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    Dr. D

    Here’s something off base in honor of Aethens and our host: At the landing of Minerva at the future city of Aethens, about 4,000 years ago.

    The priests said: “What means the owl that always sits upon your your head, is that light-shunning animal a sign of your vision?”

    No, answered Hellenia; he reminds us that there are people on earth who, like him, have their home in churches and holes, who go about in twilight, not like him to deliver us from mice and plagues, but to invent tricks to steal away the knowledge of other people in order to take advantage of them, make slaves of them… Another time they came with a whole troop of people when the plague was in the country and said: we are all making offerings to the gods that they may take away the plague. Will you not help, or did you bring the plague?

    No, said Min-erva; I know no gods that do evil, therefore I cannot ask them to do better. I only know one good spirit, that is Wr-alda’s; and as he is good he never does evil.

    “Where then does evil come from?” asked the high priests.


    “If your god is so exceedingly good, why does he not turn away the bad?”

    “For all calamities there is counsel and remedy to be found, but Wr-alda wills we should search it out ourselves, in order that we may become strong and wise. IF WE WILL NOT DO THAT, he leaves us to our own devices, in order that we may experience the results of our conduct.”

    Then a prince said: “I should think it best to submit.”

    “Very possibly, said Hellenina, for then men would be like sheep, and you and the priests would take care of them shearing them and leading them to the shambles (butchers). This is what our god does not desire, he desires that we should help one another, but that all should be wise and free.”

    “If you mean the plague is caused by OUR stupidity, then Ny-Hellenia will perhaps bestow a little light.

    “The plague feeds not only on carrion but on bad laws and customs and wicked passions. If you wish the plague to depart from you and not return, you must put away your bad passions and become pure within and without.”

    “We admit the advice is good, but how shall we induce the people under our rule?”

    Hellenia said “The sparrows follow the sower, and the people their good princes, therefore it becomes YOU to begin by rendering YOURSELVES pure, that you may not be ashamed of your own conduct. Now, instead of purifying the people you have invented foul festivals in which the people revel in the mire for your evil passions.”

    And although you’d think they would drive her out, the people went from Krekaland (Greece) to the Alps proclaiming the clever daughter Min-erva, surnamed Ny-Hellenia. They erected statues to her on all their altars, they announced and sold the people advice she had never given, and related miracles she never performed. They made themselves masters of our laws and by subtlety spread them around.

    How little things change.

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    Dr. D

    Like this?


    Chantix, a simple anti-smoking drug, causes cancer, fought for years and finally pulled from the market when too obvious and scandalous. They’ve been doing this for years and years and years, drug after drug after drug.

    What was the ant-acid drug? Oh yeah, and the Statin drugs, disproved, dangerous, and still prescribed decades later? All the doctors are good folks, the psychos know how mindlessly easy it is to hijack them and bring them to service of perpetual and profitable mass-murder.

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    Dr. D

    “European natural gas hub spot price has surpassed $900 per thousand cubic meters with the psychologically important threshold of $1 per cubic meter not far off. This is an astronomically high price that is likely to bankrupt a lot of European energy companies while causing their customers to die of exposure this winter.

    Just in the UK, where around 10 thousand people freeze to death during a normal winter with normal prices, so far PfP Energy, MoneyPlus Energy, People’s Energy and Utility Point have kissed the world good-bye, their customers getting picked up by the government regulator Ofgem. Acting wisely, Ofgem raised the annual price cap for a typical household by £139 to £1,277. Just to make things even more interesting, the underwater cable providing electricity to the UK from France just failed, knocking 1GW out of the 2GW link.

    What’s behind all of this chaos and mayhem? Call it the wages of stupidity.

    Continue reading… on SubscribeStar | on Patreon” –Dmitry Orlov

    Killin’ some folks, all gonna die. All a big coincidence we all told you for 30 years and no one saw coming. We’re still just big jerks who know nothing. Carry on my Wayward Son.

    What can you say? Waiting for the important and real stuff like Politics, audit, and the economy.

    Vaccines: of the few humans bridge trolls meet, those I know had no reaction, not even the normal vaccine ones. I’m guessing placebo, for some reason clustered around me. I don’t say it because I can’t provide proof. However, the patent attorney USAWatchDog.com interviewed said not only what the FDA, Pfizer, their own internal documents say, but also that a (very) few scientists actually looked at vials. That doctor at that time saw 50% placebo rate in that sample, in that state.

    That would explain a lot about “Vaxxed” getting Covid, while other “vaxxed” are getting ADE. It muddies the water to kill the maximum and no one can tell, decipher what’s going on and seem credible. If I were doing it, that’s what I would do. 10, 20 completely different death agents, acting at different timeframes, half placebo, so your odds at one of four is high enough to hit Deagel.com’s death toll. The only problem they have is too few people volunteered for an untested, unapproved agent created by the world’s most corrupt companies, approved by the most corrupted regulator, in the most corrupt country in the West.

    As I can’t prove, however, I have to sit and wait.

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    Dr. D

    “Reiner Fuellmich – scary if true…”

    Not pleased seeing “Scary if true.” Yeah, so is everything. So we need to have at least some strength of confirmation that it’s true before saying it. If you think it’s true, say so. If not, search quietly until later.

    “Evergrande: Why Most Analysis Is Dead In The Water (Erba)”

    Shows why it’s not about transferring money; it’s about transferring RISK. This is generally why the rubes can’t beat the house: they’re chasing the money, the Street is watching the risk. Ultimately, the risk is what matters and the money takes care of itself. Also the type of crash is slightly different, and the exposure for China or the world is slightly different. Those tings may matter but it’s hard to get adequate details.

    And chart: Ireland is low? With the price of Real Estate in Ireland? Needs follow-up. How is Ireland’s GDP so high it can outrun their land prices? Search: Tax Rates. More isn’t always better, particularly since the more they “Tax the Rich” with AOC, the richer they get. For 100 years in a row. Too soon to draw any conclusions though: let’s not be hasty.

    “France Accuses Britain Of ‘Retreating To America’s Lap’ (Inews)”

    I mean, yes, but he’s missing it. So UK, who is using Steele to pick Presidents in the US and elsewhere, is the senior or the junior partner? U.S. runs Blair for Gulf II, or we have Israel fighting to the last American? No: these are all false, because governments are not primary and in control. Power blocs, composed of the CIA, Halliburton, Israel lobby, sub manufacturers, etc, run the show, as sometimes said, like dark clouds circling the earth, disregarding and above borders, votes, and citizens. And it’s not JUST corporations as is often claimed. So what “France” is he talking about? What “Britain”? The “U.S.” on populist Trump side is the same as the “U.S.” on the Clinton CIA side? Not really, not at all. You can’t understand the world if you think of it this way, and they do. That’s why it’s confusing and they keep getting it wrong — the diagnosis as well as the cure.

    “BlackRock and Citi Get on Board the Climate Nazi Train (Iman)”

    Several articles on this, which is an improvement. People are waking up to how this will kill everyone it touches, millions of people in no time at all.

    It goes further and has this fabulous key paragraph though:

    capturing the bulk of the energy market, and by the time we all wake up, they’ll control the world’s energy and logistics chains. And once they’ve done that, they’ll be able to control the reserve currency and once they’ve done that… well, they will be the dominant power. Game over.”

    You can start to add “Social Credit” and cutting off food to all the minorities that won’t cooperate with the state, ruthlessly purging them, as all fascists and socialists do as an innate structure of “State First”. That is, rule by the oligarchs in favor of the oligarchs, for the pleasure of the oligarchs. Borrowing your daughters to St. James. …Then we dump some hollow PR about “the people” on the side.

    As Hugh Smith says, if you have a real problem, you “manage” it, using words, or more accurately: lies. That’s ’cause, “We’re an empire now, and we make our own reality…”

    A horse is now a Senator? You beat Poseidon and stole his seashells from the seashore? Riot = Not Riot = Riot? I see no downside. I’m sure no one will notice and that’ll all work fine.

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    Dr. D

    “We now know that COVID-19 shares many features of common infectious respiratory diseases,”

    You’re kidding, right? We now know that we knew that Day 1, 700 days ago.

    “COVID-19 is evidently not an ‘extraterrestrial’ disease. It is a complex zoonotic disease”

    Maybe sort of, but the author of the U.N. bioweapons treaty said two years ago it was a genetically engineered bioweapon. That’s not zoonotic.

    “A complex disease cannot be solved through a simple, magic-bullet cure or vaccine.”

    Are you just using words here? What does “complex” mean? It’s actually an extremely simple disease, just as simple as all the others. I mean, does it have 100,000 genomes? No? Does it first cause leprosy, then cause rabies? No? It’s pretty simple.

    And they ignored all the parts that were always simple: It’s a coronavirus that has surface contact, and near-aerosol spread? Yup, everybody’s going to get it. …Says Herr Docktor in January 2020. Unless 100% of the planet is going to wear spacesuits from now on, NOTHING YOU DO WILL STOP IT. Ding ding ding! Really, really, REALLY simple virus. Following all the really, really simple rules they always have. Germ Theory: look it up some time.

    What we have are really, really, REALLY “dumb” experts. Which sadly seems to include all doctors and nurses now. Here Delta is untouched by the vaccine and has an R9 according to them, and they’re going to stop it by putting a towel on their head. And since it’s two years and stunningly contagious, nobody’s got it now, and nobody had it before and nobody has lasting natural immunity. Cause: Science! We know it’s dangerous and widespread cause no one got it, no one has it. Except for everyone.

    Yes. This is what official doctors all say. It’s really really simple: they’re all dumber than rocks. So dumb they make the dumb people look smart. Smart people do that a lot, unfortunately.

    Denmark: The left hates scandinavian medicine — it doesn’t cut off groceries for black people. I get tired of saying it, but what can I say? Is there any level that can break through?

    “vaccine efficacy drops to 77%.”

    Maybe they don’t know what a “vaccine” is? It causes “lasting” immunity? Not weekend immunity? Weekend immunity is aspirin, a “therapy,” etc.

    “But it also shows you that for those who have been vaccinated for around six months, that they’re the ones that are most often showing up as positive again, which says something about the need to have access to boosters,” Thompson said.”

    Or, for people past 3rd grade, that your Vaccine doesn’t work.

    “Saying “no” to everything, …to the use of masks, to social distancing”

    Like the other experts above, two years later hasn’t noticed they don’t work, every place they’re used is worse than every place they aren’t. But “Journalist” therefore “Uncurious” and “Illiterate”.

    “The real enemy is the failure of logic, religious fanaticism and intolerance, an aversion for science (which also stems from the machinations of the Slyest One) and idiotic conspiracy theories.”

    That certainly is the enemy. They, the reporters and doctors, should stop while they still can.

    Super disappointed about 9/18, but we got the headline that Trump was encouraging them to riot for him, and he did that by putting out a speech the days before telling the whole nation it was a scam, don’t go at all. Riot = Not Riot. Go = Not Go. P.S.: Trump who?

    But, reporters, so Open mouth, Lie fall out.

    “handed out as 2,000 police swarmed the city,”

    Reporters, so: Lie. How did police “Swarm” the city, good sir? Did they hire in 5x more from another city? Because otherwise it’s just the same police as ever, in the same amounts, on the same streets. Why would you use that word? What does it mean to you? Because it means nothing to me.

    “Angry aggressive young males (were) there to fight the police, not to protest about freedoms,’

    Haven’t you heard? Violence is just speech, communication of the dispossessed. They said so all summer.

    General-shaped-object Milley: Note if he calls the “all-clear” it gives temporary free reign to anything China wants to do: shoot protestors, take Hong Kong, invade Taiwan. That’s why it matters.

    pseudoscience has become government policy.”

    How can you tell? Are the people advising this not also doctors and scientists, just different ones? I bet they are. They’re not “YouTube Approved” doctors though. Chad says no.

    Vinny Eastwood needs your help from New Zealand. Arrested for being a UFO-type radio host, unable to donate to his legal fund as they’re blocking access. …That’s what free and democratic nations do, along with free speech! I mean obviously, when a guy talks about UFOs and Bigfoot, he’s taken seriously as the BBC, and a threat to all discussion, right?

