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    Dr. D

    “Millions Of Brits Told Not To Heat Homes At Night As Part Of ‘Net Zero’ Climate Goals

    At night. You’re kidding, right?

    “Strangely, defense ministry “boasts” that men “In their 50s, 60s & beStrangely, defense ministry “boasts” that men “In their 50s, 60s & beyond” being sent to frontlines…yond” being sent to frontlines…”

    It’s their job to make this seem good, and they do, but anyone using logic only says “They’ve lost, they can’t recover.” Unless you propose something far worse: that only the East half of the nation has been murdered while the West half laughs. This is true to some extent, we know they mobilized like Zap to fight Zap for instance, but I don’t think so in the largest sense.

    “”Baltimore Is a Totally Corrupt Hell Hole”: Mystery Surrounds $800 Million Covid Funds for “Learning Loss”

    A BILLION dollars lost, and zero graduation competency rates. No one knows — and no one cares — where a BILLION dollars went. There’s nothing different about Baltimore: they are just further along the government “Helping” plan. We’ve seen this same thing all 100 years since public school, accelerated in “Progressive” or “Communist fast” areas and slower in the Conservative “Communist Slow” areas. I’m sure Mitch McConnell’s areas are terrible too, but this demonstrates the function of this built machine: to destroy children now, and destroy all education eventually. I point it out because: your response? If everyone pulls to home school, or graduation is no longer considered indicative, the system would lose credibility, funding, and be replaced. Your coddling and defending it makes it possible to hurt people children.

    “CDC Now Refusing New COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports In Its V-Safe Program

    So safe and we had so few reports, they had to be shut off. Illegally. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be Congressional funding requiring this. It’s the law, so we do the #Opposite of that.

    “California AG Sues SoCal School District for ‘Outing’ Trans, Pronoun Students to Parents

    Children are owned by the State, not the Parents. The parents have no rights, but every responsibility.

    “This video needs to be seen by every Democrat right away”

    They already know. They don’t care. It doesn’t cause even the slightest discomfort.

    National Security Agency hacked into his Signal account and read correspondence”

    They are hacking all journalists. They don’t care about tapping, harassing, even arresting all journalists and ending free press, free speech, and democracy itself. Even saying this, then that they’re “Saving Democracy” which “Dies in Darkness” doesn’t cause the slightest discomfort.

    “You should educate yourself…” This is the enemy of the above statement. Then they say the “Other” are anti-knowledge, anti-science, while not knowing there are men and women, and believing a chain-link fence stops viruses. …If you educated yourself and used logic as Jimmy Dore has, you wouldn’t be a “Democrat” to begin with, as he isn’t (he’s much further Left).

    So The Core Premise of Leftist Thinking is OBEY and Not to Educate Yourself with Facts.
    In fact, fight facts and destroy them anywhere they are found.

    That’s why I’m stuck mentioning it every day like a parrot who only knows 5 words. I’d be happy to ignore them but they keep coming to my house, looking in my windows, and stealing my stuff.

    Education is the #Opposite of all they believe and hold dear. Just like in Public School, their hotbed and core hub.

    “..Washington will have to figure out how to “back away” from the conflict, because it has massively underestimated Russia’s economic and military strength..”

    But we’re not involved. It’s Ukraine’s war we’re not involved with, although Biden says we’re in the war. But they’re trying to run an election, not realizing (I think) that they’re over a year behind. Kissinger has the right timing, and he told them. They’re now too stupid to understand the same good advice he gives them. Who knew? I guess that’s what drugs do to you.

    There’s so much on Ukraine, take this: the key and almost only war they expected was the financial one. The military war existed only as a premise to run the economic war. However, that lost, so reverse it: we’re still focused on the military war which we just said means nothing and wasn’t the real war, according to the West themselves. So why aren’t we following the real war, the financial war, in creating and enhancing the gold delivery contracts in Singapore? Etc?

    Well, probably because there are 1,000 of them, and each one is boring as discussing the trade flows of paper clips. But this is the real war, and it’s progressing far faster.

    “Kremlin Reacts to Claim West Endorses Destroying ‘Everything Russian’ (RT)

    Honestly they haven’t hit Crimea at all. If Ze really believes that, then he revealed they have no power whatsoever because their whole military can only hit a few houses and a bunker? In 18 months? It’s like the war isn’t even happening, that’s less than they hit in Donbass. I mean, no offense to the people who got hit.

    “German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was surprised by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s complete lack of concern about Western sanctions shortly after the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, Bild has reported.”

    This is hilarious. “Don’t you know who I am???”

    “I think he is now quite determined to go to the end.”

    This may be more than you think it is. He’s determined to go to the end and financial/economic collapse of Europe.

    “US-Led Campaign To Use Ukraine To ‘Cripple’ Russia Has Failed (Tony Cox)

    They have trained the Russian army to be the best in the world.

    “End Game For The American Empire (Jim Quinn)

    Thank God. But somebody has to take the blame. So Trump won’t want to sit in the chair while that happens.

    Turley is double-talking up a storm. They do this to create credit, social credit, with their dreadful audience. So you have to stop what you’re doing, add a lie, confirm you hate Trump, and continue talking to keep them listening? Wtf is that? He says there was no evidence for Trump to call a recount. This is wholly irrelevant to any recount, while also being false. Both actual events and the slim margin are the ONLY reason. He also says this shouldn’t be done. How else COULD it be done? Then continues on his way criticizing the indictment like the rest of us. Like Pool and others pretending to be objective it’s like “Yeah, well aside from all the fraud we saw on camera and in signed affidavits you could go to jail for perjury if proven false – that they didn’t a single one try to refute, an easy win – there was no fraud at all.” So except for the fraud there was no fraud? Yes, I guess that IS logical. However, we we talking about the fraud that WAS fraud. Sigh.

    Turley-Bump. There are no consequences to lying, only promotions. (“Don’t tell anyone I’m a hack.” –Future NYT reporter to HRC’s campaign) There are only consequences for telling the Truth. “Show me the incentives and I’ll show you the outcomes.”

    “4 years=1450 days=over 3 pseudonym emails per day, every day”

    You’re right. I hadn’t even thought of that. This is his real day job. Next, 14 months later FOIA is still blocked, fine. But no one is arrested, subpoena’d, defunded? Tell me again about the GOP? If people were to commit other crimes, like going into a Macy’s with a rolling garbage can and stealing everything off the shelves, would you do something then? What? They did? Oh nevermind.

    If I were to shoot all Congress on a baseball field… What? They did? Nevermind.

    “A New Covid ‘Variant’…Just in Time for Election Season! (Ron Paul)

    We don’t know the variant, and we don’t know the death rate. It apparently kills exactly zero people or I expect they would tell us. They’re so nuts about it, we actually had to make up our own name, as Scienz™ won’t tell us it’s REAL name. So it’s the Electionicron variant. Like cicadas, it only pops up every four years. Magic! Magical thinking.

    “• More Than 1,600 Scientists Declare Climate ‘Emergency’ a Myth (JTN)

    “The Science is Settled.” That’s why all the Scientists disagree. Disagree = Agree now, in #OppositeLand. Just a reminder: the original “Science is Settled” mailing they sent out like 10,000 questionnaires, — TO NON-SCIENTISTS like Tedros — got like 1,000 back, then cherry picked 75 that agreed with them, had BBC, NYT print that “99% of all Scientists Agree” and now it’s consensus fact. You can look it up, demonstrate this happened, that the claim is false, but it’s still true. True = False. In #OppositeLand, otherwise known as hell. The place with no #Logos.

    Every year I say they’re wrong, and every year now for 30 years, I’m proven correct. It doesn’t matter because it’s not Science, based on evidence and disprovable experiments, but a Religion, based on Feelings. The feeling that Humans are bad and they must all be killed. How is “Original Sin” NOT a religion? How is falsifying all the claims – like ice caps, polar bears, medieval warming – NOT disqualifying for a theory that is “Science”? If I predicted the electron valence shell would move to 4, and for 30 years of experiments it hardly ever moved to 4, would I still be able to publish and be taken seriously?

    Yes. Yes I would. As we saw last week, I could publish more than 100 fake papers, completely made up, retracted, proven false, and not only not get in trouble, but keep funding and my job as university chair. This happens every day and twoce on Sundays. “Science” defends it, never holds their own to account, far worse than Catholic Pedos.

    That’s “Science” in 2023. Proven, factual, science. That’s who they REALLY are, just as the editors of NEJM and Lancet were discussing: 100% of all published papers in their magazines were probably false unless specifically proven otherwise. They knew it, wrote it, published it, we read it, no one cares.

    Thus: Arsonists go around worldwide, reported AS arson, Climate Protestors just say it’s Climate Change, Canadian Papers report Arson = Climate Change. Heat! It causes my human brain! To want to start fires with matches!!!

    And tomorrow the same all over again.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 29 2023 #142130
    Dr. D

    “”Just What Our Corrupt Government Wanted”: Trump Rages After Activist Judge Sets Trial For March
    She “lamented” that President Trump “remains free to this day.”

    They were all so dangerous, she was sorry she had to let them go. Oh wait: One guy WASN’T let go and is still in jail. Joe Biden refused bail to the Black Man. Yup! That’s Joe! He’s the Blacks for Trump leader and would be on the campaign trail. Can’t have that! Hands up! Put that superpredator in prison! No buses for you!

    And why all this? Because latest polls say Trump wins already. Can’t be stopped. And why that? Same polls say if Black vote reaches 20% there is no possible path for Democratic victory. So…We’ll just put all the Black people in jail and help them vote right. The way Massah says.

    “Watch: Romney Calls Bottomless Ukraine Aid “The Best National Defense Spending We’ve Ever Done”

    Please never stop talking. This is why we have freedom of speech. Who is he talking TO? ‘Cause it ain’t us. It’s some Rich Men North of Richmond alright, but their name starts with “Raytheon” and “BlackRock”.

    “Biden To Fund New COVID Vaccine “For Everybody… Whether They’ve Gotten It Before Or Not”

    Another vaccine for a variant we don’t have that doesn’t kill anybody.

    “Half of Transgender Prison Inmates Convicted of Sex Crimes: Wisconsin Data

    Tracking down and harming women wherever they are found. Not safe anywhere. Trans people have sexual issues: who knew?

    He’s clearly cognitively disadvantaged… I personally think Obama runs the Administration— not Joe Biden… The depth of corruption is breathtaking.”

    Which is why they’re doing nothing at all about it. Sure, it takes time and care to do Hunter and Joe. But they got 500 officials in the Executive obstructing justice and perjuring themselves, plus Garland specifically and openly breaking the law on special council. So…you didn’t even file on that? Afraid of getting arrested if you ask questions and file legal procedure?

    “None of our leaders are punished for lying. Instead, regular people are punished for telling the truth.”

    As per Jimmy Dore and Pasta were running down the list of people lying vs whistleblowers. Mass murder war crimes, illegal bioweapons lab that not only illegally developed deadly diseases but released them? Many times? (that’s why they were moved offshore to begin with) That = A 60% raise, highest paid federal employee. To report on it? Still in jail. Or shooting civvies from a chopper, or releasing emails that you were taking massive bribes, or…

    …Or filing lawsuits to investigate and stop them.

    The world sure is weird, there’s actually 4-5 Biden body doubles, and as I regularly say, this is well-known and normal. The not “normal” part is putting them on stage. I mean, it’s done but you’re not supposed to. In that case is Biden alive? Well how would we know? Or Kim Jong, or the Queen? It’s all faith when the world is made of bold and wicked breathtaking liars. It only works because people can’t believe and “Daddy would never do that.”

    “I want to see this country have a free and fair election even while it is under assault,” Graham told reporters during a briefing in Kiev.”

    Test case for the U.S.?

    Okay, here’s the latest crazy: Biden is out, the walls are closing in. That means they have to dispose of Harris. (Anyone ask questions why everyone left, right and center takes one look at her and agrees without debate on this?) So you admit his cognitive decline, get Harris, asPrez, then Captain Kneepads and Congress pull Newsome. Then Harris is killed by a white supremacist from Quantico goes off to Ken Lay island, and you’re in. They will get the 500 agents who were never named or arrested because the GOP won’t do their job to go out and fabricate a civil war that isn’t happening.

    But you think the other side doesn’t know that? They have the military most likely, or enough of them, plus all the Dominion records to China off the satellites – they may goose the ballots locally, but they need the data to HQ to know how many to cheat BY. That’s how 5 states shut down within 5 minutes of each other then win only by razor margins. This can be proven in court, but a minority of the country won’t believe any evidence if it doesn’t match their feelz, and will start the civil war they’re avoiding. Civil war would push money to London and Davos wins. Worldwide Tyranny and your boot-face forever.

    Enter Brunson, another chip on the board. Aside from that they weren’t elected, the case says that officials broke or never even took, their oath of office. Why? Who cares, but it’s on record as fact. Therefore they can and should be removed. Like hundreds and hundreds of them. And that being the case, the laws they passed will be vacated too. That includes Joe and Kamala. Poof, Court says go, military walks in, all Congress + Joe bye bye.

    WE hold new elections. IN a Civil War. See? Now what’s with part one? NEWSOME is not in the Case. He’s a State employee, so he can remain President and not be removed if they pull the nuke on this one in Brunson.

    …But again, don’t think they don’t know it, and these things (normally) take time. I suspect if they start, like an avalanche they’ve going to kick Joe, move Capt Cackles, and swear in Newsome in one hour, same way they did for Jekyll Island and the Patriot Act. Before anyone reads, moves, does, the press reports, boom, done. Welcome to the new President you never voted for and didn’t know you were. That’s “Democracy!”

    This is a GOOD thing as it demonstrates to the ignorant thick heads what kind of law we got going on here. But the Good Guys need a decision matrix and a response to each thing, just as they have responded to Podesta’s Pacific secession to Chinese control and civil war setting up rival governments and attempted burning Federal buildings in Portland as your Harper’s Ferry. They have avoided that Civil War so far and it’s going pretty well as each and every day these guys are exposed and discredited with the horse they rode in on (The government, + Science + Medicine …)

    This will happen, or some series of weird, unprecedented events, so be bored by it as it’s all in the script of the WWE WrestleMania superweek. The market will tank when they do, trading may halt, and your bank won’t be open. This is also actually “normal” as per WWI and other panics, but don’t be a fool and have stuff on hand so you don’t go out and drive around in riots.

    Riots? Yeah man, didn’t you notice Macy’s is being flash-mobbed every other day and kids are out burning cars on the weekends? That’s happening NOW. Weekly. Daily. BEFORE anything has happened. Power groups are shutting down highways as “free speech” so expect the Crips to “Shut Down” Chicago’s Skyway and collect “Donations” for their “Climate Cause”. Stay home.

    Depending on who wins (the White Hats, the Black Hats are clearly desperate) you can decide what to do, but don’t toddle down to the middle of a firefight with your cell phone like a millennial. Stay out in the sniper zone at least until you can identify and focus.

    Why? They can’t win the election, and looks like they think they can’t cheat enough either. They’re down to Führerbunker actions now, just like Ukraine, their masters. Kiev is just about to get F16s, just about to open enormous new weapons factories, just about to get a vunderveapon, just about to win. The Reich will live forever, just like Israel. Uh-huh. See 1944.

    “How far off is general mobilization? Kiev Sent 71-Year-old Soldier For NATO Training – FT (RT)

    1944. Eternal Reich of White Supremacy.

    Let’s put this another way: they’re so sure and are in so much control that they will remove Trump from some of the State ballots by the most novel legal theory and astonishing overreach in history. Removed before the case even exists, much less proven in court? Yup, yupper yup yups. From a guy who wasn’t there, and whose people had no weapons nor plans? Double yup, yup x infinity.

    And if he’s not on the ballot, — in even ONE state — there’s no election. Just like Armstrong said. We have a Stalin x Saddam election with ONE candidate running. Congratulations hard heads, “can you hear me now?” This is why they positioned in RFK to cover this contingency.

    It needs to be BIG, historic, unprecedented, or not only will they not learn anything, the American people won’t even notice. But “notice” this: it’s all under control. These sides have already planned and scenarioed all their scripts, but it’s the Big Script Club and you’re not in it.

    “Zelensky has a competitor, Serhiy Prytula. Who is, you can’t make it up, a Ukrainian actor and stand-up comedian, who belongs to a different oligarch.”

    That tells us about the election there: they won’t stop – they’ll all be hung, and by “they” I mean Davos — they need to shake up the board and take a new approach.

    “That stance contradicts regular attacks on border regions as well as kamikaze drone raids deeper inside Russia,”

    That’s perfectly simple: Russia bombed THEMSELVES, just like all those other pipelines, dams, and nuclear plants. Russia bombs themselves so often they barely have time for anything else. The Russians: who can understand their funny Asian ways?

    “EU Ready For More Expansion Before 2030 – FT (RT)

    All colonial empires must eat more hypothecates or die. They are a cancer, evil by design and that relentless fact illustrates it. Like Rome, there must be eternal war unceasing, while Triffin requires disaster and poverty at home.

    • Trump To GOP: Impeach “The BUM” Biden or “Fade Into Oblivion” (SN)

    Like most of you, I hope they choose “Oblivion”. It’s far too nice to offer them redemption, as if they wanted it, they would have acted on it years ago. Ah, the problems of being the Good Guys.

    Trump is the first president in US history accused of blocking the peaceful transfer of power to his successor,”

    …By asking questions, filing paperwork and NOT calling the military nor any of his supporters’ 400 million guns. I mean, Obviously, right?

    “We MUST depend on the police peacefully and willingly opening the 2,000 pound Columbus doors and escorting us all through the coup and open rebellion…” –FreedomToons

    ““How is it possible that President Obama didn’t know what the Bidens were up to?”

    Kunstler is snappy, but he finally gets a clue here. Now get another one and it’s not “Obama” running anything, but a team, a cartel, a religious theocracy.

    Dawki: This is actually a hazard. Believe it or not, if you’re paddling in clear water, you can get disoriented, confused and panicked and think you must have flipped and are under the water. Then people flip their boat and actually get under the water. Very strange.

    Note for environmentalists: clear water is also dead water. There’s nothing to eat, it’s a desert ecosystem, not that muddy water like the Thames is magic or anything.

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    Dr. D

    That’s no fun, try again:


    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 28 2023 #142084
    Dr. D

    “Tucker Carlson: The People Who Run America Are “Dangerous And Insane” (Sp.)

    Trump went to Europe and basically told them Globalism was over, get off our -ss and you’re on your own. 100% laughed and ignored every word. Can you hear me now? Let’s see, stay with the U.S. = no gas, no oil, no economy, no alliance, constant harassment, embarrassment, and affront.

    Nope. They haven’t acted yet, but perhaps Hungary finally will. Gosh people are thick-headed.

    We’re not carrying you. Get a clue.

    ““..the Ukraine conflict has “exposed the European Union’s inability to develop an effective common strategy..”

    I’m sure the people of the countries would have no trouble at all creating a effective, unified strategy. But that’s not part of “The Plan.” Or the “Agenda” of the top, is it? So what’s really happening is every nation is trying to install A Plan none of their people want, and their leaders are being attacked for it continent-wide. However, because the people are many and leaders few, they’re applying a different stress and break points in each nation, so the leaders can’t dodge all 20 at once without being incoherent. Good plan by the people btw, too bad it’s not intentional. But that leads to these appearances.

    Really the “Common Strategy” does exist, it’s just all the leaders vs all the people, and they’re trying to murder the maximum number in the most profitable manner.

    Really Ukraine has been doing “better” without Wagner, who like General Grant just chucked people (prisoners) into the grinder with abandon to get the war over with, the Russian army has “stalled”, or rather sort of lacks pep, morale, enthusiasm. Ukraine makes increasing small gains showing either their tactics are finally improving or their will to murder every citizen is far higher. But that’s not good for the Russian position. If the only orders are “Save men” and never “Let’s bust heads and go home”, then they WILL and must lose small towns increasingly until the Ukrainians can finally see the Russian defenses they haven’t even made it to yet.

    Then what? After months of getting pinned down and peppered and not hitting back, you suddenly want a change where you go get them? You see the problem? It’s psychological, yes, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. If you had a Patton or a Prigozhin (different categories), then you could make HIM stand up and say “I’ve had it with these mf snakes on this mf plane” and the troops would snap to and believe it. Without anyone, just pointless bureaucratic wash, when and how do they counterattack? Now the army is already 404, was there a particular month you were waiting for? Your uniforms only come out after Labor Day or they clash with the daffodils? What?

    Now when you’re in the overwhelming, stupendously winning position, you don’t lose, and the real war is in Finance and PR, but why did Russia make this problem for themselves?

    ““..the United States might be the least safe place on earth for white people, even less safe than South Africa and Zimbabwe..”

    It was “The Plan” to run the communist revolution on a race basis. Which is stupid beyond belief. So after the glorious revolution, I’m going to be equally black now? Or dead? Well now that you’ve promised to kill me, I’ll just have to stay on the sidelines. But that’s The Plan, the race war they’ve kept hot since Republicans, and black leaders, tried to put it down and become one America before 1968. Every day since then it’s been grievance politics kept simmering, but as I say, they forgot their OTHER initiative to have interracial marriage and stuff means everybody is ALREADY equally black now, and so what, fight their stepkids, their in-laws? You could see this with Obama, since the dinosaurs running this s—t are like 500 years old, not only do they think that Russia is the USSR circa 1975, but that there’s a “vast white christian” base still out there in America that hasn’t existed since 1980. They – of course! — were all racists, because…they exist, I guess, statistically the racism is in the cities where they aren’t. So ALL the PR was prepped and run that “They hates dat Obama cuz he’s black” (which he isn’t either, btw but nevermind). The Right IGNORED THEM. And he’s Muslim! AND IGNORED THEM. Completely, totally ignored them, focusing on specific s—-y issues and impeachable offenses he committed constantly, like blowing up child-citizens for breakfast cuz someone in their family thought funny.

    Anyway, being dinosaur fossils no longer capable of perceiving reality, 20 years later THEY’RE STILL AT IT. Still trying to get off this race war that was possible in 1980, 1990, but far past the critical point by even 2004. If anything were to happen now, we’d only say “It’s those jerks from Chicago”, not the COLOR of the jerks coming out here from Chicago. Heck, if you’re from the styx, all the hip-hopping gang-bangers are white (trash). Same clothes, culture, goals, mindset, etc. Strange to see, but that’s been true since the day after they paid billions to install and promote that in black music and rap on MTV like 20 years ago now, maybe 30. I want to take them aside sometimes and show them a mirror. And a copy of “The Jerk”.


    Anyway, our new problem is lots of guns + lots and lots of immoral people who can’t think beyond one second from now. Like half of them. So even if you say you’ll shoot them for looting, they’ll say “I don’t understand what that means” / “I’ve never actually seen anyone receive consequences before” and carry on filling that garbage can and walking down the street. Yes, like literally too stupid to save their own lives. It will take a lot of bad events to change that. But oh well, that ship has sailed. And anyone who IS moral is already the enemy. How dare you not bring your kids to the strip club for drag night? What will the PTA say?

    “former president Donald Trump has declined to sign the Republican National Committee’s colloquially termed “Beat Biden pledge.”

    Ya think? The GOP is the one working hardest to keep him OUT of power and always has. They’re the ones who did zero spending to his and the subsequent Congressional election to insure they didn’t take the House or Senate. What else is the money for? To visit Maui? Now the whole GOP base has had to donate individually and cut out the Party leadership that’s supposed to be, I dunno, electing Republicans.

    So after SPECIFICALLY doing everything to destroy him and SPECIFICALLY stopping all Republicans and SPECIFICALLY refusing to post winning candidates, even between Rivals, like MTG, but also in uncontested Purple districts, you’re just supposed to vow eternal loyalty to them? Wait, who are they? What are their names? So we vow loyalty to donors like Koch and we don’t even know their names WHILE they elect Democrats instead and trample the entire theoretical party platform every minute of every day since Newt?

    How about no. Hard No. http://Www.No.com

    How about I can barely vote for Trump already because he even has “GOP” associated with his name on a poster somewhere, aside from him being a rich, urban, liberal Democrat? That he was even in the same ROOM with McCain and McConnell ever is nearly disqualifying. …But I have to adult here.

    “combined opposition to him is around 40%. As his rivals drop out, their voters are unlikely to go to Mr. Trump. Instead, they will go to other candidates until one challenger is left standing”

    So this is your Plan. Thanks! And explains my question yesterday about what Pence, Haley were doing. The Plan – Party Plan — is for the party to make sure a Republican isn’t elected. Gotcha!

    “I have long disagreed with Trump over his claim of systemic voting fraud”

    Ugh! These guys like Tim Pool. We have them ON CAMERA, sneaking back in, turning the lights back on without any overseers, and running a box of the same ballots through 3 times. One camera, one room. And they’re STILL like “How DARE you bring up the possibility of fraud???” People were arrested with CARLOADS of ballots. Many other allegations exist that could be futher proven but have been refused court.

    Each and every is “I’m not going to look into it because it never happened.” Time again, people: FIRST you look, THEN you say it didn’t happen. Not the other way around. Time runs in the forward direction, not in willy-nilly directions in your fever brain.

