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Is Europe Getting Crushed By Variant Completely Immune To Covid Shots? (Blaze)
VAERS: 100s Of Serious Adverse Events The CDC And FDA Kept Hidden (Kirsch)
EU Lists Rare Spinal Condition As Side-effect Of J&J Covid-19 Shot (R.)
New Vax Science Shows Mandates Unwise (McCaughey)
Austria Province To Place Millions Of Unvaxxed In Covid Lockdown (G.)
Asean Reported Over 30,000 New Covid-19 Cases On Wednesday (NT)
Long Covid Doesn’t Exist, Volume One Zillion (Berenson)
Missouri Governor Seeks Benefits For Those Who Defy Federal Vaxx Mandates (JTN)
Moderna To Test Covid-19 Vaccine On Infants As Young As 6 Months Old (Blaze)
FDA Recalls Millions Of Covid Test Kits Over False Positives (RT)
UK Vaccine Mandate May Force 123,000 out of Health Care Sector (ET)





“Isn’t it amazing that HCQ, IVM, and Pfizer’s PAXLOVID ($72per pill) all inhibit the same SARS 3CLpro enzyme to inhibit replication? Weird that two are “snake oil” and the expensive one will get EUA.”



This sort of analysis is entirely meaningless if you don’t also look at vaccine effects. As is, pure speculation.

Is Europe Getting Crushed By Variant Completely Immune To Covid Shots? (Blaze)

With a 62.7% vaccination rate, Austria not only has a higher rate than the U.S., but most of the population has been vaccinated relatively recently, which should give those people better protection. Yet the country is experiencing its most prolific outbreak ever, as we are seeing across the globe, with a near-perfect inverse relationship between vaccination rates and COVID case rates. Now, Austria and other European countries are staring down the barrel of a completely new mutation, which German researchers believe might be completely immune to the vaccine-mediated antibodies. According to Our World in Data, the Central European countries and the Baltic states currently have the highest case rates per capita in the world.

Most of them have higher case rates per million people than the U.S. ever had, but nearly all of them have recently been vaccinated. Slovenia now has over 1,300 cases per million, more than six times the rate in the U.S. Its vaccination rate is comparable to ours, except that most people were more recently vaccinated, which, if anything, should give them more immunity. Other Central and Eastern European states getting hammered have lower vaccination rates, but the Baltic states have higher rates. Then, of course, there is Ireland, with the highest vaccination rate in the EU, yet cases are surging, particularly in the parts of the country that have near 100% vaccination among adults. We already know from the U.K. data, the most granular and continuous of all world data, that the vaccine has negative efficacy against cases and increasingly low efficacy against critical illness, as over 82% of all deaths are among the vaccinated, according to the most recent weekly report from the U.K. Health Security Agency data.

Now, according to a new study, Europe is likely experiencing a wave of a new variant that is completely immune to all the shots, a wave that will make anyone in the U.S. who has not experienced prior infection and does not have a plan for early treatment susceptible to serious illness. Trial Site News is reporting on a study from German and Czech researchers who conducted genomic analysis from samples in the border region between Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. They found that the predominant strain is no longer Delta. It is, in fact, a sublineage of the U.K.’s Alpha SARS-CoV-2 variant, known as B.1.1.7, and is likely responsible for the rapid surge throughout Europe. They believe it is the predominant strain in the Czech Republic, Austria, and Slovakia and that this mutant is “3.2 fold less sensitive to vaccine-elicited antibodies as compared to other B.1.1.7 variants tested, indicating potential for immune evasion.”

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“They can’t admit that they missed the signals now because that would be an admission they missed them before.”

VAERS: 100s Of Serious Adverse Events The CDC And FDA Kept Hidden (Kirsch)

In a brand new VAERS data analysis performed by our friend Albert Benavides (aka WelcomeTheEagle88), we found hundreds of serious adverse events that were completely missed by the CDC that should have been mentioned in the informed consent document that are given to patients. And we found over 200 symptoms that occur at a higher relative rate than myocarditis (relative to all previous vaccines over the last 5 years). All together, there were over 4,000 VAERS adverse event codes that were elevated by these vaccines by a factor of 10 or more over baseline that the CDC should have warned people about.

As of November 1, 2021, there have been more adverse events reported for the COVID vaccines than for all 70+ vaccines combined since they started tracking adverse events 30 years ago. That’s a stunning statistic, nobody can deny it, but nobody in the mainstream medical community (or mainstream media) seems to care much. It’s not even worth noting in passing. Wow. Here’s what the evidence shows:

• The COVID vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines in human history. They are 800 times more deadly than the smallpox vaccine which was the previous record holder. The vaccines have killed over 150,000 Americans and permanently disabled even more. They don’t make sense for anyone of any age. The younger you are, the worse it gets. For kids, it is estimated that we kill 117 kids for every COVID death we prevent. •The Pfizer 6 month trial showed the drug can save 1 life for every 22,000 people vaccinated. It also appeared from the trial that the drug killed more people than it saved (there were 20 deaths in the treatment group vs. 14 in placebo after unblinding). So we are “saving” fewer than 10,000 lives at the expense of over 150,000 deaths. In short, we kill 15 people to save 1. That’s incredibly stupid. But nobody in the Biden administration wants to meet with our team. They basically don’t want to hear the truth. Instead, they focus on deplatforming and censoring us which are techniques that are effective when the data doesn’t work out for you.

• Both the FDA and CDC have proven inept in spotting safety signals. They can’t even compute the VAERS URF which is a number that is required for any serious risk-benefit analysis. So the FDA and CDC outside committee members are all flying blind in approving the vaccines. Even after this deficiency is pointed out in the public comments by yours truly (and direct emails to the committee members), it makes no difference. We are ignored. The CDC safety monitoring is so bad that they even admitted at the last ACIP meeting that it was the DoD that spotted the myocarditis signal. So the FDA and CDC have basically been batting .000 in terms of spotting safety signals that have been sitting in plain sight the entire time.

