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    Dr. D

    “reminds me of Paris Hilton, travelling the clubs, not wearing any knickers, mouthing off to anyone who gives a fuck, she has no way of damaging Russia; the tart and who’s army?”

    Sad. And true. Totally right, she’s casting for “tough guy”? THAT is her supporting role here? What the…? I guess pretty sure you’ve never seen a tough guy or got socked in the mouth if any of this makes sense to anyone.

    I mean, going a layer deeper: WTF is this? Is RUSSIA supposed to be pissing themselves when faced with her toughnessess, and her mega-country? Is it some weirdo “humiliate” Russia by having to listen to her, because I assure you, YOU look like the fool, not them. Sell it to OUR masses? Who? What?

    I considered her a non-entity, but you’re right to point the light at her because her existence means the ENTIRE EU is too dumb to breathe without outside help. They’re like an alien attack force…of 5-year-olds. Totally making no human sense at all. Totally ineffectual in every way possible: mentally, verbally, physically, rhetorically, technically, historically, militarily, economically, …sexually, no doubt. I’d put them all in a Barbie box and shut the lid, hope to God they became a classic for when I open it up again 40 years from now. Like Bratz, original packaging. SellSellSell, thank God, got rid of it!

    Anyway, go back to ignoring her again now. Thinking of the ramifications of the existence of someone this inane is painful. Hey, where’d that PM of Finland go? Her knickers still on?

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    Dr. D

    “the-heart-of-gnosticism” (link yestrday, but comes up sometimes)

    Does anyone even know what “Gnosticism” is? Because I’ve been puttering around it all my life and haven’t even got a root definition yet. I think it means “Lots of different things” and also “Everything that happened between 100 and 500AD, anywhere in Europe or the Mediterranean, but probably elsewhere too”, “for kids who don’t read so good and want to learn other stuff too.”

    Yeah, that means nothing, and just took on a 2-hour lecture on it this week, with “60 levels of Treasuries of Light” of the “Little Emanation” called “The Ascent of the Soul and the Eternal Treasuries of Light”. Got it? Neither does anybody else. Not even Gnostic scholars after 100 years have any idea what they’re talking about in any translatable way. It’s as alien as Arakkis. If scholars reading 4 ancient languages who studied 200 books, how much more the rest of us.

    Gnosis in general means, “Internal knowing” so that’s another, different, crossover, merged, diverged use of the word-that-means-nothing to modern people. Nor does either that book, other books, or modern gnosis seem to have anything to do with original Christianity except via name-dropping. Just like the modern New-Age versions of “Gnosis”. “Whatever I believe in my head just now.”

    A word that means nothing, means nothing. The thing that word points to is then undefined and, also means nothing.

    …Probably better use another word and definition, something new and specific, or no communication or knowledge will occur.

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    Dr. D

    Top the day, Israel in prisoners. The End.

    What do I mean? Well, Israel is fighting I dunno, 20 wars, in every house of every town of every county of every border. Against every body. Including against themselves and the Orthodox Jews. And thought this was a good idea. Guess what, genius? They ran out of prisons. They ran out of soldiers. They ran out of everything. And they’re thinking of lighting up Cyprus too now, if Nenner is any indication. (they have an airbase there to bomb Lebanon with).

    So…little clue for people who forget everything about the Civil Rights Movement, which is apparently everyone: when you have one guy, not obeying segregation, drunk and disorderly, resisting arrest, they detain and dispense with him. If EVERYBODY disobeys, resists arrest, gets detained, then YOU own the prison and everything in it, and you dispense with THEM.

    That is, the sole purpose of protesting is to get arrested as a demonstration of POWER. That you outnumber them by thousands, overwhelm every force and tactic they have without flexing a finger. That is, that the PEOPLE are in control, WE are government. We do whatever WE like. You do what WE say. Now stfu and get me a sammich, copper.

    If you’re not doing that, not getting arrested, you’re not having a protest, you’re having a puppet show, performance art, as we well know because that’s what they’ve been doing for 65 years. Fake, simulacrum of protesting, fake simulacrum of caring. Nothing changes with each protest, no one cares that nothing changed and do it all again. “Fun time had by all!” Like Civil War reenactments, no real bullets, everyone stands up again, goes home, and does it again next Saturday.

    Now in Israel, they are already at the point where the prisoners are running the prisons. And have nothing to lose. Israel that last sleepless guard, nearly overwhelmed, only will mass-shoot them all, and they know it, it’s the last ragged edge of any control of the building, the people … or the State… at all. Imagine once it gets out that Israel will arrest you you’ll end up in a prison run by your own family and friends, Hamas, PLO, like taking over the prison in “Walking Dead.” (wtf with those late episodes, btw) Do you care? No, I can stay at MY house with my family or I can get a free bus ticket to YOUR house to stay with your family. Either way WE are in control.

    Okay, so Israel then opens up new front, shoots anyone BEFORE arresting them, sends them nowhere. Okay, great, now you’re in an open rebellion, where the lines and enemy is everywhere, your entire workforce are Palestinian slaves, and they aware if they see you you’re coming to kill them. So you start shooting first. Again, no Israel power. Just tinderbox river to the sea. A new fire with every traffic stop and petty theft.

    That goes to (3), they are ALSO starting 5 wars, the geniuses they are, with Lebanon, Gaza, Iran, Cyprus, and the West Bank. (and more! Yemen, Jordan, Egypt…) So WHO are they going to send to arrest you? Oh wait, we’re not arresting anymore. WHO are they going to send to kill you? Oh wait, we don’t have soldiers even for standing around on unmanned AI border-guard towers, much less send to mass arrest 1,000 in West Bank, much less ALSO 15,000 men for Gaza, Lebanon, etc, EACH.

    That is the point at which you no longer have a state. At all, The End. You go to project power and enforce your will anywhere, on anyone, for any reason and find you are in overreach and there isn’t anyone. You CAN send out that one policeman and one squad car to the Watts Riots, but nothing will happen. The police will die or they won’t, but no behavior will be prevented or changed. In this case, ANYWHERE, not just in the Watts Riot-zone. Police knock heads not to stop that guy (too late) but to send a message to everyone else.

    The interesting part of this is they know it. It’s a core premise of their Israeli war gaming. The only way to keep “order” as they say, was to whack Gaza hard first so they could instantly free up 99% of those guys to turn and take Hezbollah in Lebanon. …And that’s only a two-front war. Nutsy is trying to open 5 fronts. Their own planners say, failing to subdue Gaza, we got nothin’, no men can’t get mobilized, will be shot in the rear if we try, and lose. …Doing it anyway.

    So since they know, WHYYYYYY?

    Like I said, “Israel has ceased to exist” as we know it, it only just playing out now and takes time. It’s ceased to exist because they’ve broken and removed all the parts that make States function. Although they’re not “States” necessarily, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, have not done the same. They do exist as viable organisms in their physical locations and will for some time. A lot of people will die yet but it’s over. As Sun Tzu would say.

    “Furious condemnations would ring out for days, weeks, and months among American politicians and their media.”

    Yes, but this only points out that when A = A ≠ A like a crazy person, hypocrisy is impossible. All things and their opposites are equal, and equally rational. That is, Reason itself has dissolved. Why bother pointing it out? We’re crazy, bonkers, clean ‘round the bend, truly gone fishing? Yeah, we know. Or those of us left rational know. There is only the Sane and the Insane, as Solari said. That doesn’t help direct our actions.

    Now he says “4th of July”? I’ve also said this, do it when we have explosions going off anyway, nationwide. Nenner, a key market timer, says the 5th. Another person says the 15th, with a different event. (perhaps to distract from Event 1? Pretend Alien Landing? Like that mall video in Florida?)

    Okay, they must respond and even said they would. So how long? A year? 12 years? Nope, way sooner than that. 8 months? Everyone will have forgotten, and that Ukraine exists. So, 6 weeks? Still too long probably. There you go, 1-4 weeks.

    “On July 11, acting New York Judge Juan Merchan will sentence former President Donald Trump.”

    Well ain’t that odd that it’s happening then, just like the Pentagon admitting they “lost” $20Trillion on 9-10, a day before all the records blew up in Ring E. And all the SEC fraud records blew up in Bldg 7. Welp! Too busy now to figure out who did what to whom! And they can talk about President Trump 4 days after Russia bombs a beach in Florida? …For example? The Trumpmobile falls out of the sky?

    “I would be panicking too if I were a Democrat today and that was my nominee. I think they know they have a serious problem,” Johnson told journalists on Thursday.”

    We told them this years ago when they claimed he was going to run at age 190. In fact, we told them not to run an old white guy in 2020. Wtf you racist, misogynist, patriarchal pig-dogs? We Conservatives on the Right are far too helpful that way, but why bother? They don’t/didn’t listen anyway, so fine. Panicking? Yeah, uh, no. Made up, like everything they do.

    Okay, back-engineer this: Suppose, as I say, they expected/demanded/wanted/needed Joe to LOSE. They needed Cheeto to “Coup”, put up fences, and start a Civil War of secession Podesta had all planned out – THEN TOLD EVERYONE IN PUBLIC. Poor Black Kamala! Ray-cisss. Every day is Oct7…I mean J6. So? Cheeto says fine, you win. WhutWhut? Yeah you win, take it, all yours good luck. Well that’s not in “The Plan”! How can they not though? So for whatever reason, Joe is in. Now you need to get rid of him since he already had dementia and was a deadly criminal liability in every possible way by Feb 2020. The only reason we didn’t care was we were going to have Cheeto kill him in the war and install Kamala. BUT! This is AFTER the inauguration. — With the fences, expecting a coup, remember? Where not a single soul was allowed in the capital so they sent drone art projects? …But they ran him as a candidate from 2020 on, protesting everything, over every objection, every media objection, every DEMOCRATIC media objection, voiced almost weekly for 200 weeks.

    …Yeah, that makes sense, suuuuuuure they did.

    No. THEIR OWN PEOPLE SAID THEY SHOULDN’T for 200 weeks so they didn’t put in a Buttigeig or something. Find that talent. Heck: you’re a puppet show anyway not running anything what’s the difference??? Run ANYONE. Run “Joe the Plumber”. Run the whole cast of the View who Identify-as-one-person. Who cares? Right?

    What does that mean? It means they ALWAYS planned to swap Joe out at the last minute. Since not long after 2020. It means they ONLY can do it in this window, which is why to deny it for 150 weeks in a row. And WHY would they need to do that and not float their candidate or sock-puppet years back?

    BECAUSE THAT CANDIDATE IS SO AWFUL NO ONE WILL ACCEPT THEM. Or at least not in any normal way. As we see, that means no Bernie, no Massie. No Progressives, no Blue Dogs, no machine-cogs like Pete. They need to pop up, say “EMERGENCY!!! FIRE!!!!!!!!!!” and have the Base say, “Aw shucks, whatcanyado???” and accept this person vs Putler. Because that person is SO BAD they would THROW UP if their name were even mentioned before then, and never accept or tolerate them at all. KNOWING it was a certain loss, and if they won – since even their own Party hates this person’s guts and the very sight of them – that even they know the vote is rigged.

    Anyway, that’s why they did that, and why the GOP lets them. I’ll leave it to your imagination who that person has to be then.

    This also brings up why Trump said as far back as 2018 that he wasn’t going to be 25th’d, but somebody else definitely would be. Biden. Because he’s not going to step down but make them forceably remove him, as they are indeed doing right now. How could he be so sure of that, so very long ago? “The Hunter becomes the Hunted” as that famous board said, 1700 times. Because if you know what’s going on with all these people – which generally we don’t – then your strategy and approach becomes obvious. Which is the very largest, very weakest link. Goodbye.

    Now how does Team Trump know THAT, that Joe wouldn’t step down? Because although they have his blackmail/control files, WE HAVE THEM TOO. We already talked to Jill about Hunter and the whole family being hung. Do What You’re Told. The DNC handlers do NOT know that and have to remove him in public, exposing themselves.

    • Trump the Peacemaker? His Presidency Might Help End The War In Ukraine (RT)

    Maybe, but wasn’t he the one who 1) Sanctioned Russia without precedent 2) Gave a billion more in aid, like State Dept 3) trained 400k troops in Ukraine 4) Gave them Javelin anti-tank and other provocative gear?

    Uh-huh. He’s practically Gandhi and Jesus Christ combined.

    :”“only America First can reverse the global chaos caused by the Biden administration.”

    Seems odd, but if “America First” means “Staying home and not going around bombing everything and telling everyone what to do.”

    “to give an appearance of “balance” … then we’ll give Ukrainians everything they need to kill you in the field.”

    Yeah, they’re crazy people. This “Plan” means they both will and won’t at the same time. A = A ≠ A. Suppose Ukr doesn’t agree AND Russia doesn’t agree. Then we do what we’re doing now? EXCEPT we also don’t have ANYTHING they need to kill Russians, we have no shells, no missiles, no jets, no tanks, no men. Please please do this, it will demonstrate in real time to the planet that our military is like the UK: the size of a girl scout troop or furry convention, and just about as serious.

    Again, RUSSIA HASN’T STARTED THE WAR. They are fighting with both hands behind their back right now. They are rolling Ukr and territory fast on all contact points at once now.

    “making no differentiation between conservatives and liberals, social democrats or Republicans and Democrats. All belong to the de facto Western War Party serving U.S.-led Western imperialism.”

    Absolutely. Or they wouldn’t be there because their wife suddenly dies on the campaign trail. Cut off the money.

    “She Eats Russians For Breakfast’ (RT)

    But did Russia notice? That she even exists at all? Or her whole country? I didn’t. Her country is the size of America’s smallest city, the one we don’t care about and burned down for lols.

    ““We shouldn’t be afraid of our own power.” What power? Easy to say when you have no power.

    Anyway, I don’t notice her either, having trouble remembering her name but I’m trying. Where do they find these women? Is she like a lab-leak?

    “• EU Bureaucrats ‘Want War With Russia’ – Orban (RT)

    That is, a criminally tiny class. “It comes down through the ages, the [banks] against the People”. The People, generally, don’t want this. They may believe everything told about Russia but they’re not going to die over it. Not in Kaliningrad and not of lack of gas supply in Hambourg. There’s a difference. Only this impossibly tiny cadre wants anything to do with it, Peak Centralization. Like October 6, you can’t go back. You were at Peak Power, peak stability, peak J-i-T inventory, peak globalization, peak taxation, peak extraction, you can’t go up from there. MOAR. You f’n Wendigos.

    ““Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has told Israel and its allies that a war with no limits will ensue if Israel attempts to invade southern Lebanon..”

    Already said they’re past their limits even with NO war. The End. Btw, Israel claims with a straight face that Iran is planning on taking over the whole Middle East and South America too! Probably tomorrow! Now if only they would take ANY action, ANYWHERE that would substantiate that, even once in 50 years, unlike some nations in the area that have 10x’d their original size using slow annexation. I’m sure Saudi Arabia believes every word since they just signed an agreement with them and both are sure lifetime members of BRIICS. WHAT. T. F. ?

    “The UK has sent over 80 military transport planes to the Lebanese capital of Beirut”

    Britain has 80 flying planes? Oh, you mean one plane 80 times. Right.

    “Indeed, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what the point of it was.”

    That itself was the point. Like most Banksy’s.

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    Dr. D

    If religions are all fake and run by evil people, then aren’t the FBI and the Catholics, Bible-people all on the same side? That is, of evil? The FBI wouldn’t track their own allies because they’re already onboard, it’s a waste of resources.

    So either the FBI is secretly good, or the Catholics, Pope, and Christian Bible-owners are. Pick one. I’ve stated my case.

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    Dr. D

    Whoops and that took so long to write I sorta missed I got to contradict your comment almost before you wrote it.

    Criticizing “Real” Catholics and “Fake” Catholics. Check. So no one is special to me. Comment debunked, status acquired. Just there are no evangelicals left to pick on, and only two months ago, I re-printed their 20 top zingers on Joel Olsteen.

    “Osteen Tests Negative for Christianity” — BBee. (2020)

    See, it’s no fun to pick on the Hale-Bopp church, there are only 10 members and they’re going fast. (too soon?)

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    Dr. D

    “In point of fact it was broken in the run-up to WW2 when British Intelligence successfully infiltrated and rather quickly took over the Executive Branch

    It was BROKEN by the National Security Act in 1947.

    The current situation is dire, for obvious reasons. The enemy holds the castle, the treasury and the armory.

    Right, right and right. Okay. So yes. Now what do we DO? There are other people who ALSO know this, so what did THEY do? What are they, right now doing? Well, THIS probably (casts hands around broadly). Right? What would you do? So join in then, they aren’t going to print you a membership card, do your DUTY.

    Aspnaz if you haven’t been inside baseball on the Pope, (Try Ann Barnhardt.biz, ultra-uber Catholic) it works like this, AND they, the German clergy wrote papers on how to make a charge at God himself before installing their people:

    The Pope, has the anointing of Jesus back to Peter. It would SEEM, or they THINK it is, an actual, literal magic spell. They’ve been installing the most evil people found on the planet periodically for some time, but never seem to be able to defeat this anointing spell. It would seem. I am inferring from their actions. SO: what they decided to do was to BREAK the anointing into digestible parts. You have TWO Popes, a public and private, internal and external, real and, um, show? …You know just like the King, the President, etc etc. If not that, then four Popes, then five, then 10 then…Right? ‘Til something breaks.

    You can find any lawyer to argue anything but it SEEMS under Papal law, the Pope can’t just wander off in a corner somewhere. He has to DIE. There is a case of one Pope but he has to RENOUNCE entirely, stick and hat, leave the office, yada. Benedict never did. They threatened him constantly, but he never took any LEGAL action, only Puppet-show action. So therefore there IS a Pope: It’s not Pedo Bergoglio trafficker of nightclub boys and wanted in Argentina (Literally, look it up). It’s Ratzinger. (Never a more appropriate name) So there were TWO Popes. A real and fake. Split the office, split the public, split the purposes, like France has PM and President both, SPLIT THE ANOINTING. That is, diluted Pope, Pope-lite.

    Now like 1/3 of the Catholics cottoned on to this pretty quick. They can be very serious. And as last evil pope they force-installed, there has been a non-stop Schism singe 1960 when they – that is the Black Hats who are dark, occult, Satanists, that is, they BELIEVE in magic (unlike so many Christians) – that they killed the OLD spell, the one the Eastern Orthodox are using (sort of, bear with me) in the 1500-year Latin Mass. I BIG-time spell. With BIG-Time energy magic. That was step one. It worked, broke the magic, diluted the watered down church, got it to inject every ungodly thing in there one fig-leaf at a time, as they’re praying to an empty, disconnected phone line now, then discredited Christianity altogether. Why! If CATHOLIC magic don’t mean nothin’, all you Jesus freaks are bunk, ain’t you? True. But not in the way they think.

    This is the FINAL step, after the sole bulwark, John Paul II prayed on his knees the last 10 years of his life to forestall and reverse it, having to go to the hospital. No one could pry out of him why he was doing that. THat Cardinals “Faction” book suggested most of it. But no one lives forever. He did NOT expose them, because he would be summarily clobbered, yet was ALSO unable to install his Cardinals, etc, or enough of them. It was very tight, but he got rolled.

    Now? Easy: Ratzinger is dead. There is no Pope. They installed this one incorrectly, from a council that was entirely fake and extra-legal. Same as (or if) they installed Biden if Trump actually won the vote. You can’t “just” install. That person is not REAL. They’re fake, an imposter, illegal, untrue, a non-pope. Never was, isn’t now. Nothing changes that Pope #1 is dead because they haven’t called the council for Ratz’ replacement correctly. Yo can’t just “We Make S–t Up” and especially to God and man.

    It would be legally complicated, but they CAN call this new council, admit they’ve been slack and not had a Pope but a gay bath house actor for two years, and vote a new one, but they ain’t gonna.

    And every day more Catholics slowly, slowly realize this. Thus the new archbishop trial actually, publicly, openly accusing, discussing, and outing the fake actor for what he is: nothing whatsoever to do with God. A thief and liar, a con man. If not, why! He can call a new council and straighten it all out good, right? Wouldn’t that be the Christian thing to do? Hahahaha! Nope. You shall know them by their fruits. And he, my sir, is fruity as they come.

    This is all pre-written with yet MOAR Catholic magic in the Prophesy of Malachy, 1100AD. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prophecy_of_the_Popes He is the LAST Pope—although maybe one more, to sort things out – and we all wondered in 2015, how in the name of God’s green earth could that ever happen??? Sure, the Church wasn’t well, but seriously, CEASE TO BLOODY EXIST in only 10-20 years? What, a nuclear winter, McCarthy “The Road”, what??? Jesus, totally impossible.

    N. O. P. E. Happened, not a problem, AND: nobody noticed. Those of us that noticed were all crazy since nobody cared, they can’t tell right from wrong at all anyway. Plants Crave Brawndo.

    Give it a whirl, fascinating stuff. BUT: may be somewhat buoyed by, A) He ain’t the Pope, never was and B) like nearly half the Catholics know or tell hushed rumors about it now. …Took long enough but whatever, people are busy, can’t read all day like I seem to.

    Takeway: apparently not only is that magic believed by the evil world-running Black Hats, but apparently seems to be independently real by testing and evidence as well? If Christian magic is real, what does that MEAN? Where is that “Magic” coming from, who’s running it, and how does that work? No wonder they outlawed the bible as a evil book and are tracking all Bible-buyers and Catholics with the FBI. Doesn’t make sense if that’s all empty hokum, does it?

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    Dr. D

    Making this up? Here’s Parks and Rec, like The Simpsons, this is when they were setting up HRC for the win, “MUST HAVE WOMYN PRESIDENT”!!!!!! For-EVAH!!!! Right there, in the clip “2020”. (same as Trump escalator)

    Now, what’s that about? Biden in handsome, it’s cool to fondle all over him, let him smell you n’ stuff ladies, that’s your job, social creds, Brittany sez so. No really, if to God I was only kidding, here it is. Please women, please, please, please, you are so very much better than this. This is while the same woman are trashing “Sound of Freedom” for saving children from rape camps and ending Henry Cavill’s career for saying it was hard to find a wife.