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    Dr. D

    “CNN’s Don Lemon Urges Viewers “It’s Time To Start Shaming” Unvaccinated People”


    Liiiiike, maybe closing grocery stores for 61% of NYC’s black population? Don Lemon: Killing some (black) folks.

    Tenant evictions: There’s already zero property or sovereignty for business, which is what selling apartment space is, so you’re going to discriminate on the basis of medical history, choice, or condition? Pretty sure you can’t even ask.

    This of course goes to the courts which as we’ve seen haven’t a care in the world what the law, precedent, or legal foundation is. It’s more legally rigorous to throw darts. As they’ve pointed out – thanks to US, who keep allowing this s—t – there are no three branches of government, or four. The Legislative does not pass laws, it enforces them, like Nancy Pelosi. The House of the people does not pass budgets with the purse strings, they look for budgets from Presidents. Executive Presidents do not enforce laws, or at least not most of them, against most people. However, they do enact laws, merely by decree. The Judicial also creates laws, however they uncreate them again tomorrow, at will. Or both. Courts disagree with each other more or less nationwide. Should the President decree laws, the court then upholds the process, erasing the legislatures, or not, someday maybe 10 years from now when it gets to USSC, as they feel like.

    Oh also corporations are people and have rights, but people are NOT people and have rights, unless they’re NOT a citizen, in which case they have super-rights.

    The fourth branch, the Media: no comment necessary. They are not a branch of government, but a branch of corporate power, just like the federal government is. None of them are branches or expressions of the people, which can only happen with fierce and illegal monopoly, access, bailout, and violent repression at every level, especially speech and choice, directly via the guns of government, FBI, DoJ, CIA, IRS, and ultimately, US Army, and is expressly why those branches are generally illegal according to Federal Law register No. 1, as is having a standing army outside of declared war.

    And you’re going to fix all this? Really? Arrest somebody? Vote somebody in? Sure: if you vote in somebody to disband D.C. and let them collapse to a town of 6,000, in the ruins of the Potomac, like Rome did. Outside of them ceasing to exist, it’s not going to change.

    I guess the 9/18 news is very widespread, even to the ex-President. The 15:1 FBI:Maga ratio going on today has 100% of the people looking to expose the new levels of FBI fake and fraud, plants and fabrications they’ve become famous for. Protest events that the media will invent as simply as non-stop gang shootings in a town of 7,000, and post video-game footage on the news proving their story. Again. And the people won’t notice. Again.

    Well, at least Obama endorsed Justin, that’s been the consistent kiss of death.

    five doses of Ivermectin to be taken every day if they are obese or otherwise morbid, and every second day …also gets ten days of a 1,000mg Vitamin C tablet and ten days of 30mg of Zinc”

    Since it’s essentially safe as aspirin, what’s the risk if it doesn’t work? Why won’t you try? If for nothing else than disproving it?

    New medical motto: “I would rather die than try.”

    “The nonbinding recommendation — from an influential committee of outside experts who advise the Food and Drug Administration — is not the last word.”

    Uh, what? So the reporter is in favor of, and has medically decided this needs to be fought in the trenches? Doctors 16:2 just decided this was unmedical and unsafe. But Chad on Facebook knows better.

    11 of 15 NYC Restaurants Not Enforcing Vaccine Mandate (NYP)”

    Tattling weasels. Snitches get stitches.

    Vaccine Nasal Sprays Aim To ‘Shut Door’ On Virus (Y!)”

    Since this is supposedly contagious or something, you could just get it once and be immune forever. You probably have, but we won’t test for it on you or anybody else.

    If not, then aren’t you saying it’s not really that contagious? Pick one.

    ““The UK is leading the world in identifying and rolling out life-saving medicines..”

    Except for Covid, where they’re almost the worst in the world, worse than India, where barefoot people live on the street. Since they are incapable of reason, incapable of self-reflection, they don’t notice. Especially the medical people and government.

    “Australia elevated its relationships with the US and Britain to pool their efforts on the most important next-generation warfighting technologies.”

    Non-sequitur much? So for a trade embargo you’re going to…attack China and go to war, to bring them to heel? Because that’s the only way those two items match up. Of course the article says it’s really just a shakedown for a collapsing empire, broke and in need of sudden cash. It’s tribute: Oz sends money they don’t have, and get nothing in return but promises.

    P.S. Ain’t afraid of nothing. What would I be afraid of? A virus that kills no one, and a vaccine that kills no one, with medical enforcement nobody’s following? I am pretty annoyed though.

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    Dr. D

    91% Of China’s Youth Aged 12-17 Are Fully Vaccinated Against Covid (RT)”

    Yes, but theirs is the real vaccine. That is, a copy of the virus. Now I wouldn’t give a nickel that theirs doesn’t also reduce the population, that they would ethnically cleanse non-Han, Christians, and Muslims, etc. Different approach.

    US ‘Lost Focus’ In War On Terror – Oliver Stone (RT)”

    Surely Stone knows the WoT has accomplished almost all of its goals perfectly. They only thing they didn’t get was the guns, and the mindset, alarming the people too early. And at phenomenal profit. He does mention Israel, and the fake origins. Osama told us he was going to cause overreaction, bankruptcy, discrediting, and collapse (in favor of China), as I’ve quoted many times before. Since he told us his plan, and we followed it, everything we did was active, voluntary, and intentional. Essentially from the CIA, but we know Congress was specifically blackmailed, captured, and stopped.

    “Durham Reportedly Seeking Indictment Against Clinton Campaign Lawyer (JTN)”

    The Bidens own everything, there are no good guys, yet Sullivan, Cuomo, Milley, Michigan FBI agent, Clinton staff go down.

    Milley Responds, Claims Usurping Presidential Power To Give Enemy Advance Notice Just Part Of ‘Regular Communications’”

    Oh, so you’ve been coordinating with China outside of the Presidency and the elected civilian government every day! Yeah, we know. Thanks! We’ll use that at your trial, and since it’s universal, the trial of the other generals and joint chiefs.

    “EU Red Tape Prevents Russia From Boosting Gas Supplies To Europe – Lavrov (RT)”
    “Major UK Fertilizer Plants Shuttered Due To Skyrocketing Natural Gas Prices”

    Good work on RussiaRussiaRussia! Now without Russian gas, everybody dies. …Wait, I mean everybody but BoJo, Merkel, and Macron. They’ll be mask-free in palatial estates with your daughters.

    “FBI Apologizes to Molested Gymnasts after Botched ‘Investigation’”

    Oh, you FORGOT to investigate rape. Oh, well, in that case… You’re all fired, you orgy-running, wife-beating losers. So the guys who “botched” are fired, right? Because you’re actually mad? How about the 20 years of St. James Island, day-trips, legal deals? FBI DoJ were so mad they encouraged that for decades, field agents saw it and were so mad they took no action of protest against the agency.

    “Propane Prices Soar As Inventory Concerns Mount Ahead Of Winter”

    This matters a lot here. If you don’t know, propane is very much not natural gas, and a lot of rural people depend on it. But killin’ rural folks is a national sport. Open season!

    “US, UK To Share Nuclear Submarine Technology With Australia In “Historic” Military Pact Against China”

    Do we normally share military tech with fascists? Oh wait: we are also the Fascists.

    Evergrande bank goes down. No one knows who’s got the button. AND eviction, AND unemployment, AND drug and weapons recycling, AND Biden firing everyone, AND no petrodollar.

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    Dr. D

    “vaccinated respondents were nearly four times as likely as those who don’t intend to get the jabs – 66% to 17% – to have ended friendships during the pandemic.”

    They’re safe. So what is their active, voluntary ending of friendships in service of? Not their own safety, nor the safety of others.

    “consider their former friends to be “full-blown anti-vaxxers”

    And their response – while sitting in perfect safety themselves – is to abandon their friends at risk rather than continue any action, however small, to save them. And save others. Explain? These are the self-professed moral superiors acting on a selfless, moral basis.

    “Those who don’t get the jabs should be denied hospital beds” Said our moral superiors. Denying health care is a primary foundation of the Hippocratic Oath. “I promise to provide health care to anyone, unless I don’t like their age, gender, race, type, beliefs, or talk. Then for to good of all, I withhold lifesaving medical care, knowing thanks to a licensed monopoly, they must surely die from my actions.”

    That’s how I remember the oath, medical practice, and the Red Cross, don’t you?

    Tolerance for vaccine autonomy is waning in America,”

    Oh is it now? Is that why whole states are doing the opposite, whole sporting events, no one’s following mask guidelines anymore, and people are fleeing to free states by the multi-multi-millions?

    “ Unvaccinated US Covid Patients Cost $5.7 Billion To Treat In Last 3 Months (F.)”

    Well if it cost money we should DEFINITELY remove all human rights forever and hand the oversight of medicine and society to unelected profit centers. That’s just common sense.

    “The huge surge in demand for what few medicines are licensed to treat Covid-19 in the U.S. has triggered nationwide shortages and rationing of scarce supplies.”

    Huh? TheWhat? If there are medicines licensed to treat Covid, there can be no Emergency Use. What medicines and therapies are they talking about? What shortages and why? Is it because so many doctors feel these therapies are working that they’ve massively prescribed these medicines? If the doctors en masse believe they are working, why doesn’t the pharmaceutical company make more?

    “The Covid-19 vaccines used in the U.S. are proven to be safe and highly effective at preventing serious illness, hospitalization and death from Covid-19, including against the delta variant.”

    That is a truly breathtaking statement at this point.

    Researchers from Harvard Medical School, Tufts Medical Center, and the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System took on the task of trying to figure out how serious Covid cases were in those hospitalized, and how many people counted as Covid hospitalizations were actually in the hospital for Covid, versus getting a Covid test after being admitted for something else.”

    Yes but who is Harvard Medical and Tufts really? Like John’s Hopkins and the Israeli medical system, a bunch of conspiracy theory cranks, I think. The real expert is Chad at Twitter and Facebook. He knows.

    “The problem with health workers points to a more general issue concerning the reluctance of people to get vaccinated.”

    Trust the doctors. 44% of them refuse to get vaccinated, so I follow their lead. I mean, plus the CDC, NIH, and White House, Congressional Staffers, and pharmaceutical companies and executives. Wouldn’t they know best?

    France Health Worker Vaccine Mandate Comes Into Effect (G.)”

    Well I’m proud to see the revolution starts in France again.

    “Sir Patrick Vallance, also said experience of battling the virus showed “you have to go earlier than you think you want to, you have to go harder than you think you want to”.

    Says a guy who did both and has the highest failure rate in the known world. Meanwhile, in Sweden… And Kenya, and Calcutta, and…

    His charts: Oh wait! Vaccines are working! Hospitalizations have doubled! Working = more sicker!

    “Three-fourths of U.S. adults have been vaccinated with at least one dose”

    Uh, what? “If they say it, it’s a lie.” “Open mouth, lie comes out.” So everyone’s vaccinated, you win! Who are you selling this to since you’ve already met all your goals? How is anyone getting sick, and why mostly in the vaccinated states? Who’s out there protesting since all this is true?

    What is this I hear about you shutting off all food to Blacks and Jews in NYC because they’re only 38% vaccinated? (But not actors and baseball players, DEFINITELY not the Met Gala) If 75% are vaccinated, how are 38% vaccinated? And if you want higher vaccination rates, shouldn’t you really be talking to the 1M illegal immigrants being bused to hot-spots nationwide?

    “Still, only slightly more than half of the overall U.S. population is fully vaccinated: 53 percent”

    If you’re talking ADULTS vs somebody, then maybe you should lead with that? And if so, who’s fault? According to your self-created rules, YOU said we can’t vaccinate that 25%: you won’t allow us no matter how we try. And is ¼ of the country really children? Doesn’t that seem high?

    Why would I look it up? Everything in that article makes no sense and it a lie, when I go to the CDC data, THAT makes no sense and has been proven for two years to be a lie. Who would I check with? Whoever Deflationista points at today?

