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    Dr. D

    “James Carville Rages At Trump’s Success: “It’s Going The Wrong Way, It’s Not Working!”

    ““It doesn’t matter. You can prepare and you can be on TV, you can write pieces, you can have a YouTube channel, you can have a podcast and nothing, nothing!” Carville complained.”

    He added: “Now you f—king kids I don’t want to hear your wah wah wah: you f—king vote for me you little s—ts or else…”

    …Have you tried running a candidate that can speak in complete sentences? Supporting Medicare for All or even allowing a vote? Have you tried spending money on American citizens and young people? Not funding all sides of several wars? Fixing the housing problem, college costs, etc?

    Huh, so mysterious. Can’t figure it out. Guess Carville’s not the election genius he thought he was.

    Babylon Bee has notes on this:

    “Biden Declares Administration Will Never Leave Anyone Behind, Except Those Americans Held Hostage By Hamas, Or Trapped When Afghanistan Fell, Or Killed Accidentally By A Drone, Or Murdered By Illegal Immigrants (Continued)

    … or murdered in the womb,
    or imprisoned in Russia (unless black and lesbian),
    or unable to afford groceries because of inflation,
    or denied entry to campus because of being Jewish,
    or confronted by a drag queen in the library children’s section,
    or abused by gender surgeons,
    or devastated from a massive chemical spill,
    or denied a track scholarship because a man said he was a girl,
    or killed by violent felons being released without charges,
    or leered at by a member of the opposite sex in a locker room,
    or murdered by a mentally ill man on the subway,
    or crushed by taxes to pay off other people’s student loans,
    or harmed by the COVID vaccine,
    or killed accidentally by a drone,
    or denied jobs for refusing to adopt radical gender ideology,
    or condemned as a Nazi for disagreeing with the government,
    or needed to afford gasoline, or destroyed by neo-Marxist indoctrination at public school.

    Other than that… no one left behind. Thanks, Joe!”

    Now why is that not an election-winning position??

    “Over 124 Pounds Of Cocaine And Fentanyl Seized In El Paso In 1 Week

    But to be fair, that’s only Hunter’s portion.

    “World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm Wrecked By A Storm Just Before Launch

    The Oceans? Have storms? When did this start? Does anyone else know about this?

    “Suspect In Bronx ‘Rope And Rape’ Arrested

    “Kassan Parks, 39, was arrested Saturday and charged with walking up behind a 45-year-old victim at 3 a.m. May 1, lassoing her with a bent from behind, dragging her unconscious body between two cars, and raping her, the NY Post reports.
    Parks has been charged with first-degree rape, assault, strangulation, sex abuse, public lewdness and harassment.”

    I know it seems stupid when I say it, but the Police protect the CRIMINALS. The video above is a crowd forming around this guy who would probably work themselves up to…beating him to death or something. Note, this is APPROPRIATE. We want Justice, not over-justice or under-justice, and that means we need a fair arbiter and to release all known information so the entire public can know what’s going on. …And we paid for it, so it’s doubly appropriate. He does deserve punishment and prevention, but the RIGHT punishment we can all more or less agree with.

    But we’re going to have a breakdown in law, and “They” want this. “They” are engineering this. “Defund the Police”, arrest them if they follow their training, etc. And while I’m no fan of police and feel at this point corruption is rampant everywhere, maybe 80%, follow what happens with this:

    THEY think that if they defund the police, the criminals run rampant, immigrants, imported felons, whatever, we will turn to GOVERNMENT and say “Daddy save us.” And get more power of oppression over us. NYC is one of the MOST “Daddy save us” places in America, bright Blue, but this is how Americans act. Do they LOOK like they’re in the mood to ask the proper authorities for help? No, they LOOK like they’ll tear this guy limb from limb and any immigrants who act this way too. Police are the ones STOPPING justice right now. Like in St. Louis or Portland.

    Let’s try again: while I think the system we just had is the best and appropriate for our modern world, there weren’t always police as we know them. Back a ways, there might be a Constable (yes in U.S.) or Sheriff but largely YOU grabbed the guy and hauled him off to court YOURSELF. Like driving across town to the Doctor’s house only in this case it’s to wake the only policeman in the village to hand him your man. Now we forget that because it was long ago, before urbanization in 1880 or so. And we evolved our system, it wasn’t always that way.

    So if Police aren’t up to the task, then what? Defunded, overwhelmed, etc? Well we MIGHT use Congressional Praetorian Guard as they wished, who deputized themselves over J6 into all 50 states without jurisdiction, then hauled them 2,500 miles from Alaska into a hand-picked, hostile court in D.C. OR…the law of those former times all still exists. We just don’t use and frown upon “Citizen Arrest” which is considered a joke or even kidnapping. But if WE are the government, then WE are the police, with all the complications therein.

    Ask this guy if he’d rather meet Us, or the Police, right now.

    The story is – and also said here daily – we should all just give up. Yup. Cede the country without a shot. That’s the whole point of Bezmanov’s confession about how Socialists work. They are narcissistic sociopaths, who work on codependence and consent. Well I don’t give my consent. And I don’t believe your story. Police are arresting US, not them. They are protecting CRIMINALS, not Victims. So if police go away, the whole world’s going to get more politer. Especially if everyone is visibly armed as is happening in 25 states now?

    Why would I give up when that not only CAN happen, but IS happening, more or less everywhere, and everybody slowly becoming aware of it? Slowly the wheel turns and that Indian in the convenience store is a hero for whacking a thief with a broomstick and kicking him in the pants. Better, the criminal doesn’t like it, but also doesn’t spend 5 years in jail at $500,000 when he can be cured in just a few minutes for free.

    Don’t give up. That’s the whole point. Like Ireland, you lose only if you stop. If you don’t stop, you win. How are you going to have world government if local governments are still credible? Or if you can all handle your own business without them? Then how are they going to steal MOAR than even now? Impossible.

    Tom Luongo with very much my perspective on Israel/Gaza: https://tomluongo.me/

    This has been left, or rather tirelessly tended to simmer and keep the fire warm so they could puff it up at a moment’s notice like this. And not to say they haven’t both behaved badly, with a lot of emphasis on Israel being the perpetrator, both as a nation state having larger responsibilities, as the self-appointed proctor and guardian of Palestine, and as the overreaction is clearly and universally acknowledged to be both out of line, AND militarily unworkable, i.e. a failure, and they keep going to clear all person, aka the definition of “Genocide”. Nevertheless I’ve spent years watching the PLO take tactics of hate when tactics of Gandhi would have worked, unable to forego ethnic (and therefore unscientific, idiotic) hate. So LOTS of people are dying.

    But that’s the point. I commit a grisly murder in the front so everyone’s attention is riveted, while I rob a bank and escape when the police are busy. THE MURDER IS REAL. But the PURPOSE of it isn’t marital jealousy of some s—t, it’s something I FABRICATED, set up, staged, to do the robbery out back. See the old forgotten movie F/X.

    And so with this. “…And then a miracle happened” when Jewish billionaires – supposedly self-avowed Zionists – paid MILLIONS to have protests…against themselves??? Just like BLM? Occupy? C’mon, if you can’t see it by now, wtf? So SINCE they are supposedly, by name or heritage, Jewish, and they are ARRANGING A PROGROM against the Jews, what gives? Against themselves???

    NO. That leaves one option: these Rich, Few guys are killing all the poor, other saps, and wearing them as a skinsuit. That is to say, by definition they cannot be Jews. Let’s say I say “Death to America, kill all Americans,” then start actual actions to accomplish that. Am I American? Anyone I meet will say, “Great: you first.” NO. That means I am ANTI-American. I am NOT American, as I want Americans killed and take all steps to do so. Same here. They believe in nothing, they are just getting everyone killed to steal their stuff and escape. Like the Middle Ages, net-net what happens? The Jews are killed and their stuff is stolen. These rich guys escape richer than before. The “Government”, king, politicians in the middle are a wash. Sure they’re complicit but only in that they’re scammed, or willing or unwitting, doesn’t matter. If you participate in a felony you’re not innocent, but really I want the mastermind so it can’t happen again.

    But killing for fun and robbing for profit isn’t the whole thing: “Davos’ plan is to split the world over Israel/Palestine using the UN as the ‘voice of reason’ for the ‘genocide’ in Gaza.”

    This is so f’ing old and boring it’s in Revelations. Two THOUSAND years old. C’mon guys, really? You’re spacefaring transhumanists of the singularity and this is the best you can come up with? IDGAF. What you do over there is none of my business. Blow yourselves right up if you want to! …So long as I’m not paying for it or picking sides.

    “Europe has lined up fully behind this idea, but it’s being done to marginalize/neutralize the US/UK influence over the UN, setting the stage for a reformation of the institution with Europe and China at the helm.”

    Aka: unelected and totalitarian States of “1984”. The Boring Old World Order. Peace can’t be ALLOWED; we paid a lot of money for this war and told lies for 50-100 years and you’re not going to screw it up on us now. Now DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD and CARE about this, dammit! I got Hulk Hogan in one corner and the Undertaker in the other, now YOU’RE GOING TO WATCH my action figures go pew-pew OR ELSE IT GETS THE HOSE again.

    Sorry: still DGAF. It’s a scam, a sham, and none of my business. Get me and us right the f– out of it. We have money at home to spend.

    So again, that’s the PURPOSE of this made-up puppet show, same as keeping race hate toasty warm here with Rev Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc and then Obama. …Some of which it was already proven with check stubs were on the FBI payroll. Funny old world. But that’s the point here: WHEN they activated their race-war-on-tap, pop! A squib! NOTHING HAPPENED. The retards. They tried again, and again, and again, then poured gasoline on the roman candle and tried again, and still nothing to this day. The End.

    So unlike some people here, huh: it seems like we DO have options. We DO have choices. We DO have free agency. We CAN pick peace and leave-me-alone you f—kkers if we want. And it DID work. We DID win. By doing absolutely nothing and it’s driving them crazy. Man, I could pop more corn and watch them run around in circles all day.

    And so we can do it again now. IDGAF what the UN says. What are they gonna do? Invade me? I don’t know why an unfunded, irrelevant, corrupt, completely discredited human trafficker is in the news. Like, I don’t care what Minnie the Pimp in Milan says or thinks or does either. Nor the WHO. They don’t have an army. If you ignore them, they essentially cease to exist. The only power they have is lies. From a known, serial, deadly liar: I mean, REALLY?

    No, UN, you can go away now, and Americans have said that for like 40 years. There aren’t enough Blue Helmets on earth to take on CHICAGO, much less the United States. And Chicago is gun-free.

    “The US leaving would be a good thing. It would end the threat of the UN. But this is now the openly declared part of the strategy.  Trump and the Neocon Congress (Israel) vs. Biden and the Europeans/RoW (Palestine) are just pawns in this power play.
    To review: End Nation States. Default on the old system of the world. Transfer power to globalist institutions like the UN. Control all the on-ramps to civilization with a digital passport and fake money.
    Do not be deceived by this.  These — don’t give a single solitary fuck about the Palestinians. Never have.  They are a means to an end.  And the more Israel kills them, the stronger Davos’ position becomes.” — Luongo

    Ah, but as I say daily, here’s your other problem: “These Davos ghouls want an unlimited, untraceable flow of money to destabilize the native society from the ground up.”

    “if you want to invoke the wrath of the globalists, just try to take their money laundering operations away from them.”
    It’s all bullshit folks.

    A must-read.

    Maher, “Democrats blew it”. This is good, great, sure, but this is the sort of meta-meta control used here. “Blew it” presupposes there was ANY case at all, and they just weren’t good players in full earnest. NOT that they are corrupt, illegal fiends, fabricating everything from “go”. …But, baby steps. If he said that, his audience would leave. The problem is once it drops below a threshold, we stop chasing it and the truth never comes out. Then years, decades, lifetimes later it’s our collective mythology this happened when it’s all false. Like Nixon, set up and assassinated by the CIA. Officially now. But no one goes back and re-writes the implications of Watergate in their heads. Except me, because that’s honest and responsible, and that’s what makes me a boring crank, shouting to the empty winds.

    Eurovision: gosh what could be more boring or less edgy than that? That’s cool and risque’ when there’s a 90% Christianity you’re fighting against. And Donald Trump? Boy, you’re really being super counter-culture to not like him amirite? Stand up for the little people and fight da Man by aligning with Google, Nike, Lockheed, Halliburton, Apple, and Facebook. That’ll show Jeff Bezos and Mitch McConnell you’re voting the way you’re told. Oh, and picking out a FOREIGN leader? Yeah, why don’t they pick out Andrews from Australia or Kuroda of Japan? I mean, you in Europe are your own people and have license to really get involved in the leaders of other nations not even on your CONTINENT.

    Britain is in a category all their own. Wow, how edgy, how DARE they represent gay sex which has been unremarkable for 30 years now if not forever? Next they’ll be marching for the rights of Irish tenements in Hell’s Kitchen after the Black ‘47, amirite? When you’re aligned with Google, Facebook, Coke, and every multinational corporation who wants you to DEI, you know you’re on the bleeding edge of relevancy, and the right side of history.

    I’m so bored I have to talk like this just to keep myself from falling asleep. Gee, when can gay people be allowed in public? Except everywhere, every time, always? Next thing you know women will wear pants that allow you see their ankles. — Then they’ll be men.

    They’re not 10, 20, 30 years behind the curve, behind the fashion; they’re 50, 70, 100, 120 years behind what’s “Edgy”. They’re fighting for footman’s rights concerning horse-carriage and buggy whips. They’re marching with sternly-worded placards against the landing of Viking Longships near Monasteries. Dinosaur rights! Lizards R People too! Yabba Dabba Do!!!

    “• 2024 Election Likely The Last To Be Decided By US Citizens – Musk (RT)

    This goes with the arcana of CA election law and ID yesterday. The point isn’t to make it legal, it’s to make it so confusing and arguable that it gets enforced according to my friends and against my enemies, while having deniability. That is to say, it’s one, big, Lie. By a pack a rabid weasels of lies. I don’t care. You’re not fooling anybody. If you get near me, I’ll arrest and run you through, win or lose, just for the lols.

    ““Let’s start with the fact that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin has already failed in his objective.”

    Yup. 12 cities a day? What a loser!

    “The official insisted that Kiev can still “succeed” in the conflict, though she dodged the question of whether she believes Ukraine could seize its former territories from Russia”

    They can “succeed” while getting smaller and all their people are dead. Strange parameter for “success”. Same way these people want the U.S. and Ohio “successful.”

    Saudi: not about the money, but a really good design useful anywhere. So we should/could have them for all our city farm markets as well. Good investment, even in, say, the bad winds and snows we get here. “Cheap”, reliable, fixable.

    Slam Dunk:

    Okay, but THEN what? The rockets went up, what were they carrying? WHY did they feel the need to do this? Why did Russia play along completely even now? NASA has a budget, shooting that film wasn’t 1/10th the cost, what did they do with the money? There’s $40 Trillion missing now, even from the last few decades, what did that go for?

    Don’t stop. The Seen and the Unseen. I feel like this “disclosure” is taking your eye off the ball.

    BTW, they lost all the data, all computers, all setups from the landing. ‘cause it ain’t historic or nothin’. We claim we can’t figure out how to go back. Also now that everyone has a copy of the film on their computer, you can make a good case for star parallax in the background. It will tell you exactly how far away those objects are.

    That’s the bull video I’ve been looking for.

    He’s not actually all that big. Or all that aggressive. He’s just fooling around.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 11 2024 #158849
    Dr. D

    Sir, I am not your booking agent. It’s not hard to get on if you just ask. Everyone needs content and loves salacious stories, especially if it trashes the United States.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 11 2024 #158822
    Dr. D

    Russia +100sq km today.

    Oh wait: what’s that I hear?

    “’Putin is on the ropes’ as he faces ‘devastating’ blow on seized Russian cash | Bill Browder”

    “Why Russia’s Military Strategy is Failing | Peter Zeihan”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 11 2024 #158796
    Dr. D

    Does anyone know if they’re attacking Karkhiv? The reports seemed mixed at best. Ukraine is the one who reports this? Before it’s happened in size? Duran nor Military Summary say it’s a reconnaissance-in-force? Ukraine may be off-putting Russia – and if so, that’s the first time they’ve done anything militarily in years – by CLAIMING it is, making big counterattack, this upseating Russian attack elsewhere that was (or would be) real. That is, Russia discovers they have essentially a sudden unexpected offensive in a place they didn’t expect.

    We’ll see shortly but it seems against Russian policy and habit right now. They’re going to do what works and saves men, time is no issue.

    — I guess this is happening. question now is how much?

    New York Flight Attendants Accused Of Smuggling Millions In Drug Money To Dominican Republic

    But drug money all uses Crypto! Which is indelibly tracked. That’s why another bank (TD?) Just got charged for money laundering $600M this week. Because banks – who buy jumbo jets for Mexican Zeta cartels – don’t launder money using US$, but Crypto, which is publicly and irrevocably tracked, does! #GenslerLogic! Crypto is the problem, that’s why most US Dollars are overseas, and almost all of it is $100 bills.

    …If people swap to crypto, how are politicians supposed to take millions in bribes? You can read it on their ledger from your phone.

    Daily Dose: “’Putin is on the ropes’ as he faces ‘devastating’ blow on seized Russian cash | Bill Browder”

    Yes, the Bill Browder who was supposed to steal all Russia and set himself up as Tsar before Putin stopped him. I’m sure it’s an honest opinion.

    “Why Russia’s Military Strategy is Failing | Peter Zeihan”

    Yeah, I see that this morning — good timing. Alternate title: “Why destroying NATO by taking two twelve towns a day just isn’t enough.” WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO???

    Actually: keep it up, I love it. When me and a team of riflemen come into Paris, you’ll be in a bar drinking Absinthe and we’ll just come in the door and round you up without a shot. They’re not even aware a war is going on. Good. Never stop.

    “They Went Woke: Oscars Facing Liquidity Crisis, Launch $500 Million Fundraising Drive As Viewers Flee

    Actually, we have the power. This was the core lesson of the Enlightenment. Starting acting like it.

    “ICE Expected To Roll Out ID Program For Illegal Immigrants This Summer

    This is like arriving during a bank robbery and issuing IOUs. …As long as you put this government IOU in the empty vault, it’s all “Legal” again! We let the courts figure it out. This is why you can’t figure what these psychos will do: none of is can think that crooked like a weasel.

    “United Airlines Boeing 737 Makes Emergency Return To Japanese Airport After Wing Flap “Irregularity” 

    I’m sure planes return to the airport every day, but we just refuse to REPORT all the Airbus, etc that have issues with their Michelin tires. You can really learn something about media and manipulation here.

    “people think that is a government organization, but it’s not. It’s a private organization funded for 80% with private money”

    This is the replacement of Government with corporations, as they’ve written for decades. Or sort of a different, newer merger.

    “if they go north they lose, they go south they lose, if they stay in the middle they lose – there’s no good option”

    Yes, that’s what happens when you’re outnumbered 10:1, then 100:1 in tactics and tech. They said the same thing: “WHY didn’t Ukraine have a fallback line???” Um, reality? Resources on planet earth are limited? You might have noticed? Here’s a shovel and a plane ticket, Lindsay, Johnson, if you want to help.

    What’s the worst possible outcome for Biden and traitors in Congress? A: Give the money and have it collapse immediately anyway. Then also NATO falls, Europe falls, Markets fall, US$ falls. 8:1 on par with the Yuan.

    “• Missouri AG Accuses Biden DOJ Of Coordinating With Trump Prosecutors (ZH)

    Yes and now they’ll all arrest themselves. Wake me when somebody acts.

    ““I gave up shame years ago.”

    As Carville and the others show, if they lose – that is, become unpopular in Caitlyn’s “The Narrative” — they’ll all hang. As Kunstler says, “they keep adding crimes to cover crimes so now they HAVE to” …and the part is, we all know it now.

    ““The lesson we’ve taught Putin is that we’re a bunch of total f**king jokers..”

    That is hilarious, I’m glad someone noticed. So if we’re corrupt, hollow, worthless has-beens, then the Pound and US$ go 8:1 on the Yuan for starts, right? Understand?

    “• Biden Faces Impeachment Over Israel Weapons Suspension (RT)

    Do it, DO IT!!!! …Point is, Trump trips on a plane, Biden trips on a plane 5x. This is exactly what they said Trump was doing not giving arms to Ukraine. …And likewise Biden HAS been giving arms. So wtf?

    Chicken wire: or more like, Camera Tricks. You can see it in person quite well.

    Love the Chinese blocks, very nice. And good the be proud of your culture and lean into what makes you great and yourself.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 10 2024 #158739
    Dr. D

    The Raven: Checking his mail.

    “Trump Mulls Deploying Special Forces To Assassinate Mexican Drug Lords: Report 

    Those guys are the rogue CIA. Kill them all.

    “Bob Iger Insists Disney Stock Drop Not Caused By Failure Of Latest Movie ‘Gay Black Pinocchio Protests For Palestine’ –BBee

    “’The Jews Killed Christ!’ Says Man Whose Sin Killed Christ” — BBee

    For the election season: “12 Women Come Forward Alleging They Were Sexually Assaulted By Whoever Trump’s VP Pick Is
    — Bbee

    Speaking of being a joke, how can this not be a set up?
    “Chris Cuomo Admits Taking “Regular” Doses Of Ivermectin After Previously Saying Those Who Took It Should Be “Shamed”

    “Ivermectin was a boogeyman during COVID. That was wrong. We were given bad information about Ivermectin. The real question is, why?” Why, Chris? Perhaps its because you and Don Lemon were on-air daily providing a constant stream of misinformation …”

    “‘Joe Rogan was right. … that’s not what matters. What matters is, the entire medical community knew that Ivermectin couldn’t hurt you.”

    Joe Rogan being right and you attacking him nearly to death IS what matters. It matters a lot. “But let’s not worry about who did what to whom…” “What difference does it make at this point???” — Hillary.

    ““My doctor was using it during COVID on her family and on her patients, and it was working for them. So. They were wrong to play scared on that. Didn’t know that at the time…”

    YOU got it outlawed, illegally stopped doctors using it, ILLEGALLY prevented pharmacies from dispensing it. And we DID know it at the time: that doctor knew, clearly, WE knew – that’s why we were talking, Dr. Fauci knew – he put his signature on the SARS paper that used related drug HCQ. So EVERYBODY knew. You STOPPED them.

    Hey, is tackling a guy trying to save a drowning man a crime? That contributes to multi-mass death? Gotta think so. Man 2, contributing to a death? 2-5, possibly as long as 10 years? Do you get a new charge for each time you were on camera and re-upped the prevention of saving people? Lies kill, people. And Lies kill people. That’s why you can’t tolerate them, nor the liars. How about I go swap the “Aspirin” and “Poison” labels in the grocery store for you. Victimless crime! All I did was slightly misrepresent it, aka “Lie”. It’s just a paperwork error!!

    Speaking of crimes that contribute to mass murder: “CISA, FBI Resuming Talks With Social Media Firms Over Disinformation Removal, Senate Intel Chair Says

    Yeah, I remember the “Monitor and Regulate speech” clause in the Constitution. Illegal in every way, but also where does the money come from? If government is too small, they don’t have 30,000 extra people around to do this stuff. Shut off the money. Nothing stops without the money. Remember that expert this week, “Why do we tax if we just print the money anyway?” A: “Duhhh, I dunno…” That’s this: WE are the taxed. WE hold the purse strings. Then they run through the HOUSE for budget. If you print money instead of taxing, WE are no longer their masters, the BANKS are. THEY now hold the purse strings. Shut off the money.

