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    Dr. D

    “Jill Biden Excited To Hear About The Arrival Of Record Numbers Of Breakfast Tacos “ –BBee

    “Now that President Trump has been 100% exonerated by the Durham report, when will Adam Schiff be held accountable for the damage he has caused to our country?”

    All they have to do is vote to censure Shiff in Congress. That carries no penalties, is not law, and is strictly a Congressional Procedural thing. Nothing could possibly be easier, more legal, or more under their direct control. They won’t. Nor former/present members for knowing slander and inciting violence against other members, including members of the Supreme Court. They can’t even SIGNAL that they disapprove. It’s difficult to BE more weak than that, but this is the GOP, and there’s always tomorrow to find new ways to sell out.

    Why Shouldn’t the Election Be Called Into Question? (BN) “

    This includes the Katie Hobbs case that moved forward this week. Media reports “Everything was dismissed!” (except the stuff that wasn’t.) “There’s nothing to see!” (because we won’t look) and “it’s an impossible case”: she has to prove signatures were inaccurate. Um…guys? That’s all she’s been TRYING to prove. She spent the whole year just trying to GET to court. So I suspect she has evidence. Lower court tried to say “She waited too long.” Too long? Like the day after the election? Yup, can’t check before, no crime was committed, can’t check after because it’s too late. AZ SC said, “Um no, if that’s all you’ve got, that’s not logical. Proceed.” Which is the accurate decision for a change.

    Anyone want to guess why this, GA, Biden, Hunter, and Debt Ceiling are all happening on the same week? Same week as Bakhmut?

    “EU member states should spend more money”

    Great idea! Speaking of, I hear the U.S. Treasury is down to $50B. That’s like 7 days or something? So…we should go ask Ukraine for a little loan, right? Maybe just enough to tide us over a few weeks? They now have more money than we do: $150B vs $50B. And have eggs, free healthcare and pensions. But they are the master race, so it’s only fair.

    “• Aide Reveals Zelensky’s F-16 Wish List – Politico (RT)

    They can’t go because they’ll be blown out of the sky, de-frocking the entire U.S. military for 40 years. All our war sales are useless as a paper boat. Here’s the other problem: they shot those Patriot missiles yesterday and failed instantly. Like 30 went off in 5 minutes at $5M/per? And hit nothing? As I say, if it can stop 10, send 12, Problem solved. But the Patriot like other hardware – and hardware all over the world actually – it fits into a SYSTEM that readers at home don’t understand. That’s not just Money and logistics system — though that’s a problem — but it’s not operational WITHOUT F-16s or other air support they were designed for. And something else, I forget, maybe battlefield-level ground coverage too. Patriots do their thing. Aside from failing everywhere they’ve been used, Israel, Saudi, even failing to stop a slow-moving homemade kid’s drone in Yemen, they still wouldn’t work WITHOUT the F-16s.

    Which Russia will blow out of the sky.

    Speaking of, how are they hitting planes all of a sudden? I suspect Britain is in there with something, targeting them, until Russia can compensate for “it”, whatever “it” is.

    On the front, Ukraine is supposed to be attacking. Nada. Then no weapons depot. Ka-bloowie. So what’s happening is there are 100 small stories on the front and 99 of them are “Russia wins, takes territory.” Not fast, but you can’t shift the tide of war by losing every day.

    On F-16s, note they are trying for a slow escalation to prevent nuclear exchange, just like expanding NATO. Only to have the ENTIRE WEST attacking one nation: Russia, every day. Bleeding them for 20 years. Why should Russia agree?

    “It’s the women…
    “..telegenic female leaders

    As a(nother) P.R. scam they had to find some female psychopaths, which is much harder but not impossible. This is a foundational element of Feminism, that women can’t be women but must become men. More men than men, actually. (Because we hate men? And the patriarchy is bad so we have to do it harder? Unclear) That’s the only way to “prove”, to ‘succeed’ and to be ‘independent’. Prove to who, succeed at what and be independent from whom is undefined. Prove themselves to men, which means they remain subservient to them forever, is my conclusion. Succeed in making the “male” system worse and harder than even when men run it, and “independent,” finally free from heart, family, and all emotions. Love is really what was holding them back. If they expunge all love forever, I’m sure they’ll finally be real women. Especially if they use command, force, and violence. Nothing says “filling all female potential” like that.

    That is, being a worse man than a man every could.

    Well you tell me. This ties into their freedom for women to be whatever they want…so long as that is never, EVER mothers, wives, or support community and family at home. We will track you down to your house and SHOOT you if you express that female freedom. Freedom” means “free to obey corporations” and “Make money for us” dying childless and loveless in old age.

    Erdogan Accuses Biden Of Attempt To Topple Him (Cradle)”

    That’s ridiculous! Biden only does that in the United States! …As we see from Durham and ceaseless Congressional reports this month. See how weird this has become, when everything is a lie? He’s presented as crazy for suggesting a story THAT IS BEING REPORTED right this second, media-wide. And like 100x more likely in Turkey than Atlanta.

    ““not speak out in public on politically sensitive topics,”

    As yesterday’s ‘Wokefishing’, the ONLY thing in pitiful, empty lives is ‘the cause’. If you’re ONLY spending all day accusing and haranguing online, getting conservatives fired, YOU’RE A MERE POSER. If you ONLY attend every rally, but don’t get arrested, YOU’RE A MERE POSER. You don’t love cause and dear leader enough. YOU MUST POLITICIZE EVERYTHING, every word, every action, every thought, every conversation, every date, every person, every TV show, book, picture, flag, and event, past, present, and future. And even that is the BARE MINIMUM for your guilt, mister.

    What with Kim? EVERYTHING IS POLITICIZED to the mentally-ill political. Drinking beer has to be political. THEY make it impossible NOT to be political, then get mad about it SO THEY CAN HATE AND BULLY someone. Apparently Kim is glad WWII is over. So am I. So she got fired. Why do they hate women and people of color so much? Strong women with thoughtful opinions who speak their mind are their #1 enemy, killed on sight.

    Note being part of ‘The Club’ didn’t help. Sin is everywhere, you can never be Woke enough.

    “Elon Musk on Tuesday said that if his inflammatory tweets scare away advertisers “

    Why? Because CNBC is trying to CAUSE this. The issue doesn’t exist. They PRINTED it to MAKE it exist. “Why do you beat your wife?” “Why are you denying it?”

    “One Night” Brand: because One will put you out for the night.

    To be honest, I have never been able to grasp the essence of Gnostic “Sophia” in the slightest. Nor Mithras for that matter. I consider that quite a blind spot as I can’t believe it is that difficult. We have heard the names of Adam’s and Eve’s other children, should be more advertised. Same problems as before: a minute after born Abel “Did agriculture”? Um, that’s a really, really complex system, it already existed at your birth? How? By animal instinct? Similarly that Cain went off “To the cities” whoa, whoa: he’s the third human born but there are “cities” somewhere we have to worry about ten-thousands of men harassing him to make the Mark? Explain? In this case, Gen 2 was already still around for Noah which happened like a year later, I guess. None of these fit together, not even metaphorically.

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    Dr. D

    Lotus on “Wokefishing” which is just an illustration that modern thought is just close-minded, fundamentalist, exclusionary, sin-religion.

    Why? Because it works. As we say in the West, people have a “religion-shaped hole”, so if you’re a social engineer, and you need a cult that will kill anyone you point at, kill all their children for you, and hand you all their money, you just make a cult that closely matches religion — in this case, long-tested Christianity — as is humanly possible.

    What’s interesting is A) the astonishing speed and B) that these are atheists and should recognize and know better that are Le Maximum, the Most, Fastest, Hardest, Zealots of the Zeal, Intolerants of the Intol, that fell for it. Huh? If I hadn’t seen it, I’d never believe.

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    Dr. D

    We know they exclusively believe in witchcraft and talismans (and Brawdo) because a core belief for decades is guns get up on their own and kill people. Like a cursed magic sword, whoever TOUCHES the sword is possessed, and kills people!

    This is likewise true of magic words: should someone even HEAR the words of Warlock Jordan Peterson, and/or merely GAZE UPON his power, they would be possessed and removed of the True Faith™, having no will of their own.

    The entire world runs this way, that is to say the direct and diabolical opposition to all Western Principles, the Age of Enlightenment. It’s a new Dark Ages, soup to nuts. And they’re the nuts.

    Make Science Great Again.™

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 16 2023 #135284
    Dr. D

    Not that everything they say about debt-based fiat systems isn’t true, and not that central banks don’t turbo-charge it, but the essential problems is ALL money is promises. ALL systems are promises.

    We have a complete non-money system and I trade you a canoe for fish and a fishing net. But wait: I haven’t finished the canoe, I PROMISE, as your cousin-in-law who can’t go anywhere, that I’ll finish it. But I don’t. That happens everywhere through all time and that promise must be written off.

    This is no less true under the gold system. Although sophisticated and sound, “Gold” wasn’t traded, but “Gold exchange notes”. That is, yeah, somewhere in the system there’s gold, but you and me “trade” a promise for goods on 30-60 day CREDIT, a PROMISE to deliver wholesale. But that depends on my solvency and me selling the goods off MY shelf. Maybe someone dies. Maybe I’m bad at my job. Maybe a major copper mine caves in. When someone can’t deliver, they can’t deliver on PROMISES and default and are written off. All the way down the chain. And the more stable it’s been, and the more secure people have felt, the more promise-layers build up. That’s a ‘mania’. Cisco and Nortel “Promise” to deliver another planet they can sell routers to.

    Point being, even the gold standard, isn’t. It’s “promise standard”. That’s human beings. Now you can either sell the promissory note for discounted (<100%) gold today, OR collect in gold coins if you wish at the 60-day closing, so it’s a LOT more tied to reality – our system (like health care) now has NO attachment to physical reality, only political reality. But it’s still a “non-gold” “Promise system”. Sort of.

    But like I said, LEAST bad. Ran like a clock for 100 years, and 100 years of greatest human progress on earth in 2,000 (or 12,000) years. When they removed it: instant stagnation, Depression. Just like when they removed law and freedom from Rome.

    This works 50x worse. Can we at least go back to “Less bad”? We know what and where that is, thanks.

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    Dr. D

    WHO Pushes “Early Childhood Masturbation” For Toddlers, Encourages Questions About Gender Identity For Kids Aged 4

    What can you add to that?

    John Durham: FBI Had No Verified Intel When It Opened Probe On Trump (JTN) (nor after)

    Cant believe they’re still talking about 2016 and doing nothing.

    However: about timing yesterday and what’s happening and not. As Biden docs come out, Durham docs come out, Judge suddenly (3 years later!) decides Georgia can actually LOOK at the case. Same time, 14 months later, Kari Lake gets similar forward in looking into her election. That’s the new standard: It takes 4 years to check if you won the election or not, at which time you’ve already served the term. Probably that’s not cynical enough; that’s still way too soon. Like all the JFK can other records: you can read them after everyone ever involved are dead.

    Same time, Florida does election integrity stuff…which may be a Trojan horse mandating Digital ID, etc. More fine print.

    Still Durham is the biggest nothing ever. Unless I was unclear on the mandate and he’s literally not allowed to take any actions and arrest any people. Then he’s by definition not a “Special Prosecutor”, emphasis on “Prosecute”. Because “no reasonable person who values his life would press charges against Hillary Clinton,” said Comey.

    “This should be a clarion call for legislative reform.” –Gaetz.

    You’re kidding right? Congressmen should repent and reform themselves? How’s that been working last 200 years?

    “We need to defund and deauthorize government entities that are converted from just[ice]

    Now you’re talking. CONGRESS runs the country, in case you forgot. Remove funding for all Joe Biden’s agency and anyone they ever talked to. Just like during government shutdowns, defund the whole thing and no one even notices. Devolution.

    At the very least, are you going to keep funding people who wiretap the AP, seek and make whistleblowers disappear, jail them openly, wiretap Congressmen, and throw Federal elections? That’s no good even if you’re a Congressman. To say nothing of U.S. Army Anthrax showing up to naughty Congressmen, a number of small planes that disappeared on 9-12 votes, and Whitey Bulger being the FBI-protected cleanup crew in New England express hit man for Mueller as FBI director. If you, as elected Congressman wish to live long enough to serve your term, and out of jail, defund these guys.

    Now: the only answer is Devolution. And that can only happen if the money-power breaks. But the money-power is presently based on confidence. Isn’t that what they’re attacking? Faith in the Federal Government and system? So are they winning, or not?

    [IRS] constituted retaliation but could also be construed as an obstruction of a congressional inquiry.”

    But let me guess: you’re going to do nothing about it.

    61 Hacks who all worked in perfect alignment: There’s no definition of “Conspiracy”, all you Conspiracy Theorists. The entire Federal Government suddenly gets the lead out and accomplishes tasks within days with every member in alignment all the time.

    ““..they were instructed to pursue Jan. 6 investigations over child sex crime cases, because they were ‘no longer a priority.’”

    And this is provable. Like Musk erasing 100,000 child-sex accounts. Let me guess: you’re going to do nothing about it.

    “Trump versus RFK, Jr. would bring the people of this country together and refocus the nation’s attention on things that matter. It would also be the Baby Boomer’s last stand.”

    What I said: let’s flip the script and force them to pick between good and better.

    “Fortress Eastern Europe engaged in a war of attrition against Russia with the potential to last decades.”

    Yes. This is the West’s only option at the moment. Sure Ukr can’t take 300k losses a year, but Russia is too small to take 30k losses for 10+ years either, and why should they? They can nuke London and NY in 15 minutes.

    Musk Responds To Epstein Subpoena (ZH)”

    This is amazing, and why, and why does the judge allow it? Interesting. Remember Musk’s father is a pedophile (who married his daughter) Elon probably grew up with it, and has no tolerance for it, calling his father “A monster”. P.S. Trump was the same, his father sold him off to a gay Jewish millionaire when he was 17 for “Mentoring” if you know anything about the gay community. They were always trying to rub me up on that basis, with that language too. Oh-so innocent! Trust us! Not to fret– probably not that different than what women put up with, but point is these two characters and their predatory childhood, not this author’s life story. (P.S. Hemingway said the same thing and wrote about it, it’s not new, nor is being openly gay. They just LIE. Read a book on all the gay bars in NYC and London while ALSO there were no gay bars or gay people in NY and London through the same history. History a la carte. A = A but A ≠ A too. Whatever lie makes me a victim and gives me power, you sap and sucker.)

    Eden: That of course is the Christian-haters view of the universe, and it’s a good one. But why interpret it that way? The words are wide open to you. You could say that God had a system where you had CHOICE. However, being God, he knows what the various outcomes of the various choices are. So like a parent, he says, “don’t do this”. Not that – I – will punish you, but because YOU won’t like it. It leads to tough places. This is practically identical to the parent drug-talk. So they eat from it, and GOD kicks them out in his hatred for this trap. No. The fruit is the KNOWLEDGE of Good and Evil. You can’t Un-Know. GOD didn’t kick them out, the CONSEQUENCE of KNOWING is that the Garden disappears, it becomes inaccessible, although it is around us every day. …We can’t see it. We are IN the garden. God knew that beforehand, thus his recommendation. We didn’t know that, or not completely, but unless you want no free will – at all – then this has to be an option. So “God” didn’t do anything. Anymore than after you take that first drug, your Parents MADE you take more drugs. No. They didn’t. So knock it off.

    Anyway: Good News/Bad News. Good news is you’re still in the Garden. Bad news is, given enough time, probably someone would have eaten the Knowledge. Good news is, like the Prodigal Son, the one who goes through this, learns and accomplishes all is all the more loved and exulted at home when he becomes wise enough to return. Bad news: no one will like the journey. Still was it better for the universe for us to say at home? Singing “Holy” like boring angels? Or adventure and learn things even though it’s hard?

    Everyone says they want God and more choice. For him to leave them alone. So he does and you curse God and blame him. Sounds like a no-win. If you’re happy to have choice, and so much of it, without interference, if that’s what you’re most proud of, then shouldn’t you say Thank You?

    Macron. Well, they’re hanging pictures that are life-size. Exactly as tall and imposing as Macron is.

    MRNA: We don’t know what we’re eating. Yes, and take that literally: it could be fine, we don’t have any symptoms or processes. …But probably not. When has Science ever led anyone right, to life and health? “We owe a huge debt to Science…for curing all the problems that Science created.” — Jon Stewart.

    ““Under democracy, creditors begin to make loans and the debtors can’t pay and the creditors get more and more money, and they end up turning a democracy into an oligarchy, and then the oligarchy makes itself hereditary, and you have an aristocracy.”

    Or “I believe banks are more dangerous to the Republic than standing armies” (we have one of those too, illegally). The line there – no less true – is that it will require farmers to get into debt, that debt will ultimately be unpayable, so the bankers will reposess the farms…and do what? The bankers don’t know how to grow food, so everyone dies. Something like that, but more complicated and detailed. Right now anyone who makes or does stuff can’t get paid or financing, while all the people who don’t have all the money they want.

    “• A Disorderly Reset With Gold Revalued By Multiples (Egon von Greyerz)

    Sure this article isn’t from 2000? 25 years ago? Or 1994? Or 1979? That’s where timing is the same as being wrong. Generations of pensioners made this bet and died poor.

    ““American life expectancy during this period sharply declined by a staggering 2.5 years from 2019 through 2022..”

    Remember, since the Feds started getting really involved in 1994, the U.S. now has the highest medical cost on the planet – FAR higher than France or Switzerland, where you can get a nurse to visit your home – and nearly the LOWEST health outcomes in the developed world. Where’s my money, Brian? Where is it? #Helping.

    But that’s not the worst part: talk to any doctor, nurse, anyone in the system and they aren’t ashamed of themselves in the slightest. Look all offended if you point out that if you, or the larger society, take that test they recommend you will all be bankrupt and living in a box. “How DARE you???” And how’s living under a bridge for your health? Cost – to anyone – never crosses their minds. So give all the tests! Covers my -ss. I’m not paying…YOU are.

    But this is the certain and immediate consequence of removing ‘capitalism’. Now no market, no valuation, no cost-benefit, and therefore production, consumption, and ability to pay are all absolutely random and totally disconnected. All the things we DON’T need we have millions of, all the things we DO need – like cheap clinic care for working people – we have ZERO of. It’s a cast-iron guarantee. Capitalism is the worst possible system except for all the others. Socialism kills everyone given enough time, and here has already cut life 3 years in unending misery and has barely gotten started.

    “Climate Sceptics Target Scientists For Vicious Abuse On Musk’s Twitter (G.)

    I’m sorry: Scientists have never heard of “the Internet”? They alone are excluded from all the naughty things? They are too weak and stupid to defend themselves there? They can’t use words and are allergic to “debate”? What? It’s toxic and sucking too much time?

    THEN LOG OFF AND GO DO REAL WORK. Write a paper or something, clearly no one reads those. You want to be online, but also be Ms. Priscilla Popular Princess. No.

    Speaking of people who don’t know anything and die 3 years early, they may want to leave that Bull Moose alone.

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    Dr. D

    It’s summer, so rushed and editing/formatting is terrible.

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    Dr. D

    “Toronto ‘Anti-Capitalist’ Pay-When-You-Can Cafe Shuts Down After Just One Year
    Citing: “ lack of generational wealth/seed capital”

    Yes, ALL THINGS are “Capital”, i.e. “Capitalism”. In this case, daring to have any savings. I’m sure we’ve all run households with zero savings and farms with zero seed corn, and it worked great! We should have no tools, which are “capital” and no food in the cupboard which is “capital”.

    “”It’s Just Not Safe”: Decades-Old Baltimore Business Closes Shop Because Of Crime, Blames Democrats

    No private property, no voluntary exchange. If I have stuff, you can just take it. Violently, if you want. What do you think will happen if I go to your house and steal it back? What would happen if I match your violence to me, on a subway for instance?

    “Wedding Parties, Homeless Vets Booted From NY Hotels To Make Room For Migrants

    “Some animals are more equal than others.” …You only matter if you’re not a citizen.

    Not just here: UK Food-Bank Dependency Reaches Record High What we need here are 1M more British immigrants. (5x in American terms, 5M new mouths to feed per year)

    Wagner Chief Offered To Give Russian Troop Locations To Ukraine (WaPo)

    Very interesting. But it’s WaPo, so it’s almost certainly a lie. What makes you think this part wasn’t entirely real, and the plan was to have Ukraine walk into a trap? Geez that would be way easier than every other explanation. “But the report said US and Ukrainian officials thought the proposal was disingenuous.” No kidding.

    An archived version of the interview shows a testy exchange between Zelensky and the Post, which was later deleted.”

    WaPo, so it’s certainly a lie.

    Ze says to WaPo, “We thank you for your work, your help when you support Ukraine in this war. You did a big job.” Nothing says honest, independent journalism like that.

    “Plenty old videos with Joe as supremacist.
    • White Supremacy Is ‘Most Dangerous Threat’ To US – Biden (RT)

    I guess when you put it that way, White Supremacist Joe Biden IS the most dangerous threat the U.S. has faced in generations. Second only to Congressional RINOs.

    “I’m not just saying this because I’m at a black HBCU. I say this wherever I go,” Biden continued”

    Yeah, we know. Half the nation is your mortal enemy, and you plan to kill them all. We’ve heard. You had a whole Red Wedding speech about it, “That’s because hate never goes away.” Hate of Joe to imprison the most Black Men ever in history, refuse busing, support “superpredators”, say on camera “we don’t need no n—-r mayors”, then start a pan-African war and genocide. AFTER supporting destroying the richest, best nation in Africa and setting up open slave markets. X is what X does, as Gump would say. You’ve done more damage than 100 KKKs. What am I supposed to do about it? Lie and hide it for you?

    “G7 and EU To Ban Restart Of Russian Gas Pipelines (RT)”

    This is why NY is banning stoves. More profits to ship that tiiiiiiiny amount of LNG to Europe. But hey: we can kill NYers AND kill Europeans? Sign me up!

    “The United States is the only major power that has not fully implemented the CW convention by retaining stockpiles of these weapons.”

    We needed them for like genocides in Yemen n stuff.

    This is an outrageous lie being propagated by the Western media. …Incredibly, for anyone cognizant of the facts, such calumny is still peddled”

    So insert this here: https://thezman.com/wordpress/?p=29900

    “One of the strange and unnoticed aspects of the modern age is how much time is spent debating imaginary things. In fact, most of our public debates are about things that may happen or could never possibly happen. The things that are actually happening get very little attention.

    “Every politician is an illusionist now, making reality disappear behind a curtain of deceit.
    What has happened to modern American society is a form of the Peter Pan syndrome, in that society prefers to live in a world of make believe, rather than face up to the tough choices that come with adulthood.”

    “Libertarian kooks would rather think about a world governed by the non-aggression principle than think about the problems that the current world is presenting to us.”
    This seemed to be Johnstone’s position too but at least she disagreed with : ”the libertarian guy is concerned about theoretical abuses of state power.” She thinks there ARE abuses of power, but apparently still need a super-powerful government to stop it. Not sure.

    “Imagination land is so powerful, it even warps the mundane things. Here is a story about a sportsball coach who used salty language in public. It was rude and he apologized for it. In the world of real things, this would be enough, but in the world of imaginary things, he must be punished. Imaginary people were traumatized, maybe even physically harmed by his words. According to his boss, the imaginary people now have scars that cannot be seen, because they are not real.

    In the [real] world, you apologize to a person who you can identify as a victim of your actions. In imagination land you apologize to imaginary people for imaginary crimes.”

    Pretty close. This is the basis of all law as well. You have to demonstrate actual harm to an actual person, and quantify it, roughly at least. “Feelz” can neither been seen nor quantified. In fact they may not exist at all and be a complete fabrication for grift. Probably they are since most “harms” are just little ego knocks we should probably let go.

    “Last month, Douglas Mackey was found guilty in Federal court of violating the civil rights of people who do not exist. The government claimed that his tweets mocking Hillary Clinton voters in 2016 harmed these people. They produced no one claiming to have been harmed by these tweets. They did not establish that such a harm was even possible, but that did not matter. In imagination land, anything is possible. When anything is possible, you go to jail for imaginary crimes.”

    Thus the effective end of all law. Or #Logos. There’s no objective reality and no #Order. There’s no #Order then there’s no #God. Perfect! Peace at last. We finally won and got everything we wanted.

    No reality: no problem.

    “They did it because they knew they could get away with it.” And they did, and are, and will. No one is arrested.