    Germfree song: apparently somebody has had a psychotic break from reality? In that every mask place is worse than every mask-free place two years running? In a contest between reality and your mind, it’s a no-brainer who wins.

    Contaminated Pfizer Vaccines Reported In Several Japanese Cities (ZH)”

    Now why are people reluctant just ’cause Pfizer is constantly contaminated, J&J was shut down twice, and 20 nations outlawed AstraZeneca? I mean, don’t you know they’re safe and effective? OTHER than the contamination in Pfizer, J&J, and every vial of Astra worldwide? Other than that, safe as houses.

    It’s probably not illegal to book a conference to communicate and restrain the President. However, Milley, the General-shaped-object, was not IN chain of command as I understand it. He was a Presidential Advisor. Also, communicating with yourselves is wildly different than calling the enemy, coordinating with him, promising your actions on his behalf, and giving him the all-clear.

    “They are using the opportunity of this book by Woodward and Costa to hit Milley, place the blame for Afghanistan in his lap,”

    If so, it’s not working. Nobody’s thought of F-Stan, which remains Biden’s, and added several new levels of treason that now include Nancy Pelosi and almost certainly those around her. She said she asked the Generals to commit a coup after the election, but the generals said no. According to Woodward, the generals, and she, said “Yes”. That is, “Yes, we solemnly vow and promise to go outside the chain of command, and instead include China in our decisions and chain of command.” The oath at one level was not to the President, as it might be, not to the Constitution as it should be, but to Milley personally, who was not even in the structure.

    Oxy, that is deeply ominous. You’re in, or beyond, a Soviet situation. Learn what they did.

    “That was when they suspended the Constitution. They said it would be temporary. There wasn’t even any rioting in the streets. People stayed home at night, watching television, looking for some direction. There wasn’t even an enemy you could put your finger on.” — Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale

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    Dr. D

    Free drinks for every Antifa member and communist tattoo you identify 9-18.

    Judge Sullivan’s kids are sure to attend, red hats and all.

    Hey, they found the DC Bomber! You hear? Yeah, had him on camera the whole time but never showed the pics on America’s Most Wanted. He had a super-nice cell phone too, but they can’t seem to find it in any of the 10,000 tower records. Nope, nope, nope. Total mystery. Total blackout. Just got no idea. Nobody knowd nothin’.

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    Dr. D

    “ The financialized American economy and State are now totally dependent on a steady flow of lies and propaganda for their very survival. Were the truth told, the status quo would collapse in a putrid heap.”

    Yes, it’s called “Price Discovery”. Bankruptcy. Capitalism. We might try it sometime.

    Far as I can tell, the whole country is about to go dark, in communications if not actual power. I don’t see the people liking that much.

    “laundering the easy Fed Funny Bucks to keep the entire Ponzi Scheme alive.”

    I hadn’t thought of that. F-Stan was such a pure graft of such proportions stopping it is tantamount to ending a major bailout mechanism, like the $40B/mo. How long can they dodge that?

    “Twenty years on from 9/11, the ‘War on Terror’ has morphed into a ‘war’ against the West’s own population”

    Joe, Kamala and the boyz are saying this on microphones every day now. Annoying as it is, their only salvation is if the well-armed, well-antagonized Americans shoot the crap out of them that they so richly deserve. So, like MLK, we certainly CAN, but don’t.

    As we won’t, we all wonder what they have cooked up for the 9/18 FBI-fest. Expect a 15:1 FBI:MAGA ratio, as word is spread universally not to attend. They’re fencing off the city again, and may plan a riot, a big ol’ fake shootout, or even an exciting jailbreak! Ya know: all Bastille-an-stuff.

    Anyhoo, why bother? They have no money, no power, and no support. Every day a new mask-free stadium of 40,000 people yells “F Joe Biden” then goes home with no Covid cases. It’s far more efficient to say – as they did in Prohibition – “Why don’t you come make me?” Then sit home, grow your garden and smoke dope while polishing your AR. Oh wait, that was just the Army folks that won’t comply. But the rest of us can do that too.

    The impression I get here is that they’ve pushed the Americans a little too far. What is that in all the old war movies where the American doesn’t commit, doesn’t want to get involved, backs away, until the fight is forced on him? Sort of the American way.

    Shouldn’t be that much longer.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 13 2021 #87046
    Dr. D

    “‘So we came to the hard conclusion through all our research and lab work that Covid-19 was imaginary and fictitious.”

    No, clearly there’s something out there. It has specific symptoms and attacks different people than generic seasonal influenza. Naturally they’ve conflated the two on purpose, as NC showed they are fabricating numbers, and I would even follow that they’re being salted and NOT transmitted by aerosols, but there is such a thing.

    “Unvaxxed Kentucky Health Care Workers Force Hospital to Fire Them (GP)”

    What the actual??? Is that like how Covid “Forced” us to destroy all small business and cause a couple thousand child suicides? “Warn’t us, no howdy! We’z helpless little darlings.” JHC. So the powerless, the workers, FORCED their bosses to make them lose their jobs. Those darling helpless bosses and capitalists! Victims of the awesome power of workers again! They had no choice but to attack the poor and working class again! You made us do it!

    …Said every narcissistic sociopath ever.

    …Oh and it’s SO CONTAGIOUS! Super-duper Oooper contagious! Worse than measles and ebola combined – so contagious that NO ONE has natural immunity although they’ve been front line for two years. Uh-huh. You know it, brother. That’s Science™!

    Will anyone ever stop this? Even the medical people won’t say the g— d— obvious. STOP NEGOTIATING WITH SERIAL MURDERERS.

    Oh and firing all the same medical workers that worked two years of hell in a pandemic, then they’ll cry Hospitals are overrun!!! We have no nurses!!! Honest! (We know ‘cause we fired then all, closed all the beds, and paid ourselves another 6-figures for our sooper-shmartz!)

    “Australia prepares for life beyond lockdown upon meeting the government’s 80 per cent target.”

    Obviously Singapore just showed 80% isn’t enough. 15 days isn’t enough. Martial law isn’t enough. Vaccines aren’t enough. 2 boosters isn’t enough. Profits of $100,000 per Amazon worker isn’t enough. What does it take for you to realize among the mentally ill there is never enough? There is no surrender. There is no “Following the rules”, “Doing what you’re told.” THEY won’t allow it. THEY can’t stop.

    For their mental health and your own, YOU have to stop them. Stop their behavior, lock them up and given them therapy if need be.

    Anyway, so back to the REAL narrative, not this fake one, so fake, with so many lies no human can keep track of them all: the Oct 1 federal budget. Yellen says we’ll default. Manchin says no mas. Answer? Cut the overhead costs. Get 1/3 of the employees and contractors to voluntarily quit so you don’t have to pay them.

    Prettymuch same plan – so transparent – as shutting down the collapsing economy with a fake narrative to buy control an extra year, and a second year with $40B/mo and $6T in bailouts to pals while hiding the supply shortages and inflation.

    That’s the only narrative that matters, because that’s the narrative that’s running the other, fake one. Get rid of #1 and #2 vanishes. Poof. Funny how the answer to environmentalism, CO2 was “Socialism” a system with Party Oligarchs running everything from palatial estates. Funny how the answer to Covid is “Socialism”, a system with Party Oligarchs running everything from palatial estates. Funny the answer to 1/6, terrorism, insurrections, and no chicken at Taco Bell is “Socialism”, a system with Party Oligarchs runing everything from palatial estates. It’s almost like the signed, published plan for 100 years has been Socialism or something.

    Of course it will “collapse”, there will be “shortages” of everything, but not really. What’s really happening would be a return to HONESTY. That is, we’ll ADMIT what was true all along: market pricing, so stocks go down and food goes up, the reality of shortages, the lack of workers and manufacturing, and what happens when they intentionally take huge swaths of food production offline by closing plants, sending CA river water to the sea, and other means. But a return to honesty will have this fixed in just a year or four. Like 1921, it will rocket back in no time if you remove the mentally ill stopping it all, trying to steal your natural born rights and sell them back to you like a strangler would sell you air.

    Why would I buy that from you when I can punch you in the eye and strangle you to unconsciousness instead? Much more direct and satisfying.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 12 2021 #86967
    Dr. D

    “Cayer stressed that the hospital will not be “shutting down services,”

    Following other science, shutting down services is now NOT shutting down services. Who you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes. Just ‘cause you’re 100 miles further from the hospital, the baby will be delivered in the back of a car and die, doesn’t mean the service level has changed at all.

    “S.F. Schools Report No Covid Outbreaks (SFC)“

    Just goes to show the virtuous cities are our moral betters. That and they’re using a test they themselves admit doesn’t work, so if it works a little bit less double-plus good in certain districts, I’m sure the favor is much appreciated. 20 cycles anyone? God this was so predictable. Lo! Covid appears anywhere there’s unrest. Lo! It disappears any place that does what I say. Hour by hour. Back to back. And those who don’t do as I say, well we built an expensive spa in the desert for them, finished 2022, and is already running out of food. Ooopsie!

    “The disagreeing police officers said no employees in any private or public sector, not just within law enforcement, can be forced into medical interference”

    Since Oz seems to be completely placid, never breathing a word that isn’t preceded by “but they have my complete support, dear leader”, this is a pretty good premise. You can only IMAGINE what they would do next if this legal precedent is allowed. End of all human rights forever is not an exaggeration here. However, BECAUSE they start with the premise of complete belief and compliance, I feel they have cut out their own legs on the matter and will lose. They seem to promote the State, so long as you do that, the State matters and people don’t.

    France is power. That’s being calm, unified, and directed. That’s what distinguished MLKs marches: sheer discipline and raw determination. Now all they need to do is walk down to the station and demand to be arrested. Once inside, THEY are the prison system, and whatever they say goes. They can just walk out the gates if they wish to. Police coercion ends in an hour. What are the gendarmes going to do, arrest me? I’ll end up safer inside where the peacemarching, anti-vax family is than out on the bare streets of Marseilles. That depends on them not being afraid. No longer being afraid, and they’re getting there.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 11 2021 #86927
    Dr. D

    911. I was like, “Okay, there was a building fire. Far away. Like every other day of the year. WTF cares?” Everyone else had the standard reaction. Why I don’t know. Am I wrong? Action items: none. Connection? None. People I know? None. Aaaand so caring a bout this 20 years later? None.

    But I won’t forget. “Never Forget” has a whooole different meaning to some of us who know how to count to 3. Buildings that is. “I see no reason the treason of the eleventh of September should be forgot.”

    “Since mankind’s dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We’ve seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse.” ― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 11 2021 #86909
    Dr. D

    I guess I’m saying

    War on Poverty = More poverty
    War on Drugs = More drugs
    War on Terror = More terror

    War on Ivermectin = ???


    Since IVM may cure the common cold (Corona is the common cold) and perhaps other things, I can only thank them most heartily for bring it to all our attention.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 11 2021 #86889
    Dr. D

    “We will always err on the side of protecting the American people” …from themselves.

    Mommy knows best. Kind of makes you long for Joe’s hair-sniffing days doesn’t it?

    Well, it’s almost over. VPoet. The point was to get thick-headed numbskulls with heads like rocks to SEE things. And sadly for us, that doesn’t happen – they will deny EVERYTHING – until they lose their job, their children, etc etc. And so they have. So we’re at the cliff’s edge Americans like so much, and we don’t.

    Something is about to happen, because WE are in control. Nothing needs to be done. Do what you do, and ignore them so much you can’t tell if you’re complying or not. They’re broke, hollow. They are no more, they have ceased to be. They’ve joined the choir invisible. So budget day on Oct 1, with no petrodollar, Yellen says we’re defaulting, and they’ve just fired with their mandate 20M government contractors. Half the police. Most of the truckers. Half the Army. …So tell me, whatever he says, how does he think he’s going to ENFORCE jack-s—t? Here’s an answer: MAKE ME. I’m going to go have a picnic, because the trucks are going to stop, the factories are going to stop, the imports are going to stop, the manufacturing is going to stop, and the police are going to fade away for staffing and disappear.

