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René Magritte The voice of blood 1948 (woodblock)



1/ If the US truckers manage to organize themselves anywhere close to the way their Canadian brethren have, in projects like Convoy To DC 2022 or American Freedom Convoy 2022, they will cause absolute mayhem stateside, and the Biden admin will very rapidly lift the -announced- vaccination mandates for truckers. This will force Canada to do the same. Of course the demands of the Canadian truckers are now much broader than their own vaccines, and US truckers may well go that way too.

Already, the Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ has forced the shutdown of General Motors and Ford automotive plants, among others. On both sides of the Ambassador Bridge, Detroit and Windsor carmakers have large plants, and the present standstill comes on top of global supply chain and local staffing issues.

Justin Trudeau won’t be able to tow the trucks on the bridge away. He also won’t be able to send in the military against his own people (neither will Joe Biden). If the truckers persist, they win. It really is that simple. They are serious, as the mayor of Windsor ON understands:

“You have a number of people who are … part of the protest group who have openly stated … they feel such a passion for this particular cause that they are willing to die for it,” Mayor Drew Dilkens told reporters on Wednesday. “If you have people who hold that sentiment, the situation can escalate and get very dangerous for police and those members of the public in very short order. It’s fair to say we don’t want to see anyone get hurt.”


2/ Scores of countries are now falling over themselves to lift Covid restrictions and measures. But there is one thing they will not do: lift these for unvaccinated people. Because that would make them lose face, despite the obvious fact that the vaccines either don’t work, or work for just a few months, and then require boosters that ever more people will refuse to get. The large amounts of people who did get tricked into being vaccinated will support the banning and cancelling of the “unpure”.

It will take a report like that of attorney Thomas Renz, based on the Pentagon’s DMED adverse event registration system, to bring this to light. And that may take a while yet. The Pentagon is altering the results as we speak.

“We saw—and this one’s amazing—neurological issues, which would affect our [military] pilots, [we saw] over a thousand percent increase—82,000 per year to 863,000 in one year. Our soldiers are being experimented on, injured, and sometimes possibly killed. They know this. And Senator, when these doctors are attacked, they call me. I’m the one dealing with the medical boards. I’m the one watching the witch hunts. I’m the one fighting them off, and I’m going to keep doing that. And let me give you one last thing, Senator—the Sept. 28, 2021, Project Salus weekly report.

Project Salus is a defense department initiative where they take all this data—that [they now say] doesn’t exist, supposedly—and they give it to the CDC. They’re watching these vaccines. On and around that date, I have numerous instances where Fauci and the entire crew were saying, “it’s a crisis of the unvaccinated. It’s 99% unvaxxed in the hospital.” In the project Salus weekly report, the DOD document says specifically 71% of new cases are in the fully vaccinated and 60% of hospitalizations are in the fully vaxxed. This is corruption at the highest level. We need investigations. The secretary of defense needs to be investigated. The CDC needs to be investigated.”

We are increasingly seeing politicians and “experts” walk back their words, but we will have to wait for the true adverse events to come to the surface, in order for the vaccine madness to stop. We have come too far for it to vanish overnight. And most vaccine effects will take years to come to light. So that provides a space/time that politicians and experts can and will use to walk back what they said and did. Renz says they all need to be investigated, and they know it. But how many will be, in the end?

For now, they can open their societies, and claim they are doing it because they follow the science. Which has changed, don’t you know. They will all hail the vaccines for saving the lives of their citizens, while the actual “saving” is done by Omicron. It’s spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and we can go back to normal! I achieved this for you! Vote for me!

All they -think they- need is for the truth to come out late enough, as in years from today. They think time is on their side. Let’s see. Are people more happy that the ordeal is over, or more angry that it was there in the first place? Many political -and scientific- careers will be ground to dust, but which?

And who will volunteer to get a vaccine for anything at all anymore 5 years from now? “The Science”, the real one, not the fake Fauci kind, has been thrown back many years. When you realize how many people have died or got maimed from a vaccine that your government forced upon you, and your doctor was only too happy too inject into you, what do you think the next time you need medical help? Or when your government wants you to do aything at all?

The outcome will be that nobody trusts their doctors, and nobody trusts their politicians. Except for the 50% that will believe anything you feed them, all the time. But you can’t build a healthy or prosperous society with those people. You can only do that if you have conversation, discussion, exchange of ideas and viewpoints. All of which are dead after 2 years.