    Anyway, the whole point of being arrested on schedule, and him doing four indictments on command — but not five — was to get the MEDIA to cover this in a courtroom with discovery. The only way to do that is to make it HIS FAULT, “Bombshell, walls are closing in” for the Trump ASMR people. Finally they got their fix and can rest again. They were gettin’ Meth-y.

    “I wrote about it at the time and considered that recount to end reasonable doubts over the election.”

    What a chump. Are you kidding me??? “We printed 10,000 ballots but received 20,000. Then when we recounted them right here in these boxes…without checking their signatures…” Oh. My. God. How does this guy make it to work in the morning without somebody stealing his lunch money? in fact, I’LL go steal his lunch money right now. Does he have a Mercedes?

    “Trump Mugshot Proves Fundraiser Miracle – Politico (RT)

    This is a moon-shot for his numbers in the Black Community. I think that’s weird and stupid but I get it.

    “but the US and its allies used every pretext to delay this overdue process.”

    They’re poor little darlings who have to ask permission, incapable of saying no. Victims, innocent child-like jungle people. Uh, no. That’s offensive beyond belief. So maybe you should lead with something more accurate and catchy like “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”: if you DON’T delay, and if you DO take action – any action at all – The U.S. will MURDER EVERY MAN, WOMAN, AND CHILD in you nation, shell every street like Panama, kidnap every leader like Noriega, create non-stop murder and torture disappearance schools like “School of the Americas” and failign that, shell your soil coast-to-coast with 100,000 year depleted uranium.

    That is, the U.S. will aggressively invade, war, and genocide you all, even genociding FUTURE generations if you f- with them. It’s snappier than “The U.S. used Pretexts”. F- your pretexts, that’s not what stopped Congo for 80 years. They DID try to shoot your -ss and rightfully so. Good on ‘em. The U.S. just used the CIA and intel to murder every person who even THOUGHT about resisting, and kidnap, torture, then kill all their kids. The U.S. was in open, offensive war of invasion, and the U.S. was stronger then and won. That’s not a legal “Pretext” and I think the Hague would support this.

    BTW we have the same problem in Texarkana and are trying to resist and kick out the same colonizers.

    “The BRICS must use gold.
    • Gold Will Destroy The Keynesian Fallacies (Barron)

    Speaking of, you can’t. The U.S. will steal it, like we did Ukraine, Libya’s gold, and other similar like Venezuela, or as we tried in Syria. If it exists on the surface of the earth, the U.S. will bomb and steal it. That’s why our symbol is the bad eagle, a thieving carrion predator.

    So the gold can’t move. It’s also only a settlement currency, or to offset import-export imbalances. But it’s still touchy. So it’s not a gold standard, it’s not a BRICS currency, and it’s decentralized. They’ll have a settlement “token” or more like a “method”, a protocol, for trading gold settlement contracts somewhere delivery is possible (i.e not London or NY, but Singapore) which is also distributed, as per each nation already setting in each other’s local currency. Now they have to attack all 11 currencies at once which is quite possible, but making life hard on the riggers. Then make them defend gold, silver, oil, wheat, the Pound, BTC, XRP, Thai bhat, and somewhere they run out of airspace. It takes time.

    Yes it will somewhere go to “gold” of some fashion. But not yet.

    the Clinton Foundation owes the US government between $400 million and $2.5 billion in taxes.”

    It could be $100 Trillion, with every dollar coming from Putin himself for underage hookers and no one would care. Clearly. We have most of those elements easily proven without subpoena power already, and they already don’t care. Just like Jones said 100 things that turned out to be true, like FEMA before Katrina, and not only did they not believe before, they didn’t even believe AFTER IT HAPPENED. There is no reality that can ever occur that will re-set their minds. They will die first, and have.

    Anyway, there’s no sense in investigators exposing this if there’s no one left to enforce the law. But what this exposes to us is that we are a nation WROL: Without Rule of Law. The people need to know that so they can respond accordingly by refusing to obey any and all laws as well. The SYSTEM responds by permitting grand larceny, but jailing anyone who STOPS grand larceny. WORSE than NO rule of law. Like You-Flation, a Rule of Law that only exists against YOU.

    This is already past-tense, so since there’s no #Logos and time is just optional, “if we don’t look out, something like that might happen someday.” That already happened 3 years ago. But probably not. Don’t put me on record for it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 27 2023 #142038
    Dr. D

    Btw the allegation they should have police tape up predicates that you also believe it was a crime scene.

    What crime was committed that authorizes this, Polemos?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 27 2023 #142037
    Dr. D

    “If I said 10 years ago that in the future… nobody would believe it:”

    We know this because people DID say it. Over and over and over. Alex Jones for instance. And no one DID believe it. So…we tried that method, as the Good Guys must, but then we turned to other plans that work.

    “On Saturday, he was booked at a Georgia jail and released on bail, becoming the first US leader to have a mugshot taken.”

    Now that’s a sad day indeed. So many other leaders deserved it long before now.

    “attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.”

    Yes, by filing all the legal methods and processes. Legal = Illegal. A ≠ A. Gee, I knew they hated the law and never followed it anymore, but I didn’t realize they now arrest anyone who DOES follow the law and uses it properly. I guess that was inevitable.

    “more Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in the first 18 months of this war than the number of American soldiers killed during the decade-plus war in Vietnam.”

    That’s so off-base it’s almost false. Ukraine lost more soldiers than we lost in all WWII. TWICE as many. Ukraine is also ¼ of the size we were then, so EIGHT TIMES as many as the U.S. lost in our greatest war ever. And can’t take a small village. According to WaPo, this is a bunch of useless, cowardly slinks who are “Casualty Averse”. Since they’re eight times braver than we are, what does that make us?

    “The appointed outside counsel should be someone with “a reputation for integrity and impartial decision-making.”

    Why do we bother to laboriously pass laws if everybody’s just going to ignore them? Just don’t pass any and save yourself the time. The law had only two parts, was well-written and we see why both parts are vital. They then ignored both and much more and nobody cares.

    Attorney General Garland, there is no alternative for the House but to launch the impeachment inquiry.”

    I presume that’s why they won’t do it.

    ““The fact that Joe Biden gave away $1 billion in U.S. money in exchange for my dismissal – my firing – isn’t that alone a case of corruption?”

    Of course not. It’s my Party. Anyone who accuses US, is an unbalanced, fact-free conspiracy theorist. I know that from my couch without looking at or reading anything. Chad just handed me “The Memo”. You in Europe and elsewhere may suspect I’m being hyperbolic. I assure you as an American, I am not. This is literally what 1/3 – 2/3rds of the country believes. And the less they know or read about it, the surer they are. So they are very, VERY sure and like it that way.

    “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” ― William Butler Yeats

    “Josep Borrell, claimed on Saturday that the sanctions are “producing hard, tangible effects across Russia’s economy,” the IMF has forecast that the Russian economy will continue to grow by 0.7% this year and 1.3% in 2024.”

    While Borrell’s economy is shrinking at 5x that. That’s how you know they’re winning.

    ““The USA has pushed Europe into the competition of who will help Ukraine and how much: a military aid competition,”

    Have we now? Why didn’t the poor, helpless, innocent victims in Europe say “no”? I guess Europe is so weak and spineless we should have “pushed” them into being the 51st state and they’d just have to have said “yes.” Or territory, as they wouldn’t get to vote. This thing with everyone being a victim is just astonishing. Astonishing that it works and their heads don’t explode on contract with the words. Here’s a suggestion I’m pushing: everyone in Europe – or just the EU government – shoot yourselves in the head for me. Since you simply can’t say “no” it’ll green the earth and make more room for the rest of us.

    What, no? Why not? Because you CAN say no? Anytime you want to? And do so all the time? You only say “Yes” when you can blame somebody else for it? Uh huh.

    You must be the “Royal Prince”, “Millionaire”, “World Traveler”, “Victim”. — South Park. Like peanut butter, “Victim” goes with everything! Right Oprah, Taylor Lorenz?

    That’s Europe. Both the Garden, and the Victim. Awwww, poor wee laddies, helpless before the endless majesty that is America.

    “Pressman, a California-born lawyer who formerly worked as an aide to then-US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, has harangued Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government for policies restricting promotion of LGBTQ lifestyles.”

    Well thank God they’re not religious so they can say killing a million Iraqi kids was worth it. This is what we all prayed for back in the dark ages when we were religious, that someday this blight of religion – and patriarchy – would end, so we could kill 6-10 million kids worldwide under non-religious people with names like “Madeline” and “Nikki” and “Susan” and “Hillary” and “Victoria”. Ah, peace at last now that the women – gay women? Are they women? How dare I assume they are women? Are in charge…

    Don’t worry, we here at home feel the same way the Poles and Hungarians and Russians do, and get the same reaction from the same colonists. I think Russia STILL hasn’t had as many people killed as we have. At 30k/year for 10 years using only one method alone, that’s a lot of people. Russia’s probably only lost 60k soldiers so far, a bargain at twice the price. We might lose that many in the Ohio Chernobyl, who knows? Ain’t no doctor going to find out and publish it.

    “Biden administration officials are privately bracing for a “war of attrition” that will last well into next year.”

    Because time doesn’t exist, this “War of Attrition” might happen if we’re not careful.

    “There is nothing that has been done to increase US munitions or weapons production since those reports came out that would allow the US to arm the Ukrainian military to enable it to fight Russia”

    Huh. Why? What’s going on? Do Arms dealers not like money or does Congress not like spending it?

    It’s almost seems like the Left wanted a ethnic genocide of 25M people so they could hand a nation the size of France to Russia. Doesn’t it? Huh. Why would they do that, which was so obvious from about the first 10 days?

    “Interfere in the day-to-day operations of TikTok in the US. … full authority to examine TikTok’s servers, equipment, records, facilities, and other properties, according to the draft. …block changes to the app’s US terms of service, privacy policy, and moderation policies and veto the hiring of any individual involved in data security for the US….submit to outside audits, assessments, code inspections, and cybersecurity checks by supposedly independent entities chosen by the US government. …exclude ByteDance’s executives from security-related decisions, instead deferring to an executive security committee whose actions would also be concealed from ByteDance. The company would be required to foot the bill for these intrusions.”

    This the POINT of regulations. At all. They EXIST to run extortion and interfere. For money. Pay Biden, and all these problems go away! Like Amazon refusing to collect sales taxes for +10 years, giving them a straight-up 10% price advantage, unemploying every worker in every state. As long as it’s illegal, Everyone approves.

    Jimmy Dore was following J Law yesterday, who was trying to avoid direct fire by pointing out corruption in all parties as e.g. a Senator must raise $17,000 a DAY to stay in office. That shouldn’t happen. Great, but WHY DOES it happen? and how can it really be stopped? They only pay the Senator anything because he can DO something for them, sell the donors a product. Remove the regulation and there’s no reason to pay a Senator to jack it for you. And don’t be a child and go Ayn Rand on me: the “regulation” occurs at every level of the court system and always has, if you break, harm, or disadvantage somebody you get sued for damages. The difference is, you’ve have to bribe EVERY court and EVERY judge, which can’t be done and the law gets through. It’s more economical to bribe just one Senator. Remove the power to meddle in every machine screw in the economy nationwide, worldwide – like was originally intended, and remains the actual law – and it all goes away. What? No? What is this?

    ” “No State shall . . . pass any . . . Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts.” — A1 S10 You mean they can’t meddle in contracts, and thus in the free economy? It’s specifically, illegal as the very first law ever written? But that’s illegal! How do they do it, then?

    That’s TikTok, and how you know it’s not “Capitalism”. It’s Capitalism except the government can and does, affect, regulate, control, and erase every decision of every “Means of Production” every day for 100 years. Riiiight.

    ““Russian dissident Prigozhin” WTF? He was “A scholar and a father, a deeply religious man who will be sorely missed” – The Media on ISIS head-chopping liver-eaters. Yeah, Prigzhin and Navalny, practically blood brothers…

    I realize the Trump ad has that whatever it is subliminal Bernays tech in it. It’s “The Memo”. Since I can’t see it, I’m influence-blind, can anybody read it for me and tell me what it says? Frustrating, but we can’t all have all abilities.

    Maui: News it again the dog that didn’t bark, the clue that wasn’t there. Where are the mangled, scorched bodies of all the children? I heard they were sent home from school, so…shouldn’t they all be there? Gruesome, but that’s the reason to keep the media out, because if they’re not in their kitchens and front lawns, where are they?

    The fences are just for fun and the bulldozer drivers are normal Joes who would talk, Hahahahahahahaha! Sure. Super funny. Newsflash: you can’t go anywhere you want even when there’s NOT a fire. It’s private property. But okay, what does the country do for 300 years in normal states? In order to NOT have conspiracy theories and non-stop allegations of cover-up, they hand pick friendly reporters to come inside, CNN even, and walk them around on a leash like always. Not even that. Nope. Sorry. No way. There’s something there. The crime scene is so obvious that even CNN on coke, even NPR with their 80 IQs could see something wrong, and not just somewhere, but everywhere. Or they’d stop all this and have the usual velvet-rope tour with a camera smashing bodyguard right behind them.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 26 2023 #141976
    Dr. D


    Sick. RFK says so many things, but one is the level of chronic illness is highest in the U.S. and has been rising directly for decades. Since a certain interesting date. This is met with no curiosity at all and great enthusiasm by the medical industry and government.


    It’s “The Least of Us” argument. Sex workers like even Only Fans are de-banked, yet Crypto refuses to leave them a workaround. Howso? Crypto went to a bunch of online speculators, then cashing out in dollars, instead of last-mile retailers accepting coin. Now the banks rig both price and access. Everyone in Crypto applauds, it seems, while mouthing the “decentralized exchange” Libertarian hymns as usual. Ugh. Who knew Libertarians were the MOST naive and LEAST honest people around? They’ve got strong competition for those bad attributes.

    Point being, if you want to know what’s really going on, ask the undermensch, the fringe. Ask immigrants, criminals, people on the run. If they’re being treated fairly, if they want back into the system, you’re going somewhere. If the system exploits them, and helps, like in this case anyone in porn, and all the Left talking about the innate honor and goodness and equality of women and sex work, and then f—s them.

    Why? Because like always if the system does this to “Them”, whoever “Them” is, the Roma, the Indians, the Jews, the Poor, the Pentacostals, the KKK, the Trans queens in Harlem, they will immediately do it to YOU next.

    Speaking of, is there a better movie for today than “Demolition Man” 1993 Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock, Nigel Hawthorne, Denis Leary, Bob Gunton, Glenn Shadix, Rob Schneider, Jack Black, Jesse Ventura, is there anybody NOT in this movie? And it’s a world of 2030 now owned by mega-franchises, where alien ant farmers want virtual sex, have outlawed babies to a lab, where everything is illegal, and even the police are as children. Every theme of 2023 is in it in the best way, so not only is it one of the big best action movies (No GGI, they ACTUALLY blew up a building to film it), not only it is a silly hootenanny, but also looks prescient like today’s news. I was thinking of getting the script and inserting it in the Apocrypha between Esdras and Maccabees.

    Well, go have a good time, it’s fun to watch and think about, unlike the ACTUAL 2023, which isn’t nearly any fun, but at least we’re not fined for swearing. Yet. Only for THINKING about it. Like CJ Hopkins.

    “See, according to Cocteau’s plan, I’m the enemy. Cause I like to think, I like to read. I’m into freedom of speech and freedom of choice. I’m the kind if guy who wants to sit in a greasy spoon and think, “Gee, should I have the T-bone steak or the jumbo rack of barbecued ribs with the side order of gravy fries?” I want high cholesterol. I want to eat bacon, butter and buckets of cheese, okay? I want to smoke a Cuban cigar the size of Cincinnati in a non-smoking section. I wanna run through the streets naked with green Jello all over my body reading Playboy magazine. Why? Because I suddenly might feel the need to. Okay, pal? I’ve seen the future, you know what it is? It’s a 47-year-old virgin sittin’ around in his beige pajamas, drinking a banana-broccoli shake singing “I’m an Oscar-Meyer Wiener”. You wanna live on top, you gotta live Cocteau’s way. What he wants, when he wants, how he wants. Your other choice: come down here, maybe starve to death.” –Denis Leary, channeling what USED to be the Left.

    Remember: the Least of Us. You’re Next.

    And Denis Leary in that Trump ad. Which I don’t understand at all. Boobs? Hire Trump and that’s what you’ll get?

    • Europeans Fear Biden Will Push Ukraine To Peace – Bloomberg (RT)

    Don’t be ridiculous, next year is election year. There’ll be no peace until at least November. And Covid, the world’s most politically-aware virus, will appear now and disappear about then too.

    “The US is unlikely to give Ukraine “anywhere near the same level” of military aid in 2024 compared to this year, “

    They’re not pro Peace, it’s just election season. They’ll nuke Russia and then “Have to” open the floodgates but aw shucks we meant to cut back!

    Like the last 50 years.

    “• Ukraine Mess Will Cost US $600 Bln More Even If Fighting Stopped Tomorrow (Sp.)

    Yeah, but what’s half a trillion between friends? Thankfully Oliver Anthony doesn’t need that, living in a camper on the side of a mountain. And certainly BALTIMORE doesn’t need it with their 0% graduation rate.

    “• Ukraine Ends With ‘Post-Zelensky Warlord’ – Ramaswamy (RT)

    Inside says Ramaswamy is a hand-picked as-actor of the pharmaceutical industry. As an amateur, his foreign policy is straight NeoCon, or can easily merge and channel it. That doesn’t mean he knows this, but his backers make sure he’s the new…who is that useless, nameless, pointless brown guy in England right now? Yeah, whoever he is, that guy who’s less relevant than Truss. Wow! That’s what they want Ramaswamy to be installed as, where he’ll reverse all these talking points and platforms like every politician ever. So I hear and it seems likely. Thus the swap of DeSantis and him, with NBC talking him up excitedly.

    Uh-huh. If they don’t try to kill you, you’re not qualified. But I’m happy if his backers keep him bringing up all these real, authentic, straightforward points in the election. That’s his purpose to me. THEY have now moved the Overton window. At least accommodating a teeny amount of reality.

    And can any living being tell me WTF Pence, Haley, and Christie are doing in the election? They have the same chance as Navalny and Guido. The act of their very existence is an embarrassment to the Republican party and an affront to all members.

    “Prigozhin’s departure along with his core group of senior commanders will incalculably weaken Wagner.”

    At some point it’s what you know. So they could jail/retire Prigozhen and go ask him on a beach house his advice, because he knows and met everybody. Okay, now multiply that times the 10 other passengers. See why Putin might want Prigozhen but it’s unsensible he would wipe out all Wagner talent AND the Pilot AND over Russia AND the weekend of the BRICS meeting? Just no…too far.

    “Almost half the world’s oil. Now add Venezuela.”

    Venezuela is part of the United States, you have to understand this. With only light gasses coming out of our drilling right now, we literally cannot make oil without Heavies like Orinoco…or the tar sands, but that’s the planet’s biggest CONSUMER of natural gas. That means our and their fields are tied together as one. Our national securities are tied together as one. And we blew it in the biggest way. So sad. Shucks, all broken up about it.

    “the stunned collective West, to fully grasp the enormity of the new strategic stakes.”

    They grasp it, that’s why they’re bombing the s—t out of them all until they ran out of bombs (Obama in Africa). And trying to start WWIII daily. However, the failure to grasp is that they think they’re still a player and in the game and they’re not, they already lost.

    “Trump’s First X Post Gets Over 210 MILLION Views In 24 Hours (DCE)

    Doesn’t that Trump mugshot look like it came from a 2-hour photo shoot? Yeah. I’m sure it’s all real and not WWE at all. Whatever.

    So the world’s biggest billionaire insider, a pro abortion, pro-gun control liberal from NYC is now Che Guevara x Soledad Brothers? You can’t pay for this, neither can you make it up. Whatever, fools, whatever. The only point here is America loves underdogs. You can’t get elected unless you’re the underdog, well known.

    “• The Trump Mugshot Ignites a Tinderbox Nation (Turley)

    Clearly not. And there’s no need to make stuff up. If there were any “tinderbox” and the Right had the slightest inclination to do…anything besides stay home, count their money and read their Bibles wouldn’t you have seen it by now? Not according to Biden. The most dangerous group in America is the group armed with 400 million guns and doing…exactly nothing with them. How dare they make peace! That’s the one thing we can’t (under)Stand!

    BTW they’re all racist and homophobic which is why with 400 million guns and the police missing in Action, exactly NOTHING happens to either group. Ever. Not for 60 years. With 400 million guns if they twitched their pinky finger with approbation toward some group, 10,000 people would get killed. No one is. No one has. Ever. But that’s Ghira: rage against reality. For lifetimes. This was demonstrable bulls—t before I was born and it’s become more so every year. Doesn’t matter a bit.

    No, if it’s a “Tinderbox” who’s the tinder, John? We’ve got enough lies, don’t make up more.

    Back to reality, what this does is SETTLE THIS S—T DOWN. On the LEFT, not the Right. The LEFT is now elated, having gotten what they want and is in no mood to riot for a change. In my opinion, that’s a setup, but since they are incapable of human thought but get their thinking from TikTok, they can’t comprehend how astonishingly infantile their strategy is. They’re winning which is why if I were Donald Trump, I would have paid a billion in cash to arrange for exactly this to happen. Winning means only helping your opponent here in #OppositeLand. Like Ukraine, handed to Russia, ethnically cleansed and everyone LIKES the cleansing.

    “• Elon Musk Says He’s Being Sued For ‘Political Purposes’ (RT)

    This is the whole POINT of government. That’s why it, and regulation, exists at ALL. Starting in 1798 (or 1598) and moving forward from there.

    The POINT of regulation is EXTORTION. You PAY us donations and do whatever we want, or we apply it to you. If that’s good, you pay No Taxes whatsoever, zero, forever, like Amazon, GE, etc. while breaking every Labor, Environmental, and Financial law ever written.

    Poor Elon. As an African American, he thought the U.S. was only as corrupt as South Africa, but we’re much MUCH more corrupt than that.

    Speaking of his African Homeland, South Africa’s grid is about to collapse and probably can’t be stopped. All the surrounding nation’s grids will collapse as well if they do. Pains me to say it, but this is exactly what the White Rulers said would happen in 1990. Every word.

    Speaking of groups, today’s episode of weird things that happened in the past, we have What happened after Joseph-of-the-bad-fashion-choices in Genesis 39. This loose tribe appeared in civilized Egypt during hard economic times because Egypt had an open border. Over time, they did well there, and there were probably more of them in Egypt than in their homeland. However, being a different culture, they refused to integrate with the local pantheistic Egyptian population in religion, language, and culture. This all came to a head when there were SO MANY of this other group AND they were the only ones doing any work while the native Egyptians sat on their butts in luxury. You’ve got clashes that only this group is running the government, therefore accused of plotting, pulling them away from true Egyptian culture, while at the same time, you can’t expel them or the whole national economy would collapse. (And Egyptians would have to do some work again). Therefore, the government has no choice but to make them de-facto “Slaves” although technically they weren’t in any way we understand.

    Thus when a charismatic leader is raised by them in the inner court this isn’t at all unusual, nor that he would get kicked into exile. When he returns, he offers to solve their problem by removing all his nation to somewhere else, while the Pharaoh – who apparently hates them — cannot allow this. In fact, when he’s forced to, he changes his mind and still realizes the nation will economically collapse with their extradition.

    Historically, this is exactly what happened. Egypt collapsed with this event and in fact never recovered the mythical age of pyramids, although apparently there were climate events at the same time compounding the problems. You can see this in archaeology where events occur and one day people just vanish from all sorts of southern towns, leaving the food on the table. Egypt breaks apart and falls into warlordism for +100 years and can’t recover itself.

    Does that make the story – both theirs and ours – more understandable? Don’t create these conditions. No one will survive them. Language, Borders, Culture.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 25 2023 #141915
    Dr. D

    Will? Like in the future?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 25 2023 #141914
    Dr. D

    I realized yesterday another key corner of Marxism: it’s Progressivism. I mean duh, but the root is the same: Marx says the tide of history is inevitable, a straight economic line from the caves to the stars. Since the Glorious Revolution was inevitable they were only helping it along, to move faster. Progressives the same thing, the “Right side of history” where everyone before me was a moron and we are the sum total of evolution, better, smarter, more moral than anyone in history ever. Thus we discard our fathers, all their books and statues and “Listen to the children” like Greta (Now long an adult).

    But look what this premises: it’s a clockwork, Newtonian world, devoid of all Free Will, all human action, where all humans are a tabula rasa, mere victims of their environments. You’re not supposed to DO anything. You have no responsibilities, only blame. And it appears that foundation does not produce the best results. The social engineers, the Philosopher Kings like that best since they think THEY are the only non-NPCs, the 5 or 10 of them are the only actors and can direct the alien ant farm as an inert object, a machine devoid of life or any will of their own. …Or so they treat Black People, it seems. In contrast environmentalists seem to prove their argument, marching to every order, incapable of thought for 40 years now, and no surprise therefore the environment is worse than ever, faster than ever as they’ve all checked out on vacation, uncaring of clean air, water, anything but their one-true god. Carbon. Which = both money and worldwide mass death.