    “We Asked 380 Top Climate Scientists What They Felt About the Future: They are terrified, but determined to keep fighting.” The Guardian

    Determined to keep hiding data and refusing discussion. No data, No discussion: That’s Scienz!™ And reporting complete made-up irrelevant crap? That’s The Guardian!™

    Speaking of Cuomo reversal, this popping up all over, why the change of heart?
    “No One Knows What Universities Are For –Bureaucratic bloat has siphoned power away from instructors and researchers.” The Atlantic

    Atlantic. Being anti-college. Going full Mike Rowe/Dirty Jobs. Okay 25 years too late, way, WAY over the horizon but why now? Like Ivermectin, we’ve been saying this for decades in public and were all told we were stupid, ignorant, hateful, neanderthals. But now, it’s okay! All good!!! Approved Big Brother sez so, so you will be popular at the Mean Girlz table again.

    Cartoon: Congress is really a self-parody isn’t it? Normally cartoonists have to hyperbole and exaggerate, but nope.

    Okay, being useful, THE PEOPLE HAVE TO SEE THIS. They have to see what’s going on, and they’re BUSY, busy not collapsing in bankruptcy, so it has to be pretty big and really stupid to get their attention. Yes, being here $100k is about middle class now, but note that’s on two incomes (which it also shouldn’t be. Thanks to doubling the labor pool and abandoning/abusing all kids by removing their mothers) $100k is BARE middle class. Two at $70k each would be upper middle class. Problem? …And then something happens…Like the woman VP stays home for the kids 3-5 years. Health issue. Someone gets unemployed or starts a business, etc. Then it’s all blown up again. Instability is something “Capitalism” doesn’t like. It likes to invest in predictability then get the returns of that risk on investment. Think of it like buying a very specific bending machine. Or a college education. You need to pay that back for a bit, then after reaching zero, make a little on it to do the next thing. That takes TIME where nothing changes. No stability = disaster = high risk, which is what inflationary crashing is. Everyone goes to the casino instead of working because the risk is the same but possible payoffs are higher.

    “Fani Willis and Nathan Wade had sex in the Fulton County evidence office.”

    Is that evidence tampering? “What is this DNA???”

    Larry Johnson – reminds me Dr. Rich should get on the speaking circuit. I wanted to remind that if he does, which seems possible, the Navy may cut off his pension and if he has something really interesting to say (and sounds like he might) they’ll kill him. It’s only responsible to mention it, esp if I keep haranguing him about it, I want to admit I do know why that’s not an easy option. I understand. But then respect when Ritter or Johnson does this too.

    Okay, If I had Ritters’ control files – and I don’t know his situation, I just want to say this as an idea – I’d say, “Hey, you did bad things? (Yes) You want to redeem yourself? (Yes) You’re a Marine? (Yes) Put yourself right in the line of fire and get shot at every day getting our message out. As long as you do that, we’ll just put you on the bottom of the pile of people we need to expose and discredit. Right? You’re burning daylight, pilgrim, this is your one chance.”

    Now do you see why I don’t care if his information is good? — I – am not his investigator and prosecutor, if it were on my desk, I’d have to act on it, but it’s not. Like Ike, I only care if what he’s telling us is TRUE. And so far it seems to be. People do bad things: do we just KILL them, their lives are over, forever? That seems like a psychopath. Or is there REDEMPTION, can they pay their debt? Offset the bad with good action?

    Christianity has redemption. Others don’t. So what do you do if you’re “Born bad”, and there’s no redemption? There’s no end of fighting. “In for a penny, in for a pound.” Dick Turpin HAS to kill everyone, as it makes no difference after the first gold watch – you can’t hang twice. DON’T make it like that. You won’t like the results. We’ve ALL done bad things – perhaps terrible things – give it a rest.

    “Evidence tampering. Throw out the whole case.”

    Yes, but did Jack have SEX on the evidence? I mean before he/they mailed it to Mar a Lago.

    “a box of documents were re-arranged. Prosecutors did not disclose the exact reason why the materials may have been shifted.”

    Oh, I think we know why now…

    “‘I’ve been doing this for 60 years, and I don’t understand what crime he’s been charged with.”

    The crime is: We Don’t Like You. You will bring our century of theft to an end. Convicted in NY, then the Democratic Speaker Johnson will pass a law removing Trump from the election. It doesn’t have to be Legal. Or Logical. #Logos has got nothing to do with it. Logos, order, is our enemy. In a #Logos, rational, sane world, we’d all be school janitors and not Judges and Congressmen. You want us to go back there? Nuh-uh.

    “• Democrats Attack Judge for Delaying Trump Florida Trial (Turley)

    Expect one to show up there with a roll of duct tape to kidnap, and/or shoot up the baseball field he’s on. It’s tradition.

    “As a criminal defense counsel, I have handled classified material cases and they are notoriously slow. Smith could have prosecuted this case in the shorter time frame if he simply charge obstruction.”

    Yes, but ALSO if it was pressed WHEN IT HAPPENED, and not decades later. That’s against the law (but extremely hard to prove): you can’t just keep known felonies on the people in your town and blackmail them all with that you will finally remember and press charges if they don’t do your bidding. If you’re aware of a crime, you have to prosecute it, or it drops. In a “Speedy trial”.

    But that’s the law and we don’t do that. How many levels here now?

    1) Don’t prosecute
    2) Prosecute some not others
    3) Prosecute the person not the crime
    4) Delay prosecution for leverage
    5) Wiretap everyone without a warrant to get evidence.
    6) Fish for evidence to convict the man, not crime
    7) Slow walk the investigation/prosecution

    …I’m sure the list of 4A, etc illegalities would be identical to the Black’s Law Encyclopedia, so I’ll spare you. If it’s illegal, they do it first and foremost. The law is not a defense against immoral people and bad actors. YOU are. YOU need to stop them, with YOUR morality, your actions.

    But where does “Morality” come from, something larger than yourself? But “What is ‘Truth’ anyway?” Pontius Pilot said.

    “One of the persistent problems in intelligence analysis is what experts call “mirror imaging.” This is jargon for an analytic flaw in which the analyst assumes that his beliefs and preferences are shared by an adversary.”

    It’s called being a Retard. Rickards is being nice. They also follow like every other of 15 Logical Fallacies.

    “You may be rational, but the mullahs who rule Iran are not.”

    Like this one: Ad Hominem Attacks. A retard. The mullahs are perfectly rational, they just have different root assumptions than you. Like “God exists.” There’s a difference.

    “• US Defenseless Against Russian Hypersonic Missiles, Iranian Drones – DoD (Sp.)

    They need us to be attacked, have a world war, so they can default on the debt. I swear to God that’s what this is. Why should they care? Dr. No claims he’ll keep them all safe in their bunkers. Honest. If it collapses without WWIII everyone will know who’s responsible and hang them.

    So “Please Russia, we’re helpless – flap flap – I’m just a poor bird with a broken wing – flap flap” Cue blue-leaning space lasers. And Aurora Black-bombers.

    Boeing: Okay so I’m an investor and we’re about to start WWIII. I’d love to buy Boeing, but the price is too high to buy in here. What do you do? There are hundred billion at stake as Boeing is that size company. Could I pay off a few, 10 million to assembly and airport workers, a mere $5k per Congressmen to “Look into it” for me? Now there’s a motive.

    “The US Navy faces delays in vessel repairs and a sluggish pace in construction of new warships.”

    I mean, that IS a problem. However, all surface ships can be destroyed from space with 100% certainty. Do you really want, is it really worth it to invest in surface ships right now? We I say “We can’t make ships” I more mean we can’t make ANY ships, like dredging barges, cargo to oil rigs, bulk tankers, etc, not so much Navy cruisers, although the two work together and we need to retain that knowledge.

    “We’ve already turned it around,” Biden bizarrely claimed, before adding that “the polling data has been wrong all along.”

    The two argument defenses are #Opposites. And you tell me this is not a staged setup?

    “US Senate aide Tara Reade, who rose to prominence after accusing Joe Biden of having sexually assaulted her back in 1993.”

    Now you see why women don’t come forward. This is now your life legacy and all you worked for. You did a thousand things, were a staffer doing good work, and THIS is all anyone will remember. …And that’s ASIDE from being slandered/exiled/killed. Democrats with rolls of duct tape will be prowling your driveway, as they do all Supreme Court Justices (while Garland doesn’t care).

    “the FBI and the DOJ had come close to indicting her, they wouldn’t disclose what her supposed crime was”

    Crime? We don’t need no steenking crime! We make s—t up! We plant evidence. We’ll mail it to your house.

    “These [actions] are part of the general policy of Western elites of inciting more and more regional conflicts, interethnic and interreligious hostility, and restraining the development of sovereign independent states,” Putin stated,

    Note: WHO would do such a thing? Make war, division, strife, poverty, worldwide, universal? And why? What is their religious foundation for promoting such a world?

    Dolores Cahill, Scientist.

    She can’t be a Scientist: she has evidence and discusses data. We all know “The Science is Settled™” “Tony (The Science) Fauci said it. I believe it. That settles it.” Science is when you DON’T repeat experiments. When you hide/classify/destroy data.

    Fauci is god. He alone has the sole truth, he alone chooses life, and death.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 9 2024 #158659
    Dr. D


    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 9 2024 #158657
    Dr. D

    Maybe Brugel needs to lay off the gruit beer? Or leave the nightshades out of it?

    I have to kind of lay off this, the supply of stupid people is infinite, but:

    Putin Is in Big Trouble! – Denmark Just Gave Russia a Devastating Blow” –The Military Show

    Denmark. Denmark??? Wow, who knew? Should have sent them in there before. Wonder how they’ll occupy all 12 time zones.

    “How Ukraine’s Refinery Strikes Destabilize the Entire Russian Economy” Times Radio

    Bombshell! Walls are closing in. Um, say, are any of these refineries in the center/east? Like, a LOT? Does the U.S. shut down refineries/pipes/shipping regularly for hurricanes?

    Putin’s ‘meat grinder tactics killing between 900 and 1000 Russian soldiers a day’ Philip Ingram — Times Radio

    Greeeeeeat… So how many is Ukraine losing? Because to be at par they need to lose 1/10th as many.

    “Why the next six years could be Putin’s last term in power | Mark Galeotti — Times Radio

    Regime Change! Yeah, he’ll only be there til he’s 80. (without aging) That’s much, MUCH younger than anyone in the West. #Winning! See? We did what we said, Putin’s gone (As he dies of old age in a nursing home at 91)

    It’s all over in Crimea! 8 May: Russians Witness Power of Ukrainian Navy! Russian cruisers desperately flee”

    What the…?

    Prepare for Russian COLLAPSE! General Hodges on Retaking Crimea, NATO in Ukraine and Russian Collapse | Ep. 21 Gen. Ben Hodges”

    Uh-huh. A whiff of grapeshot and the whole Russian army will disperse. Trust us. Is there ANYTHING that can bring these guys back to reality, get through to them?

    Oh, I bet there is, and it’s coming shortly.

    A little ominous? “What happens when Ukraine Wins. Why Russia Won’t Use Nukes in Ukraine | Peter Zeihan”

    And It’s the End of the World as We Know It. Oh well, that’s this world over.

    “UK Moves Against Russian Diplomatic Personnel & Sites ‘Used For Intel Purposes’

    Like I said. London will escalate forever until Russia nukes them. They think they’re untouchable. The people may not like it but they’re not alarmed and concerned enough to take the required risks, just like people of Ukraine haven’t. We’re “further away” but like I said, zero reaction or concern here. ZERO.

    “RFK Warns That The WHO Is On The Verge Of Passing Its Pandemic Treaty

    The WHO is not a government. They don’t pass treaties. Neither do they have an army. They also have no money. Make Me.

    “Democrats Join Republicans To Block Greene’s Bid To Oust Speaker Johnson

    There you go: Johnson is officially a Democrat, and the Speaker of the Democrats. Say it like it is.

    “None of what she had to say was relevant to any of the charges”

    Trying to catch both sides, I clicked this looked like “Freedom Toons”:

    Great setup, nice art, cool direction, and ….nothing. Wtf is this? W.T.F is this????? They are every meme about how the Left can’t meme! Freedom Toons himself often fixes all their memes FOR them, which is funny it’s so feckless, and top reason is, they go on and on and on with words. They think a meme is a snappy short piece about the length of “Das Kapital”. That’s it: just cut-paste Das Kapital + picture = meme.

    So that’s it here, the whole quote of Stormy Daniels, verbatum, unedited, which as they say is pointless and unedited, is a “Cartoon” that “Saves Democracy”. All I can think from her quote is “What’s wrong with the other guy that a guy like this has no trouble beating him????” What’s really going on here? You lost to an 80 year old game show host? Daniels, keeping up her end: She said PAY ME EXTORTION OR ELSE I’ll trash you with stupid, salacious comments on TV, andshe kept her promise.

    Now I really respect that. Does it take a extortion, blackmailing, racketeering porn star these days to be the only woman who is a man of her word? Nobody else is. So yes, I don’t care, and sadly, as it’s blackmail, I’d probably have to indict and press for jail time. But I STILL appreciate her being honest! …In this weird way, the only way we have left, I guess.

    Okay, not in their stuff but the direct quote, classic woman! The Matriarchy! WHYYYY do you make me say these things?? Although she’s already legally said this didn’t happen, AND legally paid penalties for it… she says he “Pressured” her. And? No – Gasp – he said he’d make her famous in a beauty show. And? No – gasp – he leaned in on her in their hotel room to convince her to sleep with him. And? And – Gasp – she said she didn’t want to BUT DID IT ANYWAY.

    Uh, that means “consent”? I don’t know how else you figure that. But – gasp – she didn’t want to do it A LOT. She only said okay and wanted to a LITTLE. AND?

    And – gasp — she didn’t know his STD status and didn’t want to without protection. And? AND THEN DID IT ANYWAY, without protest or further discussion, according to her. So what’s the “Classic” part here, (and it pains me to say it, please stop) she says – Quote – “But he should have known.” YOU GAVE CONSENT. HTF is he supposed to “Know”? He “Should have known” you felt not a little strongly, but slightly higher than a little strongly, but not very strongly, at which point you would have told him, said something, done anything? A: Yes. AND THAT’S A CRIME, the creep!!!

    This is what I’m talking about nationwide here: you GAVE CONSENT, and It’s Still Rape. If I didn’t like it, after. Maybe I regret it in a few days, a week, a month. Let’s do it I guess, and find out, maybe I WILL like it, but probably not. I give consent but also Not-Consent. W.T.F.? Backsies! Happened but didn’t happen!

    Great! Feminine-masculine aside, How does that work legally? Can I give you my old lawn mower, regret it next week and have you arrested? Is that where we are? And then un-regret it and say nevermind? Legal, logical actions follow, so legal, logical things need to start.

    Anyway, EVEN what she said wasn’t a crime and make her look like a lunatic. Makes me wonder what planet she lives in that this is supposed to work.

    “build +50,000 of these things when a majority thought it was a crazy endeavor since an EV future was such a distant dream”

    Are you high? Government PAID him to do this which was a money loser and Government SAID they were outlawing all Combustion cars by now OR ELSE. They had non-stop PR day and night about how this wasn’t a distant dream but ready today for everyone. I remember because I had to post all the cobalt, lithium, grid, substation numbers to slow down their fantastical lies. But now nobody said that. We were always at war with Estasia.

    The sad part is that there haven’t been improvements since then, esp in self-driving which is going backward but still killing everyone regularly. It seems likely there won’t be improvements, if you look at energy-density physics.

    “”I can’t imagine how the Court of Appeals in New York that reversed the Harvey Weinstein conviction, which was as harder case to reverse, wouldn’t reverse this conviction if it got up there.”

    You’re kidding, right? The same NY State that brought this case to begin with? And upheld all their Covid rules? And rules daily that the NYS Constitution which requires gun-rights is just reversed? There is no Rule of Law, you people. We Make S—t Up.

    ““providing DA Willis with the option to simply remove Wade confounds logic and is contrary to Georgia law.”

    No kidding, but it’s perfect as it shows the overwhelming illogic and corruption at the highest level. Thanks. Never stop talking. Couldn’t do it better myself, and don’t you find that suspicious?

    “Well first of all I don’t even think they have the authority to subpoena me,”

    I’d be very interesting in finding out how they wouldn’t have the ability to oversee corruption in the State of Georgia to the level at which they’re not even allowed to ask questions. I guess Fani is the Governor now! …Who the Legislature can also subpoena.

    ““was caused by a worm that got into my brain”

    Maybe doctors want to pipe up here and tell me how it crosses the blood-brain barrier and how many such species of parasites there are.

    “you are over-producing; and if you don’t stop it, we will sanction you to death.”

    I say great: China, stop sending Europe anything.

    “who as recently as September were already bathing in the good waters of Crimea, have now moved on to the certainty that Russian troops will not stop at the Dnepr and perhaps not even at the Danube, Rhine or Elbe.”

    From the (Volga) River the Sea. ‘Cause Russia needs more land. They need some Leibensraum. 12 time zones can’t contain 100M people. Or they want the economic powerhouse and love-fest that is grenade capital of the world + the 2nd most miserable country on earth. But yes, Toss Logic right out of here. That was Yesterday, you understand? That was almost 5 minutes ago, what are you bugging me about that for? Now it’s the #OPPOSITE. Like Daniels we changed our minds without telling you. RussiaPhrenia: Russia is BOTH a 3rd world gas station with the GDP of Holland AND is controlling every election and taking over the world.

    “Borrell says that the U.S. is no longer hegemonic and that China has already become a superpower, something that Brzezinski had promised would never happen again; or the statistics on the U.S. economy, which say that it grew by only 1.6% in the first quarter of 2024,”

    Everything in this paragraph is relevant. I’ll just say we’ve been in stiff contraction of +1% since 2001. It could be reversed any time. We’ve been vaporizing all production and all talent and productive workers since 1971. It could be reversed any time. Too soon? Waiting for a special invitation? These things add up. What’s even 1.5% compounded 25 years? 25% drop in GDP covered by Bond-kiting?

    Again, it’s THEIR country. They are the owners and managers. If things work smoothly, productively for the factory machinists, the call center workers, the OWNERS are richer. I constantly hear “Capitalists!” “They’re in it for the money.” No. They are not. They are making LESS money than ever and getting POORER. They have LESS power than ever, less ability, control, influence. If they make THEIR country stronger and I dunno, able to produce shells, then THEY become rich and important. They’re doing the #Opposite. That’s half what we’re pissed off about down here. Suppose the country was awesome and just I wasn’t getting well-paid. Seriously I wouldn’t care nearly as much. Not like the country being invaded, burned, and ceasing to exist.

    “392 year old Greenland Shark”

    EXACTLY 392? How can you tell? And happy birthday, I’ll get you a blunderbuss.

    Snow Leopard looks hungry. But they’re always hungry in nature. As Rogan said about a bear, “Killed something yesterday, killed something this morning, kill something else tomorrow…” That’s how it works.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 8 2024 #158647
    Dr. D

    (Sorry, I seem to be in a sharp mood tonight. I’ll go lie down.)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 8 2024 #158646
    Dr. D

    Hey, wasn’t it Ike who gassed families, women and children in the bonus army, then killed 500,000 Germans in Help Camps in the occupation AFTER the war?

    How long do you want to keep swapping “Eisenhower did bad stuff” playing cards?

    Luckily, most generals never kill no one and don’t do nothin’ bad. Like McClellan. If you kill no one, have no bad habits like drinking, history really remembers you. https://archive.nytimes.com/opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/11/27/lincolns-do-nothing-generals/

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 8 2024 #158645
    Dr. D

    Rich: They’re the talk show circuit, although Sarah Westall may be better. HereLetMeGoogleThatForYou.com. But it’s no good being snarky he’s on Radio and you’re not: so? Get on radio yourself and debate him or something. I can’t listen to you if you’re not on. Actually, I’d stick to your story and just mention him in passing, it’s not good, doesn’t get views to just pick somebody out and accuse. Anybody can do that and you know much more.

    Always the employee’s fault: Yeah I remember when Wells Fargo made like 100,000 comepletely fake, fraudulent accounts and then overdrafted them, charging fees. The Company said the Call Center people made it up! All on heir own!

    Aspnaz: You have to be here. Don’t nobody DGAF about Israel, Gaza, or Jews. It’s all TV. If the words are in their mouth, two seconds later they’ll have forgot.

    Oh wait, I guess that doesn’t make sense. YOU care about Jews more than any single thing on earth, past, present or future. You check the Jews before pouring cornflakes in the morning and check again after you pull the covers over your head at night. No other people exist, so why think about them? Why talk to me/us? You already know we have no free agency and have never made a single decision in our lives, it was all THEM. We’re like rocks, doorknobs, dummy cardboard props.

    Look: if you think – agree with them lavishly – the people are dumb cattle who decide nothing, go nowhere, incapable of reason and can never act as you do, and IF you think it’s the farmer who acts, decides, and chooses it all, Why you down here talking to the cows? You already know we can’t understand you. You already know the only person on earth who has free will is the farmer: go talk to him.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 8 2024 #158625
    Dr. D

    Dr. Rich: Have you called Garland Nixon and Danny Haiphong for a booking and told them what you’d say? Not sure who’s keeping you off the circuit, sounds spicy.

    I think you misunderstand me. It’s more like these guys are so bad, EVEN Eisenhower warned about them. That’s why his warning has special merit.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 8 2024 #158590
    Dr. D

    “AfD Politician Convicted For Warning About Gang Rapes

    Post truth society. Truth is arrested and jailed wherever it’s found. Now how well do societies work on this basis? Good? Or Bad?

    “AstraZeneca Pulls Covid Vaccine After Admitting Rare Side Effect

    Safe and Effective.

    “Yes, The Constitution Does Matter… A Lot
    Suffice to say that without the Constitution, America would be an entirely different place.

    The Constitution doesn’t protect you: WE do. It’s our belief in it, not the paper. This is important because if IT saves you, then it’s outside of you, it’s the Government, so to speak. If it delineates our BELIEFS, that is, our best distillation of TRUTH, then it’s entirely different. It’s the latter. Any Government that does not adhere to Physics, Natural Law, will inherently be in conflict with the people and will be destroyed. THAT is the point and message of the Constitution. It will be destroyed by being discredited and lose the consent and support of the people. YOU. Me. Everyone. It can’t get anything done, no one signs up for the military, and it ends. The Constition is a warning and limit on GOVERNMENT, not us.

    “FBI File On Jeff Bezos’ Grandfather, A DARPA Co-Founder, Has Been Destroyed

    Like Bill Gates. Self-made man. …He Just grew up where IBM CEO sat at the dinner table with him and his father, discussing Black-killing eugenics. I’m sure we all grew up like that though, right? …And that’s why Bill Gates is the world’s most famous doctor today…

    “Rural Western North Carolina Community Protests ‘Covert’ Plans For EV Battery Plant

    Government now always involved in business. Business can never exist without government. A perfect merger where the State controls the means of production.

