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    Dr. D

    Why is Johnson still walking around there? Doesn’t he know the Supreme Court commands everything? He needs to set up his office in Middlesex Guildhall so he can quit fooling around and get proper orders.

    “US House Committees Seek to Hold Line on Pompeo in Impeachment Probe (R.)”

    For a change I have no idea where to put this. The Presidency executes the will of Congress, and therefore has wide oversight, yet when there is no law and no rules, there is no “obstruction” because everything at this level is political, not legal. Have at it, boys. See you in the election.

    “Mueller concluded that Trump’s campaign had extensive contacts with Russians who mounted a sweeping effort to influence the outcome of the election in which Republican Trump was the surprise winner against Democrat Hillary Clinton. Mueller also revealed numerous attempts by Trump to interfere with his investigation,”

    Reuters, really? Did you fall asleep in the Mueller hearing? Okay, what are their names, what attempts were made, and when did this all take place? Since you have a document and it’s reported every day, should be easy. I’ll wait.

    There is such an administration cover-up that Barr is releasing all the documents related the Russia accusation, with a new thousand-page bundle a week until further notice. We can open source what happened and cut you out of the loop, as digital media is NOT even fit for bird cages.

    “.. the longest expansion of the economy in US history..”

    I wouldn’t say it was the largest expansion of the ECONOMY. More like expansion of the DEBT, and the lies that underpin it. We’ve been in a recession since 2008, and probably 2000.

    “Chinese firms listed in the US are not currently required to abide by US accounting and auditing standards and the SEC cannot review them?”

    That’s okay: neither are the American ones. Remember FASB changes in 2008? National Security. RussiaRussiaRussia. When it’s important you have to lie.™

    Aaaaaaand FASAB, 2019, right after the $20 T R I L L I O N Gov’t side was revealed missing by U.Mich. But that’s alright: if you don’t like my lies, I have MORE LIES! That’ll fix it.

    “Zuckerberg Says Warren as US President Would Be Bad for Tech (R.)”

    Maybe, but she was “against’ the banks while taking record (Senate) money from them, just like Obama did, then authored a fake, toothless Dodd-Frank that was reversed whenever they wanted. I expect the same with Tech: harass them, and if they don’t pay, shake them down. That’s what government is for! That’s the whole POINT of regulating the economy. Zuck’s just mad because HE was going to shake WARREN down with blackmail obtained off his platform instead: he already banned her channel as a warning. I wouldn’t give a nickel for either of them.

    And for maps, record snow Spokane, MT, UT, Alberta, Saskatchewan, headed east, 1 week after summer. Dangerous: leaves still on the trees, 60mph winds. Record snow Sweden, Finland, Russia. So I’m betting snow in the Sahara, Spain, Turkey, and Greece again this year. Rachael Maddow says it’s Russia’s fault. And they stole our North Pole.

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    Dr. D

    Zero: None, of course. They report the opposite.

    Bosco: Excellent metaphor. If anything, we can correlate increasing GDP with public UN-happiness.

    And obviously, to anyone who’s every looked at a single thing gov’t does, gov’t should be SUBTRACTED from GDP, not added. Unless you’re trying to kill people or steal stuff, everything they do is a failure.

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    Dr. D

    “Dear America, Civil War Is Not a Joke – Or a Picnic (RT)”

    No, it’s terribly, terribly grave. And also terribly possible, well-designed and engineered since 1970, and certainly meant to be in motion at least since Limbaugh came on air in the 90s: the rural hicks would be antagonized into fighting the Army like the violent, dumb animals they are. Except: they weren’t. They couldn’t get them to misbehave and lose the moral high ground despite everything they could think of, including lately, murdering them by the 30,000’s. Perhaps because they are also generally Christian, if that word even means anything anymore. And btw, who do you think was in the Army and police they were supposed to be fighting? Same red hats. So like most evil plans, a terrible, stupid, self-defeating one; not that they care, as they win and sink the United States with the very fact of the war, knocking them off the world stage, flying to Monaco for a few years, then buying it up on the cheap, a broken nation, depopulated, sans Constitution. #Winning!

    Anyway, here we are, and the best laid plans of men… Apparently Americans, or rather journalists and the Intelligentsia have the dumbest sense of history or no sense at all. The Republic has survived far worse than exists now, and several times. The instruments of government are working badly, but adequately, and the nation has come apart and come together before. Really, they seem to think, like 4th graders, that no one ever fought duels with the Vice President, then smeared the opposition as a “Hermaphrodite” and “Traitor puppet of the French”, then beat a fellow congressman on the floor of the Capital building with his cane. All that happened even before Lincoln, much less in the last 100 years. Time rolls on, Americans abide.

    No, not a joke, but what we’re in is nothing, a garden party, compared to a civil war, especially the way the Americans fight wars. They have no idea how lucky they are or what a reprieve they’ve gained by going the political and not military route. There is of course still time. Beto says he’s going to go door to door and shoot those 95% of counties, these rural people whether Blue or Red, just as their mastermind Bill Ayers promised they would. Kamala agrees wholeheartedly, as do others. Because if they don’t get this war started somewhere, justice will investigate their actions over the last few years, and they’ll be carried out on their shields anyway, but without taking the nation with them.

    It’s messy, but if the people with the 300M guns haven’t felt like acting out before now, and keep picking the legal-and-justice route, then what would it take? Apparently they are incredibly peaceful and long suffering, withstanding as seen, the death of thousands, the complete annihilation of their hometowns, their religion, and vilification of themselves and every tradition even suspected to be “American.”

    See that you don’t fight such men as can restrain themselves like this. A cold, smoldering fire that can endure all without breaking is not an enemy to choose.

    “Hillary Clinton’s Big Comeback Begins Tuesday (WT)”

    Perhaps they are going to re-run the ’16 election in more than name. More do-overs. Okay then, if that’s what you want to do, if that’s what it takes. One problem: an increasing number of Democrats dislike her and Biden even more than ever.

    “Twitter Executive for Middle East Is British Army ‘Psyops’ Soldier (MEE)”

    As everyone else in social media is also from the psy-op letter agencies, I do not find that suspicious at all.

    “ministers attending cabinet admitted that they were not absolutely sure what the PM plans to do if his hopes of a deal fall flat.”

    As is required for any negotiation, and the very first thing May sold to the EU.

    “The U.S. … distancing itself from its global responsibilities.”

    You mean we’re REQUIRED to tell everybody, everywhere how to live? Ou contraire mon frere. You mean: disconnecting itself from empire, like I wrote yesterday? Yes, and with the approval of the American people, but not the CIA/elites.

    “they should try to convince Russians that their future is with Europe,”

    Is this a joke? Russia is in Europe, and at only a fraction of itself, still one of the biggest territories there, the (only) one that keeps Europe’s lights on, in gas and nuclear. I was just listening to a lecture on the EU as Germany-by-other-means (true) and that is why Russia can never, ever be discussed or included in EU prospects. If they did, it Germany would be run over as far too small, to say nothing of Belgium, and would lose control, making it the “Russian Economic Union.” When you see the truth of that, think again about how well it will be to ATTACK a nation who eclipses you in power while passive and immobile and hardly showing up to talk.

    “A private security company organised 24/7 surveillance”

    Burying the lede. As said a sentence after, “surveillance was provided directly to the CIA.”

    Unfortunately, this would technically be legal, as the CIA can wiretap foreign nationals, but is not done, and for good reason. No one can, or should trust a group that would do such a thing. That’s why they’re now anchors and guests for CNN, telling us about WMDs and ties to Al-Qeada, run by RussiaRussiaRussia, who is hacking Vermont and turning the heat off in your house, while a black hole devours Flight 370. If only I were making that up, but making things up is the CIA/CNN’s job. And “The Guardian”, of course.

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    Dr. D

    Better to look at than to live, the slope on the left is going to drop a lot of soggy water into a narrow lane, trapped by the house. Making it lush and cool but bad for March. I’ll enjoy it from here, remediating that problem looks like a lot of work. Maybe deep paving stones in the wheeltracks?

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    Dr. D

    This guy’s CIA. They’ll probably give him a tickertape parade and a position as dictator-for-life on CNBC at $1M/season. The CIA will just move the money through the corporate-state merger to back-fill them like usual, no need for profits and losses. So last century.

    Things fall apart. The center does not hold. However, it was never meant to centralize, it was never meant to hold. It was meant to re-localize and not be an empire, not be a dictatorship. It’s mean to run at the state and local level as legally ignored and legally required. And this “retreat” is indeed what Military Intel put Cheeto into office for. The gambit to take over the world by controlling (denying) oil in the Middle East and running China, while Russia was a failed-forever state and central Asia was again contained, failed predictably and catastrophically. So these traitors who stood by now can only retreat to America’s borders and salvage the nation, not the world. That’s what’s MEANT to happen. That’s why the Empire globalists at the CIA, CEO, and media are in a death cage with the Marines, NSA, and American people. Whoever loses will cease to exist for 100 years, if their plans would be the only loss they take.

    So there’s no “floating off” for anyone. Trump isn’t there for a joy ride. He loses 5-10% of the empire every year in office and if he loses he and his whole family will be harassed, imprisoned, and/or killed, one by one. Starting with Baron. They’ve said so publicly, right Peter Fonda? However, if no one in business and military stood up, the falling empire would land on the spine of the nation, so you make the best of it.

    The fake story gets stranger each day. What I can gather from this is that Trump has known about this new plan since Maguire got the call on the 12th. That’s why it was such a set-up since then. Shiff, the guy who arranged and leaked it, as he has leaked so many, many other things, eventually got frustrated and annoyed they were delaying the bait and struck out. Of course then tipping his hand that he knew all about it all along, somehow, while it was so urgent he also didn’t care. Since Trump staged the call and then leaked it specifically and wrongly (8x! Quid pro quo!) to make too tempting a bait, no doubt they’d been waiting for him.

    So I can imagine they just MIGHT know who took it upon themselves to change the whistleblower form to “Do you have any Tall Tale or hearsay story, however so wild you’d like to share? Then YOU TOO can be a whistleblower! Sign up today! America’s Got Talent!” So if they’re 4 weeks ahead of the CIA/Shiff team it should continue to be hilarious.

    The moment they impeach, Trump will call Powell and the ESF, drop the market 5,000 points, and blame the world collapse on the Democrats. Not saying that’s a great or honest idea, but sure would get people’s complete attention on the Joe and Hunter Biden tale, complete with CIA agents on the board of Burisma, and the billions signed out of China to his account. But I always loan $1B to a guy who can’t remember to remove his crack pipe from the rental car. We’ve all been there, amirite? There’s no corruption and I do not find that suspicious at all.

    I say investigate them both. To the nines, with unlimited subpoena and a million dollar budget. Oh wait: one of them already has. Oh well, the other one then.

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    Dr. D

    Record early snows the American West, Montana.

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    Dr. D

    It’s Monday, so who should we surrender to today?

    Well, why not the British Supreme Court? Since they have already claimed jurisdiction over the people, the Parliament, and the Queen, why not the rest of the world too?

    But instead: “Boris Johnson and his political strategist Dominic Cummings have labeled the efforts by Parliament a “Surrender” act…” Their offense is that all the cool kids know that good men only surrender, without hesitation and nicely, and they refuse. …By the way, if good men only surrender, who are they surrendering to? Wouldn’t that by definition be to the ‘not good’? Sorry, unwelcome fit of #Logos there, I’ll do better.

    “It’s out of central bankers’ hands.”

    Quite true, but they do have a choice: they COULD raise rates today and collapse the entire world system into utter ruin and be justifiably blamed for it. …Somehow I think they will try to avoid that, but as Metro Bank has just failed, they may not be able to. …Generally, they hide it with a war, world or civil. It’s tradition. And you see every day they mean to uphold that tradition.

    ““In the final month of the fiscal year, federal agencies scramble to spend what’s left in their annual budget.”

    Gosh, wouldn’t this chart tell you the Government has become a wee bit too large? A: Nevah! The government is never too large until it controls everything legal, economic, social, personal, and controls all virtual space by colonizing your very mind. Don’t worry about what they would colonize next…and they would…because the entire society would collapse into ruin long before they reach this point. Take Baltimore, for instance.

    “Trump Demands to Meet Whistleblower, Warns of ‘Big Consequences’ (Hill)”

    New plays. It is required that an accused meet their accuser in court, however, there’s something far more interesting: with the CIA unilaterally deciding that you no longer need any evidence, any credible proof, in fact you don’t even need firsthand knowledge, only YahooNews clips (not kidding! See Steele report) they are going to have (non)WhistleBlowers make up stories by the hundreds now and see if any stick. …I mean, that’s no any different than usual, but to fraudulently sell them to the public is. They have to do this since CNN, NYTimes have no credibility left to sell and have been utterly discredited, so they have to start a new “Con” game, where they double-cross the ‘Con’fidence in whistleblowers and the U.S. Government.

    …And like #MeToo, what they’re really doing is destroying the credibility of real whistleblowers for a generation, so really it’s a win-win-win.

    “It is being reported that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) had the information from this so-called “whistleblower” complaint back in August”

    That’s odd. Why did he have it? And if he believed it was credible, wasn’t it a seditious dereliction of duty to not come forward immediately? I wouldn’t ask him, though: last time he was on T.V. he couldn’t answer sentences. RussiaRussiaRussia!

    “Saudi Prince Says War with Iran Would Gut World Economy (AFP)”

    Well somebody finally got their brains back. Maybe you can go tell Netanyahu. If they can’t beat 20 hillbillies in Saana, (and I mean that as the highest compliment) then maybe they wouldn’t fare well against a hardened, mountainous country 5x their size? But as they say, they will fight Iran down to the last American.

    “Russia Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Huawei over 5G (AFP)”

    No idea what they’re thinking. So they like reporting to the Red Army? Also 5G is hilariously stupid to begin with, depending as it must on billions of very-short-range transmitters, densely packed, in highly concentrated areas. If no one noticed Russia needs LONG range wifi, for very dispersed areas, that are highly secure. Whatever. When was the last time we chose sense or #Logos anyway? It has been said that 5G wavelength can affect people’s moods, you know like when they’re rioting? Gosh, then it would be super useful and all the cool kids will pay anything to get it. …Needs research.