    Anyway, ARE we in a world with no free will, where every event is inevitable and leads only in one straight line to the UniFuture, or do we have responsibilities and choices?



    The purging of love inevitably yields a hatred of truth. Satan is a liar and the father of lies because God is Himself Truth, and thus satan, in his warped desire to be God, and resulting hatred of God, can only ever pervert truth in an effort to lead others away from God, and into eternal hell with satan himself.

    If you have ever been the object of a Diabolical Narcissist’s rage, you will recognize this dynamic almost immediately. DNs cannot stand any confrontation, criticism, or correction when they are demonstrated to be in error. They will rage at anyone they perceive to be a threat, with the level of rage escalating in proportion to the logic of the argument that they are confronted with. You know you have a DN intellectually pinned when all they can do is scream obscenities and schoolyard insults at you.

    This is also why DNs generally surround themselves with people that either are genuinely dumb, or people the DN perceives to be dumb. Have you ever known someone that would openly lecture or berate their “friends”, family or employees for being “f***ing stupid”? Have you ever been mystified by a person who seemed to be extremely intelligent, but would only surround himself with people who were beneath his intellectual level, thus ensuring his dominance, and would actively drive out anyone of any intellectual gravitas, with the only possible exception being a specific Alpha Psychopath above him to which the DN was politically, commercially or socially attached?

    Narcissistic raging in the face of logical argument and confrontation.

    …The Social Justice Warrior raging is GHIRA. The more you confront SJWs with the illogic and irrationality of their arguments and positions, the more they rage – and make no mistake, that rage WILL TURN VIOLENT, as in the French Revolution.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 25 2023 #141913
    Dr. D

    Mug Shot:

    As they say, staying up nights, have and entire crew chomping on the bit and staying up nights waiting to merch all the mug shots for the election. And you can see from this one he was ready. Top notch! Thanks!

    Anyway, FINALLY get this show on the road, 5 or 20 years too late. With Trump in jail you could arrest people, get the USSC involved, AND use Brunson if you want to. Before that escalation it looks like coup and interference. THEY have to do it.

    “Jack Smith’s indictments of Donald Trump are unconstitutional because he was already tried in the Senate.”

    It depends, his indictments are so broad and lavish it may include new events. Being acquitted doesn’t mean you’re free pass for all FUTURE bank robberies, or that if you’re acquitted for robbery and they find out you were also doing fraud. AND, whether certain acts are part of a crime aren’t as simple as you think. If you got a car for the bank robbery but later use it for something else, another crime, it it part of the first crime or the second? Etc. In concept they are fully correct, it should be remedied, stay very far from the red lines, both for legal reasons and for optics and legitimacy. In which case, the USSC or appeals should swat him but hard, but they won’t and already have many times, remember Flynn where the Judge was met over the Judicial Board who told him direction to stop immediately and he didn’t care? And nothing happened? That happens every day except for the part where the board meets and cares at all. Ask Armstrong. They swapped judges during the trial and just went in and edited his testimony during the trial. No one cares, it was only his getting to the USSC 5 years later, a miracle on par with the Red Sea parting, that they dropped it, and therefore, no remedy, no punishment! They sat on the bench doing that until they retired on a lavish federal pension.

    “Ukraine Will ‘Capitulate Unconditionally’ (Scott Ritter)a

    This wasn’t necessary initially, although NATO would have had to back off and undo decades of illegal NATO. But it is now, and Russia will have little trouble accomplishing it.

    For Progozhin, I can’t say. So this was on a plane with a number of other valuable people, including the pilot, are they so sloppy as to do that? Isn’t it easier to put him on trial? Or do you think Putin is incapable, this was his only removal option? And during the BRICS summit, which is a time not to do these things for optics. And in Russia. Wouldn’t you just pick an accident in Africa? Ow about that he was whacked by Kiev or London? Wouldn’t that look better and be more useful? CNN picked it immediately and immediately it looks like they had a second Wagner Coup cooked up using this as the wedge and premise.

    Pro: he can’t have a trial, he’d start talking and also own the prisons. It WAS in Russia, who else could do that there? It’s certainly possible that he didn’t want a trial, didn’t care about the other passengers who were involved, and needed to send THIS message, or at least muddy the waters for deniability. But overall, I’d pick France. It doesn’t seem Putinesque, although it’s not outside possibility and in contrast to Western cartoons, we don’t have a very large body of “removals” as a data set to estimate from.

    Don’t care. As Benton says, things are happening so fast, all I want to calculate now is what happens next. The only reason I bring it up is to stop weak, sloppy thinking that it had to be, X.

    “The Ukrainian counteroffensive launched more than two months ago “has not gained any ground yet,” Brieger said”

    That. Is a CATASTROPHE. If in two months an offensive you planned for a year is a total zero, you’re dead. Everybody knows that unless you’re sniffing glue, which is why Brieger said it.

    Remember: they ordered Russia to Shock and Awe and occupy the whole country. It’s right there on page 55 of the script where Darth Vader meets Gru. It never occurred to them that anyone has any brains, since they themselves don’t.

    Brieger then looks up from the glue bottle and talks about supporting Ukraine when Germany YESTERDAY, refused AGAIN to keep even their EXISTING Nato defense spending agreements. But later, they will, of course. After they wash their cat. Or as they say in Russia, “when a crayfish climbs up the mountain and whistles.”

    “The Search for Robert L. Peters: He Goes By Various Names. But Why? (Turley)

    What if the “Big Guy” is really Obama? Or since Obama is himself just a puppet, channeled through “him” to the Derp State he’s the front for? We do all ask who is running the White House since it’s clearly not Joe.

    “we are finally learning that Joe Biden really did fire Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin for looking into state corruption involving the oil company Burisma and Hunter Biden—and ultimately Joe Biden himself.”

    We knew that the minute he said it on camera for what was it, the WEF? That was 4 years ago? We were all called what is that, theorists? Or translated, people-who-could-click-play-and-aren’t-morons?

    WHY are they saying “WE…only just know now”? Who’s this “We” stuff you always have in media? “5 Weird 90s shows we all fell in love with” We??? What you’re doing is EXCUSING YOURSELF for being a SPINELESS, MORONIC, CREDIBLE, IDIOT. Nobody Knewd, except for everybody who said it for years in public by the hundred-thousands. Just like us over Tech, then oil, then subprime, then Russia, then…

    How this s—t works is beyond me. When I hear that my impulse is, “You’re fired. You’re either a moron not to know, or a coward not to say it.” I’m not a “We” in either category.

    Thanks to your “We”, we now had to suffer another 3 years of this, 100,000 more Americans have died, and we have 5 million desperate fighting-age men roaming around your neighborhood. But maybe in your gated community you’re not sharing the “We” the rest of us get, where they run drugs and chuck women off piers in San Francisco.

    “Hunter Biden used Air Force 2 to get to at least 15 different countries.”

    Same as above. We always knew. THEY always knew. Biden was just doing what he always did, what was done increasingly the whole 50 years of his career. It’s impossible NOT to know. And all this to defend a guy who is against bussing to “The Jungle”, attacks “Superpredators” and jailed more Black People than anyone ever. …I guess Democrats like that sort of thing, going right back to Jackson and Wallace, and their dearest favorite of his and Hillary’s, Grand Wizard Byrd. Disgusting. This is what they’re defending with their un-credible “Nobody Knewd”.

    Oh and showering, Hunter’s crack, and marrying his brother’s wife. Family Values!

    “Pentagon budget – over $750 billion, more than triple that of China – the US Navy’s carrier fleet, and the size of the US Air Force.”

    Speaking of un-credible that everybody knows, always knew, and had to know. $750B that buys nothing, a U.S. Navy that’s a floating target, a tin can that every one would be sunk in 30 minutes if they used them against anything but goats, and an Air Force made of planes that can’t fly. #Winning. …Note this still COULD be P.R. to try to sucker the Russians to fight and we have fixes for all this plus weapons like Maui. But my guess is no. Or as we see in Russia, having ONE missile as a demo isn’t the same as having them rolling off the assembly line, and we only have untested demos.

    For example: they were readying the jets for U.S. Hypersonic missiles. You mean all the missiles we don’t have and never developed? Is that like the Space plane we have or don’t have on alternate days? The one that doesn’t exist but was in the news for orbiting for 400 days?

    “We import electricity from neighbors, from nuclear power plants that are located in France or Belgium”

    Not for long! And the whole West is shrinking at 3% minimum for 20 years. Like the 30’s there are non stop headlines of how it’s “Not a Depression”, “Green Shoots” “The Sun’ll come out…tomorrow” and “Fear itself.” It’s quite astonishing to look at them, like, can they – the NY Times – really deny the Great Depression for all 13 years? Yes. Yes they can, did, are proud to, and never took a credibility hit for it. Nor FDR for getting us out of the Depression with the WPA that we never got out of ‘til the war. …After the war, technically. Like 1954. There was an official post-war recession. Both, neither. Written right in the textbooks with a straight face.

    Maui/FEMA: this is why all arrests and trials have to be public. Although removing them all would keep THESE guys from mischief, going dark does nothing for the rest of us, nor as a signal to other purveyors of mischief. They could have already arrested everyone in Congress, everyone in the CDC, etc replaced them all with un-aging clones, as was rumored for YEARS, and what difference would it make? None because we don’t get to know and adjust, and the behavior doesn’t stop.

    This is above the other part, which is that IF we think there’s nobody out there arresting people who deserve it, the people may at some point start firing away without evidence or process. The process helps THE CRIMINALS, and keeps THEM safe. Safe from ME. So kiss that policeman who will guard you from US. You know, Sikhs with bats in Bakersfield. So skeptical? I haven’t even got that far, only that it’s useless either way.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 24 2023 #141877
    Dr. D

    Weird cool things from the past: Did you know Joseph was like 30 years older than Mary? And apparently he won her in some weird Jewish sex (or in this case, marriage) lottery I don’t understand. So it was an “arranged” marriage, arranged by luck, which is weird since her mother Anne was right there and they were pretty well off. He was extremely quiet, extremely shy, extremely mild guy with no ambition and everyone picked on him, which explains how he wasn’t married with a Jewish mother at the age of 45.

    Anyway, you know what they say: older parents, church patriarchs, real mild “Spare the rod” types who think their-son-can-do-no-wrong: Well they have rebellious sons who act out, get in trouble with the law, and come to a bad end, that’s what.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 24 2023 #141870
    Dr. D

    If you hadn’t caught it, everything is a lie. Weiss was not a Trump appointee, they just report it because it’s a lie. The kernel, which doesn’t even count this time, is that Cheeto didn’t actively replace him when he could have.

    DeSantis just keeps dropping, now firmly behind Ramaswamy. So all the political expense they took allowing him to look like a good guy in Florida apparently just means they lost. Allowed medical reality, took hits to not amputate children in school, all that. Now, when they arranged to have him knock out Trump on the Republican platform that isn’t so RINO, the people are aware from the first word and go around him. How’s that work? Fox has Koch brothers strategist in the “random” voter group so he can get air time puffing Ron.

    Authenticity is currency” boys. It’s something they wouldn’t understand. Now I don’t think Ron is in on this much, he’s just a previous-level politico. But they laid off him like a light switch a while ago, got him in the spotlight non-stop, then worked his ego about how great he is. As they got him to run, then inject moron RINO Leftist managers into his campaign and mostly surrounded by them. If you didn’t know, this is how they vote-rig too. The candidate must remain blissfully innocent of all the skullduggery, which is the job of the campaign manager to hire vote stuffers who fill their cars with ballots and get 100 votes per mailbox in apartment blocks like we saw last time. …All caught and all nothing happened to any of them. That’s what we pay campaign managers for, and why you can’t do without them as the OTHER guy has them too — you’ll never get elected without rigging in a rigged system.

    That’s why they can’t look at the vote btw and are “as of one mind” about it. Unless your IQ is 80, after a campaign or two, you’ve seen enough to grasp that’s what every campaign manager is doing. So why won’t Kemp look at wild, obvious, open voter in GA, or McConnell in KY? And every other Republican anywhere? Because they all got elected via vote rigging too, and always have. They’ll all be removed if anyone looks at Trump’s allegations, so they’re not going down, career ended, to save ol’ orange face. They’ll circle the wagons and defend fraud and crime to the death. Against every word and principle of the Republic. …And he knows it, of course, but perhaps not the level.

    That’s the point though: how can you have a McConnell, where his own people boo him in his own district? Because no one likes him, he was never voted in in the first place. As with Schiff, Pelosi, Feinstein… Because the selecting, not electing is done on the soft like this, that’s how an AOC can get it sometimes, in which case they dust off a 500-page, 200-year old playbook and capture her within 6 weeks and she gives Pelosi a tongue bath on camera, then votes pro-war.

    “Federal Judge Sides With Christian Activist Banned by University for Calling Transgender Student ‘Male’

    Again, if you’re not trans and I call you “Buttercup” and “Sissypants”, it’s all fine. Because SOME animals are more equal than others. We have a special, protected class. And if you’re very, very good and say just what we want you can be special too! That leaves only ONE group that isn’t protected…

    “During the Cold War, the CIA compromised some 400 American journalists under Operation Mockingbird.”

    Don’t be silly, that’s a conspiracy theory, which is why it’s in Wikipedia as true, official reality, citing open Congressional testimony under oath. Both. Neither. To have cognitive dissonance, you’d have to ‘cognate’.

    “Ukraine is failing in its offensive and they’re looking for somebody to blame instead of blaming themselves,”

    Look at what is not happening, the dog that didn’t bark. If Ukraine was a country, and if they believed in this, their grim resolve would be focused on how they can withstand and maintain their nation in the face of certain defeat and Russian occupation. That Ukraine, being eternal, can outlast them as they did under the USSR. And if they keep believing in God and the justice of their cause, they must prevail. …You know, like Ireland. Or if France were to be overrun, or America…

    But they’re running around like Pop Warner kids, or rather their sport parents, wondering who to blame. That means Ukraine is not a country, and doesn’t have a cause. How do you win then?

    It will be different.

    “American hegemony is in decline, and that a more multipolar world – in which Washington must treat “rising” powers like China as equals – is emerging.”

    Never forget this is also being fought for at home, they have a rebellion in the ranks here to end the US Empire and NeoCons. We’re not being passive actors of history we just couldn’t get the upper hand on them before.

    • Rand Paul on Return of COVID Measures: “These People Have No Shame” (SN)

    People finally noticing. ZERO CASES. = Mask mandates. WTF? And the few cases elsewhere, somebody had? Zero news on the death rate, so I assume it’s also Zero. So we’re locking down for a disease that isn’t here, and also doesn’t do anything, no one can even tell if you have it, including the ‘patient’. Because “authority” a huge % will still support it but…

    Prigozhin’s plane. Okay, here’s a hot dog vendor who made every general in NATO look like an idiot for a year, lost them the war, then his group’s very existence shut off $100B in French colonialism yesterday. Who’s your prime suspect? Okay, is this the WAY Putin would have killed him? Since the above, remember he can’t retire either, nor go anywhere, NATO will be whacking him worldwide, never rest. So the only way to call up Putin immediately, get the $6B from the Idiots at Langley, then move troops to Belarus a mile from Kiev while having a loyalty test that sends the others to Africa, and to live to enjoy your money, is to fake your death and retire to Ken Lay island.

    I’m not saying this DID happen, but this is spy stuff, keep your mind open. One key to me is CNN was all over it from the first moment. That only happens when they know beforehand because otherwise they need to stuff their heads up Langley’s *ss to get “Orders”. It takes +24h for them to release “The Memo” if they didn’t know it was happening.

    I don’t understand Maui. They shut off the water, and got the conditions right with the wind. So just have a $5k hitman use a box of matches, a cigarette butt, a mylar ballon in the power lines. It’s still all planned, all sanctioned by the State, but couldn’t be easier and you wouldn’t create all this.

    Okay, not saying that to be dumb, that’s an honest question. Why? Because the Derp State is losing like the losing losers who lose that they are. So they are talking to the White Hats saying “We still have this thing and are happy to use it, don’t F- with us.” For example. We’ve seen the White Hats stop things, like the rappelling down in downtown L.A. on Oscar night was one of them it seems. Several labs get in the news, Gate’s lab, the CA lab, not just Ukraine.

    But they’re Hydra, and you can’t know or stop all of them. In a war people get killed, don’t be a child. I don’t need to speculate on this or how, we know a wide variety of agreed-on facts, such as stealing the land and the Vegas police chief stopping evacuation that I’d rather explain first.

    The Spam filter is as Day describes it, it hits all the time but I have no problems to log out and back in again for years. The only stupid thing is it says “Add the two numbers. 7″ Add seven? Is it…seven?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 23 2023 #141807
    Dr. D

    What I see now in old paintings and photos? “How is that child healthy and not overweight, toothless, drooling, and deformed”?

    “Ex-Head Of JPMorgan’s Precious Metals Desk Sentenced To Prison For Manipulation

    Since he does that FOR Morgan, whose client is the U.S. Government, what was he jailed for, dipping on the side? You’ll have to do better to prove they’re not still market rigging, this isn’t proof.

    “In my case, the trip to Atlanta is not for ‘Murder,’ but for making a PERFECT PHONE CALL!”

    He keeps saying that, and it has some double meaning but I don’t know what it is. That they were all live, illegally listening in (we know this from Vindman) and then impeached him over it. If he’d made a mistake then, they would have had something to go on nd the White Hats knew it (and probably coached him). He wants to remind them he knew they were listening and did it anyway, The Plan was a Fail. Since these Plans take months since they’re drooling morons and think slow, he’s rubbing it in.

    “Andy Ngo Awarded $300,000 In Antifa Attack Lawsuit

    They’ll just beat him up over it again. We already know it’s an Attack-Asians-at-Will zone.

    “Chicago Official Suggests “Purge” Style Ordinance For Gun Violence Prevention

    So…all the people who aren’t following the law in your gun-free zone, ARE going to follow the law when you ask this time?

    I finally realize their fantasy isn’t “Criminals always follow the law” their fantasy is “Everybody obeys me.” I.e. “I Am God.”

    On Oliver: “Who Turns Downs Millions? People Who Believe We Are Heading For “F**k It” Phase”

    I was thinking this too. When? When YOU make it so money doesn’t buy anything, it’s worthless. When money doesn’t buy peace, or peace of mind. That’s Socialism. Money is now worthless, and only Party Favors have value, social status, who owes who and who has blackmail. The Currency is now popularity at the Mean Girls Table. If there are no (fair) courts, essentially there is no Property, and therefore no Capitalism. Why own “Money” when what you really need – like Justice and safety – can’t be bought? Again, YOU made this. Everybody was chasing the dollar and you had them all on a leash, obeying you and bringing you all their stuff with no effort. But that wasn’t ENOUGH. You wanted MOAR. So you made even MONEY worthless, not just to get into your Private Yacht and Country Club, but for any useful thing at all.

    …So, they learned. They stopped chasing the dollar. You won. Congratulations. Now no one comes into work to fix your Mercedes, and Nashville can’t buy this guy off and shut him up.

    You win. #Winning!!!

    This is from an economics article that 5% rates will whack the Rentier class and drop income disparity. Yes, but there’s no structural change. (yet) Also the Fed raises rates and 100% of the time there’s a recession, and 100% of the time they say “Soft Landing” ‘it’s different this time” because there’s a 2-year lag. And we’re at 17 months now?

    A Median house is $400k (!!!) and rates have just doubled. So the monthly was $1,000 and is now $2,000. Or more likely was $2,000 and is now $4,000 But nothin’ bad will happen. “Subprime is contained.” Canada is worse (as always recently). They had a good idea in keeping the PAYMENT the same, just changing the DURATION. Great idea right? Can’t lose the house in their nose-bleed Anglo prices. Uh, well, the mortgage TERM doubled then and is already for 80 YEARS. Yeah, the Lord just took the land, you freeholder: now you’re a serf and sharecropper. A renter out on his ear.

    “After 15 years post-GFC, the societal ‘Fs’ that can be collectively expected are: Fight; Flight; Freeze (which we see in the 10%’s current thinking); Follow (a charismatic leader); and, finally, “F**k It.” Look at the success of the US country song ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’; and the musician who sang it just turned down $8m from a record company. Who turns downs millions? People heading for the final of the five ‘Fs’, that’s who.”

    That may be in financials, or he’s reaching too hard, but everybody one layer out from me has said F* it. Again, no workers, no parts, no repairs as the most obvious. Everybody’s home but nobody’s working.

    He points out – and again, is reaching too hard? — that Russia says F* It too. They CAN’T negotiate the end of the war, in the F* It phase, they just do what they have to or die. It’s only principles. Morals. Will. They are your new currency.

    And I think you historically see that in the 4th Turning, where the next generation grows up in a Principle-based world. One of sacrifice and order. We’re seeing the front edge entering now.

    “Authenticity Is the Real Coin of the Realm
    This is a generation more aware of how screwed they are than mine was.” — Luongo

    Yes. That’s even true in buying paperweights on Etsy. You want a “real” thing. With meaning.

    He finishes with:

    “Lies are expensive.  The Truth sells itself.  
    Your days are numbered.  The cycle has turned.  
    We don’t want your money.  We want our lives back that you stole from us one small toll at a time.”

    “Madness! American Satirist C.J.Hopkins Sentenced In German Speech Case

    Well, I guess I’ve made my point! If that isn’t anti-fascist, nothing is. Next week: burning his books in the town square.

    “We know they’re being framed as just some objective legal issues. And we know that the judge in Georgia, for example, claimed that she’s going to try this case without the politics. But very few people are in fact buying that.”

    Could that be because the prosecutor, like all the others has said they need to jail Trump and ran their election on that platform? And the Judges in some of the cases and jurisdictions too? Hey look: if you want to railroad somebody to keep the gravy boat going, you do it with LEGITIMACY. That’s your currency. So you pick a judge who HASN’T said all those things publicly, but says them privately, or for donations, like the African safari USSC Roberts got. So it’s not like the people “Don’t get it” or are seeing things. The judge and prosecutors LITERALLY SAY they’re out to get him, long before anything about this case was known. Then the media just says, “No they didn’t” and we’re supposed to believe them.

    OKAY! This won’t work, morons, but It’s your world: I just live in it.

    ““President Trump’s only crime was to humiliate the lot of you, at every level and in both parties.”

    Yes, but when YOU erased the value of money, and the only thing that matters is Social Standing, this really IS a problem. …A problem he didn’t make: YOU did. In a world of Social Standing, Humiliation is a public Bankruptcy.

    And to clarify, you’re supposed to have material value AND social value, both. Too much of one or the other causes problems.

    GOP uniting behind Trump. Maybe, but that would just be another Uniparty, another cult of personality, and we don’t need that either. I say no. Do it if you want to and feel it’s strategic and right.

    “McCarthy Threatens Impeachment Inquiry, Again (Manley)

    McCarthy means impeaching Trump, right? Or Clarence Thomas?

    • The EU Doesn’t Know How To Not Be A Vassal Of The US Anymore (Blankenship)

    Kind of. All Western nations are run by the same Derp State. A Mafia, if you will. If you mean all Western nations are lock-step and can’t figure out how to remove and arrest on RICO as all policemen are also on the take, then yes. But they’re a vassal to whom?

    Let’s add this from yesterday: “Imagine stealing all the money in the world and still being $31 Trillion in debt”. So the U.S. decided to be the master so they could be poor? Collapsing? Dead? Depleted? Broke? And so on? No free healthcare, ¼ of the vacation of Europe? Er: I don’t think so. It’s something else.

    “The offensive’s main objective is to reach the Sea of Azov, cutting off Crimea from the Russian mainland,”

    Well that was YOUR main objective. America’s NeoCons, not Ukraine’s. Clearly by their actions. And I agree they should have done this, but I’m not there and suspect if they gave up the north to do it, Russia would simply walk into Kiev. But we have zero right to say anything when we insured zero air support at all. It’s as impossible to win as to not give them shoes.

    The Ukraine recruitment head makes $30k a year and just bought a Spanish beach house for $5M in cash. But the Ukraine isn’t corrupt or nothin’ the NY Times says…a day after reporting for 8 years they were the MOST corrupt. Both! Neither! #Logos!

    “the Americans first promised their Abrams tanks and simultaneously dragged European partners into these promises, then they themselves stalled the supply of tanks, citing a lack of a structural base, a lack of a repair base, a shortage”

    Yeah, sounds like we suckered you in, doesn’t it? If so, why? And if you know we did, why’d you get sucked again on the F16s, none of which from us?

    So for Oliver and praying I’ll add a series of weird cool things from the past: Peter, that is Simon “Peter” or “Petros” that is, his nickname “Rocky”, was a fisherman and a fisher of men, along with his brother Andrew. Now they were on the Sea of Galilee, but unlike the depiction weren’t two homeless guys tossing a net when Josh showed up.

