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    Dorothea Lange Six tenant farmers without farms, Hardeman County, Texas 1937   • 115-Year-Old Supreme Court Opinion Could Determine Rights In A P
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    Raul, it is absolutely insane that some are calling this a hoax, especially in the US. There are still so many things that we do not know and understand about this disease. Two months ago there were fewer than a dozen confirmed cases in the US. Now there are at least half a million, and 90% of those are still open cases. And yet Americans are calling this a hoax? What??? We have seen the pictures of the mass graves in NY. And yet, and yet, and I think this can only happen in the USA, in spite of the fact that in record time the US has now sprinted into first place in confirmed cases, the “get back to work” crowd is now saying that this is all a hoax because models projected even higher numbers if there had been no NPIs?? (but, but, but . . . there have been NPIs — aren’t we supposed to take that into account when evaluating whether the dire warnings were correct?)

    My Korean wife asks me how the US can have screwed this up so badly and have the worst numbers in the world in such short time, and I am trying to explain to her that in spite of this, Americans are trying to convince themselves that this is no big deal because some said it might be worse. She just doesn’t get US politics . . . neither do I . . . .

    Models predicted that more ventilators would be needed. But many people who needed them only recently went on them, and most will be on them for a long time. I have not seen any data that patients in the US medical system will come off them faster than elsewhere. And 90% of US cases are still open? What does that mean? Have the US health professionals actually treating the patients sounded the “all clear” siren?

    What makes the US cases more puzzling to me is that the spread had been so uneven. If it had been evenly spread across the country, the “hoax” calls might carry more weight. But because it has been concentrated in certain pockets, I am more inclined to believe that this might just be a matter of time. If the New York experience spreads to all major metropolitan areas, then what?

    Having said that, I still think that we will make tremendous advances in understanding this disease in a relatively short period of time. I doubt that we we have a vaccine within a year. But we will know how to treat the symptoms and keep people out of the hospital. And those of us who benefit from that will be able to look back and be grateful for the hammer that slowed the spread at the early stages and bought us more time.

    Today’s Austria data (though the use of the word “acute” is confusing) reaffirms what I have suspected from the Korean data that we are still in the very early stages of this. Hoping to see more data asap, and hoping the antibody testing can be rolled out as fast as possible …


    Jubilee for the elites: Pennies for the rest of us:
    • Progressive Caucus Demands Pelosi Unveil Bold Coronavirus Package (CD)
    A more complete picture emerges by looking at the total weekly number of deaths as based on the data received by CBS, regardless of the cause of death.
    Jubilee for elites OR ELSE
    “huge new austerity measures will be demanded to bring your government’s finances back into line, including the repayment of the monies spent on your unemployment benefits.”

    Don’t be afraid. Say it … Jubilee
    All obligations are suspended: salaries, rents, mortgages, bills, loans, bets, and vigs, all up in the air somewhere, but definitely not moving to their assigned destinations. The velocity of money is zero and all the various new term facilities and structured vehicles conjured by the Federal Reserve and Congress amount to a mere shadow of money moving – even though they are represented by trillions of brand-new alleged dollars.
    Mass graves for covid19 and for the poor and destitute seniors in care homes …. equals funeral home going bankrupt!!!!


    Sorry did she say that? – “But (with) older people, it just seems like we’re saying, ‘We don’t care about you – you’re too old.’” I mean we are sending economies off a cliff and apparently we don’t care about the old people?
    This is a new strain of the flu (and a bit of a nasty one) but not a lot changes in the real world of nature – you know the one where living things procure resources from their environment. As in nature weak, ageing and diseased individuals and organisms express poor resistance to the demands of the living environment – namely that they have vigour and health. I see it with trees and plants with my work. I don’t stop watering the entire nursery because some specimens start showing decline. Certainly I may group plants together or allow for some separation but I don’t enact the same protocols for all specimens.
    Defence systems are barriers – we have none globally. Our numbers spiral out of control and our mobility just keeps increasing. Viruses have unlimited access. Globalisation is the real enemy. Now we want to keep the dream alive with virtual global living via our screens and devices but……
    I don’t think it is a hoax but a power grab is a power grab and we should as citizens have some say over how this is handled. I also think it is weird that you can trash your body all your life with shit food and drugs and whatever and crush the health care system with diabetes and the rest and then crush the health care system with Corona. I feel like I am being insensitive but the Lord of More got us here and we ain’t getting out without casualties.