• They can’t admit that they missed the signals now because that would be an admission they missed them before. So they will try to discredit this article with ad hominem attacks (this is a technique used to win an argument when you cannot win on the evidence). • The serious events we highlight below are all consistent with the mechanism of action that Robert Malone and I first described in the Darkhorse podcast. Namely, that the spike protein that is produced in response to the delivery of the mRNA is cytotoxic and results in blood clots, inflammation and scarring throughout your body which then creates a wider range of severe adverse events than any vaccine in human history.

• The medical community is trained by the CDC to believe the vaccines are safe, so they interpret all the adverse events as not vaccine related. But if it wasn’t the vaccine that caused all these events, what was it? What’s worse is they tell their patients, “this is all in your head” or that “your baby died because you had a genetic defect.” • In general, patients believe their doctors and never figure out where to get a cytokine panel to discover that they are vaccine injured (go to to get the cytokine panel and IncellDx to get the spike protein assay). So people never learn how to rid their body of the spike protein either (see my article on vaccine treatment for the drugs they use to do this) which is the first step in the road to recovery.

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100s and 1.

EU Lists Rare Spinal Condition As Side-effect Of J&J Covid-19 Shot (R.)

Europe’s drug regulator on Thursday recommended adding a rare type of spinal inflammation called transverse myelitis as a side-effect of Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose COVID-19 vaccine. Reports of this serious neurological illness was also at the heart of trial halts in the early stages of development for both AstraZeneca and J&J’s shots, which are based on similar technology. Giving updates on the safety of all coronavirus shots, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said it was assessing reports of a rare blood condition known as capillary leak syndrome (CLS) following inoculation with Moderna’s MRNA.O vaccine.

The EMA said it had recorded six cases of CLS and was assessing all data, but it was not yet clear if there was a causal association between the reports and the vaccine. In CLS, fluids leak from the smallest blood vessels causing swelling and a drop in blood pressure. The condition has also been studied with vaccines from AstraZeneca and J&J. The EMA said there was currently not enough evidence of a possible link between rare cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) and mRNA-based vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. The regulator is reviewing if approved coronavirus vaccines could cause MIS. The syndrome is a serious but rare condition in which different body parts become inflamed, including the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes, or gastrointestinal organs.

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“The vaccinated had just as much viral load in their upper respiratory tract, making them just as contagious.”

New Vax Science Shows Mandates Unwise (McCaughey)

New scientific findings in the prestigious Lancet Infectious Diseases journal blow a hole in the argument that workers need to get vaccinated to protect those around them. The findings prove the foolishness of forcing police and other public employees to get jabbed or lose their pay. And President Joe Biden should retract his order to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to compel large employers to mandate vaccines. The journal reported Thursday that COVID-19 vaccines have “minimal” impact on preventing transmission of the delta strain. Delta is the COVID strain currently causing over 99% of U.S. cases. Vaccines protect the people getting the shots from serious illness, but they don’t stop the delta variant from spreading to others.

Don’t get me wrong. Americans should choose to get vaccinated. The key word is “choose.” Though shots are no guarantee against getting infected and spreading it to others, they provide significant protection (90% or more) against hospitalization and death. I’m triple jabbed. Choosing not to get vaccinated is choosing to risk your own life. The health risk to others is minimal. Most vaccines — against polio, smallpox, measles and other diseases — prevent infection and spread. But not COVID-19 vaccines. Now that the battle is against the delta variant, they’ve become disease-tamers rather than infection preventers. Governors and mayors from Maine to Los Angeles are demanding that public employees, and even nurses and doctors, hailed just months ago as heroes, get vaxxed or go without a job.

Just as politicians don’t read the bills before voting on them, they don’t keep up with science but still want to tell the rest of us what to do. The groundbreaking findings in Lancet show that fully vaccinated people who came down with COVID infected others in their household at the same rate (about 25%) as unvaccinated people did (about 23%). The vaccinated had just as much viral load in their upper respiratory tract, making them just as contagious.

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Think the Austrians don’t know this? “The vaccinated had just as much viral load in their upper respiratory tract, making them just as contagious.”

Austria Province To Place Millions Of Unvaxxed In Covid Lockdown (G.)

Austria is set to place millions of people not fully vaccinated against Covid-19 in lockdown in a matter of days as infections soar to record highs and intensive care units face an increasing strain. The country’s worst-affected province of Upper Austria plans to introduce a lockdown for the unvaccinated from Monday next week following recommendations from medical experts. Europe is once again “at the epicentre” of the pandemic with Covid cases at or surpassing record levels due to uneven vaccine coverage and a relaxation of preventive measures, the World Health Organization said last week, adding that 500,000 more deaths are forecast in the region by February. Coronavirus deaths rose by 10% across the continent over the past week, making it the only world region where both Covid-19 cases and deaths are steadily increasing, according to a WHO report.

Austrian regional governor Thomas Stelzer described the situation as “dramatic” and said a lockdown would be introduced “provided there is a legal green light from the federal government or the federal government creates the legal basis”, the Austria Press Agency reports. The province has the lowest vaccination rate and the highest infection rate of Austria’s nine provinces, according to government data. Austria has the lowest vaccination rate of any western European country apart from Liechtenstein, according to data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Those who are not vaccinated will have restrictions placed on their daily movements, including bans from restaurants, hotels, hairdressing salons and large public events.

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Yeah, we really need Bolsonaro as the voice of reason. Thanks, guys.

Bolsonaro Confronts WHO Chief: ‘People Are Dying After the Second Dose’

A new clip has emerged of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro confronting WHO head Tedros Adhanom about COVID-19 restrictions and asking why people are still dying of COVID after the second dose of the vaccine. The discussion took place during the recent G20 summit of global leaders in Rome. Challenging Adhanom on vaccine passports, Bolsonaro asserted that, “All over the world, there are people who need to work to feed themselves.” He added that lockdown measures have destabilized the global economy, warning that if it continues, “the economy will collapse.” Adhanom said he didn’t want more lockdowns and agreed that the vaccine passport scheme was “discrimination,” but only while vaccine rates in some countries were still low.