    “’Clothes Off, Bra On, Missionary Position’: “I just think I blacked out.” Stormy Goes Into Specifics During Trump Trial

    You mean the woman who also legally testified this did NOT happen? She and Cohen are peas in a pod.

    “Will foreigners be able to choose our next president?”

    Clearly all Russian should all vote as that’s okay now. Oh wait: they already rigged our last two elections. Right CNN, Fox?

    …But not 2000, and AIPAC has no influence in lobbying, media.

    “• RFK Jr. Challenges Trump To Debate (RT)

    This would be good as we haven’t had a third party turnover in 100 years. BOTH parties need to be destroyed and replaced but that’s not game-theory practicable. And he shouldn’t be afraid of expressing his own ideas. I understand how things are now, but in the larger picture, with a sane population, this should be done.

    “the foundations of Russian statehood include “interethnic harmony, the preservations of the traditions of all peoples living in Russia”

    This is the key intolerable for the “Garden People”. Europe and the Europhile racists that now dominate the U.S.: “Harmony”. Order. The Tao, the Way. They, the Anglos, MUST have divide and conquer. And that means non-stop conflict, every day, forever. And Why? So they can steal.

    ““In 1999, Russia wasn’t facing attacks from without from foreign influence, but rather attacks from within,” Ritter said, pointing to the deep infiltration of Western economic and political interests, and Western values, both into Russia’s government, and among ordinary citizens. “This was a Russia that had lost touch with itself,” the observer said. Over Putin’s tenure, Russia has gradually “purged” itself of these attitudes, Ritter said, with the conflict in Ukraine serving as a catalyst accelerating Russia’s transformation, forcing elites and ordinary citizens alike to reconsider who they are and what defines them.”

    That’s us. As usual, whatever you do to others happens to yourself. It’s a long slog, like for them, but that’s okay. Church and morality will be the key, or the indicator. Like Kunstler and many other, former normal Americans, going through the 90s have said, “If there’s no such thing as evil I want my money back.” That is, there’s now no other explanation.

    ““.. to bring about a fundamentally new quality of life for our people and a real, tangible increase in their prosperity.’”

    That’s the other Intolerable here. El Salvador, Venezuela, Iran, how dare they increase their people’s GDP and happiness by increasing BP’s pumping fee by 2%! This Aggression Will Not Stand!! #EconomicHitMan.

    “There is systemic racism in the United States, against whites.”

    Yes, and also racism against other groups too, although less openly and less proudly. Gee, it’s almost like you can’t legislate what’s in people’s hearts and souls. Like you can’t outlaw emotions, like hate. But why is that? Because you will always get more of this unless you follow Dr. King’s Dream of “Content of your character and not the color of your skin.” They do the #Opposite. Ask them. They’ll very proudly say so.

    “It used to have an excellent reputation. Gone in just a few years.
    • Boeing Investigated Over Falsified Plane Records (RT)

    Clearly there is a very powerful, very high-level, 1st order attack on Boeing. Why or from who I don’t know, or why. Like: why??? Sure they’re douchebags, and they’ve been dropping, but not like this. This is clearly someone planting/bribing/forcing. And it’s odd there are no suspects at all. Okay, qui bono? If you take out Boeing as this clearly plans, what happens next? Dow drops a little, Airbus picks up the slack? So? Why?

    These guys don’t hide because the people are so credible there’s no need. They can tell you, poke you, take a picture, send it to you, print it in Time Magazine, and you’ll STILL cover for them, deny it, and believe Daddy is good. But if this is a set-up, which seems it has to be, whoever it is is hiding AND very deft and clever, with no narcissistic traits that they need to show off. Who is that? And the whistleblowers seem actually dead, so how does that fit?

    ““Mature fast casual dining and chip companies selling for 70x earnings are fantasy-land nonsense and yet both are the case right here, right now.”
    • Breathe Deep….. (Denninger)

    Yeah, we’re unaccustomed, it’s “Impossible” because none of us by definition have lived in a hyperinflation. — They don’t last long. What do we have? Fed still on it (AND bankrupt, AND banks are failing, admitted one by one) AND TRILLION dollar deficits, AND $1 TRILLION every 100 days, AND “no unemployment” AND a collapsing economy.

    So…if everything’s so great, Powell, Biden, why you need this stimulus, any stimulus at all? (He asks since 2001). Both. Neither. Ai.

    Keynesianism would say (who are all the #Opposite of Keynes, but being #Anti is their trademark) that can’t happen. But it can and does often and there are 100 books on it. Every nation in South America knows, France, Germany, Hungary all know. You print money, this happens. And all the money rushes to the Rich speculators who can protect themselves and capitalize…until it doesn’t and collapses. The poor are wiped out, income disparity goes infinite, no one is safe, and no work is done. Perfect route to poverty and misery. And all you have to do is be honest and stop. But when criminal and gamblers are honest, they will lose all their power to useful, productive people and shrink, fail, stop. So they can’t. Think George Bush or Joe Biden can be elected without wild over the top widespread corruption? Infinite money to pay for it? Nope. So they would all be janitors after closing at Cracker Barrel, Wilkes-Barre. Their kids too. And who wants that?

    As they say, you can vote your way into it, but shoot your way out of it. Maybe we’re not that far, but it’s a chilling truth.

    For me, cars everywhere still, can’t understand it. Stores “full” or adequate, talk to them, everybody’s broke, about to bankrupt. Why you spending money then? Nothing matters and anything goes. Why? Because it’s the same since 2000, saving money would have crushed you then, it crushes you now, yet no one went bankrupt so why should they now? That is, the entire system is unmoored from reason, logic, #Logos. Has been for a generation now. Stupid things win, smart, hard work fails. And vice versa, in monkey dart board fashion. All feedback, consequences, have been removed. Or randomized, more. This is the hallmark of late-stage inflations and currency collapses. >>>>> You are Here. <<<<<

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 7 2024 #158536
    Dr. D


    This is fascinating to me since I don’t see this anywhere. From anyone. Strictly an artifact of the media “Making s—t up” so I’ve been looking, yet somehow got all sorts to say it’s happening (without pointing to specific examples). Dore said this for example, and yes without an incident. That’s unusual on both counts. ARE we seeing it and I’m missing it? I’ve been busy. I see it from Shapiro, Congress, Fox, etc, but they’re not “People”. They’re all paid setups for decades. The RIght I know is indifferent since the issues involved are complex, but generally think they’re getting a raw deal.

    Speaking of Paid setups, remember those identically-dressed Khaki guys Not. One. on the Right side thought was real? They all thought they were gay AF? Yeah, it’s election season so “Then a miracle happened” and they’re back. But time has passed so the Whitmer case legally demonstrated – Shocking! — they were all always FBI and now we have the receipts. But they need to entrap/burn things/rig elections so they’re back! Commenter said, “Well if you can’t recognize them at this point isn’t it really just your own fault?”

    “Journalists Rush To Get Story Out Before It Can Be Ruined By The Facts” –Bbee

    Why rush? “Putin loses battlefield nuclear capability as troops become too degraded in Ukraine | George Barros” – Times Radio
    “”Recently There have not been any kind of operationally significant gains that threatened to fundamentally unhinge Ukraine’s ability to defend the rest of the province.”

    A new town every 12 hours ‘tis but a scratch. Two more this morning. This guy isn’t that bad, very straight, but the point of asking, having him on is that “The Russians are bluffing”, we can attack Russia in any way we want and they’ll never escalate and go nuclear. This specific guy may know the details of that, but the headlines and presentation don’t.

    So, Times Radio is MI6, which directs us, so their plan remains escalation. Got it.

    Other side, I think Napalitano, that the West has decided that, since they’re losing, that means Putin is bluffing QED. about re-starting training on tactical nukes in Europe! Yup, now here I say they have no human emotions, while they have the warped emotions of a gambler who already lost, then mortgaged the house without telling his wife, then lost, and now needs to rob a bank so he can get that One Big Win that will recover all his losses in one hand.

    Okay, work through this, because there are details: when we say “Nuke” the mind generally moves to worldwide SatanII MAD mega-ton ICBM continental exchange. No. It’s not like that now. Actually that’s more dangerous.

    MAD is what KEPT people from using them, that was the point, but they’ve disassembled all social and legal safeguards. “They” being the CIA Derp Staters like Dulles was, TRYING to get a nuclear exchange 2, 3, 4 times and only narrowly stopped. Once by Dead Presidents. Now, we have pocket nukes and battlefield nukes (and probably more) which is what they’re fighting over. The yield of an F16 nuke is small. The B61 is up to a 50 kiloton bomb, that’s two Nagasakis. However, can be Dialed down to 10, 1 or 0.3KT. That is, we use it just to take out the town like Avdiivka where the Russians are amassing 15,000 men and 1,000 tanks. Normal stuff, right? (Killing 15k Russian uniformed soldiers in one blow is ‘nothing”, “Conventional”…oh nevermind)

    What does that mean? If you’re a general, then you say “What’s the difference? This is just conventional ordinance, same as ATACMS only slightly larger. Let’s use it.” Discussed as “Lowering the nuclear threshold” which seems benign. Sure. And they’re right. Except that isn’t how it goes. If you’re in a duel with six shooters and someone shows up with a sniper, 50 cal, or a sopworth strafing Main Street what is the other guy going to do? That’s what narcissistic sociopaths can’t understand THAT there IS another guy. That’s how we got here so far that Russia would do what they’re told, wouldn’t adjust, respond, escalate.

    So we take off from Romania– or even Lviv, who cares – and drops a “Tiny” nuke to hold Russia at the Dniper, mentally conceding the whole Eastern half and wanting to go to surrender and negotiate, but planning a DMZ. You know, very plausible, for them very conciliatory. RUSSIA DOESN’T KNOW THAT. In fact, the OTHER point of the Derp State Dulles behavior was to make them NOT think that, by betraying every word you’ve said for 30 years. This causes miscalculations. So IF they see an F16, ANYWHERE in the sky, airbased in ANY country, they will ALSO counter-nuke EVERYTHING. Like this, best case:

    Holland sends an F16, it flies from Lviv carrying, hey I dunno, conventional bombs, who cares. Russia sees it and then ALSO pocket-nukes Lviv airfield and ALSO nukes the “Decision making centers” they’ve specifically named, any F16 airbases in Romania, and the NATO brains and radar, refueling in Poland to push the envelope back. THEY’RE NOT KIDDING. And we have nothing to stop them.

    Then Russia “nuked” NATO. NATO can’t allow this, so they mobilize with two girl scouts and a fiat. Sending larger missiles out, hitting Belgorod with very heavy missiles they DO have (we have no low-end “escalation dominance”) which come “From Ukraine” although they’re just USUK missiles, straight up with USUK operators.

    …Then Russia decides USUK has declared war on them and nukes London, NY, and DC with sub-nukes. The End.

    Every scenario ends with rapid, uncontrollable escalation. Russia sees this as existential. We see it as a cartoon, a game. We just Make S—t Up that “they must be bluffing” ‘cause we wanna. We wanna really bad, so that makes it true! Being here, there is ZERO fear. Even as they use the word “nuke” no lights go on in the brain. Nooo many words, too many lies, too many years, every one of which wasn’t true. Now we ignore everything. Zero concern is registered. ZERO. Not down here, and certainly not up in Langley. “Sleep-walking” into WWI is too mild.

    So there’s your problem: not that nukes are too large but because they’re too small and easy to use. We specifically cut off all communication with Russia to insure maximum opportunity to project our whacked psychology on their actions – well known – and to get maximum chance for mistakes – well known – and like Zelensky, to essentially outlaw all peace, anywhere, in any conditions, as Traitorous. RussiaRussiaRussia if you didn’t think this was planned in 1979 with Brzezinski or a day after the Charge of the Light Brigade.

    Let’s take another side: IF they do…well, anything...all our systems use GPS. Russia will rapidly decide to extend from our Nuke/ICBM type weapons, to taking out the satellites that direct them. Maybe first. Who knows how mad we would be about that as it’s never been done. But that would be a weird sort of EMP, as GPS runs everything. Every ship, every Amazon truck, like connected to info on Just-in-Time inventory, like everywhere. And all our military, note. Worse – and pretty likely actually – taking out the 5+ sats that run the area is likely to set off a Kessler Event with shrapnel flying 30,000mph through that whole strata of space for years. That is: you can’t put up another satellite to replace it, even a civilian one. Not for years. As I constantly say, we have no systems to adjust, counter, go around satellites, software is all dorked beyond belief even on a normal day, and although it’s probably fixable, it requires engineers and a mindset we lost in like 1992. That is: KISS. STOP having features, glossy front-ends. Make some robust, simple, interchangeable engineering on the back end. They would rather be eaten by a thousand badgers than make a product that works (but isn’t “cool”). It would get done, but we’re talking 10 years? With a very altered world?

    Those are just SOME of the things that happen when we “Make S—t Up” that Russia is bluffing. Nor can Russia stop it or help us. Only we can. WE have to come to our senses and stop being completely foaming insane. Stop the Mass Formation Psychosis run off the little blue square.

    “The last thing I want to consider is jail.”

    Become ungovernable. Last thing we wants is jail: that has to be the greatest joke of the year so far.

    “It now seems to be safe to say that they wanted an “insurrection.”

    The only thing that matters here is, “did this become consensus reality” which for me is a really infuriating question. Reality is Reality, it’s not a popularity contest. About 80% of the people feel differently. Reality is whatever it’s okay to say.

    “Moscow will retaliate against British targets in Ukraine or elsewhere if Kiev uses UK-provided missiles to strike Russian territory,”

    They already have. Many times. So they feel comfortable they’ll get away with anything, everything, whatever they think in their minds. But Russia may mean the COMMAND centers, who think they’re so safe. NATO HQ in Brussels, Berlin, Poland, etc. Understand what that means? Suppose Russia leaves a 1/4 Mile crater in downtown Brussels for you to think about.

    ““We have those reports that [French President Emmanuel] Macron is crazy enough to want to send French troops into battle there in Ukraine, and… the Russians actually have claimed to have killed seven of them this morning,” McGovern added.”

    France said he’d send troops. Russia already bombed them before they arrived. Okay: scenario, do we wait for 5k to join there and then get great “Pearl Harbor” PR when Russia bops them, or do we kill each truck of 100 as they arrive, creating no collective incident? And Macron will demand the U.S. to save them. “Do What You’re Told!!!” Nope. The U.S. couldn’t be less interested, emotionally. Even the leaders in our Vichy government are too busy having their hair on fire to bother.

    “They don’t brandish nuclear weapons. Now they are.”

    That’s because Russians don’t bluff – this is odd actually – and they never intended to use nukes before as we were formerly “Sane”. Or merely as insane as the average government is, 1940-1990.

    “Western Leaders Are ‘Infantile Morons’ – Medvedev (RT)

    Medvedev for President, 2024.

    “there will be no hiding on Capitol Hill, in the Elysee Palace or at 10 Downing Street”

    We have literally nothing to stop them. Nothing. Not officially anyway. Sure we have space lasers but it’s a long way to hit a moving cue ball from 100 miles out and target long enough to destruct. Whoops! We missed! Now there’s a 10-meter x 1km long track of laser destruction in Notting Hill.

    “• Israeli Tanks Enter Rafah (RT)

    Tanks enter and the media is focused on Chelsey and Chad protesting in Columbia. Going to get that all-important misdemeanor charge. Perfect.

    “The Beast Of Ideology Lifts The Lid On Transformation (Alastair Crooke)

    Crooke said his Euro sources say they think they got this. They are told to put down all free speech with strong violence and they will prevail. O Rlly?

    “What else can one say when Senator Tom Cotton posts: “These little Gazas are disgusting cesspools of antisemitic hate,”

    Huh? Just yesterday you told me Cotton was a Nazi. You promised! He was a White Supremacist fascist who would round up all the Jews if the got in power. What gives??? Daddy, Were you lying?

    …This is why you can’t allow little lies to turn into big lies. You cannot allow lies. You do that, next thing you know you’re putting the President on trial.

    ““..war financing schemes that yield “enormous profits” to both Kiev and Western arms manufacturers..”

    Money they can’t spend as our entire financial system will collapse. This is true of out White Hats: “Well I can’t go on that speaking circuit, I’m a high-level veteran and they’ll stop my pension.” YOUR PENSION IS ALREADY GONE, you fool. Consider it already cut off. Now go do the right thing.

    “• Russian Intelligence Claims US Wants To Replace Zelensky (RT)

    Yes. And I suspect it’s with Zu, which is why Ze threw a rod and has him under house arrest,(rumored) and why “They” were trying to get him to MI6/London as a “Diplomat”. He’s one of the top Nazis worldwide right now so Obviously a perfect fit for London. They should make him King and give a standing ovation. — No, this is definitely happening tho. Tey change the name of Al-Q to ISIS, then to ISIS-K and get backsies!

    “• China Causing De-industrialization in EU – von der Leyen (RT)

    Yellen said why: They were making too many awesome products too cheap! She ordered them to make S—t products at a high price like we do! That’ll fix ‘er.

    “The loss of access to cheap Russian natural gas has hit energy-intensive industries in Western Europe,”

    I mean I sort of understand, but to just let the largest attack on Europe, BY the United States/UK just slide like that is hard to take. AND one of the largest environmental events. AND the event that will probably cause Europe to start a 100 year decline. Really, can’t at least HINT at who dun it?

    That’s like saying the medical all-mortality in Gaza seems elevated. We’re looking into why. Um, I think you KNOW why.

    Aspnaz/why aren’t I in protests on TV: don’t underestimate the Reach of TAE, at least in the past (Raul can tell us what today’s numbers are) but yes, that’s a question I ask myself regularly. But then you also don’t know what my life is line and what I’m doing when I’m not writing here. Maybe I am protesting. Maybe I’m the organizer. Could be I’m in a wheelchair, or could be I’m Dexter, you don’t know. We all do what we can.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 6 2024 #158500
    Dr. D

    Not sure: they get really excited with any opportunity to emotionally “Let’s Pretend”, in say that 100% of the U.S. are White Nationalist Nazi fascists, but then learn nothing, do nothing, save nothing, train nothing, and shop on Amazon with the same guys they say are Nazis. So if you ask them, it’s a little possible they’ll get excited and elated by the idea, but: Goldfish! Two seconds later it never happened, they never believed, it, and you never asked.

    …Get #Logic right out of your thinking.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 6 2024 #158483
    Dr. D

    …Come to think of it that does make sense. If they know they’re over the horizon on Devolution, they already lost the Center, then their backup position is to try to get States to fight.

    Like, Tennessee attacks Atlanta. Only then can they win and steal and escape because if the States just do what is legal and normal — Connecticut and Hawaii go rainbow, Oklahoma and Mississippi are red and everybody leaves everybody alone — then the U.S. carries on just fine according to the Constitution the way the Founders intended. And THEN how am I going to kill everybody and steal everything? #DisasterCapitalism

    So this would make sense. They know they lost. They lost the Russian Revolution 2.0, they lost Communism, they lost the Center. But if they can get us to tear each other apart they can still salvage something out of it.

    …And I will do this for why? Wtf do I care what they do in Connecticut?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 6 2024 #158482
    Dr. D

    “Russia out of Weapons: can they still win the war?” -Military TV

    WHO are you talking to??? You think a guy wakes up in Novosibirsk and says, “Golly, I wonder what CNN is saying today?” “Boy, the BBC sure is helping me out! Telling me all these things about how we should surrender! I’m sold! My income has gone up 20x and there’s food imported worldwide in every store but this Putin guy is terrible!”

    What. The. Actual. As I say every day. Reality free zone. Get the idea of Logic right out of your head.

    However: “Putin will launch a devastating attack if Kersh bridge is struck.” –Times. More bread crumbs. They hit it, Russia cuts the Dniper, the war is over 1 week after Republicans gave the money to not get blamed…but no weapons ‘cause we ain’t got any.

    “The protests are a stress-test for network development ahead of the 2024 election”

    …And then a miracle happened. 200 days after Oct 7, not with 5k, not 10, not 20, not 30k, but RIGHT ON CUE, ALL colleges – oh wait: NOT ALL Colleges, just a score of SPECIFIC colleges – SUDDENLY all protested one day, in unison, all at once. And the media stopped whatever they were doing and covered it, ignoring everything else INCLUDING GAZA, all at once. …Oh, but only when finals are here, they could lose the whole semester, and are really busy. THAT is when I stop everything I’m doing and protest people I don’t know.

    What’s the key? Like ISIS, they love their “Flags”. Fresh, newly printed FLAGS. Must all get royalties from that screen printing shop, like ISIS did. Some people noticed:

    As he said, THAT is when I protest people I don’t know instead of becoming a dead-ss broke peasant mistreated at home.

    Funny ‘ol world. Like he says, this is not to say it isn’t worth protesting. It has nothing to do with what’s going on. But IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT’S GOING ON. What’s going on is: they pushed a button, you all jumped.

    Back to Bannon, DOES it have to be put down? Put down ‘hard”? Why? Was anyone injured? Are they not allowed? WHO is reporting this, or failing to? Failing to mention they’re not students but paid agitators? The MEDIA IS HALF THE MOVEMENT. And we know for a fact they’re paid. Look at who owns Fox, or Reuters taking millions from MI6.

    Shut off the money and it all goes away. It was never real to begin with. The Father of Lies.

    Putin: That’s the name of my new Church Group: “Our Lady of Reduced Social Responsibility”. No the reason this didn’t happen is Trump a serious germophobe. On the edge of it being a problem. And also mildly paranoid he’s being set up. Living in NYC with Epstein and Bragg all his life, I wonder why? I wonder why he tells his managerial crew for decades “Be careful who you talk to, who you meet in bars. When a beautiful woman for no reason suddenly gets close.” Because 4 decades of Stormy Daniels’ scamming shakedowns, since he was 19? ‘Cause that? THAT is why the Moscow thing never happened. But they’re “Reporters” so they don’t know how to use the “Phone” and “Ask.” …Reporters are half the Movement, just as they are paid to be. “Don’t tell anyone I’m a HACK” – NYT reporter to Hillary Clinton.

    “If you don’t vote for Trump, this great big empire is gonna crumble.”

    If you do vote for him, it will crumble too, but in a different way. Some people DO believe this, but I think the number is way below 50%. “They said it, therefore it’s a lie.” So this poll was taken of people who just left the Theater of the new movie ORDERING them to have a Civil War, suggesting, teaching them how? Why now? Why am I reading this? Civil War was Waaaaaaaay more likely from 2001 to 2016 under Hillary. Now it’s more talked about but less likely than before. It will be Devolution, the center doesn’t have enough gravity to hold because it never should have been doing anything in the first place. 90% of what they do is unconstitutional, 80% of that is illegal, like planting evidence and dicking with the economy.

    The “Boogaloo” boys come from this, what, how long ago? 10, 15 years? And it wasn’t they were making a “Boogaloo”, an Event — they specifically Weren’t — they thought that some sort of unrest was inevitable now and wanted to be prepared for it in Hawaiian shirts. Point being: Why NOW? Why am I reading this NOW when it’s been true for 20 years, and LESS true than ever?

    A: Do What You’re Told. Now I ORDER you to have a civil war so we can escape.

    “Despite his invoking of the Almighty, Zelensky has led a crackdown on the Orthodox Church for the last two years.”

