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    Dr. D

    Helping people is Capitalism, where you have voluntary, un-coerced exchange.

    What other kind would you recommend?

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    Dr. D
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    Dr. D

    Ah, the Russians. Those who actually fought the war, as planned. What, you think that little party went from 5 guys in a basement to toppling the country without the backing of big money? You think Britain and everyone famously stood by and watched because they didn’t WANT it to happen, that they didn’t have a plan? You think they didn’t write about this in WWI or as far back as MacKinder? THE PLAN WAS TO PLACE SOMEONE IN GERMANY TO ATTACK RUSSIA AND KILL BOTH NATIONS. So Brits could sit home and let somebody else do it. They were happy he took Poland, Czech, everywhere. They were only mad he double-crossed them and annoyed their king-cousin in Belgium. Still, went pretty well, all considered. Germany and Russia DID fight each other, and Britain DID remain #1 for another 50 years. Didn’t you read Steele’s docs? They were setting elections and controlling countries of every Anglo nation, right up until 2016.

    And they wonder why Stalin was mad at them.

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    Dr. D

    Since every other statistic, every other word spoken by Americans is a lie, what makes you think the COVID numbers are accurate? If they were it would be the only one. Especially when you receive $17,000 per lie.

    Accurate? Democratic states have 30k cases. Republican states have 2k. I believe there is at least one city in one Republican state, what are the statistical odds? (last week’s data)

    30,000 have died in NYC. Outside NYC the rate is 10,000 / 320M = 0.009% Can someone please tell me how that’s possible?

    Statistically, according to the CDC, the number of excess deaths in Florida is 134. Not thousand, 134 persons. https://tomluongo.me/2020/05/01/lockdowns-ending-politics-rule-desantis/ That is statistical zero. “Shut it down, Mr. President, shut it down!” 3,000 counties not affected, 3,000 counties hospitals empty, going broke, killing people by not doing general procedures and screening.

    According to the CDC, the excess deaths are also zero.

    Outside of whatever happened to NYC, this is the Gulf of Tonkin virus: that is, we shoot at nothing to spend money and start a war that kills people.

    “Before you begin to restart the economy make sure you are not starting another economic collapse.”

    The disease didn’t cause any collapse and has no effect on the economy. It’s far too small. YOU caused this by shutting it down, voluntarily, whether that was wise or not. So you cannot cause another economic collapse, since the disease didn’t cause the first one.

    Even if you – voluntarily – shut down again, you couldn’t cause a collapse since you can’t have two collapses at once. Like two buckets of water, they merge and are only one collapse. The one you chose to have.

    As Johnstone says ““They destroyed the economy over a virus, but the narrative about the virus is completely fake!” Perhaps. But so was the narrative about “the economy”.

    ““..the number of kids testing positive for the virus in the U.S. is greater than the total number of confirmed cases in many countries, including Singapore, Ireland, and Mexico ..”

    Yes, because the U.S. is a lot larger than a single city and a tiny island.

    If the children have it, doesn’t that mean their lockdown didn’t work? At all?

    “[CDC says] I think the timing of our travel alerts should have been earlier.”

    This was the CDC who did not recommend that at the time and didn’t recommend masks until a month later. Gotcha.

    “The symptoms appear in different ways, experts told TPM. Some patients struggle with blood clots that course throughout their body, while others have severely inflamed hearts. Others still face organ failure amid spiraling blood oxygen levels.”

    Again, only NYC and no where else? Symptoms all over the map that make no sense? Sounds like the symptoms you’d get if you were gently microwaved.

    Bone-Chilling WTF Charts of the Collapse in US Fuel Demand (WS)”

    Everyone’s dying, oil use has stopped. From what I understand, this is wonderful. This is what everyone has been working for all these years. Time for celebration? Did they get what they wanted, but aren’t happy now either?

    For testing/prevention, if it’s not killing anyone, then clearly Pence don’t need to wear a mask and Amazon don’t need to provide PPE. This is exactly what the White House Briefing leak said. But who are you going to believe? Your own eyes and ears, or CNN?

    Other great stats: WalMart claims – Zero – people have C19, the (Chinese owned) meat plants claim 100% do. I have the feeling something is amiss with their statistics. Politics and profit, maybe?

    What did I just say about Americans lying about EVERYTHING, ALWAYS. …?

    Unless they point #Logos back in their life, nothing can change.

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    Dr. D

    “We told humans not to be humans.” “Well that didn’t work out very well.”

    I prepared for humans to be humans. And when things went wrong, there was everything. Because I, being human, made arrangements and prepared for it. Others can too, and many have.

    If you’re not going to do anything when you, not “society” know this is certain to happen, who do you think is going to save you from yourselves?

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    Dr. D

    This is how humans are. You cannot lock down for every shadow. The expense would be near-infinite. They then must lock down too late. They also locked down the wrong things. Beaches and hiking trails, but not parades, subways, liquor stores and nursing homes. Being humans, they also do it unevenly and with substantial gaps. For instance, apparently any mayor or famous person can go golfing or fly wherever they want. Then once (not) locked down, but having some illusion of lockdown, a certain help, humans did not use the expensive time bought them either. Having time, they wasted it, both in medicine and at home. Then, having wasted the time for the (non) lock down, they don’t really have, they DID damage the economy trade, and division of labor that keeps them all alive.

    Now they can’t un-lock the non-lockdown they didn’t have. Egos are at stake. Science is still not used. They lockdown islands in Michigan and the fenced beach in your own backyard, but still not nursing homes, airlines, and cruise ships. Safe, small business like being outdoors painting houses is stopped, bankrupted, and Wal-Mart is packed shoulder to shoulder. They can deliver Furbles to your door but not food.

    Didn’t you know all this was going to happen? This is how human are. It’s not like we didn’t know since the Middle Ages, it’s just the same as the middle ages. Messy. Violent. Corrupt. Un-scientific. Un-reflective. Non-functional. So here we are, being us.

    This is exactly how we got to be 8 billion. This is how we are so astoundingly successful through 5,000 years of pandemics and world wars, by doing exactly this. By being messy, uncooperative, unreasonable, and unpredictable. If we were cooperative and predictable we’d long have been slaves to a single wolf. Those people, that action, saves us 10,000 times and sometimes it’s irritating, but it has a very great, noble, and hidden purpose. Those uncooperative people are saving you right now by holding back the waters and tying up a tyranny that doesn’t know how to cope with them. There are risks and cost all over. They are volunteering to save you on that front, and you can save them on another. Even medically, perhaps.

    But we seem to be past the high-water mark on all nations, locked or no, and now we’re going to go from a senseless, unorganized non-lockdown to a senseless, unorganized non-startup. Did all the shouting not to be messy, not to be unorganized help anything? Was all the bad blood and beatings worth the backlash that will come? Was telling humans not to be human help them to not act like the way human beings act?

    “Well I told them and they didn’t instantly obey.” Welcome to life. Nobody cares what anybody else says or thinks. They never have, not for the last 10,000 years. If you noticed, no one did now either. But I won’t tell them AND I won’t obey, so I guess I’m part of the club.

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    Dr. D

    “In early March I watched the President, Treasury, Congress, and Fed sit for less than two days (prior to any lockdown) and agree on a $5.4 trillion package to bail out over-levered speculators via the repo market. The speculators never had to stop speculating.

    But then I was mandated to close down my businesses. Yet when it came to approve funding for small businesses that same group of policymakers bickered for 3 weeks to agree on a package only 1/10th the size of the speculator bailout. If that wasn’t disheartening enough, I was then told the funding would be a lottery from which the winners would be selected by bankers because the approved honey pot was far too small to help but a few small businesses.

    I’m still waiting for my winning number to be called and still trying to understand why bankers are allocating taxpayer funds. In the meantime my employees sit at home and my business model is melting away.
    As someone that is fairly proficient in financial modeling what has me stumped is the math behind approving only $600 billion for 30 million small businesses. One doesn’t require a Booth MBA to understand $600 billion, half of which was very quickly gobbled up by large entities, is effectively immaterial. The math equates to approximately $10K – $20K per operating business. And so there is absolutely no question that a decision has been made to let 5M to 10M small businesses go under over the next 12 months. That’s basic math and I’m keen to understand why.

    The policymakers need to explain why the Fed can print any amount of money it deems necessary so long as that money goes to bankers, traders, private equity firms, endowment funds, and publicly traded corporations. Why only when it comes to actual economic producers like small businesses or civic institutions like healthcare must we adhere to this law of money scarcity. And why don’t the PhD economists discuss this financial bigotry?


    Already covered it: if the money hides only in fictional finance, it’s inert, glacial, and Ice Cap. If any of it gets anywhere near the real economy, prices rise, wages rise, commodities rise, and proportionately, stocks and assets “fall”. Wall Street gets poorer, farmers and workers get richer. Bankers and politicians lose power: the people and producers gain power. THIS CAN NEVER HAPPEN. In fact, this is what they say, each and every meeting, about “Inflation expectations are contained.” “Wages are stable.” Stable while inflation makes them poorer each moment and half their savings is erased by retirement. This is considered a total “good.” Wages can never rise, assets like stocks and houses can always rise until, like Canada, Australia, and hot spots worldwide, they are no longer 0.5x but 3x, 6x, 10x average income and every child of every mother is living on the streets of San Francisco in a pile of s—t getting medieval diseases and no one cares. They don’t care because the zeros they created in their stocks give them the power and privilege not to care, and also not to do any work at all, ever.

    “The richest one percent of this country owns half our country’s wealth, five trillion dollars. One third of that comes from hard work, two thirds comes from inheritance, interest on interest accumulating to widows and idiot sons – and what I do, stock and real estate speculation. It’s bullshit. You got ninety percent of the American public out there with little or no net worth. I create nothing. I own. We make the rules, pal. The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price per paper clip. We pick that rabbit out of the hat while everybody sits out there wondering how the hell we did it. Now, you’re not naive enough to think we’re living in a democracy, are you, Buddy?” –Wall Street

    It takes a government to do that. It takes their authorization, their protection, their redistribution, and their unending violence toward the people. Because otherwise, the people would not allow it, as they voted overwhelmingly not to in ’08, and would not allow this injustice, and would eat up the whales like piranhas in just a few years of real competition without the government enforced monopoly protections. How can I tell? Every industry that has money: cell phones, pharmaceutical, finance, automakers, colleges, military, are universally monopolies. Any place that isn’t true: Lasik, plastic surgery, LCD TVs, YouTube education, Bitcoin, the prices are 1/5th to 1/100th for the same services.

    They can print infinite money provided it’s buried in a big hole and never reaches the economy, that is to say, YOU. As long as it gives them more power and you less. No mystery Mr. VF Chicago. They write it in public documents, explain it, and sign it with their name.

    Unfortunately, that can’t last forever. Prices for fantasy cannot grow to the sky. Prices for real goods, wheat, silver, cannot fall forever, because one day they will not be produced. And that day is today.

    When they’re not produced, the prices rise. When the prices rise, speculators see a new trend. Long-seeking, they sell their overpriced assets that are stalling and buy the underpriced assets that are rising. The entire Ice Cap of fake value, printed money, evaporates from paper promises and rushes like the sea into real goods. Thanks to their decades of interference, the relative price and size are mismatched by orders of magnitude. Prices for food that would ordinarily rise 10-fold in 1970 can now rise 200-fold.

    As that cannot happen, the system itself will crack and be reset. As it just cracked and is being reset right now, this minute.

    Do you see them print money, $1,200/person, $600+/week, $10Trillion a month? Those are call options on real goods in the system.

    On the other side, they have prevented any new goods from being produced. The call option is only on goods that are in warehouses this minute. When they’re gone, they’re gone. No work = everybody dies. Might there be shortages under such a system? Just like every place in time and space it’s been tried?
    And it’s not just this. Base + $600+/week = $25k/year salary. No one CAN go back to work unless private-sector wages rise, possibly double, to bring those 50% of workers who actually DO things back to the factory. So you have rising prices AND shortages even if you call back to work as quickly as is practicable.
    But go on, print your money and learn your lesson. No one will learn otherwise. I’ll sit and watch. This was always going to happen. There’s nothing left for me to do but to watch my preparations play out.

    Stocks Scream to “Most Expensive Ever” in Greatest Month Since ’87”


    “Deutsche Bank Capitulates: Starts Charging Negative Rate on All New Deposit Accounts Over €100,000 — The great rotation into “alternative” assets is about to begin.”

    “Silver Hasn’t Been this Cheap in 5,000 Years of Human History”

    Silver:gold ratio long-term average: 16:1. Today’s ratio: 112:1


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    Dr. D

    We believe science. We trust the doctors. Unless they’re California ER doctors with 5 million views. Then we delete them.

    According to themselves and their non-testing 1 in 300 people in the U.S. already had it. That’s not too shabby in immunity, except for how they now say it’s impossible to be immune. So obviously we have to continue the lockdown into the 2090’s. When we won’t have any immunity either, but will have 57 new Heinz varieties. At that rate, we’ll soon have infinite detention and zero immunity to anything. We can all have the joys of being Bubble Boy. Oh, and of course, never, never die. Everyone will live forever and we’ll win the new #WarOnDeathItself. Yup indeedie doodlie.

    Meanwhile, without any of their actions, cases dropped in Bronx way back on the 11th and have stayed down. That ER doctor isn’t being reported because he says in this low-income, vital-worker area, the stop happened despite quarantine, not because of it. You know, like we see all over the planet. Switzerland is today’s example. What? The media didn’t tell you we’re 18 days past the peak already? Wow, how odd they wouldn’t report that. Several hundred death certificates had to be reversed in Pennsylvania, cutting the deaths in half because the coroners rioted (for them). So people like a man with double gunshot wounds and a baby who was smothered won’t be Covid cases anymore. Don’t worry: it will never be reported.