    “China Aims to Shut 8.7 GW of Coal Power by Year-End (R.)”

    They can’t fight a war until they break dependence on (U.S. and Australian) coal. It’s pretty clear they care nothing for the environment. But that’s okay, they’re China! It’s only us in the West that are punished for pollution and harangued in U.N. chambers and on Buzzfeed. Pollute all you want! Sweden will pay for it. I’m sure they have some poor people somewhere they can make suffer with higher gas prices. And if they don’t like it, shoot their eyes out! That’ll larn ‘em.

    Gosh, that mood-altering technology sure would be useful, wouldn’t it?

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    Dr. D

    V. because the people themselves are #AntiLogos and love corruption more than air. They think they’re all clever to a man and will get away with their small crimes, not realizing instead they are tolerating and encouraging crimes that steal 10x what petty advantage they gain. I can’t save them from themselves and neither can God, as he is a supporter of free will. They can only come to themselves.

    “New Docs Contradict Biden Claim That Fired Ukrainian Prosecutor Was Corrupt (ZH) “

    Sadly Solomon is tracking this accurately – a single journalist doing his job – and that does not make a happy story for Democrats or America. Or Ukraine, I guess. But the truth should come out so we can deal with it and adjust.

    “Adam Schiff Epitomizes the Total Collapse of Democratic Party Integrity (PCR)”

    I wouldn’t go nuts about it, but it points out that in better times, this sort of behavior would be a scandal on the office, and support would vanish, but also how the present game is played. Put out hilariously, overwhelmingly, provably fake news, any way you want, then at 6am, just 12 hours later, retract it all and say “oopsie!” The clips that pretend this is even slightly credible circle on YouTube forever, such that the NY Times, and Schiff, are an enemy of the truth and any reasoned discussion, and thus a danger to the Republic and fomenting a Civil War, and should indeed resign to let others attempt to restore the credibility of the office. …But they won’t, so here we are.

    “Key feature: “..the Ukrainian delegation hadn’t even been made aware aid was held up until a month after the Trump call…”

    This is indeed a key feature, and one critical into driving the leakers into attempting this self-defeating gambit. Trump can put it about that he hid the transcript (true, to frustrate leakers) and withheld funds (true, helps support his guilt) and so the CIA non-whistleblower (you can’t be a whistleblower when you have no firsthand evidence, or evidence at all), would feel confident in Trump’s guilt, even though he has plugged the leaks and they can’t get the actual evidence anymore.

    They run with this, exactly as he warned them not to in “22-and-0” quote, and it’s a trap he leaked specifically. Tell me, really people! That this conversation just HAPPENED to mention Crowdstrike, HAPPENED to mention the servers, HAPPENED to mention he only wants to investigate the ‘16 election rigging, HAPPENED to mention Biden, and HAPPENED to leak exactly this distance from the Primary. Really? No wonder he called it “a perfect call.” And then the hammer falls, as they discover the transcript was mis-leaked, he never said anything 8 times, and Ukraine never knew anything about withheld funds.

    Now you don’t have to be a genius to try this – and they’re not – because apparently they are so deranged that when Trump goes on national TV and tells them “Warning: THIS IS AN AMBUSH”, and the GOP votes 100-0 to release the documents, they go ahead anyway. So they’re not all that smart, so just imagine how dumb the NYT and CNN must be. But half the country is below the bell curve, refuses to click the widely-circulated video clip, and despite 20 years since the WMD/Iraq War, believes whatever convicted serial liars Brian WIlliams and Anderson Cooper tell them. But less every day, because the people actually care about POLICY for workers and union guys, not so much because they give a hoot about about the truth of this or impeachment. And that’s okay.

    “Intel Community Secretly Nixed Whistleblower Demand of First-Hand Info (Fed.)”

    After decades, the CIA and only the CIA decided Whistleblowers could use legal hearsay two days before this was filed. As a coincidence theorist, I do not find that suspicious at all.

    “they have zero direct knowledge of underlying evidence”

    Good enough for me!

    “Their ongoing campaign to undo the 2016 election is igniting a civil war.”

    As planned since the ‘60s. Any reading of U.S. domestic history since MLK can pick this out pretty easily. However, these racists couldn’t get a race war started, since they’re the ones who – to antagonize the divide – told people to have interracial relationships and families. So they did. So what race are people when they are now 3, 5, 7 races by lineage? A: Pure American. And what are their spouse, their coworkers, their neighbors, their favorite stars are all of races? A: Allies. So thanks! Turned out pretty well after all, as most evil plans do come to bad ends. They are #AntiLogos, and therefore self-contradictory, like their lies.

    “Joseph Wilson, US Envoy Who Defied Bush Over Iraq, Dies Aged 69 (BBC)”

    There are many heroes and good guys in government, but they can’t get much press or they’ll be purged. There was a diplomat that lost her career preventing Cheney from invading Iran a month before 2008. Outing Plame more or less outed the front companies of the CIA in Africa and blinded them for years, possibly an impeachable offense, or if working with somebody (lookin’ at you, S.A. and IDF), then treason. Still time! They’re still alive, the evidence still exists.

    “White House Deliberates Block On All US Investments In China (CNBC)”

    I wonder if he can do that, but investments there are a loss since China must own part of the company and everything they own in China can (and I expect will) be confiscated at any time.

    “Establishment & Media Sympathize With Greta. So How Is That A Protest? (RT)”

    That is a good point. Who are they protesting? There’s some invisible enemy nobody’s met that wouldn’t clean the environment if they could? Since the Media and government, CEOs feverishly sign on, who does that leave? As they point out, their enemy is the Yellow Vests, because they are the poor people savaged by their Eco master plans, and gleefully shot and dismembered in the street while the same passionate, caring media cheers. Les Miserables vs. the Wealthy upper class government workers and media. When that happens you can guess which side I’m on.

    So their real enemy? Assange. And therefore the truth. If you have the truth on your own side, such measures as we see with Greta are superfluous.

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    Dr. D
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    Dr. D

    Since China discovered they like to, you know, eat, and that food is better than no food, they’ve started buying millions in U.S. meat and soy. So much for their farm-boycott and attempt at foreign election rigging (in this capacity).

    In honor of this victory, I think we should unequivocally surrender the way the NY Times economists told us we must.

    Britain has the same advisors: they claim that Britain will be boycotted by Europe; okay, sure, why not? However, in the same breath, an independent Britain will leave their markets open to all dumping, and let their farmers collapse. …And I’m sure they would if May and Corbyn were in charge, just to punish those uppity Brexiteers, aka, everyone outside of London.

    Here’s a more realistic scenario: Europe will TRY to boycott Britain and kill as many Britons as they can, however their own internal pressure won’t allow it, as Spanish produce farmers would collapse instead. At the same time, Britain will give great preference to local produce – hey isn’t that environmental or something, just like Westminster and the EU natter on about? – however, they can finely tune the cost of food by keeping it as low as possible for the country, while not allowing too many farms to suffer.

    In addition, like ALL production – and shhh, apparently this is a secret that economists never heard of – when farms and factories go into bankruptcy, their productive assets are not set on fire, nuked, put through an industrial shredder, loaded on a ship, and scattered at sea. No really: it may seem a miracle, but farms and factories, industrial assets stay right where they are, unharmed. Honest. Their ownership simply transfers to another person. While that is a human tragedy, it’s also a human benefit of the first order since the debt is erased by the transfer, and the banks take a 2×4 to the face for making idiotic, unadvised loans.

    Unfortunately, they’ll just have Westminster get the money back from the people, the very farmers that just lost their shirt, now sleeping rough in Yorkshire. …Or for exactly so long as you reject capitalism, and endorse socialism, which does not allow bankruptcy for the insider party members and protected class. No optimism that will happen soon.

    “You need 100,000 at the very least, …. There are a million people coming, minimum, each year.”

    Why? You’re saying the U.S. is required to build a new American city each year, just ‘cause, while a city of one million — their own home, which they are a fully free citizen of — is vacated and lies empty. Does that seem logical? Don’t we have to cut down a hundred new forests and pave a hundred new miles that way? And how did the number of applicants reach 1M/year? Because for decades they have always said yes to every thing, exactly for this reason: to disrupt and destroy both nations involved. Before this began there was as much, or even more suffering, yet the U.S. was not expected by law to accept every person on earth who felt like moving. So it’s a matter of expectations, not reality.

    As I’ve said before, what you’re really doing is taking the most active, hardworking people with the most talent and initiative, and sucking them out of their home countries rather than fix them. It’s called “brain drain” and it’s a well-known method of attacking and destroying other areas or nations. Yet somehow doing that, economically and socially attacking poor, small places like Guatemala is now a social good.
    Same with Europe. The promise that the poorest of Europe must accept all, with unlimited, unimaginable social benefits is the sole reason hundreds, now thousands, of people, children, have drowned in boats. If they didn’t think they would be accepted, if they thought they would be turned around, they would be safe at home, and by being there, wanting a better life, would be fighting for their home country, fixing it, and their home country could not get so bad in the first place. They know this, and since the plan of the paymasters of the NGOs is to destroy everything in “disaster capitalism”, well-known, whole books published, as obviously it’s easier to attack and extract a nation you’ve eliminated all the people, all the defenders from. Don’t help this their rapacious destruction, and attack the U.S. too.

    Refugee status is by definition meant to be a very narrow thing. It does not include people from Africa who spend $10,000 to fly across the ocean then walk through 10 safe nations because they feel America is the best. I can spend $10k, fly to Berlin first-class, do a backpack tour of Europe, then wash ashore in Monaco and demand they take me because Monaco is richer. This is an extreme, rare, last-case event. Therefore, barring a world war, there cannot possibly be 1 Million refugees for the U.S. alone.

    I’m quite sure every body from Pittsburgh to Cheyenne would love to be a refugee in Milan, coming as they do from cities without safe water, with abusive police, with high crime rates, and with 100,000 people a year being killed from opioids, poor health care, malnutrition, and despair, however, what entitles their refugee status in Zurich? Nothing. You would think it crazy for Ohioans to flood Madrid and Stockholm for a better life, yet, it’s completely acceptable to flood TO Ohio, which is no less desperate. Yet those very same people, who already have no jobs, no houses, no health care, are REQUIRED to provide support to people nearly as desperate as themselves, while letting their own home counties die?

    Here’s a rough definition:

    “In general, eligibility for refugee status requires that: You are located outside the United States. You have been persecuted for fear persecution related to related to one of five things: race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.”

    I guarantee people all over the United States fear, rightly or wrongly, persecution for their race, absolutely. Religion, absolutely, Membership in a group, absolutely. And as they see with Facebook, debanking, and whistleblowers, political opinion, absolutely. I fear so myself, every day. Does that mean Acapulco or Copenhagen has to support me? Apparently yes.

    So my proposal is that all 330 Million Americans move to Europe by New Years’, in search of this freer, better life. You can’t stop us, that’s the law.

    …Or is there indeed some difference?

    Refugee status is meant to be rare and extreme, not to move hundred of millions per decade and create economically exploitable social havoc worldwide.

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    Dr. D

    It is probably cheaper to fly to Thailand to get that shot than get it in Tallahassee. I’m not joking. It’s already cheaper to fly to Tokyo for an MRI than have it in Tulsa.

    …But we’re not ready for reform yet. Now is not the time for a market.

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    Dr. D

    Because: “Science!”™ and MIT, MIT’s new “Food Computer” (swear I’m not kidding) is a complete fraud:


    That’s beyond even that, maybe, just maybe, plugging your tomato plant into the wall to suck coal in a petrocarbon box is less ecological than putting it out in the sun and rain? Spitballing here.

    Please don’t ask because I could post several of these complete fabricated science frauds a day, our Lords and Masters who-shall-not-be-questioned. “The Science is Settled!”™

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    Dr. D

    “House Backs Release of Trump Whistleblower Complaint 421-0 (R.)”

    Amazing. They’re not done yet. The clue may be that 100% of the other party both House and Senate just voted to release information on themselves. …Because it will be incriminating? How can you not see this coming? The GOP didn’t even stall and say, “Don’t throw me in that briar patch.” Sigh.

    From yesterday, there ARE larger forces going on, a lot of them. And like with Flynn, they may misunderstand what a President’s job is. The President’s job IS to call other world leaders and make deals. That’s by definition quid pro quo. His JOB. Chief negotiator. In the Constitution. (after which deals must be ratified by Congress) But they’re upset he’s doing his job, asked them to look into corruption Zalinski ran on and they were already investigating, and upset he asked Ukraine, the location of the bot farms, to look into the 2016 election tampering they were just going mad for under Mueller. Sadly, this particular call was a lot of empty glad-handing, with no deals, no discussion, no quid pro quo, and no follow up. So nothing got done so far as anyone knows, which is par for the course everywhere.

    Anyway, like Lewandowski and Mueller, with the Whistleblower they’re up for another Congressional camera-fest, while getting nothing done for Union Democrats in Wisconsin. Winning plan since we already see them flee the party in Minnesota, a state that stayed blue last time: https://pjmedia.com/trending/cnn-discovers-minnesota-is-turning-to-trump/ However, Ms. Omar may have changed all that.
    This is partially because Minnesota, like half the country, is rural, and therefore owns guns, and Beto just promised he would go door-to-door taking them from black folks and honest Union Democrats, a clip which the NRA will play on loop for 100 years.

    Point being, this yet-another-investigation, adding to what Pelosi numbered as six already, is only going to hurt them in 2020. Investigate and interview if you want, but be mindful and legislate for the people too.

    I don’t know who’s running their strategy, because I’m sitting here gobsmacked they seem to want everything that will hurt them, and pursue nothing that will help. “They don’t know what to do!” I don’t know, promote policy that people want and would vote for under candidates they like? Just thinking outside the box here.

    “Biden Campaign Blasts Republican Request for Classified VP Documents (Pol.)”

