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Georgia O’Keeffe Red poppy 1927


Andrew Korybko:


Background Briefing

Brazil and Chinese reached an agreement earlier this week to de-dollarize their trade, which will accelerate financial multipolarity processes amidst the global systemic transition. The timing was curious, however, since Brazil’s Agriculture Minister Carlos Favaro told the media last weekend that “All government actions are postponed” due to Lula canceling his planned trip after falling ill. Even though he rescheduled it for 11-14 April, the parties decided to sign it last week instead of waiting till then.

Furthermore, this took place on the same week that the US hosted its second “Summit for Democracy”, which Lula didn’t attend via video as planned on the pretext of his recent illness. Nevertheless, he sent a lengthy statement that allied media misreported as pro-Russian, the description of which is discredited by verifiable facts from official sources here as well as the text itself that was later published in full here. Russia isn’t mentioned therein at all, and it actually reads like a love letter to the US Democrats.

Lula’s Ideological Alignment With The US’ Liberal-Globalists

Lula is ideologically aligned with those liberalglobalists, which intrepid readers can learn more about by perusing the collection of articles shared at the end of this analysis here. It’s therefore unsurprising that his letter implied that the Brazilian opposition are “extremists”, condemned the “disinformation” that he hints is driving the latter as a pretext for potentially imposing more censorship in the coming future as part of his US-backed power consolidation campaign, and praised “LGBTQIA+” people.

These agendas that he pushed in his statement to the “Summit for Democracy” also align with the causes that are aggressively propagated across the world by Color Revolution financier George Soros, who enthusiastically endorsed Lula in his speech at the Munich Security Conference in mid-February. The last one regarding LGBTQIA+ people in particular directly contradicts Russia’s official support for traditional moral values as promulgated in its new foreign policy concept that can be read here.

In the eighth paragraph, Russia warns that “A wide-spread form of interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states has become the imposition of destructive neoliberal ideological attitudes that run counter to traditional spiritual and moral values.” This passage justifies its official goal of defending traditional moral values that’s mentioned a dozen times, explains why Russia banned LGBT+ propaganda, and adds context to President Putin’s conclusion that the liberal elite promote pedophilia.

Managing US Perceptions Of Brazil’s Financial Multipolarity Policy

The socio-cultural dimension of Lula’s worldview is therefore opposed to Russia’s, which he presumably regards as “bigoted” and “fascist” just like his liberal-leftist supporters generally do. Nevertheless, these two BRICS countries still share the common goal of financial multipolarity, thus explaining his decision to de-dollarize Brazilian-Chinese trade. Returning to that development, its timing suggests that Lula wanted this to happen comparatively more quietly than him announcing it while standing with his counterpart.

Since it was already agreed upon, his challenge was therefore to manage US perceptions since he didn’t want to risk offending his fellow “social justice warriors” there like AOC and Bernie Sanders, both of whom he met during his trip to DC in February. Lula also wanted to avoid offending his new buddy Biden too after those two agreed to comprehensively strengthen their countries’ strategic partnership in their joint statement, which can be read at the official White House website here and was analyzed here.

To that end, his latest illness was politically convenient in the sense that it allowed him to postpone his planned trip so that it didn’t coincide with the US’ second “Summit for Democracy” and subsequently authorize the de-dollarization deal’s signing in his absence to comparatively less attention. As was explained above, he wanted to do his best to manage US perceptions about this development that advances Brazil’s goal of financial multipolarity at the dollar’s indisputable expense.

The Scenario Of Russian-Brazilian Ideological Competition In Africa

For as much as his media allies and social media sycophants claim otherwise, it’s nevertheless factually false to describe Lula as opposed to the US as proven by his previously cited statement to the last week’s summit participants as well as his joint one with Biden in February that was hyperlinked above too. Despite his promotion of financial multipolarity at the dollar’s indisputable expense, he’s solidly aligned with the US’ ruling liberal-globalists, especially in the domestic political and socio-cultural sense.