    Super-rich made $282B or $10,800 per unemployed person. It takes the government to make this happen.

    Government shutdowns, government bailouts. Hey, why’s that income disparity so high? Every time they help it gets higher. Can’t figure it out.

    “Wait. That means they don’t get anything from the payroll schemes, right?”

    Correct. But that means they make something like $25k/year instead, perhaps doubling their pay. Also there are no rules on the payroll thing, so no one know if they’re eligible, what the rules are, and if it’s a grant or a loan. Any corporate lawyer would shoot you if you signed it: you have unlimited risk and no visibility. Like HAMP, that evicted many thousands from their homes. Oops! Did I win again? Nice house you got here. Shame if it should end up in my pockets.

    Rather than kind of doing sort of the least effort that kind of will slow it down, do the most effort and get it to stop and you’re done”

    He’s obviously never met human beings before. How are you going to make them? How are you going to make them when you can’t arrest and jail them? Is making them not going to kill more of them? Cool story, bro’. Nobody’s listening. You’re already at maximum cooperation and dropping fast. Point?

    “• Empower local governments
    • Maximize social distancing
    • Require mask usage”

    Empower them to do what? Arrest people? Flap their gums? Take money they don’t have? Hahahahahahahaha. “Enforce distancing” how? “Require” how? You can’t even stop being from shooting heroin and stabbing each other. Hahahahahaha.

    Conditions for PHASE 1 reopening:
    + Mandatory masks in public
    + Tests
    + No superspreaders: subways, urologists conferences, etc.
    + Monitoring of passengers
    + Economists & psychologists stay locked-up at in permanent quarantine.
    Basically what we should have done in late January.” — Taleb

    Except we had:
    a) no masks
    b) no tests
    c) no way to monitor as we have:
    d) no symptoms
    And we still have none of those things. We also have no magic moonbeams. I tell you Taleb is losing his mind.

    Schmarty-answer? “Well I TOLD them, so…” Uh-huh. So your very-smart words makes tests and masks and food appear? Tell me again how smart you are.

    Thousands of British Workers Will Need to Gather the Harvest (R.)”

    Sounds like they’ll need to raise wages. And now above the $25K/yr level unemployment gives. Hey, won’t that make FOOD prices rise and then perfectly match and erase the stimulus? Has this happened everywhere on earth every time it’s been tried?

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    Dr. D

    Only if the cost isn’t worse than the medical lead time we buy them. Right now, medicine knows substantially LESS than when we started. If now hits children. It now attacks blood. It now has 5 new symptoms. They claim it will have 5 new variants we now need to be immune to. There is now no immunity, making no point in lockdowns at all. Certainly no point in tracking or passports then. On the other side, lowering the curve definitely extends the pain. We have definitely caused Great Depression unemployment and GDP. We are definitely shutting down the food system. We have shut down access to ordinary medicine. It is definitely not a pandemic hazard in most areas, even if it might be some day in the future. And disputed, all numbers point towards 0.1% for general population, with a high recommendation that an easily-identified <10% at risk should take caution. So the expense on the 90% or 98% is total, while the gains for the 2% are marginal. …Because they have no job, no economy, no supplies, and soon, no food. Perfect #OppositeLand, where we attack the many to save the few.

    Pelosi Changes Position On Trump Travel Ban Once Called Racist (Turley)”

    Don’t worry: facts. Therefore no one cares.

    Judge Blocks 30-Day Extension of Illinois Stay-at-Home Order (CBS)”

    Certainly is an appropriate legal battle. Both interests are essential.

    US Doctors Have Started Giving Men with Coronavirus Estrogen (DM)”

    Seems a bit extreme when the delta between them is only 10%, doesn’t it?

    “Italy, UK Explore Possible COVID19 Link to Child Inflammatory Disease (R.)”

    Since children don’t – or didn’t – seem to get this, does that turn back to 5G again? Where are the children located? Any other correlations? That this must be two or more concurring things every day seems more and more plausible, necessary, even. And every day China says they don’t have it, never did, while Beijing and Shanghai are wide open and get no cases. Explain?

    Globalization doesn’t provide the right scale.”

    We are reducing the scale right now. Or changing. Yes, bringing work back from overseas, but then also downloading world-wide free .stl’s and 3D printing the same boutique things worldwide. Would that be more global or less?

    Gundlach Is Shorting the Market: Retest of the Low ‘Very Plausible’ (CNBC)”

    It is. The market is 99% rigged, however, they say “They” won’t let it happen. Fine, so where were “They” in ’99 and ’08? Rigging isn’t free: it has daily costs and physical limitations. Centralization and oppression of fair pricing is the opposite of “AntiFragile” (Taleb) However, by the numbers, Dow could be 6k and be just low priced, and +10k would only be fair-priced. Finance (and medicine) are 5x their historic average. Dow-Commodities ratio is at all-time extreme and should cycle back. As indicated by gold, that would be 1:1. 1,700 Dow or a $24,000/oz gold price, your pick. (probably somewhere in-between) That would match upcoming food shortages and price hikes in a 1970’s spiral: a spiral back to the norm.

    “a person is free only to the extent that they are capable to pursue the ends that give value to life. Thus, a lack of access to healthcare is an element of unfreedom,”

    This is well-covered territory that they are determined to misrepresent. Okay, YOU can “pursue” healthcare. You have the right to pursue your happiness. So…go to medical school and get a degree. Learn all you can. Fix your health. No one’s stopping you. What you want is SLAVERY. That is, — I — want to GET medical care, so YOU have to give it for me. Whether you like it or not, whether you get paid or not. Will they do it? Probably. Is it a social good? Definitely. Did they train themselves to help all people? Generally. But if they can’t say no, they are unfree. That is, you have now trampled THEIR rights. You have rights, but SO DO OTHERS, almost always forgotten now. That’s positive vs negative rights. Your rights are as those on a desert island: right to do things, to keep things you make, to do what you think best, believe what you want, defend yourself, etc. In practice their model is the antithesis of Liberty because it is financial coercion: pay taxes or we will remove all your Liberties in jail, forever. Nevertheless, we agree to this in aggregate because in a Democracy “we” theoretically “agree” to the contract. We don’t of course: the system is lying and rigged, but we concede the premise as a practical compromise as the only thing worse than Government is Anarchy. Mob Rule. Getting closer every day as long-feared.

    the banks were allowed to engage in practices with no social benefit but great potential for destruction, like the insuring of bonds they didn’t own”

    Well, let’s see, Insurance: that’s covered and regulated by the governments for 400 years, all corporations are licensed by the government, and fraud of selling what you don’t own has been illegal a few thousand years longer than that. So which one would you like me to pull your license and prosecute you on? A: none. No one can ever get arrested. No possible action can have consequences.

    to make the British government take on the responsibility of feeding the entire British population”

    If the “Government’ is the ‘People’ in a Democracy, then aren’t the “People” then feeding the “Population”? That is, the people are working to feed themselves? If so, what is the “Government” providing except useless overhead?

    culture of sharing does not seem, so far at least, to be gaining much ground”

    “Sharing” like where the people work, and the government takes it from them? Give insider shopping and palatial Dachas? They put themselves first in line for masks, gloves, food, security, while leaving Blackpool to starve and stab. Was that “sharing”? How about reducing your size and pay to “share” that wealth with Blackpool? A: Never. “Sharing” is one-directional only. From outsiders to insiders. From me to you. Why? People who don’t work have nothing to steal. So it has to be from the working to the non-working.

    Their insistence on directly reducing deficits and debt, in the midst of a downturn, he says, “led to severe cuts in public expenditure.”

    What he’s really saying is the government cut social expenditure, but DID NOT LOWER TAXES so the people could make that expenditure for themselves. This is by definition not a “crisis of capitalism” because the government expending on behalf of the people – as opposed to defending the nation and providing justice – is not “capitalism” at all. It’s ‘Socialism’ of some variety (in common parlance). “Disaster Capitalism” (i.e. Anti-Capitalism) is this exact process of over-levering, forcing a collapse, then selling off assets to the wealthy, then re-nationalizing, then re-levering, then re-collapsing over and over again, like hitting the gas then the brake in a determined attempt to cause an accident, then pick the pockets of the dead you caused. This is why they need a Left and a Right. Only a Left and there would be no work and no prosperity to steal; only the Right and they wouldn’t have control of major forces that could crash multi-billion or trillion economies to steal them, nor the fake cover of “helping the poor.” Only government are large enough to create that kind of mischief, so it must interfere and have that power, that is, must have some form of ‘Socialism.’ This is why there must be corruption, to maintain control of the few people who control those levers, the fewer the better. (Centralization)

    So I imagine you could run a state that does provide social welfare – certainly that has been done under benevolent Kings. However, the government then destroys the people’s provision for their own welfare, and not even by money, perhaps but by habit. Not even intentionally but inevitably. Then when the government weakens in the ordinary waxing and waning of time, the social state fails and the people no longer have provisions of their own. If the government had not done that, the people would have kept up their own resources instead, and the waxing and waning of family, social customs, etc is slower and more resilient. So again, government is a guaranteed failure, with a guaranteed drain in overhead costs. But as I say, this has become intentional, Disaster Capitalism, by which the rich prey on the poor and the poor acquiesce to the abuse, thinking a social state will get them something for free, when it’s really just a predictable bear trap, that “everybody can live at everybody else’s expense.” But they say, “No, governments will never weaken, they will only grow; taxes will only rise, never fall,” but that is children’s thinking. It can grow, and it has for 100 years now, but not forever.

    For the poor, the sudden imposition of the lockdown meant that, from one moment to the next, they were left without work and without an income, facing the prospect of starvation.”

    Bingo. The “sudden imposition” BY THE GOVERNMENT, is what threw the poor into starvation. He says so himself, and it is agreed by all that it was voluntary, however well or ill-advised. The next paragraphs highlight the useless overhead of the government, who also mismanaged the social welfare. Their coercion additionally trampled many rights, created unfreedom, overwhelmed the people’s response and caused the very medical spread and additional death they claimed to prevent. No one but the government has the reach and power to cause this death and destruction. That can and will benefit the rich. Perpetually, constantly, in history. Which is fine, but so often they seem to propose government as a solution to everything, ignoring they can also be the problem, so large they trample the people with their carelessness. When smaller, government cannot do that, not as badly, and also reduces the waste and overhead, improves the response time, and because services are now provided BY the people, must adhere to the will OF the people. That is, no deadly battles about whether we provide help to those people, with or without star-bellies or with planned clinics and firesticks or without.

    Brazil Court OKs Investigating Allegations Against Bolsonaro (R.)”

    What’s that about the government getting too large, that “when the elephants fight, the grass gets trampled“? Only 3rd world governments do this. Like ours for the last 30 years. RussiaRussiaRussia. Russia2: Ukrainian Boogaloo. Investigate Covid response.

    Biden’s Conspiracy Theory Given Credence By Media, Democratic Leaders (Turley)”

    And just like 3rd world governments, constantly create conspiracy theories and not facts, and actively promoted by the media and people by mob rule under the rule of men, keep them in scandal but never prosecute and rest, and not a republic where the people have rights and property and security under a rule of law. That being so…shouldn’t someone get arrested, sometime, ever? Cheeto? Any stable genius words for not doing your job?

    “Former Neighbor of Joe Biden’s Accuser Tara Reade Has Come Forward (BI)”

    Speaking of law, evidence, and arrests. Never. Not even if you take $1B from China or half as much from Russia (Ukraine, really, but no one can tell the difference.) I’m not saying you convict — in fact the statute is over on Tara — but the facts are worth looking into. Instead the NY Times said, “Believe all Bidens” after helping confirm (accidentally) Tara’s claim has merit.

    “Julian Assange Extradition Hearing Postponed for Up to Six Months (CW)”

    Thus a “speedy trial” as a right, because otherwise every appeal is a life sentence, and the burden is exclusively on the Prosecution (presumed innocent), with transparency. A weak government could not get away with this.

    Sidney Powell, Flynn, are Exhibit No 1. Three years’ prosecution, bankruptcy, with no basic access to the Prosecutions’ information as required by any and all laws, and even now, the evidence they have is still classified and not public, not transparent, protecting the malpractice of the government and giving prosecutors illegal lifelong impunity for their own crimes. Cheeto? Anyone enforcing the law? Barr is concerned about Constitution on the lockdown? Guessing that enforcing this other Constitutional thing is a bit more pressing.

    Since governments do this 100% of the time in history, why do you want to make them more powerful and hidden again? They need to have LESS power, scope, and authority. They are not your Daddy. They are not Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy if you didn’t notice from their recent behavior. YOU are the sovereign. YOU have the work and responsibility.

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    Dr. D

    Yes, whatever CV19 is, the response backwards. You would always focus on the infected and the vulnerable and not the healthy. The first is uncharacteristically impractical, so the next step would be stop 100% contact of over 70. They knew this in two weeks, by Italy.

    So did anyone plan/pay/volunteer to live-in at nursing homes to be essential workers with near-full quarantine? No. Not even discussed. Not even now after most that can be killed, are. Still locking down the 90% population that statistically isn’t in real danger and provides the resources for the 10% and the national economy.

    Pretty sure that shows they need to be fired because they wanted to kill the old, as discussed in many papers on national sovereignty, or need to be fired because they’re so incompetent they can’t tell up from down.

    Something else is happening, because this should equally hit rural nursing homes, and although would move slower, we’ve been 12 weeks at it and the numbers, therefore their theory, isn’t following. Look at NOLA: the parade sickened the city, okay. But not the ten-thousand visitors who returned to Arkansas and Missouri? This is all over.

