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El Greco St. Paul and St. Peter 1595


Asians Are Less ‘Humane’ – Ukrainian Security Chief (RT)
Who is Responsible for Ukraine’s Failed Counteroffensive? (Scott Ritter)
What Should Russia Expect From Saudi Arabia’s Ukraine ‘Peace Summit’? (RT)
Ex-Pakistani PM Imran Khan Jailed For Three Years (RT)
DOJ Seeks Protective Order in Election Case (ET)
A Successful Prosecution Would Fold Space And Time (Taibbi)
Niger Junta Turns To Wagner For Help – Media (RT)
X to Fund Legal Bills of People ‘Unfairly Treated’ for Posts, Likes on X (Sp.)
Austrian PM Proposes Constitutional ‘Right to Cash’ (Sp.)












Full German Nazism, complete with Untermenschen etc. This is what you fund.

Asians Are Less ‘Humane’ – Ukrainian Security Chief (RT)

Russians are “Asians” and, therefore, lack the “humanity” that Ukrainians purportedly possess, Aleksey Danilov, the head of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, has claimed. The top official made the remark as he spoke live on Ukrainian TV, which has been heavily censored and turned into a state-approved “broadcasting marathon” amid the ongoing conflict. “I’m fine with Asians, but Russians are Asians. They have a completely different culture, vision. Our key difference from them is humanity,” Danilov stated. The security chief, as well as other top Ukrainian officials, have repeatedly made hateful remarks about Russians during – and even well before – the ongoing hostilities between the two countries broke out back in February 2022.

Danilov has repeatedly promised to “kill” Russians anywhere across the globe, with similar extreme statements consistently made by Mikhail Podoliak, the top aide to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. Podoliak has repeatedly claimed that all Ukrainians universally “hate Russians,” as well as voiced calls to “kill Russians” on a daily basis. Similarly radical remarks have been repeatedly made by the Ukrainian military spy chief, Kirill Budanov, who also expressed the same urge. Threats by the latter have been addressed by Russia’s permanent envoy to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, who branded them a “blatant example of hateful remarks, Russophobia and incitement of violence based on nationality.”

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“.. the fetid stench of rotting corpses, abandoned by their comrades who fled for their lives.”

Who is Responsible for Ukraine’s Failed Counteroffensive? (Scott Ritter)

On a normal summer’s day, the road to Rabotino would be empty, save for the odd combine tractor and the vehicles driven by farmers and their families as they tend to the fields of crops they had planted in spring. The summer’s heat would reflect off the horizon, creating glimmering mirages, while the still air would echo with the chirping of birds and the buzzing of insects. On a normal summer’s day, the road to Rabotino would resemble paradise. Today, the road to Rabotino can best be described as a highway to hell: the serene landscape scarred with craters made by artillery shells, bombs, and mines. Fields that once grew crops intended to feed the world now seem to produce another crop—the torn, burned-out hulks of Ukrainian tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and other military vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

The air buzzes not with bees, but bullets, and the sky above is torn by the sound of shells passing overhead, on their way to their intended target, often consisting of a new crop of military metal waiting to be consumed by fire. The smell of fresh soil, young crops, and flowers of the field has been replaced by the fetid stench of rotting corpses, abandoned by their comrades who fled for their lives. The Russian Ministry of Defense has assessed that, since the Ukrainian counteroffensive began in early June, the Ukrainian Army has suffered some 43,000 casualties, with more than 4,900 pieces of equipment, including 1,831 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles (among which are included 25 German-made Leopard tanks and 21 US-made M-2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles) having been destroyed.

Russian casualties, while unspecified, have been alluded to by President Putin, who stated that the kill ratio was 10:1 in Russia’s favor. That equates to 4,300 casualties: the brutal blade of war cuts both ways. The casualties suffered by Ukraine roughly align with the casualties suffered by German forces during their offensive operations against the Soviet Army in the battle of Kursk, fought in the month of July and August 1943. The Kursk battle was one of the largest during the Second World War.This should give one an idea of the scope and scale of the violence which has transpired in and around the village of Rabotino, and elsewhere in the Zaporozhye and Donetsk regions where Ukraine and Russian forces are confronting one another.

When an army suffers a defeat of the scope and scale of that suffered by Ukraine near Rabotino, and in other fields and villages across the line of contact with Russia, it is normally incumbent upon the leadership of the defeated forces to ascertain the reasons why the defeat occurred, and then to undertake remedial action to correct the problems identified.It came weeks after being on the receiving end of criticism from their erstwhile allies and partners in NATO, who provided Ukraine with both the material used to equip the Ukrainian Army, and training on how this equipment was to be used in battle against the Russians.

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Where’s China?

What Should Russia Expect From Saudi Arabia’s Ukraine ‘Peace Summit’? (RT)

Political expert Andrey Dubnov:

The goal of the conference is not to formulate “agreements acceptable to all parties.” Russia has not been invited to this event, and this makes sense, because otherwise the meeting would have been doomed to failure. It is obvious that Moscow’s position has been articulated; the last time it was expressed was at the Russia-Africa summit. Moscow’s main position is essentially an arrangement that can be called a ceasefire, based on Russia’s retention of the Ukrainian territories now organized as four Russian regions. It is difficult to imagine that Moscow is prepared to abandon this as its main negotiating position. On the other hand, Kiev’s stance on peace is articulated as being possible only if Russia withdraws its troops to the 1991 borders. With such positions of the parties, a general meeting would be pointless.

What is the purpose of the summit in Saudi Arabia? Since this initiative comes mainly from Kiev and is backed by the US, it is now about consolidating the whole wider world – not just the West, but the big South, including the BRICS member countries (India, Brazil and South Africa). It is an attempt to find a consolidated expression of support for the Ukrainian peace plan. Within this “formula of support” there are some limits regarding the flexibility of Kiev’s negotiating position: under what conditions it is ready to give up its categorical demand to return to the 1991 borders and to compromise with Russia? Clarifying this kind of flexibility may be one of the ulterior goals of this conference. But practice shows that such diplomatic conferences look first and foremost like big, big PR. Diplomacy needs silence and confidentiality. The Saudi initiative does not yet provide for this silence and confidentiality, so it is still more of a political meeting than a search for a diplomatic solution to the problem.

President Vladimir Zelensky’s peace plan will be at the center of the Saudi initiative. Within this framework, an attempt will be made to somehow find acceptable windows in which Kiev, I repeat, will be prepared to make further compromises with Moscow. But at the end of the day, everything will depend on the outcome of the military operations on the ground, which are being actively pursued. No peace plan for Ukraine can become a reality without China’s participation. The meeting in Saudi Arabia could be a precursor to a financial and economic assistance plan to rebuild Ukraine. This is how the plan to help Afghanistan began at the Bonn conference many years ago.

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Remarkable how similar his story is to Trump’s. One man vs the establishment.

Ex-Pakistani PM Imran Khan Jailed For Three Years (RT)

Former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan was issued with a three-year jail sentence by an Islamabad court on Saturday after he was found guilty on corruption charges. The verdict means that Khan, who claims the prosecution was politically motivated, will not be able to contest elections later this year. In a pre-recorded statement released on X (formerly Twitter), Khan told his supporters: “I have only one appeal, don’t sit at home silently.” Judge Humayun Dilawar declared in court that Khan, 70, had “deliberately submitted fake details” after he was accused of illegally profiting from the sale of gifts he received while serving as Pakistan’s head of state between 2018 and 2022. After issuing the three-year custodial term, the judge also ordered Khan to be banned from politics for a period of five years.

Following the verdict, Khan, who was not in court, was arrested at his home in Lahore and taken into police custody. The claims against the former prime minister are a case of “political victimization,” according to his lawyer Intezar Hussain Panjutha. “Khan was not given an opportunity to defend himself and say his side of the story,” he said after the verdict. “We wanted to provide witnesses in his favor but he was not allowed this opportunity. Khan was not given a fair trial.” Khan’s barrister, Gohar Khan, added in comments to The Dawn newspaper that the court’s verdict had been a “murder of justice.” However, opponents of the former politician appeared to celebrate the court’s judgment outside the building, with some chanting: “Imran Khan is a thief.” More than 150 cases have been brought against Khan, the former sports star turned populist political figure, since he was ousted from office last April following a no-confidence vote. He has denied all wrongdoing.

