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Media Serve the Governors, Not the Governed (Lauria)
Musk Announces Twitter Amnesty (RT)
Musk Says Granting ‘Amnesty’ To Suspended Twitter Accounts (AP)
NATO Doesn’t Supersede the U.S. Constitution (McKnight)
Electric War (Escobar)
Belarus Paints Grim Picture For Ukraine If It Won’t Negotiate (RT)
Pentagon Dodges Ukraine Aid Question (RT)
French Interior Minister Labels Italy Enemy Of France After Migration Row (RMX)
EU Fails To Agree On Gas Price Cap – Hungary (RT)
Estonia Warns It Will Veto EU Price Cap On Russian Oil (RT)
Hungary Faces Pressure To Ratify NATO Expansion (RT)
Oddsmakers Favor DeSantis For 2024 (JTN)
Climate Policy Makes Europe Too Expensive for Low-Cost EV Manufacturing (CTH)
Meta Uncovers US Military-Linked Propaganda Campaign (RT)
You’re Going To Get Robbed (Denninger)














Let’s talk a bit about Twitter and its amnesty policy Elon Musk announced yesterday. Which is basically free speech. Which in turn is something many people feel threatened by. The Constitution itself is a threat to them.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black in 1971:“In the First Amendment the Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it must have to fulfill its essential role in our democracy..”

Media Serve the Governors, Not the Governed (Lauria)

In his 1971 opinion in the Pentagon Papers case, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black wrote: “In the First Amendment the Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it must have to fulfill its essential role in our democracy. The press was to serve the governed, not the governors. The Government’s power to censor the press was abolished so that the press would remain forever free to censure the Government.” That’s what WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have been doing since 2006: censuring governments with governments’ own words pried from secrecy by WikiLeaks’ sources—whistleblowers. In other words, WikiLeaks has been doing the job the U.S. constitution intended the press to do.

One can hardly imagine anyone sitting on today’s U.S. Supreme Court writing such an opinion. Even more troubling is the news media having turned its back on its mission. Today they almost always serve the governors—not the governed. The question is why. Consolidation of media ownership has increased obedience of desperate journalists; entertainment divisions have taken over news departments; and careerist reporters and editors live vicariously through the power of those they cover, rejecting the press’ unique power to hold those officials to account. It comes down ultimately to lifestyles. Men go to war to protect and further their lifestyles. The press cheers them on for residual material betterment and increase in status. Millions of lives erased for lifestyles.

It used to be accepted in television that news departments would lose money and would be supported by the entertainment division. That’s because news was considered a public service. TV newsmen — they were almost all men in those days— were former wire service and newspaper reporters. But greed has put the presenters’ personalities before public service, as entertainment masquerades as news. Newspapers have sacrificed investigative units to maximize profit. Government is the winner. The abdication of the mainstream media of their constitutional responsibility to serve the governed and not the governors has left a void filled for more than a decade by WikiLeaks.

No longer do today’s Daniel Ellsbergs need to take their chances with editors at The New York Times or The Washington Post, or with their reporters spinning the damning information they risk their freedom to get to the public — no matter how disinterested and distracted the public may be. Now the traditional media can be bypassed. WikiLeaks deals in the raw material, that governments hang themselves with. That’s why they want Assange’s head. They lust for revenge and to stop further leaks that threaten their grip on power. That the corporate media has turned on Assange and WikiLeaks reveals their service to the state and how much they prioritize their style of life — disregarding the carnage they help bring about.

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Twitter “amnesty”. RT provides a factual story…

Musk Announces Twitter Amnesty (RT)

Twitter boss Elon Musk has vowed to extend a “general amnesty” to an unspecified number of suspended users, a week after reversing former US President Donald Trump’s lifetime ban from the platform. “The people have spoken. Amnesty begins next week,” Musk tweeted on Thanksgiving Day. He added “Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” a Latin phrase that means “the voice of the people is the voice of God.” The SpaceX and Tesla CEO launched a Twitter poll on Wednesday, asking if Twitter should “offer a general amnesty to suspended accounts, provided that they have not broken the law or engaged in egregious spam?” Out of more than 3.1 million users who took part, 72.4% voted ‘yes’ and 27.6% voted ‘no’.

In a separate message Musk also promised to start freeing and offering up for grabs “vast numbers of handles” that had previously been “consumed” by bots and trolls. Since acquiring Twitter for $44 billion last month, Musk has faced growing criticism for laying off hundreds of employees and reversing the permanent suspensions of multiple notable accounts, including former US President Donald Trump following a similar public vote. While critics claimed that Musk’s actions fuel hate speech, harassment and misinformation, he has rejected accusations he was some kind of “right-wing bogeyman” and insisted that Twitter under his ownership has not banned any leftists, not even for “utter lies.”

It remains to be seen how many users would be eligible for amnesty. This week the platform already reinstated Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, whose personal Twitter account had been permanently banned since early January 2022 for posting “misinformation” about the Covid-19 pandemic. Musk, however, drew the line at Alex Jones, saying he had “no mercy” for someone who used children’s deaths for clout. Musk had vowed to transform the platform and turn it into a bastion of free speech, saying it was “important to the future of civilization” to have a digital town square where a wide range of beliefs could be discussed.

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…but the MSM, in this case AP, sees enormous threats in free speech. And if free speech equals freedom, we know what they’re afraid of. It reminds me of Sartre’s “L’enfer c’est les autres”, (Hell is -the- other people). In other words, if you honor the priciple of free speech, you welcome hell into your world. That sounds like the opposite of what the founding fathers thought. Hell is other people’s freedom.

Musk Says Granting ‘Amnesty’ To Suspended Twitter Accounts (AP)

New Twitter owner Elon Musk said Thursday that he is granting “amnesty” for suspended accounts, which online safety experts predict will spur a rise in harassment, hate speech and misinformation. The billionaire’s announcement came after he asked in a poll posted to his timeline to vote on reinstatements for accounts that have not “broken the law or engaged in egregious spam.” The yes vote was 72%. “The people have spoken. Amnesty begins next week. Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” Musk tweeted using a Latin phrase meaning “the voice of the people, the voice of God.” Musk used the same Latin phrase after posting a similar poll last last weekend before reinstating the account of former President Donald Trump, which Twitter had banned for encouraging the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol insurrection.

Trump has said he won’t return to Twitter but has not deleted his account. Such online polls are anything but scientific and can easily be influenced by bots. In the month since Musk took over Twitter, groups that monitor the platform for racist, anti-Semitic and other toxic speech say it’s been on the rise on the world’s de facto public square. That has included a surge in racist abuse of World Cup soccer players that Twitter is allegedly failing to act on. The uptick in harmful content is in large part due to the disorder following Musk’s decision to lay off half the company’s 7,500-person workforce, fire top executives, and then institute a series of ultimatums that prompted hundreds more to quit. Also let go were an untold number of contractors responsible for content moderation.

Among those resigning over a lack of faith in Musk’s willingness to keep Twitter from devolving into a chaos of uncontrolled speech were Twitter’s head of trust and safety, Yoel Roth. Major advertisers have also abandoned the platform. On Oct. 28, the day after he took control, Musk tweeted that no suspended accounts would be reinstated until Twitter formed a “content moderation council” with diverse viewpoints that would consider the cases. On Tuesday, he said he was reneging on that promise because he’d agreed to at the insistence of “a large coalition of political-social activists groups” who later ”broke the deal” by urging that advertisers at least temporarily stop giving Twitter their business.

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More violations of what the founding fathers bestowed upon us. How did all these things become so normal?

NATO Doesn’t Supersede the U.S. Constitution (McKnight)

As our government continues to bumble and stumble at full speed towards World War III, the concept of tripwires and the legal authority of Article 5 become required understanding for the vigilant citizen. Last week the American people received the then-breaking news that a missile had landed in Poland and killed two people.Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said that this was a purposeful act of war by Russia, and that the West must respond with full kinetic retaliation. He was joined by his amen corner here in the United States, that group of politicians, regime journalists, and paid lobbyists who have sold out their country for the requisite thirty pieces of silver. The War Party immediately jumped into action: this was what they’ve been waiting, praying for. A catalyst to launch the missiles, and sacrifice the world.

Poland, like the United States and nearly all of Europe, is a member of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. (Maybe we should wonder why countries like Poland, Estonia, and Romania are in an “Atlantic” alliance.) A provision of NATO is Article 5, which popular conception treats as a mandatory obligation to go to war when a member of the alliance is attacked. It’s a one way pass into World War III. There were just two things wrong with this narrative. First, as was revealed within forty-eight hours and confirmed by both the Polish government and Biden White House, the missile was Ukrainian, not Russian. Vladimir Putin had not attacked NATO—purposefully or accidentally. Instead, a Ukrainian air defense missile attempting to intercept a Russian strike went off trajectory killed two Poles across the border.