“In Brazil, many who get the second dose are getting COVID,” said Bolsonaro, to which the WHO head responded by saying the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of COVID but reduces the risk of serious illness and death. “In Brazil, many who got the second dose are dying,” Bolsonaro clarified, to which Adhanom responded by saying underlying diseases were to blame. Bolsonaro then decried his inability to stop mandatory vaccinations for children, to which Adhanom responded by saying the WHO doesn’t support giving the vaccine to children. The Brazilian President then lamented how whenever he asks questions about the vaccine, he is accused of putting out “fake news.” “Our hands are tied, the lives of our children are at stake,” said Bolsonaro. When he asked Adhanom about the origin of COVID-19, Adhanom laughed and said, “We are still studying it.”

Bolsonaro has long been skeptical of the vaccine and COVID-19 lockdown measures. After arriving for the UN General Assembly in September, he was forced to eat pizza on the sidewalk because he is not vaccinated and therefore banned from indoor dining in New York. Bolsonaro has repeatedly championed the drug hydroxychloroquine, asserting that, “If hydroxychloroquine hadn’t been politicized, a lot more lives could have been saved.” The Brazilian President caught coronavirus himself in July 2020, but said he was able to recover quickly thanks to his past as an “athlete” in the army. He also pointed to hydroxychloroquine as having aided his swift recovery.

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Just wanted to point out Indonesia: 227 million people, 480 new cases, 14 deaths, widespread use of ivermectin.

Asean Reported Over 30,000 New Covid-19 Cases On Wednesday (NT)

The number of Covid-19 cases crossed 13.48 million across Southeast Asia, with 30,200 new cases reported on Wednesday (November 10), higher than Tuesday’s tally at 27,613. New deaths are at 370, increasing from Tuesday’s number of 310. Total Covid-19 deaths in Asean are now at 282,675. Malaysia’s Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department reported that about 1.8 per cent of civil servants, or about 29,000 people from the total 1.6 million people, have yet to be vaccinated against Covid-19 despite a mandate issued by the Public Service Department. However, as of November 10, ten days after the mandate was issued, no disciplinary actions have been taken.

Meanwhile, Singapore’s Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) said on Wednesday that the African lion at the Singapore Zoo which showed signs of sickness on Monday has tested positive for Covid-19. It is the fifth lion in Singapore to be infected with the coronavirus, after four Asiatic lions at the Night Safari tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday. A Mandai Wildlife Group spokesman said in a statement on Wednesday that all its lions that have been unwell are “bright, alert and active for now”.

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Double blind?!

“..the illness is a group of squishy (if painful and difficult) symptoms looking for a name – and more importantly a billing code.”

Long Covid Doesn’t Exist, Volume One Zillion (Berenson)

The Journal of the American Medical Association has another stunning paper out, this one on post-Covid symptoms in almost 27,000 French adults. Researchers asked people to report whether they had had Covid and whether they had any of 18 lasting symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, or cough. They found that self-reported Covid was very strongly associated with nearly every symptom. But the scientists then went a step further. They also had Sars-Cov-2 antibody test results for the people they had surveyed, so they didn’t have to depend on self-reported Covid. They knew who really had had Covid and who had not. They then compared self-reported symptoms in people with antibodies – that is, people who had actually been infected and recovered from Covid – to the general population.

And they found no difference in almost any symptom. Covid was not a risk factor for chest pain, or breathing difficulties, or trouble focusing, or stomach pain, or any of the many, many other complaints that long Covid “patients” and interest groups say are real. There was one interesting exception; people with Covid antibodies did have a much higher rate of anosmia, losing one’s sense of smell. Because anosmia is a known and lasting side effect, it serves as a useful control of sorts. The researchers also found that almost 60 percent of the people with antibodies HAD NO IDEA THEY HAD EVEN HAD COVID AT ALL. Meanwhile, while more than half the people who said they had had Covid had no antibodies. (Welcome to the plague so severe most halfway healthy adults don’t even know they’ve had it.)

The study strongly suggests that many people are using previous Covid diagnoses – either real or imagined – to help explain away common physical symptoms such as joint pain or cough. It also suggests that actually being infected Covid is far less risky than thinking you have been infected with Covid for many people. The researchers concluded by explaining that people who claim they have long Covid may need help “to identify cognitive and behavioral mechanisms that may be targeted to relieve the symptoms.” Which is a very polite way of putting the truth. This study should slow, if not stop, the rush to medicalize long Covid. It is yet more proof that the illness is a group of squishy (if painful and difficult) symptoms looking for a name – and more importantly a billing code.

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Missouri Governor Seeks Benefits For Those Who Defy Federal Vaxx Mandates (JTN)

If a worker is fired for not getting a federally mandated COVID-19 vaccination, Missouri Republican Gov. Mike Parson wants to help them. “You see what Iowa just did,” Parson said Thursday in an interview with The Center Square. “I think we want to make sure civil rights or civil liberties are being exercised. If somebody has religious conviction, we want to make sure that’s upheld – whatever that takes. And if it’s for health reasons, we want to include that, too.” On Oct. 29, Iowa Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds signed into law a bill allowing the state’s workers to seek medical and religious exemptions from the vaccine mandate and guarantees unemployment benefits for those fired for refusing to get vaccinated. The Iowa legislature passed the bill during a one-day special session scheduled to approve the state’s redistricting maps.

Missouri Republican Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed three lawsuits during the last two weeks to stop federal vaccine mandates. They include halting required vaccinations for federal contractors and federally contracted employees, for private employers with 100 or more employees operating under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and for health care facilities serving Medicare and Medicaid patients. “We’ve been in contact with the Attorney General’s office and we were waiting for the OSHA guidelines to come out,” Parson said. “We wanted to see where the federal government was going to see what kind of lawsuits to file.”

