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    The door is open. Leaves waft in and gather near my feet.
    The fall is here; so ends another summer that was sweet
    With ripened fruits now tucked away,
    To bring the summer back some winter’s day.

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    Things that don’t make sense. Bulgaria to staunch the flow of Russian oil even though they don’t have to.

    In multiplication, a negative times a positive gives a negative. A positive time a positive gives a positive. A negative times a negative gives a positive.
    So I wonder: is it true that two “wrongs” don’t make a “right”?

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    Just what we’ve all been waiting for- a covert, airborne mmRNA “vaccine”!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 29 2023 #143925

    RFK,jr goes independent,

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 29 2023 #143909

    Senator Diane Feinstein has died. We were wondering if she’ll step down now.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 28 2023 #143867

    Oroboros- but that’s Winnie the Pooh!

    China in the crosshairs.
    China in our site.
    China’s on the menu.
    Hope we sleep at nite.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 27 2023 #143812

    No, no, no, no, no.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 26 2023 #143756

    I went to our local grocery store yesterday and at checkout I noticed that 4 packages I was buying had been listed as 2.49 on the shelf, but I had been charged 5.99 each. A clerk had to run and confirm the error. I hate being the one to make people wait behind me, but I wondered how often this happens. And I suspect the people waiting were more alert as the prices went by when it came to be their turn.

    in reply to: Review – John Wick 4 (Dr. D.) #143628

    Okay. So I cheated and read wikiP’s plot summary. The movie prognosticates?
    But who is Russia? Koji’s daughter?

    in reply to: The New Narrative #143540

    We keep thinking that an American civil war would be about physical areas being defended.
    I don’t think so- it would be factions in every area fighting each other- really, really messy.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 21 2023 #143463

    I like to see a wavering between “their tech is way more advanced than we know” and “they just want you to believe they have this capability”.
    They are such liars I tend to believe the latter. Most of the “awesome” stuff that gets revealed is more WOW than POW.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 21 2023 #143407

    The purpose of the war in Ukraine is to peek at the cards in Russia’s war hand. Oh, and grift, of course.

    “it doesn’t matter if I’m rich and famous and powerful- I can still make a difference.”
    Their ears don’t hear what their mouths are saying.

    Maybe Poland doesn’t want to arm those it might fight in the near future? There are bound to be Ukrainians who don’t want to be part of Poland.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 20 2023 #143356

    He: “Nice ass!”
    She (with false modesty, looking down over her shoulder): “Does this make me look fat?”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 20 2023 #143355

    You just called the memory of that particular sculpture with identical lines in the right places, Dr. D? Your brain must have quite the filing system!
    “Aphrodite Kallipygos”, “Venus Callipyge” -the latter word literally means “beautiful buttocks”. (WikiP). Sounds like a statue Picasso would wanna see, and someone would want to snap its picture at precisely the right angle and level to echo his drawing of it.
    There’s a little art history paper there…..:)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 19 2023 #143266

    If you want people to hate “white privilege”, what better model is there than the demented, crooked, bullying, entitled, perverted old white man in the most powerful position on earth? And then there’s his son…
    How long before the White House is painted in rainbow colors? And occupied by a trans POC with no qualifications for the post?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 18 2023 #143249

    Here’s a substack that looks at weather modification- “they” have decided to make our atmosphere reflective with aluminum.
    And it’s killing everything.
    This year hit bottom when it came to insects in our area. We were happy to see a moth.

    She points to this website: climate viewer 3d. It looks like pretty interesting.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 18 2023 #143240

    So this tweet is not correct? It says an F35 crashed, and it’s dated sept 17 2023.

    It hurts to say it, but last night I laughed so hard at the comments on zh about this story, I cried. The tweet (the X?) above is from a comment somewhere far down the line….

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 18 2023 #143229

    Creepy painting. Not as creepy as some of his others, though.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 17 2023 #143188

    “And we’re back!” So nice you said it twice!

    And so this was only shortly relevant:

    I get it. I own it. I’m sad to admit:
    I’m addicted to doom porn! I’m having a fit!
    My fix has been vanished – and others won’t do
    I’m addicted to doom porn. Perhaps you are, too?

    The warm hearted stuff at the end makes up for it a bit, and it isn’t Ilargi’s fault. The world seems it’s stuck in a doom-loop. I just like to keep up, and this is the place to do it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 16 2023 #143147

    Michael- The Joe Allen interview was intense. I was reminded of CS Lewis’s “That Hideous Strength”.
    Also: You said you worried that the poor blueberry crop may lead to starving bears.

    Roto- the Seyfried interview was also great. It seemed for a moment in time that we were going in the right direction, medically speaking. As the mengelomaniacs take over, that trend is being vanished.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 16 2023 #143129

    I was gonna blame Hewlett Packard (reverse Polish notation) for my error yesterday. (rpn was used to avoid that confusion), but I think the answer would be 507 if I had used it. ( 5+, 5 5 5 2 2x, 2[+?]= 507 ). But hey, I noticed the shoes! I am not a robot!

    I watched RFK,jr on cspan the other day, and it’s pretty clear that the DNC hates him as much as they hate Trump. Oh, they loved his dad and his uncle, but he is a “conspiracy theorist” and an antivaxer, and he loves Putin!