    Peter was a major commercial fishing operation from his parents, and owned several boats of like 60+ men. Roman Galleys, essentially. He had so many boats, and built them so he was also a shipyard, that he had a number of smaller boats as well, not just “tenders” as they call them, and had one built for Jesus when he was there. Who stayed in a rich beach house offered by a wealthy donor in the area. So: Major local businessman, major employer, boss and day-laborer, not above fishing or carpentry – and one of the hardest, boat building – and therefore owned a major house, had major sums of gold or what-not floating around, if you know this level of small business, employing, say 10-100 men. Older guy, one. Long married. Not really spiritual at all, but direct and practical, two. What was he giving up? All this, and at an older age. And did he just walk away when called? Nope: they had all been hanging around a while together, years perhaps, laying low, until Jesus made a public call to follow. They knew it was coming and had been thinking whether they should.

    Does that kind of fill in what sort of person he was, with a nickname like “Petros”, “Rocky”?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 22 2023 #141753
    Dr. D

    Oh yeah, since the Gulf and Atlantic is 100f now according to them hottest in 10,000 years (I mean, except for all those other times it was hotter, from 1930 straight thru the Middle Ages) then where’s their theory of the lack of hurricanes? Wasn’t it the hot water that make storms become hurricanes? And nothing?

    Huh. Sounds like you guys don’t know what you’re talking about. And even a 5th grader can tell. Or else you’re all L Y I N G for M O N E Y again and the temps really aren’t any different than usual.

    Hey, if the wind speed in Taiwan is 12mph, then 80mph for 1 minute each day at 9:05 is that weather or a data anomaly?

    A: “Which answer will make you obey us and shoot your kids in the head?” Whichever answer that is, that’s the answer.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 22 2023 #141752
    Dr. D

    I do not understand that painting at all. Except that she’s pretty thin.

    Covid ‘Eris’ (Goddess of Dischord) is back in several places and it has Alllllll the features. One: has no physical symptoms or effects at all. It’s been “Spreading invisibly” in England. Invisibly? You mean no one was made sick by it, no symptoms? Why would I care then? Oh nevermind.

    Then it’s all on for masks again, and in Syracuse among other places they are re-instating their hospital mask rules against all research and all experience with Covid so far, NY being one of the high mask-compliant states, which was multiples worse than anywhere, including Sweden and the Congo. Just a rampage of #AntiScience. But whenever I hear the words “Science” now, I think “Wow, that means these guys are harmful shills who must really not know what they’re talking about.”

    Thanks Science. By not speaking up, having no spine, now you’ve put the world back into the Dark Ages. They’re super butt-hurt when the rest of us point it out to them in a futile attempt to save their institution and their lives. Just like the Catholic Church back when but way worse.

    Inflation Labeled a “Right-Wing Talking Point” in Response to Hit Working-Class Song

    Does it work to make you obey? Then I say it. I don’t care if it’s true, false, left, right….

    “’Rich Men North Of Richmond’ Artist Warns America Will Be Lost In A Generation Unless Country Changes Course
    “I just wanna go back to the woods, honestly.”

    He’s certainly been airdropped into the hot seat. Leftists will probably start death threats already.

    Speaking of, where’s our mass shooting count? Have they just stopped reporting them? I think I was on 28 of 34 were Leftists last I remember? If this is real then there are seasons of these things? Like seems to run on a predictable 4 year cycle? Whatever could that be?

    “Atlantic Comes Alive: NHC Tracks Not One, Not Two, But Five Tropical Systems

    That’s right! It’s August, where the heck are all the storms? I guess Global Warming makes storms stop now too. Oh well, statistically this may make up for it.

    “Watch: MSNBC Talking Head Delights At Thought Of Trump In A “Really Dirty, Dangerous, Scary” Jail
    Imagines that Trump might be “really freaked out”…

    Trump ASMR fantasies. A guy like Trump always thinks he’s awesome and should run the jail whether he should or shouldn’t. He wouldn’t even notice. See “The Punisher” on TV? He’d be more along the lines of the Kingpin in jail.

    So that shows it’s just childish emotion, devoid of reality, much less justice. I’d put people in jail too, but it doesn’t make be HAPPY to do so. It’s stupid, boring, and expensive; a huge responsibility. They just get the Feelz and get their rocks off like any Jr. High School girl. I’d say it’s bizarre but it’s just pathetic and small.

    And like THIS is our priority now? Looking across the nation and the non-stop crimes committed? This is the most violent crime, the one that we most need to eliminate to restore safety and order? Uh, yeah, The Idea Never Arose. Never considered it for a instant. We have whole cities lost to crime, weekly flash-riots but this is our law enforcement priority. Right.

    Oh and Ted Cruz demanding Dylan’s records from Bud Light, demonstrating how useless he is, as the poster child to all Republicans. I guess it’s not baseball season so we can look into steroids? Yeah, I remember the section in the Constitution giving authority over that. “Congress shall make no law concerning Dylan Mulvany nor regulating games such as baseball”

    “MacGregor said that “a lot of the equipment we sent over there is quite frankly, obsolete… its very old, it’s not new.”

    What as Aspnaz says, Why? Why was Ukraine the designated loser, from the get-go? If so, why spend $200B on making sure they lose and every Ukrainian is killed? You know my answer: As concession to Russia from the United States, the Pentagon has handed Ukraine back to Russia for reunification. But to do that, Russia needs to purge 300 years of British or Western (Papist) meddling to incite hatred and division there. Well, Ukraine no longer exists: problem solved, and the Russians are willing to do it, that is, have rivers of blood so long as they feel like being cheeky and still fight. They told them to surrender, take on their leaders, if they don’t, don’t care, Bang! you make the wrong choice and we’ll forget all about you and sleep like a baby.

    That goes to the next level, U.S.-Russian alliance against the REAL enemy, which is the same enemy as the Civil War and WWII when we were also allies. The enemy lives in, and has taken over the levers in Europe right now. So we and them are knocking that power base out of Europe, which is going to sting real bad over there, and I don’t see how they can avoid their 200 years of backwater.

    That’s what I got, if you have a better theory to explain how else this can possibly be, I’d love to consider it. I mean, thank God the people in charge like Davos and the NeoCons are so impossibly thick-headed and stupid, so astonishingly arrogant they don’t notice, see, or believe what is right in front of them and think it’s an accident or something. Seems super-clear to me.

    And we’re still fighting the battle here in America. Davos and this mafia are still everywhere and still run an awful lot of our system including what is it? 20 Soros cities and half the population? If we can’t clear them, Russia and China will do it for us by leveling the country. As villain as Dimon is, he goes to China and says, “Hey, we’re working on this, you can see we are, but we need more time so a Civil/World war doesn’t break out that’s bad for everybody.” China says “You’re on a short leash: get some results or else.” But you see a steady march to purge the Biden and with it many other people and the permissibility of this level of corruption and violence altogether. We’re moving as fast as the people can tolerate in this war of Ideas, as said yesterday. That’s all it is. Because you can see if it’s a war that goes back to physical, no one will survive. Last time we got going we nuked two cities and all their kids for nothing, just ‘cause. Time before that, we ran 10,000 men into a charge, the world had never seen anything like it (but also learned nothing in prep for WWI), and did that for 3 years, leveling half the nation. Now you think, seeing what you see in Ukraine, that even China would want that to light off? They’re happy to see the U.S. destroyed, but once you open the box, no one can control Pandora. It’s impossible to predict what we’d create or who would control it, but you can be perfectly certain the Americans would use it.

    …And that’s just like the natives here, who were also extremely warlike. Something about the land…

    However, if we fail we fail, and that IS an option. If the people cannot be brought back to order and justice I’d nuke them myself, it can’t be tolerated. However, like Abraham, “If there are 12 good men left…” And you can see more than 12, more than 12 Million, like 100 million, and probably 200 million that just want to be left alone, and that’s good enough. We just need to get in the nuclear control room and get the crazies out. We’ve got as far as demonstrating to the population there IS a control room and Nuland and the NeoCon, NeoLib, NeoNazis ARE crazy. But that still precedes evicting and arresting them.

    “Democrats Aren’t Laughing about ahe Hunter Biden Debacle Anymore (Turley) “

    And there you go. We have to prove we’re making progress we’re getting the country back. Or else.

    “With that, and a kiss on the forehead, a progressive’s child can sleep peacefully through the night.”

    Trump ASMR. If you’ve looked into it, the 14th is very different meaning than presented now. They really mean, Confederates, one-time, not everybody ever. But since we don’t follow the law but lawfare, it’s hardly worth mentioning. The 14th could apply to apple imports in the Haarlem River and they’d interpret it to mean this.

    “Was January 6 an insurrection or rebellion?” Neither. How do you “insurrect” with neither weapons nor a plan, both confirmed by the FBI themselves? How? “The Law Is in My Mouth Mind”

    “BRICS 2023: Who are Participants & Guests of the Summit? (Sp.)

    Reminds me, I guess your competing Agenda2030 is dead now, irrelevant. Reality caught up with you. Why is that? Just as they went nuclear about, it was TIME. They got bogged down, particularly for a critical 4 years when HRC promised to start WWIII against Russia before they were ready with their central bank and new weapons, and now Davos can’t catch up and capture the initiative again. They’re dead. America held the stalling action. We held the line and killed their dreams. THEY’LL own nothing now, and be VERY unhappy.

    Anyway, since it’s time for Africa now, how is Biden going to kill and impoverish all the Black people now? His life’s work and legacy? So sad.

    “• Nuclear Fusion Still Long Way From Becoming Viable Energy Source (Sp.)

    Apparently they could run all the light bulbs in the lab room if you don’t count the energy of the lasers or the building of the whole lab complex. The “Energy of the future and always will be.

    Speaking of new technologies, apparently XRP is slowly commanding common use. Say for transactions under $10k in Saudi Arabia, e.g. They can shove the prices around with low volumes and having captured and rigged all markets, but that will soon be difficult. (with higher volumes) The only question is, will XRP continue to be used, or will it vanish? If it continues in use and expands the price goes up. Period. As Jim Rogers says, “I’m the worst market timer.” He only knows reality re-appears someday. XRP appears also to be the basis of many CBDCs worldwide.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 21 2023 #141697
    Dr. D

    I presume everyone is mad at Hillary now? How dare you bring water to a desert! That’s a disaster! It’s supposed to be a drought where THAT is ALSO a disaster. All things are a disaster, and all things prove I’m right. Wet-dry, hot-cold, calm-stormy, I’m right!!!

    So I’m very very MAD about water filling all those lakes and reservoirs and stuff. People might drink and grow crops or something.

    “The US Has No Clear, Achievable Goal In Ukraine, Nor Does Anyone Else: What’s the US goal in Ukraine?

    To kill Slavs. Russians, who are evil and violent by genetics, “Jungle” people. They’ve said so for 30 years. Killing all the West Slavs is just a bonus.

    “Is it doable?” Yes, of course. It’s going well. Maybe a lot less than you’d like but still plenty in an unpopulated place and Europe has yet to suddenly flip to goose-step (Didn’t you know we always supported Goosestep? We were always at war with goosestep.) and have Sweden and France send all the migrants and save people at home. Then they’ll blame “The Right” for a situation they caused, and all the people on “The Right” presently like Le Pen will be displaced with maniacs we hand-picked and painted with the same brush. How do you know? Because they’ll be Statists. So you can pick Total Statists for oligarchs or Total Statists for oligarchs, your choice, so long as it’s never Liberty or Laissez-faire.

    Anyway, if it kills every slav, especially our allies, that’s good. If it kills every European, that’s good. If it kills every American that’s doubleplus good. The only thing that’s bad is if the financial system collapses and we lose power. European people? Like this:


    Uniparty’s Plan to Save “Our Democracy” Unfolds: Trump is an existential threat to their continued existence…”

    Why is that? He didn’t do anything when he was there.

    “FDA ‘Clarifies’ That Ivermectin Remains Unapproved For COVID-19 But Docs Can Prescribe

    You can totally prescribe that off-label, we’ll just remove your license. Free will, free country, like Trudeau said.

    RFK “merger”.

    Yes, but they COULD make money NOT injuring people. That’s what corporations used to do. VOLUNTARY exchange. For some reason they now specifically, 80% of the time, and not accidentally kill the masses. How can that be if it’s not a religion? Surely that’s crazy, they say, as all the same corporations sign up to NGOs who say “Humans are a virus” and depopulation is the only solution, doubleplusgood.

    “Chris Clark left last week because he can be called as a witness.”

    That’s the charge against all Trump lawyers too. What’s going on here?

    “• Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Vowed to Put the President on the Stand (Pol.)

    I’m sorry: so what? Nothing comes up in my brain at all as to why this is unreasonable, objectionable, or problematic. The President can’t be seen as involved in appropriate due process? If he followed the rules it would tarnish his image?

    RFK Jr. Labels F-16s For Ukraine ‘A Disaster For Humanity’ (RT)”

    The West is shipping 61 nuclear weapons to Ukraine. That’s how Russia will see it, and that’s all that matters. Doesn’t matter if it’s older than the Atlas and Titan ICBMs, you still wouldn’t want one in Durango, and Russia doesn’t one one in Lviv.

    Remember when they said Russia was losing and about to use nukes? Yup, that’s us again. But it’s not WarCrimes/Weapons of Mass Destruction/Fascism when we do it. Our eating babies on the White House lawn isn’t REALLY eating babies on the White House lawn…

    ““Zelensky’s insistence that Ukraine will defeat Russia and his reluctance to acknowledge the actual situation is a sign that the president is “inadequate” both as a manager and a person..”

    He’s an actor. He can always play “let’s pretend.”

    “According to Russian estimates, Ukraine has lost more than 43,000 troops and nearly 5,000 pieces of heavy equipment amid the operation, but failed to achieve any significant gains.”

    Which is amazing and almost unbelievable. However, they must be trying harder as SitRep says they are winning against Russia off and on now. It’s just that the wins don’t gain any ground or strategic purpose. They have also lost their last reserves as they know by the Name and Equipment character that their Western-trained, fully-armed groups are just being tossed away in the grinder that they needed to rush through any breach they made in the lines. The. End.

    “Ukraine has dispatched the last of its strategic reserves, led by the elite 82nd Airlanding Brigade, into the battle for the Zaporozhye”

    “Ukraine to give up territory, and get NATO membership in return.”
    But even here, Jenssen was delusional.”

    Quite so. They might keep an illusional, virtual Ukraine, as we usually do worldwide. Iran’s “real” leader lives in Paris for 40 years. Some random Guido.

    “NATO struggles to generate new sources of equipment for the rapidly depleting Ukrainian Army”

    That’s for sure. Even in these conditions we have turned on no new factories? Employed no more people??? Explain? We took zero initiatives for having our trains not derail, opening mines, digging rare earths? Nothing, really??? No nothing. Not even ONE rail line. Zero. Okay, man I guess that’s how NATO fights and wins. By booking a boardroom and clicking spreadsheets. I couldn’t be happier as the less we do, the safer everyone else is.

    ““…even though the US began ramping up ammunition production last year, munitions would still take “years” to mass produce to acceptable levels..”

    No it doesn’t. We could ALREADY have ramped that production. However, if you attempt this under bureaucratic Soviet Socialism like we have, then yes, it will indeed never get done. If you want it done, we can do it in no time, just like 1940. The U.S. has nothing but empty factories, mothballed equipment, and unemployed people. There are electric and roads everywhere. Nothing’s stopping this but YOU. Thank God only the stupid useless people are in charge or we WOULD have non-stop 777 shells and a LOT more people killed.

    “Ukrainian planes are under threat of attack immediately after takeoff from the airfield”

    The Ukr air defense is depleted. There is no anti-aircraft left.

    “US Officials Admit They Missed Opportunity for Ukraine Peace – Politico (RT)

    I guess we’ll just have to have more war then! So sad!

    “Washington is increasingly unsure. … a military victory would likely be unachievable for Ukraine, and that Kiev could use the wintertime pause in fighting to enter negotiations”

    Negotiate what? Russia is going to do whatever they like, as long as they like, and not bother telling you except as a courtesy. It’s going to end however Russia feels like. That was always true. And even pothead comedians who are stoned before 9am like Jimmy Dore always knew that. To find somebody who could think otherwise you have to find people who are much, MUCH, MUCH more stupid than that, like Victoria Nuland and John Bolton. …Did he ever make it back from Mongolia?

    “• Ukraine ‘Running Out Of Options’ – WaPo (RT)

    Since WaPo can’t publish anything but lies, and they admit this, what’s the lie?

    “America ‘Running Out of Options’” in the offensive and illegal war against Russia. The offensive, genocidal, invasion war with WMD the UN totally approves of.

    ““everything was planned together” with Kiev’s backers.”

    So everyone agrees that the Anglo West made the war, created the war, paid for the war, and then lost the war. …That will come in handy at the war reparations trials with London. Germany has already surrendered, posting no money for NATO yesterday and breaking their own treaty (again, and again), and openly refusing to send a single soldier.

    “In a worst-case scenario for Ukraine as envisaged by Ronzheimer, the counteroffensive stalls, with Russia launching one of its own and potentially seizing parts of Kharkov Region.”

    He certainly lacks imagination. The worst case is Russia nukes the planet for this nonsense, starting with Ronzheimer’s house and family, and even THAT is not the worst they can do. However, even a reasonable, nearby scenario is Russia taking straight through to Poland and Romania, the total collapse of Kiev, the total collapse of European finance, and Western Europe mobilizing completely under fascist totalitarianism for a 40-year war. Of resources for survival. In which Ronzheimer’s whole family are raped to death by petty criminals.

    That’s just in the 1-sigma MOST likely scenario.

    Getting back to earlier, The West is going to send 61 nuclear missiles at a time when Russia can sweep the whole country right to the Western border. Wot timing! Wot a coincidence! Almost like the Pentagon is running this as an inside arrangement to hand it to Russia as a concession. So Joe: where ya thinking of landing those 61 F16s when Russia owns all the airfields? You’ve just made it impossible to NOT take over the country, even if they don’t want to. Who’s the audience for this puppet show? Selling Russia’s actions to the BRICS and the new Global South, who will see it as justified. And will now see the occupation of all Ukraine as necessary.

    “bombed by NATO almost a quarter century ago.”

    NPR writers still resident at RT. Not like “Ancient history”, their framing. Yesterday, in the 90s, under Clinton. Nor is it a passing event but we followed up every day since then with more guns, bombs, drugs, and problems for that whole region. Not a single minute have the Anglos not been screwing the Serbian area with triple shifts. As usual.

    ““To be honest, the druggies are so out of their minds that they really only present a danger to themselves.”

    Nothing says pure love like that. Stunning and Brave. #Helping. See? This is what happens when you get those mean ol Republicans out of the way.

    “a shocking report that showed there were 75 Soros-backed “social justice” prosecutors overseeing half of America’s 50 most populous cities.”

    Well that wouldn’t mean anything. Unless, of course there was some extremely tight, extremely unusual matching out-of-character behavior for them all. That contrasts with the cities not on that list. …But that isn’t true, is it?

    Gore-AOC. And add Bill Nye. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpJEuQDVJRM&t=444s

    Now Dore supports AGW, or claims to. But he calls bulls—t on Bill Nye and indeed the whole Climate Debate. Why? Report came out yesterday, “The Gulf Stream will stop tomorrow, we’re all gonna dieeeeeee!!!!” Nye says it won’t. Point is: THEY DON’T KNOW. They can’t tell. They all disagree with THEMSELVES.

    And The Science Is Settled.™ I mean except for the 80% who aren’t and all the Nobel Prize winners and Greenpeace people n stuff. But among me and my 10 closest friends who would all make billions on this, we all agree.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 20 2023 #141674
    Dr. D

    “quarantining the area until qualified searchers have covered all destroyed homes.”

    Jumping in, perhaps impolitely. Yes, that’s true and perhaps a good reason. Although journalists are seen everywhere, usually, in every event anyway. However, the reason we have journalists is, Do you TRUST them? Qui vadis? Who watches FEMA, the search teams? As they, the police themselves, loot and burn like they did in Katrina? There’s meant to be tension between them and the problem is like now when there isn’t and journalists exist to stamp official police press releases.

    We also know that when private people are landing private aid to their private own neighbors, that is, MY house, MY friends, the Army and FEMA are CONFISCATING IT. For whom? Clearly they’re not handing it out. So if I walk back to my burned house with a shovel, you’re going to A) not let me in and B) Strip down to my skivvies and hand you my wallet if I do? WTF kind of “Help” is that?

    A: Worse help than shutting off the water in the middle of fighting a fire. Like rounded up and shot time. I would hope such people live very nearby, and that they might have a mystery fire shortly so they can share the feeling.

    Celtic: Why you yelling at us? Is it productive? Do we not know, or are you trying to raise a militia and enter the Capitol? What are you yourself doing?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 20 2023 #141637
    Dr. D

    @ Susmarie108

    Do you have a book recommendation for the SCIENCE of Yoga?”

    There’s a good question.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 20 2023 #141635
    Dr. D

    Saw the outdoor christian food bank, and wouldn’t you know it? The atheist food bank right across the street.

    Just kidding, of course there’s no such thing as an atheist food bank or atheist outreach. Atheists are most represented in government. So the government STOLE all the poor people’s money with 15% inflation rates, to give a small amount back in social services. They, the PMCs and rich, have a 20% tax rate – or zero if you work for the gov’t because it pays itself and has auto-raises – and a 80% effective tax rate on the poor. Then they give you food stamps, but only if you beg and only if you’re very lucky. It’s like $500/mo and they just cut that in half for some?

    That’s the atheist food bank. Taking food FROM the poor. But you’re welcome to open one, post the pictures, and prove me wrong.

    Against me picking on the same few cities all the time:

    “These Are the Most Dangerous Cities in the US
    1. Bessemer, AL
    Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents): 33.1
    Your chance of being a victim: 1 in 30
    2. Mobile, AL
    3. Monroe, LA
    4. Saginaw, MI
    5. Memphis, TN
    6. Detroit, MI
    7. Birmingham, AL
    8. Pine Bluff, AR
    9. Little Rock, AR
    10. Alexandria, LA
    11. Cleveland, OH
    12. Kalamazoo, MI
    13. Milwaukee, WI
    Chance of being a victim: 1 in 59”

    “”America Is Under Attack”: Georgia Senator Demands Special Session To Investigate, Possibly Impeach Fani Willis

    Don’t worry, they’ll cave. $5 bill on a fishing pole they’ll forget all about it.

    “West’s Attempt To Create A Ukraine Scenario In Niger Is Faltering (Bordachev)

    You mean conditions where the West loses? “Let’s you and him fight.”

    “First, it would involve a certain amount of risk and the need to take responsibility for the consequences.”

    Well that’s never happening then. The NeoCons and media, having murdered another million people and a whole nation this time, are now slinking away placing the blame. “You see,” the WaPo says (CIA/Bezos merger) “The real problem here is that Ukraine just is unwilling to take any human losses.” IKYN. They’re just a bunch of cowards, I guess. Losing more men than anywhere, anytime, any purpose in 80 years, losing more in one year than all U.S. soldiers combined probably since 1930, no, that’s just ‘not doing it enough.’ Real CounterOffensives have never been tried. (* I guess the similar war we funded in Iran killed a possible million)

    What can I say? Shaking your head doesn’t really cover it at this level. Even mental illness beggars the word at this level. But that’s WaPo for you. Lies don’t stop, so they moved to EPIC lies. If that isn’t stopped, they’ll go “Ludicrous Speed.”

    Does Ukraine notice, as their country ceases to exist? No. Not really. This is the power of propaganda and framing previous to it all. The ‘extremists’ are in power, so when they lose their 4th army yet, 1,000 irreplaceable soldiers again yesterday and every day, they don’t say, “Why are we trying to win Donbass and a people we hate their guts anyway?” No. They have the sense that Russia will continue to Lviv and Paris, because, as per yesterday, It’s what Russians DO. They’re baddy-bad Asiantics, evil by ethnos. Genetically defective, inferior. So what would be normal considerations for you and I are entirely excluded. And I’m sure there are a lot of normal, practical people there, but we, the Western Social engineers have gotten very good at keeping every normal person away from the levers of power. Look at Ohio.

    “total war casualties in Ukraine among both sides are at nearly 500,000 dead and wounded.”

    Problems with these numbers. We’re at 400k DEAD before this, not Dead + Wounded. Wounded is equal number according to NYT? So that would be 1 Million in both categories, which is possible but seems too many? Could be, but seems high. Whereas 250K dead-dead is only one city, which seems far too low. I can’t accurate anything here, but I’ll just make up a number at 400k dead, 250k wounded, at 6-700k out of action, total fact-free guess. We won’t know for years, maybe ever. That’s because they can’t be evacuated, have no where to evac to, and will harvest their organs if they look funny. So wounded may be lower than recent wars. They’re also refusing to declare dead and collecting their paychecks with the mere 20% of U.S. Aid that makes it over and doesn’t say with Congressmen.

    “many of those brigades Zelensky sent in futile aid to help Bakhmut were also urgently needed in the upcoming spring and summer offensive.”

    See? It’s all Ukraine’s fault!!! Our PMC spreadsheet jockeys from NATO never dun wrong. Every time you did what we said you won every battle. Oh, wait… Every NATO-trained attack lost WORSE than the Ukrainian methods, poor as they were. NATO fighters and tactics are the worst on the planet and lose to goat-herders regularly.

