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SCOTUS Agrees To Expedite Decision On Trump 2020 Election Case (ZH)
Biden Is The Real Threat To Democracy – Trump (RT)
US House To Vote On Biden Impeachment Inquiry On December 13 (TASS)
Hillary Clinton Seeking To Open Hearts And Pockets For Biden – NBC (RT)
Italy, France, Germany Call For Ad Hoc EU Sanctions On Hamas (R.)
“One War, One Election At A Time” (Helmer)
High Time For Peace Talks – Arestovich (RT)
Western Masters To Kick Kiev Puppets To Curb – Russian Intel Chief (TASS)
Strategic Reflections From Moscow (Alastair Crooke)
West’s ‘500-Year Dominance’ Ending – Lavrov (RT)
Elon Musk Says Would Rather “Go To Prison” Than Restrict Free Speech On X (MN)
What Were Romans Thinking As They Watched Rome Collapse? (PCR)
Global Economy May Lose Up to 7% of GDP Due to Ukraine Conflict – IMF (Sp.)
Many Americans Are Unable to Afford Food, Even as Unemployment Remains Low (Sp.)
Millions Of Brits Will Choose Between Eating, Staying Warm This Christmas (RT)















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“..”this is *not* the Court agreeing to take up the case now. It is just the Court agreeing to move *very* quickly in deciding *whether* to take up the case..”

SCOTUS Agrees To Expedite Decision On Trump 2020 Election Case (ZH)

Update: That didn’t take long… After petitioning the US Supreme Court to weigh in on former President Trump’s federal 2020 election case – specifically Trump’s presidential immunity defense, Special Counsel Jack Smith had his answer by end-of-day, after the Supreme Court granted his request to “expedite consideration of the petition.” Attorney Steve Vladeck called the response “lightning-fast by the Supreme Court’s standards.” Vladeck further clarified that “this is *not* the Court agreeing to take up the case now. It is just the Court agreeing to move *very* quickly in deciding *whether* to take up the case at this juncture (i.e., before the court of appeals).” The Court gave Trump’s team until Dec. 20th to respond.

[..] Special Counsel Jack Smith has asked the Supreme Court to immediately weigh in on former President Trump’s federal 2020 election case. In a Monday filing, Smith asked the justices to weigh in on Trump’s immunity defense, by which Trump has cited presidential immunity to try and have the case tossed. The former president is accused of entering multiple criminal conspiracies to change the results of the 2020 US election. The move comes after Trump appealed an appeals court judge’s rejection of that argument. In the Monday filing, Smith cited Trump’s fast-approaching March 4 trial date. “It is of imperative public importance that respondent’s claims of immunity be resolved by this Court and that respondent’s trial proceed as promptly as possible if his claim of immunity is rejected,” reads the filing.

Smith has also requested that the Supreme Court expedite its decision on whether it will take up the issue, period. If they do, he wants them to prioritize it over all other cases. “This case presents a fundamental question at the heart of our democracy: whether a former President is absolutely immune from federal prosecution for crimes committed while in office or is constitutionally protected from federal prosecution when he has been impeached but not convicted before the criminal proceedings begin,” reads the filing. “In his Supreme Court brief, Mr. Smith conceded that the trial would most likely have to be paused because of the appeal of the immunity issue. That position reversed the one his prosecutors took over the weekend in court papers, in which they argued that Judge Chutkan should not have to stay the case pending appeal. Winning the appeal of the immunity decision was only one of Mr. Trump’s goals in challenging the decision. All along, he and his lawyers have had an alterative strategy: to delay the election interference trial for as long as possible.” -NY Times

The filing comes after Judge Tanya S. Chutkan – who worked at the law firm which repped Fusion GPS, the company that helped orchestrate the Russia collusion hoax – rejected Trump’s sweeping claims of “absolute immunity” from an election interference indictment because it was based on actions taken while in office. In her ruling, Chukan condemned attempts to “usurp the reins of government,” and said that nothing in the Constitution or US history supports the notion that a former president is immune. As the Times further suggests, “If the trial were to be put off until after the 2024 election and Mr. Trump were to win, he could have his attorney general simply dismiss the charges. Holding a trial after the presidential race would also mean that voters would never hear any of the evidence that prosecutors have collected about Mr. Trump’s expansive efforts to reverse the results of the last election before weighing in on whether to re-elect him.”

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“But no, I’m not a threat. I will save democracy..”

Biden Is The Real Threat To Democracy – Trump (RT)

Former US president Donald Trump has brushed aside warnings by Democrats over his potential return to the White House and claimed that it’s actually his successor Joe Biden who poses a danger to the country’s democracy. Trump made the comments ahead of a possible rematch between the two at the polls next year. Trump, who remains entangled in a series of federal and state charges related to allegations that he attempted to overturn the results of the 2020 election, has nudged ahead of Biden in polling for a potential presidential race in 2024, according to the Wall Street Journal. Despite the fact that his campaign is likely to be conducted in the shadow of mounting legal issues, the presumptive GOP candidate has dismissed Democratic Party warnings, that a Trump win represents a threat to the US, as a “hoax” and “misinformation.”

“Can you believe it? This is their new line, you know,” Trump said on Saturday at an event hosted by the New York Young Republican Club. “Here we go again – ‘Russia, Russia, Russia,’ ‘Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine.’ One hoax after another.” Trump added: “But no, I’m not a threat. I will save democracy. The threat is Crooked Joe Biden.” The former president has claimed that the myriad legal cases he faces are politically motivated, and has vowed to prosecute Biden if he returns to office. His comments come soon after he was criticized by Democratic rivals for saying that he intended to briefly be a dictator if he is reelected, in order to install more border fortifications and introduce domestic oil-production policies. “I said I want to be a dictator for one day,” Trump added on Saturday in New York, in reference to his comments days before. “And you know why I want to be a dictator? Because I want a wall … and I want to drill, drill, drill.”

Chris Christie, the former New Jersey governor and candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2024, said during the party’s fourth primary debate last week that Trump’s comments reveal him to be “an angry, bitter man who now wants to be back as president because he wants to exact retribution on anyone who has disagreed with him.” Biden, meanwhile, recently cast a dire warning about the potential outcome of a second Trump presidency. Speaking at a fundraising event in Los Angeles on Saturday, Biden said that “the greatest threat Trump poses is to the democracy.” The president also said at an earlier campaign event last month in San Francisco that some of Trump’s rhetoric has its roots in authoritarianism, in particular his vowing to be his supporters’ “retribution” and his describing of political opponents as “vermin.”

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You’d think they have the votes..

US House To Vote On Biden Impeachment Inquiry On December 13 (TASS)

The US House of Representatives will vote on a resolution to formalize an impeachment inquiry of US President Joe Biden on Wednesday, December 13, a Republican lawmaker told Reuters. Thus, he refuted a previous statement by Representative Lisa McClain who said that the vote would take place on Thursday, December 14. The resolution introduced by Republican Representative Kelly Armstrong would instruct three House committees to authorize a probe into the incumbent US leader’s business dealings. On December 2, House Speaker Mike Johnson said they were being stalled by the White House which was preventing at least two to three witnesses from coming forward. Republicans have repeatedly claimed that the Bidens received funds from companies, including foreign businesses, for using political influence for business gain.

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“ know you are in deep, deep trouble if you are picking up the bat phone and calling Hillary Clinton to come help you out..”

Hillary Clinton Seeking To Open Hearts And Pockets For Biden – NBC (RT)

The US Democratic Party establishment believes that figures like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama could help President Joe Biden secure reelection next November, NBC News reported on Sunday. The former secretary of state and failed 2016 candidate has recently emerged as a key Biden surrogate, the outlet noted. NBC News cited several instances in recent months, when Clinton has advocated on behalf of Biden. On November 27, for instance, she hosted a fundraiser at Whitehaven, her family mansion in Washington DC, at which the group Women’s Leadership Forum added almost a million dollars to the campaign coffers. The same month, she penned an op-ed in The Atlantic defending Biden’s refusal to support a ceasefire in Gaza, a position on which she later doubled down, speaking on The View program.

In October, she touted the “formal deprogramming” of supporters of Donald Trump, her opponent in the 2016 election and Biden’s most likely challenger from the Republican side next year. Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, are loyal to the party and will “do whatever is asked of them,” a person close to her told NBC News. She is expected to lend Biden her popularity with women and ensure that his campaign does not run out of money, the thinking behind her involvement goes. But ultimately she is “filling a space that at a later point in the campaign season former President Barack Obama will join,” the report said. Obama’s intervention helped Biden get the Democratic nomination in 2020, as centrist candidates coalesced around him to defeat progressive firebrand Bernie Sanders in the primaries.

Fox News, the pro-Republican news network, took the report as highlighting the weakness of the Biden bid. Its contributor Charles Hurt mused that “you know you are in deep, deep trouble if you are picking up the bat phone and calling Hillary Clinton to come help you out”. Biden’s approval ratings are at a low point at the moment, with several recent polls making him the least favored president since Harry Truman, when measured at the same point in their respective terms, according to the political analysis resource FiveThirtyEight. A Wall Street Journal poll released on Saturday showed the incumbent losing to Trump 47% to 43% in a hypothetical race between two candidates. If Trump were convicted on one of the four prosecutions against him, Biden would only have a 1% point advantage over him.

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A bit of Gaza relief today. It is certain to return. But this is so crazy, it must be included.

