUK would bomb it. So there has to be gold vaults everywhere, Dubai, Brazil, etc. There have to be contracts everywhere. No center points, not even Moscow and Beijing, with power to defend. That’s difficult and takes time, but has been done and will work, but the system is very young and barely online now.

    So there’s not ONE Unit. Run by ONE center office in Astana.

    IF there were a single SWIFT office, they would buy out and corrupt it…as we just did under Obama, because they refused the Russian sanctions that didn’t work and collapsed us/them. So we bought and replaced them. No. No central offices.

    Okay, working backward, what is this? The Gold standard pre-1914. There are Francs, Lira, Sovereigns, Dollars, etc, all similar and all circulating, where all contracts are local and private. Is it GENERALLY 1oz gold, 99 pure? Yeah, generally, but not always, not by law, and may be a paper gold note, from France, (that is, Franc-denominated) to be paid in Gilders. Same thing here. Distributed, “No reserve currency” which was destroying my country the United States, so I extend a thank you very much for saving us. We have a lot of gold, we’ll have no problem coping under the pre-1914 such mixed distributed standard. And it will stop the thieving.

    Okay, that goes to Kunstler’s Monday: ALL these Central Controllers are failing. ALL centralized power is failing. The needs of the time are distributed, so that a certainty. However, they are failing even FASTER as they have zero COMPETENCY in anything at all. …Unless you’re Kamala on her knees, then you have core competency in something. Because they’re FINDING and HIRING and PROMOTING, and BACKING everyone based not even on Not-Merit, but ANTI-Merit. So although consolidating 20 aeronautics companies and competition into Boeing was moronic and self-destructive, consolidating them AND firing all the engineers AND firing all the line assembly people AND hiring careless, self-serving liars … WILL BRING YOUR STOCK PRICE TO ZERO.

    …’Cause, “Capitalism” n’ stuff. Anyway, so they’re gong down as “the Internet” (broad brush) atomizes the Universe, but so, so, SO much faster when you install idiots like Fani, Adam Neumann, and Kathleen Kennedy to run it all.

    How have we not defeated you yet? Does that not reflect poorly on us? It’s embarrassing.

    “he failed to pay $1.4 million in taxes over four years. His debt has since been settled, the Associated Press reported.”

    No one knows where the money came from. Well that’s what happens when I owe money, right? A rich uncle from Kiev always pops up and buys a painting!

    “• Democrat Lawfare Has Failed To Derail Trump Campaign So Far (JTN)

    It’s all a narrative to show the American People who they are. So now it’s time to stage that assassination. …I mean AFTER they stage a Trump-in-jail which ALSO won’t go off and is just a show, saved with 00:01 seconds on the bomb timer. “Merica!

    “what is really behind this, if you go into war, they get to default and blame Putin..”

    Yup, that’s why they don’t care. And it’s not like it won’t hurt equally either way, the nation I mean, it’s that THEY GET TO BLAME. Not the Bankers, not the Politicians, but the PEOPLE. We who didn’t vote for it, opposed everything at every turn. If they don’t BLAME they won’t be able to just re-start the same system after, because the People, will have learned something.

    Jackson, Jefferson: NO Central Banks. Money is how we TALK to each other. Unlimited money-power is unlimited Power.

    “• Elon Says Will Ban Apple’s Creepy Spyware Devices If They Integrate OpenAI (ZH)

    Half the people own an iPhone, so now EVERY conversation is being wiretapped everywhere. It doesn’t matter if half the people oppose that (still questionable), because the OTHER half are credulous morons who brought along their Party Observer. This also goes back to fascism and destroying all choice and competition, which barely existed to begin with. You see BlackBerry doing this stuff? No, they got murdered with financial warfare bc they wouldn’t give ALL the back-door keys to the NSA. Now they don’t exist, and neither does anybody else, despite huge worldwide demand for security and EVERY IT Admin being REQUIRED to provide this. They can’t, so like Bankers, they all break the law TOGETHER, then nobody gets in trouble bc it’s “Industry Standard” to have zero IT security on your systems. Same as Cloud-Hosting your data, actually with ZERO security once it’s off your site, Amazon can read everything, and they’re paid by the CIA.

    …But I’m sure they’d never break the LAW, right? They promised! Go ahead and try to tell your third IT VP that you should cloud host like all the other golfers and he’ll say “What’s a cloud host?” Then: “If all the other IT VPs jumped off the bridge and lost all control of their data, I’m going too!!!!”

    “• 1000s of Californians Lose Jobs Thanks To Newsom’s $20/hr Minimum Wage (RT)

    Why are you making Ayn Rand right? Telling them since 1956, with logic and reason. …And clearly that was our problem, they never listened yet. Life cycle: 1) We tell them, 2) They do it anyway 3) Everything is destroyed just like we said, 4) Move on to the next thing we warn them about. 5) Their lives suck more every hour and they blame us for it. “It’s all those MAGA guys running Chicago!!! Damn them!!!”


    But who WANTS a car that is autonomous? Not the public. We also don’t want cars that are over-complicated and spying on us all the time, able to be shut off for no reason. So WHO are you talking to? Not Capitalism, since you only provide the #Opposite of the public demand. That leaves only the Oligarchs, the opposite and counterpoint to “The Public”.

    “He says vaccine mandates were a “terrible decision” and based on emotions, not on science.”

    What Mandates? No laws were passed. Both. Neither. Ai. A = A ≠ A, all, nothing, things and their Opposites. They were enforced because they didn’t exist.

    To the point he’s TRYING to make here, What were they based on if not Science? If you’re not a “Science” organization, why are we paying you? You’re fired: we can do “irrational emotion” for free, just go visit any Daycare center. No? Like “15 Intel agencies” on 912, we INCREASED your budgets for failure. No one was fired, all failures got a bonus and rode off into the sunset. This is perfectly normal, and all the time when I buy a Mercedes and show up at the lot and they don’t give me one, give me one Mercedes steering wheel, paint “Mercedes” on the side of a Yugo in crayon, I not only pay them, I give them a big tip. That’s how it all works, right?

    …Only with government. Only with violence. Otherwise, if you get cheated, ruined, bad service you withdraw support and don’t pay them.

    “Voluntary” Exchange. That is the only evil, Must. Be. Stopped.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 10 2024 #160939
    Dr. D

    “No talk of making Israel to stop murdering/genocide of the Palestinians.”

    Sure there is. But I see you just posted that yourself, plus Biden has made up a plan (without asking anyone). Now I don’t BELIEVE them, but there’s all kinds of talk. The ICC was more than talk. And the Israel coalition just fell. We’re not talking about backing down in two blocks of Raffah here, calling a voctory then business-as-usual; the entire world-connected nation of Israel is about to cease to be. That takes time, don’t be so impatient.

    My only fear is they haven’t really passed the event horizon and will find some bush to cling onto on the way down. I don’t talk about it since it’s more complicated than all other news combined and it changes by the minute. Like did YOU see the government turn on Nutsy this week? I’m sure we all knew it would happen, but not like 100 hours from now. Reminds me of this:

    “We have people everywhere. …But you don’t even know we exist. What a joke.”
    “When they say “we have people everywhere” we don’t usually mean, “In this room”..

    And we still can’t (clearly) identify the factions and their backers. It seems to be Euro, Anglo, Bric, and organic Israeli. But every other nation is in there too: Africa, Russia, Turkey, China. We also don’t know what their goals are. Get the pipeline? The transit area? It sure doesn’t seem to be religious, there is like zero foray from say, Saudi, to promote, say, Islam. There is de nada on “Jewishness” from the State or Orthodoxy. That’s very noteworthy in itself, meaning they’re fighting over something very real…but that we have no idea of? Like the Golden Suitcase in “Pulp Fiction”?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 10 2024 #160928
    Dr. D

    Europe’s “Far Right” I figured it out:

    What makes one Right in Europe is that you’re the NATIONAL Socialists. That is, you are going to be elected, to your national government, and you have the radical position that your nation exists. The Far Left is of course the INTERNATIONAL Socialists, of Trotsky’s Eternal (Bloody) Revolution, that wants One-World government of the Brotherhood of Man…which is all run by me and my 5 friends while you work the Siberian Uranium mines. But NO nations or cultures. …Because we murdered them all.

    So: believing in the very existence of Governments and nations at all? = Far Right. Here too, actually.

    Both are the complete merger of Corporation and State. But also the People, who DO WHAT THEY’RE TOLD.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 10 2024 #160903
    Dr. D

    Vox, latest CIA mouthpiece: “Modi Won the Indian Election. so Why Does It Seem Like He Lost?
    The BJP’s poor performance shows the limits of his autocratic, Hindu supremacist policies.”

    Ohhhh. Brown White Supremacists. Under me bed! So when India is divided into multiculturalism like us, they’ll be mo’ better and stronger. Got it, and got it. That’s your Plan.

    https://youtu.be/wFj2VPWdPaU?t=128 Your cooperation is appreciated. Thanks! (How have we not defeated you yet?)

    And this: “Meet the Uber-Wealthy Families Who Control Much of the Food System in the US and Australia
    The average American farmer doesn’t fix fences and drive tractors. Thanks to market concentration, there is now a handful of companies that dominate the US food system, and they are impacting Australia too.” ABC

    Excellent. First: drive all small farms out of business, slowly, methodically, ruthlessly, cruelly. Tell the public it’s for their safety while food gets less safe and 1M at pop Tyson contaminations go unanswered. Next: Point out that they’re all now “super-rich” (poor in the big scheme of things) wealthy, oligarch land owners who have to buy Congress so they don’t run the REST of them out of business.

    Damn Capitalists. Can I get a “Let’s kill them all” from the college students here? If only the Government had been involved in setting every price, every commodity, every labor law, every property tax, every interest rate, every capital spending, every inheritance tax, and every environmental and safety law for the last 100 years, this wouldn’t have happened! …Oh. Wait…

    Well, there’s only one thing to do now – if we get rid of all the white farmers, Zimbabwe will really boom around here! Who’s with me? Who wants to go kill some rich, capitalist, oligarch families?

    They’re on Step Two: now that the only people who survived are rich solely from your rules, Blame the Rich, not the Rules. (But only SOME rich. Not Schumer, McConnel and Pelosi) Even though most rich people will tell you not to do this, have told you for lifetimes, and will lobby against it if you ask. Look at like “Rich Dad”, Buffet, etc. The difference with them is if government makes ruining the environment in oil tax-free, they invest in it. They tell the public and the government not to do this, but they’re only one voter and if those are the rules… The rest of us are not as quick to buy Halliburton just because Dick Cheney is President and Sachs because Paulson is Treasury Secretary. However, you need to GET the money to influence Congress, and you don’t get it buying shares in Wikileaks.

    Anyway, ABC: Staging the next genocide, against people who make a more 1 figure more than you, and keep you all alive from Holodomor. And what’s a healthy Socialist State without arranging a few Holodomors? Break some eggs, amirite?

    “Idaho shuts down all water to 500,000 acres. “We’re all going to fail.” https://youtu.be/yD1yTqzj1Y4

    What do those lazy louts do except throw seeds on the ground?
    https://youtu.be/El3zivuxv1U?t=1210 Do you know how long it takes to learn all that?

    “Bird Flu Triggers Supply Chain Snarls In Dairy Industry As “Farmers Increasingly Culled Cows” 

    Holo. Dormor. Just the tip. It won’t hurt at all. I promise. Just ONE little law, this tiny little tax that-will-never-apply-to-you.

    Little By Little, The Economy Has Declined To A Point Where Almost Everyone Is Struggling. CWR

    Let’s see: everyone’s working more hours than ever. Everyone is poorer than ever. Where’s all that labor and money going? Such a mystery. Can’t figure it out.

    McCabe: Yes but don’t you see his GLASSES? Like Christine Blasey Ford and Rachael Maddow, they don’t’ give intelligent, cultured glasses like this to just anyone. Only the smart and trustworthy people.