Barring a successful appeal, Khan’s conviction means he will be prohibited from standing in Pakistan’s general elections, which are expected to take place in October or November. Khan, who had unsuccessfully called for early elections to take place, has previously stated his belief that Pakistan’s military authorities have attempted to obstruct his Tehreek-e-Insaf party from regaining political power. It’s the second time in recent months that Khan has been arrested. Around 100 paramilitary troops were involved in his detention last May in connection with one of the numerous cases against him. Khan has alleged that Pakistan’s military is responsible for attempts to subdue his political influence. He has also claimed that the United States has conspired with Pakistan’s government to prevent him from returning to political power.

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DOJ Seeks Protective Order in Election Case (ET)

Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith on Aug. 4 requested the federal judge overseeing former President Donald Trump’s case to issue a “protective order” in light of a social media post made by the former president. The Aug. 4 Truth Social post by Mr. Trump said, “IF YOU GO AFTER ME, I’M COMING AFTER YOU!” Following this, Mr. Smith urged U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan to “enter a protective order governing or restricting discovery or inspection” of case details, to restrict what Mr. Trump can share publicly about the case and evidence. “Such a restriction is particularly important in this case because the defendant has previously issued public statements on social media regarding witnesses, judges, attorneys, and others associated with legal matters pending against him,” argued Mr. Smith in a filing, citing the Truth Social post.

“If the defendant were to begin issuing public posts using details—or, for example, grand jury transcripts—obtained in discovery here, it could have a harmful chilling effect on witnesses or adversely affect the fair administration of justice in this case,” Mr. Smith said, adding that such posts may influence jurors.A spokesperson for Mr. Trump responded immediately to the filing implying that the post was not a retaliation against Mr. Smith’s charges. “The Truth post cited is the definition of political speech, and was in response to the RINO, China-loving, dishonest special interest groups and Super PACs, like the ones funded by the Koch brothers and the Club for No Growth,” said the brief statement.

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“I don’t care about a link… I have a much better link,” and “I have a lot of friends in Detroit… Detroit is totally corrupt.”

A Successful Prosecution Would Fold Space And Time (Taibbi)

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s indictment is a case within a case, a prosecutorial enchilada filled with things for people of all political persuasions to hate. The outside is a shell of a conventional conspiracy prosecution, and these parts are genuinely damaging for Donald Trump. Inside, it’s a deranged authoritarian fantasy, at times reading more like a 45-page Louise Mensch tweet than an indictment. This radical core is somehow scarier than the allegations against Trump and co-conspirators like Rudy Giuliani, John Eastment, Sidney Powell, Jeffrey Clark, and Kenneth Cheeseboro. Despite early criticism describing the case as entirely about protected speech, Special Prosecutor Jack Smith’s case does focus on some overt acts, and these sections are buttressed by witnesses who could be convincing across the spectrum.

Former Arizona Speaker of the House and onetime Trump supporter Rusty Bowers will describe being asked not to certify the results by, among others, Trump and Giuliani. Ronna McDaniel, chair of the RNC, will say she was told votes by so-called “fraudulent electors” would only be deployed if election litigation was successful. Former Vice President Mike Pence, who is rumored to be running for president and took instant advantage of indictment news Tuesday, will testify Trump told him, “You’re too honest,” in response to prods to refuse to certify the outcome.

If Smith simply focused on those damaging episodes in states like Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia, or on Trump’s interactions with Pence, this prosecution would be an easier sell to the general population. Instead, Smith has tried to pen a Unified Field Theory of insurrection that would massively expand the meaning of concepts like incitement to include false statements, tweets, and other forms of protected speech, down to classic Trumpisms like “I don’t care about a link… I have a much better link,” and “I have a lot of friends in Detroit… Detroit is totally corrupt.”

In fact, if rumors are true and the four counts filed by Smith this week are later complemented by a superseding indictment, this document may end up expanding the definition of “seditious conspiracy” to include those things as well. As Adam Kinzinger said this week, he hoped additional counts will hold Trump “accountable” for all the actions of January 6th. It’s not hard to read this and see the framework of an argument that Trump’s ideas, tweets and “knowingly false statements” were elements of the same conspiracy to “violently disrupt” the election for which people like Oath Keepers Elmer Stewart Rhodes and Kelly Meggs have already been convicted and sentenced to 18 and 12 years in prison, respectively. A successful prosecution would fold space and time to make legal speech felony violence.

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Niger Junta Turns To Wagner For Help – Media (RT)

One of the leaders of last week’s coup in Niger has reportedly sought the assistance of Russian defense contractor Wagner Group PMC as the junta nears a deadline to either return the country’s ousted president to power or face a possible military intervention by neighboring nations. General Salifou Moody allegedly made the request during a visit to neighboring Mali, where he met with a Wagner representative, the Associated Press reported on Saturday, citing French journalist Wassim Nasr, a senior research fellow at the Soufan Center. The meeting was first reported by France 24, and Nasr said he had confirmed the talks with a French diplomat and three people familiar with the matter in Mali.

“They need (Wagner) because they will become their guarantee to hold onto power,” Nasr told the AP, claiming that Wagner is considering the request. Neither Wagner nor Russian government officials have commented on the junta’s alleged request for help from the contractor. The Kremlin said on Friday that any interference in Niger from powers outside the region wouldn’t likely improve the situation. “We continue to favor a swift return to constitutional normality without endangering human lives,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin has called the coup a “justified rebellion of the people against Western exploitation.”

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has threatened to send troops into Niger if the coup leaders don’t return President Mohamed Bazoum to power by Sunday. Bazoum has been under house arrest since his ouster and has asked the US “and the entire international community” to restore his government. The militaries of several ECOWAS members, including Nigeria, have agreed on a plan for their intervention in Niger. Wagner has become a major player in the African security landscape, though it’s unclear how its influence on the continent stands after its failed mutiny against Moscow in June. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that the future of the contracts Wagner signed with various African countries is a matter for those client governments to decide. The firm’s troops have reportedly operated in such countries as Mali, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Mozambique and the Central African Republic.

Mali and Burkina Faso are among the ECOWAS member states that have sided with the Niger junta following the coup. Bazoum accused the two neighbors of employing “criminal Russian mercenaries.” African Freedom Institute President Franklin Nyamsi warned in an RT interview on Thursday that if ECOWAS carried out its threat to send troops into Niger, it would be seen as a declaration of war on the junta’s allies, including Mali and Burkina Faso. Such a conflict could escalate dramatically as the warring factions seek help from the world’s military superpowers, he said, adding, “We are now at the door of a world African war.”

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Wonder how the idea would work out in practice.

X to Fund Legal Bills of People ‘Unfairly Treated’ for Posts, Likes on X (Sp.)

US billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk pledged on Saturday that his social media platform, X (formerly known as Twitter), will pay legal bills of those people who were “unfairly treated” at workplaces by their employers for posts and likes on the platform. He added that there would be “no limit” to funding the bills and called on people to inform the platform of such cases. “If you were unfairly treated by your employer due to posting or liking something on this platform, we will fund your legal bill,” Musk said on X. In late October 2022, Musk finalized the $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, a US company founded in 2006 and headquartered in San Francisco, California. Twitter Corporation ceased to exist as a separate company as a result of its merger with X Corp. founded by Musk in 2006. In late July, Twitter’s logo was changed from a blue bird to a black-and-white X logo. Musk specified that the new logo symbolized “the imperfections in us all that make us unique.”

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“..the right to cash was worthless if “there won’t be a single ATM left in Austria..”

Austrian PM Proposes Constitutional ‘Right to Cash’ (Sp.)