    Notes: Where’s Sri Lanka? Where’s FTX? And it was widely reported that Congress has now conceded there was no evidence at all that Bidens did anything wrong. What’s up with that?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 14 2023 #135168
    Dr. D

    Ukraine, “Rumania” with a ‘U’, but aside from Europe, look at what that map considers Ukraine proper. Exactly what we’ve been saying. So losing all down to the environs of Kiev to Belarus is normal, losing all Crimea is normal, and ¼ of Poland needs to be given back. Okay, it’s a start. Leave them out of NATO, and sold!

    “Britons dying and no one knows why” Or cares, apparently. For proportion 5x America, so 150,000 people a whole American city vaporized? No one cares? No task force? “If even ONE life is saved”…until it isn’t. We “follow the science” …until we don’t. No reason, just feelz.

    No matter how much money you borrow, you will have to pay your debts at some point.”

    Categorically false and always has been. Now you could say – excluding all time of course – that SOMEBODY pays those debts, but it’s as easily the borrower as the lender via default. A debt is an idea, not a real thing. So we can forget ideas, change them, and stop referring to them. That’s what “writing off” is. They also do mergers of the debtor and debtee.

    “People in America and Europe are stuck in the past and cannot see the trend.”

    We’ve been telling them since 1992. Or on China specifically since 2000 when Clinton gave MFN status (and the Scandia Labs military secrets). But they still “don’t know”? Makes one ask what ‘knowing’ is, although I believe it an accurate statement. They do not credit this as real in their daily thought. It’s not enough in their daily belief to be a lie.

    “They Are Propagandizing For Nazis But Won’t Tell You That (MoA)

    War followers regularly come across Nazi Wolfs symbols, not just on people and trucks, but watermarked in the footage. This shows the Nazis completely don’t care and have full reign over all Ukraine operations. Only the outside West whitewashes it all for them, carefully clipping out all the core Nazi stuff for the public. Why? And why would “the West”, these specific reporters think they’re doing a good thing to protect all Nazis? And Soooo easily? Quite a mindf–k isn’t it?

    Bandera street: We have the same thing here with Civil War heroes. We can’t have statues to Lee and Jackson? Because they killed people? Grant and Lincoln killed more people. No statues at all? What do you want here?

    “Zelensky Plotted Attacks Inside Russia – WaPo (RT)

    London and King Putz need WWIII. Following Luongo, don’t bother with his latest interview but it points out that the British crown still has immense power and influence, all secret, behind the scenes where real power is. Chuckie III is core Davos, like his Uncle and heck his father probably, who was writing the Nazis in 1944 saying “just bomb Britain s’more, they’ll crack and you can reinstall a Nazi fascist like me, as King Edward again.” Ummm…. Yeah! Open records, look it up.

    Charles is also like this, just on the New Nazi Green Dream Team. WEF/Davos, and Liz put lines in place but couldn’t stop him entirely. Anyway, so London, which is now re-captured to Davos, needs/wants/MAKES direct war on Moscow, IN Moscow, and soon to be missiles, in a longed-for attempt to cause a world-wide nuking that will kill us all, reduce our numbers, and keep them back in power. He’s using the full force of the Crown such as a lizard like him has, to backstop Davos. No wonder they’re not cracking in bankruptcy first.

    But: Hard No.

    I’d say the U.S. is also responsible, but really we’ve still got them in up to their necks, then are providing no men or materials. Or not proportional to our size, anyway. Being a big cake, a few crumbs we send still add up.

    While the Vatican has called on Russia to unilaterally cease its military operation in Ukraine,”

    Huh? That’s called a ‘surrender’. He’s called on Russia to unilaterally surrender to Kiev…but he isn’t picking sides.

    I call on the Vatican to “unilaterally cease” to protect Vatican gold, and I’ll be buying a plane ticket shortly. See how that works?

    Borrell: yes, all of Europe will go up in flames, because they’re like an unprotected Disneyland Theme Park as Kunstler says. They’ve pushed out a lot of the people of the soil, etc, kind of like how Manhattan was over-gentrified and now there are zero working people there. It changes what you can do and who you are. Fill France with dock workers and bar fights again and you get a different country. That would be true now, but they’ll arrest any native Frenchman who fights and let the immigrants go.

    We Need an Economic Bill of Rights (Jacobin) “

    Why? We don’t follow any of our Laws or Rights worldwide now. Besides, an economic Bill of Rights can only mean human slavery because I have to take my stuff from YOU.

    “poverty — roughly the same number as in 1933”

    Jacobin, you might want to run a chart on that and see how it started the same day as Johnson’s “Great Society” and government “Help”. At the same time, +10 years of FDR’s “Help” did zero to change poverty and the economy.

    This spring, polling by Data for Progress found that 69 percent of likely voters are in favor of legislation guaranteeing economic security,”

    We followed this yesterday, yes? Cloward-Piven, if you overrun the system and destroy everything, ruin everyone’s lives everywhere, they’ll have ‘no choice’ but to turn to government to ‘fix it’, right? …Although government under Cloward-Piven is exactly who CAUSED IT. Just like Federal Health Care interventions starting 1994. Like Poverty, Drugs, Education, it got worse every day in a straight line since they started to help.

    Anyway, “Economic Rights”, fine, you want stuff to go TO you. Then where does the stuff come FROM? Who works and gets nothing so you can get something and not work? Again, that’s called “Slavery” not freedom. It’s not a “Right” to enslave others.

    Btw Cait Johnstone had words on this this week, and the failure of Capitalism which must be destroyed worldwide. Problem is, what does she mean by that, by “ecocide”, and by “capitalism”? Not clear, but very close to the common, thoughtless usage of the words, I’d guess. I hear it every day from every one I meet.

    Example: Saw a young, pleasant lady in Walmart yesterday with a guillotine tattoo, saying “It was invented for a reason”. Yes, it was fealty to murder and executing all the bad people she personally decides she doesn’t like. So yay, yes to murder, I guess? Leftist version of – gosh, parallels even escape me here – an assault rifle tattoo with some subgroup’s name notched on it? “Kill all the n—rs, that’s why they invented rope”? Offensive yet? JHC. Heart-stopping.

    And they would, and feel it’s right, but luckily only have bravery in a mob. We kill “capitalists” and like “Punch a Nazi” or “far right” there is no meaning,to the word, no process, and no checks. If you don’t give me my fries, you’re a “Nazi” or a “racist” and can then be shot with a clear conscience, right? Or in this case “capitalist”. If you “own stuff” and don’t give it to me (usually called a “robbery”) then I can guillotine you with a clear conscience, right?

    Following that, Biden wants to put guns into the hands of anyone willing to think like that. “Alarming Surge In Gun Shop Robberies As Democrats Fail To Enforce Law And Order”

    Biden allows more assault weapons to get into the hands of more murderers. But this is correct: so long as you demonstrate you don’t follow the law (or order) you can have all the guns you want!

    Chart Here

    Take your stuff.

    I totally agree! We need to re-distribute the stuff! So what we’re going to do, Jamie Dimon, is take all of JP Morgan’s assets, and divide them all up equally among the American people so you can live in your car too! Since we’re all for redistribution for the common good and all…

    Back to Jacobin: “And Abraham Lincoln, through both the Homestead Act and Special Field Order No. 15, had sought to redistribute land to ensure universal economic security for white and black Americans alike (though without consideration for Native Americans, who were forcibly dispossessed through violent measures”

    But even naming this problem RIGHT IN THE ARTICLE, he is still for it. If you TAKE the land, that land has to come FROM someone. That someone is me, who did hard work. How do I know? There’s plenty of cheap land no one’s done work on and nobody wants it! The kids cry “housing shortage!” Well yeah, in S.F. and L.A.s top zip codes, but what about Gary Indiana? Palatial mansions going for $20k there. Alaska? The High Desert? For that matter, how about the bad zip codes of L.A., I’m guessing like former Asian immigrants, you could buy that house, work hard at the Bodega, and your kids would be a surgeon, what’s stopping you? No, I want a FIXED house, all done up nice, in a nice zip code, NOW. The system sucks, but this is not a fix.

    They want the good stuff you put WORK into, all the days of your life, for free. That’s called “slavery”, stealing the life and work of others through violence. Left = pro slavery. By definition. Because they “redistribute” the hours of your life, TO.

    “…we’re only going to have 10% of our border patrol agents actively patrolling the border, and the cartels will own every inch of the border.”

    Cloward-Piven, with the CIA Derp State’s Drug Cartels taking over. So that part isn’t subject to Congressional oversight anymore, and half of Texas is run by the CIA through their Zeta and M-13 proxies? Yup. Get rid of nation states, replace with secret agencies and corporations.

    “Official Report: Ventilators Killed Nearly All Covid Patients (TPV) ”

    We all knew. They kept recommending it. All people, doctors, governments, and the AMA all approved and will be mad if you ask questions even now. That is, they are mass murderers and proud of it. Trains to Auschwitz stuff. 15,000 people over three states with governors forcing them into Covid and dying? And they PROTECT those Governors (Whitmore) instead of indicting them?

    And one for fun: CartoonHere

    If they’re so not dangerous, why are you trying to take them away?

    Trying to be good, NY Times. “In Norway, the Electric Vehicle Future Has Already Arrived
    About 80 percent of new cars sold in Norway are battery-powered.”

    Okay, although they are lying, it’s not the lie you think. Norway IS selling electric cars, and it DOES make sense for them. Because of their configuration, 90% of Norway’s power is hydroelectric. Norway is rather wealthy, and the cars are not very expensive for them. …It’s also the second car, the first car is a petrol one, the Norse being practical people. Not to pick on them either, but the nation is “small” in the sense that you generally don’t drive end to end but live in the 100-odd miles between Bergen and Oslo.

    So yes, yes, and yes. Good place to start, tell us how it goes. The only lie is that their situation has any relevance here in America. But “NY Times” so you knew it was a lie.

    By comparison, it’s 300 miles from Philly to Pittsburgh, not even border to border. PA is not a large state. Of the largest Norwegian cities, by number 10 is the size of a town, that is to say, everyone would fit in an American College stadium – or the dorms — and still have 10,000 seats left over. But reporters of the NY Times have never been West of New Jersey, they have no way to tell. “Here Be There Monsters” on the map.

    “Meteora”: Imagine hauling up all those roof tiles from the land below. And every stick of firewood. Now you know why we don’t do that and these are very expensive places to be.

    “Leaving it as I found it”, that’s exactly the same as fixed houses vs, cheap houses.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 13 2023 #135164
    Dr. D

    Mister Roboto: Agree. I think one problem is what suits one person, or one gender (men) doesn’t suit others well and makes them unhealthy. I’ve met people who I feel eat an exaggerated amount of meat and do okay on it (for now). But how can you tell who is who? More like moderation in all things, to me. Perhaps one day we’ll have tests for it.

    Phoenix: Agree. Look inside any of OUR minds and you’ll find there’s no easy single “identity” with easy, unchanging characteristics. More like a crowd all shouting at once. And that’s in the normal of normal (whatever that is). But since we all have this in us, it sort of changes what these ‘other’ problems and symptoms are, since they’re also ‘normal’ and ‘our’ problems too. Wouldn’t that suggest that you can either exaggerate these issues or minimize them?

    MPD: this is a serious problem since as Smith says, it requires knowing what a “person” or a “soul” is. …Which doesn’t exist for Science and therefore Medicine. That’s why it can’t seem to be solved by them. If you even THOUGHT about what a soul is, or applied it, they’d pull your license but quick. That would be because of “unapproved” methods, but it illustrates that they are or must be, atheistic in essence, which is a pity and causes other problems.

    Joseph: we don’t have the food reserves, and no longer even the silos, railroads, and now apparently, food facilities. So I guess you’ll have to store the amount that you can, that’s right for you at home. This we see in Ukraine: centralized trucks, air, men, ammunition, all get blown up: too much power. The only way forward is distributed weapons, people…and food.

    If the ‘warhead’ is gravity, then the energy weapons would be way, waaaaaaay less effective, impossible even. Melt the tungsten? That’s already on fire? In a plasma bubble that distorts light? Lasers work because of coherence of light: if it de-coheres it the laser becomes a light bulb.

    “Britain has managed to take down two Russian helicopters, one Russian bomber and one Russian fighter jet using Ukrainian proxies. Expect a measured retaliation from Russia some time over the next week or so.”


    “Industrial agriculture is a mechanism for converting [oil] into food (Albert Bartlet).”

    They’re still paving good farmland as fast as they can find it, and mowing more lawns, so cry me a river. We could triple food production using this ‘one weird trick’ at home.

    “The war in Ukraine can only be conducted via the use of stupendous quantities of fossil fuels every day.”

    Yes but at a deeper level, because of the centralization oil allows. Liquid hegemonic power.

    Murder rap: there is a process to this. If you actually grew up with that, with guns, violence, you’d develop the sense of what it ‘means’, and like bouncers and street fighters learn this is not great and do LESS of it. Like it LESS. It’s the hot-talk of neophytes who haven’t been shot back at, gone to prison or all the other consequences that allow this to even look cool. That’s the ‘unconsciousness’ of it and we’re all in that boat to some extent.

    This is why when you grow up with responsible adults, and the gun over the mantle, used many times in many ways with father and the kids, they don’t become mass shooters, as per since the 1750’s. You’ve got a backlog of stories, rabid raccoons, dogs you put down, close calls, sunny practice days, cold hungry hunting days of fail. That is, you back-support the fantasy with reality. You realize what it’s for and what it can and can’t do.

    …That’s also the problem we’re seeing with even ‘normal’ gun culture now, as everyone works office jobs and are urbanized. They MEAN to be like this, male heroes or whatever, but really they’re just on the gun range for a weekend in safe, perfect conditions, shooting for nothing, and possibly training for no goals. That’s different than – like the bar bouncers – a horse pack guide in the upper Washington, with injured horses and grizzlies week on week. So even with good stories, by the book gun training, it’s beginning to mean nothing and not be paid attention to.

    I find this pretty disturbing as, if you’re already giving good training and it’s failing, your people are being lifted off the ground and out of their roots, where do you go? I’d say you need a “vision quest” plan where you toss them out in the woods with only a blanket and an M6 with 20 rounds. Then the gun, and the risk, means something they won’t forget.

    But who wants that? It’s not a joke, it literally IS risky. Which means by definition, some of the people WILL, with absolute certainty, die. This is the same as risk for children, where they have to have close calls, be exposed to danger, bad people, in order to know what to do and who they themselves are. But it remains very risky as actual fact, and no parent knows how much risk to allow. However, the only truly risky fail is no risk at all. Like Trust Fund kids.

    That goes with my credo, which is that life is not risk free. You can’t get around it, so you’ll have to choose which risk you prefer.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 13 2023 #135125
    Dr. D

    Guess I’m in a bad mood today.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 13 2023 #135124
    Dr. D

    Kunstler also got an interview with Kennedy. What a coup. https://kunstler.com/podcast/kunstlercast-376-robert-f-kennedy-jr-is-running-for-president/ Good questions, but what can he say? We already know.

    “40% of total excess deaths” That doesn’t sound right. So what would the other 60% be? Too many Cheetos?

    Being productive, some would be the lockdown (reasons long stated) but that would still be your fault: lockdowns failed with the same, or even higher death rates than places that didn’t.

    “NY Times” Sometimes it’s kind of breathtaking isn’t it? “No matter how cynical you are it’s hard to keep up.” –Lily Tomlin. As Kunstler reported “On the contrary there seems to be a s—t ton, easily found…”

    “comparing the Ukrainian president to Hitler, who committed suicide during the final stages of World War II”

    Apparently Hitler was transgender. That burned body was the DNA of a woman. (proven in the 1990s?) Then remember we know/we don’t know, we know/we also don’t know? All things are true, and false, at the same time! …The declass Trump did in office, mostly useless, said the CIA thought Hitler was still alive and in retirement. — I – didn’t say that: THEY did. I guess like the President, the CIA doesn’t know what they’re talking about then, Poof! Somebody gets a memo and they all believe them again.

    Trust the Science™! Unless the Science says there are two genders, then discard it. Who would have thought it could go this far? This is what happens when you only protect people from their actions.

    “the Ukrainian military knows exactly what they have to do:” Defeat Russia from Moscow to Vladivostok. Easy! Everyone knows that. Now that we’ve decided, the problem is practically solved.

    Apparently they tried an offensive yesterday – it’s hard to tell – and nothing happened because they have no men. 1,000 men!!! Trains of armored vehicles! …Across 100km of line.

    “False Claims About Russia Everything. Continue To Cloud The ‘West’s’ Vision (MoA)

    “In the early 1990s Russia surely was down. But it wasn’t out. It had a heavy industry and everything it needed to feed it. It had well educated people and large scientific community.”

    We in America don’t have either. And no home ownership, no nearby gardens, and no mass transit. “Closing the Collapse Gap with the Soviet Union.” We do have a lot of guns, so what do you think will happen?

    “DeSantis said of Putin. “And so, he’s basically a gas station with a bunch of nuclear weapons”

    This is why everyone is cooling on DeSantis and not Trump, bad as Trump is. And they say the Right wants war, or both want war? If so then why wouldn’t this be a “go”, instead of a “go away”? And honestly it does surprise me a little bit. I knew the party at large wasn’t for war (anymore) but this level has got to be like 90%.

    ““I will tell you a secret. The US lied”

    That’s not a secret. Heck, Brzezinski said it –printed it — in 1975? And honestly, this is all written in the Nazi credo by all the same Nazis who run the West, and Ukraine, now. The “Slavs” are rightfully “Slaves” (where we get the word from) and untermensch only fit to be animal labor to extract resources for “The Garden” of true men, the Ubermensch in Europe. They had it all worked out, read it if you like. They go on and on and on and on about out, before getting their -sses kicked all around the planet over and over by “Slaves” and “Cattle”. So if subhumans can kick your -ss without issue, all the time, what does that make YOU? You’re the subhumans of subhumans? I mean, if you’re dumber than a cow, which is what you said, right?

    Anyway, conquering Russia to exclusively serve Europe is the core premise of Nazis, or Europe for 500 years, take your pick.

    They are racists: They hate slavs. Primarily. They also happen to hate black people the way only Biden hates black people in Africa and at home, but that’s really a rounding error. YOUR country is run by these people. So is Sachs a bit of an understatement here?

    “Our government is run by second-raters. Mediocrities in the state department and national security”

    Mediocrities by definition can’t seize the steering wheel from better men. As yesterday, they are FORCED into place, like Kamala, while better men are FORCED OUT of place, like Kennedy. “Six ways to Sunday” or should we not believe the head speaker and like-long Senator? So…by whom? They do this when they want a nation to fall, so they can eat it. Disaster Capitalism. Also illegal and mostly by citizenship, traitorous.

    Anyway, it’s not them, the very premise is laughable.

    our press outlets think we are morons and second, they parrot CIA talking points.”

    The people believe them or shrug. They are morons. So are they supposed to save us from ourselves, our own indifference and bad actions? Is God supposed to swoop in and intervene while we’re still ‘sinning’? No, you have to ASK for that, (Absolution) CHANGE for that to happen (repent). We won’t. We’d probably choke to death on the mere thought of it.

    “In the House, Tennessee Dem Steve Cohen and South Carolina Republican Joe Wilson”

    I don’t need to take that back; by “The Party” I meant the people, the constituents. We all know the leaders are war-mongering maniacs we’d all like to turn out in the street. Look at Graham. Anyone check for his election integrity? We know McConnell’s is legendary. I notice Hillary & co never worried about that. Only RussiaRussiaRussia.

    “‘Migrant Village’ For Conservative Americans To Be Built In Russia (RT) “

    Orlov said emigration was very difficult, starting with a strong knowledge of the (difficult) Russian language. I wonder if all the normal rules apply here. If I were picking, I’d say yes, as the rules are obvious and for a reason.

    “DOD is in a race to develop its own hypersonic missiles”

    That’s what happens when the Dept of Education runs things to dumb down the people until “Everything they believe is a lie” – CIA Director Casey: No engineers. Nobody with sense. No one left with practical experience. I hear regularly about one public school or another, graduates football stars, ‘A’ students, who then can’t do any jobs at all. The actual workforce, entrepreneurs, to say nothing of say, roofers and ditchdiggers, are aghast. Like as far as they can tell, ZERO competency, ZERO possibility of work. From anyone In fact, the beer-swilling nothings are better. …And roofing is not exactly being a rocket scientist, is it?

    I’m sure if we tell men they all suck and should probably die some more, it’ll all change. Especially the Eagle Scouts and Christian ones. Brrrr. Can you even IMAGINE a worse crew than them? I can’t. Next thing you know they’ll be singing the National Anthem at the tables in local restaurants. The nation would end then, I’m sure.

    Nope, speed-texting, bones-in-the-nose, $10,000 in tattoos, black-wearing, drug-using, cross-dressing, sue-happy employees for me, thank you very much. That’s the only way to get things done around here. So call them up and ask them to use a slide rule to fix your hypersonic defense problem, why don’t ya? Always here to help.

    “asked why DOD is not experimenting with using direct energy weapons to knock down missiles.”

    Speaking of complete morons who have their mommies dress them, because of “Clouds”. That’s why. There’s a thing called “Clouds”: you may have heard of them. That means you’re helpless every time it rains – like the F-35 actually! There’s also a thing called the “Horizon”, maybe you’ve heard of that too. It means that about every 30 miles the laser won’t work. A Kinzal is about 3,000mph for you neanderthal Yanks, and that’s about a mile per second. So you have 30 seconds to know, find, target, and vanish X number of missiles. Let’s say 30. So one missile, one second, every time, no misses. Because of the horizon. (P.S. Russia will also be blinding your radar defenses, and it’s arguable if Kinzals have a radar signature) If your carrier group can stop 20, like the Sunburn missile, then Russia just shoots 21.

    But when nobody, not even journalists know math or science – and certainly not their readers – we can go around and ask why we don’t shake Tinkerbell and use her magic dust as a solution.

    I’ve got a better idea: Don’t piss off Russia to make her fire them. It’s a lot cheaper and more certain. But to do that we’d have to stop killing (black) people. Never.

    ““what is happening in Ukraine is an existential threat for us..” He stole that line from Putin.”

    I see this all the time now. Whatever line – or to them, ‘Propaganda’ – works for the other side, they just repeat it as if it’s theirs. And it doesn’t fit, just like this one doesn’t, so you just stop like hearing a monkey speak. Words are like some kind of talisman to them, like a cargo cult? Make the wooden plane and the real plane appears? I noticed this most in – after a year of this realization getting traction along with ‘mass formation’ – that the “Right is a Cult”. Blew my mind. Like….howwwww????? The Right doesn’t agree on anything. Their WHOLE SCHTIK is to doubt and not believe anybody, it’s their main weakness. Do they even know what “cult” means? Look it up. …But it sounded cute, so they say it, made bumper stickers, and repeat it widely. If THEY don’t notice – and you’ll be shot if you ever talk to any out-groups – then it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, does it? Truth is whatever Great Leader (the blue, unblinking eye) says it is in a given click.

    Anyway, Minions: only repeat things, incapable of creative thought. There’s a funny part of this in “Glass Onion.” if you can call it funny. It’s sad.

    Europe is sort of repeating something from somewhere as if they are relevant and can boycott China. China won’t even take United States’ calls because we’re already too irrelevant to bother with. They’re not wrong: they’ve toppled us nicely and we’ll be in a total mess for decade(s). Like Russia, doesn’t mean they can take us over though.

    ““I have had a theory that the FBI made Hunter Biden a Confidential Human Source..”

    I can’t see why not: don’t they always do this? Isn’t this standard procedure? When’s the last time they did NOT do this? “National Security”. Oops! That’s overseen by Congress.

    “the humanitarian catastrophe at the nation’s southern border is set to dramatically intensify as hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are expected to swarm into the country,”

    Repeat after me: that’s because America is so violent, terrible, and very very racist. That’s why millions of people risk their lives to come here! Do we say “It’s a Koch Brothers conspiracy to kill workers and ruin wages” or was that 5 minutes ago? Nope? Now it’s not. The Koch Brothers are love incarnate, Joe says, he’ll do anything they ask.

    “Open Border Catastrophe is the Cloward-Piven Plan to Destroy America (Wayne Root) “

    Yes. And they said so many times. China would love to dissolve the U.S. and they’re on the same page as Davos.