The New Orleans-based Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Nov. 6 temporarily halted the OSHA order after Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and others filed a similar lawsuit in that jurisdiction. While Parson stopped short of wanting to guarantee unemployment benefits for those losing their jobs for declining vaccinations, he said his administration is planning for the possibility of federal mandates.“If those people are going to lose their jobs, which I don’t think they should… but evidently there’s a little bit of a problem as to what everybody’s view is on those civil rights issues,” Parson said. “So we want to be prepared for that if they go down that road.

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How is this not criminal? Testing on babies!

Moderna To Test Covid-19 Vaccine On Infants As Young As 6 Months Old (Blaze)

Biotechnology company Moderna Therapeutics will soon begin large-scale testing of its COVID-19 vaccine on infants. The vaccine clinical trial, called KidCOVE, is being carried out at 79 locations across 13 states and will involve roughly 13,275 participants between the ages of 6 months and 11 years old in its entirety. The first phase — which has already been completed — involved children between the ages of 6 years to less than 12 years old. The study is now reportedly in its second phase, during which children between the ages of 2 years to less than 6 years old will undergo testing. The third and final stage will test the vaccine on children ages 6 months to less than 2 years old. In August, trial administrators reportedly amassed all the participants they needed for each stage.

Participants in the clinical trial are given two injections in the upper arm about 28 days apart and are then asked to return with their guardian to the study site for at least four follow-up appointments over the next 13 months, according to KidCOVE. “The primary purpose of the KidCOVE Study is to test the safety and effectiveness of the study vaccine, called mRNA-1273, that may protect children between the ages of 6 months to < 12 years from getting sick if they come into contact with SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19,” KidCOVE’s website states.

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Home testing.

FDA Recalls Millions Of Covid Test Kits Over False Positives (RT)

The US Food and Drug Administration has issued “the most serious type of recall” for popular home testing kits that show if one is infected with coronavirus. At least 2.2 million products may have been showing false positives. Some 2,212,335 kits produced by the Australian-based biotech company Ellume and distributed in the US potentially show false positive SARS-CoV-2 test results, the public health agency said in a statement on Thursday. The FDA warned that the use of faulty kits “may cause serious adverse health consequences or death,” identifying the case as a ‘Class I recall.’ The antigen test, which detects coronavirus proteins, was authorized for emergency use by the FDA last year. It is available without a prescription for both adults and children aged two and older, and uses swab samples taken from a nose to detect if one has Covid.

Some “specific lots,” manufactured between February and August this year, are now being recalled in the US, with the company saying it has worked with the authorities to voluntarily remove the affected tests from the market. The company has offered its apologies “for any stress or difficulties [customers] may have experienced because of a false positive result.” The “higher-than-acceptable” false results, showing that a person has coronavirus when in reality they do not, have been reported to the FDA in at least 35 cases. No false negative results have been detected. However, the inaccurate diagnostic could have life-threatening consequences. A person might receive wrong or unnecessary treatment, including with antiviral and antibody therapy, and suffer additional trauma over having to isolate from family members and friends. It might also lead to people disregarding precautions, including getting vaccinated against Covid-19, the FDA has said.

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But not before April 1. Really, the gov’t lost. That’s the story here.

UK Vaccine Mandate May Force 123,000 out of Health Care Sector (ET)

The UK’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for front-line health and social care staff in England may force more than 120,000 people to leave the sector, according to government estimates. Health Secretary Sajid Javid announced on Tuesday that all those working in the National Health Service (NHS) and social care must get fully vaccinated to continue in their jobs from April 1, 2022. The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said the mandate will apply to health and social care workers who have “direct, face-to-face contact” with patients—such as doctors, nurses, dentists, and domiciliary care workers, unless they are exempt. The rule will also apply to porters or receptionists who may have social contact with patients.

The policy is intended to “avoid preventable harm and protect patients in the NHS, protect colleagues in the NHS, and of course protect the NHS itself,” Javid told the House of Commons on Tuesday. In an impact assessment (pdf), also published on Tuesday, the government estimated that around 54,000 medical and social care staff will take up the offer of a jab as a result of the vaccine mandate. But it admitted that the policy could have a “significant impact” on the health and care workforce and could result in as many as 123,000 staff members leaving their jobs. The government’s impact statement estimates that by the end of the grace period around 88,000 health workers, including 73,000 NHS staff, and 35,000 social care workers will remain unvaccinated.

The statement warned that “any reduction in the numbers of health and social care staff may lead to reduced or delayed services” at a time when the UK health system is “stretched with an elective waiting list of 5.72 million and high levels of vacancies.” The impact report also estimates that the “cost of replacing unvaccinated workers is £270 million ($365 million).” The main opposition Labour party said it wants to see NHS staff vaccinated but advised the government to “proceed with caution” given possible staff shortages. Shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth said on Tuesday that NHS trusts are concerned that the policy “could exacerbate some of these chronic understaffing problems,” adding “we simply cannot afford to lose thousands of NHS staff overnight.” [..]the Welsh and Scottish governments are not planning to introduce mandated vaccines for health and social care staff.

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    Winslow Homer Cloud shadows 1890   • Is Europe Getting Crushed By Variant Completely Immune To Covid Shots? (Blaze) • VAERS: 100s Of Serious Adve
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 12 2021]

    V. Arnold

    Winslow Homer Cloud shadows 1890

    Love that Homer: the sail boats on the horizon is a nice touch…

    The Age of Fecklessness…
    The only plague is one of failing mental health…
    The one thing that might have headed off this failure of society, education, was long ago destroyed and with it any semblance of critical thinking skills…
    …only the gods can help us now; but we killed them aeons ago…

    Veracious Poet


    Hoping that some of the smart and informed people here could help me with some advice…

    Somebody near and dear to me is going to get a „booster“ shot in December. They made a personal risk assessment and have decided that in their particular situation right now, getting this shot is safer than not getting it.

