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    Re: preserved eggs – I’m not a fan but this Chinese recipe is a good way to keep them

    Excellent work with The Great Reset Flowchart the other day Maxwell Quest! I liked the original one (pushback – no – so sorry, too late) it was the human aspect there that made me laugh. The amended version is more like their diktat – cold, authoritarian and inhuman. A geniunely realistic visual of how reptilian minds think.

    Comment section has been on fire of late – it is hard to keep up. Great contributions from all.

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    Gene Wilder at his best as Dr. Fronkenstein

    “Elites” go all-in on trans-humanism

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    @phoenix – I always recommend new brewers to start small. All you need is a syphon, fermenting bucket, sanitiser, long plastic spoon, bottle capper + crown caps (along with glass bottles) and a can of hopped malt extract (Coopers kits are good) Once brewers get the concept they can move on to all grain and hops and start boiling + cooling their own recipes. It’s a lot like cooking. Except it takes a month to see if it tastes any good.

    Potable water from the tap is already treated with chlorine (bleach) so a little more of the same will work to keep it bug-free.

    Interesting fact, the chemical reaction of sulphite neutralises chlorine from tapwater. If your homebrew tastes bad because of high levels of chloramine, a pinch of k-meta to standing water in the fermenter (at least a few hours before pitching the yeast) can improve this particular flaw considerably.

    Sulphites smell like pungent onions – yuck! Don’t breathe in the “aroma” unless you like bad coughing with watering eyes. It disperses with time in the water you add it to.

    Yes, table sugar is needed when other sources of sugars (maltose, fructose etc) are not available. You add sugar to a beer or wine kit to begin with although it robs the beverage of body so if you prefer a full-bodied beer (or glass of red) malt/malt extract (or pure grape concentrate) yields a better final product.

    I love gardening and growing my own food. I’ve not been able to do it since I moved out of my parents house in the 90’s. Hopefully one day in the not-too-distant I can get back to tending a vegetable patch again. I fondly remember standing opposite the plum trees while fruit bats would fly between me and the over-ripe plums. Some crazy little mammal creatures that we share this amazing planet with!

    I’m finding any detour from paying too much attention to the horrific realities we are facing a welcome one. The serenity prayer has been in my thoughts regularly for the past 10 years. More so even more recently. I hope it gives the good folk here at TAE as much peace of mind as it has given me.

    Thanks to Illargi for your continued good efforts (and sharing great memes – we all need the laughs!!)

    Best wishes all

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    I use potassium metabisulphite in winemaking as an antioxidant and preservative. It has been used for centuries as a preservative to keep food and drink unmolested by bacteria and oxygen (spoilage, basically). There is also a sodium version (aka campden tablets) If it ever comes to it, some of this chemical is handy to have around at a time when the water supply is cut.

    Some people have sulpite allergies. It is toxic at high levels and should only be used sparingly. There is guidance on usage. For winemaking I use no more than 1gram potassium metabisulphite per gallon during the entire process. This is excessive for purifying water. I would opt for far less (say, 1 gram for a 4 or 5 gallon batch of water) and add more if it is being stored for an extenstive duration. If the vessel is air tight you most likely only need to add 1/4 teaspoon every fortnight or month. It isn’t necessarily scientific. It is just to keep algae and bacteria from breeding in the water.

    If you homebrew you will have plenty of fermenting buckets sitting around. I have many 33 litre and a few 66 litre fermenting tubs. All of them have lids with airlock holes and some of them have tap holes. In an emergency it is wise to fill these up with water and preserve the water from bacterial infection and oxidisation with k-meta (potassium metabisuphite).

    When the power goes out all the meat in the freezer will go off. If you have a few big bags of salt and big plastic tubs/ceramic pots, you can cure the meat once it is fully defrosted. There is a calculation by weight, something in the region of 3 days curing per kilo/2 Lb of meat. After it has been fully cured in salt it should be air dried. It should take 3 months or so for a 1 & 1/2 kilo (3lb) piece at or below 14c/57f and at a humidity of around 70%. You will want to ensure that the meat is nowhere near mice or rodents. One way to do this is to hang it and use a fine metal mesh around some sort of structure it sits in to cover it.  It should have a substantial layer of pencillin mould covering it by the time it is ready. Green or black mould is a warning sign. Trust your nose, it should smell like charcuterie meat. Botulism is a risk with preserved foods and despite advice to the contrary, prague power/nitrite does not prevent botulism, it merely give the meat a pinker colour and preserves the flavour a little more than if it wasn’t used. There is a link to cancer through using nitrite so I do not bother with it. Traditional Italian parma ham, coppa and Spanish Iberico Jamon is traditionally done with nothing but salt, (sometimes sugar) and spices.

