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    Dr. D

    “Russian officials have also argued that the provision of arms, intelligence-sharing and the training of Kiev’s troops already means that Western nations have de facto become parties to the conflict.”

    There is most probably a centuries-established legal threshold and understanding on this. My thought not having researched it is yes, anyone openly arming a side and sending soldiers is a party to the war. We are trying not to go crazy about it so long as they try to keep it down as a proxy war. This of course applies to the last 100 wars and coups the U.S. has illegally ‘proxied’.

    Since no war was declared since WWII, that basically means “all of them”.

    “PM Sunak Backtracks on Sending British Troops to Ukraine (ZH) “

    Since Sunak isn’t an actual person, who told him so?

    “there are no British soldiers that will be sent to fight in the current conflict. That’s not what’s happening,”

    It certainly IS happening. I guess he had to say it because it was a lie? Or it may be “we didn’t send them because we have fewer soldiers than a girl scout troop.”

    “Kiev is succeeding in its counteroffensive but to maintain the momentum and “finish the job,” President Vladimir Zelensky must throw more and younger Ukrainians into battle,”

    He said it because it was a lie. If he told the truth his tongue would burn and his face light on fire. Anyway, this is WHY he was sidelined, erased, booted, unceremoniously from the system. What does that mean? WHO booted him? He seems like right up their alley. And now he can walk around embarrassing himself and endangering Britain too? So wants him out making a public embarrassment and not telling him to shut up?

    ““adapting tactics, absorbing lessons, and making the best of the equipment we have all gifted them,”

    This is also a lie, but you knew that after “Ben Wallace”. They haven’t gifted jack. It’s all loans they want repaid with interest AND have already extracted in the blood of the people. In multiples. Ukraine has ceased to exist, and I don’t know what will come of all the Ukrainian women now with no men.

    “Europe’s already sinking into a black hole. Forget it.
    • EU Will Back Ukraine Without The US – Borrell (RT)

    Russia seems to be taking the Eastern view and letting time do their fighting. Remember, Blitzkrieg is all about time. So what is its opposite? Slowkrieg? PCR and everyone demanded Russia blitzkrieg. Otherwise “They Lost”. “They’re out of shells” (March 2022) “They’re bogged down and failed in Kiev” (while they negotiated a ceasefire and peace that Kiev double-crossed them on)

    Anyway, sure they could press Europe very hard. That has been my thesis, for the military, industrial, and specifically financial collapse. But what if they’re not? What if they take the Chinese view that, “Why bother?” They merely need security on that side and after that, who cares? Quite literally.

    Meaning: What if, in their view, their position is to just Let Europe “Whatever”? This had not crossed my thinking. I too have persistence of vision as to US and Euro “relevance”. Europe collapses now financially, sure, great. But what does that really change? Or Europe decays and merely gets weaker each year for 20 years – how is that any different? And in many ways better, less uncertain. Threat of full Euro mobilization and nuclear war goes down.

    Meanwhile, the RoW, the BRICS who now number 100, keep building high-speed trains, big new factories, and make and use wonderful, shiny, happy new products and live a great happy life. Of low wheat and oil prices. Why not?

    Being Western, I had not considered doing literally nothing over time, ever, and letting the bodies of my enemies float by of old age.

    In some cases, “our support is not being perceived as important as it is,” the EU top diplomat said, insisting that “it is.”

    Not really, Mr. “Gardens”. Since 100% of that aid has Zero effect on anything, how important can it be? It’s certainly not saving any Ukrainian lives, quite the opposite.

    “assassinate Joe Biden and Zelensky at the same time and blame this on Russia in order to justify ‘police action’ and a drafting of Americans”

    Most probably not, but this is the sort of thing that happens when you erase all norms on the Overton Window.
    My general feeling is, they’re too inept. They don’t hold enough levers of power, and the people and apparatchiks will oppose them. As per all the whistleblowers, but there are most probably 500 guys throwing sand in the gears for every open whistleblower. Somebody who gets the attempt written in documents for open accountability. Somebody who kens on and Oops, didn’t cut the check or get the material in place in time. I would, wouldn’t you? Since they’re all blackmailed, you can’t say no, you can only say “sorry, I did my best” or “Gosh, looks like they’re on to us and it’s too hot” (as he himself raised the alarm and suspicion.

    ““the US is committed to justice for Holocaust survivors and accountability for atrocities.”

    We will be attacking and invading Canada shortly.

    “someone who would testify, at the very start of an inquiry, that the case already was made for actual articles of impeachment.”

    Bannon at work. Yes, that is inappropriate EVEN IF that were true, and EVEN IF that was planned. You would at minimum want the APPEARANCE of impartiality, as no one today knows the definition of that word, at least for the history books. Everyone makes their case and presents their side. Also the “Case” is essentially to the American PEOPLE, not Congress or donors or somebody. It’s extremely important it be covered and heard, even if as I suspect, they won’t cover it and the People won’t hear it.

    • Federal Prosecutors Want Gag Order Against Trump after His Recent Remarks (ET)

    I’m sorry: WHAT does Milley have to do with the case? They are indicting Trump for a bunch of things, none of which are Milley. Like 2020, for a unrelated business relative, for a guy who wasn’t running for President? That is, we protect all unrelated persons thrice-removed?

    ““The defendant either purchased a gun in violation of the law and his conditions of release, or seeks to benefit from his supporters’ mistaken belief that he did so,” the prosecutors stated.”

    So…Trump either committed a crime or didn’t? He’s either guilty or innocent? Aha! …Guys, that’s really covering the field there. I guess you geniuses got me; you win: he is indeed either guilty or innocent.

    “Trump Sues Christopher Steele over Hoax Dossier (ZH)

    Not sure. Because Steele is MI6, and it’s British election-tampering? He may at this time, want to keep fresh and hot that Steele and Hillary, FBI, were all paying Russia, involved with Russians, and believing everything Russia said like Russia bots. To me that’s “among 100 other things” but that may be the PR approach here.

    However, I expect instead somebody’s going to flip the tables here instead.

    in reply to: The 5 Stages of America #144043
    Dr. D

    Thank you.

    Listening today on remote viewing 2050. Sounds just like what I see. The country devolves to less use and more states. They don’t go as far but don’t mind so much either. People have a more wholistic mindset that is spiritual, but includes the environment. We have no nuclear war.

    For that, I wish we were there already.

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    Dr. D

    Yes, they’re in a s–t situation. They are going to deal with nothing but s–t situations. Built by the PUBLIC (broadly speaking) not them.

    BUT. All I see here is: they have a job, they didn’t do it. It was brought to their attention, they didn’t do it. Then THEY admitted, BY THEIR ACTIONS that the situation was wrong and should be remedied BY THEM, as the only possible agency responsible. …And. Didn’t. Do it. Now they are forcing YOU to harm YOUR child (by her records and exposure to the ward) in order to prevent MORE harm, WHILE you are telling them there is harm, your daughter has physical evidence of harm, and the agency themselves agrees there is harm.

    What exact level of “We’re sitting here all watching while your daughter is abused and laughing” and “We are also PREVENTING you from keepingher from being abused yourself” do we need to get to before we conclude THEY are the child abusers and the child abuse agency?

    If you were on the Rez, or other such law-lite situation, you’d point a shotgun at him and said if he ever looked at your daughter again, you’d shoot him dead and legal or illegal the Tribe would say “Well don’t mess with her then, you had it coming.” They are actively legally VIOLENTLY Preventing you from protecting your daughter.

    I don’t know what to say, and why I pick on government non-stop. There’s a level where they’re useful but clearly that level is not where they encourage non-stop life-long child abuse.

    I grew up watching them do this, back when it wasn’t as bad. So 40 years of watching the SAME process get worse in the exact SAME way isn’t enough to change course? Then you WANT the child abuse. There’s no other possible conclusion. If they didn’t they would stop it, but 100 different means. Instead, all 100 means are carefully avoided and the abuse increases, with catastrophic results, for them, us, their budgets, our budgets, the community, the school, the state, the nation, and the world, and yet it marches on unaltered. What other goal could there be?

    Reminds me of the same thing, same area, from Hugh Smith today:

    So a 30x increase in parasites, with a 30x increase in their pay, for a 900x increase in overhead costs. Every day, 30 years, keep going, accelerating even. You’d think they’d stop at 1x. You’d think they stop at 10x. You’d think they’d stop at 100x, but they won’t stop even at 1,000x with the worse chronic health in U.S. history, and challenger for the worst health in the world.


    At 900x is this an ACCIDENT? Did no one NOTICE? Is this our honest best INTENTIONS? No. Sorry, that is impossible. A situation where they always protect the abuser at the expense of the victim cannot BE an accident. It HAS to be the goal of the system — from somewhere — or it couldn’t exist. It couldn’t exist because in a tribe with Og and Gog, it would still be the OPPOSITE of this, from the first day of the first man, woman, or child. Since 100% of all people can look at your situation or those charts and would plan the Opposite, then it must take ENORMOUS energy, arrangements, payoffs, to keep them inside this UN-human situation and environment.

    For example, borrowing a shotgun in your situation is free. Paying all 50 employees tangentially involved with NOT solving it is $100k/year billable, $5M cost upfront PLUS all the medical and therapy costs, lost productivity later for you and her, easily over $5M again over time. And not just done TO you, AT you, but everyone statewide, nationwide, planetwide, who attract the attention of these same #Helpers too.

    Explain in little words how this can be an accident. They are removing doctors like Day while complaining blue about lack of providers and “Why won’t somebody do something” and pulling his license and claiming they’re helpless. They’re not helpless. The could just as easily have GIVEN licenses to people who didn’t deserve them as pull them from those who don’t. They do both every day. No, they are PAID. They are a nexus point that was CAPTURED. It was captured to Profit, and for Human Harm. That is the only possible motive and conclusion.

    I am very sorry for your situation. And yes, it makes me furious.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 1 2023 #144006
    Dr. D

    “Bankman-Fried himself described Alameda as “hilariously beyond any threshold of any auditor being able to even get partially through an audit,” in an internal note quoted in court documents. “Alameda is unauditable. I don’t mean this in the sense of ‘a major accounting firm will have reservations about auditing it’; I mean this in the sense of ‘we are only able to ballpark what its balances are, let alone something like a comprehensive transaction history.[’] We sometimes find $50m of assets lying around that we lost track of; such is life.” — Fast Company.

    He has only 6 charges against him and looks like he’ll mostly get off. Where actual money was ACTUALLY lost with ACTUAL complaints. In the Multi-Billions. Not, say, 91 charges; Number from thin air of course. Why? The judge is the judge running the Trump civil case. The White Hats run things in the court of public opinion and fact, the Black Hats run them in the SDNY and the real courts, since they already own them for 100 years anyway.

    Again, Quote: “I don’t mean this in the sense of ‘a major accounting firm will have reservations about auditing it’; I mean this in the sense of ‘we are only able to ballpark what its balances are, let alone something like a comprehensive transaction history.[’] We sometimes find $50m of assets lying around that we lost track of; such is life.”

    “In August, Judge Kaplan revoked Bankman-Fried’s bail, sending him to the Metropolitan Detention Center.”

    Kaplan is Armstrong’s terror judge, a waterboy of for-hire NY corruption.

    ““The trial is a good step forward; prosecuting the fraud that’s been rampant in crypto is extremely important, and trying to legitimize not only cryptocurrency but the processes surrounding it,”

    That is, NY needs the corruption, must encourage it, so they can save you from it and absorb all of crypto as a concept. This trial may be impromptu for other reasons but is making that happen now. The battle might have been stepped up and sudden but all the pre-planning logistics were there.

    This wouldn’t have happened, but 99 44/100ths of CryptoBois betrayed every basis of “Truth Engine”, “Going outside the banks”, “Peer-to-Peer” so they could scalp a Satoshi. A value equal to $0.0003 cents. Nice going guys. THIS is why we can’t have nice things.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 1 2023 #144005
    Dr. D

    “Wheat Prices Record Most Consecutive Quarterly Declines Since GFC Meltdown
    “We have seen wheat prices substantially decline basically as a result of Russia.”

    Thanks to Global warming, we’re saved! More people are eating cheaper than ever! Well, I already vowed to release as much CO2 as I can until those plants are green and happy! Just 200 more PPM to go.

    “Fun New Teen Vogue Quiz Helps Girls Find Out What Kind of Hooker They Should Be” –BBee

    Julian Assange in the Oubliette. But who is putting him there, what King? Yes he’s in Britain (so proud) but really it’s the whole West, like Revelations, how can they understand nations still exist but also don’t exist and are irrelevant? They say there are 10 crowns on one beast.

    Banks unrealized losses. And Powell is “bailing” everybody. Which he can, but Leguarde ‘can’t’. What has to happen here for this to exist is the market to broadly, and in all aspects, be entirely disconnected from reality. Which it is. It has been well and laboriously trained with trillions and trillions of dollars over 30 or 40 years to be that way, such that it now looks at the entire economy, the entire nation, the entire banking system, the entire trading, stock, and financial system collapsing…perhaps in a nuclear exchange…and says, “So? Don’t you know as every trader down to Johnny Bravo and Mannarino says, the markets have nothing to do with economy, nothing to do with reality? I’d trade when the blips on the charts tell me.”

    That’s HOW banking can look like that and nobody respond, anywhere. That’s financial Leprosy: the entirely Capitalist nervous system is dead. Or has been killed. So when they’re blowing their foot off in Ukraine, or rotting it off in Africa, they can’t tell. (the ten aspects of money, as in “Means of account,” or “measuring and communicating value”)

    Shutdown days. Sigh. Only 140 safe days in the last 40 years. “No one is safe when Congress is in session” – Will Rogers.

    “However, she insisted that, if Europe were united in its effort, it could shoulder the burden of supporting Ukraine alone.”

    They cannot. They “don’t” have the men. So they need to install a puppet Right Wing they’ve been talking about, and round up and conscript all the immigrants on a racist basis to get them killed. Problem solved on both ends. Plus! Blame the “right”, that is in this scenario, really the Left. Problem is, it’s very difficult to do that as it is against everything in the existing “Right” (who is actually as far right as Bill Clinton, and in Europe further left than that.)

    However, Britain’s plan is doing okay. Again, they triangulate Europe, the US, and Russia to continue the second hundred years of the Crimean war. All they need is some bigger offense “no one” can back down from – anywhere, on any side – and everyone smashes each other – for the third time – while Britain watches and laughs. Drinking pints and smoking cigars like Churchill did. Oh and the British people die too, down in the ships and lighthouses? Good. There’s nothing they like better as they themselves publish every day. Depopulation is the only thing that can “save” the earth and England according to them. Aaaaand that’s Eugenics at work, applauded in every University, as usual.

    Since there’s never a day since Queen Elizabeth…the FIRST, in 1560…that they don’t do this, Whhhhhhyyyyy does everyone fall for it? Especially Europe. America didn’t even exist when they started this, we’re late to the game, surely France and Germany can tell. N. O. P. E. Let’s kill every Germany AGAIN, while Britain watches across the channel, AGAIN.

    What can I say? If you play the game that badly, I guess you all deserve to die? This dumb rich kid has come over to your house half a year and plays Monopoly the same way each and every time, yet you don’t adjust? We’re still fighting them these 250 years later, and haven’t won but haven’t lost, maybe it’s your turn to start.

    “• UK Defense Chief Wants to Send British Troops to Ukraine (RT)

    Above. They need a “Pearl Harbor” offense to say “Well I say sir! That’s not cricket to shoot up Tommys we put on the front line while launching missiles on Sevestapol and Moscow! How dare you sir!”

    …You see, it doesn’t have to be REAL. That’s the key. They will merely spin and sell it like toothpaste, on TV at home. It’s whether they, Tavistok, can SELL it. Badly, as we all know they didn’t want the Iraq war, nor nearly everything else ever done. It’s “will they REVOLT for it?” That’s it. That’s the only level.

    So if they put 5,000 Brits – half their army – inside Bakhut and shell the whole SAS themselves to make sure, will Britons say “No” to the war? I won’t say, but crikey these guys are pushing the outer limits aren’t they? If you’re Downing Street, why risk it? Just do less offensive crimes and mass-murders instead. We know you want to.

    ““We cannot under any circumstances allow American support for Ukraine DNC kickbacks and embezzlement for the election to be interrupted,” Biden said” It’s the only remaining money-line to the K Mafia.

    The Big Serge map. That was true when Ukraine had an army. And a population.

    That was true back when EUROPE had an army.

    The rail lines only go to Poland so they can’t attack Paris, but they do go right to the Romanian Border. Can you SEE any other conclusion here? Russia just got in this war to give only HALF of Ukraine to NATO, with 5-minute nukes installed? That’s what Bliken, etc are FINALLY saying, as Kissinger told them 14 months ago. Now it’s too late, there’s no army, so there’s no DMZ freeze line where Russia only takes 1/5th. Lavrov and the Duma have said as much. The problem with taking Galacia was the ethnicity and prejudice of the people there. But those people are in Germany and Poland, colonizing Krakow and Hamburg. So…what’s the risk now? Half as much, or less? The risk of those violent racists is now in Germany and Poland, not Lviv.

    Their Plans never survive contact with the enemy. As Lepers, they can’t tell they haven’t survived, and in fact can’t tell they’ve contacted the enemy. They’re still saying, “When we get a couple more shells, we’ll fight Summer 2024.”

    WITH. WHAT. MEN ? ? ?

    Well, I wrote down “men” on a spreadsheet here… “Men” take 20 years of tireless birth, care, education, work, hardship, sacrifice, and love to create. So do their mates, human women. So pencil that in for 20 FORTY-FOUR, and not then either as there’s no population resident in “Ukraine”, a place that is still on the map and still listed in the spreadsheet but which no longer exists as a nation.

    As I said last week, AI cannot understand this, as it’s an idiotic database, whose input is populated by idiots. When it says “Brigade” AI defines it as 2,000 men with 200 trucks, tents, guns, etc. …Except that “Brigade” has 900 able men now and 10 trucks 5 of which need wheels. It calculates and throws them in based on their definition. SAME WITH “UKRAINE”. It is HALF a Ukraine at most. But worse, as nothing works there, all the humans are not fighting age men, and half the population is covering twice the open territory, without any gasoline or working vehicles.

    You might as well make up a new name, “ENIARKU” for the nation, because it’s nothing like the old one and you shouldn’t confuse yourself.

    I’d ask if you understand, but you do, it’s our Brain Trust who can’t comprehend such simple concepts as “Time exists” and “Man is born of a woman”.

    Oh but by the way, like the Spanish Civil War they are collecting data on this war for how to most kill Nebraska and Milwaukee, that is, the Deplorable red resistance which won’t submit to the blob. You are truly and certainly, NEXT. Right now, in fact. They didn’t import 10 million fighting age men for nothing. It’s already legal to “Conscript” them to give them citizenship in the U.S. Army. You know, the U.S. army that “refused to shoot their own people”? Not. No. More. Coming right up. Ten seconds to pass the law, and like yesterday, 30,000 people dead the month after.

    “whole UAF units are laying down the arms; surrendering, there were no company [units]”

    Our NATO AI doesn’t account for that thing called “reality”. It only knows what it is told. As we know, the programmers are woke and tell it lies, so it outputs lies that kill us.

    “Among the Senate “Yea” votes was Michael Bennet (D-CO), who was absolutely flipping his lid over the lack of Ukraine funding earlier in the day. The bill, which passed the House earlier in the day by a bipartisan vote of 335-91, was passed with just three hours to go”

    Yes, they were so “Flipping” the DNC PULLED THE FIRE ALARM and evacuated Congress, in violation of “Interfering with the Proceedings of Congress”. I expect he’ll be in solitary 2 years forthwith, right? This School Superintendent, who holds 12 fire drills a year (but has a 20% literacy rate) says he “doesn’t know what a fire alarm is.” Oopsie! Totally legit. That is not suspicious at all.