    Apparently your main risk is being in a city. Only certain, very specific cities. We don’t have coal-smog pollution anywhere in the U.S. anymore and the cities don’t match it (e.g. L.A.). Not like I want to get there, but that leads only back to 5G, which appear to be the cities affected. If we have overlapping symptoms of two different causes, the virus is real but a light cellular microwaving is also real, we start to see a coherent pattern. Otherwise, how Wuhan and Beijing, Shanghai are completely open? Virus obeys border signs?

    I don’t know how many people die from unemployment or how long it takes, but I promise you the risk is also not zero. For one thing, unemployment means you have no health care; unless you think having no health care isn’t a risk factor and won’t kill you. I’d add that the single indicator of health in the U.S. is income. No income clearly puts you at the bottom of all statistics. And that’s before stress, staying home drinking, and being reckless. Yes, I can’t quantify it, but my link was from the NIH National Institute of Health. Surely you’re not going to say their study isn’t science and they don’ t know what they’re talking about.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 27 2020 #57994

    Dr. D

    Finally, mainstream NBC reporting that Corona science makes no sense: https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/trump-s-coronavirus-response-questioned-daily-dr-fauci-dr-birx-ncna1192266

    Don’t worry: no one will follow up or notice. Or the 4k-20k deaths per 1% x 20% increase in unemployment = 80,000 – 400,000 premature deaths from the lockdown.

    As long as you die in a cardboard box, it’s all good to me! Just like their health care pricing monopoly. Hey, we gave you the bypass surgery, it’s not our fault if you went bankrupt paying government-enforced pricing and now live in the sewers of Vegas catching typhus. It’s your fault.

    So basically we’ll get our 250k U.S. deaths scenario: 50,000 from Corona and 200,000 from the economy, crime, and civil unrest, food shortages, and delays of screening and voluntary medical care. #Winning! The people cheer! Help us Daddy! Tell us what to do!

    The hospitals of 3,000 counties are empty and going bankrupt, along with the 3,000 county governments and everybody in them. Can we stop now? A: No! There’s still someone sick in Yonkers. Someone in Oklahoma isn’t living in a tent yet.

    Protests in Germany to unlock. +5k dead. / 83M = 0.006% death rate. U.S. +55K dead = 0.02% That’s with the CDC counting all possibles as yes and $17k payout incentive to every one they can stamp as positive.
    Experts = Totally wrong. Off by two zeros. So, so easy to tell. Because that’s been true every day of my life.

    To contradict myself, FT says 60% are unreported. https://www.ft.com/content/6bd88b7d-3386-4543-b2e9-0d5c6fac846c

    Okay. Take it as true: why are the rates wildly, radically, unscientifically different? Why still NYC and not Albany, Pittsburgh, or indeed anywhere coast-to-coast? Because we’re chasing the wrong thing, fighting shadows? Science says if your theories don’t support, shouldn’t you look again?

    The UK death toll could jump past 100,000 by the end of the year if lockdown is lifted too early,”

    That’s weird: Oxford said the opposite. Could you experts get together and science some things for us? Your only success was making everyone totally confused and fight with each other. Maybe we should be fighting you and your catastrophic lack of good advice and solid facts instead.

    social isolation will need to be kept in place until a pharmaceutical intervention is found,”

    Well, that’ll never happen, so expect house arrest forever, until we all die of old age. Why? Because we already found a couple interventions and they were trashed in the media and prevented from being tested. You have to keep voting until you pick the RIGHT solution. Otherwise we’ll remove you. Call it the EU method.

    UK Economy Will Take Three Years to Recover from Coronavirus – EY (G.)”

    Experts know. Estimated to two decimal places. So, good sirs, recover to what? Transplanetary production under neoliberalism of useless disposable goods from China? Thinking not. So we’re not ‘recovering’, we’re changing.

    One in Three UK Doctors Left without Protective Gear (Ind.)”

    And still, every shipment of PPE from China is broken and fake, trying to kill more doctors. Pretty sure that, same as here, the panic has them hoarding PPE in the basement for a final overwhelm that never comes thanks to broken models that can’t be discredited. So “have” it? Pretty sure they “have” it, they’re scared to “use” it, because the decision-makers aren’t the ones being coughed on.

    Fauci Says US Coronavirus Testing Likely Will Double in the Coming Weeks (JTN)”

    Then the rates will double and the death rate will halve (again). No prize for guessing which one the media will report. It will also show their attempted lockdown didn’t stop anything.

    Anyone know if the tests are worthless yet? Heard they picked up flu coronas, not Covids, and other bad habits. They also don’t reveal if you had Covid 6 months ago. My understanding is that at least they work.

    leave the United States with so much oil there was nowhere to put it.”

    I’ve said this for decades: simply drive half as much and the price is negative, we’re an exporter. Since more than half of the driving we do is stupid, time-wasting, and counter-productive, that’s the easiest thing in the world, just old-time frugality and common sense. Not spending is a way not to get poor. But that does not make GDP and tax income, and is fought, subsidized, zoned, and arrested at every turn. Sales are the goal. The efficiency is the enemy. As seen in the next article, the Green New Deal, Teslas, ethanol, solar panels, mega-windmills and all their other energy-and-material wasting projects. By when it’s forced sales, forced extraction from the poorest taxpayers so they won’t have clean water, who cares? FROM the poor, TO the rich, but they need a scam, a con, a buy-in, a sales pitch. If that happens to be “green” whatever, I don’t care.

    “Minks Test Positive for COVID19 at Two Dutch Farms (EN)”

    I guess this is a new level of “everybody’s going to get it.”

    They didn’t even bother about legislation. Betcha that’s true for most countries.”

    That’s why the quarantines are illegal all over, or generally. But we’re being cooperative. Legally, you have to pass a law to do things. The law has to be Constitutional. How last century: the 19th Century.

    the crime of sedition is really what both governments are accusing Julian Assange of.”

    I need not point out that you can’t be seditious to a government not your own. Especially if you don’t live there.

    UV-Disinfection robot”

    But they said light and disinfectant was stupid. Except no help to Captain Dumb-ss, we have internal disinfectants like peroxide nebulizers and light therapy like UV catheters and ventilators. How do we know? Because those manufacturers were banned from Twitter yesterday to hide the evidence of their existence. Dorsey promised to attack Trump and rig the election. Sort of like Jeb Bush back when. Muh private company. But isn’t that an illegal campaign donation of like-kind service? Only when it’s my side. Right or wrong.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 26 2020 #57948

    Dr. D

    “backing an approach supported by Apple and Google”

    Well, if it’s Apple and Google, I know it’s evil AND it won’t work. That one is a war profiteer, and the other supports slavery not a clue to anyone? How won’t it work? I’ll leave my phone home. And that’s above how a) everyone gets it doesn’t matter, they are asymptomatic b) even if we knew who had it, apparently there’s no immunity c) we have no decent testing so if you find the contact points, you can’t test accurately anyway d) even if you traced and tested, it would have no medical value since a) no one outside of a wheelchair dies of it, so there’s nothing for medicine to DO until you have a medical issue because of it.

    “Ergo: you need a vaccine. “

    You can’t have a vaccine if there are no antibodies. And that’s considering no one has ever made a corona vaccine of any type, ever. But people aren’t Sciencing very hard. So if it’s not science, what’s driving it? Look at the people, their histories, and the irrational, unscientific solutions they propose. All needles point north, to what?

    Mumbai Is Trying To Stop COVID19 With Hydroxychloroquine (IT)”

    I guess we’ll find out. Certainly no one in the medical world is trying it, it’s going to take somebody other than GSK and Novartis, who would, and many times have, let us all die rather than sell a cheap cure.

    The number of new cases of Covid-19 being diagnosed is still much too high”

    That’s because they’re testing??? We found everywhere else 10x the people already had it so it’s 1/10th as dangerous as reported, but this is not true in the nation of Heathrow and 10,000 passengers a day? Okey-dokey. We’ll compare you to Sweden when this is all over, because the lockdown vs none has been measured and has no effect – except to stop food, crash the economy, and kill people. We used no ventilators. The hospitals of 3,000 counties are empty. If you were trying to flatten the curve, I think you won. Never say die. Go power-grab to the horizon.

    Organizers Plan the Largest US Rent Strike in Nearly a Century (IC)

    This would have made sense until they had a worker bailout that was larger than their original paychecks, so now they can afford it if they want.

    Michael Flynn Deliberately Set Up, Framed By Corrupt FBI Agents – Lawyer (JTN)”

    And nobody goes to jail. Cheeto then says bad things happened, terrible crimes were committed. Sir? Perhaps you haven’t noticed but it’s YOUR job to do something about it? Blahblahblahblah. Hee-haw,hee-haw. I can’t hear you over the sound of nobody doing any work, nobody doing their job.

    “The CIA has been at war with Journalism for over a decade.”

    The clowns have controlled the press since the Dulles Brothers in 1950. It was all put up in the Church commission and Mockingbird. No one cares. Didn’t happen. What’s on Congressional record and Wikipedia doesn’t exist. You’re making it up because I won’t read or believe anything, regardless of how authoritative, inevitable, common sensical, or logical. Oh, and speaking of following the law? Oh and their jurisdiction is exclusively OUTSIDE the borders? Oh and he is not a citizen? Oh and it still wouldn’t be illegal? No one follows the law. We are lawless, and worse #AntiLogos, without reason, logic, or facts.

    Taleb seems to have a blind spot here. We must take 100% actions for vanishing tail risks? And he’s right, if you add tail risks of asteroids, the sentient robot takeover, alien invasions, AND the earth cracking in two, soon the certainty is 100% and we must take 100% actions against all of them, although it never happens. I bet he doesn’t trade that way, because he exclusively buys cheap/free puts against tail risk. This one is overpriced. Outside of cities and nursing homes the virus is near-zero? So why would we quarantine the economy and not the target group? That goes against 1,000 years of practice.

    Sadly, like all other humans, he uses his intellect to support his emotional reaction and belief. That’s how we got here as we discover – surprise! – that the virus is dropping from 0.1% to 0.01% for non-comorbid people. But thanks for playing, you’ve destroyed the worldwide economy, that will blow up all finances and derivatives in 30 days, and I’m not sorry it’s going away. Happy, even, since we can all point to it later and never do that again.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 25 2020 #57947

    Dr. D

    Yes, can’t take the advice of a fellow that has killed 300M people. In fact, I now see that we use his vocabulary all the time leads to taking his point of view all the time: Das Kapital, the proles, etc. We could use several other pattern languages: Brotherhood, pursuit of happiness, 7th generations, whatever. Odd how if you take up even one lie, it must expand like a cancer and take over all, or the all must take it over and expel it. But you know, living between earth and sky, that ‘they’ will always try this, and the “they” is “we” as the dividing line of good and evil is in us and our hearts.

    Just using medicine as an example, as we already pay European-high taxes or higher, are already a democratic-socialist nation, and already could pay it all with some to spare by stopping our war of world conquest and return to national defense at our borders. But the point is the same, if everybody works and then everybody uses that work, what is the “government” adding here but overhead and bulls–t? We can already do that for ourselves without them. We discovered, from 150 years of trying, that what they add is to have special party members create special party favors for themselves — Florida islands with 14-year-olds from Minnesota — and leave the work to others. So what you buy when ‘they’ distribute instead of ‘us’ is violent, incompetent overlords. Which is what we already have internationally and why I point out there are alternatives.

    Also pointing out regularly, but you’re (maybe) new, that national health care is illegal in the U.S. By the 10A, it would have to be dispersed by the States. Which it has. But it immediately bankrupted the states that tried it, which is why they want to nationalize — to hide that it’s a complete failure, and even at the State level government is riddled with graft and fraud and party favoritism that destroys all. That may not be true elsewhere, but it’s the proven predictable catastrophe here. Why fall into our weaknesses? Play to our strengths. We once had a functioning system that was very good and we dismantled the good in quest of the perfect, and now have the worst system in the world: infinite expense for near-zero care, that will fix anyone for free so long as those people are not productive and work to create society. Only if you’re not working, not a citizen, or disabled can you get free care. While pretty-in-concept, is it really a good idea to starve your plowhorse to give all the oats to the horse put out to pasture and the one with three legs? Sounds to me like you will soon have no oats and no horses either, and that’s just what’s happened.

    Speaking of, their plan is going well, we are seeing food shortages worldwide now. So if only they can keep it up a little longer we can kill 10x the people with food than the virus. Aaaaand they warned you. Aaaaand you said you didn’t care, you liked it that way. So, fine. They’re still saying — amazing — that like Yang “we’ll just print money.” No, no you won’t, because your money is worthless WHEN THERE’S NOTHING TO BUY. To which they answered, that’s silly: we’ll print MOAR money. Um, folks? You legally demanded no one work, no one make food, no one ship food, no one sell food. The money has nothing to do with it. You said you’d arrest the food, if it got out there, essentially. Next will be taking all the farms, enslaving all the farmers, and MAKING them make food, for free, Holodormor-style. Which seems a laugh but still happens worldwide constantly, in Zimbabwe, Venezuela, etc. Money is not food. Work, time, “das Kaptial inputs” are. Not Brooklyn and Fairfax fantasies. But no one will learn until it collapses and they put on the stupid face: “You mean MILK, comes from COWS, who have to eat, and whose eating requires gas, tractors, machine parts, shipping, multi-million dollar packing plants? Why can’t the cow just spurt the milk in my mouth? Isn’t that how it happens?” “No Little Jimmy, someday, when you get to kindergarten, you’ll learn that the magic rainbow cows do NOT fly into your treehouse and share free chocolate milk like the magic moving pictures on the pretty wall-box. If someday, you should do a lick of real work, you’ll understand.”