    You there in Canada can post your own links to Justin-Love 4-Evah! which was so bad it was here in the ‘States too, the women all thought acting like that was adorable and funny, getting a chance to let it all out. …No words. Sigh, like oh my god. Um, if it’s bad for men to elect a hot chick on basis of looks (far as I can tell doesn’t happen in America) then it would…spitballing…ALSO be bad for women to do that same bad theoretical thing men (don’t) do? Can I really just, you know, pop in a word here: don’t be disappointed? Nope. I fear JB found this about his wife too, like so many of us. Honey…um…I suspect that thing no mean what you think it mean? Deep breath, can I replay that clip for you on .5 speed? He said “Not the Nazis who should be disavowed entirely”?

    Listen to the voice which sounds different.

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    Dr. D

    Galata Tower, Istanbul. Cities of those days seemed pleasant with a lot of human-scale unlike today’s cities I don’t prefer, even the Space Age ones. Paris remains human-scale in a sense, but also 2-5x too large, lost its environs, Market growers, countryside, etc. that make a city a city.

    “SCOTUS Overturns ‘Chevron Deference’ In Massive Blow To ‘Administrative State’

    This is more important than Dobbs. All modern overreach rests on this, starting with Nixon-EPA.

    Amazed by my complete lack of interest in the debate. I mean yes it doesn’t mean anything and is theater, but so is most everything else. What I’ve seen from Joe Biden is worth commenting as an insight: the Left which pays such close attention to some subjects – for instance how the world was suddenly created on 2/22/22 or on Jan 2020 and no history or medicine existed before – now won’t look at or pay attention to anything Great Leader says or does. It’s like he’s not there, just a placeholder, fine, fine, this is fine.

    Why? Because it doesn’t help them. Help them what? Win? I guess? FEELZ good, boost the ego as a success and power, they feeling broken and powerless. So, looking at him saps that, so they simply don’t look. This is a good note on the rest of their lives as far as I can tell: smallest thing becomes the biggest: Tiny Hands. Biggest thing becomes the smallest: treason, racism, union derailments, WWIII, Jack. Minute by minute, day by day, as engineered trauma.

    I just don’t care bc the debate was a conclusion foregone like 9 months ago, 3 1/2 years ago. It’s painful to sit and twiddle for half your life like that. Now as Kunstler says today, they have no candidates, as HRC etc killed the competition, so they can just not have an election, see how that goes… forever. Why not? Ukraine is our capital, the beacon of Democracy and they just did that twice where no one noticed. Good beta.

    I don’t believe for a second Democrats “only just noticed” and are “panicking” about anything. This could not possibly be more staged and engineered, only thrown by those d—ned states like Ohio who need a normal nomination process to print ballots. We kick out everyone else, pretend it’s Joe, “Suddenly notice” then go into a smoky room with fat, white males club (like Joe) and “Decide” somebody not a since Democratic voter would ever organically pick. And go right around the Strong Black Woman like the plague. Simple. Now shut up and do what you’re told, we arranged this last year, 18, 24 months ago.

    “Even if he did, they can’t run with Kamala, but also can’t catapult someone ahead of her.”

    Watch them.

    This is the problem with Republicans, Conservatives, and since Glenn is a gay communist, everybody else too: They believe there are rules. There are no rules. I make them up. Just now, in my mouth and I’ll shoot anyone else who has any dumb questions, capisce? Shuddapa you face and do what you’re told.

    Biden/Trump ad. That is a good ad, as Trump is shut up.

    Stewart certainly is right: this isn’t real life, and how things really operate, this is all puppet theater.

    “President Bidən is NOT FIT to discharge the immense duties of the presidency.”

    That’s okay, the President hasn’t been running a predominance of the office since Nixon. They haven’t been generally independent since Wilson. Too soon? P.S. there is no Santa Claus either.

    “• Biden Won’t Drop Out Of Presidential Race – Campaign Official (RT)

    Suit yourself. It’s like a dream to me. Okay, back to suspicions: IF Trump is running Biden like a hand puppet, so Gitmo doesn’t round up and hang his whole family including Jill, THEN not everyone is in on it. You can’t have like every DNC operative down to the dog walker on 5th Avenue know or what’s the point? No, it has to stop somewhere, and like 50 men in at the top. Everyone else has to believe it’s real otherwise, what’s the point of the op? That said, IF you were puppeting Biden for amusement, in an – apparently – vain attempt to wake Americans the f– up, when EVEN THIS doesn’t seem to alarm and motivate Democrats, THEN what would to do at this point? Sure you took another 18% slice off the DNC, made inroads in Black and Hispanic – even women support, as impossible as it seems, being so shallow they can’t no vote for any Biden or Justin who’s a handsome dreamboat narcissist serial-killer – but now what? You made your point, but this has to end sometime.

    What would you do? Well as I said, the DNC top mostly still believes Joe is real, except for those 50 guys, 2/3rd of who only suspect and can’t prove it, it would be treason and no one would believe them anyway. Well, if I were puppeting Joe, ASIDE from doing exactly everything that’s been done the last 4 years, I’d refuse to resign and MAKE THEM, make the DNC take me out, because that’s the most messy, ugly, public way to demonstrate they’re evil and we’re not a democracy.

    …So that’s exactly what’s happening. Does my theory or the Consensus reality make more sense?

    No, the logical answer is that “Biden had a bad cold”. In 1st July.

    “he also concluded that “at trial, Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

    Yes, and you see investigations, releasing exactly only this, to set the White Hat narrative, right on schedule with timing, signaling what they planned. Make more sense, or is it all really an accident? Not saying, just asking. A good story is plausible, unlike a bad one. The guys doing this are clever and have light hands.

    “they must find a more suitable candidate to replace him, The New York Times editorial board wrote on Friday”

    CNN stages the debate with perfect control over everything, on an unprecedented but perfect schedule to swap him. Then CNN themselves and the NYT “Just noticed!” Just now, honest!

    You know, we’re in WWIII, and there are at least two genocides running including one on me personally, do we really have time for this stuff?

    “A flash poll conducted by CNN revealed that 67% of registered voters who watched the debate felt that Trump had won.”

    Because this is the first honest poll in 10 years? Also them: Biden is 45% to Trump’s 43%. Yes!!! Biden is almost or actually winning!!! (This was from FOX. Yes, the rag run by the richest, most liberal, communist kids in 10 generations. Trust us! We’re Conservative Friends!).

    C’mon. If it was bad, they wouldn’t release it. They’re releasing bad, so it’s staged.

    This is taking off from Russia taking 3 new towns a day, and


    That’s up from a long-term near 800 so far, we’d round to 1,000 but take off for weekends. So, history buffs, what’s the average for WWII, both beginning-to-end and during say the Normandy>Berlin run? I guess that level wasn’t seen until Germany had lost, were still fighting, and smashed utterly from both sides. That’s a Brigade a DAY. Three Battalions. (All rough, squishy numbers). UK is saying they’re going to train a brigade a month. France is sending a battalion, perhaps the only one they own. Russia is killing them 30 TIMES faster, not breaking a sweat. They backed up into apartment towers, and siege locations as the only way to survive at all up to now, like Bakhmut, Avdiivka, now Russia has a FAB 3000 that will find shrapnel – like your eyeball – land a MILE away. No need for men at all, which is what I said when this started:

    RUSSIA CAN JUST NUKE THEM ALL. They CAN end the war in 5 minutes. They’re being very, very nice and choosing not to. Now they have this online, that knocks out a city block at a pop, where does Kiev think they can retreat and bunker into? Burrow their blood-funnels into NATO HQ in Brussels, like 1,000 miles away is where.

    It’s not nice. It does not make me laugh. Even Ze looks pale. And that is what they’re keeping your eyes off of in all this despicable nonsense with the non-election.

    Next move: as they say, they need the Patriot batteries – of which there are none – to defend even one airfield, so they can land one 50 year old F16 and keep this going. But the F16 is a nuclear jet and Russia will not allow either of those things to happen. …I dunno, blowing up every American military base in central Europe in one hour? Where Biden can’t react and doesn’t know what to do, being 25th’d? How about our election then, boys?

    Okay, the US retreats, leaves NATO. Exits, puts them on 6-month hold. Okay, then all Europe comes together, grabs their bootstraps and fights it alone without us? No, because they have NO ARMY. WE are their army, as I keep saying. We are their little b—h. And if with Biden we leave NATO? Hahahaha! The end.

    Ukraine does what then, being no NATO AND NO EU to whine and turn to? Well, since all the Nazis are already dead, the Ukrainian PEOPLE will become part of Russia and move on to pure space-age prosperity in hard work. Leaving an imploded, Somali-like Europe behind.

    These are the kind of logical ideas no one is considering right now. Not that it will happen, but they have a very narrow view: “Well, we win, that’s what!” That’s as wide as our Overton window goes. Not for me it doesn’t: since when does a nation with no tanks beat a nation with a million men and a thousand tanks just in reserve? In your video games on God-mode? Wtf dude?

    This is what happens when you have no reality at all. This is where #AntiLogos leads: everyone dies.

    “• Ukraine: US Starts Conflict And Tasks Europe With Fueling It (Dionísio)

    Really? That’s your diagnosis? Like that “A little pregnant” I guess it’s the guy’s fault because your daughter wasn’t in the room? What did – and after years of this stuff – Germany shutting up about NordStream tell you? Yeah, they’re all-in. Macron, not 10 days ago? Yeah, they’re all-in. To the hilt. UK drafting, incl women? They’re more all-in than all in. New election AFTER getting savaged in every election that’s been had, install a rabid Estonian chihuahua? Yeah, they’re ALL-IN.

    So as I keep saying, the U.S. — as with Trump in Germany, asking about gas and NATO GDP – says “are you sure you want to do this? This makes no sense.” Then backs away? Europe continues to beg, cajole — and doubtless blackmail – doing everything humanly possible to keep the war going and kill … Europeans. Ukraine is in Europe, but past that, every POOR Gilet Jaune in France, Germany, Poland, UK… It doesn’t matter you’re in Blackpool, Glasgow, 12 years old, never seen a Ukrainian in your life, you are DEAD. Of crime, drugs, roving gangs, because Europe got priorities, you see? This is how Gardens of perfect love and light act.

    The magic here is: Everybody blames everybody. Like all middle managers, everyone signed off on it for a year, but somehow it’s nobody’s fault. A-Maz-Zing! It’s Magic! Go into any corporation and ask about their last 10 projects (all failed). But we followed “Ze Rulz” and got DEI. Government is far worse.

    Give me a break. You have to know at all what’s going on to figure out what to do, and what you’re hawking doesn’t wash. Hawk Tuah. I spit in thy general direction. I know exactly who is responsible and I have all your names and signatures.

    “Ukraine is preparing a “comprehensive plan” for ending the conflict with Russia that should be ready by the end of the year,”

    Yes, at the end of the year everyone will be dead and Ukraine will have surrendered unconditionally. …There’ll be no one to SIGN that and admit it, but it’ll be the same.

    “a screen similar to a Japanese shoji: It is translucent, so one can see the movements of those on the other side, but there is no making out what they are doing. They are reduced to shadows.

    Yes, but I don’t care about your fantasy and willful blindness. Go ahead and be dumb I guess. I can only control me. Nothing mysterious or hidden at all.

    In NoKo, they are sending troops. Yes, of course they are. It may seem strange to you and I, but you, nations, WANT their army in battle because that’s the only way they can be at all competent: by doing. The sad part is, you can’t make up a war and kill people just to stay up-to-date. Then you have soldiers who know nothing, or are trained for the wrong war (and droning wedding parties) like ours is. You send them as to college, not to kill people or help anything specifically. And if Russia buys shells, they can sell cars to Pyongyang. They don’t need the shells, but the traffic is nice.

    “• Supreme Court Rejects Bannon Bid To Avoid Monday Prison Deadline (ZH)

    Who cares about USSC? That decision is probably appropriate, and certainly not to be rushed. Where’s Congress? Oh, run by Republicans: say no more.

    ““..the United States court in Saipan yesterday conceded, and the judge found that there is no evidence that any harm has befallen any individual anywhere in the world as a result of Mr. Assange’s publications..”

    So what if they were? And as said here, “Destroy” stuff on the Internet? Have they MET the Internet? Who is Assange as a person vs Wikileaks, Inc? Wouldn’t they have to talk to the owner? I mean, I suppose if he has had those docs in his underpants this whole time…

    OMG who cares???

    We’re Signaling. Can’t you see how hard we’re Signaling??

    “This is now likely going to happen”

    “It’s Happening!!!” — The Internet. “10 weird ways it’s happening local housewives crave.”

    Nothing is happening except WWIII which we’re ignoring. “The Revolution will not be televised” yeah, but they didn’t say why: because everyone is so moronic they could no longer understand. It’s what plants crave.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 28 2024 #162335
    Dr. D

    In other words, DBS is saying this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LYekeK0HWo

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 28 2024 #162283
    Dr. D

    “If You’re Shot, Robbed, Or Assaulted In Chicago, There’s A 50/50 Chance There’ll Be No Police To Respond To Your 911 Call

    Again, when seconds count, the police are never coming. Never. Not in an hour, not in a day, never.

    …So keep payin’ those taxes, boys.

    Surgeon General declares guns a public health emergency. Which of these two things are regulated in the Constitution: 1) Guns. 2) Health ? Trick question!! they have jurisdiction over neither. Neither is what they should be focusing on, being in charge of defense, the post office, and the border.

    Another company commits suicide, dedicated to hate: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/politics/warner-brothers-cnn-disaster/

    Not over the horizon yet, but I don’t see why they’d stop.

    Ze and 2nd Peace Summit: that’s over the event horizon. But what Ze is saying is illegal! It’s against the law to talk peace. (Also, he’s not an elected leader, he’s a civilian.)

    “Nobody voted to allow European bureaucrats to change Europe’s demographics. Europe is being invaded and its population is being replaced.”

    Not “replaced”. They’re still there, but doing nothing to help themselves. You CAN enclave, become the Amish, a parallel society, stop backstabbing each other and persist if you want. I say that here too. Or with Christians either. There’s nothing they like better than backstabbing and trashing each other; Definitely what you want on a sinking ship where we’re lowering lifeboats.

    Other parts too: 1) Top focus of Brexit was immigration. Therefore when the people voted Brexit they stopped even pretending to limit them and opened the borders entirely, adding what 10M, immediately, as fast as was humanly possible? Such that even the busses and highways are full and halted? But there’s a Democracy and the Conservative Party means something. 2) A enormous number of immigrants have special legal status and are not citizens. Therefore, there is no legal issue in deporting all of them. They are welcome citizens of their own home countries and are merely Visa (or not Visa) workers. I can’t go to Italy and expect to vacation the rest of my life either, and when my Visa is not renewed, I need to return to South Newark with a homicide rate exceeding Africa and not pretend I’m an “Asylum”.

    No? Why is it fair for me and not for them? Because you’re racist? Because there are opportunities in America? Yeah, there are in Central Asia or Africa too, with 1B people and a continent the size of China and Europe combined. They’re booming.

    “[Biden] has the southern border in better condition than when former President Donald Trump was in office.

    It’s just breathtaking, isn’t it? This was Trump’s like sole, –thingie he turned the dial even slightly on. Fought hourly in the news for all four years. NOPE! Never happened! The thing that happened all four years we reported never happened.

    …And you wonder why Americans act insane. We’ve been driven crazy. No one can defend against this infinite line of lies and gaslighting, I don’t care who you are. At least Jesus could retreat to the desert, where would we go?

    And as said: They are letting in 10M – exactly of course because when we don’t stop or interdict them, we know exactly how many. And ALSO there is a huge national security threat from … somewhere, some mysterious location, from — for some reason – there seem to be a million Chinese, Russians, and Central Asians like F-stanis here. FBI werry, werry worried. Huh. BothNeitherAi. The thing we just reported is happening isn’t happening while it’s happening.

    Okay, suppose you have your head on straight and know it’s happening: what do you DO, as an American about it? Go shoot people? You tell me, genius. We’re already voting the other way, and we already know voting doesn’t matter. Look at Brexit, or voting anti-war for everyone since Nixon. (“Who is coming. So we’re finally on our way.”)

    “The Trump campaign also wants to know why Biden needs an entire week to prepare for a 90 minute debate, and exactly who is running the country in the meantime.”

    Okay, trying to get out of the lies for 60 seconds, BIDEN ISN’T RUNNING THE COUNTRY. Right?


    Got it? Wait: if NEITHER was running anything, making decisions, getting their decisions enacted, WHO has been running things for 8 years, if not since Eisenhower? Huh. You figure it out.

    “Who is running the country in the meantime?” Hahahahaha. I remember them asking if anyone in all America though the government wasn’t already too large under Carter and we’ve 10x’d then. Probably 30x with contractors, all Google, Amazon, etc. You notice everytime we add government things get much better, right? Socialism is the answer.

    “• Justice Alito Dissent Says Majority ‘Shirks’ Duty in Free Speech Case (ET)

    Don’t worry the court will save you. Be sure to vote and fight really hard about who get appointed! Is this one of those times we obey the court who is really smart, or a time when we ignore and defy them because they’re stupid? It’s an even-numbered day, putting it on my calendar.

    As an aside, it’s PROBABLY ILLEGAL for the USSC to just no hear cases. They don’t wanna. Like, you can just not defend the border ‘cause you don’t wanna, not be a navy but a gay nightclub ‘cause you don’t wanna. Unlike Marbury v Madison, where the USSC “just made stuff up” by claiming co-equal power to decide Constitutionality (I agree, but this was not decided, ratified or written anywhere), the USSC “just decided” they can hear or not hear cases. Like, I send this car-theft to court, and the judge says, “Nah, I got a golf tournament Saturday, I’m not hearing the case. Dismissed.” In practical terms, there IS a problem, since the Feds shouldn’t be doing anything in the first place – all powers are with the states – there are only 9 men to do this with the addition of 37 States and 250M people since 1800 – but that just means you need some other means to do you d—n job and pass an amendment if necessary.

    Saying what we do is expedient and mostly works but is probably all illegal. Like usual. There are 1,000 cases a year should probably be heard by the USSC, but they simply refuse them. And so it takes 10 years and several million dollars to get there – like Armstrong being held in life sentence for mere contempt – then toss it out anyway.

    “• Want to Defeat Joe Biden? Make Free Speech the Key Issue in 2024 (Turley)

    That won’t work, more than half the people don’t want free speech – if it allows the other guy to speak.

    We’ve well covered this, as Turley says, this means they ban even TRUE things. Like Assange, or TRUE facts about Covid, wars, that they don’t prefer or are embarrassing. That’s APART from nobody knowing what is “True” in the first place: that’s why we have free speech and discuss it, work it out.

    “as he evaded lawful extradition requests.”

    You’re a joke. They were not “Lawful” in the slightest: that was the problem. 1st, Julian is not a citizen, not residing nor based in the U.S., the un-lawful jurisdiction over all humans planetwide. No. 2nd he was a publisher, doing what is established for 200 years as lawful, legal journalism under 1A in the first place. EVEN in America, EVEN as a citizen. It’s hard to imagine a more breathtakingly unlawful request every made in U.S. history. That’s the point.

    So there are two kinds of people: People who think they’re in The Club, that includes government, and defend them because They R Us…and everybody else, like the other 7.8 Billion.

    This is aside from every OTHER arrest warrant being illegal, as Sweden admitted. Julian was technically on “jumping bail” – as a foreign national, which should be like 90 days? Deported?

    “Mainstream Democrats and Republicans were equally keen to put Assange in prison.”

    Including Trump. And Snowden. And classified JFK documents, and everything else too that would make an informed electorate.

    “• US Uses National Security ‘As A Veil To Hide War Crimes’ – Assange Lawyer (RT)

    As above, those in The Club, classify everything. Somehow we have this child-like perception that being “Classified” documents means literally anything at all. They “Classify” which donuts they bought for the meeting of the Junior Paper Clip purchaser’s Club because it’s easier. Nothing that exists can be de-classified because you would need to re-read it all then re-ask everyone involved. I think when this was done 90% was de-classified but that’s even WITH a stupidly pro-classification bias and years delay. I’d expect it could be 99.9% easy. But then we’d have an informed electorate that would be really pissed off with what you’ve been doing.

    Now as other Assange articles said, the Cable leaks are a HUGE win for foreign intel services, who can then have a True-True point to confirm their Intelligence suspicions and play the Diplo-game far more perfectly, evading and harming us. Which donuts might be a key clue as it would say who was in the meeting that day. Too bad, I guess, maybe you should ask why you suck so bad and have so little support from your own staff that they would risk their lives to screw you hollow. Like because you’re promoting idiotic, illegal, self-defeating foreign wars and talking about pizza and hot dogs all day? THAT is the problem: YOU.

    Narcissists and Governments can never see themselves as the problem, and there’s a reason for that correlation. This is after 100 solid years of every time they touch anything, then a minute later even pizzas can’t be delivered right, your car costs $50,000 and was still on 9th recall and shut off remotely etc.

    Thanks, government. Even having Ford Pintos blowing up was only 1/100th as dangerous as you.

    “• Russia Considers Downgrading Diplomatic Relations With The West (RT)

    In opposite news, when Russia said “We are no longer at peace” and “We are going to retaliate against the U.S. personally” Lord Austen picked up the d—n phone and called Russia that day. We won’t know what they said, but the diplo-release was that “They affirm to keep communication open, and enforce that the duty of diplomatic relations and embassies”, etc. Good.

    “PCR thinks Putin should kill more Ukrainians. Putin does not.”

    PCR is an American so there’s nobody on earth he doesn’t want to kill loosely. He’s in government, so he would take action on this, unlike the rest of the 330M who couldn’t be arsed to bother even if you were on fire. …For better or worse.