    Beer and winemaking requires lots of space and raw materials. For every batch of all grain beer I use about 5 kilos/11lbs of malted barley. I buy in bulk amounts of 25kilos/55lbs and store these in airtight wheeled bins in the garage. These wheeled bins double up nicely for long term food storage so we have plenty of rice, flour, sugar, pasta, dried beans etc. Rodents have not made their way into them yet and this is after 5 years sitting in the garage with very tasty sweet malted barley in them.

    There is no chance of making wine from real grapes in the UK unless you own one of the few vineyards in the UK. British wine is not great due to a short summer. As a result my wine comes from kits mostly supplied from Canadian manufacturers such as Vineco.

    Brewing wine and beer requires a great deal of patience and attention to detail. Hygene is of particular importance and I have thrown a few batches down the drain due to infection. Make sure you use an acid-based no-rinse sanitiser whenever an item comes into contact with the must/wort at every stage of the brewing process. Clean everything before, during and after contact and control your fermentation temperature to between 21c/70f and 18c/64f. No wide swings in temperature or you will get off flavours.

    I use a grain mill for grinding whole malted barley. For tougher grains like wheat, I have a corn hand mill. Of course, it can grind corn and other tougher grains as well.

    Brewing beer and wine is a very involved hobby and there are plenty of great resources on the internet. Good books too. I will not get too in-depth about it here unless requested.

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    Indeed Mr. House.

    I like how Celente puts it. “You’re wearing a Mask right? You’re vaccinated right? You’re safe. Leave me the fuck alone”

    These nutters will not mind their own business!

    i’d be out marching about forcing people to save so much of their paycheck each month

    Enforcing fiscal prudence, how dare you!!

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    Aye, Sylvers had such great vocal talent and were overlooked in favour of bands like ‘the jacksons’ and others at the time. The record industry missed a trick …but then, the industry were just looking for ego monsters who would play upto the camera and the next ‘big thing’ that would sell lots of records.

    Not a lot of money in good music. But it really counts in the grand scheme of things.

    This one of theirs is also fantastic The Sylvers – What’s it All About

    You can even hear the melody from Michael Caine’s opening salvo fron “Alfie” but then they go a different direction. A much better direction IMO

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    I concur with Bosco that the premise of a cull is too-far-fetched. I suspect that this whole nightmare is the result of a collusion of ultra-rich davos cult members working together to “save the planet” much like the climate change fiasco. Once the money spigot got turned on, the lackeys at pfizer started drawing up contracts and the rest is history. The lawyers got drafted and the government (bought and paid for) went all-in at the behest of their handlers.

    These efforts to make us compliant and to gaslight us away from having any doubt in the narrative is the typical result of hubris and arrogance associated with any predatory and psychopathic “rulers”. Comes with the territory. To complement this, herd mentality has demonstrated the populace to be wanting in what Voltaire described as one of the most virtuous of freedoms civilisation has to offer: to think for oneself.

    Fuellmich stated that the AR from the jabs are unintentional according to his interviews. I can believe that. The-powers-that-be wanted a smooth transition fron our prior debt-based monetary system. They did not anticipate such poor QC from the manufacture of their patented tech. Dumb bastards. They expected to ensnare us all in a legal nightmare from which there is no escape with no repercussions and get away with it scott-free. Sadly for them (and tragically for us) the jabs don’t work and have huuuge issues with AR, especially with the younger cohort taking them. However, that cannot get in the way of their plans as it’s ‘Pinky and The Brain‘ time.

    As regards Greta, well, I agree she is genuine. It doesn’t mean that she could be wrong. When I was a young ‘un (back in the 80’s) I was concerned with climate change, pollution, de-forestation etc. As I believe Churchill famously said “those who are not liberal in youth have no heart and those who are not conservative in old age have no brain”. I think it is important to show a change of mind (and heart) once you realise you are wrong. Time will tell if Greta can demonstrate this maxim in action.

    It is demonstrative of our current naivete to present this narrative without considering that we might be wrong. The antifa/climate crowd seem to be so cocksure of themselves.