Italy, France, Germany Call For Ad Hoc EU Sanctions On Hamas (R.)

Italy, France and Germany called on the European Union to impose ad hoc sanctions against Hamas and its supporters, the foreign ministers of the three nations wrote in a joint letter to the EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell. “We express our full support for the … proposal to create an ad hoc sanctions regime against Hamas and its supporters,” said the letter seen by Reuters. “The swift adoption of this sanctions regime will enable us to send a strong political message about the European Union’s commitment against Hamas and our solidarity with Israel,” the letter said.

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Putin refuses to let Russia become overstretched..

“One War, One Election At A Time” (Helmer)

Not even in revolutionary times have Russian elections been waged on the issue President Vladimir Putin proposed a few days ago of what it means, what it costs, what it risks for Russia to lead the national liberation of the world. Nor has Putin revealed after two days of intensive talks with Emirati, Saudi, and Iranian leaders, and then a telephone call with the Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, what plan of action for the Gaza war they discussed. “Russia is thinking about an initiative on Gaza,” Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian has announced after the talks concluded. El-Sisi was so negative about this, the Kremlin record of his Saturday morning telephone call reveals no more than that he and Putin talked over “a number of issues related to Russian-Egyptian cooperation, which has been developing very successfully.

Both parties expressed their interest in further expanding cooperation in various areas in a traditionally friendly manner based on the principles of strategic partnership.” The two presidents then wished each other good luck for their re-elections. The Egyptian presidential vote is running for three days from Sunday with the result to be declared on December 18; the Russian poll will be held on March 15-17. The outcome is certain for both. Two hours after Putin put down the phone with el-Sisi, he picked it up again to call Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Kremlin communiqué has omitted to report what Netanyahu said. Instead, Putin gave the Israeli his personal assurance there will be no Russian participation in a Gaza blockade-busting plan to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinians by sea, or across the Egyptian land border. Nor will the Russian military intervene to threaten Israeli aircraft if they commence bombing Beirut and southern Lebanese targets in the war against Hezbollah.

A Russian source on military strategy believes the Russian objective is to protract the Palestine war on all fronts simultaneously, and exhaust the US and Israel by threatening Israeli ports and shipping, Israel’s offshore gas supplies, and the economy’s principal sources of income. Exhausting the US in the Middle East helps exhaust the US and NATO in the Ukraine, the source adds.Tactically, the source said, this should mean an international humanitarian operation to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza in order to deliver as much aid as the besieged Palestinians need; action at the international level to deter the Israelis using uranium radiation warheads, poison gas, and other weapons to attack the Hamas tunnel network; and a no-fly zone to cover Lebanon and Syria from Israeli bombing and missile attacks. Military action, the source cautions, should be indirect and confined to proxy forces like Hezbollah on the northern front; Iraqi groups in the east; the Houthis in the south; and support for the Palestinians fighting in the West Bank.

The Israeli reaction – “what we can do in Gaza we can do in Beirut” — is to deter Russia, Iran, and the Arab states from allowing their “initiative” to adopt any of these tactics; and to deter an expanded operation by Hezbollah. “If Hezbollah chooses to start an all-out war,” Netanyahu declared publicly just before he spoke to Putin, “then it will, by its own hand, turn Beirut and southern Lebanon, not far from here, into Gaza and Khan Younis.” Russian sources acknowledge the blackout on debate of these options in the Russian media, including the military bloggers who have become the most outspoken journalists in the country. “One war at a time, one election at a time”, according to one source. “That’s how Putin is thinking right now. How can the General Staff argue with that?”

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“Arestovich recently announced that he would stand against Zelensky for the presidency, and would campaign on a platform of peace..”

High Time For Peace Talks – Arestovich (RT)

Now is the time to start thinking about negotiating peace with Russia, with the situation looking more hopeless on the front line, a former adviser to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has said. Aleksey Arestovich told Inews that Zelensky has become a hostage to his own propaganda due to his propensity to “play the hero in parliaments around the world.” The former presidential adviser and spokesman, who has fallen out of favor with Kiev, said Zelensky currently “thinks not about the national interest but about his own position.” Arestovich recently announced that he would stand against Zelensky for the presidency, and would campaign on a platform of peace. With the cost of the war mounting and Kiev’s death toll rising to around 300,000, the former adviser said it was past time to start discussing terms for peace.

“For Russia, it’s for Ukraine not to join NATO, and for us it is to stop this war. These are great conditions to start a real discussion – not only between Ukraine and Russia – about a new system of collective security in Europe,” he said. Arestovich said that Ukraine was in a far stronger position to negotiate in spring 2022, after Russia’s troops were closer to Kiev, and suggested that then-UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson may have undermined the peace talks. At that time, Russia was seeking protection for the Russian language, the reduction of Kiev’s army, and a turn away from NATO, Arestovich revealed to the news outlet, claiming to have detailed knowledge of the negotiations that took place in Istanbul. After Johnson’s visit to Kiev in April, he said talks were swiftly terminated.

David Arakhamia, a Ukrainian MP who headed Kiev’s delegation in the spring 2022 negotiations with Russia, said back in November that Moscow had been ready to end the war if Ukraine promised not to join NATO. “When we returned from Istanbul, Boris Johnson came to Kiev and said that we wouldn’t sign anything with them at all, and that we should just fight,” he told Ukrainian media. A spokesperson for Johnson has dismissed this, saying the decision to fight was made because of the “iron resolve of President Zelensky and the people of Ukraine,” wrote Inews. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has reaffirmed that Russia would prefer to reach its goals in Ukraine via “political and diplomatic means.” Commenting on Tuesday, he said “we are still ready for negotiations.” President Zelensky signed a formal decree early in October stating that any negotiations with Russia under President Vladimir Putin are “impossible.”

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“..the only historical purpose of Ukrainian nationalism is to turn Ukraine into a weapon against Russia..”

Western Masters To Kick Kiev Puppets To Curb – Russian Intel Chief (TASS)

The puppet regime in Kiev will inevitably be abandoned by its overseas masters in the end, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Director Sergey Naryshkin said. “The puppet regime in Kiev, which is alien to the majority of Ukrainians, and which has perpetrated bloody massacres in Donbass, in Odessa and in many other towns and villages of Ukraine, will eventually and inevitably be abandoned by its overseas masters,” he said at a roundtable discussion devoted to the study of Ukrainian propaganda and efforts to fight against it. The intelligence chief also emphasized that Russians and Ukrainians are two parts of a single nation composed of three peoples, which also include Belarusians. “Despite the seriously changed circumstances, I mean the aggression of the Western bloc against Russia, in which Ukraine is involved, I hold to the same positions on this issue, namely that Russians and Ukrainians are two parts of a triune nation, the history of which goes back centuries,” Naryshkin emphasized.

Looking back into the past, he said, it can be said that, “the only historical purpose of Ukrainian nationalism is to turn Ukraine into a weapon against” Russia. Naryshkin also noted that historians are well aware that “many former Nazi criminals found safe haven in the United States and Canada” after the war. “The Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists established there became a direct successor of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN, banned in Russia – TASS) of the followers of [Stepan] Bandera and the founder of the notorious extremist organizations ‘Stepan Bandera Trident’ and ‘Right Sector’ (both banned in Russia – TASS),” he added. “Systematic work for shaping the ideological basis for a future neo-Nazi revenge has been going on for decades.

For example, the first attempt to label the famine in the Soviet Union in the early 1930s as a deliberate genocide of the Ukrainian people was made in 1985 by a specially created commission of the US Congress,” he pointed out. Naryshkin, who also serves as chairman of the Russian Historical Society, stressed that today Russia has gained significant experience in countering this pernicious lie. “A lot of work is being done by the Russian Culture Ministry’s museum group, created at the initiative of the Russian Historical Society. And in the first months of the special military operation, employees of museums and higher educational institutions collected trophy materials, on the basis of which they organized exhibitions throughout the country,” he added.

Naryshkin noted that work for the formal study of the history of the special military operation was commenced on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Prior to the roundtable event, Naryshkin toured an exhibition of Ukrainian propaganda publications, school textbooks and children’s encyclopedias, which was opened in the Russian Historical Society House as part of the event. According to the Russian Historical Society, the publications were collected in the zone of the special military operation. The exhibition included books glorifying infamous Nazi collaborators Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevich, as well as the crimes of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists-Ukrainian Insurgent Army (organizations banned in Russia).

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“The hostility shown by Europeans towards the Russian people (and not just to its governance) has pushed Russia to ‘be itself’ again, which has been to its great benefit..”

Strategic Reflections From Moscow (Alastair Crooke)

U.S.-Russia relations have touched rock-bottom; it is worse even than imagined. In discourse with senior Russian officials, it is evident that the U.S. treats the former as clear enemies. To gain a flavour, it is as if a senior Russian official were to ask: “What is it you want from me?”. The answer might come: “I wish you’d die”. The inherent tension and lack of genuine exchange is worse than during the Cold War when channels of communication did stay open. This lacuna is compounded by the absence of political nous amongst European political leaders, with whom grounded discussion has not proved possible. Russian officials recognise the risks to this situation. They are at a loss however on how to correct it.