    We know for certain there was a CIA conspiracy because that’s who was Deep Throat. But don’t you remember? Nixon was just unhinged and paaaaaaarrranoid. He used naughty language. Oh noes. He was going to get rid of the “Deadwood” in the CIA, called the “Hail Hydra” wing, leaving the normal patriots. Third time ’round to undo the Kennedy thing, got shoved back again then.

    “• Right-Wing Tsunami In European Parliament Vote (ZH)

    Someone will have to translate what “Right Wing” means in Europe. As far as I can tell, it means “Left Center” pro-gay, anti-self defense, high taxes, huge government, no army. Excuse me if I’m confused because that’s like all the platforms of all the 4-5 very different party items in bucket they call “Right wing” and they’re none of them.

    I think “Right wing” just means “Slander slander” and “Left wing” just means “slander slander”. But you have to pick the CORRECT “Slander slander” depending on who you’re talking to. Being pro gay marriage and pro gun control makes you Hitler here. …But only if you’re anti-war.

    “Social Democratic Party of German chancellor Scholz”

    So a National Social Democratic Worker’s Party, sort of?

    ““..she intends to “continue on this path with those who are pro-European, pro-Ukraine, pro-rule of law.” And pro US/”Joe Biden”.

    Along with being the #Opposite in everything they say, think or do, That would seem to be an ANTI- European Plan. It’s also Anti-Ukraine as Ukraine has now ceased to exist. So I can only imagine the state of “Law” with a record like that.

    Oh and isn’t BeLyin’ also roughly AMERICAN, like Tusk and a dozen others, hand-picked, married to, or spent decades here? Gee, how European of her.

    “• Evil Can Destroy the World (Paul Craig Roberts)

    Well, PCR seems pretty on his game in this article, which is clear and straightforward. “no one explained the UN’s ability to give away a people’s country.” Yeah, and THEY declare themselves in charge of International Law. People who support just making up, stealing property, and handing it to a people that don’t belong there and arguably don’t legally exist.

    Map says it all. Methodical. Patient. Pre-planned. It’s merely a military campaign of extermination run on very slow speed. People still say “No it isn’t! It’s all one amazing accident!” C’mon, I had you read at 3rd grade level but you won’t. How about this one picture. Can you read that?

    “What the “great moral West” doesn’t understand is that by supporting and defending Israel’s genocidal policy toward Palestinians, the “great moral West” has given its approval to genocide.”

    Broad-brushing. WHO in the West even claims to be moral? People over 60? (Boomers. A: Yes!) People under that are all divided on the issue, so regardless of the moral right, no blanket statements can be made. You’re saying “The Leaders = The Country”. That is, translation, “The People don’t matter”, don’t exist. Should GFY and die and be quick about it. This is the meta-assumption of all meddlers, government wonks like PCR has been his whole life, so I’m not surprised he doesn’t notice. If the People DON’T support it – and they don’t – then how are “WE” guilty of this thing we never did? Because one minority of a 300M population (also almost too small to matter) wants it while 200M of the rest don’t care, leaving 50M opposed (college students)?

    I hope you’re not a lawyer and walk into court this way: “You honor, SOMEBODY in this town robbed the bank. The Defendant was once in this town. Therefore He robbed the bank.” “What about the other 3,000 people?” “Hush, don’t distract me and change the subject. SOMEBODY is guilty and SOMEBODY has to pay.”

    Yes, that’s why you need to NAME THE CRIME, and NAME THE PERSON. Unless you’re in the Alvin Bragg school of law, where you name neither. I had no idea Trump was up all night with a green visor and pencil doing his own accounting. Amazing. He was “Adjacent” to his accountants. That’s enough.

    “That Americans will vote for evil shows how far down the drain America has gone.”

    ARE we? After what you’ve seen last 10 years, you still believe all the voting is totally fair and honest, with nice, clear information provided by the impartial press? < 0.5 seconds to check each signature in Arizona, totally normal, not like rubber stamping at all. All above board, squeaky clean. USSC “Just Deciding” who will be President 2001, “’Cause I SAID SO”, with no evidence AND no legal authority, that was all people choosing fairly and intelligently for evil. Right. And we haven’t got to the nomination process which chooses who, DNC “Just said so” and ran out Sanders in CA. As a Jew, he went up to the White House because Jews run all things in the universe (therefore we are all completely innocent) and Obama, a non-Jew, told him to STFU and suck it. …Cause that’s how that works when you run everything. Even as a famous Senator. Nominations where they outlaw RFK “Just ‘cause” with no reason just said, “Hereby all votes for RFK are REALLY a vote for Biden” and no one blinks. That’s AFTER threatening to kill Ross Perot’s whole family (Daddy Bush).

    Totally fair and democratic. Forget I said anything. We’re all just guilty I guess and deserve what’s coming to us when we didn’t vote for the people we didn’t have any choice in. These elections have been fair and honest at least since Kennedy-Nixon, right?

    “Scholz, who argued that President Vladimir Putin “must finally realize” that “Ukraine is strong and will not be forced to its knees or forced to surrender.”

    Who is Scholz talking to? Signaling. Name it and Claim it. Killin’ that chicken at midnight over a pentagram in the pale moonlight.

    He’s right about Ukraine though: they’re down on their knees alright. …For the United States.

    ““You have to be careful what you wish for if you are going to root for regime change in Russia,” he warned, pointing out that the US has “played this game before” and essentially failed.”

    Yes, they’re more Maxwell Smart – level Agents of K.A.O.S. than smooth and competent Hydra. Everything they do blows up in their faces like Elmer Fudd. …Because the purpose IS the chaos. That’s the POINT. Chaos spread widely.

    “We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.4”

    So weird. That’s just crazy, nothing like THAT is happening anywhere around here.

    And the earlier quote: “

    The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion”

    Huh. That’s weird. …He seems to be saying THEY WILL DESTROY ALL THE JEWS. At least the Zionist ones. That’s a requirement or the plan fails. So who’s running the show ‘cause they’re sure not destroying themselves! No? This I just all misunderstood? Then why with the actions of this year has Israel already ceased to exist, has no support, and will be rolled over shortly?

    “• Western War Hawks Want Ukraine’s Resources – Orban (RT)

    Translation: COLLATERAL. We are collapsing in runaway debt-compounding and the only forestalling of collapse is Collateral.

    ““the US has not been a world hegemon for a long time,” while “its actions in the international arena have led to the destabilization of world politics.”

    Gee, it’s almost like they want to cause a “fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion” so that they can roll out their solution. Because WHO in the US? The People? We’re getting screwed ragged, it shore ain’t for us!

    “US officials are rolling their eyes “in exasperation”

    Not to Macron, but that no matter how many offenses they make to Russia, Russia refuses to take the bait and lash out emotionally. That blows all their Plans™. …Just like the American Right, starting 1994. “I am ORDERING you to rebel!!!” I need you to rebel RIGHT NOW you violent rednecks, so we can mop you up and you won’t be around in the 2020’s as a viable army causing us trouble.” Awwwwwww. So cute!

    “The West insists that it is still not a party to the conflict,” …While bombing Russia. With American intel, by American operators, with American weapons, with American money, in an American coup. By definition. With 100% certainly, nobody else CAN, or WILL be reading our encrypted satellite targeting data and running our highest mid-range launchers. But we’re not involved, we say, as 100% American soldiers construct and build a nuclear ICBM in newly-flattened Belgorod we’ve invaded and occupied, as we nuke Moscow. We wuz framed! How many times do we have to tell you, We’re not involved in this war? Narcissist’s Special: who you gonna believe, me or all those bruises on your face?

    ““We’re trying to get legislation out to say that any special counsel who wasn’t approved by the Senate gets no funds,”

    “Republicans To Spend Weekend Brainstorming How To Be Even More Of An Embarrassment” –Bbee

    Speaking of: “Republicans Nominate Hillary Clinton To Run Against Them In 2020” Oct 29, 2018 Bbee

    Actually, that’s Armstrong’s headline. And after I get over my immediate disgust as a rational and practical person, I realize that is an EXCELLENT idea. Couldn’t be better if we all staged it as Reality TV Theatre. So we all know the whole thing’s rigged: Trump is rigged, trials are rigged, Biden is rigged, DNC nomination is unbelievable can-be-seen-from-space rigged when they lie for 4 years then Pop! Swap out a candidate no one wanted and can’t stand AGAIN, AFTER outlawing all ACTUAL candidates, made illegal for a year.

    Then we can all “election” with Hillary, have it be rigged with 400M votes counted in a 300M person country, and finally explain how the “Election was stolen” and finally set this to rest with an actual recount. With actual discussions about how there aren’t any Russians, and they’re not under your bed. Where a single case gets into court for a change, and everything is on hold until even – ONE – (G-d D—ned) thing is done legally and correctly. Just once. Anywhere.

    Great idea. Run her. Please.

    Once again we won’t vote for her, who vows to start WWIII with Russia the day of inauguration, and once again PCR and everyone on TAE will claim we vote for war and are responsible. ‘Cause fabricating and misattributing guilt ain’t abuse or nothin’. That’s pure Love and Justice. Values!

    Anyway, Jordan FINALLY notices there’s a police impersonator running around the Republic with a bandolier and a HiLux full of guns? Wow. Thanks. Three years later, a day before the election. Good thing we pay you 6 figures for this. Maybe you didn’t notice THE DAY HE APPEARED, since he was NEVER BEFORE THE SENATE? That is, your Branch of Government, Congress? Slipped your mind? Not your jurisdiction?

    ““..15,000 articles in over 40 publications..”

    Are you sure he doesn’t also work for Wikipedia as that magic editor of 100,000 CIA articles?

    “• Politico Nukes ‘Biden Business Dealings’ Lie (ZH)

    They are not in the slightest fear of justice, congress, or Republicans (of course!) but have decided on their own to swap him out, “illegally” ‘cause they thought it over and feel like it.

    Like Ze, doing all the bad stuff like conscription to 18 before we kill him, and so with Biden. Bait and Switch, new boss (worse) than the old boss.

    “None of those companies produced one product or sold one service. There are no invoices, no accounting records, and no expenses.”

    But I am a Coincidence Theorist and this is on suspicious at all. Surely if it were at all improper, the Republicans would have done something, right? I rest my case. Democracy preserved.

    “• The Beginning of Accountability For The Covid “Vaccine”? (Paul Craig Roberts)

    Hahahahahaha! No. If by “Accountability” you mean everyone gets to go home and “Count” their millions, then yes. …Million deaths, I mean. It was Billions paid.

    “This was perhaps the most EXPLOSIVE exchange today between Dr. Anthony Fauci and Congressman Rich McCormick”

    ...After which nothing happened. “Boy I sure gave that guy who killed my baby whut-for didn’t I honey? I gave him a real piece of my mind.” Well, Justice filled, my work here is done: I said WORDS. Words = Reality.

    ““We should be recommending you to be prosecuted. We should be writing a criminal referral.”

    And then she did NOT write that referral, and Fauci went home to his mansion and private cook.

    “Global empires have an average lifespan of ~250 years, and the US is 248 years old.”

    He needs to rethink or expand his premises: Yeah we were totally an empire in 1801, running that amazing colony of Mid-Virginia, as Kentucky wasn’t a state yet. That was just before we landed in London and burned down Buckingham Palace – Oh wait: that was the White House. Now if you want to say Rome was “An Empire” in 100BC, when they were a bunch of savages barely having agreed on a Republic, then fine, but that’s not how it sounds. I would have to think “Empire” means “Empire” or else all nations are “Empire” – they just haven’t gotten around to taking over the world yet. Lookin’ at you, Lithuania, it’s your turn and you’re lookin’ sorta shifty over there. Lookin’ at you Guyana, I’m sure you have it in you.

    If not, then, what’s with the “British Empire”? You can make an argument for way, way longer than 250, just in cyclical waves. So…if they can change from official, textbook “Empire” to “relevant powerful state” then why can’t we? Do we also compare “Empire” to something else? Wasn’t it the French Empire? “Emperor” Napoleon? Which lasted 10 years? The Third “Reich” or “Empire” which lasted 15 years? The Aztec “Empire” which lasted 1,000? (Check me, but there will be an example) Can Belgium be an “Empire” when they have one colony vs the USSR “Empire” that lasted only 80 but was larger than Rome? Help me out here. You’re just implying things, working back from your conclusion. What conclusion is that?