All of a sudden “collective security” was no longer threatened, and no one on cable news was talking about how this required NATO retaliation on Kiev. (Surprised?) Secondly, even if it had been a Russian missile, and even if Vladimir Putin himself had aimed directly at that Polish farm, Article 5 obligates the United States to nothing. The NATO Treaty also has an Article 11, which specifies that the provisions of the alliance will be carried out in accordance with the domestic constitutions and processes of the respective members. That means a majority vote of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives on a formal declaration of war. Any member of Congress or news talking head saying Article 5 requires an immediate military response without a debate or vote is either lying or woefully uninformed.

And even if the NATO Treaty didn’t have that provision, we’d still rest our argument of Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution, the supreme authority of our laws. We are a sovereign nation, and the American people always have a choice on whether or not to go to war. Any international piece of paper trying to say otherwise be damned. Unfortunately, the War Party doesn’t always make that choice easy. They bribe politicians with weapon contract profits, flood the corporate press with propaganda, and instruct the American people that they must either commit to endless war or lose their liberty. They manufacture themselves consent.

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“..a Polish farmer, his footfalls echoing in our collective memory, may have saved the world from WWIII..”

Electric War (Escobar)

Spare a thought to the Polish farmer snapping pics of a missile wreckage – later indicated to belong to a Ukrainian S-300. So a Polish farmer, his footfalls echoing in our collective memory, may have saved the world from WWIII – unleashed via a tawdry plot concocted by Anglo-American “intelligence”.Such tawdriness was compounded by a ridiculous cover-up: the Ukrainians were firing on Russian missiles from a direction that they could not possibly be coming from. That is: Poland. And then the U.S. Secretary of Defense, weapons peddler Lloyd “Raytheon” Austin, sentenced Russia was to blame anyway, because his Kiev vassals were shooting at Russian missiles that should not have been in the air (and they were not). Call it the Pentagon elevating bald lying into a rather shabby art.

The Anglo-American purpose of this racket was to generate a “world crisis” against Russia. It’s been exposed – this time. That does not mean the usual suspects won’t try it again. Soon. The main reason is panic. Collective West intel sees how Moscow is finally mobilizing their army – ready to hit the ground next month – while knocking out Ukraine’s electricity infrastructure as a form of Chinese torture. Those February days of sending only 100,000 troops – and having the DPR and LPR militias plus Wagner commandos and Kadyrov’s Chechens do most of the heavy lifting – are long gone. Overall, Russians and Russophones were facing hordes of Ukrainian military – perhaps as many as 1 million. The “miracle” of it all is that Russians did quite well.

Every military analyst knows the basic rule: an invasion force should number three times the defending force. The Russian Army at the start of the SMO was at a small fraction of that rule. The Russian Armed Forces arguably have a standing army of 1.3 million troops. Surely they could have spared a few tens of thousands more than the initial 100,000. But they did not. It was a political decision. But now SMO is over: this is CTO (Counter-Terrorist Operation) territory. A sequence of terrorist attacks – targeting the Nord Streams, the Crimea Bridge, the Black Sea Fleet – finally demonstrated the inevitability of going beyond a mere “military operation”. And that brings us to Electric War.

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“If they [Kiev] don’t want people to die, and to die in huge numbers … It’s hard, but [the conflict] must be stopped, because the complete destruction of Ukraine will follow..”

Belarus Paints Grim Picture For Ukraine If It Won’t Negotiate (RT)

Ukraine should do its best to end the conflict with Russia, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Thursday, adding that failure to do so would bring about the total collapse of the nation. Commenting on the hostilities in the neighboring country, the Belarusian leader noted that “everything is in Ukraine’s hands now.” “If they [Kiev] don’t want people to die, and to die in huge numbers … It’s hard, but [the conflict] must be stopped, because the complete destruction of Ukraine will follow,” he said, speaking on the sidelines of the summit of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in Armenia. Lukashenko added that it is not just “the loss of statehood” that is at stake for Ukraine, but its very existence.

He claimed that the Ukrainian people, who are bearing the brunt of the conflict, would eventually force President Vladimir Zelensky into a diplomatic engagement. “In one or two years, the people will be accusing him: ‘What did you do to start this war?’ According to Lukashenko, the situation will “press the Ukrainian leadership – if it is reasonable – into sitting at the negotiating table.” After Russia launched its military campaign against Ukraine in late February, Belarus hosted several rounds of talks between Moscow and Kiev. At the time, however, these diplomatic efforts failed to garner any results. In October, the Belarusian president claimed that while Minsk takes part in Russia’s military operation, its role is limited.

He said that his country is preventing the conflict from spreading into its territory while making sure that “nobody would shoot Russians in the back from the territory of Belarus.” In late September, he also claimed that the conflict could end “in just a few days” if Western powers were to back a peaceful settlement. This statement was to some extent echoed by Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who said last week that the participation of Western nations in dialogue could be a “guiding and reinforcing element.” While Moscow has repeatedly signaled that it is open to negotiations, President Zelensky has set some conditions. They include the “restoration of [Ukraine’s] territorial integrity,” “compensation for all war damage,” and the “punishment of every war criminal.”

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“I am not going to take the question because I’m answering your question.”

Pentagon Dodges Ukraine Aid Question (RT)

The US military has declined to give an exact breakdown for billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine requested by the White House last week, saying it would not discuss funding to replenish domestic arms stocks amid reports of growing shortages. Asked about President Joe Biden’s letter to Congress requesting an additional $37.7 billion in assistance to Kiev, deputy Pentagon press secretary Sabrina Singh refused to offer details. “I would not be able to tell you how much of that… is going back to replenishment,” she told reporters during a Tuesday press conference. “With every security assistance package that we announce, we assess our own readiness and capabilities and also what needs to be replenished.”

Pressed on whether she could take the question back to the Pentagon and provide an answer later, Singh doubled down, insisting: “I am not going to take the question because I’m answering your question.”“I just don’t have a number or a dollar figure for you right now on what that looks like, and I don’t think that’s something that we would broadcast from here,” she reiterated. Though the White House previously said that $21.7 billion of the requested aid would be devoted to both “equipment for Ukraine” and the “replenishment of Department of Defense stocks,” it did not specify how much would go to each. Repeated weapon shipments to Kiev have taken a toll on the domestic stockpile.

Earlier this week, the US Army’s chief of arms acquisition, Doug Bush, said the military was accelerating its process to procure weapons in order to make up for shortages, though Pentagon documents recently seen by the New York Post suggested it will take “multiple years” to resupply the Army. Even as early as March, just weeks after the conflict in Ukraine kicked off, the Defense Department was already scrambling to replenish thousands of shoulder-fired missiles supplied to Kiev. US arms transfers have only increased in the time since, with the Pentagon’s latest fact sheet reporting more than $19 billion in direct military aid approved since February, including over 46,000 anti-armor systems, nearly 200 Howitzers, 38 long-range High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) and a litany of other heavy weapons, vehicles and ammunition.

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“She argues that France continues to act like a colonial power, which drives Africans to migrate in the first place.”

French Interior Minister Labels Italy Enemy Of France After Migration Row (RMX)

Following growing tensions between Italy and France over the issue of boat migrants in the Mediterranean, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin has resorted to extremely harsh rhetoric, referring to the Italian government as “enemies of France.” Darmanin made the comment in response to a question from a National Rally MP Mathilde Paris during a Q&A session in the French parliament, saying Italy is “attacking France.” Paris was inquiring why the majority of the migrants aboard the Ocean Viking ship, which France allowed to dock, have been released from the administrative center housing them, despite the minister’s previous assurances that “(they) will not be able to leave the administrative center.” Instead of addressing the question, Darmanin claimed she was an “ally” of the “enemies” of France.

“In fact, madam, you are not patriotic if you ally yourself with the enemies who are attacking France at the moment,” Darmanin said in response to a question by Paris. “You are siding with Madam (Giorgia) Meloni and her government who did not respect international law, instead you are attacking French policemen,” he added. The French government is being criticized for taking in the migrants, and a report shows that 26 of the 44 minors taken in have already escaped the migrant center. The language being deployed by Darmanin is sure to add further tension between the two countries, which has been growing ever since Italy rejected taking 234 migrants from the NGO ship Ocean Viking, which had mostly North Africans on board.

Italy argues that it has already accepted 90,000 migrants in 2022 alone, and even after rejecting Ocean Viking, it still allowed three NGO ships to dock and 600 migrants to disembark. Although French President Emmanuel Macron has labeled Meloni “inhumane” for not taking in the Ocean Viking migrants, at the same time, France has now said it is retaliating by not accepting 3,000 migrants from Italy it had promised to take in. Meloni has responded, pointing to France’s CFA franc program, in which France agrees to print money for 14 African countries in exchange for mint fees, which can go as high as 50 percent. She argues that France continues to act like a colonial power, which drives Africans to migrate in the first place.

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Hopeless. They all want different price caps for different reasons.