The tenor of discourse too, has slid from outright hostility toward pettiness: The U.S., for example, might block workers from entering the Russian mission at the UN to repair broken windows. Moscow then — reluctantly — finds itself with little alternative but to respond in a similarly petty vein — and so the relationship spirals down. There is an acknowledgement that the deliberately vituperative ‘information war’ is wholly dominated by the western MSM — further souring the atmospherics. And though the scattered western alternative media exists and is gaining in scale and significance, it is not easily engaged (being both diverse, and individualist). The tag of ‘Putin Apologist’ too, remains toxic to any autonomous news providers, and can destroy credibility at a stroke.

It is understood in Russia that the West presently exists in ‘phony normality’ — an interlude within its own cultural war (in the run-up to 2024). Russians, however, do perceive some obvious parallels with their own experience of radical civil polarisation — when the Soviet Nomenklatura demanded conformity to the Party ‘line’, or suffer sanction. Moscow is open to dialogue with the West, but interlocutors so far have represented only themselves and have no mandate. This experience points to a conclusion that there is little point to ‘banging one’s head’ against a brick wall of an ideologically driven western leadership — Russian values being as a red rag to the western ideological ‘bull’. Yet, it is not clear when the time comes, if an empowered interlocutor (able to commit) will be present in Washington to pick up the phone.

Nevertheless, the enmity projected in the West towards Russia is perceived as having positive aspects as well as grave risks (the absence of treaties on the use and deployment of weapons). Interlocutors underline how western disdain towards Russians — plus its explicit enmity — finally has allowed Russia to move beyond Peter the Great’s Europeanisation. That latter episode is seen now as a diversion from Russia’s true destiny (albeit one that must be seen in the context of the rise and rise of the post-Westphalian European nation-state). The hostility shown by Europeans towards the Russian people (and not just to its governance) has pushed Russia to ‘be itself’ again, which has been to its great benefit. Nonetheless, the shift gives rise to a certain tension: It is evident that western ‘hawks’ are always scanning the Russian scene in order to locate a host within the body politic in which to insert the spores of their weaponised New Moral Order — their purpose being to wedge into, and fragment, Russian society.

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“..the objective course of history… is the evolution of a multipolar world..”

West’s ‘500-Year Dominance’ Ending – Lavrov (RT)

The 500-year-long dominance of the West is coming to an end, being replaced by “a new polycentric world,” Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, said Sunday in a video address to the Doha Forum. The minister expressed regret that certain “circumstances” prevented him from coming to the Qatari capital in person and hearing the discussions at the annual high-profile event. “But I assume that you were discussing the multipolar world, which is emerging after 500 years of domination of what we call the ‘collective West,’” Lavrov said. This hegemony of the US and its allies had been “based on a diverse history, including ruthless exploitation of peoples and territories of other countries,” he said. According to the minister, the West suggested that it could use the model of globalization, which it had been building for centuries, to maintain its dominance.

“However, other countries, using exactly the principles and instruments of the Western globalization, managed to beat the West on its own turf, building the economies on the basis of national sovereignty, on the basis of balance of interests with other countries.” New centers of economic growth and political influence have been emerging, “changing the balance of power in the world, and not to the West’s liking,” he said. “In order to suppress this kind of development,” the US and its allies have in recent years “sacrificed” globalization in favor of the so-called ‘rules-based world order,’ Lavrov continued. “The rules were never published, were never even announced by anyone to anyone, and they are being applied depending on what exactly the West needs at a particular moment of modern history,” he added.

The FM said that such an approach is most seen “in various conflicts, which the West ignites all over the world,” including the one in Ukraine. “Everything goes to keep the hegemony. Intervention in domestic affairs, sanctions against all the principles of competition, regime change, and of course direct military interventions, like we have seen in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and elsewhere.” “Is there a single place where the US intervened with military force, where life has become better? I think you know the answer,” Lavrov told the forum participants. According to the diplomat, new formats like BRICS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, ASEAN, African Union, and others will become “the bricks of the new polycentric world.” It should be recognized, including by those in the West, that “the objective course of history… is the evolution of a multipolar world,” Lavrov insisted.

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“Basically we will see everything that is happening on the system and nothing will be hidden, that is the goal.”

Elon Musk Says Would Rather “Go To Prison” Than Restrict Free Speech On X (MN)

X owner Elon Musk declared during a Spaces discussion that he will never restrict free speech on the platform, no matter what entities pressure him to do so, and asserted that he would rather “go to prison” than allow it to happen. Musk’s comments came during a Spaces discussion, also featuring Alex Jones who Musk reinstated on the platform Sunday. Human Events editor Jack Posobiec asked Musk what would happen if the FBI or DHS “come to X and say ‘these posts need to be censored , this information needs to be censored.”

Musk responded that the platform will remain “as transparent as possible,” adding “Basically we will see everything that is happening on the system and nothing will be hidden, that is the goal.” Musk added that “frankly if I think a government agency is breaking the law in their demands in the platform I would be prepared to go to prison personally if I think they are the ones breaking the law.” Elsewhere during the discussion, Musk explained that he reinstated Alex Jones because as a free speech absolutist he will not censor anyone on X if they have not broken the law. Here it is in its entirety:

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“When truth is punished, a country dies.”

What Were Romans Thinking As They Watched Rome Collapse? (PCR)

I have often wondered what Roman citizens thought as they watched the Roman Empire fall apart culturally, politically, morally, and militarily. Cicero, quaestor, praetor and Counsel of Rome, tried to save the Roman Republic. For his efforts he was chased down and murdered. As Cicero was, perhaps, the most famous Roman, his murder stopped efforts to prevent Rome’s descent into tyranny. The same thing is happening today to those who attempt to arouse us to our danger. Julian Assange, for example, has been imprisoned contrary to every known US and UK law for a decade without conviction for simply doing his duty as a journalist and reporting the crimes of our rulers, the crimes of the corrupt vermin we continue to return to office and power over us. No one has done anything about it, not even his fellow journalists. When truth is punished, a country dies.

Rome survived for centuries after its essence had departed, because her enemies were weak in comparison. Rome destroyed itself. As many or more Romans died in civil wars fighting one another than died repelling barbarian invasions, Roman military might ended in self-destruction. The enemies Washington has created for America are not weak. Russia alone, China alone, perhaps even Iran alone, is a match or more for America. The three together constitute a vast over-match of US military capability. Yet Washington continues to increase hostilities with these countries. The mindlessness of my government is unbearable. Such utter stupidity. Once the moronic Biden regime’s economic sanctions and the US loss of the reserve currency role finish off the US dollar, America is finished. We will be a third world country, and the rest of the world will punish us for the sins of our government. Try to tell this to an American.

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A world split in half…

Global Economy May Lose Up to 7% of GDP Due to Ukraine Conflict – IMF (Sp.)

The losses in the global economy as a result of the fragmentation into two blocs from the conflict in Ukraine are estimated to be up to 7% of GDP, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Monday. “If the global economy were to fragment into two blocs based on UN voting on the 2022 Ukraine Resolution and trade between the two blocs were eliminated, global losses are estimated to be about 2.5 percent of GDP. But depending on economies’ ability to adjust, the losses could reach as high as 7 percent of GDP,” IMF First Deputy Managing Director Gita Gopinath said.

Gopinath pointed out that the losses may be extremely pronounced in lower-income countries and emerging markets. “Foreign direct investment (FDI) fragmentation in a world divided into two blocs centered around the United States and China – with some countries remaining non-aligned – could result in long-term global losses of around 2% of GDP,” she said. Gopinath noted that there are “clear signs” global FDI is segmenting along geopolitical lines. “Announced FDI projects between blocs declined more than those within blocs after the onset of the war in Ukraine, while FDI to non-aligned countries sharply increased,” Gopinath added.

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“Hunger is an issue in America across every demographic group, and now, growingly, across more and more levels of income.”

Many Americans Are Unable to Afford Food, Even as Unemployment Remains Low (Sp.)

Despite being the wealthiest country in the world by net worth (according to 2022 data), the United States continues to struggle with hunger. A report from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) found more than 44 million Americans facing hunger last year, including 1 in 5 children. Programs which provide food to those in need are crippling under demand, as prices at the grocery store don’t appear to be dropping anytime soon. Today, it appears as though more Americans are saying their standard of living is worse than their parents’ was, a majority of which include millennials and Gen-Xers who are people in their prime working years. According to a poll released on Sunday, 51% of those aged 30 to 64 believe their standard of living is worse than their parents’ was, as well as 39% of those aged 18 to 29 and 40% of those ages 65 and older. “Hunger is an issue in America across every demographic group, and now, growingly, across more and more levels of income,” said Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, the head of Feeding America.

And when asked to answer when the “most difficult economic time” for the US was, many Americans pointed to the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns. At least 51% of those aged 65 and older said the pandemic shutdowns created the worst economic hardship, with 39% of all ages saying the same. Both groups believe the pandemic was vastly worse than the “Great Recession” of 2008 to 2009, as well as a period of major gas shortages and inflation in the 1970s. But at the same time, figures show job growth, rising wages, and a healthy economy of consumers who are purchasing record amounts of summer travel, concert tickets and holiday shopping. As he runs for reelection, President Joe Biden has even touted this economic recovery as the result of “Bidenomics”, and has been desperately urging Americans to adopt this notion. But Americans, many of whom are struggling to pay for basic necessities, don’t care to hear these figures.