    Still surprising now. Somehow the people who don’t know how anything works are running things. Which is the problem with graft, nepotism, and corruption: obviously idiot sons of idiot sons — exclusively of Party members — buy their way into Yale and then are dumber than W on meth. They will run things and claim to be “experts”, killing us all with bad responses to fake science, until you man up, call them the idiots they are, and remove them. Before the ship sinks. But you don’t have to, and history is not kind on fixes: the ship can just sink with all hands on board and then the people who know how to run things take over anyway. …Because they’re the only ones left. Which seems to be how it’s going, so I’m pretty set with it. Can’t change them, they can’t learn except by seeing for themselves, just do my own work.

    Ugh, another day too long.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 25 2020 #57894

    Dr. D

    This will get down into the rocks of why we are ruled by a minority.

    Okay, we print $1T, $10T for health care. What then? One, it goes passthrough to the exact same billionaires who hijacked and killed our former semi-capitalist system from the 80s. That’s why they wrote ACA, why prices rose 10%pa for 10 years before and after, and why their stocks spiked when it passed. So you wouldn’t be providing health care, you be providing free profits. Which is the same as now, but without a fake pizzeria out front for the organized crime money laundering all the policemen know about. Considering what health care has been doing since 1990, that may even be more efficient. I’ve never seen anyone waste resources like they do.

    But more important, if they did print money, bail out, ACTUAL health care, or ACTUAL people, those small individual people would immediately trade for resources. That is, time, bandages, medicines, lawn mowers, roof shingles, and as those people get paid, everything else: steak dinners, nice dresses, Mexican vacations, heavy shoes… What does that mean? $10T in INFLATION. So?

    So if you hand $10T, or most of it, to a few insiders like Zuck and Bezos and Gates, they DO NOT BUY anything. They hoard it and use the added leverage to tell people what to do. Like kill themselves by the thousands in Gates and Bezos’ case. NO inflation. = System goes on and does not die. = No one is mad, or at least not as mad as if you HAD destroyed the system like Argentina.

    This is why you can only bail out the few and not the many. Because if you bailed out the many with the many, you’d have pulled yourself up by your own ankles. Bailouts, governments, billionaires, can ONLY ever TAKE money from the majority and give it to their own minority selves. With a slick con job over top. How could everyone take from everyone and everyone get rich? If we did that it would be free trade and a voluntary market, that is, capitalism. Least-bad, least-expensive, most efficient, and what they can’t stand, not controlled, chaotic and unorganized as the people it’s made of.

    So of course the point is well-taken: it’s about priorities. We buy real military goods and suffer the real inflation and loss that creates. That’s literally what Eisenhower’s speech was about, and about the danger of this EXACT minority, a secret one according to Kennedy, that would do this, extract from the majority for their own power and to our own destruction, perhaps total. All I’m adding is the technical reason of why it can only happen in one direction, which is why you can never set up a system of government redistribution since it MUST and can ONLY be used this way. And that recommends therefore smaller governments that do NOT print money for health care because not only won’t they, they mathematically can’t. 2nd law of thermodynamics. No free lunch. Europe you say? Which only pays high services with very high taxes, and only because they use our multi-billion military force for free.

    So as they print $10T (already) it will again double over every time period, so $20T by June, $40T by December and so on until that money finally reaches the people, which is the only place this black hole of compounding debt could actually ‘repair’ the economy. When it does, we will have all that backlog of inflation, and the system will stop because they broke the only rule: money can only be redistributed FROM the poor. Bailouts can only be for the few, the rich. But it needed to end and I’m not sorry to see it go. This lesson that everyone cannot live at everybody else’s expense and that we live and eat through work, are only the best possible reasons to turn.

    Maybe then we can all work, all get the fruits of our labors, and all understand that no one prospers by theft. Til we do it all over again.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 24 2020 #57836

    Dr. D

    D Benton, you’re ahead of me, I hadn’t thought of that. If WHO issues the passports, they can make and break Kings, and in a clever, king-advisor way.

    “In our filing we will make clear that Dr. Bright was sidelined for one reason only — because he resisted efforts to provide unfettered access to potentially dangerous drugs, including chloroquine, a drug promoted by the administration as a panacea, but which is untested and possibly deadly”

    Okay, that is their allegation, I will read them in court. However, I feel they have problems. Unless administration officials were furious in their pursuit of this — and generally they buck and oppose him at every turn — even head Cheeto only said, ““It’s a powerful drug on malaria, and there are scientific works on this. Some strong signs,” “What do you have to lose?” he said repeatedly, at one point adding: “If it does work, it would be a shame if we didn’t do it early.”

    So he said “there are signs” “”It’s not going to hurt people,” (because it’s been constantly prescribed for 50 years) “We don’t have time to go and say, gee, let’s take a couple of years and test it out.” Meaning we have to work quickly, and also that he’s sent this lead to the FDA and Medical wing for rapid testing. Which is happening, not just here but worldwide. And given this, one of the few medical leads, the prosecutable medical malpractice is indeed to NOT try it, even in a hurry you wouldn’t ordinarily take.

    That’s a million miles from “Unfettered access” (i.e. no prescription), “potentially dangerous” (not when used by a doctor, in a hospital the only use that has been proposed), or as a “Panacea”, literally, a drug that cures everything. It is not a cure for cancer, it is a treatment for Covid that may work safely only for some patients and excluding some conditions. It is extremely, excruciatingly well-tested, and is only as deadly as garden-variety prescription drugs that require ordinary monitoring. So I think you have a difficult case to prove and you’re not helping it much by starting page one with essentially complete nonsense and misrepresentation. But we have a system and that’s their right to pursue this. Especially in public, as the spotlight on these fellows is not salutary.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 24 2020 #57819

    Dr. D

    Pdf, long, listing contrasting Covid numbers:


    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 24 2020 #57818

    Dr. D

    So….again, China has zero, but just locked down a city of 10 million last night? For no deaths. Uh-huh. And that appears 24h after the U.S. tries to open and puts pressure on us to remain closed. When the U.N. says 250M people will die if we do?

    Lots of pretty strange things there.

    So…since they claim there is no immunity and thus no herd immunity, the CV numbers are falling anyway? Somebody in a white coat want to explain that? Because y’all make no sense.

    Japan and Turkey which did not lockdown, are identical to Germany and U.S. who did. U.K. who locked down late, locked down AFTER they already peaked. Sweden has been removed from the chart. So…anyone want to Science for me here? Y’all make no sense.

    Americans Prioritize Staying Home, Worry Restrictions Will Lift Too Fast (CBS)”

    What is this telling us? Based on science that makes no sense, reported by a media which not only doesn’t make sense, but lies and contradicts, which then mis-informs the peoples’ opinions. So this is a chart of how convincing the narrative is. Why would I care? I want truth, not popularity.

    And it’s also dumb because 100% of the people are ALREADY going to public places: Wal-Mart, so say nothing of Dictitorial Mayors nationwide going to Salons every week. That is, it’s the PERCEPTION of quarantine as more than half aren’t doing it enough to be worth the name. Again, don’t care about perception. Perceptions don’t stop viruses. I know the people THINK they’re quarantining, but medically, they’re not. It’s a joke. Humans are just like that. And also why we survive and succeed constantly although dying all the while.

    Doctors Rethink Rush to Ventilate (R.)”

    We killed the U.N.s 250 Million people because they said we had to lockdown because there weren’t enough ventilators. Because, if you’re just respirators, we have enough/far more of those. And even not knowing this, only 5 of 20,000 were used? So…Cuomo, Fauci, anyone, want to explain how you were all off by orders of magnitude? 20 million. 2.5M people. 200k. Still looking. Well at least they’re looking in the right direction, at the blood and the Co Fe Fe Oxygen bonds.

    .infected more than 2.6 million Americans with nearly 20,000 deaths as of 4:30 pm Thursday.” Worldometer, as I write this, says 886,000 infections and 50,000 deaths.”

    Okay, first is 0.7%, second is 5% death rate. However, Cuomo’s NYC testing yesterday said that 2.5M had antibodies in NYC alone. So SURELY the other 90% of the nation had multiples of that many. Dropping back to 0.1% again? Lower, I’m sure but whatever: their own numbers now demand it be way below 0.7%. While that’s higher than the (reported) flu, it’s not 5%.

    House Passes $484 Billion Coronavirus Relief Package (Hill)”

    Good to see some Republicans, and AOC actually get on record opposed, as suspected she was lying on voice vote before. What to do, I don’t know, but if everyone agrees, certainly no one’s thinking.

    Fed Balance Sheet Increases to Record $6.62 Trillion (R.)”

    The Fed is now an agent bank for the Treasury. That means the Treasury will own half the assets in the economy. That means the American People own the corporations instead of vice-versa. I thought you wanted socialism and the government to own the means of production. Now they do.

    So when they go bankrupt, what then? Nothing. The assets still exist. You sit down, do a debt restructure, and refloat the assets. Assets owned by whom? The people. Just like the 1991 Swedish bank takeover. If only the Marine Generals had gotten a high-profile bankruptcy expert into the White House this could all be sorted out.

    Lawmaker Who Thanked Trump to Face Censure Vote from Michigan Democrats (JTN)”

    Black Democratic Georgia official said he was voting for Trump and was forced to resign yesterday. Best of all worlds as not only do they get the press, they get the DNCs violent reaction and string of racist DNC comments against him.

    Ousted US Health Official to File Whistleblower Complaint (R.) “

    Can you retroactively file? Every person fired needs to get on this immediately. But what am I saying? No one can ever get fired from a Federal job, not even if they watch pron all day and it’s reported everywhere(SEC). In any case, last whistleblower Charlie they just changed the rules, then tampered and back-dated the forms after working closely with the Congressional opposition, as a basis for illegal impeachment and that was all good. No one arrested. Ever. For anything. Amen.

    Wonder how this will evolve when food gets scarce.”

    We already know. Russia and other nations have stopped wheat before last year. No one cares. No interest in grain elevators, rail lines, and are feverishly attempting to stop the spring’s planting.

    Larry Summers reminds me of Harvard’s recent fiasco, and how he lost a Billion dollars for them. The more you fail, the more you rise. If only he’d lost $100 billion (to his pals on the other side of the trade) AND a felon he’d be promoted head of the IMF. Right, LeGuarde?

    Steele Testified Emails Were Wiped, No Docs Related To Primary Source (DC)”

    You so cray-cray. Newsflash: NO emails are erased. Ever. They’re with the NSA if not elsewhere too. Like HRCs and Strzok-Page are. Weiner’s laptop. No one arrested. Ever. For anything. Amen. Want impeachment? Impeach for gross dereliction of duty.

    Upton Sinclair’s 1927 book “Oil!”,”

    This is the alpha and the omega of it. They’ve done it again, destroying everyone in the U.S., and they cheer yet again, being bought off with $1,200, less than the Manhattan Indians. Save us Daddy government, you’re our only hope! Otherwise we’d have to work and take responsibility for ourselves. We would keep our work instead of getting $1k and losing $17k.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 23 2020 #57814

    Dr. D

    I didn’t read it that way. V. was kidding. Haven’t you ever played the circle game? Made you look. Why’d you hit yourself? It’s what boys do. That’s why it’s called ball-busting.

    Yes, the intense and orchestrated hatred of HCQ is very telling. Suddenly no one wants a cure! They delight it will go on forever! Pretty odd, don’t you think? So the one study (France) they said they could only try patients who had gone round the bend and were dead anyway. Guess what? They’d gone round the bend and most died. The other one, they carefully removed zinc from the test. You know, like removing flour from the recipe and wondering why it doesn’t rise. See? Failure. Toldya. The only solution is a vaccine they patented last November about the time the CDC precognitively hired a slew of quarantine experts, but after Gates Corona-Italy test game. See a pattern here? And a vaccine in 6 months – you know, AFTER the mail-in election — against something that 70 years of trying has always failed at, FROM a guy who routinely kills +10% of all recipients with the cure and is wanted in 3 countries. Can’t make it up.

    But this is about HCQ. Did I read correctly that they have demanded quinine, a HCQ predecessor, be sharply reduced in grocery store tonic water? Now that’s some serious hatred there. So. Why? If it doesn’t work, what’s the motive?

    Escobar’s headline fact is telling. However, the article seems to devolve into cross currents. So we trust China’s timeline implicitly, but the Pentagon is lying? No silly: they’re BOTH lying. How about we knew it because they knew it? Anyway, this would support Day’s theory, which I can’t sign onto mostly because I haven’t researched enough about Ft. Dietrick timeline. Also doesn’t men the ADMINISTRATION caused it, as clearly the Admin/Pentagon is constantly fighting the shadow government/CIA. Goes back to prime question, if now they know they we know that they know, why didn’t China blame us originally? Foremost and odd.

    Raul’s not reading to keep his own mind is probably what saves me. We often disagree and I’m not nearly nice enough about it as a guest. But what fun would it be to politely equivocate? Just don’t ad hominem pointlessly. Better to be forthright and just let the ideas speak for themselves.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 23 2020 #57750

    Dr. D



    Just like gun violence, subtracting unnatural metro areas from the 3.5M sq. miles of the rest of the 3,000 counties and you’d have no outbreak and no crisis. But this is 100% of the time, if a leaf blows in Brooklyn, 3,000 other counties have to take it in the rear. So, basically, The Hunger Games, with Caesar Flickerman showing us his ice cream collection while we are beaten and starve. Why point it out? No different from every other day. No one cares. 30,000 people could die for decades and it (was) considered a net positive, richly deserved. But clearly, clearly WE need to sacrifice to keep Caesar Flickerman and Effie Trinket safe in their $20,000 suits. Especially when you live where there’s 19 people per square mile. Gotta lock down! Keep that distancing! Dudebro, you have NO IDEA what distancing is til you’re so far away even the cell towers don’t work. You can’t walk to the next house even if you wanted to.