As cashless payment methods proliferate across Europe, Austrian Prime Minister Karl Nehammer has moved to legally preserve paying in the old-fashioned way, with banknotes and coins. Speaking on Friday, the conservative Austrian leader proposed a “constitutional protection of cash as a means of payment,” saying he would direct Finance Minister Magnus Brunner and the country’s central bank to come up with a plan in the coming months to ensure a “basic supply” of cash remains in the economy. “Everyone should have the opportunity to decide freely how and with what he wants to pay,” he said. “That can be by card, by transfer, perhaps in future also with the digital euro, but also with cash. This freedom to choose must and will remain.”

“More and more people are worried that cash could be restricted as a means of payment in Austria,” Nehammer said, adding that people have a “right to cash.” Nehammer noted that his comments are in response to claims circulating on social media that the country could soon do away with cash payments, forcing customers to use bank cards or payment apps. According to the Austrian leader, €47 billion is withdrawn from ATMs every year in Austria and the average Austrian carries €102 in cash. Further, two-thirds of payments under €20 are made in cash, he said. Roughly 9.1 million people live in the Central European country, which is part of the European Union and the Eurozone.

The debate isn’t new to Austria, and Nehammer’s proposal was criticized by both left and right politicos. Philip Kucher, an MP from the Social Democratic Party, said the right to cash was worthless if “there won’t be a single ATM left in Austria,” while the right-wing Freedom Party accused the prime minister of stealing their idea. While the Eurozone nations have been increasing options for cashless payment, the European Central Bank has also committed itself to preserving cash as a payment form. The Eurosystem Cash 2030 strategy was launched in 2020. A study published by the ECB in March found that within the Eurozone, cash is still the most frequent payment method, accounting for 59% of transactions. However, 55% of consumers said they preferred cashless payments. They also found that the value of card payments had exceeded the value of cash payments for the first time, rising to 46% of transactions.

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    Dr. D

    “Trump Demands Supreme Court ‘Intercede’ in (all) Legal Battles

    Wait: Trump’s a Democrat now?

    “Anti-Putin Activist Alexey Navalny Handed 19 More Years In Prison”

    Shouldn’t the CIA shut the Navalny project down? Who’s the audience for this (un)reality TV show? Before it was to grab Russian electorate and snoot down their nose from “The Garden”, but neither of those are operational now. I suppose it’s bureaucratic: so long as you keep funding the Navalny Department at MI6, we keep coming into work and slow-murdering him. That’s what Good People do.™

    The thing with not allowing Trump a complete running commentary of all the Doxxing details is interesting. I can understand it, yet they’re in the court, that is, public record. I can request them. And he knows them, which leads to freedom of speech. If he can’t talk publicly about his case, in essence he’s being tried in secret to some extent or another. Yet my impulse is to say yes, we’re having a discussion, let’s keep court matters to the court right now. In this case, I would rule against that and allow him an uncommon and possibly dangerous latitude of speech. All this is specifically why it’s supposed to be tried in Congress, as an impeachment.

    “Asians Are Less ‘Humane’ – Ukrainian Security Chief (RT)

    Remember, the Neocons said Russians are violent by nature. “It’s in their DNA“, although I’m not going to remember who said that publicly. A big one. Brennan I think. This harks back the Star Trek/CIA crossover, although they hardly need to be involved. The Russians are the Klingons to us, while the Chinese are the scheming Romulans. Except…turns out the Russians aren’t very Klingon-y at all, at least not while they’re a “modern”, “normal” state. Just like we’re not Cowboys at all in the same modern environment. We’re limp-wristed saps and losers.

    And we fund it? Heck man, Biden fails at everything and always has, but turns out there’s a single thing Biden is good at: genocide. Applause all around. Finding your purpose. If it’s a war, voter support is high! Orange Man Bad. Orange Man might get us in a war! He might get us in a NUCLEAR war. Hey what’s this button?

    “Who is Responsible for Ukraine’s Failed Counteroffensive? (Scott Ritter)

    That’s the only easy one: PMC Middle Management. They destroy every life they touch. Essay going around on that which doesn’t get to it, doesn’t have a conclusion, but is circling the carcass to pick it out: Because essentially “no consequences from birth”, they are a entirely childish, worthless, unserious people, who never had consequences and don’t have them now. So they pick any response on a dartboard, give themselves a bonus, and fly to Cancun. As they fail, who is the jury of WHETHER they failed and what to do? Just like in your corporation, other PMC Middle Managers. And they circle the wagons, say it’s fine, expand the bonus pool, and go to Cancun TOGETHER. They identify each other via language and signaling, very tiny, ultra-sensitive behavior involving social status – their currency – like Jr High Mean Girls. Because they’re children, infants, clowns, and not serious people.

    Now other articles that manage to understand this defend Millennial participation trophies and with good reason: WHO gave those trophies? The Millennials, at age 10? No! The Boomers. Boomers built the world, they built the no consequences, they built the schools, they build the moral code forced on them. At the time the Millennials thought it was stupid too. They don’t know rotary phones, they don’t know cursive, they’re overweight and never went to gym: whose fault is that? Kids don’t get to decide that stuff, it’s all their parents. So they FAILED to teach them life skills, fine skills … anything at all… and now laugh and mock them for not knowing. Do they pitch in now and say “Wow, we really blew that one, let’s launch free cursive/geopolitics classes”? Heck No! Not when you can berate your children for being worthless little snots while we are oh-so magnanimous and wealthy, and grand. Narcissist to the core, and they are adult children of abusive narcissists. A 90% generation of them, all mentally ill with the abuse.

    As I say, the consequences go far further: If they fail as above, there are no firings, no punishments, no responses, no consequences. However, if you’re wildly successful, run a whole call center, create all the documents on your own time, become the effective VP of Calls, running company-wide meetings on it, you get no rewards. If you work 65 hours at Dollar General, you get no loyalty, no response, no rewards, no pay, no house, no car. No “thank you.” No local respect for being a hardworking businessman, showing up for your town. Hey, let’s go on a date and get married.

    The fact of getting neither just punishments NOR just rewards is the very DEFINITION of No Consequences. Cause and effect are completely suspended in a reality of pure, arbitrary insanity. Why don’t they do the good? What the Heck is “The Good”? We know the Good by its results. They’ve never seen results from birth. Reality is suspended. Reality is whatever Narcissist PARENTS, (Boomers) SAY it is. OR ELSE. Reality is dissolved, never existed.

    Okay, fine. But the problem is, we have a whole generation now 35 who NEVER DID ANYTHING, never won, never failed, were never able to get a sense of what worked, what doesn’t, what’s real, what isn’t – which is hard enough even WITHOUT someone dicking with you all the time. So then what? We’re in a World War and they just magically start making intelligent decisions while believing astonishing illogical base facts about reality itself? That it doesn’t have “Time” and you can go backwards and forwards in the future at will? Whole factories pop up on command with the mines behind them when you write “Silicon factory” on a Hashtag?

    I’m sorry no. The only “Solution” will be 30 straight years of NOW failing, getting kicked like a mule with those consequences, 100x worse as an adult. Most adults CAN never learn, once the window of childhood has closed, and like other abused, drug addicts, etc, you may still find deadly land mines in their psyche blowing up from time to time in deadly ways. I deal with it daily.

    Maybe – and probably – that happens to all Empires, which is why you should never have them. Any time a people, the middle class can finally GET power, they use that power to insulate them from consequences, because, why else have it? What else is it for? And doubly, as all (lazy, immoral) parents, to double-defend their CHILDREN from all consequences. But you can’t. It’s child abuse.

    So Britain WWI, same thing. Kept throwing their own children into Verdun out of denial and incapacity to THINK. To tolerate and digest REALITY itself. And now in Ukraine, but no doubt at all, shortly us here at home too. Just in different ways, like the pop-up street riots for amusement in NY and Chicago. No consequences for stealing $900 all day, fast as you can, and that’s some good money! What’s the hourly on that? $5,000/hour?