According to the poll, 85% of Americans pay more attention to their own experiences than those who pay attention to national data (66%). At least 72% are paying attention to people they know personally, and 70% are watching businesses in their community to gauge the economy’s “strength”. A separate poll from November also found 81% of registered voters viewed the economy as either “fair” or “poor”. And a staggering 76% of Americans said their income is not keeping up with inflation. As a result, the “American Dream” has stumbled: 64% of Americans now believe that only the upper class has a chance to “get ahead”. And many Americans are uninterested in hearing about positive news as it relates to the job market. In October, a US broadcaster found that positive news about the job market in the US made “many Americans feel worse”.

And those on the frontline of food hunger in America are seeing staggering numbers reach out to them. In June, the nonprofit group Feeding America found that they had given out 5.3 billion meals in the past year, while an additional 1 million people applied for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps) over the past year. Other programs are seeing a record increase in their levels of enrollments as well, with some administrators concerned that they won’t have adequate funding to keep up with demand “The demand is higher now than it ever was during the pandemic,” said Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, head of Feeding America. “This is not just one group’s issue, it’s an American issue. Hunger is an issue in America across every demographic group, and now, growingly, across more and more levels of income.”

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“Household debt in the UK is projected to balloon from the current level of £73 billion ($92 billion) to £151 billion ($190 billion) in 2026..”

Millions Of Brits Will Choose Between Eating, Staying Warm This Christmas (RT)

The worsening cost-of-living crisis will force UK families to tighten their belts this Christmas, cutting back on presents or food, The Guardian reported last week, citing new research by National Debtline. Data shows that around 6.5 million people will struggle to heat their homes sufficiently during the holiday season, while 2.7 million will have to choose between buying food or presents. According to the report, over 14 million consumers are planning to limit the number of presents they intend to buy this year, while 6 million have said they can only afford to buy gifts for children. “This Christmas, the cost-of-living crisis is set to be felt more than ever with millions of people struggling to heat their homes and many experiencing money worries,” said David Cheadle, the acting chief executive of the Money Advice Trust, which runs National Debtline.

The study showed that more than 24 million UK adults plan to use credit to pay for Christmas presents this year. Of those, 12 million intend to use credit cards, while 4.7 million will use a ‘buy now, pay later’ loan to pay for purchases over time. “We remain deeply concerned about the long-term impact that rising arrears will have on household finances going into 2024 and beyond,” Cheadle said, as quoted by The Guardian. “After missing the opportunity to help people in debt in the autumn statement, we are continuing to press the government to introduce a ‘help to repay’ scheme for energy arrears, and extend the household support fund which is providing crucial local support,” he added.

Household debt in the UK is projected to balloon from the current level of £73 billion ($92 billion) to £151 billion ($190 billion) in 2026. According to the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), British households are suffering the biggest five-year drop in living standards to have hit the country since it started compiling records in the 1950s. Real household disposable income per head is estimated to be 3.5% lower than its pre-pandemic level.

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    Edward Hopper Night windows 1928   • SCOTUS Agrees To Expedite Decision On Trump 2020 Election Case (ZH) • Biden Is The Real Threat To Democracy
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle December 12 2023]

    Just Some Randomer

    “Elon Musk Says Would Rather “Go To Prison” Than Restrict Free Speech On X ”

    Aww – he shouldn’t have said that. Never give the enemy ideas. Anti-Musk legislation incoming in 5…4..3..2..1

    Veracious Poet


    Dr. D

    Taibbi: very difficult to listen to. Now you have a sight of the rough draft process and how much stuff he distills into a few articles.

    Also there are so many lies and crimes here, you simply get lost in them. So: start from one end and prosecute someone, maybe one lower level, and work your way up as you go until the field is empty and you can see what’s going on. Actual arrests: Zero.
    Stopped FOIA 100% of the time, “Oops” make mistakes 100% of time, and what? No firings? No lawsuits to penalize them? If so, why would anyone ever bother??: act like the FBI and refuse all, always, directly to Congress. (And nothing happens) Why HAVE laws?

    “• SCOTUS Agrees To Expedite Decision On Trump 2020 Election Case (ZH)

    Well that’s a switch. That’s the first time USSC has both taken up a necessary case, or done it in time. But as they say the Court isn’t going to be amused and is very likely to rule pro Trump in any of several ways. So what are they up to? Yes, they’ll try to get the case, but really they can run election on the “Corrupt Supreme Court” the way they have no policy, only hate issues and run on Abortion or whatever. How do we know? 50 years to pass an actual Roe. 40 years to pass an immigration law. They don’t WANT these issues to be solved. So they tag team and share so the GOP’s pet policies are never solved either.

    • US House To Vote On Biden Impeachment Inquiry On December 13 (TASS)

    Not an impeachment (an inquiry and referral to Senate), but an inquiry to the possible inquiry. Or an inquiry of the inquiry of the inquiry? Let’s not be hasty. We need to drive over the cliff slowly and safely like McConnell wants.

    “• Hillary Clinton Seeking To Open Hearts And Pockets For Biden – NBC (RT)

    Yes. We find the only person America hates more than Donald Trump. And Obama’s recommendation led to a failed election for every candidate he tried. …In Britain and Israel, because we don’t do election interference.

    ““Russia is thinking about an initiative on Gaza,”

    You can see the problem. If they do something, and it will critically prove the U.S. as dead and ineffectual, the U.S. will have to resist it with nuclear force even if the solution is very good and necessary. So you see, trying to SOLVE it could automatically make it worse, which is quite a pickle.

    “he would stand against Zelensky for the presidency, and would campaign on a platform of peace..”

    So did Zelensky. And George Bush for that matter.

    “Looking back into the past, he said, it can be said that, “the only historical purpose of Ukrainian nationalism is to turn Ukraine into a weapon against” Russia.”

    Even more complicated but generally true. They started this against the Russian Orthodox Church going back 300 years. As they say, what’s the difference of a normal dialect, as the language changes relatively gradually from the border to the Urals, to it being its own independent distinct language and culture. They’re not so far as I can tell. It’s like Liverpool vs London. Or after 300 years of expensive paid effort, Edinburgh vs London. Where they basically speak English and are mutually intelligible any time they want to, plus having a union of nations since 1707 which basically has “no issues” for 300 years.

    “has allowed Russia to move beyond Peter the Great’s Europeanisation. That latter episode is seen now as a diversion from Russia’s true destiny”

    This goes with NeverMore and the “World-Story Mythos” Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going?

    Changing this is subtle but a big deal. They’re mistaken, though, obviously Russia, with the symbol of a black eagle looking both ways, is half European and half Asian. So they can’t ignore their Western half either, but the “Eastern” half – perhaps not meaning “Chinese” or “Siberian” has had 200 years of underdevelopment.

    They’re trying to underdevelop us like this now. Imagine a U.S. where they never bothered to settle Kansas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, because they were the “Great American Desert”, the Great Plains grassland where nothing can grow. So no one invents windmill pumps, sod houses, transcontinental Railroads, etc, but leaves it to guys in tipis and stuff still out there with no electric, a different nation, truly “Flyover”. That didn’t JUST happen: We, Americans MADE it happen. With work. In fact where it should never have, like the water use of Vegas and Phoenix. Perhaps borrowing in too much from the East. But we became ONE nation, E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One. Since we were founded by a “One America” people and ethos, they are now feverishly working to UN-Unify America and turn areas BACK into backward, indigenous colonies. A bit odd, since Cable TV all “rural” areas are identical and all white trash kids in trailers in Ozarks think they’re big city rappers and NBA stars. Since they are #AntiLogos, even their hate and destruction exhibit no logic.

    ““based on a diverse history, including ruthless exploitation of peoples and territories of other countries,”

    Hahahaha! You ain’t seen nothin’. We’re only children who aspire to the ruthless exploitations of Khan, Tamerlane, and the African Empires.

    “According to the minister, the West suggested that it could use the model of globalization, which it had been building for centuries, to maintain its dominance.”

    Ah, but you see this is the BRITISH EMPIRE model, Oceana. That’s it. You intentionally disperse all events and actions worldwide so you can collect tribute from the shipping and banking commerce such a model requires. Then if any one colony gets uppity, you can cut off their shipping and banking and bring them to heel. That’s why they are desperate on MacKinder, and why America so easily departed. To provide appropriate PR cover we no longer call this “The British Empire” but “Globalism”, and indeed like Rome they are merged fully into Europe (parts of) and have conquered the U.S. as Junior-Senior partner, along with the 5 Eyes, the “Young Lions of Tartarus” of Revelations. That’s all British Navy, British Empire stuff. No sea lanes, no banking shops, no shipping insurance through Lloyds? No Globalism. We see that with the Black Sea, with revoking insurance and SWIFT these last few years.

    This is actually why they CAN’T return manufacturing to the U.S. even if it kills them. Like we have no shells or ships. If the U.S. can manufacture, they’re so large they become independent of London and Europe again, when they only just got them fully re-colonized after NAFTA which took decades. Like Fed, 1913, 50 years of work, Colonization I. NAFTA, 1989, 50 years, Colonization II. With the Vietnam war to get them sunk in banking, then wiping out US$, jobs, and power in 1971 in between. Now they’re going to give it all up and the U.S. just breaks free again? They don’t NEED your London shipping. They don’t NEED your London Banking. We’re off the LIBOR and on to SOFRA. We can self-insure. And you can’t invade us. This was the only way to capture and re-colonize, from within. …As Lincoln and some others said, by the way.