    “No one can claim the United States didn’t give Ukraine every chance to find out if it could succeed on the battlefield”

    Hahahahaha! Sure, pal, sure. You go ahead and run into a modern war, charge the 5 layers of mined defenses with no air cover. How is that in the NATO manual again? Oh wait, it isn’t? It clearly and distinctly says it’s suicide and should never be tried under any circumstances? With anti-tank Javelins that don’t fire and 1/10th the rounds need for your 777s? Tell me again about how you “Gave every chance.”

    It’s an intentional pre-planned, well-funded, slavic genocide. Eugenics worse than anything the Nazis did, because they’re the same people.

    Ukraine Conflict ‘Could Last For Decades’ – Medvedev (RT)

    Huh, that’s not my read, but that means I’m wrong. It doesn’t seem credible that he could not be correct on something so critical and public. What does he know? There’s still a lot of stuff we know but isn’t commonly said. Bakmut (yes they’re still trying over there) was honeycombed with underground bunkers and fortifications, called euphemistically “Salt Mines” and stuff and not reported. The West stockpiled massive equipment there and intended to have the men pop up behind Russian lines with it. They were also hiding far more men in these conditions than reported, and they are far harder to sweep than the surface. But as an example of the sort of new-world, “hidden”, things that could make wars go on for years. Why wouldn’t the U.S. have such places with 10 years of more weapons in our own DUMB Cheyenne, “We don’t have” but suddenly appear if Russia overextends themselves?

    “Can you name any US diplomats on the level of Lavrov et al?”

    Probably, probably even Ron Paul is, but that’s why they won’t be allowed near the levers of power. As Ukraine, they make sure only the crazies have a voice. They need WWIII. As said again yesterday with F16s “It’s as if Joe wants to start WWIII”. No kidding. Yet no one notices. You could probably nuke Brooklyn and they wouldn’t notice, not affect their PMC denial at all.

    ““Russia is an economic dwarf, it is like a gas pump whose owner has an atomic bomb,” Borrell stated. Nevertheless, the diplomat claimed that Russia poses a threat to EU security,”

    Russiaphrenia. It’s both the biggest and the smallest. The Uppest and the Downest. The Leftist and the Rightest. We just say stuff until something catches in the population that allows us more war, we don’t care what it is. If we said “It’s the Barbi-est” and that worked, we would do it.

    So your allegation here is that Russia is the size of Holland that’s why Europe is in danger of being conquered by them tomorrow? Uh-huh. If so, you’ve got a lot more problems in France and Germany and should probably flip those leaders and address them. Fix your own house first. If Russia is combined Europe’s equal, then say so. We can know you have a real war that requires the real mobilization and deaths of 2-5 million Euros with the leveling of every city out to Normandy.

    Both! Neither! Shut up and take my money!

    Downside: after a lifetime of nothing but this, the people no longer notice.

    “the United States has no intention of ending the conflict,” Lavrov explained, noting that “their officially declared objective is to inflict a ‘strategic defeat’ on Russia.” … Kiev “Western sponsors are constantly pushing them to up the ante.”

    He’s not making this up. We’re talking peace and sending nuclear-capable F16s? Uh-huh.

    ““Today’s West is steered by people like Josep Borrell who divide the world into a blooming ‘garden’ and ‘the jungle,’ where the latter clearly applies to most of humanity”

    Yes, they’re appalling blackface racists, like Trudeau. Except general racists like you find in Atlanta (more more often in NYC) aren’t actually out there, actually murdering other races by the millions. Like barely a few guys ever. But these guys are. That makes them about 1,000x worse than Cleetus who won’t be the same room with races but otherwise leaves them alone. They make you think the opposite that Cleetus who wants to be left to his own kind is worse than a cartel who JUST KILLED 6 million “others” in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine. THEY, the Hunter Bidens, go to the swank dinner parties. They, the Tony Blairs, collect 6 figure speaking payoffs and jetset all the Carbon left on earth.

    But Cleetus is your real problem, not a policeman who burns the mountain and shuts off the escape routes, trust us.

    Btw, that Lahaini policeman just happened to be the Vegas chief of police who oversaw the 2017 Shooting. Well with a highly public success like that, NO WONDER they hired him in paradise the best police job in America! I wonder if he’s the one who shut off the fire hydrants too. As they say of Copy Editors, “They are nothing if not through.”

    ““..spending on Ukraine aid stood at $130 billion, while 15 million Americans did not have medical insurance and 30 million people in the US lacked food stamps..”

    Yeah, but Lahaini got $700 whole dollars, so… That’s enough to buy a bag of groceries!

    “To achieve what?”

    Well obviously they are trying to kill the American people too. Not just the Russian and Ukrainian people. They hate us at least as much as them. We may be MORE an obstacle to their plans than they are. So you have Amazon, cars that drive around hitting everyone, derailments, and a wide open Fentanyl free-for-all nationwide. Legalized all crime. So not paying OUR money because we have a war elsewhere is a BENEFIT, not a drawback. How else could we justify killing 100k Yanks a year?

    “California Achieves World’s First Crime Rate Of Zero After Legalizing All Crime” –BBee

    “Q: Why does the NYT run a lengthy article on this, at this time?”

    Yes, why indeed?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 19 2023 #141597
    Dr. D

    Just for fun:

    “Oliver Anthony

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia’s deletion policy.


    Really? The Wikipage of a singer with just one song. Deleted. Censored. Do you think that will stop the 23 million people who clicked it, or will it just inform them more?

    “Anthony had been struggling with mental health issues and alcohol abuse, and in July 2023 he broke down and promised God that he would get sober if he helped him follow his dream. Around 30 days later, West Virginia music channel radiowv asked him to record a song for their YouTube music channel, and the result was “Rich Men North of Richmond”.

    Now he turns down a frenzy of $8M contracts. Sounds like he’s done with y’all. Sounds like he’s past it and ya dun f—d up now! (Black Dynamite)

    “I wrote the music I wrote because I was suffering with mental health and depression. These songs have connected with millions of people on such a deep level because they’re being sung by someone feeling the words in the very moment they were being sung. No editing, no agent, no bullshit. Just some idiot and his guitar.”

    “Country Music Industry Confused By Man Actually From Country Making Actual Music” –BBee

    They don’t seem to know what to do about him. Er. Why do…anything? It’s a country song??? So they say he’s a plant, a made-up rightwing shill. Uh, conspiracy theory much? Are you sure you guys are okay? Should I call 911 or something?

    But this is what people want from country music. And can’t get, since they’re all from NJ and salesmen and accountants from Nashville. But that would rock the boat. Taking the $8M means immediately, like all the others, they would can all his music and hide it, just like all the movies and TV shows. Then he’ll be permitted to write songs about beer and pickup trucks like a good little boy.

    The next part are all the “react” videos. Despicable grifters, to me. Not on this, as it’s just free promotion, but in general you just … passively consume…? And I watch? Don’t you think you should do something useful, go make something? Well, if people want it and click it, what can I say? But they do for pron too and that’s not good for you either. Think higher. So there’s a wide money-industry of “Reacting” to this. And why? It’s the first real thing they’ve seen in years. Unscripted, un-made up, un-channeled, un-predicated on pre-made left, right, black, white. So much so that a pretty common song has this outsized response.

    And now you see why oppression, censorship, unending violence, MUST happen once you start. Because by erasing the truth you have halted the supply. And with supply and demand, now the value keeps rising ever higher, until like Hunter’s crack, it’s worth any punishment to traffic in it. It, being the Truth. Anything honest. Anything uncensored, real, unscripted.

    Which is why “React” piles on and cashes in like an ocean of piranhas.

    But that’s enough for one short, ordinary song for now. THEY have set the stage where Anthony is possible. If THEY hadn’t created this world, none of this would have happened. He would be a factory worker. Or just a struggling part-time local songwriter. No one would have ever heard or cared. And if they hadn’t done the same thing to all of us, 23 million people wouldn’t have clicked on it.

    …Still can’t learn. Still planning on censoring Wikipedia and creating MORE pressure on them. Okay then.

    But you see above, both God answers, AND because of his faith, this happens, and happens with this reaction. That is, focusing on the PEOPLE, their hardships and welfare, and not his juicy $8 million overnight, 266 year’s pay. For which he could build that house (he lives in a tow-behind) and buy the plot next to him.

    But religion never dun nothin’ good, right? And if there hadn’t been religion for him, it’d all be just another boring story.

    “[The Architect] can’t see past any choices.
    Neo: Why not?
    Oracle: He doesn’t understand them – he can’t. To him they are variables in an equation. One at a time each variable must be solved and countered. That’s his purpose: to balance an equation.
    Neo: What’s your purpose?
    Oracle: To unbalance it.
    Oracle: Everything that has a beginning has an end. I see the end coming.”

    The purpose of God in this equation is that we’re not in a boring, clockwork world. A prison of Newtonian determinacy. The Source can go outside that and insert something new. That is our secret and magic as humans, that we have that creativity, that imagination, the thing the Bad Guys lack as they have purged it from themselves, and now they can only calculate and imitate.

    So the bad tries to reduce all events and choices to control. But that means the good guys…? They pop up unexpected, with the impossible, doing miracles, like a flower in the sidewalk. Everyone rushes to their banner, the relief of the New. The Bad Guys then spend half a year Planning the Plan. Figuring out what to do, by which time the creative come up with another novelty they themselves didn’t know, over and over again, as is the nature of physical reality itself. THAT is what they’re fighting. Not just human nature, but time, and the laws of reality themselves.

    So pick the right side. Oliver didn’t HAVE to vow his life to God. God didn’t HAVE to fulfill the promise so lavishly. But in a few hours, now all their gates and fences and plans all fell down and they’re running around with their hair on fire. Over nothing. A Youtube song. A few chords. And tomorrow it happens again somewhere else.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 19 2023 #141591
    Dr. D
    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 19 2023 #141590
    Dr. D

    Brought to you by Mountain D.E.W. Maui Blast!


    WP has been well behaved, let’s see if it can post all these images. Nope #1. Nope #2.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 19 2023 #141589
    Dr. D

    Now there’s an appropriate painting. I wonder how many there are on that subject?

    What’s interesting about it? Well, while they were doing crack and underage hookers in the palace, there was a border wall (of course) surrounding the land, or more like the local area, and it was night. The ‘barbarians’ just walked in. No border, no country. The guards both didn’t stop them, and didn’t want to. Not dissimilar to Rome. The soldiers, the police at some point ARE the barbarians, the outsiders. Like Chicago now. And what loyalty do they have to the privileged class? The former timeline? Not much, it’s a job, and it’s not like that’s WHY they do it – to some extent they just deal with less madness and corruption – and it’s not like the existing population isn’t aware the leaders should be nuked. Look at the Spanish here. They are still Catholic, pro-family, pro-work, etc. A lot of Americans are of course, but this just tips a rotten system slightly more towards order, and therefore the population in example, Hispanic and American alike, to toss out the present Roman Senate and put in a leader who knows the Army, knows religion, supports work and family, etc., that is to say, a Barbarian.

    This was the case in Babylon, just as it has been the case in many many kingdoms over time. League of Shadows. Ras Al-Ghul.

    “Ramaswamy Wants To Partner With Trump To Destroy The Deep State

    Make Trump his Vice President. That’ll keep everyone healthy.

    “DOJ Wants 33-Year Prison Sentence for Proud Boy Leader Over J6″

    This is why you should never be an FBI informant. I forget who, since the FBI uses all 20,000 agent to fabricate evidence and railroad people, but they had a group who claimed something – I THINK it was medical, maybe ye olde LSD “BlackBriar” Project? (See Bourne Identity). So the FBI made the people all recant that this psy engineering existed. Okay, normal right?

    THEY THEN JAILED THEM ALL FOR PERJURY AND OBSTRUCTION. For lying under oath, which the FBI said they would jail them if they DIDN’T lie under oath. Hahahahahaha! So funny! They’re probably still cracking beers, crack, and hookers in the breakroom laughing about it. Ah, such “Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity”.

    Back to J6, Torres wasn’t anywhere near D.C., and apparently none of his people had any weapons. So…what, exactly, is the charge here? That he wasn’t in the city at the time and they had no plans (according to the FBI), and no materials with which to execute the plans they didn’t have? A: The Law is in my Mind. The rules are whatever I think from moment to moment. Your job is to know what those rules are BEFORE I think them. And to please me in every possible way.

    From Seymour Hersh’s latest: “Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who controls vast oil and gas reserves.”

    What the…? I thought we were out of oil and gas. Yet here we are, “vast”, generational quantities of them again. And huge northern pipeline feeding Europe with them. I don’t know that we have 1,000 years or anything, but apparently we have “vast quantities.” …The only problem is, just this ONE leeetle detail: we don’t own them. They’re not under our control. So you’re not getting any. …Or more technically, you’re not getting any if you act like d—k, kill all their people and blow up all the pipelines.

    The sleight of hand here again is: we HAVE energy. “We” the planet. The West just needs you to think we don’t so YOU can be crushed. And they point to West Texas to prove it, one spot on the globe that is very well-drilled. Then they’re going to take the oil YOU didn’t get, and use it in tanks to blow up all the countries that still DO have oil. …A great ecology and use of resources, mind you.

    “a new “dangerous variant” out of Canada.”

    Heard that 2 years ago, so I guess it’s time.

    (missing memes)

    Pseudonyms. Might need to be clearer here: using pseudonyms is a felony. Like Hillary, it’s an intentional act used to evade FOIA’s among other things. It may also be a high-level security breach of several sorts, to be on a machine/phone that isn’t NSA level secure, and/or on a phone that can be tracked via cell tower where he can be drone striked. That is, endangering all officials around him WITH his fraud. Plus the bribery.

    But Pseudonyms is a felony in his position. So EACH communication using the name is a separate felony. Maybe 10,000 of them, then, over the years?

    “RT is linked to Russia. No transparency issues there. But there is far less transparency around their own organizations’ financing.”

    It’s not fascism when we do it. That is, a complete merger of (two) corporations and State policy.

    Wish I could get that whole Hersh article. He’s saying things we already know but his approach and emphasis is different.

    “Biden Sends F-16s to Ukraine Despite Saying this Would Lead to World War 3 (PM) “

    Yes but time doesn’t exist, so he never said that, we don’t report that he said that back then, and that was the stone age! Today is a new day that’s totally different. Squirrel.

    “Danish defence minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen said on Friday, “The government has said several times that a donation is a natural next step after training.”

    Is it? You need to train me on Maserati. What do the Danish people think of you giving their $20M jets away?

    ““..90% of the Nigerien population has zero access to electricity,”

    Well somebody’s ready for Climate Collapse. Won’t even notice.

    “years of war as French forces waged a War-on-Terror-style military campaign”

    Sure, same as the War on Terror, War on Poverty, and War on Drugs: guaranteed to create more of it until everyone is dead. Aaaaaaaaand that’s just what happened. Big surprise.

    “Military chiefs of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) have decided on a date for sending troops into Niger,”

    I thought invading other countries for their internal disputes was illegal. So they’re going to have an offensive invasion and occupation. Isn’t that a war crime?

    Speaking of Africa, we hear the Fed, Powell, has given money to all the Global South nations to buy US Bonds with. Then they immediately buy the public auction bonds from them back into the Fed. But not for free, of course. They’d have to get paid to help this illusion.

    Then we’re at $1 Trillion in interest on the debt. Who is that paid to? (A: Rich guys) You think an extra trillion freed up could help the situation on the ground a little bit? And this is with Europe having a far WEAKER system, so again props to them for not collapsing yet. Here they have another crunch in energy prices, no food, a continental war, no collateral in Ukraine, no faith as they shut off world leaders bank accounts and steal their money, no assets, daily burning riots, no production and still they have no problems. Everything’s fine. No cracks. No loss of “Full faith and credit.”

    You do you.

    In speaking of collapsing, it only took 6 month for Project Veritas to collapse. As is usual, and hilarious, THEY FIRED ALL THE WORKERS. Anyone who produces ANYTHING. …And kept all their HR, Finance, Vice Presidents and bureaucrats. So if you want a microcosm of what Socialism is, here you go. (i.e. workers get nothing)

    The REASON for doing that is: O’Keefe made a pot of money. We Saw the pot of money. We Stole the pot of money. Now that the system he built collapsed, we want to roll it up so when we disband we can take those residual millions home with us. And not the workers, because they’re no longer employees. We disburse the remaining assets to EMPLOYEES. Only fair, right?

    Rinse, repeat at Bud, Disney, Target, forever and ever. So long as somebody’s dumb enough to work, I’ll Always Be Stealin’.

    ““Mexico’s approach to biotechnology is not based on science” money. Since Science = Money now, this is the correct translation.

    in reply to: A Tale of Two Cosmologies #141570
    Dr. D

    I think maybe aspnaz feels God is separate from Nature and us, somewhere else. But God is a part of nature, and us, and is united and one with us. I expect Day would say, (as the Buddhist base) we have the delusion or illusion of separation, which is why the system was built like this and what you were incarnated for. It’s SUPPOSED to have the separation. That’s its PURPOSE.

    If you had a God somewhere else, you’d have to have a somewhere else to put him, and thus two universes. As you say, it’s a “Uni” verse, so the two would become one and he’d be part of, one with us again. This is one of those “Can God create a rock too big for himself to lift” arguments.

    in reply to: A Tale of Two Cosmologies #141550
    Dr. D

    I appreciate it.

    I can only add Atheism IS a religion. TAE summary neither promoted nor precluded this understanding, but it should be said. The primary objection to atheists is that they are themselves theists, and I don’t care for their religion or imposing it on me, in schools, in government, or anywhere else.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 18 2023 #141517
    Dr. D

    And for fun: Minneapolis Arts Center Slammed For Encouraging “Family Friendly” Demon-Summoning


    This is a real book, btw. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/lets-summon-demons-steven-rhodes/1139993539

    It’s a Religion. I don’t want to live an a theocracy. That’s why we have 1A.

    (Posting 2nd not to have too many images. Both took, without logging at all. Have they shut off all the “helping” measures sitewide?)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 18 2023 #141516
    Dr. D

    That reminds me of a certain American Etcher, but Google is now dedicated to giving you only one answer. So trying to find it, I get only 20 images for “Etcher, American, 1900” and many of those by all the same people. All women, I would expect. I don’t have time to find it right now, just know 1) Google is now useless 2) It is also lying to the point where it’s useless. And ChatGPT was designed, ground-up to be the same.

    Since given enough time I can remember, it was Franklin Booth:

    • Western Big Tech Firms Wipe Away Hunter Biden’s Many Sins (Sp.)

    Just like Google search. And ChatGPT. “I can’t let you do that, Dave.” Seeing etchings of 20th century artists is not allowed unless they’re LGBTQ PoC, or else women, a gender which doesn’t exist. Remember that search of “Famous Scientists and inventors” 100% of which were gay women of color? Epic.

    Oh and yeah we saw this same editor edit all articles, 100x a day, on every day of the year including Christmas and Rosh Hashannah. So I guess chalk that one up as another win for Conspiracy Theory. Or translated: “People-who-aren’t-morons”.

    “Victor Davis Hanson On Trump Indictments: “Coordinated Effort to Destroy Him as a Candidate”

    “The irony of this whole mess is that they are prosecuting Donald Trump for election interference, but they’re interfering in a way that’s never happened in American history,”

    Yes. they don’t care. Interfering in elections SAVES Democracy. It’s democracy when we DON’T have the people’s voice. There are some engineers and plotters on top, but a lot or most of the election rigging is from ordinary people only pretending to check signatures, knowing every one is probably fake, and not caring because “my guy must win.” That is the power of advertising. Bernays. If they ran gun ads about how cool it is to shoot yourself in the head, blood and all, people would do it.

    Election Interference = Election Integrity. A = A The more I interfere, the better and more accurate it is. If you’re not in America, I kid you not, you’d probably be pressed to find anyone who does NOT believe this.

    “”A Monopoly In Expressing Its Views”: D.C. Circuit Hands Down Major Free Speech Victory For Pro-Life Group”

    What the heck? Headline is that this can still happen in D.C.

    “When a ‘LGBTQ+’ reporter confronted Vivek Ramaswamy, demanding to know his views on the “LGBTQ+ community,” the Republican presidential candidate provided a stark reality check.

    Ramaswamy told the person that he doesn’t “think it’s one community,” explaining that as far as he can tell “Trans is fundamentally in tension with gay, if you ask me.”

    The person then attempted to get Ramaswamy to say something negative about same sex couples, to which he responded that he only has a “negative view of the tyranny of the minority.”

    If you didn’t know or remember, because he’s Brown, Leftist tried to shut down Ramaswamy and utterly destroy his company. Because that’s what Leftist do: attack People of Color, especially successful ones. I can’t say he took such Umbrage at it, but it was more like, “I’m rich, I’ve got mine, and these guys have illustrated that they are a clear and present danger to me, to my country, and to the idea of even HAVING money, and working hard.” So he started to speak out instead of cowering which has led him here.

    He is doing AWESOME. With nothing, starting from nowhere, he’s clearly one of the smartest, most well-spoken candidates, even including RFK, and he’s 2nd in GOP polls. Now I don’t know if he’s Presidential because that has a background of understanding politics and not business, but I’m elated to have him speaking out honestly and earnestly in the news. And considering all our Presidents since Wilson, you could probably do worse, he could just hold off a desperate, black-hearted villain by taking the seat, which is a win in itself.

    This is the kind of rhetoric and response we need, and it come naturally to him. I can do it, but as we are all depressed to note, I can’t do it in sound-byte format like he can.

    “”Make Bud Light Great Again” – Anheuser-Busch Heir Wants to Buy Back Beleaguered Brand

    As it should be. Get Woke, Go Broke, but since these pirates all capture ships they didn’t create, then drive around ramming them until they sink – sink US, sink OUR daily tools of eating, drinking, and communicating – then we TRANSFER ownership of assets in distress and BANKRUPTCY. That is, we take assets FROM proven failures, and hand them to the competent. Doing this is almost the sole route of Capitalism, which is why it’s completely, utterly no longer capitalism if you tamper with it.

    We’ve had gov’t monopoly on one hand, and tampering with bankruptcy on the other, for 100 years. That’s what the 1895 panic was about, right?

    “NATO Official Retracts Russian Land-Grab Suggestion as Means to Broker Peace in Ukraine

    Trial balloon retracted. I wonder why.

    WaPo: PMCs “It’s all YOUR fault. If you had just followed my totally brilliant orders that didn’t work anywhere…”

    “It’s not whether you win or lose, but where you place the blame.” Yeah, why didn’t Ukraine have ANOTHER 400,000 men so we could kill those too? How dare they? And don’t they believe in equal opportunity and gay rights? Why aren’t 400k women also dead? (A: Because women are made for trafficking, stupid. That’s “European values” That’s what we’re fighting for.)

    “backed by 350 different organizations claiming vaccines are unequivocally safe,”

    Appeal to Authority. “The Science is Settled”. Well we know 350 organizations – as well as all these others – are idiots, fools, saps, morons, shills, sell-outs, and totally wrong. “Well if there are NINETY-FIVE indictments, surely there’s something in there…” You would think so, wouldn’t you? But no.

    NATO Will Support Ukraine Until It Wins The War – Stoltenberg (TASS)

    You do know Russia can hear you, right? These guys are incredible. The level of mental illness is breathtaking. “Nothing exists but ME and my mind.”

    “Ukraine’s fall 2022 counteroffensive left it in a stronger position,”

    You just keep telling yourself that. Russia WITHDREW. Across the river. So far as I can tell Ukraine hasn’t won anything. Not once. That’s actually g– d—d amazing. And sad, I’m rooting for them a little now.

    “• US Classified Forecast Predicts Ukraine Counteroffensive Will Fail (DeMartino)

    We told you that BEFORE the war. Um, Russia is 10x Ukraine’s size and can nuke the whole place to ashes in 30 minutes. …And your argument is they will LOSE?

    “Let me get this straight, you think that your client, one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands, and your plan is to… blackmail this person?” — Batman

    There was always zero chance. The level of delusion and moron for all 600 million people of the West is epic for the ages. They’re probably publishing it widely around this whole arm of the spiral Galaxy.

    “Former US President Donald Trump is the latest figure to warn that the days of the US dollar’s predominance in world trade could soon be numbered.”

    Yes. But it all has to collapse under BIDEN. Under the DEMOCRATS. We have to lose to Russia, abandon Europe, end the empire, and ruin the US$, destroy all every 401k and home value under BIDEN. Why would we want all that – which MUST happen – to happen under your own party?

    Now that the 4th indictment is in, as Trump requested, they are issued a “report” on election interference. Wot a coincidence. This will come through “Space Force” which doesn’t shoot green men with rayguns, pew pew, but READS AND CONTROLS ALL THE DATA SATELLITES. Including the ones China used to read the Diebold wifi in real time, to know how many votes they need. China? Yes, dummies, Diebold is a public corp, who is a major owner? China. Even if they weren’t we already know that a 13-year-old can hack their machines. It’s been done at hacker conventions for 20 years, I remember telling people in 2000, who of course didn’t see anything wrong with that and didn’t care. (Bush-Gore)

    Anyway, Trump constituted Space Force, hand-picked, so they could go around ALL the spies and moles in the general military. There are a lot of White Hats in the Army, but this insures even less. That’s why the media was all over hating it.