    I grew up with members of the 60’s generation, believing in ecology and care of the finite planet that we live on. I think that my grandparents has similar concerns and the stories I heard of “pea soupers” on the streets of london during the winters (emanating from all the coal fires) meant that death by “consumption” (lung failure, TB or cancer) was common before the more modern terms that science now grants us.

    So at what stage do we actually stop and think about the implications of human interaction on this spinning rock orbiting a nuclear star? I would argue that super heated enriched uranium rods creating steam in order to make turbines generate electricity is not a safe or sustainable way to exist on this planet. Neither is wind, solar or tidal “renewable” energy. There could be something in the future. As long as we do not blow ourselves up and sabotage the potential for something better, there is still the possibility of an innovation to come out of left-field. Greta does not have the solution and although her urgency shows a sign of youthful heartfelt concern, it is foolish to take the lead from the cohort of opportunist billionaires that have decided to back her at this point in history. They have all the hallmarks of a cult – religious belief in an particular outcome, backed by “science”, no matter what.

    So I would argue that the convergence of event 201 and this climate change fantacism is basically cover for the total reset of our monetary/economic system. The monetary system was always destined to collapse at some stage. I was surprised when we made it as far as 2007, expecting things to go south during the dot com bubble (and even earlier than that). The Iraq war/WMD seemed to me at the time to be “the moment of collapse” and yet we still trundle forward like a leper missing limbs.

    The international bond markets are a complete joke, with obligatory investment needed for any pension fund as legally instructed by regulatory requirements in all countries around the globe. “The stock market” shoes all the bias of human greed and vice, with circuit breakers built in to halt trading when a stock drops more than 7% in any one trading session. Yet we have no similar halts on any stock having a parabolic move to the upside.

    How can we call this capitalism? This is a hybrid of socialism and capitalism whereby the worst of both are presented as the best we have to offer. It is sad really. The whole thing should have collapsed decades ago and yet here we are witnessing our populace attempting to bargain with the very powers thst have held us hostage to conditions that offer us no sense of freedom from their over-arching regulations.

    Ironically enough, we have not had as much potential to invest our time and recreation into myriad of different persuits at any time in recorded history, yet we are faced with the worst example of stockholm syndrome in the same. We are slave except we are free.

    Where’s the incentive? I can buy a set of oils and canvas and paint much like the masters did, yet I do not need the church in order to fund a huge overhead in the cost of raw materials. Ditto music, cooking, video/film, photography, study of astronomy, geography and many many others. I could do it all if I choose to. Yet I am missing the spirit of all these things. Who would appreciate it? There are those who are doing stellar work in these fields and we are missing the wonder of the human element of creativity, instead ensnared in a hideous power play between the rulers and predatory forces out to squeeze every penny of revenue and ounce of consent to manipulate the laws of society in order for them to game the system. It’s human nature that is our greatest enemy and nothing has changed since time immemorial.

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    Apologies to the ubiquitous Germ as he probably shared the link to already. I’m a bit slow comparatively..

    Yes, “Liberty Gin” rationing does seem to be hitting morale, Mr. House.. Moar truthspeak seems to be their solution to everything.

    Psycho Gaslighting MF’ers.

    Linton Kwesi Johnson – Inglan Is A Bitch

    The psychology behind Orwell’s fears lay dormant, hidden undergroun’. Some people knew it was a dry, soul sucking machine. In the end, we all get to see it out in the open.

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    Thanks to TAE crew for keeping the effort going. Been busy as heck but had a moment or two before bedtime to read Illargi’s selections and catch up on the always lively comment section (it has been wilder since Bosco’s return!)

    Here is some gaslighting for you. The normalisation of “sudden death”

    This organisation was started in “July 2020 during the pandemic”….


    I don’t mean to be ghoulish. It is just too…convenient… to be… coincidence.

    Gaslighting MF’ers… Ghastly….

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    Sending you love and well wishes Bosco. Hope you Doc works his magic on you ASAP.

    You mentioned the band a little while back, so I’m going to re-listen to the first few Police albums again. Sting wrote some great lyrics that transcend the era of the band. I was checking out ‘Sychronicity’ a few years back (pre-covid) while reading Jung’s concepts on the same. Sting also employed some top musicians to play on his albums over the years including Kenny Kirkland and Branford Marsalis. A man of good taste.

    Thank you Ilargi for your ever-pertinent commentary, connecting the dots seamlessly. The photos of Athens and its beautiful landscape is a welcome reminder. It is good to be reminded of beauty. Perhaps once we come to our senses again we shall be free to wander the globe once more in search of wonderous experiences.