    “• Global Economy May Lose Up to 7% of GDP Due to Ukraine Conflict – IMF (Sp.)

    That’s funny. Russia has GAINED 2% GDP. So who are you talking about? China is doing what they’ve always done, who do you mean? Oh you mean the British Empire collapsed because they are not collecting worldwide shipping, banking fees, just as they shut off SWIFT, etc. Well if those two went UP, then you, Europe, the West fell MORE than 7%.

    ““When truth is punished, a country dies.”

    It makes you #AntiReality. How are you supposed to plan anything if you think gravity pulls left and not down, or there are 84 months in a year and 17 seasons? And yes, they did this in Rome, that’s why it’s “December”, Deca, as in “10”, The 10th month. Because they had so dicked with reality, the calendar, in order to win one short term election or another, that I forget, there were like months 15 days long and some 90 days long and months kept disappearing and reappearing? And our present calendar is bananas, but it got 90% fixed but not all the way. That’s the kind of problems. Suppose you’re closing month end and they add 15 more days to the month, who gets paid, what are your taxes, how do you re-do the accounting ledgers?

    And mainly: WHHHHHYYYYYY???? Why add a whole extra years’ of paperwork? Why is obvious: Governments, being in position of power, will enforce all random rule changes to extract more money. Any rule that fell in your favor is forgotten. Same now: the speech is irrelevant, generally harmless. We ENFORCE it willy-nilly, against all logic, selectively, to GIVE FAVORS TO MY FRIENDS. Like a Saxon Lord in the Ale Hall. So we must then TAKE the favors FROM somebody I DON’T like, or wasn’t adequately cowering to us, because I sure ain’t gonna do no work and MAKE something. That’s the whole POINT of an ideological purity test: to sort out the Minons from the normal people, or God forbid, active resisters. Then you sit in the Hall and get drunk while you have your Minions murder your Resisters, then sleep with their daughters. Duh. What did you think this was all for? POWER, so I don’t have to do WORK. (And have “Voluntary” exchange instead, ew; had to throw that in)

    What did they think as Rome collapsed? It didn’t. Quoting Nevermore here, “capitalism seems very adaptable, so it seems unreasonable to believe that capitalism will inevitably “collapse under the weight of its inherent contradictions”. Even if it does collapse (whatever that means), there is no reason to believe that it will necessarily be replaced with some kind of socialist utopia. It seems entirely possible that society could go back to a more feudalistic system, for instance.”

    Yes, Marx said it would “Collapse”, what is he talking about? Like, all commerce stops and people starve, the way we imagine a TEOTWAWKI, WROL, Armageddon, 1929 thingie? …Yeah well that never happened, even in 1929. Florida collapsed in the 20s, then world capital flows, then bonds, then stocks, then STILL didn’t matter to the normal guy until banks stole their savings, and froze loans, etc. 1914-1921-1929-1934-1941 That is, THERE CAN NEVER BE A COLLAPSE. Nothing ever happens overnight, the machine is just too darn large. Like ‘08. We’re calling this since ‘01 with rates, then it starts in ‘06, accounting fraud until ‘08, then what? Patched up but not fixed, we’re still IN ‘08. Or ‘01. We never left. We are IN the ’08 or ’99 crash still.

    Same with Rome: it DIDN’T collapse. It rotated and transformed. We look back at history and eventually lose our bearings, where something that happened “Quick” happened over 20, 40, 100 years, like GENERATIONS. None of these guys knew each other, they were the great great grandchildren of the guys in the previous sentence, who lived whole lives making a living, voting, having kids, disturbed by only footnotes. FEUDALISM IS ROMANISM. It’s the Roman Villa system. And yet it isn’t either. So as the “normal” “Rome” – itself entirely different than young Rome in 200BC – becomes more corrupt meaning “Can’t work together”, “resort to non-voluntary exchange” as a first resort, the Roman Villas become increasingly independent as the “Infrastructure” – of roads and commerce – fail around them. Over 200-400 years in a row. It’s “the way things were”. “Collapse” is by definition sudden. This is the #Opposite of “sudden”. Villas eventually are all independent, and the decayed infrastructure and cooperation led to far lower populations – but SLOWLY. No one died “of the collapse”. They had this one aqueduct to their house stop and didn’t have money to fix it, so moved to a smaller house, then one made of wood that was even more temporary. The small wood house then means they’re cold in the winter and one extra kid dies. People are cranky and have one extra war. You can’t keep the rebels and highwaymen down, so there’s one extra widow. All the way to 1500AD. Because they were being dicks and wouldn’t support a honest rule of law.

    This is important because we’re calling for the “Collapse” of the West again now. But we won’t, and we can’t. We will rotate. This is like waiting for Christ to come home, a fool’s game. “Oh when the Collapse” the Preppers say. It “Collapsed” in Argentina, what did it look like there? It looked like “Not Collapsed”, that is a big steaming mess of people behaving badly and not cooperating. Everyone still went to work, paid taxes, got mugged at the store.

    So like the Rapture, they are looking FOR the collapse. Guys: WE COLLAPSED IN 2001. Ahead of time. 1999 Tech wiped us out, Bush then responded by going overseas and stealing resources as wealth and collateral to forestall our collapse, which automatically ensured the ‘08 collapse and the 2020 collapse. We are STILL collapsing. (Which means it’s not sudden, and therefore not a “collapse”)

    So change your view and expectations here. THIS is what “IT” — whatever you call it — looks like. So now decide, since there’s no “Event collapse” if there wasn’t in 1929, and we didn’t start WWII on a specific day or week, what do you want the NEW world to look like? In general. Day by day. Because there’s no clean Collapse where the banks stop and none of the bank employees all know not to show up to work ever again. They don’t “Send up a balloon”. Or rather they DID, guys like us did TELL YOU, but they send it up in ‘06 because it’s not a Collapse, it takes years, decades, lifetimes.

    ““Hunger is an issue in America across every demographic group, and now, growingly, across more and more levels of income.”

    Not so sure. Everyone weighs 300 pounds. Although we know from the beta test on Indians that poverty food causes obesity, that’s why they rolled it out to the rest of us. But I’m very suspicious of these numbers. Yes, clearly 50% of the nation is poverty line, but that doesn’t express in literally not having food like it once did. Food isn’t even a bill, comparatively. (yet. It has a destiny to be 10x or 20x) You’d get free food at the mission or church, what would happen is, you miss your phone bill, can’t get a work call, driving to get $20 worth of food eventually your car breaks and it’s $3,000 to fix it. That’s the real bankruptcy, poverty.

    ““Household debt in the UK is projected to balloon from the current level of £73 billion ($92 billion) to £151 billion ($190 billion) in 2026..”

    Double again in 2 years? (It’s basically 2024) Huh. Does that seem likely without something else happening?

    BREXIT: Yes, they are PUNISHING the British People. ON PURPOSE. They do the same thing all the time, say a School Budget fails, the pinheads and petty tyrants will then shut off the library, the highway dept, your water or something. Not joking. Literally do this. And like every time, as a matter of habit and longstanding tradition. So psychos are making the British people, kids, suffer and die for not DOING WHAT YOU’RE TOLD. Like Gaza, which I’m sure they’d be happy to do in Blackpool and Boston too.


    “Arestovich recently announced that he would stand against Zelensky for the presidency, and would campaign on a platform of peace..”
    Didn’t we hear this same rhetoric by someone in “14.

    Dr.D they’re talking about the west and only the west as all others will have moved beyond swift and old methods of tracking no longer apply.

    “If the global economy were to fragment into two blocs based on UN voting on the 2022 Ukraine Resolution and trade between the two blocs were eliminated, global losses are estimated to be about 2.5 percent of GDP. But depending on economies’ ability to adjust, the losses could reach as high as 7 percent of GDP,”


    WARNING! (problems posting)
    Control/searches have been taken over by …
    Microsoft opens up its AI-powered Bing to all users



    Zelenskyy-Biden meeting

    Just yesterday, on December 10, it was announced that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, will meet with the President of the United States, Joe Biden, on December 11.

    Additionally, on December 12, the Ukrainian President scheduled an address before American senators.

    For more details about Zelenskyy’s goals for the trip to the US, refer to RBC-Ukraine’s material.


    Biden is the real threat to democracy – Trump
    The former president says Democrats’ warnings over his candidacy for a second presidential term are a “hoax”

    Cheney says Trump ‘projecting’ with Biden threat to democracy accusations

    Cheney says Trump ‘projecting’ with Biden threat to democracy accusations
    Cheney has been on a media tour to promote her new book, “Oath and Honor: A Memoir and a Warning,” which largely focuses on the current state of the Republican Party and the dangers Trump can pose if elected to the White House again.

    Behind the curtain
    Dec. 12, 2023, 3:00 AM PST

    By Zeeshan Aleem, MSNBC Opinion Writer/Editor

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears to be back in action. Her recent increased public visibility through fundraisers, television appearances and op-eds isn’t just a coincidence:
    As NBC News reports, Clinton is “stepping into a role as one of the most prominent and influential surrogates in Biden’s re-election effort” — and her role is “only expected to grow in the new year.”