    Anyway, the US$ must be close, perhaps when they handcuff Cheeto and throw him in county. Which is hilarious as it is serious. Same with Ukraine. Russia is now clear to sweep to the Polish border at will. We’re prepped to be kicked out of all Africa. Taiwan is forfeit. And Brunson is out there. US$ and markets go down, all these things will happen at once. …Or looking back in textbooks it will seem all at once.

    They’ll point at the Democrats and their endless corruption and mismanagement, and clean house of them. “Them” is a RICO on the K-Mafia, same as Trump and Guiliani did in NY back when. All families lined up. All indictments written. One day: poof, all arrested at once. Or that’s my read.

    “To date, no compelling evidence has surfaced proving the US election was swayed by widespread voter fraud”, Sputnik’s NPR writers say, having watched poll workers put stacks of the same ballots through 3 times on live camera.

    “Democrats Say It’ll Take A Lot More Than Eyewitness Testimony, Bank Records, Audio, Video, Complete Confessions For Them To Believe Biden Did Anything Wrong” –Bbee

    It’s the Sputnik-NPR merger! So THAT’S where all the male NPR journalists went! Sputnik? Um, the Pennsylvania SUPREME COURT ruled there was election fraud. That the whole STATE was illegally voting. Nope! Not to Sputnik. You’re going to have to get a lot more than a Supreme Court ruling of one of the most populous states to convince me anything’s wrong!

    “• Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Biden Admin’s “Horrible” Response To Maui Disaster (SN)

    They’re saying maybe 6,000 dead, including all the children. The mansions on one side of the street are untouched, but the middle-class housing they wanted to grab were melted to the concrete on the other side? Just like California where the engine blocks had melted, but the trees next to them were untouched?


    That’s good, since doing nothing isn’t nearly the insult that the $700 is. I guess it adds up to $7 million total or something? And of course using the US Army to PREVENT all aid is a nice touch. All the women getting raped tonight over there will really appreciate it. Never forget. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” With the most extensive, budget-busting alarm system on planet earth! Just fixed and going off on false alarms yesterday! Nope. And all the fire trucks we paid for for 40 years. Nope! And all the insurance we paid and need now. Nope! And all the FEMA aid and police peacekeeping we need. Nope! “You’ll get nothing and like it!!!” Now shut up and get raped.

    “The carbon orthodoxy has focused our love of the environment on one target: reducing carbon.”

    Yes, carbon sells and we can keep selling all the plastics too.

    Anyway when will something actually happen? “When all is said and done; more is said than done.” Talk talk talk about all these things, and buppkus. Is the BTC slam the precursor for actual action?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 17 2023 #141438
    Dr. D

    “Who Wants to Be a Warmonger,” UK edition.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 17 2023 #141437
    Dr. D

    I was disappointed to find out that although the GARDEN had been there since Rome, those sculptures are very much newer. Still some of the best work ever done in my opinion, because it seems like it could be there 1,000 years and be just as relevant. That other period was the Italian marbles of c1830. Blows even the Renaissance masters away.

    “Retraction Watch, the most widely respected organization tracking scientific fakery these days, estimates that more than 100,000 papers should be retracted each year; the actual number in 2022 was less than 5500. Of retracted papers, four-fifths on average are withdrawn due to scientific fraud.”

    But not the Climate or Medical ones. All the OTHER scientists are 4/5 total fraud-for-hire and not well-meaning mistakes.

    Why? Because there is no shame, no embarrassment, no consequences. Everyone approves of lying, so whoever you ask, they want more scientific fabrications. So…you think none of these guys work for major University Departments? And every one of them was summarily fired for not just complete fabrication to a mere paper, not just economic fraud, but for being against every principle of Science-as-a-study? Uh-huh, how about no? Every University helped cover it up as they don’t want to be seen as fraudsters themselves…which is why they, um, helped and promoted open embarrassing fraud.

    And I bet China and Russia, they’re all 90% fraudulent Science and no one gets fired for making up papers about that net rocket technology? No. They are taken out and shot. Their careers are over. #Logos. That’s two parts: Mercy AND Justice. That’s the Justice part. You can’t BE Merciful without Justice, because you’d just be a sap.

    “Retraction Watch lists some researchers who have had more than a hundred papers retracted, and are still happily employed in their laboratories turning out junk science.”

    I’d like to sic these guys on a sample of other nations to see. “The SCIENCE! Trust The Science!!!”

    “They are willing to destroy the law to destroy Trump.”

    They destroyed the law a century ago, but at least since 2001. They’re just finishing the mop-up; the planet it a big place and getting EVERYONE either corrupt or dead takes time.

    “According to Kirillov, the US was extensively studying coronaviruses shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic struck.”

    Always doing their work for them. Not “according to Kirillov“: we know this from non-stop emails and childish elation between Wuhan, Chapel Hill, and Canada about their beautiful new invention that was finally super-deadly. This then went through a ton of NGO White Papers, ultimately to Event 201. It’s g– d— everywhere. So that’s like saying “Pastor Blowalot claims the Bible is widely read, but who can believe just some random guy like that?”

    It does explain why they wanted not just mRNA, but were sold on it for all purposes, always, the answer to everything. Even though – like 100% of all PMC things – it totally didn’t work at all and killed everyone it touches, The Plan was WHEN we inevitably “nuke” Russia and indeed the whole planet with Eugenic Bioweapons like we’ve always creamed ourselves dreaming about, we’re going to HAVE to have a cure for ourselves. …And by “ourselves” we mean PMCs, not working people. And since the other guys will immediately create something new, we need a vaccine process we can create, produce, and get on the street in just a few days.

    Thus the dry-run of mRNA, and the ludicrous numbers of doses. Like WTF are all these factories? You tell us we can’t make 10 epipens, but we can make 1 BILLION doses in 4 weeks for a mere 300 MILLION people? All enforced by the highest level right down to Juan the carpet-cleaner? …And it was all done under Pentagon bioweapons designation? You see how this begins to make sense if they want – can’t even say “believe” as they’re incapable of rational thought – to have a world-wide biowar and need a rapid, automatic, foolproof cure on our side to win that war.

    I had the pieces, but I guess I didn’t recognize the gravity of the moving parts which indicate the core emphasis is really in this location.

    Well I hope utter and complete failure – due to bullsh-t sales as is usual with Americans – plus a now-widespread disgust and pushback by the culture who won’t do it a second time, have convinced them this plan isn’t working smoothly. Anyone seen “Kingsmen”? Yeah, like that.

    “Ten F-16s are $2 billion,” Milley told reporters”

    Whut? You just gave them $150B without even asking. But suddenly money means something? Why are they asking for a 50 year old Sopwith Camel by name? Do they not know how to spell planes with higher numbers, like F18? The F16 is ACUTELY unsuited to Ukraine’s needs. It needs great airfields, it’s a dogfighter (that time has passed) and they need, I dunno, A10 Warthogs instead.

    The only thing I can come up with is that it’s nuclear-capable and will start WWIII with a minimum threshold. Like planting our biggest, most recent missiles (1950??) in Kiev would show we started it. But one itty-bitty 50 year old jet? One? C’mon guys, have a sense of humor – they’ll tell the Global South who is the real audience for this pitch.

    P.S. the Warthogs worked and were beloved by all, so we canceled them. Warthogs fly in light rain and that is unacceptable to the Army.

    “African Union Rejects Military Intervention In Niger (RT)

    I wonder if behind the scenes this is considered South Africa brokering peace for the BRICS as a sales pitch for the continent. I haven’t heard so, but I don’t see how it wouldn’t.

    • White House Refuses To Rule Out Support For Niger Invasion (RT)

    That’s because they can’t. Or the men they send would be a joke. This is a type of bluffing. Here’s a thought: WHO CARES if they do or don’t? They’re no longer relevant at all, they’re not in control. Ignore them. That’s the change everyone can’t adjust to.

    “New BRICS Currency Bad for Dollar – John Rubino (USAW)

    Rubino has a good standard take, he’s not stuck in a loop like Peter Schiff, but it’s still the old take from 30 years ago. That’s not helpful, there’s a lot going on and these details will mean it goes in directions you’re not paying attention to. For example: it’s neither a gold-backed currency nor not one. That it isn’t a one-stop, 19th c type British Sterling is pretty relevant. It’s like mainframe vs smartphone different.

    “Killing Gaddafi Was a ‘Serious Mistake’ – Italian FM (RT)

    What? No! So Italy is going to put Hillary and France up on war crimes, right? Since 100% of every minute of every day of that was a war crime? UN? No? We’ll leave it to beacons of democracy like Sudan and China to start the process?

    “Though Washington and its allies described the mission as a “humanitarian” effort”

    RT, always doing the West’s work for them. Do they hire only writers from NPR? Governments say a lot of things. They never believe the things they say, and are always lying. Government, and Journalism, 101.

    African presidents on an African mission over African soil were ordered by NATO to go back.”

    They might have missed the headline here: NATO didn’t just SAY to go back. NATO said WE WILL BLOW UP YOUR PLANE AND KILL EVERY LEADER IN AFRICA if you don’t STFU and sit down in the back of that bus.

    …And then did, btw, a bunch more leaders were killed after this.

    Sagan: “there is a delicate balance of the Greenhouse effect”

    Or not so delicate: the earth has been wildly warmer, wildly colder, with wildly higher CO2, and we’re almost at the dead-bottom of the CO2 range and nothing’s happened. It seems pretty robust in that case and not delicate at all or we’d all long have been dead. …Plus Al Gore bored to tears, dreaming about how to sell more of his taxpayer-firehose graft so he can buy that 5th 4,000 sq ft house at sea level. Which, like Obama, they’re all still buying, non-stop, in Miami and everywhere. Insurers, knowing all of AGW, still have no problem insuring them all. At a certain dead-loss, apparently, out of the greatness of their hearts and because they all hate money. Yup! That’s what insurers do!

    “NATO Suggests for First Time Ukraine Could Cede Territory

    Reality: they got none. They’ve ONLY NOW come to the realization that they might not have an immediate and unconditional surrender from Russia. That’s as far as they’ve got. But AFTER ADMITTING the playbook, they’re only now going to run the playbook of splitting it, taking 80% of Ukraine and putting them in Nuclear-NATO, then re-arming Ukraine to do it all again tomorrow, or 20 years from now, after they make some Ukrainians, and attack Russia much closer from a more fully-armed state. That’s “Compromise”. The compromise was, after 30 years of broken treaties putting nuclear-armed states on the border to attack Russia, then ATTACKING RUSSIA, directly, on her soil in Moscow and not just the Oblasts, Russia is going to allow them to get 500 miles closer anyway, and re-populate and re-arm Ukraine anyway, in the middle of a war, while NATO is losing and it’s all about to break into a Russian victory.

    Now you see why Kissinger said to do this a year ago. THEN that might have happened. Because Harry has the brains of a normal human, but these guys don’t. Okay, I’ll watch.

    Mercouris says this is the 50-year habit of the West. Because they’re all fractured, they have to negotiate all motions through London, NY, DC, NATO, the EU, and all the rest of Europe. Even in DC that means 5 negotiations between arms manufacturers, Congressmen, all of whom have challenges and need horse trading to get on board. That’s like 55 negotiations to get signed on, and that takes months, years even, and barely works then. So the Western diplomats have to start all this, get a package together months later, then say, “Welp: here we are, here’s the deal.”

    Russia (and the RoW) looks at them in credulity and says, “Sirs? There is one person you did NOT negotiate this deal with. Merely one: Us.” Or the addition of Syria, Libya, whoever 3rd party is. The West looks baffled and can’t understand why Russia is so recalcitrant and high-handed as to not accept this deal it took them a really, really long time and a herculean effort to make. …Because they didn’t ASK anyone. They didn’t TALK to anyone. They only talk to themselves. You know, like crazy people do. As they say, “I don’t listen, bucko: I TELL YOU how it’s going to be.” I don’t TAKE orders, I MAKE them. Don’t you know who I am?

    A second part they might want to watch is that they always and only negotiate (without the other side being present ever at all) from the basis of maximum cynicism. Here’s the odd part of the Anglos though: Cynicism of the RUSSIAN side. They’re like, “We know Ukraine is only a land grab, Syria is only a chess piece to you plotting Asiaitics who-are-violent-by-nature. So give us all Syria and we’ll trade you some military bases and stuff for it.”

    Russia looks at them like they have two heads and says, “Do I stutter? The PRINCIPLE is that you can’t just come in and topple governments. The PRINCIPLE is you guys can’t just insert any head of state you feel like. And ESPECIALLY as a Russian ally or protectorate.” The West says, “Fine, fine, but we’re adults and alone here, you don’t have to use all that PR nonsense on me. We know you only want naval ports…” And the discussion goes nowhere.

    It must be pure insanity for the Russians to only and always say, VERY CLEARLY, only and exactly what they’re doing and why, in VERY TINY WORDS, even putting cards into view they don’t have to, to be met with this response as if they’re not there, the West is seeing fantasies and delusions in their head, and never once Russia, or the actual cards at all.

    And I realized why. It’s not that we can’t understand, or that we think Russia is up to something. That would be far too easy and be solved by now, in a Kissinger-like way. The real illusion, delusion, is much more basic and primary than that. It’s that, like Star Wars, American TV, Saturday cartoon reality,


    And if THEY are the good guys, well, then obviously the other side is ipso facto, QED, the BAD Guys. And Baddie-bad super bad Bad Guys, THINK like Bad Guys. Duh. That means they all have the motives of Darth Vader x Dr. No x Despicable Me. I mean, duh. So therefore Putin’s ONLY POSSIBLE motive is he wants to kill gay people and steal land, because that’s what evilly-evil people do, and this is how Goodily-Gooder people stop them who are practically perfect in every way. You know, singing Mary Poppins songs about the joys of book-burning n stuff.

    Follow it and you’ll see exactly and only this on TV, News, among the people in the street, the entire State Department, all the Generals, and especially and exclusively with the most child-minded among us, our politicians.

    So I guess this is why a completely insane, delusional and fabricated reality has such perfect hold on a whole generation. They’re all toddlers, and this is their Teletubbies. Or Power Rangers in this case. Putin is Megazord.

    Simple! Even a coked-out crackhead buying child hookers in Moscow could understand it. WE take the money, because WE’RE THE GOOD GUYS. Duh. It’s taking bribes that PROVES you’re good. Why else would they give money to us?

    This is not a great sign as nothing can possibly dissuade a people this lost in fantasy and the wonder of sniffing their own farts. What do you do, kill all 500 million of them to make the planet safe again?

    Adding #Helping. We the “Good Guys™” are #Helping the planet so much, and Hunter to some crack along the way. #Helping so very much I hope any of us can survive it, particularly in Africa right now.


    This is what you do when you’re the Gooder-Good people and therefore they’re all the Baddie-bads. They’re Bad, so they do what Bad people do: they get violent, and the violence they get PROVES my case that they were bad all along! And what do Good people Do? Why, they have to crush them ruthlessly to make the world safe! That’s what #GoodPeople do.

    So the act of them NOT being violent is and remains incomprehensible to the simple and feeble-minded from Yale. THEY JUST KNOW they’re all racist, violent, hateful, bigots who would attack anyone who got in their way. How do they know? Because that’s what THEY would do in a similar situation.

    Since they’re complete childish morons who are out of their gourds, this is going to have a very hard time being settled. People who are logical – even evil ones, like the mafia – you can reason with. They have rules. People who think spider people are living in their purse and you put listening devices in their shoes because you’re out to get them are much harder to fathom. That’s what we’re up against in Yale, NPR, and the NY Times. Power Rangers mentality of mega-zoid robots. Trapped in the mind of a 5-year-old.

    Posting suddenly worked better than ever, took immediately wo logging back in which hasn’t been true in years.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 16 2023 #141396
    Dr. D

    “Awkward: Rachel Maddow Calls Out ‘Election Deniers’ as Hillary Clinton Offers Blank Stare”

    I was more interested in this being the 55 year old Clinton this time. She’s 76. Also didn’t they have this interview like an hour after the indictment? As if they knew something and the case was posted to the court to begin before the Grand Jury convened?

    Ramaswamy: Indicting the opposing candidate…

    Again, if he’s guilty of something you should. That’s what we did when Biden was (not) a candidate, etc. It’s equal under the law. Now, I’m afraid I am indeed practical and as others have said (Turley, Dershowitz) that case had better be the best and strongest case anyone ever saw. Because the effects are unusually high.

    Cavuto is interesting, revealing the media argument: “Well if there are NINETY-FIVE surely there must be SOMETHING…” I hear people use this one all the time. It’s an “Appeal to Authority” because if a corrupt government would bring ONE charge against an candidate, surely they wouldn’t illegally charge him a SECOND time, or 95 times. Duuuuh. He then moves on to the pardon, because that demonstrates proof of something to be pardoned of, etc.

    Like we don’t want Desantis removing any prosecutor he feels like, we also don’t want to say we can’t arrest crimes just because you’re a candidate. Or maybe we can. I declare my candidacy for the 2024 Presidential Election.

    …Of course I don’t have to. I can go into any gucci shop or any WalMart with a rolling garbage can and steal anything I want. Not only will the police not stop me, any employee that tries will be fired.

    …On an unrelated note, crime is suddenly way up.

    “”You would think the fact that Joe Biden just made as his Deputy Secretary of State… the person who was Dick Cheney’s top advisor for the Iraq War,”

    Yes but they love Dick Cheney. I mean, they love W Bush now. He’s their bestest friend. Albright said it was all worth it.

    To be more productive: Greenwald said there aren’t two parties, it’s now only the Insiders and the Outsiders. Yes, Finally. Been since Gingrich did nothing in congress in 1994, then nothing in impeachment later, that it was obvious. Or even before.

    “Now Christopher Clark is trying to sneak out of the building, hoping no-one will notice”

    I’m lost on this thing. As above my paradigm is that the prosecution and defense are the same people, working to the very same goals. If so, why work at all, why not edict? Who’s their audience? A: YOU. You are the people they are prosecuting against and need to convince. They don’t need convincing, they all agree their friends should do whatever they want!

    It is a good sign that they still have the need to do this, put on this elaborate charade. I appreciate the thought.

    Also, if Clark is sneaking away, who is he sneaking away FROM? Is there anyone, anywhere who will come down on him and punish him? If so, that would also be good and unexpected news. It’s always good when criminals still have enough sense to be fearful and ashamed.

    “Trump Attorneys Slam ‘Flawed, Unconstitutional’ Fulton County Indictment (Sp.)

    Speaking of Clark and Trump’s attorneys, perhaps you don’t know what the real indictment is here. Georgia indicted all of Trump’s LAWYERS. That is, “anyone who gave Donald Trump legal advice”. Put another way, “Giving plausible legal advice is now a crime”. If it’s against what WE WANT to be true. Today, all which changes tomorrow. Like first denying elections is good and the only legal thing, now it’s bad and the only ILLEGAL thing.

    So in the hierarchy of power, they are now down to Captains, that is, any officers of the courts. I suppose this means they’ve already captured all the Judges, the next level up. Nor is this unusual: in J6 and a few previous cases, they both made lawyers quit, and actively attempted to disbar them. Actually did in some cases, was it Guiliani? So no ordinary citizen can get, or will be allowed, to have legal council. Who will say anything the State doesn’t want them to say. Which is already happening, this is just formalizing it, sending it to the Supreme Court. Add a Socialist, Soviet System, get a Socialist, Soviet result.

    So: all lawyers who don’t obey will be rounded up and jailed for life like J6. How about the rest of us? Influencers, then just, all voters? …Yeah, I already thought we were doing that too. Good to know we’re not quite there yet, or not really. You see why this is the last battle and they had to own the court?

    You either agree with the government’s interpretation of election results or else you risk going to jail.”

    You agree on everything or go to jail.

    And here’s their argument: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it4kMDbmOd4&pp=ygUNZnJlZWRvbSB0b29ucw%3D%3D

    Yup, that’s the “Overturning elections”. That’s the “Coup”. 100 guys with no guns, completely surrounded by FBI agents having no plan, visited one building for a few minutes. Not an armory. Didn’t take a military base. THAT, my friends, is how you topple a government. Now excuse me, I’m going to tour the Eiffel Tower without any weapons and take over France without a plan. It will be the worst attack in the history of Europe.

    In any case, back to reality: All American movies end up in a courtroom drama (sadly). Now Trump can be on the nightly news demonstrating the election rigging they wouldn’t hear – or more accurately, wouldn’t report. The courts can RULE it, but they’ll just say that’s one corrupt guy who we know is corrupt because of his ruling. QED Because I already know without looking, reading, or asking anything. I got “The Memo”. (P.S. this month’s memo is now Florida is bad. All things Florida, and Florida has always been bad and we all always knew that.) So IF EVEN legal rulings, Supreme Court rulings, don’t matter and don’t have any effect on the Civil War, then what?

    …You need to get on TV. How? How can you get on TV with a captured media? A: You indict Trump. “We got him this time!!! Bombshell, walls are closing in!”

    So the media is now not going to report on the indictments they themselves created? I mean, probably, why not? Nothing else makes sense. But no, they’ll have to report something. Like Hunter it will break through until “We now all already knew that, and like Florida, we now always already knew that Hunter’s laptop was real BUT…it doesn’t mean anything.”

    Narcissist’s Handbook. “I didn’t do it” “You’re crazy” “Everyone says I didn’t do it.” “If I did, it’s your fault”. “If I did do it then it doesn’t matter anyway.” etc. Like Russian defense lines, one after another after another in an endless line to the horizon of denial.

    And so here. To avoid a Civil War, they have to get on TV and UN-DO what TV did to everyone for 40 years. With the TV guys still in control of that whole system. Well, problem solved. Hunter’s laptop is real, and the election is about to be reviewed in the court. …Of public opinion, the only court that counts.

    “these are not real crimes like insurrection or sedition; they are thought crimes.”

    Gosh there is so much new legal theories in all these indictments, I can’t keep up. Yes, that’s the other one here. Of course the Feds ALWAYS charge “conspiracy” since you don’t have to prove anything. But because they own the courts, 99% of people plead out, which is higher conviction rate than Hitler. So that’s not new. But this total thought crime, completely generalized with no actions at all, and from sea to sea, and on every single attorney is new.

    …And unlike the general mass, don’t think they don’t know it. I know attorneys and they will understand this before the sentence is finished. They’ll also comply because they have no spine or standards, only expedience. I don’t know how many attorneys the U.S. has, but all 250 million of them will understand immediately.

    “”It now appears there actually was meaningful voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia last November.”

    Timing: wot a coincidence.

    It is telling that many politicians and pundits refuse to even acknowledge that obvious alternate meaning.”

    Yes, on the case, here’s another interpretation: the election was so solid we have to have court cases and indictments about it. If someone says, “You stole my donkey” do we arrest him? No, we send the police over there, search the house with him, find no donkey and the thing is over. So why are we doing everything BUT that this time? Why doesn’t this end somewhere?

    It’s because their case, the election, the recount was so amazingly accurate, honest, and strong, isn’t it? I always have the other guy arrested when I don’t have his donkey and it’s not right here in my yard.

    “Trump Must Turn Himself in at Georgia Jail – Sheriff (RT)

    The sheriff promises, honest injun, to have a mug shot this time. Somehow they arrested and indicted Trump all legal like, all over everywhere, without any handcuffs, fingerprints, or mug shots. Because it’s all totally, totally real. Because there’s one justice system for all and we don’t play favorites. I’m sure when I go, if I ask nice, they won’t for me either.

    Anyway, remains to be seen. Epic shot they actually had to have AI fabricate last time. Like David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix mug shots. Rock Stars.

    “How can this Administration continue to justify tens of billions of dollars for this losing war”

    That’s easy: Maui will pay for itself. They are refusing all aid, stopping all permits, and will run out all occupants like Peabody Mines. The will tie it up for 1,000 years, allowing ONLY the State of Hawaii to be a legal purchaser. No, really. They already said you can sell to anybody you want, as long as it’s the State of Hawaii, and BlackRock (need to check this) to make their 15-minute city, that is an open-air concentration camp as beta-tested on Gaza.

    …Or you can refuse, have no house, still pay taxes, can’t use the land, it’s worthless, no prospective buyers, and pay $100 million in legal fees over the next 50 years to get the title you already have. Your choice. Like Trudeau said: we’re not MAKING you do it or anything. It’s all voluntary. Narcissist’s Handbook. I mean, if you don’t get me a sandwich, I’ll punch you senseless, so: free choice.

    Anyway, Maui will be burned out, stolen out, and chopped up and sold by BlackRock. Who like Ukraine pays 80% in bribes. That’s a net profit. But having the Army shoot anyone who tries to bring aid or stop the looting and rapes is a nice touch. Like W: “Good Job Brownie”, my work here is done. God’s work.

    “• Team Biden Hurts US Prestige and Credibility By Walking Into Ukraine Trap (Sp.)

    A trap where the U.S. loses empire, leaves Europe, and Russia solves the Ukraine problem by annexing it.