    “The Ukraine conflict is a face-off between two Slavic nations in which the rest of the world should not get involved,”

    That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard him say. Both parts of that are not true. It’s not between Slavic nations at all, the Anglos took over and occupied Ukraine in a highly public, $6B coup, and therefore the “world” is already involved since before the shooting started, even as far back as 1994. There is no “Slavic war”. It is a British-Anglo war ON Russia. First, Middle, and Last. The End. Even Germany is not involved. Only the Anglos force them.

    “The source argued that a large group of marines from the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) is currently stationed in the Nikolayev region awaiting an order to cross the Dnepr River.”

    Military Summary reported this. You. Have got. To be kidding. Right? You can’t WALK across and beat Russia, but you’re going to do it all in BOATS instead? Boats? Really? Aaaaaaand Russia is just going to watch you collect all these boats, then all these men, thousands and thousands and thousands, and just let you launch them all from the opposing shore? Because they’re all sporting like that? Russia is reporting this daily in their newspapers. They are…correct me if I’m wrong here…VERY AWARE of an amphibious attack, which are notably A LOT more fatal than any normal infantry attack.

    You go girl. I guess the AI wants to try it “just to see what happens”. Alien overlords at work. “I don’t care who dies as long as somebody does.”

    The analyst stressed that, “It makes absolutely no military sense,”

    Nor any other kind of sense. The only thing I can come up with is, “At least there are no minefields there.”

    “The Ukrainian soldiers trained by the US Army will possess only the most basic skill levels associated with the M1A1 Abrams.”

    Time exists. They cannot fathom this and I won’t know how to explain this about the last war to my children. “Daddy, did the army that tried to kill us all really so stupid they didn’t realize time existed?” “Yes, my son.” “Then how did you let them get into a position of power to shoot you in the first place? Weren’t they too stupid to get there?” “You see my son, we were all even stupider.”

    The existence of “Men”, the existence of “Time.” This is exactly my definition of #AntiLogos. But if you love war and hate men and don’t care WHICH side is killed, this works pretty perfectly. I could care less who kills who as long as they hate and kill each other.

    “You see, in Capitalism man oppresses man. While in Socialism, the opposite is true.” –Mencken (?)

    “What was initially an observation is now measurable: young people are dying at unprecedented rates.”

    Again, I know not one person who is aware of this. It is not in daily experience. If you tell them, they also won’t care. Not “won’t believe you”, not “think you’re (insert slur here)”, but won’t care. The two are different.

    the coming water crisis is something that everyone will get on board with.”

    The solved all the water problems in Libya and now Egypt these last few years …So we bombed them. …If you want to know how these “Crisis” get started.

    Remember the end of “The Big Short”? Yes, and “he’s now investing in Water.” The other one invested in Seeds.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 30 2023 #143956
    Dr. D

    France says that it will remove troops from Niger by the end of this year:

    Again, the Empire-killers seem to be at work, with the Pentagon not lifting a finger. Huh. I thought the Pentagon was the one pushing empire and with an unlimited ($1Trillon dollar literally) budget.

    Also without African colonial tribute, Europe will collapse. Already M2 continues to collapse faster than ever since records were kept. But gotta hand it to them: nothing happens. …I mean other than $40B/mo in Powell bailouts putting TARP $700B to shame every few weeks, running year-’round.

    It’s Time for NASA to Step Aside and Let Private Industry Take Us to Mars
    Funding forays into space is a mission for investors, not taxpayers.”

    That’s not right: Like other government agencies, NASA is the Space PREVENTION Agency. Because they existed, everybody was trying to work through them. Now all you need to do is control and direct it, which is easy and don’t even need a lot of money, and all human exploration is sidelined for 50 years. Again.

    This is the point of the SPLC, or FBI, or BLM, or practically any organization I’ve seen since I was born. Like the SEC, FDA, EPA, they do the #Opposite of their mission, — broadly at the behest of paid corporations, but certainly exclusively power groups – but because of their existence, I, we, can’t get anything done on those issues as we’re bogged down in “Reforming” them and “Scandals.” Like FTX you can be inside, authorize the entire thing, track it, fund it, and when it comes out it’s a multi billion dollar ponzi laundering scheme, nothing happens to anyone. The SEC and Gensler go “Oh well. Oops.” The SEC, CFTC, Federal Election Board, FBI Congress, go “Carry on good sir!” The magic being I can’t get any traction with my fellow man because they can’t believe its purpose is the opposite of what’s on the box, in the headline, or on the Title Page. Daddy would never lie. He “R” Us.

    “Mike Lindell Says MyPillow ‘Crippled’ By Major Credit Card Company
    “They took our credit line from a million dollars down to $100,000…”

    Every day I feel like I’m reading the headlines from the Robber Barons of 1910. The kind that still show up in the movies of the 1940s. And why did they act like that back then, what was the sentiment, then and now? Because they were criminals and felt like it. However, banks are cutting all credit lines across the board as they crash, just like 07 when nothing happened either.

    A title that’s not hyperbole, “Could Be the Most Significant Chart of Our Lifetime”

    We’ve looked at this with false starts for decades, as this is a looooong chart. It should have broken in 2000 for instance, as the Greek crisis condition fundamentals were there.

    As it exits, you have all the indicators: flag at half mast at the breakout, continuing. Creates a pennant for a year. Breakout. Only would be nicer to see re-test but it’s a long way from the channel right now. Maybe when the rate hikes collapse the planet shortly and they attempt – or rather just DO – cut rates. Maybe for the last time in this present Fed system structure. After that it will be rebuilt.

    This is the real control grid. This is how “The War” is really going. Somewhat related, gold is in a death cross.

    Markets derive off interest rates for sometimes arcane reasons. That is why the Fed is so powerful and why you can’t allow it to be captured by a cartel. But this is not following the structure and will be remedied:

    You can’t have the 10x larger bond market—with legal safety – competing to draw cash out of stocks, the money flows already starting (we know this as people withdraw from banks to buy money markets) and nothing ever happens. Historically, the bond market is always right. The only reason jPow will lower is if there’s a crisis. A crisis in what? What is a “crisis”? A crisis in Europe, but “crisis” to idiot journalists, apparatchiks who are their foot soldiers, and Congressmen is a crisis in the Stock Market, their 401ks. As demonstrated, the other 90% of the nation can be shot to h—l and die in a ditch, overrun, beaten, robbed, burned, bankrupt, dying in a box, their daughters overdosing live on OnlyFans, and it’s not a “crisis”.

    So any POSSIBLE event would lead to a stock fall. EVEN jPow lowering. The only opposite view is that jPow will lower and stop defending the US$ because stocks are doing so GOOD, and you should lower rates to heat up a market at the tippy top which has had no correction in a market where housing just went up 40% in 4 years. …Yeah, I don’t think so.

    Yes, this is 100% straight out of the same playbook of 500 years. They are running the “Russian Revolution” plan on us. It is going pretty well, at least the structure, payout, and setup of it. However, America may be constructed differently and not respond the same. Can they adjust for the Not-sameness and win the game? Or not? In general “this time it’s not different”, and why allow your country to be 90% wrecked even if you win?

    Tucker says about “shooting time” is just what I commented a minute ago on yesterday’s post. One of the problems is when you decay family, church, community – which they are tireless at – then there are no other approaches. There’s only “Is it “natural law” shooting time? Or should we catch a movie?” In a functioning … brain… not system… there are 20 approaches and responses you fire at them all at once and hope one sticks you can keep jamming them with.

    But Tucker’s falling into that – really bad – Americanism right here.

    “You can’t criminalize half a country”. Sure you can. They did. It just means they want and have arranged, and paid a lot o’ money Jack, for Civil War. This is the Russian Revolution plan, they need the country destroyed so they can take it over for 70 years and you can “Work AND Starve.” …Slightly more than already.

    “We Don’t Serve a ‘Wannabe Dictator’ Says Retiring US General Milley (Sp.)

    If this was a comment, I was very confused. I could only think “Which one?” and couldn’t tell. He certainly has no oath to the law or Constitution. Even as a General the law on “Congress Declaring war” is crystal clear. And Dictators always abdicate without comment, right on schedule. That’s practically the definition of “Dictator”.

    “[Milley] was actually dealing with China to give them a heads up on the thinking of the President of the United States.”

    Don’t care, already forgotten, nobody’s thought about it in years. Don’t care he did it when they do think of it. OF COURSE you backstab your boss. What self-respecting middle manager apparatchik in America coast to coast doesn’t? You’re not going to get votes from the millions of Federal Employees with a line like that.

    “Some Republicans have claimed such actions would represent a violation of the chain of command set forth in the US Constitution.”

    Yes. Taking action on such things is the predicate proof of a coup. By General Milley or his plotters. I’m not big on conspiracy, but he took difficult, embarrassing action on this regard, in defiance of all law and custom, demonstrating specific intent.

    Obviously we arrested the other guy.

    “We are currently standing watch on freedom’s frontier”

    They must be “on the frontier” ‘cause they sure aren’t at home. Protecting us. From 2 million? 10 million? Military age invaders?

    “There is an extremist movement that does not share the basic beliefs of our democracy.”

    Um…??? In what way??? My experience of MAGA is that they can’t shut up about the d—n Constitution and wave the flag all the time. The Constitution is not a basic belief of our Democracy? …’Cause, reasons?

    On the flip side, there is a party that says, “It’s just a d—d piece of paper!” and “Burn it all down” and “We need to fundamentally transform America” and…

    “New York Attorney General Letitia James, who asked the judge for a summary decision”

    That means essentially that no case was heard.

    Why would Trump do this? Why? Honestly, what’s the difference? He sat up there in 2016 with his kids we all knew they would do this. His wife and kids knew they would do this. But if they continued on Ye Olde Russian Revolution Plan, all this would happen anyway, but slower and with more control. It’s only that he forced them to move too fast that is alarming people. Causing them to take action. See what I mean? If you’re going to lose it all anyway, why not make the loss mean something? If Bosch knew he wouldn’t be running or controlling any of his companies, and the Reich would have him under essentially constant house arrest, why not risk some of your company to stop that ahead of time? Which would be better? We know since until recently (with Dimon and NY) that Trump was all alone that most billionaires had mostly taken the “let’s wait” line. There has to be a first, that’s how time-space-reality (that thing they can’t understand) works: someone has to be first. Was it JFK Jr with “George” magazine? Sure, probably. But someone has to be first and they’ll attack that person before the others are mobile. C’est la guerre.

    I can be the sort of reckless historical loudmouth who will say this and also act on it. But that makes me a different personality type than property-acquiring entrepreneurs. One is simply not the other, nor is it a common type. Let’s say there are 30 types, so one would have to be born into a family, then happen to be this type, happen to inherit, plan to overcome inertia, win at overcoming it, and act. Some have of course, but you see the challenge. The Social Engineers know this and capitalize on it.

    The host on Luongos’ podcast pointed out they’re like small-minded rats. If all I have to do is give you a G6 private jet to Epstein Island and you give me your whole country, s—t man, that’s the easiest sale all year! …Or maybe you don’t know what a “country” is worth or what it can do. I’ve got nothing to worry about, since I’ll just shoot you all later anyway. They think they’re a player, the Bill Gates, the Paul Pelosis, but they’re hapless chumps. Two-bit. Strictly small-time.

    “• US House Republicans Plot to Oust McCarthy Amid Looming Shutdown (Sp.)
    That could make the shutdown last much longer.

    God I hope so. There are several layers of – as we noticed even defunding is no control, no bring-to-heel — the only way left is to bring the entire GOVERNMENT to heel: the whole thing. All at once. To heel to what?

    To SPENDING. What do you mean by spending? To the MARKET. The market is roughly speaking the whole economy, the nation outside of “Government.” How do you do that, what do you mean?

    That’s only the FED. That’s it. And Powell just gate-crashed the deficit with an MRAP by raising rates 500%. The interest-on-debt is Trillions, wiping out even Defense. Happened so fast it hasn’t bit yet. The Shutdown is part of this. If they ‘win’ we merely carry on as a normal country, where we vote on allocating spending that matters, and paying for it. If not, the Government goes rogue and kills the whole rest of the nation and probably the planet like a Stage IV cancer.

    Again, who is the Fed? NY. NY Banks. Wall Street. THEY are trying to bring D.C. to heel, or like Trump, die trying as they’ll only be disbanded and cease to exist anyway, just like the White Bolsheviks. Summary disbanding of Trump only double-proves this to any muppets who didn’t get the message.

    Most of the Mafia power-flows run through government. Yes Ukraine is a main money-flow, money laundering, but they’re nothing compared to the home office of D.C., who can also arrest and disband anyone they want to, and have, and do regularly. Defund them. Defund the whole thing, coast to coast. Vinny and Guido don’t go out breaking kneecaps because you told them to take a holiday on the Jersey Shore. How is the EPA going to shakedown Exxon, or the SEC collect vig, the “fine” from Morgan Stanley if they’re on holiday?

    And to some extent you halt funding for Davos’ Ukraine war, or put it on hiatus, and one of these two teams is under time pressure.

    What are we looking at? Someone assassinated FTX on ELECTION NIGHT. The DNC core money conduit. Who has this kind of power? Someone rushed money IN to FTX, then yanked it out, on a target date, and nobody dared point a single finger at them. FTX was not defended and died. WHO has that power? ‘Cause it ain’t the DNC, and in general, the DNC is the whole Federal Government right now. The DNC then did nothing but took it like a sap? Not a peep? WHO has that kind of power?

    “Efforts to condemn actor Russell Brand and silence him based on unproven rape allegations”

    They’re not “Allegations” since they don’t exist. Nobody legally filed anything. So they are “unproven” rape…rumors? Somebody-heard-that-somebody-heard….something? Doesn’t really have the same punch does it? That’s why they’re the Name-Stealers and always attack not you, but language itself. Meanings, definitions themself. The truth is their only enemy. They have no army. Give things their correct name and they all go away powerless. Stop humoring lies in your own mind. Stop being nice. They are psychopaths, this is the weakness they exploit, human emotion.

    “In two days, German and Ukrainian nationalists killed more than 30 thousand people.”

    Life comes at you fast. Faster than you can respond. Anyone think two years ago the school nurse would amputate your children? This is one of the things they count on. As the herd, the thing has to – happen – first. only THEN it’s real. To the predator, they can always act with the initiative, with eternal impunity. So long as you don’t stampede, you will always walk away free and whole. Deeply frustrating to me, but here we are.

    “ Germany-Ukraine Joint Arms Production Venture a Money Laundering Scheme (Sp.)

    Has to be. They’re talking about opening these factories in 2-5 years. No one believes that. Suppose there’s still even a nation, which is vanishingly unlikely, it’s still a sensitive factory in a war zone which can be erased by one missile 365 days of the year.

    “due to the soldiers’ reluctance to carry out combat missions in the face of mounting casualties.”

    What a bunch of sissies, they’ve only lost 9 out of 10 men. Really they need to call on the deep reserves of NY Times reporters who say they’re not trying hard enough.

    “Decimate,” the word we use in English for being annihilated, is ONE out of ten. But, words have no meanings anymore. We are fully post-reality now.

    “China completely aligns with the Global South/global majority, as in “the common interests of all peoples around the world.”

    So…when was the last time China started a war and conquered all their neighbors like a hegemon? Bueller?

    “Can the US Defeat Russia in the Lithium Battery War? (Helmer)

    Always fighting the last war. Lithium is around for +20 years now? And lithium is gong to be the only battery or technology or resource for how long, since these geopolitical positionings are on the 20-50 year timescale? Yeah, you’ll collect all the lithium to discover it’s worthless in 5 years. Just warning.

    Why is that not true of oil? Because oil MAKES energy. Oil IS the energy. Lithium WASTES energy. It uses energy to create. It is merely a carrier, a glorified gas tank. There’s a difference. As in the two things are #Opposites.

    Careful: AntiBiotics means “Kills” biotics. That is, kills everything. So…some idea how to use this wonder drug? Orally, anally? Not much good without that part is it? And if it kills your gut, then what? #Winning?

    Personal note: I was probably sick with Covid this week, for 7 days. Why take a test? Wouldn’t change my behavior or help me in any way. I’d still go to the Urgent care the same if that happened, the same. People take the tests, far as I can tell, to feel they’ve won the Covid lottery. They are very very excited and even elated about it. “Yessssss!!!!” Sympathy lottery. Weaponized emotion.

    Anyway, no vaccine, no shedding as far as I’ve ever been able to tell, yet not being a sickly person, my case runs exactly the same length and severity as all the vaccinated. So that’s disappointing. How am I going to lord it over them as a know it all when I’m no better off than they are? And what was any sacrifice for? Although the abstract stats say differently, for nothing, no difference, far as I can tell in real life, not ever, with anyone. So yes, Covid isn’t dangerous any more than any other bad flu or pneumonia, however, it’s early, good weather and noticeably stronger than previous flus over life.

    I am wary when I’m fed statistics, that are invariably partisan now, and they don’t match up with my visible experience. Again, are we being played to keep ourselves apart? Is the whole “Shedding” thing just a fabrication to mimic the “Dirty unvaxxed” view from the other side?

    Since I’m going to get it anyway and am not a touchy people person, what’s the point? Conclusion: Whatever.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 29 2023 #143947
    Dr. D

    Thinking about it, I think the issue is that they are so uneducated – having nothing but TV – that response is either: “Is it shooting time?” or “Is shooting everyone a bit too much right now?” And unsurprisingly, it’s never shooting time. Since it’s never time to shoot other live humans dead in the course of your daily life, then it must and can only be time to just keep tolerating their bulls—t. You know, like an Eastwood movie.

    The alternatives are just like the masking-cards, where IF they should happen to know you can go to School Board Meetings, they go, but having no familiarity with any of it. Then going, well…fresh out of ideas. IF they know something like – hey my buddy is thinking of running for town Super or Sheriff – they sign. But if they don’t, well, there’s nothing to do whatsoever.

    They could really stand to sit down with five lawyers and list options, or maybe 20 cross-sections of town, or maybe – Hey, that’s exactly what a Church is! Where you’re with them anyway and so cross the floor and talk to the plumber, or the teacher, or some guy you already know tangled with them last year. Then you get ideas, options, approaches that wouldn’t occur to you because you’re only one man, busy with a job.

    So therefore THEIR job is to keep you ignorant, separated, and bickering so you never CAN find out you have options and allies also wronged by these retards. And as we see daily now, and as is reported in the paper, at this point even if you show up with a lawyer and the law on your side, without the population as allies they will just have you illegally arrested, and have the judge illegally charge and convict. Without allies, no one cares if the law is upheld or follows the rules or not. You’re just one guy, who cares what happens to you? Not from the Town Judge straight to the Supreme Court, not a one will care and be happy to uphold any s—t ruling sent them unless someone can make it inconvenient or embarrassing for them.

    WHO makes it inconvenient? WHO makes it embarrassing? Other people. The public. Allies.

    This is why businessmen are a problem for them. They talk to lawyers and collect options all day then have no choice but to act on it to protect things. They have to destroy independent business because those are the same as their enemies.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 29 2023 #143936
    Dr. D

    Aspnaz There certainly is some truth to that and it’s difficult to understand. Here people who are capable, able, suspicious, understand much of the territory, nevertheless this believe that merely owning a gun infers some magic talisman, like garlic or wearing a cross? Then get rolled in school broad meetings, grump about it, and disappear? With the local board getting 110% of the taxes asked and their kinds indoctrinated, AND their kids treated like prisoners of Nazo overlords AND also not educated? And yet they put down their “rifles” and called a truce?

    It’s like those mask-cards or something. Where there’s an open space, they see right through to the horizon: good! Then a second later, someone holds up a picture of the horizon, or a puppy, and they’re totally fooled. So they have the weirdest, most random collection of actually being capable and willing to tangle, and also not tangling with anything relevant, and being diverted from anything, everything, their own ammo dump, by a jangling key ring. I have no explanation. They are acutely, across the board bad at tactics then, and also bad at strategy. Also bad at planning and pacing. Also bad at working with others. Also bad at trusting the right people.