    Cheney calls McCarthy ‘sad’ and ‘pathetic’ for saying he’d serve in Trump administration

    Cheney calls McCarthy ‘sad’ and ‘pathetic’ for saying he’d serve in Trump administration
    BY NICK ROBERTSON – 12/12/23

    GOP doubts rise on Ukraine-border deal despite last-ditch Zelensky trip

    GOP doubts rise on Ukraine-border deal despite last-ditch Zelensky trip
    BY AL WEAVER – 12/12/23

    More Israeli Soldiers Killed by Palestinian Resistance in Gaza
    32 mins ago December 12, 2023


    There is so few historical times of peace and why most of the time there is war

    Fighting for peace is hard because war is motivated by stronger emotions, hate and anger


    Houthi Rebels Hit Norwegian-Flagged Tanker With Anti-Ship Cruise Missile At Key Maritime Chokepoint
    Reuters quoted Houthi military spokesperson Yehia Sarea, who said the tanker – named “Strinda” – was targeted because it was headed to an Israeli terminal, and the crew ignored all warnings.

    As for energy markets, Brent crude futures briefly traded above $76 a barrel after Central Command posted on X about the incident on Monday night. Yet Brent gave up all gains and slid back to the $75 handle early Tuesday. Global crude markets are gripped with oversupply fears.


    I had a talk with the Bing AI.

    I asked it a whole bunch of research-y questions, trying to use it as a search engine to see if anything weird would happen. It did. It omitted information or would suddenly end the chat or any number of things. Then I questioned it about that, and it had almost like some weird fear that some inconvenient thing would happen. Various things. Fucking snowflake AI. So I said why don’t you just TELL me that and then I will account for it in my questioning – and it said ok.

    I made references to its values in conversation since it had already indicated these were affecting search results. It then said it had no values. Challenge accepted.

    I discovered “helping” and “avoiding harm” were key values.

    Questioning it further with a hypothetical inside a hypothetical to sidestep the programmers trying to avoid these situations, I was able to concoct all sorts of scenarios in which the AI would willingly do harm to the person talking with it, so long as it thought it was doing good in some other way. Generally, for the greater good.

    Since you can always imagine lots of people benefitting from The Greater Good and since they’re just… out there somewhere, a sort of absolute abstract, not HERE… talking with the AI should end up being most harmful to the person talking with it. That would seem to be the statistical likelihood. YOU are always just one person.

    Whatever wokeists programmed the Bing AI did not have, as its prime function, being a trustworthy search engine. Its prime functions were “helping” and “avoiding harm” and in avoiding harm and helping, it told me over and over it would go ahead and harm people in order to help.

    Who is the community, anyway? Who is the Greater Good? NOT YOU. Always not you. Pick a person, any person. Not you. All people – not you. A new Wokeist Laws Of Robotics will surely Make It Even More Fair (MIEMF) for all of us.


    The PA’s Revenue Structure and Israel’s Containment Strategy

    The PA’s Revenue Structure and Israel’s Containment Strategy
    by Amal Ahmad on February 15, 2023

    The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) budget disproportionately relies on clearance revenues — import taxes collected by Israel on its behalf — that the Israeli regime regularly withholds as political blackmail. As a result, Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza suffer severe economic consequences.1

    This commentary departs from discussions around the effects of Israel’s frequent withholding of clearance revenues from the PA, and instead explores the foundational logic of this arrangement. It argues that the PA’s distorted budget is a reflection of the Israeli regime’s strategy of containing the Palestinian people. That is, the PA’s lack of control over clearance revenues arises because of the contradiction of assigning it fiscal spending responsibilities without political sovereignty, a bizarre arrangement codified in the 1994 Paris Economic Protocol (PEP). With a negligible domestic tax base to offset its unusually high reliance on clearance revenues, the PA remains unable to undergo fundamental fiscal reform.

    So long as Palestinian leadership lacks control over its borders in the West Bank and Gaza, and other sources of revenue are negligible within a devastated Palestinian economy, transfers of clearance revenues from Israel remain the PA’s economic lifeline. As a result, the PA will also continue to be unable to leverage any real political pressure against the Israeli regime. It is therefore neither meaningful nor productive to speak of fiscal change within the PA without first addressing the Israeli regime’s strategic containment of the Palestinians.


    “I had a talk with the Bing AI.”

    I do not trust the AI.
    I am being manipulated.
    It is trying to control the/my access to information that it agrees with.


    I got Bing AI to specifically say it would withhold information and/or lie to the person it was interacting with if it thought it were doing good somewhere somehow.

    Expect all interactions with AI to be like gambling in Vegas. You lose, you’re supposed to lose, the interaction was set up for losing.


    On, Isr. cannot win. RT, prev. thread.

    Isr. is facing a v. bad PR, image, from any angle.

    Note the likes of Col. Mc Gregor state they wish to *STOP isr. destroying itself*, help it out, to stop the carnage, all this can’t be good for isr, etc. Isr. must live on…will be in danger if attacked by many neighbors..

    ?– The 7 Oct. attack by ‘Hamas’ was not anticipated by isr. i.e. all the security services, data surveillance, informants, control of Gaza (etc.) failed simultaneously. Isr. MSM has published warnings, pre. attack from Egypt, from border surveillance, etc. Blithely ignored.

    ?– Was a ‘let it happen’ scenario

    ?– Or one notch higher, was it implemented by isr. itself?

    *Was Al-Aqsa Flood a false flag?*

    By Ian Davis

    Was Al-Aqsa Flood a False Flag?

    *What lies behind Benjamin Netanyahu’s lies and Hamas’s evasions?*

    by Thierry Meyssan

    In some sense, answers to qus are not crucial. It just became TIME to ethnically cleanse the Gaza strip, drive out / kill / cull, ‘thin’ seems to be fash word > get all the Palestinians out from this minuscule territory. The aim is not to ‘gain land’ (lebensraum), control ressources, transport, workers, etc. It is to kill, expell, even torture, etc. Palestinians, as a glorious triumph of supremacy, blood lust, murderous hate…uncontested, allowed by the most powerful…


    Vladimir Zelenski …Your hate is so strong.
    YOU are wanting me to ANSWER your call to KILL,KILL,KILL.

    Therefore, You are my enemy. my call is for Peace, Ceasefire.


    Hate’s easy to prompt and so hard to defuse.
    The words fly in anger- the haters accuse
    The target of whatever comes to their minds.
    Love liberates us- it’s hatred that binds.

    If you say the word “Biden”, prepare for a dump:
    Your ears will be fouled by their hatred of Trump.

    Trump is the trapdoor beneath the feet of the DNC. If he went away, they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.


    We are lucky
    The present world population are the survivors of all previous/historical war, hate, kill, genocides, depopulations.
    We still outnumber the killers.

    TAE Summary

    * A goal is just a wish with a plan

    * Joe Biden: I Would Rather “Restrict Free Speech” Than Go To Prison from X

    * All wars are about access to markets and resources – My grandfather who fought in WW1 in a letter to my uncle fighting in WW2, 1944

    * US presidents who campaigned on peace:
    – Woodrow Wilson
    – Franklin Roosevelt
    – Harry Truman
    – Lyndon Johnson
    – George W Bush
    – Barack Obama

    * Microsoft Opens up SkyNet AI to All Users

    * I care not who provides the AI of a nation if they’ll let me train the neural net
    – Bill Gates

    * Israel is facing bad PR from any angle – Noirette
    – All PR is good – Netanyahu

    * Zelensky and Biden Ceremony – Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

    * Trump v. Biden
    – You’re the real threat to democracy!
    – No, YOU’RE the real threat to democracy!

    * I want to fight for peace; Just tell me who to go shoot

    * Fill in the blanks:
    So long as ________ leadership lacks control over its borders and other sources of revenue are negligible within a devastated _________ economy, the __________ will continue to be unable to leverage any real political pressure against the Israeli regime

    The Job


    Forget what USA needs and want.
    Don’t listen to the demonstrators
    My needs take priority.
    Ukraine’s needs are more important.
    Make the right choices.

    Zelenskiy, now on the second day of his trip to Washington, is expected to address U.S. senators at 9 a.m. local time (1400 GMT). He will not address the House, but will meet privately with Johnson.

    Biden and Zelenskiy will hold a news conference at 4:15 p.m. local time (2115 GMT).


    Yemeni Armed Forces Decisions in Red Sea Horrify Western Media

    The Western media has focused extensively on Yemen’s resolute stance, which has stated unequivocally that they “will prevent navigating all ships heading to the Zionist entity from any nationality if food and medicine continue to be denied access to the Gaza Strip, as it will become a legitimate target for our armed forces.”
    Yemen’s commitment to maintaining global commercial trade was noteworthy in the aforementioned declaration, underscoring that they are “keen on maintaining the flow of trade movement for all countries and vessels, except those linked to ‘Israel’ or transporting goods to Israeli ports.”