    He tried to refer them to his platform and to compare it to his father’s and his uncle’s…but the democrat callers would have none of it. Republican callers were delighted to speak with him. Many noted they had once been democrats…

    It’s always interesting to see how many comments register while I compose my offering.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 15 2023 #143099

    zerosum- the first rule of alien club is that you don’t talk about alien club. 😉

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 15 2023 #143096

    A few minutes of a tornado in the Philippines. Clearly, the videographer hasn’t seen such a thing because he doesn’t do as his mother told him: get downstairs!!!
    Wow. Doesn’t seem natural, somehow.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 15 2023 #143090

    Y’all see the monkey-dude is wearing THE shoes in the last row, right?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 15 2023 #143079

    Last line: one shoe (5) plus one monkey (5) wearing two shoes (10) and carrying two guns (4); times a gun (2).
    (5+5+10+4) x 2= 48

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 13 2023 #142994

    If there be aliens here, I nominate the octopus.
    Or the dog. If the aliens are benevolent.
    Or the cat. If they’re not.

    Remember when they threatened to colorize all the old B&W movies? Expect an onslaught of “foreign” movies dubbed in this new style.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 13 2023 #142992

    morongobill- they are miracles? (I stumble at miracles…) It’s funny how we marvel at the sculptor who could carve fishnet (Francesco Queirolo: TAE some time ago), but the Pietá packs such an emotional punch- the masterful carving is secondary to the message.

    So many of the parasitic class are worms, but Tedros is a tapeworm.
    No wait- I keep dubia cockroaches (reasons). The neatly set out of their skins to grow. Tedros is one of the skins.
    Why are we being “led” by the wicked? Why can’t we grab the reins away from them?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 13 2023 #142974

    Missiles hit Sevastopol. Elon? Did you cave?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 12 2023 #142933

    Have you ever wondered why the DNC went with the long, complex word “insurrection”? They knew before J6 that they were going to invoke the 14th amendment.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 11 2023 #142883

    Watching it “live” and talking to my husband on the phone as the first building fell I said “That should NOT have happened!”
    I had followed the building of the towers: that should NOT have happened.
    Nothing’s changed since that day, just as nothing changed after Nov 1963. Everything’s a protection racket. Organized crime, top to bottom.
    You gotta give it to ’em- they play a long game.

    It has long been rumored that demolition is built into the insanely tall, ephemeral skyscrapers.
    A quick controlled demolition cannot be done unless it’s pre-wired.

    I’ld love to see the intersection of 9/11 skeptics and the un”vaxxed”.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 10 2023 #142831

    If the “Clients” series from Bud’s Epstein Beer is available, I’d buy a few cans.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 10 2023 #142827

    So there’s a football game on and I said “Why do all football games sound alike?” and of course the thing is that the vocabulary is very, very, very small. There’s a good deal of emotion as the announcer yells that someone is doing something spectacular. People repeat the ritual again and again….
    I wonder: could Chat, etal, make up an exciting football game (and while it’s at it, provide animation of the game as well?).

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 10 2023 #142817

    When the WHO runs off with the reins of power, the first thing they will do is declare a “gun-violence health emergency”.
    Then, I think, the US will get the civil war its left wing craves so much.

    A freebie from Penzey’s Spices says on the package:
    “Justice is the light that has guided America through every storm. Now one party wants to obstruct it, twist it, steal it away from We the People to gift it to their donors. America’s future depends on us not letting that happen.
    Season liberally ™”
    “Liberally” might give me a hint, but to whom are they speaking?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 8 2023 #142728

    Is exercising power a sign of free will?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 8 2023 #142727

    Hell is the absence of free will.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 3 2023 #142423

    On spam blocker: I haven’t gotten it for a while- when I do, I just back up and try again. I find that if I have my gmail open- or have opened it without closing it and deleting cookies and clearing caches- I even get ads on TAE, and am much more likely to get “checked”.
    I just reload. It’s the brave new world, with such nonsense in it!
    I hate gmail. It has tentacles.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 3 2023 #142421

    Meanwhile, at the Burning Man “festival” (who wouldn’t celebrate a man being burned in a basket?), there are rumors of eeeeeeeebola.
    Two tweets from comments in zh suggest deep state interference (inference): one suggests ebola, another points a finger at a guy who “broke quarantine” and left (with Chris Rock!)- and he was definitely where “ebola” was found. These comments are outrageously convenient. Planted.
    This looks like a lovely “ground zero” for flying the next “pandemic”…. Will it have wings?
    70,000 people trapped in alkaline mud (which might cause illness), giving a scary name to what the illness might be (eeeeeeebola) and all of them trying to get home.
    Why ebola? I mean, really? It polled well as the scariest next disease?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 3 2023 #142406

    Burning Man gone all soggy in its dried up lake-bed.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 1 2023 #142288

    Scare your children at your peril.
    One day, they’ll take care of you.
    One way or the other.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 31 2023 #142245

    When I was young and I aged I got bolder-
    Until I learned life’s full of lies.
    I didn’t get smarter as I grew much older-
    Instead, I just sorta got wise.

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