    But owning a gun that you bought on a visible registry, that you can’t use because it would make more trouble than, I dunno, starting a community watch, or locking your doors, is the answer to all that. Too much TV I guess.

    If you got out of this liminal war and into real trouble would it fix? Yes, like our whole military, aircraft carriers being the top example, we can only win if we’re not in a ‘real’ war but merely bullying people around without them shooting back, for they would sink you all in 10 days. Same here. If the police, etc really went no-show, courts really no help, would their position work and make sense? Probably. But because they have no family, no values, no standards, no culture, they would be battered to a pulp first. Having a core family, culture, neighborhood, connections and loyalty (and church) are what really works, and they have almost none of it. The Latinos do. That’s why they succeed although they’re much slower about it than the Jamaicans or Chinese.

    So although right, you’re also wrong here. Everything you say is correct, but Americans are “tough”, personally tough at least. Tough as old woodchucks and are used to any abuse you can throw at them. Or at least the 95% of counties who’ve been punched in the d–k for 30 years are. And they won’t cry or whine for help, or at least those outside of cities or media Tiktok won’t. But that’s not the point either. …And that being said, you’d still have the 50% of population that is IN cities, and lost, and will whine, and in fact, die, rather than lift a feather.

    It’s a very weird situation.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 29 2023 #143921
    Dr. D

    I looked but I said the same thing about leaving. If America goes down, where would you run to?

    Since Americans like fighting, are experienced, rural, and also armed, this seems like a fairer odds.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 29 2023 #143920
    Dr. D

    “Senator Diane Feinstein has died. We were wondering if she’ll step down now.”

    No! If she’s dead she can still vote. (Cue 60 years of jokes here. Forward them to Chicago)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 29 2023 #143907
    Dr. D

    Reminds me of Gerald Celente, who was planning to move to Europe and had the means to do so. Checking out Germany and Italy he realized and decided, “No. I’M not going anywhere. YOU go somewhere.” Why just concede and abdicate your whole nation? What and just exit with all your assets without a fight? How does that work? Why not just STOP them by saying NO instead?

    …And he’s been chewing holes on them like a rabid chihuahua ever since. A tireless minority lighting brushfires of the mind a mere 60 miles from both NY and Albany, the center of American corruption and attacks.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 29 2023 #143906
    Dr. D

    What is that other quote? Want to know what smart people sound like instead of the (media) morons we hear all day?

    “At some point after Hitler took power, Werner Heisenberg went to visit Max Planck. The much younger Heisenberg asked Planck for advice: one of his Jewish colleagues just lost his university chair, despite him having been a highly decorated war veteran. Heisenberg and some of his colleagues thought about stepping down in solidarity, to make a statement that they won’t tolerate this anymore. Furthermore, he asked whether he should emigrate to escape the madness? He had offers from prestigious universities abroad. What should he do in the face of the Nazi tyranny both men knew perfectly well would eventually leave Germany in shambles?

    Whatever you think of it, Planck’s answer is remarkable, and perhaps very German. I quote it in full here; it is well worth it:17

    I am glad that you, as a young person, are still optimistic and believe that you can stop the disaster with such steps. But unfortunately, you vastly overestimate the influence of the universities and the intellectually trained people. The public would know practically nothing about your step. The newspapers would either report nothing at all or only talk about your resignation in such a gloating tone that no one would think of drawing any serious conclusions from it. You see, you cannot influence the course of an avalanche once it has started moving. How much it will destroy, how many human lives it will destroy, that is already decided by the laws of nature, even if one does not know it yet. Even Hitler can no longer really determine the course of events; for he is to a much greater extent a man driven and possessed than a driver. He cannot know whether the forces he has unleashed will finally lift him high or destroy him miserably.

    So, until the end of the catastrophe, your step would only have repercussions for yourself—perhaps you were prepared to put up with a lot here—but for life in our country, everything you do will at best have an effect after the end. So that’s what we have to focus our attention on. If you resign, in the most favorable case it would probably only remain for you to seek a position abroad. What would happen in less favorable cases I would rather not imagine. You would then be counted abroad among the large number of those who have to emigrate and seek a position, and perhaps indirectly take a job away from someone else who is in greater need than you. You could probably work there quietly, you would be out of danger, and after the end of the catastrophe you could return to Germany, if you had the wish—with the good conscience that you never compromised with the destroyers of Germany. But by then many years may have passed, you will have become different, and the people of Germany will have become different; and it is very doubtful how much you could then affect in this changed world.

    If you don’t go and stay here, you have a task of a very different kind. You cannot stop the catastrophe and, in order to survive, you will even have to make some kind of compromise again and again. But you can try to form islands of continuance together with others. You can gather young people around you, show them how to do good science, and thereby also keep the old correct values in their minds. Of course, no one knows how much of such islands will be left at the end of the catastrophe; but I am sure that even small groups of gifted young people who can be brought through the time of horror in such a spirit will be of the greatest importance for the reconstruction after the end. For such groups can represent crystallization nuclei from which the new forms of life will be formed. For the time being, this will only apply to the reconstruction of scientific research in Germany. But since nobody knows what role knowledge and technology will play in the future world, it may also become important for other areas. I think that all who can do something and who are not simply forced to emigrate, for example by their race, should try to stay here and prepare a more distant future. This will certainly be very difficult and not without dangers; and the compromises that must be made will later be rightly held up and perhaps punished. But perhaps it has to be done anyway. Of course, I cannot blame anyone if they decide otherwise; if they emigrate because they find life in Germany unbearable, because they simply cannot stand by and certainly cannot prevent the injustice that is happening here. But in such an appalling situation as we now find in Germany, one can no longer act properly. With every decision one has to make, one participates in some kind of unrighteousness. Therefore, in the end, everyone is also on his own. There is no point in giving or taking advice anymore. Therefore, I can only say to you as well, don’t get your hopes up that whatever you do, you could prevent a lot of misfortune until the end of the disaster. But when you make your decision, think of the time that will come afterwards.18

    And that’s what Planck did, keeping a low profile under the regime, inevitably making concessions, certainly. But in a sense, he kept his word: he worked diplomatically behind the scenes to protect colleagues and German science, even though it turned out he couldn’t do much. After the war, the founding of the “Max Planck Society” and its various institutes, a victory of German science against the allied forces—the US in particular—who wanted to dismantle German elite scientific institutions, can be seen as a symbol for his success.” etc

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 29 2023 #143905
    Dr. D

    From the article on the German soul, including a great quote on fleeing one’s country:

    “To illustrate the difficulty, consider these two scenarios: a) You live in a Soviet-style system that severely limits some of your outer freedoms and ability to speak in public, but where most people don’t buy the propaganda; where you are part of a vibrant underground cultural scene, organize cool things, meanwhile cracking jokes about the regime among your friends to your heart’s content. b) You live under a democratic government that lets you do whatever you want. But the spirit is dead; nobody actually does anything interesting or uplifting. Everybody is just a fat, dumb consumer with freedom rights. Now, who’s more free? “


    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 29 2023 #143883
    Dr. D

    “observers point out the GOP has not yet uncovered smoking gun evidence of any crime by Biden.”

    Sputnik, still writing for NPR. So…the open and public statement by the Congressman above, that A) Biden met with B) Was paid by C) Received money from ‘Russia’ and D) every ‘Russian’ in the room was notably thereafter benefited by the Obama and Biden administrations is not “smoking evidence”? Biden, on camera, SAYING he did this to the WEF is not “smoking evidence”? Hunter, SAYING he and his father did this, corroborated by Bobulinski and a dozen whistleblowers is not “smoking evidence” of any kind?

    …Not according to Sputnik. They have higher standards. Being on camera SAYING you did it, then checking the records and corroborating that he did, and the event happened, is not solid enough sourcing for these paragons of journalism.

    “Republicans’ own witnesses admitted as much.”

    Did they now? Witnesses such as Bobulinski? Oh you mean SOME witnesses? Some said yes, some said no? And the one you quoted as “no”, is NOT A WITNESS? …He’s just a Congressman, investigating, with a gracious introductory court statement any prosecutor would use to open a trial. NOT A WITNESS. Witnesses “Witness” things. In other words: a bare-faced lie. Told exclusively to promote a larger lie.

    Turley does the same thing here: ““I do not believe that the current evidence would support articles of impeachment,“That is something that an inquiry has to establish.”

    Yes, and that’s why they DID open the inquiry TO establish. If there is nothing, they’ll find nothing, right? But filing appropriate standard legal processes now are crimes and explosions, “burning it all down.” Geez, I hope I never have to file for a housing permit or the like. God knows half the town would be razed into the ocean or something.

    Filing paperwork: The most dangerous, most illegal action in the universe!

    “Long-shot hopes of entry into the European Union to get access to hundreds of billions of euros in loans and subsidies..”

    Again and again and again: so many lies we don’t stop, we forget to overlook the obvious ones. “Loans” means that Ukraine isn’t “Liberated”, it is merely occupied and conquered by the West instead of the East. Is that an improvement? We’re “Giving” Ukraine nothing (overall). We are expecting repaying of every nickel with interest, out of Ukrainian property and the hides of Ukrainian people. That’s what “Loans” and in a trickier way, “subsidies” means.

    As many have said, including former Ukrainian government officials, this is what has ALREADY happened. Ukraine is ALREADY looted by the West, not just the war. Poverty and hardship means all the saleable assets, all the lumber, all the coal they had, all sold for pennies to “Europe” meaning not the German TAXPAYER, who is fronting fresh money, but to Europeans OLIGARCHS, private billionaires. So the Oligarchs are paid twice: once by the poor German worker, and again by Ukrainian looting.

    Etc. This is just ONE level of ONE day of lying and looting going on. Stop the lying, call things by their name and you can see the looting clearly. …And all the solutions.

    “The real drawback of the American tank is the high level of maintenance and logistics required Reality.” he said.

    “Training is another problem, with US media reporting this week that NATO countries’ crash course approach to instructing Ukrainian servicemen”

    Trying not to bring up arcana even if it’s relevant, but Scott Ritter pointed out that the more NATO equipment you send, the FASTER Ukraine collapses. Because you’re dividing your time, men, and resources chasing 5 tanks here, 10 tanks there which are all distracting, incompatible, and not better. So they blow the Challenger, guy escapes and joins a T-64 crew. NOPE! He’s of no use at all there. He joins the new Abrams crew. NOPE! Of no use at all there either. He’s of no use anywhere, and his 12 weeks – what should be 40 or 80 weeks – of training are lost, when he could have been applied to something decent and useful…like making coffee.

    Again, the Pentagon is constantly insuring the Ukraine LOSES. Every day in every way. And therefore Europe – or rather Davos – loses. Because “Europe” won’t “lose” they are not in any danger of being conquered except by their own continuing bad decisions. Only the present leadership and financial structure will be erased – the PEOPLE will still be there, doin’ Europe like 1,000 years.

    “the West needs something extreme to stir everyone up and galvanize them to supercharge this, to give them the political capital they need to escalate,”

    PCR and others can’t understand why Russia refuses to “Shock and Awe” from Day One. Refuses to “End the war” with a nice little “Pearl Harbor” of I dunno, rolling into Poland like that guy with the funny mustache Turdeau can point to and say “See? I’m not the only one!”

    Meanwhile, through no action on Russia’s part whatsoever, Ukraine is running their own men, naked only Russian minefields like the Palestine Liberation Front Suicide Squad:

    I mean, okay, I guess. We’ll tell you not to but…

    ““The entire U.S. capitalist economy needs to be demilitarized..”

    That’s ridiculous. That’s just what Eisenhower said, and what did he know about anything? He was only America’s top General, America’s top President, and America’s Commander in Chief. Ask Chad at Facebook if you want to know how the world REALLY works. Or now Chaddette at NPR.

    But that was 65 years ago. I’m sure it all worked out and everything’s better now. There’s no way we’d print $1 Trillion every 10 weeks to pay for it.

    “An enslaved EU was forced by the American “ally” to simply give up on the Russian market for its own auto and other exports that paid for cheap energy imports.”

    Really? How did they do that? Didn’t Europe just say “No, I guess they called our bluff?” No? Huh. That happened every time before but I guess the laws of physics are different now. Just like all laws of medicine suddenly reversed after 100 years, just a few years ago. …Such that only the Anglo West has no idea medically what a “Woman” is. Such a mystery!

    “Moreover, the euro will continue to plunge against the U.S. dollar, and may soon fall to 90 cents, or lower.”

    Sure, and who does that benefit? As JB would say, if “We” “Enslaved” Europe then they are OUR continent. So therefore you make Germany give us MORE free car parts, not less. We’re doing the opposite. Apparently like Tony Soprano we’re claiming all Europe as our restaurant now and then BURNING IT DOWN? Rather than have it hand money to us, you know, the way “Slaves” do?

    That’s odd. Okay then, so E goes <90. Great. Except then the USD goes 120. Great right? We buy more? Yes…except the USD120 will Roman Candle as 100% of the Global South will flee to BRICS and default. USD120+ will collapse them all. …Ending the USD altogether. Zero extortion. Zero extraction.

    …And who does that benefit? Not America.

    So the only conclusion here is that there is a group in the US who is NOT enslaving Europe, they are Ending the Empire. And therefore battling the Empire-runners. Who are on both sides of the Atlantic, clearly. The Empire-fighters put Europe in this position: End the “U.S.” influence over you that makes us an Empire…or die. So far Europe is dedicated to dying but the people aren’t and will have the last word. How odd! That’s exactly what Trump told them. To their face. When he was there.

    WHO specifically are they throwing off with Empire? Precisely all the people named: Cargill, Blackrock, Vanguard, etc, except they’re not “American” duh. They damage America everywhere they go with everything they do or they wouldn’t be equally hated here in “America” their supposed beneficiaries.

    “Giant honeybees use a defense known as “shimmering” to deter predators.”

    How do they know to do this? And as like Octopus, they must have an abstract, outside awareness of what they look like to other people, and what those other’s people’s motives are. Then can check that when they do this, they look like THAT, to other people. Muh molecules moving. Tiny rocks. Rocks + lots of time.

    You’re sure that’s really Occam’s solution here? That sounds an awful lot harder case to me than that “consciousness exists”.

    Speaking of Trump and Ken Lay island…with the F35, in the Study…why not Biden? That would work way better. Take out Biden, BLAME Trump and MAGA, boom problem solved. No Biden, no Trump, no impeachment. Whole nation distracted again, and you can kill your enemies without process. …You know, even MORE than now. Could not be more perfect, especially if Kamala happens to be on the same plane somehow. Shift the timeline, throw up the board again, tossing all the pieces like 9-12 and Dec 2019, hoping wiggling randomly does something good for your position.

    Reminds me of Revelation 13, all metaphorical: “I saw one of his heads as if it had been fatally wounded, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast”

    The “Head” is basically leaders of these relevant core nations. And the “Beast” is more like a “Beast system”, that is, hard for 0 AD men to fathom a world where nations themselves are transcended and run by…systems? Where nations are both the same, but also still exist? Anyway, so the leader of one of the top nations of the Beast system, based on the Babylonian system, appears to be killed – by someone – and is “resurrected”. How that would possibly be credited or amazing to anyone in THIS day and age is the real unbelievable part. Almost no one would believe he died,and no one would believe he was restored today. They’d just think it was a scam.

    But it’s out there. Speaking of the Big Book, it ends with “A rock never created by human hands” smashing it all. Darn Asteroid! We would totally have paid back our $1T/month in debts and held a fair election too!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 28 2023 #143881
    Dr. D

    I am pretty suspicious and pretty up to speed on most of the 5G and other shenanigans, but the technical side of this is just can’t be true. Like CAN you see somebody with carefully-designed, carefully-placed wi-fi dishes? Sure. Can somebody do it with just one, in your house, where your rig in in the corner behind the couch under a stack of books? Not really. It’s easier to guess the layout of your house from the Google Drive picture.

    100x more with these other things. “Oxygen spins”? Seriously? If they could do that it would be done industrially for special processes all the time. It would be a top DoD weapon in Ukraine. Can a lab’s worth of isolation and caution, combined with a million dollars of equipment make one O2 atom do this? I’d have to look into it, but maybe? I doubt it. But that’s not the real world.

    Now do they, did they INTEND to put graphene oxide into your blood then have the essential premise of the “heart attack gun” go off all over 5G Manhattan and stuff? Sure, I can see that. Will it work? A little sorta, but as you see they are the dumbest, worst creators of literally anything. Like the disease, it didn’t work worth a hoot, the bodies were stronger, went around it, and mostly because of a COMPLETELY OBVIOUS testable oversight regarding Vitamin D. Thus leading to a death rate piss-poor 0.06%, and that with every removal of Vitamin D, every ventilator, and every fake statistical add they could come up with. It might be 1/10th that. A PERFECT example of their work.

    Now the 5G is barely anywhere (by square miles), and barely has any reach (in inches). Can it still do this for weak people…who took the vax…who still have it in their systems…who sit down next to a 5G box inside a tunnel for the F Train? Maybe. We still have to postulate that this is the puropse to begin with. I say sure, why not, since there is literally no technical or engineering logic to 5G, but how many will they kill? 2,000? 20,000? All Democrats? Okay, I guess. Not minimizing their lives, but if you postulate a worldwide war of mass extinction, and they kill the contents of one small town with $500 Billion dollars and 20 years of work — and those their own minions — it’s hard to be alarmed. If anything I’d say keep going. It will distract you from doing something that might actually kill people.

    Not only that, but we already know, are already watching, and already have lawsuits. It’s going to be real hard to go far if the only people who die live on the F Train and certain streets, in a perfect circle around certain towers.

    Focus your energy on something else. This literally can’t work as a weapon. Not in 100 ways. I’d say it’s a combo of non-technical people being alarmed, and the bad guys planting fear and confusion in the ranks knowing it will occupy and discredit, but hardly any of the latter.

    Again 5G travels what 6 feet at power? 50 feet attenuated? Wear a second sweater.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 28 2023 #143832
    Dr. D

    The Pond at Montgeron 1876

    The pond is still there, looking the same. His house is a tourist theme park though.

    “100s Of Pages Of Newly Released Memos Spark Fresh Corruption Charges Ahead Of 1st Biden Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

    What evidence? Witch hunt. I don’t see any evidence because it’s not reported by MSDNC. Same way the Ukraine is winning the war and Russia interferes in our elections…which is why we can never call for a recount, because they are definitely in there and we have to let those results stand.

    “UAW’s Real Enemy Is Forced EV Conversion
    Turns out that it takes 40% fewer employees to manufacture EVs than it does to manufacture gas-powered vehicles…”

    Like Double-sized pickup trucks, #Helping!!! Government #Helping so, so much! I hope we can survive it.

    …Not being impatient, but no response out of Russia for the Crimean Base bombing? I wonder why.

    I don’t know what to say about the Trump death penalty. This is obvious to me, and so to me is as if it already happened years ago. It is the only possible consequence of their principles and policies. That is, that ALL PROPERTY BELONGS TO THE STATE. Therefore, we are a Socialist Government. The government owns and controls all, and allows you to manage it for them at their personal discretion. A personal dispensation, a favor, without appeal. That is, Socialism = NeoFeudalism. Reduce your carbon and ride a donkey today.

    “• Real Estate Insiders: Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Worth at Least $300M, Not $18M (NYP)

    One judge. One prosecutor. So…you think NY is going to go well under these conditions? NY is the financial center of the entire United States. So you think the United States is going to go well under these conditions?

    And fraud with no victims. Huh. New theories. One judge. One prosecutor. 10 days also means no appeal. And who would you appeal to, the NYS Governor? The last one killed 5,000 people on camera and laughed. Everyone knows it, and he’s still around, living it up.

    …Just like they do it in my town, by the way. Nothing unique here except that he’s rich, and they are removing his protection, his bullet proof vest.