    Yeah, historically, how does that work out for nations who try it? I can think of only one: Soviet Russia. Everywhere else getting rid of church and tradition goes badly, weakens the movement, it goes too far, and collapses.

    That’s why you know that if religion returns – and I say this for whatever reason, however this works – like Russia 1997 – the nation coheres and strengthens. You will see that if we also turn back toward God, #Logos, and whatever religion here, whether we will become New Age, or Buddhist, or whatever. We haven’t yet, but the underlying current is close now.

    “which at this point seems in the realm of fantasy.”

    If it’s fantasy, we print it. Thank God they’re all psychotic delusionals who don’t know what a “Gun” is (as seen by their 2A Congressional testimony) or we’d really have trouble. They ran down the list of equipment we have and are giving them, and it includes only and everything that failed forever. Javelins, Stingers, the 50-year-old F16. You know: stuff that’s worthless and expensive to dispose of. Big discount to make fields of Ukraine our dumping ground then we have warehouse space for REAL arms that might work against someone past 1972.

    “The rapid crumbling of Ukrainian defenses, leading to military retreat, prompts questions about the Kiev regime’s failure to maintain the front line.”

    I disagree: I think their fighting and defense has been brave, inspired, and exemplary. …But also very, very, very stupid. I’m not putting down their willingness to fight, for whatever reason (e.g. they’re on drugs and will be shot), only that by fighting the wrong battle, Ukraine will cease to exist and probably has. Ireland fell back and took England over 100 years, and won. Win the battle before the battle — Sun Tzu.

    The rapid crumbling of Ukrainian defenses, leading to military retreat, prompts questions about the Kiev regime’s failure to maintain the front line.”

    Again with fantasy and psychosis: IF you had INFINITY resources and men, sure I would have done both. But this is planet Earth, not a CG movie. Then they were down on corruption of badly made lines, fortifications of sand that they had to immediately abandon. Well, yeah, when you give me $10 and 30 days, that’s what you get. I would love to have 400 days right next to a cement mine too, but that didn’t happen. Ukraine was busy.

    Our people throughout the West are if possible, even MORE psychotic. They actually think MONEY does something. The printed the MONEY and poof! Guns appear like WalMart! Crappy Little Elves stock the Crappy Little Shelves. “Its not like you can go down to Sainsburys and get some” West said.

    YOUR MONEY MEANS NOTHING TO ME. Just. Stop. Everybody with half a brain knows it, but that’s now 0.1% so nevermind.

    “This is piece of legislation is a betrayal of our First Amendment rights and a testimonial how AIPAC Israel through bribery and blackmail”

    Hey was that Epstein guy related to AIPAC and Israel? Where’s that client list?

    So I presume just as Blacks are being called “White Supremacists” widely with no trace of irony, all the Jews will be arrested as Antisemites. But I support the Jews so I have to Protest – I mean NOT protest – I mean Protest. Both. Neither. Ai. …I’m an antisemite either way, no matter WHAT I do, or WHO I support, and we enforce it according to who is my MINION, who is my friend.

    …Oh. That makes sense then. #Logic-free zone, it’s just #Power. Right.

    “• French Foreign Legion Dispatched to Ukraine, Ex-DoD Official (Sp.)

    To do what? To DIE. They’re the tripwire force. Every one of them must be killed to MAKE the United States fight this war for them. I ORDER you. Newsflash: (and as Ritter says) it’s not ONLY that we don’t want to, it’s not ONLY that we won’t, WE COULDN’T EVEN IF WE TRIED. The Entire U.S. military couldn’t beat Russia, and that’s IF we pulled out “Team America: World Police” from everywhere on the globe. Is it possible in theory, someday, given enough lead time? Maybe. Our weapons are still from 1964, but maybe. It would take 20-30 years of intense hard work though. Your money means nothing to me. We’re not coming Jupiter, but please kill every Frenchman so we know who you are. I knew who you were when you sent out the SS to shoot French women in the eyes. But we know your kind hate and attack women everywhere.

    They’re a tripwire. Their purpose is only to DIE, and the purpose of THAT is only to start WWIII and Nuke Russia Europe.

    ““..NATO has no justification to send troops to Ukraine, because Kiev is not a member of the bloc..”

    They set this up decades ago and we all said it at the time. Why is NATO in Kosovo? Why Iraq? Why bombing aspirin factories in Africa? And now they’re in the Pacific? They had no business there either for 30 years but you all let it slide. Tony Blair was found guilty of any number of crimes, still out there, let him go. NOW you suddenly care? Okay, happy to see you but…

    Israeli Piranhas clearly don’t work worth a hoot. And Russia is using glide bombs. Like most things this is eyewash, bulls—t, a con.
    Hey how’s that Israeli “All digital Ukraine” going?

    “We have kicked the can down the road as far as we can go. It’s not just in the United States. Europe is in the same boat.”

    That means they need an excuse to steal, and someone to steal from. They have started the China sanctions already. Stealing: It’s a way of life! Not just for West Virginians anymore.™

    “Gold is bouncing around the $2,300 level,”

    That’s not high unless prices tank. It should be $20,000 minimum. Or Bitcoin $1 Million? Why? It’s an ETF on Western Corruption, OF COURSE it can only go up. I didn’t cause that. Stop corruption and it all goes away. But you can’t.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 5 2024 #158464
    Dr. D

    Russia blows up Slavaisk with all the French in it.

    Should I go on?

    Go on, Marcron, Putin’s bluffing.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 5 2024 #158462
    Dr. D

    How? HOW do they get kicked out? Super easy: Christians refuse to lend at interest, aka “Usury”. Therefore only non-Christians can do basic functions, hampering all human progress for 1,000 years. So the Christians FORCED the Jews to lend. By law. With executions.

    Then while half the Jews are tinkers on a handcart, a FEW Jews lend money that KINGS want — or the kings will murder them. But, of course, you know where this story is going: after the King borrows more, and more, and more, and too much, after Eeeeeeevvvrybody tells him not to,

    Well, he doesn’t want to pay it back. Fast forward to today and tell me if this rings any bells.

    Because he can’t pay, he MAKES UP SOME S–T about the guy — or guys — he owes money to, that he ACTUALLY owes, and he ACTUALLY signed contracts for. …And remember if they didn’t lend him, the King would either A) Kill them or B) Steal it anyway. Fast Forward to today and tell me if this sounds familiar with the Fed.

    So then: as happened like 100 times in European history, I JUST REMEMBERED! I forgot! What am I doing voting for Obama dealing with these Jews??? I’m a Racist! Whoa! Ooops!

    “…And then a miracle happened”. My solicitor general/Star Council/Fixer just found out there’s a Jewish Gunpowder Plot! And all the Jewish tinkers, tinsmiths, and dentists went to EVERY meeting!!! With horns on!!! Well, golly jolly holly I jut GOTS to steal ALLLLLLL their money too!!!

    …And so it goes. About every 50 years somewhere. Enough to give a guy a complex, ya know? Real PTSD. Make you want to sock money away, it would.

    So what happens to the ACTUAL rich guys, the mere 10 interrelated goldsmiths who ACTUALLY lent a King money? A: They Escape. No problem. You see, THEY have the money. They’re the Bilionaire Soros of the Middle Ages. THEY live in the Court. THEY are creditors to the rest of the court too. So THEY know first and hit the road. So although these things are political, THEY then request their money having fled England, from Holland or some such. And although it takes a few years they get some, like insurance writeoffs, or they (their cousins) won’t lend any more. And carry on because they’re already lending to the King of Flanders….

    Wait: they get paid? So who really coughed up the money? Peasant Jews > King > Tiiiiiiiny slice of (non) Jewish Insider families. That is, for you guys, who think anyone who looked at a Jew must be a Jew, is that the Jews stole the JEWS’ money. Not the King’s. The king, the European state, that’s all a wash. The King liquidated the JEWISH people as a whole and handed the whole harvest to like ONE guy. Who claims to be a Jew but clearly isn’t. Read: NONJews (rich) stole the Jews’ (poor) money.

    …Oh and they killed a bunch of people to make sure that very simple fact gets lost in the outrage and clutter.

    THAT is how you get kicked out of a hundred countries. Because until 1700 Christians couldn’t lend. Like drugs, they wanted them, but wouldn’t sell them, so they got them from others and blamed them for their own bad habits.

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT SOROS DID and called it the “Happiest days of my life.” On international TV. Killing, liquidating poor sucker Jews in Hungary to the Nazi SS while STEALING THEIR MONEY for himself. That is to say, he’s only a Jew in name only. Or by birth. He’s actually just a villain. A satanist by his action, believing in nothing, a nihilist, an atheist, but not in any way a Jew adhering to his people OR following the Torah.

    But hey wait! SOMEBODY just “killed” (maybe) all the Jews in Israel. Huh. SOMEBODY (maybe) killed all the Jews in America who also were very high on the compliance list. SOMEBODY, magically, 200 days after Oct 7, after we all here talking about 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 kids being killed for months, SUDDENLY one day decided to protest and black tar “da Jews”. And we know a suspicious number of them aren’t students, and they all started on all campuses, one day in April, with perfect coordination, and the news carried every minute, ignoring Gaza, Ukraine, Trump, Border…

    “…And then a miracle happened…” Stop me if this sounds familiar.

    For the love of God and all the Saints, Mary Joseph, will you Puh-lease catch on to this con this time? I’m broke and I need to steal. I need someone to liquidate and kill to steal their stuff. I need an excuse. I need an escape. Same people, same thing, same time.

    THAT, is your medieval history lesson for today. You want to end it? Let people lend money fairly on free market. STOP government “helping” me make lending/drugs/selling hot dogs illegal.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 5 2024 #158422
    Dr. D

    Russians capture Keramik. Should I keep going?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 5 2024 #158415
    Dr. D

    Oh yeah, forgot: Prime Minister Cameron in the news again, front page, shaking hands, PR ops.

    Amazing how malleable that office is now. It’s almost like the people aren’t voting for anything, and I have to wonder, if it’s not the people arranging this constant swap-out, who is?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 5 2024 #158412
    Dr. D

    Magritte: She’s got a mask but she’s dick-nosing it. It’s not the secret players you have to look out for at Cricket pitch, but the sea turtles!

    Actually saw a woman, windows down, driving with a mask on, and dick-nosing it. Like, Three? Levels of not making any sense, piled on each other? Two years after it’s over? I shouldn’t say as possibly she was like a medical transporter (of some capacity it’s hard to imagine) and the Science Deniers in Health Care require it still somewhere.

    Russia taking a new town every 12 hours now. Krasnohorivka has fallen. Chasiv Yar is the end. (End of the Donbas part)

    “Gaza Pier Delayed Over Rough Seas, Pentagon Calls Project “Extremely Challenging”

    Wow, it’s like they oughta build a road or something and just drive trucks in. Way cheaper and easier.

    “Data Centers Hiding In ‘Spy Country’ Northern Virginia Will Need Reactor’s Worth Of Power
    “A single data center typically had a demand of 30 megawatts or greater. However, we’re now receiving individual requests for demand of 60 to 90 megawatts or greater, and it hasn’t stopped there.”

    You think banking, then Bitcoin, had way too much power use? You ain’t seen nothing. And remember: we need these genius Smart AI to pick targets in Gaza that say “Carpet Bomb Everything/One”.

    “• Ruling Tories Suffer Crushing Electoral Defeat In England (RT)

    Wow, so exciting to be screwed by the other guy instead of the first one. First one got tired, need to be screwed with much more vigor. Watch Galloway or nobody. My guess is, this is part of getting peoples’ eyes back on the “Correct” people, who we already own.

    What they really need is a young, short, brown guy to be PM, the British Obama. I’m sure that would be super-successful.

    ““Just 4% of those aged 18 to 24-years-old expressed their intention of voting for Macron’s party next month..”
    • France Seemingly Set to Part Ways With Macron, Come June Elections (Manley)

    And said to be 8% support for Biden here. Doesn’t matter: Most votes in American history!!!

    ““[Macron] has so personalized his style of governance that voters blame him for everything from the cost of living to the rise of youth violence and the risk of terrorism during this summer’s Paris Olympic Games,”

    In his case, that’s actually correct. Like Lenin or Napoleon he wanted to get involved in all these things. Okay: now you own it.

    France sure is an interesting place, showing you can, and do, often take the same elements and combine them into new things that look like the old same, should be the old same, but aren’t. Like France is sort of hard into Socialism, but ALSO into hard work, which are opposites everywhere else. Very practical but ALSO very emotional, in a sense, again opposites in most places. That means it’s more inside baseball to interpret what’s going on.

    So that Stanford Shakespeare teacher (she teaches FRENCH? So she’s an expert at something??) is worried about the party’s affiliation of 100 years ago? Huh, so the Democrats being founded by a Brown-killing slaveowner, and the party of the KKK only 60 years ago bothers her even more, right? (Hearty har har. It’s not not racism when – I – do it, the AWFULs) Beam in my eye: the greatest invisibility shield known to man!

    “• Macron is Afraid to Go Down in History as the Leader Who ‘Lost Africa’ (Sp.)

    Time exists. This is past tense. And they richly, richly deserved it, long, long overdue. Hey remember when we refused to give Germany (I think) their gold because the Fed doesn’t have it, already sold it? And then a day later France made a Coup in Mali that just haaaaaaaaappened to be that exact amount of gold from their mining operations? Yeah, good times, good times.

    How did OUR gold get underneath THEIR people? Well that’s not right: France to the rescue!

    Okay, but why hasn’t Europe collapsed yet on the broken Colonial Theft capital flows?

    “Wasn’t it cute how the youngsters who “occupied” Columbia U’s Hamilton Hall demanded restaurant-grade meals ?”

    “ History Repeats Itself As Communists Run Out Of Food” –BBee

    Goes with this:
    “People Blocking Students From College Based On Race Probably On Right Side Of History Again” –BBee

    The only important one is this one:
    “Moments From Victory Against Democrats, Republicans Decide To Start Attacking First Amendment

    Wish I could say it’s the Babylon Bee, but it isn’t. That’s real.

    “WASHINGTON, D.C. — With Democrats across the country embroiled in vicious infighting, antisemitism, and takeovers of college campuses, Republicans have decided to remedy their impending victory by attacking the First Amendment.
    “We realized that things were going well for us, so we took corrective action immediately,” said Mike Johnson, while at the bank cashing his latest check from a Ukrainian lobbyist. “We thought: ‘What can we do that will immediately enrage our most loyal voters while simultaneously preventing the self-destruction of the Democrat Party?’ Of course, the most obvious choice was to pass a law against free speech. Mission accomplished!”
    Sources say the new antisemitism bill passed by the House will soon be struck down by federal courts, but should still do the job of necessarily injuring the Republican Party in an election year.
    “This is the decisive leadership our party needs,” said Congressman Crenshaw while adjusting his brand-new clown nose. “Hey check out how loud my clown nose can honk! HONK HONK!”
    At publishing time, Republicans had announced next week’s plans to also attack the Second Amendment.” –Bbee

    “• Trump’s VP Short List Has a Residency Dilemma (Turley)

    Yes but those are laws. We do laws now? Is that because they’re Republicans, ‘cause no one else is following any.

    “• Prosecutors Admit Key Evidence In Trump Docs Case Has Been Tampered With (JTN)

    Oh, you mean DIFFERENT from PLANTING the evidence on them in the first place. …And still haven’t found his Crossfire binder they were trying to steal back. You know: the one that’s declassified which is why no one can read it?

    “Security Policy Josep Borrell who asserted that without Western arms supplies Ukraine would capitulate in two weeks.”

    That means it’s not a “Ukrainian War” in the slightest. Ukraine has nothing to do with it. It’s a EUROPEAN war, a NATO war. Too much? What is the plan where U.S. provides intel, missiles, targeting, transportation, operators, and tells Ukraine, “All you have to do is push this red button.” Um, preeeeeeety sure that means it’s the U.S., it’s NATOs war. That’s like me rigging up your enemy hanging upside down in an electrocution box and handing you the red button and saying “I’ll be outside.” Who’s really responsible? What would any court, any jury say?

    Words have meanings. It’s not a Ukraine war, it’s a NATO war. Russia is right on this one: we’re liars.

    “• Trump Will Force NATO Members To Hike Military Spending By 50% – Telegraph (RT)

    Interesting headline. Because they’ve skulked away from their legally signed promises by 50% every year for decades? How about they pay us back for all that?

    “Trump will force Europe to follow the law.” (so to speak) Oh noes!

    “Luxembourg, which has the smallest budget for defense compared to its GDP, spent just 1%.”

    Oh, I see: the richest pay the least. Well that makes sense. Btw, Switzerland has entirely torched any semblance of neutrality, now or perhaps ever, and Russia noticed. They refuse to attend any meetings in Switzerland anymore, as not a relevant or neutral party. Like all of you, I’m sure, I can’t believe it, and I can’t believe the speed, ease, indifference, and insouciance they did this with. SMH. Very probably the population there feels the same, just as the populations everywhere are opposed to every other decision made by their governments. Just reminder.

    (and a reminder not to end sentences with a preposition. This is the kind of errant pedantry up with which we will not put.)

    “• Biden Parole Program Has Flown Illegals To More Than 45 US Cities (ZH)

    Warned you for years. Since 1954, same thing. Tried everything including a “One-time” amnesty under Reagan that they immediately reneged on, didn’t stop immigrants for even one day. So? Stop being their codependent. You want to drink, abusive daddy? Let me go down to the store and get you another bottle. That is how you can tell the difference between the parasite and the host. One is okay without the other, but not vice-versa. Stop helping: they’re the geniuses, you just follow orders. Make Ayn Rand right again.

    CO2: so they simply refuse to answer Congress. Just refuse. A simple question they’ll get in no trouble for. AND they also don’t know jack s—t because they’re “Science!™” We have no data AND we refuse to discuss it with you.

    You’ll be happy to know that I, like all humans ever born, cannot and will not, do not take any actions of my own, without express Jewish permission. They are my master, after all. So I’m told here and I totally, totally see the light. To that end, I have officially taken to protesting Israel and being arrested, opposing all aid to them, as have Jill Stein (Jewish) and Bernie Sanders (Jewish). I expect my check of appreciation and a low-grade medal from the ADL shortly. Logic, right?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 4 2024 #158368
    Dr. D


    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 4 2024 #158367
    Dr. D

    In the feed:
    “Putin’s Achilles’ heel under fire as Ukraine plans ATACMS to hit Kerch Bridge | Frontline”

    Right on schedule. That’s why we gave them the ATACMS and told Germany to plan it. This object of LITERAL NO military importance No one in Russia will care about, is your FIRST priority and objective. Appreciate it, pal.

    They hit the bridge, Russia takes out the Dniepr, traps the army, war over, Europe collapses from collateral and NATO fail.

    And “Trump Diapers”

    You can’t tell me the Lincoln Project – supposedly Republican – aren’t literally, entirely, savagely, embarrassingly pro Joe Biden. Who isn’t even a Democrat, he’s like the worst Democrat in the history of Democrats, even slave-owning Jackson who ran the Trail of Tears had redeeming qualities.

    So, where do you think they’re going with this stuff? Trump is worse than Biden? Um, doesn’t that predicate the assumption that Biden is already very, very bad? S—tting yourself as an old man is not a good look? Besides that when we see Trump on camera none of this is true anyway but Trump ASMR?

    It’s almost as if they were ordered to do this to HELP Trump and discredit themselves, like so many actions lately.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 4 2024 #158366
    Dr. D

    Seems like Godiva hasn’t been eating well, for a Queen. Not enough chocolates. “Brits in Togas” period.

    “Tulsi Gabbard: Biden Can’t Compete On The Issues,”

    Carville just directly said, IDGAF: YOU GET NOTHING!!!! You Get NOTHING, kids, not now, not EVER! Now shut up your whining wah wah wah and VOTE for me!

    As Jimmy Dore said, “um no, that’s the #OPPOSITE of what politics is. You come GET my vote. You tell me what you’re going to do for me.” Maybe not as a sales thing, buying votes, but as a perspective, outlook, plan thing. Yes. Biden is saying, with Carville, “YOU’RE GOING TO GET NOTHING FROM US, EVER, BUT A BOOT IN THE FACE IF YOU DON’T SHUT UP.” True Cluster B violent narcissistic abuser stuff. Very familiar, boring in fact.

    As his attitude doesn’t “Compete” on the Issues very well, he needs to apply that boot on the fact of humanity who won’t do that voluntarily, obviously, and MAKE them. Using force, violence, lies, whatever Idgaf. “Whatever it takes”. The Ends Justify the Means, and the “End” is, I’m rich, move Camp David to Epstein Island, and you all die and leave us rich guys in peace on state-large vacant hunting lodges where we fly our jets and eat Waigu steak. Obviously. Who wouldn’t? when every last one of you is dead there’ll be plenty to go around.

    If you can’t get any votes because Killing everyone and stealing their stuff is your platform, you need another plan. The government is long since weaponized, that’s been true for ages, at least the Sedition Act of 1900, with a new purchase every year! How many? Corporations R Ppl Act? Patriot Act? Infinity Money for Free Act? And this year: “You Can’t Criticize Us Act”.

    Uh-huh. Hey, um, what happens when every action of government is in direct opposition to “Natural Law”? When every law is immoral and every moral is against the law? Good for government and stability, profits, order? Or BAD for longevity of governments and the people therein? Put another way: what’s the historic running life expectancy of a government that acts like this? Weeks? Months? Years? Tick Tock people.

    Become ungovernable. Heck, just become ungoverned. Ignore everything the Government says and do what is right, like Rhett Butler. Import whatever you like, sell it to your friends, don’t pay taxes. If the “Government” doesn’t like it, well dodge them. We dodge or strategize all kinds of obstacles from all kinds of places. “The Government” is just another jack-ss I have to work around, like all the others, because they have no legitimacy to me or my friends whatsoever. Same as other mafias, showing up for a shakedown, robbing my trucks from time to time. Pay no attention, just a cost of business. They said it? Like the Gambinis? why would I care? This is Corleone territory.

    Is it moral to push drugs? Probably not. Is it moral to sell Ivermectin a drug safer than aspirin which they outlawed for no good reason, but isn’t even illegal? (no law was passed). If being moral is outlawed, be an outlaw. I mean, you’re going going to “Just Obey” orders that are illegal, immoral, and against the Military Code, are you? No, you’re not. You already know you won’t, so get with the program and plan. There’s a lot of money to be made when morality is outlawed, a lot of friends who need your un-GMO, non-mRNA steaks.

    “• Stormy Daniels Lawyer Says Payment Wasn’t ‘Hush Money’ (ZH)

    Again, as a shakedown, look into Cohen embezzling money to sleep with Clifford. Where did the money come from if Trump didn’t sign? He’s a party to the contract without signing? (Yes, I mean the contract that isn’t illegal to begin with.)

    “• Trump Develops Plan On Peaceful Resolution In Ukraine — Telegraph (TASS)

    The plan is simple: There will be no Ukraine. What was the WORST possible outcome for Joe? To force the payouts (Well son of a b—h…) and then have Ukraine collapse immediately anyway, over the summer. “And then a miracle happened…” and this is occurring even as we speak, right on schedule. Russia is taking town after town, having exhausted the line and Ukraine got nothin’. …Because to make the timing all the GOP only had to drag their feet a little, and now can’t be blamed because they voted for! Right??? Again, no 47th Mech, no Azov, everyone refusing orders. There is nothing to fill gaps with. Russia has complete superiority in EVERY capacity, everywhere.