    But don’t worry! We’ll fight Coronavirus to the last Flyoverman! Remember, each NYer is provably worth 1,000 Americans! For every New Yorker who dies, 1,466 Americans lose their job! (22M / 15K) D—n them! We’ll keep unemploying flyover people and bailing out globe-flying billionaires until this madness stops!

    “The state,” he told me, “should not smooth out your life, like a Lebanese mother, but should be there for intervention in negative times, like a rich Lebanese uncle.”

    That’s hilarious Taleb, when has that ever happened? They’re more like an abusive uncle who will rape you if you fall asleep. If it’s “Antifragile” with firebreaks, then don’t apply Brooklyn’s solution to the 47 states who are smaller than NY Metro. Hey, doesn’t that INCREASE the fat tail of 1% owning 50% of the pie? And their total, catastrophic, unending lack of “Skin in the Game” by idiot sons of idiot sons?

    “infection rate is much lower! Well, not if the death rate is also much higher.”

    Still have no numerator AND no denominator. And no other stable facts either. 5 months on. Explain? To me that means there is NO science happening, only politics. And if that’s true, then what’s happening?

    “Many Small Businesses Say Loans Won’t Get Them to Rehire (AP)”

    That’s obvious. There hasn’t been a bailout in my lifetime that didn’t screw the recipient. Look at HAMP. This is beyond how money and rules to Amazon have ruined local business more than usual this month.

    Congressional Democrats Do Little To Improve ‘Pathetic’ Coronavirus Deal (IC)”

    Dore is all over this. First bankrupt the small, then hand 95% of the trillions to the super-wealthy to buy the small out for pennies. Same as 1934. They do have a good point that, if this bailout was badly written, why would we rubber-stamp Part II? I say since the government hasn’t helped small business in 100 years, and 100% of the time end up hurting them instead, accidentally or on purpose, why would we have the government do anything except enforce the law on Amazon, Fargo, Wal-Mart, and Boeing? The small would do just great if you arrested a felon every 20 years or so.

    “Trump Disagrees ‘Strongly’ With Georgia Reopening Shops (JTN)”

    That is pretty weird.

    “Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar told President Trump the coronavirus epidemic was under control.”

    You’re fired. Along with the CDC and WHO. Oh wait, ANOTHER set of tests are contaminated, that were replacing the THIRD set of tests…that were also contaminated. Funny ol’ world how 100% of tests 100% of the time are accidentally bad. It’s almost like it’s on purpose. Nah. I’m a coincidence theorist and that is not suspicious at all. Meanwhile, small on the ground hospital tests were working in a week.

    Nobody’s buying and nobody’s selling [cocaine]”

    They’re cutting off the black money to the Derp State.

    “Achieving this requires first containing the pandemic.”

    Again, no it doesn’t. YOU closed the economy. YOU caused the problem. We have barely a blip above normal deaths. So you CAN just ignore it and open the economy too. I don’t know if that is smart or dumb, but YOU are the only actor here, not the “economy.” …And by “economy” I mean government, since it was strictly government who FORCED the economy to fail. So think about that while you’re calculating supply, demand, pointy-head stuff. “low-income countries are at risk of a crisis that will dwarf anything.” So millions in low-income countries will die, you say? Way, way more than the virus would have? YOU did this. And therefore YOU can un-do this. But you won’t, you claim it’s an asteroid strike. I say we put you in a trebuchet and launch you into aforementioned “low-income countries” so you can clap you in ankle irons, hand you a shovel and you can help undo your own damage to them.

    New York Times Revives its Role in Chinagate (Lauria)”

    Well, the NYT isn’t news, so… I don’t know who would listen to them. Elvis and Batboy? People who like to lose their 401ks on their exclusive election polls?

    Over 20 million people are jobless bc of this virus and our government is doing almost nothing to help them”

    This ses it all. 20 million people are jobless because of the GOVERNMENT. The government by definition is NOT helping them. They’re the ones who attacked and destroyed them. As per 100 years. And you want more of this? More power when Orange Hitler is in charge of the handouts? What will it take for them to stop worshiping government, dictators, and experts? Nothing apparently. They will come up, explain how they will die, pull out the gun, ask if it’s okay, put it to their head, and shoot them. The government then turns to the next guy who saw it, ask him if he’s still in favor, he says yes, and the government shoots THAT guy voluntarily. On and on down the line forever. i.e. NOTHING can EVER wake them up. There is no POSSIBLE action that can lead to discredit and the re-claiming of your power and withdraw your consent from psychopaths. Why? Because then you couldn’t be a victim, take self-immolating orders, and live in eternal fear from birth to death. You’d have the far scarier problem of freedom and deciding for yourself. Never! Just shoot me. “Don’t give me Liberty, give me death!”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 22 2020 #57712

    Dr. D

    “What I would give for even ONE scrap of trustworthy information.”

    Indeed. And our conclusions are no better than the information. It allows wide conclusions like the perfectly plausible story from Day above, or worse, national parallax as Team A picks an opposing narrative to Team B. They then shoot each other in the streets like demented sneetches. (Spoiler: with all facts being lies both are equally wrong. Those with correct information have a hearty laugh all around.)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 22 2020 #57703

    Dr. D

    Like clockwork:

    Also pointing that no virus maintains force longer than 8 months.

    “UN: Coronavirus Pandemic ‘Will Cause Famine of Biblical Proportions’ (G.)”

    Would this be because nobody’s working, planting, or harvesting food? “Shut it all down Mr. President,” MMT says no one ever needs to work. We neither sow nor reap, but live as the lilies, in fields of gold. Magic fairie-elves will come and take out your garbage and paint your house. Trust us, when have we lied?

    The only thing that matters is medicine. No other aspects of human existence, survival even, are to be considered. If everybody dies of famine and nobody dies of Corona, it’s a win. Because doing cost-benefit is mean, and the value of each life is infinite.

    P.S. they’re “experts.” That means their “biblical” famine won’t happen either. And they’ll never be discredited for it. At all.

    CDC’s Failed Coronavirus Tests Were Tainted With Coronavirus (AT)”

    Speaking of never being discredited or defunded. Using power to never meet consequences at all.

    CDC Chief Warns Second COVID-19 Wave May Be Worse (R.)”

    And we believe the guys who got everything wrong for why?

    Missouri Is Suing China Over Coronavirus Impacts (CNN)”

    A great example of mishandling and trying to start a war. Even if China was “slow” it’s just a thing we all understand happens sometimes. Even if they did it on purpose, I’d say you don’t have a case. What, they nuked themselves on purpose? So you want to sue them?

    “[to Reese] Let me get this straight, you think that your client, one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands, and your plan is to blackmail this person?” — The Dark Night

    Good luck. They’re re-positioning to start WWIII with China instead, and got the support of the Conservatives to do it, so finally some broad-based support to be morons. Take your tiny country and fight a billion people with hypersonic nuclear missiles and see how it works out for you.

    The Risks of Relying on China for Critical Medical Supplies (SCMP)”

    Gosh, I think I’ve heard of this before. From a Presidential candidate.

    Ross Perot, 1991.

    And every year since the nation’s dumbest people have been telling you smarty-pants and getting the “No it won’t, you’re a stupidface” treatment from Harvard and the NY Times.

    Never discredited. Ever. There is no POSSIBLE action on planet earth that can ever lead to consequences. What else is power for?

    Lawsuit Claims 10 Big Banks Rigged Market for ‘Odd-Lot’ US Corporate Bonds (R.)”

    Proof positive. Right Wells Fargo? 100,000 illegal customer accounts, feloniously created and then double-billed to create overdrafts, while based in accounting fraud to make their bankrupt bank appear solvent. $50 fine.

    CNN is reporting that the first US death was Feb 6”

    Well, it’s CNN, so it’s almost certainly false…

    …Aaaaaand Parents tags it in 10 minutes or less.

    in reply to: The Peak #57700

    Dr. D

    “I guess Sweden’s model is kill off the old folks quickly so they are no longer a burden”

    Since the same thing happens with or without a lockdown, what’s the difference? Sweden isn’t choosing anything because they’re not in control. Nature is. You’re just buying the illusion of control. I know we all think government has infinite powers of God almighty, but they can’t even inventory a basement of masks or stop a stock drop, much less cure the common cold. They CAN steal everything and kill everyone, though, and they’re doing a great job of that right now. NOT stopping any deaths, as seen in non-lockdown states, but ARE killing 10x more with the economy. And possibly causing a Third World War, so that’s a win.

    “The intentional release of a bioweapon would have resulted in an immediate retaliation”

    Said this at the time. Or even if China THOUGHT something happened and didn’t know. Which means they DID know, or thought they did, with very high confidence. And that means they didn’t think Japan, France, Singapore, or the U.S. did it, or they’d have been on us in hours. That means they thought THEY did it. Only later did they either a) divert annoying blame or b) second guess themselves. I mean, when’s the last time we weren’t blamed for something?

    So would they retaliate against themselves? They did in a way, with an incredible outsized reaction compared to their still official story. They essentially shut down the Chinese economy and purged Wuhan for the deaths of an afternoon. Supposedly natural. No. None of that makes any sense.

    It also doesn’t mean it wasn’t an attack, just that the releas-ors scammed the Chinese government into thinking it wasn’t, which is pretty standard spycraft. Because who benefits here? A major adversary was taken down without a nuclear exchange, and the U.S. took only collateral damage. The Silk Road was stopped. China was discredited. Who else? The banks and insiders, who were about to have their system collapse, be discredited, unseated, and their neofeudal system ended. They already tried to start a different WWIII 4-5 times since 2016. Now Corona will be blamed for all their failures, they get unlimited cash, and their criminal system limps on. Could it be China, on accident? Of course. They had serial complaints about that very lab going back years, but not very specific. The U.S. funded that lab, so we’re funding the bioweapons research of a competing state? Anyone want to explain that? Yahoo news had a story back 2015 about the DOZEN times Chinese couriers were caught transporting exactly SARS & Corona on public airliners illegally from biolabs research in throughout the U.S., over and over and OVER again. You know, like arrested in Harvard and Chapel Hill and Canada? Apparently Obama loved it, because he didn’t seem very alarmed that they kept putting vials of SARS/’Covid’ in closed pressurized cabins all decade. Whisky Tango? But that shows China trafficked and had a great interest + criminally careless behavior. So it’s not like they’re a greater or lesser suspect here.

    It’s nice to know, but that part doesn’t matter. We KNOW, as a published FACT, they – the world – was bioengineering exactly this sort of thing worldwide, with criminally poor containment. We KNOW, as a fact, they anticipated and planned and favored and war-gamed such an epidemic someday. Or even October, with Gates, with Corona + Italy. We KNOW, exactly following their papers, that they are making exactly the socio-political and monetary power grab they promised they would. So what’s the difference? Make it happen, let it happen, wait for it to happen, the real damage is always their criminal response.

    “The shocking discovery is that the US federal government is totally incompetent.”

    That’s the least shocking thing since Adam Smith in 1775. There’s never been a day of anyone’s lives that hasn’t been true. Since Christ was a Corporal. Or King Saul, Or Adam, take your pick. However, I don’t believe for a minute the government doesn’t KNOW. They’re just L Y I N G to you, like every other day of our lives. They called down to the criminally careless labs that were working on this for 20 years and said “Hey Melvin, I know this thing is 99% just like your little monster experiments down there, can you tell me how this all works?” And he says, “Yes boss, don’t arrest me.” They get the tests they won’t admit, the behavior, the R0 they won’t admit, and do it all while the idiot press chases their tails like morans. Look! A Squirrel! So don’t think for a second they, the U.S. Army, Ft. Dietrick don’t know. They’re lying, covering up, and letting you DIE by thousands in order to get their political agendas through, like every other day of the year.

    Ever heard of the Tuskegee Airmen? Agent Orange? The Gulf War Syndrome? Die by the thousands. “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns.” –Kissinger. They’re not incompetent, THEY’RE YOUR ENEMY. Make them small, remove their power. But that would require YOU to take that power or responsibility instead.

    Singapore is my perfect case for your lockdown: it failed.

    There may be a second peak at any level, but it will still kill less people than the entire economy can kill at 60% increase of death from unemployment. In seconds the economy can kill more people than that, while Corona only barely exceeded average flu deaths now.

    In where Sweden got that, there’s a report, Tim Pool covering a White House hot mic that has them talking about how the death is only 0.1%, but he includes the U.S. science that is identical to Swedish advisor’s numbers, and may be the root of his citations.

    Giesecke’s a PhD with an authoritative position, unlike me, he can’t just SAY things, so if you doubt him, you should probably just google “Giesecke” and trace the scientific papers he is citing. It won’t be hard. Certainly the WHO and CNN don’t cite anything related to science. You have to hear what the other side says, indeed moreso than your own side. That’s easy for me since 100% of the U.S. news is further left than Chairman Mao, and half the entertaining internet are from left/farleft people like Pool and Dore. Not even looking into what he’s saying, but then implying Giesecke’s just making things up isn’t very salutary. At least try to see why the other guy does what he does. That’s how we support diversity, and work through the marketplace of ideas. The only alternative is oppressive totalitarianism and mindless groupthink. Not a fan.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 21 2020 #57641

    Dr. D

    Everyone is piling on today.

    “One the members of the press asked the obvious: Given that we now have studies showing prevalence of Covid-19 fifty times the reported case rate this means the fatality rate is much lower than reported, and in fact similar to the seasonal flu, isn’t it? ...