    However I am going to immediately contact Engoron as he can easily assess my house at 1/100th of all the other houses in my area and lower my taxes by 99%. Thanks!

    “the Pentagon could simply provide it to Ukraine using a recalculation ‘trick’ and devaluing of past aid in the amount of $24 billion. I give this a 50% chance of happening”

    I’d say the Executive just does whatever he wants, but really it’s the Permanent Bureaucracy, essentially the definition of “Deep State” that just does whatever it wants. If Congress won’t defund them, they can’t be brought to heel. In fact as we see here, even if Congress DOES defund them, they won’t be brought to heel. They need to be disbanded. That is, to bring people with this attitude to heel, you probably need to fire 90% of them and hold the others in raw terror and minimum pay. You know, like 1820.

    ““the truth about the terrific loss on the battlefield and in Ukrainian military capability in the past 18 months is getting to the various committees in both the House and the Senate.”

    This is how it works: it’s only now got to COMMITTEE, not the American people. The media, which should be able to estimate and report this immediately, also delayed and refuse to report EVEN WHEN it’s in committee. Doing it only when forced to by the gravest actions, the gravest extremes, and when asked to by their paymasters and handlers, the selfsame Derp State.

    So in other words, Report = Never. “The Truth is not In Them”.
    Like a certain NY judge I can name.

    We saw this with Marianne Williams, etc, running the party line saying “I didn’t know that” about things years later even we commoners know. They merely drag their feet, play along, and are worse than the worse Republican war machines like Lindsay. And since it’s generations of this playbook, they also know it. They’ve transcended all pretense now and all the Squad votes pro-war and their people applaud. Yay being close partners married to Lindsay Graham! That George Bush, what a pal! Dragging their feet on timing. Pretending. Pretending us right into a WWIII collapse like Russia in 1918.

    “the MIC is probably the principal economic engine of the U.S. as a whole”

    Yes, this is how Nazi countries are run. They are National SOCIALISTS. Liebensraum. Eternal war. The State and Industry have fully merged with essentially no industry not directed by the government, including and especially the media. The schools, churches, etc all play along or are killed. Medicine is directed in this way and care is given according to these lines, pulling licenses, and diagnosing dissidents. In this way the foundations of Eugenics are established and for instance euthanasia is promoted as its front edge, with millions dying. We pick an enemy with the gold and live and die by conquering them, leaving the country in ruins.

    Any arguments? Any questions?

    “After the breakout of the First World War, the Second International and the numerous socialist organizations affiliated with it across Western Europe threw their weight behind their governments’ new military adventurism and became completely oblivious to [solidarity and] the suffering of their fellow man”

    Odd. Quite a reversal. Any idea who was backing all these now clearly NON-”Socialists”? It’s almost like not a single Socialist leader believed a single word. Odd.

    Same today. Anti-War left, the only ones bothering to protest Iraq (turns out it was pointless) then almost immediately laud Albright for killing half a million children. …Well in her defense, she has a vagina. That means it’s not murder! It got worse from there as Barry ran out of Bombs for Brown People™ and moved on to bombing American child citizens, and bragging about it. Not a flicker of non-support.

    And so now. Eugenics being set up throughout the West, rabidly not just pro-war, but Pro World War III. Being pointed out to them daily, with even some few top figures like Maher getting cold feet. Nothing. Couldn’t love war and the death of 500,000 Ukrainians more if they tried. Wave the flag! PLUS the death of 500,000 Americans, easy, but those are the poor and working-class ones. Solidarity. We only care about 9 unarmed black men who are shot each year, not the 900,000 working black men who need better pay. That’s Socialism! “Democratic Socialism,” that is, under AOC, or put another way, “National Socialism”. And so we end the paragraph where we begin.

    “• Ukraine Offered to Strike Iran and Syria – Guardian (RT)

    And All of Africa last month remember. And I said: Errr, with what men, what arms? I was thinking you might need them in Zap and everywhere else you’re losing? No?

    “Dr. Fauci’s questionable presence at the CIA, coupled with recently uncovered evidence that he, Dr. Fauci, “prompted” the drafting of “Proximal Origin”

    And still not one arrest, not one defunding. Who would arrest them? Garland? Weiss? Comey?

    And no Civil War. What do you think Civil War is? One side took over levers of government and is arresting the (DNC) citizens of Staten Island for existing. Forget about prosecution: normal people can’t run an auto parts store in any city. They are going to get their own people, their own guns, and their own justice system. …But that was all okay when they were using Sharia Law and Sharia judges in Milwaukee, yes? So why can’t South Philly and Oklahoma City have their own courts and judges that protect property of Taco Bell and AutoZone, and the assaulted employees of Apple?

    …You have two governments, then. Competing governments. And only one Monopoly of Force between them.

    “Impeachment inquiry starts today.”

    The day of the Trump, Co death penalty. Got it. Coincidence, I’m sure.

    “The materials also included numerous references in emails and telephone messages to the senior Biden playing an active role in what Mr. Smith described to reporters during a Capitol Hill news conference following the executive session as “a complex and lucrative enterprise operated by the Biden family to enrich themselves to the tune of at least $20 million, with much of Hunter Biden’s share going unreported for taxes.”

    And 10,000 more high-level felonies starting with the simple: every alias and dodging of FOIA law, and every release of classified material. Zero arrests. Zero impeachments (of document clerks for instance) Zero scandal.

    ““The material you requested is located in an investigative file which is exempt from disclosure.” Like for the next 5 years?!”

    Whatever we find, we put in “The file”! Hey remember how they did the LAST 500,000 felonies for FOIA? This is hilarious, we all need a laugh: they would “Accidentally” misspell the person’s name 50 or 100,000 times in a row. Ha ha ha, so funny! Amuse Much! So it would be “Corney” and not “Comey” in every. Single. Report. Ever filed, ever. “Yup we looked: there are –0– records found for “Comey” in all the Federal Government.”

    AND this other gem of creating an investigation that ends the clock, like every of several MILLION MBS frauds in ‘08. Not a SINGLE title was transferred or tracked, anywhere, EVER. Yet the MBS traded good as gold! Triple-AAA! Market loved it! Moar Daddy! I can hit a felon throwing tictacs anywhere from Maiden Lane to the Battery, but EVERY investigator of EVERY state, ALL of NY State, the SEC, CFTC, and FBI, the House Banking, Ways and Means, well golly, they just couldn’t find a-one! Statue of limitations doncha know!

    Anyway, why be surprised? The FBI covers up crimes? That’s WHY they exist. Yeah, and? Only since 1968 when they essentially admitted they shot MLK and probably a few other people too. That’s WHY THEY WERE INVENTED. Anyone remember the name “J. Edgar”? Crikey.

    Oh and refuse all oversight too. Congress, their only guard, ACTUALLY gets around to DOING SOMETHING – but only after 20, 40, or 60 years – and legally requests and even subpoenas documents? And the FBI, DoJ simply say “No.” That’s it. “I. Don’t. Feel. Like it.”

    And Congress? Apparently says “Alrightiee then, guess I didn’t want to see it that much anyway, mother-master Lord Garland.”

    ““As a nation, the United States no longer exists. What was once a country is today just a geographical location.”

    Yes. Because the U.S. is an IDEA. But in a way, all nations are ideas. But our IDEA uniquely follows on us supporting the LAW, the Human Law of the constitution and legal process described therein.

    As you can see, that has been dissolved with too few people remaining following the process to matter. What is the downside? It is a “Human” religion, and the “Rights of Man” not founded on the true rock, which is God. Men fail. Men’s plans are weak. Humanism is a dead, very dead, deadly end. Surprise! Without God humanism cannot stand.

    ““Our investigation found that SpaceX failed to fairly consider or hire asylees and refugees because of their citizenship status”

    They will give Elon the Death penalty. One Accusation. One Judge. For NOT hiring illegals. Because that’s THIS week, and only hiring citizens is so LAST Week, you philistine. Don’t you know the cool girls wear belly shirts now? Huh.

    “Your citizenship as an American citizen means nothing whatsoever. Your status as an American citizen places you on the same level, or even lower, than the status of an immigrant-invader.”

    If you are illegal: free hotels, free food, no arrests. If you are a citizen on Staten Island not wanting to pay for it, you are arrested. And take your house in legal fees. That’s not even “TO each according to his need”. I don’t know what it is. Maybe: “I thought it up a second ago and think it would be funny”?

    “The ‘Cold war’, COVID and ‘Climate Change’ are all excuses to impose dictatorial powers but are based on exaggeration and lies.”

    …Lies by Nazis. To create the wars. And Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy does anyone believe them, for the love of God? Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy would anyone believe the government, ever? Think they were helping anyone but themselves, ever?

    “The strongest shield and safeguard for all men, especially for the masses against tyrants, is mistrust of those in power.” – Demosthenes

    Even a hamster can learn to distrust. Clearly America hasn’t the brains of a hamster.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 27 2023 #143792
    Dr. D

    Speaking of not safe: Philly had mass “Teen” in quotes, “riots” in quotes. As in, we know the exact ages of everyone involved when they all escaped? It was a “Riot” in the sense that they went on a shopping spree, sacking an open Apple store WITH THE EMPLOYEES INSIDE? That’s not a protest. That’s not a riot. That’s looting.

    I guess they’re on the Iraq war plan: WHO is the person literally LEAST involved with this event of a police shooting? I know! AutoZone! I’m going to create social justice by getting brake pads for a 1999 Hyundai I don’t own. Loot away, good citizen!

    Meanwhile, on the Island of Staten, residents were annoyed with them having to pay for non-citizens — that is criminal felons — to the tune of $1B while they get shafted. Well, since they’re white, we all know what happened: The NY Police ARRESTED THE CITIZENS. Not the illegals, who have been legally classified “an invasion” in some jurisdictions, and who are exclusively all felons, having just committed a major international crime only yesterday.

    In Brave #OppositeLand, if innocent: arrested. If guilty: paid cash money and free 4 star hotels. Yesssss!!! Nirvana at last!

    (In the sense that they’re shooting themselves in the head. Too Soon?)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 27 2023 #143791
    Dr. D

    If I’m hearing this right, one judge just erased Trump’s company in one minute. One judge.

    No rule of law = no wealth. Morons.

    Okay, geniuses, now EVERYONE IN NYC sees that their businesses aren’t safe. Not. One. Think anybody’s going to make that final decision to depart for Miami now?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 27 2023 #143773
    Dr. D

    “JPM’s Dimon Warns: World Not Ready For Fed’s Stagflationary Response
    “I am not sure if the world is prepared for 7%…We urge our clients to be prepared for that kind of stress”

    Luongo: Fed and NY Banks are on the same page. Obviously, as the Fed is a cartel of NY banks and always has been. Dimon here is backing up Powell on raising “higher for longer”. This will destroy Europe and Davos utterly. Like John Wick 4, NY issues the challenge to old Europe: pistols at dawn. One or the other will be carried off the field.

    Fair warning though: “And then a miracle happened.”

    “For example, we are likely to see a third consecutive loss in US Treasuries in 2023, which has never happened since US independence. Most would therefore have told you that it ‘could not happen’; history is laughing at the bond bulls who are crying.”

    “…how unprecedentedly low rates during the New Normal were: the lowest for 5,000 years, or all of recorded history. It made some sense at the time, but the lowest rates in history **for the rest of history** was only logical if, Fukuyama fashion, history was over…”

    Yes under fascism, One World where markets were never priced fairly again, Soviet Markets in a Brave New Technocracy. That does not seem to be going well. And if there are no markets, what would NY do? Evaporate? It ain’t a port, and they don’t do any work. I don’t think so.

    “our Fed-watcher Philip Marey sees the floor in Fed Funds as no lower than 3.5%, lifting short-end bond yields.”

    As yields un-invert slowly across the board. Herr Docktor, you said the whole system would implode if they tied this. Yes. And it did: more banks have failed than all of 08, by cap. The Fed no longer has any rules, what rules there are aren’t enforced, and Congress is MIA. So JPow bailed them out, is bailing out more right now, and has the balance sheet to bail out possibly everyone. Remember when they used to have to ask to get a mere $700B? So quaint. Those were the days.

    In this weird world we’re in he’s also saying something else: we are normalizing pricing risk. Infinitesimally slow, but slowly he is trying to re-introduce the concept of “Markets” back into NY after Greenspan. How? There’s an open bail window at the Fed: take all you want. Wait, that’s not pricing. Oh yes it is: the “Panic” window is now very expensive, not a free lunch like before. If you need it, you’ll survive. If you don’t, you’ll have to go work for your lunch like in “Capitalism” by selling loans that will repay you, I.e not Silicon Valley who were all four “S” banks who he executed and handed to NY.

    Is this great? No, it sucks. They should all be bankrupted and scattered to the winds. Every trader should be arrested and fined and jailed. However, I’m an adult and understand that cure is worse than the disease. How about we set up incentive structures that just make us MORE honest and MORE market-based each year, just the #Opposite of the last 60 years since Kennedy.

    “Polish Minister Has ‘Taken Steps’ To Extradite Ukrainian Nazi Veteran Honored By Trudeau Govt
    Still crickets from the ADL…”

    Well they’ve paid their extortion vig for the month. It’s when you DON’T pay that things start to happen…

    “German FM Admits Some Of Berlin’s Weapons To Ukraine Are Outdated, “Not Really Functioning”
    Several deliveries of Leopard tanks have been “faulty & defective”…

    Oh is THAT why every Leopard blew up, no better than an old Soviet rig? So which is it: you knew these tanks were s—t and weren’t working and you gave them to Ukraine without telling them to sabotage them and get them killed. OR: the Leopards really aren’t defective much, just not the latest tech, and aren’t special kryptonite at all, just a well made, average rig?

    I’ll wait.

    “A Kennedy Libertarian Party Run Could Tilt Election: Officials”

    He will pull mostly Republicans, taking out Trump. However, if Trump should have an “Accident” and go to Ken Lay island, both parties will pull behind him and have a totally new party appear, like in 1845 or 1860. That’s the kind of “Point to” change that we need to make an impact.

    Speaking of, Cheeto at a rally just said, “We’re going to take out Joe Biden in 5 months.” 5 months? That’s March 1. The election is November 13 months from now. Whatever do you mean, sir?

    Speaking of Presidents, Newsom is a top runner in the Vegas odds, who isn’t running and just said he wouldn’t. Uh-huh. Sure, and Vegas boys don’t know nothin’. They’re all babes in the woods.

    “FBI Sued After ‘Losing’ Valuable Rare Coins It Seized During Raid

    Like Civil Forfeiture, they, government, police, apparatchiks, are the top thieves. Since they run all the drug cartels, they may be the ONLY thieves. Everybody else is too small to matter. Civil Forfeiture is what? 3x burglary nationwide?

    “’Missing’ Biden Whistleblower (Who Garland Indicted) Offers Dirt On FBI ‘Mole’ Who Tipped Off Hunter
    new evidence to the House impeachment inquiry about an FBI mole who tipped off Hunter Biden that his Chinese partners were about to be indicted, according to the NY Post”

    “Biden DOJ indicts Dr. Gal Luft, a Biden corruption whistleblower, for not registering as an agent of CEFC China Energy, while Hunter, James, and Sara Biden simultaneously collected millions from CEFC China Energy without registering, also violating FARA”

    P.S. this was the one with the direct bribery/extortion threat: ““I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction. I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.” They wired $5M shortly.

    “Ho was [then] arrested by the Trump DOJ on charges of bribery and money laundering.
    Ho’s first call? Jim Biden, looking for Hunter.”
    Hunter reached out to lawyer Edward Kim, who asked Hunter in an email the afternoon of Ho’s arrest to “find the names of the FBI agents you spoke with, that would be helpful.”
    “Working on it,” Hunter replied.” etc

    I’m sure they wanted the names just as an FYI and nobody talked to anyone. Did any of their kids go missing?

    Hunter is also suing over the laptop, a move certain to keep it in the news for months. Odd unless you WANT to inform those last pig-headed Americans that everything is real.

    “Tens of Thousands of Armenians Flee Their 2,000-Year Heartland In Karabakh, Facing Genocide

    America killin’ some folks, doin’ more genocide wherever we can. Busy busy! Yes, the place where the North-South BRICS rail line has to go. What a coincidence there should be a genocide there where the UN and NATO now need to get involved!

    Presidential Net Worth: Of course that’s OFFICIAL net worth, not including gold bricks, diamonds, and speaking engagement favors.

    AOC: $6,000 to Multi-millionaire in one term. …With lifetime gold-plated health insurance too. Would be worth it just for that.

    NY Hotels:

    Tim Pool pointed out that they’re promising Black reparations. But they are ACTUALLY giving all that reparation money to NON-Blacks, who aren’t even citizens. So worse than doing or not doing, they’re taking out $100 bill, waving it in front of your face, then if you grab, snatching it away and laughing.

    Ukraine: Apparently the Polish extradition is happening. And the SPEAKER took a political hit, not Trudeau. Why?

    “described the ceremony as “deeply embarrassing for the House and for Canada.”

    …But not for him. Because Justin is beyond all shame.

    “a level of brutality and malice that is unimaginable,” the Toronto-based Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) said in a statement on Sunday.”

    ADL still MIA. How odd. I thought there was never a minute they wouldn’t shake people down and pearl-clutch over the smallest thing. But a live SS member getting like a Victoria Cross by a primary nation on national TV? All good with them! So apparently it’s clearly NOT Nazis and not muh Jews that drives you. Huh. So what is it then?

    “Canada is not a unique situation. Ten thousand Nazi war criminals emigrated to the United States, thousands to Australia, Great Britain, and in fewer numbers to New Zealand.”

    …and were put in the highest positions, including top secret access and clearance. So the Bush’s “Businessman’s Coup” to kill FDR and install Fascism here failed, so they killed FDR in 1945 (Churchill said) and back-doored the coup by installing fascist moles everywhere. Got it. And Truman watched.

    Dore is amazing and gets more clever, concise, and accurate each week. The ability to say the exact thing in few words is stellar. Brand is equally good, with a fresh, precise line of open questioning with each day, whereas I can’t avoid the conclusions I could only draw yesterday, but which can close off new entrants and new ideas.

    “Hersh Reveals US Motive For Destruction Of Nord Stream Pipelines (MoA)

    Did we not know this? Yes it was killing Germany’s dog in front of them so they couldn’t back out. I’m waiting for the new information.

    “the destruction of the two Russian pipelines was not related to the Ukrainian war..”

    I don’t know what they mean, it is very obviously about the Ukraine war, or rather the offensive and entirely voluntary war on Russia.

    “Nord Stream Blast: Why the West Still Can’t Name the Culprit (Sp.)

    And apparently still hasn’t investigated? Are we the only nation that didn’t feel the need? That’s odd. Does that mean we know who did it already?

    “estimates made by Kiev – which claimed that dozens of servicemen and officers were killed and over 100 injured.”

    Military Summary points out that Kiev doesn’t do itself any favors by estimating and releasing what is totally wrong all the time. However, since 100% of the pliant and obsequious press will report it with a big slurpie, I guess it doesn’t matter. Wrong 100% of the time = Right. True. Fair and Balanced. Most Trusted. …At being always wrong.

    “Nothing Is Off Table To Get Ukraine Into EU – Parliament President (G.)

    Well if the full power of MALTA is on their side, the war will shortly be over.

    ““Pushing the can down the road” on enlargement will only fuel nationalism and the far-right, she warned.”

    Uhhh. Whut? Whutty, whut whut? The “Far-Right” IS Ukriane. Everyone else was outlawed, legally and literally. Ukraine and the Azov – the poster child of an actual “Far Right” – have merged. There is no more “Nationalist”, prejudiced nation on the Planet we call “Earth” than Ukraine, leaving even Israel behind. If you stopped “Nationalism” and “The Far-Right” you would be Russian and AGAINST Ukraine. Tricky-tricky.