    (I happen to disagree, but a. it‘s their decision and not mine to make, and b. I can understand their reasoning, especially based on the information this person is consuming.)

    I won‘t change that fact, but I do have at least a little bit of influence here – so I‘d like to minimise the chances that this person has any negative effects from that shot. The first two were biontech/pfizer, and apparently there were no negative effects (I didn‘t ask for light short-term stuff like a sore arm for a couple of days or similar things).

    My questions, and I hope somebody here can help me based on that background:

    1. I’m assuming it would be safest to go with biontech/pfizer again. But are there any (serious!) studies which have examined potential positive or negative effects of other „booster“ shots after Pfizer – mainly of moderna or j&j?

    (I reckon it also depends on the person, gender, age etc, but maybe that would also be covered in such studies?)

    2. Is there anything that person could take prophylactically before the shot, to minimise the chance for negative side effects?

    I‘ve already recommended Vitamin D (although mainly as general infection prophylaxis, but also mentioned it could help here) and they didn‘t shy away from it.

    Anything too „outlandish“ or too negatively-biased in MSM will probably not be appreciated (talking about stuff like Ivermectin here). Also, I‘m not a doctor, I will not play one, and I would hate to recommend stuff that might react with other treatments. I.e. vitamins and minerals on a level which is considered safe for self-treatment would likely be best. (And I could also frame them as infection prophylaxis, which would help me sell them…)

    I hope my explanations make sense, and I‘d really appreciate any advice or pointers!

    Thank you


    Veracious Poet

    We are all children of the Infinite, the Infinite is one, as we are all One.

    Make your choices count, we are all called to our Highest calling.

    if you can’t imagine having something to give, look to those less fortunate than you ~ They are always there, in abundance, especially the innocent children & non-human animals…

    Lifestyles of the rich & shameless only feed the child EGO & steal from those in need ~ Feed the Spirit within instead, be whole.

    Peace be with you…


    Carried over from yesterday:

    “Sheeple buying into the climate hoax (a distraction + elite money/power grab) are even dumber than those anxious to get their 2nd booster jab without any “real reality” knowledge of what they’re doing.”

    Well then, color me dumber than serial vakzine recipients, but this dumbass recommends you be careful where you point that thing.

    ‘You can’t live in a swamp’: Virginia fishing village threatened by rising sea levels A new study found that Tangier Island is losing ground faster than previously thought, highlighting how climate change threatens U.S. coastal communities.

    But, like FBsters often say of their love lives, It’s COmplicated:

    ‘Sinking’ Pacific nation is getting bigger: study

    A University of Auckland study examined changes in the geography of Tuvalu’s nine atolls and 101 reef islands between 1971 and 2014, using aerial photographs and satellite imagery.

    It found eight of the atolls and almost three-quarters of the islands grew during the study period, lifting Tuvalu’s total land area by 2.9 percent, even though sea levels in the country rose at twice the global average.

    Co-author Paul Kench said the research, published Friday in the journal Nature Communications, challenged the assumption that low-lying island nations would be swamped as the sea rose.

    “We tend to think of Pacific atolls as static landforms that will simply be inundated as sea levels rise, but there is growing evidence these islands are geologically dynamic and are constantly changing,” he said.

    “The study findings may seem counter-intuitive, given that (the) sea level has been rising in the region over the past half century, but the dominant mode of change over that time on Tuvalu has been expansion, not erosion.”

    It found factors such as wave patterns and sediment dumped by storms could offset the erosion caused by rising water levels.

    The Auckland team says climate change remains one of the major threats to low-lying island nations.

    But it argues the study should prompt a rethink on how such countries respond to the problem.

    Rather than accepting their homes are doomed and looking to migrate to countries such as Australia and New Zealand, the researchers say they should start planning for a long-term future.

    “On the basis of this research we project a markedly different trajectory for Tuvalu’s islands over the next century than is commonly envisaged,” Kench said.

    Just as we might be wise not to confuse the actual phenomena and basic data regarding covid with what various authoritarian scamsters say it means, so might it behoove us not to conflate the actual phenomena and basic date regarding climate change with what various authoritarian scamsters say it means.

    Just because A is lying doesn’t mean that what A is lying about isn’t real.

    What Four?

    Of the wonderful things that you get outta life, there are four
    And they may not be many, but nobody needs any more
    Of the many facts making the list of life
    Truth takes the lead
    And to relax, knowing the gist of life
    It’s truth you need
    Then the second is honor and happiness makes number three
    When you put them together you’ll know what the last one must be
    Baby so the truth, honor and happiness
    And one thing more
    Meaning only wonderful, wonderful love that’ll make it four

    Don’t you know the score? Well. people, when they’re younger,
    never realize the pleasure-treasure life’s got
    But, as they grow older, realize a lot
    They got their minds on all the wrongest scenes
    An things that cost a lotta’ money, but it’s really very funny;
    they fade away and don’t’ amount to a hill o’ beans
    Funny how the things in life we really should adore
    We forget, or ignore – end up poor-
    Spent a lot o’ time on money and madness and end up in sadness
    Youth is the time when we should see the light
    Cause when we’re old wasted, the dues for what we’ve tasted run so high
    That we pay ‘till we die-then we know that youth
    that made us strong is wasted on the young,
    So-enjoy it gaily!
    Love life! And live it daily
    You’ll find a lot of things to bring you joy and give peace of mind
    Get it while the gettin’s good, ‘cause every body, if they only
    would, life would be a set-
    Live would be a groovy set-groovy as a movie
    Wail! Wail! Let your voice be heard. Spread the word!
    Every body’s here’s got ears
    Only gotta’ teach em’ how to use em-not abuse ’em
    So take a tip from me: the world’s everything
    it oughta’ be as long as you can be sure
    There is no more to life than same ol’ four.
    Hard to believe, I know, but time will show
    That even though you think it’s boresome, two-and-two together constitute a foursome!
    That’s all -four is the figure-that’s all!
    Ain’t gonna be gettin’ any bigger, doesn’t matter how you slice it up,
    you’ll never change it
    You count everything that fate throws into life potstill
    really four is all you’ve got.
    Haven’t they told you about he little pleasures that are part of all the rest
    You live a little and love a little
    And take a little and give a lot-still the total is happiness
    But that’s only one -you’ve just begun; there’s gonna be more
    After this are truth and honor shinin’
    And love combinin’ to make it four-no more.