    This has to fall under Joe, be handed to Russia under Joe, then the markets have to collapse under Joe and the Democrats. Imagine the other way: Losing the war we have no capacity to win (not until 30 years of building our manufacturing, as Trump even tried to do) and everyone shouts Trump isn’t trying HARD enough! He hasn’t sent ENOUGH soldiers to Hillary’s war we have no business in. Hasn’t printed ENOUGH money to save Europe while they eat brioche and steal our capital flows again. He’s APPEASING Putler, I KNEW it!!! Lost the whole nation the size of France! Then the markets tank and it’s Orange Man’s Fault!

    Nope. Has to be Joe Biden’s and the Democrats’ fault, which is appropriate. 2/3 of Republicans may be sold, but the only opposition is still with them, MAGA, and not the Dems. They get the B- grade for fighting but no Gold Star, Dems get the “F”.

    But again: TIMING. There are now only 9 months for it to collapse. They may suspend the election here and probably will, but it needs to be close, like 12-15 months? War lost, Europe tanks, US tanks right after, then: Election. (or lack of). Then the People and sit and look at it. Decide.

    It Tanks = no money = no blackmail. All sorts of files come out and no more hit men for Boeing. Can’t buy off States with Fed money for WHO, Trans, Colleges, everything else. Everyone wanders around disoriented, as they’ve always obeyed the Central Planners, for a lifetime, and don’t know how to think independently and act for themselves. The entire thing needs to be restructured.

    Fine, but with no money, then the STATES act. YOU act. Crypto acts. Everything the Feds/Congress/FBI says is ignored. Not ONLY broke, but discredited.

    “Freedom of the press is under attack in the West, where the authorities stamp out any dissent and repress journalists, the Russian Foreign Ministry said”

    This is entirely true, but YOU are the Press. No one watches CNN. TAE probably has more readers. So anywhere, anytime YOU exist, there is freedom of the Press. So keep talking.

    YOU are the government. They are an occupying Vichy state. We all know it. Congress’s approval is 9%. Oh, but they win all dose elections tho: not rigging at all.

    ““He still believes that being part of the union is in the national interest..”

    Yeah, imagine if he wasn’t there and the EU was acting unopposed. They would have rolled tanks into Czechoslovakia by now.

    • EU Leaders Talking ‘War in Europe’ Shows Their Real Intentions – Orban (Sp.)

    The war is against the people. “The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.” . — Apparently Sir Cockburn, not Lord Acton

    “• Saudi Arabia and Indonesia Lobby EU to Halt Russian Asset Confiscation (Sp.)

    Might want to think about what happens if these two countries won’t talk to you anymore. Hey, are there important military bases anywhere near there? We’re not declaring war, but how can we have a base with a nation we can’t trust?

    “stir the civilizational cauldron without bothering about an inevitable array of sanctions coming by early 2025…”

    Because they’re broke and useless, they have to come up with some reason to steal.

    “…and/or a possible collapse of the international financial system.”

    Because they’re broke and useless and stealing only goes so far, buys a little time. You have to learn how to MAKE and DO something useful or you “Run out of other people’s money.”


    I’m amazed at the mental parallax. You mean more compelling than the US Navy posting it on their web page as an official event? Oh wait, that never happened because it’s still posted there.

    “Virtually Everything You Find in a Grocery Store is at Best Unhealthy, At Worst Literal Poison”

    Yes, but slightly different than you’d think. DRUGS sell better than food. So to get sales, they turn all food into a Drug. sugar. Fat. Caffeine. Taurine. Whose fault is that? In France, can you go to market and get carrots from the nearby farmer, as part of your daily French experience? I can go get Drugs all day every day. Way easier than seeing a doctor, than getting a car repair. This was true in 1880, 1910. But I don’t eat them, I don’t take them. They can’t make, stock, sell, what I don’t buy.

    Now yes, I know in too many cases they are well-aware they are hormone-injecting plastic additives, whatever. They become broadly aware some food kills everyone and keep selling it, which is not only wrong, it’s a literal felony of 100,000 counts. But a lot of this is 1) Drugs sell better, 2) YOU the people, choose drugs as a life and not street markets under tents. The problem is THEM, but it’s You too. I bet you won’t go far until you accept responsibility and action for your end.

    “When you live on government grants, there is no reason you could possibly fail unless the government decided to stop wasting tax payers’ money.”


    Only retarded Americans would vote for this nob.”

    Trump isn’t my savior. He’s a mascot in a furry mascot suit. He isn’t the Government, WE are. HE doesn’t do the work, WE do. That’s how it’s supposed to be, and he’s illustrating this nicely.

    Example: he told everyone to get vaxxed. The entire Right refused. He supported Johnson here. The entire Right ignores him and carries on mad as if he never spoke. He supported Israel, the Right told him to piss off. That is to say NO ONE IS FOLLOWING HIM. HE is following US. When he stops following US, we chuck him and has no power. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? The media SAYS he’s our leader. They SAY we’re in a cult, we obey.

    …Yeah, well the Media is always LYING, and they are this time too. Ain’t nobody obeying Trump.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 3 2024 #158361
    Dr. D

    No, that’s great. As a metaphor, and apparently one that gets people excited, all good. I generally agree and like I said, I think she’s pointing at something true. But the technicals of the way it’s supposedly unfolding are irrational and sloppy, and I can’t get a good Definition of anything. New Age is famous for not having definitions, being very loose and impressionistic — that’s fine — but it seems like everyone else they’ve got over-energized and gone ’round the bend to extremes. Like Captain America serum? When you take it you become an exaggeration of your self, so it only works usefully on people who are in good alignment to begin with. This seems to be happening to everyone. If you read about the holocaust you become an exaggeration of realizing you’ve been had. If you were a gun patriot, you become an exaggeration of that, if you were loose, feeling, impressionistic New Age, you go too far, if you were young, outraged about Justice, too far in that.

    How about not? As the Buddha would say, the “Middle Path”, which is the same as the Romans? In that a Vice is a Virtue too exaggerated, taken to extremes? The Buddha (maybe) gave the example of a guitar string: it only really works in a middle tension, of correct tuning. Not too loose nor too tight. This is probably correct, and although it’s simple, it’s also relatively hard, which is why they agonize over it with pitch pipes and stuff. But we all know we could use a lot more practical, working, moderates right now.

    Actually, I believe most of what she’s saying, it’s my personal working paradigm, but you can’t construct them into a tower in that particular way. After a while, I realized she didn’t include Time. So what she’s saying might be possible over (relatively) large expanses of Time. It would work like this: If we have a “multiverse” or a less-multiverse, like less-than-infinite-Many Worlds, then perhaps each consciousness is on a “Timeline” which, being entirely consciousness, a dream, has its own rules of Physics.

    Now like I said, those rules are really, really, really similar, because if they were very different you’d disappear, but within a range you actually are different. Okay. So rather than being perfect math tree distribution they cluster into groups, like the way birds flock. Okay. And as she proposes, very obviously, birds of different types will pick different flocks, the one they “Like” better. Okay. But that still doesn’t make Earth1 disappear. Ah! But over TIME, they could be reincarnated into different lines, different places, different realities, as I don’t know how that works exactly (and either does anybody else). It could be over 100-,1000 years, after you die, you who are “higher” — and I’m only making fun of their constant “Lord, It’s Hard to be Humble” thing New Age is famous for — have “learned their lesson” and move on to a higher school. …By being re-born into a different, “higher” situation.

    The people who spend their life working toward division and separation get what they want and are born into a situation that suits their consciousness as well. If they did it long enough, or there was some lumpy “sorting hat” event, then they might reach hell itself, the absence of unity and God. Sure. But you don’t wake up one day and find You, Enlightened one, are on Earth2 and Earth one is still in Orbit just behind us. Or that you go to work and your co-worker vanishes in the break room, you shrug and poof a new , different person pops into being and takes the secretary’s desk. …But that could happen over TIME, and reincarnation, sorta. Maybe. That’s essentially just New Age religion. Over 10-20 lives, you would slowly not run into the “Lower” people anymore. Although it would seem that was always happening, and not “at the end of an Age” (how long is an “Age” and so how long is a “transition”? 2,000 years? 10,000? 50,000? A 200 year transition could have 1 year of swap, where a 20,000 year could have 1,000 years of swap.) Yet it could be that such things are lumpy and not perfectly distributed somehow. The “somehow” is all the sort of questions I’m asking.

    You really should forgive the Covid thing, of course practically for yourself as those guys won’t notice your internal state, while the bad energy, emotions and such you’re storing inside like acid. What use is that? I was shocked too and had the same path, but put myself in their shoes: they were just oblivious and trusting as we all are at some level, when we’re kids, and we grow out of it. That’s easy to say AFTER, when you’re an adult, but when you’re 9 and the other kids do something to you it’s your whole world. You don’t have any structures to shake it off, protect, and rise out of it. Same with them — practically the whole culture, like 80% — but what can I do about it? I can understand them and say “Wow, I totally underestimated how stupid and obedient and unenlightened people are” (again). Adjusting path and my response, interaction with them, what do I DO about it? How do I make our interactions productive to pull them out of it? Not to MAKE them change, but for my own sanity and to be understood, to be authentic to myself but not like arrested in the street, promoting my view/opinion on the matter as a normal human function.

    …And trust me, I don’t wanna. WHY do I have to be the adult here? This is bulls–t. I’ve Adulted plenty for myself and now I have to f’g Adult for all YOU too??? …But when you’re an Adult, there aren’t really any other options, are there? So you have to just let it go and do the thing. ATM what it says is, We had a “Sorting Hat” event and you really, really want to get near other people who are of similar internal level and views. It is an internal choice of which you pick, Fear or Love, but “Man has choice” is a Christian ethic too, and we are required — want to actually — choose the “Good”. So chose that now and forgive them. …While perhaps getting as far away from them as you can.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 3 2024 #158343
    Dr. D

    It would be way, way too complicated to disassemble that new Age Timelines thing. It breaks so many definitions of reality, it would take a paragraph for me to describe each word or sentence – as you often see with me already.

    So, I’m okay if we have different definitions, but how exactly do two people occupy different time-space continuums, as she says? Okay: Many Worlds Theory, when you choose something, you divert into that timeline. Okay, then you are now in a different dimension from me. And are invisible, you vanished. The end. If we are able to see each other, we are in the same dimension, the same timeline. And presumably essentially the same level of good and evil, unless “timeline” means something incredibly different than physics.

    If I get this right (and it goes WAY back, like remember Earth1 and Earth 2?) then they say both dimensions are coexisting such that us obviously superior awesome, enlightened beings are coexisting with those stupid, hateful, retarded, low Vax-takers. That’s how you know we’re superior and loving! And we both exist at the same time and always have.

    So…Um…half of the earth is just about to…disappear? Like the rapture? They just poof? What happens to their houses? Do they go too? If not, where do they live in Earth2? Maybe they split and are in both places? So the houses can split but the people can’t?

    Unclear. Now she was talking about having MORE consciousness. Um, sorry, EVERYTHING is consciousness. The universe is made of consciousness, consciousness is always, uniformly 100%. That’s like saying the Earth will have more atoms, more matter. No, it won’t. Or you would die. Maybe you mean something else, like that “Consciousness is divided”? As they say later? But then what does THAT mean? It may be only humans experience any separation at all, and that may be voluntary, and an illusion/delusion. Like, go meditate and maybe you can have undivided consciousness, which they tell us, you they say, “Consciousness was never really divided to begin with.” So how is it divided again?

    Fine if we’re in an illusion, but that does not hypothecate a parallel planet. It just says you’re a jackass, which is way easier to believe.

    They are raising or lowering their vibration? How can you tell? Is there a dial I can check? How is that related to being separated/unified which seems a different axis? Since “all is vibration” and you say this vibration sets the “Timeline” or “Dimension” then by definition, if you had the slightest higher vibration than me you’d disappear and get out of my face. The very fact you’re still here means you have nothing to teach me.

    Now I’m not saying this CAN’T happen. In fact, my “religion” demands I DO believe it. Like many Taoist masters and others, Jesus “Ascended” and vanished from the earth. (as did Elijah, Enoch, etc) Presumably PRECISELY by “Raising his consciousness”. Because unlike you, he actually WAS of a higher vibration and evolution. So people stood around and pointed, eating pitas, while he levitated from the earth and vanished into heaven. Which is again, not the first time in history.

    But we all agreed it can happen, and he’s a special case. THAT it happened, means you are NOT doing it, or I would grab a bagel and watch YOU levitate into the clouds. You’re just bullshitting.

    If all you’re saying is “We have choices, be a good person” then great, but you can cut all the bullshitting psychobabble that isn’t physics and just shake everyone’s hand to agree and blood-oath to it. Great! Why did you make this? Do you actually understand it? Because it wasn’t communicated to me. Not in the sense that I agree, obviously, not in the sense that I understand it, sadly; but also in the sense that I’m Preeeeeeety sure you don’t understand it either. And that is not a good look.

    Okay, someone asked today what is this new bull they’re inventing, what is 3D vs 5D? Not as easy a question as you may think. Let’s just assume the 3D is material stuff, maybe with your normal Descartes consciousness (which is already outside of “Science”) and no ghosts or anything. Great. So what is 5D? And why not 4D? (nevermind). If you mean the spirit world, the afterlife, heaven the place you trip out on DMT, then no. Again, that’s a DIFFERENT dimension. You can go to the 5D, and you definitely will: it’s called BEING DEAD.

    They mean…something something…where you… something something. Like you…are a waking telepathic? Not just sitting down to Tarot? But really: what do you mean? 5D is THOUGHT? But you prettymuch said 3D was ALSO thought, with Descartes, you know, Stock Brokers checking the next chart feverishly plotting, Doctors thinking about an Xray… all THOUGHT too. Behind which all things are consciousness. Are THEY 5D? And wait: all these “5D” people are ALSO paying rent, plotting retirement, hearing about XRays. 5D is an extension of 3D? An add-on expansion pack? Okay then YOU CAN’T ERASE THE BASE PACK. …Unless you die or vanish like before.

    So…problems. Don’t understand. Words have meanings. Or to SOME people they do. To SOME people it seems it’s okay if words and ideas have no meanings at all, but mean anything. I’ll listen to it again. I think the reason it seems compelling is that she/they ARE describing something real that IS happening. But it’s more like “Some people are telepathically tuning in and harmonizing with one over-note, one Jungian “Collective Consciousness” while others are tuning into a different one.” Yeah? And? That’s what “Culture” is. That’s why Indians saw the world differently and/or could even cure cancer with a shamanic ritual. They were attuned to a different “reality”. Which caused different localized rules. But nobody disappeared. Everybody coexisted. …I mean except where the bad guys killed the less-bad guys in massive numbers. That would clearly indicate 5D is about to be annihilated and they better NOT go there and leave their 3D guns behind for a “higher” consciousness. If that’s the case (and my guess is it’s similar what they’re talking about), then It’s just the culture splitting. They’re becoming Amish, or Presbyterians, or Protestants or whatever. Fine. And then the Pope sends his Seven Nation Army to wipe you all out. His 3D won.

    See why you want to be more careful – or actually just a lot more curious and detail oriented – about what you’re saying? If you think it’s awesome, tell me more. Explain every little detail. I suspect it may not mean what you think it mean.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 3 2024 #158308
    Dr. D

    Actually, if I were the Pentagon shipping those weapons, I’d say, “Oops! Was THAT the phone line we said the Russians had tapped? Golly darn I thought it was the other line. Oh well, I guess they found out where are shipments are, Best of Luck in all your Endeavors, Dmitry. Sign the receipt of goods right here.”

    Boom! No escalation.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 3 2024 #158307
    Dr. D

    That looks like Munch.

    Okay, short concept: you know how back when 1st year, they were constantly like “Russia’s losing, they’re going to nuke”, then “They’re shelling their own Nuke plant”? And it stopped when Putin got our 50 biolab records? Yeah, no chatter about that – interesting. BUT: Europe is losing. What are they losing? Well, when you go broke, high quality technocrats need to “Load Shed” to “balance” their system. Quality of life is crushed, but they’re already at the limits of revolution. That means they need to KILL PEOPLE so the balance of their energy and manufacturing match their population again. (Of course you could, ya know, DO WORK, but this is unthinkable. Theft and murder are clearly the only way.) SO: How? IF – actually WHEN – the EU “collapses” from losing Ukraine very shortly they’ll need to murder a few million people in Europe somewhere. Crazy? Wait, are you a slow learner, they JUST did this. Like LAST YEAR. OF COURSE they will do it again, you didn’t arrest and hang them all yet.

    I say do it with a fake EMP they set up and blame on Russia. They’ll all be “Safe” in their bunkers. That’s why it’s curious there isn’t any pre-made-up chatter. About ANYTHING, actually, which is somewhat more unusual. As they are Minions, coming up with “A Plan” is like pulling teeth for them. They need their Alien-Ant-Overlord specialists, in pierce-nez on their chitenous mandible faces to come up with one that takes years. THEN they execute “The Plan” regardless of whatever is actually happening and whether it works or not. Look at Carville the other day: “You little s—ts better GET NOTHING, and vote for ME anyway. Whah Whah Whah, vote for me OR ELSE.” That’s not even demented, nor unhinged. That’s a person who lives in another universe for so long they think what they’re doing is rational.

    Okay, NEXT problem: Following Duran’s Ukraine “Elation” then “Panic” – and he’s right – and they follow in like 24 hour periods. …And here I thought these guys didn’t have emotions. When it comes to murder they do, Well, learn something every day! They were ELATED, and waving treasonous flags that should head toward getting them all killed only last week. Now Macron is PANICKED only a week later, the weapons not even arrived yet. What gives? Giving up so soon?

    Nope. Best bet: We DID ship them, from NATO Romania, to Odessa, the day it was signed. Then RUSSIA BLEW THEM ALL UP the minute they hit the warehouse. Now: no weapons! Right where they were a moment ago…Or close enough. After pulling teeth on the Americans and nearly (possibly) causing a rollover of Congress here. And Tiny Jupiter of the pedo-wife is now threatening again to send all NATO troops. Yeah? And? Russia DGAF. They can, and already have, will, blow them all up, just like your weapons.

    He says, “We started this saying we wouldn’t send tanks, no artillery, no long-range missiles, (because then WE would be in the war. A NATO-Russia war, WWIII) but we did. So I’m reluctant to rule anything out, as Russia refuses to rule anything out.” Again, in this, he is accurate. He’s a knowledgeable and useful man. But also quite mad. Their/his plan is to BLUFF Russia, that if he says he’ll send two soldiers in a Citroen they will fold? Okay, WE DID THAT. It was wrong, but you got the chance to say “Russia is corrupt, Russia has no motivation, Russia’s systems are outdated,” etc. IN 2021… And what’s your excuse now? Does Russia LOOK like they’re in the mood to break and run?

    That goes with other Jupiter articles yesterday, Europe May Die” Macron says. It’s existential. Yes, it is. Again, he’s useful. If Europe, the Soviet EU of oligarchs and unelected bureaucrats, this hard core #AntiDemocracy they’ve set up will collapse. And even they won’t avoid being chucked out this time, maybe even their long-hid Shadow Nobility. So again, WHAT do they do except find an excuse to kill 10 million of their own people, as usual. Now the naughty ones? WHICH naughty ones? The immigrants who are still violent, coming from crime-and-war countries? Or the legacy European ones who will keep pressing for Human Rights? Which ones? Random?

    Good luck, guys. We’ll be over here waiting to steal your capital flows.

    This is an important article: “This Conversation Didn’t Happen”: Matt Gaetz Demands Investigation After CIA Program Manager Gets Loose Lips About Trump”

    This CIA conversation on OMG video, isn’t the video you see on video. You can see it but he never said it. And he’s lying, which is why we fired him. Not just the obvious: CIA and ALL INTEL, the ENTIRE Executive branch refused orders and denied critical intel to the President, every day for four years – that is, THEY run the country, THEY just Make S—t Up, do whatever they want, any policy they want, you don’t know what it is, and don’t elect them – but ALSO refuse to talk to the NSA. So again: It’s not technically “One Big Club” – it’s actually a Bunch of Clubs. And you’re not in any of them. Remember the NSA Admiral Rogers is the one who told Trump he was being non-stop illegally wiretapped. Now I’m sure he knew, but maybe not the mind-bendingly, leaving-Stalin-behind-on-the-Kessel-Run level. And remember they had to smash and sweep EVEN THE WHITE HOUSE. For bugs from their OWN traitorous government. Etc. But the NSA may not be snow white, but apparently is a different system, CIA says is less. So now we know what to do as a start: fire everyone in the CIA that you didn’t hang, and scatter them to the winds as a certain Irishman said. Then you have the NSA and Mil Intel. Navy’s not looking too good either, sorry.

    Too much going on to cover it all. As they blew up everything in 5 days, the West will have to send their 50 year old F16s now. …Which are nuclear. What do you think Russia will do? We won’t stop until they thrash us into terror. They don’t understand anything but POWER. They are Minions. You have to be their new Master in Sub/Dom.

    Next pic: in France or Europe the Tarot Magician isn’t a reasoned student. He may be a bit of a three-card monte street hustler.

    Lysander Lynx is quite a character.

    ““Cohen has pleaded guilty to tax evasion, to lying to Congress, and a judge has said that it is likely that Cohen also committed perjury. Yet, Cohen is Bragg’s witness against Trump.”
    • Justice in a Shithole Country (Paul Craig Roberts)

    Free Speech. Never stop speaking. Show us who you are. Clearly people needed to see this. Somehow, someone somewhere still thinks Daddy government is their friend and not sneaking into your sister’s room.

    Republican US senators are no better friends of the US Constitution than the administrators at Columbia University, Netanyahu and the Israel Lobby, the NYPD, and the whore media.”

    Yes, you need to know this. Now imagine people like me got rid of all the Woke Democrats and installed the Republicans. (which I would never allow) No opposition. Yeah, now we’d be run by even WORSE traitors and snakes. YOU run the country, not them. YOU need to see this. Now tape your eyeballs open and look.

    “They should have guessed what he would do.
    • US Republicans Want To Oust House Speaker (RT)

    I want to know what the Intel agencies did you him in the SKIF. One of those Star Trek ear-thingies? He certainly seems transformed by a Body Snatcher, doesn’t he? Like, there are WAYS to double-cross someone, HUMAN ways. He’s just been kidnapped and replaced by a double with a different head expecting us all not to notice he has different color eyes and his head’s on backwards. The behavior isn’t human at all.

    “• To Israel’s Horror, Hamas Brings ‘Two-state Solution’ Back Into Focus (Cradle)

    There’s two states: And the Palestinians’ State is Egypt, Jordan, or IDGAF.

    “We watched Medea Benjamin of Code Pink get thrown out”

    GO Code Pink. Support wherever you can find it.

    “Words. Language, its use and misuse.”

    Indeed. Words have meanings. The first thing the Left does is destroy language. As Orwell said so much and so often. The “Father of Lies.”

