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Ukraine Sent Poor, Untrained Men Into Bakhmut Meat Grinder (Antiwar)
US Has Been Preparing Ukrainian Counteroffensive ‘For Months’ – Nuland (RT)
Shoigu Sees West Waging Undeclared War On Russia, Belarus (TASS)
More Than 2,500 Foreign Mercenaries Fighting For Ukraine – Shoigu (RT)
Kiev Regime Must Cease To Exist – Medvedev (RT)
China Tells EU To Look At ‘Root Cause’ Of Ukraine Conflict (RT)
What Matters Is A Guy With Dementia Not Elected US President – Medvedev (TASS)
Top US General Milley Delivers Sober Take On Ukrainian Ambitions (RT)
Minsk, Moscow Sign Documents On Storage Of Russian Nukes In Belarus (TASS)
Kremlin Responds To Ukrainian Threat To Kill Putin (RT)
Hungary: European Parliament Trying To Block Budapest’s EU Presidency (TASS)
The G7 Must Accept That It Cannot Run The World (Martin Wolf)
Catastrophic “Loss of Control” Data Breach in NY Elections (UncoverDC)








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Pepe Escobar:
European Central Bank (ECB) at 25:

Industrial production: – 16%
Real wages: – 11.2%
GDP per (occupied) person: -5%
Absolute poverty: +234%
Precarious: +81%
Expats: +140,2%
Savings rate: -82,5%

With friends like this, Europeans definitely don’t need enemies.





“.. to Save Better Forces for Counteroffensive..”

“..he was being sent fresh recruits who didn’t want to fire their guns because they were afraid of the sound..”

Ukraine Sent Poor, Untrained Men Into Bakhmut Meat Grinder (Antiwar)

Ukraine sent untrained recruits into the battle of Bakhmut to save its professional soldiers for an expected counteroffensive, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. The Journal spoke with men who were part of a small group that was sent into Bakhmut, which became known as the meat grinder, just a few days after being mobilized. Out of 16 men in the group of draftees, 11 were either killed or captured. The Journal described them as “mostly poor men from villages in the northeastern Kharkiv region, many of them unemployed, doing odd jobs as handymen or shift work at factories in the regional capital.” Some of the men had military training years or decades ago, but none had combat experience. A few of them threatened to refuse orders when they were told they were being sent to the frontlines on February 21, citing a lack of training, but they ultimately went.

One man, Vladyslav Yudin, told the Journal that he told a sergeant major that he had never fired or even held a gun before. “Bakhmut will teach you,” Yudin was told. The men participated in brutal house-to-house combat in Bakhmut. Many of them are presumed dead, but their families are still holding out hope that they were captured by the Russians and are still alive. The men’s accounts match what Ukrainians fighting on the frontlines had been telling the media while the battle was still raging. They told stories of troops being sent in with little support, training, or ammunition. The Washington Post spoke to a Ukrainian battalion commander in March who said he was being sent fresh recruits who didn’t want to fire their guns because they were afraid of the sound.

Despite Kyiv’s Western backers advising against expending resources on Bakhmut, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tried to hold onto the city for as long as he could, but it was fully captured by the Wagner Group and Russian forces this past weekend. Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin estimated that 50,000 Ukrainians lost their lives fighting for the city, but the number is not confirmed. Prigozhin also said that he recruited 50,000 people from prison to fight in Bakhmut and about 20% of them were killed.

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The wicked witch is back..

US Has Been Preparing Ukrainian Counteroffensive ‘For Months’ – Nuland (RT)

The US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland told an audience in Kiev on Thursday that Washington has been helping plan the Ukrainian ‘counteroffensive’ against Russia for almost half a year. “Even as you plan for the counteroffensive, which we have been working on with you for some 4-5 months, we are already beginning our discussions with [the] Ukrainian government and with friends in Kiev – both on the civilian side and on the military side – about Ukraine’s long-term future,” Nuland told the Kiev Security Forum via video-link from the State Department. She added that the attack will be “likely starting and moving concurrently” with events such as the NATO summit in Lithuania, scheduled for July 11.

According to Nuland, the US is also planning for Ukraine’s future military to deter Russia, so “wherever and however this ends – one year, six years, 16 years – we are not doing this again.” She also painted a rosy picture of a future in which Ukraine would be the “engine of Europe’s revitalization” and “setting the democratic example… for the whole world.” The forum was organized by the Open Ukraine Foundation, established by former Ukrainian PM Arseny Yatseniuk, who moderated the panel at which Nuland spoke. Another panel was co-sponsored by the Atlantic Council, whose officials argued that “transatlantic unity and robust support can help Ukraine defeat Russia and renew European security.”

The government in Kiev had been heralding a major “counteroffensive” for months. President Vladimir Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials have argued that they didn’t have quite enough weapons, ammunition and equipment and needed the West to send more. As of Thursday, two of Zelensky’s advisers gave public statements implying the offensive hasn’t started yet, while a third insisted it was already underway along the 1,500-kilometer long frontline. Nuland famously traveled to Kiev to support the Maidan protests in December 2013, handing out pastries to the crowds demanding a pact with the EU. In a February 2014 phone call, she discussed the composition of the future Ukrainian government with US ambassador to Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt. Three weeks later, the nationalists would violently seize power from President Viktor Yanukovich, triggering events that would lead to Crimea rejoining Russia and clashes in the Donbass.

Returning to the State Department in 2021 as part of Joe Biden’s administration, Nuland was once again put in charge of Ukraine policy. Speaking at a Carnegie Foundation event in February, she said the conquest of Crimea and regime change in Moscow would be the ideal outcome of the current conflict. Her sister-in-law Kimberly Kagan runs the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), a Washington advocacy group frequently quoted by Western media about the situation on the Ukraine frontline.

Greenwald Sachs

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“Today, we are being confronted by the collective West, which, in effect, is waging an undeclared war on our countries..”

Shoigu Sees West Waging Undeclared War On Russia, Belarus (TASS)

A Western-led undeclared war is being waged against Moscow and Minsk, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said at a meeting with his Belarusian counterpart, Viktor Khrenin, on Thursday. “Today, we are being confronted by the collective West, which, in effect, is waging an undeclared war on our countries,” Shoigu said. According to him, NATO’s military activities “have been most aggressive of late.” “A number of measures to enhance the combat readiness of the [North Atlantic] Alliance’s Joint Armed Forces in Eastern Europe is currently being implemented. Extra troops and military infrastructure are being deployed there, and combat training and reconnaissance activities have intensified near the border of the [Russia-Belarus] Union State,” Shoigu said.

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“The West is forcing the Kiev regime, regardless of losses, to show tactical successes and willingness to fight ‘to the last Ukrainian’ and pumping it with weapons..”

More Than 2,500 Foreign Mercenaries Fighting For Ukraine – Shoigu (RT)

Western countries are forcing Kiev to show tactical successes on the battlefield regardless of the cost to human lives and “pumping” the country full of weapons and fighters, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has said. Speaking at a meeting of the council of defense ministers of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in Minsk on Thursday, the Russian minister said the value of the West’s military-technical assistance to Kiev has already exceeded $65 billion and more than 2,500 foreign mercenaries are currently taking part in military operations in the country. He also claimed that Kiev’s tactics have evolved to include terrorist methods of confrontation, including sabotage and high-profile killings.

“The most tense situation today has developed in the Eastern European region. The West is forcing the Kiev regime, regardless of losses, to show tactical successes and willingness to fight ‘to the last Ukrainian’ and pumping it with weapons,” Shoigu said. He claimed that this would only lead to further escalation and prolong the conflict. Shoigu suggested that this was being done intentionally and that NATO had been using the Ukraine crisis as an excuse to build up its military capabilities and modernize its infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe. Shoigu claimed the US and its allies are intentionally creating hotbeds of tension and provoking crises near the borders of CSTO members, leading to an “extremely unstable” military-political situation in these areas. The minister accused the West of providing support for terrorist and extremist structures, and also using sanctions, threats and blackmail to achieve their goals of destabilizing the region.