    Locke and Hume, Calvin and Hobbes, they can’t do ANYTHING without us. These pin-headed PMC managers are worthless. Even a pencil is too heavy for them to lift, so let them list all their stoopid little things on their stoopid little spreadsheets, where they can sit and be unaccomplished as the chiefs don’t do any work: the Indians do. And we’re long at a 10:1 Chief to Indian ratio.

    But since there’s no carrot remaining anyway, how you gonna make me work? You pretend to pay us with a $1,500 UBI, and we pretend to work. “Pretend” here in that we do what you SAY, which are orders that have no logic whatsoever, stop all progress, and prevent all work, all production from happening. It’s only when we shirk and avoid your orders that anything gets accomplished already. Their answer to giving idiotic orders that prevent both accomplishment and profit, is to shout MORE orders that are twice as dumb and harass you for it. Okey-doke!

    So leaving that experience isn’t very hard, and it seems most Americans are doing it. No one’s coming in to work. No ones. Oh noes! I’ll be broke: hey dumba–, we’re broke now except we have to listen to you natter on and criticize us all day for your stupid, unworkable plans, while you sit and drink coffee in golf shirts and find new ways to stop us all day.

    What I’m saying is, we’re pretty inured to any hardship they might attempt at this point. Whatcha gonna do? I go home and rest and downshift to ramen? You get free cable and free healthcare ONLY IF YOU DON’T WORK. You get the boot in the teeth if you do. I can take a hint.

    They’re not long for the world at this point. Not at all. “Someone will do something stupid,” the dominoes will start to fall…perhaps first in Australia a whole department of policemen disappear and are later found in the sea. Who knows? Although you don’t need guns for that, a sharp stick and a piece of string will do, they (and we) claim guns have been confiscated there. You know: like they are confiscated and disappeared in Chicago, NY, and Balitmore.

    Why not France? Germany, who just showed they are the biggest money-launderers in Europe, authorized from the top? Why not Canada, who upscales from “tiny rocks”? To hockey pucks? Oh, they now got problems everywhere, FAR too many for the 1-6% of the population to tamp down. If they go to Florida, Indiana breaks out. If they fight Paris, Normandy points to their unfounded, unjust, Fascist action, and further escapes.

    Election fraud comes out, 9/9, they call a mandate to clog the news, even among us watchers and critics. Great! How are you going to keep that up? News is moving so fast and you’re so far behind it, you’ll have every Stalinist policy enacted by Tuesday and have woken up every American who’s about had it with no M4A, no legalized pot, no vaccine mandate, and every other basic, simple election promise.

    You’re going to cut the news cycle in Arizona, a state that uses the same voting machines as France, Belgium Brazil? Great, now people will go bowling and talk to each other, and social media will be shut off so you’re blind. In fact, they’re already blind. The people they most need to track and surveil are already on Gab, Telegram, and the Derp State AI is ALREADY are jumping at shadows, fabricating 1/6’s because they can’t tell what they think, what they do, what they say, what they plan, and have no hooks to “Message” them to “The Narrative”. And you think you’re going to win by blacking out the REST of the country, the coasts and some blue islands? And they’re not going to be pissed off you shut down their internet and can’t Tik-Tok no more? That you can’t even run a power grid competently? Ha.

    This is a complete no-win.

    I’d say “Hold the Line” but why bother? Hold the line against what? They’re broke. Powerless. They are shadows. They don’t exist. No one’s following them. No one cares. So just do whatever you do, whatever you feel like doing, and ignore them just like any other delusional mental patient. I don’t care what they say. They can’t make me. The worst catastrophe they’ve ever seen is if they tried. And I stopped working, took a little vacation for 6 months or a year here, and nothing got done. Suits me fine.

    And so has everybody else. Newsflash: you don’t issue national edicts if you’re in control of anything. They’re out of control of everything. And they’re now advertising their complete lack of control, and mental insanity, to the rest of the country who didn’t realize til now.

    Sounds good to me! Carry on. There’s nothing I could possibly do to add help this further or to move faster. Joe’s covered all the bases all by himself.

    “Australia Bans Ivermectin (CTH)”

    Yesssssss! Now THAT’S a profit center. I can get richer than Joe Kennedy in no time. And unlike Irish whiskey, help people too, and with almost perfect safety!

    Private industry provides faster, better service. Already I can get drugs, prescription, painkillers, in an hour on the street that would take me 6 months and $1,500 through a doctor if at all. But now I can get IVM too!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 9 2021 #86734
    Dr. D

    So the name of the Company defaulting — largest landowner in China — is Evergrande? Sort of like the “EverGiven” that rammed up the butthole of “Evergreen” in the Suez and was towed by the “Barak”? “Evergrande” that is the top candidate of being the Credit Anstalt of 2021? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creditanstalt

    Does someone have a sense of humor here? You do know Evergreen is HRC’s name, right?

    I cannot fathom how they think they can hold this together.

    “Do you know what’s going to happen?” “A perfect pattern. …Someone will do something stupid, and when they do, things will turn nasty. And then the Sutler government will do the only thing he knows how to do. And then…” Boom. The dominoes fall. …And the governments. Back to us, the people.

    “You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it.” — V for Vendetta

    A movie where a fake, made up pandemic is premise for destroying all human rights.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 9 2021 #86708
    Dr. D

    Or is this government helping at its finest?

    Killin’ some folks, killin’ some folks, so hard to tell.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 9 2021 #86684
    Dr. D

    NZ: who cares? Suppose it’s all sense and they stopped the spread. And that spread was actually dangerous or something and not 99.997% harmless. Great! You win!

    …What about tomorrow? So now you need to cut yourself off for the NEXT 100 years like Edo Japan. Or North Korea. And then? And then what? The whole rest of the world not only has Covid Mu-thru-Zeta but other diseases too. If you EVER open up, EVER, 10, 100, 1,000 years from now, it just comes back, but worse because of all the other immunities to planet earth you don’t have. However, you DO have an end to all human rights forever, oppression, murder, and unending poverty, just like Edo and the Tokugawa Shogunate.

    Congratulations. Government “helping” at its finest.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 9 2021 #86683
    Dr. D

    ‘Australia Is Now Confiscating Booze Delivered to People Forced into Lockdown”

    Well, there’s your profit center. Now all you need is a plumbing truck and to pay off a few policemen. Don’t worry: they’re cheap. Lots of experience: they break the law all day already.

    Saying: don’t you understand this? EVERYTHING YOU DO as a human being is ALREADY illegal. So there IS no compliance. There is NO possibility of “following the rules.” There already ARE no rules, duh. So there’s already no option of “Doing what you’re told.” Since everything you do all day, every day is ALREADY illegal, it’s no difference whether you sell some beers to some guys in lockup, house arrest. No difference if you sneak out back to walk your dog. Harbor your cousins for a visit, like you would under Stalin. Make up new and astonishing stories to salt and bedevil every single move of oppression they attempt. “Oh, I’m sorry sir, I guess I’m really stupid and didn’t understand.” “Oh, I’m sorry, I guess I didn’t get your police car repaired on time.” “I’m sorry, I couldn’t route your cattle cars on the rail lines without without filling out a 27b/6 form. Rules are rules.”

    Couldn’t be easier. Also, you have no choice since everything you do, say, or think is ALREADY a crime. You are ALREADY a criminal. So? C’est ca. I didn’t make it, I didn’t start it, THEY did. But we’re in a wonderful position where they’ve declared they’re my avowed enemy, but are not aware that I am now preparing, acting, treating, and behaving as if they are my enemy, and I’m controlling the gates. I’m INSIDE the castle. I’m bringing them soup. Wow, are they bad at this. They have no chance of survival.

    None of the virus stuff is all that important. We have a banking/bond fire in China, a debt ceiling in the U.S., and 6 banks are warning red alert on market correction. Smith had this article on everything being 2x more extreme than any previous bubble, which is what Michael Burry of “The Big Short” said before they sent the SEC over to censor him personally. https://www.oftwominds.com/blogsept21/precious-bubble9-21.html

    Fabricated, illegal eviction moratoriums are ending. We have all unemployment stopping. Monetary velocity is still dropping, millions new unemployed and no one’s showing up to work. That goes with spot supply shortages in everything, everywhere.

    As expected, no one is serious about it or anything, because they are not serious people, not-agreement-capable. They are clown people, and it is clown world, where every day Rachel Maddow and Rolling Stone newly beclown and discredit themselves.

    Point of them not being “serious” is that they are not reacting, no longer “fixing” things, harmful as that always was. And I have to wonder why. So no one’s being bribed anymore? Rly? Blackmail stopped existing? They really want and earnestly desire the collapse to land on Joe Biden and the Democratic Party? Exactly FOR allowing this, not voting Medicare-for-All, NOT meeting on Evictions as the USSC said they could/should? Really?

    Because to me it seems a lot “planned.” But in a new and different way, like they’d be happy to, but are in disarray, somebody’s half-in their blackmail files and stopping them, while the other half is in their money-flow of Asian poppy fields and cutting them off. It’s a slow strangle, a slow walk, slow wake-up. For YOU, the real Army and focus of this operation.

    In any case, what do you suppose they have planned for the big day? 9/10? The good guys AND the bad guys? When on Nixon day, F-Stan fell on command, and the next astrological day, Saudi signed with Russia and ended the Petrodollar? Oh, I’m thinking something super-interesting. But you have to look at it. You say “what happened?” What happened is the US$ and US Federal has probably ALREADY fallen, and that just hasn’t radiated out to you yet. Nor the illiterate dum-dums in media haven’t been ordered to write it and tell you yet.

    Like when we left the U.S. after Kennedy and went bank-globalist in ’71, did they tell you? Aw, heck no. They didn’t tell YOU for yeeeeaaaarrrrsss. And they didn’t “tell/let” you in until ’79 when it was over and they wanted to dump the gold they bought in ’71 on the public rubes. …No doubt just like Bitcoin, this time.

    So they already KNOW it’s done, if in fact they may not have decided it, but it was just forced on them by events on the ground. Because BlackRock and the Federal Reserve Chair need time to position – months – and to massive multi-hundred-bil insider trade, and telegraph their insider trades down the line so no one gets mad.

    So as suggested, they may indeed not raise the debt ceiling, have a shutdown, have everyone pop up their heads like meerkats and say, “whut?” What’s going on is Peter Theil and BlackRock called their wholly-owned Congressmen and told them to follow g–d–n orders. We went over the edge, it can’t pull back, so all we can do now is pick the DAY and make a trillion in insider short trading. That won’t save them, but it’s something, and it’ll screw all of YOU into poverty and desperation which makes it all worthwhile.

    So, here we go. Not too much time left. They don’t get the control, the takedown they planned and wanted. They have universal resistance to EVERYTHING. They have no credibility to sell and soon no money to buy/whack people. There will be no nuclear war as hoped, and can’t get a deadly injection as hoped, but there will be a never-ending mess and perpetual supply shortages, everywhere, in everything, for years. No one can prepare for that, so “we’re in for the duration” as they used to say. Pop a beer and look out from the porch, good, good, good looking out my back door.

    Yellen: US on Track to Default on National Debt in October (Hill)”

    Deflationista: I certainly understand the unending frustration. However, I/we CAN’T retreat, since no matter where you go, they won’t leave you alone. Can’t stop ordering, ‘helping’, finding me in the Outback or arresting me in a forest in Cumberland Gap. So they made the decision for me some time ago. But retreating also makes your life ever smaller as you say, and is a caution. There are good people.

    “GO PLACIDLY amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons.
    Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.

    Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

    Do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

    Whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 8 2021 #86620
    Dr. D

    Great, now I have to lick Nipah too.

    Deflationista: Idaho embarrassing. But not as embarrassing as two years where masks stopped nothing, anywhere on earth, with near-total compliance, and you’re still promoting them. Jesus, what does it take? “Just three years to stop the curve of not noticing complete worldwide failure of everything they say to do.” Start today!