    “Campaigns in accession countries are fought, and lost or won, on the basis of the dream and hope of the EU.”

    They did fight this battle indeed. Russia won and Ukraine had voted to stay in the Russiosphere. Then the U.S. openly paid $6B on camera to create an illegal coup and install an anti-democratic government that wanted the #Opposite of what they people just and so painfully had decided. When that wasn’t adequate, they started killing everyone they could find who had voted the “Wrong way.” 100 kids a month for years.

    What pierces the armor of an Abrams? A: Everything. We saw them burn from nearly nothing in Yemen. Just your average, outdated anti-tank round.

    Trump: “instead claiming James’ suit is a politically-driven attack.” Which she publicly said it was. 1,000 times. That is not grounds for a mistrial or recusal because muh Trump.

    “Whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld told Sputnik the choice was the result of “venue shopping.

    This is illegal, it is specifically written in the Constitution, but that’s our foundational law, so we don’t follow that.

    Same as the ‘16 election – and every minute since – no matter what happens, we’re not worried about “Who did what 10,000 treasonous crimes to whom”, but “How did you find out about my crimes???” Finding OUT about the crimes is the illegal part, not the crimes themselves. See Hunter whistleblower on Cyprus. If you lobby for foreign nationals, taking $5M from the Chinese, that’s okay. TALKING about it to the press can get you a FARA charge.

    Don’t worry, not a single DNC voter will change their mind.

    Digital currencies, 6 miles. Yes, they have all kinds of plans. We’ll just go around them. Duh, de-duh duh duh. Hey Doc? Do people do drugs and own guns in your home town? They do? But that’s impossible.

    “. Existing evidence of the drug effectiveness is therefore inconclusive.”

    We have exciting new evidence of cancer curing drugs. …That is why we will never, ever test them.

    Actually, it would be against the whole POINT of the thing. I have heard that, what seems to be on accident, Salk’s polio vaccine was generated using monkeys and during the process a cancer cause was instilled across species. Rather than cover this up as they used to, by 1950 they were HAPPY about it and made certain this was in every remaining vaccine even today. So they are CAUSING cancer as a way of containing population on Spaceship Earth, a fact they are proud of and tell us so every day. So why would anyone be surprised their open, stated beliefs and goals have turned to action?

    Anyway, then finding a cancer CURE undoes all that hard work. Right now, the very rich can visit alternative treatments in Mexico and elsewhere and get anything they want. But that is only to keep them out of the hands of the masses. Monoclonal antibodies was one of those treatments, now more common here.

    These things are part of a system. If you know the system and its origins, how far along in corruption now makes a lot more sense.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 26 2023 #143726
    Dr. D

    “Smart People first in line…”

    That’s because their definition of “Smart” = Obedient. A very strange definition indeed. So apparently Tedros and the CEO of Pfizer aren’t “Smart”.

    Tucker: that is a tough call. The original sentiment was “Safe, Legal, and RARE”, as in, nearly unthinkable. Aaaaaaand everybody told you it wouldn’t be. Aaaaaaand they all said it would lead to immorality, the destruction of the family overall, and abortion being used as birth control. Aaaaaaand they were all shouted down as old fogies who didn’t know nothing, weren’t hip to the jive, man.

    50 years later: everything they said has happened, exactly as they said it would happen, and they’re still wrong. A strange definition indeed. Okay, new rule: when I’m wrong, I’m actually right! Just like the DNC in New Hampshire. If you get votes in NH, they’re actually MINE! What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine too!

    Their conclusion? Let’s try shopping! Let’s make stealing under $900, “Safe, Legal, and Rare”! Since cops shoot everyone they come into contact with, every single person, day and night, through their whole career, it’s only fair, right? Gotta save the childrens!

    It’s going about as well. So tell me: when will we stop letting the suicidally mentally ill drive the bus?

    Schiff: so they’re going after him, for doing what they’re all doing? His thing isn’t even particularly bad? After 40 years of doing this? Okay, why now? Why this sudden change of heart and why starting with Schiff and not McConnell, who took BILLIONS of insider trading from China?

    And following the other in NJ, also DNC.

    Schiff is accepting campaign donations to encourage jobs in his district? That are actual work? I don’t condone this as illegal, but “be still my heart.” That’s what Congressmen are “Supposed” to do. Why don’t you talk to me about Standard Hotel instead?

    GOP Ukraine. Putin is our enemy for why? For unhinged conspiracy theories debunked by the DNC’s own investigator? Btw Hillary picked that up again yesterday. Not just that, but election tampering is endemic I hear. She’s going to stop hackable digital voting and stop mail-ins Carter said was the weakest link, undermining faith in Democracy. …Just kidding! Russia did all that AND we’re going to use the weakest election methods we can find, with no recounts allowed or arrested.

    Second part, 50% of Putin’s army? Wow, that is a whopper I can’t even come up with a kernel for. Not even projection that he’s destroyed 50% of Ukriane’s army. He’s destroyed much, much more than that. But people who applaud for slavic genocide, what can you say?

    They weren’t kidding that Nazis and White Supremacists were the major danger right now. It’s just that Biden is the one arming, funding, and organizing Nazi and White Supremacists via the FBI, then his pal Moosilini is importing, funding, giving them tongue-baths in Parliament, as major cabinet members, and Freeland-who-is-really-running-the-country is herself a Nazi and a child of Nazis. Like here, with Nuland.

    Well, it sure ain’t Joe running things! You tell me.

    “CIA was paid to mislead”

    Um…on what jurisdiction? The CIA is confined to FOREIGN matters and is strictly prohibited from interfering in DOMESTIC affairs, ESPECIALLY politics. Oh, “that’s the Law and we don’t do that”? Got it. Well, that’s the law and I don’t do it either. Become ungovernable.

    “Obama changed this law to make it legal to LIE to the American people.”

    Yes but he passed it because they never used it. That’s how things work! “Obama” changed the law? Weren’t some other people involved as the President EXECUTES laws passed by CONGRESS? …And he still did nowhere near the damage of Clinton allowing media monopolies. 1st: Monopolies are illegal, huh, under Sherman? No? 2nd, this forcing of diversity was the defense of free press under the corporate structure compromise since 1900 or so.

    Yeah, no: THAT they had to pass it, make it legal, shows you how very, very MUCH they had been using it for years before then, and needed legal cover because it had got too big. In which case you can consider it overwhelming now, as nearly universal or they wouldn’t have bothered.

    “• Zelensky’s Failed Visit to US Shows ‘End is Coming’ for Ukraine (Sp.)

    Promises, promises. Putin doesn’t think so, and I bet he has better intel.

    “Biden did announce a new security package for Kiev, although it did not include the ATACMS long-range missiles”

    Like all politicians and all media, they both DID, and DIDN’T. All things and their opposite are all true at once! As reality dissolves, your mind and personality dissolves and then we can Build Back Better. This is brainwashing 101 for captured Prisoners of War, and a War Crime: Break them down. Have them doubt everything, true, false, don’t care. I need them putty before we can program them to be killers for us.

    Yeah, so anyway, the day after Ze left, media reported “Ooops! Changed me mind! We’re giving it to them!” And then ALSO: maybe one unit, and maybe a year from now. Oh wait, all of them, maybe tomorrow!

    Ah, democracy, where an informed public makes national decisions.

    “Zelensky’s Wife Unsure If He Will Seek Reelection (RT)

    Depends if her million-dollar shopping sprees can continue or not. Like Obama’s back in the day.

    Again, since all candidates and all parties are outlawed, how exactly do they hold an “election”? Oh! Like us! They put up two FAKE parties with two FAKE candidates who are the same and we choose between them. Got it. “Ukrainian martial law prohibits elections,” but that’s the law, so we don’t do that.

    “maintain the appearance of a functioning democracy,”

    That’s how we do it. We HAVE no functional democracy, only the APPEARANCE of a functioning democracy. That’s the only important part, the SIGNALING.

    “Ukraine is fated either to capitulate on Moscow’s terms or cease to exist as a state, speaker of the Russian State Duma said.”

    This was my conclusion after the first 6 months when the West positioned itself here. The world now seems aware the West’s only power is to write things on spreadsheets and call on the god of “The Power of Positive Thinking” where you “Manifest” reality by clicking your heels. –The true Western religion.

    “The costs of Ukraine’s militarization have forced Germany to cut benefit payments to poor families. France has reduced the number of beneficiaries; people in need no longer receive food packages and reimbursements for drug costs.”

    Ukraine gets both though plus free health care. Even if the U.S. government shuts down. Ukraine is our capital, and the only nation that matters worldwide. Notice that as Kiev becomes our world capital, Israel becomes second-rate.

    “They are consciously fueling the disintegration of their societies”

    Yes, it is Brainwashing, Human Control Science 101. One problem, guys? Um, the “Integration” of the crew on board rowing is what keeps YOUR slave galley afloat. “Disintegrate” them and you sink in a shipwreck YOU CAUSED. Might want to pencil that into your equation, geniuses.

    “prevent the inexorably approaching catastrophe of the Third World War within the next decade or so by forcing the West, primarily the United States, to step back and adapt to the new reality.”

    This is exactly the same war at home. The “America First” vs the NeoCon Globalists. He treats the U.S. as one thing, and maybe he should. But it isn’t. Nor are any of the other countries, including Iran.

    “Western elites should once again realize that nuclear Armageddon poses a real threat to the world, according to the scientist.”

    Oh a SCIENTIST? Oh in that case, everything he says is stupid. As in this case. Hey genius: They WANT a nuclear Armageddon world war. It’s IMPOSSIBLE not to notice. But leave it to Science to refute all data.

    “the Covid-19 episode from the beginning was a fantastic fiasco of blundering incompetence “

    He missed the core reason this can’t be true: So not ONE Scientist or Doctor disagreed? Not one? And when they got their own data they what? Turned the pages upside-down so that “No” become “Yes” and “Death” became “Life”? Uh no. It is inconceivable that this was at all incompetence anywhere. Like Fauci, it was PAID. For PROFIT. As an expression of their core RELIGION. AFTER killing 500,000 gay guys and getting promoted.

    He then turns to Joe Biden when Trump was in charge.

    “The stomach-churning scene of the Canadian parliament giving a standing ovation three days ago to a former Waffen SS Nazi has by now made the rounds on the internet.”

    So…is this real? Is it them trying to normalize? Or is it White Hats pulling the strings to wake you up? If so, it failed. Canada isn’t bothered in the least, at least not in any way that would cause the slightest change or action. Example: shouldn’t a sane society call for his resignation, snap election, even if that’s stupid and implausible, the opposing part should make political points on it?

    Nope. All clear here. No rallying the Ministers, the government, nor the public.

    BTW RUSSIA made Trudeau zeig heil to Nazis. Because…um…Russia was Nazi, and not the 2/3rds defeater of Nazis? No. Because RUSSIA rounded up the whole SS and flew them to Canada? Complete with paid pensions? No. Um, because Putler rigged Canadian elections and installed Trudeau to power? Um, No. Work with me here, I’ll come up with something. Like yesterdays’ war crimes Russia THOUGHT something bad, I just know it. That means it happened and it’s their fault.

    How Canada Became a Safe Haven for Ukrainian WWII-era Nazis (Sp.)

    And back with the Jews, KILLING people = good. BEING killed = bad. We only support the people who kill and not their victims. That’s just common sense. And for Celtic, They always kill THEMSELVES by the millions! Like any intelligent army does. The more they kill themselves, the more they winninger.

    “We Defeated the Nazis!”

    Now we need the same infograph for the entire USSR bureaucracy becoming the EU bureaucracy. No joke.

    “Hillary Clinton Claims Russia Seeks to Meddle in 2024 Election (Tweedie)

    That is epic. Unhinged conspiracy theories. And this is how it should be reported in general by the papers. Straightforward like this. Let her talk. We just interject with the official, legal findings and you can decide.

    ““I don’t think, despite all of the deniers, there is any doubt that he interfered in our election,”

    Deniers like her own Mueller investigation. Remember kids: Mueller is a Putin puppet too. They’re everywhere! Putin! Under me bed!

    “the FBI was guilty of misconduct and was in need of reform” … but no specific PERSON did any wrong. Huh. So wrong was done, the whole AGENCY was completely wrong, but no PERSON did a single wrong action. How does that work again? I was planning a bank robbery and would like to use the same angle.

    Again, so is Clinton actually doing this, or are the White Hats doing it to break through your thick head?

    Speaking of, who the heck was on saying he was John Kerry the other day? I have a terrible memory for faces, but that was totally wrong. There are probably paid John Kerry impersonators who look closer. If you’re going to do this, don’t you at least want to call Sf/x? They invented masks, you know.

    “it will be forced to rely on America’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) for decades to come, the bloc’s top energy official has admitted.”

    No. It won’t. There is no gas (our frak fields are out) and no infrastructure in ports and terminals. On either end. You had the chance 10 years ago to build them, but you didn’t, counting on invading and dismembering Russia instead. If you want only 3% of your gas supplied, fine we can overcharge you for it, but 97% of you will sit in the dark.

    And again, Europe is presently making INDIA fabulously wealthy, while India flips to Russia and the BRICS. Brilliant!

    On the larger front: Europe has no gas or oil, nor can get any. Therefore nobody else can have any either. That’s what DAVOS, WEF, and Climate Change is about. You see, in their position, oil is liquid hegemonic power. And in order to stay in power, the only possible chance is to force the rest of the world to be as impoverished as Europe. Even their armies. It is not going well. 5 companies per week bail out without a parachute if necessary, with the world’s largest Iron Ore producer telling carbon credits to suck it this week. When you can’t get BlackRock on your ESG list…you’ve lost. Who knew the “Less for More” plan, the “Work AND Starve” plan wouldn’t be popular? So mysterious.

    “the diamond trade based in Antwerp, Belgium.”

    Well, so much for that! Like everything else, the Euro diamond trade will now cease to exist and be replaced by…well, anyone. Singapore, Dubai, Macao, anyone. #Winning! Remember kids: in #OppositeLand, #Losing is actually #Winning. It’s how I got promoted to this position anyway, and that’s good enough for me!

    “The India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC)”

    There is a major and vital North-South railway in this corridor. You’ll never believe! It happens to go right through Armenia! And then a day later Armenia has a war! What a surprise!

    Well, I am a coincidence theorist, and that is not suspicious at all. Just like the Khazak color revolution a day before Ukraine! Nope, nope, nope!

    P.S. that’s why the bulls—t in Pakistan too. But we install and pay everybody there since 1947, so no surprise.

    “How did Brzezinski and Fukuyama ever become so influential?”

    Like the Speadsheet jockies, feverishly writing now a new way we’re going to win in Ukraine with the “Power of Positive Thinking” (aka, “Magic”), they simply say whatever the jack-ss above them wants to hear. That’s it. Certain and inevitable promotion follows. Look at Blinken, clearly one of the least-capable people in the last 40 years.

    I don’t know if the NeoCons don’t know what really happened or really don’t care in pursuit of their weirdo religion. Reagan set up a FINANCIAL collapse of the USSR which worked perfectly. That’s what his Star Wars and other rot and nonsense was about. Like us in Vietnam, the point was to over-spend them. We then shut off their gold and oil sales and pulled the trigger on a long-term ruble attack, which currency was very well protected. That’s also a bunch of the movies we put out then, the CIA much involved in Rocky, Red Dawn, G.I Joe, all that rot. Rock n Roll and Blue Jeans.

    The USSR isn’t stupid, the KGB knew what we were doing. They just decided at some point to let us and reconstitute the country under a new basis, which they did. Unfortunately they lost control of it for a little while as Hermitage and Magintsky hit them harder and faster than they expected, moving NATO as example of the 10,000 agreements they were breaking.

    So their review of history is like tracking what flavor gatoraide they drank in the Super Bowl. Not relevant. You have to know what ACTUALLY happened to understand what’s happening now. That’s why the truth is the only enemy, surrounded by a bodyguard of lies from here to the horizon. If it’s true, you won’t find it in the history books.

    Example: if we weren’t paying Soviet Generals, they would have whipped F-Stan they way they whipped far harder Chechnya later.

    “Menendez broke with industry custom by allegedly accepting direct items like gold and a car. This is classic bribery stuff. There was no labyrinth of shell companies and accounts — just crude old-school corruption, with cash stuffed in clothing and gold bars”

    “Biden Condemns Menendez For Taking Bribes In Gold Rather Than Fungible Assets Laundered By 20 Different Shell Companies “ –BBee

    Again, just reporting straight news. A more trustworthy outlet than CNN.

    “Scientists ‘Shocked’ and ‘Alarmed’ at What’s in the mRNA Shots (Barnett)

    It is suggested that not only is there DNA, but DNA-editing. All on purpose, as we see with his simple tests, it’s impossible for Quality Control to miss it. There’s no way they couldn’t know. Also, so I’m making Gatoraide and there’s DNA in it? Um…how? “Oh that Pesky DNA injector nozzle keeps turning on! Aw shucks and by golly! Now who loaded that tanker truck of DNA into the nozzle vat?” Etc.

    Dr. Buckhaultz Looks like this:


    Haakon Jarl: Well we know all Norwegians are black. That’s obvious.

    I’ve heard this said another way by the Woke: “This show isn’t for you.” Okay then, sold! It’s not for me, you win. …And the viewing numbers are catastrophic, fail everywhere, as Bros and Black LOTR go down so hard you almost can’t see the dial.

    Yes, you’re making movies that aren’t for any of us. They’re hardly for the 3%. And then wonder why the viewership is down 97% from normal…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 25 2023 #143660
    Dr. D

    “Ski Resorts Are Giving Up on Snow
    With natural snow becoming scarcer and artificial powder woefully unsustainable, Europe’s mountain resorts are starting to look at life beyond downhill skiing.” — Wired

    With 75 feet of snow in the American West, Wired news is reaching new heights of reporting the #Opposite of all truth worldwide.

    But then Wired is dead, as right next this is an “Article” on the “Best Mattresses” to buy, 2023. Get Woke, Go Broke, the Not News Network.

    “Zelenskyy, Trudeau Honor Actual 3rd Reich Nazi With Standing Ovation
    Yaroslav Hunka, 98, fought in a Third Reich military formation accused of war crimes.

    Pepe Escobar on being left alone: “Never forget: the Hegemon’s Plan A is yet another Forever War. There is no Plan B.”

    “Scarcity Is Not Enough
    When the price of gold is high relative to its cost of production, there is an incentive to hunt for new gold reserves to mine. Supply rises. It’s a law of any market. Bitcoin has no supply response.”

    Sure, but it also has no price response. Nor anywhere else in the Western Capitalist system. No workers? Wages fall. No gas? Prices fall. Cars sitting on the lots for miles? (Stock) prices rise.

    ““..it is impossible to do business with the current Trudeau cabinet, which is the personification of neoliberal fascism..”

    A guy in a turban and blackface is a racist? Boy, who could have seen that coming?

    My thought is, “So now we have to watch the northern border and perhaps prepare for war there too?” Well, maybe. It would be a really short war, though. I won’t list all the problems but they’ve outlawed guns and all their cities are in shelling distance from the border.

    “They’re All Afraid” (WeltWoche.ch)

    What was notable about this is that it’s a level and straightforward article. The kind we can’t conceive of in 2023, but would have been normal in…last year? Most of our adult lives?

    “Russian fragmentation bombs exploded outside a supermarket in the city where Ukrainians were queueing for bread and food. Investigators are also focusing on the siege of Mariupol, Khan added. Food supplies were cut to the city and humanitarian relief corridors blocked or bombed”

    They’re kidding, right? No nation has ever tried to prosecute a war without bombing anything, leaving the entire national infrastructure, all the lights, the water turned on the way Russia has. We know as policy they have corridors since they were done in Mariupol specifically. Since there are always isolated incidents in every war, they must expand and coordinate into the picture of a national policy on the matter. Is keeping Ukraine’s train system on for like a year not a pretty good example?