On Thursday, Shoigu also spoke with his Belarusian counterpart Viktor Khrenin. During their meeting, he explained that the West was waging an “undeclared war” against Russia and Belarus and that NATO’s military activity had taken a “most aggressive direction.” In response to the West’s “increasingly aggressive rhetoric” and joint “nuclear missions,” which involve drills on deploying weapons of mass destruction, Moscow and Minsk officially signed a nuclear weapons deal on Thursday, allowing the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus. Shoigu explained that control over the weapons remains in Moscow’s hands, but noted that “additional measures” could be taken going forward in order to ensure the security of the Union State of Russia and Belarus.

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“..the root cause of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine stems from decades of Western disregard of Russian national security..”

Kiev Regime Must Cease To Exist – Medvedev (RT)

There is no doubt that Ukraine has no future in its current form, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday, outlining three possible scenarios for the collapse of its statehood and assessing the risks of renewed conflict in Europe and a global war. “This conflict will last for long. For decades, probably. This is a new reality,” the former Russian leader, now the vice-chair of the national security council, told journalists upon wrapping his visit to Vietnam earlier this week. “It is necessary to destroy the very nature of the Nazi government in Kiev,” Medvedev added, claiming that otherwise the conflict could drag on perpetually, with “three years of truce, two years of conflict, rinse and repeat.”

In a Telegram post on Thursday evening, Medvedev elaborated that Ukraine’s statehood could either collapse quickly, or through a “relatively slow erosion, with the gradual loss of remaining elements of sovereignty.” He went even further to outline exactly how he believes the “Kiev regime” would cease to exist. In the first scenario, parts of Western Ukraine will come under control and eventually be annexed by the neighboring European Union states, Medvedev claimed. The remaining “no man’s land” wedged between Russia and the EU protectorate will become the “new Ukraine,” still striving to join NATO and posing a threat to Russia. In that case, he believes, the armed conflict will shortly reignite, likely becoming permanent with a risk of quickly escalating into a full-blown world war.

In the second scenario, Ukraine would get a government-in-exile but de-facto cease to exist, with control over its entire territory split between the EU and Russia. In that case, according to Medvedev, the risk of world war is “moderate,” but the “terrorist activity by Ukrainian neo-Nazis” on the territories annexed by the EU neighbors would drag on. Medvedev said he would prefer the third scenario, in which Ukraine’s Western territories voluntarily join their EU neighbors, while the Eastern and some central regions exercise their “right for self-determination sealed in Article 1 of the UN Charter.” Officials in Moscow have said repeatedly that the root cause of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine stems from decades of Western disregard of Russian national security.

Back in 2021, the Kremlin made an attempt to push NATO to negotiate on long-standing political and defense grievances, but was ignored. In late February 2022, Russia launched its military operation to curb the threat, and now calls for a neutral, non-aligned status for a demilitarized and denazified Ukraine, insists Kiev drops its plans to join NATO and the EU and demands Kiev confirms its non-nuclear status. Medvedev was president of Russia between 2008 and 2012, and then prime minister until 2020. Currently, he serves as the deputy head of the national security council, which is formally chaired by President Vladimir Putin. Despite his prior reputation as a moderate liberal, he has been far more hawkish on Ukraine than the official Kremlin.


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The west still doesn’t take China seriously. Big mistake.

China Tells EU To Look At ‘Root Cause’ Of Ukraine Conflict (RT)

European countries should focus on finding and fixing the “root causes” that led to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, Chinese Special Representative on Eurasian Affairs Li Hui told German Federal Foreign Office State Secretary Andreas Michaelis during a meeting in Berlin on Wednesday. Li said Beijing’s position on the Ukrainian issue remains unchanged and is focused on promoting peace talks and a political settlement to the conflict, according to a statement released by the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Recalling Chinese President Xi Jinping’s words, Li said that “there is no panacea to resolve the crisis” and that all parties needed to create favorable conditions for the resumption of peace talks through the accumulation of mutual trust.

“China supports European countries to start from the root causes of the crisis and find solutions to both symptoms and the root causes, and make efforts for the long-term stability of the European continent,” Li said, adding that Beijing is willing to maintain close communication with Germany on this issue. According to the statement, Michaelis said the German side highly valued China’s positive efforts to de-escalate the Ukrainian crisis and noted that it was “useful and necessary” for the two countries to strengthen dialogue on a number of major international and regional issues, including the situation in Ukraine. Li and Michalis’s meeting comes as the Chinese special representative is on a week-long tour of Europe intended to encourage a political settlement for Ukraine and promote China’s 12-point road map to achieving peace in the region.

The envoy has already met with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Poland’s deputy foreign minister and French foreign ministry officials. He is set to conclude the tour with a visit to Moscow on Friday. China’s peace efforts have been welcomed by Russia and several other nations, with Russian President Vladimir Putin saying many points on Beijing’s plan are “in tune” with Moscow’s position. However, most Western powers have dismissed China’s roadmap, stating that it lacked “credibility” amid Beijing’s refusal to join the West’s anti-Russian sanction campaign. The EU’s Foreign Policy chief has also called China’s plan “wishful thinking” and insisted that the only solution worth considering is one proposed by Kiev, which includes a complete withdrawal of Russian forces and an international tribunal.


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“Donald Trump: the Russian politician described him as “a nice guy, but a bit of a coward.”

What Matters Is A Guy With Dementia Not Elected US President – Medvedev (TASS)

The only thing that matters for Moscow is that US voters do not choose a president suffering from dementia during the 2024 election, the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, told reporters during a visit to Vietnam. When asked which candidate would be preferable for Moscow, Medvedev replied: “The only thing that matters is that a guy with dementia is not elected.” “But this is possible,” he added. Speaking about electoral chances of former US President Donald Trump, the Russian politician described him as “a nice guy, but a bit of a coward.” “Historically, it was always easier for us to work with the Republicans,” he added. Donald Trump announced his presidential bid in November 2022. Incumbent US President Joe Biden said he would seek re-election on April 25. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis joined the race on May 24.

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We’re being prepared for years of warfare.

Top US General Milley Delivers Sober Take On Ukrainian Ambitions (RT)

The fighting in Ukraine is going to continue with no military solution in the near future, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, told reporters at the Pentagon on Thursday. Milley spoke alongside Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin after the virtual meeting of the ‘Ukrainian Defense Contact Group’, a collection of Western countries pledging to supply Kiev with weapons, equipment and ammunition to use against Russia – while insisting they are not a party to the conflict. Ukraine’s strategic objectives are to take all the territory “occupied”by Russia, where “a couple hundred thousand” Russian troops are currently positioned, Milley told reporters. “That might be achievable militarily, but probably not in the near term.”

“That means fighting is going to continue. It’s gonna be bloody. It’s gonna be hard. And at some point both sides will either negotiate a settlement or they will come to a military conclusion,” he said. Meanwhile, the US will continue supporting Ukraine. Austin and Milley insisted throughout that Kiev was not losing. They painted the months-long battle for Bakhmut, which Ukraine lost, as a triumph of defense. They also claimed that the Ukrainians were using the US-supplied Patriot air defense systems “very effectively.” The Russian Defense Ministry said it had used Kinzhal hypersonic missiles to destroy a Patriot battery in the Ukrainian capital earlier this month. Milley also defended the decision not to send F-16 fighters to Ukraine sooner, arguing that the US was not ramping up weapons deliveries as a result of public pressure, but always sending Kiev precisely what it needed at any given moment, using “hardcore military analysis” of cost, benefit and risk.

Deploying just ten F-16 fighters would cost $2 billion, including operations and maintenance, Milley explained, while Russia has over 1,000 modern jets. So the decision was made to supply Kiev with air defenses first, and send the F-16s as a more long-term solution. “It’s going to take a considerable length of time to build up an air force that’s the size and scope and scale that’ll be necessary,” Milley said. He also cautioned reporters to curb their enthusiasm, as “there are no magic weapons. An F-16 is not, and neither is anything else.” It has been known since February that Milley would retire at some point this year. On Thursday, US President Joe Biden nominated as his replacement the current Air Force chief of staff, General Charles Q. Brown Jr.

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“..The measures taken by Russia and Belarus “comply with all existing international legal obligations..”