    They bragged about their hatred of white people (even though they were white themselves).
    They talked all day long about their plans to bring America down; destroy the economy; bankrupt white businessmen;

    Actually they talk about murdering them now. But: Your wish is my command. You don’t like wealth or white people like yourselves? Done. Now you are poor and live in dead-end apartment ghettos, or homeless across America in your tiny houses, unable to get a job. Don’t have to worry about all that ‘money’ stuff any more, nor anybody like you. “You’ll own nothing” and vote for it.

    “..every member of the Biden family that received any of the funds is implicated AND MUST BE INDICTED..”

    By whom? By an FBI and DoJ who’ve committed far more, far more serious, far more violent crimes than the Bidens themselves?

    “Veganism is Bad for You and I’m Embarrassed I Promoted it – Now I Only Eat Red Meat,” Says Bear Grylls..”

    Does this show you can live on both? And yes, there’s a Narrative, and then you can look into how it’s done and see that it’s not worse and is possibly better. Could be much better with a few changes to pasturing, etc. City people (dreadful) have no idea how barren, catastrophic their soybean fields are. You want your barren, surface of the moon, there you are, and they require pesticides, refusing to eat a bruised apple too.

    What’s “NeuroDivergent”? Because so far as I can tell from the articles EVERYONE is neurodivergent. They’re all special snowflakes, each and every one. You have no value unless you’re “disabled” in some way, a victim of life, whereby YOU MUST ACCOMMODATE ME, MISTER. We are “reallocating” resources and it’s to ME. All I have to do is make up words. Easy! I learned it in school. I’m — something I just made up – and YOU are too busy working to keep track, so you’re therefore “normal”. FROM each according to his Ability. TO each according to their need. And I have all the needs. I make up new needs probably every day.

    Anyway, the reading? Yeah, it’s an EXTREMELY COMMON way to read. Possibly even the most common, but certainly not the only way. Now you can go FIRE everyone in school for teaching everyone the SAME way, when for reading, math, etc, you’re going to have 2, 3, 5 different styles that will make most students a star, or at least natively competent without effort. They refuse. Suck it and die, peasant, you failed, worthless child. You are a cog in our machine. Do it our way or DIE. Drug dealers standing by in the cafeteria for that offer, and if you don’t like it you can sleep with a teacher, which happens pretty regularly around here.

    That’s what you learn in school, because with 0% graduating competency in many cities, they sure aren’t teaching math or reading. They major in drug dealing and prostitution. …If only I were kidding. Please let me be kidding. Come to America and you tell me.

    in reply to: US Plans Hybrid War vs Wagner In Africa #135123
    Dr. D

    I’d be embarrassed to be seen through the same telescope as anyone this stupid.

    Biden got tired of killing, jailing, and ruining the lives of black folks at home, I guess. Share the love.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 12 2023 #135054
    Dr. D

    “In order to keep up with the expansion of renewable energy production capacity, the United States will have to more than double the current size of the electric grid.”

    Or halve the population! I know which I’d choose. So does Deagle. If I kill half the population, we’ll divvy up their stuff between us, okay pal? Win-win.

    Speaking of killing half of life on earth: “UK Sends [long-range] Storm Shadow Long-Range Cruise Missiles To Ukraine

    They can be bunker missiles. If they even hit a Russian bunker, even one in Donbas which Russia considers legally annexed territory, that would be a “Let’s nuke London” moment. 250Km / 150 miles.

    So let’s repeat this from yesterday: “EU’s Borrell: Ukraine Would Collapse In Days Without West’s Military Supplies

    It’s London’s war. That’s the reason there are eggs in Kiev and kids are white with hunger in Blackpool while rape gangs roam the streets.

    Speaking of failed cities with unstoppable crime, “NY Mayor Adams Booted From Biden Surrogate Squad After Immigration Criticism

    Yup. Don’t care about your problems: “Do what You’re Told.” Adams is the minions, not the Party. ..Oh yeah, and somewhere out there people are dying by the thousands because of our s—t actions not enforcing the law, enforcing the #Opposite law, yawn, bored already.

    “Manhattan DA Bragg Strikes Again: Charges Marine Over Subway Chokehold Death”

    If somebody comes into the room, specifically says he’s going to kill everyone and doesn’t care, then takes actions to do so, I want you to know you are not allowed to defend yourself, mister. So go ahead and die or something, I don’t care.

    If only Neely had been carrying a semi-auto...the police still wouldn’t have cared and wouldn’t have stopped him. Clearly. They are letting such people free without bail 35 times citywide, including rape and domestic abuse. Beat your wife? The police will drive you to her house!

    This is the NYC that’s all butt-hurt about immigrants arriving. I guess immigrants are only welcome and allowed in Texas. Not in my backyard, we’re givin’ the “Martha’s Vineyard treatment.” Socialism is only cool when YOU pay ME. If I have to share my stuff instead, whoa, whoa, whoa, too far!

    “Pakistan May Lose Support From IMF – Risks Debt Default As Civil Unrest Continues”

    Continuing their attack on Pakistan. Killin’ some folks.

    “Two Youths Commit Suicide In Taxpayer-Funded Cross-Sex Hormone Study”

    Killin’ some folks. They’ll probably get a medal or something, since they were kids who died and all.

    “DHS Producing Videos Teaching Citizens How To Identify “Radicalized” Conservatives”

    A: Everyone. You can’t be too careful, so you should kill them just in case. You work your way up the Woke purity tree until there’s only you and me, and I’m not so sure about you. Remember the Joker’s plan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vetKTtM7YyU Shoot the guy behind you. Who’s left at the end? Only the Joker. Because everyone thought THEY were the smart guy getting away with the crime on the OTHER guy.

    So this is prettymuch all social media (or mass media) since 1990 when they kicked off “The Plan”.

    CNN: I am also disturbed that CNN booked Trump but not Biden. That’s not fair at all, but also shows Biden is incapable of human speech or they would. Now the point of the CNN was to get the sound bites for CNN and the DNC to use this week, and they leaned heavily into almost exclusively his election fraud discussion, which doesn’t poll well. When they got those sound bites, then circled around, ignoring the next question they were on to get more, the found that live, he was doing very well in the audience and therefore cut the interview a shocking 20 minutes short.

    So election rigging at its finest, but as media isn’t required to be objective and never was since Jefferson called Adams a hermaphrodite, totally legal. I’m certain Trump knew, so each played their given hand.

    So anyway, if Trump wins, will he do nothing all over again? Be still my heart.

    Bill Gates Reactors. Hopefully less utter failure than either his software or his vaccine. But from way back, the only possible outcome to the Green Mass-Murder was to re-install nuclear widely. And probably without government oversight. So here we are, they “Suddenly realize.”

    “Kiev was not afraid of losing support from Washington after the next US presidential election in November 2024, because, according to Zelensky, both the Democrats and the Republicans are allies of Ukraine non-stop war and the Worldwide Secret State.”

    “Steinmeier pinned the blame on Moscow for the erosion of European security,”

    This is super-dumb. Any group with a lick of sense would work together uncaring of the enemy’s actions, so “they” cannot cause “you” security problems about working together. Only you can do that. …But maybe they forgot all 50 years from WWII to 1995. “Every statue pulled down, every history book re-written…” Like goldfish in the eternal Now.

    “” It was in Northern Ireland that Britain perfected “five techniques” of psychological and physical torment, which formed the basis of modern torture worldwide..”

    Their favorite. Killin’ some folks. Or torturing each and every child in this case. Yay! Well we couldn’t abort them, what ya gonna do? Let them grow up climbing trees and stuff? Brrrrr.

    widely engage in arbitrary arrests and torture of detainees,”

    Like Social Media, or in person here. The whole POINT is to hire and put in people who are dysfunctional, to make the most random decisions possible. Hell is the absence of #Logos, order, law, rules. So you wonder why the CIA gets into Bud and sinks the whole company in months? Or BuzzFeed and HuffPo are #AntiMoney, anti-surviving? Here you go. Their god is #AntiLogos, anti Logic. Random. That is hell, and they want it planetwide, in your town, but better, right inside your house and inside your mind.

    Tell the Truth.

    “The administration of US President Joe Biden sold weapons to at least 57% of the world’s authoritarian regimes in 2022,”

    And GAVE $6B in hard weapons to known terrorists FOR FREE, as well as leaving 300,000 assault weapons to known murderers. In Afghanistan. That’s just ONE incident. As ZZ Top said, “I’m going worldwide”.

    “6,600 homicides in 2015. Zero the past year.”

    You mean putting violent murderers in jail can stop them from murdering again? We should look into this.

    “Insane Woman” She’s an artist, Calm down. I’d hope we can all be a lot more eccentric than this. …So long as we don’t perjure ourselves for amusement.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 11 2023 #135013
    Dr. D

    “Rep George Santos Arrested, Charged With Wire Fraud, Money Laundering, Theft Of Public Funds And Lying

    See how easy that was? All you have to do is be a Republican and Lo! Suddenly, the law applies again. Why stop there? Surely there’s a McConnell or someone you can add.

    “534 Congressmen Still at Large” –BBee.

    “• House GOP Identifies 9 Biden Family Members Who Received Foreign Money (NYP)

    Nothing on this in the news because of Santos arrest. Ah!!! No wonder they put him in office. Now they can take him out whenever Biden (or whoever) is taken out, and use it as a total media eclipse. Because like me, it only seems “fair” to mention Santos, when it’s not really fair at all, is it? Biden must be 500:1 vs a Jr Congressman who never had time to do anything and STILL they had to gin up spurious “Well his unemployment paperwork wasn’t quite right.” Really? When the heck has anyone, anywhere, ever been charged for $500 on that?

    Total. Eclipse.

    “McLuhan” I’d say what we see more today, that once you’re not a physical body, or we get out of the habit of physical bodies even with our friends, then you can Deep Fake everything. And that’s not now, that’s not like a Glamor filter driving women insane on TikTok or Tinder, what is a movie but a Deep Fake? What is a camera but a Deep Fake? What is it to point the camera at “Your best life now” but a Deep Fake? What is all that makeup, lighting, new suits, hebephrenic background animations on Fox but a Deep Fake?

    When you live mostly in a “real” world, with mostly real things, real people, you ground yourself in what’s possible and likely. You know not all meals look like Instagram. The more you use the ethereal media as McLuhan says, the less grounding in reality you have, and the less grounding in reality others have. Such that they now treat YOU like a non-corporeal being. They act as if YOU are the Deep Fake when you warn them to stay out of traffic.

    “Those novels will ruin good youth” – At Jane Austen. “TV will rot your brain” – Your parents. This is why that wasn’t entirely true, but also why they were also right. It’s just very slow and takes a long time for people to be removed from their eyes and ears to believe the etheral non-corporeal Derp Fake.

    “The Biden family’s been untouchable because they are the system. The FBI and the CIA are in on it- this is how the system works.”

    Excellent. In a nutshell. “But, But, we have regulation! There are LAWS!!!” Uh-huh. You’re so cute. When’s the last time laws meant anything?

    • FBI Refuses To Give Congress File Alleging Biden Took Bribes As VP (NYP)

    Says the Post, the oldest newspaper in America, founded by Alexander Hamilton, who was banned from Biden Press conferences perhaps permanently.

    Must be nice, FBI. That’s what I’m going to do next time Congress or a Judge orders me to do something. Sauce, meet Gander.

    “(FBI) possess an unclassified FD-1023 form”

    Not Classified, but you can’t see it. ‘cuz I felt like it. Remember Senator, we’re tapping your phones, just like we did the AP. Thanks Patriot Act. (We all said at the time while everyone said shut up we were weirdo conspiracy theorists for stating the most obvious conclusion in the known universe)

    “If you say he’s [Putin] a war criminal, it’s going to be a lot tougher to make a deal to make this thing stopped,”

    Thus the reason they did that. To prevent the war from ever ending. Got it in one.

    Trump finally got to say to America that he DID tell them to stand down 15 minutes “after”, that is: Immediately. Twitter banned it. Why? Twitter wants/needs the riot, likes violence, and synthesized a entirely fraudulent “coup” out of whole cloth. That still works to this day.

    Twitter did that. Not Trump. They took Twitter out, did it help? Nope. Not in the past. It’s literally impossible for people to change their minds and admit they were wrong. Ever. About anything.

    “• Lula Offers To Act As Go-Between To End Ukraine Conflict At G7 Summit (TASS)”

    But they don’t WANT it to end. The U.N. themselves said they want the war and you shouldn’t negotiate. Ah, Beautiful Bombs. Finally Presidential. It was all worth it.

    “Stop providing military aid to Ukraine and Ukraine [will] have to surrender in a few days.”

    The war we’re not in? Because all NATO is providing arms to the war, but that means NATO is innocent, not in the war, never dun nothin’? I doubt Russia feels that way.

    “an immediate end to the conflict on such terms would see Ukraine “occupied” and “turned into a puppet country” that is “deprived of its freedoms.”

    Ooops! That’s what we have now, under Borrell. If RUSSIA occupied it and were a puppet of them it would somehow be less bad. Which is pretty amazing indictment of how much NATO and the West suck, how murderous, psychopathic and oppressive they are.

    Would RUSSIA kill 300,000 Ukrainians and 50,000 Poles? Uh: NO, because Ukraine WAS in Russia’s sphere of influence for 25 years and that NEVER HAPPENED. A day after Nuland showed up they lit live people on fire, shot into crowds, and started shelling whole states.

    But it’s not fascism when we do it. With actual fascists. And live ammunition. Derp Fake. Explosions of babies on TV aren’t real babies. Everyone we can find is the literal child on Nazis, in families of Nazis, like Freeland, and we can’t notice.

    “The ultimate goal is to demilitarize NATO as a whole rather than just Ukraine, and so far, it appears to be working brilliantly.”

    That’s probably true and that was NATO’s choice, not Russia’s. It’s NATO who won’t stop demilitarizing and perhaps even de-Nazifying THEMSELVES. (Via public exposure).
    Okay then. You win. I’ll throw you in that briar patch.

    “Banderista terror outfits – the Slav version of ISIS – free to roam across the Russian Federation”

    Yes, this is why some commenters, even on Lira, said Russia did the wrong thing, shouldn’t have invaded, etc. But THIS is Plan B for the whole West, which is pointless, endless chaos and destruction straight outta Chaostan. It’s RIDICULOUS to even CONSIDER letting that happen. No mas. I’m with Pepe and all Russia on this one. F ‘em. I don’t’ care about your laws: and clearly YOU don’t.

    NATO must be crushed, and although we’re all happy to drop nukes, let’s see if we can do it without that first. Whatever country you’re sitting in right now, you would do the same thing. And since almost everybody here is in an Anglo country, you DID do the same thing: you invaded every other nation, worldwide, murdered everyone you could find, and dropped depleted uranium on them, opened a slave market, killed every brown baby you could find, AFTER killing every baby you could at home too . Congratulations, stunning and brave. YOU were part of the world’s most evil hegemon, ever.

    “Seventy-eight days of bombing a country that did not threaten NATO” Any questions? Everyone approved, and adore Clinton and Albright to this day. Sorry: unless you’ve bombed helpless countries and killed half a million kids I just can’t love you as the Peace Candidate. We don’t give peace prizes for that, only for bombing American child citizens in open markets and cafes.

    “US To Create ‘Free Syria Army’ Of Terrorists Against Damascus – Lavrov (TASS)

    Is Lavrov in a time machine? We did that in like 2008. They were called ISIS, they used our pickup trucks from Texas and our weapons from Libya out of Benghazi. Oh, and killed every Kurd, since they trusted us with anything. Suckers. Where do they find peoples this stupid? No wonder Kurdistan doesn’t have their own country yet. Thanks to the Anglos, probably half of them have been killed over the years since Saddam gassed them with Rumfeld’s gas.

    “even middle-aged citizens are ignorant of the recent past,[of WWII]”

    Derp Fake, from the discorporeal ether. ALL information comes from TV, from the Internet, therefore there is no distinction between truth and fiction, reality and not. It’s a Post-Truth world. “Reality is what I SAY it is” – every abusive psycho narcissist ever.

    “batteries needed to back up wind and solar electricity generation in a “net zero” USA would cost $23 trillion”

    Ah, but far better: it would level every mountain, destroy every forest, consume every drop of oil, and destroy the ecosystem forever, planetwide. What’s not to like? Is that not Green enough for you? Nothing says Green like digging up the whole planet and smelting everything that moves.

    “The detention and persecution of Julian Assange eviscerates all pretense of the rule of law and the rights of a free press.”

    No it doesn’t. Because we just ignore it. Reality, un-Reality, who can tell in a Post-Truth world? When I want, things on TV are real. And when I don’t want, they’re not real or I ignore them.

    “Baby It’s Cold Outside” this was written by a husband and wife, who thought it was fine, and was a family song for them, and their (NY) friends demanded they make it public, so it was alright to all them too. Then it was considered alright for all NYC and the whole country for the next 60 years.

    Just points out that WE are the most awesome, perfect, enlightened beings in the history of the universe, practically without fault, and everyone who came before us was a inferior, bigoted, neanderthal. Yup, that’s how it is. That’s Evolution. That’s Science™, and Science says I’m the best!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 10 2023 #134948
    Dr. D

    Total extra-curricular (mostly), and long.

    “Why the Myth of Atlantis Just Won’t Die” — Nat. Geographic

    This is amazing. Okay, so not only wrote, not only top magazine, not only posted and pushed everywhere via Firefox, but thinking about Atlantis makes you a Nazi White Supremacist. Like Graham Hancock. By name. In fact anyone who asks science questions of places like National Geographic is a Nazi White Supremacist too.

    And to do this, amazing. Also lie about the facts, refuse to quote Plato, and mischaracterize everybody for the last 2,000 years. P.S., proving Erin Blakemore is a moron and should go back to college to get her money back. …Let’s not ask questions, shall we?

    Okay, vented. New question: W H Y ?

    I always say they never go after Bigfoot, because he doesn’t matter. But they have dropped everything they’re doing and gone out of their way to go after…something in this story.

    Atlantis, as they say, is clearly just as fictional as Troy. …Which they quickly found with a little bit of looking.

    A quick run of Plato’s description is here: https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/154223 Or larger text here: http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.01.0180%3Atext%3DHipp.+Maj.

    Now that could say many things, and I have my own ideas, but he clearly does not seem to describe as fiction in any way. Suppose, we said, “And we all remember when England was threatened by the great land of Narnia, and then you sir, remember when King James defeated the Snow queen.”

    I don’t get that at all. Instead, he specifically says “Listen then Socrates to a tale which though strange, is wholly true,” “the exploits of this city in olden days, the record of which [is so old it] had perished through time” (Note, this was said and written 380BC)

    They laboriously explain how this Greek heard it when he was 10 years old from an old man who heard it from Egypt and King Amasis (569BC) and from that king, who made a point of telling it because it was so old it was before the Flood (between 9 and 12,000 years ago, according to modern geologists). He then explains that the earth has had more changes than just a geological flood ending the last Ice Age, and that these calamities occur regularly, but aren’t usually the same as the previous one was by fire. “after the usual interval of years, like a plague, the flood from heaven [for example] comes sweeping down afresh upon your people,\… you remember but one deluge, though many had occurred previously”

    Amasis then specifically says it wasn’t Athens that was the hero, but a an ancient people who lived where Athens is today. 9,000 years ago. That’s WHY they tell the story, because Solon is from Athens, and they’re complaining Greeks are too young a culture to know history, so they fill him in and tell him.

    Where is Atlantis? “starting from a distant point in the Atlantic ocean,” Any questions?

    Where was it? “Outside the Pillars of Hercules” that is, the Straits of Gibraltar.

    So it’s an island, right? How big? “larger than Libya and Asia together;” Strangely this direct statement might be the harder to figure. Libya like Libya? Northern Africa outside Egypt? Asia like Asia? Or like Asia Minor? So, minimum size, very, very large. 2.5M Km2. You know: larger than Mexico and almost as large as India. One of those two nations is “Across the Atlantic” and also “Across from the Straits of Gibraltar.”

    They then specifically say you USED TO be able to cross the Atlantic, meaning in 350BC it was considered NOT navigable. So they both say 1) it’s across the Atlantic Ocean and 2) Something changed.

    He then describes the Mediterranean exactly accurately, saying that, sorry to say boys, your whole big Sea is the size of a pond, and the real ocean is outside. They are somewhat vague here, but e.g. Greece is not a “continent” but any land large enough to encompass the entire Atlantic Ocean is. Atlantis may be one such place. If so, that implies very, VERY large size, you know, like the size of the New World. “Asia” plus “Northern Africa”.

    Now the rest of the story isn’t that noteable. Given a “Greater Mexico” – of which we know there were Aztecs, Toltecs, and Olmecs – or even all of North America, then 9,000 years ago they were having a world war where the “Atlanteans” crossed the sea and were trying to beat up and establish Mediterranean colonies. Now this is an awfully, AWFULLY long way away, and as it happened, the resistance to these New World invaders was most successful out of Greece, Athens. Which is why they’re telling Solon the story. So good on ya’ Athens. Seems like 2,000 years after 350BC people think highly of them too, even founding whole nations based on their example.

    We don’t know what would have happened, because it seems the collapse (that probably ended the Ice Age, caused the Flood, and made the Atlantic unnavigable for some reason) happened soon after. They don’t say but do not attribute the Atlantean self-destruct to Athens. Not like Greek Skywalker flew into the Death Star in Mexico city. It’s just coincidental, not causal it seems. Unless Mexico set off a Neutron Bomb they were testing to use on Italy and blew up the world or something. Oppenheimer almost did. They said, “Hey, we think our calculations are pretty good, but on the other hand the bomb MIGHT set all the world’s atmosphere on fire ending all life on earth. Let’s drop it and find out.”

    Does any of that sound like a fictional story made up to make Athens sound cool? No, they were made into little boys with little boys pants, are a small, young irrelevant nation, who only had one cool thing that happened once, and barely worked, and it wasn’t Athens who did it anyway but people who lived nearby but 9,000 years ago. So that’s like saying America beat the Krauts, but 9,000 years ago. Um…different a little? Like maybe Og from the Crow Clan allied with Pequat of the Narrow Faces…oh nevermind.

    Would this be why this writer, who has written 100 science articles, literally doesn’t know, care, or read anything. Wonder about all her other articles. This was so easy a cave man could do it, and understand it. But she’s an adult journalist in America, so can’t be arsed.

    So f’ing, unbelievably, hard-core to the bone racist that she thinks Mexico simply couldn’t do this exactly as historically described? Nope, they’re the “Jungle People” not like us “Experts” in the “Garden.” Un-believable. Maybe she’s never SEEN the pyramids of Mexico or something?

    Consider every one of these to be made up. As she never read anything. https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/author/erin-blakemore

    Back to the first question, so this is all painfully obvious. So why the denials and hate? Suppose Mexico Olmecs were Atlantis: SO the heck What? Who cares? What difference does it make if there were advanced civilizations crossing the Atlantic making contact 9,000 years ago?

    You tell me. We JUST went through this with Columbus when, for 50 years it was pretty obvious, there were whole books written describing Vikings and Vinland, and Columbus himself got his info from Portuguese and Irish fishermen going there regularly. And there’s the “Use your Head”: You can practically SEE Greenland from Iceland. (You can in fact see the clouds) They LIVED in Iceland for 1,000 years. That book was well-known in several major nations and that was BEFORE digging up a town in Greenland where you can canoe to Canada.

    Yet like f—g idiots they still refused for many decades more. Why? Science™!?! Yeah, but who’s telling the Scientists not to and paying to ruin their careers? They don’t do that on their own, or not in this way. They’re the Nerd Squad, their spats don’t run like the Mean Girls’ Table.

    So for whatever reason, here we are again, worldwide. Göbekli Tepe is out there everywhere, yet nobody lived in it. Pyramids worldwide but nobody built them. Is this because it ruins some weird “evolution” religion, in that people in the past were as, or even more, advanced than we are? Therefore history runs in cycles, and Chad at Twitter is NOT the apex of all human civilization and thought? So maybe we SHOULD question him? Be humble and not high on our own farts all the time? If it runs in cycles, then it’s not a straight line of “Manifest Destiny” …to a goal none of us set but was forced on us by those same “ad executives” at birth? The ones that say we’re required to go to war with Russia and live in hovels without fresh water so Bezos can take his D—k Rocket to the Stars? What?

    Because in my world, Science DOES ask questions. They use DATA, and the Science is never settled.