EU Fails To Agree On Gas Price Cap – Hungary (RT)

EU nations have failed to reach an agreement on imposing a price ceiling on natural gas following a Council of Energy Ministers’ meeting, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Thursday. Ministers from the bloc will discuss the proposed measure further during an extraordinary meeting scheduled on December 13, two days before the Summit of European leaders. “Today we started negotiations on the introduction of a ceiling on gas prices. I can say that these are bad proposals, which also threaten Europe’s energy security,” Szijjarto said. “At the meeting, no decision was made that could meet the objectives of the European Commission,” the minister stated, adding that most member states, including Hungary, see such a step as a misguided intervention with work of the natural gas market.

Szijjarto stressed that Hungary, which is heavily reliant on Russian energy imports, is planning to seek exemptions from any EU price caps on oil and gas supplied under long-term contracts. The EU has proposed introducing a cap when prices on the TTF exchange, Europe’s gas benchmark, reach €275 per megawatt hour and when prices are €58 ($59.53) higher than the LNG reference price for ten consecutive trading days within the two weeks. Both conditions need to be met for the cap to be triggered.

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“It is hoped that the price limit would allow Russian production to remain at pre-sanctions levels, but reduce the country’s oil revenue.”

Estonia Warns It Will Veto EU Price Cap On Russian Oil (RT)

A price cap on Russian oil proposed by the European Commission is too high and may be blocked by Estonia, Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Reinsalu said on Thursday, as quoted by Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR). The proposal by Brussels to set a limit of between $65 and $70 per barrel on Russian sea-borne oil is insufficient, he stated, arguing that Moscow would make too much revenue at that price. “Estonia finds that the price horizon’s ambition is too low, considering that the EU has also failed to agree on a ninth sanctions package. The cap seems too high,” Reinsalu said at a government press conference, adding that discussions were ongoing.

Earlier, EU energy chief Kadri Simson confirmed that bloc members had failed to reach an agreement on a Russian oil price cap, but said negotiations would continue. Estonia’s warning came after EU leaders had already watered down the proposed cap by weakening some shipping provisions and delaying the implementation of the measure. Under the updated plan seen by Bloomberg, a grace period would apply to crude loaded before December 5, when oil-related sanctions come into effect, and unloaded by January 19. If approved, the measure would ban Western companies from providing insurance, brokerage or financial assistance to vessels loaded with Russian crude, unless the cargo is purchased below an agreed price.

It is hoped that the price limit would allow Russian production to remain at pre-sanctions levels, but reduce the country’s oil revenue. The proposal was reportedly rejected by Poland along with all three Baltic States, which called the cap “too generous” for Russia and pushed for the price ceiling to be imposed at $30 per barrel. Meanwhile, nations with major shipping industries like Greece and Malta insisted the cap should not be below $70. On Thursday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow would embargo nations that support the proposed price limit on its oil.

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“I would like to underline that the Swedes and the Finns have not lost a single minute of membership because of Hungary,” Orban said..”

Hungary Faces Pressure To Ratify NATO Expansion (RT)

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has promised that Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership bids will definitely be among the first items on the agenda when the country’s parliament reconvenes next year, likely around mid-February.“I would like to underline that the Swedes and the Finns have not lost a single minute of membership because of Hungary,” Orban said, as cited by Euronews, adding that the prime ministers of Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia had nudged him to move forward with the process during their meeting on Thursday.

“We have already confirmed to both Finland and Sweden that Hungary supports the membership of these two countries in NATO, and at the first session of next year, Parliament will put this on the agenda,” the Hungarian PM stated, apparently after facing pressure during a Visegrad Group meeting in Slovakia. Last month, Orban’s chief of staff Gergely Gulyas said there was a “good chance” the Hungarian parliament would vote before its autumn session ends mid-December. The parliament usually reconvenes in early February. In May, amid Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine, Sweden and neighboring Finland broke with their decades-long neutrality stance and formally applied for NATO membership. While the bloc accepted the requests, the Nordic nations’ bids have to be ratified by all 30 member states, and Türkiye and Hungary’s approval is still pending.

Earlier this month, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock rebuked Budapest and Ankara for delaying the ratification process, insisting that there is a “crystal clear basis” for allowing the two Nordic nations to join the military bloc. Hungarian officials have repeatedly stated their support for NATO expansion, and the measure is expected to be easily passed once it comes to the floor. Meanwhile, Ankara is demanding that Stockholm and Helsinki do more to fight “terrorism,” particularly Kurdish groups which are outlawed in Türkiye. Negotiations on the matter are still underway.

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Pence and Buttigieg. What a waste of time.

Oddsmakers Favor DeSantis For 2024 (JTN)

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is the odds-on favorite to win the 2024 presidential election. Betting website currently assigns DeSantis a 30.77% chance of winning the 2024 electoral contest, with former President Donald Trump coming in second with 22.22%. President Joe Biden rounds out the top three with 20% while Vice President Kamala Harris and Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom tie for fourth with 6.67% each. Former Vice President Mike Pence and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg each have a 4.35% shot at the nation’s top job. Thus far, only Trump has officially launched his 2024 campaign, though Biden is expected to eventually do so. DeSantis, meanwhile, has declined to fuel speculation about his own potential bid, instead asserting that the GOP should focus on the upcoming Georgia runoff election.

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Want to use less oil? Stop making stuff.

Climate Policy Makes Europe Too Expensive for Low-Cost EV Manufacturing (CTH)

We have been closely monitoring the signs of a global cleaving around the energy sector taking place. Essentially, western governments’ following the “Build Back Better” climate change agenda which stops using coal, oil and gas to power their economic engine, while the rest of the growing economic world continues using the more efficient and traditional forms of energy to power their economies. Within the BBB western group (identified on map in yellow), the logical consequences are increased living costs for those who live in the BBB zone, and increased prices for goods manufactured in the BBB zone. In the zone where traditional low-cost energy resources continue to be developed (grey on map), we would expect to see a lower cost of living and lower costs to create goods. Two divergent economic zones based on two different energy systems.

This potential outcome just seemed to track with the logical conclusion. The yellow zone also represented by the World Economic Forum, and the gray zone also represented by an expanding BRICS alliance. Against this predictable backdrop we have been watching various events unfold, some obvious and some less so. Today, we get an obvious example: NEW DELHI, Nov 24 (Reuters) – Fiat parent Stellantis (STLA.MI) has concluded it can’t currently make affordable electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe and is looking at lower-cost manufacturing in markets such as India, its chief executive told reporters. If India, with its low-cost supplier base, is able to meet the company’s quality and cost targets by the end of 2023, it could open the door to exporting EVs to other markets, said Carlos Tavares, CEO of the group whose brands also include Peugeot and Chrysler.

“So far, Europe is unable to make affordable EVs. So the big opportunity for India would be to be able to sell EV compact cars at an affordable price, protecting profitability,” Tavares told reporters at a media roundtable in India late on Wednesday. Stellantis is investing heavily in EVs and plans to produce dozens in the coming decade, but Tavares warned last month that affordable battery EVs were between five and six years away. On his first visit to India since taking over as Stellantis CEO, he said the company was still working out a plan regarding EV exports from the country and had not yet taken any decisions.”

Normally we would expect to see market forces determining the ultimate economic outcome. Historically, we would not expect government policy that puts their nation at an economic disadvantage. However, in this WEF controlled new western economic normal we see multinational corporations’ making decisions and government leaders creating policy to support the corporations. There is money to be made by corporations within the climate change agenda, and there is money to be made by producing goods with low-cost wages and cheap materials. Eventually, if you keep following this to its natural conclusion, the entire yellow zone becomes a service driven economy.

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What on earth made them go public with this?

“..the Pentagon was forced to launch a “sweeping audit of how it conducts clandestine information warfare,” after a variety of social media accounts, which its operatives used to target foreign audiences in elaborate psychological warfare efforts, were exposed.”

Meta Uncovers US Military-Linked Propaganda Campaign (RT)

Facebook’s parent company Meta has acknowledged the discovery of several clusters of fake accounts and pages believed to be linked to individuals “associated with the US military,” according to the company’s latest adversarial threat report published this week. “Although the people behind this operation attempted to conceal their identities and coordination, our investigation found links to individuals associated with the US military,” the company said in a blog post on Tuesday. The influence campaign was discovered earlier this year and in total Meta removed 39 Facebook and 26 Instagram accounts, as well as 16 Pages and two groups, all for violating the policy against “coordinated inauthentic behavior.”

The social media giant admitted that the large-scale operation ran beyond those several dozen accounts and across many other internet platforms, including Twitter, YouTube and Telegram, as well as major Russian social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. It apparently attempted to downplay the discovery by insisting that the “majority of this operation’s posts had little to no engagement from authentic communities” and highlighting similar “deceptive campaigns” by China and Russia. Meta’s acknowledgement substantiates a bombshell investigation by Washington Post that revealed that the Pentagon was forced to launch a “sweeping audit of how it conducts clandestine information warfare,” after a variety of social media accounts, which its operatives used to target foreign audiences in elaborate psychological warfare efforts, were exposed.

