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René Magritte The voice of blood 1948 (woodblock)



1/ If the US truckers manage to organize themselves anywhere close to the way their Canadian brethren have, in projects like Convoy To DC 2022 or American Freedom Convoy 2022, they will cause absolute mayhem stateside, and the Biden admin will very rapidly lift the -announced- vaccination mandates for truckers. This will force Canada to do the same. Of course the demands of the Canadian truckers are now much broader than their own vaccines, and US truckers may well go that way too.

Already, the Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ has forced the shutdown of General Motors and Ford automotive plants, among others. On both sides of the Ambassador Bridge, Detroit and Windsor carmakers have large plants, and the present standstill comes on top of global supply chain and local staffing issues.

Justin Trudeau won’t be able to tow the trucks on the bridge away. He also won’t be able to send in the military against his own people (neither will Joe Biden). If the truckers persist, they win. It really is that simple. They are serious, as the mayor of Windsor ON understands:

“You have a number of people who are … part of the protest group who have openly stated … they feel such a passion for this particular cause that they are willing to die for it,” Mayor Drew Dilkens told reporters on Wednesday. “If you have people who hold that sentiment, the situation can escalate and get very dangerous for police and those members of the public in very short order. It’s fair to say we don’t want to see anyone get hurt.”


2/ Scores of countries are now falling over themselves to lift Covid restrictions and measures. But there is one thing they will not do: lift these for unvaccinated people. Because that would make them lose face, despite the obvious fact that the vaccines either don’t work, or work for just a few months, and then require boosters that ever more people will refuse to get. The large amounts of people who did get tricked into being vaccinated will support the banning and cancelling of the “unpure”.

It will take a report like that of attorney Thomas Renz, based on the Pentagon’s DMED adverse event registration system, to bring this to light. And that may take a while yet. The Pentagon is altering the results as we speak.

“We saw—and this one’s amazing—neurological issues, which would affect our [military] pilots, [we saw] over a thousand percent increase—82,000 per year to 863,000 in one year. Our soldiers are being experimented on, injured, and sometimes possibly killed. They know this. And Senator, when these doctors are attacked, they call me. I’m the one dealing with the medical boards. I’m the one watching the witch hunts. I’m the one fighting them off, and I’m going to keep doing that. And let me give you one last thing, Senator—the Sept. 28, 2021, Project Salus weekly report.

Project Salus is a defense department initiative where they take all this data—that [they now say] doesn’t exist, supposedly—and they give it to the CDC. They’re watching these vaccines. On and around that date, I have numerous instances where Fauci and the entire crew were saying, “it’s a crisis of the unvaccinated. It’s 99% unvaxxed in the hospital.” In the project Salus weekly report, the DOD document says specifically 71% of new cases are in the fully vaccinated and 60% of hospitalizations are in the fully vaxxed. This is corruption at the highest level. We need investigations. The secretary of defense needs to be investigated. The CDC needs to be investigated.”

We are increasingly seeing politicians and “experts” walk back their words, but we will have to wait for the true adverse events to come to the surface, in order for the vaccine madness to stop. We have come too far for it to vanish overnight. And most vaccine effects will take years to come to light. So that provides a space/time that politicians and experts can and will use to walk back what they said and did. Renz says they all need to be investigated, and they know it. But how many will be, in the end?

For now, they can open their societies, and claim they are doing it because they follow the science. Which has changed, don’t you know. They will all hail the vaccines for saving the lives of their citizens, while the actual “saving” is done by Omicron. It’s spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and we can go back to normal! I achieved this for you! Vote for me!

All they -think they- need is for the truth to come out late enough, as in years from today. They think time is on their side. Let’s see. Are people more happy that the ordeal is over, or more angry that it was there in the first place? Many political -and scientific- careers will be ground to dust, but which?

And who will volunteer to get a vaccine for anything at all anymore 5 years from now? “The Science”, the real one, not the fake Fauci kind, has been thrown back many years. When you realize how many people have died or got maimed from a vaccine that your government forced upon you, and your doctor was only too happy too inject into you, what do you think the next time you need medical help? Or when your government wants you to do aything at all?

The outcome will be that nobody trusts their doctors, and nobody trusts their politicians. Except for the 50% that will believe anything you feed them, all the time. But you can’t build a healthy or prosperous society with those people. You can only do that if you have conversation, discussion, exchange of ideas and viewpoints. All of which are dead after 2 years.

It used to be that two know more than one, but now one knows more than 300 million. If they’re Tony Fauci or Klaus Schwab, that is. Well, bring it on.




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