    So who Got us IN to Ukraine, didn’t know the world had changed, didn’t care? Told the Russians we were going to do so since 1979, didn’t care that they knew? Told China they had to ally with Russia or die as we’re coming for you now/next? Were supposed to take Belarus in Color revolution, assassinate Erdogan, take Turkey, lock up the Black Sea, and do it all 20 years earlier but they had because time/budget overruns? When exactly ZERO of the preparatory steps were in place, still went forward anyway? Had no armor, no shells, STILL haven’t built any?

    When all this happens, deny, deflect, delay? Circle the wagons only for their own, throwing all others overboard, whether Generals or even Democrats?

    PMC/Laptop Class. Harvard and Yale and Cornell even. GenX and Millennials. And why? THEY WILL STILL TAKE NO CONSEQUENCES. There’s not a Black Swan for them anywhere in the sky, from the border of Germany, straight through Hawaii. Not a one. I guess it’s Cancun for us! My work here is done!

    What Should Russia Expect From Saudi Arabia’s Ukraine ‘Peace Summit’? (RT)

    Yes. The WORLD is going to decide what THEY can tolerate as a peace plan, because Ukraine isn’t a country and hasn’t been since 2014. Duh. That’s what “Outside Coup” means. The “World” is then going to lay it on Ukraine and tell them to eat it, NOW, because you’re our b—h and have been since 2014. That’s what “Outside Coup” means. It means you die for us, while we PMC nations eat water crackers at WholeFoods. Ukraine can do it or buck it, who cares? The West sure doesn’t, and since it’s not a Ukrainian war but a NATO Proxy World War III of the combined West vs Russia, WTF cares? Great. All settled.

    Now did anybody tell Russia?

    This is like all the EU decisions. They can’t even figure out what THEY want with any consensus and it takes years. After it’s decided it’s still not decided. So BECAUSE we didn’t declare war, with an actual reason, we’ve SCREWED OURSELVES. There’s no hierarchy, no pecking order, no one in charge of the-war-that-not-is. We’re not in a war, how can we arrange peace for it? Thus the liars, and the lies. If the West finally sued for Peace, a year after Kissinger was already far too late in going public about it, why would Russia believe the liars?

    As we’ve said from the beginning: Russia is going to do ANYTHING THEY WANT. It is going to end HOW ever they want, WHEN ever they want, in whatever WAY they want. NATO is going to eat it. And it is existential for both parties, yes, however, by definition that means when Europe loses, they will CEASE TO EXIST. …As a relevant part of the planet at least. For 20 years minimum, but history doesn’t wait and there’s continent-wide high-speed trains already all over Asia. Europe won’t catch up the Space Age while they’re squabbling and ethnically shooting each other in Malmo and Marseilles. That’s what happens when you’re stupid and abuse your children into shock and terror of abusive childhood, raising them in a cult: You. Die.

    Ex-Pakistani PM Imran Khan Jailed for Three Years (RT)

    Americans are smarter than they look. They’re watching how the international Derp State, the Mafia, deals with Brazil and Pakistan, etc. Then the apply the lessons here to wiggle out. Like jujitsu, the most effective parry is the one that is closest and takes the least effort, but it gives the illusion that the punch was nearly landed. Yet, year after year, Trump still walks around playing golf, saying whatever he wants. RFK out there, no Secret Service (would you WANT it??? Run by the PRESIDENT???) nothing happens to him. 20 whistleblowers, all putting the President in jail, no boating accidents. Huh.

    Niger Junta Turns To Wagner For Help – Media (RT)

    Adding again, as Russia opens this front on the West, it essentially becomes the definition of a World War. WWIII. But not the one we ordered, which was clean and quick. The “Three World Wars” type, an exhausting slog of socialist nihilism, of all against all. …Or so wrote a prominent communist revolutionary to a Confederate General and KKK member +100 years ago.

    “X to Fund Legal Bills of People ‘Unfairly Treated’ for Posts, Likes on X (Sp.)

    Well that does defend free speech at last. Against Lawfare, which is itself illegal. It’s supposed to be a “speedy” trial, where you are provided adequate state defense and access to Prosecution evidence. Not one of those things happens anymore, ever. Even rich people can’t get a fair trial but a random one.

    Cash is interesting but the real leverage here is to defend small businesses. Then they can accept whatever they like. And also are 100% of the product creators and like 120% of the job creators. (Add up to more than 100% as big business are net job DESTROYERS).

    Somehow seems timely this year. It’s compulsory, but only if you’re under 18.


    Do the former and present colonies in Africa and elsewhere sense the weakness of their western oppressors now, with the sights and sounds coming out of Ukraine? Are they feeling that the wests strength is just a scam and can be repelled with a little cooperation amongst themselves? Climate warming is nothing compared with the coming heat from the collapse of the western financial system shoved down the throats of the entire world. Perhaps the 70-80% of the globe sees the weakness and is coiling to strike while the system staggers drunkenly from one disaster of its own making to the next. Block the sun! what fucking hubris is this? The blind leading the blind. We don’t need no stinking sun. Just die already. Was the plandemic just another round of softening up the populace for the main attraction? Is a coming planned famine next? The mrna wreaking havoc the immune systems of the mostly healthy, softening them for a lack of healthy food stuffs? Wasn’t it the least healthy that the jabs seemed to ferret out first and is it lurking there now just waiting for some to miss a few good meals? Hmm, so many moving parts! The movements seem to be all going the same way. When watching a tree swing and sway in the breeze it can be hard to tell the exact wind direction, however when looking at the forest from a distant point all the trees lean the same way exposing the true direction both from where it is coming as well as going.

    Alexander Carpenter

    PMC… ?


    Professional Managerial Class – the type of people that were fooled into leaving planet Earth in Douglas Adams ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ as they produced nothing of value


    Dr D. regarding consequences – this is why you get alot of average music too – check out Branford Marsalis’ scathing words around current students
    Also older generations just seemed to work a little harder – these two old geezers have been rapping for only 5 or 6 years and literally every rapper out there on the street can’t handle how good 70 year old rappers can be
    Why? Because every single line they write is hard earnt and they work. Countless ‘reaction’videos out there just have modern rappers stunned and scratching their heads. These guys have cadence, rhythm, narrative, flow, metre riding, analogy, metaphor, double and triple meanings. Young people just are not working at this level. Well mostly anyway.
    I blame phones
    Welcome to Pete and Bas


    Col MacGregor is now leaning towards 400,000+ Ukro KIA plus 150,000 MIA who are mostly dead but not ‘offically’.

    Andrei Martyanov’s newest video is called “Horror Numbers”

    “Those numbers cannot be hidden anymore and they are the basis for war crimes tribunal. “

    In addition to the usual suspects he focuses on prominent members of the MSMwho he maintains are actual participating war criminals, network executives and reports, who to be tried for these crimes.

    That would make my day to see MSMediawhores hung by the neck until dead

    They deserve it.

    Hope it’s open to the public.


    Andrei Martyanov also adds this to the overall picture of Germany, Euroturdistan’s ‘engine of economic development’.

    As Germany goes, so goes Euroturdistan©

    Now the fact about Germany which many overlook:

    FRANKFURT, Aug 2 (Reuters) – Germany’s energy use

    dropped 7.1% in the first half of 2023, as high prices and
    difficult economic conditions more than offset the effect of
    refugees boosting population numbers, industry statistics group
    AGEB said on Wednesday. Usage in Europe’s biggest economy

    fell to 189.7 million tonnes of coal equivalent, an industry

    standard measure, compared with 204.3 million recorded in

    the first six months of 2022, AGEB’s January-June report showed.

    Just think about it–this is the onset of Rigor Mortis of Germany as we knew it.


    Euroturdistan playing Karen on Russia

    (the snake, Ukraine, is dinner)


    Dr D Rich

    Yes, professional managerial class and perhaps private military contractor=PMC=PMSC as in…

    As in eligible for summary execution on the battlefield….Mercenary.
    Well, not so much anymore with Wagner, Academi, Erickck Princëê, Blackwater. Of course and depending on your perspective, Academi is a holy and wholly praiseworthy Merc/PMC while Wagner is vile and only worthy of obliteration.