The takedown of the influence network was initially highlighted by researchers at Graphika and the Stanford Internet Observatory, which back in August published a report about online networks allegedly pushing “pro-Western,” anti-Russia and other politicized narratives. While the original study did not pin blame for the fake accounts on any particular actors, two officials later told the Post that US CENTCOM – the combatant command which oversees forces in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia – “is among those whose activities are facing scrutiny” for its influence operations. At the time, CENTCOM refused to comment on whether any of the suspicious accounts were created by its personnel or contractors, but one official claimed such behavior would “absolutely be a violation of doctrine and training practices.”

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Death, taxes and getting robbed.

You’re Going To Get Robbed (Denninger)

Read this Twitter thread in full.: Today, we issued a final rule that allows retirement plan investors to take climate change and other environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into consideration when making investment decisions: Oh really? Did you not just see a prime example of what happens when “ESG” takes over a corporation? Why, you did. It’s called Twitter. Three quarters of the people, all hired with “ESG” in mind, were just fired by Musk who as a private owner has zero obligation to any such so-called “principle.” The various screaming parties in the ESG cult all predicted immediate doom and disaster. No such disaster has occurred; the firm’s only service it provides to the public is running just fine with one quarter of the staffing load — and thus cost — it used to have. If you think Twitter is unique in this regard you’re too stupid to have a retirement and deserve to lose every cent of whatever you claim to be “investing.”

Let’s put this in simple terms: If “ESG” is a net positive for a company then nobody has to exempt anything or make it a separate subject of consideration and in fact doing so is stupid because if it in fact makes the firm more competitive and operating at a lower cost per unit of output it wins all on its own. What the Department of Labor has said by issuing this advisory is that your “retirement plan” can now be disadvantaged to any degree whatsoever, including losing all of it, when (not if) these “ESG” initiatives cause the firms invested in to underperform or fail outright and when that occurs you can’t sue the plan provider for violating their fiduciary responsibility to you as the true owner of the asset.

In other words the Department of Labor is formally admitting that these “ESG” initiatives are not to the benefit of the firm’s operating results and thus are also not to your benefit as an investor. This fact has now become a formal admission by our Federal Government. What’s worse? This “rule” amounts to an admission of collusive price-fixing — albeit indirect — between what are supposed to be competing firms. Under 100+ year old law that is a serious criminal felony. You will get screwed out of trillions of dollars over the coming years as a result of this and you are responsible for that screwing because you have and continue to permit this sort of rank corruption to take place without demanding it stop and backing up that demand with whatever is necessary to eliminate it.

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    Reason to continue the war

    By Russia taking over/occupying/invading/controlling the entire country, Ukraine will be instantly relieved of
    debt/jubilee/unpayable loans/hide the scams, owed to the Western lenders/bankers/democrats/thieves/bidens.

    Michael Reid

    @ jb-hb #121838

    Your comment is very well articulated yet I believe many choices were made without understanding.

    Many choices were made based on belief (government or god) not truth.

    After a while it was clear to me those in power were lying and what they wanted us to do was stupid.

    People influence their destiny with the choices they make.

    Many were fooled.


    What did you do during the Covid Cult war?

    I stood my ground based on principles of human dignity.
    Hippocratic Oath / Nuremberg Trials / Body Autonomy

    My body, my choice. Or My body Govt/Pharma choice? Well that’s a f’n no brainer.

    You do you- but when you try to force inject me with experimental poison and shame me for not doing so- and take away my basic human rights to work, travel, leave my home and speak- expect a fight.

    Safe, effective and necessary?

    Is the vax safe? If no then chances are it can kill you or harm you permanently. Duh- basic logic grounded in historical patterns is certainly not “claiming superiority”. Your logic and position is extremely flawed.

    Is the vax effective? No. it was pointless and has negative efficacy… the vax killed and injured. I harmed no one.

    Was the vax necessary? No.


    If you don’t care about these people then you are no different to the people at Pfizer.

    I care about all sentient beings being healthy and content. Quality and Longevity of a life well lived. Compassion does not equate ‘being nice’. Nor does empathy.

    What did you do for your fellow man? Did either of you do anything else that could be remotely construed as helpful?

    I did nothing that could be construed as harmful or destructive. Do no harm- Hippocratic oath. Who the fuck are you to lecture anyone on being ‘helpful’? Define helpful. Something about good deeds and punishment along with a road to hell being paved- ring a bell? Trying to solve a problem with the same type of thinking that created said problem leads to more problems.

    Sharing techniques of self improvement means you help yourself or you don’t. Your choice. You are free to be stupid.

    Did either of you suffer, really suffer?

    Buddhism 101- suffering exists. It exists in your mind and body. All minds and all bodies. Apply the Four Noble Truths- Now. Again, who the fuck are you to determine genuine suffering? Who are you to put a sliding scale on sufferings quality, intensity, duration for anyone else? You can’t.

    “We’re all in the gutter, some of us are looking at the stars.”

    You are happy to blame the people who get vaxxed, but most of those people do it because they have no choice.

    This is where your entire argument falls apart. Happy? Fuck you. I’m not happy about any of this crap. This is pure manipulative gas lighting on your part. So the vaxed are all victims who had no choice? You are spewing bullshit.

    We collectively had a choice to go along to get along- or resist. They chose collective irrational fear and acted from that space. That of course led to more irrational fears and damage and deaths. The entire charade could have been over in days if we collectively said no and called bs. I choose not to live by societal principles of irrational fears. You can do whatever the fuck you want- but don’t blame me for your choices.


    I knew Bill Little very well. And Cecilly Little played at the bridge club I played at. So when Andrew Little began his campaign to become a politician, I went to see him. he bought a copy of the book I had just written, and we began to discuss all the factors that would determine the future. i.e. declining energy availability, Ponzi finance etc..

    Shortly into our once-a-week discussion, Andrew Little suddenly showed his true character: totally unreliable, a liar and a coward.

    Unable to win the electoral seat, this slimy piece of shit wheedled his way into political power via the list system, whereby, if sufficiently high on the party list, a slimeball could become an MP through the MMP system. I had several run-ins with him before he began lording it over the general populace from the safety of Wellington.

    As leader of the LINO (Labour In Name Only) party, he was a complete failure -zero competency and zero charisma- and was replaced by the Scorpion, the WEF sponsored con artist currently pretending to lead NZ. However, as a slimy piece of shit with self-serving as his prime motivator, the next thing we know, Little was appointed Minister of ‘Justice’. The irony is almost beyond belief. Yet we know that is how the Empire of Lies operates; install a slimeball into a position of power, and instruct said slimeball to continue the wrecking.

    As everyone here knows, the entire covid and ‘vaccines’ narrative was an elaborate scam and social control exercise, geared to increasing the profits of global corporations and reducing the capacity of the general populace to think clearly or resist increased levels of oppression.

    This war on society being waged by the scumbags that call themselves leaders continues, and the wrecking continues. Thus, we get a headline that the health sector is in crisis.

    Clearly, as a consequence of the promotion of the covid scam and fake jabs by so many ‘health professionals’, confidence in the health system has been shattered to some extent. Nevertheless, the health sector still does have a place in NZ society with respect to aligning broken bones, treatment of real diseases etc.

    Thus, the undermining of everything except services for global scumbags -the Scorpion’s agenda- brings a new crisis:

    ‘It is insane’: Doctors claim Health Minister is in denial about how bad health sector is’

    ‘It’s insane’ because it’s formulated and promoted by insane paople.

    Of course, when I encountered Andrew Little as a young lad, I had no idea he would become an agent for the destruction of the society that had fed and watered him.

    So it goes -as Kurt Vonnegut put it.

    I should add, until it doesn’t.

    Not too far off, judging by events in Ukraine and in the global financial markets.

    Still waiting for the treason trial to commence. The evidence mounts by the day.


    @Germ vs @aspnaz feud….

    This back/forth is interesting. Thanks to the commenters who are pushing back on aspnaz’s attacks on Germ – especially the commenters posting today since you’ve started wallowing around in philosophy. 🙂

    From my perspective: leave Germ alone. He’s been posting for years. We’re all adults [I hope] making choices. If you don’t like Germ’s posts, don’t read them. Good golly, it’s not that hard …

    Stuff like this reminds me why I don’t use social media, (ie, YouTwitFace). The unholy 3 that are anything but social. 😉


    @ Micheal Reid #121847

    Certainly everything was done to make informed consent impossible.

    And most of the doctors, everywhere on the planet turned out to be obedient bureaucrats, not doctors at all, since informed consent was such a basic concept for them to understand. Part of their schooling and oath.

    My GP said he could not help me with a medical exemption and HAD to recommend the vaccine because of “strict guidelines.”

    After the visit, I pulled up the FDA website and read their guidelines for discussing, recommending and administering the injection that does not vaccinate in full several times. First and foremost, it said he had to inform me of the side effects and he had to inform me that it was not mandatory. He did neither of these things. (he told me the opposite, really) He did NOT follow the guidelines.

    He meant the internal corporate guidelines of his employer.

    How long did it take me to check the FDA guidelines vs his behavior, twice? 10 minutes? 15? Certainly he had a responsibility as a doctor to check at least the things I checked ….but then I, owning my own life, clearly had a responsibility to check for myself.