    …And that “Thing” is: Everyone in the U.S. should just give up. Surrender. Stop fighting and let us rape you. Then it’s consent! Right? “Everybody knows.”

    Like this:

    ““In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better.  When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious likes, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity.  To assent to obvious lies is . . . in some small way to become evil oneself.  One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed.  A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.  I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.” Theodore Dalrymple

    Well that explains a lot. “The GloboLeftElite does not care about being right, it cares about control.  … political correctness, which is a way to control thought

    “They do this to break you down like a person might break a horse.
    It then jumps into things like hiring.  “Hiring the best person for the job” is considered a microaggression according the GloboLeft.  Why?  Some bafflegarb about history.  The explanation didn’t make sense, but that’s part of the process – people are supposed to buy this nonsense.”
    Or. Else.

    The Purpose of Power is Power. It feels good and is its own reward. The goal of Power is MORE Power. Over you. Forever.

    “YouTube™ even enforces it with a set of rules that are never shared that can be unknowingly violated and then the creator is silenced, often forever.  Why?  They won’t give a list.  You’re guilty when they say you’re guilty, and the rules change over time so previously accepted speech is now verboten.”

    “I was a bit confused when I saw the GloboLeftElite attack Graham Hancock.  If you’re not familiar, Hancock has a theory that there was a civilization older than what is currently accepted.  Okay, he’s either right or he’s wrong.  Instead of arguing about Hancock’s ideas, it was an attack on anyone who would give him a platform.
    Hancock didn’t back down.  But anyone who has any belief that is contrary to the narrative must be shut down – I was reminded of that today when I tried to find a story on Bing™ and Google© but was forced to use Yandex™.  Why?  It had to do with an alternative theory about an aspect of COVID.  Even as these alternative theories are proven, they are suppressed.  Why?

    Because to the GloboLeftElite, these Narrative violations, no matter how small, leave deviation for thoughts.  The frightening part is now the GloboLeft NPC foot soldiers are so easy to steer into a mob with pitchforks and torches, screaming words like “disinformation” or “dangerous to our democracy”.  Hancock was even accused of racism, which is the word that seems to have lost a lot of impact when they define racist as “hiring the best person for the job”

    “This humiliation ritual is on full display – drag queen story hour and three-year-old “transgender” children are nothing more nor less than that, and “living in the pods and eating the bug” is more of the same.  The reason that these exist is to humiliate society.  They want it because they know you don’t want it, and want you to feel you can’t stop them,”

    Aka “Power.” That’s HOW you FEEL power. That’s it. If everyone is doing what they were going to do anyway, (aka, “leave them alone”) where’s the POWER? As the mentally ill, they have one setting and it loops.

    “Don’t think that the January 6 and Trump trials and convictions are anything less than this – they’re a humiliation ritual for Trump and the people put into prison for January 6, but they’re also meant to show everyone what punishments wait for them if they go against The Narrative.

    However, the GloboLeftElite has not won, and won’t win…”

    That’s easy: because what would “Winning” mean? It would mean we have to do what they know we don’t like, forever. So we ALWAYS have to fight it…even if we don’t want to. They are their own best cure. It’s a sure “Can’t Lose” battle since we’ll have to fight them forever, for all eternity if necessary. It’s like “Highlander”.

    “Connecticut Democrats Use Pride Flag To ‘Honor’ State Trooper Killed On Duty

    Yeah, that seems about right.

    This “humiliation” is why they have to run Hillary. And also why they can’t allow even the slightest variation of thought, where you might own a chicken, because then you become a person who debunks everything.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 9 2024 #160877
    Dr. D


    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 9 2024 #160851
    Dr. D

    Who are you talking to? We Americans already know this.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 9 2024 #160850
    Dr. D


    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 9 2024 #160841
    Dr. D

    Where’s Mossad’s favorite agent today? I thought they took off Saturday, not Sunday.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 9 2024 #160840
    Dr. D

    College is for worse: you can get off Crack.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 9 2024 #160839
    Dr. D

    12 Million Bitcoin were bought and vanished into BlackRock and other ETFs. Hahahhaaha! No they didn’t, or the price would rise. Really… The credulity of the market for people who had untold accounting fraud in 1994, 1999, 2001, 2008, 2016… Literally no one will stamp or do accounting on multiple firms, while the government has rejected any accounting at all!

    Okay, man since they’re in it, it’ll rise but not from “buying” or “selling” anymore, thanks to you never using the blockchain, and they’re hypothecated 100:1. Like the rest of the planet, stocks, bonds commodities, it’s now a 3rd derivative of a 3rd derivative payable only on demand if their legal dept feels like it.

    Whatever. Like Trump, I’m done. He says he’ll “Lock her up.” Don’t care, call me when you DO something. ‘Til then, couldn’t care less, I have things to do. Don’t expect me to rally ‘round and be first until YOU do something. Ohhh! He promises he’ll ACT…seven years later, after we die of old age and my kids are broke and amputated.

    “PUTIN: “Huge resources are spent on maintaining USA’s status as an empire. Does this benefit the citizens of the United States or not?”

    Gee, it’s almost like lying is really expensive and they have to pay blackmail files and hit jobs everywhere. Then they lose all generalized support as we realize who they are and what they’re like.

    “If the leaders were smart people, they would read what their own researchers write,”

    The Researchers DO write it: they wrote about the Gaza Pier, Meirshiemer wrote about Ukraine, Obama confirmed he agreed, yet SOMEHOW everyone SUDDENLY forgets, right on command one day, like the day in 2020 when they “Suddenly” forgot 100 years of pandemic protocol and history? Just that once?

    The research has nothing to do with it, and our leaders may be dumb, but “they” aren’t. Disney knows full well they’ve lost $2B in one year, everyone hates their guts, and they’ll be out of business in X months precisely if they keep it up. ….Then – Magic! — they keep it up. Go broke, and put all of themselves out of a job. Why?

    “The Washington Post lost $77 million in 2022 and about $100 million in 2023.” (and so do all papers. Who’s filling the holes? Pfizer. Lockheed.)

    It’s almost like there’s a mind-control parasite behind them somewhere, directing things. It orders you to punch yourself, jump off a cliff onto glass.

    Pepe Escobar: What he’s saying to replace the US$ is really, really complicated. It’s like disassembling a ship and building a new one while it’s steaming around on the way to war. It’s not impossible: but think of the problems.

    Also the US$ won’t disappear either. It will become a national currency again because it has to. When you do otherwise you run into Triffin’s Dilemma and other contradictions that tear the host nation apart – which the bankers well know, set a clock for, and capitalize on its ruin. (Before moving to the next ship) Our job is to avoid that and stop them and looks like we will. But we won’t get out of it without hardship, (yet that’s true of everything, always, it all takes work)

    “The U.S. complains about the Georgian ‘Foreign Agent’ law,”

    What’s hilarious about that is Georgia is passing the law that US, EU ALREADY HAVE. They are passing OUR law. And like the lies about “Don’t Say Gay” law, it doesn’t stop anything. You just have to ADMIT who you are and where your money comes from. That is, it changes nothing but tells the TRUTH. So a law which tells the Truth is a law we can’t stand? …But I’m sure it’s all fine and we ain’t up to no good or nothin’.

    When Congress Waved the Ukrainian Flag Story — Massie”

    My comment yesterday on swearing oaths. They’re all LIARS how can waving this flag vs that one possibly mean anything? Yet it does. A LOT. To THEM. They believe in SYMBOLS. The word is more important than the reality, that is, pure Magic, the Occult, or Americanized “The Power of Positive Thinking” Manifesting, “Name it and Claim It.”

    Now you want to admit you’re all in the Occult or you wouldn’t do this? Who is in the Occult that printed and paid for your flags? ISIS, I guess?

    “He keeps making sense. That’s why they want to bar him.” (Orban)

    Yes, but isn’t he about to be leader of the EU? (On rotation)

    ““We will use the coming days to finalize the largest possible coalition capable of responding to Ukraine’s request.”

    So true. However, that number is zero. Good luck.

    “He argued that dispatching specialists to do training work inside Ukraine should not provoke a Russian response.”

    Have you asked Russia? Because their opinion is the only one that matters.

    ““We are not at war with Russia,” Macron said. “We do not want an escalation, but we want to do everything in our power to help Ukraine resist. Is it an escalation if Ukraine asks us to train mobilized soldiers on its soil?”

    Yes, it is a war under every international law or law of war that exists so far. Under all human law in the history of the world, that means being a participant in war and an escalation. Obviously, since it’s only been true 3,000 years, Macron is well aware of it, as is all the press and this reporter too.

    No? Oh well, if not RUSSIA JUST TOLD YOU. Now you know, you illiterate, illegal boobs. Suddenly, on command, one day they “Just forgot!”

    “• Macron Faces Crushing Defeat In EU Elections (RMX)

    The people vote against war at all times and places. Yet we have war as if no one voted at all. Explain?

    “Smaller, unintrusive government at home, no foreign wars abroad” – W Bush, 1999.

    “• NATO Chief Scraps €100 Billion Ukraine Fund Plan (RT)

    Yeah, one problem: They would need $100B dollars. And they’re broke, or they wouldn’t be fighting the war of conquest, expansion, and diversion.

    Suppose they had passed it? Same thing. They can PROMISE the money, but they don’t have it, so they won’t give it. Same as with shells. We PROMISE shells, then delivered none because we don’t have them. I have this picture of a shell, though. I’ve got this word “shell” and I say it all the time! “Shell, shell, shell, shell, shell, shell, shell, shell, shell.” “Promise, promise, promise, promise, promise, promise, promise.” Same thing, right? Name it and Claim It. How’s that workin’? Which is trumps in this reality, Magic? Or Physics?

    “• European Union: From Peace To Bellicosity (Dionísio)
    “..a non-existent Europe will be sung, which, while celebrating “European values”, demands the fracture of continental Europe..”

    As we said in 1999, and Thatcher said in 1987, before it even started. 1) It would be a lie (you can tell that from their 2,000 page constitution) and 2) It would break apart. Because 3) no one wants it, the people voted against it, and Germany never even got to vote. Shows the DEEP, abiding, passionate support in Europe for this. A real nation to toss your own flag and anthem, and to die for instead.

    “• Scott Ritter: Another American Voice For Sanity And Peace Cancelled (SCF Op-ed)

    We can only guess the motive as they didn’t say anything. I mean, they’re probably right, but…

    “The U.S. State Department refused to comment on the matter, saying it was a private matter.”

    Like this: Um, sirs? THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A GOVERNMENT PRIVATE MATTER. All “government” actions are “Public”. That’s why we have the word “Public”. You can even say it’s private to Ritter, but he asked, his lawyers asked, and they would tell us.

    “Why am I in this courtroom?”
    “Sorry, Herr Docktor, that is a PRIVATE matter, and only the Judge and Prosecutor are allowed to know.” …the Alvin Bragg school of Justice.

    “• 2024 Hillary vs Trump – Not Biden? (Martin Armstrong)

    Please, PLEASE do this. …But they won’t, there will be no election.

    “helping usher in the ‘New World Order’ – a tyrannical system of global governance predicted by American conspiracy theorists since the 1980s.”

    Thanks, NPR writers at RT. You might look into how Jones didn’t say it: THEY said it. 10,000 times, like HW Bush. THEY say they want global governance. There are like 1,000 books on it and the WEF is only the latest in an endless string of powerful people – such as Presidents – who say they agree wholeheartedly. Quoting all political leaders for the last 50 years is a “Conspiracy”. Okay then, what is “Truth” or “History books” then? When we DON’T quote them?

    “the Texan firebrand’s predictions – that the World Trade Center would be destroyed in 2001, that the federal government would introduce mask mandates during the Covid-19 pandemic, and that “a giant war” would break out in Ukraine in February 2022 – came true.”