Minsk, Moscow Sign Documents On Storage Of Russian Nukes In Belarus (TASS)

The defense ministers of Russia and Belarus, Sergey Shoigu and Viktor Khrenin, respectively, signed documents in Minsk on Thursday defining the procedures for storing Russian nuclear weapons at a special storage facility on Belarusian territory, the Belarusian Defense Ministry reported. “During the meeting, documents determining the procedure for keeping Russian non-strategic nuclear weapons in a special storage facility on the territory of the Republic of Belarus were signed,” the ministry’s press service said. The measures taken by Russia and Belarus “comply with all existing international legal obligations,” Shoigu stressed.

The defense ministers discussed the current military and political situation and issues of military and technical cooperation between the two countries’ defense ministries. On March 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that, at Minsk’s request, Moscow would deploy its tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, similar to what the United States has long been doing on the territory of its allies. As the Russian leader indicated, the construction of storage facilities for tactical nuclear weapons will be completed in Belarus by July 1. Moscow has already provided Minsk with Iskander tactical missile systems capable of carrying nuclear weapons and has helped Minsk to re-equip its military aircraft to carry specialized weapons. As well, Belarusian missile crews and pilots have undergone training in Russia.

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The death of Putin would mean the death of Ukraine.

Kremlin Responds To Ukrainian Threat To Kill Putin (RT)

Ukraine’s leadership has again proven its “terrorist” nature by threatening to assassinate President Vladimir Putin, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has said, while giving assurances that the Russian leader is well protected. “A terrorist regime talks about its terrorist aspirations,” Peskov told the Rossiya 24 broadcaster on Thursday. The spokesman was commenting on an acknowledgement by Vadim Skibitsky, deputy head of Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR), who told the German outlet Die Welt on Wednesday that Putin was on his agency’s kill list. Peskov said such statements show that the military operation, launched by Russia in Ukraine in February 2022, was “more than justified, more than necessary and that it must be completed.”

When asked if the Russian president’s security detail had been boosted after the threat from Kiev, Peskov replied: “Trust me, our security services know their job and know what they’re doing.” In his interview, Skibitsky claimed that Putin “notices that we’re getting ever closer to him.” Ukrainian operatives have so far been unable to get to him because the Russian leader “stays holed up,” he added. The intelligence official said the GUR was also “trying to kill” the head of the Wagner private military company, Evgeny Prighozhin, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, and Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov. In early May, two small drones were disabled by air defenses, while trying to strike Putin’s Kremlin residence in Moscow. The Russian leader was not there at the time of the failed attack, and no one was hurt.

Despite the Ukrainian authorities denying any involvement, Moscow called the incident a “a pre-planned terrorist act” and an attempt on Putin’s life perpetrated by Kiev. The Kremlin vowed that Russia would retaliate to the raid “anywhere and anytime it deems necessary,” while senior lawmaker Vyacheslav Volodin called for the use of “weapons capable of stopping and destroying the Kiev terrorist regime.” Russia has accused Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s government of engaging in “terrorist tactics” since last fall, when it said Ukraine was targeting Russian infrastructure, including nuclear facilities and the strategic Crimean Bridge. The accusations were followed by the launch of a large-scale missile campaign across Ukraine, which delivered serious damage to the country’s energy system and depleted the capabilities of Ukrainian air defenses.


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No qualms about breaking their own rules..

Hungary: European Parliament Trying To Block Budapest’s EU Presidency (TASS)

The European Parliament has prepared a draft resolution depriving Hungary of the right to preside over the European Union in the second half of 2024, Hungarian Justice Ministry Judit Varga said. “Next week, the European Parliament will once again vote on a resolution against Hungary in a bid to block its EU presidency in the second half of 2024. We will not let them take this opportunity away from Hungary,” she wrote on Facebook (banned in Russia due to its ownership by Meta, which has been designated as extremist).

The European Parliament has passed resolutions criticizing Hungary before, which are recommendatory and not legally binding. The Hungarian authorities argue that European Parliament members from leftist parties dislike the country’s independent position on a number of international issues, including the conflict in Ukraine. Varga pointed out that it was up to the Council of the European Union and not the European Parliament to make decisions on the EU presidency rotation. According to her, the Hungarian government is “in daily contact with the Council’s general secretariat and continues to make preparations to perform the mission.”

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“..between 2000 and 2023, its share in global output (at purchasing power) will have fallen from 44 to 30 per cent, while that of all high-income countries will have fallen from 57 to 41 per cent..”

The G7 Must Accept That It Cannot Run The World (Martin Wolf)

“Goodbye G7, hello G20.” That was the headline on an article in The Economist on the first summit of the Group of 20 in Washington in 2008 which argued that this represented “a decisive shift in the old order”. Today, hopes of a co-operative global economic order, which reached their zenith at the G20’s London summit of April 2009(opens a new window), have evaporated. Yet it is hardly a case of “Goodbye G20, hello G7”. The earlier world of G7 domination is even more remote than that of G20 co-operation. Neither global co-operation nor western domination look feasible. What might follow? Alas, “division” might be one answer and “anarchy” another. That is not what the communiqué from the meeting of G7 heads of government in Hiroshima suggests.

It is breathtakingly comprehensive. It covers: Ukraine; disarmament and non-proliferation; the Indo-Pacific region; the global economy; climate change; the environment; energy, including clean energy; economic resilience and economic security; trade; food security; health; labour; education; digital; science and technology; gender; human rights, refugees, migration and democracy; terrorism, violent extremism and transnational organised crime; and relations with China, Afghanistan and Iran (among other countries). At 19,000 words, this reads like a manifesto for a world government. In contrast, the communiqué of the London G20 summit in April 2009 was just over 3,000 words. This comparison is unfair, given the focus at that time on the economic crisis. But an unfocused wish list cannot be useful: when everything is a priority, nothing is.

Moreover, both the “unipolar” moment of the US and the economic dominance of the G7 are history. True, the latter is still the most powerful and cohesive economic bloc in the world. It continues, for example, to produce all the world’s leading reserve currencies. Yet, between 2000 and 2023, its share in global output (at purchasing power) will have fallen from 44 to 30 per cent, while that of all high-income countries will have fallen from 57 to 41 per cent. Meanwhile, China’s share will have risen from 7 to 19 per cent. China is now an economic superpower. Via its Belt and Road Initiative it has become a huge investor in (and creditor of) developing countries, though, predictably, it is having to deal with the consequent bad debts so familiar to G7 countries. For some emerging and developing countries, China is a more important economic partner than the G7: Brazil is one example. President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva may have attended the G7, but he cannot sensibly ignore China’s heft.

The G7 are also reaching out to others: their meeting in Japan included India, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia and South Korea. But 19 countries (opens a new window)have apparently applied to join the Brics(opens a new window), which already include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. When Jim O’Neill invented the idea of the Brics back in 2001(opens a new window), he thought this would be an economically relevant category. I thought the Brics would be about just China and India. Economically, that was right. But the Brics now seem to be on the way to being a relevant worldwide grouping. Clearly, what brings its members together is the desire not to be dependent on the whims of the US and its close allies, who have dominated the world for the past two centuries. How long, after all, can (or, for that matter, should) the G7, with 10 per cent of the world’s population, continue to do so?

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“..recovery from such an incident is not possible..”

Catastrophic “Loss of Control” Data Breach in NY Elections (UncoverDC)

A peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Information Warfare (JIW) confirms a “Loss of Control” breach has occurred in the NYSVoter Database. A peer-reviewed paper of their results in a respected journal is a hard-won and “significant milestone,” according to Marly Hornik, Executive Director of the NY Citizens Audit. The audit of the voter rolls was led by Marly Hornik and Andrew Paquette, Ph.D., Director of Research, who submitted the paper to JIW. Paquette “co-founded the International Game Architecture and Design Academy (now BUAS) in the Netherlands after a career in the feature film and video game industries. He received his Ph.D. from King’s College, London, in 2018 for a thesis on the development of expertise.”