    But this is not just your job, mr doctor. This is your career. This is your life and identity. You will always be either the person who shut off their brain and followed guidelines, hurting hundreds, thousands? Killing how many? Or the person who wouldn’t do that. This is YOUR life and who you will or will not BE.

    Many years ago, if I saw someone behind me looking at their phone in traffic, I’d pull aside and get back into traffic to get someone NOT on a phone behind me.

    Several years ago, I had a commute home from work in which I TRIED to get away from people driving looking at their phones and could not. I pulled out and back into traffic 5 or 6 times. No matter how many times I tried, I couldn’t get away from them. The non phone-looker was now the outlier, not the phone-looker.

    I’ve thought about the people looking at their phones in traffic and the people taking the shot.

    The late Roman Empire had a Manpower Shortage. Always scrounging for troops. Various writers from the time period fretting, gosh darn it, the manpower shortage, the manpower shortage.

    I’m not sure I buy depopulation, because there was a real issue with people cutting off their own thumbs to evade military service. And certainly the giant crowds in the major Roman cities, the ones the rulers feared would riot, remained.

    In some sense, people don’t believe they own their own lives. So why focus on driving? Why check info about an injection? And they don’t own their jobs, their towns, their anything.

    They couldn’t get people to fight for Rome because it wasn’t THEIRS. And to be fully accurate, Rome wasn’t the rulers’ property either. Rome could be understood in a more primitive way, as a stretch of Serengetti, the rulers as a hominid wandering it, extracting resources from it.

    And so we’ve had a mysterious “manpower shortage”. And businesses open or don’t open depending on who can bring themselves to go in today. I keep hearing about it locally where I am.

    Decades ago, I went to a local fireworks show. Something went wrong. Fireworks started falling into the crowd that had spread out on blankets with picnic items. After several had already landed in the crowd and gone off, resulting in some alarm, (yells, screams etc) one rather large one fell perfectly centered into the middle of a family’s blanket.

    one of the more disturbing memories of my life, in a way

    A husband, wife, and 2 toddlers turned to the firework, almost sleepily, as if in a dream. And, oddly, as if synchronized, as if controlled by the same marionette by strings, all leaned forward and OVER the firework cannister.

    Over and over in my imagination, for decades now, I have imagined myself as the father, grabbing the nearest toddler and rolling away to gain distance from the explosive and put my body between it and the child.

    But in my memory, they always replay in a trance, family of four, leaning towards the explosive.

    Before they could get their faces directly over it, it went off, VERY loudly. The toddlers started crying. Maybe they all had hearing loss. I think it sprayed its bits at the ground, otherwise it would have sprayed upward and blinded all 4 probably melted their faces off. It was a bit larger than an extra-large folgers can. A non-negligible amount of explosive. Maybe some of it got burned up before it landed.

    I feel the same kind of sick to my stomach sensation thinking of them and thinking of everyone who went along. There should have been some sense of preservation, ownership, and responsibility, to grab a child and roll. To yell “get back!” or something, anything. Both then and now it has a nightmarish surreal quality to it.

    Michael Reid

    What would Spock say?


    Stew Peters (Died Suddenly, Watch the Water..) could be a counter intelligence asset whose purpose is to marginalize those advocating informed consent.

    Or simply tapping in to the far right for his 15 minutes of fame as a sort of slightly less unhinged version of Alex Jones.

    Anyway, zero background in news…then boom, studio production show?

    Irrespective, the TAE site / comment section, became the go to site for me during Covid. Links and info provided by Raul, Germ, Doc Day, Doc Robinson and others became foundational in framing my conversations with family, friends and coworkers. It was also, very useful in my battle with my employer over the mandates and masking, for which I am most grateful.

    D Benton Smith

    One of the fringe benefits of having a world human population of over 8 BILLION ( as in eight THOUSAND millions) is that it enables fast, and highly revelatory thumbnail probability calculations.

    For example: after 3 years of mass murder perpetrated upon those 8 billion people, not even one person of that targeted population has opted to just get up off of their ass and go assassinate ANY of the known perpetrators as a justifiable act of self defense, or revenge or general disgruntlement. Bear in mind that this is in a world where wearing the wrong shoes in the wrong neighborhood can getcha killed six different ways from Sunday (happens every day).

    I find that to be rather improbable, statistically speaking, and yet there it is. The probability APPEARS to be roughly 0.00000000000 % . Plain fact.

    I wonder how that could even be, which in turn makes me wonder if there is some other, obscured, factor at play that I’m not seeing.

    One possibility is that everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) subliminally ( instinctually ? spiritually ?) knows that it would be a monumental mistake, because it would put us on the same path of oblivious self destruction that the bad guys are on. We know it would be our ruin.

    Maybe it is something along these lines: Do you suppose that Gates and Rothschild and the good folks at Pfizer consider themselves to be “winners” in the Great Game of getting ahead ? Of course they do. Otherwise they would change their lowdown ways and stop lying, cheating, stealing and killing with such wild abandon for fun and profit.

    Alright then (given the reasonable assumption that they think they’re the smart ones and consider themselves to be very best of people) ask yourself whether ANY ordinary person even remotely close to being in their right mind would actually want to BE any of those guys like Bill Gates or Nathan Rothschild or Anthony Fauci. I don’t mean just having their wealth, status and power. I mean literally BEING them.

    I don’t think any of the even semi-sane would actually want to swap places and BE any of those obliviously evil characters. The answer would not just be “no”, it would be “HELL no!”

    So even though Gates and Rothschild think they are winning, they are in fact LOSING very very badly. They’re losing so bad that not even the most deplorable of the most downtrodden poorest of the poor would swap places with ’em if the swap required actually BEING Rothschild, or Gates, etc.

    Basically, people know not to behave like that because it’s a one-way ticket to the same hell those monstrous morons are in. The inescapable hell of being being 100% dead wrong, and yet egotistically delighted with being the best and smartest guy in the room.

    And they got no way out until they take their own medicine, or meet their maker . . . . or both.

    Formerly T-Bear

    jb-hb at 121851
    Should you consider most doctors must be associated with some clinic or hospital in order to practice their art, and those clinics or hospitals set the limits those doctors may practice under, it is not hard to see it is those institutions that put the pressure on the doctors to curtail all unacceptable exercises not approved. The investment a doctor has made for medical accreditation, it is not hard to understand why most doctors have done what you find troubling. Also the clinics and hospitals are themselves under severe constraints to keep their insurance active; a considerable expense in itself. Few indeed are those who have maintained their ethical standards under those conditions. Be very thankful they were able to practice medicine instead of conforming, all are richer for their being. Just an opinion.


    Paranoid Weirdo Leftist SoyBoy VaxCuck Calls For Military To Forcibly Vaccinate Entire Population

    Ya, that will work, forced vaccination using the police and military to ‘hold the unvaxed down’ while they are given the Quackcine!

    Michael Reid

    Men with too much wealth may lead to wicked possible futures or not.


    Those who have their fingers on the nuclear button have their assistants poring through media sites and if they see a headline that triggers them….well it is all over for the world.
    That such obvious bullshit gets into print and that people presumably beleive it is a very good indication of how stupid the media and it’s clickers have become.

    “What’s with this idea the Polish farmer prevented WW3? He took a photo of the missile.’
    Exactly! The entire story is fake.Who believes that NATO nuclear commanders fire the nukes based on media reports? DUH!
    Anti climax
    “As I understand it : Russian oil production costs 10 dollars/barrel. The oil companies keep 25 dollars a barrel and all the other money goes to fund the Russian government.”
    Except for the billions skimmed off by all the oligarch contractors , four and a half billion dollars of private yachts remember. Russia is corrupt from the very top to the very bottom.


    “Look I’m sorry if barbarians come burn down your farm and you have to run to America to start over in your 50’s selling pencils on a street corner, but they REALLY ARE barbarians/invaders burning down your family farm.”

    Well said, I say. That whole post. The nice thing about the Khans and Tamerlanes of the world is that you at least knew they were barbarians, burning down your house, plundering etc. (although you may not have known that some of them did so via false flag betrayal of your people by their rulers or wannabe rulers, but you t least knew that Trogdor was on the loose, and were absolutely certain that he was a man…or maybe he was a dragonman… or maybe just a dragon but anyway, he was Trogdor! (It’s Thanksgiving and life is just an animated Norman Rockwell scene. You too can singalong with others by yourself at the computer!)

    But things like international covidiocy and de facto forced vakzinations fly under the umbrella of Stockholm syndrome mass form protection.. It’s like Daddy beating you for threatening to tell Mommy that he rapes you, and telling you that “It’s for your own good.”


    “Like how is his real and justified anger and embitterment over real actual bad things and bad PEOPLE even a problem, really?”

