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    René Magritte Pandora’s box 1951   They can’t help themselves even as they hurt themselves. Look guys, chill! I saw someone imply on Twitter that
    [See the full post at: Chill!]


    Humans are predators!

    “…. the US should stop selling weapons to the Saudi’s, should tell them to stop starving millions of Yemeni children, ….”

    “Every US president for many years has been an accomplice to murder, …. It’s how we get cheap oil, how we have built our societies and communities into what they are at present. Good design? Hell no.
    But it is what it is.”


    Canadians can chill out

    “… most government and private estimates range between C$3.5 billion and C$5.5 billion a year. (Last year estimate consumption)
    For comparison, the latest annual tally of spending on beer was C$9.1 billion….”

    Is that $5.5 Billion coming out of the grocery/food budget?


    Western oligarchy can be divided into two mob gangs fighting over world turf; Nationalists verses Globalists. Donald Trump, former casino boss, on one side. Lindsey Graham, flakey single 63 year old bought politician on the other. This century’s amorality has turned into bloody immorality. The Saudi consulate murder is being pushed by the Turkey Qatar alliance to stress their rival Saudi Arabia. The media moguls are publishing it to protect their operatives. Globalist Oligarchs are outraged that fellow Davos Oil Sheiks were shaken down by MbS to fill Saudi state coffers. It could happen to them. The 100 billion dollar Saudi military contracts have not been signed. Saudis are in negotiations to buy Russian armament. The Deep State wants MbS gone. Only Donald Trump and Jared Kushner support him.

    There will never be a purposeful boycott of Saudi Oil. This can only be done by a competent government willing to ration to overcome spot shortages. Both American political parties are only in it for the money, not what is best for Americans.

    V. Arnold

    Wonderful Magritte; Pandora’s box.
    Do click the painting for a nice history and interpretation.

    I’ve little doubt this is just one more crime destined for the bin; Not Prosecuted

    Dr. D

    I’m so dumb sometimes. Of COURSE the media, that didn’t care about a million in Yemen, don’t care about Skripal or Assange too, don’t care about Kashoggi either.

    First, who’s Kashoggi? Yes, a reporter, one who interviewed Bin Laden, and recently of the inside-connected CIA-friendly WaPo. But also nephew of an infamous arms dealer, an inside Saudi, and pretty-well substantiated a carrier for the Muslim Brotherhood. He ran Saudi & co. missions in Afghanistan, Africa, and elsewhere. In other words…not really a reporter. Or at least not primarily. So?

    Second, so Saudi had him killed, in a string of 4 or 5 anti-Saudi reporters this year, mostly tracking dirty European payoffs back to the Princes. Those weren’t exactly secret, they were sending a message, but look at what is reported now: 15 international mercenaries, Saudi security team, openly fly together on commercial, land in the Turkey airport, are seen on camera together, and go to the Embassy. Their target is Kashoggi, who has been everywhere, has an address, and is easy to find and simple to kill in the dangerous streets of Istanbul. Instead, they walk into the Embassy on camera, and wait for Kashoggi to arrive on camera, as every embassy can be certain the host country absolutely WILL have 360 surveillance pointed at it 24/7.

    Despite being a security hazard and a professional security team, they have him bugged, reportedly with an Apple watch, which cheerfully reports the violent murder home to Turkey. Having done this egregious act, they then send in a cleaning crew on camera, with mops and buckets, as if there are no cleaning supplies already inside.

    The media then knows who, what, where, when, and why within an hour, as a unified narrative exists more or less immediately. Despite having chopped off heads longer than we’ve known them, despite imprisoning or killing dissidents, gays, even people drinking a beer or having a hookup for life sentences, the media, business, banks, that is to say, the Deep State instantly boycotts Saudi and their business conferences, basically before an investigation can be launched. The Media demands Trump jump to conclusions, and what? Dissolve the alliance and the petrodollar before Friday this week, or else? Or else he’s enabling Saudi violence they’ve exhibited since 1940, and certainly every day for the last 10 years as they man 9-11, fund ISIS, and attack Yemen with our weapons, all openly, and openly, enthusiastically cheered, sharply defended by the exact people decrying it now: CNN, WaPo, banks…

    I’ve got a better theory: like planes going down, China in Djibouti, and chemical attacks washed down with a rag and a garden hose, this is the 20th attempt this year to start WWIII and escape their crimes.

    Like everyone, Saudi Arabia is not “a country” but an associated web of power blocs. Lately, that’s blown into the open as MBS takes on his hundred brothers, a few going down in plane crashes, some hung upside down in the Ritz-Carleton until they coughed up a few billion in crooked money, and CIA-connected Prince AL Waleed. How connected is that other faction of Saudi Arabia? (and let’s just simplify and say there are only two right now) Well, the last head of the US/CIA wing was widely called Bandar “Bush”, since he and the Bush interests were indistinguishable going back 30 years. Bush Senior. So, yeah, pretty close.

    Now that MBS has dismembered the CIA/Alwaleed/Bandar Bush faction (who also tried to counter-assassinate him 2-3 times), they are counterattacking by knocking out MBS, and MBS’s support through the non-CIA U.S. and DJT. They can put a wedge between Turkey, the U.S., and Saudi Arabia, even if that means sending Saudi into the arms of China. Doing so will rock the U.S. and economy, and be able to tie Trump’s support (which, true or false, they will always report in the same breath, coughRussiaRussiaRussiacough) and therefore paint Trump with a failing market and world economy. They can then regain and ring-fence the power center in their repressive holdout in Saudi Arabia, which was slipping from their grasp.

    …Oh and hopefully get enough sparks to start the long-desired Mideast war, dragging in China, Russia, and the U.S. in WWIII, kill millions or billions, make a ton of profit, and re-establish control.

    So which sounds more likely, Saudi Arabia, instead of having a dissident have a quiet, unprovable accident in the busy streets of Istanbul, instead get their secret security team on 100 cameras, then dismember him on film in the most inflammatory way possible, then immediately leak that crime to the arms of a waiting media, who suddenly cares about violence they’ve been cheering for decades?

    So what’s with the embassy? All you need is the consulate there to be sympathetic to the anti-MBS plan, to be concerned about a crime he committed that MBS will eventually tag him for. Then he can set the action, forge the documents, and make a paper trail that at first revue, and for the mercenaries, appear as if it’s authorized by the core Saudi line, not a rogue faction. Because as we’ve seen in the U.S. lately, a rogue, dissident faction IS the government, and until purged, are the same people, with the same paperwork.

    All they have to do is get Trump to mouth off and jump at the bait, which they believe he’s ADHD and violent, impulsive, irrational. …And yet again, he is not, and they fail.

    The 4 powers, U.S., Turkey, Saudi, and Russia, are instead running a real, methodical investigation and looking for the real story. WWIII does not look likely, and the media looks vapid. Again. You’d think they’d learn.

    So since this is all staged, and Kashoggi is an MB insider, you think he’s actually on a Thai beach sipping mai-tais right now? After his little vocal acting for the Turkish cameras? Or did he meet a burn notice with a bad actor? Stay tuned…more distractions from declass and sedition trials will be forthcoming.

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