    Fun stuff. This is why DJT immediately released the transcripts, so he could ask Biden for support to do the same. They are right Biden doesn’t have or own them: they are government records. The point was for him to say, “Sure, go ahead, I did nothing wrong, release anything you want and I’ll see you at the elections, idiot.” BUT HE DIDN’T. Just like with investigating Hunter. Good call with the tax records, that’s how Biden in competent and the rest of the candidates aren’t. However, I’m pretty sure he’ll ultimately laugh and release them, because it’s impossible they haven’t already illegally looked at them, and if there were anything there, would have already leaked it.

    “Fury and Mistrust as The Brexit Pressure Cooker Blows Its Top (Sky)”

    Interesting that the Supreme Court has been in Britain only since 2009. That is, it’s basically never done anything, nobody knows what point or place they serve. According to their recent ruling, it appears they oversee the people, and can overrule decisions of the public and public referendums. They also oversee Parliament and can decide if anything political can be reversed that they like or don’t like. They are also the intermediary between Parliament and the Sovereign, and approve or deny all discussions there. What’s more, they are superior to the Queen, and can tell her she’s a stupid old bat who has no authority to authorize Prorogue Parliament when both she and the P.M. agree on it.

    In fact, the Supreme Court has just effectively said they rule all of England, the People, the Lords, the MP’s, and the Queen. Quite a power grab, and as one might imagine, legally based on f—k-all, literally nothing. We’ll see what comes of it, but Britain has a messy system.

    On the flip side, they are defending democracy and Parliament, except for one important thing: Parliament won’t do their job. They won’t approve a deal. They won’t leave the EU. And they won’t call a general election. They are stonewalling all and every thing in England, and thereby holding the majority government hostage, which should also not be allowed. This is the very reason the Queen WOULD, or MIGHT dismiss them, in order that something might get done for the good of the country. So they and just going to sit and not act on the people’s will and not call elections for 1,000 years? Why not.

    Given this case, what do you think they, BoJo, Liz, and the People, should do?

    I say surrender and give rule of the whole nation to 11 unelected magistrates forever, like something in “Handmaid’s Tale”, but that’s just me. And Westminster. And The Guardian. They approve wholly and without hesitation that surrender to unelected authoritarian rule is the only option.

    “How Employees & Employers Get Bled by Health Insurance (WS)”

    Medicine is measurably about 8x what it should be, and has only been able to reach this level with violent government intervention. We have the most expensive care on planet earth, with no delivery of medical care. At what point do you say “infinite prices + zero care”, maybe we should cry Uncle? Never, apparently. Just like Baltimore schools with $50k in student costs and a 5% pass rate. It’s just not bad enough yet to do something about.

    When you find you’re paying infinity for nothing, isn’t it time to try the free market? It can’t possibly we worse. A: No. Of course not. It’s never time to have free markets and voluntary exchange.

    “New Weapons for the ECB (Varoufakis)”

    I think this is a new way of unifying EU debt, as described by Martin Armstrong. It is therefore also the Federalization of Europe, a thing everyone knows is true, but has always been denied. Sovereignty…and your cultures and traditions, will be erased. That might even be okay, a choice, if only the EU were elected, but it’s not. Its power rests exclusively in unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats under a soviet system that can pursue favoritism as it pleases, and has, and does every day. See Germany and Greece.

    “Beijing Vows to Retaliate After US Hong Kong Human Rights Bill Approved (SCMP)”

    Great idea! We should do this in Sudan, and Spain, and Saudi Arabia, and St. Louis, and…
    If fact, we will have perfect freedom once we boycott everyone else on earth for doing exactly what we do, only less of it. #Winning!

    “the Novichock used in the first (Skripal) incident was found after the second incident. But we know that bottle was sealed, and couldn’t have been used”

    Don’t fret, it makes just as much sense as Every. Other. Thing. in the whole case. Even the ducks were fake.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 25 2019 #50114

    Dr. D

    John Day: the Archdruid had the same impression, although I did not.

    The Dream of a Managed Society

    His thought is, their necessary attempt to create a new [financial] structure [as the old one expires in vertical compounding debt] is failing as everyone begins to see THEY, the rich and entitled are not only wasteful, but the authors of our present problems. They wanted Greta to get their Green Techno Dictatorship through, but instead she’s turning around and pointing at THEM, the rich in the U.N., as being most obvious target. They’re still not clear on this, either side, as Greens feel she attacked the rich, and Libertarians believe she was helping the Rich push through tax policy to attack the poor. Both may be true, as not all players are acting on all information.

    In any case, then your impression of rage at the rich — meaning anyone a dollar richer than I am — and the old — because they made these environmental choices and also tend to have saved wealth for retirement — are well-founded.

    And concerning.

    in reply to: Desperate Democrats Dig Deep #50112

    Dr. D

    We arm-twist and blackmail countries to do our bidding? That must be a first.

    No, really, Ukraine already had an investigation running. It’s not ours, it’s theirs, because it’s been running since 2012 until Biden shut it down, with Obama’s direct support, in March 2016. It’s not a question of WHETHER it is corrupt in Ukraine, EVERYTHING in corrupt in Ukraine, it has the sad honor to be the most corrupt nation on earth. So anyone who has ever been there, or worked with anyone there, has perforce, also participated in that corruption. Not all nations are our nation and not all ways are our ways, that’s sovereignty. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viktor_Shokin

    My only thought on this was that all the anti-corruption initiatives somehow involved taking billions from uber-poor Ukraine and moving it to London where it would be “safe”. Safe from the impoverished and desperate Ukrainian people, certainly, like their now-missing gold. Just like Magnitsky and Bill Browder, now a UK citizen, took all of Russia’s billions safely back to London, under Yeltsin, the way insider participant Martin Armstrong describes. Funny ol’ world.

    So anyway, TЯump Biden blackmailing an ally by withholding aid to a country being attacked by Putin we just spent $5B to illegally create an illegal coup and was even then in a war with Russian separatists to help him find or makeup hide dirt on a political rival ally is the very definition of desperate.

    That’s why Trump had this PARTICULAR phone call with this PARTICULAR country, with this PARTICULAR subject, and had it leaked when this PARTICULAR Biden is the DNC front-runner, this PARTICULAR number of days from the Primary. The media wouldn’t cover it otherwise.

    all of those ridiculous charges and all of the mistakes made at The New York Times and other places. You’ve had a very bad week and this will be better than all of them. This is another one. So keep playing it up because you’re going to look really bad when it falls. I guess I’m about 22 and 0, and I’ll keep it that way. … keep asking questions and build it up as big as possible so you can have a bigger downfall.” D.J. Trump

    Don’t know what I can say. I don’t think he’s capable of making it more obvious, or the media misunderstand it with more natural, partisan acumen.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 25 2019 #50106

    Dr. D

    “Gaia will survive; and that’s all that matters……………..”

    She’s seen our kind come and go. In a blink she’ll see us, her children, fade again. The only thing we’re saving is ourselves, so we might go about it differently.

    What are you here for?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 25 2019 #50094

    Dr. D

    “..59 percent of adults nationwide opposed the start of impeachment proceedings..”

    Sigh. This is so easy I feel like it must be an ambush from the Left somehow. They are ignoring real people’s issues going face-into an election, getting distracted, no policy like Medicare-for-all accomplished, not hammering Trump on wars in Yemen, etc, and running a do-over of 2016 RussiaRussiaRussia against every will of the people. Because Twitter, I guess?

    Now rumor has it DoJ is indicting Comey, McCabe Thursday so they need some enormous news event to push that off, and Clinton is being methodically chewed up by the piranhas at Judicial Watch, but when your enemy comes out, and says, on camera, in public, “By God I can only hope and pray you impeach on the same thing Joe Biden did, without evidence, without a transcript, with a partisan Deep State Whistleblower, so we can smash front-runner Biden on HIS selling of Justice for Russia (aka Ukraine, apparently no one can tell the difference), and leave the Democratic Party in tatters,” then maybe you should think twice and listen a little?

    The people don’t want this. They don’t want a do-over of 2016. They want policy answers and are p—–d. They’re openly flipping to Trump everywhere, as he gains with minorities and in blue districts, takes all the gun-owning Union Democrats that we-already-know-he-won in 2016. And their answer is? More do-overs, more media, more vilification, more accusations, more impeachment, more Russia. More war, more abandonment of the working class, more undermining of American traditions and values, more attacks on families, less policy. It’s supernatural. I can’t believe I’m seeing this strategy. It’s like watching someone dismember themselves on camera, limb by limb. I don’t want to watch. Get Tulsi, get the working class, get out of the wars and corruptions, go back to being Democrats.

    But okay: don’t say he didn’t warn you. Going against democracy, the insiders attacking every will of the people is just what is happening in Brexit, and it won’t end well there either.

    “I think the public will feel like it’s more harassment,” he predicted.

    Yes. And they, the insiders, are doing the attacking the people are the ones being attacked, everywhere. And like a stone giant, they will shake the dust and push back sometime, and the vile insiders will know what real power feels like. Maybe they already do, since their fruitless chirping is going nowhere already, stopped at every turn, as indictments loom everywhere, and the people haven’t even really got in motion yet.

    “Trump’s re-election campaign raised a quarter of a million dollars in just 15 minutes on Tuesday in the immediate aftermath of House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement about the probe.”

    He also raised $15M in CALIFORNIA, in one DAY, more than California’s Harris had raised in the entire QUARTER. Don’t know what to say, I’m not a fan but his unpopularity seems to be a media illusion. Impeachment – even failed, as a smear – is the only thing they’ve got to slow him down as presently he polls above every Democratic candidate and they can’t take 2020. But that’s not the way: the way is to flip to POPULAR policy, and put that policy under POPULAR candidates. Then you win. …How has it come that I even have to say these things?

    “The evidence was insufficient as a matter of law for the jury to convict Rafiekian,”

    So judges decide for juries now? Hey, why not. In England, they just decided a hundred-year-old custom doesn’t legally exist, and the Queen is a moron too stupid to understand what she’s doing, and so happily reversed it on her behalf without asking. …A pretty average day in judicial land, where Judges both invent laws neither the legislative never thought of and force the executive to enforce the new thing-they-just-made-up.

    “The judge in the case is already on record disliking the practice of prosecutors withholding exculpatory evidence”

    You know, he might dislike this because it’s illegal, a crime, and contrary to every establishment from the Constitution. The State must provide all charges, all witnesses, all evidence – even and especially exculpatory evidence – to the defense to avoid the overwhelming power and advantage of the state railroading the innocent. Yes, I dislike when state prosecutors break their oath of office, become criminals, and commit felonies to illegally convict the innocent to advance their politics and careers too. I hope everyone does. Cue RT for the mildest depiction of the day.

    “UK Supreme Court Rules Prorogation “Unlawful, Void and of No Effect” (G.)”

    I’m curious why they think he should resign. The PM tried ONE THING so far to get through his platform and what he believes is the will of the people. So if anyone EVER fails, even once, they have to go? I can’t describe how ridiculous that sounds. So Clinton should have resigned back when his first initiative of Health Care reform failed? They would never have passed the next 7 years of laws. …Oh wait, I understand: If in a war you lose a single battle, you surrender, because we always, always surrender, to any one, at any time, for any reason.

    When that’s our approach, it’s no wonder the world is run by maniacs with maniacal plans. Stand up like an honest Englishman for your principles and all you believe in. Your fathers didn’t surrender or there’d be no England. You shouldn’t either.

    “Six weeks after his death, what do you think will still be there?”

    Twenty years after his conviction, they finally think they MIGHT look into the open trafficking and serial rapes of hundreds of French girls. Maybe. Not promising anything. Only if it doesn’t incriminate Macron and Sarkozy.

    “Bitcoin Plummets, Down 35% Since Early August (R.)”

    Bitcoin is being attacked by market riggers, just like the riggers in every other market. You know, like the ones being prosecuted at JP Morgan right now? Someone shut off a continent of mining rigs and plummeted the hash rate in coordination with the hypothecated exchanges. But hey, if all these honest, math-verified, trust-engine Libertarians want to trust prices set by criminal exchanges who have less than 1 in 1000 coins they claim to have, then this is what happens. It’s an identical scam to the 50 years of market rigging in precious metals, right down to the dime. They’ll cannonball into any pool on earth because they can make a Satoshi by handing the manipulators the keys to the price setting. …Just like all those honest, hard-money guys in metals. What a bunch of dips. Where do they find them this stupid and credible? OBVIOUSLY if you hand your enemy the deed to your casino, the house will win. SMH.

    But it’ll be back. BTC isn’t going anywhere. They just need to get some coins cheap and get out of their over-leverage on exchanges before the financial system cracks open. Thus the rush.

    “German Lawmakers Warn Greta Thunberg’s Activism Threatens Rational Debate (RT)”

    Scientists have been saying this for a while, that’s how you know it’s not science-based, it’s a religion. Another comment was, when one side feels the need to surrender debate and move to emotional attacks, you can be sure it’s because the opposition has stopped listening. So the emotional attack won’t GET them to listen, either. It radicalizes YOUR base, not theirs, it doesn’t change minds. In that way it’s a losing approach.

    Quite probably they could have got all the buy-in they desired with a Green New Deal that sold technology to advance the nations to a more environmental pattern, retiring old polluting technologies. But that wouldn’t have promoted Eco-Austerity and Green Fascism, the dream of using this crisis to push through Stalin’s dream of International Socialism. Opportunity lost. Both science and environmentalism may lose big, even for a generation, having tried this mowed this oppressive tactic over the population.

    Wish they hadn’t, but we’re going green anyway, because it’s cheaper, better, and faster. Energy costs money, so saving energy saves money. That incentive is relentless.