    Well, you asked:

    1 problem is that it invites others to condemn Germ, which is bad for rhetorical hygiene and pertinence and also bad for human psyches, since anger and arrogance all come from destructive root emotions. But that isn’t Germ’s fault. The “fault” there is in that of the interpreters and not the interpretee’s; although I also feel confident saying that Germ’s style of expressing G’s outrage would be viewed by the majority, raised on the mainstream vernacular of emotional verbiage, as schadenfreudist (it’s so fun to say: try it!). That too is not Germ’s fault. I am ridiculously verbally articulate but nonetheless miscommunicate on a reliable, even reliably disastrous, schedule.

    2 Another problem is that it invites others (like you) tocondemn Germ’s attackers (or so I have and others surely will infer you are doing). This bids me to ask a question like yours: “…how is his real and justified anger and embitterment over real actual bad things and bad PEOPLE even a problem, really?”

    And, since I asked, I’ll answer: probably for a reason very similar to why condemnation of Germ’s appears to concern you in a way that bids you at least challenge and maybe? condemn?
    Clearing gravel from a stream makes for a bit of murky water for awhile but then the channel runs smoother and deeper.

    Back to that Stockholm syndrome thing: I think that perhaps I can transcend vernacular mainstream confusion , and not appear malicious, when I say that the mind-fucked are indeed well and truly fucked. Recovering from a lifetime of mass intensive mind-conditioning is harder than resisting some silly old forced injection. I’ve done it perhaps more than anyone I’ve known (MAJOR BOLD STATEMENT ALERT!), and I honestly have no idea why I’m still alive other than the love of a few good friends, one very wonderful woman, and perhaps more guardian angels than I could shake a stick at (probably at my peril if any of them are either of my grandmothers).

    Outside of refugees and the wretchedly psychotically insane, I honestly don’t think I’ve met anyone as deviant as me from the norm yet as normative across the board as me (hetero, WASP, quiet middle class-upbringing, no social warts like obesity or ugliness or deformities or handicaps, no idees fixes, no over-riding compulsions other than numerous addictions to deal with all the alienated despair [which has been the norm, really, for a long time], no incarceration in penal, mental health, or academic institutions… my only real mental health issue is an IQ over 160 (they wouldn’t tell me the last figure; I’m sure many here can relate), and a wonderful childhood that made me strong and bold enough to naively challenge the narrative (cuz I was well-nurtured and questions were safe), and survive the psychological iron boot-heeling that followed (cuz I was well-nurtured so therefore had a strong emotional core while being taught to do the right thing, etc.,) … but at the cost of self-imposed homelessness for a decade or so from adolescence through young adulthood).

    You might say I’m as normal as can be and not be a character from The Big Bang Theory.;) But I made certain cognitive discoveries and choices that forever ruined my ability to be understood by other people because that way that I understand reality and myself is allergically painful to, like, 99.999% of the people I’ve met.

    If that description makes me sound like a delusional paranoiac or something, that’s fine with me. If it makes me sound like some kind of street-bred self-deluding wannabe saint (I’m envisioning Swamp Thing as St. Francis of Asisi), it’s like that monk said/asked: “Is that so?” I hold my own counsel, that’s for sure.

    Many can relate to the above self-description and feel that it resembles them but maybe even more so. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the weirdest of us all? I defer to their self-judgment, because the view inside a given goldfish’s bowl is ultimately unknowable to other gold-fishes in their respective bowls.

    We here are all lucky, say I, if blessed via what feels like a curse, to enjoy the freedom and power of mind to actually think more for ourselves than our cultures do for us. Some of us might think it mean-spirited of us to judge negatively those* *who negatively judge those whose sense of judgment seems negatively affected by life in our times (das sheeple effect), but a quick look in a pocket mirror will reveal, to those who prefer to be honest with themselves, that their perch from which to look down on others is not as secure as they felt if only for awhile in the heat of a moment. Even those who prefer not to be honest may feel that sense of someone staring at them from across the street and peer over their shoulder to see something like God staring at them…. bemusedly stern… unless they lack sufficient imagination, in which case powerful psychedelics will usually do the trick. 😉 Anyway, that’s what’s playing inside my goldfish bowl silver screen right now.
    *this and other moral palindromes are easily obtained at this nifty moral palindrome meme site I found.


    Iggy Pop might be someone I could relate to holistically. Probably not. Successful rock-star life reinforces certain mainstream conventions even if the star’s career is based on declaredly opposing/ignoring/violating/transcending them. Still, I think we can all relate to Iggy here. The chorus captures both a) the schadenfreude we’ve felt toward “sheeple” (a word as vile as ‘nigger‘, so let’s say it a lot to remind us of our bigotries* lest they consume us) and b) the vulnerable outraged despair, terror, courage, and resignation we’ve all felt, I’m sure, for being different, or different, or different, or DIFFERENT.
    *tell me you don’t have bigotries and I won’t believe you; you might say that I’m bigoted that way… but I find it more morally honest than being bigoted against (those whom we perceive as) bigoted people.

    Feeling a little bit exiled is not fundamentally different from feeling completely exiled. The latter is way stronger and usually harder to survive, but in the end, one lonely cry into a desperate pillow for whatever reason is the same as another.

    If you got this far, don’t blame me. I only wrote it. You’re the sucker who read it. 😉

    Iggy Pop

    2003. Naturally the pageant host has to mosh dive: Gen X (punk) culture is at its apex, peering unwittingly downhill thinking the world is their personal rollercoaster, forgetting that the bottom of the hill is a geriatric crash-landing; we Boomers snickered schadenfreudistically from our rocking chairs.


    Except for the billions skimmed off by all the oligarch contractors , four and a half billion dollars of private yachts remember. Russia is corrupt from the very top to the very bottom.

    “Former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov resigned amid a corruption scandal involving his mistress Yevgenia Vasilyeva (both ended up getting off easy). The Insider has learned that the current minister, Sergei Shoigu, is not much different from his predecessor. After getting into an affair with Shoigu, stewardess Elena Shebunova suddenly became a billionaire and earned a mansion on Rublevka next door to the Rotenberg Palace on contracts with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Defense.”

    Shoigu’s daughter found two penthouses for half a billion rubles – The Moscow Times in Russian


    30-Year-Old Co-Founder Of Crypto Trading Platform Amber Dies “Unexpecteldy” In His Sleep

    Totally f-ing normal!!


    jbhb — “lol wtf is it with objecting to Germ’s tone to this extent? HE isn’t injecting anyone, pressuring anyone, ostracizing anyone, blocking anyone from social or economic activity. He’s just understandably angered and embittered.”

    jbhb — I second your post regarding Germ and all the anger that has come raining down upon him for no earthly good reason. Over the course of the past months he has provided us with numerous great links to movies, data, and commentary about the Covidian narrative, and for that I am most appreciative. He has never implied a tone of superiority in any of his posts, just tries to share information and the sense of outrage that many of us have expressed about the main-stream narrative and the fascistic “health” policies that many governments have been foisting upon everyday people.

    People do what they do and should not be demonized. Some, like myself, took the shots at the beginning because we were sweet-talked into doing it. Later we realized how lethal and non-effective the shots are/were, and decided not to get any more shots. We actually LEARNED something, and we should not be shamed for getting those first two shots. We should be commended for standing up to the tyranny that has overtaken our culture, and for trying to stay informed.

    Likewise, people who didn’t take any of the shots are to be commended. They stood up against all kinds of pressure and many lost their jobs, like Dr. John Day and others. Bravo for them!

    But those who were fooled, or shamed, or threatened into taking the shots — neither shouild any of them be treated with contempt here. They are the victims, not the purpetrators, of the great crime that has been unleashed upon us and our society.

    Please, kultsommer and aspnaz, refrain from attacking other commenters. It doesn’t become you, it is boring and upsetting to read, and it gets us nowhere. There are far more important things to focus on than getting into these spats and insult-fests online.

    And many thanks, as always, to Ilargi, for his diligent work in collecting so many interesting and informative items for us to peruse every day, and for hosting our comments as well. He is a treasure and is much appreciated in my household.


    “Paranoid Weirdo Leftist SoyBoy VaxCuck Calls For Military To Forcibly Vaccinate Entire Population”

    I invite us to consider how much of such things are astro-turfed at this point, by bipartisan sources, to discredit various camps of belief or merely to have Siri and her fairy friends analyse the discursive traffic to see how x affects y etc.

    “Leftist” astroturfers might do it to probe how gullible their followers can be (or no longer are).

    “Rightist” astroturfers might do it to discredit leftist followers as gullible. (I know: none of these people actually work even remotely for a living; running spreadsheet charts on AI’s suggested outcome profiles etc. concerning how gullible are the gullible sounds like teaching babies how to burble. The Info Economy. (It’s like WES quotes the USSR proles: “We pretend to work; you pretend to pay us.”)

    My son tells me that the above is the hippest online meme, in MilliGenzie terms, that I’ve shared with him. He is 28 years old, cusp Milli/Genz.


    Try again:


    @Formerly T-Bear #121856

    …but their WORTH comes from their traditional place in society.

    Lawyers, Priests, Doctors, Journalists

    They have a special place in society because of their level and type of education, yes. Also their jobs, yes. But not really. IF that were the case, any number of other ethics-less jobs would be just as respected. But they have not been. A hedge fund guy earning 10x a doctor has been, in times past, been seen as LESS of a man than a doctor. Less valued, less respected by far.