    “After 2.5 years of conflict, Putin has made no effort to win the war. He doesn’t even seem to understand that Russia is at war”

    PCR, entirely lost as usual. Putin is a LEGAL mind. Don’t know why or how he got there, but that’s how he founds his thinking. Aside from Russia now mopping up the FOURTH Ukr army, Okay, Paul, IF Russia were to declare a war, what are the legal effects? What policies and measures become activated? Oh that’s right, IF it is a WAR THEN the International Law of War comes into play. Ukraine becomes a total war target, BUT ALSO EVERYONE HELPING THEM, under Russian law.

    Therefore immediate declaration of war against all Europe, NATO, the United States, and as targets are picked, 6 hours later complete nuclear annihilation. Wot a genius.

    Putin is the only guy on the board not saving Ukrainians – which he is (he could nuke them in the first 15 minutes, 3 years ago) but Putin is saving YOU, the Americans, Brits, etc. so you can sit around, drink fine coffee and complain. He just saved your life, can’t you be a LITTLE appreciative?

    If he’d ask the question of if Russia understands why Putin acts this way is easy: they do. And they were soft on the West, not believing they were really this evil. Putin’s approach allowed them to get up to speed even on WHY he took this position. Now they are slowly anti-West and wildly Pro-Russian, a deep and substantial, unprecedented national change. That’s as big a transformation for them as going from Tzar to Soviet.

    “• EU Nominates Hawk For Next Top Diplomat (RT)

    Estonian chihuahua. She personally is going to attack, conquer, chop up, and destroy all Russia. Al-rightie then! No one will stop ‘til they’re shown. Like every day up to now. So we’ll demonstrate.

    “• EU To Put Brakes On Kiev’s Exports – FT (RT)

    Government: so government is stealing €419 ($448) per ton of white sugar in order to take the revenue from that tariff and hand $50B of it back to Ukraine, pay every worker, fund every pension, and give free health care. Can they do that to my State? Appreciate it. No €419 is too high when that means you pay €10,000/tonne back to me in welfare.

    …Meanwhile, a swarm of paper-pushers eat up our sustenance, as the Declaration said.

    “• Zelensky Regime Willing to Sacrifice Own People for Anti-Russia Crusade (Sp.)

    This just in! Breaking news!

    “Thomas speculated Moscow could implement a no-fly zone over the Black Sea, where drones have gathered targeting information for Ukrainian strikes.”

    That’s actually a really good idea. The U.S. will send fighter jets from Romania to shoot them down, however, (international waters) then Russia will have to level those airbases. Etc. But in concept it’s least-bad and very possible.

    “Watching the attorneys make such ludicrous, dishonest arguments with a straight face while seeking to destroy the ballots and charge us fees for winning arguments in court against them only serves to remind me of the massive Fulton County corruption that threatens the voting rights of every Georgian.”

    Yeah, what’s going on in Georgia? Can’t you guys get these pirates back under control? Oh, wait: you do that by ELECTING people. Got it.

    “This is why CNN won’t allow an audience for tonight’s debate”

    Heard it commented, that being in a debate in an empty room – nobody, nada, a pin could drop – had that uncanny valley effect. There’s no one to play to, no one to gasp at a gaffe, no idea if anything said is hitting the mark. That is to say, a fake debate, crowning every other part up to now being faked, one by one. …Was also said they were shutting off BIDEN’s mike for a reason, not Trump’s.

    “COVID Is Surging Right Now. Here’s What Alarms Doctors the Most.
    Infectious disease experts share what’s different about this latest wave and what to know about the new variants.” — HuffPost

    You’re kidding right? Is this 2024 article? Still at it? “The increase in cases also doesn’t appear to be causing an uptick in hospitalizations. “There’s no evidence they’re more severe than what we’ve been dealing with,” Hopkins said.”

    So…it does nothing. Like the last years. Also them:

    “The COVID Summer Wave Is Here and Hospitalizations Are Soaring—How Long It Will Last?”

    So Soaring = Nothing. No hospital = Infinity hospital. No one notices because they haven’t heard a not-lie in 40 years.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 27 2024 #162189
    Dr. D

    “Seattle Mandates $4.99 Fee On Uber Eats ‘To Help Drivers’, Deliveries Crash 45%
    Neither drivers nor customers are happy with misguided politicians attempting to help driver get better pay…”

    Government got involved, two seconds later we can’t even deliver pizzas right. Boy, good thing we replaced all that Capitalism with Socialism. Helping, helping the working man right to death. As we see right now with inflation…a consequence of all the PREVIOUS “Helping”.

    Now we can’t get drunk and f— correctly AND we can’t get pizzas ordered correctly. But there’s an answer: MOAR Government!!

    NOT the Babylon Bee top movie stream: “
    Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person [2023 – Quebec] fantasy” Spoiler: It’s Trudeau, driving across provincial lines.

    “Supreme Court Inadvertently Releases ‘Idaho Emergency Abortion’ Opinion

    …But only every election year. The rest of the time these things don’t leak. Just like Covid.

    Speaking of, Trump releases peace plan designed by his advisor-generals. As expected, it’s a weasel document that looks like being tough, having consequences for anyone not coming to the negotiating table, but really setting up so only Ukraine is cease-fire, protected, and can still be added to NATO…just much later. Hahahahaha! No. SSDD. Save me Daddy Trump, so I can sit on the couch!

    “• Julian Assange: Free At Last, But Guilty Of Journalism (Pepe Escobar)

    I hate to say this, but Julian looks pretty normal, like a guy in an office, not a prison. This has been suspected for a while, but how, why, who’s running it? So do we discuss the official story, of his confinement? Or the unofficial story that he’s been squirreled away somewhere and is only being carted out at this particular time to launch a new “Narrative”? (against HIllary, who will shortly be staged as Biden’s replacement?) As with so many subjects, it’s difficult to do both. We in the Alt-Media are pushing the “Powers don’t lie” narrative, Assange is a symbol, etc, and other than him looking good, then bad, then good, then bad, they didn’t make any mistakes that pop their story he’s been in solitary in Belmarsh for years. But if he was, he’d be a gibbering wreck, most likely. So, what to do now? Can’t find a clue, nothing’s going to pop off post-event to confirm he’s been in the basement, online, and not in his cell. Nor any reason/way that that would be possible, commanded by someone right under the nose of the UK and MI6. Just keeping it out there one last time.

    So now? Nah, he’ll pick up some new thing. It won’t be Wiki, and it won’t be retirement. That’s because he’s been in contact with the White Hats all along and will magically be, I dunno, financier for a new “Grayzone” media empire or something, overnight. I can prove nothing, just keep it as an option.

    Last ‘round? Besides making him pay for the tickets, pretty sure that isn’t normal for either a prisoner OR non-prisoner? UK got out Patton’s Third Army and a fleet of helicopters to “Escort” him to the airport. For why? He was going to escape from London, 15 minutes before… he escapes from London? He’s Superman and was going to break his handcuffs and fly away? Sure seems expensive, I’m sure taxpayers in Blackpool won’t mind when they’re white with hunger and sleeping rough this winter that they paid $100k in overtime ‘n stuff for nobody, not a citizen, who did nothing but take a taxi.

    So what’s all THAT about? And how far is that the #Opposite of the “He wasn’t in confinement” theory I just wrote?

    “​ Assange pleads guilty to espionage
    Wednesday’s court hearing in Saipan marked the end of the WikiLeaks founder’s 14-year legal battle for freedom.”

    I don’t know whether to bother, but he didn’t want to plead to espionage, he pled to “Conspiracy”, which is the charge 99% of people plead in Federal cases, and which sort of doesn’t exist. It’s THINKING about something. THINKING is not a crime, acting is, yet this is what everyone is in prison for, what’s that say about our Federal System? (A: “We Make S—t Up.”)

    War Narrative, created out of nothing like all this Propaganda, this Info War, is “The Tide is Turning. We fought bravely and now winning.” Are we? Did we? I don’t see anyone above Fani, Bowman, Biden, Schwab, Gates arrested, so what exactly did we “Win”? Until you kick out every non-violent drug offender and fill the prisons with these guys, we haven’t won. Like, approaching a million new bodies charged, tried and imprisoned. ‘Til then no one is safe.

    …Even the winning is Fake.

    “Upcoming legislative elections in France could lead to civil war if political parties on either the far-left or the far-right sweep to power, President Emmanuel Macron has warned.”

    Okay so you’re planning a Civil War. Got it. Already have the banks cut all fake support and are going to turn France into a crater and blame it on them, the “Right”, which would be the Far-LEFT in America. Got it. Anything else? Macron/Media says “This will be like Liz Truss government”, yeah: where the BoE set up the Tories by pre-setting into short-term paper, then having it all come due, then sparking a collapse in pensions, etc as an “event” they could have easily stopped, in fact is their sole JOB to stop it. All to reverse Brexit against all British will. So THAT, is the model of government about to occur in France, as with LePen, shortly. Got it.

    “• UK’s Cameron Dashes Ukraine’s NATO Summit Hopes (RT)

    Speaking of, will Cameron still be PM after Starmer is voted in? Why not?

    “• West ‘Unable To Negotiate’ – Lavrov (RT)

    Kind of, but really we are unable to keep our word, about anything, any where, at any time, to any body. I still cannot believe Ukraine trusted us. Like, seriously, I did NOT want to haul up all those racist Ukrainian jokes, but seriously? After Iraq, Iran, Syria, the Cherokee nation and every other treaty we’ve signed in 250 years? You’re kidding, right? Fine, Fine, this is Fine.

    “Ukraine will not receive an invitation to join NATO at the bloc’s summit next month,”

    One whole MONTH? Wow!

    “• How Obama’s Intel Czar Rigged 2016 and 2020 Debates Against Trump (Sperry)

    Is that the same Clapper who’s a known liar and Perjurer to Congress? About “We do zero spying on the American People”? This is what happens when you don’t arrest them as soon as they stand up and leave the testimonial table.

    BTW, top news, Congress claims they are arresting Garland. It would be about d—n time, but these are Republicans, so no. You can bet it’s all theater. So bored. This show is worse than The Acolyte.

    “• Age of Rage: America’s Anti-Free Speech Movement (Turley)

    Luckily there was never any rage or disagreement with the founding fathers, who never shot each other dead or nothin’.

    What did I learn from this? Do go anywhere near the media or cameramen, who stage fake fights for the living, then sell them on TV. Even if you’re a snake.

    “The worst case scenario would seem to be Russia giving advanced anti-ship missiles to Hezbollah, and Hezbollah hitting a U.S. aircraft carrier with them”

    You are kidding, right? That’s like the best case; you have a very limited imagination of the worst case.

    “I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” — Max Planck, Nobel physicist

    And he was EARLY, born in 1858, 1st wave when they were still using the theory of ether. As soon as they hit Einstein and “Tiny Rocks” theory, all science stopped. Now I’m not suspicious but after 100 years it has to be something. These first guys seemed to be right, invented everything, their physics worked and telegraphed down to the real world. Nothing since Einstein has. So they CLEARLY have a rot-level false premise somewhere and it’s not hard to see where.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 26 2024 #162143
    Dr. D

    Criticizing Israel and their genocide daily as DBS and I do = being Pro-Israel. Do you hear yourself? What good does it do to make stuff up? Do you think I don’t know what I’ve said, what I think and will say “Gee, I guess I FORGOT I was a plagelpixel from Alpha Centuri, thanks for reminding me.”?

    No, PRETTY SURE I refer to Israel as committing a mass genocide, perhaps the most proud, open, and egregious in 500 years like, weekly. Was daily for a while but less breaking news. PRETTY SURE everyone else read that I said that. PRETTY SURE if you click the archives, this is on my Permanent Record. PRETTY SURE you can go read like 500 back-to-back comments of me saying that right now. PRETTY SURE I mention it regularly as it’s misattributed daily.

    Okay, that out of the way, DBS and I seem to be focusing on ONE pivot point at the moment: Is EVERY Jew, who ever lived, who is living now, every single one, no exceptions, every elderly care patient in a nursing home, every Hasid, every orthodox, every sephartic, every Ethiopian, every practicing Jew, every non-practicing Jew, every atheistic Jew, every one 4 generations removed, who have a single drop of Jewish blood, known or unknown, every infant, every fetus, EVERY ONE…Responsible for the 2024 Genocide in Gaza? No exceptions, not one? Single question, really simple, like we used to ask AFKTT when he popped up.

    If a child is born on Gilligan’s island, an orphan washed ashore by his dead mother, doesn’t speak anything but Tagalog, never heard of the West, never been to anywhere, seen a radio or a TV, who is only 5 years old. Is HE responsible for the Genocide in Gaza? Simple question. Simple answer.

    Are ALL Jews responsible as an act of collective guilt, or aren’t they? For that matter, IF an American murders a Tapas salesman in Madrid, is EVERY American guilty? Not just then, but forever and ever and ever and ever more? In 2324, still guilty, still referred to us? The terrible Tapas Killers of 2024?

    ‘Coz that, boys, is a real funny world y’all live in.

    Simple question, which is why several people here have to sneak into houses at night and strangle babies in the cradle: BEFORE THEY ARE BORN they are already guilty. Totally guilty, inescapably guilty, for things that happened in the PAST. Before they were born.

    THIS, sirs, is why you need Christianity and why it was invented. Redemption. For repentance. And no collective guilt, only your own. And you sirs, how about you? You from the British Empire, the American Empire, totally guilty of every crime ever committed by Churchill, FDR, Jackson, and Edward I? ‘Cause they did a bunch.

    I say yes! …Your execution for these crimes will be tomorrow morning. This is your legal and logical premise. Your guilt and appalling complicity is inescapable. I merely offer you the consequences of your own beliefs.

    “The evidence before the court is incontrovertible
    There’s no need for the jury to retire
    In all my years of judging, I have never heard before
    Of someone more deserving of the full penalty of law
    The way you made them suffer, your exquisite wife and mother
    Fills me with the urge to defecate (go on, Judge, shit on him!)
    Since my friend you have revealed your deepest fear
    I sentence you to be exposed before your peers
    Tear down the wall! Tear down the Wall!”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 26 2024 #162101
    Dr. D

    “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    …Except we didn’t elect them. Duh. Maybe as far back as 100 years.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 26 2024 #162100
    Dr. D

    Brain and consciousness? The brain-organ is a radio transceiver that allows wild amplification of spiritual light-being to have effects on the orders of magnitude denser “material” world of frozen light. So if you damage the transceiver, you can stop the signal, but it’s still out there in your gold fillings and nearby razor blades, it can never be truly stopped. However, this is Earth, so you can break things. That’s why it exists, or exists in the way it does.

    If we couldn’t amplify the signal we’d have no more effect on the material world than other ghosts, which is really boring. Not that they can’t or don’t, but CLEARLY they are extremely limited. I think of this like hydraulics, that we make earth-digger machines to take one soft puny human and put him in the cab of a 12,000-lb arm loader. He can have a lot of affect for a guy merely using his pinky, and he and the machine quickly become one.

    That leaves WHY they do this — I suspect besides the persistent interest in it, we are “making gooder” the material realm and refining it in a way difficult to describe. So say many books anyway. It certainly allows you to have bigger, faster experiences than the Dreaming, as New Age people often say. How can you have Risk, Danger, appalling separation, hardship, contrasted with a longing for unity and ease in the Spirit? You can’t die, there’s no risk there. All things are one, so you reach out your mind and whatever you’re missing is there. So you don’t risk or reach, you float.

    Now for Kennedy specifically it is said she had serious problems to begin with, and of course Science is going to claim “You’re a rich guy! Boy have I got a miracle cure for you!” But we don’t know that she wouldn’t have been a raving schizophrenic instead. But how could I answer that question when I don’t necessarily trust the stories of the family involved. That is what THEY say. Show me evidence they are lying or I have to let it go. Why else would they do it? For the lols? RFK seems like the sort of guy who would be on this, but he’s on only the medical malpractice and overreach, never “What they did to my aunt.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 26 2024 #162097
    Dr. D

    Jun 25 The US Debt Is Near $1,000,000 Per American: That Seems Like A Lot  TSI   

    Nah. I’m sure we’re adding another trillion any time this month. Probably doesn’t include State, Credit Card, Mortgage, Car, SS Liabilities, etc. Usually doesn’t.

    “Jun 24 Bob Moriarty & Shane Williams: “Bond Market Signals Major War Coming!”   YT   

    That is VERY. NOT. GOOD. And on Armstrong’s prediction, to the month. AND on finally recruiting – actually, even showing – White people in UK Army recruiting ads. Of course ONLY white people, since they’re the ones who need to die, as they put up a lot of resistance. This was also done in the U.S. Army ads last month, lest we forget. Hahahhahaha! no. I’m planning on training for a war, but it’s not for you…well, not exactly, anyway.

    “Choosing between these candidates is choosing between “between chaos and competence” and “a convicted criminal out for revenge and a president who delivers results for the American people.”
    “That’s an easy choice,” Clinton wrote.”

    It sure is, but I suspect we differ on who is who. Maddow and the View are claiming he’ll jail them all, and a bunch of other Democrats too. Man, if you’ve ever heard a sales pitch before, this is a doozy. He’s going to jail every coastal elite and every man on TV and Hollywood, probably Disney too? Sold.

    “Walt Disney Posthumously Fired By Walt Disney Company For Being White Male “ –BBee
    FBI Assures Nation They Are Closely Monitoring Everyone Who Didn’t Like ‘The Acolyte’” –Bbee

    And “In Honor Of Pride Month, Here Are The Babylon Bee’s Top 2 Genders”

    “DOJ Opens New Tipline For Criminals To Report Whistleblowers “ –Bbee

    Headquartered at Boeing.

    “Oakland Mayor Raided By FBI Claims She Is Being Targeted By ‘Radical Right Wing Forces’

    The Far Right Wing Biden administration? Yeah, that tracks.

    Crimeans are Russians, who we have to bomb, because they’re Ukrainians who are not Russians. BothNeitherAi. What can I say? Since 2014, or really before, since they were as divided as we are before the CIA/MI6 got in there and started ethnically cleansing the Red/Blue people. Same thing for 8 years running in Donbass: They’re occupying Ukrainians!!! …Which we then bomb their marketplaces by the ten-thousands…because we want them back?

    What can you say to this level of mental illness? Which is what happens when I try to explain to Americans (very few times, as no one cares about fact, details, time, or granularity). OF COURSE Ukraine bombing all Ukraine is really bombing RUSSIA. Blue Square sez so, so it’s right and you’re wrong. A = A ≠ A. Like always. Once you get there, the world’s your oyster because ANYTHING is possible, ANYTHING can be said. There’s no argument possible. I forget the Logical Fallacy of this, but it’s not like Motte-n-Bailey, which is how it acts, but like Bait and Switch, a Two Towers strategy. If you argue they are Russians, they retreat to the one tower, if you argue they are Ukrainians, they retreat to the other. Neither makes any difference as the answer is war. They can and are literally BothNeitherAi.

    Just saw this yesterday. The argument was “All Jews are X”. I present hundreds, thousands, but highlighting one specific example. Then retreat into “I agree with you that Not all Jews are X. There are no Jews.” Okay, sold. Next sentence, “That means all Jews are X” again. They take BOTH my view, and NEITHER view, and All views and their Opposite at the same time. …But only so long as there is war, hate, and murder involved and possible.

    Hey, um, how come when you’all take these really complex circuitous logic chains, they never-ever conclude with “That means we should LOVE everyone?” And die for our brother, even?

    Yeah, why? Simple of course: that would be #Logos. God. We adhere to the #AntiLogos and so it goes everywhere, in service of #AntiLogos, the Devil, division, fake separation, lies. If you were in the service of Love, you would orient yourself to Unity, Directness, Simplicity, Logic, Beauty. Like the existence of Women. That’s why they go together.

    Yes, as stated continuing yesterday, wtf do you expect from Americans who have never heard the Truth even once in their sorry lives? That they channel directly from the mind and mouth of God when no other human does? Lies are a giant, complex tangle. It’s very difficult to escape a hall of mirrors as everyone in history will attest. But we see this nationwide as they all say the same thing: “I started looking into X, Native issues, Health, the “Very Fine People” hoax, then once they unwrapped one lie in the Hall of Mirrors, the whole thing started unraveling” as they added more and more truth to the pearl, like a chemical reaction of precipitate, now in our culture, wildly super-saturated. Now they’re Red-pilled. Starts anywhere, goes everywhere.

    It’s really very simple although well-hidden: I like bombing people and hating them, so whoever I bomb or hate right then is my enemy. You can see this with other low people or mentally ill. The target maybe has never acted on them. They may not even know them, being someone on the street. But they WANT to hate, fight, kill, and so go over and make up something, find something, so they can do what they wanted to do in the first place, express what was inside them all along. Hate, violence, division, murder. That is, there IS no reason. Don’t bother even listening because that’s just a distraction. I want to HATE someone, and so you, this person, group, is always handy, so I pull them out of the drawer and toss them off. That’s all. That’s why logic has no effect. My Feelz.

    Now our challenge is how to make them self-aware like a drug user, of the habitual, unconscious action and the harm they’re causing. — Not to others, we already know they won’t care about that – but to THEMSELVES. Well, it’s difficult because if it were easy, we’d do it all the time. We’d use that cure, say those words over and over like a God-spell, in WalMart, the liquor store, and gas station. But it doesn’t. The only way to find love is to give up weak, harmful drugs and look for a BETTER drug that releases you from a cycle of Hate. And therefore unending mass murder, helping your enemy.

    That’s why the example of Christ was so important. So WHY not roll down the palm-parade as the returning king and take out Rome in another rebellion? The Kingship is anointed and works, the rule is just. Why? Because it leads to war, murder, death, and like David, in a few years it’s right back where you started again. I fight Rome, Rome fights me, in a ceaseless circle of death, going nowhere. We need to do something DIFFERENT. And therefore no doubt harder, or we would have done it before. We need charity and forgiveness, even to our enemies, and love, which can top the cycle of self-re-creating hate.