    Veracious Poet

    Sin is anything that keeps us from the Infinite or from one another.

    There is no sort of wrong deed of which a human can bear the punishment
    alone; you can’t isolate yourself and say that the evil which is in you
    shall not spread. Human’s lives are as thoroughly blended with each other
    as the air they breathe; evil spreads as necessarily as disease. Every sin
    causes suffering to others beside those who commit it
    ~ Mary Ann Evans aka George Eliot

    In the near future there will arise an existential crisis that shocks the mass psychosis to its core, that is when “THE PLAN” will be unfurled…

    Be prepared spiritually to make a difference, my condolences to those that will be impotent.

    Dr. D

    (Liberal) Bill Ackman: “We found him to be a civic-minded patriot with a history of helping his community as an EMT and fireman in training, in his removing hate graffiti earlier that day from a local school, and ultimately in volunteering to protect a business during the night of August 25th in Kenosha.

    Our first hand impressions of Kyle were materially different from those we had previously formed based on media reports and opinion pieces that we had consumed.

    I have always been frustrated to read an inaccurate press report about a subject I know well, yet somehow I continue to believe other articles in the same newspaper about subjects I know less well.

    Media and political bias are dividing our country and destroying lives.”

    Grrrrr. Yes. When every article is retracted, like a goldfish the next article printed is presumed true. “Finding Dory” everywhere. Is there no limit to this? No possible means to be discredited?

    “Kyle Rittenhouse’s life is at risk. Justice demands a fair trial. Society would benefit greatly if politics did not enter the court room and convict innocent people.”

    And that is where one might naturally end the conversation. A rational-thinking intelligent person laying out his own views on what he and his wife believe.

    However, Ackman tweeted one more tweet, which sums up everything about the global groupthink that dominates media…

    “Just got a call from the media asking if my Twitter account was hacked. That is, the reporter couldn’t conceive of the idea that I could believe that Kyle is innocent because I am not a right winger. Crazy. “

    …Well to be fair, the reporter actually called, which is 100% better than the usual “Just making s—t up.”

    “EU Official Calls US Warships Near Russia’s Coast “Clearly” An Unncessary “Provocation”

    Well, Russia hasn’t buzzbombed them and disabled our ships into drifting rafts, so they’re being pretty polite. Everyone forgot about that? I didn’t. They’re fighting the last war: “The War to End All Wars,” the Dreadnaught era of pre-WWI. But that’s okay: it’s not like Flint needed water or anything.

    Kidding? “Metallurgist Pleads Guilty To Faking Navy Submarine Steel Tests For Decades” So the ships will crack if you hit them with a spitball. Japan and China were helping. Duh.

    US trained and armed Afghan security forces are joining ISIS-K, which makes the US ‘withdrawal’ from Afghanistan look more like an American ‘repositioning’ to keep chaos humming…” –Escobaar

    Also duh. That’s why ISIS-K appeared 60 seconds after the withdrawal order. They’re the CIA. THat means ISIS-K is probably the new Opium traffickers. They move it all out on one donkey like Juan Valdez. Not like a nations’ worth of opium needs non-stop C-130s for the drug AND the pallets of money or anything… You know, like when the U.N. said the world banking system would collapse and drug money was the only thing holding it up?

    Bill Gates, as if the CDC/NIH wasn’t enough…but apparently it isn’t: “We [don’t] have vaccines that block transmission,” said Gates, contradicting previous interviews in which he claimed the shots significantly block transmission.

    “We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduce the transmission,” he added.”

    No change in transmission = no vaccine passport. But somehow, his great idiot son brain can’t figure out this logical leap. Nope! Supports OZ and NZ, the “ZZ” – “Zed”countries. So long as they have passports that he himself say don’t work, he’s happy.

    As it doesn’t stop the spread – at all – we have this as well: “10 States Sue Biden Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate For Healthcare Workers”

    Who are they protecting? Who are they endangering? I think risking yourself is still acceptable under law.

    “Taiwan Halts 2nd Dose Of Pfizer Jabs For 12-17 Year Olds”

    Well this is who they are endangering.

    UK Vaccine Mandate May Force 123,000 Out Of Health Care Sector”

    Also these guys. That is to say, all of Britain. Schmartz!

    Surgeon General Rebuts Matthew McConaughey Over Vaccinating Kids; Warns Americans Not To Share ‘Misleading Memes’ About COVID”

    “Misleading” like 15 Days to Stop the Spread? Don’t wear masks except wear two? Vaccine Passports are a myth? That kind of fake, misleading information? 800 days in a row of it?

    I was thinking yesterday from Euro news, who the heck are the “migrants” in Poland and surrounding areas? Because “news” = “no information”, it’s been weeks, I haven’t heard. Poor migrants who pushed shopping carts from Sierra Leone and Afghanistan with new iPhones wearing new Nikes like last time?

    With a 62.7% vaccination rate, Austria not only has a higher rate than the U.S., “

    Huh? We supposedly had a 70% rate. Lying AGAIN? Problem is no one knows since no one can be trusted. ESPECIALLY the medical people.

    as we are seeing across the globe, with a near-perfect inverse relationship between vaccination rates and COVID case rates.”