The two referenced statements prove that Lula shares Biden’s liberal-globalist mission of delegitimizing their respective opposition as “extremists”, preparing for imposing more censorship on that aforementioned pretext, and propagating LGBT+ causes in full cooperation with each other. The last-mentioned part directly contradicts one of the key precepts contained in Russia’s new foreign policy concept regarding the defense of traditional moral values and thus constitutes a hybrid threat.

Be that as it may, Brazil as a state isn’t a threat to Russia, but its potential propagation of LGBT+ causes in collusion with the US in third countries where Moscow also has interests such as those traditionally conservative ones in Africa like Uganda could constitute an unfriendly asymmetrical challenge. Russia and Brazil might therefore find one another competing for hearts and minds there, with the first defending restrictions on LGBT+ propaganda and the second agitating locals against them.

Brazil’s Envisaged Balancing Act Between China & The US

As regards China, however, Brazil isn’t expected to clash or compete with it in any form since Lula actually envisages his country balancing between it and the US. On the one hand, China is Brazil’s top economic partner and an ally in advancing their shared goal of financial multipolarity. On the other hand, the US is Brazil’s top security partner and is nowadays also a source of inspiration for its liberal-globalists who model themselves off of its ruling Democrat Party, thus explaining his balancing act.

It was earlier touched upon in passing in this analysis here, which interpreted Foreign Minister Vieira’s praise of China in an interview as implying “the possibility of Brazil attempting to balance between the Golden Billion’s US leader with whom Lula has politically aligned himself against Russia and the Sino-Russo Entente’s Chinese economic engine”. Regardless of how successful this approach proves to be, observers should note that Russia isn’t expected to play any prominent role in Lula’s grand strategy.

Trade will likely continue to grow since it’s mutually beneficial, but political ties could soon worsen in the event that Lula extradites a suspected spy to the US to face charges instead of deporting him back to Russia, which readers can learn more about here. Foreign Minister Lavrov’s potential trip to Brazil this month will likely focus on that issue while also exploring the possibility of further expanding their economic ties, particularly in the energy sector like that country’s Ambassador to Russia suggested.

Debunking The “Big Lie” Of The Brazilian Left

Lula’s appointment of former President Rousseff to lead BRICS’ New Development Bank (NDB) should therefore be interpreted in the context of advancing Brazil’s financial multipolarity goals instead of having anything to do with Russia like his media allies and social media sycophants are spinning it as. The ”Big Lie” of the Brazilian left and their supporters abroad is that Lula is pro-Russian even though the facts prove that he’s politically aligned with the US against it in that country’s proxy war with NATO.

They’ll spin anything that he does to lie that he’s secretly allied with Russia against the US despite the facts cited in this analysis from official sources comprehensively debunking that literal conspiracy theory. This “politically inconvenient” fact can never be openly acknowledged even in the scenario that he extradites that suspected spy to the US to face charges instead of deporting him back to Russia since those propagandists fear that it’ll expose the truth about Lula’s US-aligned liberal-globalist worldview.

In their minds, the false perception of Lula as a “multipolar revolutionary opposed to US hegemony” must be maintained at all costs lest the aforesaid truth about his worldview prompts a political revolt among the Workers’ Party’s base that results in him being pressured to recalibrate his grand strategy. This explains why they’re so actively pushing the latest disinformation narrative falsely alleging that his de-dollarization deal with the US supposedly means that he’s opposed to it and aligned with Russia.

The Future Of Russian-Brazilian Relations

In reality, Russia is only considered by Lula to be a commodities partner and a country to cooperate with in pursuit of their shared financial multipolarity goals. He’s fiercely opposed to its official defense of traditional moral values and especially the military moves that it was forced to make in defense of its national security red lines in Ukraine after NATO clandestinely crossed them there. Lula won’t ever say so openly, but he in all likelihood thinks that Russia is “bigoted”, “fascist”, and “imperialist”.