    That is, btw, how the Americas were lost. They talk all the time about how the Whites (whoever they were) killed all the Indians, etc, but it’s really very simple: The Natives couldn’t stop the HATE. That’s why they lost. They could have pushed the Whites out most every time, most places, for centuries. From King Phillip to Pontiac, why did they really lose? They couldn’t stop hating each other. So the Whites, who merely hated each other LESS, rolled over them.

    …And so today, the CRT, that is “Critical Theory” is for all the Proles to HATE. Hate and divide each other, and like the Indians live in “Tiny Houses” with bows and arrows and be helpless, selling Manhattan to them for beads while we feed them alcohol fentanyl. …And so long as we HATE, it works great! That was the lesson of “Occupy”. Tea Party and the Progressives got together. 5-alarm panic. They went down and did some research. What worked? To go full-on Woke Racist, which the Right Libertarians can’t stand and left, were “pushed out” of Zuccatti Park. So? Roll it out to the whole country, next day NYT/WSJ/WaPo search terms have “Racism” go 50x. All for HATE. Divide the “Tribes” so we let Custer roll over us. Why did they beat Custer? All the local tribes were TOGETHER for a pow-wow that week. They UNIFIED over Hate.

    You know all this and just let them? Have some charity, like very other mass of 300M people, Americans aren’t born geniuses, they haven’t been told the truth a single second since 1963. What the f do you expect from them? They’ll flop down on the sidewalk and start channeling God’s word in tongues? We alone apparently need to know the truth incarnate having never heard it, like speaking a world language we didn’t know existed before. Here, let me speak fluent Thai for you right now. If you want, need them to speak Thai, then at a minimum you’re going to have to tell them Thai exists and give them examples, introduce new words and grammar for them, and not mock them for being dummies who don’t know Thai.

    Right? Anyway, on with the show:

    (That’s why I get frustrated with the Left, which seems my personal division and trouble: their own foundational premises show they DO know, and I agree with them. Then a second later, they’ve taken the same root premise and reversed it again. I can’t even wrap my head around how. Segregation = Racism but also Cure for Racism. Civil Rights is our apex and goal but ALSO we’re trying to undo all free speech, equality, religion, etc Civil Rights fought for. Stuff like that. I don’t hate them, I just can’t get a word in edgewise to engage. They seem in a trance.)

    Assange: Let’s repeat this:
    “DOJ Opens New Tipline For Criminals To Report Whistleblowers “ –BBee

    How does it feel for every criminal to walk free and every whistleblower to be jailed? Like 100% now, just a few years post-Obama? And there remains widespread support for this obvious betrayal and reversal? Reminds me of the town like in “Last Man Standing”(1994). The Criminals run the town, so anyone not a criminal is arrested. Luckily such things are extremely self-limiting. Unluckily, they are fixed through extreme and widespread violence.

    Assange, WTF is with the island thing? He’s in Britain.

    So this means when Trump wins, he won’t be extradited to testify before Congress and the American people and settle the RussiaRussia nonsense? Is that why Britain caved?

    “• Assange Is Free, But Journalism Is Not (Robert Bridge)

    Meh. It’s better. One thing at a time. We’re winning everywhere compared to the highwater mark on Twitter, CNN, etc.

    “Judge Juan Merchan partially lifts Trump gag order”

    Like Assange, whatever Trump says will still violate whatever dusty corner of the gag order still exists and they’ll arrest him again. ‘Cause that’s Free Speech!

    Trump ad: Ugh. Trump. Does he have to be in his own ad? What a turnoff.

    Elon Musk. Ugh. Elon Musk. Okay, so this is what one man can do? Aren’t the rest of you embarrassed? He’s a pointless dickweed and can still get things done. While high in the back of a car with Ariana Grande. What are the rest of you doing? Can you go to that Call Center Managers meeting and just f’ing manage to take calls? (A: No. I will die on this hill.)

    “..tell Russian President Vladimir Putin that “He’s got to come to the table and if you don’t come to the table, then we’ll give Ukrainians everything they need to kill you in the field.”

    Hahahahaha. You so funny. Time Exists. You already did that, in the PAST. We don’t HAVE any of these things, our shell capacity is truly pathetic and is now at the limits already. None of our magic weapons worked at all. None. We’re the best salesman on earth for Russian weapons because with two choices, we just advertised anything is better than we are, even sticks and stones. So what was your plan again? Oh yeah: talking tough with more LYING, then doing something else on the side. (Defunding and surrendering).

    PS, How does the Ike get to Germany? Around Cape Horn?

    “CNN reported on Tuesday, citing four unidentified people familiar with the deliberations.”

    These are the same 4 unidentified people they keep in the CNN basement to confirm all such nonsensical things. People “Familiar with the thinking of Putin” aka “Some guy who once read the news.” etc. Hey, was there a reason you would get fired for 100 years in a row for trying to print an article written this way? We’d toss you out of a 3rd story window on your ear for bringing that s–t in here? What changed?

    “enabling the Pentagon to sign contracts to pay potentially dozens of US companies for deploying to Ukraine.”

    Actually, no, all the mercenaries are dead. In Syria and Ukraine, but it shows “Shut off the money.”

    “Give us the tools, we’ll do the job.’ And I say, give us the tools, and we’ll finish the job a lot faster,” Netanyahu said.”

    Yes, and the “Job” is to genocide every last Palestinian, man woman and child. ASAP. So proud.

    ““..Ukraine too is likely to take decades to actually join the EU if at all..”

    There will be no EU by then. Nor NATO. Germany will have at last joined Russia instead.

    “• The Media Piles on Federal Judge After Lionizing Manhattan Judge (Turley)

    We criticize all judges but also no judges because they’re all sacrosanct. BothNeitherAi.

    “What is impressive is the complete lack of self-awareness over the hypocrisy of these attacks.”

    Yes, we knew that and on every subject every day, but no one can figure out why. #Logos = Unity, Oneness? So therefore #AntiLogos is division, where BOTH things are true? Something like that in First Principles.

    “host Chris Hayes to tell Judge Cannon to “stay in her lane” and mock her consideration of constitutional claim: “Girl, stay in your lane. Stay. In. Your. Lane.”

    That is to say: “Know Your Place, woman.” Now get in the kitchen and make me a sammich. Why does the Left hate women so much? Is it that they’re successful?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 25 2024 #162063
    Dr. D

    DB: So far ’round the bend that criticizing Israel weekly and posting cartoons that would get me fired from most jobs in America is “Pro-semitic.” Yup, that’s me. Anyone who doesn’t actively don a ski mask and sneak into houses to strangle babies in the crib is definitely a collaborator.

    How’s it feel to be you? Does a single ray of the love of God still reach you in that fortress of hate?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 25 2024 #162062
    Dr. D

    I’d keep shooting them down and keep denying it until something happens.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 25 2024 #162021
    Dr. D

    Nope, I’m wrong, that’s what “HereLetMeGoogleThatForYou.com” is for.


    $1.50 to $1.00 is still 1/3rd though.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 25 2024 #162020
    Dr. D

    “Voters shifted significantly to the right in the elections earlier this month,”

    Yes, the Pro-gay-marriage, Anti-War “Right”.

    “The loophole effectively bypasses Hungary’s opposition to legislation that would have allowed the EU to hand over interest accrued on Russian funds”

    No it doesn’t, that’s illegal on its face. You can always find some lawyer to argue and make up something, that’s what lawyers are for. But “Just made it up” and “Also bought off the Judge” does not make legal reasoning.

    Okay, first principles: What’s the POINT of law? WHY do we have it? So there isn’t the law of the Jungle, of only POWER. How is that? Well, it works because people ACCEPT it. They say “The Law Sez”. Then stop thinking and point to it. Brain shuts off, Issue resolved and dispensed. Okay, great! Good idea, you win.

    One thing: Did you ask RUSSIA if THEY accepted it? Your courts, your laws, your rulings? Or are they going to bomb the f—k out of you if you try? Hey, um, how’s your law working now, First Principles? Oh you got a Lawyer to say? Great, hope you keep him handy as a human shield when Russia drops cluster munitions on all your condos.

    WTF is with these morons? Are they 5?


    “This week in the Supreme Court, a glimpse of the legal landscape outside of Manhattan came more sharply into view.”

    The only place MORE a howling den of scum and villainy than NYC in the Empire is Washington D.C.. As we’ve just seen a bunch this year with whack decisions all over the place. “We make s—t up!” Okay, POLITICALLY these decisions are…expedient? But arising from a moral, logical, consistent worldview they are not. They just trashed 2A like 48 hours ago, infringing anything they like. In Dobbs they said murder is fine so long as the States do it. And so on. Fine, there’s always some of that, but don’t think it will save you. Don’t obey the USSC. YOU are the government. Do not comply.

    “• Boeing Faces Possible Criminal Indictment – Reuters (RT)

    Who’s after Boeing? Knocking out the U.S. Crown jewels? Not saying they’re not paying them to mismanage (like Disney) or paying workers or airport repairmen to make mistakes or the dog gets it. But this don’t wash and what’s the motive?

    Example: Tesla killed what like 2,000 people with self-driving and other cars? When called on it he told them to SEC, Suck Elon’s C— well, you get the idea. And he’s still a superfriend and pal, but not defense contractor Boeing? Que?

    “• Death Of The Petrodollar: What Really Happened Between The US and Saudis? (RT)

    Oh yeah, good reminder, like me, the Internets is now saying, “Um, there was a dated contract on the Petrodollar??? Anyone want to get me a copy, ‘cause nobody’s ever seen it.” Again, this popped up out of nowhere, got a lot of traction, and can only seem to be traced back to one account that always posts Bellingcat-level MI6 releases, and is always wrong. Not that it hasn’t ended – that’s good propaganda, that’s how it’s supposed to work. But WHY say this that isn’t true? Yeah, to trash the U.S, make us a Clown Show, kill our Bond Market, and therefore Save Europe in comparison. No dice.

    WE, have oil. WE, have food. Europe has a Clown Show surpassing ours AND neither of those things. So you want to tell me how the German Bund is par with the U.S. right now, that has no oil, no economy, and no prospects for the future? Really? Not like even an 8 point differential? Who do you think is more likely to default: the U.S. which never has, or Europe, which does every 50 years for centuries?

    Yellen has been bending the UST issues to ultra-short-term to control it but they’ve run out of time. We don’t need to be GOOD – we’re not. We just need to be LESS BAD than Europe, which is easy. Capital Flows. Core nation collapses LAST.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 25 2024 #162019
    Dr. D

    Speaking of buying election, Dore (his wife) does Trudeau and Canada elections: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZX1xCHFJB4

    Speaking of Canadian Idiot, (song, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_TfBbR6L0M ) she’s like “He acts like a groomer! He was all handsome and stuff. But he lied to me and the other wymensssss.” AYFKM? She describes how he BOUGHT his election with $2k/person in Covid.

    AND YOU FELL FOR IT????????????

    Oh my Lord, Saints alive, save us. No wonder we’re in this state. I’d say “what’d you just get off the farm?” but I think the buddies at LetterKenny would have taken him out the back can given him a sound kicking before the first month. Where do they even FIND these jokers in Canada? What is she, 5? Has no suspicion no cynicism at all, doesn’t ask any questions? A: No, SHE’S A REPORTER. What? Yes, she, and her union, were all PAID BY TRUDEAU to STFU, she plays the quote of him bragging about it, and they didn’t think it was suspicious. Or relevant. Oh dear, you people. Maybe we can do a summer boot camp and rotate you through Letterkenny row by row so you all get a good kicking and know what a scam, a sex fiend, and drug dealer is. Cidiots.

    Hey, if um, bacon and houses dropped 80% as the only thing that would save the public, would that, um, cause any problems anywheres? Like collapse worldwide banking and the stock market overnight? Tax revenue, bond repayment, anything?

    Nah, it’ll be fine. This is fine.

    “• Article 5 Won’t Save Ukraine if It Joins NATO (Sp.)

    No because at this point Russia would just crush NATO. Now that depends on 2 things: 1) we go to total nuclear exchange as all game scenarios say, making it all irrelevant, 2) who owns the flying tictacs and volcano weapons, DEW, etc hypothesized to exist but not admitted. By like Solari for instance, but also admitted from time to time about our DUMBs. If we can bomb Russia from the moon, then we’re just sucking them in right now. Hypersonics are nothing.

    “Moscow has resolutely rejected the idea of attacking any NATO member state as absurd.”

    In a sense, yes, but no. They just said again, after months of saying IF you want to attack RUSSIA from NATO, that is, take off an F16, run some idiotic bait-and-switch, we-didn’t-really, then level Belgorod, then NO, Russia has clearly said they will level that base in Romania or Poland to ashes.

    Then game theory says, boom boom boom, three moves later, worldwide nuclear exchange. But that’s what the West WANTS. That’s the only thing that can save them. The hard part is resisting throwing them in that Bri’ar Patch.

    “• Desperate Ukraine Needs Massive Debt Bailout (Miles)

    By who? Mars? The West needs that massive debt bailout MORE. Remember not $36T but another $20T is missing in Solari, hidden in dept budget funds? Yeah, we’re bond-kiting, floating, backing, “counterfeit” bonds that were never officially issued. But someone will show up with the paper and try to collect. (Norway) Our deficit is twice what’s reported. But we’re not paying anyway, what’s the dif?
    (link bots)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 25 2024 #162018
    Dr. D

    “Fossil Fuel, CO2 Emissions Hit Record High In 2023

    Hey, you know what the greatest contributor to CO2 is? War and the Pentagon. So let’s go anti-war, who’s with me? Green Party say no. They are pro-CO2, pro-war.

    “It Took Nvidia 23 Days To Add $1 Trillion In Market Cap; Berkshire Hathaway Hasn’t Managed That In 60 Years



    Wait, what?

    “US Lawmaker Condemns Attack On Crimea Beach With American Weapons
    “Imagine if Russia, using a Russian satellite, fired cluster munitions on a Florida beach.

    When someone says maybe we shouldn’t drop cluster munitions on a vacation beach, that’s now news. Awwww, but I wanna…explain why NOT???

    Question on the Ike: HOW does it get home? Through the Suez? And how does the new one appear? Through the Suez? (No to both questions, the US Navy can no longer traverse the Suez. It’s that what they call a “Suez Crisis”? 1954?)

    “Netanyahu Ready to Wind Down Gaza Operations to Battle Hezbollah in North

    Like all the Western Colonists, calls a victory and crawls home. A loser.

    “Julian is free!!!!

    What da whut happened? UK has lost all power and control?

    “The @EPP, the leftists and the liberals have agreed to create a pro-war coalition in the European Parliament,”

    Ah Leftists, is there anything war can’t fix?

    “• US Escalated Ukraine Conflict to New Level in Sevastopol (Sp.)

    Yes, but also no as usual. It’s likely they were trying to hit another target (nearby base) and Russia is both jamming them off course and hitting them with small arms which breaks them apart…like falling to earth wherever that happens. That goes back to whether cluster itself is legal, but both countries are using them, so I guess yes. It’s a war, people. Don’t get started or I guarantee this will happen. About Florida beaches hit with cluster? I say why not? You want to get started in war, that’s a thing that can happen, and faster than you’d think.

    But, but we’re not there! As .Dotcom and everyone on the planet says, THERE ARE ZERO ATACMS WITHOUT TOTAL U.S. CONTROL. In the target, the guidance, the travel, the material, and the launch. All of it from landing in a shipping container in Amsterdam, on the truck all the way to Odessa, right through to its explosion over a small town and every person it lands on. We’re a full-service shop. We do it all. No Ukrainians required.™

    “According to White House Spokesman John Kirby: “Washington’s position on Kiev is “absolutely clear”: “First, they’ve got to win this war”.

    Well “They” are not going to win the war since “They” cannot target anything nor shoot anything above a pop-gun without full support of NATO stand-ins. That is YOU are fighting the war, not them. And we see that a different “They” feel like they’ve run out of time (rates are rising, need someone to blame) and are calling a draft in EU and America. TO DO WHAT??? Throw sticks and stones at them?

    “Ukrainian pilots have the latitude to judge ‘the intent’ of Russian fighter aircraft?”

    Sure! They’ll use their PutinTelepathy™. Everyone else does.

    “Such a solution – requires a new world security architecture to come into being; and were that to happen, then a complete solution for Ukraine would flow as an implicit part to a new world order.”

    NATO and Europe wanted this to be existential, that one or the other would die. Okay, sold. And the entire present Hegemon, the entire NATO/UN/Western structure, including colonial finance, now will cease to exist as before. War can’t end til then.

    What is that? The money collapses. They’ve said, I’ve said, nothing can happen until you fix the money. EU Currency is there, dropping 50% in usage over the dollar. It’s not a competitor, and may show that it was only ever Russian oil sales denominations that gave the illusion it was. The US$ is being dropped in all 200 countries at once, oil in rupees, yuan, real, bhat. And look at the valuations, which are COMPARATIVE, so don’t take them as absolute– if you want a sense of absolute value, compare to gold (or BTC) where the US$ is plummeting. That is, UK Pound is savaged, another leg down. 1:1. That was what, 7:1 before the 1970 inflation for them, AND the U.S. ALSO dropped 10-20x in 1970-80? What is that, an 80% devaluation since 1969? The Euro is little better, 1:1, dropping as fast as we are, with 20% inflation vs bacon.

    What’s 20% compounded, Alex? It’s been 2-3 years.

    Now they’re talking “Inflation drops”. NO IT DOESN’T. As Michael Pento take the time to point out (this is often glossed over) the American public doesn’t need bacon to rise at a less-fast rate, prices have doubled and they need bacon to be cut in HALF, drop 80%, back to “normal” to have any kind of “Recovery” over here. Eggs at $5? Oil is the thing that’s still cheap, and that’s because Ol’ Joe has made us utterly helpless during a war so he could buy an election.

    (Link bots)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 24 2024 #161980
    Dr. D

    I think it works like this: first they’re always working against themselves, but let’s ignore that part.

    Second, they think like farm managers:
    “There isn’t enough energy for Barn A and B both.”
    “Okay then cull half the cows.”
    “You can’t do that, there is no economy in two half-filled barns.”
    “Okay then, move all the cows from one barn into the other.”
    “Which one?”
    “I don’t care, you pick: the one that is closer and we can keep an eye on better.”

    Or in this case, the one that prevents a deflationary implosion in the reserve currency seat.

    Also more likely, Decision 1 is made by CEO PencilFace, with no logic and no intelligence or reason at all. Why? Because everyone from the Janitor to the super-double executive VP next to him is a pathological liar and suck-up. He hasn’t heard the truth since he was 3 and his daddy told him he was an idiot who would come to no good and amount to nothing. He’s channeling the Vril Maidens from the Locust People on Centruri IV or whatever those morons do.

    Every decision AFTER that is made by some foreman somewhere without asking. In this case, the deciders we don’t know the names of, moving down to the deciders we CAN know the names of but don’t (WEF, PNAC, Atlantic, e.g. Kissinger, Bzrezinski) and they hand it out to the illiterate, Spanish speaking coolies saying “Don’t gimme no lip.” Those are your Bidens, Ryans, Cruz, McConnells…

    So WHY would they do this? They only need half the energy not used, and as planet-thinkers, don’t care WHERE, specifically, that happens. They also need the OTHER part that’s working against themselves, as evil always works against itself, and NEED those people here to smash things in a different, unrelated plan.

    You see that everywhere: wind will get them enough slack to cut off Russian oil for a while, so track EXACTLY when they started this idiocy and you’ll know when they decided they were having that war. BUT– then NOTHING they planned worked at all, because they’re glue-sniffing morons surrounded by lying, conniving sycophants. After this becomes apparently, they’re too deep in and can’t fire all the liars because nobody would be left but honest people. And THEN how would we get anything done?

    Movie’s locked up but this is Peter Cook as the Devil, 1967, where he has only Pride, Avarice, Lust, Gluttony, etc as his minions. And he says, “You See? You SEE what God only gives me to work with down here??? This is all his fault.” So you expect, honest, hard-working EFFECTIVE minions, with lots of intelligent, practical, self-supporting ideas? No, sorry, that would be the GOOD team, not the Bad team. The bad team are a bunch of divided, siloed, self-serving nitwits by definition or they would join the Good Team and succeed.

    Here’s probably the best scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmN1dTCRclU

    And so what WOULD heaven be like?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 24 2024 #161959
    Dr. D

    Benton, hate to tell you this but they’ve already said: they are going to KILL EVERYONE and transfer their electric use to AI. Says Blackrock, we can increase GDP the fewer people we have. Same as what was supposed to happen for Coof and bungled it: so many people die, esp in Europe that commodity usage collapses and Russia, etc has no leverage. Whoops!

    So just like electric cars: no power stations, no generation built. Yet car sales! Explain? Yeah, it’s that there will be so few people and they all work for Capital District of the Hunger Games, that it all equalizes nicely. If you don’t live in the Capital, you don’t have a car: you poach in the woods of Wisconsin with a bow and arrow.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 24 2024 #161927
    Dr. D

    Oh and how can I forget top example yesterday, Norman Finkelstein. Born Jew, practicing Jew, on the speaking circuit daily for years taking fire and doubling up now.

    “Finkelstein rose to prominence in 2000 after publishing The Holocaust Industry, a book in which he writes that the memory of the Holocaust is exploited as an ideological weapon to provide Israel a degree of immunity from criticism.[3] He is a critic of Israeli policy and its governing class. The Israeli government barred him from entry to the country for ten years in 2008.[4] Finkelstein has called Israel the “Jewish supremacist state”, and views it as committing the crime of apartheid against the Palestinian people.” –WIkipedia.