    “• Ukraine Could Give Up Territory To Russia – NATO Official (RT)

    DMZ line. Okay, great: did anyone ask Russia? A: No, because Russia already said they’d immediately start WWIII with NATO and nuke London. NATO is not in control here. That’s the difference everyone is having trouble with.

    P.S. we already had three treaties on this. NATO broke all of them.

    “Vladimir Zelensky supplies the manpower for these experiments…”

    That is, live human experimentation. They have a long history of it, I don’t see why they’d be bothered. “European values”

    “outstanding performance characteristics” their highly-sophisticated equipment couldn’t perform appropriately in Ukraine’s tough battlefield conditions.”

    Oh wait: You wanted BATTLEFIELD drones for the war? Those are going to cost much, much more. The drones we have now fail in light rain and dust. That’s our level for “Outstanding Performance”, gold medal, best-in-class.

    “MI6 Plans To Send Ukrainian Mercenaries To Africa (RT)

    Well that makes sense….wait, what? Everyone in Ukraine is dead. So you’re losing the war for lack of men, you’re going to win it by removing more men? And listen: all the mercenaries worldwide are dead too. First in ISIS that we paid for, then in Ukraine. And they’re going to fight with what? We just took all the weapons FROM Africa and sold them to Ukraine, now we’re air-lifting them BACK?

    …It’s like you guys don’t know what you’re doing.

    ““sabotage of infrastructure in African countries”

    Um that’s illegal in like 6 ways. No declaration of war, but ALSO, attacking civilian infrastructure as the opening, very first, almost only, go-to act. Attacking civilians and their infrastructure is an open war crime. …Which the UN heartily approves, it seems. Britain attacking hospitals and water treatment plants in Nirobi just shows that they’re the good guys. Rally round, huzzah!

    “Greenpeace co-founder, Dr. Patrick Moore: Net Zero policies will result in the genocide of half the population.”

    Always framing as the FUTURE. If we don’t look out this MIGHT happen, someday, but never now. Although we are doing 100% of all those policies in some measure. There are no eggs in the store, all CA and HI are living in tents, and still this will happen “someday”. Okay man, tell me when you’re serious.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 15 2023 #141305
    Dr. D

    “Two Princeton, MIT Scientists Say EPA Climate Regulations Based On A ‘Hoax’

    The Science is settled. It’s settled on the money. THAT all scientists agree on.

    Big Epoch Times article going over new J6 footage withheld from evidence (again and always), including a people conductor, handing attendees (otherwise known as poor saps) illegal gear once inside the building. She’s living in Thailand and, unlike Assange, no interest or motion to extradition. Anyway,

    “”This Is Like A Nightmare”: Mother Of Jan. 6 Prisoner Becomes Desperate As Her Son Goes Silent From Prison”

    So…they’re holding him 1) Incommunicado, even to his lawyers 2) Illegally refusing to provide his location.

    Yup, the Obliettte. “Forgot HIM? Heck, we even forgot WHERE he is!”

    He’s probably SuperMax, for trespass. I’m sure that’s a good use of resources, not expensive or nothin’. You know there was this immigrant who killed a gal on a pier in broad daylight…

    Age of Rage: UChicago Report Finds 30 Million American View Violence as Justified to Keep Trump From Power

    The ends justify the means. I want it, therefore it’s good. How you tell the good guys from the bad guys. To be more helpful, a counter-coup team in the Pentagon would say you have to get that under 8% to act safely. Thus the Biden Administration, trying to lose that last support due to Bernays’ mind control. …It’s a thought.

    You did hear that Hawaii, no one’s ever seen a fire like that. Again. Almost every month now, somebody sees things that don’t happen naturally. …Like fires in Canada being set by arsonists, but then the smoke traveling 1,000 miles? Never happened in 300 years so far? Yeah, the fire was like that.

    So guess what? Just like the Dutch protests nobody ever seen before, the center of the wildfires just HAPPENED to be 50 acres of development land the State Officials wanted. The people were fighting them on it. I guess they’re all broke and no need to defend their homes now! Somebody tell Holland.

    P.S. this just Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapened to be all the places that went up in arson in the 12 Federal Reserve Cities during the Summer of Love. Yup. All the same areas were all slated for real estate development, then burned down. Po’ Black places. Anyone Google “New York, 1977 Bronx Fires” “Seven different census tracts in The Bronx lost more than 97% of their buildings to fire and abandonment between 1970 and 1980; 44 tracts (out of 289 in the borough) lost more than 50%. …Hoodlums did not burn The Bronx. The bureaucrats did. ” Nah, that happened yesterday! We can’t remember that far back.


    Ah, if only they were in the Ukraine, where it’s peaceful and safe. Such arsons, re-zoning, stealing, re-development, approved from the very top, right down to the bottom. …But that was back when we were young and innocent. We’re so much more moral now we’d never do anything like that,you know, like that we already did. Even when there were newspapers and reporters around. You know, like Tuskeegee.

    30-year mortgages: The average U.S. home prices: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/graph/fredgraph.png?g=17RNV

    Because the Internet is now useless, and Google is woke and hides everything, shows pictures of pretty, pretty houses when you put in “30 year home price charts”, I’m reduced to presenting the FRED, which ALSO can’t work correctly, and when listed “copy URL since 1962 to one minute ago” it shows since 2000 and only to 2016. Whiskey. Tango. I need some. But good enough. Home prices are $300k and can drop to $150k in no time.

    And obviously should. They are further above wages than any time in 300 years. Unless you think wages will double tomorrow.

    Collum was on an interview pointing out that people think a 40-year data set is long enough in the market. No. Markets are by definition “Mean-reverting”. And if they “revert” they overshoot the trendline. That’s what the “Mean”, …um, means. So only a 100-year chart will catch your trends. Houses will go down to taxes, and already have. What? Um, yes….!!! “The Revolution will not be evenly distributed.” They’ve already collapsed everywhere but the 12 Blesse’d cities, and even Detroit and Gary, Indiana haven’t fallen to stable levels yet although they started with Papa Bush and that Sucking Sound +30 years ago. 50 years, under Nixon, 1971.

    Anyway, ALL these charts need to “Mean-Revert”. If ALL these charts are at the 200-year tippy-top, is there anything that isn’t? Yeah, dummies: Commodities. In the middle of a World War and Commodity embargo on us by like 200 nations, starting with France being cut off for everything, even light and power. Rare Earths? No fertilizer? How about No eggs last week? Anyone remember that?

    No? It’s not just rates. Boomers need to downsize and retire, and Millennials are going to buy their $380,000 houses? Millennials can’t pay $1000 just for rent. Nor is it just student loans: they have no income either. Demographics is Destiny.

    “To date, the Trump camp has repeatedly rejected all charges,”

    Why is this sentence here, Sputnik? You expect him to say “Shucks ya got me. I’m guilty.” We were really surprised! Do people USUALLY say that to accusations and indictments? Uh, no, never.

    Also as per Sputnik, the presentation flow of facts implies guilt, not innocence or politics and false charges. WHY did you also take this approach, Sputnik? It may be very difficult to present this story without seeming biased, (it is) but you actively and instinctively chose THEIR bias.

    “US Hints at Assange Plea Deal (RT)

    RT follows here in a different article, forgetting to mention that they have no jurisdiction of any kind, Assange is not a citizen, and even so, the U.S.’s own 200-year view is that speaking and publishing are always legal. Might want to open with that. Keep doing their work for them.

    “It’s been quite a day in Atlanta (and for scrambling Democrats) as former President Trump was indicted for the 4th time.”

    If you want an interesting quote, why not open with Trump saying he’s patiently waiting and needs that 4th indictment before he gets started. Doesn’t that seem unusual?

    “These things listed above are…what? Things that Rolling Stone is in favor of?” [i.e. welfare, obesity, taxes, the rich]

    Yes. Yes they are. They are also against any action films where children are saved. That’s just silly. We only like action films where the kidnapped children are killed. You know like, um, well, yeah, no action films like that were ever made but you get the idea. IF any action films were ever made where the good guys don’t save innocents from the bad guys, well, we at Rolling Stone would definitely support that. Thug Life 4 Evah! Amirite, says Chelsea and Ryan, unpaid interns from Columbia at R.S.?

    It’s bizarre, but our minds are so much MORE bizarre here in the ‘States it doesn’t register with anyone. Yup! Being against taxes and FOR good health sure is bad! Evil Nazi-est Nazi. If anyone is left healthy in America, clearly that’s White Supremacy, I kid you not. There are like 1,000 memes of gym membership being recruitment centers.

    Country Music Industry Confused by Man Actually from Country Making Actual Music “ –BBee

    Maybe he’s from New Jersey originally, so it’s okay.

    “RFK’s jaw-dropping answer, if proven true, could shake the very foundations of trust and demands unparalleled consequences for both Anthony Fauci and Ralph Baric.”

    So far behind the times. We already know that’s true. Not only was it published to the U.N. 6 months ago, there was a whole book about it in like 2010.

    It’s like the FDA and Ivermectin yesterday: “We never SAID doctors couldn’t use Ivermectin off-label.” Uh, What’s all these 1,000 pages from your site and your people, plus all these lawsuits against doctors then? “Oh well we SAID it, but we also DIDN’T say it.”

    That’s how it is now and why I keep repeating it, it’s relevant: A = A but we ALSO publish that A ≠ A. That way we’re covered! And then we do selective enforcement depending if you’re my friend. When you sue, they just grab whichever thing they said that’s more convenient to punch you with.

    So the labs that existed since the 90’s, or at least 2000’s that multiple journalists researched extensively and published whole books about, also DON’T exist, and were only TODAY known and talked about.

    …Which, as they say, proves RFK is a Nazi and a conspiracy theorist. How dare he read widely-published books!

    “•US Expects Ukrainian Conflict to Drag on for a While – Envoy (TASS)

    ‘Til the election. Which we will have, but also won’t have.

    See why #AntiLogos is madness yet? It’s hell?

    “Disaster Relief Plane Flies Over Hawaii On Way To Ukraine “ –BBee

    Boy I’m sure glad we support Kiev. With only 20% of the money. 80% of it stays here with (blue) Congress.

    “”• John Bolton Blames Biden For Kiev’s ‘Stalling’ Counteroffensive (RT)

    PMC middle-manager, and also proves he’s a Democrat? It’s always somebody else’s fault.

    “• New Defense Agreement Would See US Troops Deployed in Finland (Antiwar)

    One thing you can be sure of is the U.S. doesn’t have enough military bases abroad.

    “Is a Russian show of strength now needed to correct western misperceptions which continue to fantasise about weakness, unrest and the coming political collapse of Russia?”

    They would have to be rational for that to work. We’ve long passed that milemark. Russia will simply ignore us completely, and everything we say, and so will 200 other nations.

    I guess I’m saying Crooke’s premise is that we matter. We don’t.

    Zelensky Regime’s Police Raid Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Orthodox Church (Sp.)

    Another great use of valuable men and time. They should send these guys to SuperMax. And why not? We’re paying for it. The U.S. is paying all salaries, all pensions, and all health care. You know, THERE, not to veterans here.

    BTW I heard a neat story that the early church was trying to spread out fast, but when they got the word Mary was dying, came back to Ephesus with a Tartar. We think of that area as being “other” but to the Greeks and Mediterraneans, the Black Sea was closer than France. Palestine is just around the corner. Anyway, for “Russia” (in the future) and their Christian conversion which started more or less the day after the ascention. Western people think it’s about Rome, or that they didn’t just as quickly go to far-closer Ethiopia, etc. Just Re-setting the map on who is “us” and “Them” as we have European recency bias of 2-500 years we all grow up with.

    “By sending Nuland to Niger, the US demonstrated it was ready to talk to the coup leaders”

    And they told her she was an ugly fat-ass who should lay off the two breakfasts. A chilly reception.

    “• Full Faith & Credit of a Bankrupt Insolvent Government – Bill Holter (USAW)

    I would address this more, but he’s now been wrong for 20 years running. To get credibility you’re going to have to refine your view on what’s going on. Your gold is a dead loser, sir. Now: why?

    Skyscraper: good short-term plan. You DO know that those tree roots and in fact all living things will tear that concrete to pieces like the Ents of Isengard. Not slowly either, like in +10 years. So…how you plan on felling with felling them or their tree branches falling in a storm 20 stories below? Do you know how much trees drink x pumped up 20 stories with coal power?

    I’m not against it, I’m in favor, but you’re going to have to solve these things and not just look cool.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 14 2023 #141303
    Dr. D

    “The mere fact that everyone is scared sh-tless to mention the jew”

    Why do you just make stuff up? Does that really help your case, make us think you’re honest, persuasive, in good faith? We’ve more or less been talking about this for half a year now. And it was getting so nearly every day. Every day we talk about this thing we never talk about? Why does nobody talk about what we talk about?

    That thing we never talked about yesterday? We should talk about it again today.

    Why make it up? Clearly we mention it regularly as it’s relevant, and we have addressed you and your position politely and extensively. Should we go find all six dozen of them and paste them back to back here? That thing we never talk about? You wouldn’t like it I expect, and feel attacked by the huge volume of words of that thing we never mention. Ah well.

    What it shows is you’re locked in, bolted down, and not listening at all. And why talk to someone who’s not listening? That’s what we’ve already mostly decided. Not even to reverse your opinion, which appears to be what you’ve determined we’re doing – because you’re not listening – but to expand it to be more complex, textured, and more importantly, more accurate. You could even rise up to Aspnaz’ level, who seems to agree with you but at least with facts and arguments.

    I’m with Benton on this one, no surprise. It does take years, decades, but when you keep looking at the contradictions, it’s one of the only explanations that make sense. As I said: “They” are running the world. But also? “They” are killing all the Jews? In 160 Progroms, and 90% compliance rate in Israel? So…your theory is: the people running the world are all killing themselves? Okay, let them at it, why should I stop them? If so, it’ll all be over shortly, we won! …Unless it’s NOT a guy, who somehow always succeeds generationally for 1,000 years, by…killing himself? Yeah, that doesn’t make sense. It’s a SUBSET of that group – a mafia even – who kills the OTHER people in that group…and therefore don’t consider themselves, and by their actions are not, part of that group.

    And I don’t know what aspnaz is saying here. A religion exists? And therefore because: religion, virgins are sacrificed? …Which never happens under Christianity but has in history under an enormous variety of pagans? Focus man, focus. Abrahamic religions ARE popular, that’s true. Religions are only supported by the powerful if they help the powerful. Uh-huh, we know. It’s been mentioned once or twice in the last 2,000 years. And sad panda is sad. Trying to get further than this, though.

    Was just getting somewhere with then when he popped back into how the most criticized group is never criticized, and how I guess everyone is religious? We’re all religious and never criticize religion generally either, except the whole world is secular, and you’d have to dig under ten rocks and round up half a township to find even one truly religious person. We hear nothign but how Christians are bad, backwards, are the villains on every TV show and the nightly news. Because WE are all religious, but also WE hate all those religious Christian peoples that R Us. As we know from our behaviour, unless, like that other group, everyone is the U.S. and Canada are super-christian BUT ALSO arrest, jail, persecute, prosecute, and illegally shut down churches while keeping casinos open. And WalMarts, our real church.

    Focus man: Are we religious or aren’t we? Are Christians well-known for sacrificing virgins or aren’t they? Do groups usually get power in order to kill themselves and all their members, or do certain subsets – named individuals even – get into power to sacrifice YOU, other people, to advance THEMSELVES, because they see you as NOT their group, Not-I, and therefore who cares what happens to you so long as I win?

    Um, I think the latter? IF there is a subset, AND as it appears, they’re now throwing their minion-groups under the bus, then who are the directors of these actions? It’s not going to be the general population and it’s not going to be any of the groups getting whackd. It’s going to be a very small party hiding within them who think you’re all expendable saps. That is, they’re Not-You, and they’re Not-Them. That’s how they think of themselves which is why we call them somewhat ironically, insultingly, and derogatorily, as “The Elites”. Because they have this delusion of themselves.

    My dentist is not one of them, nor is or can be any group running into the millions. That’s illogical. The subset has to be smaller, as small as Congress vs the United States. A 1,000 per 300,000,000 ratio. So who is THAT group? How do they name and identify THEMSELVES?

    Changing the subject, Why would humans be the only thing with consciousness? That’s ridiculous on its face. We’re on a planet with a million species, each with consciousness, and probably a planet among millions that support life in only one galaxy. I’m lost as to how this relates to religion. I mean, you’re in Asia: do you meet Christians who think their dog is not “alive” and has no consciousness, like they’re a rock-robot or something? That’s not the feeling here.

    But taking the tiny rocks theory, the scientific view is, if you have enough sand in a box – I mean, really, really a lot – then consciousness automatically springs out of it. That’s the Tiny Rocks theory, that matter is fundamental. I agree with Planck and practically everybody else who ever lived on this planet before 1900 that that idea is so ludicrous as hardly worth repeating. Consciousness is first, and matter is a subset – an illusion – of solidity that arises from consciousness. Or that’s what Einstein and almost all other respected physicists say always, from 1900 straight through today. You really have to get down to the textbook fan-bois before you find somebody who doesn’t say that and sees the world as primarily material, not energetic, or informational. What is that “Information” they talk of in quantum? Yeah, that’s “Consciousness”: information without form, i.e. matter. Because matter is secondary.

    I dunno man, I think you need to go back to the scientific source materials. They agree with Benton. Einstein, Planck, Maxwell, Oppenheimer, agree with Benton. So do the Hindu going way back. Buddhists especially. And almost all other cultures on earth EXCEPT Christians. The “Christian” nations are noteworthy in being the only cultures ever who DIDN’T think so. Or at least as far as any 5,000 year history I’ve come across. If anyone except us ever thought matter was primary before now, can you name them? ‘Cause that belief is EXTREMELY unusual, and may be the cause of the extremely unusual, consuming, and self-destructive behavior we see today, and only today, almost never before in history. …Which I think is one of the things Benton is getting at.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 14 2023 #141204
    Dr. D

    “Latins” aren’t, as Adolf said, but we’ll be allies until we turn on them too.”

    …And then later pretend and talk about it being “White Power”. Which it isn’t at all. Not the slightest. How can it be “White” power if it excludes 95% of all “white” people? Celts, Hispanics, Latins (Italians), Greeks (obviously), Slavs, 100% of Americans who are mixed mongrels, and ANYBODY ELSE WE CAN THINK OF. So except for the 95% of “White” people it’s KKK-Hood “White” power. Gotcha.

    …And people fall for this s–t.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 14 2023 #141203
    Dr. D

    “I now see that he has repeatedly shown he lacks the strength and leadership to rise to these moments. This is why the Justice Department is now less trusted by the public than it was under his predecessor, Bill Barr.”

    This is why it keeps going on, people like him in protected enclaves, playing patticake. Like Williamson did yesterday. He wasn’t a wonderful man, a husband and scholar (as they say of ISIS) but who was not quite amazing enough to pull off that triple play. Are. You. Kidding Me? Does he pay you for these tongue baths? It’s corruption. It has the appearance of corruption then the first guess is corruption until proven otherwise. That’s not an appropriate approach to a court, but it is to all us citizens and commenters. He quacks. Like a duck. Career-long-through. Quack Quack Quack.

    He refers to the motto” which is like the prosecutor, above. “Well, a prosecutor looked, for five years, and didn’t press charges.” Huh. So there was nothing but he kept the investigation open for 5 years? That’s odd. Waiting for Hunter to finally check into that nursing home? Well we all know there’s never been a corrupt prosecutor in D.C. so we can eliminate that possibility.

    Same here: Our Motto! …Because no one ever went back on their motto? “Don’t Be Evil”. All corporations, at all times, with all people, always follow their motto or are struck by God’s thunderbolt and burst into flames on the spot? …Like the definition of religion where all adherents all know, and each and all follow, all edicts and mores of that religion at all times, which are all perfectly known and evenly communicated.

    No. This is all the “Appeal to Authority” fallacy. Always worked before! 100 years in a row! Why not?

    This of course is what the White Hats are really trying to break. Over and over again, as long as it takes. That’s the real war, and why they’re not arresting people instead.

    “• The Ukraine War Might Really Break Up The Russian Federation (Hill)

    That is breathtaking. However, they always say what they are. As narcissists, they can only see, know, have focus, and talk about themselves. I’m sorry: does anything else exist but me? I am god.

    Since everything in there, every fact, every impression, every probability is a lie, you have to wonder How??? Even THEY can’t tell THAT many lies. They’d make them plausible and cover them. The POINT of a lie is to sell them to YOU, not fool themselves. Jimmy Dore’s channel had this yesterday, there are so many middle managers, grifters, each lacking any morality at all, that each level asks the level of liars and grifters below them what’s happening, what’s the situation on the ground, and each layer tells them only what they most want to hear. That’s the point of POWER, right? The point of censorship? Summary firings for tweets? They got the message. They message YOU sent.

    So each level then ACTS on that information from the liars below them as if it’s real and tells the people above them, and then all wonder why all their plans blow up 100% of the time. LIKE said Ukraine war.

    And it’s not like poor Lenin is shut up there in the tower, desperately trying to get good info for good decisions. This guy has clearly moved on: Russia ALREADY broke up, Ukraine ALREADY won the war in unconditional surrender, we have ALREADY asset-stripped them and what are we going to do NOW? 15 years fast-forward, now that what we’ve succeeded at beyond our wildest dreams has caused unrest and danger?

    The power of positive thinking.

    “The main thing we did was to allow ourselves to dehumanize the Russians. This is our main mistake. At first we held on and then we delved into all that with pleasure. The collective Ukrainians, I mean.”

    That’s Progressive. The Hate just FEELS SO GOOD!!! …And you wonder why the (progressive New Age) Nazis (with their progressive New-Age symbol on their flag) became who they were. How it could happen here. I never wondered, seemed obvious to me.

    And “The Collective Ukrainians”…not him of course. No no, he never fell for that or made any mistakes. He was probably on Twitter and down in Maidan Square, protesting this Russian hate campaign…and never got arrested once. Spare me. You’re just lying and how do you not know we know? Narcissists, think they’re the sooper smartest people in the room and no one catches on. They’re like wolves and we’re like sheep. Really, we’re just too well-behaved to set on them and murder them at the front door like they would to us.

    ““I’m fine with Asians, but Russians are Asians.”

    Um..correct me if I’m wrong, but the Ukrainians and Russians are the same ethnicity as recently as 200 years ago. Probably the same like 20 years ago. But like “Aryans” SOME white people are totally different from OTHER white people. …Whoever we like and just made up a minute ago! Germans are, Celts aren’t. “Latins” aren’t, as Adolf said, but we’ll be allies until we turn on them too.

    “Berlin Calls For More Diplomatic Efforts To End Ukraine Conflict (RT)

    That’s funny, I thought wanting peace made you a Putin bot. Russian talking points. See when the social engineers set this up – and for some godly reason I never understand, they swallow it – they’re so far out it takes years to walk it back, during which everyone is killed. And they know this. They want them all killed. But here Sholz is trying to get only back to the Far-RIGHT on war. He’s over the horizon and needs a jet just to dial it back to “Bloodthirsty”, you know, like Tony Blair levels. Let’s-depleted-uranium-100-generations-of-kids levels.

    “It makes sense for us to continue these talks because they increase the pressure on Russia to realize that it has taken the wrong path and that it must withdraw its troops and make peace possible,”

    You know: this could all be over if you’d just unconditionally surrender.

    Poland: troops on the border, they don’t think they can call on NATO.

    No, they ARE NATO. England could be conquered by a boy Girl scout troop. Poland is the only nation with any soldiers at all. At all. Russia makes more tanks each year than ALL EUROPE OWNS. …Not that tanks are much good anymore as we see. “Poland” is not going to call on anyone. They are completely alone. More like France would call on Poland. Germany has no army, they will call on Poland.

    I mean, duh: it’s the Anglo’s slavic genocide. Revived from WWII by the same people. It was all PR bulls—t that the Reich cared about Jews. THEY are not the people Germany wanted, they were an obstacle, an afterthought: the GOAL was always the Slavs. That’s why Britain, and Chamberlain let them, and Ford built the trucks while Bush sold the goods. So here we are again, they are going to kill every Ukrainian (already done), and that leaves the Poles, who die next.

    How else could it be? England can’t send an army they don’t have, Spain never sent nothin’ in 500 years. The Poles have the only army, so the Poles have to die. In defense of King Putz and the Pan-Anglo Empire. But the ydo it, so I guess that just proves the Anglos ARE the master race and deserve to run everything. Clearly you want that by your actions.

    “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – The Israel Lobby’s Useful Idiot (Chris Hedges)

    Let me tell you what I think is going on. With RFK as a Democrat, he can’t go after Israel like the Republicans (who don’t, but bear with me here) or lose even the nomination. Unlike Trump (and his Jewish family), he HAS to get the Israel vote or die, and not just get paid off like Cheeto did. So what do you do?

    How about this: say EVERY Israel lobby point word-for-word. EVERY. How can they be mad? Didn’t he just follow the whole party line to the letter? What could you possibly be mad at him for? Okay, leaving “Cartoon Reality” land like he says here, because he’s a lawyer and has done this for a LIFETIME. What. Happens. Next?