    The privacy with client, confessor, patient, or source is not mere humdrum commonplace. They are the pillars of civilization.

    A doctor who acts as an obedient bureaucratic functionary is not a doctor. They are a bureaucrat. A Mandarin who has done the proper schooling to get a secure position, but has no code, no ethics. NOT a doctor. Someone who looks at a computer screen, reads from it, and sends you out for tests or specialists depending on what the screen tells them.

    The value of doctors is AS doctors. Just as the value of journalists is AS journalists.

    As they fail to exercise their special powers, they lose them, until they become obedient, valueless functionaries.

    The only doctors and nurses we know for SURE are real doctors and nurses are the ones who got fired.

    Those are the only ones I trust.


    Couldn’t load the original meme, whose tag line was ‘Born just in time to pay .99 for a ringtone.’


    “As they fail to exercise their special powers, they lose them, until they become obedient, valueless functionaries.

    “The only doctors and nurses we know for SURE are real doctors and nurses are the ones who got fired.

    “Those are the only ones I trust.”

    Curtis Yarwin said, early on in the first months of covid-becoming-covidiocy, that it marked the end of medicine and science in general (since the technosphere’s collapse would be so much hastened by covidiotics)

    Googling ‘covidiot’ to see what images arose, I was surprised to find the following:

    google results for covidiot

    If one interpreted the Golden Rule as written, then calling vax victims stupid idiots who deserve their fate is only a reflection of how many of them have treated us.

    Man, this is going tobe a Jacobian nightmare.

    “La guillotine permanente – French Revolutionary Song

    I think you will find the lyrics eerily apt. You will also, I fear, find the chorus awfully catchy and inescapably uplifting. Revenge may be for suckers, and of little use in improving personal or general welfare, but the blood of injustice deems it undeniably sweet. I have so little chance of doing so, but I have one dream for this life of mine: to somehow take a few young children out of the mayhem if only long enough not to watch their parents turn into morbid monsters. If only that much. But I’d prefer the miracle include a way for someone, even ancient old She’n’I, to raise them long enough for sane younguns to take over.


    @boscohorowitz #121860

    lol I have to say I genuinely kinda like you now, to my surprise. But naturally I am going to pick on the one thing I take exception to, ’cause internets

    Gen X (punk) culture is at its apex, peering unwittingly downhill thinking the world is their personal rollercoaster, forgetting that the bottom of the hill is a geriatric crash-landing; we Boomers snickered schadenfreudistically from our rocking chairs.

    You have completely misunderstood GenX. (and now a guy who loves Axis Bold as Love, Chicago Transit Authority, and Relayer has to cite punk culture..)


    Sadly, searching for the guillotine song revealed this:

    Bita and the Botflies

    Am I insulting everyone when I say that sometimes it just feels like We Are So Fucked? Never mind that the music is vapid, bland, even sterile as a Genzie male metrosexual vegan’s sperm count; the masks (or not)… it makes the decadence of 1920s Berlin appear wholesome, which it wasn’t, but also tremendously virile, which it was, but ten times so when compared to whatever that video is about.

    Michael Reid

    I just want to thank Germ for exposure to the paper indicating spike causes damage to the inside layer of blood vessels.

    At that point I knew it was a bioweapon


    The lyrics tell what my son tells me: the younguns know they’re fucked, but don’t have the means, the will, to face it. Raised on illusions, illusions are all they know:

    I don’t have the answers,
    Not one, none at all
    All I have are rituals,
    That I hope would work after all
    I’ll kneel not for you
    I’d steal a prayer or two
    And whisper them to saner gods,
    In the name
    In the name
    In the name of
    Someone else
    I’m not dark and doomed,
    Nor irredeemable
    My ways are not of voodoo,
    I labor as you do and fall,
    Vulnerable to instincts
    And circumstances too
    I’ll kneel not for you,
    I’d steal a prayer or two,
    And whisper them to saner gods,
    In the name
    In the name
    In the name of
    Someone else
    A witch begging for
    I’m still not sure
    What my sorry is for
    I know I’m still not
    The author of that wicked past
    Neither of the monstrous thoughts
    You accuse
    You accuse
    You accuse me of
    You see in front of the starving crowd
    I’d simply disappoint, they’ve seen it all
    Surely, they’d want more
    In their faces, you’d find no trace of triumph
    And my eyes can attest to that
    My sea of relief could then gush out
    Soon as my guillotine drops
    Soon as my guillotine drops
    Soon as my guillotine drops
    Soon as my, my guilty head drops


    comments section here today is..

    flora has a few good ones over at NC. good to read that flora is a bike rider; it’s a very grounding thing to do, as those who do it regularly know-without-knowing. MWC wrote deeply on that topic; hard miles make the Rider.


    Thank you Michael Reid.

    “Ninth Circuit upholds firing of UC Irvine medical ethics director who refused COVID-19 vaccine”

    ‘Dr. Aaron Kheriaty claimed he was “naturally immune” from the coronavirus because he had contracted the disease in July 2020 and recovered from it. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, however, has concluded that past infections do not lead to full immunity, and that previously infected people will be further protected once they are vaccinated.’

    Science has died.


    latest news update with Colonel Douglas Macgregor.


    The next recording of Ockeghem’s Requiem, and other very good music from that period, is the one by The Clerks’ Group / Edward Wickham, recorded in 1996. I’ve had it for a few years without really taking to, or getting it, but suddenly this one seems
    special. From time to time I think they could let the music breathe a little more, but maybe keeping the momentum was more the focus; also, I probably imprinted on the Hilliards’ slower recording. There is much more than the Requiem on this disc, and I’m still exploring that part.


    Latest from the UK Gov!

    3.4 Toxicology :

    No toxicokinetic studies have been performed with the vaccine.”

    No genotoxicity studies are planned for BNT162b2″

    Carcinogenicity studies with BNT162b2 have not been conducted”

    Prenatal and postnatal development, including maternal function
    No such studies have been done.”

    “In the context of supply under Regulation 174, it is considered that sufficient reassurance of safe use of the vaccine in pregnant women cannot be provided at the present time: however, use in women of childbearing potential could be supported provided healthcare professionals are advised to rule out known or suspected pregnancy prior to vaccination. Women who are breastfeeding should also not be vaccinated.”


    Calling GVB:

    “How Vaccines Drive Covid Variants”

    “With non-sterilising vaccines, ‘herd immunity’ becomes impossible and this goal should have been dropped immediately. But worse than that, the fact that the vaccines weren’t sterilising meant there was a large selective pressure for evolution and a sufficiently high viral ‘population’ in vaccinated individuals, and so this also meant that the virus could more effectively evolve vaccine escape.”

    How Vaccines Drive Covid Variants

    A big thank you to all the vaccinees, for it is actually YOU who are keeping this never ending shit-show going!


    The Keystone of Corruption: Ukraine and the FTX Scandal

    “What I learned is the corruption in Ukraine is vast, it’s extensive…. When the full scope of what happens in Ukraine comes out, there are going to be a lot of Americans who participated in the corruption… The Bidens took millions of dollars laundered out of Ukraine, and the only reason they’re getting away with it is because you and the press protect them…”

    ~ Rudy Giuliani



    “Before they could get their faces directly over it, it went off, VERY loudly.”

    An awful story yet it feeds me. My lust for life, to know reality, to take in as many perspectives, angles of compassion and personal experience, as I can without getting so close it burns my face off.

    “lol I have to say I genuinely kinda like you now, to my surprise.”

    You’ll get it over it in time, I suppose. But maybe not. Being from Saturn by way of Mars because I have always had to fight for my right to be me, which intensity increased over age and made me quite the hermit so as not to hurt more people and drive me even further inward, I can piss people off without meaning to, but also often piss people off on purpose (once they start anything)*doing so almost always to see if I can get their attention to look over its ego and consider certain data sans bias.
    *not necessarily against me, maybe just too much of something I think needs debunking or challenging).

    But lately I seem to have figured out the coordinates for straight transit from Saturn to Terra sans Martian stopovers. Maybe I won’t piss you off again down the road. Or perhaps you’ll piss me off again, but I either a) won’t stay pissed off as soon as I recognize the emotional trance state of being pissed off, and will just chuckle or at least shrug, or b) will remain pissed off but, having renounced very recently certain forms of social experimentation*, not express that anger, just smile and be nice, something I’ve yearned to do for ages but passion and honor forbade me for many decades. Ah, just being nice… it’s like cool moist fall air on a warm spring morning… ahhh…
    *experimentation using various form of transgression, especially those related to anger, as sticks with which to beat upon people’s psyches with the same intention one would have, back in the day of cathode ray televisions, when one smacked the tv/radio hard to get it ‘back on the channel’ or simply turn on (which worked often enough to be everyone’s #1 go-to method when the reception was acting up).