    Yes, that thing that never happens keeps happening again. But then, whoever will I hate? If I can’t hate, what’s really the purpose of living?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 24 2024 #161926
    Dr. D

    “Snopes Finally Admits Trump Never Called Neo-Nazis ‘Very Fine People’
    7 years later…”

    Are we getting somewhere? Or what’s going on?

    Nvidia chart:

    Good idea. This ain’t overbought or nothing, as 1/3rd of the market. Again, Cisco, 1999. Not that it’s a bad company, but prices matter.

    “US Withdraws Aircraft Carrier Eisenhower From Red Sea Amid Stepped-Up Houthi Attacks

    Just a regular rotation because nothing happened.

    “The Myth Of The European “Far-Right Surge”

    Yes, the Pro Gay Marriage, let’s-keep-most-social-programs Far Right. As said, “Far Right” now means “Nations Exist”. With borders n’ stuff. You see, that’s NATIONAL Socialism, as opposed to Trotsky’s eternal Revolution INTERNATIONAL Socialism, the USSR and why they need to “Liberate” the rest of Germany. …But luckily, you get to choose Socialism either way. That way the Corporations will run everything as nation states are dissolved. See? And here I pick on “That’s Capitalism” every day, but fair’s fair, the world run by corporate oligarchs because “That’s Socialism.” Ask Nike and Disney, they are top promoters of Socialism and promote their antiflag.

    “US-Supported Mark Rutte To Become Next NATO Secretary General
    The Dutch Prime Minister is known for strongly disagreeing with Donald Trump…

    Like this: same hand-picked people recycled through the system for doing what they’re told. Because Rutte is an expert in military matters, a general? And Draghi was both an expert banker and politician? And Gates is both the world’s best programmer and the world’s best doctor?

    We’re supposed to listen to “The Experts”, but apparently an expert is just whoever we say it is on the news one day, then reverse, then re-re-reverse, like Comey or Redfield. We listen to the “Expert” official Cuomos: until they take Ivermectin and say the Trump trial shouldn’t have happened, then they’re boobs.

    “12 years ago today, Elon Musk delivered the first Model S.”

    The model S may still be the best electric car out there. But that’s not necessarily saying much. It that the one the cruises all cities until it finds a fire truck to ram into?

    “Paul Ryan had the ‘ Clinton ‘Steele Dossier handed to his Chief of Staff in 2016….which is Treason.”

    It’s a tough call if it’s actual treason, although it acted the same. Can we find a different crime? It was from a foreign government meant to change or overturn an election or President though. And that government is Britain.

    Yes, I’m sure he’s astonished, coming from the 1950s and 60s. We all are. Same thing with markets and money-printing. Have we reached $2 Trillion every hundred days yet? $12Trillion? Nvidia is 1/3 of the market, can we make it half? 25 years of this now, when it was already off-center in 1994 when we avoided Clinton recession – very common and mild – with Greenspan’s printing. If it can tag an extra 25 years – a lifetime – why not 50? Why not 100? Why not a boot on the face forever?

    “• “Falling Gently Away:” The G–7 in Italy (Patrick Lawrence)

    Notes: Meloni look to Macron. There are a bunch of details you wouldn’t believe between them I hear: France is trying to dissolve the border with Italy and take over areas disputed, what 100 years ago? 500? Stuff like that, “real” stuff. Who do you think you are? Is now really the time? France not only wants to invade Russia, but Italy first?

    This is sort of a Cargo Cult. They think by having the same ticker-tape parades as 1945, they will therefore go back in time and win the war. No. two cocoanuts do not a radio make, professor. This is probably more for not being able to knock heads and make something happen, for real, pick a direction, as all the oligarchs and power people are too powerful and will think nothing of knocking you out for stealing their toothpick, even if it saves the Empire for all.

    As part of that Sunak – has anyone heard of this guy? — I guess he’s in elections and has more or less checked out way ahead of time so not to be blamed. Not interested in politics nor power as he’s very, very rich and can live in California where the human trafficking is best. That makes me wonder: what DID all those guys DO all that for? Give up their lives to fight every day then get booted like Churchill or Stalin. I think it’s the beatings they take as children, the abuse, so they become mentally ill about “Proving” something, controlling things, being in charge. After causing the non-stop abuse, arranging, insuring it, then channeled into force, like at Eton, the elites can use these essentially mind-controlled, mind-engineered, mind-f—ked mentally ill to do their bidding and be competent.

    …Sunak shows apparently there is no longer enough buggery at Eton, as he has no motivation or care. No need to prove anything, and no competency at anything. They’re too soft. That’s what you really see at G7: Why Bother? I’m All Right, Jack, I got mine. “I’m young and I’m hungry and I’m just like my country and I’m not throwing away my, shot” – Hamilton.

    All these things WOULD be normal. Like Captain America I’m sure every former leader wasted oceans of time selling war bonds and stage and shaking babies (oh, wait). But they could comprehend PRIORITIES, and to skip out or make sure something got done and not ONLY sit around in deck chairs at Yalta taking photos. These guys don’t, which is one problem, but they also CAN’T, which is another.

    So it’s a system problem, of a system that ALSO has no talent because it filters to reject competency, that would be demonstrated in FIXING things, picking fights to fix things, and by definition, altering the Status Quo. Suit yourself. Ask JB about the success of making the slightest, irrelevant, invisible change that would (as Capitalists) MAKE money for the company right away.

    Anyway: Cargo. Cult.

    “Alexander Solzhenitsyn was a hero in America as a Soviet dissident until his speech at Harvard University at which he said that “men have forgotten God,”

    Same with MLK, actually. So long as they can carefully purge what was a pretty straightforward, common, pastoral message, he’s okay. But that he would be opposed to abortion and sleeping around, loose marriage, is unspeakable. Church every Sunday? In a tie? Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Hate crime.

    Keraouc too, or at least he said so. Buggering underage gay bois in S.F. like Ginsberg, very cool. Being essentially a normal Catholic and not a Buddhist convert, nope, no good. Not even if you’re hanging out with multi-wife drug fiends on the road. Even the BREATH of any religion is enough to get you drummed out. So? He went back to NY and did his thing. He wasn’t like trying to be the Great American Author anyway – with the mental illness to prove things and be a success. He was just trying to be a guy, and that was hard enough.

    Again, he is our culture: and we very carefully keep the camera on only THESE PARTS. “We” being the social engineers, dissolving everything, Solve et Coagula, “Build Back Better”.

    Hey guys: if Christianity is all made up and doesn’t mean anything, why the outsized reaction when I speak his name? It you’re all so cool n’ stuff why you lose your cool and start spitting and drooling? Very odd. You’re almost convincing me there’s something here.

    “Russia, China and Iran think they are confronting governments that have lost their senses. They are relying on the threat of the breakout of a world war to bring the West to its senses.
    They do not understand that they are confronting evil with whom no negotiations are possible”

    He is roughly correct. HOW they came to be evil and how they are locked so entirely in the nuclear control bunker maybe we can figure out another day. Right now they ARE in there and we need to ACT. That does not seem to be coming much on our side, so likely RUSSIA will have to stop our reign of terror. Worldwide, doubtless killing +6M people by now.

    “Solzhenitsyn told us that when respect for religion, traditional values, family, and religious faith are stripped from a society, society has been disarmed and no protection remains against the triumph of evil. As the liberal-left-Woke contingent has stripped away these protections, evil is now the dominant power in the Western World.”

    It can’t be stripped from Conservatives unless they let it, and participate. If they do, then they are no longer “Conservative” as I often say. Don’t participate. Be ungovernable. Like the Amish if you have to.

    Oh, forgot to add here, the Swiss conference, as a lie, the lie comes out. It was not a Swiss conference nor world conference, it was arranged by Ukraine and Ze. Not now, but planned way back as their victory tour after beating Russia in the Summer offensive and dictating terms at this point. So in details, they had 80 signatories to The Memo. Oh wait, no. They made all that up too. Europe signed as the EU, as the COMMISSION, and as some other body. AND each nation. Three extra times. Other “Organizations” signed, like NATO, who are not countries. So the signatories aren’t signatories, it’s like the Kiwi’s Club and the American Ketchup Board signed. …Sigh. Why bother wasting breath pointing it out? You know what I’m going to say: They Opened Mouth, therefore it was a Lie.

    “Without Russian gas, Europe has rapidly deindustrialized, increasing levels of poverty, unemployment and inflation. The most rational thing to do in this type of situation would be to avoid unnecessary spending and invest heavily in economic recovery projects”

    …Or open shell factories. Even their not-official, official position and Plan makes no sense. Alexander said the same thing about the “permission” to cross the red lines by striking Moscow with medium-range missiles (or essentially). IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. It does nothing BUT cross the red line as it will have no strategic or tactical value. That is, it risks WWIII ALSO for no reason.

    …So like we’re seeing in Europe here, Euro-strategy, the only thing it does is KILL PEOPLE. …Doesn’t matter WHICH people, Russians or Western Europeans, rich or poor. Since time exists and AFTER doing this, they are still entirely on board with no adjustments one can only conclude the effects we’ve seen are approved and are The Intended Plan. What else CAN you say? The goal is SOLELY to start WWIII.

    Again, as generally people don’t kill themselves or this would be a real short ride, that concludes there is a SMALL cadre of people, directing governments, that want to kill ALL people, not just the “other side”. And are not at all shy about it. I don’t like coming to this conclusion every day, nor that apparently it doesn’t sink in for others, but it’s unavoidable.

    Who is killing Europe? Europe. Who is killing the United States? The United States. So we have an infinitely tiny cadre of mentally ill psychopaths. If you can grasp that, it’s not that hard to pry them out: you have their names, and who cares about the law at that point? Whoops! Those pitchforks got up out of the bedside table and started shootin’ people on their own again, no humans involved! …Well that’s what they say about guns, why not?

    Also it takes the attention back off US, dividing US between is-Europe-attacking-the-US or vice versa. The European PEOPLE and the American PEOPLE are attacking nobody. We’re all against it. Turn your eyes to that 0.01%, and the 1% who pulls the levers and executes orders for them.

    “• Macron May Trigger France’s Exit From EU, Says EU’s Barnier (Sp.)

    Guests with Luongo were covering that this week, but in reverse: GERMANY has no choice, as we all know, duh, but to re-industrialize AND that means MacKinder, joining with Russian gas. So if GERMANY leaves the Euro, there is no Euro. But the leverage point isn’t Germany, it’s FRANCE. France has no exports anymore and with no African colonies, no imports. So they are both the largest, AND the most helpless here. …Not to say France CAN’T fix it – they can – but they’re far too much of a mess right now and owe like infinity Transfer II payments, AND Germany own ALL their bonds. (“You my b—h now.”)

    Where’s this going? As the Euro project failed (Germany conquering all Europe AGAIN), they may wish to blame it all on FRANCE. You saw what they did when they blamed it on Greece: they just took everything and didn’t let it happen, they had that power. Portugal got the message and even Meloni is trying to survive long enough for the EU to crack and fail, taking one power block off her shoulder. These are all just picking local strategies, PR spin though. Put through LePen and BLAME THE RIGHT (for what happened the previous 20 years when you wouldn’t let them act). Really, Europe is broke, can’t make payments, rates are rising, they want to and have to default, and they collapse. It’s only HOW to manage and spin that collapse, we seem to see with Macron right now, he’s the weathercock. He is indicating they’re having to throw in the towel. Their plan of course was to make the U.S. enough of a Clown Show by bribing everyone that We would fail FIRST, or at least same time and cover for them. Explain Biden otherwise.

    Now as no surprise, but not coordinated, probably similar underlying tides, Britain is failing the same. Same strategy. BLAME THE RIGHT for all the things you never let them do while you were shutting off their bank accounts. But as usual, UK is slightly ahead and plays the game better: the key beneficiaryt for a Zero-Seat movement to protest the unbearable betrayal of all things Tory is to LABOUR. So it SHOULD, as Tory, go 60% UKIP. But it won’t. It will or may go 60% Labour, 30% UKIP, and Conservative ceases to exist.

    THIS IS BIG BROTHER, installed entirely at last, and you see my premonition about Starmer being “Lord High Chancellor” from “V”. (Starmer who? Who is this dillweed?) He will go total nightmare “V” with fighting and rape in the streets for Elvy, but the wheel has already turned too far and he ALREADY has 11th hour resistance to everything, Day 1. British government will stop turning, the gears won’t go as everyone will be in conflict, internally, paradigmatically, about what to do or enforce. So EVERY gear will not turn, or turn against every other gear.

    So their snap election can “Win” for the Oligarchs, and as Miss Truss just said, run out of the Bank of England to direct and topple all government. But it’s an entirely Pyrrhic victory, over nothing. If you woke up the British people like hobbits, to not comply, they’ve had it and now is the time, well, there you are. It’s only a matter of time, tick tock. What happens next, sadly takes time, years, for Galloway and Farage to make new government on new premise and put the crazies back in the box.

    “• Ex-DoD Analyst Derides Bid to Upgrade Outdated B-52s With Nukes (Sp.)

    The problem is they “Can’t” afford both to keep the B52 going AND invest in the needed jet or hyper replacement. This is what happens when you suck at playing game theory. You get baby in a corner and lose. We lost about 1990 when these decisions were made.

    “• No Way Financial System Survives – Bill Holter (USAW)

    Kind of. “A” financial system will survive because it has to. We will convert. Rotate. A lot of that groundwork is out there, not like in 2001 and HRC or something, they could have dropped the whole thing with no good backup then. We have BRIICS and Crypto, and several other sub-layers, so it will be messy but not kill-everyone-on-the-planet like 1999.

    He’s also been saying this same thing for 25 years and bad timing is as good as being just wrong.

    “• Wales Moves Forward With Plan to Punish Politicians for Telling Lies (Turley)

    Yes, it’s “Expert” “Authority”. And WHO decides what is Expert, Authority and Truth? POWER. I do. Me. I tweeted it in the bathtub with Margo Robie and all you chumps now have to do what you’re told.

    So when the government and experts are entirely wrong as continually happens, we get to take you all out behind the chemical shed and shoot you, right? No? No consequences at all except a big raise?

    Aww, poor shark. Nobody likes it. No wonder they bite people.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 23 2024 #161847
    Dr. D

    From yesterday: HereLetMeGoogleThatForYou.com:

    Aside from top people, including Senators and Presidential candidates, (check) “Jews” who are progressive atheists, only Jewish by birth (Aka “College students in NY), Check, American Orthodox Jews by the multi-thousand marching for Palestine, several news articles posted a month or so ago as it happened, check, Jews marching IN ISRAEL against the war. While being tagged and beaten. Check.

    So Jews of every category, in every country, can be found who oppose this. By the thousands, against your recurring argument. Any questions?

    Finding even ONE would disprove your argument. I’m being far more generous.

    What’s DBS saying? It’s not complicated. THEY’RE NOT JEWS. Of any kind. Not Semites, not by birth, not by conversion, not by observance. The particular subset of individuals are Kazars from near to Kazakhstan. They are, roughly speaking, TRANS. That is, they CLAIM to be Jews, same as I CLAIM to be a cat. They are not, they merely claim this as is convenient to them, while rounding up and killing Jews by the thousands, Soros being a good, proven, and well-known example.

    Again: Not Jews by Birth. Not Jews by heritage. Not Jews by conversion. Not Jews by observance. Would make them…not Jews, maybe?

    Now WHY would anyone claim such a ridiculous thing and just make it up? Geez, I dunno, if they claimed to be mass-murdering satanists, they’d all be summarily killed. If they claimed to be Christians they couldn’t lend-at-interest for like 1,500 years in Europe. It would put them out of a cushy job. And now that it’s legal for Christians? Geez, I dunno, would like winning a free country be worth wearing a dress and pretending you’re a potato? All they need to do is SAY it. Everyone says they’re liars, but POOF, when they say THIS, everyone believes their deep, essential honesty as from the mouth of God.

    I am a cat. Meow.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 23 2024 #161846
    Dr. D

    “Putin dethroned as the Russian army could walk off the battlefield | Maj Gen Chip Chapman” Times Radio

    And aliens could fly out my butt, but I don’t think so. Here’s a good one:

    “Is Ukraine Using an Elastic Defense…or Just Losing?” — Times Radio.

    That’s more like it. Nope:

    “Putin is Done, as Losses in Ukraine Degrade Kremlin.” — Times Radio

    Yes, I see how “Done” he is. He’s the most popular leader in the world, with a rising GDP, a million-man army and is a few days from Kiev which is essentially collapsing. He’s barely hanging on. Also created 50 or 100 new helicopters and tanks and has 30,000 men a month signing.

    “The following were told to stand down from investigating the Biden family:
    The IRS The FBI The DOJ And now we know the SEC

    You’re a Congressman and I’m not. Do something, that’s what we send you there for. If you are calling back to US to do something because you won’t, you won’t like what happens next when we go up there. Are you asking for that? Are you up to that yet? Let us know.

    “the crowd on J6 was FILLED with federal agents. Ray Epps As if we didn’t know”

    Yes, but only the RIGHT knows. They have silo’ed all the information to divide us. The Left does not know, and if you tell them, they think you’re lying. THEY are the ones you need to tell, not me. …So far as I can tell, the plan is working perfectly and you’re helping.

    Remember, there is no ONE Internet. Each of us now see only OUR internet, custom-tailored to lie and drive us crazy. I can see a car crash outside my house, someone else clicks the phone, no car crash happened. PERFECT.

    Cartoon on the Original Processor.
    Yes, but as I bet DBS would say, that’s NOT the processor.
    Consciousness lives outside the meat-brain. That’s why they can’t “Download” it but will be sure to kill a lot of suckers trying.

    ““..Biden is going to need to match the intensity he demonstrated at his State of the Union address in March if he wants to stay in the race,”

    Was that the Munich – Red Wedding speech he gave with red banners?

    They need to arrange a holo-Trump to stab him on stage on Live TV. Why not? And yes, the election ALREADY doesn’t exist, past-tense. There are ALREADY enough shenanigans to call it off. 350K new voters amnestie’d by Exec Order? 10K ppl a WEEK with no SS# and no ID signing up to swing states? Rightie then. Margin of error was surpassed like 2 months ago, and THEN we have the digital non-voting in Puerto Rico this week. It “counted them wrong” which Dominion said never happens, leave traces of voting 3/5 percentage of votes and other processes we never used that are disabled here. No one cares. No one looks. How would McConnell ever get voted in otherwise?

    Speaking of “things that never happen are happening again”, the LGBTQ Democratic rep was caught soliciting 14 year old boys. I suggest you don’t read his texts to them. Naturally law enforcement is MIA, both with this case, but also in general. I don’t know what they’re doing since they’re not arresting squatters or petty larceny either.

    ““The U.S. and its Western partners – a global minority – have come to be seen by most people of the world as rogue states that have trashed international law..”

    …And it only took 25 or 50 years to get here. Since we invaded WMD and Ties to Al-Qaeda, because 12 Saudis were on those planes…oh wait. Invaded Iraq because Kuwait was side-stealing all their oil, oh wait… Toppled 100 democratic elections in the 20th century…oh wait.

    Like Science, Progress happens one funeral at a time. People literally have to DIE before they can change their minds and stop believing what they learned at age 5.

    “The BRICS multipolar world order is a welcome alternative to the mayhem of the Western-dominated system.”

    Maybe. But it will go bad too, although it will take decades. “Power corrupts…absolutely”

    “America wants to hand over the responsibility of Ukraine to the Europeans and shed responsibility for the mess that it has created.”

    Really? I remember going over and saying, why do you BOTH have a war with Russia (NATO) AND get 100% of your energy from them? And why are we paying all GDP for NATO for this– what is clearly your ally, Russia – while you short us 2% for 30 years and get summer vacations and free healthcare? WHO are the Euro leaders, and for that matter, who are the NeoCons here? Maybe both best described as “Altanicists” who have no loyalty to any home country, pop back and forth seamlessly like Tusk and Sunak.

    “EU countries would pay the interest, accept the risk and allow most of what was a 50bn dollar loan to benefit U.S. companies. Remarkable sting for the EU governments when it shows that the relationship between them and the Biden administration just sinks lower and lower each week.”

    What do we need to do to make this any clearer?: Shed the United States or die. Kick us out. That they won’t, what does that mean? It means they use US to fight their wars for them. They’re just getting pissed off it’s getting expensive and we’re not doing it for free. Your choice, buddy, it’s a free world. We’ll just keep pinning you in the corner and raising our day rates until you do.

    Oh wait: IF we are doing that – and this seems to make is consensus reality we are – THEN, who is running things? Sure sounds a lot like “America First” doesn’t it? Speaking of, Turdeau also putting on Tariffs? Like Europe? I thought that was a racist Trump thing.

    “Russia had no beef with the Kiev government at all because essentially Yanukovych’s “Regions Party” was based on the pro-Russian parts (blue areas) of the Ukrainian electorate.”

    Trying to emphasize that the Pro-Ukr side had won from time to time and no invasion. It wasn’t that Russia demanded an Eastern, Russian-speaking majority. It was sending $6B and then HAVING AN ILLEGAL MILITARY COUP that got them annoyed. To take Crimea. And the Crimean land bridge. Which we wrote and said in public 10,000 times.

    “Russia will retaliate by putting a lien on $40 trillion at the Euroclear custodian..” That’s not Russian money, but the total of what Euroclear processes. A recipe for absolute chaos.”

    I don’t see why. They will ignore it like all other laws.

    “The idea of seizing the frozen Russian assets has been debated by EU lawmakers and the bloc’s allies for about two years.”

    It’s so perfectly legal it’s taken this long to NOT make their case.

    “• Sunak Accuses Farage Of Appeasing Putin (BBC)

    What? He hasn’t even been there or done anything yet. Well, this should help as Sunak is going “Zero Seats”, and losing his own seat, first ever in British history. The Zelensky Curse, alive and well. So if Sunak dislikes you, should be a DP+5 on a D10 in the polls.