    “Mercenaries … are useless and dangerous. And if a prince holds on to his state by means of mercenary armies, he will never be stable or secure…
    — Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince”

    Always thought Niccolò had Erickck Prince in mind when Erickkc emerged onto the scene.

    PMC or PM(s)C leave out the “s” as in private military security company/contractors (PMSCs). Dr. D and Ritter the non-state actor can tell us what they mean from their internal dialogue. I mean, it’s always important to know where the author positions itself.

    I like the edgy essays and contemplations from my equally edgy West Point brethrens. There’s always a hint of humanitarianism there in any USMA Alum’s musings.

    Here’s a reference and an excerpt from the same.

    “…some U.S. partners are also parties to the 1989 International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries, which extended prohibitions against mercenary groups.”

    “The first treaty to detail the legal obligations of mercenaries is the First Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions (AP I). Article 47 of AP I prohibits a mercenary from qualifying as a lawful combatant and provides a six-part definition of who meets the criteria to be a mercenary. One of the six requirements is that the person must be motivated by a “desire for private gain.” The United States’ position, as detailed in the U.S. Defense Department Law of War Manual, is that being a mercenary is not a crime under international law.”

    “One of the most prolific employers of mercenary groups is Russia, which has used such forces to expand its presence in various world hotspots. Reliance on these opaque forces is intended to provide plausible deniability and shield Russia from responsibility. Russian practices differ fundamentally from how other nations employ private security contractors to accompany their forces. Russia’s approach represents a dangerous geopolitical trend and poses unique legal challenges in terms of State responsibility and accountability under the law of armed conflict.”

    John Day

    Limits now

    John Day

    Injectable War Of Attrition

    Red has sent Gail Tverberg’s latest blog post about the critical nature of medium-petroleum-distillates, Diesel and Jet-Fuel for the critical transportation, mining , farming and industrial sectors. These cannot typically be obtained from lighter petroleum liquids, as obtained from fracking, but only from heavy crude. This is in shorter supply, and is becoming harder and more expensive to get out of the ground, as the easy oil was tapped first. This focuses on a critical economic sector. The Yellow Shipping Company has gone bankrupt. They provided final destination shipping to stores, small businesses and grocers. This cost will rise. All costs rise when the cost of a critical input rises, no matter what is done with the money supply. This was apparent in the 1970s, as oil prices tripled.
    One of the trends this causes is productive economy moving to areas with lower overhead for total cost of manufacturing, because everybody hunts for bargains.
    This trend is shown in graphs of OECD country vs. non-OECD use of diesel. “Advanced” countries topped out of middle-distillate use in 2007, with high prices, but poorer countries kept using more and more of these industrial, farming and transport fuels, implying the transfer of those productive activities to these countries.
    A point she makes is that Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines have low heating and cooling costs, low costs of transportation (fewer cars) and low medical costs.
    The biggest picture I would like to bring forward is that the moment predicted since 1957 seems to be well upon us, visible as a peak in petroleum liquids production in late 2018. (The late 2018 peak in total conventional oil does not factor in the greater percentage of that total required to get the oil out of the ground, transported, and processed. It is not as much higher in net-oil than the 2005 peak which led to acute price rises before 2008.) Where are we on this graph?

    In 1957, Hyman Rickover of the US navy predicted that the amount of affordable fossil fuels would fall short between 2000 and 2050, with the amount of oil falling short earlier than coal and natural gas.
    The book The Limits to Growth by Donella Meadows and others, published in 1972, discusses the result of early modeling efforts with respect to resource limits. These resource limits were very broadly defined, including minerals such as copper and lithium in addition to fossil fuels. A range of indications were produced, but the base model (based on business as usual) seemed to show limits hitting before 2030 (Figure 1).

    Our Oil Predicament Explained: Heavy Oil and the Diesel Fuel it Provides Are Key

    I have tracked this graph since I learned about it in1974. It has tracked quite well, though both births and deaths trended a bit lower after the 1990s (not shown).
    It seems to me that our world, as modeled here, has just had the inflection point of food, services and industrial-output per capita, and has used about half of “resources”, for which oil is a good marker.
    This Systems Analysis model did not include any political or economic theory, only fundamental data pertaining to the system of this world as populated and managed by humans. There were 3 iterations of this computer modeling, which tracked the previous century very well when taken back to “predict” it from starting measurements. “World-3” produced this graph, a restatement of the original 1972 “Business as Usual” graph.
    The thrust in 1972 was for the world to work concertedly to bring about a better future for humanity than the one after the inflection we’re in. Jimmy Carter, who commanded a nuclear sub and risked his life in a core emergency to save the crew, was an acolyte of Admiral Rickover, and the last President of the US to address this honestly. Reagan and Thatcher derided it, introduced neoliberal financial “reforms” and began extracting wealth from the productive physical economies of their nations through global financialization. There was no apparent effect on these projected curves, but there was a vast transfer of wealth from workers to the top 5-10% of society, “investors”, and particularly the top fraction of 1%, the billionaire class.
    Looking at this from the viewpoint of the current “owners”, we can see the breakdown of “their” industrial capacity, as “their” resources are rapidly depleted. Their work to reduce global births did seem to have an effect, but was offset by fewer deaths, so global population remains on track.
    What options are open to them to reduce the damage to their system of industrial production? The peak happened in late 2018, and we got COVID lckdowns.
    Can you think of anything other than drastically cutting births and bringing most of the future deaths way forward?
    How could this be done without destroying the industrial economy? There is no way to rebuild it from scratch now.

    A Midwestern Doctor , The Forgotten History of Sterilizing Vaccines [Meaning “vaccines that prevent people from having children” in this context.]
    Giving poor women in South & Central America and Africa tetanus vaccines that would make them infertile through having “spontaneous” abortions was secretive research, funded by the WHO and others, and advocated by Bill Gates, until it was discovered and called out, largely by Catholic nuns and clergy. Many of us are aware of that, but not aware of Gardasil having similar effects. Many of us are now aware of decreased fertility after COVID gene-therapy injections, and that the lipid nanospheres concentrate in the ovaries and testes. We are also aware of excess deaths rising in 2021 with vaccines, not in 2020 with COVID.
    This excellent research reveals the eugenicist drive to control human populations without consent, the many vaccines, and vaccine-additives which have been shown to do this. Also included are painful human testimonials of women, forcefully vaccinated in school or work, who keep losing babies when they get pregnant.
    As detailed in the June 1995 HLI Reports newsletter, when the first reports surfaced in the Philippines that an anti-fertility vaccine had been deployed, health officials at The WHO and Phillipine health agencies categorically denied that their vaccine contained hCG. When confronted with lab test evidence showing the vaccine vials contained hCG as well as laboratory evidence that there were high levels of hCG antibodies in 27 out of 30 women who had been vaccinated, WHO officials started to make excuses …
    ..After the widespread outcry against the hCG vaccinations, the WHO backed off and planned “tetanus” vaccination campaigns were cancelled. In the following years, Bill Gates initiated his campaign to buy out the WHO, and with a 10-billion-dollar investment in 2010 shifted the WHO’s focus much further towards vaccination and fertility control (doing so at the expense of the traditional approaches that had previously greatly improved global public health)…
    ..After I published this article, one reader left the following commentary that highlights the long term effects on fertility this sterilizing vaccine was able to produce:
    “My wife is Kenyan and sometime around 15 years ago, when she was still a teenager, she was forced to take one of those “tetanus” vaccines. She and another student who had refused were cornered in a room and forcibly administered the shot. Nearly every one of her school mates whom she is still in touch with have developed some sort of fertility-related problem, and difficulty bringing a baby to full term. My wife herself has had multiple miscarriages. horribly painful and several weeks-long menstrual cycles, sudden death of the baby in the womb, and more. We have one baby who lived. The doctor who delivered her via emergency C-section said he had never seen anything like it….everything was going wrong, the baby stopped developing early on…..our daughter is now 5 and is normal in every way, but it is a miracle.
    The girls from her village who were too poor for school fees were spared the vaccine, and they haven’t had any problem conceiving or giving birth.
    This horror is still going on in Kenya, now with the Covid shots.