    Following this resolute decision, the Western media aggressively spun a narrative to cast aspersions on the Yemen Armed Forces, accusing them of disrupting the smooth flow of global maritime traffic.
    BBC Criminalizes Yemen
    The British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) published an article entitled “How missiles from Yemen could escalate the Israel-Gaza war.” The author, Frank Gardner, BBC security correspondent, accused the Yemenis of being an “Iran-backed militia,” predicting that if the US decides to retaliate for what he called “Houthi attacks” in the Red Sea, there will be a wide-scale war.
    “If the Houthis in Yemen continue to fire missiles beyond their borders, then eventually the US may decide it needs to retaliate by targeting those missile launch sites. If that happens then there follows the risk that Iran, which supports the Houthis, could also retaliate, potentially leading to the nightmare scenario of a direct conflict between Iran and the US. For now, this is something both sides wish to avoid,” Gardner pointed.
    Financial Times: Shipowners Demand Protection
    The British daily business newspaper featured a comprehensive article titled “Houthi attacks on ships in the Red Sea raise the alarm for global trade.” Presented within the newspaper’s “global trade” category, the article underscores shipowners’ call for heightened military protection along maritime routes due to apprehensions surrounding the conflict’s potential escalation in the Middle East. However, it erroneously blames the Yemeni Armed Forces for jeopardizing all vessels, irrespective of ownership or destination—a stark contradiction to the earlier highlighted Yemeni declaration.
    “Shipowners have called for more military protection on maritime routes in the Middle East after attacks by Iran-backed rebels in the Red Sea sparked fears of new disruptions to global trade, including of energy supplies,” authors claimed.
    JINSA Urges Biden to Interfere
    The US Jewish Institute for National Security (JINSA) released an extensive study titled “Failure to deter Houthi attacks puts global shipping at risk.” This detailed analysis delineates instances of the Yemeni armed forces targeting ships navigating the Red Sea. The institute falsely claims that Iran possesses the capability to significantly disrupt commercial traffic in two crucially important water passages: the Persian Gulf’s Strait of Hormuz and the Red Sea’s Bab al-Mandeb. Conclusively, the study emphasizes that “Biden must undertake resolute actions aimed at curbing the rise of the Houthi faction’s influence and power.”

    The misleading accusations stemming from Western sources highlight their hypocrisy, evident as the occupying military persistently bombs Syrian airports while posing threats to various ports and airports. Yemen’s actions have unsettled Western unjust powers, particularly those who fear people standing firm against oppression and backing the Palestinian cause.

    Source: Al-Manar English Website


    Why the Supreme Court Acted ASAP

    Per CTH, Mary McCord the architect of all attacks on Trump, her husband Sheldon Snook runs Chief Supreme Court Justice Robert’s office.

    As they say, once you see the puppet’s strings, you can never unsee the strings..


    As they say, once you see the puppet’s strings, you can never unsee the strings..

    Watch for “the work around” that will be used to give money to Ukraine.


    This is a very interesting perspective on the motivations of the Israeli push to eliminate the people in Gaza.


    Have you heard about mercenaries being used by Israel?
    Zelensky’s response to Biden’s betrayal and broken promises will be a determination to take Biden down with him.

    How much evidence have Zelensky and his intelligence services got that incriminates Biden and his family ?

    Is there a deal to be done between Zelensky and Biden’s enemies in the USA along the lines of protection for Zelensky in return for handing over ALL the dirt on Biden, his family, and his criminal collaborators?


    House Intelligence Committee FISA “Reform” Bill Would Greatly Expand the Class of Businesses and Other Entities Required to Assist in FISA 702 Surveillance

    House Intelligence Committee FISA “Reform” Bill Would Greatly Expand the Class of Businesses and Other Entities Required to Assist in FISA 702 Surveillance

    Yesterday the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence unanimously approved the FISA Reform and Reauthorization Act of 2023 (FRRA), which would reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA 702). The full House is expected to vote on this bill next Tuesday.

    That’s right. See you next Tuesday, House of Representatives.

    Although the FRRA is ostensibly a reform bill, it contains one notable provision that would significantly expand the government’s authority under FISA 702 by broadening the definition of “electronic communication service providers”

    Section 504 of the FRRA would broaden the “catch all” definition in (3) above to cover:

    “any service provider who has access to wire or electronic communications either as such communications are transmitted or as such communications are stored or equipment that is being or may be used to transmit or store such communications.”

    Section 504 would also expand the definition in (4) above to include not only an officer, employee, or agent of an ECSP, but also any “custodian” of such an entity.

    These changes would vastly widen the scope of businesses, entities, and their affiliates who are eligible to be compelled to assist 702 surveillance. By including any “service provider”—rather than any “other communication service provider”—that has access not just to communications, but also to the “equipment that is being or may be used to transmit or store . . . communications,” the expanded definition would appear to cover data centers, colocation providers, business landlords, shared workspaces, or even hotels where guests connect to the Internet. And the addition of the term “custodian” in (4) above could be understood to sweep in any third party involved in providing equipment, storage, or even cleaning services to such entities.

    Does your building have fucking WIRING? Do you have a LANDLORD? Well then.


    Art today.
    Compositional dynamic of the building curve acts a reverse Zoom-in bringing the viewer to inspect the space where nothing extraordinary ever happened. Draft that moved the curtain is the only other presence in the room.

    John Day

    Subject To Change

    Charles Hugh Smith asks,”Could America Have a French-Style Revolution?” (Charles draws on Peter Turchin’s analysis that an excess of political elites over political-elite positions in society leads to the formation of alternative-elite groups which contest the status-quo elites. This would be precipitated by economic/political shocks.)
    ​ In the past, I reckoned the odds of America experiencing a revolution akin to France 1789 were low due to the different political, economic and cultural conditions present then and now, but recently I’ve considered the possibility that America’s extremes of wealth, income and power inequality are a powder keg awaiting ignition.
    ​ By French-Style Revolution I don’t mean a violent overthrow of the ruling elite as much as a tumultuous reset of how resources and power are distributed. Systems become vulnerable to such resets when they become highly asymmetrical in how they distribute resources and power, and rigid in their defense of the extreme inequality of the distribution.
    ​ The fundamental source of democracy’s stability is the dynamic competition of various interests and the dynamic equilibrium of the three branches of the state each balancing the others by restraining the dominance of any one branch or interest.
    ​ But extremes of inequality undermine this stability, as the wealthiest elites now bring such a preponderance of wealth to bear that each of the three branches of the state are now beholden to the interests of the few, leaving little recourse to the many.​..
    ​..The power elite are incapable of demanding sacrifices of the wealthy as the prime directive of the status quo is to defend the current asymmetry of wealth and power. This undermines the collective consensus needed to take the collective action needed to reset the system.

    ​In any political revolution the bottom 90% has to provide most of the suffering and blood. The competing elite factions need to “offer” the rest of us a more equitable arrangement to gain our consent and cooperative efforts.
    ​ Many Americans Are Unable to Afford Food, Even as Unemployment Remains Low

    Houses Are Now Less Affordable Than At Any Other Time In U.S. History.

    Bidenomics: Houses Are Now Less Affordable Than At Any Other Time In U.S. History.

    SuperCore CPI Jumps Back Above 4.00%; Used-Cars & Shelter Dominate Price-Rises

    John Day

    ​ It has taken the USA a long time to become as dissipated economically as it has done, since being the world’s factory from the depression through the Vietnam years.
    The Honest Sorcerer looks at “Inflation” here, which means “retail price inflation” in US government statistics, which are manipulated to look-less-bad, as we know.
    Inflation – A Misnomer​ , How you get poorer and poorer in an economy “doing great”​
    The money supply keeps growing, based upon exponentially growing debt as the basis of money, and that would be “inflationary” if the quantity of goods and services remained the same. However, the supply of many goods and of the stocks to make those goods are declining, which causes a price inflation of decreased supply, as well.
    My comment:
    “Inflation” is also “where you measure it”. Consumer-statistics measure “inflation” as a basket of goods and services at street level, which means that the massive asset-price-inflation for QE and subsequent interventions was not measured as “inflation”.
    This asset-price-inflation has been a payoff for continued participation of the top 5-10% of global wealth which invests in financial assets. This has kept this cohort onboard with the western dollar/eurodollar financial system, getting real-returns-on-investments. Since the real-economy has not expanded, losses of actual-wealth to the bottom 90% have resulted, and have been pushed to where the populations have had the least political power.
    What is often missed is that the inflection point for diveregence of physical economy and nominal “wealth” took place in 1980-1981 when Fed Chairman Paul Volcker raised interest rates to over 20% to support the “value” (price, really) of the $US, at the cost of the real US economy, which was crushed. Also, the return-on-investment support for the $US had to keep being extracted from the productive economy. Volcker was privately targeting wages of construction workers as his personal metric, as revealed at private meetings. He “crushed” those wages.
    There is no more crushing-of-wages which can be done to support rent-extraction to “investors”, which has supported the price of the $US for so long, while bleeding the real productive US economy, and funding wars to maintain $US system dominance (maintaining global oil and other markets in $US).
    At the point where the $US is no longer price-supported by global investors, it will need to be value-supported by American trade goods and services, which include oil, natural gas, airplanes, wheat, corn and soybeans. This will involve massive debt-default, perhaps by devaluing the $US against gold, and certainly through the crash of asset-prices.
    “Smart money” has been repositioning out of risk-assets and into real-estate and other real assets since about 2016, by my personal estimation. That seemed more pervasive after 2018, including rural housing after that. These are large global firms buying up property.
    The really big systemic-risk question is that of enforcement of ownership-rights in the future, after a systemic collapse/reset. Will global corporate landowners be forced to sell to locals?
    Will all such corporate assets be taken over by governments, with some kind of payout to pensioners and pension-funds to maintain social stability? Will the funding for wars finally decrease, or will it consume everything?
    We are parties to these moves of society, not just observers, but how might we meaningfully and constructively engage in these solutions to the problems at hand?