It used to be that two know more than one, but now one knows more than 300 million. If they’re Tony Fauci or Klaus Schwab, that is. Well, bring it on.




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    René Magritte The voice of blood 1948 (woodblock)     1/ If the US truckers manage to organize themselves anywhere close to the way their Ca
    [See the full post at: 2 Predictions]

    TAE Summary

    from The Dark Mountain Project Manifesto

    1. We live in a time of social, economic and ecological unravelling. All around us are signs that our whole way of living is already passing into history. We will face this reality honestly and learn how to live with it.
    2. We reject the faith which holds that the converging crises of our times can be reduced to a set of ‘problems’ in need of technological or political ‘solutions’.
    3. We believe that the roots of these crises lie in the stories we have been telling ourselves. We intend to challenge the stories which underpin our civilisation: the myth of progress, the myth of human centrality, and the myth of our separation from ‘nature’. These myths are more dangerous for the fact that we have forgotten they are myths.
    4. We will reassert the role of storytelling as more than mere entertainment. It is through stories that we weave reality.
    5. Humans are not the point and purpose of the planet. Our art will begin with the attempt to step outside the human bubble. By careful attention, we will reengage with the non-human world.
    6. We will celebrate writing and art which is grounded in a sense of place and of time. Our literature has been dominated for too long by those who inhabit the cosmopolitan citadels.
    7. We will not lose ourselves in the elaboration of theories or ideologies. Our words will be elemental. We write with dirt under our fingernails.
    8. The end of the world as we know it is not the end of the world full stop. Together, we will find the hope beyond hope, the paths which lead to the unknown world ahead of us.


    Bullseye, TAE.


    I don’t think the truckers in the Great Southern Land are having anywhere near the impact that those in North America are having. Possibly because we’re not as closely linked as the US and Canada. The only bridges we have are shipping routes and they’re not as easy to blockade. I suppose they could blockade the ports.

    The MSM are treating our protestors with ignore. The general attitude is that they are deluded, conspiratorial ratbags. On the other hand, there is also an increasing number of people who see right through the whole thing.

    I think what happens in North America will greatly influence what happens here, so I await developments with great interest and a measure of optimism.

    BTW, it has now been officially decided that “fully vaccinated” means “up to date”. No national mandate; it’s up to the states and territories to decide on that.


    Re the DMED data, I’ve recently started following Mathew Crawford on Substack,who is brilliant and prolific in his analysis and writing. Today’s piece covers DMED and pledges to delve deeply into the data itself.. I look forward to see the outcome: https://roundingtheearth.substack.com/p/defining-away-vaccine-safety-signals-ea2

    Re truckers, prtests and NZ – yesterday saw NZ police arrest ~50 protesters in some ugly scenes. From the many video clips I’ve seen taken by the protesters, they did a remarkable job of maintaining a peaceful and often cheerful demeanor. The MSM of course have reported the complete opposite.

    The whole of the NZ parliament remained silent on what was taking place right outside their doors. Interestingly, several high-profile ex-politicans have come out today loudly condemning the arrogance of current pols refusing to meet with genuine protesters and deploying police against them. Rodney Hide, the ex-leader of the ACT libertarian group launched into the parties current leader (who has been on a roll lately, but turned into a bit of dick as a result..) contrasting all the things the party nominally stood for against the current leaders behaviour. Whack! Pop! Kowee..! Holy smoke Batman – lat volley landed with aplomb!

    With the weekend approaching, it appears a large number of people are heading to Wellington from around the country to reinforce the protest. The weather is supposed to be terrible tomorrow, but hopefully they persist.

    Myself, I felt guilty for working yesterday and not getting myself down to support the protesters. This morning I talked it over with my 8yo, and she is keen to go down there on the weekend and see what a protest looks like. It’s a balancing act for me, as her mum is much more compliant and doesn’t want the issue becoming extremely divisive between the three of us.

    Lastly, re trust in GPs – prompted by this article: https://hatchardreport.com/how-medical-ethics-came-to-be-ignored/
    ..yesterday I started drafting a note to my GP and the medical practice asking how they’ve reconciled their oaths and intellects with their behaviour in being rabid jab promoters in the last year. I don’t want to change practices – as individuals I’ve been impressed with every one of them I’ve met, but as a collective they’ve been ghastly on this issue.