    So why? Why dey going nuts on this stuff and Hancock specifically? If I say a dinosaur has feathers or a crown, nobody cares, we debate it like normal people. But not this. Why?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 10 2023 #134947
    Dr. D

    “Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer told the public in February 2023 that the idea of a ban on gas stoves was nothing more than a MAGA conspiracy theory. “At first you have to laugh at the ‘gas stove ban’ narrative being cooked up by the MAGA GOP,” Schumer stated.

    New York approved a $229 billion budget plan laced with restrictions. New buildings under seven stories will be prohibited from using gas stoves by 2026, and taller buildings will face the same ban in 2029. There will be some exceptions for places like hospitals and restaurants, but newly constructed buildings will be forced to use electric.” …Electric which they don’t have.

    The distance between Conspiracy Theory and Fact continues to shorten. P.S. Schumer is FROM NY. So he definitely knew this was a lie when he said it. He says it anyway and isn’t discredited but everyone cheers. “I want to have your baby, Chuck. If only you would lie some more and outlaw my gas stove.”

    “Biden Admin Creates New Disinformation Office To Oversee The Rest”

    At least Truth in Advertising. They are the hub of Disinformation.

    “National Police Association Joins Others In Suing For Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto”

    Yup, there’s something there. So the Police know they should sue for it without knowing what’s in it? No, they know.

    ““No nation in the history of battle ever suffered more than the Soviet Union in the Second World War.”

    By the numbers, this is probably true. The most ever with the broadest hardship ever. Which is a bit shocking if you think about it. Proportionally probably not, Belgium and the Lowlands were sacked for centuries, and many nations and people ceased to exist. Does time count? Like if you’re being murdered by 30,000/year for 20 years in one attack alone, that adds up. What if you poison an entire state in one go, then forget about it forever?

    Keats: “The Honest Truth is a Beautiful Thing.” Of course he says it better.

    “The United States and its allies defeated fascism,”

    Which is why we’re funding open fascists with $150B today.

    “Pentagon press secretary Gen. Patrick S. Ryder confirms Ukraine’s claim”

    Confirms a claim? Yup, Ukraine made that claim! Next question. What’s that? Is that claim TRUE? No comment.

    Ukraine 2030 — the freest and most digital country in the world. Without bureaucracy”

    Maybe this guy doesn’t know what words mean. Does he mean GOVERNMENT bureaucracy? Really? Because the entire country is given over to International Corporations? (A: Yes.)

    They had planned to conquer everything, set up this new fascist/corporate state superseding governments, then have a money laundering, human-trafficking worldwide power center and Capital where they could have Trans gender, Trans human technofascism future. It was the “Greater Israel”, leaving Israel, which is already all these things, as just the Beach Resort side.

    It doesn’t seem to be going well. But all us normal people knew that just from hearing The Plan, which is g– d—d insane. Like all their – Davos’, and therefore Biden’s and DNCs – stuff. (The GOP is nuts in a different way.)

    The article highlights how totally bats—t crazy, drooling on the floor insane Ukraine was, and still is, if not more crazier today. Yeah, leave them to it.

    “Any Ideology of Superiority Is Criminal – Putin (TASS)”

    It depends, but yes. That demands that any Ideology of Inferiority is also criminal. There is a social and ethnic group in the U.S. and even worldwide that is considered “inferior” at birth, because in a subtle adjustment, all other ethnicities are innately morally superior to it. That’s called “racism”.

    “Globalist Elites Provoke Bloody Conflicts And Coups – Putin (RT) “ In Pakistan. Fixed it.

    “”We see how in certain countries they ruthlessly and cold-bloodedly destroy memorials …, demolish monuments to great commanders, create a real cult” …In the United States. And you should see what they did in Europe!

    Same Nazis, different day.

    • UN Chief Says Peace Talks Between Ukraine And Russia Impossible Now (RT)”

    Ummmmm…? So the war will go on until the sun burns out? Sooo…we are now in, and have to have, WWIII? Alright then, might as well just push the button now and beat the rush, right Guterres? He UN, the peace organization just told us we have no choice but have to nuke the planet right now today!

    Everyone still takes them seriously for reasons inexplicable.

    “• ‘All’ NATO Members Support Ukraine Membership – Stoltenberg (RT)”

    Yup, that nation of Brown Untermench in the “Jungle” down there in Turkey don’t exist. We don’t talk to and don’t care about people outside the “Garden”. Did you say something? Sounded like pointless animal grunts to me.

    These guys are some of the most astonishing racists in the history of the world. Everyone loves them and hangs on their every word. Heck, they’ll kill their children for them!

    “Argentina recently announced that it will be adopting the Chinese yuan,”

    Meroni double-crossed 100% of all Italian voters by doing the #Opposite of this, and the #Opposite of everything that got her elected. Of course.

    “This means that the country needs more US dollars to function than what it has.”

    That this guy, and other Argentinians, and other nations, believe this false thing is the whole problem. Unless we all want to admit if they correctly name this as false the U.S. will bomb them and make a coup in 6 months. Like Ukraine and Pakistan today. Then it’s a “War” not an “Economy.”

    First: Tell the Truth. Then everything gets easy. But the #Truth is #God and we can’t have that.

    What can we learn from all the unhinged denunciations we read daily?”

    They’re both astonishingly intolerant AND can’t leave anyone alone. I dislike a lot of people and points of view but to each their own unless there’s a crime. I may not be right either.

    “I imagine there is a lot of subliminal envy attaching to Tucker Carlson’s professional performance”

    It’s more like this: they KNOW they are doing wrong. They know what is right, and they can’t do it, for whatever reason, “paying the bills” but is essentially just cowardice. When evil, or people leaning this direction, meet someone who’s not a coward, not compromised, they hate them more than the overlords doing the oppressing. For reasons I don’t entirely understand. I think it’s because his VERY EXISTENCE demonstrates that they are doing Wrong. That they ARE cowards and sell outs. That they are Bad People. And who wants to be reminded they’re a bad person?

    That isn’t Tucker’s – or our – intention at. We would wish to be inspiring, saying “I did this, you can do this too.” But in a concentration and prison camp you don’t generally get that reaction. You get the “I need to expose, compromise, get him to fail even if I have to make stuff up, or arrange it for him, only if he’s taken down as being as miserable, evil, and failed as I am will I feel safe.” Now I can SAY “Please don’t do this thing, it’s both illogical and unhelpful” but it won’t matter. People DO this. They ARE this. And they CAN change. But how do you remind them if this is their reaction to you?

    So it’s not “Envy” really, in the sense that Tucker is successful, makes a million bucks. That’s not the point. The author probably knows that, they are “envious” of his professional performance because being good people, they got into it to be good journalists, and aren’t. They were weak. We say, “Then do what you can and strengthen up” but their heart fails them and they betray themselves, inside. That’s why they can’t escape “him”, and hate him so much. He’s sort of their conscience. But if Tucker disappeared something else would appear. What they’re fleeing and denying is THEMSELVES. It’s that “Still, quiet voice” of God almighty, whispering to them. It’s their source and being they are trying to, need to destroy: they need to Kill God.

    How crazy is that? God loves them. I love them. Don’t do this thing.

    “War for Profit: A Very Short History (Brad Wolf)”

    Yes, but also without fiat money and central banks this sort of war and behavior is impossible. We put it all on credit.

    “First, a pardon would set off the biggest political firestorm since Watergate.”

    Nope, no one would care. They’re unreachable. As we’ve seen for decades in an ever-increasing crescendo. And UKRAINE’s evidence? You mean the one they impeached him for? When Biden wasn’t an official or an candidate, but just some average citizen? And not him but the SON of some average citizen? Facts and Logic. We don’t do that.

    “Charging Stations.” Big surprise. And as said 10,000 times, there’s no grid for them either. Besides, who wants a coal-burning car? Electric car sales are apparently not only not getting traction, they are now collapsing in U.S. UK.

    “Racism Chart” I don’t know how to interpret this except that President Obama oversaw an eight-fold increase in racism. Good job.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 9 2023 #134883
    Dr. D

    “BBC: Climate Change Too Important To Be Left To Personal Choice”
    Everyone will have to ratchet down their standard of living by over 75%…

    Wow, I said that only yesterday. John Kerry is in constant hot water for jetsetting perhaps more than any human being ever. So he’s going to cut private air flights by 75%, right? Joe is going to cut his security detail of 5-ton armored cars by 75%, right? That Jimmy Hat who’s so irrelevant no one even bothers to learn his name as British Prime Minister is going to cut his food and mansion budget 75% right?

    No? Only bad, naughty people, who aren’t Party Members and Friends of the Very Important People have to cut 75%? Oh I get it now. If I MAKE the food you eat, make the steaks you import, drill and pipe the gas you use, hang the power lines you charge your car with while I shovel brown coal into the plant that runs it, — I – have to cut 75%. But if you DON’T do any of that work, you DON’T have to cut.

    “”Bitcoin Is Not Under Attack” – BTC Maxis Allay Fears Of A DoS Offensive”

    Actually, they are, by the NY Times. A paper that has cut more trees and leveled more forests, burned more gas, poisoned more rivers than 1,000x Bitcoin networks. Stop the Madness!! End the NY Times now! Why does the NY Times hate the earth so much?

    “RFK Jr.: CIA “Definitely Involved In The Murder” Of JFK”

    Holy cow, I guess the CIA is really on the ropes. Can I start the funeral arrangements?

    Italy, networking: Yes, it’s called “being human” and it’s systemically ground out and persecuted methodically everywhere in America, or the Anglo world. That’s a side effect of being run by a Death Cult. He calls it ‘privilege’ but in America the immigrants are the only ones with this ‘privilege’. Because as bad as their countries are (that’s why they came here) the centralized worldwide Death Cult didn’t have quite as much control there.

    “Somehow some marketing genius convinced you…” Say no more. And also convinced all women to abandon their families and live for corporations instead. And we know this happened. Start with Edward Bernays, move forward to today.
    Paid for, on purpose, Death Cult.

    “In late April, Zelensky assured foreign journalists that the “counteroffensive will happen”

    Well it’s May. No sign yet. So February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and May. Still waiting! Any time now.

    “U.S. Government used threats”

    Yes, but the “government”, so therefore “threats” to everyone, everywhere, at all times. The only question here is “which threat did you mean?” and “How serious are they about it right now?” We put legal threats on cereal boxes. Garland enforces them.

    • Ukraine Cancels Traditional Holiday Celebrating Defeat Of Nazis (RT)”

    There we go. See? It was personal for them.

    “Zelensky vows that Russian forces will be defeated in Ukraine”

    France vows that England will be defeated in France, just like Wellington defeated Napoleon in France in 1815.” See how that works? How astonishingly, mentally-ill obvious, #Opposite that is?
    P.S. “We will do this to make the world safe for the nation that killed 1.6 of the 6 million Jews.”

    Joe Biden: “Ukraine is the lighthouse of Democracy.” But only now that they’ve shelled all their people, outlawed all their parties, and arrested all their journalists. You know, like we do!

    “• EU Plans To Punish China For Trade With Russia – FT (RT)”

    As they are now shooting themselves, Yay! Never stop. I support Europe’s right to shoot themselves anytime they want to. Why would I stop them? It’s a free country.

    “• EU Plans To Punish China For Trade With Russia – FT (RT) “

    Stopping the Petro/EuroDollar system and forcing China to get out of it and collapse Davos and the Davos minions in America and the Fed. Sold! Do that thing!

    “Russia and the Western bloc. Cold War 2.0..”

    By definition not a Cold War. It’s a Hot War. Remember that and maybe you’ll account for NY being nuked or tsunami-droned.

    “there was a real possibility of forming a full European confederation” “United States of Europe”

    As Armstrong said, they lost because they were power-hungry psychos dishonest to the core and the people could smell it. They never got political buy-in, losing referendums and like Bud Light, telling their people to STFU and never asking why, and then did the Economic union without them instead. This guarantees it will blow sky-high as with German-Greek transfers, North-South bond rates, where they can either deal with that, or control the currency but not both. Without honesty why SHOULD anyone in all Europe sacrifice for their area or currency? It’s all going to a few thong-bearing psychos who daily say they’re trying to kill you. It’s almost like you should riot in the street.

    Speaking of: BlackROck is their world control center, but thanks to losing the Fed, Powell is detonating their buying up all American real estate coast to coast with high interest rates. To Save the Dreadnaught from sinking Macron gave them the entire French Pension fund to blow. Fine. Here’s the thing: when U.S. BANKS went down this week, their BUYER was BlackRock. Buying them would make BlackRock a BANK. And a Trillion-dollar, systemically-protected one the Fed, or rather the Treasury, would have legal requirements to pay trillions to and bail out.

    Powell stopped this thing, this purchase, by bankrupting and bailing them instead. Which do you prefer? Do you see what’s happening?

    That also means BlackRock, being so large, is going bankrupt in a black hole the size of major nations every day. Tick tock.

    “powerless to stop the bombs and pleaded for the US and its allies to send F-16 fighters.”

    To do what? Shoot live bombs out of the sky? They can’t do that and it would be too expensive if they could. To fly into Russian air-defense territory to stop them from being launched? They can’t do that either and it would be a real short week. So why have these dribbling, idiotic words come out of your mouth? To divert the blame to others, like all minions and evil societies.

    BTW this isn’t new, we were mocking these Russian bombs for decades as they don’t use the fragile, expensive, easily-destroyed GPS satellite system, but calculate trajectories on board passively. This was part of why “we’re so much better than their 1970 technology” and Ukraine/NATO will defeat them in two weeks.

    Credit Suisse: want to go down this rabbit hole? Okay then. So you’re Nazi Germany and the walls are closing in. You move all your gold, etc to Argentina, into basements which then pops up again after the war to start up/buy out BlackRock and the Capitalist corporations system, thereby back-controlling the (non)Victors like the U.S., who helpfully import all your smartest people right into their central brain structure in the CIA. But! There’s all this Nazi money that escaped! How do we, the Nazis, get control of it? Well we just say “That’s Nazi money, I want it back.” No kidding, that’s what they said. “That’s Nazi money and on behalf of the (checks clipboard) the Jews, we need to be in direct control of it, who gets it, and where it goes.” Idiot Governments and their people: “Sold! Shut up and take this money, whoever you are.” I want YOU, children of every known Nazi, like Schwab and Freeland, we demand that YOU invest it using 1950s version of ESG, into all your Nazi friends like BASF Bayer who weren’t bombed for some strange reason during the war. Israel: “Yes we totally agree, give it to us for safekeeping, we’ll never buy off all your Senators, take over your policy and army on behalf of the Nazi Creed”.

    Uh-huh. Now I don’t WANT the money. I don’t need it. But also can’t let YOU get hold of it and kill me with it, so that’s responsibility. So…point being, they used the “Stolen from the Jeeeewwwss” as a means to Steal it for themselvessssssss….. Who are the same guys who killed and stole it from the Jews in the first place. And you let them, and still believe it. Don’t worry about all that in the past. Can we place the money into good, responsible, life-affirming hands now?

    “It doesn’t make much sense to investigate the guy who brings you the allegation rather than the allegation,”

    What planet does this guy live on? ‘Cause it’s not Earth since 1920. I dream of a day I can be this naive.

    “• ‘Crazy thing’ – Lula Criticizes Imprisonment Of Assange (RT)

    Lula seems to be making quite a mess. Who owns his file? Bolsonaro? Cheeto?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 8 2023 #134830
    Dr. D

    Catching up:

    I think yes, Left and Right are extremely problematic as a means to describing Parties, or indeed what’s going on. As I pointed out, they have not only one lie embedded in them, but are broadly cross-lied. So what seems okay plausible at first just vaporizes into nonsense on any inspection, yet the words and ideas are still used, and worse, we have no others. (In common use at least)

    We’ve got some interest from Arndt, because aside from all other questions, we have to wonder, “was he even correct”? It’s not easy to tell what’s going on, even in it, or even after. Look at today. He says there are no “Parties” even as we list 100 of them. Legit question, I sense that his meaning here is correct. The Parties were then not Parties, but “Movements”, not knowing how to define either. Problem. Then we have the last major election, which was Nazis vs Communists. Both willing to burn each other in the streets. That of course makes us at this distant time think they must have been opposites, not realizing like in France or elsewhere, it’s always the Far Left vs Center Left, or some similar, with the “Right” of the National Front being always sidelined. In this case, the “monarchic” interests, the “Let’s support the German government” interest was being sidelined. On purpose. How are you going to destroy your rival (to London) or attack Russia with somebody else’s army unless you do this?? …And back to the point, that’s even IF you think France’s N.F. IS “Far-Right” or e.g. Macron ISN’T, both of which are wide open to debate, and probably both false.

    So to me we have the International Communists, which as his quote says, are very Marx and Class-based approach, (Soviet-style) versus the National Communists, which allow for not a “Brotherhood of Workers,” but “German” workers first (whoever they are. New problem: do you mean Austrians? How about German-speaking Poles and Russians? How about if they were once German, intermarried, and no longer speak German. …Nevermind: whatever gives me power is the answer.)(Nazi-style)

    This National Communist vs International Communist debate is still going on today, with the “Right” (actually Liberty and Libertarians) being again, almost completely sidelined as they do not work to capture and enlarge the State and use the massive central state and its spoils to attack and punish their enemies. …That’s why they’re the only “Good Guys”, such as it is. We call those groups “Globalists”, which is now an amalgam of Government and Billionaires, so it has a strange confluence of “Capitalists” and anti-Capitalists, because we’re all directed to the wrong definitions all the time. There was once a subset of, e.g. largely (Kennedy) Democrats here who were National Communists, wanting redistribution and social programs but within the context of the United States, (Blue Unions); however, all those people are essentially gone. Replaced by Woke. That leaves only pan-Globalists and Nationalists on the field, with Global Communists being like 2/3, and Nationalists in disarray at 1/3 as they are still digesting the adoption of all the former National Communists (aka, “Blue Workers” + people alarmed at crime, social extremes, etc, “Blue Suburbs”.)

    Such is the problem with using any words or idea derived from Marxism, as 99% of all Economists, Sociologists, and we society at large, do.

    Is recovering the Nation possible? Meh. I’m telling you what has to happen, not whether it’s possible. Like I can say “You have to get rid of cancer” without naming any odds of that being at all possible.

    Will it? Yes. We will win. However at this point the nation after will be so different it’s hard to describe. We didn’t “Win” to get it back to something recognizable or some status quo from 1930-1990. And that’s okay. So long as the PRINCIPLES are re-established of Justice, representation, independence, self-reliance and self-determination, etc. We weren’t like 1930-1990 before either. We weren’t in Wave 1 out of the Revolution, and we weren’t like that in Wave 2 through Jackson and as it slowly closed in on us after the Civil War. We were very different. But we were still America. This happens, and this is one of those times.

    Trump did not go full retard like the Dims”

    No, he went full half-retard, and continues today. But stupid is as stupid does.

    So its our own fault, we’re on a kosher plantation”

    Kind of. But as I said above, the solution has become violence, and that is the solution they encourage and desire. We CAN take them out using violence, but SHOULD we, right now? At the moment we are still trying all the other things, and in fact may win without it. So morally we should and must, even if that’s extremely irritating and costly.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 8 2023 #134826
    Dr. D

    “JFK saying in September 1963 that he’s going to withdraw from Vietnam.”

    Yes but that was for reasons so strange, so hard to gather, that it took decades to understand it.

    …Everybody KNEW there were no “Dominoes of Democracy” and that the whole thing was a useless joke. Just like today, some bought the PR and some didn’t. Back then who was a billionaire-eating shill was the Right, not the Left. (although: Johnson). But the REASON they needed Vietnam WAS to bankrupt the United States. The End. It was a money play. The money interests planned and forced it on us, against all resistance. Because then THEY would be in power, or more, UNLIMITED power, printing money for nothing. The war, even big as it was, was a footnote to the real war, between “oligarch” interests, in this case, U.S. national and sovereignty vs globalist and banker.

    What happened immediately after? No silver. Also Guns n Butter. Also Welfare, that appear to have increased poverty, drugs, and despair 10x while also vaporizing the American family. Exactly as everyone knew and said at the time, having seen it tested on Indian Reservations and elsewhere.

    “[John Lennon] earnestly socialist men I’ve ever met in my life.”

    This I can understand and value, even though it will still kill everybody. They actually have a real humanity and real goal in helping people and creating a better world, however naive. The “naive” means you can actually engage with them on HOW, and therefore present your concerns for solving (what has never once been solved) and get wheels turning. This is contrasted with today where you’ll be punched and arrested, which is of course super-humanitarian love.

    “Man Who Accidentally Left 300,000 guns for Known Murderers” also is America’s 2nd best gun salesman, after Obama. The NRA or somebody actually mailed him a plaque. His policies have doubled that, now being the best gun salesmen to registered Democrats, a whole new market opened up for the gun lobby. Thanks, Joe.

    “completely corrupt bureaucratic gang right at the very top of the MoD, all the way to Shoigu,”

    …In every military ever, including or especially the U.S. during and after WWII. But this matters, and it’s on a gradient. Is it a Maskarovka? Yes, but all the best lies are true. He/they know that the CIA has Kompromat on Russian generals – why wouldn’t you? — and that they are also stiff, self-serving bastards. Thus the name: “General”? And “Russia” knows they must clean them up to get anything done, long-term. We know that here in America too about our own Pentagon. Question is: can you DO it? And as in all good Intel – misdirection or no – that’s the question.

    “a combined Anglo-Saxon neocon provocation – has offered Moscow the perfect gift: an unmistakable casus belli.”

    Yes, THIS was the point. And/or to get Russia mad at Putin, didn’t work to have them mad that Putin got them in a War and overthrow him. Therefore they only way to make them mad now is Putin isn’t in the war ENOUGH, as much as the general Russian would like, and overthrow him.

    …Cue Chooch and Redneck on this one, since I think their prognosis was the war had no Russian support and all the citizens were fleeing. That’s not to make fun, but recall that moment in time back then and the narrative that was supported then. How do they flip-flop so easily without us saying, “Errrrr……whut??” So you want to take the “L” for then, or for now? Because clearly both #Opposites can’t be true.

    Britain, Europe, WANT everybody dead. Billions in fact, they’ve said so openly for years just like Mein Kampf. Are they lying? Shouldn’t we believe them? Nope! Reality a la carte. They say it but I know ahead of time when not to believe them. So since they have bunkers THEY think they will survive and could care less: only the annoying, useless people will die, leaving all their yummy stuff to whoever survives. WE don’t think like that, so it’s hard for us to credit/visualize it. But they WANT a war. They want a WORLD war. They want a NUCLEAR war. They are trying to CAUSE it, and both they and the other side (Russia) by their actions show they believe if they had this nuclear war, Russia would “lose” in every meaningful sense, so therefore both Russia, China, and the Pentagon White Hats have refused and prevented war, and done terrifically well at it. (Viz. North Korea)

    The financial system needs to go down WITHOUT the narrative cover of a “War”. That EXPOSES them this time. And unlike centuries previous, all sides recognize it’s the MONEY problem, and we all have the same common enemy. Therefore we are all – generally – united in not having a war. Which is super-frustrating for them, as they’re glue-sniffing idiots who think we’re all violent morons, and this has always worked before. You can see why looking at the news every day now: it SHOULD be working. But it isn’t.

    That’s why the video of Bakhmut is the world’s most boring battle.

    “• US Anti-Russia Actions Push Humanity Towards World War, Malaysia ex-PM”

    Here’s another world leader openly saying they want and are trying to cause WWIII. It’s not a secret!!! Is he lying? Should we not believe him, with access to nation’s top records? London and Davos want WWIII. The End. That means the Biden Admin + 2/3rds of the U.S. Bureaucracy want WWIII. I can’t guess but +1/2 the Pentagon wants WWIII. Absolutely all the media + NPR want WWIII, or at least another genocide. They’ve been already running that genocide in Chicago and Baltimore for 30+ years.

    • EU Defenseless Against China – Berlusconi (RT)

    Kind of. But what? Are they going to attack and occupy Spain? With what? Marching 500,000 men across all of Russia, Turkey, etc? If they’re not near you, they’re essentially no threat to you, which is why you should leave them alone, Europe, and the U.S. in the China Sea. You’re drunk: go home.

    “artificial intelligence initiative in partnership with leading companies”

    Again, merger of corporation and State? And this never sets alarm bells for anyone? Nope, because they love and trust the State with all their hearts. “The FBI and all policemen are involved in a daily genocide against Trans and Black people all day since forever, but that’s why we know they’re good, and love and trust everything they say!”