    “The nation now has the long Easter weekend to stew and ruminate over its fate with spring achingly vivid and beckoning beyond the grim, streaked windows of sequestering.” J. Kunstler


    Goddamn fucking pigs! What the cowards run away when he stands up to them and demands their badge numbers.



    I ask myself why I bother. I’ll answer that question to myself later, in private. It’s Complicated, my media relationship with myself.

    Regarding the Philadelphia transit cops event:

    First, the video doesn’t show what the cops do if the unMasked Man tries to board the next train, so saying they are running away is just so much, uh, bullshit. You/we don’t know unless someone has viewed subsequent footage. He’s off the train and the cops don’t care about his badge # requests. Fuck him awreddy. Cops are cops. (I am anything but a fan of cops, btw. Once came *this* close to killing one. He knew it. He saw me pull my strike back just incher, if that, before his eyes. He declined to arrest me while I verbally abused him with full impunity and great relish. True story which is why it sounds unreal.)

    Secondly, Typhoid Mary

    The social contract is a contract, and contracts are legally enforceable in a society based on Rule of Law under a Monop[oly on Violence as such is The State. That’s how modern life works, warts and all. We believe we’re entitled to live together in large close groups milling about our ant hill all the time, often driving or flying hundreds of miles away to do the same, carrying within us or upon us countless microbes, some of which are pathogenic to those we come into contact with.

    When I was a kid, legally enforceable No Spitting signs were still prominent in the Chicago I grew up in, reflecting older public health campaigns based more on, uh, ‘hygiene etiquette’ than vaccinations and antibiotics. In that time (50s/60s) vaccinations of many kinds were already mandatory, typically enforced by one not being allowed to attend school without immunizations. Since school was/is also mandatory, not being vaccined got you culled from the herd one way or another. The truant officer could take you from your home.

    In any group living situation beyond tribal size, institutions of bureaucratic authroity arise to address perceived problems, some of them real, some imagined. Granted power tends to corrupt its wielders. Beatings occur. Incarcerations happen. Executions, usually public and a popular form of entertainment before TV hypnotized us all with more satisfying forms of vicarious vengeance, become staples of life.

    This is how we live. That sky has always been falling, and someone is always crowing with wings aflap that this is so and deriding us for being stupid because we do not share their precise perspective, at least not in a form they can understand. Understanding is often challenged by the act of crowing and flapping at every thing that seems to confirm one’s personal beliefs.

    Sometimes these incessant alarmists get beat up by cops. Other times, citizens themselves weary of the noise and do the beating themselves. Wearing a mask is sometimes a wiser form of precaution than carrying a gun, although come to think of it, the two often overlap, ci?

    But then, what could possibly be more important than having someone/something to blame? That ALWAYS solves the problem, right?

    Don’t You Know the Sky Is Falling?


    Raul: John Gray is a rare treat. He pisses off equally both sides of most any aisle he comes near while honoring both with the respect of honestly acknowledging their genuine truths, whatever they are.

    I especially enjoy how he will naturally piss of Xtians with his at agnostic leaning toward atheism, and he angers secular humanism with his observation that we suck at being fruitful and multiplying in a remotely sane manner.

    My kinda guy. Bit of a one-note Johnny, but to quote one music critic concerning the guitar solo in Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl: “But oh, what a note!”

    Straw Dogs by John Gray


    “I don’t think it is a hoax but a power grab is a power grab and we should as citizens have some say over how this is handled.” oxymoron

    Yes, a power grab is a power grab, it would indeed be nice if “we citizens” had a say, but which citizens? The give/take 50% who don’t bother to vote in give/take 50% of elections? Those who reactionarily empower authority by opposing authority? Or, my fave, those who work to build the foundations of something that will endure through this transformatiuon and provide some kind of sensible basis for what comes next? We’re quite a blend, we are.