    Anyone notice that [Birx] didn’t answer the question”?? –Denninger


    “Different countries have imposed different measures. Some are requiring people to have written passes to set foot outside; others do not. Some have forced a complete economic shutdown; others haven’t. Some test lots of healthy people for coronavirus; others only test suspected cases and a few conduct tests as part of a post-mortem, if at all. How does this seem to be affecting the number of COVID-19 deaths? Well, not at all, actually! It seems to be making about as much difference as would frowning and wagging your finger at a petri dish. The coronavirus is spreading just as it would, and most people who are exposed to it do not even know that they have been exposed to anything out of the ordinary.

    Even if we dramatically increase our current estimate of 170000 ultimate COVID-19 deaths to half a million and assume that the coronavirus spreads to every corner of the Earth, this would give us a lethality of 0.07%. This is very much in line with the death toll from the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. Note, however, that the 2009 pandemic did not cause financial and economic collapse.”

    Do sane, responsible people shut down the economy and bankrupt themselves for the sake of a virus not unlike the dozens of others in circulation which cause people to cough and sneeze, and sometimes (very rarely) die? No, they do not. Thus, we are forced to formulate other hypotheses. One such hypothesis is that global finance collapsed some time ago,” -Orlov

    Timer Martin Armstrong, on killing more people, not less:

    Sex Workers, Homeless & Suicides on the Rise Thanks to COVID-19

    AOC Demonstrates Just How Ignorant She is About Economics As the World Turns to Protests

    But “Opinions are Treason!” Facebook is outlawing protests at the request of the States. Which is needless to say, illegal (govt cannot restrict speech) and also biased, as they promoted rent and medical protests all month.

    Hey, would that be election tampering? No one’s hiding it. If Orlov’s math is correct (he’s an engineer) we’ll find out shortly. Which is why they’re opening up with no (admitted) tests. Because they all know this and always have.

    We’re coming up 119 Million deaths short again.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 21 2020 #57636

    Dr. D
    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 21 2020 #57632

    Dr. D

    Is that a Victrola she’s carrying? Explains the shoes.

    In today’s non-science, “Professor Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists says:

    “The flattening of the curve is due to the most vulnerable dying first as much as the lockdown.
    The results will eventually be similar for all countries.
    Covid-19 is a “mild disease” and similar to the flu, and it was the novelty of the disease that scared people.
    The actual fatality rate of Covid-19 is the region of 0.1%.
    At least 50% of the population of both the UK and Sweden will be shown to have already had the disease when mass antibody testing becomes available.”

    But I don’t believe science, I believe science. I listen to scientists not scientists. I listen to official government organizations, not official organizations. Got it? It’s settled.

    And I also look forward to looking back at year-end death rates for various countries.

    Recalling that TAE is an economic Peak Oil blog and not a medical blog, oil prices are negative. Several trading houses were destroyed. It takes 30 days for the derivatives to be called on and default.
    Perhaps more importantly, Iran, Venezuela, and possibly Saudi Arabia will be injured, perhaps fatally. Russia will be weakened and have to withdraw. That is a most convenient power shift for Silk Road/BRIC nations.

    This does say what the Devil’s Advocate has argued: we’re nowhere near Peak Oil because, like food, we use half our oil for unimportant, even idiotic things. Cut back senseless debt-origination. Cut back senseless consumerism. Cut back to the essential/wear it out/go without. Stop senseless driving when you can telecommute or to Jimmy’s soccer practice.

    And we’ll have 50% more consumer petroleum and a SURPLUS. All now true. Problem fixed in 30 days.
    With that, skies are blue, pollution is down, roads are clear and don’t need expanding.

    Telecommuting will persist. We will reduce globe-circling manufacturing. We will re-localize. Power is being dispersed back to the states. Local jobs are increasing. Everyone is disappointed and fighting it. Fighting for the return to pollution, consumerism and an extractive, neo-feudal status quo.

    It’s all bad. We’re all gonna die. Déjà vu, every day.

    WHO Warns that Few Have Developed Antibodies to COVID19 (G.)”

    You mean the WHO that’s been totally wrong and is even now anti-scientific in terms of wearing masks, and asking China whether they caused the disease or not? The gal at the Wuhan lab says they didn’t, and that’s good enough for Tedros! Why ask more? Why ask known, discredited liars anything? You’re their drunk-father codependent. Cut them off, plow them into the ground and move on.

    To their point: so we know this with inaccurate testing, how exactly?

    Further, in another of an amazing series of coincidences, the CDC also contaminated all their NEW tests. (NYT). What is that, 4th time in a row? U.K. too? Weirdest thing, everywhere you look, the tests always seem to go to wild false positives. And the CDC is as bad as the WHO, screwed up everything they touched, so why are we funding this private partnership again? They’re the ones who said we were going to die of swine, H1N1, and ebola only last year. Stop being an abused child victim and transfer all their funding to the Army Hospital or something. If there’s never consequences, why would anyone do their job? Proof. Positive. Right Wells Fargo? SEC, CFTC, Fed regulators?

    Coronavirus Attacks Blood Vessel Linings All Over the Body (SCMP)”

    Explains why Vitamin C is so helpful.

    “I think we all agree with you that more money for Main Street is needed.”

    Why? We will then add too much money and no new goods. What does that sound like? Inflation, that will raise prices, hurt the small/weak, and strengthen the Insiders, like everywhere in history? How about the debts aren’t paid, default, and Morgan Stanley is bankrupted in minutes? Then they buy the debt in distress, and write it down to 10c. The debt load on Main Street plummets, the insiders are destroyed, and inflation does NOT go up, prices instead go DOWN, NOT starving the poorest workers to death? Nah, that’d be Capitalism, we don’t do that.

    The article serves up the proper dose of the REAL Welfare Queens: Sachs, Amazon, Citi, GE, Boeing… Multi-trillions more than all people’s bailouts combined. And just like them, those corporations never work again, but sit on the dole, whining. Want your money for Medicare-for-All? There it is.

    …setting the “value of a statistical life” at $11.5 million..”

    The problem is, they think they can know. They can’t. One life will be Jeffery Dahmer, or his fellow cannibal Jamie Dimon, and the next life is Pasteur or Edison. They can’t tell a plus from a minus, but claim they can to two decimal places. That’s the definition of a fool.

    US Energy Industry Steps Up Lobbying For Fed’s Emergency Aid (R.)”

    Again, why would we bail them out? The go bankrupt, their bulldozers are sold to the next guy. Their bailout is just a passthru bailout to Morgan. Like AIG. The Welfare Queens.

    “US Treasury Releases $2.9 Billion In Airline Support (R.)”

    Same. They can sell “Total Bastard Airlines” or as they’re better known, “Delta” in bankruptcy to some SouthWest or JetBlue that doesn’t fold you under a seat and step on you for amusement. Then we have better airlines and no debt. But wait! Then Morgan and Sachs wouldn’t get a passthru bailout, and the people wouldn’t get —–ed. Can’t have that. My pals need to never take the consequences of their actions and bad decisions. To Suspend #Logos in #AntiLogos, AntiPhysics, AntiReality. Which is the whole POINT of having power. If you were doing GOOD stuff, it would reward itself naturally and you wouldn’t need power to avoid your just desserts.

    “The entire US economic system is ideal for smothering small business.”

    Yes, it’s Socialism for the Wealthy and Capitalism for the poor. Just like our legal system. But Socialism is always like that. Notice Party members have a real hard time being arrested regardless of what happens, and they never go broke. So if you believe in fairness, one rule for all, and no despots, the choice is simple. Aaaaaaaand despite 150 years of failing, they always choose wrong again.

    NHS Staff Not Allowed to Tweet About ‘Political Issues’ – Like PPE (Ind.)”

    They don’t have a Bill of Rights. But since such Rights are innate and inalienable, they’re just not standing up for them. Why? To protect corrupt power, and prevent people receiving the consequences of their actions — there’s never any other reason. Here we find that the citizens can get all the masks they want right now, or so it seems, while hospitals claim to have none. Explain? Because I’m guessing the hospital admins are hiding them in the basement fearing a NYC-type crisis, and not letting the nurses use them day to day at their constant peril. While the Admins sit in office safety. So…whose fault then? If it were public, questions would be asked. Expect we’ll get through this and the basements will be chok-full, with no masks on faces.

    Is that good or bad planning? I can’t say, I understand their situation, but at least we could be honest about it.

    New Zealanders Donate $230,000 To Help Zoo Feed Animals (G.)”

    So glad to hear it. I always wish they would donate to their habitat and repatriation instead.

    I don’t even know what’s happening with Biden. Of COURSE they were going to swap him out, and why I don’t know as they could have pushed Puppet Pete at least, but are you waiting for Joe to wet his drawers on camera? This is bad. It makes them the laughingstock, and quadruples-down on the AntiBernie appearance. Even if they got a stellar candidate – and why not earlier and honestly? – it stinks to heaven and may not help now. The other conclusion is they’re going to spring a candidate that has no experience and no possible cause to be there, like Michele or Oprah. SMH.

    Don’t worry, when Trump gets elected because they presented no candidate at all, it’ll be RussiaRussiaRussia.

    Incredible. Makes it seem like the party is as decrepit as Joe.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 19 2020 #57567

    Dr. D

    DBS: Disagree, as you know.

    What you’re saying can’t possibly be true, because that’s what “flattening the curve” means: Everyone will still get it, they will just have access to medical care when they do, at the cost of freedoms and the economy, whether or not that turns out to be more dangerous than the flu itself.

    Since 8B people will still get it or let’s say herd immunity will cut it in half to give you great benefit, then let’s say at a 6% death rate as presently advertised, https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/?utm_campaign=homeAdUOA?Si we have +240M dead. If half the people have it already — that’s presumed a wild, crazy, irresponsible number right now — that would still be 120M dead. So…looking forward to I dunno, October, to see what you think then. If I’m right, you’re going to come up 119 Million short, or 11,900% off, two orders of magnitude, for exactly the reason you suggest: if you get the first numbers wrong even slightly — and the experts are still claiming no accuracy or information — then subsequent math compounds the errors. So all we’re seeing is a Rorschach test. Of our moral and belief systems, as wisely said.

    But don’t worry, I’ll apologize and stand corrected even if no one else will.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 19 2020 #57505

    Dr. D

    What? I feel like I’m in a timehole. Correct me: I stand corrected. I had the same thought: is this something about the neighborhood or being out in the streets? Point was the same, so 37% already have it?

    Dr Luc Montagnier. He’s a scientist. But we don’t believe scientists, we believe scientists. Therefore, he’s crazy. Until tomorrow, when we believe scientists. The scientist from the U.N., (weapons treaty) that said it’s engineered, not the scientist from the U.N. (WHO) that says it isn’t. Science! Believe me, it’s settled!

    “will be possible to reconcile the moral logic?”

    It’s always possible to do things in an emergency you couldn’t/wouldn’t do every day. Everybody understands that. One reason it, if it’s “special”, it doesn’t alter long-term behavior, like never exercising or working again.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 19 2020 #57479

    Dr. D

    Covered Boston in yesterday’s comment. (and too much more) So everybody has it now? It’s over? And the death rate is 0.006%, still 4x the flu, but very low?

    I look forward to comparing death rates at the end of the year, lockdown vs no. I think you’ll find the two are similar, with the caveat of destroying the nations’ economy. Would guess since they’re un-lockdowning now – also with no admitted testing or evidence – that I won’t get a victory lap that MORE people die in a lockdown. They didn’t push it quite far enough that food was completely shut off. Keep it in the big muddy where nothing can be proven.

    an alarming study by Chinese doctors in the medical journal, The Lancet.”

    Did no one believe them because of the 100 fake papers The Lancet has printed up til now? Is it time to be embarrassed and examine near-constant failure yet? Nah, actually Taiwan told WHO way ahead, with evidence, and they rejected them.

    nine companies which sell 90 per cent of the food we buy”

    Sure that sounds like Capitalism, free-market competition. Oh wait, I meant the OPPOSITE, where they use the government and the insider banks (but I repeat myself) to PREVENT all competition, and use instant-free money to run all non-insiders out of business. Socialism or Fascism take your pick, but again I repeat myself.

    “It’s too early to know how coronavirus might reshape 21st-century society.”

    Especially since unlike the Black Death, it didn’t kill anyone. You’re going to need a magnifying glass to see the event on the long-term population charts.

    Actual Black Death, last event in France, killed 66.0% of the city. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Plague_of_Marseille Apparently we’ve killed 13,000 / 8.3M = 0.1% I would propose that the two events are somewhat dissimilar, and drawing correlations may be unwise.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 18 2020 #57475

    Dr. D

    Everybody knows that the war is over
    Everybody knows the good guys lost
    Everybody knows the fight was fixed
    The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
    That’s how it goes
    Everybody knows
    Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
    Everybody knows that the captain lied ”

    “Does this study absolve China of hiding and falsifying data?”

    I’m seeing that flying around now. You can’t have it both ways. If it isn’t dangerous, then China was not lying about the numbers. Mostly. Or if they did, it didn’t matter. But don’t worry, they always want illogic. They always want it both ways. And it is always illogical and it always works.

    Rumor has it China was something else, a massive 5G attack in the world’s foremost (only?) 5G city. So the hack attack – from whom? – microwaved everyone’s lungs in the polluted city. No evidence for this at all. It is said. However, nearby cities say they know no one who died. And we can generally trace the vectors to Wuhan. So we have a big splash in order to generate the (relatively) senseless fear? Because if they didn’t have a big even we wouldn’t – couldn’t – overreact. Especially by hacking the fears of the Right, the tinfoil heads, who seek longingly for Armageddon everyday. No idea. Seems to me something happened. China didn’t shut down for nothing. It’s an embargo, like Japan in ’39, and act of war? But by them or us? Takes me back to my original theory: it WAS something that got out. “Accidentally”, by a third actor. To stop it, White Hats had no choice but to release a “safe” version as a purposeful fire-break. It IS still more dangerous than the flu, maybe 2-4x, but the flu isn’t that dangerous, so… And it’s not like they can ADMIT it, as they would be saying they killed the last 30,000 people…who were going to die anyway, but the lawsuits won’t see it that way. You can see why, in their position to protecc and save the more lives, they would kill some minor slice of 30k, to save the 25M the Black Hats clearly thought was happening, by the virus they’ve been working on for decades.