    Jsnyder, yes. Nailed it in one. The real-life efficacy of a vaccine for something you would survive anyway was like 0.12% or something. Covered here a dozen times or more but way back. You can search it.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 8 2021 #86577
    Dr. D

    Way better without a city ruining the Acropolis.

    Since it’s 1938 again, there are some things that can be done.

    If you can get drugs on every street in Australia, I’m very sure that you can get food. Refugees come and go, they are protected, paid, they live off line, off market. There are people who transport them, make fortunes, who buy sailboats and take open blue water away from Australia to free states like Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

    There are people helping others already, quietly, and getting paid. There are people selling not only vax cards, but an entry into the database. Probably thousands, tens of thousands. Everything that was going on before: restaurants, bars, movies, prostitution, is going on now. It just costs more and the profits are higher.

    What did I say about Rhett Butler. Did he sit and hope and mope, and wait for Sherman’s army to arrive? No, he took only a toothbrush and became fabulously, stupidly wealthy providing goods that people wanted. As a blockade runner in this case. So when they outlawed alcohol nationwide, gin disappeared, right? No, fortunes were made, by the Kennedys, who then used their fortune to run the new government after it was all over.

    So what do you want to do? There are so, so many opportunities. If it’s Russia, 1930, you can join the party, buy all the papers you want, like on palatial estates with special privileges, run the town. If it’s Germany, you can smuggle others or yourself out to freedom, escape to better lands. If you want to stay, you can provide things people need that the government denies, as millions do already, and fill storage units with pallets of cash while living in a sunny apartment overlooking the sea.

    Or you can follow the rules, get run over, watch your entire town get killed, rounded up into Australia’s Vaccine camps, fear, and do nothing. Everything, normal life is already illegal now, what’s the difference?

    Options. We’re not all suited to all things. But certainly we’re suited to SOME thing. Was mowing lawns really that grand, or should you convert everything to Bitcoin and walk over the Alps to Switzerland? What do we really need anyway? What do we stand for? And what happens, where do you want to be, AFTER.

    Moving from madness to pure insanity:
    Rutgers Uni Student Banned from Taking Online Virtual Classes because He’s Unvaccinated”

    You can’t parody these people. Is that like when they were all wearing masks for the Zoom meeting?
    Follow (anything but) the Science.” You know, science from Mr. Science, with 900 pages of him paying to have the virus created. And released.

    Paul referred Fauci to the DoJ for arrest. Nothing happened. The Intel agencies couldn’t figure out any possible origin for Fauci’s virus, except the Intercept could find it in an hour with one FOIA request. They then mentioned, “Gee Golly, how different the discussion would have been last year if only the government would have released what they already knew, immediately, so we could know and talk about it.” Golly gee indeed.

    Arrests for Fauci? Of course not. Nor anybody else, ever. Regardless of how many weapons labs to China, how many open email servers, how many fabricated investigations, how many murders, how many informant-to-victim ratios in the FBI, how many failures, how many Fed governors insider trade, how many billions of weapons flown to Asia to be dropped off to terrorists. Nothing.

    So your plan was to, what? Arrest all 2 million people in D.C.? And hold them where, exactly? Do you see why no one can “come back”, get voted in and change anything? The Comeys and Faucis don’t obey orders not to create and release worldwide bioweapons now, but you think they will if we have 10 more Red Congressmen? Jesus H. Do you see why D.C., the entire Federal level needs to cease to exist now? Their money collapsing? Their power devolving to us, as ‘it’ – every single thing they were doing — was already illegal under 10A of the Constitution? Nobody’s saving you. YOU are saving you. YOU are the Army, the Government, the Resistance. YOU are the freedom. YOU are the engine, the work. Only you. THEY are the sand that STOPS the work, the robbers that steal it, lie, kill, extort.

    The point is NOT to arrest Fauci. The point is for you to SEE. It ends when you SEE what’s going on at last.

    “Mu Variant Raging through US as Experts Fear ‘Greater Transmissibility’ (Sky)”

    Let me guess: you haven’t the faintest, foggiest idea whether it’s Mu or not because virtually Zero genetic tests are being run. So you just say s—t and post it on T.V. Like mis-quotes from doctors in Oklahoma that towns of 8k have “lines of gunshot victims” every day of the year.

    “Into the void between our scientific knowledge and our fear of mortality has rushed politics.”

    What fear of mortality? Speak for yourself, slithering coward. “Men” are those who die with honor.

    Speaking of craven, slithering cowards: ““It isn’t a visual hellscape, like hospitals; it’s more of an emotional hellscape,” Boedy said.”

    Oh noe! His feelz! Worse than any death of a thousand children! An Ego-death! Of ME!

    ““Morale is at an all-time low,” warns a petition at the University of Iowa.”

    Oh noe! Moar feelz! Because they have near-zero death rate and that’s the only thing they can fabricate, lie, and pretend. However shall Karen and Chad’s feelz survive? Can their maid Jaunita help save them, as she’s been working without a mask the whole time? Tune in next week to “As the Circus Turns”

    Idaho has no hospital shortage. Like everywhere else, they fired the doctors and nurses and closed the beds, then complained to you while they stayed safe at home insurers and administrators with 6-digit paychecks. It’s been 30 years: maybe you should notice?

    “it recommended that ministers seek further advice, taking into account factors such as the impact on disruption to education,”

    What disruption to education? YOU are the ones that shut down schools. “We have to take into account our continuing, bad, harmful, and proven utterly useless disruption and prevention to all education, and the several thousand child suicides we directly caused. We all agree we should keep going. Our actions have clearly done nothing, and not enough children have died.” Applause all around. Good show old chum! Since Covid cases are higher than ever, what we’re doing must be working!

    “The hospital refused to administer the medication, citing lack of FDA approval,”

    That has literally nothing to do with it. Doctors prescribe drugs off-label C O N S T A N T L Y. Like, every. single. day. WTF do you think Benadryl is? Sure, all hospital patients develop a head cold at 9pm every night, not that it’s used as a sleeping pill at all ever. Jesus, Mary and all the Saints. Can someone use a telephone here? Or is it that no matter who they call, they lie with every spoken word? I’d be shocked if doctors prescribed ON-label, correctly. I mean, on-label, legal prescriptions are the leading cause of death.

    “NIH Orders $1.67m Study On How Covid-19 Vaccine Impacts Menstrual Cycle (NYP)”

    Don’t worry: that test will be done in 2-10 years. We just say it’s safe with no evidence at all til then. Science™! We’ll say anything for money! We’ll fight you til the death of the last patient!

    “67% Of Unvaccinated Americans Would Rather Quit Their Job Than Be Vaxxed (RT)”

    Everywhere I go, I ask and same answer: nobody’s coming in to work. Nobody. No. Body. Nada. Nyet. Nein. Nao. No reason, no cause. Just: no work. So tell me how they are going to eliminate the few remaining people who WILL work? Yes, that would be primarily these guys, the young, the Red, and the DGAF.

    Bravado? My -ss IS on the line. Every. Day. so far. Every. Day. I came in to work, licking pedestrians under the bridge for money. Every day I lived what I say, what I believed. If they want to take this further, I’ll be happy to make a fortune resisting them and fighting for human freedoms while hampering, forestalling, bedeviling, and opposing their plans at every turn. You know, it wasn’t Robin who made the Hooded Man. No one picks that life on purpose. It’s the OTHER side that leaves them no choice. They create nothing but their own demise and just can’t help themselves. Because they are #AntiLogos, #AntiLife. The only life can be had by stopping them.

    To Biden: “I wrecked your campaign while tweeting in my spare time as a stay at home dad. Are you SURE you want me unemployed so I can go full time?” — A Tweet.

    in reply to: Debt debt Rattle September 7 2021 #86508
    Dr. D

    Been looking for this one:
    “Traffic Deaths Surged To 38,680 In 2020 Despite Americans Driving 13% Less Miles”

    That’s for the first 3 months, not yet deep into vax territory. This was projected to be one of the indicators of brain fog and microstrokes, and was anecdotally occurring. This nationwide statistic would seem to substantiate it.

    So, sorry to be right. Again. Looking for the trend, and/or alternate explanations. But if the nation is home, mostly professional drivers are out, not amateurs.

    Speaking of, total blackout, like TOTAL, Demolition Man / Road Warrior level blackout on Trucker slowdowns in Oz. No surprise, you’re just demonstrating how much the news lies. That’s not helping your case.

    Elsewhere, 23 of the 25 top polluting cities are in China. Cue Greta? No? Total media blackout on that too? Of course there is, must be Sweden and Norway’s fault for not being green enough.

    1 Degree!!! Change in temperature in 100 years. We’z all gonna die!!!! That means exactly half of that time, they’ve been totally, totally wrong. First with Ice Age, then with warming. Oh wait: they actually said the same thing in the coal era (cooling) and the 30’s (warming). 100 solid years of “We make dat shizzle up!” Science!™ We’ll say literally anything for money!

    F-Stan, Millie, the “General-Shaped Object” (GSO) and resident actor in the White House, says the Taliban will welcome us with open arms to help them stop trr’ism! TerrorTerrorTerror! Skeered yet? The Taliban says? Yes that’s right, “I don’t think so, EBD Mr. Millie”, the soon to be unemployed.

    Instead: Biden, UN, heck every progressive on earth is PILING money, PLOWING money, AIRDROPPING money on the Taliban. ‘Cause. …I’m drawing a blank here as to why, but some reason we attacked the Taliban to replace them with the … Taliban? But $2T poorer? …Not Cheney and Halliburton, they’re RICHER by $2T, I mean us, the taxpayer and Afghan goatherders. AND the Taliban, who Biden just gave $2B in weapons to the world’s largest, most America-hating terrorist organization. ‘Cause: Success! There are no Americans there! Except the 3 planes on the tarmac the White House won’t let go.

    Wait? Is that a treasonable, impeachable offense? Of COURSE not, silly-billy. FIGHTING the Taliban was the treasonable offense, ask anybody deployed in the theatre. We were never there to win, as Assange attests.

    Aaaaand all that hardware is going where? Yes, they lifted prime examples to China and Russia, but why bother disassembling a 1974 Lada such as all our stuff is? The hardware is being sold to IRAN. And Why? So Israel can bomb them a year or two from now and keep those lovely, yummy wars hummin’.

    And you think I’m a cynic who makes things up. How’s my record? Of just assuming the most backward, cynical, self-serving move literally any single western person can make to sell out and kill his mother for a nickel? Nailed it!

    in reply to: Debt debt Rattle September 7 2021 #86503
    Dr. D

    We’re better off here as this should come to a head as flu season re-starts. But it’s winter there. I would say the huge bang of our problem and realization may echo down under, but that’s already happened in Israel and nary a care. There is no level of “don’t work” that has the slightest impact. So you’re really down to what you can swing on personal choice.

    If this turns out bad, any unvaccinated can name any price. If it doesn’t, then you can still take it tomorrow, they won’t turn you away.

    So as the Jews in 1930, you need someone to put you up, grocery for you, etc. Because: Untested, bad reaction, Medical Experiment.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 6 2021 #86411
    Dr. D

    Seeing my comments disappear on logout and reappear on login again, they have strange effects, but it seems other can see them still if I can’t. Just brings to mind Twitter and Facebook where they’d sink your own comments so you’d waste your time and not realize you were talking into nothing.

    Since no computers work anymore, it’s hard to tell complete wreck of overcomplexity from active supression and oppression. Let’s not care and get rid of both. Change to embedded IRC?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 6 2021 #86406
    Dr. D

    They’re all missing the main flaw in the Rolling Stone horse paste article. Hospital? Sallisaw, OK. Population? 7,900. Problem? “Standing lines of gunshot victims.” Aside from the “standing” part, also a problem, and winter coats, also a problem, the gunshot rates – murder rates – in Sallisaw are?

    ZERO. And over 7 of the last 10 years? ZERO.

    So this story was written by somebody in Chicago, Baltimore, or some other blue city where that is THEIR daily reality. They think that’s normal for America. Really, it’s only normal for THEM, their family, their backyard. …And hardly even then. Out of all 19,000 cities, how many fill the emergency room with gunshots at all? Maybe 5? 0.026%? And they’re all yours. Nary a rural Oklahoma or Alabama to be found.