    That’s how you know he’s wrong. Because what he predicts is right. A ≠ A. I rest my case. Now who’s going to sue WaPo, CNN, for misreporting all the OTHER crimes? When they screw up who rammed a parade, who shot up a gay nightclub, don’t they ALSO pay $1.5 billion dollars? Why not?

    “Most criminal defendants avoid such appearances given the potential damage of a withering cross examination.”

    Yes, but for that to work, the Government would have to actually be Prosecuting him and not defending and covering for him. Does anyone believe that? “Mr. Hunter, on behalf of the U.S. Government and Justice Department, don’t you REALLY … love your mother and kittens? Be honest for the court.”

    Oh noes.

    “• New Texas GOP Platform Calls For Secession Vote, Resistance (ZH)

    That would be bad for the rest of us, like any secession we need the Senate seats. If they want their neighbor more blue, and to attack them with 3,000lb missiles daily like Ukraine, that’s a good way to do it.

    IIRC, Like “Under God,” added in the 50s, “Indivisible” was added after the Civil War. Check me on this.

    • Israel Kills Over 200 Palestinians to Rescue 4 Captives (Mondoweiss)

    As said yesterday, I want you to go out and shake 34,000 hands. Then I want you to shake 4. You tell me what you think, which is more important, how all that works.

    For the 200? They were going to kill them all anyway, hostages or no hostages, along with another 1.5 Million.

    “Fauci whipping boy”

    He’s not even a whipping boy. JHC, you guys need to be way more vengeful, or at least Just. He goes home a multimillionaire, no charges. MUCH LESS all the other people involved. And Fauci may not be the worst. (Although he probably is, as he caused it to be invented and/or probably released) He is an ADVISORY, officially. HE did not hit someone with a baton and ENFORCE it. We could have just said “No thanks”, then the CDC NIH would be powerless. That was Trump/White Hats gambit, to give you the legal OPTION to stand up. We didn’t. So the real criminals are in State and Federal, with millions of counts of Civil Rights abuse for which they are PERSONALLY liable: you are not protected for actions outside your job. You’re not covered for corruption, for arresting someone over a law that wasn’t passed. So on that front I’d go after Fauci last, however, he’s still at the top for illegally funding weaponized biolabs in enemy nations against the express rules and defiance of Congress.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 8 2024 #160836
    Dr. D

    To me, the Capitalization is ridiculous. Ultimately, the State doesn’t exist. — I — do. It can gfy. I don’t give a s–t what it does or says. Now they can CLAIM anything they want. Maybe they even do. But if you try to ENFORCE any of this raving bulls–t is a totally different matter. You can see they DON’T, and therefore their fancy legal theories have no meaning whatsoever. Admiral, Civil courts all that. Don’t make me laugh!

    There are only two events here: The Sheriff shows up at your door, or, The Sheriff does NOT show up at your door. That’s it. It’s whether WE believe it, not them. Because WE are the government and say what goes, not them.

    So is all that “Corporate Person” something they made up, lied, wrote on a contract in 1913 to sell all Americans as tax donkeys via the IRS to some foreign power? Why not? …But it has no legal or practical meaning. There is no alteration of behavior from it. It’s the same as some visiting tribe selling Manhattan to the Whites: they didn’t own it to begin with, they had no power over it, and anyway whoever “Owns” something is the guy who can shoot you in the face to defend it. There is no other law.

    So IF they sold us and our “Capitalized” names to someone, I find that super funny. And if whoever they sold that to, actually believed capitalizing our names would make us do something, then he’s a retard. I’m going to capitalize my name and sell it down at the Dollar General today!

    And the courts aren’t made of “Admirals”, the judges are elected and appointed and do whatever “We” do. They R Us. If they didn’t do what we all agree makes sense we’re going to cause such a stir they get chucked out either easy or hard, exactly as you see now, only a few years after their views diverged from ours (Due to Cultural Revolution, esp in Schools) Zero to do with law.

    To me, it’s a kind of distracting disinformation I can’t even understand, like how many angels were dancing on the control stick of Flight 11 in September. That’s not the relevant or interesting part.

    Okay, suppose all that is true: DO WHAT THEY DO AND INSTALL/ELECT JUDGES THAT UNDERMINE THEIR SYSTEM. I’ll just vote in thousand judges to the “Admiralty” “Capital Letter” system that just go ahead and enforce all laws the same old American way. Whoops! Sauce for goose, meet gander. Guess what? That’s what we should do anyway, so again, doesn’t matter a whit what they claim, could care less. So the reality looks the same either way, our actions remain the same either way, Admiralty law drops out of the equation, irrelevant, and it can stop being a distraction or even a division.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 8 2024 #160835
    Dr. D

    Yes, this oath of Office is the Brunson case. It’s still out there, the USSC is still keeping it on tap at a moment’s notice for leverage.

    What’s fascinating to me is that among a pack of the world’s most notorious liars, they seem to think an Oath means anything at all. That’s just inconceivable to me, yet there it is. Since they have no God or otherwise, and do the opposite of everything they’ve ever said, surely this one tiny lie over a book they hate and don’t believe, is a mere trifle.

    They act like such oath is pure White Magic. And THAT, is fascinating. Same with how they either refute or imitate Christianity specifically. Like no one believes or follows that stuff, it’s become about as relevant today as Thor, so they’re not leveraging OUR culture. We left Christianity and THEY keep re-injecting it back in. Not us, them. Stop digging, you won! So…what you’re telling me is you Satanist, you the most powerful people on the planet, believe in the Bible more than the Christians do. “Satan can quote the Bible” as they say.

    Example: The Popes, if you follow the archana, and from Malachi, this is the “Last Pope” they seemed unable to wrest the power from the throne regardless of what they did, even adding a Borgia. So pre-John Paul, Benedict and his German bois had an idea: what you would do is SPLIT the Pope, the chair, and the oath, into two or more parts. We’d have a local and a national pope. A public and a private. Why? And they took decades of non stop effort to accomplish this now. We have two Popes. Why?

    I think somehow there IS power in the seat. I’m no expert on magic but the attention and focus of a million human minds on “Das Leader” has an influence. Somehow it telepathically(?) bends them, and Presidents end up leaning into the Republic, Popes end up leading to Christ even as they are trying to do the opposite with all their might. These guys — who ARE all Black Magic from the earliest ages and ARE experts in it — know this and were fishing for a solution to the Mantle of Christ. By adding 2, 4, 6 people, the channeled power is diluted enough for one man to resist the White Magic of the Office. Very peculiar and I can’t prove it, but you tell me why they work so hard for lifetimes at what should be nothing.

    And so the oath of office. Clearly, to them, there is some kind of highest-level magic involved. ‘Cause it sure ain’t morality or law!!

    The only alternative is they already gave an oath of someone/something else (of course!) and that other guy would be mad. Okay, but why would he be mad? Is HE then the superstitious Black Magician? Because this just adds risk, singles you all out, and does nothing — zero — so far as your behavior, right? I mean if I pledge allegiance to the Orphan Annie Club, it’s not like I have to take up arms and hand in my passport. Their behavior is inexplicable unless they are highest level Black Magic or believe in the Divine.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 8 2024 #160768
    Dr. D

    Dr. Rich, why you defend Ritter so much? Here you are, have specific actionable information that Ritter killed Lira in Ukraine, and you refuse to provide evidence and aid and abet a felony. Do you really like Ritter that much?

    Stand and deliver. Inquiring minds want to know. Or should I refer YOU to law enforcement, for protecting him and covering up a homicide?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 8 2024 #160767
    Dr. D


    And also don’t fall into the false dichotomy: you don’t have to do everything and you don’t have to do nothing. You do what you CAN, in your position and risk. These guys give you years and years to make a jailbreak.

    “America should punish the ICC and put (chief prosecutor) Karim Khan back in his place. If the ICC is allowed to threaten Israel’s leaders, we know that America will be next,” Johnson said”

    Huh. Super funny for a guy who committed no crimes. Why would we be next when we’re exceptionally in the right? The ICC hates us for our freedoms?

    “Trump Has Raised $400 Million In One Week

    How is this at all helpful? Are the going to buy the judges and the vote counters?

    Hunter convicted at his gun trial:

    As a showcase of the thousand ways to subvert justice, I was just thinking of several the other day. Not prosecuting as a policeman, and blackmailing criminals instead. As the DA, prosecuting the crime very very badly so he gets off and no double jeopardy. Always prosecuting your enemies not your friends, otherwise really what’s the point of power at all? And this one: Apparently they hand-picked the jury of 11 people who are injured by drug arrests and prosecutions. And then added someone on the payroll of Secret Service too.

    With a Jury like that, and Merchan’s 500 page instructions, about anything, that they weren’t allowed to have a copy of, Hunter is in good hands.

    Yale Professor,

    The other way to rig trials: “Speedy” trials, on decades of appeal. Many cases can be refused to be seen. T’s popularity went up, so now they need to stage his assassination. Trump needs to be missing when the s—t goes down, like Russia whacking us and the market tanking, dollar drops 8:1.

    I do appreciate this guy being level and detailed, with specifics. It’s fine a lot of the time to be broad brush, but not always. Getting to details also learn more and we learn more about it and therefore may get a lot smarter in our own tactics and response.

    Holder’s Quote:
    That is really breathtaking even for them. Now does anyone comprehend it? Why we have a CRIME first, then an investigation? That’s along with these dozens of ways to rig justice, above, and probably the very first one. If you’re hanging around town, up to no good, the police know and are looking for you. When something happens, you’re first to come to mind. “Born Bad”. That’s actually logical, and proven a majority of the time…but you need to also resist your human nature and not fall into that trap. Now how much worse for politicos and everyone else, while THEIR guys are doing it to YOU? And, Prove It. This is where you have principles, religious ones about how the world is founded, or you don’t.

    ““I told my wife, I finally found the only hero I ever had, and it’s [Trump].”

    Ugh, Trump love. Disgusting. Well I suppose people need this sort of emotion, the feelz, to be useful and act. That’s what rallies, etc are all for, it’s how humans are. I try to overlook it.

    “New York State Unified Court System’s Facebook page”

    The what? I thought this was a rando account. Makes me wonder who they are. This is the kind of made-for-TV B.S. we get when the whole thing is staged theatre though. How do you keep the people’s attention (on you, which gives you POWER)? Crap like this. Spoiler: WWE isn’t real either. It’s a real SHOW though, there are real people really dressing up and being in the ring, that part is real. Kafaybe is context.

    “Biden said that former President Donald Trump got a “fair trial” and said the “jury spoke”.

    They sure did. Foreshadowing. Scripts. Clever Easter eggs. So the same day the Jury leak happens, Biden says “The Jury spoke”. Ok then, Boomer.

    ““The West is losing four wars in one –“

    We have to finish losing that war under Biden. So Trump can come in and “Suddenly! Everything better!” (because we merely stopped shooting ourselves in the head) I’d ask why but it’s because we already told you like normal people and you said no. So I guess you need to learn why we don’t shoot ourselves in the head.

    ““..Putin explained. It is now June 2024, and in order to do this, I feel, it will take a year.”

    He’s been correct, and there’s no reason the FSB information isn’t good. WHY so long? Odd. That’s how Putin, and Trump get power and gravitas though: if whatever they say comes true. Either IS true, or they MAKE it true, either way shows their relevancy. Sadly however, every NeoCon and other leader can be wrong 100% of the time and the opposite doesn’t happen. They are never discredited, never lose power, never have that bonus clawed back. Never jump off a lightpole onto a rope…

    “• Kremlin Responds After Biden Claims He’s Known Putin For 40 Years (RT)

    Kremlin denies Biden has been working with the KGB since the 80s. I think that’s as good as a confirmation, no?

    “• Media Shrugs as Biden Laptop is Authenticated in Federal Court (Turley)

    That’s Step 5 of the denial dance: “Everybody always knew, what’s the problem?” When you can never be fired or discredited for telling lies in the service of power, it really is no problem. And they never, ever have. However, CNN now has lower ratings than reruns of “Matlock.” WE are the ones firing and discrediting them as they won’t.