    Or here, FL has half the rate of CA. But Masks work! OMG the stupid, the stupid. That ship has sailed and they’re clinging to the side, sinking. Doctors: Must. Kill. Medicine. Must. Discredit. Science. Forevah! Our dream since we were little children to run a 2-year test, with 200 countries, then discard the evidence in front of the public so they can witness our complete, wholehearted reputation of all Science, Medicine, and all it’s methods and mores, while killing every patient with lockdown poverties we can find.

    “Don’t get me wrong. Americans should choose to get vaccinated. The key word is “choose.” Though shots are no guarantee against getting infected and spreading it to others, they provide significant protection (90% or more) against hospitalization and death. I’m triple jabbed. Choosing not to get vaccinated is choosing to risk your own life.”

    What can you say except: lying works a treat! Jimmy Dore, also vaccinated but also honest, reports that the efficacy rates are plummeting as fast as they can be calculated (with a data lag) and are now 50%? Headed to ZERO as Iceland says? And that’s not against GETTING it, which you totally will, or TRANSMITTING it, which you totally will, but against “hospitalization”, whatever that means. Choosing to “risk your own life” against a disease Italy says is safer than the Flu. Official CDC rate 99.997% survival rate if under 70 with no comorbidities.

    “Welcome to the plague so severe half of healthy adults don’t even know they’ve had it.”

    They let this guy write words in public? It’s a disservice to mankind.

    Pretty sick of talking about it, which is why I’m bringing other news. When is the economy going to collapse so we can think of something happy for a change?

    Mister Roboto

    I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that this is what it took for me to be finally done listening to the music of Kiss. The psycho-sexual misogyny in some of the lyrics written by this guy is pretty damn thick.



    Steve Kirsch addresses that here:

    How to treat COVID, long-haul, and COVID vaccine side-effects

    How to avoid vaccine side effects

    If you are forced to get one of the US vaccines, using .2mg/kg of ivermectin the day before, the day of, and the day after will reduce your chance of side effects by 95% according to a prominent researcher in Brazil we know. Of course, the FDA and AMA are trying their best to block your access to ivermectin, a new low for medicine.



    Thanks for the reply. I don‘t think Ivermectin will be accepted… 😉

    I might only be able to get the horse paste, which is most likely a no-go to this person – they are solidly grounded in the mainstream (still – things seem to be shifting). Plus, they know how to use the internet, and Ivermectin has probably been too solidly thrashed by the mainstream.

    It‘s mostly me who is concerned about side effects, not them – they are more or less humouring me.

    I‘ll save this link though, as the shot is still a month out. If things should be shifting a bit, I‘ll have it at hand. 🙂

    But the Kirsch article had a link to a pdf splitting up the vaccine risk by type, and pfizer seems to be associated with the least deaths per x doses, so that‘s a good start!

    If anybody else has any other suggestions, I‘d appreciate them.


    Figmund Sreud

    @ Dr. D – Pretty sick of talking about it, which is why I’m bringing other news. When is the economy going to collapse so we can think of something happy for a change?

    Well, … here is a story worthy of happy talk: “New Game of Thrones”


    Michael Reid

    This is the John Michael Greer open post discussion of COVID-19 that someone here referred to and I have just started to explore


    Two birds with one stone.

    Double take

    Speaking of the sun. I too am guilty of taking the simplistic view on global warming by defaulting to the notion that can all be swept away by the fact that fluctuations in heat input from the sun is the dominate overriding mechanism.

    We can get into trouble with the math associated with the very large and the very small. But as bosco reminds us, it’s complicated and backs that claim up. Grateful and humbled.


    @Starfish – listen to how Kyle dealt with his vaccine side effects:

    black seed oil,
    star anise tea,
    pine needle tea …

    Good luck.


    Since a mRNA spike infection is notably different than an Cov19 infection, I am not sure the same types of protocols work unless you happen to get Cov19 too. Just skeptical.


    Great new vid.

    ” Dr. Malone: “This is the Largest Experiment Performed on Human Beings in the History of the World.” ”


    So that is about 8% of the Boeing US employee base. The read I’m getting for my employer is 9%, though 11% still have not uploaded their papers.

    Of course the updated mandate guidance for federal contractors is not official, thus keeping their employees in an elevated state of stress and uncertainty.

    It seems like a bluff but if we get another wave and the remaining 90% are programmed to think and speak like Gene Simmons, re-education camps can’t be far off.

    those darned kids

    i just love how doc malone is sooooooooooo patient with poorly worded questions.


    doc malone doesn’t know how to pronounce “comirnaty”. i do: “ˈpɔɪ zən”.

    Polder Dweller

    tdk, I sometimes pronounce it “come ‘ere naughty” and others “commie or nazi”.

    Government here is about to announce another “partial” lockdown (cafés, restaurants and shops must close at 7pm) for three weeks (so that’ll take us through to the new year) and after that we’re going to a 2G system whereby you can only go to cafés, restaurants, cinemas, theatres and museums if you’ve either been foxed or recovered within the last year; a negative test is no longer sufficient. I.e. we’re going full apartheid (well, it is a Dutch word, after all). That happens to be an infringement of article 1 of the constitution, but hey, who cares about the constitution these days, anyway?


    Don’t get me wrong. Americans should choose to get vaccinated. The key word is “choose.” Though shots are no guarantee against getting infected and spreading it to others, they provide significant protection (90% or more) against hospitalization and death. I’m triple jabbed. Choosing not to get vaccinated is choosing to risk your own life.

    Keyword is not. How many jabs will it take before that becomes self evident?


    Starfish: Read the post on here called Spartacus. Any antioxidants should help. Quercetin should help. Combine that with zinc. I think everything that people are recommending to you have antioxidant properties.


    After trying ivermectin paste, I’d say the taste is hard to disguise. The injectable kind can be drunk (it’s intended for cattle.) I spoke with a rancher family in the summer that had done that. But I’m not sure where to get the injectable kind. (In Phoenix, there are still enough horses that feed stores carry the horse paste, but not enough cattle nearby for the injectable.)