    I know the drug thing was interesting and captivating, but keep your wits. No need to look one second farther or fight the controversy they WANT you to fight: fight the legs out from under it. A town the size of Maybury with –what would that be? – 12 gunfights a day. Riiiiiight.

    Let’s say it’s Oklahoma City, a town of 600k and a s—thole of crime. Rates? 60. So lines of murder victims of ONE per week. However shall we get admitted? They’re not only from a weirdo micro-cult of people and places, they’re incapable of imagining any body, any thing, any life except themselves.

    “GP’s to Be Paid £10 More for Every Child They Inject with a Covid Vaccine (DE)”

    Is it clear yet you have to get rid of the money and the centralization?

    Believe it was Jim Rogers, not Marc Faber on the worldwide trip. But wasn’t that a special car, not bike?

    His argument seems normal to me. Printing money causes massive income inequality, bad economies, and as essentially an Austrian, I’m sure he would admit massive increase in fake speed and resource consumption that leads to crack-up booms and crashes. So you already said what we have isn’t Capitalism in any way, but then criticize capitalism we don’t have? Native Americans and Medieval Burghers had regulated Capitalism same as we do now: was their resource consumption too high?

    What we’re talking about is NOT-capitalism. I print money for no work, no trade, hand it to my friends, so there are no consequences ever, no bankruptcy. That’s as anti-capital as can possibly be imagined. And that method requires Statism, Authoritarianism, Socialism, VIOLENCE of massive central government to enforce what are in-human and unjust, but also irrational and #AntiLogos rules. Against the laws of Physics and Thermodynamics, as well as against human nature. So the only way they can EXIST, or at this point PER-SIST, is to add MORE of the same violent authoritarianism, and more repression of all human nature, all reality, all price discovery, and all truth. As we clearly see. Money aside, that’s not a healthy culture to live in. I think we are all against it. Mises, who I’m certain he’s aligned with, will tell you first thing that banks printing money leads to all kinds of foolery, stupid projects, and sheer waste, and that’s BEFORE it completely collapses into universal misery. So stop the banks from having free money and they won’t hand it to Musk to kill every pedestrian and policman, and blow up d—k-shaped rockets all day while people starve.

    If you want a normal standard of living, with normal income disparities, and normal human activities, you’ll work slowly, methodically, letting people work and keep their stuff while they themselves decide what is important to focus on. Then there’s no sudden shocks, jamming the machine for trading, rentier, insider profits, and everyone has time to come home, eat dinner and go to Boy Scouts again.

    Police” As usual, police, no mask (dick nose), instantly getting within 6’ for no reason whatsoever, and attempting to enforce completely illegal non-laws. And they think WE’RE the problem.

    Denmark: excellent question. We’ve seen night and day effects in other countries as well. My guess: they’re taking a different or a non-vaccine altogether. I don’t know how, but as it follows national borders pretty sharply, that’s my guess.

    And from Yesterday, CNN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpHiDsnqOSA

    in reply to: Covidian Roulette #86404
    Dr. D

    “Informed Consent” may have been swept under the carpet by now, but it’s still an important legal “entity””

    They’re missing something else: they are not protected by the EUA in cases of fraud or intentional harm.

    Also, let’s not go crazy: IF indeed it is harmful, probably measures will be created to mitigate the grave harm or even remove it altogether. Mostly. Heart damage is hard to heal even if there is no additional harm from this moment forward. However, it would take months or years to develop that, and we’re not starting because everyone is resisting as all medical discussions are censored and denied.

    only immense suffering can change our minds.”

    We’ve killed maybe 6 million people, largely innocents, in the last 25 years and we’re still throwing parties. Right now people are dying in families a day after the shot and STILL supporting everything. Outlook not so good. Although we don’t think so, though, Humans are a collective and the deadly monkeying around by some lead to the survival of the whole.

    If expected, many will be injured and die and be unable to cover by October. We’ll see.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 5 2021 #86319
    Dr. D

    From CJ Hopkins yesterday:

    “more and more people have come to see it for what it is, not “insanity” or “an overreaction,” but, in fact, a new form of totalitarianism, a globalized, pathologized, depoliticized form, which is being systematically implemented under the guise of “protecting the public health.”
    In order to oppose this new form of totalitarianism, we need to understand how it both resembles and differs from earlier totalitarian systems. The similarities are fairly obvious — the suspension of constitutional rights, governments ruling by decree, official propaganda, public loyalty rituals, the outlawing of political opposition, censorship, social segregation, goon squads terrorizing the public, and so on

    So, as written by them decades ago, they will use “public health” as the cause, just as Germany did “public safety” committees. And roving brownshirted gangs. Bo-ring. Yawn. No imagination. Same playbook of Germany and Russia, 100 years old. Good thing nobody reads history, but especially the University Left or they’d recognize it.

    “Public loyalty rituals”. Yes, and this is how it’s easy to identify a psychological, unscientific scam. So doctors who know masks don’t work, after not working once in two years, are REQUIRING masks that don’t work. Yes, but WHY? To identify and separate the obedient suck-ups vs the free thinkers, and make one group kill the other. THAT’S the purpose. Not health. Obviously. Same reason Mafia boss has to sleep with your wife. Because antagonizing you and you being helpless proves he’s got you under complete control and obedience. In this case, locking your kids in closets in Toronto until they shoot themselves. Full support! Good show old chum!

    “It just doesn’t matter, because you do not get to dictate “reality.” Global capitalism gets to dictate “reality,”

    This is just the point. “Truth” is now an expression of nothing but power. That’s the strict, largest takeaway from “1984.” “How many fingers do you see?” That’s the only interest here, CLEARLY, or you would let doctors speak and prescribe in the normal, traditional fashion. That’s why social media is the key, because Technocracy is the digital expression of Bernays’ mind control.

    ““The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”
    ― Edward Bernays, Propaganda

    He then also warned that propaganda will work ONLY until you tell open lies, contradictions, or were radically opposed to the people. As this technology has worked endlessly and seamlessly for 100 years, they cannot seem to recognize its limits, thankfully for us and all humankind.

    “You do not do that by being polite, conciliatory, or avoiding conflict. You do that by generating as much internal conflict within the cult as you can.” And it is indeed the internal contradictions that are waking people up. Pro-Islam, Anti-Jew semitism, noted among feminists, in NYC, home of that power and culture. Knock-down, drag out death match of Feminists vs women over trans. Like we need to stop white supremacist Larry Elder and vote in a Black Governor like Newsome. And even those things barely register.

    “see it, feel it, tangibly, inescapably, until they recognize what they are collaborating with. Stop arguing with them on their terms, and instead directly attack their “reality.”

    This is related to what I do by being offensive, but only just offensive enough. Being offensive enough makes you sputter, “But but…” and THEN! They have to THINK to create a rebuttal. Not that worried about what it is, SEEING the contradiction and engaging in it with debate is enough. They might continue, sure, but that’s their right. I only break the spell and make the choice visible.

    However, it has to engage in FEELING. Not just “because,” but because the technology works on the feeling humans, hijacks their honest caring and good will to evil ends. That’s one of the divides of “Left-Right” (such as it exists at all) and is indeed one of the weaknesses of the Right. However, being mental, not emotional, male, and not female as it were, they are more resistant to this particular, Bernays’, method of hijacking and mental terrorism. What the Right can’t get through is that they need to engage with and make the Left FEEL, because feeling and exposure is antithetical to their nature, and forcing/using it on others is also considered immoral to them.

    However, that has been the plan, pushed hard for at least for at least 5 years, but also the Right’s plan as set out in “Atlas Shrugged”, probably followed by Greenspan, Reagan, Paul, etc and the vanishingly few non-RINOs. It’s INCREDIBLY, interminably, annoying, but it does seem to be going okay, and about July last, they made the switch to let Joe show them some more and perhaps stop the civil unrest altogether. Is it working? What is “working”? In a war all plans are terrible or it wouldn’t be a war, but some plans less than others. Did allowing Covid to run but with vaccines break their Narrative? I certainly appears it did.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 5 2021 #86316
    Dr. D

    “the industry is now desperately calling on the government to end its mandatory vaccination policy for care workers, warning that a “catastrophe” is on the horizon.”

    They don’t care that people die, they just don’t want to be blamed for it. Liable. And this may end it, as government does whatever corporations say. But now we have the nursing home industry fighting the pharma industry, and I can guess who wins. Because one gets billions directly from government and monopoly.

    “feel totally undervalued” / “the last straw” for many in the industry.”

    From what I hear, this is the true root, and other important industries too. Remember if housing/rent just rose 40% after being squeezed for decades, this is like asking $8/hr again. As Kunstler was saying: We’ve warned you and we’ve had it. Something like warning and being right about Nafta and Most Favored Nation for years, then electing Trump. Can you hear us now?

    Answer was yes and no. They finally “heard”, but they also went insane on the ground, running in circles and shooting everywhere, at shadows, endangering everyone. Because they, the PMC, can’t sit down in a boardroom and say, “Well boys, we did the extensive studies and found our problem: it’s us. So as of now we’ve all fired ourselves and the janitors are in charge.” Nah. Much more fun to shoot randomly at peasants and complain about the nonworking over half-caf soy lattes. There’s only one PMC truism: whatever happens it’s YOUR fault. Susan Sarandon’s fault, with Oprah Winfrey, every other Oscar and Grammy winner and $6B dollars on the other side. Nope! Who knew she was so powerful? Really SHE’S the queenmaker, she’s been running the world this whole time. …Otherwise may it was THEIR fault? As it’s THEIR fault, greed, idiocy, recklessness, fraud this time too?

    Israel Virus Czar Calls To Begin Readying For 4th Vaccine Dose (ToI) “

    Can’t keep up. Okay, “Only 15 days, 2 years, 2 vaccines, TWO boosters, and two pills a day to lower the curve.” Wait? It’s not been lowered? It’s higher everywhere except the places that did nothing? Okay, NINE boosters then, THEN, I’m totally sure we’ll lower the curve. Trust us. When have we led you wrong?”

    “it’s difficult to say how many children haven’t been infected but it’s probably about half of them, that’s about 6 million children”

    And that’s YOUR fault. You did that. By helping. You prevented them from getting it, which near-zero die from to save your own sorry -sses. They also did not get exposure to other diseases and their immune system is now exposed to those too. And all the child suicides.

    What’s more fun, they act like Sweden, and for that matter, Denmark, Iceland, Russia don’t exist. Covid: worst = every single place that’s done what they’ve said. Best = every single place that ignored them.

    once 80 per cent of eligible Australians are double jabbed”

    Ugh. Why do you make me bring this up? That’s Deagel’s number. The number dead in the mostly-western world. Now I’ve been crying on about how idiotic, the electric cars, no grid to support them, etc. All these mega corporate plans all work perfectly. Work perfectly if +30% of the population miraculously dies. But VW, Social Security, National Grids had no idea, right? They just pre-positioned years ahead of time against all engineering sense on accident.

    “Grandparents in the east can hold their new grandchild in the west for the first time,”

    They can do that now. YOU are the only one stopping them. Illegally I may add. Oh wait, it’s against the LAW? Hahahahaha. And you can’t buy drugs in Oz either? So now a bunch of pan-handling, house-robbing addicts have more balls than the Australian people? Jesus, what an insult. Every low-life on the island is a better man than you. I guess we’ll see.

    “The problem, of course, is that the third dose will wear off too, so a fourth, fifth or sixth dose will be needed. The vaccinated will be getting boosters for the rest of their lives, and the virus still won’t go away.”

    Sure it will. As soon as you wise up and do nothing. They will get it and have full natural immunity and never need another vaccine. This is their point of pure terror: no profits.

    The main reason for prolonged silence, and introspection, is that I am not sure I can find the truth. I do not know if it can be found anymore. Today I am unsure what represents a fact, and what has simply been made up.”

    Yes. While this may devolve into localization, in this case that is probably not a good thing.

    “For each fact, there is an equal and opposite fact.”