    Decades now, and I’m still at a loss of how these two facts coexist in their minds. Merger of corporation and State: like saying “we must arrest all reporters in order to prevent Fascism” (AOC), Merging the two every day, in every way, with unlimited blank checks, fights corporations and fascism! The more money the government gives to Amazon and Bezos, the less fascist we are! …I’m sorry, having said it so many times, I can’t come up with an insult that works here. All words have lost meaning.

    “Hugging Face,”

    An AI called “Face Hugger”. What could go wrong?

    “• Close to 190 US Banks Could Collapse, According To Study (USAT)

    Yes, but it’s hard to know what they mean by this. Remember, we have no Capitalism anywhere in the United States. No bankruptcy, and haven’t since ‘08 but certainly decades before then for special people. The Fed can, and has, take over all things, everywhere, in a perfect merger of Corporation and State, insuring everything. This is most probably also completely illegal, and no one cares since we have no Justice system either.

    However, you can re-NAME reality, but reality still exists. They can shift all the bankruptcies to the currency, and that will only bankrupt the United States. Your choice. But math exists and God is not mocked.

    So 190 Banks, yes? And it matters, yes? But don’t confuse yourself that it’s 1979 and there is a market anywhere, stock and bondholders, and consequences. Those are all completely at The Party’s discretion. The Party owns and controls the means of Production, i.e. all corporations, at will, and daily designates all winners and losers. And you sir, are not in the Club.

    ““What will generate a credit crunch is the destruction of capital in the asset base of most lenders.”

    That’s for sure. We have the fastest – and only – M2 plunge in 100 years. No money although again I’m shocked at the lack of response and effect. But the ASSETS are also worthless, (eg Corporate RE and Treasuries) even before this.

    [China] They invested those savings into US bonds and other assets.”

    Yes, but it’s been 15 years since they dumped all Fannie Mae and also went short-term duration. Too soon? Didn’t notice things as inconsequential as the ‘08 housing collapse, bankruptcy of Fannie Mae, and Operation Twist? We’re WAY beyond that.

    MSM Doesn’t Care That the CIA May Have Helped Cause 9/11 (Marcetic)

    Speaking of 20 year old news. They also didn’t want to know how a 40-story building that’s not on fire collapsed in broad daylight, or why a jet that hit only the Pentagon criminal investigation records room had no engines or wings and is not on camera anywhere.

    “..he still cannot believe that the US was able to pull off the feat, but is now unable to..”

    Again, these GIANT Apollo rockets did take off. If they didn’t go to the moon, what were they for?

    How Civil Wars Start Book Review: Leftists Are Idiots

    Apart from the title, sadly perhaps too saucy to be posted in an official “Debt Rattle,” this article reviews the Book “How Civil Wars Start (And How to Stop Them) “by Barbara F. Walter 2022. This is from someone who’s a certified idiot (a PhD), however, the data they provide, via “Getting the Memo” as a professor, is the 25-point checklist for causing a Civil War. This review of course doesn’t list them all, but they, Government, and the Left (but I repeat myself) have methodically gone down the list in force-installed every one of them, and, as the Right won’t take them up on the Planned, Designated Civil War, down to the very most tiniest, irritating pointless ones, like screwing with names, statues, and national holidays.

    Creation of factions – this one took a long time, esp after they found out race doesn’t work well.
    Flip-excude former factions out of power so they have grievance.
    Make sure they’re aware they will be kept out of power by (illegal) force, so they have no alternative to violence.
    Weaken social cohesion.
    Erase societies guardrails.
    Constant social and economic tension.
    Causing partisanship and group identification instead of identifying, e.g. as an “American”.
    Group tension, in a limp government, increases odds of Civil War 30x.
    Ethnic division plus religion or geography increases Civil War by 12x.
    Key pivot to synthesize a Civil War out of nothing, the “Sons of the Soil” thesis:

    “[Who] no longer has a chance of winning, no access to government, no access to political power, that tension is formed.  It’s even larger if that group used to be in control and lost power”:

    They lived on territory they conquered or settled
    • They consider themselves “native” and the rightful heirs
    • They were or had been the majority
    This group is likely to rebel at twice the rate of others, and are generally a much more capable foe.”
    “What sets these Sons of the Soil off?  They see their:
    • Culture,
    • Language,
    • Holidays, and
    • Religion replaced.

    Now you see why they SPECIFICALLY go after these things which are most antagonizing, even if, like holidays, completely pointless. However, America hasn’t followed any of their Plans™ or we’d be in a Civil War already, probably in the 90s when Clinton did Ruby Ridge and Waco to try to get something started. (I was there and all the “militia” — actually just country people — said it was a scam and don’t fall for it, so, they didn’t.) I think mostly this is a combination of our Christianity which is very blah and non-specific, non-denominational, our widespread multi-racial heritage, our immense size, and our basis as a 99.99% amalgam of immigrants. Regardless of what country they studied, Serbia for instance, none of them have these things. So who you gonna fight? People just like you?

    Now you see why I say “They’ve been trying to start a Civil War, that Civil War is long planned and well-funded, and comes from the top. Since at least Rush Limbaugh, 1990.” This is EXTREMELY SERIOUS, but luckily they’re glue-sniffing morons from generations of idiot inbreeding with a complete absence of all work and learning, like “W”, so we have a pretty good chance of whupping them. And seem to be.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 7 2023 #134762
    Dr. D

    Castro: Is that photoshopped? He looks so much like Justin it’s startling.

    Speaking of: does that Hillary look 76 to you? Or should we play “What Age is Hillary Clinton Today?”

    “Some Western politicians have warned Ukraine against attempting to retake Crimea by force,”

    But they’re not in charge. It has been well-established at this time that Ukraine gives the orders and is the new world capital and government.

    “there has long been a bond between Crimea and Ukraine, adding that pro-Kiev saboteurs are active on the peninsula.”

    Uh-huh. And doing nothing at all for 15 months. Boy those Kiev guys sure are tricky! No one expected them not to attack ever. Didn’t see that coming.

    “• Grain Deal Talks In Deadlock – UN (RT)”

    That’s okay, we already know all the grain goes to Europe anyway.

    “…he has no choice but to stay off the airwaves until after the 2024 election unless he is able to negotiate an exit.”

    Exactly. Legal election tampering. So if I were him, I’d run for VP. You’d have to. I think it would be the only loophole that allows you to speak to crowds.

    “The UK vs the ECtHR (VB) “

    This is very complex. Translation? I’ve not been following inside baseball this side of the pond.

    “White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan”

    Who? I only deal with relevant people.

    Pointing out, that’s who we are now. Also, did they have no transgender people at all they could send? Because I guess after that transgender mercenary and Navy director, that’s how things are now.

    “International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that the world is on the edge of geo-economic fragmentation,”

    Translation: The End of Globalism. And therefore Globalists. Wait: isn’t this what Trump said before all this happened? Your time is over now? How’d that work out? Wasn’t that within a few months of asking Germany why they got no Army, no troops, no spending, but only a thin straw called NordStream holding up the whole country? Gosh, what a maroon! Well, must be all one, big, accident.

    The IMF projects growth to remain around 3% over the next five years,”

    Lie! But by omission, misdirection, and statistics. The WORLD may have 3% (argued on inflation) but that’s because +15% in China, Russia, India with NEGATIVE GDP of 12% in every place that follows the IMF. That averages out – ta-dahhh! — to +3%. Just like “there’s no oil” except in Russia, Iran, and THEIR hemisphere. Therefore there’s no oil at all! If it’s not ours to sell, it’s like it doesn’t exist!

    No global trade = no international power. The present oligarchs are all chopped up, and the Oceana’s US Navy control of trade is powerless. The banks get no vig because there’s no (forced) world trade to skim off. Add your own effect here.

    Pakistan Switching To Yuan To Buy Russian Oil – Media (RT)

    Boy all those hundred-billions to Pakistan while they created a nuclear bomb with our technology (sold via Israel) sure paid off! I’m so glad we did that instead of having drinking water.

    “the discussion is a little like that depicted in The Big Short,”

    Or more likely, the one in “Rollover” 1981. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1aQ-XGWors And that had to do with the Saudis. “All our oil is gone, and we find that all we have is pieces of paper…” And big fish not moving big sums and cause a bank run. “In two months you’ll have bread lines in Detroit. Riots in Pittsburgh. In six months you’ll see grass right over Rodeo Drive.” Oops! Too late. This is not the collapse that was advertised, but it is the real collapse we already had, just slowly and not everywhere at once. “Money has a life of its own, this whole thing with Arabs and Gold – it’s inevitable. And the system will be fine…as long as nobody panics.”

    Actually the movie was about this very attempt in 1980 Hunt Brothers run, where the Saudis attempted after Nixon’s default, to re-back the US$ with silver…like it should be and was only a year or two previous.

    “A bankrupt world seems to be teetering on the very edge of bankruptcy.” Pictures of empty Lehman Brothers trading floors contrasted with street riots and fires. Worldwide, with marches and fires in Madrid, Paris, etc. No oil exports because no sound monetary system.

    Yes, they knew. So they had Plans. And other people let them run some of their Plans, rather than have that collapse then. And now, knowing this for so long, they activated other Plans that cause the Collapse to happen to YOU first. In small towns, unimportant states, unwanted cities, while preserving what functions remain to US. — All top ten richest zip codes are in D.C., etc. But it’s the same collapse, the same “Rollover” because it had to happen. We issued too many fake promises and someone can’t get paid. Nothing can ever change that. Someone doesn’t get paid, and you have no power, so it’s YOU. BOTH sides want and need it to fail, they’re just maneuvering to who controls it after.

    “De-dollarization also has its equivalent of the losses and payment shortfalls.”

    Payment shortfalls. Like “Somebody doesn’t get paid” so there is a “Collapse – fast or slow – of worldwide trade and import of goods.” So suddenly ships off Long Beach mysteriously stop being loaded? Suddenly supply chain disruptions are everywhere? Suddenly food packers are shut off? Like that, except we need to BLAME SOMEBODY ELSE. Anyone except the system – our system – which is the actual problem. Because then we would lose a little money and power and have to do some work.

    “Over 2,000 of 4,800 US Banks Are Insolvent – Telegraph (RT)”

    Hard to say what they mean by this. All banks are always insolvent from the minute they open. Luongo points out they are still trying to take out the U.S. Banking system as they only way to save Europe, by forcing world money flows. Inside baseball has the attacked mostly in occupied California, the Davos colony and therefore well-known s—thole. As they are taken out, the NY Fed therefore gets control over them, cleans them, and backfills them. Which no one is happy about, but would you like a nationwide bank run that sends all money to Davos and sinks all North America instead? Your choice.

    Ruhle briefly touched on the possible criminal charges awaiting Hunter Biden”

    You mean how Joe was never involved in any business dealings with Hunter and they never spoke of it ever in their adult lives? While sharing a bank account together and Hunter flying on Air Force 2 into Ukraine while collecting $1M from Moscow? But Joe categorically denied all this. And the laptop. And China. And the guns. And the daughter. And everything else. …But he can still have an interview?

    “Biden answered, “First of all, my son’s done nothing wrong.”

    That’s not the point. YOU said YOU knew nothing about it. YOU said YOU weren’t involved, had no personal, business, or financial connections to him. Ah well, as Nietzsche said, “God is Dead.” Translated: “Reality,” and all Truth, are dead. YOU are the liar in question here, not Hunter.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 6 2023 #134719
    Dr. D

    “but your assertion that Nazis were on the political left flies in the face of documented history”
    “the political monster we know as totalitarianism can burst into the scene from EITHER end of the political spectrum.”

    I followed the links you provided. This is what they said: “The [Nazi] party was created to draw workers away from communism and into völkisch nationalism.[14] Initially, Nazi political strategy focused on anti–big business, anti-bourgeois, and anti-capitalist rhetoric,” — Wikipedia.

    Let’s see: from the get-go, day one. 1) Anti-business. 2) Anti, or hatred of the middle class. 3) Directly and openly Anti-Capitalist. Any questions?

    The original Party is “The German Workers’ Party, Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, DAP, a historical footnote, but what were they from, who was their base? “Workers”, not business, not businessmen, not corporations, not Church, not Government, not Army. Workers. How are they from the “Right” if their basis is the basis and foundation of the “Left” i.e. the Workers, ie Working-class, ie the Unions? Do they not know what words mean? Did they not know what “workers” are? This continued seamlessly as they became the NSDAP.

    They immediately issued a 25-point plan. What was in the Plan? “the 25-point Program was pro-labour: “[T]he program championed the right to employment, and called for the institution of profit sharing, confiscation of war profits, prosecution of usurers and profiteers, nationalization of trusts, communalization of department stores,” –Wikipedia

    1) Worker’s Rights and Interests. Pro-Union, from a Union origin.
    2) Profit-sharing, that is, a form of the Corporations being Owned by the Workers.
    3) Confiscation and redistribution of wealth.
    4) Prosecution of any opposition to this redistribution of wealth to the Workers.
    4a) This requires a powerful Central State.
    5) Nationalization, that is to say, “The State owns the means of production”.
    6) Broad “Communalization” of retail, corporations, being redistribution to the People. If the language above wasn’t clear enough as to their origins and goals.

    I’m lost as to where the Far-“Right” is here.

    Again, these definitions are extremely archaic, as I know better than anyone. The “Left” is the Left side of the aisle of the French Assembly, 1789, who are the Progressives, reformers, and democrats in the sense of Democracy. The “Right” is the Right side of the French Assembly, who represented the traditional King, Nobility, and his agents of State such as army, policemen, tax collectors, etc. However, projecting France’s feudal structure onto other times and nations makes essentially no logic for more reasons than we can count. “The People”, i.e. the Left, should be democratic and anti-State, however in practice from that very day, they were not. They were a competing State, if anything, more tyrannical than the French nobility would dream or dare. God knows how that happened, and no one knew you could GET worse than the French nobility of 1789, but Robespierre said “hold my beer.” So the Left from Day One are Statists. And the Right from Day One are Statists.

    The definition evolves over time, but we’ve grown up with a definition of the “Left” as being people/worker-oriented, but leaning toward Unions and Socialism, as opposed the Right, which is the party or leaning of the Status Quo, and existing government, and over here of business, because as a legacy and persistence of vision, the government of around 1900 was generally Capitalist, Property Rights, and non-redistribution except for corruption, and that evolved quite slowly.

    It is plausible that if the DAP, or NSDAP supported the German Status Quo, possibly the return of the Monarchy, and the Long-term values of Germany which include industry, property rights, the middle class, armies and borders, they would indeed be “Right” or even “Far Right” (definition to be determined but perhaps adding the potential of violence as a political means?) But they didn’t. They supported the #Opposite of these 500-year things. No Kings, but Democratic process. As they just had a King, this is a strong mark of #Progressives, not Conservatives. They are against property rights, clearly and in several ways. They are Pro-government, but as we saw, the Left was radically Pro-government and Pro-tyranny by definition from Day One as well. They are Anti-Stability (meaning they want fast, radical change) and openly anti Middle Class. That is to say, they are textbook Progressives, Reformers, and since they want nationalization, State ownership, and redistribution, they are textbook Socialists. Which is EXACTLY THEIR NAME.

    And they say so openly, both – again, by Name, the “National Socialist German Workers‘ Party” – and by every action, including their original 25-point plan, but following, every day of their reign, of capturing all “Means of Production” on behalf of the State. Then redistributing it. According to Party affiliation and not by merit or money. This is EXACTLY what they did. All assets were owned by the State. Only the State distributed them. (according to Party affiliation, exactly as the USSR)

    There could hardly BE a more textbook example of Socialist Theory and action than this. They weren’t even hiding it. So why are YOU hiding it?

    Again, for us, Americans in 2023, what is the “Far Right”? It may be many things in Europe, or in History, but presently Americans who are considered “Far Right” are the #Opposite of all historical norms and definitions of the “Right”. And this is indeed confusing. The (American) “Right” are ANTI-government. That’s the #Opposite of all “Far-Right” in all history, in all places, since Day One. Why? Besides being Revolutionary and therefore not #Reactionary, our American Status Quo is the CONSTITUTION, which delineates Small, limited, government. So strangely being “Pro-American”, chauvinist, is to be AGAINST the American government, or at least its enlargement and empowerment in almost any way. But it would also be for the support of there still being such a government. And being a nation, with a process, a legislature, a court system, a border, and a viable defense. So “Far Right” is not for the radical, reactionary elimination of these things either. Nor does it espouse or condone violent #means. I don’t know what other countries do, I presume in England, eg, the “Far Right” would give the whole nation and all power to Charles III to bash heads and sort it out in a fortnight, but that is literally the #Opposite of the “Right” in America. Far-Right here mean Libertarian, leave alone, limited government, and agnostic on social issues. (that is, we may not care for you or your ways, but neither are we going to arrest you for being a dumb-*ss either)

    But as no one knows history, and all words have no meaning, even when referred to a dictionary, it hardly matters. “Left” or “Right” means “I don’t like you,” … but I’m also thoughtless and lazy, can’t be bothered with words, that’s all. It may indeed be a fool’s game to use the words specifically and correctly as I do, who knows? But I haven’t given up on my language and my country yet, and am forced to tell truths, not lies about it. To me that remains the only way out, to restoring our sanity, as a form of therapy.

    Above: “Nazi” could hardly be more communist if you took a blank piece of paper and created them from scratch as a alternate-reality TV show like “High Tower”. Even Wikipedia, which is extremely biased and pretty-far Left themselves support those facts without hesitation.

    I’m going to have to stand with my definition, which as JB says, is extremely relevant right now, as the Left SAYS – with their mouths, on TV, every day for 20 years – that they are openly Socialist, their highest Leader, Sanders is openly Socialist, who adored the USSR and honeymooned there, their other high leader AOC is an open, public card-carrying, dues-paying “Democratic Socialist”, and wishes the DNC would follow, while the Party as it stands lists every Socialist platform – like the 25 point plan – as their express and public goals for the country. (many of these goals are quietly supported by the GOP as well, but note: “quietly’.) As those Plans and Platforms, which are very public and open are 1) Against everything the United States stands for, both in spirit and in law and 2) they are very open in supporting the use of violence to attain them, as Radicals, Revolutionaries, or aka Progressives, I must therefore oppose them. And to oppose them I must name them, in their own words and actions, doing no more than to cut-paste their own words, actions, beliefs, and goals, accurately, but without apology.

    That action is EXTREMELY MILD, and not radical in the slightest. In fact, it’s the least, laziest action possible. It has not a whiff of violence such as finding, removing, unemploying, arresting, or harming anyone of them, at any time, for any (non legal, non-due-process) reason. This is the direct #Opposite of what they say for us, but America isn’t refreshed by destroying all her institutions, “burning it all down”. Only be recovering and restoring her original spirit and goals of equal opportunity and equal justice under the law.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 6 2023 #134717
    Dr. D

    “National Police Association And Other Groups Sue To Obtain Audrey Hale Manifesto”

    You’ve officially piqued my interest: what the heck could be in there? “I wanna kill people?” Newsflash: we know. Violate all normal rules, the FBI puts it on lockdown, the locals reverse and refuse to release it, people then sue as they must suspect something is in it. Like the Mayor or Tony Blinken asked her to do it, on direct orders from Garland and Wray? As the secret love child of Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump? What? What could possibly be in there? Crikey.

    “AOC And Matt Gaetz Team Up To Ban Lawmakers From Trading Stocks”

    Pick on AOC, but there are two admirable things here. One, she wants to ban insider trading and special privileges, as we all do, and is 90% democratically supported. But two, she is willing to cross the aisle to get things done, like a Congressman and adult. I thought she was beyond that, so I’m glad to be wrong.

    Tucker: That’s not radical, that’s exactly what Chick Schumer said 6 years ago: The Intel Agencies are running the Congress(men). Is Chuck Schumer a liar? Believe him if he tells you. Same with Time Magazine printing that they, a group of oligarchs, interests, and billionaires, threw the 2020 Presidential Election. Is Time Magazine lying?

    $50 Trillion Climate. As said, this has been floated before. Key point: they don’t care what the money is used for, or what excuse it’s created. They have a debt-compounding they are slaves to, and if it cracks, all their power vanishes. They said war. They said world government. They said Climate. They said transforming energy. They’ve said disease. They’ve said racism. Truth is: they just don’t care. It’s not the point, never has been, so don’t get distracted. That’s why the guy not only doesn’t know, he doesn’t even care that he doesn’t know, isn’t bothered or embarrassed in the least.

    It’s not about warming, it’s about POWER. Power-over, because if it was innate, organic power you deserved, it would happen naturally without any fuss.

    “The American invasion of Iraq was both the apotheosis of post-Cold War American expansionism”

    Speaking of needing to print money and control the runaway debt-compounding downfall. The war had nothing to do with it. Remember: we could have BOUGHT all of Saddam’s oil for like 25% of the cost of the war. They know that. They’re evil but they’re not stupid.

    “suspecting him of pro-Russian sympathies.”

    We’ve had a lot of nominations in the last 12 months, but that has GOT to be the understatement of the year. Wondered where he went.

    He blamed the US outlet Daily Beast for directing Kiev’s attention to his work,”

    Well that was true, Daily Beast was actively trying to murder him – a common and socially lauded goal on that side – but not this time. I thought he had protection, which is why he was careless. We’ll see. Otherwise inexplicable, they will murder him in seconds.

    “The anger and hatred towards Russia with which Washington acts in a situation in which it frankly should think of its own safety, is inexplicable..”

    Many, including Greg Hunter again point out that “do they want Russia to bomb Washington?” (A: Yes!!! Very, very much) But at a deeper level, it’s merely a symptom of being deeply mentally ill. As those people, but also the nation behind them. We are immersed in irreality, incapable of rational thought. What do you do with a mentally-ill opponent? Suppose you were in a bar fight? They are both far more dangerous, and less, and both, than if they were just exchanging fists.

    ““If the EU were in a position to have its own opinion, it would not be in the situation it is in today..”

    Sort of. But if the American people had leaders representing their goals, interests and desires, it wouldn’t be either. That is: both the US and EU are not democracies. They are therefore run by a minority “oligarchy” without being too specific or requiring them to be monied interests. So the EU is not following the US: both are following the monied oligarchic interests, that is to say, Davos et al., the globalists. Who openly say so, though no one believes them. Why is Davos de facto merged with the homeland of Ukraine? Why not ask them? Or read their papers and they’ll tell you. Just be mildly literate, and discerning.

    “Wagner is an attack force, not a defense one. And the attacking work is done.”

    Noted this in comments on the other article yesterday.

    “• Ukraine Brings 400-600 Troops To Bakhmut Every Day – Prigozhin (TASS)”

    War being a good job for psychopaths, this is actually winning, the Army doing what it is supposed to. That’s 220,000 murders/year, exactly on target. Ukraine has ceased to exist, which is Biden’s personal dream and goal.

    “MC Barack Obama..”

    I’m always bemused and confused when I read this. Obama didn’t run anything even when he was there. He was clearly always a CIA asset, as was his mother before him, and all the people around him all his life. So if you mean “Them” then sure – but we already knew that. If you mean him personally, I doubt it, even in day to day management of anything. For one thing, he’s been too quiet and stays that way. His unusual comments recently indicated nothing of this sort. He doesn’t run anything: the government, that is the standing bureaucracy, always becomes the enemy of the citizens and runs the country to suit itself at the peoples’ expense and ruin. There is a more pointed committee with big CIA representation at the top, but you don’t need much more.

    “New Disinformation Office To Oversee All The Other Ones (IC)

    Like we needed a second government to oversee the first government. Or how DHS worked so well in overseeing all the other departments of redundancy. …Oh, wait…

    “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” —William Colby, Former CIA Director

    He says it openly, so is he a liar? Should we not believe him? I guess not, because my feelz. I believe him on command, and I don’t believe him on command. I know ahead of time which is which. Whichever covers up for incestuous, alcoholic daddy, that is the new truth. That’s why it seamlessly changes minute to minute.

    “increase of the prison population from 82,000 to 106,000 within the next four years.”

    Sadly, England is looking downright free compared to the new laws being passed in the Republic of Ireland. I guess that figures. Neither Ireland nor Scotland can ever get their act together and behave right, which is why they’ve been losing for centuries. Doesn’t make me happy to say it.

    in reply to: Putin and Wagner #134703
    Dr. D

    There are a third and fourth aspects too.