    … yowsa, politicians sure are predictable.

    In my Ontario, the ( nominally conservative ) premier, Mr. Ford has decided that it is time to DOUBLE DOWN on a losing hand.

    How you ask? Why by freezing Givesendgo funds of course!


    The unravelling continues.


    The Two Predictions sound much like the “The Evil Perps will be exposed and brought to Justice!” that Kunstler’s been running on, twice a week for the last three or so years.

    sure / no further comment


    My impression is that the trans-national ruling class decided what they wanted to do several years ago, and now they’re doing it- quite well and easily, I think.

    I support the Truckers in Canada who are protesting against Vaccine Mandates.


    Yes, you now need to take a very different view of the medical profession. You need to question their advice constantly.

    Dentists are also part of the medical profession.

    A year ago I had a big cavity in a rear molar that reached the tooth’s nerve. My dentist said I needed to have a root canal done first by a specialist which would cost over $1,500 Cdn. I elected to have the tooth pulled for $200 Cdn instead.

    Last week, I discovered another big cavity in a rear molar. I went to my dentist and he said, for a $120 Cdn fee, that I needed to have a root canal done first, because the cavity extended close to the tooth’s nerve, before he would fill the cavity. The root canal by a specialist, would now cost me over $1,600 Cdn.

    After mulling it over for a few days, I rejected the root canal option and rebooked with the dentist to fill the cavity.

    Yesterday, basically over his objection again that this was not a good idea, he did the filling. He used white filling rather than with metal filling material.

    Today, I am back to normal. My tooth is not talking back to me at all. So I now know I made the right decision. Yes it is possible that this molar will be more sensitive to hot/cold liquids but only time will tell. I have had cold liquids today with no SOS signals coming in from the affected tooth.

    So obviously this was just a 100% money driven issue. Looking back, I should of had my first molar cavity filled too, not pulled out. Live and learn too late.

    As for my family doctor, I already know he strongly opposed ivermectin. Nuff said.


    TinFoilHatted Canuck:

    Mr Ford may now have a rather hard time motivating my family (4 votes) to rise up on election day!

    If I don’t get up and vote, then the rest of the family won’t bother either!

    I do however wonder what kind of blackmail pressure was brought to bare on our Ontario premier to volunteer to be Trudeau’s lightling rod for such a politically stupid suicide mission.


    My guess is a private poll that showed most Ontarians are like my dear wife — trusting of governments, white coats and following orders ( an elementary teacher of the left-ish sort ) As you know, big election coming up.

    I will be a LOT more active searching out candidates who don’t know-tow to the medical based apartheid response to this pandemic.


    Another very fine comment found at That Other Site:

    > So we have a ginormous “upsurge” that forces auto manufacturing to shut down. Led by whom? Petite bourgeoisie who believe in Odin and Anglo-Saxon replacement theory, that’s who. It’s enough to make a cat laugh.

    You forgot to mention that it’s been reported that 90% of Canadian truckers are vaccinated.

    It’s tremendously disappointing that so many commenters here are OK with government forced jabs of inadequately tested, experimental drugs, number as yet to be determined by those who profit from them, and biometric tracking of compliance as a requirement for participation in society innocuously known as a “vaccine passport.”

    As if such a system is only being established to keep hospital beds available for those who need an appendix removed or a stent placed, and has absolutely nothing to do with future control of dissent.

    I, for one, am grateful to those petitely bougey Odinists, nativists and horn honkers for seeing the dystopian future and protesting to prevent it. As if owning your own truck somehow makes you too “well-off” to speak for “labor.”

    jeezus h. christ. <

    Thank you, K.E.



    Joke our friendly ruling class

    Funny as hell to watch a commentariat get “unruly” (at that other site, not this one) :
    why, it’s almost as if the proles are unwilling to be told what to do!

    crackin’ me up


    Maybe they can [somehow] afford to Cancel their commentariat- I’ve noticed that they seem very willing to do so, to those individuals who don’t say the right words post-early 2020.



    Truckers have done more for democracy, liberty, than the USA or any government.