    In other news, searching online is now useless and follows the same Woke dissolving of Reality into Insanity – Postmodern Deconstrucion, aka “Breaking S—t”. Search function for shoes; that’s something the Internets can do. NOPE. “Men’s” shoe? Oh, I’m sorry, the Internet is not a Biologist, it no longer knows what a “Man” is. All women’s shoes come up. All child’s shoes come up. ALL shoes come up. …THAT’S NOT A SEARCH THEN, you morons. That’s the literal #OPPOSITE of a search, when you search and sort nothing. Because: who’s to say? You can’t judge me. No, I’m not judging you, and I’m not telling you can’t wear women’s shoes, but EVEN TRANS PEOPLE, who want to buy shoes, will click “Women’s” category and make a purchase.

    Computers. Actually, I realized something else as soon as I click “Men’s” I am forever-algo’d with Men’s Dating Red Pill videos and nothing else. They added a computer to dating and now people can’t even f—k correctly. Computers LITERALLY broke human beings capacity for getting drunk and f–k–g. Stopped it cold. Wow. That is some kind of power you got there! But, um, might notice that everything it touches, gets anywhere near…stops working? Like the only way to save the country is to get things back on typewriters delivered by kids on roller skates? Jesus H. Christ. Who we call on daily to return and end my misery. Shoes, people. Even primitives in caves couldn’t f–k up shoes.

    Okay, click it: Not in Stock. Shoes stopped being made in 2010, still listed. The Internets. Sorry. What is this, like the Cheesemaker’s Shop sketch? How do you f—k up “It’s not for sale”? Is everything else listed in your shop ALSO not for sale for a decade or more?

    I’m sorry to report according to Trump’s new law I am a hardcore, prison-worthy antisemite. I am a holocaust denier in that history books say 6 Million Jews died, and I think the number is only 5 million 999 thousand, 999. Take me away. I might as well confess I also own a now ENTIRELY Banned, anti-semitic book, the Bible. In which it says ONE Jew (our master) was killed by OTHER Jews, (his close friends). Of course this sort of thing is entirely unprecedented and I completely understand that not bad has ever happened, to, from, or in proximity to, those people.

    Speaking of, I am being algo’d with the Lincoln Project and other direct, bare-faced election lies now. “Trump is OLD. He has no energy. He can HARDLY SPEAK!!” 5 min vid. …I. Kid. You. Not. And so W.T.F.

    True to my word, South Park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBzuzuoaayc

    This is really, really good.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 2 2024 #158248
    Dr. D

    “MTG To Force Mike Johnson Ouster Vote Over Ukraine Money, But Top Dems Vow To Save Him
    “If she invokes the motion, it will not succeed…”

    That’s not the point. The point is to show that Johnson is the DEMOCRATIC Speaker of the House. He has the support of 100% of Democrats and only 2/3rds of Republicans. How can it be thought otherwise? He PROMISED basic things to his Party and double-crossed them all. How can it be thought otherwise?

    “Netanyahu said in a video address that the protests against his country on American universities that had then only recently sprung up were “antisemitic mobs” that had “taken over” college campuses.”

    They are doing everything they can to CAUSE antisemitic mobs and attacks on common, unrelated Jews. That’s how the guys at the top escape in the confusion. …for 1,000 years. Isn’t it time to get wise to this ridiculous con? How about we arrest the TOP people involved this time and leave my dentist and a bunch of antiwar comedians alone? Just for the lols, what do you say? I mean, we’ve done it the other way like morons for 1,000 years, why not something new?

    But second, it is well to be noted that they’re not students. So…who are they? Why are they there? Like any crime, the police don’t ask, don’t follow up, don’t care.

    Speaking of Ritter, Dr. Rich is still not on the speaking circuit, so I can’t listen to his opinions instead.

    “• ‘All Because Columbia Refuses to Divest’ (CD)

    Tim Pool has been hiding out on this issue. “Why are they even protesting? WHAT are their specific demands?”
    Um: this? And you, just this one time, didn’t bother to ask? Look: the students might request to stop funding f’ing Boeing and Weapons manufacturers on any Tuesday. That’s just the moral stance Colleges pretend to have (but always are lying). So? We hold them to it: you claim a moral stance — heck: da Climate! — then stop funding widespread murder and the largest oil user on the planet. NOPE. Not when it comes to murder, Columbia won’t. Have to put their foot down and BEAT STUDENTS to DEFEND WAR.

    …Of course that’s just one way to put it. But the other point here is Tim Pool already picked a side so he stopped being a reporter and asking.

    He has good social intelligence, so it’s important to see which issues he won’t touch. The election is another obvious one. He’s like “There was no fraud (we know by not looking) it was all just ballet harvesting, which is legal.” Legal like the harvesting the PA Supreme Court said was entirely illegal? That kind of Legal? –Crickets– C’mon man. Sure, as you’re trying to be base, establishment news you can’t follow every rabbit hole, accusation, or even bad optics like boarding up every counting window. But this? A STATE SUPREME COURT OFFICIALLY RULED. Nothing? Really? So that’s where the heat is, that’s the edge where you get banned, he says. Says with his weird, illogical actions. I appreciate him at least GOING to the edge, effectively POINTING at it. But…That’s not the job.

    Maybe he should swap hats. That’s the Publisher’s job, the owner’s. And he is one of those too; but that makes him not the editor or reporter now.

    “officers led dozens of protesters out the entrance of Hamilton. The protesters’ hands were zip-tied behind their backs.”

    The normal number of these were Jews. Jill Stein is one and there are many others. Everyone is a first time offender who will of course be released. I’ve been holding this quote for the days knowing the painted goggles Aspnaz and others wear to derail every conversation and let the bad guys get away:
    “Bernie Sanders To Lead Progressive Fight Against Israel Aid In Senate With New Amendment
    The amendment seeks to cut billions in offensive military funding to Israel from the proposed national security supplemental package…”

    Like I said, we’re all completely innocent. Nothing happens except the Jews. No action on earth is taken. I myself have never taken an action. No one else has any free agency. We all don’t exist! Nope: just them. Hey what’s this? THESE Jews are against the actions in a big way yet nobody listens to them? Huh. How can that be? Everybody knows, if these people even THINK a thing, we all must obey. Yet these anti-war guys do a throwdown, just like the rest of us, and Poof! No one obeys.

    It’s almost like there’s a pro-war death cult at the bottom of it that’s unrelated to the Jews. Nah, it’s crazy to think people are NOT slavish, perfect cutouts of their racial and ethnic stereotypes! That’s what Critical Theory says, what the KKK says, what the SS says…and what people right here say.

    Yup, Israel’s best friend, as they fall for the same scam run on us for 1,000 years. Really? Slow learner, much?

    Let me put it this way: as a Christian, we don’t hate men – all men are sinners — We reject the SIN. That is, their ACTIONS are the problem, not their-being-born. Like here: Your daddy is a thief and stole my chainsaw, so I had all his kids arrested. Logic. Right? Dey wuz born Bad!

    “• The US Student Intifada: Palestine’s New Soft Power Leverage (Cradle)

    You mean the one where it isn’t students protesting but outside agents? Paid, perhaps?

    Who’s doing the paying? Like 2020, Who has that money? My dentist? So the Jews are paying to protest…themselves? That doesn’t make any sense unless it’s a SUBSET of those people, not Italians, but the Italian MAFIA, who SACRIFICES Italians to escape the robbery. If so, and they’re not the Overgroup, who is the Subgroup?

    “the nation is “one vote away” from the end of democracy”

    He’s totally right. But of course being a deranged lunatic of the weirdo death cult, he means the #Opposite, As they always do. If the USSC rules in favor of Jack, Democracy will be ended. One vote away. The permanent bureaucracy will be in total control and can refuse or arrest any elected official, making the Student Council exercise of “elections” irrelevant, as no elected official will have any power to change.

    …But that won’t be the end of Democracy. We would just have to take the fight down to a more fundamental level, because CHOICE is a base element of BEING HUMAN. Humans are CHOOSING beings. This is the Christian sense that men must CHOOSE between Good and Evil each day with each action. And sort of we alone do this, which mostly appears to be true. What Duran said with Jay vs the Alien Overlords this week was, they talk about “Democracy” “Liberalism” “Human Rights” while when you get down to it, all the UN/WEF/WHO/Environmental/Oligarchic actions are that YOU HAVE NO CHOICE. Choice is erased in any Technocratic world. Now DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD. And I tell you to go kill yourself widely. This is just one of their fundamental contradictions, and just one way where if their logic is fundamentally contradicting, they’re essentially insane.

    Weissman’s “PLAN” here, is “We will erase all human choice here forever, and everyone will do what I say. That is the path to perfect peace.” Uh, no. No dips—t, NOBODY’S GOING TO DO WHAT YOU SAY. Not now, not EVER. It’s not “The Constitution’s” Fault. It’s not “Religion’s” fault. It’s not Bible-clutching gun-owner’s fault. So long as ANY human exists in ANY capacity, they will CHOOSE. And that means they might and will choose NOT to obey. You think you are GODS, and this is God’s very problem. Why is there evil in the world? Why does God allow it? Because otherwise there would BE no world: only God. God just came from there, before he created the world, and it was BORING.

    BUT, the problem with there being…things…is that those things are NOT-YOU. They have their own ways and their own CHOICES. This is built into the universe at large but especially into humans as a part of our essential nature. No free choice = those things are no longer “Human”. …Which is why they want “Trans-Human” by the way. WE are not Alien Ants obeying the Queen Bee with unthinking perfection or whatever. Therefore we must be MADE to be alien hive-ants and no longer Human at all. Only then can there be peace. (That is, they will continue to war on us so long as we are in any capacity “Human”)

    This ring any bells? Satan’s fall, all that? Hate all humans and Must destroy them? Yeah, it’s not a New World Order, a Progressive, techo-sphere, it’s the OLD Order, the hyper-REGRESSIVE order, the ANTI-Technosphere. #OppositeLand, as usual, which you knew when they opened their mouths.

    Weissman wants to end Democracy and choice forever. Go ahead and try it: You and all your children, all your kind, will be shot up shortly in the live war that would ensue. I’m kinda sad that DOESN’T happen just to see you go. But it saves me having to run over your bodyguard with a truck, steal his gun, and shoot you with it. You can’t hide. We know where you are. You see: they think they’re untouchable in a world where everyone’s name, address, and google layout of their house is online. Sleep tight, buttercup. Think about doing the right thing. CHOOSE it. It’s not too late.

    “• The Ukraine Conflict Is Spinning Out of Control (Paul Craig Roberts)

    Is it? Doesn’t seem like. US and everyone sent NO weapons. Nothing changed on the field. UK built ZERO of those 2,000 amphibious landing ships they need. Europe and US are feverishly buying high-priced Russian oil. Trade is moving to local currencies. BRIICS are increasing by the dozens each year. Sounds like it’s de-escalating because we’re losing so bad.

    “The ignored provocations encourage more and worst provocations.”

    Huh. Funny. That’s just what WE say when WE are trying to start a war. Like Bell yesterday. But now you’re saying it’s the path to the Opposite? Palestine is earth’s great example: the tit for tat can never end. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. So…since all those paths are mapped, guess you would have to take a different one instead? Like Putin and Xi have been taking?

    Like Bell thinks we should NATO attack all Russia, Immediately. PCR thinks RUSSIA should attack all NATO immediately. …How about nobody attack anybody immediately? Cool your jets. Which two people win when you attack immediately? Ask Nutsy. He got in a jam and to save his skin he attacked. So the attacking is saving the skin of evil villains. This is the action PCR recommends. How about No? How about Peace, like my Boss says?

    “• Ukraine Must Defeat Russia To Join NATO – Zelensky (RT)

    In this he’s correct. Also, like Bell, he might notice he needs 2,000 ships and 10 million men to do it. However, what he misses (cue Ukrainian jokes) is that IF NATO is giddy with joy at killing 1M Ukrainians, THEY’RE NOT YOUR FRIEND. Dips—t. What does that mean, they hate your guts so much they go on international TV every week and proudly say they want you all to die? IT MEANS YOU’RE NEVER JOINING NATO. Dips—t. NATO is for the “Garden People”. They don’t take Slavs.

    Every part of your premise is lunacy.

    Let’s put it this way: Finland just joined and NATO said “Thanks, now we want 100% of your free GDP now.” Finland: Der….whut? We were going to steal all our free military security FROM YOU.

    Nope, NATO is going to steal it FROM FINLAND. You think you’re the first guy who ever thought of stealing from others????? Hahahaahaaha! Yer dum. NATO got there first and has a bigger hammer.

    “I think it’s important to underscore the value—in fact, the necessity—of direct engagement, of sustained engagement, of speaking to each other, laying out our differences which are real, seeking to work through them, as also looking for ways to build cooperation where we can,” Blinken said”

    Kind of. But China countered with “We have established that good dialogue cannot happen when participants keep LYING to each other.” I forget the exact context, but it was like: They write that down too? And have to? OF COURSE. Of course ground rules between these mass-murdering psychopaths must specifically list that lying is a bad thing that will be frowned upon.

    So China photocopied that first 5 rules of dialogue and handed it to him. 1) No lying. 2) No threats.

    Now here’s the reality and problem: WE’RE BROKE. We can’t PAY China. We are going to DEFAULT on them. …Which is why we need a war, even or especially one we lose. Blinken is CREATING that war, out of literally nothing. …Oh and that means Blinken is arranging to have 100 Million of your friends killed. Like your kids, your Mom… So what are they up to here, SPECIFICALLY, since unlike Blinken-from-Yale, China is not a glue-sniffing deranged moron?

    They NEED to cut off and STEAL all Chinese banks. Unless they can get a bigger thing going, only that will forestall the Western collapse for another week or two. However, Russia and China need it to be YOUR fault. Blinken’s fault. Dimon’s fault. LeGuard’s fault. So unlike PCR, they are waiting.

    Blinken went to ORDER China to divest completely from Russia and OBEY the U.S. Ridiculous! Yeah, well HE KNOWS THAT. That’s not the point. The POINT is, then they will then “Sanction” (I.e “Steal”) Chinese business and assets in banking. It’s an “Excuse”. An amazing stupid and transparent one, but they have to fabricate something. Diverting that income from China to the West will keep the collapse off for a week or two. That’s it. That’s where they’re at.

    So the POINT is for China to say “no.” To MAKE them say “no.” To FORCE them to say “No.” Then we can steal, you see??

    Uh, yeah, I don’t see this ending well. However, when you’re in a hole, stop digging. Rumor has it one of our base problems is we have no industrial capacity and can’t make shells, closed the last Steel Mill. Maybe work on that instead? What good is buying time if you don’t do that? …But that would be Trump winning. That would be people employed. Loves would be saved. Fentanyl deaths decline. NEVER!! You’re asking a Death Cult to choose life. You’re asking crazy people to be sane. They can’t, duh.

    Amazing good looking horses. And horses like to be together, not one by one as humans make them.

    AspNaz: Were the Romans and several kingdoms before them “Ruthless Utilitarians”? I Rest my case. Did Christianity slowly appear to stop the horrors of the Iron Age and bring us slowly, badly, into an age of Humanism? Using precisely these Christian arguments and contradictions? I rest my case.

    Can you know what Europe would have done or been like had there been no Christianity affecting it for the last 2,000 years? I rest my case.

    Good discussion, thanks. Glad to be here.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 1 2024 #158219
    Dr. D

    Wasn’t going to do this but it got too long as usual. Look on my feed and what do you see?

    “01May: EPIC FAIL!!! Russians never learn: Russian flank attack on Vuhledar CRUMBLES!”

    Yup, Russians are losing every battle, every day, non-stop for 2 years and take a new Kilometer and 3 new towns a day. …Ask him what brand he drinks…

    So let’s go over to Times Radio, CENTER for perfect British TRUTH:
    “Welcome To Times Radio: Balanced. Trusted. Insightful. We present perspectives from all sides!”
    “The sharpest minds and analysis on the frontline of the war in Ukraine

    So, what’s goin’ on over there, Skippy??

    “Putin’s Crimea CRUMBLES!!! Ukraine could ‘certainly take Crimea’ as Putin loses grip | Hamish de Bretton-Gordon

    “Putin will ‘lose his life’ if he loses Crimea | Operator Starsky

    “Putin’s Achilles’ heel under fire as Ukraine plans ATACMS to hit Kerch Bridge | Frontline

    You mean the bridge that has no military value whatsoever?

    “Putin in limbo as ‘reckless’ military casualties cause unrest with Russian elites | Michael Binyon

    Certainly not with the Russian People; they’re signing up in droves.

    “Ukraine could “force Putin into a ceasefire” as China withdraws support | Michael Binyon

    Putin’s military ambitions ‘defeated’ by US and NATO aid | Frontline

    Bombshell: Walls are closing in.

    “How Putin ruined relations with his biggest ally | Diane Francis

    China abandons Russia! It’s OVER! Top local Housewives do this one weird trick to lose Ukraine.

    “Putin will pay ‘high price’ when met with modern weaponry in US aid package for Ukraine | Poroshenko

    “Petro Poroshenko: ‘I understand Putin’; Ukraine will win ‘together with NATO’

    “NATO aid allows Ukraine to target ‘the one thing Russia would not want to lose’ | Sean Bell

    The War? I had to click this one: Spoiler? It’s Crimea. Russia doesn’t want to lose Crimea, Sir Bell from UK says. Oh. Wow, to what do we owe this truly awesome insight, sir? Spoiler: it’s not anything Russia said, as he never listens to them. He says “Ukraine has very effectively targeting that bridge” … Because it’s wide open, always has been, thousands of vehicles a day, only shut twice in two years. Well we didn’t say they were effective in HITTING it: only effective in TARGETING it. …And we know EXACTLY where it is! It can’t hide from us now!

    Actual quote: “If Russia THOUGHT it was going to lose Crimea, that would be a strategic failure for Russia. Now I’m not suggesting for a minute Ukraine would be able to TAKE Crimea, as ‘Military Analysts’ say that would be a very difficult things to do. …Now I have no idea WHAT that strategy might be, but it’s ‘How do you do SOMETHING that changes the game and starts to give Ukraine an advantage.’”

    So they’re losing. They have no advantage. They have no strategy at all. And your own military says Crimea can’t be taken. Got it.

    “This is looking like an increasingly difficult battlefield.” Got it.

    “Interviewer: So IF you had any ATACMS, any long range missiles, raiding craft, dive boats, MIGHT be how you go about ATTACKING Crimea.? (I mean, in theory).

    Bell: “All you need to do is ATTACK and sever the Kirsch Bridge to stop resupply (this is actually untrue), have an armada of amphibious landing craft in the Black Sea, then get the entire Russian Black Fleet out of the way so they don’t stop you, then…”
    (I swear to God I am not making this up.)
    …Then? Then? Then Land on the “island” of 2 ½ MILLION armed, hostile citizens? And landing, occupy it? With they actual have NO Black Fleet landing craft at all, in the Black Sea or anywhere else?

    Ah. But you see, he has A PLAN: “Even if it didn’t happen, well the very THREAT of it…”he says.

    The threat? The threat that Zero men, Brits or Other, are going to land, with ZERO landing craft, INSIDE the Russian Naval Base, and then both conquer and OCCUPY, permanently, 2.5 Million hostiles, who haven’t fired a shot and are busy polishing their rifles in anticipation for two years, longingly dreaming of your arrival? THAT threat? You mean, your PLAN is a threat that doesn’t exist anywhere on this planet, nor indeed anywhere in the known Galaxy? That God will descend in a cloud of transhumanism and MAGIC 2-10 million soldiers into being, with 2,000 ships, which are already inside the Bosporus and will take no fire.

    THAT is his “Plan”.

    But that’s not all. His “Plan” continues: “The ingredients you would probably need (I mean, maybe) …COULD be enough …


    ...For Russia to RE-Brigade their military forces.” A little. Maybe. “This is what Ukraine has to do…because otherwise the thought of them ‘Liberating’ it is looking even more challenging.”


    They then go on to point out that Ukraine has no shells. But: Technology! Ukraine doesn’t NEED any rounds. One problem: “That’s why Western Doctrine is much more ‘round the use of Smart Weapons, the trouble is they’re bloody expensive, and there aren’t many of them. And you can’t go down to Sainsburies to top off the basket when you’re low on supplies.”(ha ha)


    “That’s Why: INDUSTRIALIZATION of our Industrial Base, Generating the quantities that are required, …and that’s something we haven’t yet done.” At all.


    But: Climate. But: You hate workers and work like Hell itself. But you – knowing this – just shut down the LAST steel mill in the country, putting everyone, an entire CITY out of work. I believe this was AFTER already selling it out to foreign owners.

    Interviewer: “Do you think we’ve changed our view on Escalation?” (ie. going nuclear?)

    (roundabout) “Containing Putin was in everybody’s interest. The trouble is today, most military analysts would say that Russia’s military capability has been shown to be wanting. (ie, they’re losing?) That it has lost well over 2,000 main battle tanks, it’s had a massive bloody nose against an adversary in Ukraine that …they should have been able to walk over. Is Russia a threat to Europe anymore? Almost certainly no.”

    Wow. Lies, but great! Reality. Call a victory and go home!

    Nope, never: “So there’s a RISK, right, therefore suddenly we don’t need to be involved anymore, sorry Ukraine, You’ve lost some territory, we’ll rebuild the rest [for exorbitant fees] and I think that’s the Trump play. The flip side is Putin succeeding will

    …Drum roll…

    ...Embolden him.” Wait. You JUST SAID a SENTENCE ago, that Russia got their -ss handed to them and are so shattered they are in no position to threaten anyone. NO THREAT AT ALL. Putin will be “emboldened” with naughty THOUGHTS? Ones he has no capacity to act on, YOU SAY?

    “It will embolden him. And where does that lead you…

    …Drum roll… (or eye roll)

    …With CHINA.” (dun dun dun)

    “Threatening rhetoric (of escalation) has limited Western appetite to get involved. …I think history books will look back on this and say, ‘If we had stepped in, even if Putin threatens a much broader war, Putin’s Russia would have no chance at all if NATO were to put a no-fly zone over Ukraine … Russia would have no answer to it. …not take on Russia in a war, but simply protect Ukraine. And even Russia’s doctrine doesn’t talk about Nuclear weapons is such a regard. It’s one thing to threaten it, and is HAS scared the West, but if you followed that through…”

    …The NATO will be completely, entirely in Ukraine? Which Russia says would be a complete mobilization and act of war? Which would then immediately telegraph up from the battlefield to blowing up all NATO IN Ukraine, THEN blowing up all supporting airbases OUTSIDE Ukraine, THEN from bombing US Bases in Poland, leads to a immediate counter-attack on Moscow that least to Mutual Assured Destruction of a full nuclear launch.

    …You know, just a little thing. Not to fear! Ha ha! he says. But Putin Bad.

    “Putin risks losing the initiative as US aid brings end to Ukraine shell rationing | Scott Lucas

    The “Initiative”? Really? Russia INVADED, that is, they were initiative ONE, and never stopped moving West. But now with no shells, missiles, or landing craft, if we can get the “Initiative” Russia will surrender. Just “Signal” “the Initiative” to them.

    US aid is ‘big defeat to Putin’s ambitions’ as Ukraine resumes strikes into Russia | Scott Lucas

    “NATO sends weapons to target Crimea that could leave Putin’s offensive in crisis | Sean Bell

    They’re taking three towns a day. Sounds like a real crisis.