    • Wikipedia’s Political Bias Spreading To AI (RT)

    How on earth would you Un-Woke it? The decade-long censorship has removed the 1/3 body of language that would represent them. Maybe 2/3rds. Get a time machine and go add those discussions? Make Mises.com a +10 contributor to any AI LLM?

    “Order out of chaos. Dissolve and coagulate.” — Orwell.

    This is a Magickal term. Occult, “black” magic. “Solve et coagula; take it all apart and put it all back together again.” As in, “Build Back Better”.

    This is their weirdo religion that kills everything it touches. #AntiLogos, against all reason, order, and harmony.

    Rings of Power. Concentric Rings of Power. THE ONE ring of power. Thought of this yesterday as Nvidia is like 10% of all GDP. ONE company. So THREE companies are now the whole Stock Market. …I’m sure that won’t end bad or nothin’. Here’s the point though: IF you are in the “Blesse’d companies” and living in one of the 12 Blesse’d Cities, having a insider or government job of any kind, you’re doing great. If you own only Tesla and Nvidia: no recession!

    THAT’S THE POINT. The whole Russell 2000, 98% of all U.S. counties are past Recession into Depression. But they don’t care, so long as the 1% apparatchiks are doing their jobs running the government and killin’ people. They are the next (maybe two) rings before real insider power. Stocks are the same.

    Okay, HOW did Nvidia become the entire stock market? Not to say, as Cisco and Nortel were too, and they’re fine companies! …Just 99% overpriced. Well, adding a blower and turbo-boost to Cisco, all-free-money-printing from Greenspan, ‘99, They now print not a billion but $1T every 100 days. Okay, but. BUT IT’S ALL FROM EUROPE. That is, Europe, and exemplified by NOT the same people, in Switzerland, print money, pick a designated company (Tesla, FAANG), and drive it 10x any normal price in a stock-pumping op to pay the bills. That’s it: government prints money, buys insider friend’s stocks. Price goes up! What a shock!!! On PAPER that will work…so long as nobody ever sells, ever.

    But this time it’s different. This bubble is a “Permanently high plateau” of like 10x any fair value ever. At a 77 P/E ratio (should be 6), and 30x sales. That is, a 30 YEAR waiting for BREAKEVEN.

    Insider concentric rings. Actual companies that actually make money and are fair-priced, driven out of the market, starved for capital. ‘Cause when governments ARE the market, that’s “Capitalism”!

    Coral: that’s Brain Coral, Brains close when they feel unsafe. Refer to the first cartoon here on why constant alarm is a government priority.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 22 2024 #161814
    Dr. D

    Dr. D here listing and posting links to many, powerful, well-known, high-profile Jews speaking out against the problems, and even voting, changing, and going to jail for it. (Sanders, Stein, eg). Marches of thousands of others. Mention about weekly. “Not a peep” indeed that this is happening and easy to find, and of irrefutable provenance.

    “Who seeks to control outside their borders?” All humans, if they can get away with it? Not a single culture, anywhere on earth lasts for long, ever in history? Again, easy to find, and of irrefutable proof? And 2:1 for war? Yeah, and also the U.S. in 2001, UK for 200 years from 1700, China, Japan, Sweden, Spain under Charles, Rome, Mali, Gahana…

    “Can’t criticize organized religion? Are you for real right now? I’ve never heard anything any day of my life EXCEPT criticizing organized religion. Always, everywhere. Particularly Christianity, but not limited to. Don’t you know all the cool kids have a DIFFERENT organized religion, called “Atheism” and materialism, and attack their competition 24/7/365 for 100 years running? In the super-woke world there are only a few things left you CAN make fun of: Fat people. Rednecks. The poors. And Christians, ie, organized religion. With their mythical made-up sky god and homo Jesus.

    I would love, pay, to find ANY board, any site, anywhere, that dos NOT persecute all organized religions as a matter of course similar to breathing.

    Okay, part II, Also all my life, since 1940, there has been the “Jewish Controversy” over Israel. (there was a different one before then) What dos that mean? Um…there can’t be any controversy, no arguments, no discussions, no headlines, no shouting and hard feelings UNLESS THERE IS ANOTHER SIDE. So in the simplest possible measure, Israel has ALWAYS been criticized, day 1, always. 24/7/365 it is criticized, as it is in the news. People oppose it or it wouldn’t be reported. Now whether that criticism is appropriate is a different question, your argument is no one ever criticizes it. I’m pointing out it is criticized 50-50 non-stop for 80 years. I criticize them myself almost weekly, but like above, no sooner do the pixels reach the page that I never did and they vanish again. Even though you can scroll back up (magic I know) and read them again. “This will go on your PERMANENT record…”

    Okay, I presume there is an EMOTIONAL reason to merely just “Make s–t up” all day. What is it? Do you want to discuss it? I’m frustrated by Israel too, does that matter? My having emotions is not very persuasive to anything. Here’s a cookie.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 22 2024 #161751
    Dr. D

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 22 2024 #161750
    Dr. D

    “[Biden] has never met these women,”

    Ah but he can smell them from here.

    As usual for commenters, I guess we should all give up then! That’s the sooper smart, manly thing to do. C’mon, all the kids are doing it!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 22 2024 #161749
    Dr. D

    What I did not realize, Liz Truss, interviewed for real on Lotus Eaters (Karl, UK Conservatives). That’s quite a catch! Now, what was she saying? She can prove the BoE is above all British politics, the British government, and is controlling them. That is to say, she can outline and prove the BoE specifically destroyed her and Tories, by the numbers, and how.

    …And now the British People are utterly destroying the Tories. Because, as Karl says, they’re all “Blairites”, that is to say, non-tories, fake middle managerial class, handmaidens to everything #Opposite to their platform. You know: Republicans. Link here, which is running THROUGH how from being your normal “Kinda suck, same boss” election to, like Galloway, it SUDDENLY galvanized out of superconcentrate into “It’s on!” Farage sees the poll numbers, stops being on permanent vacation, goofing off for Cheeto-head, and gets back in to the campaign overnight.

    Why? Because it would seem the British People were wasting HIS time. He needed to see THEY were serious. The People. Same as here or there’s no point. THEY have to decide they’ve had it and want change. So could be one of those times, like Brexit (which Conservative Blairites totally reversed, did 200% the opposite even) that Conservative party like the Whigs, cease to exist. Overnight. UKIP or something, suddenly takes 60%, while Labour takes 30% (their present polls). No one knows because it’s so fast, which is what you need to do to beat these guys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q56DrAJWW1k

    And also from these guys, A Modest Proposal, and I had not thought: We need to invade France! Yes, France’s Democracy is in danger, there’s unrest in the streets, our ally and government is teetering there’s no alternative but to bomb them! We must invade and occupy. Who? Who cares? The U.S., Britain, NATO, whoever’s handy.

    That’s what we DO, right? So saddle up and let’s get those 2,000 bombs handy! Drop them on the Gilet Jaunes in Marsailles! We’re saving France! Viva la Revolution!

    “House Committee Forms Group To Tackle CCP’s Role In Fentanyl Crisis

    The job of Republicans is to help Democrats “Radically Transform America as we know it”. This has been known on front pages for 10 years. Three years later, (or 7 under Trump, depending where you start) they finally form a committee. Wow. Book a conference room you can talk them to death. Oh wait: nothing will be done as you’re leaving office now. And we ALREADY have that committee, with Mayorkas and the border, but also we should form like a “DEA” or something and impeach anyone who refuses to act.

    “”Everything Is Frozen”: Third-Day Of Cyberattack Leaves 15,000 Auto Dealerships Crippled

    But there’s a solution! More computers! Just like I told you. And we should definitely have every car, TV, ashing machine, and nuclear plant fully connected to the internet. That China can reach. That’ll work.

    “• Biden Haemorrhaging Voters In All Demographics (MN)

    Geez, this might be important if voting mattered. Still expect 400 Million votes. For Biden. No one will be bothered and you’ll be crazy if you ask about it.

    Raul, don’t you know they just released a report that everything on the Internets (YouTube) always leads you far Right? That’s why Elias and Acosta are appearing without you clicking on them. If you want to discuss this with Americans: don’t. I already tried, no effect. Not even that NYT headline some years ago proclaiming it…while the body of the article said the opposite.

    “..Blinken told Moscow that Ukraine would join NATO and that Washington thought it was OK to put nuclear weapons there. “So no wonder the Russians hit the roof..”

    Hey, wasn’t that AFTER they commissioned a million-dollar paper on “How to make the Russians attack us as quickly as possible?” Wot a coincidence.

    “• Trump Seeks Recusal of NY Civil Fraud Judge Who Fined Him $454 Million (ET)

    Nice, but no witnesses? Really?

    ““Bannon should not go to prison before the Supreme Court considers his forthcoming petition for certiorari,” or appeal..”

    No, the USSC takes forever and doesn’t look at everything. All every person would need to avoid prison until death is a lawyer to post a case to them. However, CONGRESS can do this, and Republicans own it, and specifically didn’t. We know they know. We know they know how. We know they discussed it. And said, “I’ve got an idea, let’s send all our allies to prison before the election so it looks like J6 was real and the Republican party are all criminals! That’ll work.”

    ““The roster of “Joe Biden’s” failures is so deep that all Mr. Trump has to do is remind the audience what they well-know adds up to an apparently deliberate effort to wreck the nation..”

    But he won’t.

    “When I see Mary Manley write “Trump has repeatedly forgotten who the current president is..”,

    We forgot who the PREVIOUS President was, because it wasn’t Trump. No one followed his orders. So who was running things?

    “The claim was first published by the New York Post on Sunday,”

    Like the other one, this “Claim” was on live video footage, worldwide, before the article was written. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to choose a different word here? One that isn’t a lie, but accurately fits the event?

    Then the White House, CBS(?) Back-edited Normandy to “Claim” Biden didn’t wander off with the Skydivers. Which we had all seen for 96 hours ‘til then. Their “Fix” was to edit it shorter so that part didn’t show. Actually, I didn’t find some of these that bad except for the behavior around them. Yes Biden has late dementia and his brain doesn’t work, however, he was just looking at a DIFFERENT sky diver outside of the pre-designated camera shot. He was NOT participating in the fake camera-reality, that was the problem.

    ““Some German politicians have since floated other “incentives” to entice Ukrainians to return home, including stripping them of welfare payments..”

    Harsh. Based. So you were PAYING Ukrainians NOT to fight for their home country, so that Germans would have to? No words, carry on, sir.

    Essentially, they don’t have time. They are “Raising, conscipting” now. Yay! …And Russia points out that isn’t 6 weeks at Paris Island, that is ZERO training. Zero. They don’t know what a “Gun” or a “Trigger” is. Nor does Ukraine (or more accurately, the West) care. Yes, that’s called a mass-murdering genocide.

    ““The only possible way to treat zelensky and his accomplices is as criminals who committed a felony under the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Article 109). The decrees they issue are illegitimate”

    Russia has pivoted from talking to the West, or Government to talking to the Ukrainian people directly as they are now open to discussion and ideas. Like UK or us at Trump, the PEOPLE need to be open to the ideas, to change, etc or you’re going nowhere. UKRAINE is finally turning, and their government is irrelevant.

    “• Hungary ‘Won’t Ride NATO War Train’ – Orban (RT)

    More importantly Hungary is taking over and Orban will have Europe in a sling for 6 months. Right on matching schedule. Ursula the Unelected will have powers shortened by this or else have to usurp nice and publicly so all Europe can see the absence of democracy. Don’t care which.

    “• British PM Threatens Teens With Sanctions For Refusing National Service (RT)

    Definitely arranged losing. What are they up to? If Tories vanish – a widespread hope – then they will be a one-party government like Saddam and the USSR. See why I had the psychic premonition of Starmer as “Lord High Chancellor”? How about that other British phrase “’Tis many a slip between cup and lip”?

    They’re hoping if they can fascism ENOUGH, then a party polling <30% becomes #1. Then never have to reverse it, get rid of all that expensive pretense they’re not an open dictatorship. So forcing all Conservative into protest voting Labour would do this. …If they wouldn’t vote Galloway/Farage/Random Footballer instead.

    And trying to note, gosh what REMARKABLE timing on all this! ALL elections, including the U.S. ADDING a few more elections for sport that weren’t slated, UK and France, while timing for the fall of Kiev, timing for that other voluntary fall in Hezbollah, Israel ceasing to exist, timing for Taiwan, timing for the Pope bringing charges that will spend months ending the Catholic Church on schedule, (the Malachy Prophesy) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prophecy_of_the_Popes right on schedule with the FINANCIAL blow up, right on schedule with the MEDICAL exposure….

    It’s almost like someone planned out “Three World Wars” a war of all against all to mental, economic, and most importantly spiritual exhaustion, wherein they can then have Aliens appear! Right on Schedule! Our Gods of Light and love, only protecting us, and if only we do everything they say (like “V”, not the Vendetta one) then our hologram Christ and peace returns on earth, fixing everything. Like Global Warming, only better.

    OMG I am so bored. So bored I’m just going to binge watch 90s sitcoms in the basement or something useful.

    Are we going to admit Daddy’s drug dealer is in the kitchen with us yet? That this is not normal and he’s not doing it himself? Wake me when you do.

    The cops are outside in a car marked “We are the Cops.” That’s how obvious this is. This is a running gag in this movie if you haven’t seen it. Matilda is the only one to see the obvious. Very, very, very, painfully, expressly, unavoidably obvious.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 21 2024 #161731
    Dr. D

    I agree. If there are aliens and the are advanced, then in my opinion they are the same PoS degenerates humans are. So you could stop all this, and let it go? So you “can’t interfere”, so then you, being honest, normal creatures, simply admit you are there, because, like badgers and newts, and every other creature that is here, you are here. WTF “Prime Directive” could there be since you are here? IF you are here, SURELY have have the “Human” Right to be HONEST about it. Lying is OUR virtue, right?

    Oh it gets worse: According to…everyone, I guess, they ARE here abut “Can’t interfere” but are “Helping.” Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, “Helping” is the g-d d—mned definition of “Interfering.” You ‘tards. Right this very minute the U.S. is “Helping” Ukraine attack all formal Russia, with zero support from Ukraine except a light golf clap. But no, all the hushed, amazing stories are Aliens R eevrywhere, but they have to “Let humans do it themselves”, non-interference, WHILE they are flying everywhere, shutting off all our missiles, bombs, building all kinds of bases, sharing Tech willy-nilly, and running Antarctica.

    PICK. ONE. That goes for you aliens, if there are or aren’t any, but ESPECIALLY all the tale-tellers and narrative experts out there because your story makes no sense. That’s BESIDES the “Galactic Council” (aggrandize much? You DO know that would be more than 10 stars right?) meeting to decides our fate “Let ’em do nothing and they all die. It’s the moral thing to do.” AND ALSO no one sees them or provides proof of them EVER. Okay, I’m game: we’ve got tic-tac machines on the Navy website, I’m all ears. It hereby hath been, “Disclosed” dear sirs. No? No nothin’, nobody, no hows from no wheres? Really?

    I thought aliens couldn’t pop out and admit they are here via the “Prime Directive” until there was disclosure. There was. Everywhere. Every day. The g-d–d Mexican parliament “Disclosed” there are like 100,000 cell-phone sightings a month, disclosed. It’s on TV, in movies and is 1/10th of the whole internet you stories, disclosed. …But that’s not good enough for our esteemed “Galactic COuncil”. I guess they’re too busy sharing tech, helping governments hide secrets, and turning missiles on an off while not interfering in our wars.

    Seriously, give me a break. I don’t know WHAT all this is, but brother, it sure ain’t THAT.

    Here’s a start: write me a narrative that MAKES ANY SENSE, and is internally consistent. I guess we know where those other “alien” writers came from who wrote “The Acolyte”.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 21 2024 #161661
    Dr. D

    “Jun 19 GoldSeek Radio Nugget – Bob Moriarty: Normal Correction Expected for Gold and Silver GS”

    Warning: talented sentiment timer. Crypto is also risk money. People are risk-off and leaving alt coins. Now is gold the same or the opposite? Or both?

    “Head Of German Teachers Association Warns Education System Being Overwhelmed With Migrants:
    Many of whom are illiterate and can’t speak the language…

    So long as we attack the women and children and cause them long-term damage, it’s on! No price is too high.

    “TikTok Bans Women’s Rights Ads For Being “Offensive”

    As long as we’re killing all women, we’re happy. Aren’t you? The detail of the case is that clothing advertising that “women exist” “May be offensive.” Could be. But the OTHER people think that your “Women should be run over” clothing is offensive. Then we enforce for our enemies and ignore our friends. Chelsea at the Mean Girls’ Table said.

    “”A Direct Attack On Our Democratic Process”: Missouri AG Sues New York Over Trump Lawfare

    Devolves to States. They’re not angels, but they are a counterweight in separation of powers. The “Separation of powers” means “All powers are busy fighting” and therefore leave the people alone. Good.

    “23 mass public shootings have occurred so far under Biden – a 50% higher annual rate than under Trump…”

    I haven’t been keeping my records, I think I was up to 27 of 32 were Leftists. It got old after a while. But the trans gal info was released, so they protected the shooter and attacked the kids all over again. By attacking and perhaps imprisoning a woman. No price is too high. Wherever women speak, we are there. To shut her up, stuff her in a closet, and tell her get back in the kitchen before you see the pimp hand, b—h. You’re not allowed to know, as a parent. Your kids: “You Didn’t Make That”.

    “We Spent A Billion Dollars Fighting The Houthis… And Lost

    Like Russia, the Houthis aren’t even trying yet. This is just a minor sideline, an amusement when they’re not busy herding goats or banging rocks. It’s like saying the Navy can’t beat “Duck Hunters” or “Orange County Choppers”. …Which they can’t, that’s the truth, but.

    “After 112 days, we are still waiting for the outcome of Donald Trump’s immunity case.”

    Yes but after 4 years they haven’t heard a single case about allegations of election tampering. No court has. As long as we are refusing to look at women’s votes, overturning them, throwing them in a dumpster with cardboard over the windows, our work here is done.

    Judge Aileen Cannon rejects calls to ‘step aside’ from overseeing President Trump’s classified documents case”

    Why do Democrats hate women so much? Apparently women are unfit to be judges, is that it? Are you saying she should stay home and make sandwiches?

    Omarosa heard a tape. That’s her book? Has she not heard celebrity impersonators on TV? Dana Carvey? People this naive are dangerous. Maybe she should be a reporter.

    2020: “For tens of millions of our fellow Americans, their long national nightmare is over”

    Well that aged badly. Now they’re living in a box. And here, I saw stuff I haven’t seen in ages: a car so old, so rusted, still running, I wanted to give it a medal. I think like a 1998 GM sedan, paint on every panel wrecked. Plus side: No need to roll up the windows! No one’s going to steal it! Very liberating. Then RV’s, bent and brokebacked, with the fancy slider-outer thing? Yeah, all taped shut with aluminum metal tape. Pretty sure this is where people had to give up their houses, were already broke, and are now…homeless. This is their home now, at 58, 78 or whatever. One family at a time destroyed by Biden 2020. Hey, that $200B to Ukraine sure would come in handy about now.

    “Judge Maldonado signed a brief to ban assault weapons but can’t define what one is.”

    So? Do something. “Shall not be infringed”. Your JOB, your PURPOSE In being, is to help Democrats make it seem legal AT ALL to have ANY gun control. You’re helping in a deeper, larger way than they ever could. If you want to fight this – at all – then you go on the OFFENSIVE. Make it all legal. I’m not actually for totally unlimited weapons, but if you want to do something about it you need to PASS A LAW, using a LEGAL PROCESS. Wow, As a lawyer you might have heard. The PROCESS in this case is a 2/3 Constitutional Amendment. Nope. “We Make S—t Up” and Kennedy helps them.

    Who’s actually stopping this? Is like 12 states that backed into “Constitutional Carry” now? Okay, get me the gun/crime stats on those states. Compared to others, and before/after. Because unlike some, I like data/facts/discussion.

    ““..the armed forces, where they say approval of Zelensky has dropped to 17%…”

    Wow, he’s twice as popular as Biden. Want to explain how EVERY politician, every leader, every company has essentially zero support from anyone, yet they keep going forever, undisturbed? Can we get zero support and still “Great Leader”? 8% is clearly not low enough. Someone want to explain how?

    “banned the Nash Krai (Our Land) political party and ordered the seizure of its assets”

    Aha! There was something left to steal. And is “Crackdown” the word you want here? 1) It’s already an Op-Ed word, although OpEd lite. 2) “Crackdown” refers generally to legitimate widely-supported laws, “A crackdown on crime”. As per: Crime. This is straight persecution, which I don’t think is A) Legal at all B) Supported at all. It’s a “Crackdown on Legal people”? People who participate in basic national functions, like being a Party?
    “We cracked down on ambulance drivers”.

    “• Press Freedom ‘Shrinking’ In Ukraine – Reporters Without Borders (RT)

    Was it the 100-page reporter hit list that tipped you off? Or did it take the first 10 reporters on it being killed?

    “Like casino players, the US and its allies are raising the stakes with each successive bet.”

    I forget the name of this strategy, but if you can print money, it will always work. Note that. Nothing stops ‘til you stop the money.

    “Back in 2021, the US, UK and Australia established the so-called AUKUS security partnership, which seeks to help Canberra acquire nuclear-powered submarines.”

    Australia is now nuclear. After 50 years of hard work, so proud. Should have a parade where you toss uranium out of the windows into the street to celebrate.

    “That shift in all three groups could have a huge impact in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nevada, and Arizona. This year’s election may well hinge on them, and even slight changes could alter the outcome.”

    No, because there’s no election and there won’t be an election. There is? Can I see the audit receipts from 2020? I also heard the 2016 election was rigged, can I see those numbers too? Why not?

    “The British prime minister has made no secret of his love for California, saying that living in the US had helped shape his mindset as a leader.”

    Ah. So like Ursula, Tusk and the other dreadfuls, he’s an American. In quotes “American” as clearly being here taught him nothing, but that’s Stanford for you.