    When this happens, you’ve done something very, very wrong with your culture, and it’s about to collapse and be conquered, just as China and our Derp State has long planned and published.

    “On one side is democracy, on the other is totalitarianism. Pick a side,”

    That’s why I say, “When I choose my side, to allow speech and discussion, what’s the downside? What’s the risk? Yet when YOU pick a side, which involves burning all American cities, people, minorities, dissenters, PhDs, MDs, poor people, children, what happens? Oh that oligarchs and their government apparatchiks get rich? While we grow poor and die? While ending all human rights forever? And this is the side you want to take, the rights you want to support with your life?”

    So it’s very easy because the virus discussion cancels out of the equation, leaving bigger, realer concerns: Life, not death.

    From his earlier, the idea of Covid being a cult, and the only way to break the cult which approaches majority is to let it expose itself, is probably true. …But it’s also the game plan of Trump, Mr. 17, and the only approach that appears to have worked against it even a little since we’ve been warning you and being right constantly since 1954. That, all our words, all the headlines proving us, was nothing. But seeing for yourself finally was something. Sorry it has to be this way then, but that means we need to MAKE them go FURTHER, with mean tweets that make them convulse in a lather and lose their minds 5x a day, while also somehow ring-fencing the important, ultimate areas of concern: Military, nukes, infrastructure, and while a few cities burn and a couple of Jews or patriots are rounded up, beaten and prosecuted, mostly it’s incidental damage in the big picture compared to letting them run. With state’s rights, the counterweight is increasing, and although all is lost, all branches are captured, and there are no good guys out there, yet Cuomo, Newsome, and probably Whitmer are going down, most America-first are unscathed, and Trump is untouched, even everyone he ever talked to is released on non-charges. What is that? Sounds like somebody’s there if you’d just stand up and do the right thing: human rights and rules.

    It’s what he says here: YOU made it so nothing would work but PAIN. That the only way you and your family would leave the cult, the mind control, is if things got SO CRAZY, crazy beyond all belief, beyond all history, beyond all reason, that finally, finally, something would break through and develop roots of reason and contact again. Mr. Roboto knows how suck this is, as did much of the nation the year before in Trump/Bernie rebellion. It’s progressed so far Wolf and Bill Maher are on board.

    And yet, there is still a tiny 10% or something, of mostly PMCs in Blue cities that are too well-paid and well-trained to rouse. They’ve been suck-ups to teacher since birth, and some people are like that. They shattered the culture way back to provide fodder, so lacking a community, the cult is their family, the cult is their identity, classic arrangement from boring, predictable people. (The social engineers, not necessarily us) While we’re still working tirelessly, at constant, unceasing aggravation and personal cost and risk to reach a few more neighbors and countrymen, yet I’m sure time is still running out.

    But the cult, exposed, out in the open, with appalling, irrational, violent, bullying behavior, is the only thing that will or has worked. And that has been the plan going on many years now, at least 6 but probably 60. And we’ll still love you and take you in. You’re welcome.

    “China” banning girly men and promoting patriotic songs, sounds like they’re tooling up to a war. As well-known way back.

    “Healthy” 40 year old? Open mouth: lie came out. This is CNN.

    Hey anybody seen Bosco lately or is he another new person again?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 4 2021 #86268
    Dr. D

    Mu, like all variants, doesn’t escape natural immunity at all. So congratulations: if you did nothing, you’re covered.

    Democrats Refuse to Drink Water as It’s also Prescribed to Horses” –BBee

    To counter the rampant misinformation propagated by pro-water extremists, Democrats now refuse to drink water and urge other progressively minded Americans to follow suit.

    “Not only is water prescribed for horses, they actually need water to survive.” Said local Democrat Thurl Turdleburd, standing guard outside of the town’s livestock shop. “With idiots emptying the farm supply store shelves of this precious product, millions of horse lives are now at risk.”

    When asked if his refusal to drink water paralleled the left’s reaction to the widespread off-label use of Ivermectin to fight COVID-19, backed by over 50 promising studies, decades of safety data, and billions of doses given in third-world countries to eradicated horrifying diseases in humans, Mr. Turdleburd’s eyes glazed over. He then looked to the sky and yelled, “Science!”

    Republicans are now leading a reactionary campaign in reaction to the reaction of Democrats. Leaders are rallying patriots to not only drink water that is prescribed for horses but to also sleep standing up and poop in their yards.”

    These people are un-parodiable. Nothing I or The Bee can think of is crazier than what they already believe. But that doesn’t make it not worth trying! I mean, don’t you get tried of being wrong and mocked and having people think poorly of you? I thought they were social types, collectivists. You know, 8th grade popularity contest. So how are you the cool kids if everybody’s laughing at you behind your backs?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 4 2021 #86242
    Dr. D

    Belle Epoch, here’s a picture of today’s windows:

    Well, that’s what happens when with financialization, debt based monetary system and the resulting insider rentier, government-protected monopoly fiefdoms.

    Extinction” Well amphibians are known to be seriously harmed by glyphosate. Did these loving, caring “developed” nations – the ones that have bombed brown people worldwide continuously since 1950 – outlaw or even slow down the use of glyphosate? Not on your life. They doubled, tripled, quadrupled. And that’s waaaaaay easier, and completely non-controversial compared to the rather abstract CO2 theory. It won’t even hardly kill anyone with crop reductions if they try it! Probably why they don’t.

    So these are not serious people. They are clown people, who care for nothing: not frogs, not children, not even themselves. They are frauds, and incapable of the simplest actions and are overwhelmingly obvious in doing so.

    This is also why non-woke, non-environmental people mock and berate them, their 5000sqft houses at sea level, their 300 days a year jet-setting, their transoceanic voyages, and their 3,000 mile ceasar salads at the French Laundry. Walk the walk. Or walk the plank, which is my preference.

    Two anecdotes today, one from NY Times reporter, takes his daughter to the doctor for a high fever. Doctors aren’t wearing a mask and tell him “why would we? We’re vaccinated.” Man flees his doctor, taking his fevered daughter away from medical care. Okay, um, aren’t you the guys following the Science and your Doctor’s advice? YOUR Doctor – not some suspicious doctor on the internet, head of cardiology or something – just told you medically you’re okay. So you, New York Times reporter, not-doctor, are believing…who exactly? Anybody online BUT your primary care doctor? And believe it so strongly your daughter could have complications of high fever? And they think the RIGHT are conspiracy theorists. They’ve truly, truly gone insane.

    Next personal: Man shows up at doctor, there’s a mask requirement. When the doctor arrives he says, “Doc, why do you do this? The masks don’t work anyway.” Doctor says “I know. We do it anyway.” Wait: what? We now do, in fact we REQUIRE, what is known and agreed to be medically useless? Should I wear buffalo horns on my head too? What the…? It’s different if you have a doctor who for some unscientific reason still believes it. But this doctor DOESN’T believe it and says, “We are requiring the dumb and superstitious thing anyway.” That’s today’s medicine. And “law.” (Which is also “not law”.)

    From yesterday’s Julius, “it was 100% inevitable and 100% predictable that these vaccines would never be capable of eradicating this coronavirus” As the Docktor said, but also that no lockdown measure would work. How did I know that? I didn’t: I quoted the CDC. If over 1%, and you know, R5 or something, it’s not possible to contain. This CDC data has proven accurate as the CDC, and now en-maddened, insane, reality-free planet totally ignore all previous studies and protocols, including those by the CDC and WHO, including that they no longer feverishly pulling vaccines that harm so many as 100.

    Now they claim R9 (no doubt falsely, as it’s essentially all the same virus and LESS deadly) and STILL claim both all measures that failed every minute of every day for 2 years — just as the CDC said — will now work, AND that it’s so contagious that no one has got ever it and has natural immunity. Everyone says “okay”. It’s inexplicable. Supernatural. Clearly words and ideas have no meaning, no reality to them, as the whole world acts as if they don’t believe a single word of their own “Narrative”. That’s a certain sign of crazy people.

    How (And Why) Israel Changed What “Fully Vaccinated” Means”

    It means “Do what you’re told” or you’ll never get your freedoms back. Not EVEN after 3 doses. You’re grounded: Go to your room. Mommy loves you! Mommy knows best!

    Mama’s gonna make all of your nightmares come true
    Mama’s gonna put all of her fears into you
    Mama’s gonna keep you right here under her wing
    She won’t let you fly but she might let you sing
    Mama’s gonna keep baby healthy and clean” –Pink Floyd

    “anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist Joe Rogan” Uh…what? I’ll give you $100 if he’s not been vaccinated many, many times. But hey: open mouth, lie comes out. We just say things. Not TRUE things, of course, but made-up things we WANT to be true. Truthiness!

    “the fact that it is a DNA vaccine is significant, say researchers. It is proof of the principle that DNA vaccines work”

    Just reminding that these guys said, “Hey, can we cure diseases, mental illnesses like people believing in God and not doing what they’re told? Probably that’s a physical brain-trait that can be erased.” So I can see why they’re excited.

    “The big pharma giant is so confident that” They have complete control of bribing the regulators, that they produce medicines before they’ve been approved or even tested. Fixed it.

    The Guardian is confident they will be jabbed anyway.” Why shouldn’t they? They’ve never tested medicines before approving them before. What part of “wholly owned” and “Merger of corporation and state regulator” do you not understand?

    “I bet you cannot take 500 ambulance workers out of the system for very long.”

    Sure you can. It’s just another way to make everyone die and turn them against each other. Every human death is a win for oligarchs.

    “Indiana Health Care System Suspends 280 Employees for Refusing Vaccine (JTN)”

    Same. Excellent, there was a doctor and nursing shortage for years before now, increased by Obamacare, (paperwork) and going back to 1992 when the government first started getting involved and really “helping”. Gosh, if only we had the number of beds and open hospital we had then! But they’re all consolidated by merger-of-corporation-and-state government-protected oligarchic monopolies and shut down leaving no beds and no competition. Then Covid! Cuomo opened no beds! Zero! After closing 10% of NY capacity even in his short term. AND all the mental hospitals. And nurses….pffft! Not only none of those, less than ever, but holding out on inter-state nursing license agreements so you can’t even borrow them. Remember, every nurse that retires, every human that dies, Cuomo and pals pure win! And so with all other states too. As Xi said, “After this, you all will be far richer.” Yes, because we’ll pull out your gold teeth and divide your stuff. That’s just common sense. …If you’re a sociopath.

    “Rare Body Inflammation After Vaccinations (RT)”

    “Rare” that the cardiologist study said happens every time with every spike protein. But as Deflationista says, if you don’t like that study, it no longer exists! The only studies that exist are the ones I SAY exist, so it’s Science as expression of personal POWER. As per MONEY.

    “usually reserved for deworming horses or livestock”, …or winning Nobel prizes in Japan for previous incurable diseases, or commonly prescribed among humans billions of times worldwide, even in America, so dangerous they give it to whole floors for things as placid as scabies. I mean, either way, right? I mean, Prize winning safe human drug, discredited animal homeopathy, to-MAY-to, to-MAH-to, black, white; right, wrong, they’re all the same, right?
    “We’re an empire now and we create our own reality.”

    Hey, did they even find ONE person who was in trouble from this? Because the “70%” turned out to be one guy poison control referred on the phone, but may or may not have ever bothered to come in ’cause he wasn’t really sick.

    “The FDA says ivermectin “can be dangerous and even lethal,” …which it why it’s available over the counter in superstitious un-medical backwaters like Paris. Oh and has what, 30M doses daily worldwide with the U.S. military?