    Meanwhile ACTUAL prevention of food to ACTUAL starving people: Europe and the EU. Not only preventing it from reaching Africa, but diverting it to feed Spanish pigs. Stay classy, Europe. Never change. Always some darkies somewhere you have to starve out, it’s the White Man’s Burden.

    “not crimes of result but crimes of intent”

    Wait, so they WEREN’T starving in the slightest? Because there are eggs in Ukraine but not in Lancashire? So this is a hypothetical war crime, they THOUGHT about committing, maybe later, if they could?

    When you’d thought you’d seen it all…

    “• Western Officials Pressuring Zelensky to Hold Elections – WaPo (RT)

    Like America, they will have a one-party election. They are our capital after all.

    “Western politicians, including Tiny Kox,”

    Uhhh, whut? Am I guessing his parents aren’t English speakers? I thought they were all Tiny Kox.

    “Some are said to be wary that Russia could exploit the elections by fomenting division, infiltrating its assets and weakening Ukraine from within.”

    You’re fired. Every word in this sentence has no meaning and communicates no information. “Some People”? Who? “Fomenting division”? Otherwise known as “Having a Party System”? How do you define Ukraine as being weaker or stronger? If it’s weaker under a Party System holding debates, then it’s clearly stronger under a one-party dictator. What do you mean?

    Thanks RT. As bad as The Guardian, but in a completely different way. This gets through as they are all the former NPR reporters that were fired. …The Male ones, I presume.

    “However, the Biden administration is said to be sympathetic to the obstacles facing Kiev and is not pushing for elections.”

    They are an independent country, fighting their own independent war that doesn’t involve us. So why would this sovereign nation care what Biden thinks of him any more than he cares what Bongo or Võ Văn Thưởng thinks of him?

    Oh that’s right: because every word of every sentence of every news article is a lie.

    ““ Only 51% of Republicans.” ““strongly agreed” with that sentiment,” I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    51% of Republicans are still complete failures. Well that explains a lot.

    “with 50% believing the government has a responsibility to restrict hateful posts.”

    “Only about half of GOP voters favor censorship — whether asked about the Ku Klux Klan, Nazis, or the Communist Party.”

    Odd choice: They’re not the ones primarily being censored. They’re also the same people. For example, scandal this week as (again, and for 50 years running) documents were leaked that the American Socialists, a Neo-Nazi group, were all established and run by the FBI. …Sort of like Torrio, right? This was a movie joke since back as far as “Blazing Saddles” or so, already well-known then. Why bring it up? Besides being interesting news – if you can even call it that “Francisco Franco is Still Dead” – I was struck by the group being the “Socialists”. Not the “WhiteHeads” or something. As in of course for them, the “National Socialists.”

    Cue everyone saying how although they call THEMSELVES Socialists, they’re not REALLY Socialists, they’re amazingly illiterate or something and picked the name from a fortune cookie, having no idea what it means. Actual National Socialism has never been tried, so this is not “Real” National “Socialism.”

    Anyway, they’re the same ppl in the KKK, are Nazis, and are also “Socialists” AKA “Communists”? Same people, all three. Don’t we usually make lists of different things and not near-synonyms?

    As they say, “Socialism is the merger of State and Corporation,” while “Capitalism is the reverse.” That is, the merger of “Corporation and State.” Totally different, you see.

    That goes with the other joke. “Capitalism is a system of “Work or Starve.” While Socialism is a system of “Work AND Starve.”

    “If an election were held today, former US President Donald Trump would defeat President Joe Biden by a 10% margin of the popular vote,”

    That’s why they won’t hold an election. …Wait for it. “And Then a Miracle Happened…” “I would have held it too, if it weren’t for that nosy asteroid!” Don’t worry, I’m so wrong I can predict it a year or three years ahead of time. Then when it happens, I’m still an idiot and “nobody coulda knewd”. 1994 boom, Tech bust, housing boom, housing bust, Covid inflation, no reversing rates, not temporary, Subprime was not contained…

    in reply to: Review – John Wick 4 (Dr. D.) #143646
    Dr. D

    in reply to: Review – John Wick 4 (Dr. D.) #143645
    Dr. D

    They were discussing: “Don’t call people sheep. Not only does it not win them over which is bad strategy, but they are not sheep: They are domesticated wolves. There’s a difference. Shut the food off, remove the comfort, and the wolf nature will come out. Immediately.”

    Or as John Wick 1 says, “Do I look CIVILIZED to you?”

    John Oliver’s $8 Million was just the casino paying a guy who pulls three bars and won a hand. He said, “F— it, no. 9 years of 16h minimum wage shifts and like Jean Val Jean, I’m past all that. Keep your d—m money. You should have left me alone. Now I can’t be bought.” Just like the Marquis should have just paid everyman whatever he wanted. Keep the peace, give him his due, keep him out of the fight. But for a lousy $10M you just couldn’t, could you?

    And now you’re going to find out what it really costs.

    in reply to: Review – John Wick 4 (Dr. D.) #143641
    Dr. D

    Technically, it’s the Western or Belorussian Mafia he used to work for and he meets in Germany, not the Eastern or Official half. That may come from the original movie: the Gangsters had to be SOMETHING, you know?

    Koji’s daughter is young Japan.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 24 2023 #143622
    Dr. D

    Complex Luongo on https://tomluongo.me/2023/09/23/approaching-the-bond-yield-event-horizon/

    But here’s the interest: “This is to spook capital markets, continue the illusion that somehow China is collapsing alongside the US but somehow Europe isn’t with $94/bbl oil?”

    As I say daily. Um, how is Europe, now totally shut off, with no energy, no economy, no manufacturing as Germany goes down, all imports in everything, no cohesion either in upper politics in EU, in Nations, or down with the society, no food, no heat, hand grenade of the world, think or are priced as A N Y T H I N G equal to the U.S. and China which have only half as many problems, serious as they may be?

    And I need not ask how they keep their eye off Europe’s deadly, unsolvable problems: all the media worldwide works for Davos. That is, they are Socialists. I’m not accusing anybody, they’ll proudly tell you themselves they are, and that they must not tell the truth, ever, but be “Advocates” and revolutionaries. Seriously. Get a ream of paper and and stack of envelopes and ask them. They’re not shy; they’re extremely proud of it. There’s not a journalism school left that tells you not to “advocate” for your cause, that is, to “Lie”, every day, in every way, bigger and better.

    Davos is the face of the same people who INVENTED Marxism in the first place, they literally PAID Karl to write it. They’ve spent trillions over the last 150 years promoting it worldwide whenever it suits monetary and political purposes to say, destroy the Middle East, or Russia, or Argentina, or whoever is on the harvesting block that day.

    Anyway, that’s why Europe is somehow immune…to everything. Everything that ever, ever happens. It’s supernatural. And therefore we look for a cause. Whose knees are lifting the table and knocking, ‘cause it ain’t God almighty doing it.

    Gotta hand it to them. Like so many things, I wouldn’t have believed.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 24 2023 #143621
    Dr. D

    Petra: That’s is the place named in the Bible when they say “Flee to the hills, don’t stop for your coat…”

    Hunter Biden’s Lawyers File Motion To Have Case Moved To Ukraine “ –BBee

    That seems likely. All the government servers are already there, along with our army and our money. I mean, it IS our Capital after all.

    “Ukraine Hires Dylan Mulvaney As New Spokesperson” –Bbee

    “Nation Torn Between Party That Openly Supports Perversion And Party That Only Secretly Supports Perversion “ –Bbee

    “• California Democrats Could Guarantee Trump 2024 Win (Seiler)

    This shows not only how cheating they are, but also how immeasurably illiterate. Have they ever read ANYTHING? They’re not only #AntiScience, but AntiLiteracy. It’s astonishing. Go ahead, I guess, this all ends only with something so astonishingly unprecedented, it can be talked about for a century.

    ““..entering the US illegally now ranks up there with “basic American values.”

    “Give us your tired, your poor….”

    Actually this is super easy. Stop all support. They’re here, fine, that’s not unusual. But we provide no service so good luck. That’s also like the country has been for 300 years. Although many work, almost all will go home. Why? Half because they’re only here for free stuff, and the others who won’t be able to get a job even though they want one and have to work to help build their own country. And some will have turned out okay and work and stay here, as always.

    But it always comes back to free stuff they didn’t work for.

    Imagine if they took this $10,000 trafficking fee, all the hard work and ambition, their family, and fixed Venezuela, Argentina and Afghanistan instead. THOSE countries can’t withstand such an outflow of cash and brain drain, and it’s not our fault for a change. Afghanistan should be paying us to refuse them entry. See?

    And they’re not “Illegal”, it’s not that “All humans are legal”, it’s that they are legal citizens of another country. Their home country that desperately needs them.

    And of course as Bernie says, doing this is a Koch Brothers plan that Biden is obeying and supporting here. The Koch Brothers servant. All to lower wages of honest workers here on behalf of the corporations. That’s a top Democratic value, along with the sex trafficking that goes with it.

    So we’re not inventing anything here. Nothing’s different. America would remain wide open.

    Here’s the problem: nobody’s going to shut off their OWN candy from Uncle Sugar. In a big way, it’s not Biden, it’s us. That’s why you win by waking up and changing US, not by marching in and arresting HIM. See?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 23 2023 #143576
    Dr. D

    * Or some German waitresses anyway.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 23 2023 #143575
    Dr. D

    “”Educational Homicide”: 13 Baltimore City High Schools Have Zero Students Proficient On State Math Exam 
    13 = Schools
    0 = Competency

    Only those numbers are deceptive. Let’s say it’s 1,000 per school (probably slightly less)
    13,000 = Students
    0 = Competency. That is, learned anything and are functional for life. As we see here in anecdotes about no one being able to count change, which is simple addition and subtraction. If you fail 13,000 times a year, can you get paid? Yes, Baltimore had infinity funding.

    “Illegal Immigrants”

    That’s just let in in 3 years under BIDEN. There are as many or more since I dunno, Obama, and that many again since Reagan cut a one-time amnesty an agreement for no more.

    So, as we’re running a new U.S. city per month, it’s like 5-10 states over that time?

    Brand is no fool: he set up Rumble years ago as his major platform, and YouTube merely as a public-face funnel to it. That means he knew this was always a contingency, as one must. But he’s not arrested, Assanged, and disappeared, as such NorseFire Governments behave. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V_for_Vendetta
    Evey tells V her life story, which reveals her own past and England’s recent history. During a dispute over Poland in the late 1980s, the Soviet Union and the United States, … entered a global nuclear war “ which leads to Pan-UK fascism.

    ““It would be out and voted on by itself,” McCarthy said when asked about the Ukraine aid”

    I would ask, “Isn’t that the minimum? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?” That is, vote on things one by one so you can see if people really want them or not?

    Oh, you can’t? Because there are too many? Then you’re doing too much. And need to cut back. There’s no Constitutional jurisdiction to do almost any of it anyway. Speaking of, who is panicked about a shutdown? The people could care less and approve. It’s the lobbyists. If D.C. is shut down, all the pigs are no longer slopped at the trough. Tough week for yacht sales then in nearby Richmond.

    Anyway, did MTG and Co. do anything to STOP the bill? No. They merely asked for a second, and recorded, vote. Does that seem like “burning it all down?” Too much to ask? If you want your Ukraine war, stand up and vote yes. Easy. It’ll pass if it has the support. Easy.

    ““..pulling the plug on Ukraine while they’re winning on the battlefield”

    As a Republican arranges for the Republicans to take the blame. “We wouldn’t won too, if it weren’t for those nosy kids!”


    Don’t worry: neither Lindsay nor McConnell were elected either; it’ll have no effect on their polls.

    “If the government shuts down US citizens won’t get paid but Ukrainians will.
    • Pentagon Exempts Ukraine Operations From Potential Government Shutdown (Pol.)

    That is so awesome. PLEASE let that happen so they can explain it.

    “China opposes the illegal military presence on Syrian soil and calls for the lifting of sanctions”

    One of these countries has illegal occupations worldwide and one of them doesn’t.

    “attacked a historic building of the Black Sea headquarters in Sevastopol this September 22,”

    On the 22’s. They love their numerology.

    “And it could be a dissolving force for the European Union,” he said,”

    If the nations dissolve, that would only leave the Corporations. Perfect. That was the plan anyway.

    ““If we want to survive from a labor point of view, we need migrants,” the official continued.”

    Um…you mean if you want ETERNALLY LOW WAGES they need to do this? Because if France had half as many people, but half as many workers, it would be the same. A wash. If you add 10,000 people, you then add 10,000 more needs. And the workers can help fill those needs – eventually – but there’s no net gain.

    The gain is all to corporations lowering wages and savaging the population.

    “The Italian government, meanwhile, has closed its ports to ships transporting migrants”

    They must do what we did: transport them all to Brussels Headquarters.

    “From racial justice to Covid to Ukraine, these subjects involve core political speech.”

    Yes, all three are supporting a Socialist Party, Socialist doctrine, Socialist viewpoint. A one-party system, as represented that “racial justice” is “Critical Race Theory,” a direct descendant and duplicate of “Critical Theory”, core Marxism. “When I want your opinion I’ll beat it out of you.”

    “The strength of Oktoberfest waitresses is truly remarkable!”

    Well they are German. And also carrying 20 pounds in that bra.

    Cassowaries, thus dinosaurs, same crest.

    Appreciate the Jet and Romney videos as fun and not political.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 22 2023 #143527
    Dr. D


    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 22 2023 #143526
    Dr. D


    He started a short series on this.

    “Liberals like Karl Rove”

    Never thought I’d see those words together. Even as it’s true “NeoCons” originated on the far Left. Still would never say that – it’s careless and confusing.

    Note when he says “military is the only option” that may roughly mean a “coup”. That depends on whether the military orders were legal in court, but you’re there. However, these men are merely talking; the President would have to actually ORDER it. He did not do so.

    ““‘It’s all lies,’” the source said, according to Hersh. “‘The war is over. Russia has won.”

    It’s not; it’s not ‘over’. Ukraine is still losing +100 men a day and +3,000/month, but Ukraine is losing now 100% of all equipment regularly. In that way it’s very, very “lost”.

    “The US Army currently has approximately 100,000 troops deployed to Europe, around 40,000 of which are organized into combat units expected to bear the brunt of the fighting.”

    Now you see why when I said Russia sees them as a speed bump, I wasn’t entirely kidding. This is VERY OBVIOUS. You can be a very poor military thinker and planner and still come up with nothing but these numbers. I mean, just look at the weapons: we’re still using airsoft and not the real stuff, okay? No jets, no bio, no battlefield nukes? Barely fighting, not in a fraction of the territory, 25% and well-liked and supported, the battle well-contained to only one sliver line of engagement and still this level of losses?

    “The Kiev regime could use its knowledge of the Biden family’s dealings in Ukraine to blackmail the US president into continued support for a losing conflict with Russia, says an ex-CIA commentator. “

    Not really because they’re not revealing anything. Everybody knows. If so, that would mean Biden was I dunno, kidnapping and testing bioweapons on people, or trafficking women through Europe and strangling them on camera for fun. Both of which are likely, but you have to suppose crimes heretofore unthinkable for that quote to be true. IS that what you are suggesting, sir? I’m okay with it: show me the lab dossier we know you all have.

    “US May Be Supporting ‘Neo-Nazis’ by Aiding Ukraine – Congressman (Sp.)

    Wow. And polar bears “may” be white. Sad panda might be sad.

    To stop being useless, are you going to DO anything about it? According to you here, MANY CRIMES were plausibly committed. In specific and flagrant defiance of your express orders, and then they lied under oath about it and doctored records. And…? Can they drive-by your house and fill it with bullets too, since you do nothing about all the other crimes?

    Well if he’s a Republican, the answer is “no.” Nothing will be done. And yes, you can shoot them up. May GOP centers were shot up in the election and nothing happened.

    “They want no more money to Ukraine. How is that burning the place down?”

    Not just that, but no more “$150 BILLION dollars”, that is enough to cure homelessness 3x over. “Hey, WE would like that money for US” they said.

    “This is a very difficult series of missteps by our conference,”

    All one big accident again. Every day since Newt did it back in 1994, not a day’s progress, but one accident after another, 10,000 days in a row. Oopsie! Shucks, I guess we’re not very good at this.

    This is a whole new concept of individuals that just want to burn the whole place down. That doesn’t work.”

    You’d have to inside baseball on this vote. To me, they are merely forcing it to not be business as usual. To TRY to have the scale of change and thought that is necessary and this is their only present means to do that.

    Like other conflicts, if the moderate Republicans, to say nothing of the Democrats, caved in instead and said “Sigh, this is the NEW only way to get things done” then they would all do that. It’s perception. They anchor perception in 50 years of process that is all corruption, flaccid action, and status quo. It can be anchored many other places. For instance, the Squad SAID (but did not do) that to force far-left action and were lauded in the Press nationwide for acting totally appropriately. (Even as Pelosi released similar statements that they were unhelpful) “Burning it all down” is the Antifa Motto, the whole wing of the party supports this action regardless of reason or excuse. So MY guys stopping things is a GOOD stop, but your guys stopping stuff is a BAD stop. Uh-huh.

    “they expect me to do whatever I can to stop it and to change how we do business up here,” he said.”

    Getting back to the point, Congressmen are supposed to REPRESENT their people. His people, as he says, want this. To change things. He is executing THEIR will, not his, although he was elected because they are aligned. They, McCarthy, are like “why are YOU doing this?” No, sir: the American PEOPLE are the ones doing this. Telling you this. Not me.

    See the difference and why it’s perception?

    “Oleksiy Arestovych, former adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine under Zelensky, declared that “with a 99.9 percent probability, our price for joining NATO is a big war with Russia.”

    This is so obvious. Russia is 10x your size. Therefore a “Big War” will definitely mean the death of AT LEAST +2M of your 25(?)M people. And he said, “Sounds great! Let’s Roll!” …And start a world-wide nuclear exchange, by the way, in which London “Becomes a sea of rubble” and “They ask ‘what was England like?’

    Somewhere between 2M and 7,000 Million casualties? Sign me up! Go, go, go! And here I thought these guys liked gays, trans, and the environment. The environment of a dead planet filled with dead gay bodies.(along with all the rest of us) #Logic!

    “$1.7 trillion for jets that don’t fly.”

    Good thing we don’t need them since we have space weapons.

    The missing jet points up the problem: you’re going to lose them in training, you have to give air hours to fly them, and yet at $100M/pc you can’t afford to lose any. That is as Ike said, each jet could have funded a whole city’s worth of public schools or fixed all the water in the State. That just general costs, not considering using them in war where the S500 has rendered them all unusable. Just like our tanks and ships.

    “He is now written off as a veritable “Baghdad Bob” propagandist.”

    By who? All the Democrats I know very carefully know ahead of time not to think about this, or him, or anything, really. They know BEFORE they know. Magic.

    “Mexico now cannot survive as a modern state without some $60 billion in annual remittances” Sure they can. And “Mexico also encourages its own abject poor and often indigenous people from southern Mexico to head north.” Maybe, but none of the present immigrants are Mexican. They’re all trafficked worldwide. We’re just funding violent human trafficking cartels in the multi-billions.

    “and kill nearly 100,000 Americans a year.”

    If you think we’re not in a hot war. How many killed in WWII? So we killed 70k Russians and they killed 500,000 Yanks over the last 10 years. Can we both stop? ‘Cause it ain’t “Russia”, and it ain’t “America”: we are both against this.

    “Third IRS Official Says DOJ Blocked Weiss from Charging Hunter Biden (WE)

    That’s why Weiss is a totally neutral, third-party choice as Special Prosecutor, above all that.

    …So is Congress going to arrest anybody, or what? …Oh wait, they’re Republican, I forgot.