    Best wishes to all

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    Dr. John – was good to read your ‘truth reset lies’ blog yesterday. Some solid collaborations going on there. Doc Rob + Dr John. That is a good team. Also, man, what a bumper crop of kale and collard greens… I can see no sign of any soylent green. I’m relieved, I’m pleased to say.

    Good crowd here & a good show most days. Also good to see Bosco/Rob/Madam make an appearance here again.

    Heck, here’s some friday night music for y’all. Came across this cool west coast outfit MNDSGN. Most recent album is called ‘rare pleasure’.


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    @zerosum – soylent green?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 3 2021 #91495

    @mr house – ha! You weren’t wrong! Sometimes being that cynical is a direct-link to what machievellian minds are thinking. Hard to believe for most who actually have a heart.

    One question though, beyond our own mortal limits, what will enable “them” and their progeny to live with impunity on the planet, having dispensed with the natural order? Do they actually think that their own tech and hand-selected experts will see them through survival on this planet and have an outcome any different than before when civilisation fell? The road to ruins is assured (Brutus, Nero, Caligula et al) but the ascent back up to productivity is not. As I said before, ‘Hubris’. It is often the most unlikely ‘bloodlines’ that contribute to this matter (apologies to Trivium). Our collective labour and intent is what contributed to the Pyramids, the sistene Chapel, the wonders of Art and music etc. You don’t miss your water, until your well runs dry…

    The series I mentioned in case anyone is interested – Kenneth Clarke’s Civilisation

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 3 2021 #91490

    @mr house – indeed. Hasn’t it always been that way? The more I study history the more I notice the same pattern repeating. ‘Civilisation’ has recently been defended/defined by the civil rights gains made since ww2 ended. I don’t see many with a brain defending the advancement made since magna carta or the genius of inventors such as Agostino Ramelli. I even remember watching a incredibly biased British history series called ‘civilisation’ some years ago which based its theory that western civilisation was nearly lost and not rekindled after the fall of Rome and the Vikings, were it not for Charlemagne reuniting the Holy Roman Empire. Remarkable. I guess if you call ‘civilisation’ “The Eternal Quest for Power and the Conquest for Complete Human Enslavement”, you’d be right. In my book, however, ‘civilisation’ is a term far more nebulous and wide-reaching. We collectively borrow far more than we’d like to admit (“Standing on the shoulders of giants”). Hubris springs to mind when establishment figures mention ‘Civilisation’.

    Ilargi and Nicole have certainly spent their time chronicling ROEI and the Planet Earth here at TAE. While this (formerly) cheap energy has made civilisation what it is today, our dear leaders seemed to have misjudged things (the drop ahead) as this cheap energy will certainly not be there to fulfil their dreams of a 4th industrial revolution, unless there is something I missed. Perhaps CERN has somet hidden secret that has bolstered their confidence? If not, then the pattern will certainly be repeating, post haste.

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    Indeed @Mr Roboto – this is a masterclass in ‘taking the piss’!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 1 2021 #91383

    @my parents – thx for the ditty and the jokes!

    Regarding keeping records, that has always been a problem, even since print. The catholic church tended to burn the books and heretics who challenged the status quo. Hence “History is written by the victors”. Not to get too conspiratorial, there are a number of alternate versions of history already. ‘The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail’, ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’, Talmudic texts and Akashic records to name a few (of course, academia has named these all ‘frauds’ just as the Catholic church did to the haratics back in the day)

    I have a personal library of news I keep and have kept since my early days of blogging in 2010. We have the wayback machine and interweb for now. If they dispense with that then they can also kiss their dreams of the 4th industrial revolution goodbye. We’re going back to the 2nd one!

    Great song also @tae summary!

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    Glad to hear you’re feeling better Raul.

    You’re right, collective minds have completely lost all perspective.

    I had a cancer referral in December 2020. Went to a specialist place in February 2021 and had to go through all the COVID rigmarole (testing, masks, isolation) in order to be seen. The place specialised in rare cancers and treated many children. It was a very humbling experience. I was talking to a radiologist/imaging specialist who took me around the place to get tested and she told me that the place was running at around half capacity. I told her “that is really bad. Just because of COVID, people don’t stop getting cancer! It is life-saving work you are doing”

    Indeed, cancer kills 10 times the number that COVID did during its worse (initial) wave and that has not been repeated in its successive waves. What we have done collectively defies even the most careless infantile and deranged mind possible. We have passed the point of no return and there will be hell to pay for our consent to this madness.