    “But naturally I am going to pick on the one thing I take exception to, ’cause internets….You have completely misunderstood GenX. (and now a guy who loves Axis Bold as Love, Chicago Transit Authority, and Relayer has to cite punk culture..)”

    Thanx for pissing me off (and so reliably)!). It’s an honor, sir. In fact, I think I’ll respond with a bit of aggressive vigor cuz it’s all just good sport, right? (?)

    A) I never claimed to understand punk culture.

    B) I’ve been watching, for awhile, Gen-Xers in their early-pre-geriatric (like pre-menopausal) rocker chairs do just what the Boomers did in SLC Punk

    c) my point was that every generation goes down the same pop cultural conform-to-the-new-anticonformism/rebel-against-the-old-rebellion jive, and ends up selling/making bullshit for the man.

    d) (assuming the following phrase colored your interpretation) “their own personal rollercoaster” isn’t a sociopoliticoeconomic concept: it’s just about being young and the sense of surety in the Next New Thing that youth endows, even if the Next New Thing’s motto is Fuck Every Next New Thing That Ever Was or Will Be.

    But I’m known for being verbose. Let me be brief: no, you’re wrong. 🙂

    But I am not even slightly facetious when I say I’m honored and am not concerned in this exchange with proving I’m right nor even making sure I’m not being misunderstood or accused of something I didn’t do: I did it for the fun of it. I mean, if we’re gonna do all this Wii/Star Wars kid virtual fight online role-play stuff (ahem: excuse me, I meant ‘serious debate’), let’s do it with some attitude.

    cuz it seriously doesn’t bother me at all either way. But you had me at “Cause Internets”. Amen.


    Technical gossip:

    Gen-X punks remind me of 50s Beatniks, who were really the upper crust distillate of Depression/WWII hepcats who were “beat. man”. (I know, I know, most of us here understand that it’s a spectrum. I’m not playing history prof knowitall here.) Point being that the ‘niks were all about, you know, “I saw the best minds of my generation turned into box cars” and were the original Drop-Out Generation. They didn’t see the looming 60s as a time of exciting innovations and alla that. It was hard to be a nonconformist back then (although paradoxically, financially much easier with lotsa cheap old farmhouse vacated by Depression Dust Bowl consequences and so forth). The’ niks were a very alienated generation, bridging the 4th Generation Theories ‘Artist Generation’ (SIlent Generation) with the ‘Prophet Generation’ (Boomer “Me Generation’: a title we loathed because our parents had made it all about us to escape having to deal with who they were).

    The Boomer Prophets were a mirror image of their parents (so-called Greatest Generation): idealistic, eager to roll up their sleeves like Rosie the Riveter and git’r’dun, even eager to go to Nam and die for their country (until Nam showed us the truth, which event is a major defining influence in Gen-X, of course). Just like their parents. So naturally they hated each other as generations.

    Mirroring generations, in sequence

    Gern-z continuum/every other generation: GenZ<>Gen-X, Gen-X<>Silent Generation<>Silent Generation<>Lost Generation

    Millennial continuum/every other generation: Millennials<>Boomers, Boomers<>Greatest Generation (aka GI Generation)<>people born in Reconstruction America “Mission Generation” (children of Civil War generation comparable to GI Gen; these children were comparable to Boomers/Idealist Prophets

    The above is based on these correlative Gen names per popular names and 4th Turning generational theory, listen in linear order from today’s children under 15 or so:

    High … Prophet (Idealist)… Gen Alpha /Boomer/Mission (Civil War Reconstruction)/Transcendental (‘Era of Good Feelings’/Great Awakening<>Burnt Over District)

    Awakening … Nomad (Reactive)… Gen X/Lost Generation/Gilded Generation (not Gilded Age, but 1822/1842: the disillusioned born after the Era of Good Feelings)/Liberty Generation (American forefathers)

    Unraveling … Hero (Civic) … Millennials/GI Generation/Republican Generation (American Revolution’s “GI Gen”)

    Crisis … Artist (Adaptive) … Gen Z/Silent/Progressive Generation (1843 to 1859) Liberty Generation (generation that birthed the American forefathers)

    Lotta overlap, of course. More like over-lapping ovals in linear sequence.

    Audio-Visual Aid


    ‘after 3 years of mass murder perpetrated upon those 8 billion people, not even one person of that targeted population has opted to just get up off of their ass and go assassinate ANY of the known perpetrators as a justifiable act of self defense, or revenge or general disgruntlement. Bear in mind that this is in a world where wearing the wrong shoes in the wrong neighborhood can getcha killed six different ways from Sunday (happens every day).

    I find that to be rather improbable, statistically speaking, and yet there it is. The probability APPEARS to be roughly 0.00000000000 % . Plain fact.

    I wonder how that could even be, which in turn makes me wonder if there is some other, obscured, factor at play that I’m not seeing’

    1. This is pure hearsay but very believable. When the topic of the Scorpion came up in conversation at a supermarket, a woman declared: “She doesn’t go anywhere without 30 armed bodyguards.”

    I suspect any venue she intends to visit is thoroughly locked-down and searched for at least two days before arrival. And additional ‘security forces’ brought in on the day.

    I have seen no recent videos but a year or so ago the Scorpion ran for her life when an assembly Maori sang: “You can stick your vaccines up your arse.”

    2. Following the highly suspicious (some say fake) Christchurch ‘terror attack’ the totalitarian fascists who lord it over NZ passed legislation to make the ownership of many weapons illegal. Canadian Prepper recently highlighted a similar move in Canada by the totalitarian fascists who are currently in control there.

    3. The totalitarian fascists who hold power in NZ at the moment have made a big issue out of ‘hate speech’. One does not need to even attempt to carry out physical violence to get arrested. Peaceful protest is considered just cause to arrest anyone (that has been the case for a long time, but the present mob of fascists have taken everything to a higher level).

    4. The 8 billion is incorrect. The population of ‘Oceania’ is only about 12% of world population = 0.5 billion 🙂

    5. A large portion of the populace of ‘Oceania’ has been sufficiently propagandised for them to ‘Love Big Brother’ and the very thought of committing ‘Though-crime’ is completely alien to them.
    Never forget, politics in NATOstan countries is all a puppet show, with very-well-paid actors.

    6. There is much speculation how many doubles these actors have, i.e. lesser-paid actors who fill in.

    If you have not see it, The Eagle Has Landed’ (plot to assassinate Churchill) concluded with the death of a stand-in for Churchill. The real Churchill was nowhere near the place the German assassination team thought (probably at a drunken orgy).


    When will one of this site’s many explainers- eloquent, they are! if long-winded, always typo-free, with their well-marshaled but finally cotton candy arguments ( is there a There, there?) turn their *vast* expertise toward the real issue: What is to be *done*, in the face of this well-coordinated, long term project against the great majority of the world’s humans? *Why do The Explainers focus entirely on what’s being inflicted by the rulers* (we KNOW, dudes..) , rather than positive actions? The former leads only to hand-wringing helplessness..

    cui bono

    What shall one do, now, and who shall one trust? I wonder what flora thinks.



    In Phoenix, AZ, the streetcar rail was torn out by government, and countless roads paved, to facilitate autos. Without streetcars, the people were more inclined to purchase autos.

    Los Angeles, California. General Motors bought the street cars. Then shut them down. As I recall.


    Here is a link to some reviews of the Ockeghem / Clerks’ disc I mentioned above. YMMV, since it’s art.
    To have heard this one first might have been better.


    “When will one of this site’s many explainers… turn their *vast* expertise toward the real issue: What is to be *done*, in the face of this well-coordinated, long term project against the great majority of the world’s humans? *Why do The Explainers focus entirely on what’s being inflicted by the rulers* (we KNOW, dudes..) , rather than positive actions? The former leads only to hand-wringing helplessness…What shall one do, now, and who shall one trust? I wonder what flora thinks.”

    Many of us have. Not everyone likes everyone’s Rx, so, rather than settle for bemoaning our eloquent lack of What You Want to Hear, how about giving us a sample of what you think is sufficiently relevant to dealing with Life on Terra? Perhaps we might then have something to offer that pleaseth thou.

    Also, fwiw:

    “*Why do The Explainers focus entirely on what’s being inflicted by the rulers* (we KNOW, dudes..) , rather than positive actions? The former leads only to hand-wringing helplessness..”

    I recall taking you to task for just this many times back in the day when you were sure I was a bot for TPTB. Now, I like Ockenhagem as much as anyone, and think that a solar-powered MP3 setup playing music like that could be very helpful in dealing positively with the shitrain coming down from on high as it ever has, but for some reason, I can’t help but think you mean something a little more specific, practical, even nuts’n’bolty.

    Also fwiw, while I really don’t care what you think of me or other loquacious posters here and beyond, that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in what you think about things that, per your thinking, really matter. It just means that I’m not interested in your stye-ratings of how I or others don’t say what it is that you want us to say. When we critiqued Germ ad infinitum we at least critiqued what Germ actually said.

    Perhaps you could provide us a script? Like they use in call-centers. How about a

    singalong? Do You Need Anybody? What Do You See When You Turn Out the Light?


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