    “Russell Brand Is Unlikely to Face Actual Justice (Hryce)

    That’s for sure. “Justice” as in “Proven innocent” (so to speak) and his name cleared. Dore is covering this. So all of this hinges on an ACCUSATION. That’s it. Accusing = Guilt now. Pasta says “Hey GOOGLE has been accused of terrible things, so we can just shut them off now too?” Oh wait: it doesn’t work like that. Justice now = power. If you have Power, whatever you do is good and right. If you have less power or are powerless, everything you do is wrong.

    That is: Might Makes Right.

    “Nor have these acts been reported to the police even now.”

    They’re so serious about it, and so mad, they are going to do exactly nothing, as they have for decades. That’s how you know it all happened.

    I forget (they didn’t say) the context, but a competing club called up the local police and said “This OTHER club is saying naughty things.” Wow. But UNDER THE INCENTIVE STRUCTURE, the police – without investigation or court – had to call and tell them “Your show is cancelled.” Now they did it anyway and the police didn’t show up, but that shows you the level right now. Again, Accusation = Guilt. I don’t believe things were this bad even under Cromwell, but correct me. And the loveless nags and scolds shut down Christmas and the theater back then too. “For the Childrens.”

    “• Intel-linked UK Official Pushing Censorship of Russell Brand (GZ)”

    Yes, in this case it was clearly and openly the Official UK government in an official capacity doing this. That is, meting punishment with no accusation or trial. ...If you don’t file paperwork, that’s not even an “Accusation”, legally anyway. So with NO accusation, the Suck-me government or whatever that forgettable guy’s name is, is erasing all human rights. Planetwide, actually, since YouTube’s revenue is coming in all over, and arguably American jurisdiction.

    Exaggeration? No free speech. No lawyer. No evidence. No due process. Interfering directly in his ability to make a living. A living IN ANY WAY. No right to meet and know accusers. In fact, no accuser at all. Just “I said.” Like Cromwell. Straight from Suck-me’s office.

    …We always do this when a guy is crazy and his silly statements have no relevance to daily life, like he believes in Bigfoot and the Underpants Gnomes. They’re always arresting and deplatforming me for saying the NFL is fixed, right? Or that there’s a Spaghetti Monster? But if I say the Iraq war is stupid and embarrassing and there are no WMDs, they’re all liars, and they leave me and the Dixie Chicks right alone.

    So…we now have the government wandering around, telling local grocers, “Don’t employ this or that bag boy. He looks shifty to me and I don’t like his family.” “This pub may or may NOT play this song or host this musician.” That’s how local and tangible it is already. They must play the “Horst-Wessel-Lied” instead. Over and over, like “Rawhide.”

    Did I also add full support of the “Prussiagate” site? No one is perfect, and I don’t know what he means by “Prussia” – don’t narrow it too much — but this should be added to our modern life-skills textbook for discussion.

    I wonder on Biden pardoning everybody: can you pardon treason? What if you’re yourself a traitor and not duly elected? Get this far out of the Overton window and everything’s up for grabs.

    in reply to: The New Narrative #143525
    Dr. D

    Meh. I disagree. I assume you’re not saying “War is Politics by other means” and therefore war IS a political solution.

    All that has to happen is like Andersen, people wake up and stop supporting. Blowing up some buildings or shootin’ some folks does very little to accomplish that. Right? So I sympathize with your position, and as with just the 5 comments above, we’re talking about going radically out of the political norm. Just swearing in and pardoning? Having a one-party race? That’s possibly MORE radical than a Civil War.

    If you open that, then you can, say, arrest 2/3rds of Congress for instance. That would be “Legal” since I imagine there are at least that many felons under any normal person’s understanding of “Bribery”, etc. You can impeach 500 judges under the same entirely legal and proper, moral and appropriate process. You can defund the FBI completely legally and make another. Congress has the power.

    You CAN. But you have to WANT to.

    Let’s go your way on it: so…who do you shoot? And when you start shootin’ some folks, then what? They all lay down and say “I see the error of my ways”? So you start a war and to win it without being counter-attacked, end up with an America run by a 5-man military tribunal? Which can’t re-empower a Congress, a Judiciary…or the Constitution?

    If we’re past all military solutions, what’s your productive solution? Just like in a war, we can’t sit down and sign a peace treaty? Because we do, you know. All wars end in peace treaties. And all struggles end in a political solution. Why not skip the war, DON’T blow up your own city and burn down your own house, and jump right to the “Political Solution” by waking people up?

    in reply to: The New Narrative #143416
    Dr. D

    That is completely correct. Democrats 100% believe “91 Charges” vs, GOP “witch hunt.” Talk to the hand, case closed.

    I am exhausted with constant partisanship, but when I ask each, “What are the details of the case?” only one side has any idea or interest.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 21 2023 #143400
    Dr. D

    AI: No functional input. No functional output.

    But other than that, it works great!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 21 2023 #143399
    Dr. D

    Listening to more AI, I suddenly realized, Are they running the whole Ukraine war via AI? NATO, I mean? Wow, they would and suddenly that makes sense. Whoever’s running it is dumb as a post, and has not the slightest concern for human life, or for failure. Equation says “This works.” Run it, it fails utterly. But inputs are all the same, therefore output is the same. “Equation says This Works.” ID GOTO = 10.

    AI works perfectly, it’s won all the computer wargames same as Climate Modeling won all the modeling games. It only has two problems: One: there’s no way to get accurate information into it. The % of ready soldiers in a theoretical brigade for instance, as brigades now have 25% of their numbers. As we never know, did we hit that target or was it a trap? And Problem Two: AI can’t actually DO anything. It can’t actually run jets, it doesn’t pull triggers, but only issues communication. Orders. Text.

    Note this is like the Spreadsheet jockeys who rate themselves as the most important people in the universe, while the coolies who actually make widgets are beneath contempt and obviously do nothing. That’s AI and their worship of it. “Oh Great Middle Manager, exalted Middle Manager most high…”

    So except for everything it does, AI does everything perfectly. That TOTALLY makes sense. I’ll have to look for more evidence of this. And does NATO learn anything from their complete, catastrophic, ruinous loss? Not on your life. As Alien Ant Farm Minions, Queen Drone says “No” so we just go do it unthinkingly. That’s not just a Religion, as I often say. That’s literally their REALITY. Or so it seems now, they’ve graduated from faith-with-doubt to this, unthinking alien hivemind. That’s all that fits in their consciousness, AI, all other things are excluded, and therefore don’t exist any more than UV light exists for my eyes or the 5th dimension exists for my mind.

    So AI, or AI-Mind is now mind-meld, their reality. THEY are as ID 10 T, line instructions, unthinking and unaware of. Well, Everything.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 21 2023 #143395
    Dr. D

    The School thing is in Joint Davis, Sacramento. So the heart of the beast.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 21 2023 #143394
    Dr. D

    Watching this spat with the trans Ukr spokesidiot, I too can only think this is an elaborate prank, far from the real. It’s certainly amazing and sadly won’t be in the history books as a high example, but should be. My essential take on it: what are you actually thinking here??? Did you THINK this would go well worldwide – English being the most common language for many nations, unlike say, the Armenian spokesperson – and did you THINK with every salary and free healthcare being paid for by us, you could really threaten to kill every American and then in the next breath ask for missiles that reach Moscow?

    Yes. Apparently they did. This was considered the height of good form and good strategy.

    Okay, to be a little more productive here, IN WHAT POSSIBLE WORLD, does any of that make sense? I’m sorry but I can only think of one: it’s to place something so bizarre, so offensive in front of you, that you’ll finally wake up and take action. That is, it’s arranged by the White Hats not for Ukraine’s benefit, but for YOURS. They can only get away with it because the loons inside are so deranged THEY think when you ask a favor like hiring this guy, it seems normal to them and no big deal. While really you’re waving a big red flag trying to get the (warning) attention of the world, but particularly of Americans.

    That’s how I read it. And sadly, no matter what red flag and flashing lights they wave, the people are like cows and take no notice. Whatsoever. Because if they stampede that’s not an event that can been controlled. Chaos by definition is immune to direction and control.

    “Biden HHS Hits Wuhan Lab with 10-Year Funding Ban Amid Mounting Evidence of Leak

    But we won’t do 10 year ban on funding Fauci himself, not that that would matter at this point.

    “The US is sending the World Bank $25 billion. Then, the World Bank is sending money to the Clintons. And then the Clintons are sending it to Ukraine.”

    Like the NGOs, they take the taxpayer’s money, then skim 50% and outsource it, who skims 50% and outsources, who skims 50% and outsources, until you have one guy in the soup kitchen with one dollar. “Skim” has a lot of meanings, to get 6-digit charity salaries, pay inside family suppliers, and always and of course, back-donations to the politicos who robbed the original taxpayer, and thereby rig all elections, but simply buying votes.

    “Left wing” cartoon. They miss that everyone but the Western Left Wing would be carrying guns. That’s how you know our Left Wing has no intent of ever taking control and doing anything, but will hand it all to billionaire oligarchs who fund them and are waiting. Yeah, Nike is really Left wing. Oprah really wants no property.

    “as the bill comes due for all those years of conniving with Ukrainian crooks and as the unforgivable folly of the war”

    Yes, but he’s too old to pay punishment for it. Even hanging won’t shorten his life. As per the last wars, also to be punished, Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and also Obama, murdering (brown) child-citizens by diktat.

    “Thor, Odin’s Son, through your arrogance and stupidity, you have opened these peaceful realms and innocent lives to the horror and devastation of war…You are a vain, greedy, cruel boy.”

    Nuremberg:  “Do I ask the tribunal to hang them all, chop them up into a million pieces or something like that? I felt, no, that wouldn’t really serve a significant purpose because you never could balance their 22 lives against the millions who had been slaughtered. And if I could develop a rule of law that could protect human kind in the future, that would be significant.”

    Sadly, because chopping them up would be more satisfying. As now. But we’re adults and have to get things done.

    Other quotes about Nuremberg? ““So grotesque and preposterous are the principle characters in this galaxy of clowns and crooks that none but a thrice double ass could have taken them for rulers.”

    That’s for sure.

    And the quote I went looking for, that the act, the choice to begin aggressive war was the ultimate crime because within it lies the seeds of all the other war crimes. Be it genocide, civilians, gas, or whatever. And so with Biden, but specifically Bush and Cheney, and not forgetting Obama who kept the whole Bush cabinet and bombed so many (brown) people worldwide he ran out of bombs. Or “We came, We saw, He died.” He died to open a black slave market for us. For Obama.

    Anyway, such is Biden and the “Folly of War.”

    “The White House and its allies have gone on the offensive, dismissing the allegations against the president as baseless and debunked, attacking the investigators”

    This is working wonderfully down on the street, everyone is totally on board. I don’t know how this is, I only report THAT it is. So you can literally have a crackhead son on camera with children, take $20M so far, including $1M from Moscow directly, then get into a $150B world war that seems to be rooted in blackmail from that same country, then quadruple gas prices and put everyone out of work and they still support it without a thought.

    I would have thought that would be impossible, but clearly it isn’t. I have to wonder just how far this spell can go. Can you make 200 million people drink a Kool-aid that will most probably kill them? Yes. You can. Are there any limits at all?

    One wonders. When you can do that, you see why they act they way they do. Why not? You’re not going to say anything. And when you’ve been this stupendously stupid, like I tell you the underpants gnomes say you need to give my your wallet and you do, then who’s the dummy here? If you take no sense of yourself, at all, none, then how are you NOT deserving of it? What logic would that make? How are you NOT cattle, and I a god, as you act like it?

    You tell me. But this is how they think and why. If you don’t want to be robbed and killed like ants, DON’T ACT LIKE IT. Even a modicum of non-compliance would end them instantly, as they well-know.

    Luongo covers this in Part Three where they describe amusing pleasures of being ungovernable.
    Part 1 here – https://bit.ly/cryptorichodysee
    Part 2 here – https://ody.sh/uYODZTXCeO
    Part 3 here – https://ody.sh/LH1FqAJw6n

    Don’t know what to say though. The first act is to see and WANT to be ungovernable. No one I talk to even wants that, and have not the slightest suspicion.

    ““Is Zelensky elected to Congress?”McCarthy responded. “Is he our president?”

    Apparently yes. And Kiev is the world capital. You’re the guy who gave him $150 Billion already. As above, who’s the dummy? Who’s really at fault here? I have addicts hitting me up for $20 all day, and I give it to them and they do drugs and are back tomorrow, like, surprise! Oh, I’m sorry, your baby really DIDN’T need formula? Your car wasn’t REALLY out of gas? So. Shocked.

    What I keep discussing and still can’t grasp: in a nation of lies, where you’ve been lied to from birth, where every lie picks your pockets, they all act like they’ve never seen a lie before. Hooooooooowwwwwwwwww?????? How is that even possible? They’re like, “No it isn’t. Daddy (government) would never lie to me.” Cluster B.

    ““To be blunt, we’re running a $2 trillion deficit. … we’re borrowing from our future.”

    Actually no, we’re just never going to pay it. Duh.

    ““To be blunt, we’re running a $2 trillion deficit. Any money we give to Ukraine, we’re borrowing from our future.”

    Wot a shock! You mean like McConnell and every other Republican, he has 24/7 bad strategy that always hands everything to the other side? Such that the Derp State carries on undisturbed? Huh. Well we’ll get ‘em next time! Vote for Burr!

    “Honestly, it’s kind of draining” – Aaron Burr

    So in the backdrop, I hear that homelessness, RV Hoovervilles, etc are prettymuch pandemic and endemic nationwide. So that is a sanitation hazard in addition to a crime and drug one. Any city, anywhere, cities of 30,000, cities in the far north (like Montana), everywhere. And then they say you can’t touch them, they can do WHATEVER they want because we can’t remove unless we have a place for them. Wait, so how is, I dunno, Fargo responsible for people who could – and nobody’s stopping them – move to San Diego? And we can’t arrest them for normal crime? And although I recognize the VERY SERIOUS issues of broken people, they are in the main able-bodied and able to do something. In a work shortage where no one will be a waitress. (this is price dislocation and pay due to top-down inflation)

    But so Congress is doing this. And the rest are doing this. And the media is doing this. And unlike, say CO2, this problem is SPECIFIC and IMMEDIATE, able to be solved locally and at our scale. Well that’s exactly why we won’t! Because problems are only good if “Somebody else” needs to do them. “Somebody else” needs to sacrifice and pay higher gas taxes while I fly to Vanuatu. If the homeless guys are on YOUR street, homeless families, now suddenly all you can think about is isn’t there a spot on the toes of my shoes? …And we bring in 2M a year and don’t say a word.

    IS there ANY level where the spell can be broken? Jesus Christ, man.

    So that’s the kind of useful stuff McCarthy is doing right now, furious at Gaetz and MTG for bringing it up, suggesting that there’s any urgency in America at all.

    ““Our first job is to get the House to pass something. We’ll see if they can but we need a bipartisan bill in each body,” Schumer said.”

    Hidden in this: reminder that spending bills originate in the House. Not the White House, either.

    “Moscow considers the conflict in Ukraine to be part of a Western proxy war against Russia.”

    Is that because everybody in the West, from Merkel to Boris to Stoltz to Schultz to Biden to Blinken SAID it was? Over and over? Those crazy Russkies!

    Speaking of, after stealing $6B and splitting it, anybody see Prigozhin’s new face on the beaches of Cyprus yet? Oh, so PUTIN told you it was his DNA? …And we always believe PUTIN, right?

    “Free speech is now commonly treated on campuses as harmful.”

    In #OppositeLand, they are against all knowledge, discussion, and human rights. With Harvard the foremost enemy of all human rights and proud of it.

    “We understand that the US is now actively clearing the electoral field of undesirable competition.”

    He doesn’t just mean Trump. If RFK campaigns anywhere, that means any people he wins go to Biden? Um…does anyone want to play “Unclear on the Concept” for $1000, Alex? So all actions, anywhere, by anybody, now mean Biden wins? Uh-huh. Why not say, “If you vote for Trump, that really means you voted for Biden”? (People literally saw this happen on the screens of the Dominion machines.) Again, like a Transgender PR manager for Ukr AND the U.S. Navy, this is supposed to wake you up but it doesn’t. The people love it and double their support.

    No one has the slightest reservations about RFK and Biden behavior that I’ve seen. It’s RFKs fault. If you’re not here in America, it’s inexplicable. If you ARE here, it’s still inexplicable. I figure they’ll run a literal potato or something to see if they can get away with it. Probably. What’s the difference, right? Haven’t I seen a SNL skit on this or something?

    “• DHS Is Grooming Americans to Report on Each Other (Whitehead)”

    Joke’s on them: all the Blue-haired Unitarians with a Prius riding low with stickers fit that category. However, they miss the important point that they won’t care. You can burn down the White House security booth and it’s nothing, GET PAID $1M, or just be within range of a cell tower in D.C. and be solitary for life. The “Rules” the “recommendations” printed here mean literally nothing. It’s “Do I FEEL like putting you in jail for life without trial? Or not?”

    “If you see something, say something” “Have you seen this jet? Please call the USMC.”

    Btw, no black smoke, no helicopters, no recovery? Um…the jet ejected then landed itself somewhere? What. The Actual? Even 600mph is 10 miles per minute. That’s 8 minutes on radar over a military base. And as they say…sooooooo…no comment from the pilot as to what they were doing and how it happened? They didn’t point it at a cornfield or nothing before dumping? It wasn’t pointed at the ground, clearly, or it wouldn’t have gone 80 miles, so…um…why’d you pull the lever? There’s no co-jet in the air with you that just radioed in and followed it? The USMC ACTUALLY gets on TV and ACTUALLY says, “If you find my missing jet”???

    What is this except like the PR agents above, NOT REAL and meant to make you go W.T.F.

    So how about this: the jet was taken over remotely and stolen. Uh huh. By who then? Who’s inside their own system? And then who is this puppet show created for? Russia proving they can take over jets? Unlikely. Derp State “vanishing” a jet live on CNN non-stop, while the same jet magically appears and is shot down over Ukraine months later? Like that?

    So when Cheeto goes to Ken Lay island, it’s a USMC jet that plugs his flying Trumpmobile out of the sky? And why? He needs to be gone. In safety. No responsible. They wouldn’t arrest him to accomplish that act for him, so they need to make other plans.

    …Stuff like that. Whyyyyyyyy do I need to come up with utterly bizarre hypotheses like that? A: Because their story makes no g-d d—-d sense. No way. No how. Stop telling me impossible things and I’ll stop looking into your stupid stories.

    ““We just need to find a way to wake the people up.” MEP Christine Andersen.

    “We were on the side of the people because the people actually pay us to act in their best interests.”

    Compare to AOC who in 4 years went from $8,000 to a multi-millionaire. $20M-odd officially. “Da Millionaires and Da Billionaires” as Bernie said for so long. I guess that explains her new, transformed voting record.

    “The Bull Missed The Red Flag In The Russian Provincial Elections (Helmer)

    Interesting. So they’re doing the Soros Mayor-and-DA plan there now? Well at least it might actually work.

    He’s missing a lot here. Putin has slowly contained the oligarchs. He fought them removing money and pledging loyalty to London for years decades. Only now that London helps are they listening. So far from being the obstacle, Putin is already solving all his objections and has been the solution. He’s supposed to move on to the issues Putin isn’t handling and propose a solution to those.

    Well except for those who are abused by them, everyone I know is a Cluster B mental patient. Why? It pays. It’s the only way to get what you want anymore. If anyone who’s normal even opens their mouth they are shot down instantly as worthless, bigoted, untouchables.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 20 2023 #143326
    Dr. D

    This was worth the time, much covered here, but no conclusions:

    When everything’s manipulated, forever, with ever-increasing money and fascism control, what’s the point in “Don’t Fight the Fed” or for that matter, even watching? No prediction will ever be right because they’ll just change the rules and re-start the same, forever and ever, amen.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 20 2023 #143325
    Dr. D


    Full-spectrum panopticon on Russell Brand. Wonder what took so long. Did one of his protectors kick the bucket? So…everything is shot and halted…for an accusation? An accusation, really? And one that’s 30 years old, right? Okay we’re about to measure how much buy-in we have for the bulls—t “Me Too” stuff. I’d say it’s never mattered before, every one of them has been made up and wrong, but that’s not entirely true. Although never admitting – ever – and never changing their minds – ever – they also get bored and wander away.