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    Assistant to Executive members

    Applicants must enjoy and have attributes in the following:

    Chemical/Biological Weapons,
    Being Generally Sycophantic,
    Being Among “The Elite”,
    An Unwavering Commitment to Authority,

    Previous experience in turning a blind eye to the suffering of others essential. Please forward your CV’s to the relevant administration office in charge of procurement and ensure you include at least three references from organisations recognised by the WEF.

    NOTE: Desirable but not essential: Historical experience of being burned alive, hung, drawn and quartered, hung until dead, poisoned, shot by firing squad, torn apart by wild animals, stoned, tortured to death, drowned, guillotined and generally killed by angry mobs. Full training to be given on-the-job

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 30 2021 #91200

    Ice Cube sees more value in his life than the completion of his $9 million movie contract. That should be a wake up call to a few of the believers.

    Good to have Cube on the team. Big fan of his since his ‘Bomb Squad’ days in the 90’s…

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    best way to avoid an argument

    in reply to: Puppies, Sadists and Vaccines #90765

    Truly horrific. I could not believe what I was reading. The pictures add extra gritty realism. What horrors were being perpetrated on those puppies. All in the name of science, eh? Another reminder of how far gone so of us have gone as a species to allow this type of activity to slip through the net in the name of “medical research”. We really do need to lock these psychopaths up.

    I wanted to follow up on what Maxwell Quest has said. Watch the younger people.

    Remember the Hitler Youth.

    I had an experience travelling yesterday where an empowered masked young black girl was very agressive towards me. She seemed very disapproving of my choice to be maskless. If there will be accomplices to loading the box cars, I suspect the youth might well be instrumental in this. I’m thinking the tender age of 16 to 25. They are most naive and easily programned to make mistakes (do you remember those years and what you did? Sorry if I made you blush)

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    Ilargi, I shared the PHE info you posted today along with germs video of Tony Bliar referring, with an identical line to Fauci (they obviously have the same script writer) that “the data is clear” on the evidence that vaccination works. Works in what way?

    Bliar passed the equivalent of three new laws a day while he was British PM. Perhaps the data he is referring to equates to just how efficiently they are removing all human rights and freedoms? Or perhaps am I being too cynical.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 23 2021 #90678

    @germ -thx for the Dan Stock interview. Yet another stich up using monograph medications. Who would have thought it? We can add 25 hydroxyvitamin d to our growing list of banned substances to use which are totally “safe and effective”!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 23 2021 #90677

    I am certainly preaching to the converted on here, many of you are older and wiser than I, having lived through more references than I could hope to share. This discussion has brought up the infamous “ism” so I thought this 1948 cartoon “liberty never sleeps” is quite pertinent.

    As a UK national, I have been indoctrinated into a kind of socialism-capitalism hybrid, attempting to take the best of both worlds. What we are witnessing now worldwide is the failure of both. I would argue thst without laws to regulate the excesses of capitalism, we are at the mercy of predatory forces much like creditors to the notorius South Sea Bubble in the 18th century. Likewise, the imaginings of some kind of permanence to altuistic systems like Atlee’s NHS, rely on the honesty and prudence of politicians. A most vulnerable position to place oneself in. A casual look at world government debt markets reveal all there is to know about the chances of those promises made being kept.

    Between a rock and a hard place.

    Speaking of cartoons, I observed this Netflix cartoon – inside job  It is making fun of deep state conspiracies, parodying the kind of content that has been classiified “fake news”. Funny that. Is it life imitating art or the other way around? After the Iraq war, the deep state became careless, not even attempting to hide what they were upto. John Pilger’s ‘The War You Don’t See’ was eyeopening. Apparently not many people saw that!! (Ironic)

    Grateful for this fine community of brave souls and it is a pleasure to read all your thoughts and contributions along with Ilargi’s dilligent muckraking.

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    I posted this via KD the other day.

    I need to drag out this full ‘Dr. Terror’s House of Horrible’ episode in time for Halloween. Everyone needs a laugh and this is fairly appropriate at the moment

    [embed width="560" height="315"][/embed]

    in reply to: “Mistakes” #90366

    @Ilargi, thanks for all that you do.