Even so, he’ll still cooperate with it on issues of shared interest as explained, but neither can rely on one another beyond that like Russia can depend on fellow BRICS partner India, which Lula probably also thinks is led by “bigots” and “fascists” in accordance with his liberal-globalist worldview. Artificial limits are imposed on their partnership due to the Brazilian leader’s radical ideology, which all honest observers must acknowledge if they aspire to accurately analyze his grand strategy going forward.




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    Georgia O’Keeffe Red poppy 1927   Andrew Korybko:   Background Briefing Brazil and Chinese reached an agreement earlier this week to de-doll
    [See the full post at: Lula’s Grand Strategy]


    A good in depth analysis showing the complicated manoeuvres and positioning of big players on the world stage. What a conniving rascal is Lula, like Erdogan. Do things begin to appear slightly stacked against Russia? There again, it is a battle for the hearts and minds of Africa, where I wonder that many have traditional Christian values, along with intuitive mistrust of the Big Pharma poison. It will be interesting to see if Korybko gives his take on where currently South Africa places itself in the grand scheme of things. Thanks RIM for posting this, it helps us to think, and try to gain a better understanding of the way things are playing out. It’s a maze.

    V. Arnold

    Georgia O’Keeffe Red poppy 1927

    Brilliant painting; her mixing of reds just boggles the eye…


    @ V. Arnold

    Yes, indeed. One for Assange

    V. Arnold

    Yes, indeed. One for Assange

    Yes, a most worthy recipient…


    Lula won’t ever say so openly, but he in all likelihood thinks that Russia is “bigoted”, “fascist”, and “imperialist”.

    Lula is not being paid to think and nobody cares what he thinks, he is doing the bidding of the people who fixed the election that got him into power and his thoughts are provided by them. People like Lula have nothing other than sychophancy and ambition. He has no real intelligence, no talents, no skills, no nothing (At least Trump has charisma). All he has is overwhelming ambition and a fetish for kissing ass. All he can do to achieve his ambitions is to kiss the ass with the most, support his owners to the hilt, get to the top of the chain through sheer desperation, fucking over all the people in his way. This is the sort of guy who will report you to the owner if you say something as innocent as not liking the flowery toilet paper in the gender-neutral bogs.

    it looks like Soros and the US tribe run Lula; basically the USA and the Soros WEF globalists.

    A similar example of incompetence pushed to the top was at SVB. The top tiers were full of sychophants with no other skills other than ambition and a propensity to french kiss ass. That gets you money, that is where the easy money is, oligarchs love these guys, they keep on telling the oligarchs how great they are and they are totally reliable not to make any decisions themselves, or rethink company policy or any of that sort of shit. Instead they disregard their real jobs and focus on the kiss-ass policies that will get them noticed.

    It is hugely destructive and it is everywhere. It is here in Hong Kong and it is everywhere in the CCP supported companies. Politics is everything these days as politics brings you money. The government is so involved in business that you have to be into politics to get the cash. Of course it does not last, the politics gradually destroys the company because there is no competence in the company. I could name some well known HK companies that are in this position and are only surviving because they have exclusive licenses from the government. The last company I worked for, I used to go to all the LGBT events: why not, the company pays for great food and booze – usually from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel where a croissant will cost you 30 USD – so much better than the workers get, and nobody can downgrade your performance rating because you went to some LGBT event, and you get to meet all the management brown-nosers who adopt these policies to keep someone-unknown happy. Know your enemy. Know who is in the in crowd.

    Lula will fail the people, the same as Ardern, Macron, Trudeau etc, all the puppets serving their globalist WEF masters and working against the people. But, for all these mental retards, including Lula, this is their dream, they think they are Mr Powerful, although they also know they are nothing. These are the people who criticise Trump for being an egotist. Ironic really, but they would not understand.