    Third is, is it possible that NATO had already corrupted a critical minority of Russian Generals (probably) and were counting on their plausible misbehavior to lose Ukraine and turn it into a quagmire? Wagner short circuited this hard, and also got around their own internal laws about the number of troops in a bland “Operation”, as opposed to an open declared war against NATO, as dreamed by the West.

    BUT — the only use of those compromised generals who were sidelined now is some back-end maneuvering that can stymie Wagner who’s doing all the work. So…the Derp State did it. Of course they did. The Generals just plausible this as “internal rivalry” yada ya. Nope.

    Fourth is so Russia removed from Bakhmut. They were “winning” in Bakhmut, compared to anywhere else, by accident or no. Why should it end? But as is inevitable, Russia eventually takes it all. So now what? Cross the open steppes? No: claim victim, you’re too weak (says Sun Tzu) and just can’t get it together. So they are pushed back out of Bakhmut only to start it all over again. Lo! Russia sees the light! They get their ammunition! And continue 8:1 casualty ratio, safely, not on the open steppes or having to invade Kiev right now.

    Number five: don’t these two go together? There’s a problem, so we go investigate all the stonewalling generals, and if we find something, purge them, freeing both Wagner AND securing the Russian State from traitors.

    What is the cost? A minor PR issue. The West will puff themselves up and be overconfident and the Russian people won’t care.

    Like that?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 5 2023 #134668
    Dr. D

    “With Vice News Closing, White House Will Have To Lie To Public Directly” –BBee

    Luckily, not a problem. Hard-edge, punk-rock magazine rockets to the top of the world. Goes Woke, mere 4 years later, ceases to exist, taking all $6B with them. But what’s the point of having assets if you don’t want to sacrifice them for your personal religion of sex and power?

    This comes a day after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said the US banking system was stronger than ever.”

    “Stop lying to us and the nation will kind of come together on its own.”

    “which Beijing the U.S. regards as an inalienable part of the People’s Republic.” Fixed/not fixed it.

    The number of lies here are difficult to count, but that’s not Pepe’s fault. Unless he wants to write an article on just that, which I’m sure he has.

    “Joe Biden issued repeated “gaffes” that the US is ready to “protect” [Taiwan]”

    How is it a “gaffe” if the President says it? Can the third press assistant of paper clips then reverse and tell us what the President “Really” said? So the 3rd Assistant of Paper Clips is really our President then? No one notices that the President isn’t the President and what he said isn’t what he said?

    Talk about a Post-Truth world.

    It’s what he said if I feel like it, and it’s not what he said if I feel like it. Feelz. Reality a la carte.

    “if you have three or four American complexes navigate over there, they can be sunk in 30 minutes.”

    Then the U.S. would lose. But as the people in charge aren’t the “U.S.” but an international-facing parasite, they don’t really care and will swap hosts to a “Constitution-free, disarmed America” to feed upon. The all-American one keeps giving them indigestion.

    “Russia survived everything that the West threw against it after the start of the [SMO]”

    I was thinking of the U.S. pirating Iranian ships weekly, so Iran pirates western ships weekly and does a prisoner swap. Is this really where we are, and like bombing the Kremlin, consider no danger for WWIII? Yup. They’re incapable of human thought, having devoured the lies of demons until nothing remains.

    I also hear that Blinken ceases to exist. Is irrelevant, can’t be talked to, not bothered to be read or addressed. Perfect! I’m sure that’ll help.

    “If the SMO had been launched in 2014, Russia would not have been ready economically, financially and even militarily for it.”

    Yes, and they knew then this would happen. And most of the parameters of it, since we openly published them all for the Kremlin to read. Trump gave them time, or to my mind, far more actively FORCED them to make critical changes, while taking the blame, as usual, by keeping on hard sanctions that did nothing. If you can’t blame Trump for everything that happens, who can you blame? But hey, the NeoCons AND NeoLibs demanded it, didn’t they? Such that when they got in another Russia-killing, war-mongering empty suit, Russia was already hardened and tested.

    …All a big accident of course, because as said yesterday, Trump never dun nothin’.

    As Ed Dowd said yesterday (USAWatchdog) I’m not a prosecutor and can’t prove intent. But all I have is the facts that this DID happen, whether it was intentional or not. It’s up to us to say when 99 out of 100 actions are all in one direction, it was intent.

    “Millionaires wanted to become billionaires, and the rest of the people were just used as extras.”

    Prettymuch worldwide. But since the people don’t bother to look, read, strategize, or act, I guess they deserve it, right? I mean, knowing billionaire oligarchs exist isn’t rocket science; it’s literally WHAT you are protesting. Yet ask Occupy Wall Street what they want and they’re like “I dunno. Segregation? Maybe that White People can’t speak or protest in Zuccotti Park? We’ll pool all our money and hand it to the first guy we imagine is Black, even though he just got off the boat yesterday and grew up in Sweden of African immigrant parents?”

    Or as Jimmy Dore says, we labor organize, “Who are all the hunters, who want access to guns? Okay, you can go. Who are all the people who want a southern border that is crushing wages according to Bernie Sanders? You’re dismissed. Okay, who didn’t vote for Joe Biden? Get out of here. Okay, who isn’t a registered Democrat? Please leave. Alright, whoever is left, let’s start discussions on labor organization and strikes. What? Only 10% of the workforce is still here? Where’d everybody go???” NOW how we gonna negotiate and strike for health care??? — Sez the Left, always. JHC people, have you never read a book? Only “Practically perfect people, pure in every way” are allowed into our Church. Of Woke.

    No, you don’t win against billionaire oligarchs with either of those two plans. You LOSE to billionaire oligarchs with those plans, and therefore become “extras” or puppets that create a veneer of democracy and choice. If you hadn’t already noticed from a lifetime of it.

    “new people would come and things would improve. But as we can see now, it’s only getting worse. The strategy has exhausted itself.”

    Indeed. Would we like to sit up, look around, and try something that works instead of the same old thing?

    ““.. it is important that the US “clearly understands” that Russia is aware of its involvement in Ukraine and “how dangerous such direct involvement is.”

    The Russian method is to tell the inescapable truth, then follow it up with inevitable action. They are waiting for America to place itself into an event where they are clearly over the line, yet incapable of responding. Maybe it never happens, but if so Russia will wait. Times change, and as the U.S. is utterly flattened in Taiwan, the US$ collapses, new windows may open.

    “• US Has Nothing To Do With Attack On Kremlin – White House (TASS) “

    $150 Billion dollars worth of nothing to do with it. A total-access-to-U.S.-tech-and-satellites nothing to do with it. A “we sank the Russian flagship” nothing to do with it. On a day we authorize 70mm air-to-surface missiles nothing to do with it. The we moved all refueling jets into Poland nothing to do with it.

    From Larry Johnson interview: so, did they paint the Iron Cross on the drone that flew over and bombed the Kremlin?

    “Ukraine Helpless Against Russian Smart Bombs – Official (RT)

    Well the F-16 certainly wouldn’t help. Just consider the air-defense requirements: if Russia sends 10,000 glide-bombs, Ukraine needs 20 or 30,000 anti-glide bomb missiles. And to use them every hour of every day. And keep it up every day until somebody runs out of oil and steel. …Oh wait.

    “Zelensky Calls For Creation Of International Tribunal Against Russia (TASS)”

    …Calls for tribunal against any leaders who bomb other people’s capital buildings. And blow up foreign leaders.

    “Nazi ideology remains an absolute evil, no matter how you disguise it.”

    True, and can we agree? So what are the basic tenets of Nazism? Highly powerful, Centralized police state. National surveillance. Broad merger with corporations. Insane fixation on race. Often allied with New-Age and occult thought. Burning of books and confiscation of guns. Key element in propaganda, state-controlled media, which ties the facses together with popular social support of all government words and doctrines. That is to say: The American Left, from Hillary and Biden all the way over to Trannyfa. Heck even the normies all the way through the center are ameniable to these plans. It only remains the Right and Libertarians that are against government, government control, anti-free speech, anti-self defense, and anti-nation such as the erasure of borders. Distributed people are not centralized people. You cannot have Fascism lacking all central power, no surveillance, and with the people fully-armed, be them Black or White. That is the RIGHT’s platform, not the Left. But then they are the National SOCIALIST People’s worker’s party. i.e. the Left. Always the left.

    “Oh Countrywide, Is That Your Ghost? (Denninger) “

    “The banks have never been stronger.” — Powell and JP Morgan. Sadly, this statement is exactly correct. It’s quite possible they’re stronger now than the last 10 years. That’s the sad and pathetic part. But the people won’t care, since banks are ALWAYS run underwater, as a scam, which can never pay depositors even 10% of their money. –Btw I LOVE that “10%” bank reserves thing bloggers always bring up. The reserve ratios haven’t been as high as 10% in our lifetimes. Greenspan made them effectively zero in like 1990? (checking account sweeps) And they became definitively zero since sometime after ‘08. If that weren’t enough, the reserves they DO hold, Treasury Bonds, became massive net-loss for almost a year since Powell raised, and he knows it.

    Banks have no money whatsoever. Go take out what would pay for the cheapest car, crushable, with no tires or rims on Craigslist, and the bank won’t hand it to you without special conditions. That’s about $2,000. Is that a monthly grocery bill now? The whole bank doesn’t have that much money anymore and has to call it in in a truck.

    ““The idea is to establish Poland as the military & political leader “

    Yes, but that will never happen. They will have to throw Poland into the Slavic genocide long before then, and Poland will cease to be relevant for another generation again.

    I think if the Russians had their choice, they would have NATO collapse, and Poland go into Western Ukraine to reclaim it. Then Poland would be chopped all to h—l by the Ukrainonazis instead of the Russians, while Russia also has no issues with “NATO” being on their border. Poland deserves it, and they may actually come out ahead if they did, but it would be extremely expensive and distracting and take 10-40 years.

    “State Department Slams Assange On World Press Freedom Day (Gosztola) “

    President Kennedy for pardoning Assange. …For doing nothing, I guess. Committing no crimes. If that’s what it takes. Don’t worry: it’s not us, and never been us. Britain will still keep him in jail anyway.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 4 2023 #134607
    Dr. D

    15 Days Finally Ends After 1,141 Days

    Everybody saw this coming. We know that they know that we know they are lying. Yet they are still lying.

    Thankfully the lockdowns worked. …Oh wait. And the pandemic was stopped. …Oh wait. But when it didn’t work anywhere and half the world without them fared far better, they stopped the lockdowns that didn’t work, right? …Oh wait.

    No, Washington Post, The Experts Were The Whole Problem

    “A Record Low 13% Of Eighth Grade Students Are Proficient In History

    Just like this. After the DoE and the competency kept dropping, they reversed course back to what was working, right? 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago? No. Everyone knows that if we used a textbook from 1960, we’d have to re-enact black slavery and use steamships again.

    1 “Ukrainian Oligarch Offered Cash For Anyone Willing To Fly Drone Into Moscow [on May 9]
    2 “Zelensky insists “We didn’t attack Putin.”

    Different question though. Why May 9? That was the day the USSR defeated Germany. So why should Ukraine care? That would be like applying all your efforts to President’s Day, or Armistice Day, Nov 11. I mean, do you hate the Easter Bunny? Don’t like fireworks? Hate huge discount sales?

    No. It’s because the USSR May 9 victory is over NAZI Germany. That’s why it bugs them very personally.

    “there are no options left but the physical removal of Zelensky and his clique,” Medvedev wrote on Telegram. “We don’t need him to sign [their] unconditional surrender.”

    So…WWIII? We’re very disengaged and unworried, like WWI. Worse, Moscow did no immediate actions or retaliations. Cold fire is the worst revenge. Watching, planning, intelligently striking the most effectively. Not emotional at all, or not in that immature, surface way.

    “[Zelensky] He once again stressed that Ukraine needs combat aircraft.”

    To do what? Russian anti-aircraft batteries are without peer. They could most probably take out all the F35s without problem. But that’s not a win: the F35s are taken out by a light rain.

    “The ‘Clash Of Civilizations’ Is Already Underway (Fomenko)”

    Just since 10,000 years ago. History didn’t stop. Like sex, each generation just thinks they invented it.

    “Kennedy is polling at 19%, with author Marianne Williamson trailing at 9%, “

    Somebody pointed out: what is Williamson doing on this list? She has no connections and no experience for office. Now is not a great time for that. So any random gal is better than every Democrat who’s already in office nationwide? Does that demonstrate your talent pool right now? If not, what does it say?

    “Crisis-hit Argentina is seeking to rebuild its reserves”

    Hit. Like an asteroid. Poor wee darlings never did nothin’ wrong. Defaulting every 10 years for the last 100 years for the same failed policies that have made Argentina from the 1st to the 4th world nation had nothing to do with it. Anyway…

    ““The West’s appeals for democracy and national independence, on the other hand, are perceived as hypocritical, given its history on the continent.”

    They mean the North American Continent? Where 20 years ago top Universities already concluded the U.S. was no longer a democracy in any reasonable form?

    PacWest: Already more $$ lost in the banking collapse than all 20 years including ‘08 – and that’s excluding FTX. That may be because very few banks that happened to be large, but we also haven’t got started. Yet, nada, zero, zilch, nothing. Denial ain’t a river. And the Fed is going to pause. You know, before the market capitulates to them and before any reversal or crisis. …Just as NEVER happened in history, ever.

    This is caused by the complete collapse of Commercial RE REITs, etc, which have been since 2020 work from home with definite rock-solid losses unrealized, BUT ALSO the raising of rates cratered all their Tier 1 capital of Treasury bonds, which they are essentially required by law to hold. So are there any assets they do or can hold that offset? Let’s see: Commercial, no. Residential, no. Treasury and cash reserves, no. Causing a deep recession so manufacturing, retail, and stocks fall, no.

    Nope! But there’s no crisis. BuyBuyBuy! — Jim Cramer Literally. He once again said “Buy” 10 minutes before the collapse. I forget if it was Republic or Silicon Valley. Still on TV, an “Expert”, not discredited.

    As said yesterday, it’s not THEM (although it is), it’s US.

    200,000 people like us, 1,000 sites like TAE are correct every day since 2001, yet they listen to who is wrong, every day, instead of who was right. Then cry when their hose is foreclosed with the entire shopping network on credit card inside. What can I say?

    “the British people – not the press, not the politicians – failed to understand their place in the world.”

    Video “Equity: an administered political economy in which shares are adjusted so that citizens are made equal.” And as he said, sound familiar? Now note the language: “Shares”? Trying to sound profitable, capitalistic, freely-traded? “Citizens”? These same people have erased the concept of “citizen” as well as border and the word does never cross their lips, even in court or parliament where legally there is no other word. Yet they voluntarily use it here. As a way of saying “law” and “Us”, not “everyone”.

    This demonstrates that they are International Socialists, unlike their fraternal brothers the National Socialists, aka, the Nazis. But still twins.

    In any case, any and all “equity” is Socialist as anti-meritocratic to the core. From the first breath. That would be fine, but all recorded history says it doesn’t work, never worked, is deeply inequitable, even more than Capitalism if that’s possible, and in the most deadly and furious ways such as equality under the law, and aside from killing 100M people in the 20th century, requires starvation, mass hardship, a deadly war and conflict to remove. I do not wish for any of these things.

    But I guess many, many people do. We get to decide right now.

    in reply to: Debunking Kiev & Blinken’s Latest Lie #134579
    Dr. D

    Saying about being exhausted by lies. If only Russia was in an open war with someone, maybe we’d have a suspect. …Oh wait.

    Well if that nation had also already attacked in a similar fashion. …Oh wait.

    If only like Central America, Russia weren’t on the border of 100 other nations that would be suspect. …Oh wait.

    Well, this certainly makes sense as Russia needs an excuse to attack Ukraine. …Oh wait.

    Since they’re in an escalation, they need a reason to cross over the border into Donbass. …Oh wait.

    Since they’re in a war, over the border, already invaded for a year, they need an excuse to mobilize the troops and use ultra-heavy arms like Kinzal while conscripting 300,000 men. …Oh wait.

    Now WHAT exactly was the story for?

    If only we hadn’t heard completely ridiculous false flag stories that were completely shredded by America’s most respected journalist. …Oh wait.

    I say it’s aliens. With Bigfoots spotting the laser-guidance on the ground. It’s the only logical explanation.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 3 2023 #134552
    Dr. D

    Agenda2030 AND controlling everything.

    Food Police in New York to Track Residents’ Consumption

    NYC works to outlaw meat, oh, yeah, and to track every person’s every move forever. To punish and control them forever. That. Yay NY! Freedom!!!!

    “Scientists Say Meat Is Crucial To The Human Diet – Warn Against Vegan ‘Zealotry’”

    Trust the Science. Oh wait, we don’t trust the Science when we get the memo. Then we trust the Science again. Until we don’t. Then we do. A = A ; A ≠ A. Both! Neither! Aiiii!

    “Mexico pushing to nationalize mines claiming it is targeting lithium, many see this law as opening the door to seizing all mines”

    Or they can pay the TAXES on the mines, we’ll just take all the ore and profits! That’s Capitalism. They still OWN the means of production, right? I just get all the benefits.

    “‘Ukraine Will Not Stop Until It Liberates All Occupied Territories’ (Az.)

    …By killing every ethnic Russian within 300 miles of them. Then they’re liberated for Ukrainians! Lebensraum.

    On doctrine, I see that with perfect surveillance and intel due to communications, one must amass your Army’s force in a decentralized, distributed way. …Using perfect communications. This is fine for the men and jeeps, but refineries and arms manufacturers are presently centralized locations. The very concept of army bases, airbases, etc are concentrated.

    “Over the past month, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have lost more than 15 thousand people;”

    Since that is +150,000/year, that’s about the right rate. Perhaps that says 200k total is too high.

    “Milley told Foreign Affairs that the US and its European NATO partners have helped Ukraine train and equip “about nine brigades”

    I believe that legally this makes you a party to the war. The war we’re not in that Joe Biden says we have to make sacrifices because we’re in. One sorrow of mine is that they’ve destroyed all Ukraine, all Ukrainians, and all the standing objects in that area, when the real enemy is here. It would be more just and appropriate to shell and flatten all Delaware, much closer to the real enemy, and home of its major backer. Then we could decide more honestly how much we want this war.

    Milley arguing that the US “should do what it can to make sure” that Russia and China don’t set up a strategic military alliance.”

    Yeah, if we don’t look out China and Russia might merge +20 years ago and create a BRI / SCO +10 years ago.

    I’m very tired of the constant lack of truth, that things that already happened, that we all experience, like an oxygen environment, are daily flip-flopped to happened/never happened ; happened/never happened. I’m about twice as tired of no one noticing.

    ““..it’s known that France, Germany, and countries in Western Europe, in general, have always been against Ukraine joining either the EU or NATO.”

    That’s because they’re the most corrupt nation in Europe or perhaps the world. But now that Western Europe has caught up with their level of corruption, it’s a match!

    “Supporters of the Kiev junta applauded the brutal massacre, glorifying the unbridled radicals as ‘patriots.’ Under the influence of a nationalist frenzy, human life in the country has completely lost its value.”

    Sure. This is the instant, obvious conclusion if you value the State or Collective above the Individual. The very next word out of your mouth is, how, or who, do we sacrifice and kill to strengthen the Fasces? That’s only logical. And the State or Collective is ruled or managed by ME, so I too am a Very Important Person who should NOT be sacrificed, but helped in every way. YOU are the person who should be liquidated and consumed. And instantly with prejudice if you hinder my desires in any way.

    “but the radicals surrounded the building and set it on fire.”

    Huh. That sounds dangerous. Is that anything like surrounding a Federal Building, attempting to set it on fire for weeks, even welding the doors shut? Or is that love and tolerance?

    How about if you took high-powered guns from a local militia and tried to set an immigrant facility on fire with everyone inside, men, women, children, all brown? Would that be love and tolerance too?

    Apparently to the Federal Prosecutors, they are both laudable events of pure love, broadly accepted as good and right.

    “In Putin’s words, China “managed in the best possible way, in my opinion, to use the levers of central administration”

    This is quite true and was a selling point during the war that we could only win by Central Planning and Fascism ourselves. It does work. But the problem is a good short-term plan; bad long-term plan. If Socialism didn’t work well even at first no one would try it.

    Poland Explains Plan For WWII Reparations From Russia (RT)”

    I’m a little lost here, even among pathological liars. Nazi Germany conquered Poland. After quite a long and expensive effort, the USSR conquered Nazi Germany and put Germany out of Poland, back to their borders. So Poland should pay RUSSIA reparations, right? As a thank you for fighting the Germans for them?

    “[Trump] he too has not challenged US hegemony..”

    I mean sure, overlooking that everything he did and promoted would undermine US hegemony: ending globalism, withdrawing from foreign wars, signing peace, making NATO pay, halting borders, founding the US$. But other than everything in his platform, he didn’t do anything.

    …It another one of these, “Everything Trump does, every minute of his political life, everywhere worldwide, was all one big accident” theories. Ooops? I guess?

    “Abbe David Lowell, said his client has been paying $20,000 monthly, more than $700,000 since the support order was signed.”

    I guess we don’t have to worry if Navy is alright. Instead we’ll have to worry if her mother is blowing it on crack. And she’s suing for more, or what? $250k/year not enough?

    Psychopathy – at least the most of it – is a spectrum, like all other words. Most people are born with some human capacity for love and empathy, but then choose otherwise and purge it from themselves. I don’t know if some are born with no capacity for emotion at all, but it’s so close we simply describe it so. But that’s probably <1% of rated psychopaths.

    That means that, depending where you put the line, I’m a psychopath, and you are too. In some way I also choose to block out the emotional connection, refuse to be entirely open to all mankind, loving, merged, enlightened and true. So where’s the line? Also if there are such psychopaths and wolves, is the best response to them really to be completely open and loving? Is not our own empathy generally weaponized against us wherever it appears?

    NATO funding: “We will bankrupt ourselves in the vain search for absolute security.” –Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Hey, that’s just what Osama bin Laden said! Good thing he warned us!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 2 2023 #134520
    Dr. D

    Yes, with no apples, pears, clover, and about 100 other plants we take for granted, including dandelions, there was no need for honeybees. Wasps, mason bees, and others covered pollination of what was a very, very different, almost unimaginable world. A world of grass and pines, prairies, made of forests of chestnut and elm, nothing we know, see, or consider normal American today. The few things that were pollinated, squash, for instance, were tuned to the non-honey pollinators that lived here.

    But I guess I should have defined “bee” more exactly. Still, it illustrates that plenty of plants — lots and lots — need no pollination from bees, often no bugs at all. So we’d take it in a shorts, and eat lots of potatoes, wheat, and rye.

    “the State (Regional + ) can claim ownership of trees, forests, in their jurisdictions – not the land itself”

    So…you can pay the taxes but can’t use what you produce on it. Got it. The State owns all production but not the MEANS of production. Got it. You’ll die, but the Army will come, steal your heat, and live. Got it. What fresh nonsense is this?

    They take a different tack here in N.A., since wood is everywhere, they outlaw the stoves. Just like since soy can be grown everywhere, they make diesel cars impossible, and now trucks too complex to burn imperfect fuel. How am I going to charge you for breathing if you just go outside and inhale? Clearly, I must outlaw air first (they have) then sell it back to you. I’d put up a quarter open tollbooth between your bed and the toilet if I could.

    P.S. don’t get pellet stoves, yes, you don’t control the creation, but worse, no heat if the power goes out. When else WOULD you need heat? You sure don’t need it when everything’s going well!

    “They are bigger failures than 500 banks COMBINED that have failed between 2009 and 2022!!”

    Yes, facts and logic, who needs that? Nothing matters. Nothing will ever matter again.

    CBDCs DO solve the problem of lack of production: It’s forced, society-wide rationing. And the best kind: if you’re naughty and not in the cool girls’ table, you get nothing. That leave plenty for all the good people who just happen to be all my friends. The less production, the more naughty people I find! Perfect!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 2 2023 #134492
    Dr. D

    “JPM CEO Says “System Is Very, Very Sound” After Second Largest US Bank Failure In History”

    There is nothing you can say to that. And 3 of the top 20 banks are now gone, plus FTX, for a 10% drop in Capitalism. That is: Competition. 10% more monopoly, and no doubt 10% closer to no alternative when they CBDC us. Okay man, but remember, Capitalism and the Black Market remain undefeated.