    Meryl Nass MD , Please make them stop the insanity of using nearly all newborns as guinea pigs. [So,it’s not “insanity”, right? It’s intentional, isn’t it?]
    CDC’s ACIP today voted unanimously to give a monoclonal antibody to newborns on day 1-7 of life to prevent RSV.
    MORE babies DIED who were TREATED than were in the control group.
    Same story as Pfizer’s initial COVID shot trial. This will almost certainly kill many babies.

    Joel Smalley , Care home massacres, remdesivir and COVID “Vaccines” – which killed the most?
    Analysis of Minnesota death certificate data reveals that collectively, COVID interventions caused at least four times more excess mortality than COVID itself.


    What is the purpose of the summit in Saudi Arabia?
    Since this initiative comes mainly from Kiev and is backed by the US, it is now about consolidating the whole wider world to depopulation
    Cause and effect.
    Who is responsible? The Boomers.
    (Liars deny, deflect, and delay, and deceit)

    Boomers built the world, they built the no consequences, they built the schools, they build the moral codes and set the examples.
    “Ukraine must return Odessa” or “Russia must take back Odessa.”

    Just Some Randomer

    “Block the sun! what fucking hubris is this? The blind leading the blind. We don’t need no stinking sun.”

    The authorities: You must install Solar Panels to power our bright energy future with no nasty fossil fuels, so we can combat Climate Change!

    Same Authorities: We’re going to block out the suns energy so that we can fight climate change.

    Fair enough.

    John Day

    Glenn Greenwald, who refused to get on the Trump-crucifixion bandwagon, saw his Wikipedia page, static for years, go through rapid transformation to a platform for slanderous attacks with each sentence, ..and MORE! (This sensitive and cogent interview is suitable for Obama, Clnton and Biden supporters.)
    Wikipedia Co-Founder Condemns It: “Most Biased Encyclopedia” in History [And CIA involvement since at least 2008]

    Alasdair Macleod , Gold Is Replacing The Dollar , The confirmation by Russia that a trade settlement currency for an expanded BRICS is on the agenda at the Johannesburg summit later this month has barely been reported, and even sound money advocates are highly sceptical.
    Macleod gives a long and detailed report, with much actuarial analysis, pointing out that Russia and China each have at least 2-3 times the amount of monetary gold necessary to back all of the currency they have created (Not backing bank loans. That’s different.)
    The US/Fed-system has less than 1/3 enough gold to back official $US (at $2000/oz), if it has what it says, and that gold is not rehypothecated.
    (Germany has yet to get all of her physical gold back. “It’s complicated.”)
    …At the very least, if China and Russia’s grand project is to proceed, the renminbi and rouble must be protected from a fiat currency crisis. This is the moment for which the Chinese have been preparing since 1983, and the Russians more recently sparked by western sanctions. They at least have sufficient bullion available to cover their narrow money supply with ample margins and are the two largest nations by goldmine output. A move towards gold backing of other currencies is likely to prove more difficult, because of the shortage of monetary gold due to the double counting of reserves through leasing and swaps. The only solution for many of the BRICS attendees in Johannesburg later this month will be to piggy-back on China’s yuan though a currency board relationship. The rest of the world faces the grim prospect of being ensnared in a widespread fiat currency collapse with no visible escape.

    Eleni sent this from Alastair Crooke, about unexamined assumptions of military dominance.
    The 2006 war on Lebanon: A pilot for Re-setting the Military Balance?
    What was so revolutionary? Well, western states were accustomed to complete domination of the airspace. It had allowed them to fly where they wanted, when they wanted, as they wanted. Hezbollah had no air force. And none in the Resistance world had an answer to this hard fact.
    But Hezbollah and Iran did conceive an answer: Their ‘Air Force’ was to be simple-to-manufacture missiles produced in quantity, and dispersed widely in concealed launch sites (i.e. there was never to be a central airbase to the missile force that could be destroyed). It worked — missiles and drones have become ubiquitous, as the answer to conventional air power.
    It had a secondary benefit, too. The West, habituated to the Air Dominance paradigm, did not bother much with investing in air defenses, on the assumption that their airspace dominance would allow them instantly to destroy any non-western Air Force. However the missile/drone approach, of course, facilitated a concomitant focus on air defense missiles, in parity with ground missiles. Today, it is Russia that has the world’s most advanced air defense layered systems (the US lags far behind).
    Secondly, Hezbollah had pioneered ‘deep-study’ intelligence principles. As Western (and Israeli) Intel slumped into lazy reliance on the hubristic conviction that the Western sphere was the lucky inheritor of a superior cultural DNA, so Israeli Intelligence just could not believe that they had got their analysis so wrong.

    I have had to pay a lot of attention to military history recently, and developing military tactics, which are evolving in this Ukraine war. There are lots of little cheap drones taking out Russian armored vehicles and hitting Russian troops, which are a form of air-power, as above. Russia has much more advanced drones, bigger, more accurate, more destructive, but hitting an armored vehicle with any drone usually takes it out of the fight. The kind of air-superiority NATO had after Vietnam cannot really go up against Russian anti-aircraft missiles. Piloted airplanes are very expensive, and increasingly vulnerable, even at long distances. The drones taking out shipping are cheap, sometimes made out of jet-skis, for instance.
    People are easier and easier to kill with mass produced technology, which can be made cheaper and cheaper. At the same time, poisons of various kinds, especially mandatory “vaccines”, present a new arena of population-reduction, enabling a vast theft of benefits and property.

    Because war is like on TV and movies. Moon of Alabama (Germany) has this story about American perceptions in propaganda-reality. Thanks Christine.
    Three Polls On Support For The War In Ukraine
    There are new polls out which show the changing opinion of U.S. citizens and others about supporting the war in Ukraine.
    Newsweek came first, with a very deceiving headline:
    U.S. Troops Should be Sent to Ukraine, Third of Americans Say
    The text describing the poll does not really support what the headline says:
    A total of 31 percent of eligible voters in the U.S. support or strongly support American military forces heading to the battlefields of Ukraine, polling conducted exclusively for Newsweek by Redfield & Wilton Strategies has revealed.
    A quarter of respondents neither supported nor opposed the idea of sending U.S. soldiers to Ukraine, with 34 percent against the suggestion. Just under one in ten respondents did not know.
    Can anyone tell me why one would put the losing share of the opinion poll into the headline?
    What is surprising, at least to me, is the huge difference of opinions between the young and the older voters:
    In the poll, those identified as “Millennial,” between 27 and 42 years old, were most likely to “strongly support” committing U.S. troops to Ukraine. However, more respondents aged between 18-26 (Gen Z) said they would support the measure overall, 47 percent saying they supported or strongly supported sending U.S. troops.
    Nearly a third of respondents aged over 59 said they opposed pledging U.S. troops to Ukraine, with a further 25 percent “strongly” opposing the suggestion…
    ..The CNN poll seem to contradict the one by Newsweek on the most important question:
    When asked specifically about types of assistance the US could provide to Ukraine, there is broader support for help with intelligence gathering (63%) and military training (53%) than for providing weapons (43%), alongside very slim backing for US military forces to participate in combat operations (17%).
    There is a strong partisan divide about supporting the war: [just with other people’s money]
    Within both parties, there are splits by ideology. On providing additional funding, liberal Democrats are far and away the most supportive, 74% back it compared with 51% of moderate or conservative Democrats. Among Republicans, about three-quarters of conservatives oppose new funding (76%) compared with 61% of moderate or liberal Republicans.
    Independents mostly say the US has done enough to help Ukraine (56%) and that they oppose additional funding (55%).