    Instead, $10T into the economy going into an election. Thanks!

    We clearly don’t know when we have the flu or have symptoms, because for most, your immune system works perfectly and stops it on sight, before any replication. Then you have antibodies, but nobody tests and there are thousands of strains, so who cares?

    This morning, a Boston shelter found 100% of residents had it with 0% symptoms. That’s more toward herd immunity, but not necessarily that it was earlier than Dec/Jan, as flights were worldwide for 45 days by then. Everyone loves to be scared, but in the absence of data, it’s just as illogical to assume the worst as the best.

    Again, we may have the whole year’s flu deaths packed on three months. We’ll only know looking back. In any case, we were already supposed to die of H1N1, Swine, Avain, eBola, AIDS, Swine again, all my life, always and ever lies, totally wrong, and we’ve only just exceeded Obama’s H1N1 nobody remembers or cares about. We didn’t destroy the planet for that and survived somehow, why now? We certainly deserve a far higher, more thoughtful level of propaganda.

    For planned or not, these guys have been discussing it and the huge benefits of a pandemic for decades: it’s so old JFK Jr ran an article with Gates discussing this 25 years ago, and Gates is from a famous eugenicist family that supported Sanger’s black abortions/racial culling back when. As we know, most of his “health” initiatives killed thousands, ten thousands, who knows? And he’s wanted in 3(?) nations. And he’s far from the only one, killing everyone is so universal that poor St. Greta and the whole green movement is composed of similar talk, unreflective of the implications.

    Look at the WHO list: none of those pre-requisites can happen. It’s 40 years and we still don’t have a vaccine for HIV. It’s 60 years they’ve been looking for a coronavirus vaccine for the common cold, only to know deeply how slippery and unvaccinatable they are. Since none of that will happen this century, it’s just a recipe for people to buy into a worldwide fascist lockdown, forever. Which is exactly what their papers have been saying for 40 years. Go read them. Will it have been worth it all, then? When the light of freedom is extinguished forever for (the mere illusion of) a little safety? There are other parts of life beyond extending it. Both life, and the pursuit of happiness, have value.

    In any case, now that the Governors have the responsibility and no one to blame, they magically they want to re-open now. Funny ol’ world. Isn’t that terribly irresponsible of them? According to themselves of only two days ago? Gosh, I think Michigan both shut down the most, and opened up the most in one 23-hour period. The whole state has whiplash that will spring the Upper Peninsula into James Bay.

    Since we remain logic and evidence-free, surely that can reverse 2-3 more times before it’s over. Humans use Science solely to support their emotions and confirmation bias. And egos. When Doctors, Scientists said this would would be…where it is now…they were disbarred for having models and opinions…as opposed to identical models and opinions of other, equally qualified Doctors and Scientists. One paper said they did indeed model exactly our exact, pretty-low outcome –and erased it from the paper, so no one could know. …And they could be shown as totally wrong, unscientific frauds, provably. And that shows we’re AnythingButScience™. No one notices. No one cares. The wrong guys are not discredited, the accurate guys are not put into power. And we’ll still call on the sacred name of Science to credit ourselves, like hack priests of old, cutting out hearts to keep the sun shining in Zacatecas. That’s humans. We’re no different, blind to our own priesthood and superstitions.

    Tomorrow we’ll do the same thing all over again. With H2N2, SlimeFlu, AvatarVirus, on and on no one dying, no one noticing, for the rest of my life.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 18 2020 #57410

    Dr. D

    The above rate is now 0.0006% death. Sounds like their models may need some work.

    Other news shows a sizeable proportion of Roosevelt sailors had the flu vaccine. Which is probably throwing huge “false” positives. Or protected them against Corona having effects. Again, why do we care who “has” it if it has no effects?

    “ UK Moves To Drop Huawei As 5G Vendor”

    Per Sumac, you have to understand what 5G is: microwave. So if you pollute, add nano metal particles, and then microwave them randomly, you get lung issues? Huh. Who could see that coming except every independent scientist who ever looked, and even some of the paid industry ones who flipped. Could gently microwaving people 24h/day be bad for their health? In the world of #AntiLogic, clearly that’s crazy, and we should never, ever look for independent research or facts on it. Because not looking for politics or profit is #Science! Or that’s what Science has become now anyway. And that’s beyond how 5G is super-expensive and provides essentially no additional service. Odd thing to lay your corporate life on: tech that no one wants, some people actively hate, and has no functional advantage.

    There just has to be a lot of that going on with Wu, since with a billion effected and 36,000 dead, they’re still claiming we know literally nothing about a virus whose family has been studied 70 years, and its closest cousin in the world’s highest tech DNA biolabs for 30. I find that pretty hard to believe. But go on, tell me how smart you are and how we should all listen to you when every day you repeat how you don’t know anything and the things you knew yesterday are reversed.

    Apparently everybody already has it (CA), but we’re still all going to die (don’t open).

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 17 2020 #57359

    Dr. D

    So still nobody died in China but their GDP is off 10%? Because they’re such nice guys, I guess.

    “there are two constraints on our ability to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. The first constraint is money.”

    Oh my loving God, no. Money is a PROXY for actual things. Printing money does not make doctors or masks. We are all going to die if you can’t realize that by now. And here’s a guy talking about “biophysical restraints.” That’s the only restraint there is. Ever. Money is a measuring device. We build houses out of 2x4s, not out of tape measures. He wants to print more tape measures.

    How many jobs can we do without? No one knows. But I wouldn’t get saucy about it: you can say it’s not important to put on roofs or harvest crops for a while until it rains and the granaries are empty. You won’t know those jobs were important until too late. We are drawing on 100% of that warehoused goods and existing infrastructure right now. You could say hanging electric lines is “nonessential” for even many months, until at last the power goes out. Repairing bridges is “nonessential” for decades, until they collapse into the river. Who can tell? Not you, me, or Taleb.

    “22 Million New Jobless Claims, 9.2 Million Lost Health Care in Past Month (NBC)”

    But this was 100% voluntary. “No one will die if only we shut it all down.” Not even if you lose your job, the cupboards are bare, and you have a heart attack. Congratulations, you just killed all those people, either with actual stress, or by taking their jobs, or with the lack of their jobs preventing critical functions from happening, like food. But that’s not counted so it doesn’t exist. Corona is counted, so it’s the only thing that exists.

    “43,000 US Millionaires Will Get ‘Stimulus’ Averaging $1.6 Million Each (NYP)”

    Darn them for keeping small businesses open so they will still exist next year to rehire people!!! Darn you all to heck! We want every one of those sole proprietors dead, dead, dead, so you can only work at Home Depot and Amazon and get hauled out in an ambulance at minimum wage instead.

    It’s “a “scandal” to “loot American taxpayers”?? Listen, those were the only people in the whole U.S. that paid any taxes. The bottom 50% pay zero. GE, Amazon, pay zero. They’re looting Themselves to pay THEMSELVES. Small business, million-scale are also the only people who net hire anyone. Microsoft buys the million-dollar businesses and fires everyone. Xerox collapses whole industries into dust. Only small business does anything in all America besides sucking lobbyist teat, as I’ve posted the charts before. So I know it hurts, but the million-dollar level is where that is now. Why?

    Q: What do you call a millionaire in California? A homeowner. Houses of dual-professionals are $500,000+ even in the POOREST places in America like Louisiana or Michigan. So “Millionaires”? Jesus and the Saints, people, thanks to 100 years of your socialist inflation, a “Millionaire” is a now a Union guy who owns a house and a pension fund. Re-calibrate your radio for the 20th century at least. “Pass-through” means you’re a nobody, since if you were of any size at all you’d incorporate and cut your total risk. Accountingwise it’s akin to being a plumber with one van. A “millionaire” means you don’t even have 5 employees. So do we want small-business support or not? According to the NYC Post, a city where $1M doesn’t EVEN make you a homeowner: Not. “Shut it down, Mr. President, shut those small businesses down!” Why? If you have two nickels to rub together, we need to tax one. You don’t need that “extra” nickel, you might put it to work hiring people.

    Plague was thought to spread through corrupt air, on the breath of the sick or trapped in soft materials like cloth”

    What superstitious jerks: this is exactly what we think today.

    “The Sanità spent an enormous amount of money on food”

    Did they spend 330M x $1,200 = $396,000,000,000.00? In a single month? Gosh, how backward we are not to give money = food = poor. Probably ought to write a check or something. But not plant and harvest that “food” the poor eat. That would be a “job” and help the “economy”, so they’re not important.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 17 2020 #57358

    Dr. D

    More importantly, much higher in non-dollar:
    That’s 50% in 9 months.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 17 2020 #57357

    Dr. D
    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 17 2020 #57356

    Dr. D

    Don’t open. Definitely need quarantine. Keep those farmers home and away from those corn seeding machines, since the “job” of “food” that creates the “economy” is so unimportant to everyone.

    Judd, you got within 10,000 acres of Kyle. That’s too close, y’hear?
    Population density:

    That chart tells you that in a democracy only 9 states would ever vote: California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Georgia, and within those states only a few cities. The rest of the nation can be run like an African colony, but then it already is, the way Philadelphia or Chicago destroy the rest of their state but NY and SF destroy the rest of the nation. Boring. Rural people, 41 states: who cares? Federalism, blah blah, Hamilton blah blah Law.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 17 2020 #57355

    Dr. D

    (Doesn’t like multiple pics per post)
    “7 Midwestern States Release Plan to Reopen Economies May 15” Huh. Opened before they’re even closed. I’m sure Brooklyn will cry although they’ve never been there and have no idea how different it is. 19 people per square mile.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 17 2020 #57354

    Dr. D

    Lange. Destitute and happy, unlike us. Rich and miserable.

    N.B.: If nobody works, everybody dies.

    Shut it down Mr. President, shut it down.”

    More people dying, not less.

    The WHO serially pushes vaccines that decimate the population. CDC approves.

    ”The past few months are not a litany of errors and honest mistakes”

    Fed is now owned by the Treasury. They have issued statements that the Treasury makes the plans, the Fed executes them as their fiduciary agent. That being true, we are now on the “American Plan” as outlined by Hamilton. The U.S. loans itself money it can recoup on the productivity it finances. There is not an infinite leak of % interest to outside interests.

    We have 0% interest. So we really are printing it for our projects and people. There really is no need of taxes, since we’re using the inflation tax, as advertised by them cancelling IRS April tax day for now. Perhaps ever, we’ll see.

    Long-term Dow remains safely over 20k. Yes, it’s being manipulated, but is this also seeing something else, telling us what insiders know and think about Wu Flu? Looks like they think it’s a time to churn n burn. From 100% Bull to get people 100% Bear. Which I’m sure they are by now. “If everybody’s thinking the same thing, nobody’s thinking.”

    What are these things telling you? Financial reset. Jubilee, even, of a kind.

    I’ve said this before, just keeping it fresh. The cure was put off a week or two, but so much sturm und drang in the air, can’t tell what’s going on.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 16 2020 #57349

    Dr. D

    I’m with Husky on this one. First, ALL events ALWAYS lead to extinction. The sun will burn out someday. That’s the nature of Time. However, despite Taleb, we just lived since the first day of life on earth, (200,000 years?) without going extinct. Huh. But now, suddenly, if we don’t lock down instantly and voluntarily BEFORE we know anything, we’ll be extinct in 50? Taleb, I fear you’re bad at math, that does not follow for me at all, except as an empty truism. That is, he has joined the “War on Death”, the war on extinction, ever, as we’re going to give up all civil rights and due process for the next 200,000 years until we go extinct anyway.

    The only alternative to that is cost-benefit. But that’s not allowed in any math since the value of every life is infinite. Even though, you, me, and the mailman have never once acted that way, and every minute decide life-risks, to dart across traffic, to have that extra taco, to fly airlines or ride a bike. But it’s totally different when –I– do it.

    The consequence of Taleb’s violent over-estimation of risk is totalitarian hell on earth, forever, the antithesis of all life. It removes what life is FOR. You shall be born in prison, and never leave it. Safe in your sunless cube, without choices, until we finally have expended a trillion dollars extending your life-in-misery, limping along, blind, in pain, 500 years from now, having never been truly “alive” for a single day, never jumped into a lake, never played on a swing, as that is far too dangerous. For your own good; Mommy Knows Best.

    No, you cannot have infinite response to a vanishing risk, and of all people he should know that, as you can easily chart how nonsensical that would be. Diminishing returns of the parabolic function are the first thing we realize in life. Actually, I could care less if humans go extinct. First, I thought everybody WANTED that. I read everyday from IYIs that should be our singular goal. But second, extinction is going to happen, and that’s Nature, so unless you’re going to fight Time, Nature, and Death itself, you’re a fool greater than any fool seen on earth before. Every day I am gobsmacked by the arrogance and self-aggrandizement of humans thinking they have any but the slightest power, the slightest understanding of the world. Instead, they think they are God himself, will fight time, death, and reality, as a certain angel did once, and with similar results.

