Jun 172012
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What Choice is in Greece's Best Interest?

In all of the things written about Greece and the rest of southern Europe these days, and there's an avalanche of articles, there is very little mention of the fact that Greece, Spain and Portugal were – brutal and bloody – dictatorships until less than 40 years ago. After WWII, their populations were largely left to fend for themselves for decades by the richer countries of Europe – and by the US -, until they toppled their military regimes in

Jun 152012
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Goodness! Gracious! Great Wall's on Fire!

The Great Wall of China (built in Ming Dynasty) winds its way through deserts, basins, plains and mountains of North China extending over 6,350 km (3,947 miles) Please allow me to start off with a few explanatory bits. At The Automatic Earth, we have always defined inflation in a different manner from most other sources. That is to say, we define inflation as an increase in money and credit supply (relative to available goods and services), combined with velocity of

Jun 142012
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The Cost of Denying Reality

Round 2 of elections in Greece are coming up this weekend, and all of the media spin machines are working in hyperdrive to make sure that A) the elections DON’T go according to plan, i.e. the anti-memorandum Syriza party doesn’t take down as many votes as the stark stench of uncertainty, uneasiness and anger permeating throughout the country implies that it would (forget the polls), and B) if Syriza does win and Greece is forced out, the rest of the

Jun 132012
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Autoimmune Finance: The System Attacks Itself

Gordon Parks Seafood City June 1943 "A scene at the Fulton Fish Market, New York" The only thing that has been achieved -if we can even use that word- by the European bailouts thus far, is that bank debt is kept hidden from view. That's all. No economies have been rescued or restored, no jobs have been created, nothing. And the bank debt that we now can't see even though we know it's there, will one day forcibly be forced

Jun 132012
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Ruminations: Faith and Humanity

I’m using this commentary to ruminate on a thought-provoking statement written by TAE reader alfbell and re-posted to the comment forum by reader Candace: alfbell says… “No system will ever be successful until the human mind, and the spiritual being that utilized it, have been isolated and fully understood. Psychiatry, psychology, psychoanalysis, et al. have failed in this area as well. Very too bad because THIS is the key to man’s future survival.   Find the source of evil and

Jun 112012
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Keep an Eye on Italy and India

A shuttered shop window reading: “here you can really save your money” in Rome. When we talk about economies that are looking horrendous these days, it is important to remember that there are other economies out there looking just as bad or worse, either right now or in the near future. The reason is because the global economy is so damn inter-connected that no large national economy can sustain any modicum of growth on its own. This fact is obviously

Jun 102012
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Retrospective #8: Warm is Always Beautiful

This is number eight in a series of articles documenting the principles and practice of eco-thrifty renovation written by Estwing of the ETR Blog for the Wanganui Chronicle. To date this column has introduced the concept of eco-thrifty renovation and explained the first three of seven design principles that guided us through this process: solar gain, thermal mass and insulation. I’ve emphasized the concepts of payback period and “low-hanging fruit.” Before I move on to our fourth design principle –

Jun 092012
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Europe: A Thousand Miles Behind

Photo: Jessica Smith Production and exports are plummeting in Italy, Holland, Finland, Germany, just about anywhere; in China, production growth falls sharply. But your "leaders" will keep on talking about restoring growth, recovery etc. Spain will – secretly – ask for some $200-300 billion in bank bail-outs on Saturday (and get much less, the Wall Street Journal reports it will be €125), and 24 hours later play its first game in the Euro Cup, for which it's the great favorite.

Jun 082012
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Waste Based Society

I’m out of town for the weekend, limited internet access. So the new posting may be a bit scarce, depending on what kind of free time I&S get. For now, I would like to cross-post an article by one of the Chefs over at the Doomstead Diner – RE. He talks about the fact that our system has been designed to promote extreme amounts of energy/resource waste throughout every portion of our daily lives, mainly because that is what maximizes

Jun 062012
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Welcome to the No-Growth Paradigm

September 1932. “Iraq oil fields. Man with fires in desert.” American Colony Photo Department, Matson Photo Collection. Western developed economies have been resorting to almost every possible trick they can conjure up to maintain financial stability and economic growth over the last few years. And while stimulus, interest rate cuts, monetary easing, currency swaps, liquidity operations, bailout/austerity programs, bank “re-capitalizations”, loan guarantees, entitlement/welfare programs, data manipulation, etc. have kept them muddling through so far, the undeniable truth is that there