    Less than a day after a sea drone hit a Russian warship near the Kerch strait, there is this attack on a privately owned fuel tanker, though it is carrying fuel to Syria under Russian military contract. This will raise insurance rates very high, potentially eliminating Black Sea transport.
    Russian Tanker Hit By Ukrainian Sea Drones, Likely With Help From US Intelligence

    John Day

    About 6 weeks ago Wagner PMC owner Prigozhin alluded to Wagner moving somewhere on August 5, which was yesterday. I have been looking out for where that might be. Wagner forces remain in Belarus, training Belarusian soldiers and providing a threat & deterrence to Poland.
    Simplicius has a video of a large Russian military transport landing in Naimey, the capital of Niger, with a story that Wagner has been asked to help militarily, as it had helped Mali and Burkina Faso, now independent of French neocolonialism after their nationalist coups. RT has that story, also.
    The US has cut financial aid, but not grain to Niger, and is still short of calling for a military invasion. ECOWAS, a regional alliance, including Mali, Burkina Faso and Nigeria, is split on doing imperial bidding. Mali and Burkina Faso side with Niger, commiting to military defense. Other member militaries devised an intervention plan, but the Nigerian Senate has voted it down, so the situation is tense, but undecided. The US has stated that Wagner intervention would constitute a Russian invasion, but Wagner might already be quietly in place, might not need to do anything but prepare, and every country in the area has seen the efficacy of their military, and has found them more reasonable and effective than French mercenaries, which have left the region, out-competed by Wagner.

    Alastair Crooke, Thanks again, Eleni , Can Netanyahu re-position strategically? Is it even feasible?
    “Netanyahu’s government is extremist; a threat to US-Israeli relations – and Netanyahu is its ‘accomplice’,” Biden suggests.
    Prominent Israeli figures in the anti-Netanyahu camp say openly: “A military coup is underway in Israel. This is the unvarnished truth. At the same time, there is an attempt to play with words in order to avoid looking the reality in the eye”.
    Veteran commentator, Gideon Levy, however paints in different colours:
    “This is (also) the story of an army that had a state. Along came a government that acted to overturn the orders of the government, in the army’s state – whereupon the army rose in protest against the government. Even in the wake of the spectacular march to Jerusalem, whose likes have never been seen here before – there is no mistaking the protest’s militaristic character, which overshadows its civilian foundations”.
    Against this threatening backdrop, why ever would Netanyahu not look around for support from elsewhere? …
    ..Netanyahu heads a ‘Settler’ government that is aggressively expanding the settlements, contrary to formal agreements with the US. What is more, the Settler faction plans not just an increase – but a massive increase of the settlements across the West Bank. And the West Bank is boiling.
    Just to be clear, disallowing settlement expansion has been the US’ ‘Red Line’ for the last 23 years. There are many agreements in this respect. It is at bottom, America’s principal gesture toward the Palestinians — halting the gobbling up of the West Bank. Washington cannot afford to turn a blind eye because there is no political process otherwise on offer to Ramallah…
    ..The flow and direction of the Region are as plain as a pikestaff. To which sphere would Netanyahu think to hitch the Israeli ‘wagon’? To remain as the isolated Western outlier, protruding into a consolidated Eurasian mega economic and security bloc, or try to go with the Russia axis (that he knows well, and with which he has good relations) and be on the right side of history?
    If only politics were so rational! Should Netanyahu survive the coup d’état being mounted against him, his path will likely end in tragedy –because that is his nature. He has no choice but for it to happen, because it is his nature to say one thing to one interlocutor, and flatly assert the direct opposite to another; it is in his nature to be indecisive; to postpone action, and to tergiversate, until events ultimately become the solvent that ‘undoes’ him.–is-it-even-feasible

    Ben Davidson makes 5 points on the periodic reversal of earth’s magnetic poles, currently underway.

    Ben Davidson explains his read on the rotation of damage to the sun-facing side of the planet during recurring micronova events, which coordinate with magnetic pole shifts, and are induced by the recurring waves of the galactic current sheet passing through our solar system on a roughly 12,000 year cycle. (I am not reassured that he has any reason to be so sure of the orderly progression of what part of the planet will be facing the micronovaflas, which will be followed after some lag (12 hrs?) by the impact of the exploded accretion shell.) He further explains lightning induction by cosmic rays, and ozone depletion.


    Chris Christie visited Ukraine and went to some memorial. The decorations were plastic.
    Zelensky meeting with Christie was an ominous signal for Zelensky.


    Dr. Day thanks for your response prev. Yes – specially w. your line “more sinister.” The more sinister is the work of Corps (heh I beat that drum endlessly..)

    One ex. from one place…

    COV-19 VAX, in CH, could not be implemented by Medical Doctors (GPs, Independents, public hospital state-paid Docs, Nurses.. + more..)

    VAX was legally adminstered only in pop-up VAX centers, and rapidly, in Pharmacies, from March 2020, forward.

    Why, I can’t lay out. Some obstacle, legal barrier, couldn’t be by-passed, related to certification of the vaxxes (CH: 95% Moderna + Pfizer) as ‘authorised’ medical products.

    Imho, via this move, take-up was boosted (sic.)

    No need to call one’s GP, make an appointment, get the insurance to pay, or pay oneself re. the ‘franchise’ etc. – just do the fash + solidarity thing (grandma might die!) It’s free.. like going to MacDos with a voucher.. Or getting a stamp on skin to get into music festival…

    In pop-up tents. In re-purposed abandoned buildings. It is cool, the right thing to do. VAX joined the fash-prop-cool venues…

    One article, from Jan. 2021 .. One can read the first parag. Mach trans:

    Family doctors’ phones are ringing off the hook. Patients have questions about the Covid-19 vaccination, and many want to receive the precious injection. But doctors’ surgeries are not yet allowed to vaccinate – with the exception of Valais, which has been offering them since Monday, January 11. The cantons justify this decision on the grounds of low vaccine availability, storage and delivery constraints, and the need to mass vaccinate as quickly as possible.

    (The excuses make no sense and clumsily cover up what was really going on.)

    To date, official CH stats show that 70% of ppl received one VAX dose. The ‘one dose’ stat is to gloss over the fact that many refused the vax because their Doc could not admister — plus some got one dose, felt bad, no more, etc.

    in eng:


    The new baby boy was as cute as could be-
    Looked just like his father, we said.
    But his dad became sad and said all he could see
    “Is just my replacement, instead.”

    D Benton Smith


    Have I ever mentioned what a good word slinger you are? Well, ya done it again.

    D Benton Smith

    Imagine a checker board, all set up and ready to play, but before starting, let’s give the rules a little fix-up.

    First of all (in other words the most unbreakable rule) is the rule that there will be rules, and that some sort of referee will make the calls to ensure that the rules are kept. The rule is that there will be rules and a referee with the authority to make all decisions and final arbitration of infractions and disputes. Regardless of whether there is a lot of discussion or no discussion at all, in the end it’s what the Referee says that goes.

    Another way of saying that is to say that the FIRST rule is that there is a RULE, which will be judged and enforced by an authority of some kind. Resolution of disputes is NOT to be made by a consensus of participants regarding what they all want to do. It will instead be resolved by a set RULE and the authority to enforce the rule will be vested in a few individuals rather than in the entire group.

    That arrangement probably sounds very reasonable and not scary at all to many people. At first.

    But, as in most games, the objective is to win, which also means to NOT lose or let the other side win. Both sides trying to win & not lose works just fine, provided that all participants remain agreeable to the arrangement. But disputes do happen, and when they happen it becomes crystalline clear to both sides that in order to successfully win & not lose it is very important to receive favorable calls from the referee.

    The implications are immediately apparent to everyone. The ONLY way for the inferior player to win is to both cheat AND capture the authority of the referee to rule in their favor in the dispute over the cheating.

    An inferior competitor who succeeds in capturing that authority thereafter “wins” in everything that they want to, regardless of whether the “win” is fair or not. (example: a male swimmer gets to compete in a female race and officially “wins” it because the officials say so.)

    And the SUPERIOR competitor can only compensate (somewhat) by becoming ever more competent and productive. As they do so they become even MORE superior to the inferior side. Consequently, the incompetent side can only continue to “win” by inducing calls by the referee that are increasingly (i.e. MORE) unfair and absurd. (example: Hunter Biden’s laptop is declared both real and fake at the same time by the same authorities.)