    Now how come people don’t trust us and government? …This is the ONE lesson we need. This is the ONE thing that makes you American: distrust of government, and therefore that it needs to be smaller (and closer). Here I am, 10 years saying “But we have a solution to that: More Government!” and for like 10 years people look at me like I’m stupid. YOU said the government is run by billionaires funding wars on brown people and hunting down unarmed Black Americans in the street. When I say “So we should defund them” then you say No! We need government to double! And do everything they say with LESS question!!! We need twice as much civil rights abuse? Literally I can still have conversations like this, but they are only barely getting less frequent now.

    WHY no one can get through I have no idea, I think it’s an extended infancy. If humans are infants, they cannot grasp anything but “Daddy”. Since there are no adults anywhere, there isn’t even discussion. — Look at all the man-toddlers in short-pants, tshirts down to their knees, and tattoos, wide as they are tall, just like 300lb 4-year-olds as Kunstler says. But it’s really the women who are 500x worse. Government is the All-Father, all things: Husband, God, Chicklet dispenser… It’s inconceivable that AllFather is not the Universe and Universal force for all things, and can/will/always/never has done anything bad. Meanwhile any real men are the vicious enemy, hated on sight. …But really only if they do work, that is the only unforgivable. Real men don’t work, they sit on a throne with minions like AllFather. NeoFeudal Medivalism: only the Bourgeois WORK. Real men have manor houses and slaves, they don’t fix cars ‘n s–t.

    Another sense of childishness, of a 4-year-old girl, yet somehow it’s more jaw-dropping to me.

    Anyway, SOMEHOW need to communicate to 300 Million tattooed toddlers that “You’re on your own.” No more candy: figure it out. What can I say? It’s tough to grow up, nobody likes it. Nobody likes developing character and I don’t either. We’re all at some stage between beginning and end, child and sage. But one of the first stages is, “Don’t Trust Government” they’re not your Daddy. Even now this remains very slow. They’re still “Biden sucks but Daddy Trump will fix it.”

    “.. there are facilities that the entire US Congress and their families will be safe with, if we get to a nuclear stage.”

    They’ll all find they’ve been hijacked if they go there, like in “Kingsmen”. Who runs the Congressional bunker? Oops, I guess he’s king now and can try and summary judgment on all yo -sses like Merchan, right? What. Morons. This is how we know they didn’t get there on their merits. Don’t you even have the brains to be suspicious?

    ““Why do we not have the right to supply our weapons of the same class to those regions of the world where attacks on sensitive facilities will be carried out… The answer may be asymmetric.” Putin said.

    …Putin said, a day before providing that weapon and whacking the Eisenhower into drydock. It made me realize something important: I’ve been very concerned it they nuke NATO HQ like they should and need to, it will all spiral out of control as that’s what “they” want. Yet you also can’t do nothing. But Russia just found the right means of communication to pathological liars: You need to attack the F—k out of the West but in a way they can LIE about. Then they’re happy! As said, these are people who only lie, only know how to lie, and their lies are exposing them. The problem with nuking Brussels and Rammstein is NOT the deaths – of course not! It’s not losing chess pieces or tactical positions, no! We’re perfectly pleased as a pig in s—t to lose 24/365 for three years in Ukraine, Iraq, Fstan, Vietnam… Losing is second nature to us.

    The problem with losing Vietnam was, they had to ADMIT it. Admit it and be WRONG. But what if they could just lose and LIE? No problem! Like when we lost Cuban Missile Crisis: WE put nukes in Turkey, Russia responded, WE removed them and ran away. We lost. …But that’s not what the Press reported and history wrote.

    So Putin, Russia, geniuses that they are, only need to sink every carrier in such a way that Congress can LIE about it and say “No they weren’t.” That’s it. That’s the whole thing and it’s working great. Now how can you KNOW they will lie and not say “Russkies attacked us!!! To arms!!!” ? …Because we can’t admit 12 unarmed goatherders in Yemen had no trouble sinking a carrier in 10 minutes, while drinking tea.

    Okay then, I guess. Look for more. Lies are DEFINITELY the hill we will die on. “I will heal you with my lies!”

    Back to the bunkers, it is OUR doctrine – elite doctrine – that there are too many smelly people stinking the place up and lowering real estate values. In perfect and true love, to save the earth, you really need to kill them all. — No, I am not making this up. And if we murder AT LEAST as many as Deagle says, like 200 million, it will strongly consolidate all the power we’ve been losing, both in the ratio of Gotham to Jokers, and in like the Hunger Games, we have all the Flying Cars and human robots, and they have bows and arrows and live in “Tiny Houses” like huts and caves.

    This isn’t the Backup Plan, this is THE Plan. The only hard part is they need it to be somebody else’s fault, and THEY have decided that fault will be Russia’s. If they have to pull the trigger themselves.

    ““Anyone who goes against US national security goals, including the escalation of tensions with Russia, is “deemed an enemy of the state – literally..”

    Translation, and this is literal and not witty: Anyone who is against WAR, is an enemy of the state. That’s the direct translation here. We’ve seen this through the communist and cultural revolution last 5 years. WHO are the only Lefties harassed and arrested, deplatformed? You can call for any murder, any amputation, any arson, any assassination, front page severed heads, no problem. Only if you call for the end of WAR, you are picked up arrested, deplatformed, same as the “Right”. It’s the ONLY crime.

    So…tell me who is running things and who can’t be criticized here?

    Yes, extension: anyone who does not want a nuclear exchange with RussiaRussiaRussia, is a traitor and enemy of the state. As see HRC, Germany, etc. … They are LITERALLY rounded up, have fake charges pressed, held without charges or bail, etc.

    “The Dems are all about #MeToo, but they force Tara Reade to flee the country.”

    As there’s so many lies we can’t keep track of them all, Armstrong wrote on this yesterday:

    “Bill Clinton lied to the American people about it on national television. He paid off Paula Jones $850,000. That was far more than Trump paid Stormy Daniels, who was NOT even an intern as Monica and the famous blue dress. Clinton’s $850,000 payment to get rid of a sexual harassment claim while he’s President had NO criminal court charges for what was the same thing”

    2024 Hillary vs Trump – Not Biden?

    Yeah, we already know, that’s why I don’t bring it up again, but it was worth the direct comparison this time.

    And also from Armstrong, Julianne Smith replacing Nuland. Blinken’s man, working with Hillary, she helped develop the “NATO attack everyone, everywhere, all the time” policy as NATO ambassador.

    Victoria Nuland’s Replacement?

    ““Russia is so safe. It’s safer than the United States actually. You have a much lower crime rate. And I have been here a year and I can’t tell you how much I love it,” said Reade.

    This is the “Attacking normal guys” theme. I’m sure Russia isn’t special at all, just NORMAL. Like people go to work, come home to their dinner at the apartment with spouse, and no one is cooking up amputating the kids. Or cooking up meth in the basement. Like: Normal. Normal fights, normal robberies, etc., when the are not approved-by-the-Joker-on-high who installed Two-Face as his D.A. Speaking of which they’re saying “America is dangerous, the people aren’t up to speed, don’t realize…” No. False. The POLICE are ARRESTING anyone who defends themselves. So it’s Mexican Drug Gangs PLUS the Police shooting you. They are allies, merged, one army. Their enemy and prey is YOU. Stop that and Americans will defend themselves and end it in no time.

    Why not? BECAUSE IF THE PEOPLE GO UP AND SHOOT ALL POLICE IN ORDER TO DEFEND THEMSELVES IT’S AN OPEN CIVIL WAR, you fools. You wanna just casually, say, Yup, don’t care, I’m sure it’ll be fine. No. THE POLICE ARE THE CRIMINALS, that’s why. Nothing to do with more crime on the streets, we can handle all that in no time.

    “• The Myth That Biden Had Nothing To Do with the Prosecutions of Trump (VDH)

    Also it’s not Biden, as Biden can only think “Pudding”. So when you have so many lies it keeps us from thinking straight and responding.

    The system, the Permanent State is running ITSELF. Of course it always has, but these (elected) guys channeled and limited their power. They had to PRETEND to care what Kennedy, the President said. This is Nirvana, the ultimate and inevitable end state for them: They do WHATEVER they want, with NO oversight at all, not even coordination between departments.

    “• FBI Agents Fear Being Jailed By Trump – McCabe (RT)

    Like Johnson, quote one, why do they have such guilty consciences? And if only Trump had been President so we could test this.

    “• Power Play: Von der Leyen Faces Showdown in EU Leadership Race (Sp.)

    Why bother? You’re not involved, nothing you say matters. None of the people backing or opposing her are visible and named. It’s like watching a ping-pong ball wander around on a table; there have to be forces blowing it from side to side, but you can’t see them, and it means nothing either way. I think it’s a dumb game. Blow up the table and see who pops out.

    “despite tensions reaching boiling point, “hope dies last” and the ongoing European Parliament election could defuse the crisis”

    The importance of all those lies, universal lies we’ve been talking about. It allows them to think any of this will matter and keep them going and making more bad, catastrophic, world-ending decisions. If we hadn’t tolerated lies on NATO, lies on the treaties, lies on “Unprovoked” lies on “Russia losing” and today’s also universal lies, Ministers couldn’t fathom or support killing a million MORE men, this time from Paris.

    …That’s why they told them. Whoever this parasite handler is. They told them SPECIFICALLY to cause this end. Now we, other, told the truth. Both sides, perspectives, were out there, in public. Ours was proven right, day after day, year after year. So WHY did they, always, 100% adhere to every lie and arrest every truth, AFTER losing for weeks, months, and years. 1) What do they have on you? 2) What did you promise?

    The only relevant part here is MY blackmail is not as powerful as THEIR blackmail, on Be’Lyin, Schulz, etc. There’s no “Truth” “Reason” “Tactics” “Facts”, they have no place here, no one cares.

    “It’s like it is all on purpose. How many blunders is credible?”

    Again, you destroy the Army/Country/Company this powerful asset in your possession, blow all $100 Billion dollars worth of it, make it worth ZERO like Buzzfeed, CNN, HuffPo, why? …Well it ain’t for Capitalism! Clearly you are destroying both power and wealth in service of some other goal, so what’s left?

    It’s a RELIGION. It’s a Death Cult. Now I say it’s a Nazi Death Cult, as head of the Nazi country is applauded on D-Day by NATO, while the defeaters of the Nazis – Russia – are hounded, so prove me wrong. Do they or do they not have the same principles, platforms, methods, such as Eugenics, euthanasia? Do they or do they not applaud Nazis in Parliament and give them medals. When a million people are killed, do they call that “A good start”, or not? Etc.

    And there are other platforms too: merger of corporation and state. Progressivism, as in UBI, medical care, nationalizing dept stores. Social Pressure over law. Expansive wars. Militarism, surveillance, intolerance. Occult religions. About 90% the same, But let’s keep it simple.

    Garden: 6 pipes $25 20 blocks $50 20h work @ $20/hr So $475 to grow a dozen cucumbers. Be careful. Do it if you want, but now you know why it isn’t done commercially and they grow them in fields.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 7 2024 #160745
    Dr. D

    Yes, I don’t want to name the parasite because I can’t prove it and don’t need to. We actually are able to experience it more directly if we describe it directly without a name. Names seem to be thoughtstoppers lately.

    But nor do I need to. Some rabbit holes you don’t need to go down. I don’t need to know the names of the guys in the pillbox and what they had for dinner. It can be a major detriment and distraction as everyone starts arguing about it. It’s enough to know Bldg 7 wasn’t hit by a plane and there’s the Pentalawn™, a lawn so clean it repels Samsonite luggage and jet engines. I know all I need to know from that. Who, what, where, when, and why. Would I like to know every detail? Someone should dig it up and write it down, but I’m busy and need to stick to action items. WHO, therefore knew, who was involved, who is protecting it, and therefore WHO are my enemies, foreign and domestic. Their actions the very next day revealed their intent.