    I’m sorry for Greta’s unflattering picture. It shows something however: her face is deeply asymmetrical in emotion, which is why it causes a creepy reaction to the average observer. That’s because if the belief isn’t integrated, that is, if it’s only mental, intellectual, as I’m pretty sure it is, then the body has the left and right hemispheres, left and right sides, not match. That to humans is a sign of “falseness”, even if intellectually believed by the person in question. When it’s this “unbalanced” it looks demonic, but at the very least it shows an “unbalanced” person. Which Greta herself says she is. She says she is depressed, panicked, and mentally ill. It’s in her book. That’s in addition to being autistic and/or other. So I’m not attacking her for this, this is simply a fact as spoken by herself.

    However, you get better observations and solutions from relaxed, integrated people, who can see all sides and therefore integrate different parts of human society to cooperate for the greater good. Fredrick Douglass is a good example of this, fighting for something important in a rational way, maybe Richard Feynman, who could calculate with Einstein but lectured with a good-natured, common-sense approach. There are others who could gather people together, and I’m not one of them, but this shows Greta’s approach and Greta’s reaction. Perhaps as a Swedish Homesteader, an off-grid advocate, she could become far more popular, more approachable, with a richer life by using her life as a way of demonstrating what we all can and should do.

    The internet is full of off-grid people, living in vans, in cabins, having gardens, planting trees, growing livestock with their children. The billionaire media ignore them with religious absolutism, and pick Greta instead. Why?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 24 2019 #50073

    Dr. D

    P.S. earliest snow in Sweden and Denver.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 24 2019 #50069

    Dr. D

    I’m glad Greta spoke. We should always do what depressed teenagers order us to when they’re yelling and crying. That’s what being an adult, or a parent, is all about!

    Just another day in #AntiLogos, where the children give the orders and set the rules and the adults obey. The children, having seen less and knowing less are in charge, while the adults, having more experience, are put aside. Also we always do whatever someone says whenever they cry, because that never turned out badly.

    I feel for her. She openly says she’s depressed, perpetually terrified, and wants us all to act in a panic too, the very best way to act! Can we remove her to a foster home before something goes awry? I mean, she herself said she didn’t want to be there and shouldn’t miss school. I believe her, and am willing to send money for a plane ticket so she can go back to being a Swedish teen in high school, wearing black and listening to death metal like healthy teens should.

    In the meantime, thank you for your input. We take it under advisement. However, as you’ve only been of intellectual Age of Reason for 7 years it may have escaped your notice that every climate prediction since 1930 has been completely wrong. So feel free read some science history, relax, and laugh how big humans think they are, and how entirely, regrettably, continually WRONG. They’re wrong this time too, and although clearly we can do a lot to improve the environment, the WEST, and CAPITALISM, have actually done the most and have the cleanest nations. In fact, the most vilified nation, the U.S., under the most vilified President, is the only one dropping CO2 emissions. Not admitted, I know, look it up.

    P.S., the discussion resulting from this is that Europe and the West must invade and conquer CO2 emitters China and India for the good of the planet. …Oh and to stop war and colonialism, the environmental “justice” they speak of. Wish I were kidding. This is the ultimate highest good, by which every evil can and is even now being justified. To save the world you must bomb and invade the world, naturally! To save the poor, they must undergo forced austerity under ecological overlords in million dollar yachts, and have them do without air conditioning, heat, human rights, and meat on Fridays, things which will kill the poor by the millions…to ‘save’ them of course. Think I’m kidding? Europe had 7,000 dead from a lack of air conditioning that is common in America. That’s just A/C. What about outlawing medical plastics and petroleum fertilizer? Stalin would be so proud. But truth in advertising: they openly say they’re Socialists and Totalitarians who will shut off your food, heat, access, and shoes. They vote: “Yes! Please! We want to have no food and have the electric cut off like Greece!”

    “Interest Rate Business Model is Dead (Welt)”

    If the interest rate model is dead – and I wouldn’t dispute this – then isn’t the present financial system also dead? In fact, does that not mean we are under a system-other-then-capitalism? Capitalism by definition would have free markets and bankruptcy. You cannot have zero or negative rates under Capitalism, or possibly anything other than socialism/totalitarianism. Which is what I say every day. It’s an involuntary system based on violence. That cannot be a system of bargain and trade.

    “UK Labour Party Remains Split Over EU (CNBC)”

    And yet the Labour party is slowly ceasing to exist, impossible as it seems. You’d think in this environment, they’d have their best day.

    “And every second headline says impeachment again.”

    I’ve seen comments similar to mine. So a President calls up and asks a country to investigate crimes they were already investigating. I’m at a loss to figure how this could possibly be troubling to anyone. If everyone is innocent, it’s a non-issue, or even better, will boomerang on your innocence and show the President a fool. So tell them to investigate. Make it big! Give us hourly updates! And when Biden is innocent, we’ll take it straight to the elections, fool! …But for some reason, this is NOT what they’re saying. They’re saying – again – that investigating people for open, documented crimes is impeachable. Crimes the Ukrainian government couldn’t get them to receive and so hand-delivered proof of to the Justice Department. Because…? Sorry, sometimes it gets so thick I’m at a loss to even describe it. I’m from this weird historical carryover where when crimes are referred, you investigate them by talking to the witnesses and victims because that is your only job. Right, NY Times?

    In Kunstler, it may be worse than the whistleblower is Mr. Atkinson, who is partisan and has no evidence and no firsthand knowledge. You can’t “whistleblow” that you disagree with policy. Everyone does, should, and is allowed to disagree with policy. You also have to be in chain-of-command of the event. An employee of GE, for example, cannot “whistleblow” crimes at GM. Apparently this was why the DNI wouldn’t refer it. …I mean OTHER than having no physical evidence but hearsay.

    Worse, DJT goes on camera, to the media, and TELLS them NOT to run with this story. Like the laser-pointer-and-cat meme, he’s openly telling them he’s using THEIR focus to incriminate Biden in the news. TELLING THEM. Quote: “I’m like 22-and 0 and you’re going to be sorry.” Maybe he should jump up on a desk and flap his arms like Beto. But if they were smart enough to bang two rocks, they wouldn’t be in the press room, so take the story, run with it, prove themselves fake and incriminate Biden, just like he said. …Yet people still think he’s lucky and stupid. Pretty soon he’ll print out PowerPoint flow charts about how he’s punking the media — triangle box for the leaker, diamond box for CNN — and they still won’t get it. The American people aren’t that smart and they get it mainly, so imagine how dumb the press and elite intelligentsia must be. Sheesh. We may have figured out where the lower half of the intelligence bell curve lives. I think he’s telling them because he’s bored and wants to up his handicap.

    “US Government Moves to Block Alleged Drone Whistleblower’s Defense (SProof)”

    Meanwhile, with real whistleblowers… And that’s how you know them. Congress can’t ignore them fast enough, and as with Ukraine, cancel their visas if they try to present evidence.

    “Democrats Announce Tighter Criteria for Fifth Presidential Debate (R.)”

    It will be as tight as necessary to make sure they remove any candidate who can beat Trump in 2020. Congratulations: you’ve won. Just like 2016. Tulsi remains the most Googled candidate despite total Left blackout, shut down of her sites and fundraising, and a ban from the debates. Wouldn’t want someone with widespread popular support like that running for President, would we?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 23 2019 #50066

    Dr. D

    So Saudi Arabia – in addition to having no U.S. defense weapons — also has no off-the-shelf anti-drone defense weapons. At their main refinery. Maybe 10 years after these were invented. Uh-huh.
    MBS, give me a call. For a low, low price of $1 Million dollars, I’ll hook you up to a pipeline called “Amazon”, where you can buy a defense for your poor, benighted nation and defend yourself against such things. Oh wait: you heard of them? And Raytheon too? Nevermind, I’m guessing they have somewhat better gear available should they wish to use it. In the meantime, their real enemy is low oil prices. And THAT’S why Iranian supply must be stopped. A couple of honest supertankers is indeed a mortal threat to the kingdom.

    On Japan, I’m quite certain the bombs were dropped as a human experiment to see what the results were. …And to send a warning to Russia, our ally. Heck, we bombed our own Navymen for a decade or so after just to make sure. But that was at Bikini, so it was just a tiny-weenie oversight.

    “Problem was that under the 1977 Glenn Amendment to the Arms Export Control Act, the United States would have to cease all arms assistance”

    Ah, but luckily, no one in the U.S. follows any laws and have broken every treaty they’ve signed, ever. And thanks to never enforcing the law, because, you know, it’s inconvenient, we find ourselves here today. But this is from a country that trafficked arms to Al-Qaeda, and those guys are still alive to be prosecuted (or made President) so…

    Oh, P.S. WHY did they not report and enforce? If it had been Lithuania they would have. Or Mexico. …But not this country. Only a few years after they baldly attacked and nearly sunk one of our warships. What could be going on to make that true and possible? Discuss.

    “Google’s new quantum computer”

    Well, yeah, but like Douglas Adams’ “Deep Thought” you have to be smart enough to know what question to ask it. We’re not. That and, being no different than any other Q-bit computer, it gives wrong answers +20% of the time, but you don’t know which 20%. I wouldn’t get worked up about it, these things have existed for decades, you notice that the structure hasn’t responded much to their threat because they are niche weapons of limited usefulness. Even base propaganda is far more powerful, and more refined. And that is indeed Google’s forte, which they are distracting you from.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 23 2019 #50052

    Dr. D

    “Who are UK firms/factories going to sell their cars to?”

    The British, apparently, as the EU claims they won’t allow German and Italian cars to be imported. …I’m betting they WILL, however. Amazing how they can solve problems the moment they ever try. Besides, aren’t there some cross-trade in parts and components? I bet they can solve that toot sweet.

    “Oil Set to Spike as Saudi Repairs at Abqaiq May Take “Up to Eight Months” (ZH)”

    All about setting prices. So an attack that was something, but really nothing, is now something again. This is when nothing was on fire and the fire trucks left before the end of the day. At a REFINERY. And I keep forgetting to mention, a day after Bolton left. And they wonder why Cheeto keeps such people on the payroll: because when they’re not, all kinds of strange, unexplained, violent military accidents happen. Then they just disappear when he pretends to promote war again. Strange. Almost like there’s a connection or something.

    Anyway, for the next 8 months they can set prices anywhere that keeps them solvent by issuing a press release on the repairs. And the market buys this garbage.

    “President Trump on Sunday doubled down”

    I don’t know how you use “double down” here. Biden proudly told everyone on earth, in public, on camera, he extorted Ukraine for $1B if they didn’t stop investigating the crimes of expelled coke-head Hunter Biden. Pretty clear, just go watch it. Trump, rather than doing HIS job of investigating and arresting this, asked the new President of Ukraine to investigate it for him. The open, admitted crimes, on Ukrainian soil, that Ukraine had ALREADY been investigating. Trump to Zelensky: “follow the law?” Yes, asking for the law to be enforced is an impeachable offense now. Luckily for him, he’s NOT enforcing it, so the world is again safe for democracy.

    Is anyone investigating the crime of listening in on the President’s calls? No? That’s okay, we don’t investigate or arrest anything else either.

    P.S., the “whistleblower” said he had no tapes and hadn’t heard the call, meaning there is no evidence, and therefore no “whistle blowing.” It’s an unsubstantiated rumor planted by Trump to get Biden’s sale-of-justice into the media, which they would never, EVER cover, then bait and switch, like the last 250 pass-plays. Reporters never, ever learn. If they were smart enough to bang two rocks together (or two concurring events), they’d have to fire them.

    “Ted Cruz Insists Iran Wants to Nuke American Cities (RT)”

    Cruz and the irreversible brain-eating disease: he’s a Congressman. If you lie often enough, you can no longer think straight. “No one is safe while Congress is in session.” –Will Rogers And to think, he would be President. Our first Canadian.

    “The defeat of fascism in 1945”

    Ah, if only. Yet here it is again, the socially-oriented, total state of oppression and warfare waged both within and without. If only we had the tools to defend ourselves from such deadly evil! Oh, wait, I’m an American, I do. (or could) Apparently that makes us the bad guys.

    Why can’t Cook get financing? At a time you see a week-long Repo shortage? You see right now with Powell rocking the boat, carefully, German is getting washed over, and as Europe has trouble, that money will flood here. But it won’t be our fault, no no no. Of course not. We would never raid Europe, China, and South America for our own benefit. So recession? Maybe, we’ve been in one for ten years, but it would be overdone 100x by world money rushing in. Election timing anyone? What a coincidence.

    in reply to: No Quid Pro Quo Imbroglio #50039

    Dr. D

    fas·​cism | Definition of fascism:

    Mussolini: “The Fascist conception of the State is all-embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value. Thus understood, Fascism is totalitarian, and the Fascist State—a synthesis and a unit inclusive of all values—interprets, develops, and potentiates the whole life of a people.

    …everything in the state, nothing against the State, nothing outside the state.” P.S. including or especially religion.

    Charles Maurras: “What in fact is Fascism? A socialism emancipated from democracy.”

    Umberto Eco: “4. “Disagreement Is Treason” – Fascism devalues intellectual discourse and critical reasoning as barriers to action, as well as out of fear that such analysis will expose the contradictions embodied in a syncretistic faith.”

    “”9. Pacifism is Trafficking with the Enemy” because “Life is Permanent Warfare” – there must always be an enemy to fight.” e.g. Russians and Deplorables.

    “14. Newspeak” – Fascism employs and promotes an impoverished vocabulary in order to limit critical reasoning.” i.e. political correctness.

    Emilio Gentile: “1. a mass movement with multiclass membership in which prevail, among the leaders and the militants, the middle sectors, in large part new to political activity, organized as a party militia, that bases its identity not on social hierarchy or class origin but on a sense of comradeship, believes itself invested with a mission of national regeneration, considers itself in a state of war against political adversaries and aims at conquering a monopoly of political power by using terror, parliamentary politics, and deals with leading groups, to create a new regime that destroys parliamentary democracy;

    2. an ‘anti-ideological’ and pragmatic ideology that proclaims itself antimaterialist, anti-individualist, antiliberal, antidemocratic, anti-Marxist, is populist and anticapitalist in tendency, expresses itself aesthetically more than theoretically by means of a new political style and by myths, rites, and symbols as a lay religion designed to acculturate, socialize, and integrate the faith of the masses with the goal of creating a ‘new man’” i.e. “Tiny-house” “Uber-renting”, social-media, social-pressure, and anti-capitalist. A new religion, belief, in this case in “Progress” and “Social Justice”, which must be supported as an element of faith beyond all internal questions and contradictions, and all misbehavior by its leaders, i.e. a ‘cult’.