    Eventually it becomes so absurdly lop-sided that the referee side has become their OWN side. Within the confines of the “rules based order” they are undefeatable, since it is by their judgments alone that winners and losers are chosen. The authorities rule BOTH sides of the checkerboard, and and both write all the rules and decide all of the disputes. Incidentally, they also decide who even has the right to raise an objection to either the rules or the judgments. It’s like being in charge of both cutting the cake and of deciding who gets which piece or no piece at all.

    Nevertheless, disputes do continue to occur (they increase exponentially, actually), and some of the objections being raised are so patently true and obvious that to even allow them to be freely spoken and shared would be tantamount to defeat. For example: massively reducing world food supply will cause massive numbers of death by starvation. Example: giving the nation’s entire Strategic Petroleum Reserve to the Chinese military while belligerently fomenting war with China is either treason or madness or both. To allow either of those objections to be accepted as legitimate complaints, or broadly disseminated and publicly accepted as plain fact would simply END the “Referees”. Literally no one (other than a fellow referee) would consent to their rulings on the matter. And woo-wee doggies are those Refs outnumbered.

    Practically everyone in the world who are not themselves a member of the ruling apparatus (corporate based government and its minions) now find themselves on that side of the great game in which the referee/ruler/government side believes its opponent must be crushed and prevented from ever winning anything. They want ALL of the checkerboard and ALL of the players to be THEIRS, and they are more than willing to achieve that by decree and enforce it by murder.

    Rules based order will ALWAYS wend its complicated path toward the condition of there being a “Ruler”. That’s what it literally means, after all, and hence the word: Ruler.

    There you have it. We are living in the middle of it, and it is going to keep on playing out UNTIL one of the two sides wins. Ol’ Pat Henry really nailed it when he declared “Give me liberty or give me death.” Yup, that says it alright.

    Dr D Rich

    The hagiography of Jimmy Carter leaves me uneasy…Lieutenant terminal rank after a requested and granted early release from obligated service. Uneasy because I spoke with the president and his nephew, fellow ophthalmologist. Rickover spoke with me about eschewing his nuke bonus $30k for navy medicine, a monumental mistake. However, as my Chinese friends point out, “Do Carter and Rickover know you?” Of course the answer is no.

    Carter never commanded. His career reminds me of Ike’s who says he was disappointed to have missed out on WWI combat experience. There’s a rule in life. Future presidents go where they want to go, be it a peanut farm or the Philippines


    I’ll give it a go if they can put it together.

    Oh SH*T, Trudeau better get ready for what’s coming in Canada

    John Day

    Military Summary says worst night of bombing in Ukraine war, including Russian strike on Ukrainian field hospital, Ukrainian cluster-shelling of Donetsk, and 100+ Russian missile strikes on military and strategic targets.
    After the 10:00 mark, the Niger update says Wagner is definitely in since 8/5/23 and Niger gives French troops 40 days to leave. Pressure on Algeria from the west would block supplies to Niger. Nigerian Senate nixes mlitary invasion plans.

    John Day
    John Day

    @Dr. D Rich: I had labored under the misconception that Carter did command a nuclear sub. He did put himself in harms way with an overheating reactor core to save the ship and crew.
    He did fully qualify for command, but took a different path after that.
    10 NOV 1951 – 16 OCT 1952—Duty aboard USS K-1(SSK-1) Billets Held: Executive Officer, Engineering Officer, Operations Officer, Gunnery Officer, Electronics Repair Officer Qualifications: Qualified for Command of Submarine Remarks: Submarine was new construction, first vessel of its class
    01 JUNE 1952—Promoted to Lieutenant
    16 OCT 1952 – 08 OCT 1953—Duty with US Atomic Energy Commission (Division of Reactor Development, Schenectady Operations Office) From 3 NOV 1952 to 1 MAR 1953 he served on temporary duty with Naval Reactors Branch, US Atomic Energy Commission, Washington, D.C. “assisting in the design and development of nuclear propulsion plants for naval vessels.” From 1 MAR 1953 to 8 OCT 1953 he was under instruction to become an engineering officer for a nuclear power plant. He also assisted in setting up on-the-job training for the enlisted men being instructed in nuclear propulsion for the USS Seawolf (SSN575).
    9 OCT 1953—Honorably discharged at Headquarters, 3rd Naval District. Discharge was at Carter’s request. Total service: 7 years, 4 months, 8 days

    John Day

    Hi Noirette: 🙂


    I saw that
    Military Summary says worst night of bombing in Ukraine war.

    It’s definitely ” a tit for tat” acceleration.
    Also, today, a drone made a big hole on the road approach to the bridge.
    Russia must be enacting what the MoA barflies have been advocating, 3 airports and ammunition/drone dumps/inventory being destroyed.


    The jewmedia is a collie, leading the sheep to a designated chute. Chiba and Russia are run by the same people who run us. I know none of you want to accept this. Thats OK. Once you see it as all theatre, a grand illusion, like Plato’s cave wall, the inversion and illogic begin to make sense. 2+2=5.. While you concentrate on the daily drama, the fuckin soap opera, your being robbed blind and set up for the kill.


    Dr John covers Pfizer, the lying unethical scum corporation, being asked questions in Australia as to whether their “vaccine” was tested to prevent transmission. “Try not to break your monitor…”

    Simple questions for Pfizer

    Fuck your mandates Biden and Liberal scum. How about another booster jammed in your fucking eyes? Maybe you can see some truth then.


    A large joint Russia-China military exercise which is being described as unprecedented in size has sparked alarm in the Pentagram, given it took place off Alaska, causing the US to dispatch four navy warships and aerial assets in the same waters, a very rare move itself of significant size.

    The Pentagram and hypocritical Regime of lies and hate are getting a dose of their own. It’s about time they get a bloody nose and bitch slapped back into humility.

    Meanwhile, thanks to the Scum Regimes woke bs policies and hubris… the Nation becomes more lawless everyday.

    Shocking Video: Gun-Strapping Kids Roam ‘Grand Theft Auto’-Style Around St.Louis Suburb

    A disturbing pattern of out-of-control kids is being overserved in several US cities. This might result from progressive leadership in City Halls failing to enforce law and order while supporting disastrous ‘defund the police’ efforts that have transformed city streets into war zones in a few short years. The latest example of this chaos comes from an inner-ring suburb of the city of St. Louis in St. Louis County, Missouri.


    Moscow Airport Temporarily Halts Flights After Failed Drone Attack

    “The Kyiv regime, meeting no condemnation from Western countries and international organisations, is actively applying new terrorist methods, this time in the waters of the Black Sea,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, while vowing retaliation:

    Ukro-Nazi terrorists supported by DC Biden/ Obama/ Trump terrorists…

    War in Donbass (2015)

    DC and its ‘Masters of Wars’ are responsible for yet another conflict for profit which they will, yet again, lose. All of these conflicts are unjust and destined to fail. Fucking scumbags will pay with their own blood at some point. Karma bitches.


    Woketardland is a Wonderland



    Turdeau pinching out a loaf!








    Strange observation.
    I’m watching TV of Niger coup, I’m seeing that there are mostly dirt roads and that the cars look like they all came out of a car wash. There are no clouds of dust from the traffic. Its desert. It hasn’t rained.


    Here’s a poem written by my uncle describing the 6th of August 1945
    At the time, he was a teenager holidaying in remote coastal New Zealand.

    Helena Bay

    Helena Bay, first bay over the hill:
    In those gone days, steep and gravelled,
    Twisting down the precipitous valley,
    Testing the driver’s skills.
    We came in an old Fiat truck;
    Careless of pot-holes and ruts:
    We came to our little family bach,
    To the beach, to fish and swim,
    On August the sixth, 1945.

    While we unloaded the camping gear
    We turned the wireless up
    And there — in remote Helena Bay
    The news leaked out in crackled words
    Of the maiden flight of Enola Gay
    And “Little Boy” tucked-up in the big bomb-bay/.
    How history changed that day

    It left me worried for the world:
    For the girl I had not yet met.
    And the waves washed up the gravelled beach
    At Helena Bay — and the tide sucked back.

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