    We the people got us into this mess. We vastly outnumber the 1%. By, give/take, 99%. Congress has an approval rating approaching single digits yet the incumbency rate remains extremely high. We deserve the leaders we put up with, and we deserve the fate we collectively experience via authority, because we are we, and we are not in harmonious communion. We are, as Thomas Carlyle said, “…chaos with ballot urns.”

    “I also think it is weird that you can trash your body all your life with shit food and drugs and whatever and crush the health care system with diabetes and the rest and then crush the health care system with Corona. I feel like I am being insensitive but the Lord of More got us here and we ain’t getting out without casualties.”

    What’s insensitive, perhaps, is that the Lord of More is a vast conspiracy power grab in its own right: we all grew up with constant mentality derangers* called commercials beamed through our optic nerves straight into our brain every 5-10 minutes as we watched TV, which we did in large amounts as soon as the things arrived in our homes. A new state of couch stasis appeared. Preople could sit and stare literally for hours without maving more than their lungs and heart. Even their eyes remained fixed on the narrow visual space. Only kids, still alive and not yet entirely unsubdued, got up close to the action, making it alas, even more real to them as their eyes raced back and forth watching actors mill about the glowing screen. But sill not so hypnotised that when boring parts happened, they’d get up and play or at least pester their siblings for amusement.

    Modernites, especially Euromericans, have voluntarily submitted to a brain wash campaign so blatantly visible we have had to, of course, debate ever since whether it was “really” happening or not. Especially on TV. Oh, how we love to watch things debated on TV. Oh, how hard it is for us to see the ubiquitously obvious. Like goldfish unaware of water because it surrounds them entirely while they admire their (culturally) distorted reflections in the glass.

    Reflections in a Glass Eye

    There are people reading this blog who have “trash(ed their) bod(ies) all (their) life with shit food and drugs and whatever and crush the health care system with diabetes”. Or know someone who has. Like my dear wife, who was raised to watch TV and eat donuts as a kid. Like so many. SHe’s hardly unintelligent or unprincipled or without discipline. She struggles greatly with her early childhood food/TV imprinting.

    Some of us were lucky enough to have spied a hole in The Fence. Typically, we had to experience major physical or cognitive pain to actually squeeze through that tiny barbed wire aperture. A major bitch-slap in my face when I was 16, delivered by my Dad because I wouldn’t cut my hair (oh, 1972, you were a very shaggy year), awoke me with a startle to the irrationality of the Grown-Ups In Charge, and I bolted through that hole so fast I’m still scarred from the exit wounds.

    How we arrive at our given stations in and perspectives on life is as much chance as self-direction. So, if it sounds insensitive to point out what everyone here already knows via a number of mutually shared perspectives, i.e. that we were already screwed beforehand by Das System and are even more screwed now by same, it is perhaps because your language suggests a sense of removal from those poor fat deplorable zombie Twinkie-eating diabetic couch comas. In the sense of Darwinian survival chances, you probably ARE superior to them, but the act of even seeming to belittle them detracts from your appearance of ‘sensitivity’. You are probably anything but insensitive in your affairs with your daily fellows, but the above doesn’t show the best side of your compassionately moral face, maybe? All that said, I think the cornerstone is your use of the word “we” and “you” in your remarks. We all throw those pronouns interchangeably without seeing the subconscious choices that often pick which pronoun we use.

    None of us asked to be born into this world, not that we know of.

    *your nephew Oscar and his girlfriend Shalina want to start a punk band with that name: Mentality Derangers

    Maxwell Quest

    Loved the old cartoon of Uncle Sam feeding the corporate monopoly hogs, while ignoring the ‘rest of us’. As the French say: “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”. Or as it’s known in the US: “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.

    I must admit that I’m a bit burned out on the whole pandemic drama. Much of this is due to the craziness which it has excited: the politicizing, the finger pointing, the ass covering, the conspiracy theories, the money printing, the thieving, the overreach of authority, the fear mongering, the ineptitude, the conflicting reports, etc. etc. Sometimes by the end of the day I don’t know which end is up. However, I still have an evolving picture of the situation that has developed instinctually, and I’m curious to see how well it holds up to how this actually plays out over time. There is remarkable potential for this crisis to alter the course of history, which duly needs altering, but in which direction we as yet do not know. Let us hope that Mr. Gates does not have a seat on the steering committee.