    There’s a good line in the movie ‘The Neighbor’ ca. 2009, where Michelle Laroque’s love interest says to her
    “Iook: I lie for a living; I’m the Liar of liars, and what you’re selling me is weak.” (paraphrase)

    Present-day applications abound, I think.

    the movie is a maybe shallow but fun romantic comedy, by the way, especailly if you like Laroque, and Matthew Modine (Birdy, Full Metal Jacket).


    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said of Liz Truss the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, “I’m honestly disappointed that our conversation turned out like the mute with the deaf. We appear to be listening but we’re not hearing anything. Our detailed explanations fell on unprepared ground.”

    Well! So much for diplomacy! Let’s have a war!

    This same laissez-faire attitude towards the coronavirus pandemic permeates the USA/UK/Canada/Australian governments. Now that truck drivers are hurting corporate profits; not to mention, threatening to kick the bums out; five democrat blue state governors end mask mandates.

    Thank God. The pandemic is over. Except, it isn’t.

    February 9th’s weekly average of daily deaths with COVID-19 in the USA is 2,411. This is equivalent to the 2500 Americans who died in the deadliest day of combat in US history, D-Day Normandy Landings in WWII. Every day, over and over again, for how long? The simple truth is that it does not matter how many Americans are dying to the Western Empire’s current rulers.

    Masks are one of the proven interventions that lower the risk of transmission of the virus. Like finding early off-patent treatments to prevent and cure illness; inconvenient mitigations are discarded to make more money and stay in power; not prevent illness. Public Health is of no importance in the West.

    Perhaps prayers will be answered and hope wins out. But Omicron BA.1 is the cause of current second highest surge of deaths in the USA. It may be the last variant to sweep the world unhindered but, on the other hand, Omicron BA.2 variant is 2/3 of the new cases in Denmark and has been detected in half of the US States.


    Two years into the “pandemic”, I’ve yet to meet, or hear of directly (i.e., not online), anyone who’s been made seriously ill by the Covid.



    We’re also keenly following the events in Wellington, and sorry we don’t live nearer. Hope you can take your young daughter to the protests on the weekend – hopefully a positive turning point in the history of NZ that she will never forget! Thanks for the interesting links.


    > Perhaps prayers will be answered and hope wins out. But Omicron BA.1 is the cause of current second highest surge of deaths in the USA. It may be the last variant to sweep the world unhindered but, on the other hand, Omicron BA.2 variant is 2/3 of the new cases in Denmark and has been detected in half of the US States. <

    Stay Frightened- Your Fear Will Keep You Safe!

    those darned kids

    bill7: ““HOOONNNNK!” Joke our friendly ruling class”

    i dredged up my ol’ user name/password from “the other site” ¡and it still worked!, so i laid down a comment on the aforementioned piece.

    can you find mine? hint: the username is different..


    > can you find mine? hint: the username is different..

    I had a look (assuming you’re talking about their Truckers’ Strike hit-piece), didn’t see anything new really, then the page (!) disappeared.

    funny ol’ world

    feelin’ sleepy now


    I ike Laptop Lambert’s tone over there a whole, whole lot: “listen proles, it’s not like you simpletons think…”


    D Benton Smith

    This would be a good time to begin measuring our messaging effectiveness. How many people around the world are more or less convinced that Covid and the Vaccines are systematic planned mass killing, for REAL?

    Any websters out there willing and able to track all of the vital stats regarding this issue? Country by country plus Grand Total would be helpful. Tables and graphs would also be cool. Something along the lines of Statista. Traffic to the site would MASSIVE, so it should be an excellent money maker for some ambitious Tech entrepreneur. Now’s the time to get started, near the beginning of broad public awareness and acknowledgement that this cleanup activity is, indeed, a real thing that is NOT going away for at least the next few years.

    Freebie idea. Yours for the taking. Hope it makes ya rich.

    D Benton Smith

    You could name it “JustStats” or something like that.


    Feb. 9th, whitehouse briefing

    Fauci’s response to booster question.

    For example, there may be the need for yet again another boost — in this case, a fourth-dose boost for an individual receiving the mRNA — that could be based on age, as well as underlying conditions. 

    So, I don’t think you’re going to be hearing, if you do, any kind of recommendations that would be across the board for everyone.  It very likely will take into account what subset of people have a diminished, or not, protection against the important parameters such as hospitalization.