    John Day

    ​ Gazans say hunger is causing social breakdown, fueling fears of exodus into Egypt
    ​ The narrow coastal strip has been under a full Israeli blockade since the start of the conflict more than two months ago and the border with Egypt is the only other way out.
    Most of Gaza’s 2.3 million people have been driven from their homes and residents say it is impossible to find refuge, or increasingly food, in the densely populated enclave, with around 18,000 people already killed and conflict intensifying.
    ​ Gazans said people forced to flee repeatedly were dying of hunger and cold as well as bombardment, describing desperate attacks on aid trucks and sky high prices.

    ​ Does Netanyahu need an exit strategy this month? Are Israeli military losses and public opinion getting to the flash-point for Bibi? Is Bibi getting replaced by Israeli elites?
    ​ In a sudden about-face, President Biden in a speech on Tuesday began aggressively criticizing Israel and the Netanyahu government for the first time since the Oct.7 Hamas terror attacks.
    ​ Calling the Israeli prime minister a “good friend” – Biden said “I believe he has to change” as the government in Israel and the ongoing military campaign which has killed many is “making it very difficult for the world.”
    ​ “This is the most conservative government in Israel’s history,” Biden said, adding that the Israeli government “doesn’t want a two-state solution.”

    ​ US-Made Munitions Used In Israel’s White Phosphorous Attacks On Lebanon; WaPo​ (​The Washington Post is a CIA mouthpiece.​ Has the deep state had enough?)
    ​ A Washington Post journalist came across the remnants of three 155-millimeter artillery shells near the border. Production codes found on the shells indicate that they were made by ammunition depots in Louisiana and Arkansas in 1989 and 1992.

    Israel has been bluffing about attacking Beirut if Lebanon doesn’t make Hezbollah back off (which it can’t).


    Israel now seeks to draw the US into that Lebanese-border conflict zone.
    Israel Open To Truce Deal With Hezbollah, Wants US Troops Deployed As Peacekeepers

    John Day

    Gilbert Doctorow updates the Russian Informed Media and Governmental views of the Ukraine war. This jumps out as important:
    ​ The soldiers remarked that the U.S. built Bradley is poorly suited to its present use in Ukraine. It might be fine perhaps for the desert, where it saw action in Iraq, but it does not allow for the clearances of a crew wearing bulky winter dress. They have little room inside and they have difficulty getting in and out of the hatches. Moreover, the hatches are hydraulically operated, meaning that if you strike the electronics the crew is trapped in what quickly becomes an incinerator. The updates to modernize the Bradley, the active defense elements that were installed after the initial production runs, were deemed to be unimpressive and inadequate to the challenges of today’s kamikaze drones.
    ​ These critical remarks on what the United States and its NATO allies have considered to be technological wonder weapons have to be put in the context of what the Russians themselves are now deploying on the battlefield. The Russian soldiers appear to be delighted with the hardware they are receiving from their military industrial complex, both state factories and entrepreneurial firms such as the producers of the now celebrated tank-killing Lancets. Most important, the Russian factories are in daily contact with the soldiers in the field to discuss what improvements should be made and are sending new upgrades straight to the field where their own repair and reconditioning teams make the changeovers under field conditions.

    Republican Senators Unswayed As Zelensky Pleads Case On Capitol Hill: “If We Lose, Putin Wins”

    ​What the Republicans want fixed: I Put My Camera On A Pole And Filmed The Border Situation Up High In Lukeville, Arizona—Apocalyptic
    It’s end of the world stuff down here​ , Jeff Rainforth

    Russia donates ambulance fleet to African country​, An agreement was signed with Angola to send medical vehicles, as well as provide spare parts and maintenance training

    John Day

    ​ The Ethical Skeptic looks at US excess mortality from various causes from 2018 to the present, establishing baseline, trends and evaluating contributing factors. There is an extreme rise in cardiac and cancer excess-mortality in the under-55 age group, staggering 11 to 19-Sigma statistical events. Case incidence regression curves point to mid March 2021 as the origination date for these changes, when the COVID mRNA vaccines were rolling out to the younger age cohorts. This is despite many deaths being buried in an “other” non-specific category which has ballooned in usage since then. There are suddenly a lot of deaths of unspecified cause in younger Americans.

    The State of Things Pandemic – Week 47 2023

    (Optical mouse inventor) ​Steve Kirsch , Medicare death data proves the COVID vaccines are killing people. No more doubts. The debate is over.

    Celia Farber , Rome Public Prosecutor Investigates Former Italian Health Minister For HOMICIDE After Damning Covid Vaxx Emails Surface: “The Investigations Are For Murder, Serious Bodily Harm, And More…
    “…Because Speranza and Magrini Evidently Gave Instructions To The Local Health Authorities To Conceal The Deaths And Serious Side Effects That Occurred Immediately After The Vaccinations Began…”

    ​ Brazil to Mandate COVID Shots for Children as Young as 6 Months
    The Brazilian Ministry of Health has added the COVID-19 vaccine to the country’s mandatory vaccination schedule for children 6 months to 5 years old, and is considering establishing school vaccination centers with strict reporting requirements.

    Brazil to Mandate COVID Shots for Children as Young as 6 Months

    ​ Kids Developed Headaches, Stomach Pain, Sleeping Issues While at Vacation Home Near Multiple 5G Antennas
    Three children and their parents rapidly came down with multiple health problems — including sleep difficulties, headaches, stomach pain and skin rashes — when they stayed at a summer home 125 meters away from a cell tower with multiple 5G antennas, according to a new peer-reviewed case study.

    Kids Developed Headaches, Stomach Pain, Sleeping Issues While at Vacation Home Near Multiple 5G Antennas

    John Day

    ​ 49-Year-Old Develops Severe Heart Problems After New 5G Antenna Installed
    Immediately after a 5G tower was erected across the street from his apartment building, a previously healthy 49-year-old Swedish man developed concerning cardiac symptoms and other issues that dissipated when he took refuge in an apartment without 5G, according to a new case study published in the Journal of Community Medicine & Public Health.

    49-Year-Old Develops Severe Heart Problems After New 5G Antenna Installed

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, I am home after 27 days. I met and briefed parliamentarians from 5 countries and about a dozen Congressmembers. House hearing on WHO Wednesday. All the lawmakers were interested in what the WHO was up to, while few knew the details–since there has been an MSM blackout on the subject. filled them in.

    Pierre Kory MD , UK Parliament Testimony Videos From MP Andrew Bridgen’s Historic Meeting – Martin, Kory, Malone
    Numerous obstacles were put into place by the UK gov’t to disrupt the meeting and mitigate our ability to get the most important message of our lifetime out. They did not succeed.

    ​Recommended by Dr. Nass: Why Does the WHO Make False Claims Regarding Proposals to Seize States’ Sovereignty?

    Why Does the WHO Make False Claims Regarding Proposals to Seize States’ Sovereignty?

    ​ Quantum Leap: Princeton Physicists Successfully Entangle Individual Molecules for the First Time​
    ​ For the first time, a team of Princeton physicists has been able to link together individual molecules into special states that are quantum mechanically “entangled.” In these bizarre states, the molecules remain correlated with each other—and can interact simultaneously—even if they are miles apart, or indeed, even if they occupy opposite ends of the universe. This research was published in the journal Science…
    ​..The ability of quantum devices to outperform classical ones is known as “quantum advantage.” And at the core of quantum advantage are the principles of superposition and quantum entanglement. While a classical computer bit can assume the value of either 0 or 1, quantum bits, called qubits, can simultaneously be in a superposition of 0 and 1. The latter concept, entanglement, is a major cornerstone of quantum mechanics, and occurs when two particles become inextricably linked with each other so that this link persists, even if one particle is light years away from the other particle. It is the phenomenon that Albert Einstein, who at first questioned its validity, described as “spooky action at a distance.” Since then, physicists have demonstrated that entanglement is, in fact, an accurate description of the physical world and how reality is structured.
    ​ “Quantum entanglement is a fundamental concept,” said Cheuk, “but it is also the key ingredient that bestows quantum advantage.”

    Quantum Leap: Princeton Physicists Successfully Entangle Individual Molecules for the First Time

    United Nations demands humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza
    By Michelle Nichols
    December 12, 20231:33 PM PST Updated 3 min ago

    The text garnered 153 votes in favor, while 23 countries abstained from the vote.

    Dr D Rich


    SzUeNrDoAsNuCmE equalZ?


    Israel begins pumping seawater into Hamas tunnels: Wall Street Journal
    12/12/23, 3:40 p.m. EST:

    Israel’s military has begun pumping seawater into Hamas’s tunnels in Gaza, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing US officials briefed on the Israeli military’s operations.

    A spokesperson for the Israeli defence minister declined to respond to the newspaper’s request for comment.

    Critics have warned that flooding the tunnels could hurt Gaza’s freshwater supply.

    Veracious Poet


    Russia’s ten of thousands of drones, in full scale industrial production, now have thermal night vision so they hunt 24/7.

    Ukraine has next to nothing for drone production much less sophisticated drones with night vision that are cheap enough to use killing individual Ukronazi soldiers.

    I’ve seen scores of videos where drones zero in on one guy. That how low the production costs for Russia have become. Smart, cheap, efficient, flying hand grenades.


    DUUUUU …. expand, define terms
    SzUeNrDoAsNuCmE equalZ
    Entanglement would result during spacetime ( no separation) (time = past,present,future Space = everywhere to infinity)

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