    Putin’s dwindling Soviet stocks could end his invasion of Ukraine | Illia Ponomarenko

    Oh, so it’s him running out of SHERMAN Tanks, and 1961 Ladas that’s stopping him!

    “Putin faces new threat as ATACMS upgrade expected in US Ukraine aid | Illia Ponomarenko

    That is indeed a new “threat”. Bell above talks all about how they need to make a “Threat” somewhere, sometime or other, but he doesn’t know how because – Quote — “we have no strategy.”

    “Putin’s troop losses mount as US aid set to arrive in Ukraine | Frontline

    “Putin has now lost more troops in Ukraine than Brezhnev lost in Afghanistan | Kateryna Stepanenko

    “Putin’s meat-grinder tactics lead to catastrophic Russian casualties | Kateryna Stepanenko

    Who are you talking to?

    “Iran could be a nuclear threat ‘within 72 hours’ with help from North Korea | John Bolton

    Bolton? How is this guy still alive? IS he alive? No one can tell.

    How Iran’s major airstrike target could influence Israel’s next move | Adnan Tabatabai

    Huh, go on…

    “Why Iran is ‘too weak’ for a regional war with Israel | Adnan Tabatabai

    Uh, yeah, that didn’t age well did it? This is now back a few weeks in the feed. Now you see why it was only Ukraine for every day since then: no mention of Israel’s TOTAL loss of power, prestige, placement, and therefore all foreseeable wars, forever.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 1 2024 #158179
    Dr. D

    I don’t speak Russian, but that Pic is for May Day.

    “When Trump responds, Democrat Judge Juan Merchan–whose daughter is profiting from the trial–held Trump in contempt.”

    $9,000. Why nine? Why not $90.00, or $90 Million? “We Make S—t Up!” Explain? If he has the right, then these levels must be set and established. Who/how was that done? (they said $1,000 max. However, why 9 offenses? not 90?)

    And the trial is fake but the $10k stolen by the State of New York is very real. It would cost $100k in legal fees to get it back. Their theft is self-funding with your money. …They hate us for our freedoms.

    “Pecker said he did not pay to silence Daniels, who claims she had sex with Trump.”

    She also claims she did NOT have sex with Trump. And shouldn’t she sue HIM for damage to her career for the claim that she associated with Orange Hitler? Wait: she slept with Trump but that makes her a good person and a hero, because…I can’t keep up. #Logic. Get that right out of your head.

    Elon Letterman 2009” Sure, except Elon didn’t invent the cars and has nothing to do with them. He’s a programmer/finance guy. And that’s fine. And his cars are still the best among them, sadly almost the sole contender the others are so weak. They light everyone on fire and STILL are the best EV out there.

    ““They ought to be very careful about this because the Supreme Court of the Appellate Court in Albany just reversed Harvey Weinstein’s conviction on the ground that they put in too much information that wasn’t really relevant to the case,” Mr. Dershowitz said, adding that this is “what’s happening” in the trial against President Trump.”

    “What’s Happening” is that they just tied Trump = Weinstein in the Media. Oops! An accident, I’m sure!

    Again, he’s so guilty they have to go to these measures. There are so many crimes from this racist, chiseling, landlord screwing, builder cheating, misogynistic rapist that this was the clearest, best crime they had. #Logic: get that right out of your head. Because #Logic: given that, wouldn’t this case prove his exemplary INNOCENCE over a lifetime instead?

    ““..we live in a country today where most people readily admit that the CIA probably killed the president. Amazing.”

    Yes, but ALSO did NOT kill the President – that’s cray-cray. Both. Neither. Ai. Go ahead: ask them about it. That’s what you’ll find.

    Just like the last 100 news stories “Oh well the FBI is hunting and killing black people, lied about Iraq, lost $1 Trillion dollars, tracked protestors, — Insert story here – but THIS TIME the FBI/CIA/Daddy isn’t lying to me! THIS TIME he’s going to buy me a pony!”

    The election was also rigged (2016) but impossible to be rigged (2020). Both. Neither. And this all AFTER it was OFFICIALLY rigged – wrongly – in 2000 with Gore. But that never happened, because it happened, and sometimes they point to it.

    #Logic: get that right out of your head. There is no remaining logic coast to coast. The Sane and the Insane. Conclusion: LIes drive you crazy. That’s why they can’t be tolerated and must be punished. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” — Voltaire. Never more true than the last 100 days.

    “These days it’s the traditional left wing, based on workers’ movements, which need help

    Taking an intermission here, WHY the workers – who are almost as bad off as ever – have no support and get no help:

    From Fabio/Salon yesterday: “They are symptoms of growing systemic fragility, inscribed in the dialectical deployment of the collapsing logic of capital.”

    “The causal connection between socioeconomic collapse and relentless emergency may appear counterintuitive, and yet it is the existential requirement of global late-capitalist work society insofar as it is supported by the artificial creation of colossal and ever-increasing amounts of debt.”

    That’s what you can expect. It’s very deeply, foundationally, classically Marxist view, which is why it’s both 1) entirely unhelpful and 2) Misses all the critical marks after stating them plainly. It’s as if he said “Smaug the undefeatable dragon sleeps at 10am each morning and has a chink in his armor on the upper left side. Oh well, I guess there’s nothing we can do.” Except use fancy words to baffle that fact, the way mystery writers intentionally add red herrings. There’s nothing working people like better than rich, snooty guys talking down to them. Definitely organize the masses for the eternal People’s Revolution.

    This is the mastery of Marxism: as highly intelligent, motivated people of good intent are invariably shoved down a rabbit hole that will guarantee all their efforts will come to nothing and the ruling class will prevail forever, so long as they persist. — They might notice as it’s the ruling class that’s funding them, and all the so-called “Working people” have different ideas.

    I could go over the article line by line, but why bother?

    “Fabio Vighi is Professor of Critical Theory at Cardiff UK” Well, I guess another 10,000 years of oppression are in store thanks to Mr. Vighi.

    Our Zone of Interest: The Noise of Permanent Warfare

    Back to May Day, the reason no one can worker organize is because THEY HATE THE WORKING CLASS LIKE CANCER. Hate, hate hate them. Seething, hebephrenic, writhing in the floor in agony, marching, goosestepping hate. EVERY PMC, hates them like they hate Hell, all Montagues.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkXdeUjM1pc (Butthole Surfers)

    You see, the Working Class DOESN’T OBEY. They don’t do what I say. I’m the Mommy and — I — Know Best!!!!! They Don’t know what’s GOOD for them. (ask any modern Democrat about MAGA, 99% working class) Now shut up and do what you’re told. Rent a van and learn to code, you bible-clutching neanderthals. How many times do I have to close your hospitals and kill your kids before you learn? You’re on the wrong side of history. You’re anti-PROGRESSIVE.

    So we have the weird situation where the “Progressives” the Leftists, that is, the Socialists, solidarity with the people, yo! Are killing the working class as fast as they can, with every action they can think of. And can’t understand that the Working class noticed. After 40 years of this stuff. And leading them into a ditch (dead and shot) for the 100 years before that.

    So yeah, it was always HIGHLY, DEEPLY, DISTURBINGLY offensive, “White Man’s Burden” for rich kids and bourgeois to “Organize” those d—n idiot “workers” for their own good because-they’re-too-stupid, but now it’s way beyond that. So why no workers no march, organize, join my party that sold them out and do what they’re told? Such a mystery to us schmart peoples. Who get richer every time we go “help” “The Poors”. Can’t understand it.

    Meanwhile, the only benefits the poor workers got came out of Capitalism: a JOB. My iPhone. My muscle car. Pizza up the road. Etsy. Cheap goods from China while the Bernank and Biden triple prices. Anything anywhere near government is a crater: College, taxes, health, housing, war. The Left: AOC, Talib, The German Green Party, all voted pro war, anti war protests. FOR Infinity money to billionaire CORPORATIONS if they are weapons profiteers that cause war in the solidarity of the international working class. Fight da Man! (Give him $61 Billion Moar today!)

    So…vote for them, I guess? So mysterious. Who can figure it out?

    ““…this hideous practice on the part of the Ukrainian authorities also unmistakably exhibits the legal elements of ethnic cleansing..”

    That’s true: is Russia killing 1M Ukrainians also ethnic cleansing? Is it war? Or what? What are the rules here?

    “Wallace and MSNBC pushed the false story of border agents whipping migrants in Texas.”

    Yes, but that happened a second ago so it never happened anymore. Both. Neither. Ai. If it’s good, I did it, when the same thing goes bad I didn’t do it/never heard of it/you’re crazy. Since the whole nation acts like this, they don’t notice. It’s that Beam in your eye: the greatest invisibility device known to man.

    • Russia Defends Traditional Values The West Is Abandoning – Dugin to Carlson (RT)

    2nd Intermission:

    Aspnaz: And about my “white” Christian (haha) conquests the other day. And again yesterday, the “Whites” (whoever that is) also don’t do anything. Only the Jews do. When you have Jews on the brain, you see nothing but Jews. Jews everywhere, under me bed! Jew goggles, like a kaleidoscope up to your eyes day and night. Why do I see them everywhere? Um, take off the goggles? See reality directly?

    Anyway, — I – can’t be responsible. In fact, no Christian every born can be responsible: Jews do everything. They control and direct everyone. Therefore it can’t be my fault. You said! I, and the universe, are helpless before them, we have no actions, no existence. Don’t give up on your core beliefs so soon! Run with them, embrace them. Therefore I did nothing, I am not responsible, but perfectly innocent and always will be.

    And so with yesterday. They can’t even protest right! And when Jews protest other Jews (Israel), they’re not real protests or real Jews. Poof! They vanish in a puff of logic. Like God in “Hitchhiker’s Guide” “Well, I had not thought of that,” God says,
    “Oh, that was easy,” says Man, and for an encore goes on to prove that black is white and gets himself killed on the next zebra crossing.” — Douglas Adams

    To me: silly. But that’s okay. It’s my job or liberty to point it out to you, not to change you.

    More to my point, you support “White” people – from China? Apparently? — and all our Western culture, the Enlightenment, etc, great. …Except that ONE thing, — I – choose that is NOT good: Christianity and Christian morality. You see, Europe would have been so much better without it. Everyone can clearly see how Europe – and the young Lion Colonies of Tarsus – would have been had there been no Christianity over the last 2,000 years. I mean, isn’t it obvious?

    …Well it ain’t obvious to me. You can’t even propose a “West” lacking Christian law, charity, and equality in a brotherhood of man. And slavery would still be a thing as it was in the Pagan world, the Muslim world, and has quite a comeback among non-Christians today. It’s crazy to even THINK about supporting a “White West” (whatever that means) without it. As has been made abundantly clear: if you erase Christianity, you erase all Western Morality, which becomes ruthless Utilitarianism. I’m sure glad Genghis the Khan never dun no genocides like the Western American wars were. That the Aztecs were peaceful, hugging people and totally not slavers and heart-rippers a bit! Nature’s happy jungle people. Nope it’s all the White colonists who were bad – wait no, they’re good – wait no, they’re bad, but only if they’re CHRISTIAN white people. Etc.

    See how that don’t work? Now you may not want to be Christian – JB isn’t – but it’s clear you need to put Christianity back into the CULTURE, or you can’t solve this. Even if you have to just pretend you have it and care, which is mostly true over the centuries. Oh yeah, that Cortez guy: totally great Christian compared to the Aztecs I JUST made fun of two seconds ago.

    Back to Dugin: Yes, the reason Russia can do this isn’t just that they took it in the shorts for 20 years and know what works or doesn’t now. It’s more than that. They are WILLING TO DIE. For their country, their values, which are decidedly NOT Utilitarian ethic. Why? It is a CHRISTIAN ethic. They re-established Christianity in Russia. (“They” is nobody. It self-formed, self-organized) Without it, you’d have the paint of valor, but no depth. You can’t get rid of corruption, etc, because some rich guy will always kill you for it. That means you have to be willing to die for it. And irony: once you’re willing to die for it, you don’t have to die for it, because you’re the moral majority. But it takes a commitment to something greater than yourself. Now can can be other things in other cultures, but it’s rare and in OUR culture so far, only this seems to work. So you better show me a deep set of proof before I trash and dispense with it.

    More than that, you see EVERY replacement is merely a mockery of Christianity all over again. Woke Religion and original sin. Woke Evinronmentalism and original sin, reaching “God” and heaven in transhumanism, etc. Booooor-ring. It’s just Christianity, why not have the original? If Christianity is some dumb made-up stuff, why you imitating it? (A: It’s the God-shaped hole they vehemently deny because then they would be subservient to a #Reality, a CREATOR. That would every so lightly diminish their child-like egos.)

    “the new incarnation of liberalism prescribes adherence to certain progressive values that are completely at odds with traditional values and in fact seeks to abolish them.”

    It’s horseshoe theory: if you go far enough in one direction, you pop up on the other side. That’s why we can make fun of the Left (or Right!) so easily. That’s what the “NeoCons” are: Trotskyist Revolutionarys galloped so far Left they ended up PaleoConservatives. That’s what the NeoLiberalism (different word, the name-stealers are tireless in stealing and corrupting the name “Liberal” “Libertas”, “Freedom”) turned to Woke: They are so free action free speech that they’re actually ANTI free action and Free Speech. Ha ha! Top that! I’m now to the left of Mao himself, that makes YOU the Bourgeois reactionaries! (Says the 13-year mean girls’ table Jesus Christ what a Feminine Culture) ALLLLL popularity, no reality. All talk, no action. Feminine. (sorry, but that’s true)

    For Dugin, Russia is doing this, demonstrating, BECAUSE of their extreme hard time we gave them, and saving the world, as in the Fatima Prophesies. And I appreciate it. We’re fighting a hell of a fight over here, but we’re real tired and can use a good ally like them right now.

    “Darya, a journalist and political activist in her own right, was a vocal supporter of Russia’s military operation against Kiev.”

    Aaaaaaand so was everyone else in Russia. So why kill just her? (CIA funds, arms, provides weapons, chooses target, you just push this red button. Then it’s “Ukraine’s” fault.)

    ““Everything has gone haywire in the White House,” Zakharova said.”

    On purpose? Seems kind of weird if you want to get elected. Like Carville yesterday “How DARE you care about your own issues!! DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD and make ME RICH!!!”

    “• US Politicians ‘Living In Wonderland’ – Moscow (RT)

    They did point out that the Elite are now barricaded in their fart-bubble, immune to everything. That is in fact true. And you can ask WHY is it true. Why now? But once they stop taking outside criticism – which we never stop giving them – then it’s certain destruction. Thankfully. SOmething was DONE, actively, some PERSON sealed the fart-bubble though. Who?

    ““There is a straight line between this relentless, politically motivated fear-mongering and the thought that Fascism in some American incarnation is hard upon us..”
    • This Isn’t Fascism (Patrick Lawrence)

    And it isn’t “Socialism” either. And China isn’t “Communist”. I know all that. Duran yesterday was with Jay Dyer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IUCwtPLxPQ works hard to describe the system without the slogans, which is fine and I understand. I use “Socialism” because it’s the clearest, they write it all down with great pride, and we have historical precedent that everyone is aware of to make mind-pictures. (aka, they always murder everybody) It doesn’t matter what you CALL it: it’s Power. And it’s that weird “Humanism” anti-Humanism they use right now. Because they’re insane crazy people who are an imminent danger to themselves and others, with a string of violent felonies reaching back years both personally and collectively.

    “Azzarello died in a state of confusion and delusion, and I draw this conclusion from the message on his placard. His death honored no one.”

    Same with all us jumping up and grabbing guns right now. It’s not the time: it’s just senseless killing. This is what we’re advised to do on all sides. Harangued, ridiculed, ordered commanded, right here on this board. I ORDER you to grab your gun you p—-y and go kill other Americans. Um, how about “No.” Maybe you’ve never read Christianity and self-defense. There are moral requirements, imperatives. That stuff. I should light myself on fire for no reason except to watch the flames. No, how about we do HARD WORK? If you’re willing to die, certainly you’re willing to do hard work, aren’t you? But nobody gets their rocks off for hard work. For their children, and generations to come. Plant a tree, you p—y, I dare you!

    Is there fascism? Actually yes. This author may know this and that doesn’t invalidate their point here, but yes. Okay then, how do you fight it? In Germany the ground was set up you can have the Communists or the Socialists (National type). Whoops! My guy won! What are the odds??? Jesus, no. That means to NOT be radical, which is his point here. There is fascism but you don’t fight it by becoming a fascist – the Woke people already got that angle covered. You don’t fight monsters by becoming a monster, then you got more monsters. That’s the point here. Keep yer brains on.

    “For us what constituted safety was visibility, good brakes, and maneuverability. …they were designed by designers and not by safety bureaucrats.”

    There is zero visibility in modern cars, highly dangerous. This is by LAW, Congress, etc, as they need stiffer roof pillars for that 0.00001% flipped crashes, and EPA aerodynamics, etc …Which then kill everyone, thanks. And are also immensely ugly and boring. Like the new Mercedes suck so bad the Hyundais look better. They were once also largely designed by machine engineers, practical people, and not foremost Italian artists who just put sheet metal on top, although that’s really nice, of course.

    They could therefore be fixed because nobody-got-no-time for making a new headlight and brake caliper for each model year. That saves money, time on the factory floor, warehouse parts… Yeah, all gone of course AND it’s bankrupting them as they did the #Opposite which seems like it should work – mindbendingly high dealer repair prices – but actually doesn’t. That’s okay because they are NOT selling cars to price normal peasants out of the market. They will sacrifice TRILLIONS for their weirdo religion and they’ve already been bankrupt (and bailed out by me, for free) once. The Honda Accord took this to heart and made the same parts that worked for decades. It did indeed make them a tonne of money, that supported the whole company. And was way, way, WAY easier.

    Capitalist-free Zone. All the way down. The 1955-1970 models are all Capitalist. Starting 1971 and EPA, all anti-Capitalist, de Lada. Yugo. Cars.

    Now why have working people stopped loving and obey us, just as we kill them all, steal everything they love, and destroy all their cars? Well, just a mystery, I guess.

    Damn, those cows go deep in the water and aren’t scared. They’re heavy but I bet very buoyant with their stomachs.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 1 2024 #158167
    Dr. D

    “The United States has found that five Israeli units are implicated in gross human rights violations predating the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, US State Department deputy principal spokesperson Vedant Patel said on Monday.​..”

    Maybe this is what they’re protesting, Herr Texas?

    Sounds like you just authorized protests as legitimate, and discussions as legal and real.

    Does that look something like this?


    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 30 2024 #158098
    Dr. D

    Seems like a sad and empty day with no excuse to post pictures this morning.

    Oh well, who needs an excuse?

    And showing true class, this, with the building:
    Okay, I’m done now. I’ll go back to posting South Park instead.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 30 2024 #158094
    Dr. D

    $3.5 Billion Slipped Into Ukraine-Israel Aid Bill To ‘Supercharge Mass Migration From The Middle East’

    Oh wait let me edit that for clarity: “$3.5 Billion Slipped In” Really? Really people? Whoops! I slipped! Enough to pay off 30,000 low-income mortgages.

    “’Chestfeeding’ And Other Transgender Terms Banned In NHS By UK Government

    We ban what we enforced. All things are either compulsory or illegal. It’s not a joke. …Not to Cluster B’s.

    “”Putin’s trophies” to include destroyed US M1 Abrams tanks…

    What’s up with this? It’s a tank, therefore it blew up. The article meta-meta depends on some irrational base assumption that Abrams tanks DON’T blow up. That they are in any way special. The f’ing YEMENIS blew them up by the dozens with no effort, like 10 years ago. Unless it’s an even-numbered day so that-happened-but-didn’t-happen because it happened. And we’ve done? That’s right: exactly NOTHING about it. And we have no ships.

    Germany plants a known spy among the AfD, doesn’t tell them anything, then arrests him to tar the AfD. Um. That word may not mean what you think it mean. So…your German FBI…you regularly allow spies deep into the offices of German Parties? And for how long have you been doing this?

    Carville, over 80, is berating young people with non-stop pronanities for caring about their issues and not HIS issues:

    “You little f**king 26-year-old, you don’t feel like ‘the election’s important to me. They’re not addressing the issues that I care about.’” https://twitter.com/CollinRugg/status/1784951750262395237?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1784951750262395237%7Ctwgr%5Ed56603269ebfdb09e76b1d5c35ca8f6be1660afe%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.zerohedge.com%2Fpolitical%2Fjames-carville-has-meltdown-over-young-voters-sitting-out-election


    Yeah, here’s the problem from yesterday: That only works on Millennials, and only for a while. It does not work on Zoomers, who are your new voters now. They think you suck. As well they should, Carville’s premise here is Government should NOT do what the people want. That would be “Populism” and “Democracy” Then Hitler wins, Time Magazine says.

    And his other rants are 20-40 years off base. Trump is going to set up a Theocracy? Trump??????? Because…Trump is…so well known to be religious? Goes on about the Cross all the time? Okay WHICH religion? His family is Jewish. A lukewarm Liberal Atheist (as far as anyone can tell) is going to establish a theocracy of…lukewarm Methodists, who will enforce you have a potluck in the basement once a week, but never mention the sacraments? Think that Yoda is a religious figure the way Unitarians do?

    Okay, the GOVERNMENT decides this Theocracy. …And then the people, what? There are no religious people IN America. Maybe the immigrated Muslims and the Amish? WHO is going to enforce this? And how? …As a Minion, Carville believes if someone – anyone – merely SAYS to do it…everyone will just automatically fall in line and do it.

    …How’s that working out for you? As if you didn’t notice. With Protests, and with voting. And with voting the wrong party? You might notice that everyone is not going to DO WHAT THEY’RE TOLD, INSIDE a rant about how nobody’s Doing What They’re Told. Eh?

    Free Speech. Never stop speaking, Jim. I’d spread this interview widely and help you out.

    “’Crying Out For Justice’: Female Athletes Sue NCAA Over “Dangerous” Transgender Policies
    “They’re crying out for justice and the NCAA won’t even talk to them …It isn’t even willing to respect their concerns enough to give them an audience…”

    If it puts women in a coma on the pitch, we do it. If their bones are broken, we approve. But it’s not a theocracy or nothin’. Not when you push your beliefs to the point that everyone gets harmed. In 20 different ways, scholarships being just one of them.

    “’Anti-White’ Scottish First Minister Quits After Disastrous ‘Hate Crime Law’

    When is he arrested and quartered at Edinburgh Castle? No really: they are narcissists so they require co-dependents. Don’t be their co-dependent, don’t pull them back from the edge. Push them. Encourage them. Let them learn what they should have learned at the age of 5. Them and all the rest of us too, apparently.

    “Jerry Seinfeld: PC culture and fear of offending people is killing funny shows.”

    Why am I reading this? This is the most common fact of the last 20 years and the LEFT says they’re doing it. “Are you doing what you say you’re doing?”
    “Whaaaaaaahhh! WHY would you ever think we are doing what we say we’re doing, you bigot!”

    The Crazy. Make it stop.

    Trump: Is a Mascot. WE are the Army, or there is no Army at all. If he falls, we shrug and don’t notice, carry on. Right? So? Who cares? He ain’t helping me, boosting me, but I gotta boost him?

    “MOST if not ALL of Trump’s legal team is Jewish???”