    “She met Emmanuel Macron when he was 15 and she was teaching literature at La Providence Jesuit high school in her hometown. She divorced Auziere in 2006 and married Macron – 24 years her junior – in 2007.”

    Taking the eye off the ball and on Transgender. Which is the whole purpose of Trans. So can we officially, legally call her a pedophile now? “First Pedophile” as a title?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 20 2024 #161603
    Dr. D

    Kultsommer, last I heard Military Outlets sold to GOVERNMENTS, wherein there is essentially NO competition. A thing I say almost every day, since it comes up almost every day. Even IF we had a Capitalist system, anywhere, with any tenet of Capitalism, strong bet the MIC would still be the LEAST capitalist of all possible companies.

    Again, why punch your face into my fist? That’s embarrassing. Love the dialogue though, don’t stop speaking.

    …Free Speech. ANOTHER free service brought to you every day only by NON-Socialism.

    No free markets. No “free” (honest) money. No free competition. No price discovery. No bankruptcy. No control of one’s life, person, property, or “Capital”. All actions are either illegal or mandatory. Government Bailouts are one of the mandatory actions, but only to insider friends, decided by government. = Capitalism.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 20 2024 #161580
    Dr. D

    Wow, speaking of:
    “The World Is Running Out of Soldiers
    Wars are getting more common and militaries are building up. There’s just one thing missing.” — Vox

    Uhhhh, no we’re not. We’re about to shoot the f—k out of you. There’s no lack of pissed off guys with guns. It’s just that none of them will work for twats like you. Sleep tight, sunshine.

    Speaking of there being no soldiers, boy sure seems like Yemen found some. So just like the oil, it’s not that there aren’t any soldiers, no army or weapons that work, it’s just that there’s none for YOU.

    Checking that Yemen is still only hitting designated (Israeli) ships, not everybody. This is difficult since they denied that was happening in the first place to make Yemen a “rogue” actor, not a nation-state making a tactical message about preventing genocide. Somehow everyone gets the memo of which lies to tell and does them, without asking. “Do You Believe in Magic?” — Lovin’ Spoonful

    Biden’s Rural Internet: You’ve reached pilfering nirvana: 100% money, ZERO results. Applause, however, you get nothing because medical has ALREADY reached this nirvana of 100% fraud, negative care years ago, along with schools, military, charging stations….

    You’re just an also-ran now, Rural Internet. It’s just demonstrating the rollout to EVERY department of EVERY service, nationwide and worldwide. Taxes for a Federal government that takes 50% and provides Zero? While the people are flat -ss broke? I’m sure that’s sustainable and won’t come to an end or nothin’.

    On that subject, Orlov seems to be getting more and more like, just a time bomb struggling to keep his temper and patience on all subjects. In yesterday’s interview. He probably exemplified the Russian outlook and feeling right now. Best focused in this quote: — As a Christian, Putin has to offer redemption to Switzerland, how they can have peace and say, get back into heaven. However, if they don’t wish to accept that redemption, they can go to hell. — I agree. And “Hell” is that Putin will get everything he wants, if they surrender. OR: he will get everything he wants via war. The End. The difference is the “wants” part might have included Ukraine still existing as a neutral government if they sign up now, but the same outcome will occur with no Ukrainian government in a couple weeks or months.

    Orlov points out – and contrasting PCR, as we constantly do – that Russia is so large we forget that Ukraine is the largest country in “Europe”. Yes he said this, mirroring other’s sense that Russia is not “in Europe”, not “Europe”. Which it is of course, but I understand, we all understand that it also isn’t. So try, try, try to grasp what’s going on here: We have more casualties daily than the heights of WWII. Can you understand this? It goes on for months, but it’s not the newspaper lists of 20 nations, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, France, but only two. Try, try to comprehend and internalize this. Okay?

    Now: As per “Special Military Operation” Russia preemptively prevented the planned Ukrainian ethnic cleansing that would draw Russia into “Aggression” they could (completely illegally) “sanction”, that is, “Embargo”, “Blockade” for. That is an act of open war, and never authorized by the UN Security Council. Totally illegal. So THAT is an act of war. Russia then “absorbed”, “Digested” two oblasts the size of European nations, Czech, and Slovakia, for instance. With +2 million people a pop. But the war did not stop, so they have more referendums, and “Digested” two more European-sized states, like Zaporozhye. THIS TAKES TIME.

    The reason I bring up PCR is he demands “Shock and Awe” and can only think in terms of “Disaster Capitalism” that is to say he’s an infant like all Western people and has no patience. He’s Veruca Salt. “I don’t care how / I want it now!” You’re the dog chasing the car: suppose you DO catch the rear bumper of Zaporozhye, then what? Then it takes TIME to digest it. The West doesn’t want TIME, because that would allow Russia to be level, rational, and undisrupted by the process of absorbing a nation the size of France. Unbothered, unperturbed, stable and enriched by. They need them – DEMAND them, ORDER them, to “Shock and Awe” take the whole thing, and collapse trying to “Digest it” or even hold it among Vietcong popping up out of NATO salt mines. Uh, no.

    So now the four oblasts are pretty far along, they can now absorb and digest another two, or four, which includes Odessa, so that the remaining state is strictly unviable. Someone pointed this out, I think Alexander: you have to understand a city isn’t just sitting there, it DOES things. You can’t remove Chicago from all the commodity farm traffic around it, or cut it off from iron ore on the lake. Kiev, and several other cites exist because of the RIVER. No river = no city. No city = no power. No power = no nation state. What will Kiev traffic in, being land-locked with no trading neighbors? They then out-slovakia Slovakia? Out-Poland the Poles? We already see how that’s going: Poland will f’ing embargo them and dgaf.

    Okay, how did I get on that subject? Something else: Ze is no longer President of Ukraine, okay fine, they weren’t a democracy anyway. So the power is in the Legislature. Like us, like other States, Speaker of the House, right? Great, got it. Now in August, THAT election is ALSO suspended forever. — No Democracy, remember? So Ukraine will have NO legitimate federal government. At all. Right?

    Okay, then in that case, the Federal powers AGAIN devolve to the STATE level, and the regions become effectively self-autonomous. DO you think they’re going to do what Washington wants? And have Lviv go march across all Ukraine to fight Moscow in a Russian minefield? Uh, no, they don’t want to do that even NOW, they’re lighting conscriptors’ cars on fire. But Biden, Biden.

    Okay, Now how about OUR Federal government? Which like Ukraine has – or will have – no legitimate, trusted Federal government, 100% taxation and zero services in internet and charging stations. No elections, or at least not ones you can audit and trust? Same thing? The POWER DEVOLVES TO THE STATES. Maybe according to social perception here, but it does.

    Aaaaaaaand….Likewise Europe, etc. It’s a world trend, like Mainframe vs PC. Or I should say in the WEST, as our lifecycle, not China, Russia, etc who may get more centralized at a different point of the wheel.

    J6: Congress just said they’d Un-subpoena as J6 Committee was illegal. That is, wasn’t “Constituted correctly” meaning legally it’s just two rogue guys in a corner, who have no power to do anything.

    …Buuuuuuuut they changed their minds, Johnson’s doing nothing, and they’re sending all their Republican allies to jail when they could stop it. And actually, since the fact is it WAS illegal, SHOULD stop it. The GOP and entire House is supporting an illegal action by an illegal committee, to illegally imprison allies for illegal reasons.

    But, like I said: Republicans. Would you expect any less?
    “Republicans: Expect Less, We Deliver!”

    “Sen John Kennedy blasts Alejandro Mayorkas:”

    Really? Do something.
    The purpose of Republicans is to help Democrats win. The purpose of Republicans is to be teh Devil and ask them to “Tone it back a bit: https://babylonbee.com/video/satan-asks-democrats-to-tone-down-all-the-evil
    Too much evil will alarm the herd and keep Democrats from enacting full Socialism, or Fascism, or whatever you want to call it, same thing.

    “Poland should withdraw from the ban on anti-personnel mines and deploy them along the border with Kaliningrad Region,”

    Great idea. ON which side? Oh, on the POLISH side, so it can accidentally blow up POLISH children? Good idea. And this will prevent all Russia from rolling over you how, exactly? An idea so dumb you have to ask if he’s a Republican.

    “The FBI did not bring top secret pages to spread among Biden’s documents and give photos to the media. What this tells us is that the US Department of Justice is devoid of integrity.”

    A Republican President to a Republican House. So do something. They are! They’re helping the Democrats increase the absence of integrity nation and worldwide, and erasing “America as we know it.”

    “• North Korea, Shunned For Decades, Welcomed Into New Multipolar World (Sp.)

    We have a tethered paradigm perception of this, so let’s phrase it in a different way: The West killed several million people in pretty ethnic-cleansing ways back in 1950, very open about it but now we play the victim. I was like 1 in 10 Koreans? Civilians? For sport? Then we embargoed them since then to kill them all with a Naval Blockade. Roughly – just sort of re-phrasing here. Russia was trying not to get involved for many reasons, but one and weighted more recently, is to not draw the direct ire of the U.S. and West. So what’s a Kim gonna do? 1) Survive. 2) Not survive. They chose option 1, to NOT be toppled with “Regime Change” like 100 other nations in the last 100 years in the CIA roster. How dare they.

    Okay, now situation change so Russia ALREADY has the full ire of the U.S. and combined West. You cannot condemn the damned. NoKo can also more easily trust Russia, where they have a mixed history, knowing their situation isn’t kidding right now. It’s pretty unlikely they’ll sell NoKo to be toppled like a Ace card. So they can sign to simply sell shoes, mattresses, cars, etc between them, which “opens NoKo up”. This remains a risk, who knows how the West will attempt it, but a LOWER risk.

    The media would have you think it’s all about dictators, arms sales, etc, which honestly Russia doesn’t even need at this point. It’s more about poking the West and ruining their plans merely for lols. Keepin’ the morons busy. Imagine a regimented NoKo but with access to top everything. They then become a military weight equal to Japan? Could invade and hold parts of it even? See what I mean? Okay, just trying to re-pin that. That’s what “Multi-polar world” means. ALL the nations screwed white by the U.S. and Europe are now getting this inclusive treatment as the raped children are freed from the closet. So proud to be an American right now. Told you after “Yellowcake”, told you after Panama. Told you told you told you. Smedley f’n Butler told you in 1916.

    “• Joe Biden’s ‘Ceasefire Proposal’ Was Just ‘Kabuki Theater’ (Sp.)

    Of course it was. We always ceasefire while sending a few billion more in 2,000lb dumb bombs. And we just blew a quarter BILLION dollars on that dock-that-does-nothin’ after all the experts told you not to build it. One pop.

    Now the REAL story: Nutsy chews out Biden in public. Tells him to get with the program and get him a margarita with salt, Cabana boy. Apparently “Biden” did not like this, although “Biden” no longer knows what “Pudding” is. So message delivered, we are knocking Israel right off the board. No friends, not even us. They’re doing what it takes to get this done.

    “Ryanair CEO: “It’s a Complete Scam, These People Are Not Refugees” (MN)

    Practically no one ever is. There’s no such thing as “Economic Migrant”. That just means “I want your job.” Yeah, no kidding we all want that, that’s called “All humans”. Make your own in your home country.

    “• UK Tories Face Election Wipeout – Polls (RT)

    Ah, but will they CEASE TO EXIST? We need, need to make this a “Zero Seat Promise”. Vote in every Galloway, today.

    ““Why the Western push to promote LGBTQ in Ghana could backfire.”

    You’re kidding, right? You ask why? This is our top priority, “Eating” is like number 17,205.

    “here is a movement to rewrite the First Amendment because one law professor said it’s “excessively individualistic.

    That is? Not “Collectiveistic”. “Collectivism”, aka “Communism”. Or Fascism if you like, same thing.
    Yes. Yes you WOULD need to erase and re-write the whole Constitution and Human Rights to support and allow Communism to be legal. It’s strictly illegal under our Constitution, but by implication and foundation, not law. Go ahead, start a party, speak, hand out pamphlets if you like.

    “What this book really tries to do to see if there is this common article of faith that we can still gather around, despite all our political divisions that this defines us in a way that we can’t lose it.”

    Good question but probably not. “Collectivists” don’t believe the Individual exists. Sold! I take you up on that offer, and will summarily erase you today. “Individuals don’t matter” so therefore your loss, disappearance, murder, with all your property is okay. So long as I kill just ONE individual according to each ethnic group and class (The Collective) then it’s no problem. You first.

    “• Boeing Can’t Find New CEO – WSJ (RT)

    I vote Kathleen Kennedy CEO.

    ““This technology is proven to have some of the most comprehensive capabilities in the industry, fast and accurate in some of the most demanding conditions..”

    This is the best AI from the best companies on the PLANET. With an open checkbook where money is no object. Can’t order fries with that.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 19 2024 #161494
    Dr. D


    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 19 2024 #161493
    Dr. D

    “[Putin] only to drive Ukrainian forces out of the Russian areas that have now been reincorporated into Russia. Apparently Putin did not realize the extent to which the West would involve itself and expand the war.”

    Don’t be a child. Russia HOPED this would be true and merely kept the door open. That had costs. But they game-planned, logic-treed out down to this point. Unlike you, Russia – as per 1,000 years of history – has now got time to fully mobilize and produce, and the West has full time to be sapped and collapsed. They fight long, we fight short. “Slow to saddle, quick to ride”. You using Putin-Telepathy to say what he did or didn’t know or think, would it matter now that BY doing this BY thinking this, he’s in a better position now than if he’d done it the “Smart” PCR-way? C’mon, try to keep up.

    At this point, note, Putin should NOT stop the war. Ever. GDP is rising. Internal production. Cohesive people, brought together. Rising financial independence. More gas and oil sold than ever at far higher prices. Purging corruption they couldn’t get at. There is no downside. So bless your stars he still WANTS to stop the war ever because most psychos wouldn’t. He did suggest perhaps 100K Russian soldiers lost by now. Very serious but it’s better than Stalin and 20M. For fighting all NATO combined.

    “As the Western world lacks a truthful media, the people might be indoctrinated with the “Russian threat.” Even if the people realize that the threat is Washington’s pressure on Russia, the people are impotent to affect government policy. “

    Yes, and Putin also knows this, even in England the most-bizarre indoctrinated countries on earth, surpassing N Norea. But what can he do? They’re locked in the nuclear control booth.

    “The purpose of the peace conference in Switzerland this weekend was “purely opportunistic: to create an illusion of widespread support for the ‘peace formula’ in various capitals, but in reality, to hush up any doubts about the legitimacy of the Kiev regime, which has already been bankrupt for a long time, both politically and economically,” the ambassador said.

    It turned out the opposite. It was a humiliating public failure, demonstrating the West is unwanted, and the BRIICS now run the show. We deny this, but we deny everything and they ignore us. The people, I mean, ignore their leaders.

    “Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: “What we’re seeing is exactly Ukraine becoming the Afghanistan of Europe.”

    Ritter pointed out, nothing from Putin, no tactics, no dates. As well he should. Until this one: Putin says the U.S. will remove Zelensky in Spring ‘25. That says there will still be a war on. And he’s not going to bother with doing it, to show the Americans will always double-cross you. They are Anglos after all.

    “• Kiev Better Accept Russia’s Peace Proposal – Medvedev (TASS)

    Or the country ceases to exist. No, again from Ritter, they are doing something else. WE game-theory that IF we get to this point of striking Belgorod, they will have to nuke us, which is OUR plan. Escalation ladder ends here. Russia instead – and as they’ve done everywhere, like choosing the speed – instead goes, “Really? Okay, we won’t open the escalation in Kharkiv, we’ll open it in Saana and Cuba”. Escalation ladder now has 10 more rungs, all won by Russia. What does it cost to take a Navy vacation to the Caribbean compared to us having to respond to it? $10:1 dollars? Bleed the U.S. everywhere if we’re going to be fecking idjits. Our firing solution is easy: we’d have to stop being fecking idjits. They can’t. Then we’d be “Normal” and not start the world war the Religious Death Cult requires for their god. They’d have to do what the PEOPLE want instead: Peace and re-homing manufacturing for well-paying jobs, and they’d rather die.

    Now that goes for Ukraine. I’m sure they have 5 levels pre-planned between leaving now and absorbing Ukraine into Russia proper. They’ll stop at whichever one they get to.

    Don’t be a cartoon: yes Medvedev is trying to put in your mind this is possible, complete surrender and vanish. He’s trying to make you take it seriously as no one is. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know the 5 off-ramps before then. We won’t take any, which he also knows, so we will completely lose and completely capitulate, as Ursula said. “Capit” is to “Kuput” the Head, to cut the head off something. WE, Europe, America will be just fine. I’ll send them a medal for cutting the head off our fascist Vichy occupation government that is counter to the will of all people. That is illegal and I can point to the 200,000 felonies involved, but if they won’t enforce, what is our choice but Civil War to make them? If Russia causes their collapse and “Capitulation” it will save many million lives here in the West.

    “• Mark Rutte: The Choice for NATO Secretary General? (Sp.)

    Rotate the same reliable Death Cult members around from job to job. Draghi, who was installed and not elected as the EU toppled democratic elections in Italy. Never Forget. Legarde, etc. What was it from Canada who was Bank of England? Captain Stupidpants? I thought they were separate countries, all a conspiracy Theory, but only on even-numbered days then they’re not.

    ““If the stablecoin fund was a country, it would be in “the top ten of countries holding Treasuries..”
    • US Cryptocurrency as an Offshore Banking Center (Michael Hudson)

    Worse, it’s all fabricated and leveraged because Crypto bois like fraud as much as everyone else. Maybe more. The. End.

    Right now, Alt-coins down (not bad in crypto terms, but it hurts) and BTC/Eth holding fast. Like BTC 60-70k? That’s a TOP, not a correction. It continues to range around the 70k breakout, very normal. Wager is the run isn’t over yet, 100k minimum, 200k possible. Take it as it comes, there are a lot of moving parts, esp US$ value. It’s boring but the greatest net gain of any asset ever. Why not try?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 19 2024 #161491
    Dr. D

    All the links came through for a change.

    Is this me? “men are deeply disinterested in putting on a uniform, picking up an assault rifle, and joining the crusade for Human Rights Values against Russian Orthodox Space Fascism or Borgapitalommunism with Confucian Characteristics or whatever it is we’re supposed to be fighting against. This is true almost independently of one’s politics. Leftists will literally burn themselves alive rather than put their bodies on the line for Zionism. Rightists – meaning, in general, young white men with their shit together – have simply been abused too often by the contemptuous political class.” Barsoom https://substack.com/home/post/p-145680400

    They were supposed to rise up and join a racist, fascist “Controlled Opposition” Goldberg who would lead them to utter destruction and increased power of the oligarchic class (like Kashoggi of the Muslim Brotherhood shop does) but since they ORDERED us all to do this in 1994, they can’t get anyone to take the bait. Even when they pay $5,000 to a ‘homeless’ guy in Michigan, prodded by 13 FBI informants. This is The Plan, so like Charlie Manson, they had to show “Darkie” how to rise up by doing it themselves. At J6. No resistance? No violence? No movement exists at all? No Problem!!! We just “Make S—t Up” like every other CIA color op worldwide.

    Anyway, like the hit job from last week: Kill all the “Nice Guys”. Just ordinary people who go about their day NOT banning, punching everyone they meet (that might be on the wrong side, but I don’t know who they are and only met them a minute ago). No! You must most emphatically HATE, hate everybody!!!. Tolerance for none!! The Siren’s call. …To psychos, I have no idea who thinks like this.

    Article actually is very good, with a long section on the utter destruction of “Brown Ministers”, UK. They are running a “Zero seats” campaign. Zero Seats conservative, which we can all get behind, as long as you don’t vote Labour. https://barsoom.substack.com/p/the-brief-and-unlamented-rule-of

    “The Tories have been patriots in the streets and Blairites in the sheets throughout the last two decades of their uninterrupted rule, and the bill has finally come due. Of course, they could always just stop being a nest of vicious little traitors, but this seems unlikely.

    They will die first. That can be arranged.

    “Britain is not the only country to call a snap election. After getting thoroughly humiliated by the “far” right Rassemblement Nationale during the European parliamentary elections, the scheming little turd in the Élysée Palace announced a snap election in France” That is a much better and more accurate name than “Jupiter” or “Little Napoleon.” Macron is “Le Petis Merde”

    “Get the imprimatur of an electoral mandate from the people before sending them off to die. This is especially true if “far” right parties can be brought to power. “Yes, we hear you! You’re tired of immigration. You’re exhausted by all the gay stuff. We agree, it’s terrible! Now go be good little peasants and [die] in the name of your country or whatever nonsense it is you little people believe in…”

    As above, they are supposed to be whooshing “Far Right” fascists into power. REAL fascists, not the “Right” worldwide that wants no government and no war. That’s literally the #Opposite of fascism, which is a Socialist-Progressive Utopian movement.

    “the Western military and security apparatus can clear the decks and prepare for whatever new wars and turmoil are coming.” Consistent with this hypothesis, Sunak then suggested that it was time to bring back conscription.”

    Yup. Worldwide, including Germany, good luck.

    “As Marcellino D’Ambrosio describes, the American military’s brand has been irreparably damaged, to the degree that reviving the old Be All You Can Be ads was met with howls of incredulity and a chorus of ‘go fight your own wars with your rainbow coalition of neurodivergent genderqueer pronouns of colour’. This is something I pointed out several months ago, myself.
    The Bud Light Military (link)

    “Hence a draft. If no one wants to volunteer to die for Israel, or open borders, or gay marriage, or girlbossery, or whatever it is that the West is supposed to fight for, well then…” [We’ll just MAKE them.]

    “Hilariously, they’re apparently considering extending selective service to women, too.
    This is funny not just because the thought of Yass Queens being forcibly confronted with the gulf between their Black Widow power fantasies and the ugly reality of industrial warfare in the age of AI brings a black glow to my cynical heart, but because this is literally a meme from the 2016 American election.”