    I have not gone for the pinephone yet. It is still in too primitive and buggy a format so I have decided to give it a miss for now. Perhaps the gnu smartphone will evolve enough in time to let end-users decide on the amount of tracking and surveillance without compromising too much on build quality and functionality. I am limiting my android use for now and will rely more on my linux desktop in the meantime.

    I have just about been keeping up with your debt rattles and articles. Good observations as always and it is helpful being kept informed with a satirical smile and mindset. Without good stewards like yourself we would all be lost at sea.

    And yes, “Mistakes” … I don’t think so either!

    Day, I am saddened to hear how your practice has ended.

    I used to spend a great deal of my time gardening and growing plants when I was younger living at home with my parents. Despite being a city dweller my whole life, my upbringing gave me plenty of experience in a rural setting. It is not glamorous (indeed, who enjoys getting up at 5am in the wet cold to work in the elements?) A connection to nature keeps us rooted in humility and bestows upon us meaning (along with food and other resources). I wish you well in the coming months and pray for us all to weather the ensuing storm with a level head and courage.

    , thank you for your diligent efforts. Wow, plan B in the UK. Who would have seen that one coming? Brace indeed. It is going to be a long winter.

    @Trivium, thank you for sharing your knowledge on all matters of the occult and hidden in matters of health. It is said that conspiracy can only operate under cover of darkness. That being said; let there be light.

    @Doc Robinson @ Chooch – you are consistently delivering the facts, straight up. Continually grateful for your contributions.

    @Voracious, what a horrific predicament you and your mother are in. Yes, the destruction of our societal institutions represents a great loss for all. Those that are presently vulnerable represent the canary in the cold mine. There are those with apathy towards this emerging trend being superficial with their empathetic responses.. It is sad to see. I do not envy those with narcissistic tendencies as when the levee breaks they will not be spared.

    Best wishes to all

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 4 2021 #89185

    @my parents – ha! That quip just reminded me of a ‘dirty blues’ by Dinah Washington called ‘long john blues’. It’s really quite filthy for it’s time! (1948)

    Better be careful or this place’ll turn into a penal colony 😉

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 4 2021 #89181


    I’ve often wondered if your handle was a reference to that remarkable businessman of Barnum and Bailey fame? I never forgot a story my dad told me of a sign that Barnum put up on the wall near the other exhibit notices once inside “50 cents Ingress”… Kids would ask for some money to “see the ingress” before being unceremoniously shown the exit via a lifted curtain. By then it was too late and they had to pay again to re-enter the amusement.

    I tried commenting here one week ago about the state of the UK (London) and what I saw on the roads due to the fuel shortage. My main message was something along the lines of “I didn’t expect things to break down so badly so quickly” I saw fights in petrol forecourts, abandoned cars with their doors wide open in the middle of the road in a mile long traffic jam. People rushing on foot to fill up Metal watering cans full of petrol, even plastic carrier bags. It was like something from a hollywood disaster movie.

    My thinking was something along the lines of “this will do great things for COP26” They are all flying up to Glasgow at the end of the month to preach about climate change, shortages of gas, oil and coal. They have a perfect backdrop with which to pain the perfect picture to suit their “narrative”.

    I’m reminded of that line from the onion movie where it says “The world was plunged into productivity when the internet shutdown today boosting the GDP and industrial output of the nation”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 4 2021 #89180

    Dank u wel Polder. Yeah, I really feel for good doctors, scientists, commentators (like Raul) and anybody with an original independent thought against this one-sided barrage of attacks and ad-hominems.

    They all talk of balanced viewpoints but i see nothing of the sort from their side. I think we have all been incredibly tolerant considering the level of societal suppression and repression. I think it is time to pick a side to some degree. Most of my dearest friends and family have taken the Vax. I attempted to inform them and respected their choice in the end. The freedom to choose with regards to our own bodily autonomy is everything.

    I outlined (just as you have) that you can hardly point the finger against others without justifying one’s own defense and position. Hear the other side’s story. That requires compassion, humility, reflection. As Peterson would say “Set your house in perfect order before you critiize the world”.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 4 2021 #89177

    seems to work fine now Raul. Thanks

    Perhaps that was my seminal moment here

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 4 2021 #89176


    grow 5 cm’s or your money back….


    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 27 2021 #88295

    @TDK – ha!

    Yeah, when proceedings are civil we can accept and tolerate conflicting viewpoints. We have gone long past the time where this is the case regarding this ‘rona issue.