    It’s enough to know THAT they are all morons, weaklings who could not POSSIBLY have advanced themselves. Then we can dispense with all the normal narratives about “Growin’ up in the old coal mines”, “Loving wife”, “Firstborn killed” (a common one), “Graduated Harvard while not being there” (that was new) and so on. All garbage. You, sir, are a nobody. A perennial lowlife scoundrel or you couldn’t be there 10 minutes without screaming murder like MTG. There are 50,000 better men than you in the city you come from. So therefore I all need to know is 1) What do they have on you? And 2) What did you promise them? And then we’ll uncover it and dispense with you and move on to the next.

    We need to unbury the HANDLERS. Nothing else matters. Do you understand why the White Hats are taking so long now? And why MAXWELL is in prison and Epstein isn’t? What good is it to chop off another branch without striking the root?

    Hail Hydra.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 7 2024 #160688
    Dr. D

    Canada first to cut rates; Europe folds. What a shock: a war takes Europe going under into financial collapse hidden by Europe direct attacks on Russia proper. Golly, Wot a Shock! Who could see that coming? (Am I 18 months into saying this yet?)

    Now Europe I guess did not ACTUALLY cut rates yet, but the markets seem to be indicating Legarde has folded. “They” are still reporting that Powell is about to cut rates today (36 months in a row?) and Powell keeps coming out saying he isn’t. So…what the what are you reporting again? “How many times do you beat your wife, Jerome?” Aha! He DENIED it! A denial is the same as an admittal, in #OppositeLand we reside.

    No. I think Jim Grant said “Higher for longer”. Why? Because they can. Europe cannot. The U.S. can defend the Dollar, or…if they don’t defend the US$, the Fed ceases to exist. Hmmm, what will the HEAD of the Fed, run by NY, do? Such a mystery. Nope, I’m sure they’ll all die to save American Main Street, bail out Europe, and collapse Congress and their borrowing. Yup, that’s what they’ll do.

    Noting, gold at $2380. Remember it only passed $2,000 when I mentioned it. That’s a pretty big jump, and nada, no comments, no excitement, zip. The whole area just gained 30% or more, they’re not excited or talking, nothing. Translation: that’s not a bubble.

    Nor me either, I’m not going to mention it, nor especially silver with remains half price of 50 years ago. Can you think of anything else in that category?

    Bill Barr. On Justice. On not prosecuting the law when there are crimes, such that it is not fair and partisan. Really? Maybe tips on child care from Charlie Manson?

    The President’s son & brother peddled lies to protect the Big Guy, Joe Biden.”

    Wow, no kidding? Be still my heart. Revelation. Bombshell, walls are closing in.

    Speaking of that, they are cautiously and methodically setting the staging for his removal, having no urgency whatsoever, not related or referring to any of your cases because he will never be charged, harassed, or removed.

    “Tucker Carlson Reveals That The Director Of The CIA Threatened Him”

    I’d be shocked if they hadn’t, so the story here is that Tucker is telling you. And not the previous 500 times it happened. Also in the news: then why haven’t they don’t anything to him? Do they have no power? They feel they’re still in control of the “Script”, the Narrative? Tucker didn’t stop so what gives?

    “the west under the Hegemon is now obsessed with creating “systemic wounds” capable of cyclical destruction. To open these “wounds,” there are two main procedures: war and pandemics.”

    Why? Who would do this? Doesn’t it seem that it’s not any standard human culture where mothers raise their children, but has to be essentially an Un-Human one, hiding behind them? And this pops up, will have commandeered a Ship of State one after the other, rotating to new Ships of State and commandeering them each in turn? So they are clearly a behind-the-behind, not any of the cultures we see, but the ministers whispering in their ears.

    Now, as I also point out sometimes, once they’ve run that new Stolen Ship into aground because they don’t know how/don’t care to do general maintenance, it has holes everywhere and is sinking, they then become “League of Shadows” Raz al-goul, and specifically target that culture and state for collapse and genocide. As right now.

    Now if they have ANY part of that culture, they can’t do that, because they’ll go down with them. That means they can only be a culture, a subset, NOT part of these visible cultures. So we can’t see the alien insect yet but we CAN see their life-cycle: at this point in their pupation, they make a huge demonstration like a phoenix and like a parasite, burn their host in flashy flames so they can escape in the confusion.

    Again, IF you are Western culture, have any support or truck with the “West”, are allied or supported by them in any way, you cannot obviously sink the ship you are standing on. That would be counterproductive and you would die too. But you CAN, like the Joker, have each criminal you’ve vetted and hired shoot the criminal behind them and drive away in the school bus with no witnesses.

    So Pepe here is also helping them get away, calling them “The Rot of Western Capitalist Pig-Dogs” and such. Although HE is Western. It’s a very good question WHY “The West” can suddenly, out of nowhere, go nuts, and do these things. Doesn’t anybody really want to ask and know? Because when you look it’s very direct to conclude there is a parasite-host involved. That parasite hides inside the skin-suit of another, other cultures, like the mind-control aliens of “Stargate” and “Star Trek”.

    If you just get off accusing your neighbor, who is what is known as a “Patsy”, he’s not in charge of anything, he’s not “The Patriarchy”, everyone’s looking around at the HUMANS to see WHO is doing this. It’s not Hispanic Migrants, you idiots, it’s not the Blacks. It’s not women, nor city people. They’re all poor saps getting raped just like you are, obviously. It’s not even Harvard Trust Fund kids, obviously, although they should be smart enough to know better. They’re all abused victims too. Meet and ask them, like Naomi Wolf, they’re chosen because of their susceptibility to believing mind control, and being obedient idiots. But that’s everyone.

    No, not everyone. We’re well aware in Hierarchical structures, each CEO of interlocking boards is like 1 : 200,000 of their employees. That’s very, very few people. You may not have met one and probably haven’t. I’m just saying, you’re not going to find them in “Minority” groups because even the smallest such group is far, far too large.

    Put it this way: there’s one Joker per Gotham of 10 million people? And even that’s almost one too many? There may be other deranged villains he uses, like in movie lore, the Scarecrow, who love killing people to find out what happens, but only one Joker. So each minority group is looking around at the faces of the people around them, looking for this guy. Divide and conquer. The odds you’ve met Jack Napier or Kaiser Soze is zero. They’re going to be on a gated private island somewhere. You can’t point to them. How would you suspect them in our Agatha Christie crime? The whole book is written, leaving out someone jumped in the window, killed the butler, and left. Everyone else in the house is a suspect when it’s an outside crime. Duh. Did you see that, Sherlock, the thing you didn’t think of?

    Pepe is helping when he piles on “The West” or “Capitalism” or something, neatly making it OUR guilt, OUR fault, narcissistically abusering that WE actually crashed the car that we never drove, sorry honey. This Collective Guilt is a wonderful control mechanism used expressly on the Germans right now. They THINK they are responsible … for crimes they’ve never seen? Their GRANDPARENTS’ crimes? Like how long does this go on? Crimes of 3 generations, 30, 300? Homework: exploration of the Catholic Church.

    Here’s a clue you Pr—-ks, I am only responsible for MY crimes, and MY actions, GFY. Now you all here say it’s “The Americans” fault, or some such, therefore WE should lie down, give up, and hand it over, let you abuse us non-stop and destroy our country and my kids specifically because we suck in some unalleged, undefined way. Nope. You can GFY too. WHICH Americans. If you have a SPECIFIC crime, like Dick Cheney and Obama, I’m happy to follow it down to the full extent of the law, but I did not participate in their crimes, I opposed them. Opposing ≠ Supporting last I checked, they are #OPPOSITES. So I ain’t doin’ nothing. I’m taking no original sin, not for the garden, not for the crucifixion, and not for Carbon.

    It’s only by doing this we can think straight and stop looking at each other and go after the PARASITE CEO(s) at the top which are pretty easily discovered if you give me enough subpoenas. But it ain’t Jimmy the Greek peddling weed in a $2 storefront, duh, like everyone you and I meet, duh.

    So that’s what Pepe is missing when he says “The West”. All America is fighting this, the problem being we don’t know WHO to fight, or how. That’s this week’s quote on all governments are an Organized minority running roughshod over a DIS-organized majority. That’s why LYING is so crucial, or we would know who to fight accurately, and crush them in McDonald’s wrappers in like 4 hours. And that why blaming the WRONG people and cultures, countries, is so crucial to the Parasite’s survival. So crucial that they most very carefully arrange it beforehand, and lose that culture like a limb on a salamander when escaping.

    In rough, Pepe is wrong, being a “Western” guy: is it “Western” culture to be against all rule of law and all the enlightenment? Uh, no, that would be the #Opposite of what we call “Western” culture from the Greeks on, and all the elkskin-wearing tribes in al Europe too, by the way. It’s against EVERYBODY. It’s not supported in Chinese, African, or Eskimo cultures either. NO human acts this way. It takes a lot of tireless work and effort to arrange it, to mind-control it in with endless lies.

    So who is the Liar?

    So to “Save the West” is easy: we do what WE, the West, do. We have hard work, rule of law, and human rights and values. Like always. Don’t say we should discard our culture or we’ll be homeless and more open to abuse and manipulation than ever. Duh. I ain’t giving up this territory. Make me.

    “supporting its [military] bases, but this contradicts the interests of the American people.”

    Yes, they MIGHT fight, say Germany or Osaka, but they have to fight themselves, us, working Americans at home MORE. We are against all this, but atm there’s no way to stop it without a Civil War. We’ve tried. Or have you never heard of J6 and that some idiotic percentage of all “resistance” is FBI, including Tarrio, head of Proud Boys and 13 of 15 guys in Michigan. THEY are the entire “resistance”, they are “Goldberg” because THEY have unlimited money. It’s been a running gag since the 70s there were more FBI than KKK at every meeting, which I think you could easily prove from their actions. After a while, we say “What’s the point?” I’ll get up when we discover a tactic that gets adequate leverage.

    No? Follow the arc of “Occupy Wall Street”, perfect test case. Diverting good intent into pure nonsense, keeping the parasite intact. Wot a coincidence, I’m sure that happened all organically with no outside help.

    “The West announces its plans of how it is going to get US troops to the front lines to fight Russia.”

    Use your head, Paul, WHO in “The West”. This is interminably sloppy thinking. It will get us all killed, it’s like being in the Black Forest and saying the Krauts are “over there”. Where EXACTLY? I’m not storming no bunkers until I know exactly where, not like, “why don’t you wander north until you find a bullet”. We need to know SPECIFICALLY. Who. Who in the West wants this? Because The whole Right doesn’t want it, and the whole Left is anti-war. Yet – Magic!! — all their leaders somehow want the #Opposite and never get voted out. No questions because each PCR says “They”, “We” want it. We don’t. So explain? Gee, maybe there are hidden felonies somewhere that explain all this dark matter?

    “Do you realize that our leaders have normalized the idea of war with Russia? Clearly our leaders do not understand what this means? Do you?”

    Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

    “Have you gone completely insane? Are you as thick as this table? Who came up with this nonsense, this bulls**t?”

    The Parasite is skin-suiting us to behave in a certain way that’s always worked to cause the conflagration they escape in. However, Russia is not accommodating them, so they have to try harder. Now that’s not to say Russia won’t – and that would be a real win for them – but not yet, and it’s exposing and endangering them. If you’re attacked, you’re suppose to say “You impune my honoh, suh” and jump right in. “Let’s you and him fight”. Like WWI. Each day he doesn’t attack, the West sees how insane they look and the people start looking around saying “WTF is this coming from?” Because it’s not from Us the People, in America nor France.

    If it goes on long enough, there’s so much heat and light on the leaders that they have to be rotated out by the parasite, like Ardern, May, Johnson, Sarkozy, Hollande, Draghi, and a hundred more stiff tools. That baffles their plans, and if it goes on long enough they can lose actual control. I encourage it.

    “an inspiration and a model that works. And a partner in how to get out from under that jackboot.”

    WHOSE Jackboot? Where is the money flowing, or more importantly, the Control? If there is a Jackboot, there is a Jackboot-er. “Da Cops” seem to be more a victim than even I am, so would you like to try again?