    6. a single state party that has the task of providing for the armed defense of the regime, selecting its directing cadres, and organizing the masses within the state in a process of permanent mobilization of emotion and faith;” ie. Progressivism, ‘where we will be civil once we win total control and all our enemies are forever destroyed’ per HRC.

    7. a police apparatus that prevents, controls, and represses dissidence and opposition, including through the use of organized terror;” I.e harassment, protests, boycotts, snap firings, and Antifa.

    9. corporative organization of the economy that suppresses trade union liberty, broadens the sphere of state intervention, and seeks to achieve, by principles of technocracy and solidarity, the collaboration of the ‘productive sectors’ under control of the regime, to achieve its goals of power, yet preserving private property and class divisions;” I.e. Under a “cooperative” union of state, people, and corporations, technology will enforce compliance with the masses, or else, while as above, dissidents are un-friended, boycotted, banned, de-banked, beaten, purged, and murdered.

    10. “a foreign policy inspired by the myth of national power and greatness, with the goal of imperialist expansion.” i.e. articles of constant war, where any discussion of anti-war is as above, boycotted, discredited, boycotted, purged, and murdered.

    A. James Gregor: “Fascism was a variant of classical Marxism, a belief system that pressed some themes argued by both Marx and Engels until they found expression in the form of ‘national syndicalism’ that was to animate the first Fascism.” i.e. Marxism united with social pressure and corporate technocracy.

    Roger Griffin: “[Fascism is] a genuinely revolutionary, trans-class form of anti-Liberal, and in the last analysis, anti-conservative nationalism.” i.e. its arch-enemy is CONSERVATIVES, and Enlightenment Values of Justice, Free Speech, and Liberty.

    Etc, etc, for scores of pages, even in a cursory view.

    So What is Fascism? It is a MARXIST, SOCIALIST, TOTALITARIAN, quasi-RELIGIOUS, total SOCIAL movement, that wants to destroy the past, is violently revolutionary, believes in, uses, and exalts violence against dissents, and wants a gigantic, universal government that runs everything: corporations, people, society, war, state, controlled by and using a repressive technocracy.

    Yes, I know. I say it every day. But is that A) a Right-Wing ‘Republican’ dream, or a B) Left-wing, far-left, ‘Progressive’ dream? In other words, if the Right wants free speech, to be left alone, and the government to be so small it can hardly harass anyone, wants the government OUT of corporations, bailouts, out of spying, is for privacy, is against violence both in the streets and abroad, wants everyone to be armed and to defend themselves, and if Conservatives are inherent the Arch-ENEMY of Fascists, then…I’m guessing, as I’ve said, the Fascists are LEFTISTS. They are DEMOCRATS, they are ANTIFA. I don’t know what to say, this is Wikipedia, but you can check against Britannica or 70 years of history textbooks as well as Mussolini, Goebbels, etc.

    So if TAE is FOR free speech, FOR dissidents, FOR Justice, is AGAINST war, AGAINST surveillance, AGAINST seeing politicians-as-God, then I’m pretty sure they are also ANTI-Fascist.

    So if you are FOR all these things, then you may want to read a few wiki pages, a couple comprehensive books on Nazism, because you may have ended up on a side, and may be unexpectedly espousing a belief from a long history you certainly never intended, and which comes to a bad end. Or as one Stormtrooper said to the other: “Sometimes I wonder: are we the baddies here?”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn1VxaMEjRU
    If you’re flying a Black Flag, masking your face, and roaming the streets beating orthodox Jews and gay Asians in a struggle FOR social purges and AGAINST free speech, it just might be that you are the baddie.

    As for whether AMERICA is fascist, well, some portion of the population does indeed believe in infinitely larger government-as-god to solve all problems, are pro-war, and loves their Apple, Google, Facebook, and social media surveillance, who loves the CIA wiretapping Assange and the President, who wants to let billionaires like Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and Dudley pick our leaders, who are against Conservatives and Conservatism, think old Liberalism from the Age of Enlightenment and their document “The Constitution” are wildly outdated and needs to be destroyed, ignores laws and their equal enforcement altogether because power-is-all, who wishes to have universal power for the good of all, where all men will not discuss, but believe exactly and only what I tell them to. Or else.

    They’re called “Democrats”. Sadly, as it wasn’t always this way. And there are at least 1/3 of them, but most Democrats are still not willing to take up the rather-more-extreme positions of the far-left and Antifa, as seen every day in the news, as their party flees with Dave Chappelle to the sanctuary of the South Park Chick-fil-a. Most of America hates these guys and everything they stand for. And why? Why indeed? Only because, as illustrated not-even-extensively above, BECAUSE THEY, ANTIFA, the LEFT, ARE FASCISTS. America HATES Fascists. They want free speech, free jokes, and to be left alone by both the government AND Facebook. They will fight them as hard as necessary until all men are FREE again, oh, and especially in the South, as well as in the 95% of all counties: they are red and Deplorable. THEY are the ones fighting for the freedom to be left alone, and AGAINST the [rich, white] coastal elites in 5% of the counties. …But such has it ever been. Last time ‘round, the University professors, coastal elites, Time Magazine, were FOR eugenics, FOR Mussilini, FOR Hitler, FOR Nazis, FOR Socialism, FOR Technocracy, FOR turning the U.S. to Socialism, into Europe on the eve of Europe blowing to pieces. Look it up.

    After the war, of course, suddenly no one had ever been FOR those things, although it’s easy to read the rosters of the clubs they joined and the books they published, the accolades given on all those things. Nope! Same in France, for example, where the Vendee Deplorables were murdered for opposing the wonder and loving majesty of the Jacobeans, who were the cool Paris intelligentsia, the Antifa children of the rich middle class, putting on masks and fighting the man, who turned out to be Jacques the Cobbler and Francis the Farmer. Over and over, again and again in history.

    So which side are you on? FOR Liberty, Justice, Equality, Speech, and therefore self-defense, or for universal Government running everything, deciding everything, using oppression, fear, surveillance, billionaire-run mob rule against a defenseless public?

    My guess is, from the American character and 250 years of history, pointed up in the last 20 years of news, while being hammered as villains every day in the media, killed by the 30,000 a year, run roughshod with unpopular laws, we are NOT Fascists, more than 2/3 — maybe even 90% — are AGAINST them. Which is why all humans outside the terrified, socially-regimented Progressive cult wielding violent, oppressive power in the 12 blessed cities — that is, all us free men who won’t bow to their soy-based total authority — are hated with a murderous, white-hot fury. Beto and HRC promised they’re coming for us, and our backward, Bible-clutching families. We won’t obey, and never will. It’s the American Way.

    But don’t take comfort in that. America is practically the only man fighting against this technocratic, fascist, social totalitarianism of insider billionaires: if we go down, You’re Next. Stand up and speak while you still can.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 21 2019 #50018

    Dr. D

    Does this mean Medium is a real media company, reporting true things?

    Maybe, let’s not jump to conclusions. Neuman has been egregious, but he was protected ponzi-finance for years, untouchable like Uber, Tesla, etc, and suddenly one day their cover is lifted. Why?

    Well let’s look the other direction: yesterday story says WeWork only exists because of one investor, overbidding by tens of billions 4x times in a row, on no news, no reason. Puffing the ponzi? Blackmail? Anyway, SoftBank is the one on the hook, and with it, Saudi investments equal to their defense budget, one of the largest in the world. If you were going to take down SoftBank, Saudi, etc, and start a financial domino, you could find no better place to stick in the prybar and attack.

    Over and over, these guys don’t look like they’re preventing a financial reset, they look like they’re CAUSING one. And with Repos, protecting the United States so the money floods here and we go down last.

    “The Men Who Plundered Europe’: Bankers On Trial For Siphoning €60bn (G.)”

    Sadly, this is just one of hundreds, many of which were larger. The “Crime of the Century” is really in Fed’s Cede and Company and the failures to deliver. Over and over, more stock exists in the trade books than was ever issued by the companies – like 50% more – and that is given to naked short sellers and even for fake voting rights and corporate control. Has been for 20+ years. Every minute. Every day. And that may pale in the failure-to-deliver in bonds, where they have double and triple sold – counterfeited trillions – using the same methods. But if somebody goes to jail we can call it a start.

    “In the longer-term, we need to change the game.”

    Yes, because of the fraud, they need a financial reset and debt restructure. They wanted a world war to hide that, but aren’t getting one.

    “Hopes For Trade Breakthrough Fade As China Cancels US Farm Visits (R.)”

    Maybe, but China apparently has already cracked. Hitting Trump in the farm belt, they went worldwide, only to realize long before spring the rest of the world doesn’t have any food. You trade with the U.S. or starve. So they already started buying again.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 20 2019 #49986

    Dr. D

    Edging Closer to a Brexit Deal (Might Even Be a Fair One)

    What Happened?
    1. The EU now realizes Boris Johnson really wants a deal. Johnson may have been forced into that position by Parliament but that is the state of affairs.
    2. Boris Johnson, DUP, and Ireland are coming to terms on how to remove the backstop.
    3. The EU realizes the losses will not most be on the UK. Germany is outright scared as I stated from the beginning.
    4. The EU understands the Liberal Democrats will not win the election.
    5. The EU realizes that Boris Johnson is likely to win an election and the result will be No Deal unless it happens now.
    6. Labour’s position of promising a referendum with a pledge to campaign against it makes no sense to the EU (or any reasonable person).

    But I thought we HAD to surrender to any one, any time, any where! No one on this small blue planet could figure out how to review shipping from France except using 48 hours, in-lane in the middle of the Chunnel. Ireland had to be ceded to Europe just to get a coffee-klatch.

    Well how about that. It was all made up to create totally fake political hay after all. Politicians were lying! We can solve it if we want to.

    “Interest Rate Derivatives Trading Explodes to $6.5 Trillion/Day”

    And interest rates AND oil prices are in-the-money. When you hear derivatives think: “Unbacked insurance payouts.” Hey, if you don’t need reserves to write insurance policies anymore, why do we even HAVE an insurance industry? Just let Nigel’s Chip Shop write your $1 Quadrillion side-bets on oil-n-stuff. Oh wait: because they’ll go bankrupt, not pay, and take down the entire economy, because if you don’t have reserves it is selling NOT INSURANCE, it’s selling LIES. THAT’S why insurance was a very-highly-regulated industry for 200 years. I forgot.

    But if you’re TRYING to take down the entire economy and thereby replace all the present economy’s lord-and-masters and replace them with non-bloodthirsty non-maniacs, then yes, you WANT the Greenspan’s tower-of-infinite-derivatives and the more the merrier.

    “But while [Legarde] tried to urge action during her time at the IMF”

    Hardee har har. I’m sorry, but was she in control of that organization at the time? And did that organization reform not even a tiny bit? And so she, according to herself, is therefore a complete white-hot failure at her own moral standards and agenda? Yeah. Or rather, a complete, white-hot liar, as you must be to get inside the door of the IMF, the International Mafia Extortion Force.
    But the article is breathless about her one success: she is indeed a woman. But Legarde isn’t responsible for this, her only win – her father is. But wait? I thought there weren’t genders anymore? Or if there are, it doesn’t matter which one? Except when it does, but it doesn’t, but it does a lot, except it doesn’t. Roger-dodger AFP, loud and clear.


    “How the Houthis Overturned the Chessboard (Escobar)”

    This is very interesting, and I expect totally true. As I’ve said, there sure are a lot of coal-fired dreadnaughts in U.S carrier fleets worldwide, and they might want to turn them back to port and melt them into coffee cans while they still can. However, there sure are a lot of lies surrounding this attack everyone on earth wanted except Iran. I wouldn’t give a nickel anything happened the way they claim. Most probably Yemen did smuggle in the attack and Saudi shut off every air defense to make sure it hit good and hard, because their claim is NOT EVEN ONE anti-missile fired. So “Go United States”? We’re #1??? And the damage was repaired by Friday because there was nothing flammable on the whole site. Of a refinery. Where they hit the natural gas tanks. Uh-huh.

    Let’s go a different direction though: kind of cripples the gun-control argument in the U.S., doesn’t it? If there are 500 better ways to make mischief than the AR, which are the cause of virtually no deaths. There is essentially a mass shooting in Baltimore and Chicago every weekend of the year under a near-total gun ban, and 99% of those crimes are with (stolen) handguns, with only 10% of those even prosecuted. Fighting the AR is like making your public health initiative against lightning strikes: laughable on its face, and trying it only makes you look stupid and dishonest. But think about that when any $100 drone flown by anyone in Ferguson can make quite a hazard to any police station if they want to. …But they always could, really.

    …Conclusion: they don’t want to, because apart from our political leaders, most people are good. Don’t make them all criminals; you won’t like what happens next.

    “Biodiversity Touches Every Aspect of Our Lives (G.)”

    I agree! What The Guardian needs to do is burn down their King’s Cross headquarters and plant a good British hedgerow. Green Spaces! We’ll start fixing this today!

    Oh wait: you want those OTHER people in Flint and Detroit and Blackpool to lose THEIR homes instead, turn back into forests and live homeless in a tent? Yeah, I know. I watch what you do to them every day, as well as what you say.

    Dias of The Intercept can do the same thing. Perhaps he’d like to de-colonize Wales and return the people to their “native” environment of Welshmen, the smoky “tyddyn” or “Longhouse” occupied by both men and cattle. Oh wait, the people of the Brazil WANT farms and fields and air conditioning and cars? So are they colonizing themselves here, or what? When I mow my own lawn am I “colonizing” my own family? How oppressive of me.