    Don’t care but repeat: Orange Hitler is Jewish? With a Jewish team and a Jewish family, Jewish donors and business partners? But he’s going to round them up on trains… If only he had become President so we could test this theory: and the gays, and Blacks, and the Democrats, and Hillary, and…

    He’s going to set up a Theocracy! Honest! When has the Democratic Party ever lied to you?

    “..Sacks described Ukraine’s failed 2023 summer counteroffensive against Russia as “one of the biggest debacles in the history of modern warfare.”

    It’s hard to say because it was SO bad, it was like Ukraine didn’t even try. Like the PeeWee football league of 5-year-old with the NFL. But “put me in coach! I can take ‘im!” Taking 100,000 men and running them into 10km of minefields is not a “Strategy”.

    “Biden is merely prolonging the bloodshed in Ukraine without offering a clear strategy for victory or a peace deal with Russia.”

    The peace deal is: Russia wanted all Ukraine back. So we gave it. Because we’re allies against a common enemy and we owe them for what we’ve done. We then attacked and the Pentagon pulled out with no NATO weapons or air support. Even now. They got two anti-aircraft batteries. When Russia thought cluster bombs might be useful, Biden provided them, so “both sides” would get them. When they are now completed the Donbas this week, Biden sends ATACMS 300km so that they must complete taking the whole nation to Poland. Don’t you know everything is America’s fault? That’s our sole purpose in life? So? Two can play at that game: Ukraine is lost and it’s America’s fault. We stopped after the first week, with a hypersonic on Lviv, as Lira said. We haven’t started again anywhere, only putting up a bare illusion of caring.

    The peace is: Russia owns all Ukraine, and we gave it to them. The key was, they need to “Denazify” it from 300 years of Derp State psy-ops and manipulation, starting with the Pope. That means what? We treaty it to them, then Russia goes and kills 5 million innocent Ukrainians in the streets again to end this thing? The world would never allow it, which means Russia can never have it. But IF every Nazi was shot, AND the Ukrainian PEOPLE threw off the fever, THEN it will finally be safe again.

    …And no doubt everyone expected the People would rise up and throw off these mass-murderers far sooner. Russia didn’t: They have a dim, depressing view in general and they apparently were right. Even now Ukraine is NOT throwing off “The Butcher”, “General 404” (I forget what the name was), they are indeed waiting for the last Ukrainian. Oh well, can’t be helped. Ukraine must be de-Nazified, and the CIA did their job well. Blow, Blow away.

    Again: Ukraine is apparently the Derp State Factory floor. They have been run out of everywhere, methodically, no F-Stan, no Turkey, no Iraq, and set up shop there. Great! Now we can blow them and everything they do to kingdom come in one move: their last fortress. Okay, suppose CIA/MI6 still exist in Langley and Porton Downs after: and do what? The CIA exists because they can extra-judicially have a H. Bush army, funding, jets, and drugs. If they are not a self-funding mafia, they are cut down to a size that Congress can re-control. So: here we are, one thing at a time. Who is Dr. No when he loses his island and is just another rich guy in the Upper East, with banking through NY Mellon? Arrest him, there’s nowhere to hide.

    Every day they get smaller. Soon they will cease to exist. While We the People get activated and become the Army that’s hunting them. Like Canada, let’s say. After a lifetime of complacency, they’re finally pissed and want it back, and Moosilini out.

    “• Russia’s Mideast Clout ‘Very Strong,’ US Looks ‘Ridiculous’ – Macgregor (Sp.)

    Yes, among the checklist of things that need to be done, there needs to be an EVENT where the U.S. becomes just another nation. Like Russia, perhaps, or Brazil. We become NORMAL. Now we’re already far weaker than Brazil but no one noticed, we need them to start THINKING of us that way. You know: the way we actually are, aside from lies. And obviously all human will DIE rather than adjust their antenna, so this is a Herculean task. This sort of thing sets the stage for that EVENT which must happen, so people can point to it. It’s hard without staging the sinking of an actual Carrier. Which are nuclear.

    “• Biden Looks To Prevent Future President From Ending Ukraine War

    You all are kidding right? “Ukraine will be strong enough in the future to deter Russia from attacking it again” Russia isn’t done attacking Ukraine THE FIRST TIME. There will BE no Ukraine. Nor, will there be any agreement when Europe’s collateral collapses, and the EU banking sinks the entire U.S. system, with budget and finance thereafter. We can’t send what we don’t have, and we’ll UN-do that agreement right quick or the people will burn Washington down. They’re already in the mood and the Depression hasn’t happened yet. Wall St came out this week predicting a 50% drop in the Market.

    Lastly: none of this is legally real without a Senate treaty. You can SAY anything you want, and in effect, the President would have a hard time reversing it politically. But if The People already don’t want it, and THEY put in a Congress, then…pound sand. This means nothing. Except that reporters think you should DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD, and that anyone follows the Law. When it’s MY law, but we DON’T follow the Law when it’s YOUR Law. STFU. No one follows the Law but they’re going to follow this one? What are you? Stupid?

    IF we swapped all Congress for an honest one that follows law, they would un-pass it. If they DON’T change Congress to honest men, There Is No Law and he can just defy it. Those are your choices. That’s what happens when you have 0% will of the People. Actually 180° #Opposite to every will of The People, and we hope you all die and we are just a minute short of lighting you on fire ourselves.

    YOU all, are Minions. You’ve got to get out of that mindset before your write articles. (You are a minion, as your daddy was a minion before you. Yale, Skull-and-Bones, Eton, and the Old School Tie. You come from an endless line of Minions, NitWits from before The Battle of Hastings, and will proudly die a nitwit Minion, the same. This is why they hate Billy-Bob, a non-minion, so, so much.)

    “Bragg’s indictment had not clearly stated what specific crime that Trump [broke]”

    Prosecution without a crime. The LEAST weird thing in this trial, or this decade.

    “Trump was conspiring to try to win his own election.”

    Aha! I rest my case, your Honor.

    “The cost of shooting down cruise missiles and drones will be very high and might well be unsustainable unless extremely inexpensive and effective anti-air systems can be implemented.”

    One of the keys here is that Offense is preeminent. There is no effective defense to anything. That’s like reinventing the Colt Revolver, the Equalizer. Any country of goatherders, like Yemen, can bring the U.S. to heel in seconds. Sad part is, they already were before any of this was invented. Just nobody noticed. Any nation that can buy black pajamas can whip us. Since 1975. It’s all Bulls—t, PR, Lies. But stupidity is infinity, larger than the Universe.

    “• Supreme Court Rejects Elon Musk’s “Free Speech” Appeal In SEC Case (ZH)

    He should have asked why the SEC exists since they don’t protect anyone, enforce fraud, and violate the Constitution. CoughMadoffCoughMFGlobalCough.

    “• Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Threaten Fox News (RT)

    Keeping it in the news. Good job, Brownie. Never stop.

    “Western media have described Dugin as “Putin’s brain” due to his supposed influence on President Vladimir Putin”

    Because the Western Media are glue-sniffing morons. Dugin has never met Putin, and it’s debatable if he has any influence at all. That’s like saying Tucker or Jeff Sachs is “Biden’s Brain.” Is he? Wouldn’t you say something like Haig or Schulz is Reagan’s Brain? That would make sense. Not like Don Lemon. Not Ron Chernow.

    Dumb people say dumb things all the time; doesn’t mean we should believe them. This was said by a “reporter” so it’s self-evident it must be wrong.

    Looking that up I found this: “When the first Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson, took office in 1790, his entire staff consisted of just six people, including himself and a part-time translator. The current Secretary presides over almost fifteen thousand employees scattered around the globe.” Uh-huh. But he knows what each one does and they never defy his commands.

    Oh, by the way, where’s the Left on this book being banned in Florida? Okay, as they said, can you buy those gay books in Florida, on Amazon, for your kids? Yes you can. That is to say IT’S NOT BANNED. Nothing is banned. At all. That’s a lie. It just means it’s not COMPULSORY where I’m paying for it. And this book? Is banned? Wait: you LIKE banned books now?

    So, are you for or against protests at Colleges? Both. Neither. Ai. I mean, the cutting line there is 1) Does it kill kids? 2) Are the kids Brown, like inner-city Planned Parenthood? If so then protests are banned. If it STOPS murder, then it IS banned. Simple. Prove me wrong.

    ““..Any criminal investigation against Netanyahu also implicates President Biden..”

    That’s ridiculous, Biden has immunity…so long as he’s killing people. If he were STOPPING wars, he would NOT have immunity. He would be Hitler.

    “Indeed, the nation is by now worn out by these serial assaults on constitutional norms:”

    That nation is, but Trump isn’t. He just goes and plays golf, eats a 5-star meal, presides over all U.S. politics as people come to genuflect to him, then roll around in his money or something, I don’t follow his sex life. He’s having a great time. He’s like 75: don’t’ you think he wants to go out with a bang and not in a nursing home?

    “The immigrant-invaders are obtaining legal power over the white ethnic citizens.”

    Not exactly. A very small number of White Oligarchs got it, claimed it, and handed it to the immigrants, to be snatched back at their leisure. So the Immigrants are immaterial: WHITE oligarchs are genociding WHITE populations. What racism? That looks like a land grab to me. “You’ll own nothing….”

    …But we’ll own everything…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 29 2024 #158068
    Dr. D

    “Valid critique of Christianity does not make one anti christ.”

    Quote of the day to CitizenX.

    Yeah, I don’t understand. Police fabricate evidence all the time – around here they do anyway – so why bother getting real evidence, real confessions, real statements, real signatures? What gives? You never have before. Sudden fit of conscience when it comes to the chance for torturing people, I guess. I’m always, “You’re going to make it up anyway, what do you need me for??” Yeah, that goes over just great. Especially with the Judge.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 29 2024 #158026
    Dr. D

    “it’s called the Lycopodium personality. This is the kind of people that are simultaneously sycophantic towards those he perceives as superiors and sometimes peers, and despotic towards those below in the social hierarchy. The root of this behavior lies in anxiety and insecurity (often caused by a disciplinarian parent or authority figure).” –Internet

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 29 2024 #158025
    Dr. D

    Time Magazine, literally “If we allow free speech and democratic process, Hitler will win.”

    I seriously kid you not.

    “If God had intended aristocrats to run the country, Hitler said at one rally in fall 1932, “we’d all have been born with monocles.”

    “Hitler exercised his constitutional right to free speech and freedom of assembly to hold rallies”

    We need this to stop right away! If only the Deep State (recent article in NPR) and the aristocrats were running things, we’d have…um…no free speech and no assembly? No Democracy? Hold on… What?

    “[Hitler spoke]. He chided the ruling elites.” How dare he speak! How dare he not do what his betters told him!

    “Hitler had essentially and surprisingly quickly transformed a democratic republic into a constitutional dictatorship.”

    Um…what? What the what? A government ruling entirely by decree and emergency powers (the paragraph before) is “Democratic” while Dictatorships are “Constitutional”? Uh. I GUESS that is possible in THEORY, but has never occurred anywhere in time or space in the universe, since the definition of “Dictator” means, “Invents laws” and therefore does not adhere to the limits of a Constitution, as say, in theory, King George does. That’s why King George or Edward were not (legally, technically) dictators.

    So, “Time”: “We Make S—t Up!” Made up that definition, right now, in me head! If you can have a Constitutional Dictatorship, can you have an Egalitarian Dictatorship? Or a Royal Democracy? Or Socialist Capitalism? Or…???

    Why not? All things and their Opposites are true! Both. Neither. Ai.

    ““The big joke on democracy is that it gives its mortal enemies the tools to its own destruction.”

    Yes, this is the literal handbook of Socialist Parties. National Socialist Parties. Who are by definition not CONSERVATIVES, that is, Right-Wing. You’re not “Right” if you want to tear everything down and replace it with the new you-just-made-up. That would be “Progressive.” The “Right” would re-install the Kaiser and perhaps balance a Monarchy. Paleoconservatives would re-establish German Tribalism perhaps. They wanted the merger of Corporation and State, or indeed ALL national functions, including shopping, religion and entertainment. “State controls the means of production”. Anyway, even the PROCESS was not Right-Wing, it is “Rules for Radicals” which is no doubt exactly where he got it from. Ruin everything. Destroy everyone. Shatter the country. Break all norms, rules, laws, and traditions. And for WHY do we cause this misery? For POWER. Raw POWER Alinsky says. …But of course, when HE gets the One Ring, he will use it for GOOD, as Galadriel will, and totally not shall not be dark but beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night! Fair as the Sea and the Sun and the Snow upon the Mountain! Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning! Stronger than the foundations of the earth. Where All shall love me and despair!”

    Totally not. Just give me the One Ring and Trust me.

    ““The Führer was a man who was possible in Germany only at that very moment,” Frank observed …Had Hitler come a decade later “when the republic was firmly established,” Frank said, it would have been impossible for him to have seized power. Had he come a decade earlier, the German people would have returned to the Kaiser.”

    Yes. This is why when you socially engineer these things, the Timing is Critical. ONLY the Millennials could go full Communist. ONLY because they were abused in ONLY that specific way that was arranged for them. https://www.city-journal.org/article/the-cluster-b-society “it’s called the Lycopodium personality. This is the kind of people that are simultaneously sycophantic towards those he perceives as superiors and sometimes peers, and despotic towards those below in the social hierarchy. The root of this behavior lies in anxiety and insecurity (often caused by a disciplinarian parent or authority figure).” –Internet

    If you WAIT, if you MISS that time-window then you see that Zoomers grew up with this S—t and are immune or inured to your bulls—t. If it’s younger, like GenX, they have too much grounding in the previous ways (in their case: Freedom and Autonomy). ONLY Millennials can cause the Glorious Communist Revolution and the White and Red Bolsheviks so much-to-be-desired. Aaaaaaaaand…?? “They Never Thought She’d Lose.” And why should she when they rigged the vote? She said the vote was stolen, why didn’t she call for a recount, a Congressional investigation, or holding of Electors as is the process? BECAUSE THEY WOULD FIND THE RIGGING.

    Anyway, ONLY then. Or even a few years later, possibly now but probably the door is closed. As Hitler’s planner and expert (social engineer) said: “The Führer was a man who was possible in Germany only at that very moment,” Timing. If I’m a narcissistic sociopathic abuser, don’t you think there’s a window where I can get away with that before you get wise to my bulls–t and poison my tea? Before you club me with a frying pan and take the kids? OF COURSE there is. And with national level too.

    More? The point is not to make CHEETO the Führer, that is what THEY would do, what THEY expected. What they’re still trying fecklessly, to do. The point is merely to PREVENT a Führer of any kind, by ruining it, smashing it, wandering around like a bull in a shop, breaking things. Then the nation will re-constitute only as an AMERICAN people will. Whatever that is but-we-can-guess.

    I keep saying this, so I hope it gets through. THAT is all the White Hats need to do, and THAT is why the Black Hats are so pissed about it. Their plans are VERY, VERY exact, very specific, very difficult. Screwing them up is natural, simple, very easy. Free almost. They are WITH the Tao, the Way, the Logos, and the Black Hats are AGAINST the Tao, the Way, the Will of Heaven. By definition, duh.

    Timothy Ryback is Harvard. Atlantic. NYT. Hague (As above, indicting Euro-Oligarch enemies but never their friends). Austria. He is the very definition of the “Aristocracy” which cannot be criticized and who must be obeyed if you know what’s good for you. If you criticize him and want freedom, you’re Hitler.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 29 2024 #158022
    Dr. D

    (Image posting)

    Anyway since they’ve made every video game character ugly as barnacled whales, I’ll complete my enjoyment this morning with the complaint that Chun Li and other video game characters are unrealistic.


    No, they’re just way outliers of human form, like all actors, actresses, Olympians, Nuclear Physicists….are.

    How about Eve in Stellar Blade, who they said is misogynistic, bizarrely thin, and set unrealistic standards because no woman could look like that?


    Yeah, she’s basically a direct 3D cut of this actress. Any questions?

    Again, what’s the deal here, really, with Millennials and this stuff? They OBEY. They are obeying monsters. IF anyone says anything, they ASSUME everyone does, can, MUST slavishly follow it. It was said, therefore it’s an order AND I AM A MINION. What do you mean, “Unrealistic expectations”? “Expected” by whom? You think in 1940 they “expected” they would fit into Carole Lombard’s evening dress? Or was it Mae West’s? And if you could “Obey” either form, what’s the problem, sounds like you get a huge range of types and avatars to choose from. Like Amelia Earhart or Elanor Roosevelt. Well the key here is they’re Communists, so they must outlaw all fun. Somebody, somewhere, MIGHT be having a good time and thinking about something other than Communism and the Eternal Glorious Revolution. They must be stopped!!!

    Back to our regular program:

    66 Years apart! Yeah, the B52 bomber we still have in service and Russia’s missiles, both AntiAir and Hypersonic. But we da bestestest!

    Tax: Because it’s not a tax. It’s moving money FROM each according to their ability TO insiders according to their greed. Once you have a wealth-transfer system, it MUST happen, because anyone who can get transfers then uses the stolen money to defend their theft. YOUR money. They use YOUR money to steal YOUR money. …And all the bridges and roads fall down. Despite higher taxes than the history of the universe since King John. No one notices. They’ll defend it. But Daddy government would never do that. …As nothing works in the whole country from sea to sea because he’s doing that for twice their whole lifetimes.

    “• Was Trump Set Up In Classified Docs Saga? (Margolis)

    He’s so guilty they have to fabricate all the evidence to be sure!

    “• Spielberg Helping To Direct Biden’s Campaign – NBC (RT)

    Well, he’s certainly failed. And that 43% is ridiculous. At the same time he has this, he hold ZERO demographics, not even demographics of Democratic voters, nor women who like their daughters raped in the shower (a very small demographic indeed). So he holds no subcatagories but is 50-50 at the macro category. Nope. His approval is like 8%. But they don’t care because: Diebold! If you protest, they get a Civil War! Win-Win!

    ‘Then the UK decided to devote its largest ever aid package to Ukraine, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak warning of an “axis of authoritarian states”

    Who? And Alexander dissected this and noted it’s just re-stating aid they gave already. Almost last year. They said it: therefore it’s a lie. No new Money, which they don’t have, for a war they lost. As even The Guardian, mouthpiece of MI6 wrote. They SAY this so another half-million Slavs will be killed, their one true God. A sacrifice of millions to the Father of Lies.

    “The Kiev government is negotiating with President Joe Biden’s administration on a long-term agreement”

    This is a contradiction in terms. That’s a key disadvantage of our system: it works in short cycles. We can undo ANYTHING (and usually do) except a ratified treaty. We just pretend it’s both. Neither. Ai.

    “after House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) overrode opposition in his own party to pass the bill”

    HE changed Republican votes? You want to change this sentence? Because very obviously the vote was the vote and Republicans all voted for it except 112. All HE did in this scenario was allow the vote to happen.

    “• ‘Motherland Is Not For Sale’ – Zakharova (RT)

    U.S. authorized the theft BECAUSE we hold almost none of it. So we steal $6 B, then look at Europe and say “I jumped in front of that train, I double-dog dare you” Because when Europe does it – as we’ve now prompted them to – they’ll collapse. Europe still talks big as Jupiter but refuses to take the poison. So good on ’em I guess. I really need them to collapse though.

    The other part here, not discussed in wars: They made the war expensive for Russia, so they took 4 Oblasts to pay for it. That reduced the Trillions the West already stole, promised, and hypothecated, so they stole Russia’s money to pay for it. Hey, wasn’t there a country at the bottom of this somewhere? A 3rd plumber’s assistant getting blown up? A: Who cares? All we need is an excuse. Any excuse for stealing will do.

    “Zelensky, who was sworn into office in May 2019, said it was “not the right time” for elections.”

    Hey that’s what Trudeau said! Any time I lose is not the “right time.”

    ““.. a number of Western states, including the US, UK, and France, promised support to Kiev, but refused to guarantee it.”

    Um, what? So “Promises” mean nothing here. What else can you say from that sentence? If a “Promise” means there is no guarantee, no action, then it’s as if it doesn’t exist. Or else what? Might as well not meet. Might as well not talk. Might as well ignore everything and go your own way…like Russia.

    “Kiev has fulfilled every requirement the EU has set out for it, and is ready to begin accession talks,”

    No they’re not: Ukraine is not NEARLY corrupt enough to join the EU. They can’t collapse now, there are bunch of key elections to launder rigging money for…right, Johnson?

    “The US-led military bloc “should not be afraid of its own strength or shy away from its own foundations,” he said, calling for a “strong political signal.”

    What “Strength”? We are being beaten by Yemen after being beaten by Afghanistan. And “Signaling.” Boy, sure glad we Signaled!

    “.. the Hague could not consider arrest warrants against Israeli leaders without Washington’s informal consent…”

    Then the Hague doesn’t exist and is useless. Eyewash. Puppets. Stop the show, it’s cheaper.

    Stanley Meyer: that seems unlikely. If you know physics. Now could there be SOME discovery there someone wants protected? Sure. It’s been proposed that water vapor injection improves cylinder combustion, they would not want a 10% drop in sales bc efficiency. It’s not magic as clearly if you put ALL water in a car it doesn’t work, but it could nicely add %.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 29 2024 #158021
    Dr. D

    (Image posting)

    That may be unrealistic, but there are hundreds of Cosplay girls who fit that type:



    Of course everybody likes it because boys like boobs and girls like being pretty. …Which is why it must be stopped.

    Anyway, that’s what they’re doing with Putin: See how long they can do this before someone notices. Also, maybe why they don’t bother assassinating him? Or already have 4-5 times? Really, what do you expect someone to do? No? Okay, remember in 1991 when the media ran non-stop that Saddam had 20 body doubles? We were killing them one by one (‘cause, ya know: extrajudicial illegal UN killing of heads of state without a declaration of war is okay when WE do it). Nope. Memory hole. Never happened because it happened but didn’t happen. Both. Neither. Ai.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 29 2024 #158020
    Dr. D

    They sure used a lot of black and gloom in those years around Mt Tamboora.

    “’FX Vigilantes’ Strike – Yen Suddenly Crashes To April 1990 Lows Against The Dollar

    This is huge, however it’s too huge for me to understand. Forex. Yen Carry. Tie to US$. Bitcoin.

    “Justice Thomas Raises Scrutiny On Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Appointment In Trump Hearing
    Mr. Smith was “never nominated by the president or confirmed by the Senate at any time…”
    In it, the two attorneys general noted that irrespective of what one thinks about the immunity issue, Mr. Smith “does not have authority to conduct the underlying prosecution.”

    Well thank God someone noticed. I was about to go up there and start prosecuting and see if anyone noticed. Now will they do anything?

    Speaking of:
    “NY Judge Claims ‘2nd Amendment Doesn’t Exist In Her Courtroom’ In Case Against Gunsmith
    ‘Do not bring the Second Amendment into this courtroom. It doesn’t exist here. So you can’t argue Second Amendment. This is New York…’

    “There will be no Law in this courtroom.” She also instructed the jury to him him guilty. So they did. Totally normal, daily occurrence.

    Putin: There’s a comic artist who did this. He decided that he would draw Powergirl’s boobs slightly bigger with every issue, and stop when anyone noticed and told him to stop. Yeah, that took quite a while, and now is Iconic for that character.


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