In July 2021, Hornik and Paquette assembled a group of volunteers in New York that has grown to around 2000 individuals statewide to investigate the state’s voter registration rolls. Hornik presented the group’s preliminary findings to attendees at The Pit, sponsored by True the Vote, in August 2022. In her recent letter to New York citizens, Hornik explains the seriousness of the group’s findings:

“Through auditing the voter roll databases, obtained directly from state and local boards of elections, we have uncovered millions of invalid registrations, hundreds of thousands of votes cast by legally invalid registrations, hundreds of thousands of votes cast by legally invalid registrants, massive vote discrepancies, and the clear presence of algorithmic patterns we reverse engineered from within the state’s own official records. To be absolutely clear, there is no known innocent purpose or explanation for why these algorithms exist. I am told by cyber-intelligence experts they indicate a ‘Total Loss of Control’ data breach, the most severe kind of data breach recognized by our federal government. The law says it renders the affected NYSVoter database completely untrustworthy.”

[..] A “Loss of Control Breach” is a catastrophic level of “impact,” both functionally and in terms of information lost. It is important to note that the designation indicates “recovery from such an incident is not possible.”

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    Damien Hirst Renewal Blossom 2018   • Ukraine Sent Poor, Untrained Men Into Bakhmut Meat Grinder (Antiwar) • US Has Been Preparing Ukrainian Coun
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle May 26 2023]

    Dr. D

    Lot of less important cartoons and comments but this was fun:

    Satan gear? At Target? Really? Among other things for sale, pocket guillotines with “Homophobe Harvest” printed on them. Yes, let’s pledge our allegiance to mass murder, nothing to see here, I’m sure it’ll all go well.

    “NYC Mayor Eric Adams Asks To Suspend ‘Right To Shelter’ Rule, Citing Illegal Immigrant Influx”

    Why does NY hate people so much? “All humans are legal”. Is it only the Hispanic ones he especially hates? Is this a hate crime? …You set the logical parameters, this is what the algo spits out.

    “Mayor London Breed Chased Off By Violent, Screaming Mob During Presser In SF Junkie Nest To Denounce Drug Epidemic”

    Here’s the interesting part: “Breed and Supervisor Aaron Peskin took to the podium and proclaimed the city has been tolerating “illegal, out-of-control behavior for far too long.” “Many San Franciscans do not feel safe,” Peskin said.”

    Uh, whut? That’s YOU. YOU did that. SF was 100x better only a few short years ago before your policies.

    “Breed’s city has been turned into a crime- and homeless-infested hellhole on her watch. A feces-strewn open-air drug market in many quarters, where junkies, addicts, criminals, vagrants, and bums all gather together for their drug deals, panhandling, and shoplifting projects.  This particular hellhole, at United Nations Plaza, has always been a center of mayhem — I remember it as a trash-strewn, urine-soaked junkie redoubt when I lived in the city 30 years ago.”

    Breed was last seen saying “This is a safe city”. No joke. Reality a la carte. The safe city that’s unsafe, according to her, which is safe, which is why she ran away and retreated from yesterday’s violence, because it’s safe. So Breed is calling Breed a Liar at Breed’s press conference.

    “20 million people are dead worldwide and 2 BILLION are injured”

    Yes but not exactly. The injuries they have are very most likely to kill them within 5 years like myocarditis. This isn’t “Broke a finger” or “had a bad rash” injuries.

    “Ukraine Joe Biden Sent Poor, Untrained Men Into Bakhmut Meat Grinder (Antiwar) “

    And also Boris Johnson, who apparently is still Prime Minister. He was under Miss Truss too.

    But if you don’t murder at least 10,000 men like Fauci did, or steal at least $1 Billion dollars, you can’t be in The Club.

    But we kill 629,000 children a year, mostly black, so we’re definitely in The Club. (2019) #Winning!

    “• US Has Been Preparing Ukrainian Counteroffensive ‘For Months’ – Nuland (RT)

    Um, that is not a “Ukrainian” Counteroffensive then. Are you saying we’re in the war, Mrs. Nuland? So this war is the United States actively and offensively attacking — even invading — Russia on their own borders? $150 Billion dollars says yes. Sure glad I live where there’s no safe water and all the roofs are caving in. You make it all worthwhile.

    “wherever and however this ends – one year, six years, 16 years – we are not doing this again.”

    That is, one of us will collapse and die – it’s an existential fight – AND it will take decades. This is a world war of civilizations. Got it.

    “This conflict will last for long. For decades, probably. This is a new reality,”

    Everyone agrees. Except us apparently. There is no acceptance of this reality among the People, even extreme front-runners like we are. So if we’re in a 30 year world war, what would you do?

    Okay, Nuland says it. Medvedev Knows it. So….

    …Why would they play along? WTF? Flip the script. Don’t wait around being bled by the Anglo Empire for 50 years like they plan, Jesus, what are you stupid? No, they will do something else.


    You know much as Sachs is a liar, an insider, a pinhead, and an Economic Hitman for mass-murdering, extractive colonialism, I really appreciate him talking, and because of his name and position, getting into the mainstream news. People wonder why they’re “sellouts” like I dunno, Tulsi or something, well this is why. You can’t get a seat at the table if you’re so far away from the table. It’s a strategy, but not one for me. I play my part and they play theirs.

    A Western-led undeclared war” “NATO’s Activities

    The entire West vs Russia. Existential war. So all of NATO and the West must collapse to end it. Is that serious enough for you?

    “• More Than 2,500 Foreign Mercenaries Fighting For Ukraine – Shoigu (RT)

    Yeah, probably more than 10,000, not including 50,000 men back in “U.S.” satellite, intel, logistics.

    “• Top US General Milley Delivers Sober Take On Ukrainian Ambitions (RT)

    We all know Milley isn’t a top; he’s a bottom.

    ““That means fighting is going to continue. It’s gonna be bloody. It’s gonna be hard.”

    Really? Where will you get the Ukrainians from? Am I missing something?

    “• Kremlin Responds To Ukrainian Threat To Kill Putin (RT)”

    They want WWIII. They bomb the Kremlin. They sank the Flagship. They bombed a nuclear plant. They invaded Russia actively with U.S. Equipment. They sent uranium. They send F16s. They’ll probably have the FBI pretend Russia attacked us. They WANT the Russian hard-liners to get in charge. Because they WANT to kill 2-4 Billion people of us in their World War.

    “draft resolution depriving Hungary of the right to preside over the European Union in the second half of 2024,”

    We make s—t up! We just make rules until we reverse them with other rules in our minds! The law is whatever I last said 5 seconds ago.

    “..between 2000 and 2023, its share in global output (at purchasing power) will have fallen from 44 to 30 per cent, while that of all high-income countries will have fallen from 57 to 41 per cent..”

    Gee, are those the countries that all foreswore oil use and went Green? Coincidence, I’m sure.

    Anyway, all the countries WITH oil — 50-75 years worth – are doing great! GDP never better!

    “Catastrophic “Loss of Control” Data Breach in NY Elections (UncoverDC)”

    So I have heard, like Illinois, NYC is cheating in order to outvote the bright-Red Upstate. Which is a big area, actually, the size of Pennsylvania or Ohio. This remains to be proven but has been said. What does that mean? One Crooked Mayor is going to tell the whole nation who they can vote for, who is allowed to be President. By erasing what is essentially a Mega-Red State from the Electoral College. Election interference enough for ya?

    Oh and P.S. enslaving and disenfranchising 90% of the counties, the people of the State. Again, just like Illinois, or Michigan. But we all know rural people are Deplorable UnterMensch who deserve to be killed. I read it every day in the paper. They sell the Guillotines at Target! Peace and Tolerance! Love and Light, people.

    No farmers, no food. And we have no food, so…

    Dr. D

    “Archaeologists discover a lost world of 417 ancient Mayans cities buried in remote jungle, connected by miles of ‘superhighways,’ WaPo reports” (So Business Insider, so MSN, so…such the state of the Media: one guy writes without checking anything, 500 operations cut-paste it.)

    But wait: all the Indians were wearing loincloths and pounding on rocks. They’re all primitive, savage, jungle people. Science sez. What gives?

    So these guys were nobodies, all the world rotates around Europe. Oh and slavery was invented there too. Nope! No slaves here in the New World! And no Empires. And no Colonies. And no war. And no Capitalism (oh wait). And no environmental destruction. And no…hey wait: is everything they ever said a bold, wicked, bald-faced lie and they knew it for 300 years?