    To be fair, I am just highlighting how pejorative the framing is, but it is indeed very complicated, with people and perspectives pushing and pulling on every possible side. It is therefore not fair to claim the conservators and nativists have rights, but the progressors and modernists do not. Nor are all progressors from Rio and all nativists from the Amazon — indeed Dias shows that far MORE ‘nativists’ are from London and other large cities than you may find in Montana or Peru. Perhaps like the Shakers or the Amish they could take the best of both worlds and be better for it.

    It doesn’t have to be either-or, and if it is, I think you’ll lose.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 18 2019 #49969

    Dr. D

    To be useful in the Green/Green New Deal environmental push, it’s actually quite easy: Make like a Yankee.

    “Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without”

    Do you really need to mow so much lawn? Why not a tiny lawn done in 5 minutes and lot of growth? Do you really NEED that new car? What for? To impress the neighbors? Old cars are paid for and mean you don’t need as big a job and can spend more time at home. Can’t you live closer to work and make less money, overall taking more home with less effort? Big houses are expensive to run and repair. Since when you live in a smaller one, you hardly notice, why own a big one? Families used to always raise 5 kids in 1,200 square feet and didn’t notice that much. My friends did. Then they could play cards with the family around the kitchen table, preferably by the wood stove.

    What do all these things have in common? They all stop sales and drastically lower GDP. That would drastically lower lending, insider power, and tax revenue. What else do they have in common? They significantly raise the quality of life for nearly no cost. So therefore GDP ≠ Happiness. GDP ≠ Wealth. However Family + Happiness = Wealth.

    And golly, all these things are thing your daddy told you and you can go do today, along with growing a garden, saying please and thank you, and exercising on your bike. Is anyone going to do them? Not on your life. There’ll be another 10,000 articles threatening to kill every OTHER human on earth — for being scum by disagreeing with my master plans first — to save humanity, naturally, all out of my overwhelming sense of love, deep concern, and kindness.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 19 2019 #49962

    Dr. D

    “Repo Chaos Tests Wall Street Confidence in NY Fed’s Williams (R.)”

    “Marty [Armstrong]; You warned that there would begin a cash shortage and real rates would rise in the private sector starting in September after Labor Day. Ok, it’s about 15 days past that marker and Repo rates have gone completely nuts hitting 10% forcing the Fed to intervene. They were calling it Armstrong’s revenge here in the dealing room. It certainly appears the Fed has lost control of short-term rates as you warned. Is this the start of the chaos you have warned about?”

    “Indeed, the Fed has lost control of short-term rates. Trump can jawbone all he wants for zero to negative rates. Sorry! The free markets are showing something else lies in wait…The Repo Rate reached a high of 10% by about 9 am just before the stock market opened.”

    The Panic in Interest Rates is Just Getting Started

    Let’s do a review: Originally Britain started two wars with the U.S. over Hamilton’s “American System” where the government itself printed money for needed projects. No banks profited: not allowed. Later, the Fed was installed where in order not to be ‘political’ – you know, like Fed governors picking Presidents, picking corporate winners and running everything in the whole economy? — the U.S. borrowed money from and were beholden to billionaire bankers like JP Morgan.

    So what happens when there are 0% interest rates? Not really a loan, is it? And the Fed is also useless because they no longer set interest rates or “regulate” the economy. They just print money for free and hand it to the Treasury. Pretty redundant. What does the Treasury need the Fed for then?

    Okay, so what happens when there are NEGATIVE interest rates? In that case, the billionaire banks are PAYING the U.S. people and government for the PRIVILEGE of being a monopoly bank. And isn’t that how it is supposed to be?

    Now this will cause other problems – for one thing, it signals that money is worthless and you should get out of cash and bonds into anything, like oil, gold, or stocks. A Crack-up VonMises. But if you WANT to destroy the Fed, the petrodollar, and the billionaire bankers that undermine democracy and install puppet rulers with unrestrained and unaccountable power, it looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

    What happens next?
    You return to a commodity (gold) standard, or in our case, a digital one. Gee, not like written in white papers since 1970 and published on the front page of the Economist in 1988, no? What do you think the ‘null’ symbol is for the new ‘coin’? It’s nothing. It doesn’t exist. It has no underlying value. It’s virtual money.

    And IF you were doing this, wouldn’t you have to prosecute and unseat the universal manipulation and go back to free, real markets?

    “Prosecutors, Regulators Broaden JPMorgan Precious Metals Desk Probe (CNBC)”

    Huh. Wot a coincidence! Morgan may want to keep rigging and pick the president, but I do not think the TRADERS are going to run 10-in-the-Pen to help them!

    “Rothschild Emerges from Shadows for Centenary of London Gold Fixing (Manly)”

    Rothschild gave up their seat in London after stealing all of England’s gold in “Brown’s Bottom”, a few months before the whole rigging-and-fixing thing got white hot back when. Got to get out of Dodge while you still have the dough and no Marshall on your tail. Rigging did indeed persist – along with the GFS holding together a few years, but honestly no one expected it to hold together this long. No one saw the U.S. printing $40 Trillion off-book to make it.

    “UK has 12 Days to Set out Brexit Plans – Finnish PM (BBC)”

    Or else what? They invade? Or they therefore de facto approve of and indeed force a “No Deal” on BoJo? He’ll be super-duper mad about that. “Oh noe Finland! Don’t throw me in that briar patch!”

    “Purdue Pharma Seeks To Halt Opioid Suits Against Company, Sacklers (R.)”

    This is why it’s so infuriating and necessary for regulators to do their jobs, or rather, for law enforcement to actually investigate and indict enormous open coast-to-coast, multi-billion dollar crimes, because it is indeed legal for the company to go bankrupt and shelter private assets, and if you break that, you break a very base level of modern capitalism. So…how did their crimes get this big y’all 30 States’ Attorneys General? Nobody knew nuttin’ up ‘til now? 30,000 opioid deaths a year for a decade with 1,000 prescriptions for every man, woman and child in some counties not a clue for ya?

    Do me a favor: go arrest yourselves first, and the Sacklers after.

    “Scientists Set out How to Halve Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2030 (G.)”

    By 2030? You might as well say “by Thursday”. Here’s the only way: “Halve the Population by 2030,” and they are slap leather for it every day. Humans are bad m’kay? Shut off every delivery truck, coal plant, ship, medical plastics plant, shut off every air conditioner and every furnace worldwide, be it oil or gas, let your house fall in and live in caves and tents, letting typhus and hepatitis run wild. Oh wait! They are doing EXACTLY THAT in Eco-Green California! It’s called being “sick,” “homeless,” and “dead” but it sure is environmental! Greenies will even cannibalize your bodies! Soylent Green is People. And they wonder why people have turned out against these maniacs, and don’t trust their ‘science’.

    They may need to get a taller keeper to teach that Giraffe how to Giraffe.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 18 2019 #49945

    Dr. D

    “chipping away at regulations put in place following the 2007-2009 financial crisis could sew the seeds of the next one.”

    …Unless your plan IS to have a financial crisis, capture the Fed back into the Treasury, and repudiate/restructure the debt. Then it’s a great idea. Without an adequate crisis, nothing can get done.

    “Was there any damage at all? Didn’t I read that they hit a bunch of empty tanks?”

    I’m hearing the same thing, which may be why the markets didn’t move that much. So again, Iran couldn’t wait a day to see their arch-enemy Bibi lose his freedom, AND sent 20 cruise missiles 100 ships with the world’s-most-sophisticated-radar couldn’t see, AND also when those missiles hit, they didn’t really damage anything? Uh-huh.

    “That won’t be the case in the Spygate scandal, because this wasn’t an off-the-books dirty tricks group like The Plumbers running an operation against the Trump campaign. This was the federal government itself, making use of the official engines of its intelligence and law enforcement agencies and surveillance courts to spy on a political campaign and, then, a presidency.”

    Yes, but nobody cares, because: My side, right or wrong. The end always justifies the means, and “civility can start again…[when we] win back the House and or the Senate.” –Hillary Clinton. Until then, no civil government, no civil democracy, no ceding of power to the winning side. For: “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, disagrees with you in any way.

    So it goes. But the nation is catching on, tiresome though it is.

    “Unless this behavior is punished with the utmost severity, no one will ever be able to place trust in the federal government.”

    Hardee har har. We don’t even have the minimum severity. For any crime, no matter how how treacherous, how treasonous, how murderous, or how well publicized. I mean, Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are still walking around. Mueller is well-known to have railroaded 4 or 5 high-profile defendants, the Federal government paid out your tax money in civil suits for his crimes, and he’s a national hero. Meanwhile, we have a lot of trust the federal government is using the FBI to wiretap Quakers, anti-war journalists, and whistleblowers who embarrass them for their unrelenting serial felonies.

    “House Panel Asks Boeing CEO to Testify October 30 on 737 MAX (R.)”

    Speaking of, the Federal government and regulators not prosecuting an openly publicized mass-murder. Just like the regulators in medicine and opioids, the regulators in the SEC and CFTC with gold rigging and market spoofing, the regulators in gambling, the regulators at the FDA with vaping, the regulators with monopolies, the regulators with the EPA and releasing toxic ponds, the regulators…

    But I have an answer! More regulators! More laws! More government!!! That’ll fix how literally not a single person from Enron to Fannie to Madoff to Boeing can do their job! I’ll just give them MORE money! And the worse they do, the more money I’ll give! That’ll larn ‘em but good!

    “Democrats Urge New Probe of Kavanaugh, Impeachment Inquiry (R.)”

    Okay, great! But he’s had like ten background checks in inquiries already due to his career.
    FBI: “Hi, we’re calling about allegations that Kavanagh’s FRIENDS, not him, assaulted him and shoved him into an innocent third party. If true, this still wouldn’t be HIM assaulting anyone. What can you tell us?”
    Witness: “Well, the NY Times published that I was the victim, but I don’t remember that, or anything like it happening, with him, or anyone else, ever, at any time.”
    FBI: “Thank you, investigation over.”

    I do find it hilarious that “Nadler also said his panel had its “hands full” with investigating Donald Trump.” because he has no idea what event or crime is under suspicion here. But he’ll make up something, just like the NYT, the WaPo, CNN, and everybody else. …Meanwhile, he’s giving air support for bombing Yemeni civilians and paving the way for Palestinian land grabs, but can’t. find. nothin’.

    “Trudeau Reassures Allies Amid Alleged Spying Case (BBC)”

    Every day is a new lie, well-known because an adult said words which were published in the paper = proven lie. There is NOTHING in the case that even SUGGESTS Russia. Here’s a clue for you: the Canadian in question was an expert on Asia and fluent in Mandarin. Gosh, who could it be? I think RussiaRussiaRussia. Because no facts whatsoever have been released, and it could be Theresa May, Hillary Clinton, or El Chapo for all we know.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 17 2019 #49930

    Dr. D

    So let me get this straight:

    Saudi Arabia comes back from an oil deal where because of the U.S., the world is oversupplied, oil is backing up in this very refinery, their budget gets no reprieve, certain bankruptcy to follow, and worse this kingdom may fall due to a total humiliating loss to the hillbillies of the peninsula, the Houthis.

    Israel comes back from Russia where not only were they prohibited from openly attacking Iran/Syria just for laughs, but Putin said, “while you’re asking, I’m telling you you can’t touch Lebanon either.” Lebanon the eternal punching bag since they attempted to set up a Swiss-like oil banking center in the late 70s and fairly compete with inside bankers such as are allied with Israel. If Bibi doesn’t get an attack he goes to jail.

    After months of lead time and warnings, Europe is too broke to pay off Iran, who has already openly said they were bribed by European leaders, and if the agreement fails, Iran will out their high-level corruption for profit and for merry sport.

    AND after months of pressure and an attempt to start WWIII to blame the world financial collapse on war with a drone shoot down in Iran, Rahouni finally roots out the war-happy drone-shooters in the Revolutionary Guard and agrees to peace talks with the United States.

    Peace breaks out, war is averted, a 50-year attack on Iran potentially comes to an end, and like NoKo, Iran opens up and releases resources, oil prices drop, and everyone gets rich and prosperous.

    …And only THEN Iran decides to start WWIII without the slightest warning by bombing Saudi Arabia in a wildly overt act of aggression, which for some reason they deny and the Yemenis keep claiming credit for?

    Uh-huh. Pull the other one, because like the 30th gas attack in Syria, this makes no g——d sense at all.

    I’ve got a much more plausible theory: the war mongers in the dark CIA, in Iran, and in Europe all want a war and will do anything to prevent a peace from breaking out that would cause them, just like Bibi, like E.U. officials, like Macron, like Blair, like Brennan, and like JPMorgan, to be prosecuted for 40 years of fraud, murder, and war crimes against humanity, lose all power, and have to cede control back to the people under a democracy that has restored rule of law. Clearly THEY have a motive for war. Iran doesn’t.

    Thankfully and surprisingly, looks like markets are nailed on to this reality as well, although the 20% price shock on $1.4 QUADRILLION in derivatives has started a landslide in the overnight Repo, if not an avalanche at this time. But those derivatives won’t come in the money until month-end. If the system goes down, we may end up blaming the right people for a change, and sending them to jail for this diabolical market-rigging, human trafficking, and open, illegal attempt to start WWIII and kill a few million for sport, and that’s not something Brennan, Blair, Macron, and Bibi want.

    The attempt to start a war in the U.S. isn’t going well either. Instead the liars are slowly being discredited, retracting stories almost as fast as they can invent them.

    in reply to: It’s a New World Order, Alright #49898

    Dr. D

    The Saker said the same thing here: http://thesaker.is/president-macrons-amazing-admission/

    The West has fallen (that was reported) what he doesn’t say is that that’s because we’re essentially no longer the “West”, and no longer have freedom, democracy, capitalism, justice, or any of the other Enlightenment values. So no one will fight for these villains, and also handing power to idiot sons of an idiot-son while the smart and dynamic are artificially held down for 70 years means nothing is getting done.