    @ aspnaz

    Your description of the West’s political class – which Lula is part of – is correct. As Gerald Celente once said: they’re all the brown nose kids in high school on the student council that you once hated.

    Brasil de-dollarizing makes perfect sense. The goal of the Democrats, and all globalists, is to destroy America economically. Replace the USA with Davos as the world power, at least the power of the western world.

    What’s heartening in all this is the unique position of Russia’s leadership. Could you imagine Putin going to jail the way Brasil’s leftists have done time behind bars? Lula, like all western leaders, are skating on thin ice. The power they currently hold could be very temporary. In the more developed nations, these leaders must wage war against their own citizens and destroy the society to remain in power. Thus the Globalist are continually fighting a rear guard action. They may project a bright future of omnipotent power after the Great Reset, however their words(thinking) rarely matches reality.

    On the other hand, Russian leadership looks solid. Thanks to the Ukraine aggression, they have the full backing of their own people. They take actions based on reality, not what they wish reality to be. More importantly, all their actions are free to be focused on external issue and combating their external enemies.

    China doesn’t have this luxury. Given the endless lockdowns, I find it hard to believe the CCP has the support of many Chinese. Like the western globalists, they appear to view their own citizens as a threat. They’re much smarter than the western totalitarians and their actions are reality based, however I don’t think their position is 100% secure. At least they seem to be working to maintain, and strengthen, their current system. They aren’t functioning based on some Build Back Better insanity.

    Best of all, these totalitarian power blocks – WEF/CCP/Fed – are at war with each other. Crooks fighting over the spoils of their take. The same might be said about the Democrats & Republicans. Basically the same people but only one of them can rule the roost.

    Thus I don’t fear for Russia’s future. I often tell young people they should consider immigrating to Russia for a better future. They look at me like I have five heads! And I can understand Putin’s patience. I’m not convinced it’s the best strategy but this is unknown territory. No one actually knows what is best until we see what happens. Nevertheless I can respect the cautious approach. I certainly appreciate the Russians for their ability to be winning as this competition goes on.


    Great analysis Korybko but stellar contribution from aspnaz and Eoinw.
    There is no politics without money and no money without force to get it and to hold it. Those with the muscle use the slimy mouthed arse-kissers (politicians) to Grimer Wormtongue into the ears of the General Population.

    Me, I’m turning away but like Lot’s wife can’t help but turn back to watch.

    Very Salty business.


    Life and death
    Simply put …. we are just sex toys

    I followed my stomach.
    I survived.`
    I’m still here.
    Trying to follow my mind was too confusing.
    After 80 years, I still don’t know how, or why any operating systems work.
    All opinions/theories/belief did not and does not help.

    Dr. D

    Joke’s on us: Raul isn’t here today.


    @zerosum It’s all electric.


    While there is much talk these days about “fake news,” omitting important news is perhaps as widespread and egregiously harmful to an informed public. The following report tries to remedy the way the mainstream media have for years ignored one of the oddest but more important news stories of the last sixty years. Its implications are momentous, especially in the light of the exponential growth of spying and the loss of privacy. There are eyes everywhere these days. That we are being watched is beyond dispute; but by whom and why? This is the real story that the mainstream media have failed to address. Their failure to do so is truly laughable.

    Extensive scientific research over fifty years has concluded that pigs that stink and grow larger as they age have small eyes and tend to stare at people. I have previously reported on these startling studies, but they have been met with a blind eye. Researchers across the world continue to replicate and confirm the findings of the original research done in 1953 in Kansas by Dr. Wilfred Jeffred Eftie. Yet the mainstream media, as is their wont, keep failing to report these extraordinary studies or slight them as worse than fake news. Averting one’s gaze from their import won’t make them disappear. Surveilling pigs may not be obvious, but the fact that they’re not makes them triply dangerous.