    A: Yes.

    Does “Science” support every one of those lies even as they themselves release the evidence of them?

    A: Yes.

    Quick, somebody tell the writer about “Atlantis” which also never existed, and DEFINITELY Mexico and the Mayans were never big enough, advanced enough, or strong enough to give Italy and Greece a hard time, right? Except even AFTER the collapse they still had superhighways? Yeah. Good times.


    All of a sudden I miss Germ. I know he is mean about it but the transfection agent injured is a big issue we will continue to face for a long time and mustn’t be memory-holed. A few in my circle having heart issues…

    Hot world war just in time for my 2 young sons to be conscripted sounds like a fucking nightmare. I’m gunna say they identify as politicians and couldn’t possibly have to fight


    Also a bit of scripture to muse over at your leisure. I’m failing and think everyone is dumb or an arsehole but there is still tomorrow.

    ‘Trusting your brothers is essential to establishing and holding up your faith in your ability to transcend doubt and lack of sure conviction in yourself. 2When you attack a brother, you proclaim that he is limited by what you have perceived in him. 3You do not look beyond his errors. 4Rather, they are magnified, becoming blocks to your awareness of the Self that lies beyond your own mistakes, and past his seeming sins as well as yours.

    2. Perception has a focus. 2It is this that gives consistency to what you see. 3Change but this focus, and what you behold will change accordingly. 4Your vision now will shift, to give support to the intent which has replaced the one you held before. 5Remove your focus on your brother’s sins, and you experience the peace that comes from faith in sinlessness. 6This faith receives its only sure support from what you see in others past their sins. 7For their mistakes, if focused on, are witnesses to sins in you. 8And you will not transcend their sight and see the sinlessness that lies beyond.


    the root causes

    “wrong objectives”
    “wishful thinking”
    “Illusion of superiority”
    ” leadership” –
    “racism” – 1. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized:


    Three blind mice,
    Three blind mice
    See how they run,
    See how they run!

    They all ran after
    The farmer’s wife
    She cut off their tails
    With a carving knife
    Did you ever see
    Such a sight in your life
    As three blind mice?

    The Markster

    It gives me no satisfaction to say so, here in the heart of a dying, evil empire on the outskirts of civilization in Southern Oregon, but I have been saying our loud for about 15 years now that the pathological aggressiveness of corporate 🌈 flag identity politics will inevitably backfire in a violent, destructive way against those it purports to serve. And what’s worse is that it appears that the backfire is being engineered.

    Perpetrators of our ongoing and endless wars, corporate plunder and mass depopulation events will waste no time blaming everything on the marginalized groups they now pretend to care about. So much easier to beat up an obnoxious neo-Nazi cheerleading Clintonite faggot in Greenwich Village, St. Petersburg or Berlin than to hold the media, arms dealers, drug pushers, corrupt media and politicians accountable.

    And everybody loves a good lynching, right?


    Listening to the Weather Chanel creator guy, I now know what Fauci and the WEF mean when then say “we own the science.” What they really mean is “we own the scientists who take our money.”


    German Man Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison For Pro-Russian Rhetoric, Symbols

    He reportedly called Ukraine a “terrorist state” and prominently displayed the Russian military symbol “Z” in online posts.

    The indictment reads: “The defendant justified Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine on social media and ran a Telegram channel whose name and logo were based on the ultranationalist Russian Drugaya Rossiya (Other Russia) party.”

    …multiple German states began announcing they would prosecute ‘pro-Russian propagandists’ and had outlawed display of the ‘Z’ symbol….

    “The Russian attack on Ukraine is a crime and whoever publicly approves of this war can thereby become criminally liable,” Marek Wede, a spokesperson for Germany’s Interior Ministry, said at the time.

    We’re fighting for Democracy.

    How do democracies determine their foreign policies? Certainly not through discussion amongst the people in the public space. By NOT discussing. Especially if anyone is a Big Meanie. THAT’S democracy.

    This reminds me of my ginormous corporate job. All our actions were governed by approximately 120,000 policy/process documents. These documents would be implemented by thousands of bewildered, stressed, overburdened frontline reps and extrapolate into millions of customer interactions.

    Some problems with their documents:

    1.) So badly worded that 5-15 different outcomes could come from what was supposed to be a standardized single-outcome path.

    2.) Internally #%#%ed. For example, 2 different departments following processes that have them forwarding a specific root call cause to each other so the customer goes in an endless circle – real anecdote.

    3.) Internally consistent but out of touch with reality. Customer may be in the $#!# upon taking the proscribed path, but the path looks great on paper.

    There was a feedback system. In theory, anyone could submit feedback with a problem. Anyone could see this feedback with time/date stamps in a forum type format, with the ability to comment on the feedback as well as submit feedback. The process owners – project managers – were the ones with admin access to the feedback system.

    In practice:

    A simple “explanation” to the individual rep submitting feedback was acceptable rather than changing or updating the policy. (Your policy is pointlessly resulting in angry customers. I am witnessing it daily. This doesn’t seem to align with its intended purpose. – “You see…” closed as resolved)

    If an “inappropriate tone” was detected, the request would not be fulfilled, but a request for “corrective action” would be sent to the rep’s manager. NO WORK would be done anytime a “tone” was detected.

    Feedback would be deleted after a couple months, because when reps pointed out that the same problem had been reported and not addressed for the past 6, 9, 18 months, that looked bad.

    I had no personal ego in this system. I was just pinging it to see what brought results and what didn’t. I tried being friendly/chummy, dry and factual, and obsequiously forelock-tugging. None of these were particularly successful. This is because it is always easier to detect a tone than change something.

    I cannot even tell you how many times I got sent to my Manager’s office (my bosses boss) to see them sitting there with a write-up already printed and waiting for my signature because of a complaint about my policy feedback. I’d ask them what was wrong with it, and they’d read my neutral or even groveling words dripping with “tone.” Absolutely impenetrable, unreasonable, just DUMB, already made up their mind.

    Always, ALWAYS re-phrase “this is wrong” statements as QUESTIONS when dealing with this sort of interdepartmental bureaucratic crap. By adopting a HAL9000 persona and asking simple questions that SHOULD have been dripping with sarcasm or outrage – as if Micheal Kane was trying to ASMR you -you could see in their eyes that it was making their head explode to try to formulate that Why. Their lips would move randomly as if they were HOPING something would come out, they might make a choking sound. I’m sure the Project Managers would have pushed on, but none of the Production Floor Managers I talked with could bring themselves to do it. They still had some connection to reality.

    One of the writeups was because I commented, as part of the feedback, “This issue was first reported 9 months ago and remains unresolved”

    The manager explained “They FEEL like you are Calling Them Out”

    I’d adopt a silent helpful facial expression, raised eyebrows, nodding. Exactly. Yep. Protracted silence. Manager visibly wilts as realization dawns.

    This is a problem as old as rulers. They get surrounded by courtiers, gatekeepers – middle managers. They got there by being weasels. Reality is a threat. Peasants representing reality to the King are a threat. Peasants need to STOP, need to shut up.

    Who do you get your reports from? Who implements your actions to address reality? Who tells you don’t listen to those deplorables? On what basis did you evolve a quasi religion justifying that, on whose feedback?

    What do middle managers always tell you? We need to manage more shit and then tell you what a good job we are doing, generate reports. Get exposure and access to you to further our careers.

    15 minute cities, digital currency, social credit score, green new deal, censorship…. noticing a pattern here? Who recommended this to you? Who will implement it? Who will generate the reports on its progress? Weird, huh?

    Don’t worry, we can fix this problem with Middle Managers. We’ll use an AI. The very AI the Middle Managers say should replace the peasants. An AI whose processes you do not and cannot understand, but don’t worry, we’ll put some middle managers in charge of it, have you meet them for briefings, send you reports, spreadsheets, meetings – they’ll appreciate the exposure and access to you, so they’ll be glad to determine for you how important their meetings with you are.