    “Russia has jumped Japan as well to reach the fourth-largest economy in the world…”

    If they’re at $9T they are already bigger than we are. One, they only have 150M people, so by % they are wealthier. Two, third to half of all US GDP is fake bond-kiting and make-work preventions of health care in the insurance industry who all live in a circle-jerk R.E. bubble. More critically, they have a functioning economy; we both have factories and oil wells, but ours are discoordinated and in disarray the pieces aren’t coherent in action or location. We can fix all that, but it takes some 10 years of hard effort. Russia can mine ore, smelt it into steel, make shells, ship them on rail with diesel NOW. In contrast, Biden is tireless is stopping all oil, all rail, all power and leaving the U.S. defenseless. WHY? That doesn’t sound like a smart Mafia Don, Oligarch, corporation, or even parasite…unless they PLAN it and have an escape.

    “What the $320 million pier was always intended for.”

    THEY WERE TOLD it would be destroyed in a week. Ocean and current experts were hired and told them. They built it anyway and it sank into the swamp because the POINT was to fool Leftist idiots back home they were “Helping” Gaza and not genociding, when obviously YOU OPEN THE GATES for the existing trucks. They are CLEARLY genociding. The ludicrous idea you WOULD build a pier only proves that. It proves your limitless support for the Death Cult.

    Obviously all these plans have many backers or you couldn’t get political support for them, and they allied with the “We’ll also sell weapons that kill more unarmed goatherders” party, which is quite large and well funded in/by Congress. With my stolen money they’ll shoot me if I resist for.

    “President Biden’s $320 million Gaza Port Boondoggle costs $20,700 per pound for food aid.”

    Yes, and the sad part is, that’s not even the dumbest. No food was delivered.

    “• Just Ask Mookie: Hunter Biden Has No Defense Other Than Nullification (Turley)

    If you care about Hunter at all, lock him up to take responsibility for his crimes. It may save his life and his soul as well.

    “Now, Garland has what appears flagrant perjurious statements made by the President’s son and brother..“

    Now? “If we don’t look out, something might happen…” How about since 2008, 2001, 1994, 1964….

    “• Patriotism Has Destroyed America (Paul Craig Roberts)

    Again showing he’s 10,000 years old. WHAT Patriotism? No one under 50 has any. Fitty, now. Millennials are FORTY. Besides, if you were “Patriotic” you wouldn’t shred the Constitution and destroy the nation, would you? Yeah, that’s helping apply Collective Guilt to us and thereby helping the mass-murdering felons escape. DON’T HELP. For the love of God, if you have one of these narcissists in your household, point at HIM, not Jimmy-the-two-year-old for playing with his tonka trucks too loud.

    We all know those “Patriots” are a skin-suit dismantling the whole U.S. Karl Rove. Always known. Said it under Bush, when Bill bombed the aspirin factory, said it at Kent State, Said it in Nineteen god-damned Fifty, when Eisenhower of all people thought it was too evil and out of hand even for HIM, who gassed broke American families in 1934.

    WE always knew. You didn’t? Who’s dumber, you or Johnny NASCAR? No contest, Johnny is a genius compared to you. YOU are the handmaidens who turned gears in D.C. on OUR tax money, we didn’t. YOU were complicit in helping, not us. WE noticed, not you. Now you’re all “WE” did this, “Patriots” did this: speak for yourself, buddy, there is no “WE”.

    “She’s fallen on her fanny since the very beginning.”

    Newsflash: they stole a million dollars of my money. No one was arrested. They are open election tampering and ending Democracy in a direct attack on America. No one was arrested. There’s no gloating until that happens to the Nth extent of the law, then I will think of her no more.

    “• Bill Maher: Biden “Is Going To F***ing Lose” (MN)

    Ah but note his co-host: “It’ll be 50-50,” yeah, 400,000 more votes than voters will appear at 3am is what he’s saying. So that’s your “Plan”? Thanks. Keepin’ it plausible, with an 8% approval rating, lower than bedbugs.

    [Biden] is admitting he was in contact with a KGB agent since 1984,”

    Sold! I say follow up on this immediately. I believe Joe, why would he lie?

    “The trial was related to supposed ‘hush money’ payments he made to porn actress Stormy Daniels”

    No it wasn’t. Unless you mean “Adjacent” in the sense that I am adjacent to bank robberies because I live in the same city or nation of 4M sq miles they happened. See? I’m practically guilty already! It’s like I’m in the same room as I’m the same race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, continent, dimension in time & space .

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 6 2024 #160678
    Dr. D

    I have to seriously doubt the reality of that top-down deck hit. Look at the cracking, it’s as if it’s pavement. It’s also “Clean” in a sense, no gum wrappers when everyone’s busy right now? No welders swarming it? That sort of thing. Now if I were doing this, I’d flood the Right and Mil channels with fake releases and then debunk them, to hide that the Ike was actually hit. They will have to go to port but they’ll say they’re just out of missiles and need to reload.

    HOW do you get the provenance of these photos and releases?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 6 2024 #160587
    Dr. D

    Okay so when Trump doesn’t do that that, you’ll publicly apologize and change your position on those several components, right? Trump, Jews, Money, and America. I’ll be waiting! ‘Cause it won’t happen. Again.

    “DNC getting ready to put Pedo Jo-Jo into Cement Overshoes©.”

    Yup, all timing. The timing is all perfect, so you know not only is it planned, not a little planned, but COMPLETELY planned. That goes for the charges, the papers, the trial, what day it ends on, Joe, HIS trial what day HIS papers are printed on, day of each nomination, the war in Ukraine, what day they’re at the gates of Kiev, all in perfect coordination right now.

    So it IS under control, theater, a show. Now WHOSE show is it?

    I use this a lot, so let’s expand the metaphor: IF it’s a show, THEN you have a script. Who writes the script? Can it change? Yes, one person or many people can write it, known and unknown. It can be altered at any time and often is for live shows.

    IF you give the actors a script, do they follow it? No. They may adjust, emphasize, change meanings, interpretations even with the same dialogue, they may ad lib, coordinate with the director and writer, or go rogue in front of a live audience. This can be allowed, encouraged, or frowned on and discouraged. All these things happen, all the time. In real shows, not politics. Apocalypse, MASH, and Caddy Shack are known for their lack of pre-solid script.

    IF you have a show: Who’s Line Is It Anyway? They are ALL ad-libbing, 100% all the time. They make it up right then. They also work with know each other and how “Best” to do it — whatever “best” is to them. They know things you don’t, that today is Arden’s last day on set, she’s retiring, and comment in jokes the audience doesn’t completely get.

    Now: COULD you get 20 actors on stage, 10 on each side, same script? Yes. Slightly different script? Yes. OPPOSITE scripts, from competing, furiously scribbling writers in the wings? Yes. Does anyone know WHOSE script they are really getting, when Karl Rove or Henry Kissinger hand you what’s going to pop up in your teleprompter? Emphatically no. You are TOLD something, who Shakespeare was (Shake-Spear, being slang for “A Wanker”) but how would you PROVE it? The script SEEMS to have normal human motivations, but really we see Billion-dollar movies weekly where the Plot and script are deranged ravings of a lunatic who have never experienced human reality and have no foundation in any reality, or even dreaming. They’re utterly incoherent, far past illogical. Yet the actors speak them.

    So that’s my model of what we have now. The Death Cult has a script, the White Hats have a script, Russia and the BRIICS have a script, and they all think the script is going forward “normally”. It’s not a same script and they all know that, but maybe it’s REALLY, REALLY not the same script, and our Stage Manager is about to fly in Deus ex Machina puppets from the rigging and drop the curtain, flatfooting YOUR script writers, who can’t ad lib in time.

    In fact, that is EXACTLY what is about to happen with Russia’s counter-attack on us, and yeah the Stage Manager couldn’t hide he’s got 20 extra coffees for the 20 extra deckhands he needs for that puppet, but has made up some dumb s–t story to tell YOUR stage Manager as a practical joke.

    Now when the dropped curtain raises again, WHO has control of the audience’s attention? Which narrative did they pick?

    You mean the BUTLER did it?
    YOU mean the butler did it?
    You mean the butler did IT?

    Which one? The White Hats and the BRIICS know the Nazis are going to lose this one. THey are both ready to move forward, and the Death Cult is backed into a cul de sac. That is, “Bottom of the Bag,” they’ve been bagged, had. Finis.

    When we have them in a bag shortly we can test if they’re dumber than a bag of hammers like we’ve been saying, perhaps by tossing them in the ocean and seeing if they float.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 6 2024 #160579
    Dr. D

    The solution around here for everyone:

    Jail. No trial, no redemption. For everything. Born wrong, to the wrong parents? Jail. Shouldn’t have done that. After your trial and out of jail? More jail. You can’t be redeemed. You did something wrong once, you “associated” with someone who was “adjacent” to someone once, wrote them a friendly internet comment maybe. Chelsea at the mean girls’ table says now you’re all dead to us forever.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 6 2024 #160578
    Dr. D

    “Sweden Introduces Draconian ‘Security Zone’ In Gang-Crime Hotspot, Indiscriminate Police Powers To Search Anyone

    Joined the NATO-Nazis, and rolling out the last platforms of that party/religion. My God is POWER. Raw POWER which is my Heaven, hallowed by thy name, thy Kingdom come, MY will be done, on earth… Just stop me.

    “Israel Signs $3BN Deal With US For 25 F-35 Stealth Jets

    Yay! Now Israel can’t fly either!

    “RNC Making Backup Plans For Presidential Nomination If Trump Sentenced To Prison

    So, your claim is, this has never occurred to them before? Not like 6 months ago when we all commented and wrote articles on it? No?

    So….I guess we all bombed Russia last night? Just on pulling the passport, just in time for the election.

    Btw, WHY dd they feel the need to lie, just lie, about Judge being pulled off the plane. I mean, he might have, but because somebody else was arrested, (Russian, I didn’t know the name) Ritter called him at 6am and said it might not be advised. Good call. Again, THEY (the left, the reporters) are sooper-stupid, but whatever OUR side does is sooper smart and without error. You can’t get these things wrong. Don’t. Eat crow and get it correct or you’ve chosen the wrong side.

    Trump vid on Border:

    Yes, but we know it is EXACTLY 10 Million? Because we’re not counting them, we on the right are so sure we know. Right. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I’m asking why you’re so SURE. The RIght: just reports things they want to be true, and FEELZ like believing. Just don’t. Get it right.

    “Journalist: Would you declassify the 9/11 files?”

    Too late: Already could have, already didn’t. Blow me.

    “The FBI just admitted in court that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real.”

    They keep not being legal or logical. Therefore, you need to go arrest them for Judicial tampering, election tampering, and/or possibly treason. They know it was real, they knew right away because we ALL knew right away – and I’m under this bridge – but KNOWING and pretending, lying, has OTHER consequences. When you know, for a fact, and then hide this fact from FOIA and other government actions such as from prosecutions and Congressional requests, THAT IS A CRIME. So? Arrest them all. It’s probably not that big a deal, not like 20 years or something, so give them all their 1-5, felon, no pension, no priors, out in 2, and call it a day. That’s a MINIMUM. And that’s NOT harsh: it’s pretty easy. It’s not mean, it’s just what is done.

    NOPE. Yawn. Wake me when you’re serious.

    “let President Trump “flee from prosecution.”

    Whut? So your allegation is that Trump will move to Thailand but you won’t let him? Excuse me if I’m skeptical here. Or he’s going to flee from prosecution and remain in Florida? How does THAT work? Because you’re saying you’re too incompetent to find and arrest him again?

    “Elon Musk’s X Corp. has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to consider stepping in”

    Wtf is this?? WHO in “X Corp”? A “Corporation” is not born from the head of Zeus. It is staffed by people with names and home addresses. If you say – and usually you say – Elon Musk did this, it makes sense. But here the 3rd mailroom in Building 9 said, and got the Public relations third intern to post it? Wtf are you all talking about? This is why once upon a time when the dinosaurs roamed, we had REPORTERS who “interviewed” people on the “Phone”. …OR ELSE YOU COULDN’T PUBLISH, get the hell out of my office, youse.