    Same day, Fauci was quoted as saying this,

    “It will depend on who you are,” Fauci told the Financial Times, “but if you are a normal, healthy 30-year-old person with no underlying conditions, you might need a booster only every four or five years.” 

    Hmmm, four or five years? (He is spooked by something in the data or was misquoted)

    Interesting video from Prasad.

    It’s beginning to look as if one jab would have been sufficient in preventing severe disease with delta and that risk only make some sense in an older subset of the population. It’s also possible that a smaller dose may have been sufficient. Current adult Pfizer jab contains around 15 billion LNPs.

    D Benton Smith

    I bet there are folks involved with the Corona Investigative Committee who would help with the initial numbers and data gathering to get the site up and running.


    The large amounts of people who did get tricked into being vaccinated will support the banning and cancelling of the “unpure”.

    So it’s to unfold with a minority of obedient facists, stripping the rights of the people who refused to take the experimental shots. Seems likely to backfire, in my opinion. Not wise, but then history proves ‘civilisation’ (those claiming to represent the status quo) to be folly, time and time again.

    Dr. D

    Before Mr. No-Data shows up, I’ll add this highlight:

    “Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) when several whistleblower doctors revealed to attorney Tom Renz heretofore suppressed statistics on the shocking increase in vaccine injuries among young, otherwise able-bodied soldiers.

    • Total Number of Diseases & Injuries Reported By Year (Hospitalization) up 37%
    • Diseases of the Nervous System By Year up 968%
    •  Malignant Neuroendocrine Tumor Reports By Year up 276%
    •  Acute Myocardial Infarct Reports By Year up 343%
    •  Acute Myocarditis Reports By Year up 184%
    • Acute Pericarditis Reports By Year up 70%
    • Pulmonary Embolism Reports By Year up 260%
    •  Congenital Malformations Reports By Year up 87%
    • Nontraumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Reports By Year up 227%
    • Anxiety Reports By Year up 2,361%
    •  Suicide Reports By Year up 227%
    •  Neoplasms for All Cancers By Year up 218%
    •  Malignant Neoplasms for Digestive Organs By Year up 477%
    • Neoplasms for Breast Cancer By Year up 469%
    • Neoplasms for Testicular Cancer By Year up 298%
    •  Female Infertility Reports By Year up 419%
    • Dysmenorrhea Reports By Year up 221.5%
    • Ovarian Dysfunction Reports By Year up 299%
    • Spontaneous Abortion Reports By Year DOWN by 10%
    • Male Infertility Reports By Year up 320%
    • Guillian-Barre Syndrome Reports By Year up 520%
    • Acute Transverse Myelitis Reports By Year up 494%
    • Seizure Reports By Year up 298%
    • Narcolepsy & Cataplexy Reports By Year up 352%
    •  Rhabdomyolysis By Year up 672%
    • Multiple Sclerosis Reports By Year up 614%
    • Migraine Reports By Year up 352%
    • Blood Disorder Reports By Year up 204%
    • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Reports By Year up 2,130%
    • Cerebral Infarct Reports By Year up 294%

    DoD. Unless the U.S. Military is a conspiracy theory now. Any questions?



    “For the Left, the problem of the truckers is their newfound political independence….

    Gone are the halcyon days of dreaming about halcyon days – where serious working class militancy was just a distant myth”

    V. Arnold

    Dr. D
    …Before Mr. No-Data shows up, I’ll add this highlight:

    Devastating numbers…we’re pretty well cooked…


    by freezing Givesendgo funds of course!

    Yup. We need some uncensorable money, something that the courts and the politicians cannot enjoin or control. Something beyond the reach of the ruling class. Something like Bitcoin.

    Dr D Rich

    “And Senator, when these doctors are attacked, they call me. I’m the one dealing with the medical boards. I’m the one watching the witch hunts.”

    I call bullshit on this and rather strange bullshit at that. Hospital, AMEDD, and especially Military Nurse commanders would never scapegoat, gaslight or conduct witch hunts against doctors for any reason whatsoever because they possess notoriously strong, resilient egos.


    Thanks for this, Grodley:


    >“For the Left, the problem of the truckers is their newfound political independence….

    Gone are the halcyon days of dreaming about halcyon days – where serious working class militancy was just a distant myth” <

    I agree with that. The [useless, except for wordsmithing] online “left” are seeming a little testy and maybe fearful these days about the Truckers taking some honest real-world action.


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