    Given that, our response to extinction events is perfectly logical and extensively proven: we’ve survived extinction level events ten-thousand times, Ice Ages, meteors, Black Plagues, wars of 60 Million people and even Communism. We humans are a heritage that goes back to lemurs, dinosaurs, and survived the Chicxulub event, and hundreds more that wiped out nearly all life on earth. Here we are! So we’re not going to be at all alarmed, caring a bit about a virus that kills virtually nobody, when next year there will be MORE people than ever from the baby boom. Here we can’t mathematically tell more from less? Srs?

    I swear you should go back to the fall of Crete, the Plague, to the darkening skies Roman Ice Age, to the Mongols erasing the planets’ population, to Vikings erasing civilization on earth, with bare single books surviving, to the Chinese civil war, to Stalingrad, non-events like the London Blitz, to bejeepers, ANYWHERE things have actually been slightly hard just to appreciate how much of a total zero Corona is. You’re sitting here on the internet watching Netflix while eating Cheetos in a heated house by electric light for God’s sake! But Taleb is going to end freedom on earth for it, for what hasn’t happened in 60 million years yet.

    Pass. He’s totally wrong. Humans are totally right not to be concerned. If we’ve made it through THAT? Shrugged it off and found 8 Billion of us? As “Humans”, the species, we go forever on. As INDIVIDUALS, of course, we’re going to die anyway, either now or later. That’s different math.

    Hope to God no one ever follows Taleb’s advice and we always find ourselves at Option B. Then at least we can die free and alive and not in prison from his “help.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 16 2020 #57297

    Dr. D

    Yay EU, doing something right first time I remember:

    “Companies given equity injections by EU member states as a result of the coronavirus will not be allowed to pay out dividends, buy back shares or provide bonuses or similar remuneration.”
    An example for us all.

    Oh wait, too soon: “German Lawyer Who Criticized Lockdown Arrested, Taken To Psych Ward” https://summit.news/2020/04/15/german-lawyer-who-criticized-lockdown-arrested-taken-to-psych-ward/

    A Post From Germany

    Reports are that the “Swiss Also Locked Up A doctor for being Against the Coronavirus Fraud”

    Reports are that the Swiss Also Locked Up A doctor for being Against the Coronavirus Fraud

    Opinions are treason. While we’re erasing 1st Amendment rights to protest, why not the rights to opinions, Assembly, Religion, and the Press as well. We already got rid of Due Process, eternal infinite house arrest without adjudication, and much, much more! They’re tracking you down in the woods to arrest you for being too close to people, and therefore put you in jail where you’re unprotected and close to people. #Logic!

    Anecdotally, this is going around. Remember, Epstein didn’t kill himself, he died of Coronavirus. “COVID-19 a Miracle Cure for All Other Disease; Prevents Heart Attacks” https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/press/covid-19-miracle-cure-for-all-other-disease-prevents-heart-attacks/

    In London, they were calling it the “Miracle Cure” as all other diseases vanish from records. True? You’d have to look, but the fact it’s even said indicates something.

    Like the laundry list on Gates, this has been around, the hundreds of deaths cause by WHO: https://greatgameindia.com/who-list-of-errors/

    So they are CONSTANTLY, for decades, issuing vaccines that kill or maim 10% of all recipients. And they get annoyed that the victim nations are mad at them, I mean, just because they’re KILLING brown people like flies. Then, like the IMF, they fail and do it all over again. While sucking up billions that would easily help people with simple, uncontroversial aid like wells and refrigeration.

    Of course, that’s not just “them”, Flint and hundred other cities need fresh water, while WHO steals the money that would easily cure people’s health. “$3.5 Billion Has Flowed from U.S. Taxpayers to the World Health Organization Since 2010”

    Speaking of obvious avoidance of death, the food system is breaking down all over, putting 100% of the population in danger, not only of food, but of crime. We are going to kill every town to save every town. Good job, Brownie!

    “Nobody wants to go to a bar or an office or factory floor if they can catch a deadly virus there.”

    I will. I’ll do it all day but I’ll get arrested. They say stats lead to” inevitability” of masks and economy. Why? It’s indeed an option to do nothing. I would but I’m not free. I’m not allowed. For whose good is that? You say it is mine, but I’d prefer you all go away and leave me to my own life, my own death, and my own choices, thanks. There has never been any more oppressive force than of do-gooders. Indeed that impulse has killed most of the people of the 20th century.

    In any case, if the nation wasn’t made of cowards, they’d go work and get things done like the Doctors and Nurses are doing right now. Truckers are on, cashiers, car mechanics. How about all the people who aren’t working get thrown overboard since they’re neither “essential” nor brave? Because we, the brave, being brave, will inevitably help you at our own risk and expense anyway, that won’t happen, but do you see what I’m saying here? This is what I said about locking down the factory in China and running it anyway, because China, and her goods, and those goods being food and masks and truck parts, are vital to China, the Chinese, and to world health? I said that of them, there, and no less for me, here.

    Isn’t risking yourself to support your fellow man what we’re aspiring to? I bet a whole lot of people will join me, and are going to offices and factories right now. To keep YOU alive, complaining bitterly about watching Netflix at home. While you say they are stupid, foolish, and suck to be out. “Shut it down, Mr. President, shut it down.” Shut down the food? The truck parts? The masks?

    Yes, testing is a big problem. Even if it were accurate, it might show someone died of Corona when they had got over it 5 months ago. The non-antibody test has different problems, suggested it sees other Coronas (which are common), may be set off by vaccines, and aren’t accurate, which almost certainly makes things worse wasting scarce resources with false positives (and negatives). If NPR is sure of that test, it would be the first science so far that’s been solid and a known-known.

    Why aren’t we testing? Well If the tests don’t work, why bother? To “do something”?

    “The Coronavirus Is Particularly Unkind to Those Who Are Obese (LAT)”

    It has been suggested this goes with the theory that overweight is a symptom of chronic inflammation. Covid death seems to depend strongly on immune overreaction.

    thwart expected pressure from President Donald Trump to move more rapidly,”

    He won’t have an economy and collect taxes, but he sure will have Wall Street, New York, suck massive Federal money out of Michigan, Oklahoma, and Wyoming. Like I said, when you’re the heroes, the good guys, you help NY anyway, despite that they’ve nuked your town, repoed your house, and economically murdered your people by the ten-thousands for the last 30 years while giggling with glee at your distress. Sucks to be the good guy. Now Cuomo will want Moar! There’s a couple houses left in Detroit, can’t you sell them or something and send the cash to the Hamptons for us? You know, since he closed down 20,000 hospital beds and lowered taxes on Wall St over his reign? There’s a good boy.

    Investors Are Underestimating the Economic Shock the World Is Facing (AEP)”

    I don’t know about that, this is probably what happens to all socialist, 3rd world, banana republics like we are: they print $10T and the stock market goes up. However, food stops being harvested and goes up faster. Check! On both counts. But we don’t have to do work, put dirty seeds in the dirty ground, just print money! It’s magic!

    “It was obvious before it started that it would be a mess.”

    There is a second problem that it’s simply harder to write 10,000,000 loan applications than 20. And a lot less profitable for the work involved too. Hey, isn’t that why we have competition and no monopolies? So we’ll have 1 million banks who can easily write 10 loans apiece? Nah, that’d be capitalism. Haven’t had that in 100 years and we’re not starting now. More government, more checks, less work. Cheers all around!

    We Scientists Said Lock Down. But UK Politicians Refused to Listen (G.)”

    Should probably look into why nobody believes what you say anymore. Would it be because of the 300 word-salad papers that got published, no problem? 20 years ago, and you weren’t even embarrassed? That Vioxx and Roundup are safe as water and Manhattan should be underwater? Or is it because the last 5 epidemics you called were wildly overhyped, big fat zeros? Gosh, so weird how anti-science everyone got when Science has been dead-wrong much of my lifetime, much to my personal cost, and indeed deaths, See WHO killing 10% (that’s call “Decimating” a population), above. Funny how that happens. After a while even ignorant dummies can tell where they’re being poked from.

    Don’t worry: they will NEVER self-examine. EVER. Why clean up your own house, cities, reporters, government, science, when you’re practically perfect in every way? Tell other people what to do, what costs you’re going to force on THEM instead while I sit in Princeton and Fairfax and order them about like monopoly pieces and throw violent tantrums if they resist.

    The past few months are not a litany of errors and honest mistakes”

    I see we’re on the same page. They get it 100% wrong in 100% the same direction, every time. “They” being media, government, science, cities…

    “What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor.”

    But rural people, brown people, poor people, slavs, are not “people.” They are therefore not “neighbors.” We don’t think of them or their calling any more than we think of the rats or the crows. Nothing they say matters, their deaths are provably a net positive.

    There are exploits in the Golden Rule though: What if you’re a Spartan and treat other men as Spartans? What if you’re a corrupt man of decadence and lavishly share your decadence, sexual or otherwise? Decadence is doing that right now, forcing themselves on the unwilling. Less bad than not, though, which is why we usually write on hypocrisy instead.

    in reply to: The Only Man Who Has A Clue #57291

    Dr. D

    Thoughts: What if we followed precaution and shut down a single nation or the world economy, for the last 5 viruses that were false? SARS, Swine, Avian, HIV, constantly like clockwork?

    Who pays those costs? Not Taleb, Harvard, or the WHO. They MAKE money, and therefore life, from it.

    Jobs ARE life, or can be. Because as we see now, not only do jobs give money for food and shelter, but the work represented by jobs are the way food is produced and shelter is maintained. If no one works, everyone dies, so at some point on the scale, jobs must equal life. And which jobs? What is “essential”? No one knows or can really define it. Problems. So again, I don’t care about jobs as ‘theory’: we are talking do more people die or less? That’s not a dichotomy, that IS the only relevant epidemiology, and I hope the point of system analysis. Like in hack movies, do you sacrifice the front torpedoman to surface the sub and save the crew? Or do you have a system where no one dies ever, we can risk nothing by any decision? Since we failed the War on Terror, will we be more successful with a War on Death itself? All decisions are risks. Life is always fatal. Kill Grandma and Grandpa indeed but save four uncles and two cousins. Choose. I would hope THEY choose, like that First torpedoman, trying to save his brothers by doing his job with bravery.

    If we constrain mobility immediately, how do we have any human rights? Any leader can call any excuse and lockdown any annoying city, any Gilet, any specific whistleblower, any publisher, any annoying businessman candidate. And they do already, constantly. This is why, despite continual wildly-fatal epidemics over an 8-year war, the Constitution doesn’t say, “Except whenever we call a health emergency.” No emergency has ever been lifted in government history. We’re still under the WWI and II emergency powers acts. The States are still gutted from the War between the States. So which is important? A protester in MI just wrote: “Security without Liberty is Prison.” So world-wide prison planet? Is that an acceptable goal to vanquish a Death who will not be defeated anyway? This is why it’s not just Doctors – OR economists – that are involved. A whole system will require all systems engineers to weigh in, including lawyers, historians, and philosophers. Those three would contraindicate instant, capricious, unajudicated limitless incarceration. Perhaps especially on the precautionary principle.

    If the “just do nothing” approach (which will never happen as the people will voluntarily change behavior) has costs, then who calculates the costs of doing ‘everything’? Which group bears each cost?

    “when one deals with deep uncertainty, both governance and precaution require us to hedge for the worst”

    Should we not pay to keep 10M empty beds in Britain then, just in case? If 10, why not 60M? Because that’s ridiculous? You’re setting a dollar (Pound) cost on human life in that case, whose value you say is infinite and incalculable. You’re just setting the cost higher. So we’re not arguing about whether you’ll have sex for money, but haggling over price?

    Simply put, you can’t do it because there are not infinite time and resources. That’s what systems analysis is, to look for the limits of limited things, and how those delimited things interact within delimited forces and vector. “Decision-making in real life is based on asymmetries”

    Some portion, 10% of the population already traffic in illegal drugs, guns, women, and violence. So what do you do when that slice of people don’t wear masks? Shoot them? They do that now. It has no effect either. They act as if they have control. Control over anything but yourself (and even that) is the first illusion.

    “Do you know what amazes me more than anything else? The impotence of force to organize anything.” –Napoleon

    So we put people in jail for Covid so we can let them out for having Covid? This is literally the logic right now. Nobody’s going to listen to anyone. No one’s going to obey. They already haven’t, and they aren’t going to start now. Plan accordingly. We don’t even know who has it. The tests don’t work, have ~50% false positives, and it appears science can’t suddenly beam up a tricorder and make it happen. That’s Science problem, not an “I want an Oompa Loompa”. Yes, we all want an Oompa Loompa, but it takes time and intelligence and work. We aren’t there yet, and just like we have no flying cars and no warp drive, it’s no one’s fault, and you’re not a baby. They’re not your daddy. This is life.

    the best government is one that’s very responsive to the needs of its people. That is, the least, loosest, and most local government.”

    It’s always useful to know things, since if you know who’s poking you and why, you can plan and position better. That’s partially why Covid or lockdown doesn’t bother me at all, because, I see in coming in 1,000 ways for decades, prepare for how nobody’s going to do anything, the government will screw up everything they can, grifters will jump in, and be positioned for it all inevitably happening. But that only comes from accurately knowing what’s happening and why. If you knew snowstorms but not why (winter), what good? Knowing why is always useful, even if you keep the boots and shovel around anyway.

    I’m satisfied not to follow the rabbit. That’s my job as a pot-stirrer, not Raul’s as a site and host. It’s different to be a heckler than an entertainer. If roles were reversed, I would play my part.

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    Dr. D

    Michigan is in revolt over the Governor’s draconian rules such as not allowing rural people to visit their own backwoods cabins. Good example of Federalism and the differing needs of Upper Michigan vs. Detroit.

    Should they have the same rules? A: Who cares? They’re rural people. Why think of them at all?


    19 ppl/sq.mi. Definitely a quarantine risk. Especially if they get even further away from each other.


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