    (this is of course, 4Chan. Point taken)

    “The current social reality is that the young men who would make the best soldiers – already fit, motivated, and self-controlled – are precisely the cohort that most loathes the regime, for the regime has for their entire lives taken every opportunity to tell them how much it loathes them. Forcing them to fight on its behalf is not going to endear it to them. Putting weapons in the hands of people who despise you and then teaching them to use those weapons at a professional level might be … not the best idea.
    Kulak thinks that a draft would probably result in civil war.”

    Problem solved. This is The Plan.

    What was that about “Three World Wars” and everyone fighting everyone for no bloody reason at all to complete exhaustion? Until they adopt Lucifer himself, sun of Light, just to make to stop? Boy sure glad THAT was just another crazy idea.

    Anyway, this recruiting problem leads me to another soft realization: Not just that, since they hate us and want us all dead, maybe we shouldn’t help. They’re talking about reversing W.O.K.E. juuuuuuuust enough, as little as they have to, to recruit and kill any remaining American Men in upcoming war-to-be-named against somebody-to-be-named. No.

    The point was really, THAT’S A THING YOU GET OUT OF YOUNG MEN. That’s what you get as a kid growing, up want to be a hero, a soldier, shoot bears n’ stuff, get women, do things. That raw, fresh, and it’s really pure love and adventure. They love women. Their families. Their country. Action. They are lusty for life.

    And now? Sorry folks, even men 12, 15, 17, they’re already IN the war. They already act like Rick Blaine in Casablanca. That is to say, they are NOT NOT NOT the Rick Blaine of Paris. They’re already shot at, sold out, and jaded. Careful. Calculating. Suspicious. Believing nothing. And how much more even up to the oldest cohort, GenX? Now 50 or something?

    You can get, recruit, convince YOUNG men to do this, fight in your stupid wars. But men who have ALREADY been in the war – as everyone, down to GenZ have already now – don’t act like that. They MIGHT go to war, but you have to give them very good reasons, with incredible assurances, and get no special favors and no latitude, although you MIGHT get good, clever, deadly, conniving service out of them for BEING so jaded.

    But like BudLite, just go “Oops, my bad?” Hahahahaha. No. BudLite is NEVER coming back. EVER. Neither is the U.S. Military in its present form. Nor should it. Now American men may FIGHT, that’s sure, but it will be like Cincinnatus, FOR getting back to the garden at home. FOR something. No “country”, no “nation”, no “Congress”, no “oath”. Not even no “pay” since you’ll double-cross them anyway. Don’t care, like the Russians, there’s nothing you can ever say to make them believe you. That sort of credulity is for YOUNG men. That you raped out of us when I was 13. BY the State/Authority. Now you pay.

    So I’m not sure they know, and I’m not sure they care – that’s why they imported 10 million violent drug offenders who are raping and killing citizens nationwide right now — But I think it will come back to bite their “Plans” pretty hard anyway. They like to re-define words on us and laugh, but they plugged “American population” into the computer and kept it as one word, one definition, one thing. I don’t think these guys – Woke or Based – are at all what the computer model was established on and are going to slip away from predictions. Sooner. Or later. Either way you lose.

    “Macron’s Idiotic Ukraine Policies Have Paved Way For Triumph Of The French Right

    Need them to fight for “Viva la France” Only way to do that is stuff LePen in. Will it work? Is the Right that completely retarded? Stay tuned.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 19 2024 #161490
    Dr. D

    “Australian Premier Creates Ministry In Charge Of ‘Changing Men’s Behavior’

    Because women are prefect, ‘natch. Like Madeliene Albright and Jacinda Aldern. The world will be prefect when all men act like women. …While all women act like … men…? Girl-boss, billionare, man-punching, physicist assassins. Nothing more feminine than that! Except saying “It ain’t yo babay ‘cause you only carried it.”

    THAT. Is the true apex of modern femininity. Thanks Disney.

    Speaking of though, Andor is a very good, smart show. Amazing side by side. “Wonka” was also the very first of the “Woke”-playing movies that was actually pretty good. I kept bracing myself from the signaling but it worked.

    Making one go white knuckle all the time is not a great way to help the audience relax and be drawn into your story though. My fear is really that they’ll figure out how to do what they’ve been utterly failing at for 30 years. That would be dangerous.

    Anyway, “Womens iz Perfect”, yo? So the logical solution is far more direct and less trouble: simply murder all the men. In the cradle of course, maybe in the womb. Before the little rapists can escape and like, say, stop tyrannical governments. Kidding? I think it was three years ago now some Facebook thing got coverage about some Journalist, Activist, Feminist, Communist (they’re all interchangeable) having a life crisis when the ultrasound showed her baby was male. She was like, “Oh no. Can I kill it? What will I do?”Crying. ON CAMERA.

    …Actually, I don’t know what the problem was, it was a baby, you kill them all, both male and female and march and burn thing in the streets to make sure. That’s what women do.

    How did I get on this subject? Ah yes, the problem in Oz is no doubt that they can’t get the men-folk there to kill ENOUGH babies, or tell women in the streets they ain’t mothers but just a soulless-incubator-slave the way Disney says they should, get in yo red bonnet. So long as men are out loving and protecting women, they must be stopped. Full weight of government on this project.

    Good thing you gave up your guns or somebody might get shot ‘about now.

    Speaking of a good time to brush up:

    30,000 people at a pop, maybe per week, trying to register to vote with no ID and no SS#. I’m sure that’s just a paperwork error somewhere.

    But that’s not like a story or nothin’. No reporting. So how’s that working out? Refusing to report anything?

    “”We’re Currently Watching The Collapse” Of The Daily Beast As 70% Of Unionized Staffers ‘Gutted’”

    Daily Beast following all other Left outlets Buzzfeed, HuffPo, CNN, etc into collapse while “Right” outlets (Being “normal” stuff) rise ever higher. …Even as they’re purged from the NY Times Bestseller list, etc. What “Far Right” values, platform, etc do they cling to that makes them so extreme? Bill Clinton’s border rules, a social state that would make FDR blush, and support for gay marriage. That’s the “Far Right” today. Their core headliners are pothead comedians, Orthodox Jews, Black women, gay college graduates, and Liberal NYC Billionaires. Yup!

    Speaking of missing everything, Styx, “Stop Pigeonholing Rural Voters”

    Pointing out his home state of Vermont – and all of rural New England – stark far left, comparatively on most issues. Then misses it by claiming – against his own claim – that there ARE Baptist Bible Belt, swaths, well somewhere. Iowa, Alabama, like heaven or hell nobody’s seen this place but they’re religiously sure they exist. Really, really sure.

    He’s pointing out that is also true of the city, very true. What part of the city, definitely, but also which city. No hegemon. They just act like this is true when it isn’t. And Fox walks into their offices in NYC and CNN into their ultra-far-left HQ in Atlanta and continue not to notice all day.

    “The Music Just Stopped: Japan Banking Giant Norinchukin To Liquidate $63 Billion In Treasuries & European Bonds To Plug Massive Unrealized Losses

    I heard this about Japan but couldn’t understand it. Still don’t, there must be several moving parts.


    Do these guys look like they’re going to tongue kiss or what?

    “Poland Was Just As Much To Blame As Britain For Sabotaging Spring 2022’s Peace Talks

    Here’s a good point but you may not realize Poland is a British colony. Like the U.S. is. We are not obedient, perhaps, but so completely intertwined that Britain is “running things”, we both see things from England’s point of view. …Bad? That’s also true of half the world’s secret service. MI6, CIA, NZ, OZ, Singapore, Saudi and even Iran perhaps, all see themselves as one agenda, and the people as the problem. So I’m not picking on UK-Poland, which goes back to WWII hardcore and probably before, I’m pointing out this happens and no one reports or has a word for it. Of course Poland is. Didn’t know I needed to mention it. Polish government would, and presently is, killing every Polish citizen in service of Britain and feeling kind of salty about it. It’s an occupation government, just like us.

    “Ethereum Spikes After SEC Drops Investigation

    They’ll just bring another one later when they need to rig the price all their friends have front-run.

    Bannon bring us back to Biden: No one cares about the vote, Steve. We’re not a democracy ans we’re not going to have an election. We didn’t have one already. They already registered, I forget, like 100,000 in two or three swing states from people with no SS and no ID. They’re already doing sub-millions in Alien amnesty and have mail-in voter ballots mailed to every house, which is every illegal house, all 10Million.

    So we’re going to stop this election, at a minimum. That keeps the DNC in there for “Backsies” and another 6 months to start WWIII. Or else what? We have a military government? I mean that’s good in that we can finally point to it and pop the bubble, “THIS. IS. NOT. NORMAL.” But how does that work and do we have to shoot our way out of it?

    In any case, Biden doesn’t matter since he was never elected anyway. Nor was a lot of Congress. Ask the States, who were not allowed to register their official protest to Pelosi and the VP in Congress. So we didn’t look.

    Biden is The Cooler? So was Obama. In the biggest possible way. Does that mean Obama wasn’t elected either? I guess we’ll never know.

    “Freezing up in public when you’ve got shooting wars all over the place.”

    Bannon is so adorable: The president doesn’t run things and hasn’t since Nixon. That’s why they put in the executive class and the 7th floor. The Permanent State is running the permanent state FOR the permanent state, and at this point, each Department of the Derp State – Ag, Transport, war, economy — all disagree and work against each other without meaning to, because no coordination in decades, which is the “President’s” or rather the “policy’s/Platform’s” job. That’s why they need to fire people and give them orders, which as per Comey, they no longer take. At all. “I order you to pull our expensive soldiers out of Syria, FStan, Africa” TO the Generals as direct order. NOPE! I refuse direct orders now. To the Victor does NOT belong the spoils. Winning means you get NOTHING. Nothing you want done will be done, nothing the people want will be considered. That’s Democracy!

    …This is why you have to have SMALL, de-centralized governments. So you can get at them and spank them over a barrel. Shut off the money. Unf as our own founding fathers knew, you still have to have SOME government, and some CENTRAL government, and they were afraid of the century-drift inexorably in this direction. But that’s OUR job, the PEOPLE. We’re the only thing large enough to stop it, and using our allies the States.

    “• The West Is Lighting the Fuse of War (Paul Craig Roberts)

    Again, WHO? Oh yeah, every western country just voted AGAINST lighting that fuse, starting with all Europe this week. So it’s every government against every human. As Non-Lord Acton said: “The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.” Government is trying to use war as a new tool to kill every citizen, who are their sworn enemy. Thus conscription, suddenly, everywhere.

    Er, no folks the war will be over in 2 hours as Tom Leher said in 1962. No need for all that training. So I’ll insert this here:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 18 2024 #161419
    Dr. D

    Can’t stop, won’t stop:

    “Putin ‘is done’ as losses in Ukraine degrade Kremlin’s force projection | Peter Zeihan

    “West agrees to use Russian assets to fund Kyiv as Putin faces small war gains | Michael Bociurkiw

    Putin could lose initiative as Ukraine stabilises Kharkiv and hits new targets in Russia | Frontline

    How ‘humiliated’ Putin lost the trust of his inner circle | Prof. Mark Galeotti

    How Ukraine’s strikes on Russia could make Putin’s commanders rethink the war | George Barros
    Times Radio

    Yup, Russia’s giving up. Any time now.

    Speaking of, where’s the Ike? So safe and unharmed no one’s seen it.

    AI: Robots are incapable…completely incapable…of taking an ORDER. For french fries.
    Look out they’re taking over, the world’s about to end. Apparently all we have to do to defeat the war ‘bots is throw caramel sundaes at them.

    “Unelected Bureaucrat” photo. We can now add for Meloni “Demands we start WWIII”. Sadly. Wouldn’t want to leave her out. Apparently new President of Mexico is the same. Another scam Obama, or Johnson.

    “Russia will retaliate by putting a lien on $40 trillion at the Euroclear custodian.”

    elections is really irksome to them. They hate the whole idea that people they despise would have a role in choosing the government or have any power whatsoever”

    It is emotional, such as they have emotion. They are the children of angels. We are vermin. They can’t stand referring to us about anything, and making jokes, rigging it, and laughing up your sleeve only goes so far. It’s tiresome after a while. So they do it publicly, get themselves in trouble because they jsut get tired of lying about how they control everything and we’re morons not to see it, y’know?

    Rickards: come to think of it, RUSSIA is now getting war reparations, FROM EUROPE. That’s the $40T in Euroclear they can attach. Here’s what they may be thinking: of course 1) If they don’t get $61B this week, the entire Western system collapses, so there’s no “Next move ahead” Jim is talking about, and 2) IF they can get this and hold it a while, they can SELL that IF we ever stop attacking Russia with nukes, Smallpox, IceNine, etc, THEN the entire Western Banking System will collapse. …But it’s past tense, so they have buy in, it’s like “Financial terrorism” of a sort. It’s We’re all Lashed together. We fight Russia or we die. See?

    “Democrat hoaxes used to be convincing,” …But now their hoax is that Biden, Harris, and Clinton exist as viable people. No one can suspend that much disbelief.

    “• Next Stage – The General Staff’s Targets After Putin’s Feint (Helmer)

    So two summits, basically everyone in the world wants to join BRIICS, and NOW. Like they could add 100 nations in the next two weeks. G7 can’t even hold seven nations’ attention: G1 keeps wandering off.

    “Putin is confident of victory not only over Ukraine, but also over the entire collective West.”

    He didn’t win: we lost. Now he MIGHT have won, he might be able to win, he’s playing well: but every move I see is us trying to lose. Hour after hour, day after day, not a single smart move as far back as I can remember. Like to ‘08 or ‘99. Make you long for the days of Rumsfeld and Cheney who while being the most evil on the planet were at least a COMPETENT evil.

    Not that it matters – not sure to waste time on this – but the Swiss Canape Summit only had these few show up. A bunch didn’t sign the “memo” anyway. And? And the memo they signed was made of weasel words. It only referred to Ukraine’s “Article 4” of the UN charter, nation’s sovereign boundaries, etc. Right? So they are signing on, supporting “Unprovoked Russian Aggression”. NOPE. Article 4 ALSO supports “When a nation is under grave and military threat”, that is to say RUSSIA’s position in the matter. They can barely IMPLY that they are Pro Ukraine and BARELY get a sign on, but without the weasel words they couldn’t even get this bad a showing, a few other nations took this Article 4 ambiguity loophole and would have backed out. Nice. Nobody likes you G7, and your mother dresses you funny.

    “• NYT Docs: Putin Was Willing To Compromise To End War in 2022 (Antiwar)

    Another conspiracy theory first FROM ( I have no doubt they reported it) then PROVEN (now) from the NY Times. NY Time retracting and contradicting themselves, or sure feels like it. Yeah, we all knew. Because it was never a secret, it was a lie.

    • US Must Be Saved From WWIII – Trump (RT)

    I forget who said it – they must still believe there is SOME validity to elections, however slight – that the Democrats need to start WWIII, are desperate to start WWIII, before they get dragged out of office. This is their “last gambit”. (In reality they never stop and will fight being ID’d then fired from State and Agencies for Treason.) Maybe it’s more like the window is closing on their weirdo Death Cult religion. IF the people realize what they’re up to, AND that they exist, they will mobilize and be an immune system to stop them. Which we have. But right now they own “The Commanding Heights” as is being said this week (Alistair). They own business, Media, government, State, Schools, NGOs, and banking (maybe). We own us. And we’re going to kick their ass quite handily.

    But you can see the problem: EVEN WITH a 100% corrupt FBI, CIA, State, DoJ they can’t stop us NOR start WWIII, so if they firmly lose even ONE commanding height, it’s over. And the Whole Federal Government is quite a Ship of the Line to Un-Pirate. No way to win and kill everybody after that. And then what will their Death Cult God do?

    But Trump’s discussion of this is still for idiots because almost no one in public or electorate is up to speed. That’s how it goes.

    “• If Putin Ukraine Peace Offer Rejected, Next To Be Tougher – Intel Chief (TASS)

    They’re kind of at a loss. We’re so infantile and retarded, they have to try to visualize how to tell us “Water is wet” and “Wars have consequences” because we literally are proving every day we don’t know that. So sorry if it sounds like talking down to us.

    “NATO could soon face “something that it has never faced before, and that is two nuclear-powered potential adversaries”

    Like this. Apparently he has never read a single page of history concerning the last 80 years and never hear of “Russia” and “China” having nukes the day after we did. These are our top statesmen. Never heard of the “Cold War” thingie nor “Mutual Assured Destruction.” Nope! “Never before now” he says. That’s why NATO exists: Because Russia was never a threat or adversary.

    “• NATO In Talks To Put More Nuclear Weapons On Standby – Stoltenberg (RT)

    Again, thankfully, THEY set up the line that THEY can’t start it, they have to get the guilt on RUSSIA to start it. So this is one legal way to try to have a little “accident” that ends all life on earth. Oopsie!!

    “• Schumer Plans Vote on Bill to Ban Bump Stocks After Supreme Court Ruling (ET)

    So many levels are so dumb I can’t name them all. “Shall not be infringed” but until the USSC strikes down ALL gun laws (their own illiteracy) that won’t matter. That we should PROMOTE bump stocks as much as possible because they work so badly they’re safer: you can’t hit anything with one on. But yeah, the point here is, if you want a LAW, you have to pass a law. That’s the minimum and it’s way too much for them.

    “2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas, in which a gunman used firearms equipped with bump stocks to fire multiple guns”

    Yeah…about that. Are we ever going to look into that event? What else has vanished “Who has power by what you don’t talk about”: Maui. Ike. Congressional Baseball shooting. Sri Lanka. Ohio. Chinese Bioweapons labs in CA. List your own.

    Yeah, Vegas, one 60-year old guy shot out of two windows in two different apartments, after hauling in enough weapons for a platoon. …In the most surveilled square inches of property in the state. Nobody saw nothin’. Nobody knows nothin’. Couldn’t figure it out. I can figure this out: the Casino was in on it, so what does that mean? After being in on it, nothing happened, so what does that mean? The police and feds know what I know, so what does that mean?

    But I am a Coincidence Theorist and a guy can be in two places at once all the time.

    “The UK’s ruling Conservative Party is heading for “electoral extinction,”

    OMG about time. They had Cameron, May, and Johnson, if you didn’t already have suspicions after, or even during, Thatcher. What were scandals about Heath? I don’t care what they do after, but Conservative is not Conservative, nor do they care a whit for their own platform, who are only eclipsed by Labour being violently ANTI-Labour, pro-bank, and Pro-war, like Blair. If they weren’t compared to someone just as dreadful, they’d look beyond the pale. They are the most perfect example of the UniParty, — that is, an unelected, oligarchic dictatorship – worldwide. At least they’re first in something.

    “• Brain Chips To Replace Cell Phones In Future – Musk (RT)

    You DO know that when you put foreign parts inside the human body there’s a good chance of DEATH, right? From several things, but sepsis being one? What happens when it breaks like every cell phone you can get today, barely works, they run a “patch” that cuts the processor and battery in half. Get a couple new brain surgeries each year? I can’t fix my computer and I can drive it to the guys and dump it on their desk for 6 weeks. You haven’t made a unit that can work since the i386.

    How does this keep happening??? (Looks up from typing, ON the computer, that doesn’t work, WHILE typing an article on data hacks and digital surveillance) “Hey honey, what we need to fix the world is this amazing new computer thingie they just invented!” “Uh-huh”.

    You haven’t fixed the one you had once in the last 40 years. We have 4x 2.2 BILLION processes per second, instead of 133 THOUSAND processes per second, and the World processor on the 133hz from the Salvation Army 1990 PC works FASTER.

    This proves the point there is LITERALLY no level of utter, catastrophic, embarrassing, deadly failure that can get through to anyone.

    • Tesla Begins Testing Full Self-Driving On Chinese Roadways Ahead Of Rollout (ZH)

    Well, he didn’t promise they wouldn’t kill everyone. He has that now. Imagine the scene: Tesla autonomous cars cruising all China tirelessly looking for fire trucks to ram into.

    “CBS, ABC, NBC, and other media outlets would be running 24/7 specials about the horrific situation..”

    No they wouldn’t: CNN is the BUYER of all these children. We saw that with the last two or three execs that got canned.

    ““Many of them are dead,” Trump sadly revealed. “

    This is the mike-dropping quote where the interview should just stop. It doesn’t. Literally no one cares. Didn’t care – adults didn’t care – once since the first kid on the first milk carton. They still don’t care now. It has zero meaning to them, it’s a political point, Oh! Sick Burn! Safety of children, of ANYONE, anywhere, has zero meaning, zero priority. To anyone, even those living there, like in the bad part of town, they are ALSO Deacons of the Death Cult, not lifting a finger, nor if they did would any neighbor act and join in.

    No? Okay then, explain every public school from coast to coast. Not just the bad ones – that’s obvious – but where is the best location for professional training on drug use, sales, child prostitution, porn, and OnlyFans, is your local school starting grade 6? …But only when they can get enough time away from sleeping with the teachers, which happens regularly in every country and Zero Meaning, Zero Priority, Zero response.

    When parents passively back away and put them in private or parochial schools, they go nuts. How DARE they keep their kids from being exposed to the largest local drug dealer all day? That’s abuse. Coach Happy-Hands will be most displeased.

    So in this interview. It’s not “brown people”. Americans don’t care about 85,000 of their own children killed, probably in the most horrifying possible way. Means nothing to them. Political points. That’s not Trump’s statements, that’s OUR, the interviewer’s visible response to it. When he says this — as he just did — WE don’t go nuts. Like we should.

    “BREAKING: Kansas Attorney General sues Pfizer for “misleading Kansans on COVID vaccine.”

    They actually had a better argument: THEY’RE NOT VACCINES. Therefore they are not protected by law concerning vaccine injury.

    Nobody knew they were going to sing except the pre-staged camera crews. Sorry. Seen and the unseen.

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