    As always, I appreciate the exchange of ideas and shared experiences from Raul, and everyone who comments.



    Boogaloo do check the link I sent -it offers an explanation for the distribution of covid in the US and elsewhere including Netherlands.

    Connecting the Dots: Glyphosate and COVID-19

    Perhaps one less mystery

    With a growing number of reports showing the Pentagon absolutely getting pounded by coronavirus, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley issued a statement warning that US readiness remains intact, and that no nation should test the US.

    This at a time that as AFP reports, 150 bases as well as aircraft carriers have been affected: Still, offensive capabilities simply must be taxed by 3,366 Defense Department infections. The USS Theodore Roosevelt is in an extended dock because almost 10% of the crew is infected.



    The controversy over this drug is getting strange.

    A French scientist says it is effective if give as soon as the disease is diagnosed. Then all supplies in France disappear!

    An American doctor says it is very effective on seriously ill patients if given with a zinc supplement.

    Some say it would need weeks of clinical trials. No it doesn’t – the drug has been around for fifty years!

    It works or it doesn’t!

    One thought is that this is so big pharma can make money from novel vaccines and other treatments, which could be a long time coming. Or never : there is no cure for HIV yet.

    I personally get the feeling that Western governments are trying to make things as bad as possible – deliberately, not through incompetence. The lack of PPE even for medical staff, refusal to ramp up testing to massive levels, etc. Is this in order to justify the extreme monitoring schemes being proposed in various countries?

    Figmund Sreud

    FWIW, … yet another interview with a microbiologist with 25 years of experience researching bacterial infections:
    The science of Covid-19

    The science of Covid-19

    … like I said, FWIW.



    MOst of us here are passingly familiar with the D-K Effect.

    Here is a nicely succinct but not crudely simplified of this ultimately complex issue and its sibling, “I.Q.”:

    A song for all of us:

    Lyddl Gnose Itt Olzz


    Dear Raúl Ilargi Meijer,

    What is the correct url for Is it this one?

    Which spreadsheet are you reproducing?


    bosco says: “The social contract is a contract, and contracts are legally enforceable in a society based on Rule of Law under a Monop[oly on Violence as such is The State. That’s how modern life works, warts and all. We believe we’re entitled to live together in large close groups milling about our ant hill all the time, often driving or flying hundreds of miles away to do the same, carrying within us or upon us countless microbes, some of which are pathogenic to those we come into contact with.”

    Well, bosco, just make sure you keep a printed copy of that social contract on your body at all times along with your “I got tested card” after they issue you one. That way, when the swat team executing a no-knock warrant on your next door neighbor for improper social distancing, accidentally comes crashing through your door at three in the morning, you’ll be able to show them that you are a good little slave, and maybe they won’t splatter you all over the wall.


    Someone posted a non-paranoiac, mainstream summary of primary significant developments toward handling this virus thingamabob. This summary is broadly inclusive not exclusive in its reportings, speaks from outside both today’s bipolar political landscape and the butt-sniffers-in-a-row world of credentialed experts so adeptly misinforming and mistreating so many of us merely because they’re conditioned to do what they’re told. It uses language that will not satisfy the most ardent counter-culturalists and contrarians on both sides of whatever lines draw whatever today’s PC camps represent (Beavis<>Butthead???), but instead uses language that will communicate clearly and calmly to the vast majority of the human herd in a voice they’ve learned to easily trust and understand.

    In the process, it offers what appears to be genuinely accurate information.

    One can, however, quibble with this one, for surez: “All evidence suggests that COVID-19 infections produce an effective immune response that should lead to protection for life.” I don’t know if I’m qualified to refute that or not. The fact that some people have recurrent infections of Corvid-19 sounds kinda spooky and has sold its share of page-views, but I have seen no comparison of that to other viral pathogens. It may be something that has been successfully dealt with before with other viruses. If so, then he is accurate to say that “All evidence suggests that COVID-19 infections produce an effective immune response that should lead to protection for life.”

    But me no gno.

    I repeat: ‘Someone posted a non-paranoiac, mainstream summary of primary significant developments toward handling this virus thingamabob.’ And, it seems mostly accurate and unbiased other than its adherence to vaccinology as the One True Way.