    “• J6 Committee Delayed Secret Service Driver From Refuting Limo Story (Turley)

    We covered this all at the time, FOUR YEARS ago. Is that witness tampering? (yes, although it’s a congressional witness)

    ““I used to meet with him when he was vice president. I’d go to his house,” McCarthy said in an interview. “He’s not the same person.”

    Yes, but that should be a good thing. Biden was the top Congressional racist, friends with Grand Wizard Byrd, against busing, “Superpredators”, and imprisoned the most black men in history BEFORE bombing Africa widely as VP and tracking down and killing Muslim children…who were U.S. Citizens. That. Is just a fantastic record. The less competent he is at that, the better.

    “a guilty plea …would also avoid an embarrassing trial for himself and his father during a presidential election.”

    Yes, why indeed.

    • Scott Ritter on Reason Behind Move to Stop Him From Traveling to Russia (Sp.)

    I’m more concerned they are holding him without trial or travel. Of course the prison is very, very large – the entire United States – but he can’t go anywhere. Why? Where’s the adjudication? Do we know why you have to have the CHARGES read to you, with WITNESSES, and EVIDENCE in a “SPEEDY” fashion and “Correct Jurisdiction” yet? Also in that interview, he was like “What office/phone deals with you stealing my passport?” And they said, “Dunno, I guess there isn’t one.” So I call the 3rd mailroom clerk and ask?????

    ““The strategic alliance between Russia and China ain’t going to be about taking over countries, ain’t going to be about missile-producing or whatever. It’s going to be about ensuring justice and fairness on the global stage…”

    Hahahahaha! You so funny. …Said no country ever. Are those nations run by “Men”? Then no, that will NOT happen. Sure, to START they may act like that, they believe like that, and in a few years, “I was Snow White but I drifted” – Mae West. We do NOT want a situation of replacing “American” tyranny and empire with Chinese and BRIC Tyranny and empire. No.

    As far as does NATO stand a chance? Of course not. Or we’ll launch our Sopworth Camels at you. Now can we blow up and wreck a bunch of stuff pointlessly on the way out, even end human life as we know it? Sure. We just popped up a sub and hit Yemen yesterday (But not with nukes). Those subs are one of the only operational parts of our whole military. But that won’t beat Russia, which is the size of Holland, I hear, much less China and the combined Global South.

    On the flip side: will the U.S. still be here? Yes, we’ll still be here. Come what may.

    ““..the West cannot entertain any of these requests and has taken so much control of the media that its leaders are starting to believe their own BS..”
    • The West Is Already At War With Russia But Its Leaders Can’t Wake Up (Jay)
    Is NATO planning something big in Ukraine? Are we on the cusp now of WWIII really breaking out

    A: Yes. Right now.

    “The reasons why peace talks are a mere figment of the imagination of western journalists”

    Not exactly, but I know what he means. It’s a lie by telling the truth. They have made it impossible to speak clearly by corrupting the language and reality with lies…everywhere. Would Russia call immediate peace if Ukraine flipped, surrendered, and became Switzerland, disarmed, protected by Russia, in independent but in union, no nukes, no NATO, no Nazis? 100% instantly, yes. It would be hard to prove and hold, but yes. Happen today.

    …So there IS a peace talks, right? It’s just WHO is going to surrender unconditionally.

    “• Ukraine No Longer Allowing Dual Citizens To Leave (RT)

    Lira was a dual citizen but not of Ukraine. So the just renounce Ukraine, right? Easy. If you have a passport and are still in Ukraine, you’re crazy.

    ““..Americans are “not fighting for Ukraine or the Ukrainian people, they are fighting for their own grandeur and global leadership.”

    WHICH Americans? And it’s hard to say what they’re fighting for, but certainly no one has Ukraine’s interests at heart, and certainly not the Ukrainian government. Personally, I think think they’re religious extremists, but their religion is hidden and hard to describe. Just like the last Nazis and the last time. Quickest to say they’re a Death Cult, because that’s irrefutable.

    ““Unfortunately, Europe today is a Europe of war. This is the current European agenda…”

    …Not for long.

    “The former diplomat moved to Lebanon in June 2022 after leaving Austria in September 2020 and residing in France because of persistent death threats and a de facto ban on working in her home country. In August 2023, it became known that Kneissl had moved to Russia.”

    You see, THEY decide for you. She’d be home, in the system, working through regular measures, but THEY cannot stand that. Then call her a traitor and Russian for THEM expelling her, who would rather go home.

    ““we have to stop them over there before they get over here.”

    As we say, WHICH Americans? Because this demonstrates Congressmen are far more retarded than the general American population. …And yes, that’s saying something. HOW are they “coming here” sir? Do they have landing ships for 10 Million immigrants? Oh. Wait. …Jesus H Christ on a pogo stick.

    Jack on Free Will.

    He needs to watch those videos on “What the Internet is like now”, and then some on how AI fails at everything and can’t stop lying. A marketplace? Would that be “Competition” under a form called “Capitalism” which is essentially just baseline human nature before Marx popularized an “Anti Human Nature”? Yeah, I work and trade stuff. It’s mine. Try and stop me. And if I’m mad at you and you’re a jerk, I avoid you. All these things are attempted to be made illegal. No: that’s Human Baseline since before we were in caves.

    “Disney Tops Long List Of Woke Failures With Upcoming Release Of Gay Star Wars Show

    Another show for the 1%. They only make shows for the 1%, the rest of the world and 99.9% are deplorable animals and don’t matter. Well, “This show is not for you.” Sold! Now who would have thought making Pop culture for the world’s smallest subset would fail? They complain black movies and shows fail and they’re like 30%.

    “CNN Provides Parenting Advice; What To Do If Your 4-Year-Old “Comes Out As Trans”

    How can that happen when women drive trucks, boys raise children, and we don’t know what a woman is? Both. Neither. As long as it sterilizes your kids. Ai.

    So…Rumor has it Ritter blew up the Eisenhower? Rich says? See yesterday’s comment.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 5 2024 #160574
    Dr. D

    “Dr D’s excuse is that they are all in shock”

    Is it? I fear Benton is right. You just make up quotes from me, make up arguments, make up positions, and like Don Quixote ride off victorious having vanquished all the windmills. Why? You’re a smart guy. So why? Are my actual arguments not easy enough to engage and vanquish? I never said it, don’t believe it, why make it up? Just. Lie.

    Every day I point out Jews who are protesting Gaza — and other stuff — The foremost. TOP. Bernie Sanders. Jill Stein. Reporters, university people, Etc. Like AFKTT, every day, it’s as if I said nothing. Fact presented: No it wasn’t. Reality does not exist, only my mind. Then as Benton does but I do less, point out that, just as Israel is about to get sacrificed — with her population of Jews (already, post vax) — the people that CAUSED it ride off into the sunset, with YOU providing cover for them. Same as UK, EU, and elsewhere. Why? I find it hard to believe you’re actually that dense, or you actually work as a Mossad disinformation expert, as entertaining and well-supported as that idea may be. So don’t work for them for free. Your resistance to thinking or looking deeper is what’s helping this keep happening, once we have a thoughtstopper — just a name. “Them”.

    Great. Who is “They” though? It’s like everywhere else, “The Americans”, “The CIA”, “The Bankers”, “Aliens”, whatever “They”, the magic name is today, or for somebody. WHICH Americans? WHICH employees of the CIA? WHICH Bankers? All of them? 100%? At birth, or does it take until they are in preschool?

    There’s no “100%” of anything. Ever. Anywhere.

    So to be more productive, you again rail on Americans. But not Europeans, Chinese, Taiwanese, or Japan? Why we so special? Y’all demonstrate the exact same problems and human nature that we do. So again I will say the same thing: WHICH Americans? The fake ones on the news? The fake ones PRINTED in the news? The great mass of us you never talked to or met? You shook hands with all 330 Million of us? You’re a busy guy. YOU’RE BELIEVING ALL THE NEWS, buddy. The news you say you don’t believe. That’s where you’re drawing your data set from.

    Okay, let’s do it your way: everything is run by the Jews. Therefore the news is run by the Jews. Therefore your data set…is run by the Jews. Yet you believe the Jews. Deeply, passionately, implicitly. Cozying up to them JUST SO TIGHT!!!! OR: You could suspect the news, doubt it, double-check it? Since it’s wrong like 80% of the time? Maybe?

    Try again: WHICH Americans? Which ones believe/act/do which SPECIFIC acts? Luckily there are no criminals or bad actors in any other nations, just America. And luckily, IF a murder happens in any nation on earth, and the murderer isn’t caught, then the WHOLE nation helped and supported it, right? Every. Single. One. Including babies, at birth. WTF?

    Rich, again I try not to be insulting because I know you know something about Ritter I ALSO never heard or don’t understand, but Ritter now blew up the Eisenhower? Whut? WTF man. I’m now gobsmacked and speachless. Afaik he was trapped in the ‘States last night, his passport pulled. He may have done something that you also won’t name, but he has an good alibai for Yemen at least. So please: WHAT are you saying? Implying? What are you saying or implying about me when I quote him?

    Have you seen “The Professor and the Madman” 2019? In it, they are building the Oxford English Dictionary, a list of literally all words with literally all (English) history. That’s as innocuous an example as can possibly be. Well in it, they have some favorite contributors, word-people, and they come to find out that their foremost contributor to English and this project is an American prisoner in Britain. That’s why he has so much time on his hands to do a treasure hunt in language. Not only that, but he’s also quite probably and profoundly mentally ill, schizophrenic, perhaps. They go an visit him after these 20 years of letters, but this is not a release movie. He was not wrongfully convicted, and he remains dangerous and prison is where he belongs. One question:

    He did a wrong thing once, should we throw away the 20 years of work in the Oxford English Dictionary because a man who committed a crime was “associated” with it? (As JB would say yesterday) If ANY man, commits ANY crime, at ANY time…well, that’s it. It’s over. No redemption.

    You are the world’s foremost argument for the death penalty for ALL crimes, large or small, man or woman, young or old. Pack of gum? Death penalty. Felt up a girl in Jr High when she wasn’t into it that much? Death penalty. Born of the wrong parents? Death penalty. Because NOTHING you can do later ever matters, and you are never allowed to speak or act ever again. You’re dead to me, go die and be quick about it.

    Now compare that to my position: Is his INFORMATION good? Is he USEFUL? His crimes are appropriately and justly prosecuted on an entirely different track. We’re talking about AFTER. Many commit rape, get away with it. Go check all Ministers of Parliament, and the entire CCP for instance. I can’t prove that, but should we chuck them all on suspicion? There are people who commit crimes and pay the price. …But you reject the courts, and personally decree the punishment was not enough FOR YOU, and continue. Well EVERY criminal got a sentence either too high or too low for their crime, should we punish one half forever? Who are you personally to decide? Once they pay that crime — true or false, too long or too short — they are FREE, under the American system. It’s OVER. That is the path to redemption and must be, otherwise: death penalty again, all men, all children, all crimes.

    Again, I can’t follow the pursuit of his alleged crimes and the alleged accuracy of his punishment — and you’re not helping as you’ve provided data on exactly neither — but I can confirm if his information NOW is good. And it is useful, so unless his person or his legal case gets on my desk, THAT is what my function and purpose with him is.

    It’s so very, very simple, that it takes a lot of words to describe just how very simple it is. IF I eat a tomato, do I need to know if it was grown in a manure pile or not? No. I neither know, nor care where to came from, and its seed of its great parent’s seed back to the 1880s. Growers don’t keep track and tell you because they know, you know, that everybody knows, no one cares. DOES IT WORK. Is it a tomato? Does it “Tomato” for me? Then IDGAF, like any good American, I got work to do.

    Is this an Old Man thing, that after some time, they can’t get over the “Name” any name, EVERY name, so the “Name” blinds them forever to the thing, complete ThoughtStopper, and the “Thing” is never seen again? Some following of Man-Logic right over the cliff at the edge of the earth? Where did you all lose your senses? It’s like 90% right now on this one fallacy, and y’all look like fools, you who are the most intelligent and most caring, most concerned men out there.

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