    While seemingly insignificant on the face of it, these replicated studies in abnormal autology have led to new insights into our osmological understanding of the place of egoism in political life. The epistemology of egoism has long perplexed scientists, but Eftie’s brilliant counterintuitive insights have led to some major breakthroughs. However, the story of Eftie’s original discovery, ignored for years, deserves renewed attention. But I will get to that in due course. It is best to proceed backwards. Looking back will allow us to see if we have learned anything from the past and if something is gaining on us.

    So let’s first take a look at a few of the significant follow-up studies that have added so much to our understanding of human animal behavior. It’s surely an understatement to say that in the world of science we stand on the shoulders of giants such as Eftie. It allows us to see so far. One study that was replicated 789 times found that small eyes in humans tended to result in marked elevations of dopamine and diminished activity in the frontal cortex, the same results that were found in pigs. When translated into the political arena, researchers found that politicians with small eyes tend to stare at people as a power tactic, and such body language is correlated with a tendency for them to grow larger as they age – i.e. get fat. Their small-eyed stares seem to intensify the power differential between them and those stared at, but this was not conclusively proven. Not yet, at least.

    Unlike the pig studies from which this research emanated, no correlation was found to body odor. However, one eminent New York City based researcher, Dr. Wilbur Shoat, made the startling discovery that smell is very subjective, and therefore in the human samples an intervening variable, such as the number and consistency of nose hairs, may be a factor. Shoat did find a possible link that demands further study: In the politicians and celebrities that comprised his sample – seemingly different from the original pigs –

    Peeping Pigs and Propaganda by Omission


    Critical care specialist Dr. Paul Marik, MD, was taught that his type II diabetes was incurable. But through simple lifestyle and diet changes, Dr. Marik cured himself of the affliction and ditched the numerous associated pharmaceutical drugs that came with it. “I think everything they told us [about Covid], like everything was a lie,” and now his eyes are wide open to the widespread corruption and fraud that allopathic medicine was built on.

    Covid: A Corrupt Medical System “I Can’t Unsee It” Dr Paul Marik ICU Specialist


    Damn there seems to be too much food stuff, still!

    WARSAW, POLAND — Faced with angry farmers and depressed grain prices due to imports, Poland is asking the European Union to do what it can to limit how much Ukrainian grain enters the EU market, Reuters reported.

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said he wants the EU to use all the regulatory instruments, such as quotas and tariffs, to limit or block the import of Ukrainian grain into Poland.

    After its Black Sea ports were blocked due to Russia’s invasion in February 2022, Ukraine found alternative shipping routes through Poland and Romania. Because of logistical bottlenecks, large quantities of cheaper Ukrainian grains have ended up in central European states. This has hurt prices and sales of the local farmers, Reuters reported.



    I don’t think the good folks here think much differently form the following:

    International Man: Throughout history, governments have used crises—real or imagined—to eliminate freedoms, expand the power of the State, and justify all sorts of things the populace would never accept in normal times.

    After World War II, Winston Churchill famously said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

    This was when he and other leaders came together to form the United Nations, which they probably could not have created without the crisis of WWII.

    Ever since, it seems that each new supposed crisis causes a further centralization of global power.

    The War on (Some) Drugs, the War on Terror, the COVID hysteria, and the so-called climate crisis have all ratcheted up the centralization of power on a global scale.

    What do you make of this trend?

    Doug Casey:

    Doug Casey on How Governments Use Global Crises to Take More Control


    If you are struggling to make it in this economy, you are not alone, because there are millions of other Americans in the exact same boat. Needless to say, the cost of living has become extremely oppressive, and that has put a tremendous amount of financial stress on U.S. families. Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve has chosen to fight inflation by aggressively hiking interest rates, and that is starting to cause massive problems. The money supply is actually shrinking, the banking system has been thrown into a state of chaos, and we are witnessing a tsunami of layoffs that is unlike anything that we have seen since the Great Recession.