    “Pope Says Vatican Engaged In Secret Ukraine Peace Mission”

    Vatican is a dismal failure and a useless organization. Yes, we know.

    “ “Bans” on sexually explicit books are “harmful” to children” –Chelsea Clinton, another dismal failure.

    I presume from the logical foundation here, that the only way to properly and responsibly educate children about sex and sexuality is to show them pornographic material, (already done) then undress as the teacher (already done) explain in great detail your own sexuality and desires (already done) and then push the children up against the chalkboard pull down their knickers, and give them a demonstration. You know, to make sure they get it right and really know the material hard. (Already done in school regularly but not yet legitimized)

    If not, IS there any point at which an adult SHOULD stop? Let’s start with that. Is there ANY age that too young for sex, or is zero the age of consent like the UN says? Can I BE offensive enough to make my point?

    “Colorado: 27 Democrats Vote Against Making Flashing Kids A Felony”

    Daily. What’s the rush? Kids not sexualized enough in the 2020’s? The Internet and Smart Phones definitely have them way too sheltered.

    Greenwald: Ukraine’s Conscript Army Being Used By West As “Cannon Fodder”
    All the while mainstream pundits cheer from a safe distance.”

    Yes, it’s a Slavic genocide. It couldn’t be better arranged if Russia had written the script themselves. 500 years of propaganda, staging this attack, now no anti-Russian Ukrainians, no Nazis, no Army, and a enormous, wide-open nation for the taking. While the loss bankrupts and collapses NATO and Europe.

    But for me, it’s the West, the woke, caring West, adoring, loving, aching with joy at genocide. Monsters indeed.

    Five Arab States Plus Iran Among 19 Nations Ready To Join BRICS

    This is important because The PLAN, was to have Saudi be tied to the US$ — and the CIA/Derp State – and when they ran out, as they have, to Sunni-Shia war for U.S.-backed Saudi Arabia to conquer Iran and take their oil instead. So a peace between them is deadly for the U.S., as they have the oil, the forward base, and the power to control the oil-reserve currency. No war = no U.S., no reserve, no taking over the world. That, with China, appears to have happened for now. I’m glad, but I do realize what has happened.

    “@KobeissiLetter In Acquiring First Republic Bank,”

    We make s—t up! No rule of law. And no principles either as monopolization is against everything actual, legal, theoretical, popular, or defensible. We do it anyway.

    Anyone ask Congress? Are they holding hearings? Nope. Why? Is it just because they’re Republicans, or some other reason?

    Russia’s Attack On Pavlograd Deprives Ukraine Of Resources For Advance (TASS) “

    Day after day, No trouble at all in methodically erasing the Ukraine army.

    The question is how he lasted so long..”

    Yes, it is. We know he did hold back, more at first and less over the last year or so. That was to keep his seat. Nevertheless, we know Fox, nor any other “Capitalist” doesn’t care about money in the slightest. So it wasn’t his ratings, or ad revenue that kept him in. It was to keep the illusion Fox was on the Right, so as to steer, what did they call them, elderly zombie-morons or something? And somebody has his back, is applying pressure to keep him in. But it wasn’t enough leverage to make Fox an actually honest place.

    Since it’s all leverage and blackmail, the odds of us knowing why are very low. When they dump Tucker, it will cause the White Hats to take their next planned move because of it. Perhaps lawsuits or revealing their far-Left emails about toppling the election. The Black Hats also know if they move this piece, that will happen, but for them it was time.

    The faster Fox ceases to exist, the better. It’s better to be an honest, open enemy than a traitor from within.

    Iran Drones: Trying to inject the name “China and Iran” into all our statements now as they build a world war. One thing, Senator: can you explain to be what the h—l we’re doing 10,000 miles from home in the first place? That place is way, way closer to Iran than it is to us. No? Don’t bother?

    “Keep your own well-ordered minds on the tasks ahead, your own makings and doings within the bounds of what is real.”

    Indeed. The big picture helps us less and less now. As in Denver or Chicago, you’re more likely to die from poisoned food or a mugging than anything to do with Iran or Ukraine.

    disembowel the country and drive the Empire into one self-defeating conflict after another.”

    Bane of Empires. This is why there is a wheel of history. All 10,000 civilizations tried to stop their turn, but the empire empowers a certain slice, and that slice uses the power to prevent unseating itself, ultimately at the cost of the whole culture. We’re no different. We can survive down here on the ground, but it requires the removal of the whole central government, which we’re certainly all rooting for, and are able to withstand.

    “Their point is worth repeating. Had journalists done their job, had they questioned and investigated the propaganda instead of amplifying it,”

    The people didn’t do their job either. I remember well. “Hey, fellows, suppose Saddam actually HAS a nuclear bomb? So what? What is he going to do with it if we leave him alone?” Crickets. Muh Israel, who we also DGAF about. Why go to war? ‘Cause ‘Merica! What the actual are you talking about sending 200k troops halfway around the world where they will get all shot up and WON’T be greeted with flowers? On behalf of Exxon? Crickets. God, you’d have to be dumb as a rock not to know, journalist or no journalist. …And trust me, the normal people, who don’t know who we gained independence from, and don’t know what shape has four sides, are SMARTER than the journalists.

    So great article to blame others. I was a delicate leetle flower, who never dun no wrong. It were that other guy’s fault!

    No. You just loved war, hated peace, loved death, murder, excitement, and theft just that much. The very thought of leaving people alone and sticking to your own hard work and industry was foundationally repugnant to you. Boy, I learned something about adult Americans back then. It’s not the journalists. If they had reported correctly, we still would have wanted it, as indeed we’ve seen many times since then.

    There seemed no sorting out the godawful mess amid the incessant waves of mis– and disinformation to which our corporate media subjected us.”

    Strangely, this was super-easy. We guessed it correctly, almost every time, each minute, from under my bridge here in the dark it was so easy. So what’s up with you-all? From the President to the Janitor, all the people, esp those in Church, all the caring, honest wokesters who defend victims and anyone getting a raw deal, everyone against war, anyone wanting re-employment. All of you wanted, adhered to, worshiped, the most ludicrous, transparent, vile, improbable idiocy of our generation, I barely look up from corn flakes to blow holes the size of a battleship into. There was nothing in my life easier to debunk until the Covid numbers appeared, which was even easier.

    “as Musk would have had to provide proof to a Delaware court that he had a good reason for walking away from the deal.”

    He did have it, and he did provide it. Now for a year, there have been non-stop press releases supporting his every claim. Did you forget or something? So all that never happened now, inside an article about how all that happened now?

    “If the goal is transparency to build trust, why not just release everything”?

    Because then they’d read two words and discard it, like usual. It needs to be drip, drip, dripped out to keep it in the headlines. Even that is barely working. I don’t see no arrests for 1,000,000 counts of civil rights abuses by top officials, on behalf of election tampering.

    “• New Nanoparticle Sensors to Detect Early Cancer via Simple Paper Test (ET)

    Uh… “Nano” means “Small.” ALL tests are “nanoparticle sensors”, could you be a little more clear? I’m smelling bulls—t but it’s MIT so that’s a given.

    So they’re amplifying DNA signals. Huh. That sounds remarkably like the totally-failed PCR tests.

    Bees: Maybe they should ask somebody. There were no honeybees in the New World. There were lots of humans in the New World. Explain?

    Please, for the love of God and all things holy, read a book sometimes.

    “Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.” — Thomas Sowell

    And what, since it was already tried 20x, we already knew wouldn’t work. But couldn’t be arsed to check. Because, evolutionarily, we’re the smartest humans ever born, and they just didn’t do Socialism (insert your own dumb idea here) correctly yet.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 1 2023 #134450
    Dr. D

    Certainly CBDCs are The Plan. I think The Plan’s going nowhere though. Maybe Western Europe and Israel exclusively and not for long.

    They can’t if no Russia, no China, therefore no 3rd world, therefore no America because we can leak out. The End. But they’ll sure smash a lot of things and kill a lot of people trying.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 1 2023 #134435
    Dr. D

    “Ukraine Isn’t Ready For Its Big Offensive, But It Has No Choice (Sunday Times) “

    Bonfire of the Vanities. There’s NO reason, none, to make an offensive that won’t win. That’s only Ego. What you’d do is change tactics, which they should have done by June 2022. Fall back and be more insurgent, for example.

    Now none of these would have worked, which is why they didn’t use them. Why? Russia’s 1st run was merely to stop the Russian genocide in the places clearly siding with Russia. That’s the four Oblasts they have now, because the next ones over who could have, who voted Russian since Ukraine was a country, didn’t push hard that way. The only way for Ukraine to keep those four would be to uphold Russian language, culture, trade, and give a fair and equal deal to all citizens, which was the Minsk agreement. So Ukraine can ONLY hold Donbas+ with murder and raw force, enslaving those Russians to extract them for the service of Kiev and the West Ukr like Lviv.

    But you can’t do that, can you? because they do not have the consent of the governed and never will. So an insurgency there would never work, the “insurgents” would join Russia, turn around and shoot Kiev. That’s what a “Referendum” is.

    Now Ukraine could probably let them go and still join NATO, God knows what would happen, but the Ukr areas could before Russia could prevent it. But you see, they don’t WANT that. They WANT human slavery. The Eastern Russians, 20% of the population, 50% of the GDP, have the wealth, which not only do they need to steal but have the slaves do the work of stealing for them. Get in those coal mines, pay your taxes, be dirt poor, have your kids daily abused at school. Like here.

    So the tactics are a consequence, radiate upward from their root problem of violence, slavery, oppression, and therefore they cannot win in those Oblasts. Nor perhaps the next ones over. Suppose the 4 become Russia, more years pass. They are peaceful and prosper being less corrupt than the most corrupt nation in Europe. Ukraine has 50% less GDP and is even poorer. Now Poltava and Mykolaiv want to join Russia to become at least as stable and uncorrupt as Kharkov. Same issue plays out all over again: they agitate, are repressed, have a referendum during some crisis and request to be Russia. Before too long, Ukraine is Kiev to Lviv, and the size and power of Moldova.

    I can’t solve their internal grass-roots problem for them. But if they’re not actually a country – and they’re not – then any stress will merely demonstrate the existing reality. At the same time, you can’t just go oppress the people of your own nation, as that causes expensive and counterproductive blowback. Like here. They’re not fighting Russia, they’re fighting #Reality.

    Anyway, that’s why they “Have” to have a “big” offensive that will fail. Because they are a failed state run by failed, oppressive leaders. Or they could align with the Tao and #Logos and let my people go, not have to have an offensive at all, and become the nation they actually are without lies and violence.

    “..CNN described the Russian defenses as “elaborate” and spanning “hundreds of miles.”

    The important part is that CNN, who has never reported the truth in their life, now reports this.

    ““Ukraine’s rightful place is in the Euro-Atlantic family.”

    Sure. Because they’re so close to the Atlantic. Like Taiwan is.

    Tucker: Hero or Quisling? Both. Like we all are. Somewhere between the perfect Good and Bad. He had to play a strategy and played it. Would it have been better to be fired first day in 2002 like so many others were? Have no fame, no audience, no influence, and no fortune to apply to today? Then he could be a poor, honest, unknown blogger washing dishes at IHOP and not have his name floated for VP. Is that what you want?

    “Blinken Lied Under Oath To Senate About Hunter Biden – Sen. Ron Johnson (RT) “

    No one’s been reprimanded, much less arrested for that felony since the last Steroids in Baseball distraction 20 years ago. Why start now? They’re Republicans, so you have nothing to fear. They will never uphold the law if they can avoid it.

    “Hunter Forced to Appear in Arkansas Over His Child’s Name and Support (Turley)

    Agree totally. On paternity, I can see the point in resisting before it’s proven, but afterwards it’s just a harm and liability, for some useless money they clearly have. Yet they continue to grind women and children. Specifically. Personally. Is it just because they’re Democrats? I don’t want to say that, but what is this? Some fixation of mind that requires you to do what is strategically harmful? Merely because you’re fundamentally anti-family and anti-life? The problem is I can’t understand it.

    He doesn’t have to live with her. Thanks to the total lack of morality and accountability, he takes no harm for being a remote father, providing only modest support. She doesn’t have to written in on Biden family mafia deals. Navy doesn’t have to become a family Capo. You write a check the size of your travel expense account and have a nice day. Yet they can’t do that. For a child. BECAUSE she’s a child? Theories: I have none.

    How about: if I were blackmailing and controlling the Bidens, I’d order them to do this for the bad public P.R. But even that seems a bridge too far.

    If I were Hunter, I’d marry her and stay with my daughter. She’s a hottie and they’re like peas in a pod; it might help stabilize and reform him which he seems to realize he needs.

    “Fitch Downgrades France’s Credit Rating (RT) “

    Since Fitch hasn’t been honest since long before ‘08 (See “The Big Short”), this is the U.S. attacking France for not being adequately compliant.

    “The measure raised the retirement age from 62 to 64.”

    There we go again. Lies by misdirection and omission. No. They just transferred the French Pension wealth to bailout BlackRock from bankruptcy, and did it by erasing all government process and representation, openly pissing on the people.

    That’s like saying the U.S. Civil War was because the South didn’t like the Post Office.

    “”If we ban fossil fuels, agricultural production would collapse. People will begin to starve, and half the population will die in a very short period of time.”

    I mean, okay. That’s a statement. But now that he’s said it, THEY KNOW. And now that they know, and we know they know, THEY WANT TO DO IT ANYWAY. That’s the part that’s disturbing and revealing. We must kill half the population to save them? From what? Save them from being alive anymore?

    The description yesterday is just a thought experiment. I can’t really prove such a hidden agenda and program. However, what we are told makes no sense, and therefore need to move up a level to attempt to explain it.

    “Only strength can cooperate. Weakness can only beg.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 30 2023 #134382
    Dr. D

    You ain’t seen nothin’. As you know, this is a slow day.

    “A Tale of Two Economies”
    #254: A tale of two economies

    Following this, if I were the ruling class, and I knew – or someone told me – the earth was an extremely violent place, and overdue for a planetary or solar system calamity, I would what? A) Build massive underground bunkers, or DUMBs B) Get a space program to colonize other planets such as the moon and Mars. This is a necessity, for the human race as a whole, that we do not get knocked back to the Stone Age again, and human culture can survive. That is to say: no cost is too high. All behavior of any sort, no matter how violent, is morally justified.

    C) To do this, we would require a productive economic foundation, and size, on the home planet capable of supporting such enormous, expensive projects. To do that, we need a lot of people, a lot of engineers, a lot of scientists, a lot of soldiers, etc. Such that, unlike Belgium in 1700, if 100,000 paid, militarized men necessary to accomplish this task disappeared, no one would notice them missing – no whole country would become inexplicably vacant, attracting questions.

    As this rapid-fire shock-project is slowly created, accomplished, and paid for, we find two things: one, that the entire planet becomes inexplicably impoverished, sapped of all wealth and brainpower. Second: allowing the population to increase has caused a predictable, but difficult-to-control compounding of human population that also saps the necessary resources for the Space/Planet project, as they must be fed and amused.

    At some point, fairly easily predicted and tuned with your own actions, the outrun of the Breakaway Society and the base Planet diverge too much, just as we see in his “Financial Economy” vs “Real Economy” charts. It’s not that we have too little oil – as discussed elsewhere with +50 year pipeline contracts monthly, whole nations nearly untapped – it’s that population is compounding too quickly and WE need that energy for OUR project: you can’t have it.

    So having accomplished their major gains: a space-age society, AI, automated robotics, the underground and above-atmosphere bases, we simply don’t need all the human base anymore, and they are more of a drain on us than they’re worth. They’re also asking questions, breaking through secrecy, and unseating governments that we use to accomplish our larger, more important goals. If they were reduced 90% we would only take a minor hit to the Space/Planet Program, yet would allow planetary stability to re-emerge.

    Therefore, since about 1980 you would run the system increasingly as if the world was ending, and law, property, civil unrest doesn’t matter. After the appropriate meetings, you would then actively decide in real time when you had gotten advanced enough and safe enough to reverse and shake off 1 – 6 Billion useless people. You therefore don’t care, and never cared, that the actual production would outrun the financial GDP promises, since you were always going to have a war and renege on them anyway.

    An argument could be made that we are at that point, and the reversal has been put into action, such that the base economy is put back to size comparative to this, still-theoretical, Breakaway Society, leaving all their real goals intact, and indeed, because of their leverage of technology, ensuring their personal dominance over this planet forever. They have Space Cars and you have bows and arrows. Like the Hunger Games.

    So having built it all, they are now harboring all resources for their next phase. Perhaps all the copper in Arizona and all the oil in Russia needs to go to Mars or a city-sized orbital base, to ensure our stability should the earth fall back into an Ice Age, or be hit by a comet as happens regularly in geologic history. The only way to get that copper at a reasonable price is when there are no competitors for it on earth, and no one has the power to resist your removal of it for their own ends.

    All these conditions are met, and others are being put in place each day. Why? Because otherwise, their economic and political actions make no economic, social, scientific, or personal sense, and that seems somewhat difficult to believe. This will also tell you why they don’t CARE. Why in fact they appear to even WANT this war, unrest, collapse, and destruction. Being highly active about causing it, while openly publishing that fact. They need the population reduced, say they want it reduced, take actions to have it reduced, and are powerful enough behind the scenes that they feel confident you can’t stop the Breakaway Society they are drawing their power from. This would help explain why even Russia is so careful: they have a sense of how powerful this secret, reserve army is were it to be broken out of hiding and applied to the present war. As powerful as NATO, but since we clearly see that NATO is an unarmed, unfunded Boy Explorer Troop, more powerful than NATO. NATO was supposed to be the “Larger military budget than the next 10 nations combined” but has 100-year-old rifles. “Where’s my money, Brian? Where did it go?”

    So you have 30 years of 10x all nations compbined spent and have nothing? Now THAT is a wild and wacky conspiracy theory. They didn’t put “digits” into a “bank”. They dug up ore and made SOMETHING. But something we can’t see or count. So where is it? Where’s my 30 years x 10x money, Brian?

    It IS somewhere. And it IS somewhere hidden, not just in Pelosi’s pathetic mansion a hobo can break into. So where is it?

    You tell me.

    This, plus that we’re nowhere near out of energy, have 50-100 more years of it, is what the “Energy Economics” smart guys are missing, although what they are printing is deeply felt and much needed. Because they don’t see this, they can’t comprehend that running financial-fantasy economics and real economics, and all the people that will riot and be killed by it, ISN’T AN ACCIDENT. Therefore, there’s nobody to warn. “They” already know, and the People, already don’t care.

    Only a few like ourselves may know, credit it, yet we’re on a sinking ship and not in command. Does that help us? And if so, how? What is to be done?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 30 2023 #134380
    Dr. D

    “Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s main adviser, Mikhail Podoliak, has claimed that China must follow the West’s position on Ukraine or “lose its influence, including economic influence.”

    Yup, Kiev is the world capitol. They run the planet and tell everybody what to do down to the tiniest decision.

    I’m sure China, which could shift a little in their seat and squish them forever, will obey immediately.

    My guess is Ukraine has money laundering blackmail on all those countries listed in that pic. But China doesn’t do their money laundering through Ukraine. They do it themselves, at home.

    “Podoliak has attempted to drive a wedge between Moscow and Beijing before.”

    Who? I’m sorry, I only follow people who are relevant, from countries that are relevant. And as I say daily, it’s not 1962. There’s no wedge to put between Russia and China. The other part was, even back then, we didn’t advertise our strategy and gameplay. We just “had diplomacy” between nations, then “random things happened” in the background that we caused, and the unspoken result was to encourage Russia and China not to align. We now look back and say “ha ha” while at the time keep your mouth shut.

    “It’s simply impossible to sustain the pace, scale, and scope of the West’s multidimensional aid to Ukraine if the conflict drags on.”

    No. It’s possible. But you would have to do it. That means hardship that you would have to get popular consent for. They haven’t bothered to ask or try yet.

    ““We just don’t have ammunition. The industry is not ready”

    Like Harvard MBA’s, they are incapable of thinking of human beings, who in their prefect world of theory, don’t exist in any way, shape, or form. That’s what makes it perfect! Ah! No humans. All dead. Wot a relief! Peace at last. …In this case, they natter on like baboons about “Arms” and “Ammunition” when they no longer have “men”. Are they planning on conscripting all several million African Migrants out of France, handing them guns, and driving them into the Russian Front Line? Because that’s the only place you’ll find men, and I assure you they won’t go. Those guns would come in real handy in Paris right now.

    These Harvard MBAs will fight a war by production of arms, good advertising, truck them to warehouses on the front line, where the crates of material goods can stare down the Russian army from the shelves, very sternly, mister. …Just kidding! Harvard MBAs don’t know how to produce goods either. Obviously.

    I’m just fed up at this point with killing the entire nation of Ukraine in an ethnic genocide — 99% on the men – erasing the nation from the planet, perhaps forever, specifically paying, lavishly, to have that done…and then not noticing. What Jews? There were no Jews in Germany, no trains, no camps, whaddya talkin’ about? There were no Oglala Sioux on the plains, so obviously we couldn’t steal the land of a people that don’t exist…etc.

    ““We are tired of aristocratic explanations in Harvard words.” — A former president from around 1954.

    ““mass destruction” on the country’s military personnel and hardware.” — Medvedev

    They’re trying to kill Putin so someone much more violent will be in charge. #Winning.

    “While Western nations are working to upgrade Ukraine’s ground game with US M-1 Abrams”

    Except those need to be shipped over the ocean, and the T-14 can drive to school. Newsflash: tanks are heavy.

    Our tanks are from 1980, which compared to WWII, would be like using a tank from 1900. I’m sure that’ll be fine and not a problem at all.

    • Merkel Says She Used Everything To Try To Prevent Conflict In Ukraine (TASS)

    She even signed a treaty, didn’t enforce it, specifically to buy time to make an X00,000-man, NATO trained army to invade Russia and make an ethnic genocide! Then admitted it all on national TV. I mean, what do you want from me? If breaking treaties and creating Nazi armies of ethnic cleansing doesn’t say “Peace” I don’t know what does!

    Even right now. They’re all about Peace! They’ll do anything except stop sending $200Billion dollars in direct arms, cash, and hundred thousand mercenaries. And tell Ukraine they have to have an offensive and can only negotiate after every Russian has been removed for 1,000 miles. But other than that, it’s Peace all the way down!

    India and Coconut pic:

    Particularly Raul may be interested in the Ora Linda, https://sacred-texts.com/atl/olb/index.htm / https://www.gutenberg.org/files/40986/40986-h/40986-h.htm a text from Holland going back to 400BC. In it, we find Greeks in Holland, trade and traffic with Libya and Morroco, Crimeans, and so many other things. In this case, We find their world-wide – and quite common – sea traffic bringing news from India:

    In our country there are nuts as large as a child’s head. They contain cheese and milk. When they are old oil is made from them. Of the husks ropes are made, and of the shells cups and other household utensils are made. I have found in the woods here bramble and holly berries. In my country we have trees bearing berries, as large as your lime-trees, the berries of which are much sweeter and three times as large as your gooseberries. When the days are at the longest, and the sun is in the zenith, a man’s body has no shadow. If you sail very far to the south and look to the east at midday, the sun shines on your left side as it does in other countries on the right side. With this I will finish. It will be easy for you, by means of what I have written, to distinguish between false accounts and true descriptions.—Your Luidgert.”

    That’s ridiculous! Who has ever seen a tree with nuts as large as your head? That give cheese and milk? Seriously, some people will say anything to get attention! The Science is settled! There are NO such nuts. Sheesh. Next thing you uneducated idiots will be saying swans are black…

    “Kiev Decries EU Restrictions On Ukrainian Imports (RT)

    Did I miss something? Ukraine is not in the EU. It wouldn’t be great to put the most corrupt nation on earth in there, before Turkey. …Especially right after trying to assassinate their President. Again.

    “War Threatens Ukraine Auto Empire of Biden Megadonor (Sperry) “

    The President is a Russian puppet. Bombshell. Walls are closing in.

    “Just as Hunter could not deny DNA, forensic and other evidence will soon make his laptop denials untenable in proceedings in which he and his counsel are required to tell the truth.”

    No they won’t. Don’t be ridiculous. The media won’t report it, just as they didn’t report the world’s largest terrorist attack on NordStream, then didn’t report one of the most famous journalists reporting the attack, with step-by-step accuracy.