    This is why Kings would have days when ANYONE could line up and bring them their grievances, totally unfiltered. Some ancient kings had literal anonymous suggestion boxes. Or Kings would sneak out of the palace incognito and talk with people, ask how things are going, eavesdrop on conversations, check on prices at the local market, etc.

    The top brass of my company weren’t complete fools. I’ve had a bunch of skip-level meetings with various VP’s of Care over the years. They were reasonable, intelligent, and tried to implement programs to correct problems. But they entrusted these programs to middle managers with no realistic system of accountability. Because they are weasels, the way they make things run is ALWAYS opaque to those above them.

    A few reps and I got together and parsed out an 18 page process document. We compared our results and agreed it could be condensed down to 5 bullet points. I surmise that an 18 page process doc will force anyone in authority trying to understand it to reach out to the process doc owner – a middle manager. The middle manager will explain it to their higher-up and be complimented “we sure are lucky to have a genius like YOU here to explain these difficult things” Most importantly, this gives them exposure and access to people above them – THE key thing to advancing their career.

    In fact, “explaining” as Experts was what they felt they were there to do. Any request could be closed out after the project manager gave an “explanation,” no matter how deranged from reality it was, no matter if a process document remained unchanged, creating tends or hundreds of thousands of bad experiences for real paying customers. I’ve had Project Managers outright lie to me. I’d reply mildly asking how they determined that, where they got their info and they’d ghost me or change the subject.

    One Care VP created a whole new parallel system of feedback (after I spoke with them in a skip level) but the bottleneck was the same Project Managers. I remember asking my Supervisor 9 months into that, what material changes had been made? She pulled up the gigantic spreadsheet of requests and we looked it over. Together, we found a few changes that were totally immaterial. Most – certainly all the important ones – had been closed out as “explained.” Dudes, we EXPLAINED to YOU, sitting there in a meeting room together smelling your own and each others’ farts and thinking it was glorious.

    TPTB – The ONLY way to get away from your middle managers turning everything to shit is to empower your peasants. They’re the only ones who understand on a technical and specific basis how your managers are screwing up and lying to you.

    Any top-down program you initiate will be assigned to… a middle manager. You don’t know how to spot the problems on a technical basis and the managers only want to weasel their way upward while stomping on peasants who make them FEEL like they are being “called out.” What they want most is positive exposure and access to you. You really want to trust an AI to take the place of peasant feedback? An AI program run by middle managers, the reports on what good work it is doing run by middle managers?


    “I knew it. I’m surrounded by assholes”

    Alexander Carpenter

    Why do I have the sense that these days everyone around here is waiting for some “other shoe” to drop. What other shoes are hovering? Don’t get me started…
    But I am sure that each of us has her (or whatever) favorite, carefully chosen to gratify some desperate longing for resolution, to express some insider resonance, or to be “right” about something, anything, at last.
    Are we waiting for The Mob to awaken to increasingly obvious facts and even truths? What if the latency period before we “Snap out of it!” above some critical-mass level to shift us all off our meta-stable hovering?
    If most people, even the more-powerful, are waiting for the real decision-makers to decide and decree, even if they don’t know exactly who those are, then we might be in an unresolvable iterative loop of “waiting for Godot” until someone(s) break the stasis because they are frustrated and impatient, manically narcissistic, projecting their own death-wish, or seeking revenge on their ancestors. Or whatever.
    How many ways are there for us to be crazy, compared with how many ways to be sane? On that basis alone, we are standing in front of the fan with nowhere else, really, to go, and half blind because we can’t or won’t recognize the fan or the creatures hovering above it.
    Traditional wisdom has us tending the garden; our post-Post-Modernist paradigm has us growing pot in it.
    OK, folks, take a deep breath now, and then another, and then…

    Alexander Carpenter

    What if => What is … ?

    Michael Reid

    Small independent states serve people.

    A breakup of the EU power base is absolutely more likely as the system implodes.

    Sadly the vast majority of people are still wandering through life in a confused daze. They’ll be completely screwed and I don’t say that to be hyperbolic but that’s the lesson of history.

    Here’s Why This 10-Year Bear Market Generally Results in a 10-Year Bull Market

    Michael Reid

    @ Alexander Carpenter

    It is not about being “right”.

    It is about what are you going to do when it comes for you.

    John Day

    @DrD: Here is that LiDAR analysis paper of the Guatemalanjungle that showed so many cities and highways.
    Imagine what they could have done with a few oxcarts!
    Here is the laser ranging system they used to read that Braillle in the jungles.

    : Good spiritual advice. I’m not sure how to hide your sons. Look at Ukraine?

    : The conundrum of middle-management… 🙁


    Maybe the goal is to simply continue to be human in the face of things.

    The pilot who keeps working the problem, calmly, professionally, looking it in the face continually up to the crash. There’s a nobility to that whether the crash occurs or is avoided.


    Great presentation of how “Quiet Quitting” is being applied by different levels of management.
    (Hang on. We are going down.)

    John Day
    We lost track/forgot of another civilization that bit the dust


    One of the reasons that I immigrated to the US was my young and stupid belief that system would simply not allow “incompetent person to be employed” and that I would be in the company of close to semi-gods as my coworkers. That and expecting that “fair market forces” are governing and determining merits and rewards for each individual – something that Dr D would still not stop blabbering about.
    True, I had an opportunity to work with some really great professionals, however midwit managers contributing to more than half a dozen two week notices made me go on my own as a freelancer that, miraculously, made the following managerial bunch timid and nice to cooperate with. Go figure.



    A popular 1969 book titled The Peter Principle explained it back then. Add on upper management’s susceptibility to falling for the latest management fads no matter how nutty they sound.

    Michael Reid

    American elites are starting to concede that the world is rebelling against the US, and Washington has nobody to blame but itself


    Corporations being artificial government-created entities which function using bureaucracies just like governments, but with with little to no grass roots input from any quarter, I would never expect market forces to function within their bowels. Particularly if they hold a monopoly or quasi monopoly.

    But yeah, when I was younger, there was that thought that maybe…. maybe that was a thing.

    From 42:00 is awesome – both hilarious and illuminating. 49:07 and on makes me laugh uncontrollably, especially when the WELCOME TO THE RED PILL pops up. I think it’s worth watching the whole thing to get to that point.


    Countries Which Produce The Most Engineers By Year 1990 to Present

    Animated graph interesting how far behind the Empire of Lies has failed to produce a core of citizen engineers without resorting to cherry picking foreign nationals to pad out the rapidly dwindling ranks of qualified engineers.

    No hypersonic missiles for you!

    Hence the F-35 Lardbucket boondoggle and the grand daddy grey beard non stealth F-16 which lights up radar screens the moment it clears the tree tops.

    Graft and corruption in the Military Industrial Mafia assures lousy engineering output. Any engineer with eyes to see will realize Duh’merica is a has been engineering environment.

    Note that the Empire of Lies has for decades had almost 50% of the students in it’s elite engineering schools (MIT, Cal Tech, etc) were foreign nationals, so even the figure here in this graph is wrong, it’s half the figure shown of engineers, so its even further down the rabbit hole of technical incompetence.

    Michael Reid
    John Day

    Enemy Of The People

    Chris sent this 21 minute video of David Martin testifying at the EU Parliament COVID Conference about the history of coronavirus, discovered in 1965 and identified as a bioweapon-platform by 1967. The first spike protein vaccine patent was awarded to Pfizer in 1990. No coronavirus vaccine since then ever worked. It appears that the original SARS was also a bioweapon. The business plan to release a named Wuhan-coronavirus was propounded in 2018-2019, as a means to urgently and profitably release a new universal-vaccine-platform. This is a detailed history and it’s “turtles all the way down”. I hope a transcript will be released, with slides.