    For most Americans, employment is the only thing standing between them and poverty. In fact, one recent survey discovered that 44 percent of Americans actually work more than one job…

    These Economic Numbers Are Staggering


    China, so is it in trouble or not? You tell me.

    China’s 2023 iron ore output to hit 8-year high -analysts


    Good to know re: Type II diabetes


    Well, here’s a little poem to tide over the lack of Ilargi’s and all you good folks who comment here…

    So many challenges coming my way-
    Am I a man, or shall I be mutton?
    This is what enters my head everyday:
    Where in the hell is the stupid off-button?


    Sheesh. “Ilargi’s posts”

    It’s just as well. Spring fever? Spring cleaning!


    What is going on?

    A $60-a-barrel cap on purchases of Russian crude oil.

    Russia extends voluntary cut in oil production by 500,000 barrels per day until the end of 2023, the Cabinet said

    Saudi Arabia has said it will voluntarily cut oil production by 500,000 barrels per day from May to the end of 2023 in what it calls a pre-emptive measure to maintain market stability.

    Kazakhstan will voluntarily reduce production by 78,000 barrels per day from May until the end of the year, along with other OPEC + member countries – Ministry of Energy.

    The UAE will implement a voluntary cut of 144k from May until the end of 2023

    The Sultanate of Oman will voluntarily cut 40k barrels per day of crude oil from May 2023 until the end of 2023

    Kuwait will cut 128k from May till the end of 2023

    Mister Roboto

    Joke’s on us: Raul isn’t here today.

    I certainly hope he’s doing alright, as do undoubtedly all of us.


    I went to AI for an input.
    I find that the answers are slanted

    Welcome back! What would you like to chat about?

    The religious war in Ukraine

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    The current conflict in Ukraine is not merely about politics; it is also a battle over religious ideals and symbols. The Orthodox Church plays a powerful role in Russia and Ukraine, even if few people in this part of the world regularly attend the Divine Liturgy1. The crisis now threatens to split the Ukrainian Church from its historic ties with Moscow, potentially adding a dangerous religious dimension to the simmering war between Russia and Ukraine

    2.The religious history of Russia and Ukraine has fascinated many people since the two countries share a common history and culture. The chief issue separating the Orthodox Church of Ukraine from the Russian Orthodox Church is political rather than theological3. Putin taps into a long tradition that imagines a Greater Russia extending across present-day Ukraine and Belarus, in a combined territory known as Holy Rus’

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Learn more:
    1. virtueonline.org
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    Despite some success by nations in switching to use of local currencies in international trade, the US dollar continues to hold status as the world’s primary international reserve currency. A major impediment to the use of local currencies in international trade is the increased exchange rate risk that such use brings to contracts that extend over more than the briefest periods of time. One way to mitigate this risk would be to price contracts using a more stable standard unit of value while maintaining use of local currencies to settle amounts coming due pursuant to the contracts. The conversion from price in valuation units to price in local currency would be at exchange rates in effect at the date of payment thereby eliminating risk from exchange rate fluctuations. For example, a possible standard unit of value could be a Glint (G) defined as the value of one gram of gold of specified purity. Nations wishing to discontinue use of the US dollar in international trade would agree to price in Gs the goods and services they traded internationally. Increased rigour could be brought to such an arrangement by establishing a referent market where gold of the specified purity is freely traded in the currencies of the participating nations. This arrangement would take advantage of gold’s milleniums-long history as a stable store of value; and it would do so without incentivizing nations to distort the stability of the G unit of value by increasing their gold holdings.

    Note that the general acceptance of a standard unit of value defined in purely physical terms could have far-reaching consequences in all areas of economic activity where exchange valuations are involved. Consider how the adoption of the metre as a standard unit of length resulted in the discontinuance or redefinition of literally thousands of measurement units of length, distance, depth, extent, area, volume, capacity, etc. thereby impacting virtually all areas of economic endeavour.

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