    We can hardly sit and act civly when others have reduced our civil freedoms to a mere memory, using propaganda to coerce us and our families to submit to a “medical” dicktastership – all the while gaslighting us when we question the validity of facts that they themselves are presenting!

    Great wordsmithery between yourself and nomanisanisland the other day btw.. Very witty stuff. I had a few chuckles reading the exchanges on Sat!


    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 27 2021 #88289

    Excuse me if I came across a bit spiky there – not my intention at all. I felt a bit dramatic and needed to get my point across.

    Of course, it goes without saying we are allowed to have different opinions and to disagree on any matters we see fit.



    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 27 2021 #88287

    Mr house and a kullervo

    What has wikileaks achieved thus far? How many people have been held accountable for collateral murder? How about the masses of contracts released implicating senior dems and republicans to environmental groups, oil companies, defense? What about the intelligence firm stratfor which was feeding the US government inside info on foreign government including personal information needed to blackmail and/or gain advantage in strategic negotiations in trade deals?

    Nothing wikileaks has teleased has resulted in anything except that we know more about what they are doing. Without them, they would be running rings around us, the plebs. Without them, the automatic earth would have no readership. Without them we would already be matrix slaves with no way out except the needle, the bottle or the rope.

    How’s that for some cynical realism?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 27 2021 #88281

    Thank you susmarie, I do appreciate your optimism and presence. I second your sentiments – peace and blessings to all

    in reply to: Spartacus #88249

    This paper is an amazing find. This time, with hope, the via sacra/appian way will not be lined with the corpses of the resistance.

    A lot of diverse comments and opinions on this thread.

    MPSK mentions passing on an idea. This is central to the concept of the meme. First (I believe) mentioned or popularised by Dawkins in ‘the selfish gene’ and further expanded in ‘the blind watchmaker’. Irrespective of his anti-religious stance, the meme is as (r)evolutionary as the gene. Yes, it even goes back to the concept of creation, genesis, adam and eve and the snake. Theosophy shows similarities between widely geographically diverse cultures (‘dreamtime’ in aboriginal belief to the vedanta in hinduism, the trinity in catholocism/christianity etc) Who can stop a great idea?

    One thing that springs to my mind about the reliance of empire as discussed here on the forum. Yes, lack of infrastructure is a vulnerability for civilisation. But perhaps the very concept of ‘civilisation’ is itself an oxymoron considering what/how we define it, as it stands right now? Could we do better? I’m sure we all know the answer to that.

    I have found it increasingly difficult to defend the existing system each and every decade that passes. Perhaps by putting our energies into something new that makes the existing system obsolete we stand a greater chance of succeeding.

    Do not forget that ideas that have been proven to work can be ‘borrowed’ and added to a new system. I believe the American consitiution was just such a system when it was first signed and brought into existence. All systems eventually collapse and break down and then the pattern must repeat again and begin anew.

    Tomorrow’s optimism will rival todays despair.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 25 2021 #88103

    The problem with psychopathic gaslighting techniques is it makes one second guess oneself. It is designed to work that way. We should be a little easier on ourselves. These kinds of psyops are not particularly pleasant or easy to go through. As we all know, government has been spinning this particular game on us for centuries. It’s not new or innovative (hint to deep state actors – must try harder)

    We should congratulate ourselves for getting a masterclass on agitprop-in-action. It’s real life folks. Kinda disappointing when you see it up close and personal like this. I was expecting much more (what with the unlimited resources that they have at their disposal) All we needed in the 21st century was an internet connection and a few good people who know how to think for themselves.

    That’s the advantage of this occuring right here, right now. Despite their gaming the system to own all the media, influencing virually all the social networks that exist, buying out every politician they can along woth the banks, pharmaceuticals and the like, they never figured out that information is free and everywhere. A few good people can join the dots even without the incalculable wealth they have amassed or stolen.

    in reply to: Crickets #88027

    I just read through the twitter feeds of the four individuals linked on the BBC story germ posted above (“Is ‘the worst cold ever’ going around?”) and it appears all four individuals were double vaxxed.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 24 2021 #87992

    The smell of desperation is in the air, the clowns are losing and they know it. Whatever algos and fan boys they are using are devoid of spirit and since dread and obedience is all they can summon it all looks a lot like a recreation of edvard munch’s classic is on the cards for the masses to me.

    Just think of the party on the other side of this once this giant shitshow is finally over. Much love and luck to all ahead

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 22 2021 #87841

    @zerosum – that comment was intended for the village troll

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