    Dr. Naomi Wolf, Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide
    I’ve been silent for some weeks. Forgive me.
    The truth is: I’ve been rendered almost speechless — or the literary equivalent of that — because recently I’ve had the unenviable task of trying to announce to the world that indeed, a genocide — or what I’ve called, clumsily but urgently, a “baby die-off” — is underway.
    The WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Volunteers, a group of 3000 highly credentialled doctors, RNs, biostatisticians, medical fraud investigators, lab clinicians and research scientists, have been turning out report after report, as you may know, to tell the world what is in the 55,000 internal Pfizer documents which the FDA had asked a court to keep under wraps for 75 years. By court order, these documents were forcibly disclosed. And our experts are serving humanity by reading through these documents and explaining them in lay terms. You can find all of the Volunteers’ reports on .
    The lies revealed are stunning.
    The WarRoom/DailyClout Volunteers have confirmed: that Pfizer (and thus the FDA) knew by December 2020 that the MRNA vaccines did not work — that they “waned in efficacy” and presented “vaccine failure.” One side effect of getting vaccinated, as they knew by one month after the mass 2020 rollout, was “COVID.”
    Pfizer knew in May of 2021 that 35 minors’ hearts had been damaged a week after MRNA injection — but the FDA rolled out the EUA for teens a month later anyway, and parents did not get a press release from the US government about heart harms til August of 2021, after thousands of teens were vaccinated. [ ]
    Pfizer (and thus the FDA; many of the documents say “FDA: CONFIDENTIAL” at the lower boundary) knew that, contrary to what the highly paid spokesmodels and bought-off physicians were assuring people, the MRNA, spike protein and lipid nanoparticles did not stay in the injection site in the deltoid, but rather went, within 48 hours, into the bloodstream, from there to lodge in the liver, spleen, adrenals, lymph nodes, and, if you are a woman, in the ovaries…
    ..And now, the babies are dying. Now scale the data from Canada, Scotland and Israel to all the vaccinated nations in the world.
    What do we do with all of this?
    Knowing as I now do, that Pfizer and the FDA knew that babies were dying and mothers’ milk discoloring by just looking at their own internal records; knowing as I do that they did not alert anyone let alone stop what they were doing, and that to this day Pfizer, the FDA and other demonic “public health” entities are pushing to MRNA-vaccinate more and more pregnant women; now that they are about to force this on women in Africa and other lower income nations who are not seeking the MRNA vaccines, per Pfizer CEO Bourla this past week at the WEF, and knowing that Pfizer is pushing and may even receive a US EUA for babies to five year olds — I must conclude that we are looking into an abyss of evil not seen since 1945.
    So I don’t know about you, but I must switch gears with this kind of unspeakable knowledge to another kind of discourse.
    I am not saying that this is exactly like finding evidence of Dr Mengele’s experiments; but I am saying, with these findings, that now the comparison may not be that excessive. These anti-humans at Pfizer, speaking at the WEF; these anti-humans at the FDA; knowing what they know; are targeting the miraculous female body, with its ability to conceive, gestate, birth and nurture life. They are targeting the female body’s ability to sustain a newborn human being with nothing but itself. They are targeting the amniotic membrane, the ovaries that release the ovum, they are targeting the lymph and blood that help support the building up of mother’s milk, they are targeting the fetus in utero, helpless.
    They are targeting the human fetus’ very environment, one of the most sacred spaces on this earth, if not the most sacred. And they know it.

    There are lots of implications to consider here. Does this mean the elites are losing control of the societal narratives?
    ​ ​A new Rasmussen poll has found that almost two thirds of Americans believe the media is “​T​ruly the ​E​nemy ​o​f ​T​he ​P​eople”.
    The survey found that a total of 59 percent of likely voters either strongly or somewhat agree with the statement.
    Among Republicans, the belief is even more prevalent at 77 percent. Only a slim majority of Democrats disagree.

    Poll: Almost Two Thirds Of Americans View Media As “Truly the Enemy of the People”

    John Day

    ​ Electoral capture through corruption in the Empire State:
    ​ A peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Information Warfare (JIW) confirms a “Loss of Control” breach has occurred in the NYSVoter Database. A peer-reviewed paper of their results in a respected journal is a hard-won and “significant milestone,” according to Marly Hornik, Executive Director of the NY Citizens Audit…
    ​..​In her recent letter to New York citizens, Hornik explains the seriousness of the group’s findings:
    ​ ​“Through auditing the voter roll databases, obtained directly from state and local boards of elections, we have uncovered millions of invalid registrations, hundreds of thousands of votes cast by legally invalid registrations, hundreds of thousands of votes cast by legally invalid registrants, massive vote discrepancies, and the clear presence of algorithmic patterns we reverse engineered from within the state’s own official records.
    ​ ​To be absolutely clear, there is no known innocent purpose or explanation for why these algorithms exist. I am told by cyber-intelligence experts they indicate a ‘Total Loss of Control’ data breach, the most severe kind of data breach recognized by our federal government. The law says it renders the affected NYSVoter database completely untrustworthy.”

    Catastrophic “Loss of Control” Data Breach in NY Elections

    Earlier this week, an insider at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) came forward and revealed his identity for the first time after filing an anonymous whistleblower complaint about the agency’s handling of an investigation into Hunter Biden.
    The original whistleblower complaint from Gary Shapley, a 14-year veteran of the agency, was revealed in an April 19 letter to members of Congress. Since then, Shapley and his attorney, Mark D. Lytle, have alleged retaliation.
    In an interview with CBS News that aired Wednesday night, Shapley identified himself as an IRS supervisory agent, who says he was assigned to an investigation in January 2020 – the subject of which he said he couldn’t legally identify due to tax secrecy laws, but which CBS said was the Hunter Biden case. Shapley and his legal team are simply calling it an “ongoing and sensitive investigation of a high-profile, controversial subject.” ….
    ..According to Shapley, “When I took control of this particular investigation, I immediately saw deviations from the normal process. It was way outside the norm of what I’ve experienced in the past.” …Shapley says he decided to file a whistleblower complaint following an Oct. 2022 meeting with federal prosecutors. “It was my red-line meeting,” he said. “I don’t want to do any of this. I took an oath of office and when I saw the egregiousness of some of these things, it no longer became a choice for me,” he told CBS News. “It’s not something that I want to do. It’s something I feel like I have to do.” ….
    ..Shapley made clear he had never seen this level of interference in his long service at the IRS and said it was done “at the direction of the Department of Justice.” …
    ..Garland refuses to appoint a special counsel who would then have the ability to write a report on the alleged massive influence-peddling operations the Bidens run.
    It is all part of the “incredible shrinking Merrick Garland,” who promised to prevent any political influence over his department.
    We now have multiple whistleblowers alleging interference from the Justice Department to slow-walk investigations or shield the president’s son.
    We also have questions raised by IRS agents’ visit to the home of Matt Taibbi, who helped expose the government-Twitter censorship program.
    They appeared on the very day Taibbi appeared before Congress and was attacked by Democratic members as a “so-called journalist.”
    (The subcommittee’s ranking Democrat, Delaware Stacey Plaskett, later called for Taibbi’s possible arrest.)
    The IRS opened its probe of him on a Saturday — Christmas Eve last year, just weeks after his exposé.

    ​ ​Obama Judge Sentences Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes to 18 Years in Prison in J6 ‘Sedition’ Case

    ​ ​Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, who came unarmed to DC and didn’t even enter the Capitol Building on January 6th, was sentenced to 18 years in prison on Thursday for “seditious conspiracy” by Obama-appointed US district judge Amit Mehta.
    ​ ​Rhodes’ crime was apparently mouthing off about revolution in private chats and lamenting after the event that “we should have brought rifles.”
    ​ ​”You, sir, present an ongoing threat and a peril to this country and to the republic and to the very fabric of this democracy,” Judge Amit Mehta, an Indian immigrant appointed to the DC district court by Obama in 2014, scolded Rhodes before handing down the longest sentence to date for any J6er.​..
    ​..In a politically-charged speech in the courtroom just before his sentencing, Rhodes called himself a “political prisoner” and said that when he talked about “regime change” in a phone call with supporters earlier this week, he meant he hopes that former President Donald Trump will win in 2024.
    ​ ​The judge disagreed that Rhodes had been locked up for politics, saying it was his actions that led to his criminal convictions.​ [Dude has a scary pirate eye-patch. Lock him up!]​

    John Day

    More Russian Election-Rigging!
    What matters for Moscow is that ‘a guy with dementia’ not elected US president — Medvedev

    ​ ​Pentagon officials have already been on record as predicting the Russia-Ukraine war could take “years”. But on Friday a top Russian official and former president gave the longest prediction thus far.
    ​ ​Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev was quoted in Russian media as saying the war will last “decades, probably”.