    I can hardly believe my eyes, head asplode, hair on fire. Maybe it’s just a Frigmund of my imagination?

    Am I Losing My Mind?


    bosco understand self-protection and the concept of police invasion of privacy and worse. Him dooz, and would be lying if he said that him wonderz why you imply that he doesn’t. Because him gnoze whies:

    your very human ego and its very human attachment to being right, not necessarily all the time in daily affairs, but certainly when it comes to the worldview you’ve attained to explain human geopolitical reality to yourself.

    That part of the human ego gets butthurt at the drop of a fart… an unfortunate sort of twisted metaphor, that.

    But then, on the other hand: Maybe I Think Too Much


    Close to 17000 dead in the US from suspected SARS-CoV-2 illness. Over 17,000,000 have lost their livelihood in the last 21 days.
    That’s over 1000 people out of work, out of money, and out of luck for each deceased individual.
    If compassion were an issue here, things would look different.
    I suppose we can always count the upcoming suicides as victims of The Virus, too.
    I weep for my country. I weep for the world. I weep for the future that’s coming unfurled.

    Figmund Sreud

    We may, … just perhaps, end up as a proverbial burnt toast! So goes a jest in this oped, …

    … The belief that it is worth sacrificing anything and everything at the altar of flattening the coronavirus curve is foolish. But many leaders are behaving that way. We need a clearer picture of all that is at stake before those at the helm burn down the village to save it. […]

    … Many difficult decisions lie ahead. We stand the best chance of making good decisions if we consider everything at stake, and not only the singular goal of reducing Covid-19 deaths.

    Lockdowns Won’t Stop the Spread
    Stopping the coronavirus and protecting the economy are one and the same, but it is too late to do either.




    Bosco, much appreciated your criticism of my venting arrogance. Even read it out to my wife who was in some agreement. I will add though that my statement sounded more specific than it really was meant to be. I AM frustrated with those aspects of myself where imprinting or lack of discipline has reduced my Darwinian winning capacity (sugar was my emotional rescue) and even now wrestle with tooth-ache which will result in another tooth pulled in short order. No one can set the learning limits and time-frame for anyone but themselves and that is why the actual seat of power resides within ones Self. In reality, I know that real and lasting peace comes through a deep and well practiced understanding of this phrase from the late Kenneth Wapnick via Jesus -“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. Problem is I let my ego run my mind. Thus my mind lets unkind and ‘insensitive’ thoughts take a front row. What drives this in part is that I just wish we would learn our lessons and move in the direction away from the Lord of More and toward the Lord of Content. This is known as impatience which is itself unloving and unkind, but give me a break – it is frustrating to watch us all do things we don’t need to do all the time. Throw on top of that the ambiguity of just living in this world and trying to do no harm when for example we know the toxins and waste streams eddying behind us from almost all our decisions – like purchasing and using these computers with their third world assembly and polluting after-lives.
    I guess I am saying yep – you are right – I was being a bit of a dickhead but how hopeless is this world of time and space filled with we morons who just do dumb shit all the time?.


    The natives are restless! The sky is falling! The world is coming to an end!

    Situation perfectly normal!

    My igloo still hasn’t melted yet!

    Spring is now being delayed until early May!

    Where is Al Gore when you need him!


    I am honored and touched, oxymoron. I too despair of human reality.


    Aside from the vocal delivery mechanism, which is obviously different than those of most homo sapiens, the message is basically this:

    Let me walk with you, please, o Lord. Although I can’t bear a leash, and we loners are known to roll in carrion for reasons mysterious to everyone including ourselves, we need to know we have a Master who loves us.

    Even if we’re often out of earshot and so don’t always hear when you call, which sometimes causes us trouble and others grief, we sniff your trail often in ways that those who stay close to you can’t, being used as they are to more nearness of your presence than our solitary ways allow. Others are more accustomed to your smell, often to the point where their den is powerfully redolent of your Divine Odor, which can also cause problems: a goldfish doesn’t necessarily notice that its bowl is leaking until the water’s too far gone; we lonesters can smell a trace of your spirit like we can smell the ghost of water on the wind… precisely because we are so often desperately parched.