    Anyway, Cheeto only put down the Bush mafia a few months ago and is still fighting for his life against the CIA-Clinton-DS mafia. He can’t also take on Israel, but already has by making his wedge against them be Mossad’s boy Epstein. So he has to feed them on, which can work since when he feeds Bibi rope, the world realizes what a maniac he and these guys are. How do you destroy someone? Give them everything they ask for and everything they want. “Whom the Gods would destroy…” That’s classic Ayn Rand, btw, it’s called ‘giving them enough rope to hang themselves.” In this case it’s more like, “if you can’t pull then push,” a Judo move they talk about with Putin sometimes. He can’t put down Israel’s wiretapping of all D.C. using Stingray cell phone interception right this minute, and he needs Israel off his back til he puts down Comey, McCabe, Brennan, etc. So why not give them everything and expose them instead?

    Problem is, with all the endless stalling, he may not get around to double-crossing them in enough time to really get them back under control. Then Bibi and the boyz escape to make more endless trouble later. Likely, but you can only do what you can do. If they want this done, stop obstructing justice from crimes back home and he can speed up the schedule.

    Speaking of, betting RBG is feeling sickly again since the Kavanagh has nada to do with him or nuttin’, but to make sure NO ONE, EVER, however patriotic, nor however so bad, will EVER attempt to become a Supreme Court Justice again. They’ll force him to look in the dregs, the bottom of the barrel. You know, by peevishly preventing any and all democracy, ever and forever again, because they cannot, will not, never ever cede control when it’s not “her turn.” Nevertheless, the country will continue merrily on. As above, the people now see how crazy they are, and the people don’t like outlawing comedians, chicken sandwiches, good times, and democracy.

    Better than an open civil war, which is what they had planned, and between Beta and the Boyz call to confiscate door to door and ‘round up all Republicans, you can see that was a definite, certain, open plan: arrest and re-educate all the opposition, and kill perhaps 30 Million, just like ol’ Bill Ayers said, the sage and grandfather of the Left. But hey, how are you going to be a good communist with low numbers like that? Surely you want at least 45 Million dead or you can’t call yourself a revolutionary not hardly.

    Hey, remember Deagle.com, the CIA/Defense research guys who said exactly that only two years ago? Yeah, that sure was funny good times.


    But don’t worry. I’m just crazy because I’m literate and can read and understand think-tank white papers, and read openly published books and political speeches. Back to sleep, citizen! It’s all a coincidence.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 15 2019 #49871

    Dr. D

    Don’t know about the attack, but I’ll tell you all the traders know that if oil falls, an “accident” is 100% guaranteed to happen to raise it up again. They bet billions a day on this constant coincidence. List of people requiring prices above level X: Saudi Arabia, OPEC, Exxon in their fracking…oh and the entire U.S. and world financial system. But no, the Houthis attack to help all these guys out. Right on schedule. A dozen times. Just like Syrian chlorine.

    “US Stands Ready To Tap Emergency Oil Reserve After Saudi Attacks (R.)”

    I’m sorry, but isn’t this nonsense? The Houthis attacked a REFINERY. The oil reserve is CRUDE. They’re only related in the minds of traders, which is the point: Perry is telling them “we are controlling prices”. I mean, isn’t he? What other conclusion is under that sentence? And since the market is rigged and has been since 1970, all he has to do is stop the intervention from being overwhelmed. By reality. And thus having a free, true market. ‘Cause Capitalism, ‘natch.

    “London Upper Tribunal Rejects La Repubblica’s Assange Docs Appeal (Maurizi)”

    What is that saying about, “freedom is when the government is afraid of the people”? So here the people democratically have no oversight and no evidence although they’re paying for it all. Meanwhile, the government is spying and having complete oversight and collecting evidence on all of the people. Freedom!

    “Boris Johnson is a liar who only backed the Leave campaign to help his career and Michael Gove was a “foam-flecked Faragist” whose “one quality” was disloyalty,”

    You mean like how Churchill changed parties 2-3 times to help his career? Yeah, true, but this is Britain, don’t overreact.

    3, 2, 1 Like clockwork: “accused Boris Johnson of mounting a racist election campaign”

    Him, Corbyn, and all my enemies, wot a coincidence! It’s almost like I smear my political opponents. It wouldn’t matter if the few million immigrants were Canadian, there aren’t enough jobs to absorb that much immigration so fast, as proven in every stat Britain keeps: food, housing, rough sleeping, social support, health…

    “the total amount of damage resulting from the EU subsidies.”

    Damage from “this is what happens when you merge corporations and state to ‘help’ them.” Governments pick winners and losers, pick wrong, have taxpayers backfill, then irrevocably complicate the whole thing leading to arms races, international grievances, and retaliation. Satisfied yet? Heck no! We need some more mergers of already-monopolized mega-corps and some MORE government ‘help’ and interference.

    “Italy’s New Government Lets Charity Ship Head To Italian Port (R.)”

    Charities making certain that people will keep jumping into rubber rafts and getting killed because the immigrant lottery stays open. Well meaning in the small view, causing larger deaths and tragedies in the wide view.

    “World ‘Losing Battle Against Deforestation’ (BBC)”

    What a shock says a country that cut down their last trees by 1600, cut down their hedgerows in the 90s, and is furiously deforesting the regrowth now simply to get better signal on 5G. No joke. And they carefully log that wood and use it? Nope, throw it in a chipper. Hey, gotta get home and lecture other nations on deforestation after a long day of killing everything green from the Channel to the North, eh?

    Meanwhile, hateful and unenvironmental America is the only nation that lowered CO2, and also is re-substantially greening. Not only with better logging, but because of the thousand cities in flyoverland where all the houses have caved in and trees grown up like the fall of Rome. Example: Detroit, where miles of city are no longer paved, no longer exist. Isn’t that what everyone wanted? Isn’t that winning, that millions of Americans live in boxes and tents like good environmentalists? And they’re increasing Typhus, plague, and perhaps now even leprosy, as in L.A., lowering the population as everyone most desired: shouldn’t they get a medal? Behold a Green Horse!

    On Snowden yesterday, much as I appreciate and value his revelation, things don’t, ‘just happen’, it has been said that this was a big move by the black CIA against their hold-the-line NSA, because Snowden’s revelations made everyone patch the holes revealed and thus for a short, critical time rendered the NSA blind. Like during the Iran negotiations where pallets of cash where shipped in giant C-130s? I don’t mind if they know, because if the NSA has a lousy back door, China is already exploiting it, and mass surveillance is against the 4th, even though I don’t have a practical solution for today’s reality. Just be forewarned.

    So did Snowden know? Did he draw the short straw? Did the CIA immediately try to double-cross and kill him so he fled? The weird way he left, and mostly was allowed, suggests something is there.

    in reply to: The Will of the People #49847

    Dr. D

    Ugh, Tulsi. So frustrated.

    First because I could vote for her, second because she could win. It’s hard to watch anyone commit suicide, but especially in public. But if the DNC is going to kill themselves, at least make it quick without the crazy-ex theatrics.

    Absconding? Brits can tell me, is this a common word there?

    If he’s served his sentence, then…isn’t he free? What happens next is his problem. And the United States Judiciary’s. So if they can get him, fine. Or will the U.K. hold him forever, outside of his sentence, because the U.S. MIGHT, SOMEDAY, successfully extradite him? Go jump off a pier.

    Brexit will indeed be hard, and as I said, you could very seriously improve matters by saying, “We all in this together. Whatever the costs are, we will all pay them together, each doing all they can.” etc, etc. Nope. Nunavit. Westminster just wants the same ruinous extraction they’ve run for 30 years, and Brexit only wants a win. Sure, Brexit MAY help, someday, but that’s not the same when it’s so easy to at least PROMISE to share the hardship. I mean, how hard is it to just lie? Everybody else always has. This sudden lack of lying when it’s serious is confusing me. Like, they’re now so far beyond lying, so far outside of democracy they no longer care?

    The No Deal opposition are also divided: Half, like May, disingenuously pretend their objection is only a deal, but then torpedo it over and over forever, making Britain’s situation not only worse, but irrevocable. The other half actually want a deal and don’t see why we can’t get one. But the reason they can get one is faction one, who will, and has sold out to Europe and always will. No deal can be made so long as traitors are in the gates, lowering the drawbridge. …And that’s aside from how Europe would rather die than deal anyway: one because no jilted psycho ex-wife is going to be rejected, lose superstar status, and give up huge payments from their spouse, and second because as Soros said, if Britain leaves the EU collapses, goes bankrupt, is no more, goes kaput, ends, along with all their unelected, unaccountable, unaudited money and power. No ways. Which is what I and Mish said from the start, maybe as far back as ‘97. And true, true, true, although meandering.

    Most probably you are right: the leave-at-any-cost voters are nowhere near 51%. However, since Europe will grind Britain for 10,000 years if necessary, you can also see why Leave, and probably the Queen, can only attempt to cut off British tragedy as soon as possible. How would it be the will of the people to stay for the 10,000 years the EU and Westminster will delay? That has only 1/3 of the vote as well.

    I’d say put it to a vote. But they did. May lost. BoJo was in. BoJo called for a vote himself, twice, to again win a plurality of the people and thereby clarify the true sentiment on the matter. Westminster vetoed him, and you can bet it wasn’t because they were about to discover a savage win in favor of Staying-at-all-costs. You can bet they only stopped democracy because they were about to lose big. I’d rather have the vote, but doesn’t that strategy tell you even more what must be going on? Leave is still increasing, ‘though slowly.

    Well, I guess Britain’s history and character is hard and messy that way. That’s okay: it’s theirs to choose.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 12 2019 #49841

    Dr. D

    Well WordPress got the Comment line back on, so that’s good.

    So another bright and lovely day for surrender. Who should we surrender to today? Ah, nevermind: doesn’t matter. The first person who asks.

    “How the UK Security Services Neutralised The Guardian (Declassified)”

    “The Guardian: Father of Lies™” Or are they the servant of the father of lies?

    Well I still buy them every day, because why buy a paper unless you know every word in it is untrue? That’s their business model, and it’s going well.

    “The Consequences of the Bush-Era Assault on Civil Liberties (Taibbi)”

    The Bush era? Taibbi, you’re 8 years behind the times. More like 14. But it’s nice people noticed. I told them at the time and they said the FBI and CIA would NEVER wiretap Congressmen and Presidential candidates and run a hidden secret government akin to the KGB. Obviously that’s crazy although that has happened Every. Single. Time. in history, ever. Nope, won’t happen, didn’t happen, and today it still hasn’t happened. Just ask Brennan who works for NBC, and McCabe who works for CNN. They wouldn’t lie to you! They just retract every story for being false a day after publishing it. Accidentally. All in the same direction.

    But hey, they’re still alive, so today is another chance to arrest and indict Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Chertoff, Wolfowitz, Feith, Yoo, Kagan, Kristol, Bolton, oh and Mueller, who with yet more lies from his master helped it all along.

    Waiting. Patter patter, up and at ‘er. Mr. Law and Order seems to be a little slow off the starting line.

    Still, always a good day to get up and report on all the many, many, MANY illegal, unconstitutional (but I repeat myself) programs that we have on the list to be erased and all their proponents jailed. Maybe Taibbi can send a special memo of the names to the sleepy Justice Department so they can all arrest themselves.

    “a first court has now declared prorogation is unlawful”

    Arrest the Queen, I guess. She’s the one who approved it. But as we see all over, courts do whatever they feel like. Judges are essentially unelected, unaccountable, unremovable voters, superdelegates who overrule Legislators and Executors at will.

    “Under the Ministerial Code, Government ministers must have “no actual or perceived conflicts of interest”.

    Nice sentiment, but impossible, although making an Irish bet on it is clearly egregious. The only way this could work is if you always vote AGAINST your own interests. If you’re a businessman, you have to vote straight-line anti-business. If you’re an environmentalist, you have to vote to defund ecological incentives, if you’re Socialist, you have to vote against your interests in killing 45 million people. (Sorry, NY Times post yesterday, “Falling in love with Mao all over again”), etc. Clearly, that’s unworkable and not the intent. Similar to the constant barrage on “emoluments” act. So Americans, Federal Employees, are not ALLOWED to stay at Trump Hotels? It’s illegal for a private citizen to buy a private service? George Washington was not ALLOWED to sell tobacco from Mt. Vernon to Britain or Spain because he would profit by his advertising exposure? Er, no. …The outcome would be that only men who never worked a day in their lives, had always and only ever worked in government, would be eligible for office, which is exactly what they want. Idiot bureaucrats who follow orders and never worked a day in their life. As a businessman, you have to burn down your business, sell all your assets to the wind, and unemploy everyone before you can even RUN for office. …I don’t think that’s what they mean. But expressed this way, there is no legal or logical difference.

    Moving on to lies and constant lies, “Nothing but Lies Cover to Cover™” what does connected mean? They said Styx was “connected” to Nazis because he once interviewed Richard Spenser…who even himself isn’t even a Nazi, but whose views are nearby. So clearly CNN is a Nazi supporter because they just had Spenser on too. So are they “connected” if Cummings is a member of the same golf club? If it’s his estranged brother-in-law? Or do we need some actual “connections”? If so, maybe they would like to name one of them? You know, like “reporting”, with facts? Who, what, where, when, why? Sure, probably happened, but honestly…

    As for the letter, we naturally investigate “Leave”, but forget to investigate the dozens of (foreign) billionaires who contributed millions to “Stay.” ‘Cause our friends, ‘natch. They’re on the side of the angels, so whatever they do is right. Politics as usual. My side right or wrong. For 10,000 years.

    “the country favored equality (though, to be sure, only for whites)”

    Nope. Can never resist. Can’t stop apologizing for when Ogg hit Grogg with a rock. So Mr. Ahamed, what was “White” in 1800? Not Irish. Not even Celtic. Not Polish. Not Italian. Not Spanish. Not Slavic. Certainly not Jewish. In fact, that definition of “white” as being wildly narrower than one’s skin color is the same one used by the Nazis a full 200 years later: Hitler didn’t even like Italians, who were too “latin.” That is, the “Master Race” wasn’t “White”, they were the children of a very certain race from near Iran, “Aryan”. Thus, the “Caucasians” from the “Caucus”, i.e. Iran and Kazakhstan. And P.S., as occultists, they actually meant the children of the fallen angels from Mt. Hermon. No really. And not Europeans and not English.