    …From the Docktor, eating “horse carrots” and drinking “horse sugar” in his coffee, wrapped in a “horse blanket” and using a “horse comb”, after using “horse shampoo”, while brushing his teeth with “horse toothpaste.” Later on, I may go walk in the “horse grass” and bask in the “horse sun” breathing “horse air.” We’re all horses now.

    in reply to: Five Alarm Fire #86230
    Dr. D

    Speaking of ecological disaster, Saudi, the new Russian ally, had already shown they can cause rain in the Arabian desert, it just takes some drones and some money. Meanwhile, back in the U.S., there’s a drought on the coast of the world’s largest ocean, as well as all over inland. Do I really need to ask the obvious question of why the U.S. doesn’t have the price of a small car to help it rain anywhere, but would like forest fires and droughts that cause real estate to go on fire sale for BlackRock instead? WHILE completely bankrupt states like CA get ten-bil subsidies in disaster relief, and all they need is Newsome and some matches? Last time CA burned, it just haaaaapened to be in a strip where they has passed laws more or less prohibiting hte rebuild of all the houses. …Unless you were a ultra wealthy corporation that had the proper tech and permits, like Newsome’s friends have.

    It’s an accident, I’m sure. Like every other thing in the whole gosh-darn world.

    Yes, it’s not meant to be “in a vein”. Whatever, that’s metaphorical language. However, it’s been well supported from the first that the proteins quickly go everywhere.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 3 2021 #86196
    Dr. D

    “Science” is OK to cite as long as it validates your bias. But when it doesn’t, you pivot straight to saying it doesn’t matter”

    Totally agree. So stop doing it.

    I’d like to say it’s NOT horse dewormer. My God, the lies, the lies. It’s a horse dewormer like Bayer is Horse Aspirin. Anyone tell me – besides the Nobel prize, PLUS erasing a horrific African disease – wasn’t it established for humans first? I mean, aren’t they wrongly prescribing human dewormer for horses? Ah, why do I bother? To bother, you’d have to have honesty and good faith and we have neither. I exist, therefore I lie. Others exist, therefore they quote my lies and feel super goodly and extra smart!

    “The pharmaceutical lobbying group known as the American Medical Association”

    ‘The wholly owned subsidiary of Pfizer told you to stop honing in on Pfizer’s profits. We’re serious, man. From Tim Pool: “We’ve done it! Just 15 days, two years, two vaccines, one booster shot, and a twice-daily pill to stop the spread.” Oh wait… it’s not stopped? Not the masks either? “Hey Marty, we got anything else to sell? Look in the back, sweep it off the floor, I don’t care what.”

    They’ll literally buy anything. PLUS the masks, PLUS Martial law, PLUS never seeing your kids, PLUS locking children in a closet, PLUS editing your text messages, PLUS outlawing your doctor, PLUS closing your business, PLUS child suicides, PLUS needing an ID for anything but voting, PLUS building camps open in 2022. PLUS continuing to fire everyone who was right, PLUS quoting everyone who has been wrong for 720 days in a row and paid to have the virus invented, released, and covered up. IS THERE A BLOODY LIMIT? Apparently not. I got nothin’.

    Ethereum a 10-bagger, $350 to $4,000 in one year. 5x since Jan 1, also leading first and after hitting the high, probably retreating before the (irrational) spike into Jan ‘22. Is that inflation, Mr. Powell? In a world with universally rigged markets, where all major banks have paid fines for rigging precious metals, what becomes our inflation thermometer?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 3 2021 #86160
    Dr. D

    Keeping it up, Trudeau too scared to get off the bus.

    “For (my) safety reasons, this event will no longer be taking place here.”

    True leader and hero. Thank god all the women voted him in ’cause he’s dishy.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 3 2021 #86159
    Dr. D

    I Bought Myself A Politician – Cheaper by the Dozen.

    When normal people write odes and anthems to your obvious fraud and corruption, you’re done.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 3 2021 #86158
    Dr. D

    Oz: So…you have to have your phone with you every minute? I say put it on the counter in the other room and make the police show up 10x a day. That’ll end real quick.

    “60% of which come from vaccinations. Which we know don’t protect.”

    We actually don’t know that at all since they won’t test. Also we don’t know who DID have it since THAT test is also admitted wrong, doesn’t work at all, yet we’re still using the data as if it did/does.

    So: we know nearly nothing? Oh, wow, super-great. That’s Science for you, run by Fauci, and super-proud. Don’t deny the Science we did with faulty tests and the complete LACK of testing, evidence, and statistics since we don’t check/confirm via antibody.

    And again, for all bad-faith actors, THEY propose all this lockdown/forced experiment on KNOWN BAD tests and procedures. And you can’t mention it. Yet when it comes to early treatment, 100 studies that are normal, known good but perhaps preliminary, don’t count and are suddenly not Science. Only since Jan’20. Only for this one discussion. So Science is Not Science, and Not Science = Science. Got it. So how can you tell? That’s what we keep bringing up, like Phoenix: this choice of “what’s Science, and true” has an amazing adherence to money + power and to no other variable. But identifying that fact through their own actions and data set isn’t Science either. Because that too would interfere with the money.

    Moderna: Excuse me if I DON’T want stainless steel direct-injected into my veins. Do people not know what it’s made of or think one step ahead? (A: Obviously no) Among other elements, SS has Chromium, Nickel, Molybdenum, and possibly others, which break down in acid or salt. While not inherently deadly, they are/can be as heavy metals and disrupt your body chemistry and health in noticeable or dangerous ways that are difficult to identify and track. So: body as it is now, no metals OR inject a random cocktail of metals that may or may not cause cascade effects doctors can’t diagnose. Hmmm. Disrupted health, no disrupted health. So hard to choose. DO YOUR JOBS, you criminals. I’d say, OR ELSE, but no matter how many tens of thousands killed, how many billion fines, how many J&J plants shut, nobody goes to jail.

    “Unvaccinated Greek Healthcare Workers Given Second Chance (K.)”

    Sounds like they lost their leverage. Leverage is a funny thing, like violence the THREAT of violence works until you try to use ACTUAL violence. Then people fight back and it might vanish into thin air. Like your Social Security, Pension, and Insurance.

    Oh: In other words, it’s a scam. A con. A lie.

    “NYC Teachers Union Ready For War Over Vaccine Mandate (NYP) “

    Well that’s a surprise. I wondered what would bring them out of a coma. And a union protecting the people. I haven’t seen that in my lifetime, or at least since Nafta in ‘92.

    “Walter Cronkite was a committed Democrat, he never allowed that to significantly colour his reporting.”

    Speaking of misinformed, but that was when the truth wasn’t nearly as far from The Narrative, and easier to hide. Walt won awards and was in a famous back-slapper where – in a 1991 Bilderberg group Rockefeller stated:

    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government. . . .  The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

    Walt was their star player for promoting this “Technocracy”, which is essentially Soviet Stalinism on steroids.

    1994, Rockefeller was quoted at a U.N. dinner as saying, “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

    David Rockefeller wrote in his 2002 memoirs: “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

    But that never happened, and they never said that, and published it, in their name, in 100,000 copies of their book distributed worldwide. Can’t you see you’re just being silly? He didn’t say what he said, and certainly didn’t MEAN what he said, because I, the Professional Managerial Class, I speak FOR Rockefeller and co. It’s almost like I AM Rockefeller, Schwab, etc, my identity is theirs, we are one mind, and I’m not a bad person, so therefore THEY are not a bad person and they never said these things. QED. Can’t you see how simple that is? Seriously, how is that not perfect logic that they didn’t mean the things they said and meant because I said so, so shut up and sit down you filthy peasant.

    Anyway, Cronkite. Hahahaha. Just goes to show how successful they used to be at what they did, before they all became retarded 7th sons and made the idiotic choice of sending their kids to Harvard. Now all they know how to do is take drugs and smell each others farts.

    The sad part is, now that they’re dumber than trailer trash with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, America’s PMC class is even dumber than that. The NASCAR crowd is only sliiiightly smarter, which is not meant to be a compliment.

    Speaking of dumb, so…how’s that End of the Petrodollar thing going for ya? Saudi Arabia reneged, other nations including OPEC (Nigeria) are leaving the US/Dollar umbrella, pretty much ending the world as we know it, and you’re all covering this important event on TV right? As we’re about to have deadly inflation and serious shortages and already do? No? Not only didn’t cover it, didn’t even understand it?

    Hey, $40B/month to Blackrock to overbid on houses so “You’ll own nothing”, houses and rents up 40% in 6 months because of it, pricing out…well, everyone, rich, poor, middle…and you’re what? Nothing?

    Don’t worry, 40% rises in major expenses with rolling supply shortages in a nation printing $6T/year aren’t indicative of anything. I’m sure everything’s going fine. Or WaPo and Brian Williams would tell you, right?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 2 2021 #86097
    Dr. D

    New Cure for Covid, certain to work:


    Courtesy, Armstrong, https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/disease/absolute-cure-for-covid-amazingly-discovered/

    Previous article points out the fevered attempt to save their bailouts and market/nation breaking negative rates by using Covid to reset, print all, swap shattered pensions with a $2k UBI, etc.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 2 2021 #86091
    Dr. D

    More my speed:

    “Brian Williams Tearfully Recounts Clinging to Outside of Airplane to Escape Kabul” –BBee

    Now why they “reflexively” not trust us?

    Greek doctors would be 180,000 doctors laid off in American terms. Will that cause problems? Nah, only for Greeks. They all die and the insurance management is doing fine, so what the problem? It’s just like Obamacare, but bigger.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 1 2021 #85963
    Dr. D

    Fine, but Ilych, how much is too little? I see the height of the West being Edwardian, Belle Epoch, with electric, new materials, immense beauty. After, it was Brutalist, Absurdist, anti-human school. But that was on an massive energy rise. Unless tribalism or Medievalism is the height you’re looking for.

    The energy is a problem, but we can’t un-invent it. What’s the solution? I mean besides their published plan of murdering 7.5 billion people?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 1 2021 #85961
    Dr. D

    Little interest in vaccines. NBC and pals finally rappel down from the tower to ask why:
    Didn’t learn anything mind you, but they asked. Tells me it doesn’t have the uptake they claim, and certainly what they want. Anybody know what rate, since 34%, 60%, and 70% are all still constantly referenced without evidence or citation.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 1 2021 #85956
    Dr. D

    Kuru. Wendigo. Cannibalism. Always hungry, always more.

    Good to stop it since we DO have energy. A lot of it. Not in the century terms, but you notice they were wrong about natural gas which appears more plentiful than 50 years ago. We essentially haven’t drilled three coasts. The war in Yemen is probably that oil wells do NOT stop at the Saudi Border but maybe-kinda might be there? As they are in UAE and the surrounding states? Russian arctic is undrilled, or at least unpiped. Huge parts of Africa — coincidentally the parts we’re bombing, like Sudan, have oil. Venezuela is locked in. Cuba is untapped, a big prize. Iran is totally embargoed, and it is certain and official they have as much as Saudi Arabia did in 1950, that is, 50 years of world supply.

    Here’s the thing: suppose we DID open it. What happens? Burn 4x more, 4x faster like last time? 4x the population to 25B? See the problem? Having unlimited free energy from technology would be the WORST thing that could happen, and we certainly WOULD cut all the remaining trees and displace all the remaining animals. Starting from London and NY, centers of ecological guilt, and moving out from there. It’s not so bad to lock it in until we can find a plan to use it responsibly, but know it IS in there.

    Problem two with this realization is that although that would be the good thing and good solution, in fact the people with the WORST ecological and human record are the ones jacking prices and harboring the energy for themselves while squeezing supply for the poorest, as in France. They are the ones whose policies forced, by tax law, subsidy, monopoly, every means possible, to FORCE and REQUIRE topsoil to be paved, fish to be erased, overproduction to be built, against the natural will of the people who work smaller and slower. The top oil user is the Pentagon, worldwide. The top CO2 users are the same private-jet oligarchs landing at Davos and Copenhagen, tax-free, mask-free. The top polluter is China, where we outsource our pollution and death, required by tax, medical, OSHA, and import law.

    In short, you’ve got the worst offenders driving the bus. Jimmy-Bob in a 40′ pickup truck has nothing on them.

    Not solutions or advice, but there’s your situtation. Like food, there’s a lot of oil and will be for a long time. What we lack is distribution. On purpose. Because that’s how you CONTROL the price, and the people. Disaster Capitalism (read: “Not” Capitalism). It’s all about control. And murder! So there’s more for me!

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