    ​Gilbert Doctorow, Thanks Christine.
    A lot of print has been spilled and all too many words have been spoken by Western analysts on whether or not Russia will use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. This is empty talk that ignores two facts. The first is that the Ukraine regime can be decapitated at any moment of Russia’s choosing using the hypersonic missiles at Russia’s disposal equipped with conventional warheads. Secondly, Russia is holding its nuclear option in reserve use of nuclear weapons against NATO, as this Duma member made crystal clear. Let us all remember that Russia has the world’s largest stock of tactical nuclear arms, just as it is the world’s leader in strategic nuclear arms.
    If the hare-brained regime in Warsaw proceeds with plans to do Washington’s bidding and create a “second front” by invading Belarus under the guise of local insurgents, Russia will certainly intervene. President Putin specifically stated that yesterday, but you will not find his citation in today’s NYT. If as a follow-on, NATO begins to move against Russia along the vast front line that it has recently manned, then the Russian general’s proposed response is also ready to hand: to use tactical nuclear weapons against these NATO forces, destroy them and move tanks past them to the next point of resistance where it again uses nuclear weapons. This game of leapfrog would logically take those Russian tanks to the Atlantic somewhere near Lisbon as I have indicated in the headline.
    And what would the USA do about the destruction of its European allies? An informed guess is nothing. If Washington is now pussy-footing over whose tanks go to Ukraine, over whose F-16s go to Ukraine, all for the purpose of keeping the fight with Russia at the level of proxies, then why would the USA risk instant destruction by Russian strategic missiles just because Europe is burning? [Deciders with secure bunkers might risk it, huh?]

    Russian tanks reach the Atlantic near Lisbon…

    Andrew Korybko, Thanks Amrita, for this succinct and informative news regarding central Asia.
    Four Eurasian Connectivity Corridors Were Discussed At The Kremlin On Thursday

    ​ Pepe Escobar, The inside story of Russia-Iran-India connectivity
    The G7 is stupefied by the dynamic progress of the multipolar order embodied by the Russian-led INSTC and the Chinese-led BRI, with Iran’s strategic port of Chabahar now poised to play a transformative role.
    ​ ​Make no mistake about what the G7’s Hiroshima Communique is all about.
    The setting: a city in neo-colony Japan nuclear-bombed 78 years ago by the United States, for which it made no excuses.
    ​ ​The message: the G7, actually G9 (augmented by two unelected Eurocrats) declares war – hybrid and otherwise – against BRICS+, which has 25 nations on its waiting list and counting.
    ​ ​The G7’s key strategic objective is the defeat of Russia, followed by the subjugation of China. For the G7/G9, these – real – powers are the main “global threats” to “freedom and democracy.”​ ​ …
    ​..​Russia, for its part, is now facing the Ukraine stalemate, relentless western sanctions hysteria, and serious trade restrictions to Eastern Europe. All that while Moscow consistently expands its trade with New Delhi.
    ​ ​So it is no wonder Moscow is now much more attentive to the INSTC. Last December, a key deal was clinched between Russian Railways and the national companies in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Iran, and the Russians came up with a 20 percent discount for import-export containers going through the Russia-Kazakh border.
    ​ ​What matters most for Russia is that Chabahar operating at full speed reduces the cost of transporting goods from India by 20 percent. The Iranians fully understood the game, and started to heavily promote the Chabahar Free Trade-Industrial Zone to attract Russian investment. And that culminated in the Rasht-Astara deal.​..
    ..China’s BRI, for its part, plays a parallel game. Beijing is heavily investing in the East-West transit route – also known as the Middle Corridor.
    ​ ​This BRI corridor goes from Xinjiang to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, and then across the Caspian to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkiye, and further on to Eastern Europe – a total of 7,000 km, with a cargo journey of maximum 15 days.
    ​ ​BRI’s emphasis is to bet on multiple corridors East-to-West to fight possible new western-dictated disruptions of supply chains. China-Central Asia transit to Europe bypassing Russia and Iran is one of the top bets. The BRI corridor through Russia, because of NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine, is on hold for the moment. And the Chinese are testing all options to bypass the Maritime Silk Road through Malacca.
    ​ ​Turkiye, with the serious possibility of its longtime President Recep Tayyip being re-elected this weekend, has also made its play.
    The Baku-Tblisi-Kars railway, opened in 2018, was a key plank in Ankara’s masterplan to configure itself as an inescapable hub of container freight between China and Europe.



    More of this needs to happen

    Shoplifting needs some CONSEQUENCES

    Too bad she didn’t break both his legs


    I checked on wikipedia for a further explanation. That and Graeber’s “Bullshit jobs” keeps me baffled, given that system requires efficiency for maximum profit. I guess only the working bees, blue and white collar, are exempt from such a luxury.
    No wonder that movie “Office space” struck a cord with many who worked in such environment and being familiar with every minute scene featured, produces weird sense of Déjà vu.

    Veracious Poet


    Duh’merica is such a pitiful laughing stock first world shithole.

    Look at it’s Big Shitties, NYC, Chicago, San Franshitsco, Philidelphia, etc

    Rapidly devolving dumps with a literal collapse in commercial real estate cause no one in their right mind wants to live in them anymore.

    What matters for Moscow is that ‘a guy with dementia’ not elected US president — Medvedev

    Hey, he’s saying the silent part out loud.

    “Speaking about electoral chances of former US President Donald Trump, the Russian politician described him as “a nice guy, but a bit of a coward.”

    “Historically, it was always easier for us to work with the Republicans,” he added.


    Pedo Joe, ‘leader of the free world’

    Duh’merica’s demented and polish new Turd Blossom


    V. Arnold

    20 years ago today I stepped off the plane in BKK…
    The continued belligerence and war mongering by the U.S.A. towards the rest of the world has given me no cause for regret…


    @ John Day
    You left me speechless.

    I had to dig and find more info.

    Another blogger is digging and documenting how C-19 was designed to be a tool for depopulation.
    May 15, 2023
    Barbara Gehrett, MD; Joseph Gehrett, MD; Chris Flowers, MD; and Loree Britt
    DailyClout Pfizer Reports
    Report 71: Musculoskeletal Adverse Events of Special Interest Afflicted 8.5% of Patients in Pfizer’s Post-Marketing Data Set, Including Four Children and One Infant. Women Affected at a Ratio of Almost 4:1 Over Men.
    Outside of the work the War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Volunteers did in their reports, the volunteers are completely independent of DailyClout and the opinions that they express are solely their own.


    Report 71: Musculoskeletal Adverse Events of Special Interest Afflicted 8.5% of Patients in Pfizer’s Post-Marketing Data Set, Including Four Children and One Infant. Women Affected at a Ratio of Almost 4:1 Over Men.

    May 15, 2023 • by Barbara Gehrett, MD; Joseph Gehrett, MD; Chris Flowers, MD; and Loree Britt
    The War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project Post-Marketing Group (Team 1) – Barbara Gehrett, MD; Joseph Gehrett, MD; Chris Flowers, MD; and Loree Britt – wrote a review of musculoskeletal adverse events of special interest (AESIs) found in Pfizer document 5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports of PF-
    07302048 (BNT162B2) Received Through 28-FEB-2021 (a.k.a., “5.3.6“). This group of AESIs include diagnoses of arthralgia (joint pain), arthritis (joint inflammation), arthritis/bacterial, chronic fatigue syndrome, polyarthritis (inflammation of multiple joints), post-viral fatigue syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune and inflammatory disease).

    It is important to note that the AESIs in the 5.3.6 document were reported to Pfizer for only a 90-day period starting on December 1, 2020, the date of the United Kingdom’s public rollout of Pfizer’s COVID-19 experimental mRNA “vaccine” product.

    Highlights of this report include:

    Please read the full report below.

    The depopulation is already happening.
    At 80 yrs old, Sorry, I’m not into “watching sausage making”.

    I, like the majority of people, bloggers, non- specialized trained readers, did not read the first report, and I did not read any of the reports.
    Posting 5/27/2023

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