    …The whole planet comes out of the woodwork, like Bloomenthal, a Jew, like Hedges to REFUTE RFK’s case. “Of which-he-never-knewd” What??? Really? Well gosh and golly boys, this is honest injin first time I every heard about this “West Bank” thing. Are you sure? Tell me more.

    Same thing on the internet: ask for help, everyone ignores you. Just post “The ONLY way to paint your walls is X!!!” and everyone on the whole SITE jumps in to correct you. Then you have your answer without asking or working for it.

    Gosh now RFK has all America FIGHTING the Israel lobby and its talking points ON HIS BEHALF. Gee, I bet that’s all one big coincidence. Again. What’s the Israeli Lobby going to do to stop him? He’s saying everything they want. A: call him a Nazi-loving, jew-hating, ‘round ‘em up antisemite anyway. They already have! They know.

    Let’s go the other way: So! The man, the candidate who says Every. Single. Thing. The AIPAC says, in public, with a straight face and total commitment, is in fact the world’s biggest anti-Semite? How does THAT work? Hating Israel is antisemitic, but LOVING Israel is ALSO antisemitic? Huh. Might want to check your premises.

    …But YES, that is in fact and in deed EXACTLY what they are reporting. Without a trace of irony, and the people swallow it without the slightest note or discomfort. A = A and A ≠ A. True and False are all the same, it only depends on who has POWER (when you’re a sniveling coward).

    What Bob means is “not that time of riches, but life forever” in Jah and Jesus Christ, to which we agree. Not if he said that, we’d all tune him out, hate him, probably throw him in the sea. …But that’s what he means. Same with MLK. He can be anything to anyone so long as he’s not a minister, or believes in Christ. THAT. Cannot be spoken.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 13 2023 #141152
    Dr. D

    From the Internets: “My fifty year prediction is unchanged from last year: The world will continue to get more techno-utopian, more techno-dystopian, and more post-apocalyptic, all at the same time. Massive camps of climate refugees will be watched and clumsily fed by drones. Polar bears will go extinct and coyotes will thrive. Broken things will increasingly exceed the motivation and skills to fix them, and infrastructure will fail first in places with less money. Complex systems will be hollowed out and filled in by simple systems, some better and some worse. Fanatical movements will destroy stuff and burn themselves out.

    My one thousand year prediction is a wide variety of mellowed-out low-tech societies.”

    That’s pretty normal since that’s what history actually says. Because it’s cyclical. Unless we’re Progressive, we’re at the End of History, and you, personally, are smarter and better than anybody has ever been. And I don’t think so.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 13 2023 #141137
    Dr. D

    “there’s only one person who’s likely to challenge Joe Biden and defeat him for reelection, “

    As with the Playbook #2, this is exactly what they did when they went nuclear and impeached Trump for. Trump was stopping an election by asking to look into Joe (pretty mildly), when Biden wasn’t even a candidate, was 78 or something, deeply unpopular, and no reason to THINK he would ever be a candidate. And it wasn’t HIM they were investigating, it was his SON, who doesn’t work in government at all and essentially never has. So the umbrella of protection extends to “All family members” of all “Not candidates.”

    Yet that was election interference, intolerably immoral, and a high crime.

    Remember? No one else does, because once you head into hypocrisy, your mind stops working altogether, and it never occurs – to anyone – not on the pro-side, not the anti-side, not to Democrats, not to Republicans, and certainly not to reporters, that they JUST wrote this story with completely different values. #Opposite ones.

    What’s the point of Playbook #2 if they’re incapable of feeling the burn? It’s like using paper bullets. It’s not like it’s going to occur to Republicans or Reporters if they just keep doing it s’more.

    Moral is, “Republicans: They have no point.”

    “How much longer can the wagons protect them?”

    Forever. This is America, the people don’t care. Or an important minority of people, 30% apparatchiks in blue enclaves, as bizarre and insular as anything in Logan’s Run or the Hunger Games.

    F35. It occurs to me that Russia now not only has 6Gen fighters, but they are indeed inventing modern warfare in real time. Here’s the problem: the bad guys are watching, they are imitators, incapable of creativity or human thought. So when Russia invents this – as they must, this is our way – a day later they will use it all on us. In the exhaustive war of all against all.

    Power has gone FAR too far to the side of Offense. There is no possible defense I am aware of. With no safety and no Defense, everyone is dead. The only win there is to shut down the factories themselves, all the circuits, perhaps modern life altogether. …Which I’m fine with, by the way. If the only way to have happy children is to live in a bark hut, Bring it on.

    “We’re at the point to where we put together a case where we have emails, we have text messages, we have pictures, we have bank records. Now we have sworn testimony”

    Joe’s been doing this since 1980 and only NOW we have evidence and testimony? What about the rapes he was up to we heard about 2 years ago? Nobody thought to follow that up? A: No, he’s a Congressman and they have a whole office and separate budget dedicated to that kind of thing.

    ““Let’s be clear what today’s [Weiss] move is really about.”

    It’s illegally placing someone into power who is illegal to do so. Now remember what the USSC has said: If it’s illegal, it’s as if it never was. So why don’t they impeach both Weiss and Garland immediately? That’s just obvious. Why? “Because Republicans have no point”, that’s why.

    If Weiss and Garland did something similarly felonious and illegal, like jumping in a Monte Carlo and ridin’ dirty on a rampage of drive-by shootings, running down pedestrians and charging policemen, would they stop him? That’s also a crime. A: No. They are Republicans. They would not.

    “McCarthy Says 783rd Impeachable Offense By Biden Will Be The Last Straw” — NOT the Babylon Bee, but real-life.

    “There is a point that the in-your-face fraud reaches where one must that there is no longer a functional law enforcement capacity within a part of the government.”

    Yes, and we crossed that point in 1990, or maybe 1930, not sure. Anyone remember J Edgar Hoover? Nope. They love him, the whole FBI and there weren’t no corruption but never ‘til now. We’re all Shocked! Shocked I say!

    “BTW Durham’s appointment was invalid for the same reason — remember that? Where was the screaming then?”

    Because Republicans, I guess, I was unaware that this was even a rule. I knew they had to be “moral” and “impartial” but not entirely “outside government”…which I presume means they could have spent 50 years there and be the Godfather of the Attorney General’s grandkids, but just happen to be retired right now. Who else would you send? Habib from the JiffyMart?

    “Appeals Court Judges Compare Biden Social Media Pressure to Mafia (JTN)

    Well it’s about time. Where were they 20 or 30 years ago when it was also this obvious?

    ““..you can’t just have the government sweep up everything about you trying to find out if you did something wrong.”
    • Congress Probing FBI Collection Of J6 Phone Location Data (JTN)

    No. Literally, you can’t. It’s written right there in tiny baby words.

    “”[t]he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    Only the PEOPLE specifically named. Only the PLACES specifically named. Only the THINGS specifically named.

    But that’s the law and we don’t do that. Yet we’re supposed to follow the law that we’re not following. We the People, I mean.

    “new tool that is raising questions about search and seizure”

    There are no “Questions”: it’s just plainly illegal and no one cares. JustTheNews, like the Republicans just frame everything in the way their enemy would like them to, and then proceed according to the enemy’s definition.

    JTN then goes on to report this happens more or less daily, for no good reason at all (a ticking bomb) just like the last 100,000 and 150 years of similar expansions and violations. But if we don’t look out, we might lose our rights. Tune in tomorrow…

    “F-16 Training For Ukrainian Pilots Barely Getting Off the Runway (Sp.)

    Since there’s no logic and no memory (Squirrel!) they’ve already forgotten that if we send F16s Russia will nuke us in WWIII. Just like if they lose the 4 new Oblasts. So sending them – and therefore training them – is the end of all life on earth. Might want to open with that.

    “Ray McGovern Has Never Been More Scared of Nuclear Catastrophe (SP)

    Yes, like WWI it’s the total enveloping insouciance of well, really everyone, that’s the most difficult. Tass, Abaycan, Sputnik, JTN, Epoch Times, and that’s to say nothing of Fox, BBC, CBS, MSNBC, all just report this as if it’s not happening. Okay then, don’t know what I’m going to do about it. They’re all PMC-laptop Class, for whom life is all abstract and has no consequences – heck, it doesn’t even have cause and effect. Where “anything goes and nothing matters.”

    None of it is real. There is no reality. I am God, and the Universe is merely my mind. My consciousness.

    You’re not going to get anywhere without a religious conversion. That is, when the people realize maybe, just maybe, they are NOT God, and are perhaps slightly smaller than that? Maybe? And possibly less certain and less moral? A very little bit at least?

    That being the case, I presume we’re all screwed and about to be nuked shortly. Maybe next year. No one ever has a ‘come to Jesus” moment. It’s just in the books, good for Hallmark movies. Generally they die first taking everyone with them, wives, children, families. I mean, obviously, right?

    But we can dream. People win the lottery sometimes too.

    death toll is at least 400,000 after 500 days of conflict. The real figure may actually surpass 500,000.”

    Plus 100,000 worldwide mercenaries? So 600,000? Russia’s not tired. Russia hasn’t even started. All her men are still at home on base drinking tea and wandering over to target practice. Want to go for a million? Just takes a few seconds, I’ll push this button over here…

    “The comparisons are correct but strangely glided over by the U.S. media without dwelling on what should be compelling abhorrence towards the violence.”

    It’s real so it doesn’t exist. Besides, they’re all Leftists so they love war, violence, and the death of all humans more than anything else on earth. They write whole books on it, and have all government platforms and agendas worldwide to kill, destroy, and depopulate all humans in the “Population Bomb”, in order to “Save the Earth.”…for somebody else, I guess? We’re fighting a war so the beavers and lizards can inherit the earth and be left in peace? Thanks, I guess, they say.

    Yup. Not strange at all. They LOVE the violence. It’s their favorite, it’s their highest goal said every day, written in every paper, it’s their RELIGION. Why surprised? Because they lied once about it and said they didn’t? C’mon.

    “US and NATO Arms Industries Hit Record $400 Billion in Sales (SCF)”

    Half a trillion? And that’s just this side: the sales. We could end homelessness in America for $40B? Joe gave that to Ukraine for their free health care and pensions the first month.

    Priorities: Murder first. YOU, especially Americans, are to be shot where you’re standing and exterminated like rats. I mean, according to their BUDGET that’s true, and according to all our death stats. Opioid, suicide, heck even our Doctors actively, with Iatrogenic deaths. …No offense. It’s just taught in medical school, protected in all medical industry, while there is zero emphasis and perfect punishment for things such as nutrition. Or family. Or community support. There are endless budgets for 100 years making sure we’re all “Bowling Alone.” All beta-tested on the Indians, for which everyone heartily approved: that’s you guys on the Left I’m looking at. Now when your son shoots himself in the head at 14 we can all be happy about it. You got what you all wanted. Probably get a little “I Voted” sticker or something after they clean up the 4 quarts of blood.

    Nor is that the WORST outcome. When you can be amputated and there are still all sorts of Epstein Islands out there, all over worldwide. We all love it and approve, I guess. No one’s bothered over here.

    So is a nuclear war really THAT bad considering what we’re doing? Maybe it’s really like Noah’s flood, kind of a good, cleansing thing, right? We’re paying more than $1 Trillion a year to make SURE it happens. Celente’s “Occupy Peace” is both empty and unfunded. Not a lick of interest to be found.

    Again: I have no idea with long posts and frequent links, why I have so little trouble.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 12 2023 #141136
    Dr. D

    No need to add more on Bloomenthal and Israel. All religions have that problem. It’s a function of defining a person, which is pretty contained but less solid than you’d think, vs an aggregate of individuals. All religions all disagree all over. All the people in all religions all disagree with their own religion’s belief on something, or most things.

    Yet the category, the definition exists. What else would you use? But Since this is the case, then what? Say everyone IS that religion, or everyone ISN’T ‘really’ that religion, or define randomly depending if you like them or not?

    Also the religious leaders themselves can’t define it, and all disagree with themselves. Perhaps Bloomenthal can be considered another expert and is in this second category.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 12 2023 #141080
    Dr. D

    “U.S Suicides at All-Time High”

    Yes, but they’re overwhelmingly young boys and men, so this is a good thing! 4 out of 5 doctors approve! I’m sorry, why is this reported? Do we report it when cockroaches are killed? No, because that’s a good thing, a normal thing. And so here, Mr. Reporter I’m very upset that you’re wasting all our time. Call us when something bad happens, something we DON’T want.

    ““He said the West needed to stop Russia now, before “American soldiers have to shed their blood and to lose their lives in Europe..”

    Let me translate: We need to have an existential million-man total war in Europe so we can avoid a million-man total war in Europe.

    Although an uncomfortable interview I wouldn’t recommend, candidate Marianne Williamson said the same thing, as totally, or effectively, pro-war. But she’s on the Left, so that goes without saying. Dore didn’t say but effectively she’s the poster child for the Left being the Left boot of the NeoCons. THEY say the war, and like 100% of all Democrats, who then vote for it, she says “We need a negotiated peace” and then mill about, mealy-mouthed, while the NeoCons run the Pentagon and kill 6 Million people. Or 6 million children at this point and that many more adults. Why? She repeats every NeoCon talking point about Putin’s aggression, NATO’s innocence, nothing about Nazis, and once again history starts Feb 2022. That’s not being a “Peace” to adopt 95% of all NeoCon talking points, most of which are false. That’s being a codependent, or more properly, an accessory to murder.

    Were you to state it directly, as RFK does, then I might start to believe you don’t like it and oppose it.

    Anyway, Progressives: relentlessly, aggressively, tirelessly Pro-War.

    Back to Poland, they all think – Ego, Subject-Object consciousness – that what THEY do has no effect on Putin, ever. They are as innocent as doves. Why has Putin militarized the border just because Finland joined NATO? Why, I say sir, that is just beyond the pale! When WE militarize, WHY! That is JUST NO REASON for YOU to militarize. We need ALL the guns, and YOU need none of the guns. Then you can trust us! When has Europe ever invaded Russia? And when has Poland ever made trouble with their neighbors? Why, I say you are simply seeing things. It’s “Aggressive” for you to react just because we point a nuclear-armed gun at you. And We must Invade to stop this Aggression!!! Russia’s army in RUSSIA? Belarus’ army in Belarus? When will the madness end???

    “Shoigu also alleged that Warsaw is actively seeking to take over parts of Ukraine by forming a so-called Polish-Ukrainian military unit, whose official purpose will be defending Western Ukraine, but will in fact serve to occupy it.”

    Thankfully, the Polish people, like the American people, are totally on with this and are done with it. They can try, but as they have nothing but resistance through the population, they may think better of it.

    ““This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech”

    Note that this is essentially Libel. They could post “Sorry, this channel is under review” or something, they SPECIFICALLY accuse them, in the MOST INFLAMMATORY way possible, as an attack on them and more importantly, a THREAT to all others. Anyone under billionaire, who would have lawyers enough to make them behave normally.

    So did they prove it? No. There is no process, much less a court of law. Or I should say, they have a process, but from experience, they almost never follow it, which is direct violation of their EULA contract, which is itself funny since they can put whatever they want in that, and they STILL lose?

    “with users appealing to the site’s owner to have him permanently banned.”

    Huh. Funny way to put that. How about this, “While other users appealed to have him instated and promoted”. So SOME people say yes and SOME people say no, but we only report the one peoples? Hey: don’t do the enemy’s work FOR them. You can at least not do that, Sputnik. (They do this regularly, daily almost).

    “this indictment is nothing more than a declaration of war against American voters and their constitutional right to free speech.” — Alistair Crooke

    As we all know, this war was declared a long time ago. Probably 2001 with the Patriot Act, that is, the Act criminalizing Patriots. And we all know it. And Crooke knows we know it. So be more careful: don’t do the enemy’s work for him. His worthless statement reads as “If we don’t look out, something bad might happen.”

    “Do you doubt any longer that this demographic in the USA is mentally ill?”

    This is a little bit of a better statement. It builds consensus for something we’ve all long-seen and suffered since 2001.

    “the Democratic Party shoves us inch-by-inch and day-by-day toward something that looks like national suicide.”

    And this is your warning and call to present action.

    Only the most pathologically credulous might fail to notice the slime trail of bribery lately uncovered by congressional sleuths.”

    As far as I can tell, 100% of the people I meet fail to notice it. They don’t want it to be real, so it doesn’t exist, they’ve never even heard of it, same as how they live their personal lives.

    “voilà, there was something supernatural about how fast we were off to Impeachment Number One!”

    …Which was the day of Covid. Coincidence, I’m sure. Doesn’t that suggest THEY ALL KNEW? And not only knew…something…but they all knew how VERY, DEEPLY, INCREDIBLY, FELONIOUSLY, TREASONOUSLY BAD it was? Or why would the be in a hurry? As they say: “Nothing happens in a hurry in D.C.” Except this. All lock-step and in a world’s biggest hurry Because nobody knewd nothin’ about it. Yup. Uh-huh.

    “Do you suppose Judge Tanya Chutkan would do anything but allow that evidence to be introduced?”

    See how all this goes? Trump had but one play in the whole book and used it for 2 years as his only play before they started to notice. “These people are dumb.” But that leaves the only OTHER play he’s ever used, which is this one: Get them to rail on Trump, post him in the media, put a spot light on him…just like the “Pied Piper” strategy that worked so well for Hillary she totally lost the election with it. …As everyone tried to tell her every day for the whole year.

    The Media, the Courts, WILL NEVER DO ANYTHING. …Unless it’s Trump. TrumpTrumpTrump. Orange Man Bad! Orange Man Really Bad! Okie-Dokey. That’s fine. So the ONLY way to have something happen – in the Media – is “Bombshell, Walls are Closing In!!!” We’ll ASMR Trump indictments all day, mainline them, To My Veins!!!! Just like the Trump vaccine they all loved so much.

    So here once again, no cases can be brought? Not in any of 25 states? Not a single uncorrupt judge from sea to sea? Okie-Dokey then! We’ll create a condition, a case where TRUMP is being arrested, OVER the voter fraud. Then YOU will FORCE us into that case, and we’ll hold the Trial right ‘ere in this Briar Patch, br’er bear.

    Wot a crock. Please. I am SO. BORED. Please, please please AT LEAST get past this so we can see what Playbook No. Three is? I can’t take it anymore.

    ““If the US dumps Ukraine, then the Kiev regime would collapse and the blame for that would be laid at the door of the Biden administration”

    And…? The administration wouldn’t want to pull out like F-Stan? They already did. No one cared. Don’t give me crap about how “they can’t”, the optics, blah blah. They did, they do, and look stupider for a dozen other reason every minute of the day. You’re just running cover for what’s really going on and why they’re really staying.

    “How Zelensky ‘Blackmails’ the US – Mercouris (Sp.)

    Let me count the ways? Biden. Hunter. Congress. Biolabs. Trafficking. Drugs. Money Laundering. Collateral. All of the former for EUROPE and not the U.S. But we don’t have all day, just a short list.

    “• China Is Run By ‘Bad Folks’ – Biden (RT)

    Huh. Weird. Once again what Joe says and does – and is working against all actions of his NeoCons like Blinken — is really channeling his inner Trump, saying exactly what Trump would say in the same situation. Anyone notice? Anyone care to explain? I guess we’ll find out. I’ll remind you when we do.

    “Ukraine has ordered the evacuation of the area”

    As Ukraine lines finally collapse. Still on their own. Russia has 90 tanks and 200,000 men up there, but isn’t using them.

    I’m not upset by the site. It always AI’s spam, mostly incorrectly. It always denied multiple pics and links. I always have to log out and in, sometimes within 1 minute. I always have to cut-paste so the comments aren’t lost. Nothing’s changed.

    “It is bad to be oppressed by a minority, but it is worse to be
    oppressed by a majority. … The most certain test by which we judge
    whether a country is really free is the amount of security enjoyed by
    minorities.” — Lord Acton

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 11 2023 #140985
    Dr. D

    Andy Ngo loses his court case, demonstrating Portland are racist White Supremacists who hate Asian people. An Attack-Asians-at-Will State.

    Armstrong: “30 years ago, Washington was always corrupt. The difference was they at least tried to hide it. Today, they no longer care what you think because they will rig the election and you are no longer needed. The corruption is just open and they are laughing at us all the time as we are a gaggle of fools.”

    Corruption they no longer have the shame to hide is the end. Normal people cannot tolerate this. However, “end” is a very open timescale. “End” in the USSR was 70 years. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/civil-unrest/just-us-the-rising-tide-of-civil-unrest/

    “These are forecasts made years in advance. We have a serious Directional Change in 2022 and we were expecting a rise in 2023 with this all exploding by 2025. These people really think that they can do whatever they want because we will shut up and do as we are told. This is going to erupt and this 2024 election will be rigged and the entire world will know that because they no longer care to even hide their agenda.”

    “Homelessness in the US at All-Time High” –Armstrong

    Or put another way “Democrats Say It’ll Take A Lot More Than Eyewitness Testimony, Bank Records, Audio, Video, Complete Confessions For Them To Believe Biden Did Anything Wrong “ –Bbee

    “Biden Vows To Sacrifice As Many Ukrainian Lives As It Takes To Defeat Russia

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a bold statement of strength and resolve, President Joe Biden vowed to keep up the war effort against Russia as long as any Ukrainian man, woman, or child was left drawing breath to fight.
    “As President of America, I am willing to sacrifice as many Ukrainian lives as it takes,” said Biden. “We will keep using Ukraine to fight a proxy war until an entire generation is dead and all of my money is laundered. You have my word!” –Bbee

    “With God as my witness, so long as there is any crack left in the world, we will launder money for Dad.”

    Troubling? “Man In Critical Condition After Hearing Slightly Differing Viewpoint” –Bbee

    “Ramaswamy Has Near Fatal Plane Accident” –Armstrong. (Oxygen failed suddenly)

    WaPo fact-checkers UN-fact-check the Biden meeting article. Without admitting it of course. How was this fact checked?

    WaPo: “Hey Joe, did you commit high crimes of Bribery and therefore essential Treason? For which you will be hung by the neck until dead, dead dead?”

    Joe’s people: (Not Joe) “No we did not.”

    WaPo: “Well that settles it! I asked the felon, life-long liar and known plagiarer if he committed a crime and he said no!” “What more do you want us to do??? Our hands are tied, we read the Press Release and therefore have done everything we can think of!”


    “”Wiped Off Map”: Hawaii Wildfires Level Entire Town, Claiming 36 Lives

    Anybody see any Russians around?

    “’He Was Alive’: Tormented Chinese Doctor Recounts Harvesting Organs In Back Of Van: “Cut his artery and veins, quick!”

    Newsflash: ALL Harvested Organs come from live people in some capacity or other. They don’t pull them from cadavers. Now let that sink in. And we also don’t fully know if anesthesia erases pain. It may just paralyze you and shut off your memory. So you may feel yourself being cut to pieces, but unable to scream Kashoggi-style. Probably not. But let’s try it on you and find out!

    “DeSantis Fires Another ‘Soros’ Prosecutor over ‘Needless Pain, Suffering, and Death’

    It is extremely dangerous for the Governor to remove prosecutors at will.

    “Former President Donald Trump has declared that he absolutely believes that the 2020 election was stolen—a denial of the central allegation in his most recent federal indictment.”

    Since this is a central feature of the case, the Prosecution needs to prove it in court now. And since it’s the foundation of the case, Trump can get evidence to disprove it, as it’s central to proof of his innocence. Nice going Jack, are you sure that’s an accident?

    “The United States has said it backs efforts to restore Niger’s “constitutional order”

    They should try that here at home. We could use both some “Constitution” and some “Order” ‘round here. And apparently the U.S. doesn’t want millions of armed men crossing borders into, or out of, Niger. They’ll even send in the military to stop it, or build a wall.

    “• Peaceful Settlement Possible If Kiev Stops Hostilities, Terrorism (TASS)

    I’d say that’s an unconditional surrender, but it sort of isn’t, too.

    “• Biden Asks Congress for $13 Billion in New Ukraine Military Aid as Opposition Grows

    As they say, $13B for Ukraine – we’re paying their pensions and free health care! — and $12B for Hawaii. …And that’s a lot of money! Think about it fixing up a whole island, $12B is like a whole state budget year or something. But it’s just a few days for Kiev.

    Vancouver Hospital: Yes, as much as we might agree people have bodily autonomy and therefore the right to euthanasia, it takes about 60 seconds for this to happen once the government is involved. So although in theory it’s sensible, all 5,000 years of human history say it’s instant Death Camps. Which it is, already. Oh Canada. Like transgender bathrooms and sports it happens about 10x faster than I expect and is 10x worse than I expect. So although I’ll recite history on it, I’m still personally surprised.

    ““..politically, Europe has no foreign policy now. The Anglos are driving Europe’s foreign policy.”
    Fixed it. But, but there’s no British Empire. It’s all a biiiiiiiiiiig coincidence.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 10 2023 #140978
    Dr. D

    She/They need to do what the last Leftists in Portland did: try to burn down ICE with everyone inside. If that isn’t a sign of pure, undying Love, I don’t know what is.

    When humans are your root problem (with Human Nature) then getting rid of all the humans really solves a lot of problems!

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