    Without Tucker, you can’t hear about it, so it never happened. And Tucker wasn’t fired. He still works for Fox News, and is therefore unable to speak publicly in any equal capacity to report the news. Best silence of all truth is the one I pay for. Fox and America are so Capitalist they lose billions overnight in order to never make money again, in order to PAY HIM to (not) do this. Yup, that’s Capitalism for ya.

    U.S. Largest Bank Failures:

    No Capitalism = no bankruptcy. There are no rules of law, therefore, none of these matter anymore. We have slowly, systemically erased all law until we do whatever we like. When it has problems, we print money to fill it whenever we like, and give it to whoever we like for any reason we like, in any quantity we like.

    P.S. that https://surplusenergyeconomics.wordpress.com/2023/04/28/254-a-tale-of-two-economies/ on “Who Takes the Loss” or “whose ox is gored” is very smart and will be the most directly relevant thing said all week. They need to erase all law so they CAN simply decree who takes the multi-trillion losses, and quite obviously also kill a few million people to take the edge off how many losses there are. As they say, they need the system to fail, but also hold together well enough that their power is not unseated. I’d say this is going extremely well, but takes a lot of time.

    “The best morale exist when you never hear the word mentioned. When you hear a lot of talk about it, it’s usually lousy. “ — Jesus H. Christ, the only man who committed no sins.

    Just kidding, it’s Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Other quotes: “2 + 2 = 4” — Adolf Alois Hitler. This quote is now therefore untrue. Make of it what you will. Good luck with that algebra class.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 29 2023 #134339
    Dr. D

    “Don’t join the book burners. Do not think you are going to conceal thoughts by concealing evidence that they ever existed.” –Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Only Americans can hurt America.” –Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Lincoln said the same thing. The only way would be for someone to burrow in and topple them from within. By reversing all the values that make America great, or at least functional. Challenge accepted.

    “America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.” –de Tocqueville

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 29 2023 #134338
    Dr. D

    First Republic goes down in the standard Friday Night Special. Forced merger, shotgun wedding. So now vertical consolidation with less competition every day. No 13th bank, no 20th bank, lost 99% of their value in 2 months. I have the sense that this one is more important than the SVB and FTX runs.

    “When on Thursday the US Navy announced that Iranian commandos had seized a Marshall Islands-flagged oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman, conveniently absent from the narrative was the fact that just days prior the United States seized a ship laden with Iranian crude, identified as the Suez Rajan which was destined for China.
    “US authorities ordered a tanker of Iranian crude oil to redirect towards the US in recent days, in a move officials believe was the trigger for Iran’s decision to capture a US-bound tanker on Thursday,” the FT reports.”

    Ya think? So we’re already in soft war, and naturally the U.S. are the thieves and pirates. This is our fifth? Act of open piracy for supertankers? We need the money and Saudi told Joe to GTFO about refilling the Strategic reserve. Obviously, the answer is to rob a liquor store. Like all ex-rock stars on coke.

    That’s Cray-Cray! What does Congress think of us just going around stealing things?

    “House Rejects Rep. Gaetz’s Bill To Withdraw US Troops From Somalia”

    Somalia? I’ll phrase Americans and say “Dafq where?” We can’t even not rob the third kindergartner for lunch money? That’s just a bridge too far for these guys? “I’m sorry fellows, but we find we simply MUST keep bombing black people in Somalia for…um…reasons…that escape me right now, we’ve never told the U.S. People about, and must keep doing it illegally without any oversight or Act of War. Somalia might invade and…oh what’s that? Too late? With the war Obama flew them all here and there are 10,000 Somali men of fighting age in Lewiston, Maine? Carry on then, that’s not enough.”

    “Trans Mascot Dylan Mulvaney Says It Should Be Illegal To Misgender People”

    Strangely, I can call them “-sshole”, “Thing”, “It”, and “Daisy-Mae” and that would be okay. So it’s not about being mean at all, is it? Because that wouldn’t be a lie. It’s about making YOU tell the lie. It’s about POWER. Socialism is the politics of power, from the end of a gun. I’m not making that up, at least in the New World, it’s exclusively and universally discussed in terms of power and victim, oppressor and oppressed, Capital and Labor.

    Other forms might talk about the condition of your soul and the brotherhood of man. What is Justice, etc. With them, it’s only who has POWER and how do I get some? Then I will make them all pay.

    “Agenda 2030 suffered setbacks from major negative impacts of climate change.”

    Uhhh. Like what? It would obviously HELP the installation of A2030. And speaking of, somebody want to put bullet points on what Agenda 2030 is?

    Russia: so it seems like a different faction of Jews are in Russia than the West. Huh.

    “Let’s hope Europe does not become again the slaughterhouse it was in the last century.”

    If we don’t look out, something bad might happen. Like a nation the size of France repeats WWI with 300,000 dead men per year. No, I understand he means ‘Western Europe’, and ‘generally’, but still…

    Russia is currently enduring “economic aggression” from the collective West, Putin stated,”

    Yes. A Blockade is a clear Act of War. We just pretend it isn’t, like everything else in the universe.

    “• Western Arms May Not Be Enough, Ukrainian Troops Tell NYT (RT)
    “I don’t know where the Russians are getting so much artillery,”

    Um, because Russia is 10x your size. Let’s ballpark and say that’s like me UFC Boxing a 2,000 pound opponent. Sure, I’ll use my super Brazil ju-jitsu moves on this here Brahma Bull. 5 of 5 stars for bravery. 0 of 5 stars for brains. Or winning.

    “his men had high morale and wanted to go on the offensive, despite the numbers not being in their favor. “We lost our best people”

    Both a lie and showing the problem: “I’m sure if we just keep rushing the machine gun nests and losing our best people we’ll win!” Okay man, you do you. I prefer results to Ego.

    He is the only one in his company who knows how to properly use a US-made Mk-19 grenade launcher,”

    Following perfectly the Harvard Business School failure here. Humans are always to be erased ruthlessly. Without questions. If they exist, we erase them, fire them, I don’t care what, it bores me to see their stupid faces. We always replace them with any random capital equipment that’s handy and we can get into crippling, compounding debt for. No men to RUN the equipment? I do not understand these words coming out of your mouth. Does not compute. Equipment doesn’t work for ANY purpose? Software can’t run anything, makes call center documentation 10x HARDER, costs a million-billion dollars per year in licensing for the privilege of being10x slower and collapsing constantly? …I don’t understand this blahblahblah, that’s #Winning. …At least to us at Harvard MBA I can’t see it from my office over the sound of how awesome I am.

    Now exported to the war field. Zero men. Rumsfeld-style. How’s that working out for ya?

    “ISW: Ukraine Can Expel Russian Troops From Country With Counteroffensives (Az.)

    I’m sure they can. With about 5 million mobilized men and 10x the equipment NATO presently has. Or make that 50 million?

    Reznikov: If Russia Capitulates, Ukraine Is Ready To Start Negotiations (Az.) “

    This happens so regularly, I forgot where I saw it. Hong Kong? Korea? “All you have to do to end the war is surrender unconditionally, to our destroyed, losing troops, then do whatever we say forever. I do not understand your objections.”

    A flurry of news again this week, all Ukraine needs is to drive Russia entirely out of Ukraine with the “no men” they (don’t) have, and then they can sit down and talk. Start negotiations. Lavrov pointed that, in the miracle that Ukraine would push Russia back, Russia would feel LESS safe, and have to ESCALATE, not negotiate and demobilize. But that’s letters from #OppositeLand. Take up one lie and like a cancer it steadily flips each thing it contacts until the entire organism is in #Opposite of health and reason, or the lie is removed and the cancer cut out. Your choice: no judgment. You can live or you can die. And we’re a world-wide death cult.

    That’s #Logos. You can adhere to it and have Life, or oppose it and have Death. That is how the universe is constructed.

    “the reason for the war in Europe. “Complete restructuring of power within Europe”

    That is, there is some remnant of Democracy and belief in consent remaining in Europe that must be eliminated. They’re doing a good job.

    “the White House and the Pentagon would have 14 days to send the House “copies of all documents indicating any plans for current or future military assistance to Ukraine”

    Yes, but they won’t do it, will lie, and you’ll do nothing.

    “You Can’t Taper A Ponzi Scheme (John Rubino)”

    No, but you can collapse Europe’s first. Then you can retain enough power to dictate what happens after. He’s also said this for 25 years, just as I have, so take a big fat “L” for time and prediction.

    Are you all as astonished as I am at the resiliency of all markets in the face of that M2 plunge? I believe that’s unprecedented in the history of the world. Maybe the collapse of all Egyptian Wheat to Rome, or the Worldwide crop fail in 500AD, but way back.

    “This is the Centennial Light, the world’s longest-lasting light bulb, burning since 1901.”

    But we need LEDs because they last longer! Those primitive neanderthals before the majesty that is ME, Progress, didn’t know how to do anything. Progress proves I’m evolutionary the smartest person in the history of the world! And I’m only in the 6th grade with my first TikTok account! That’s Science! Out of 10 LEDs I bought, 2 were dead in 6 months, yet cost 5x more than previous incandescents. So they, and their toxic circuit boards, are thrown away, to have China dump them in the Pacific Ocean.

    Like other people, Ike has his good and bad, and I’m well aware of the Bonus Army attempt attack on women and children, with Patton and somebody else I forget. My point is two: one, that he sounds like the middle left, or even Antifa sometimes. And two, that this was considered stodgy, center, normal behavior, going back to 1950, even 1930 or before. And although politicians always do the opposite of what they say, it’s more that we aspire to values, then struggle to reach or uphold them, they were willing to SAY this is the good and right.

    Anyone seen AFKTT? I know we put on him regularly for our differences, but hope his health is okay. As winter comes on there, he should be around more, not less.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 28 2023 #134271
    Dr. D

    “Here in America we are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionists and rebels – men and women who dare to dissent from accepted doctrine. As their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion.” –Dwight D. Eisenhower

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 28 2023 #134270
    Dr. D

    Being fair, here is an article that says Red areas are the most dangerous, and Blue cities are the safest. Read it and weep.

    Chinese Government Lays Off Entire Propaganda Team As American Media Doing Their Job For Them –BBee

    Why not? They’re getting paid.

    “German Domestic Spy Agency Labels AfD Youth Org As “Extreme Right”, Enabling Mass Surveillance Of All Members”

    This is why we have “Emergencies”, “exceptions”, in order to use them all the time the same way the FBI surveills all Congress here. Patriot Act.

    How does that go? Good explanation: “The War On Free Speech Is Really A War On The Right To Criticize The Government

    Or as BBee says, “AOC: ‘The Government Must Shut Down Unapproved News Agencies To Defeat Fascism’

    Strangely there isn’t the slightest irony in their statement. Irony is dead. It requires intelligence.

    What happens then? “”Vice News Tonight” Canceled As Media Downturn Accelerates “ And Buzzfeed. And HuffPo. And CNN. And NYT. And

    “Unemployed Guy’s Basement Selfie Video Crushes Fox News In Primetime Ratings “ –BBee

    Rice has left the White House. As you never hear from her, (unlike co-hort Nuland) it was supposed she was running most of it.

    Speaking of who’s running things, the Biden-Harris ticket was supposed to lose, and therefore accuse Trump of a Coup, rallying the minions and gettin’ that Civil War. Race war, like Manson said. They flipped that and Joe is on the inside. However the problem with Harris may be much more mundane than simply that no earthly people like her, even (especially) PoCs. It’s that if put in the Presidency, she’s not a “Natural” citizen, which opens removal again. Just a thought. That’s also why they wanted Cruz and Rubio. Both were open that that issue. It hasn’t been settled and it doesn’t matter if it “works”; it’s just leverage. Never allow anyone near power without adequate ‘leverage’. That is to say, they are illegal, irresponsible, careless, felons.

    Virus lab blown up in Sudan. Yeah, that’s a good idea. So viruses [pathogens] out now? Ones that actually MIGHT be stopped by mask? If I were Gates I’d be flying in my guys and opening up my vials of Marburg, etc. Remember all that Smallpox that was “found” totally without controls in some rando lab?

    “Democrats Attack Gaetz Ukraine Audit Resolution as ‘Divisive & Ill-Advised’

    The existence of facts and information is itself divisive now? How is having facts “Ill-advised?” Because if you knew what was going on, you wouldn’t do what you’re told? Very strange objection.

    We went from having 6% of our children having chronic disease in the 40s, 50s, and 60s” to 54% in 2006,” –RFK

    Yet no medical curiosity at all. “If even ONE life is saved…” Where’d that go? How do they know ahead of time they don’t want to look into this? Are there any American subsets that are unaffected? The Amish, for instance? No interest. Or more precisely: no funding.

    “West No Longer Hides Planning Of Kiev’s Counteroffensive – Zakharova (TASS)”

    They gave all dates, all troop numbers, all tanks and equipment, plus the names and birthdates of the soldiers to send them Christmas cards. Not that last part, but why would you do that? A: Winning the #Signaling War. And all it requires is losing the #Real War.

    “Kiev is running out of Soviet-made anti-aircraft missiles and needs the US”

    Yes, but then the world will know our weapons are all useless and don’t work. Like we can’t stop slow-launches in calm, wide-open Saudi Arabian Refineries. And couldn’t since all the SCUD missiles in Iraq I.

    But we must defend the owners’ homeland. Speaking of, is that what’s up with the “Tartar” revival, that an entire modern civilization existed for 200 years nobody heard about? That happens to be Khazaria? Gosh, what wonderful, magical, and oppressed people they must be. We should revive their homeland and do everything they say.

    That’s opposed to the historic record that says they’ve been pillaging murderers non-stop since 300BC, which is why they don’t have anything – they’d just attack and steal it. Ever hear the word “Cossack”? “Scythian”? The Snake People? Read every account of every people who ever bordered them.

    ““Today we are buying seeds abroad, because during Yeltsin’s time all the seed banks were destroyed, and the seed breeding stations were closed..”

    This is what sanctions are for, and that central planning cannot get every little task covered. They missed this one. Important one. And it takes skill, experience to do it, in addition to some capital equipment, advertising, etc. I’m sure a lot of people know, but they’re not in the chair, with a whole working company surrounding them, secretaries, truck repairmen, seed sorters, etc. It takes time.

    This is precisely why Monsanto knocked it all out (here) and first, bought up by Soros, etc. Laws placed on UK that make Draco look tame.

    So Russia might have enough innately for themselves, but to get massive fields for world export? Or us? U.S. Ag is big-time. No small seed co can fill endless, endless semis driving out to 2,000-acre fields 2,000 miles nationwide. That’s volume. It’s the corollary to Financial Terrorism: stop our theft, I dare you, and everybody dies. Mess with me and I’ll club this baby seal.

    United States military to move to an all-electric vehicle fleet by 2030.”

    Uh-huh. I have a different objection: our major nuclear bomber is from 1952, and our major fighter jet 1976. Yet they’re going to…??? Scrap every vehicle, tank, jet, and plane in the entire military in only 7 years?

    Newsflash: you can’t do that even in the domestic car market.

    But we need to have Climate-Approving World Wars. Everyone knows nothing greened the world like the Siege at Stalingrad. Green all around, nothing but trees and lush fields everywhere.

    Parrots: Did you see the parrots Zoom calling each other? That makes an amazing amount of sense and since it costs nothing, why wouldn’t you?

    “Montana Legislature Votes To Remove Trans Lawmaker From House Floor For Rest Of 2023

    This was quite unfortunate, but there’s a reason there’s a required level of civility in legislature. To keep things moving, and it all from becoming a circus.(more of) Or a hockey match. It only required a minor, meaningless apology to keep It in office. Too far, I guess.

    “must be squashed in every person over and over and endlessly, the job requires a massive investment,”
    … “I underestimated just how much money is being pumped into think tanks, academia and NGOs under the anti-disinformation front, both from the government and private [ie religious] philanthropy.”

    Yes, the money power is the root of it. Without stopping the money power, it will just go around. Stop the money power and it all stops. …And returns to truth. Because Lies cost money.

    US$ Acceptance has dropped below 50%. Perhaps 40%. As one article this week, “’Slowly’ is over. Now comes ‘quickly.’” In complex systems, “tipping points” are difficult or impossible to predict. When Treasuries fail, we suddenly have a “Labor Issue” at Long Beach. Or not. I think the last time no one unloaded, they gave no explanation at all. The issue is: nobody wants our worthless money – and – everyone from the janitor to the President is a Liar.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 27 2023 #134225
    Dr. D

    Not sure: they’ve now re-defined LGBTQAI+ as EVERYTHING. A thing I say all the time. Amazing how if you define something as “everything” then you see it in…everything.

    I am LGBTQAI+. Completely. By definition. Because while everyone makes fun of the alphabet soup, the “A” means “Ally.” I am completely an Ally, therefore I am LGBTQ.

    If I’m even slightly less than completely straight, totally interested, without the slightest curiosity, then I am, by definition, LGBTQIA+

    How to 5-20% of the youngest people become LGBTQ? We define LGB as “all sexual beings” who exist “In the known universe.” Easy.

    Better question: why did they add the “T” first, and who added it? Also “T” as we well know, negates all logic or possibility of “LGB” because why would anyone be a lesbian who is attracted to women? Aren’t you just therefore a man? If Trans just is a thing you think, then gender doesn’t exist, so no one can be “Gay” because there is no male gender to be attracted to. All other possibilities are foreclosed. Etc.

    So why “T” first and who is behind it? As the gay community is erased by it, doesn’t seem to be them, except by carelessness. So who?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 27 2023 #134210
    Dr. D

    Fox News collapse. Like Bud Light, 27%. And this is just first week. Boy Capitalists sure hate money, avoid it, and never consider it, don’t they?

    “[Some Random Guido] He arrived in Miami on a commercial flight Tuesday morning, alone & toting a backpack.”

    Ah, U.S. power in a nutshell. Or a nut-case.

    “It’s over and Ukraine is doomed”

    Am I behind here? This has been true since 2-22-22. Russia is 10x Ukraine and can nuke them to an ashtray in 15 minutes. What is anyone talking about?

    RFK, each day more running for Presidency. He pointed out government + corporations (aka “Fascism”) has gutted America and all the workers sine 1990.

    ““repeatedly cherry-picked department policies and used them to destroy DoD [Defense Department] as an institution.”

    That would be a fine criticism if the DoD wasn’t doing 5x that much themselves every night. Tucker is the threat but cadets with zero basic fitness aren’t? Widespread rapes and drug use internally aren’t? If you were even a normal military with normal problems your take on Tucker would make sense.

    Poland Seizes Russian Embassy And Trade Mission Funds (RT)

    The West: stealing stuff and bombing things.

    ““We understand that sanctions are not a temporary phenomenon.”

    Not genius. The West SAID SO. Now the people may not believe that, they can sell that it’s “Because of the Ukraine War”, but many top people said the sanctions are permanent, until Russia collapses, is chopped up, sold off, and killed.

    “the US and its allies have been slapping Russia Europe with restrictions to “disrupt the economy, hurt the people and hit their standard of living, ‘cancel’ Russia Europe and strip it of the ability to choose its own path based on its peoples’ interests.”

    Fixed it. And it’s working like a charm: European standard of living has cratered. The only eggs in Europe are in Kiev. The only paid healthcare and pensions are in Lviv.

    Kiev Could ‘Capture Small Russian Towns’ For Leverage – WaPo (RT)

    Sure, and aliens could land and capture them for you.

    Ukraine Conflict Helps Prepare For Potential China Clash – Pentagon (RT)

    I guess, but for me one of the big drawbacks is that you can get no prep or intel for Taiwan because the theatres are so radically different. For example, you know you NEED artillery. But why? Can they shell from Taipei to Beijing? Okay, you made it; HOW do you deliver it? On open cargo ships like Amazon Prime? Are you nuts? –Don’t answer that; it’ll only embarrass us both.

    “the much-hyped spring “counteroffensive,”

    Soooo…. They want to launch the attack only in mud season? Not summer? And if summer, why not fall? All of this is a bunch of words. Astonishing.

    Speaking of: another 6 weeks where nothing ever happens. Another bank? Nothing.

    Biden Threatens North Korea With Annihilation (RT) “

    This seemed like real news. So we just nuke people now? We just say, “Yeah, we’ll genocide the whole nation if they use a pop gun at the DMZ? Everyone, all Biden’s party just yawns and nods their heads? I just wrote on the “nuclear v Kinzal” article, where apparently we can’t use nukes as they’re bad. Except that we can now, cuz feelz? “They’re not nukes if we use them”?

    ““..all US efforts to persuade Riyadh to flood global oil markets have failed”

    Uh, duh. That’s because Saudi has no oil. Iran does. Saudi’s oil is in one field, Gawar, which has a +90% water cut for 20 years. They can produce like any 3rd African nation, but have no reserves and no way to cut prices without destroying themselves, their budget, and having a violent revolution. …Which is exactly the U.S.’s plan. Pass.

    I get tired of saying “time exists”, and “That was 40 years ago, when we were kids.” Reality exists only in their minds, which is why it alone doesn’t have to change.

    Twitter, Tiktok And Instagram To Face Much Stricter Content Rules In EU (Az.) “

    You see, this would work if Europe would remain relevant. But they won’t. They’re too small and their economy is collapsing.

    Post truth world. Tell lies. Call deep fakes. Say anything. Repeat as necessary.

    in reply to: Western “Thinking” on Nuclear Weapons #134209
    Dr. D

    Not sure I’m following his points at all. Maybe it’s the establishment of more context. WHO was doing the Anti-Nuclear? Americans? Hippies who existed at that time? Brits? Germans?

    Yes we followed that, as they were merely sloganeers without a vision, when the slogan passed, they disappeared too, which left them without a path for the newly-fallen Russia. That is, since they only wanted their own theoretical safety, mentally, they didn’t give a rip about Russia or Russians and were perfectly happy for Cheney and Hermitage to kill them all one by one so long as they were safely in Vermont.

    We have the same terrible thinking now. What about nuclear arms? Well a lifetime ago(again, and again and again) a thousand years ago, before we were born, nuclear weapons were Fat Man and Little Boy. They had to be delivered with slow cargo planes and made only a big round crater.

    That continued a long time with B-52, subs, and ICBMS. That leaves MAD as the only option. But slowly they got smaller and better targeted. Once they didn’t NEED as many, AND they’re expensive, they signed treaties to have less…of what they didn’t want anyway.

    So by the late 80s, nukes and conventional bombs had a lot more in common. They were smaller, targeted, and put up a fraction of long term radiation. There were battlefield nukes, and even suitcase nukes were rumored. Therefore, generals wanted to use them. Create a tactical logic tree that integrated them.

    However, the MENTAL reality, that is to say, the STORY, the narrative, the literary impression remained that using a suitcase nuke that took down a building or a tunnel was a “Nuclear War”, that is to say, an instant worldwide ICBM exchange. And nuclear winter. Which was no longer a reality since 1985. Which is logically and morally ridiculous. It’s just fantasy. So we can kill 6 million Iraqi kids is fine, but a microbomb that kills 500 soldiers is a bridge too far? What the actual?

    So for ANOTHER generation, since at least 2000, we’ve not adjusted to this new “Not ICBM” reality, even as occasionally it’s rumored such things are used from time to time, in Ukraine, Syria, etc. Fine by me, I guess, but they’ve made their own problem. That is to say, the problem isn’t real. It’s just made up in your mind. You use the word “nuclear” and “Everybody loses their minds!!!” — The Joker.

    So the Hypersonic kinetics go around a problem we ourselves made up illogically, from thin air. Fine by me, I guess as it keeps Boston from being whacked, but it’s all fantasy. I get tired of having to keep 2-3 realities running parallel all the time. What’s ACTUAL, what’s SAID, and what people BELIEVE.

    So if we get hypersonics and they’re not nukes, we can just level the Kremlin now? And that’s okay? It’s only bad if they ICBM us? No.

    Can we go back to a MORAL base where killing people for nothing, who are no threat to you, but are slightly different, is a BAD thing? We leave them alone, they leave us alone? Apparently not. It doesn’t cross the minds of the generals and politicians of course, but it never crosses the minds of the people either. The very idea of leaving others alone is anathema to them, whether in Texas or in Sudan. In other words, THEY, WE, have no morality, only violence.

    If we have sticks and stones, writs of law, and nightsticks, they’re happy to use them on anything that moves, inside out outside the country, citizen or no, because they have no morality or God. Who cares about the weapons in such a case?

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