    Second, young America was astonishingly cosmopolitan. All these people who were Caribbean, Spanish, German, Moroccan, African and were in the North, and to some extent even the South back then, were free men. As free men, over 21, with property, they had the same legal rights as any other “white” citizen – who weren’t “white” anyway, but a narrow subset. –The real problem they had were Lords and Magistrates, the rich and poor, as seen in the “Writs of Assistance.” So how now “only whites”? First, whites as we define them now did not exist, second, if you weren’t “white” by any definition, even modern ones, half the U.S. didn’t legally care. Ask Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, or John Adams. Third, a sizeable portion of (pre-Revolutionary) whites WERE slaves. 7-year Indentured Servants, transported convicts like Australia, and escapees. I’m sure their equality helped them a lot as they died like rats of malaria in the sugar plantations. Later it was their privilege to die in the Massachusetts Mills or Virginia Coal Mines.

    So how many levels of false have we followed now? 2? 3? 4? Heck, you’re not even “white” today. If you’re white, like Obama, but have a drop of black blood, they call you “black”, but somehow if you have a drop of white blood, like Bob Marley, you’re not called “white”? Why? Why do they persist in this Jefferson Davis belief of “racial contamination”? Isn’t that a nonsensical fake belief reserved for Nazis? And why is this illogical, unscientific racism pandemic on the Left? I just call them “Americans”, a word that has logic and an actual definition. Have been for 300 years, no different now, unless you’re “The New Yorker”. The New Yorker divides and defines people by their skin color instead of, for example, the content of their character, because they’re “Progressive,” same as when they joined with the KKK back in the ‘teens.

    P.S., Hamilton, one of the people he slanders, wasn’t “American” at all. He was West Indian. Which was British. Like Kenya. And India. And England. And Scotland. And Ireland. And the Windrush generation. People, all the same, same, same. So good work Mr. Ahamed, still carrying water for those Lords and Magistrates the rich and powerful Bezos’ and Epsteins’ of the world, by keeping us downtrodden and fighting after all these years.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 13 2019 #49838

    Dr. D

    “The Dogs in the Street Know (Craig Murray)”

    What I said about the queen. And they’re buying it.

    Ah, disregarding democracy every day, while decrying attempts to stop the democracy they don’t want. Irony is dead. The story is wrinkly instead.

    “In a parliamentary democracy, we – parliamentarians, legislators – cannot in all conscience be conducting a debate as to whether adherence to the law referendum is or isn’t required.” Fixed it.

    It is indeed “astonishing” that “anyone has even entertained the notion”.

    “If the government comes close to disobeying the Act, Referendum, the MP said that Parliament the People “would want to cut off such a possibility and do so forcefully”.

    How different is that? Not very different.

    “ Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Must Face Criminal Charges”

    Still nobody arrested.

    “ US Justice Department To Release Name Of Shadowy Figure In 9/11 Case (R.)”

    Speaking of. Now 18 years later they can finally admit one teeny-tiny part of what happened. That’s after a(nother) revolt by the firemen and engineering associations?

    “U.S officials … would spend decades in luxurious buildings in and around Washington while the people of Afghanistan Baltimore and Michigan would continue to suffer nearly another two decades of conflict because of their policies.”

    Hey, remember that multi-million dollar gas station in F-Stan? That was a hoot. Gosh, could have backstopped a dozen schools with that money. You know – the same schools who were holding bake sales to buy body armor for local soldiers?

    “Palace Revolt at the ECB, Legitimacy of Policy out the Window (WS)”

    It’s almost like Central Planning with wealthy party members and their families living in palatial estates with extensive expense accounts doesn’t work! Who knew? Well when you find that out after 200 unsuccessful attempts, there’s just one thing to do: try so much harder.` Why? Because although everyone failed always, I am SO MUCH SMARTER than every genius who ever lived, and when I do it, it’ll work. Hold my beer.

    “The New ECB QE Is A Mistake. Here Is What It Should Have Done (Lacalle)”

    Nothing can be done. “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.” Once you create the distortions – which can only exist with government force, Socialist power – then nothing you do after can fix it. You must stop and lose money and wealth by repairing the system again that you screwed up the first time. i.e. Repent! The End is Nigh.

    “The ECB is creating created a dangerous bubble”

    in reply to: Pulp Fiction Media #49706

    Dr. D

    So dark.

    I thought everyone would be happy Bolton’s gone, and what’s more, to have his mania create the peace talks in Iran and North Korea. I mean, isn’t that the ultimate insult and revenge on a warmonger? But no.

    Bolton: I’ll tender my resignation, if that’s what you want.

    Trump: No, no. I’d rather fire you.

    Hilarious. A happy win for everyone except Shapiro, who is showing why he was set up to shill for Israel and get Americans to die in service of taking out giant Iran without a single Israeli lost… No problem getting air time, never banned, and I’ll bet his mail lists never bounce. Well that’s his right, I guess.

    in reply to: Assange, Varoufakis, Brexit #49705

    Dr. D

    Assange and Varoufakis. What interesting, useful ideas.

    Appears I was correct, however, when the EU was created from the ground up, for 50 years, to be an undemocratic, unaccountable, bureaucratic Soviet nation, there was no chance of reforming it as Varoufakis wished. Not only because all the founders didn’t wish it, not only because they put in place all their toadies and synchophantic handlers who didn’t want it, but because structures themselves are very like living organisms, and have life cycles. A puppy cannot chrysalis into a bear or vice-versa. A nation or a people, once created, cannot so easily move far from the root, as seen with the devil-driving leather and spurs of the left on the United States. It only leads to backlash as nations, systems, mimic the form to which they were born. The handlers, the god-like believers in Tabula Rasa always forget this like the mouth-breathing idiots they are, and unable to feel or participate in humanity or in human feelings, human love, and human culture, always discount and dismiss the incredible power of culture, of belonging, or family and tribe and berate it, squash it, trample it, attempt erase it and replace it with their own face and ego, and then like Napoleon before St. Petersburg, crash, burn, and fail spectacularly, brought down by the lowest, common men, nations of shopkeepers and mountain peasants, NASCAR watchers and red-necked border people, who erase their epic plans from the earth while barely shaking off the dust, then go back to sleep.

    But here we are. I respect Varoufakis’ dream of reform, but history says institutions reform so seldom as to be not worth the bother. They are inevitably rotten, are kicked over with barely a push, and are replaced organically with something shiny, new, and just as messy as all human endeavors. Soros himself said — again — that if Brexit occurs, the EU will fall. That’s why they use every illegal, immoral, underhanded method to force it. He says it will fall as the Soviet Union fell, which may be saying more than he knows. But don’t they see, just as Varoufakis says, there is no hope in forcing it? Only in offering it, and changing terms until they sign willingly, honestly, and heartfully. But the controllers are incapable of understanding these four things: voluntary will, honesty, duty, honor.

    So here we are, it appears the EU WILL fall, though not very quickly, and that money will, for a time, flood in and threaten to capsize the United States. Just as it did in the ’20s, before the gold sloshing and currency flows capsized the entire financial world. And led to war.

    Lot of ideas there.

    in reply to: Pulp Fiction Media #49674

    Dr. D

    Wot I said. Now that he doesn’t need to scare the pants of, say, Iran (and has had the fun of banishing him to Mongolia), he can normalize things. That suggest a talk, or even deal, is nearby. We know that also because Iran finally asked and he said they’d meet at the UN(?). So, harder than NoKo, but prettymuch same pass play.

    in reply to: Pulp Fiction Media #49663

    Dr. D

    Oh. My. God.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 10 2019 #49659

    Dr. D

    Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – chapter 57

    Rule a nation with justice.
    Wage war with surprise moves.
    Become master of the universe without striving.
    How do I know that this is so?
    Because of this!

    The more laws and restrictions there are,
    The poorer people become.
    The sharper men’s weapons,
    The more trouble in the land.
    The more ingenious and clever men are,
    The more strange things happen.
    The more rules and regulations,
    The more thieves and robbers.

    Therefore the sage says:
    I take no action and people are reformed.
    I enjoy peace and people become honest.
    I do nothing and people become rich.
    I have no desires and people return to the good and simple life.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 10 2019 #49658

    Dr. D

    “MPs Order Boris Johnson to Hand Over Government Communications (Ind.)”

    They’re just determined to give every possible negotiating supremacy to Europe, aren’t they? But don’t worry, if they got this far without leaks, most likely already didn’t write anything down.

    No idea how this goes since it will now depend on the arcana of Parliamentary process, but you did catch the possibility that he called for this – and for a real, honest election, twice – so that the Queen can then say, “Hey, YOU YOURSELF just proved there is absolute confidence in government, and YOU YOURSELF said and demanded Boris be in charge.” Then carry on with his, or rather Cumming’s, plan. (Presumably allied with the Queen, but can’t be proven as she has to appear an innocent)

    Same article pointed out that they have also outed 21 party traitors, which is a fabulous win. Gee, seems hard to negotiate effectively with half the government, plus 21, constantly selling out your every move and plan to Europe. No wonder they didn’t want an election. The people might be less-than-pleased with this epic screwing by Westminster by everyone left and right, within 500 miles of power.

    “Cambridge Analytica”

    Really? THIS is what they object to? Well, thank God for Trump Derangement Syndrome, or no one would promote any adherence to the law at all. #AntiLogos. That is to say, #AntiLogic, #AntiLaw.

    Do I exaggerate? Well the 2nd Amendment is FEDERAL LAW, but people march daily protesting AGAINST laws, and AGAINST their enforcement. Same with the 1st, the 4th, the 5th, immigration entry… They are, one and all, A N T I – L A W. Against any form of law and order at all. There is a means to fix this if they don’t like it: P A S S a L A W. But they won’t, they just selectively enforce ‘laws’ that do NOT exist, then selectively refuse to enforce laws that DO exist. That is to say, they live in a world of complete madness, without rules or definitions. What is right or wrong, rewarded or punished, legal or illegal, is whatever I think of from minute to minute, and will change again by lunch. It’s the madness of King Louis or King John, the order of Caligula and Nero. History does not smile on nations who accept and encourage the end of rules and “Let each man do as they wilt,” whatever “seems right in their own eyes” whatever the Aquarian New Age touchy-feely, “who am I to judge” “we tolerate all, however so violent” of such things.

    “Hong Kong Leader Tells US Not to ‘Interfere’ After Fresh Protests (AFP)”

    I can’t believe they are asking Trump to save them. Do they think he’s going to invade? Dummies. Okay, suppose he did: do they want the gentle democratic care we’ve given Iraq, Libya, and Syria? They want the full benefits we give Chicago and Baltimore? The only way we know how to save a town like Hong Kong is to bomb the town. Whatever. It won’t happen anyway, and more’s the better for them.

    “In the beginning was #Logos, and the #Logos was with God, and the #Logos WAS God.”

    If you can’t use language correctly, with shifting definitions, without lying, you can’t think straight. Then your sloppy, illogical talking and thinking lead to civil war as the #Logos must be restored, as has long been planned and is being attempted now. Ask Orwell: the first thing they attack and destroy is language. Why is that? The Devil is the “Father of Lies.” How come? Hold on: let me ask CNN.

    Ah but the Nobel is such a perfect indicator of complete Economic idiocy! Krugman has one, and he hasn’t said a word of sense since. Wrong in every prediction, more wrong than Gartman. You can make a lot of money on that. Besides, it tells you who’s in and who’s out and what they’re going to try next among lying, cheating, stealing, and murdering, as a tireless lion roaming the earth, seeking to devour. All for the low price of the Fauxbel prize. I say keep it! But force a warming label on the side saying, “This prize is dangerous to life on earth” and require the winner to wear leper bells and a dunce hat.

    Speaking of Nordhaus, however, the World Meteorological Organization Chief just warned off the million climate alarmists as basically being religious fundamentalists and not scientists. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-09-09/world-meteorological-organization-chief-castigates-climate-alarmists-its-not-end
    That’s coming from a guy and community that got 105 of 108 climate models wrong, all in the wrong direction. #NotScience

    Perhaps we need a new Fauxbel and some more hats, no?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 9 2019 #49649

    Dr. D

    “A former supreme court justice has said Boris Johnson would be in contempt of court if he applied for article 50 extension while simultaneously trying to get the EU to reject it.”

    It’s against the law to talk out both sides of your mouth? Parliament is in trouble.

    Besides, Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry just said she would do exactly that on national TV. Better build some more prisons, Britain. But then, that would only put them all where they belong.

    “Johnson Has Reneged On Good Friday Agreement Vows, Says EU (G.)”

    They can say this before anything’s happened? Besides, when was the last time the government obeyed the law? Iraq invasion, anyone? Libya? Syria? Assange? May be SLIGHTLY more important than this. Besides, as I’ve said before, if Europe cares so deeply for Ireland, why wouldn’t they issue a stay for the border and maintain the interim status quo while negotiations are finalized? That’s right: because they WANT Britain to have to break the law and Northern Ireland to suffer to promote their peevish revenge. Just like everywhere else the EU acts.

    “China’s Exports to US Fell 16% in August as Trump Escalates Trade War (CNBC)”

    But I thought we had to surrender! All the Schmarty-peoples told me we had no leverage, nothing would happen, so we had to cede the nation to China. What happened? Reality check, however: those jobs did not return here yet, they have moved further out in S.E. Asia.

    “Nearly All British Airways Flights Canceled as Pilots Go on Strike (CNN)”

    Only concerned about B.A. help evacuating Bahama.

    “States Expected To Target Google In New Antitrust Probe (AP)”

    Note that in general, to counter objections, the Trump administration is allowing others to push when possible. Judicial Watch is another example.

    Trump so blatent about running the media around for utter nonsense, distracting them and making them chase their tails, he literally posted a meme of a cat and a laser pointer. They still didn’t get it. But remember: they’re the schmartz-people, and Donald is the dumb.

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