    Let me walk with You, please. I never asked to be without a pack, but that’s how it is and apparently must be. I haven’t had a pack for 48 years, but you blessed me with a mate so I don’t have to always howl alone.

    Nonetheless, while She is more company than I’d ever hoped for, I walk the woods alone because their darkness scares others. I get lonely, and need a friend I can rely on.

    And… I hate to say, oh, I really hate to say it, but it’s probably you. Not that I don’t love you and adore you, but… I’m a wolf not a God. You’re all I have, like a housedog in a downtown city apartment whose entire world depends on its human. It is not entirely alone: the humans have another dog and they are best friends.
    But neither of them will last long without their human god-of-their-lives, and neither will I nor my mate, o Lord.

    Wolves Talk

    It’s Probably Me

    I will now resume posting relevant links without my personal blather.


    Boogaloo do check the link I sent -it offers an explanation for the distribution of covid in the US and elsewhere including Netherlands.

    Sumac, yes, it will be interesting to see if this theory holds up over time, either with respect to the distribution or the severity of the disease. The point that I had tried to make before was that some countries that seemed to do well in the beginning are now struggling, and I do not think that this theory can explain that. For example, she gives the examples of Bhutan (for organic food) and Russia (for resisting biofuels). Russia did well at first, but now sees 15% day-over-day increases.


    Here is a summary of the research connecting glyphosate to vulnerability to covid-19

    esearch scientist at MIT has been studying the role of toxic chemicals in the deterioration of human health. Current focus is covid-19 and its tendency to launch cytokine storms. Of note is that, for most people, covid-19 is barely noticeable, whereas for others it is a serious crisis.
    Author believes the answer is the state of the person’s “innate immune system” which is the normal portion of the immune system, versus the “adaptive immune system” which launches a cytokine storm when the innate system is broken, and the cytokine storm can cause sufficient collateral damage to be lethal.
    The researcher’s hypothesis is that the biofuel industry is inadvertently introducing glyphosate into transportation fuels (for cars, buses, airplanes, ships). Glyphosate is used extensively on the crops and biomass that are the basis for biofuels. The plant material destined for use in biofuels is often transported by barge in major waterways, polluting these waterways with glyphosate also.
    Studies show that aerosol glyphosate causes damage to lungs in such a way as to induce a very strong response (ie cytokine storm) to a new cold virus, leading to extensive damage to lungs, breathing difficulties, and inability to clear the virus from the body. Glyphosate has also been found to cause a number of serious chronic diseases, due to its impact on the immune system.
    Geographical distribution of biofuels maps well to covid-19 hot spots:
    – The 3 leading US cities using biodiesel in vehicles (and for home heating oil) are New York, New Orleans, and Washington DC. These cities are also at the mouths of major waterways used to transport the biomass destined for biofuel production.
    – The US consumes more glyphosate per capita than any other country.
    – Covid-19 hot spot cities in the US are served by airlines that use biofuels.
    – Italy has developed a technology for producing biodiesel from used olive oil, and glyphosate is routinely used to control weeds around olive trees. Lombardy has a serious issue with air pollution, particularly from diesel fuel. 99% of the people in Lombardy who died of covid-19 had at least one chronic disease (heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, copd, liver or kidney disease) while nearly half had three or more (remember chronic diseases are connected to glyphosate)
    – Europe increasingly relies on imported biodiesel from Argentina to meet demand, and Argentinian biodiesel is produced from Roundup-Ready soybeans.
    – KLM, the Dutch airline, was the first airline in the world to use biofuel, and the Netherlands has been hard hit by covid-19.
    Russia has been very slow to adopt biofuels because of their strong oil and gas lobby, and Russia has a much lower rate of infection and mortality from covid-19.


    Oxymoron and Bosco thank you both for sharing your beautiful wisdom about humanity. So refreshing.

    Dr. D

    The trouble with Americans, as I say 4x a day, is that every person that speaks is lying, and every thing you hear, read, or even see, is a lie. When it comes to a crisis, then, what will people believe? As it is composed of almost entirely lies, each person has no possible choice but to invent a constellation of facts, of truths, to make order out of a body of facts that – because all lies – make no sense on their own.