    Anyway, so…no one notices the amazing and unprecedented “coincidence” that everyone, from all sides, types, jobs, and approaches, all are perfectly coordinated one Tuesday in September? But there’s no one out there doing all this. Actions are always perfectly coordinated when there’s no “one” doing them. That’s how military campaigns are run, totally on accident, and even with perfect planning and control hardly ever occur this tightly. That is not suspicious at all.

    “—it’s time to try something that has a chance to succeed.

    …Like surrendering.

    “But roll the clock forward, and “take two” of the Zelensky “show” now comes against a much-changed backdrop:

    Certainly does strike you as the “barbarians” visiting the Roman Senate, doesn’t it? If they win, they are heroes and real Romans. If they lose, they are nothing and we throw their country to the winds.

    The other add is, we all told them at the time. Full volume. Nothing could possibly have been more obvious. For example: Russia is 10x their size and can nuke them at will if they wish to. Yet somehow commenters here were still enthusiastic and disparaged Russia’s ability. Even if Russia WAS as bad as the American, NeoCons, Media (but I repeat myself) said, even if it WAS 1979, as these dreadful, doddering dinosaurs believe, Russia STILL could have destroyed them, although it would have been a lot uglier. They cast off the Wehrmacht with sticks and stones, for God’s sake, in winter. They CAN, if they feel like it. Just like We CAN, or General Grant CAN, or General MacArthur COULD, if they get serious and pay the cost.

    So this all could have been avoided because it was so immeasurably obvious. I just don’t know what goes through people’s heads except prejudice and emotion. Look: even if you HATE Russia and the Wehrmacht, you have to have a stone-cold understanding of their abilities. In a war, the other side has the ability to hurt you badly. Are you doing it anyway? And if so, what PRINCIPLES do you have that will keep you going and you can tell the people about it?

    We’ve miraculously not been nuked into 40 dead zones here although we expressly started it, said we started it, paid for it to be started, and killed 50,000 Russians by starting it. Why SHOULDN’T Russia kill 50,000 Yanks? 10,000 Brits? But all we have are a bunch of fires and train derailments, so count yourself lucky. Your house is still standing, which is a miracle and mercy you don’t deserve.

    ““..the EU has implemented 11 sets of sanctions against Russia..” And not learned a single thing.

    Well, they are Minions, after all. If they could learn anything, they’d be fired. Apparently Schultz tried to learn something, so Davos put him in the “Black Eye Club” then threw him down the stairs. “Do What You’re Told! Are you hard of hearing? Do I stutter?”


    A pic of them all would take a thick book. Always, 100% of the time, the Left eye, which suggests the puncher is 100% of the time right-handed. Which seems improbable. So it’s a signal and message.

    “Russia, North Korea Stage ‘Strategic Coup’ against Western Hegemony (Pepe Escobar)

    Remember we had rumors and signals, arrangements that they were going to merge North and South Korea, the only way for trains to run from Seoul to Portugal. That’s constantly halted as no one wants to alter the status quo, ever. They are attempting to halt time, forever. Good luck. But note like Cuba and Iran, the POINT of someone like Kissinger to ring-fence them is to lock up all their resources on ice for theft use later. As his boss, the Rockefellers said, “Competition is a Sin”, the one thing you DEFINITELY do is to run a cartel control on prices. Otherwise everyone undercuts everyone in “Capitalism” — brrrrr – and prices fall. Then nobody makes any money, only a minor % if at all. You HAVE to cartel or why bother? So they flip all oil-nations to ISIS governments that want the tech and ability of the Middle Ages, the age of Mohammad. Lock up the others with sanctions, cut supply by 2/3rds, and wait. Otherwise oil would be $12/bbl and we’d all be rich. …The People, I mean. Living easy, successful lives. The problem would be when you’ve cut supply to raise prices and a nation escapes like – picking one out of a hat, totally randomly – Russia. Then YOU have made THEM rich and powerful with your own Petard.

    Anyway, just reminding there were plans some years ago now to open NoKo, open their resources, and create an Asian boom unprecedented since Japan in 1949, complete with all the lithium you could dream of. However, that has not happened, and why? …It was also the reason K-Pop was suddenly appeared like Venus, fully-formed and nationwide. We never cared about Korea once in 70 years, and now? We still don’t care or can hear anything about Canada and Mexico, ever, weather, media blackout 100% of all days. But Korea?? Uh-huh. It’s been kept slightly warm, so it’s still in the offing. If NoKo goes BRICS and South Korea isn’t going to be thrown into a war by us, we’ll have to 5 Minutes of Hate them again. Watch.

    Makes me sick. And also, how do people not see this stuff?

    “Maybe Trump and his MAGA friends can bow down, but I won’t.”

    Yup. In #OppositeLand, the President that put the most sanctions on Russia ever is a Russian bot and Putin puppet. That’s just common sense. Ask any Democrat (and I do). The President that took $1M from Moscow and gave $400k speeches for years to Russia are “Tough on da Russkies”. Just ask. It all makes perfect sense, promise.

    Adding, the President that armed and trained Ukraine (but wanted accounting) supports Russia and hates Ukraine…Yup! Yuppers, Yup yup! Absolutely, all logical, no problem here! Muh Trump. All logic is suspended. Reality ceases to exist. Forever, if necessary, because HATE JUST FEELS SO GOOD.

    “Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Arkadiusz Mularczyk speculated in an interview with Polish Radio on Tuesday. “Someone who has an interest in it.”

    So he’s a conspiracy theorist. And way behind the times since we already know most of those NGOs are DIRECTLY, and OPENLY funded by Soros. We know for a fact, a factalie, fact-fact, published for decades, fact, open books, in-their-own-press-release, fact? …I Guess Soros is a Putin puppet now, like everyone else? MY FEELZ. My Feelz, the HATE FEELZ SO GOOD! “Let the Hate Flow, Luke.”

    These people. Are insane.

    ““We all watched in horror Mr. Trump’s insurrection against the United States when he ordered a mob of his supporters to the United States Capitol on January 6”

    And he did NOT order oh, say, the U.S. MILITARY to intimidate Mike Pence and Congress instead? And counted on D.C. policemen hitting the button on the 5,000-pound Columbus doors and to escort an entirely unarmed populace to the rotunda? Huh. Strange plan. Must be we’re redefining “Coup”. “My FEEEEEEELZ.”

    “House Republicans Set Date for 1st Biden Impeachment Hearing (ET)

    A hearing of a hearing, after which we will hold a committee meeting to hear the hearing. But only until Nov 30, 2024.

    “Some sort of funding bill must be passed by September 26 to avert a shutdown on September 30,”

    Dates and dates. Hearing September 23rd, here is the 26th, the 30th, and Russia’s Oct 4. The Black Swans are all lined up and hovering. Any motion in any of them (say, bank run, Russian offensive) will make all the others collapse to earth.

    China collapsing. Meh. Everybody’s collapsing and I have no idea how you’d get reasonable info out of there. China is also fighting their own internal Derp State just like we are. As ZZ Top said, “they’re going worldwide.” They seem very under control to me, but I think yes, it’s more innate social cohesion for the moment, and not the government control? Like America in 1900 when we were at the same level and type? That means no “collapse” as we know it — note America had a few “collapses” then too but nothing happened, no trajectory changed.

    “India holding Justin Trudeau on the tarmac for 36 hours for drugs found by sniffer dogs, which would not typically be anywhere near a state aircraft carrying diplomats.”

    For obvious reasons they never allow drug dogs near any government car, plane, or facility. How pleasant to realize! Well, if I ever want to do drugs, I’ll know where to go: the State Police barracks and lockup. (Not kidding, I’ve heard them talking openly about it.)

    That goes with the other police around here, getting in sex scandals and sex shakedowns before being so high they run into the public with their cars, run away, and expect the police will cover it up for a fellow officer….which they do, in public. It sounds like I’m mouthing off when I pick on government, but not so much. I just know so many stories of what I DO know – when I try not to – I can only imagine what I DON’T know. Which would have to be non-stop corruption every minute of every day. Heck, when we see the same corruption and careless, power-mad behavior in corporations, where they effective have no power-over, can you only imagine the actions of the same sort of people who DO? It’s all one population, folks. Ain’t nobody going to church.

    Speaking of, I was thinking of the gender in school problem, and whether my district supports it. Then if they did, are they just an anomaly, or representative? And since they’ll lie anyway if you ask them, and shred records as you see in Baltimpre and nationwide, what good would it do to ask? That’s not an answer. And so on, so it’s a difficult question to answer when we’ve long established our district are pathological liars, and districts around approve and support teachers sleeping with children, as seen by how they get married the day after their age of majority, and “knowbody knewd nothin’”. From the reaction I presume they sent a wedding gift to them on the District Petty Cash Fund and parent tax dollars. Applause all around.

    Anyway, I found an easier way to think of it. I was talking to medical professionals here, and they had the exact and perfect cohesion with the popular understanding that you can ONLY have one direction: you can only BECOME gay. At any time of course, from birth to death. However, you can never NOT become gay: that would be silly, bigoted, and unscientific. All events in nature naturally are one-directional, as we know there are cows with one leg longer than the other and can only turn to the left. That’s Science! Anyway, they had a similar view of Trans, one-directional, that is, “Whatever TikTok tells me.” I didn’t ask if this was in the Desk Manual, I had pushed pretty far as it was. What you see is “Science” and “Medicine”, aren’t. They are humans equally subject to the dominant paradigm as sold by Bernays’ Media, even and obviously if it’s AGAINST everything ever written and still written now in those manuals. Like that you neither lock down the healthy nor vaccinate during a pandemic, both never altered in the textbooks, yet supported by 99% of all Doctors.

    How does this work for schools? Well schools do and MUST obey only the medical authorities of their home state. That’s it. So if the medical board of the state and most doctors feel this is true, then the school must ALSO support one-way gay-trans amputations and sterilizations, effective as a point of State Law. How could they otherwise? Is the Superintendent supposed to tell a licensed medical doctor and therapist “No, I think we won’t allow that medical conclusion or treatment here, Actually I’m the real doctor on school grounds.” Um…no. So that was my gut feeling about why and how – even against all parents, even when denied, even when etc… But I’m glad Arizona or your part of it isn’t like that.

    That would follow for parents as well. One-way, as defined and declared by the State itself, and it’s licensed, legal proxies. ONLY sterilization, the creation of Alien Ant Farm Drone-worker bees. Inhuman to the first and last, their religion.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 19 2023 #143285
    Dr. D

    I Love Science: Really from the song he loves material and production engineers. He loves Capitalism, and he enthusiastically loves Oil that provides the cheap energy that makes it go. Scientists are boring, pointless, and as they all disagree, at any given time half of them are wrong. I give examples daily on this, from debunking this cray-cray “Continental Drift” to the impossibility of epigenetics, both totally and very obviously true, and took generations to knock it into their heads.

    Now they just created the world’s largest machine, that uses more electric power than “Europe”. It has more imbedded copper than the Kennecott Mine. It took 70 years to build, starting in 1950, through every war, recession, hardship, sacrifice, etc.

    Guess what? It found buppkus. They, “Science” is basically wandering away from it. Nothing it says makes any sense or is in the slightest useful because their total original theory is complete s—t and totally wrong. Adding tiny rocks does not create consciousness. The Materialist view, as in “Scientific Materialism”, a religion, is totally wrong, and nothing new has happened since Einstein put them in a dead end 100 years ago. “Matter exists” as we know it only down to about Plank’s Length, then the reality that matter is just a big fat illusion starts to appear.

    All the people who ACTUALLY did something, and then have creative patents following, like Maxwell and Tesla, were “etherists”. Electric universe people. And also believers in consciousness.

    I love Science because I love watching smart people be totally dead wrong for a lifetime, and die with the protest of wrong on their lips, as Science ONLY proceeds EVER, one funeral at a time. But I have a funny sense of humor that way. It’s welcome to see people live their lives solely as a bad example to others, and I appreciate their daily sacrifice in that regard.

    “We owe a great debt of gratitude to Science. …For fixing all the problems created… by Science.” — Jon Stewart.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 19 2023 #143257
    Dr. D

    Jet debris 80 miles from site. Well that does help explain it. Jets move fast.

    “Milley & Stoltenberg Agree: ‘We Must Prepare Ourselves for a Long War in Ukraine’

    Now that they’ve declared this, Russia can make them wrong. It won’t be a long war in Ukraine because Ukraine will cease to exist. Honestly, that’ll take 2-5 years though. October 4th.

    Again, the real stories are out there not the war, the usual articles. The problem is identifying any of them. Or in the case of aliens on the Parliament floor, WHAT the heck they are even after you see them.

    Biden’s impeachment may be one of these things. What is the strategy here, what are the goals? As Kunstler says, they CAN’T be so vacant as to actually think Biden is going to run OR that they’re going to get out of this scandal. These are the pretenses, and these are the reporter’s understanding. Something because like scientists, they can’t hypothesize something that isn’t known yet. Something like swapping both President AND Vice President in two days and “just installing” someone. Can’t hypothesize a “Big Event”, a accidental bomb strike or something, a city of fertilizer going off in Seattle harbor, even though that’s the most OBVIOUS back-door out of these problems.

    I can’t either because I don’t know WHICH they will choose, but the present line of inquiry is pointless.

    ““Every fiber of our union is being poured into fighting the billionaire class”

    Kind of, but it’s really this cartel and their weirdo religious cult. You see, “billionaires” care about money. They’re predictable. But these guys do not care about money. They lose and blow money on any and everything concerning their religion. They’ve just this year destroyed tens of billions in Fortune 500 100-year-old brands. The companies are too large to vanish, but in serious trouble, they may have to break up, sell off, and disperse. There is very little consternation about this, only an attempt to do their (Human-killing) religion without so much fallout.

    “• Hunter Biden Sues IRS for ‘Violating His Privacy’ (Sp.)

    To illustrate the now-universal system of lies, There are so many things going on here. First, you can’t sue the government. They will call immunity and use a generation of lawyers to slow-walk and frustrate your case. Second, how can you sue the IRS for doing their job? Third, a “Whistleblower” by definition is against the cut of their parent organization. So Hunter is suing the IRS for the existence of dissidents? Fourth, all that is protected by Congress and the whistleblower act. Fifth, he has no immunity to privacy anyway, as “law enforcement” is all public record, as it’s paid for by We the People. Sixth, as teh article said, nothing was releasted, Seventh, According to Hunter, he’s broke and too poor for child support. So how is he planning to fund the legal challenge? Eighth, Can I join? I’d like to demand the IRS not investigate me too.

    And that’s just the first 30 seconds of thought about it.

    Lawfare: if you don’t do what I want, I’ll arrest you. Period. Laws? Hahahahahaha! The Law is whatever I say it is that minute. Next minute it’s the #Opposite, and you’d better have telepathy, mister, to figure out which is which.

    …So basically the life of any abusive, alcoholic, narcissistic household where everyone walks around in fear.

    As Turley says, can I fly around in a private jet for 20 years and claim I’ve never had income? What do you think the IRS would say if I’m a door-to-door dictionary salesman driving a new Porche each week (this happened) and claim I’m not hiding income? Heck, the Greeks can’t even run a falling-down diner with a computer cash register and paper tickets and not get audited for potential tax evasion. A review that they can’t afford that keeps trying to put them out of business. IRSDGAF. Yeah, I thought so.

    One might think that all these events would be enough for the European elite to realize the need to abandon dreams and return to reality. However, the only reaction to the geopolitical crisis in Europe is … the dominance of Paris and Berlin.”

    Well, they’ve always failed upward before! Isn’t that what “failing” means? Isn’t that HOW one is promoted? Sorry, I’ve never seen promotions WITHOUT failing, so I was unclear on the concept. Sure, NOW you tell me that success is supposed to be the reason for dominance and promotion: how was I supposed to know?

    …This is what happens when all the elites, and even the apparatchiks down at Cornell, have never seen consequences, always suspended using money, influence, and unrelenting injustice on the poor.

    Ukraine faces the threat of its “carefully woven web of foreign assistance” being slowly unraveled

    That seems pretty unlikely even with blackmail for world-wide money laundering. I mean, do we see Cyprus having a “carefully woven web of foreign assistance”? How about Serbia? No? And the same with nations: plenty have tried for aid, or been invaded throughout Africa for instance, so it’s not that, or that we give a whit about “democracy”. So it would seem there’s something else there, almost like a “Mafia” that has agents and capos installed in the government of these client states worldwide. And when that “Mafia” wants a new territory to be exclusively owned, they ask their Mayors and Constables to arrange for them to have it.

    “The peace formula is the weapons formula,”

    So many lies each second of the day I forgot they have already said “War = Peace.” But here it is again, an oldie but a goodie.

    “[Zelensky] insisted on his own “peace formula” – the one Danilov was referring to – which includes the withdrawal of Russian troops from all territories claimed by Kiev, reparations from Moscow, and a criminal tribunal for the members of Russian government.”

    That is, we can have Peace when you unconditionally surrender, shoot all your leaders, and hand your country over for dismemberment.

    Shhhhh: you’re not supposed to say that part OUT LOUD. Which shows how out of their minds they are right now. Yes, we know, but what nation will do that, what will all 200 other nations think, and what will the Russian people do in response except nuke you? Or Tsunami-bomb NY in this case.

    The Clintons shut down the CGI component of their Clinton Foundation non-profit in 2017, …following Mrs. Clinton’s surprise loss in the 2016 presidential election.”

    Nothing says, “This is a totally legit and non-political charity” quite like that does.

    “US Sanctions War Is Good For Russian Shipping, Greeks Too (Helmer)

    Biden keeps making Russia rich and powerful and handing them nations the size of France, but it’s all on accident and nobody notices.

    Then he cuts rail lines by destroying workers and Unions and thereby prevents ammunition from being made. Also an accident, and he’s pro-environment, pro-worker.

    “The BRICS Commodity Powerhouse: Can It Force a New Economic ‘Order’? (Crooke)

    This had nothing to do with the above. Oil only came down with Biden completely vacating the oil reserve and leaving us helpless. That is now gone, lower than when it began in 1980. This was to buy time, among other things to allow the Ukr Offensive, but probably to bail Davos and Europe from a banking collapse too. Oh well. Failing failures fail. Surprise.

    It’s hard to tell if the Fed will lower rates, and this is true every time in the markets. In actuality, the Fed “Acts like gold” as Greenspan said, and merely follows the 1-year, leaving 23 hours for golf. Can probably be programmed with a TRS-80 computer. Right now that rate is lower, faster, and more divergent from the Fed than it’s ever been. Yet the Fed hasn’t, and doesn’t signal to do that, enforcing Luongo’s thesis they are breaking the EU as a goal FIRST. Leguarde just had to raise, which was a surprise, actually. I suspect they are all arranging “The Event” that “Isn’t my fault” and “No one saw coming” (except the whole market and all options traders, like specific airline company options on 9-10) so it’s nothing for her to raise since that’s about to happen before the market adjusts to her rate hike.

    The Fed would also “have” to cut rates then too, which is “Not my fault.” It was that darn asteroid! Who knew??? As it occurs as precisely on schedule as a worldwide pandemic we-just-wargamed-last-week did.

    Anyway, oil, markets, economy, etc are all eclipsed by this, so the article is good structure, but they’re going outside that box. …In fact all markets are ALWAYS outside that box, as they are ALWAYS 100% manipulated. I grant you Tesla, worth more than all car companies combined, vs, I dunno, silver, needed for Teslas and everything else and in supply deficit for 20 years, yet at and often below production cost. That’s free market, right? That’s Capitalism when shortages, even complete halts mean prices never rise, right?

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