    Jim pens a whopper today:

    The Recognition


    I beg to differ from Kunstler where he says that the same people who question vaccine safety also question the climate change narrative. For me this has not been the case, nor for many friends. In fact it is odd to recon with the fact that I accept the broad scientific consensus around climate change (that it is caused by human activity in this case) but I don’t accept the broad scientific consensus that vaccination is the best way to deal with the pandemic.

    those darned kids

    phoenix: that’s right; they are lying to the horses! apple, my asterisk!


    This insanity makes my head spin…
    My son has diarrhea today. (My apologies for TMI….) Badly enough that going to school is unwise. This happens to him a few times a year, and has for at least 5 years. He tested positive for Covid one month ago — only symptoms were loss of taste/smell. (Ah, yes, the “actual” covid symptom that people tend not to fake or confuse.) I have to report his absence to the high school, who automatically marks him as absent for 10 days — a negative covid test can get him back into school. And, we can’t acknowledge natural immunity, oh, no, no, no. So now I’ve got to fit getting him a covid test into my day…which will take about an hour.


    @veracious-poet I have seen that reference before.

    What is interesting is that “most of the subjects are brainwashed.” Not all of the subjects. So are nonconformists the ones who refuse to “believe” what they have been told.

    • Are the holdouts just wired differently?
    • Is it the difference between “thinking” vs. “believing”
    • To put it another way, use a rational vs. rule-based thought framework.

    I have noticed that individuals who think in terms of systems tend to use rational thought, those who are rule-based use belief as their foundation of what constitutes truth.

    In my humble opinion, thinking is hard, so the belief/rules-based system is a shortcut. You don’t have to think about it, and you just say, “I’m following the rules,” vs. having to take the time to figure out things work.

    those darned kids

    asiftruth: lecithin (sunflower) is important for the quercetin, zinc combo.

    those darned kids

    that picture is more sickening than anything i’ll catch at the supermarket, germ¡¡¡


    @those-darned-kids Is lecithin found in just the seeds or the oil?

    I have grown these giant sunflowers over the last two years but only use the seeds for chicken feed, stalks for compost, and bait for squirrel traps. Don’t tell me I’m improving my squirrel population immune system when I should be eating the seeds myself instead!?

    Doc Robinson

    @ Starfish

    The information in this article was reviewed by six MDs before publication.

    A practical approach to keeping healthy after your Covid-19 jab


    Hope In Any Other

    I presume that ‘hope in any other’ leads on to lyrics meaning that Jeebus is the Only and One True Way or such.

    Me, I think that hope is the One True Tautology: I have hope in hope, faith in laith, and lordy do I love love.


    They’re dropping like flies.

    X Factor star Katie Waissel, 35, rushed to hospital after suspected heart attack:

    Celebrity chef who invented the ‘world’s healthiest meal’ and calorie-free cookies and counted royals and Gwyneth Paltrow among his fans, dies of a sudden heart attack aged 45


    Thanks so much to everybody who gave me pointers!

    This came somewhat out of the blue earlier today, and I felt totally overwhelmed. I really appreciate your support!

    Since it seems that I do have some influence (albeit not on the booster question itself), I’ll work through the material and come up with the things this person is likely to accept, than work my way from there. Teas, herbs, vitamins might be a good start – as long as it doesn’t sound like I’m “playing physician”.

    I’ll see what I can do – and that’s all I can do. Sometimes it’s important to remember that we all lead our own lives, and make our own decisions. 🙂



    Starfish and ……

    TAE found “that”….
    I didn’t know “that”!
    (go and read it…)
    What we found in the VAERS analysis below can be verified by anyone because it is all publicly accessible. Albert spent only a few hours to produce the tables. So the CDC should have been able to do the same work Albert did.

    Getting you ready for the next round/battle.
    1. There is a NEW Variant that is coming which is Completely Immune To Covid Shots?

    2. nobody can deny it, but nobody in the mainstream medical community (or mainstream media) seems to care
    much. It’s not even worth noting in passing.

    3. it makes no difference. We are ignored

    4. the spike protein that is produced in response to the delivery of the mRNA is cytotoxic and results in blood clots, inflammation and scarring throughout your body which then creates a wider range of severe adverse events than any vaccine in human history.

    5. people never learn how to rid their body of the spike protein either (see my article on vaccine treatment for the drugs they use to do this) which is the first step in the road to recovery.
    This article primarily covers treating COVID, long-haul COVID, and side-effects from COVID vaccines.
    (go and read it…)

    A. using .2mg/kg of ivermectin the day before, the day of, and the day after a vaccine will reduce your chance of side effects by 95% according to a prominent researcher in Brazil

    Treating COVID
    Step 1: Find a doc. to get a prescription for you to fill now so that you will have ALL the drugs on hand if/when you get sick.
    Step 2: As soon as you think you might have COVID, start treatment.

    The biggest problem with COVID is the inflammation and clotting. The vaccines create the same rise in CRP and D-dimer as COVID and it’s very reliable (happens post-vax in over 60% of cases).
    COVID-19 treatment recommendations for India
    (go and read it…)

    1. Prevention (Pre-exposure prophylaxis)
    2. Early treatment
    3. Hospitalized patients
    4. Long-haul patients

    Our team would be thrilled to accept the challenge as we have no desire to spread misinformation. If we got it wrong, we are happy to correct our mistakes if you can explain to us clearly the mistake we made and the correction you suggest (e.g., the “right” answer). Yet even with multiple million dollar incentives (listed in this article), nobody seems to be interested in showing how we got it wrong. Everyone talks about how bad the vaccine misinformation problem is, but nobody is willing to do anything to show that we got it wrong.

    For several weeks, a small group of top Biden aides has discussed measures to bring down the cost of gasoline,

    halting oil exports
    advise for Canada due onto other before they do it to you

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