    So “hoax” is quite a big word. I wouldn’t say it’s a hoax but it’s been a generation since media DIDN’T radically and irresponsibly over-hype anything, everything, they put their attention on. We’re catching them at it regularly now. My feeling is that it is like the ‘68 Hong Kong flu no one heard about unless you were there, and had no effects and no memory. Or even the ‘72 Swine Flu that they killed a few thousand in just four weeks with irresponsible vaccines, before they got Reagan to indemnify them against any deaths or injuries, regardless of how bad or how many.

    We add that to our present system, which despite deserved criticism about cost, nevertheless carefully keeps most chronically unhealthy people alive decades longer than before. So they are teetering on the edge, taking 20 drugs daily just to not die already. I don’t know what to say for that. Should we do nothing? Probably not, but with the deaths over 80, you have to wonder where this was going to stop anyway. We mourn death to some extent because of the time stolen from us. But these people have already stolen 10 years from Time.

    We are protected from death, as we are protected from life, now so neurotic that shots are fired if your coffee isn’t hot, much less see things live and die daily: cattle, chickens in a pot, your sister, brother, dog, all die elegantly, “correctly” out of sight, with everything paid to be witnessed and cleaned up by someone else. They don’t want that bubble popped. Who would?

    So it’s easy to create panic when 10 years of delayed deaths occur, or another way, a whole year’s worth of deaths cram into 3 months, in a population that like shiny children, has never once seen death, less faced it.

    My point is simply that we can attempt to save a few – and not even by “saving” them at all, but by delaying their inevitable injury until later, when the hospitals can accept them – and then murder 1,000 more because we forget the economy is 8 billion times larger – larger than the virus, larger than the banks, larger than the government – because the “economy” is us. So in a logical sense: do you want to kill more or fewer people? Apparently, clearly, they want more, which leads to the question: why? If we have potential drugs, they immediately outlaw their investigation everywhere, why? They immediately want new paperwork, new passports, new abuses none of which have any logical purpose in promoting health. Why?

    And so on. So is it a hoax? Yes. No. Is it being planned, engineered, executed for power? Yes. No. At any moment on planet earth, there’s a lot going on, with a lot of people and a lot of intents, many of which are trialed but come to nothing. But you can be sure people will be trying to advantage themselves at the expense of others with whatever comes along.

    Also for Korea, 500k people is just one city. Out of a nation with 3,142 counties. I know that sounds mean, but it’s impossible to recognize how vast and endless America is without spending time here. Like I said, one city is the size of half of Spain. When that’s the case, large numbers seem modest to us. And similar to any other town: should the entire town of Mayberry shut down because two people died at the County Rest Home today? Of course not. And we don’t even have numbers that high.

    Is there a thing? Yes. Should we do something, try to dampen the impact on health workers, get the vulnerable through somehow? Yes. But not at the cost of sacrificing everyone instead, our livelihoods, our centuries of law and freedoms. Especially when their severe measures – even according to themselves – won’t stop the disease anyway. Everybody’s going to get it. They’re just trying to insure a hospital bed for them, while being able to do very little for you if you end up there. 80% mortality rate. Stay at home.


    Next morning- Okay. Close to 19,000.
    I desperately need new glasses, but it will have to wait.


    sumac: One important nit: The original article never suggested that “for most people, covid-19 is barely noticeable.” Rather, the author gave one example of one person who had only two minor symptoms. The point was to set the stage for explaining why some outcomes are catastrophic and others are not..

    Dr D: My cynical side says that the elites want to send people back to work NOT because they care about the economy, but because they do not want the government to own the unemployment problem. As a practical matter, the government cannot allow foreclosures to go forward at the same time they are ordering people to stay home. That could lead to an uprising. So instead they will let people go back to work and then give the green light to the foreclosures. Then Wall Street will buy up all of the foreclosed homes with all of the free money they got from the Fed. So in the name of saving the economy we will really be sending a lot of people to economic ruin.

    That’s why I think the people are better off staying at home and insisting on some form of jubilee/reset.

    There is plenty of money out there for bailouts, but in the current rigged system all the money goes to the banks, the hedge funds, the big companies, and the military. Not to the people. It is time to change that.

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