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    John French Sloan A Woman’s Work 1912   • Prosecutors, Judges, Media Interfering in the November Election (PCR) • Iran’s ‘New Equation’ Reaches W
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    Field Able

    Sorry double

    Field Able

    Worth a read, a review of a Russian book on the opening phases of Putin’s Not War / SMO debacle;


    Ahh, just got banned from ZeroHedge again. Last time was eight days ago and I had just earned the right to make comments. ZH has Jew Tylers – yes, nothing like the film. When you join they do the Jew thing, they tell you your comments are going to be moderated, but they never are, they are just dumped; hey, it is jew land, why complain, we know what they are.

    Then today I walked in on the Tylers sucking Jew cock. I made a comment. Within 30 seconds I was banned. I was impressed, their jew employees are on the button. The question I have is how will the Jews running ZH cope with the “far right extremists” who visit Zero Hedge. The Jews are playing the normal people, controlling them while pretending not to control them.

    So, should I fake another email and join Jew ZH again, or is there somewhere better to go, I am kind of getting fed up with their small hats. Yeah, I will rejoin and blast the Jews again, until Jew Tyler loses it again … what else is a normal man to do?

    Deebs the Jew, maybe you can put a good word in for me?


    Once again a proposal: The CDC-EcoHealth operation was designed to be discovered. Compare the budget of the CDC to that of the DOD. Remember the light bird Vinman and his assertion that the chief executive is not who determines foreign policy. How many of the virology labs in Yellow and Blue were being run by the CDC? Finally remember Pompeo and his quote “this is a live exercise”.

    “Our reverence for the truth might be a distraction that’s getting in the way of finding common ground and getting things done.”

    perhaps a better phrasing would be: A complete disregard for the truth combined with the absence of empathy is our common ground and how things get done.

    better known as – Keeping Up with the Joneses

    in the no shit Shelock arena: The macrocosm is an extension of the microcosm


    Karalynne Call

    Your name tells me you are a know-nothing idiot.


    Macgregor: “The United States has not commit to attacking Iran. This is unacceptable to Netanyahu, and he will work to alter Washington’s position.

    Under the circumstances, Washington should expect Israel to employ whatever military power is at its disposal, including nuclear weapons, to destroy Iran’s strategic power.

    Destroying Iran’s underground nuclear facilities has been a goal for a very long time. Both parties must realize Moscow will not tolerate a devastating attack on Iran.”

    You think the rich people in the world would let someone anyone start a nuclear war and turn their home planet into glass?

    You think the US military is going to allow Israel to start a nuclear war? You think the US military does not already have a procedure for when Israel tried to start a nuclear war? You think Russia does not have a procedure for dealing with turds like Israel? Of course they do, they will let the turds play, but as soon as the turds threaten their existence, then the turds become glass turds. Human nature.


    The black Democrat New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg, put into office by anti-Trump billionaire George Soros, who Elon Musk says hates humanity (which means gentiles), has concocted a criminal case against President Trump for “falsifying business documents” that legal scholars dispute.

    But Trump sucked Jew cock when he was POTUS, so what is the problem? Maybe the whole theatre is just theatre and Trump is actually the Jews’ desired candidate, so will win. Look who benefits.

    Dr. D

    “Senate Saves Mayorkas From Impeachment Threat
    Why should ANY American be accountable for refusing to follow federal law?”

    Well they never have before, so…. However, if you THINK about protesting, which IS legal: 20 YEARS, Mister.

    “Federal Judge Clears Facebook’s Zuckerberg Of Personal Liability In 25 ‘Social Media Addiction’ Cases

    Of course they do. Meanwhile BANHAMMER for vaping non-drugs. Save the childrens. If even ONE life is saved, we send 20,000 2,000lb bombs to kill them.

    “Americans need to understand that their country has been stolen from them and that the ruling elite are not going to permit Trump to give it back to them.”

    What Holter said, what I say, and what Trump said in his inaugural. So again, it’s like “All the marbles”. They’re very serious, but cockroaches like them can only live when there’s no light. They can’t resist displaying themselves as Cluster B’s and have to both power-over make you act like amputate your children, AND rape you personally, AND make you say you like it. Power. The purpose of Power is Power. To people who are mentally ill and feel powerless because they’ve actively cut themselves off from their Source.

    Iran: so they hit the Golan Heights. Okay, that was more expected. Wins all around.

    “Nancy Pelosi, the California Democrat who served as House speaker for far too long, asserted that the F.B.I. should investigate demonstrators demanding a ceasefire in Gaza”

    Pelosi is a Putin-Puppet. A week later she was parroting all Putin’s talking points when she flipped on Israel. …But it’s not xxxxx when WE do it.

    ““There are some more nighttime entertainment shows that seem to spin, like, I see the Russian propaganda in some of it — and it’s almost identical on our airwaves.”

    Um, it could be that some part of what Russia is saying is TRUE – like the sky is blue – and OUR people are also saying what is true? Ever occur to you? No? Carry on.

    “House Speaker Mike Johnson is about to get ousted. It’s all RINOs all the way down.”

    Seemed like we were moving ahead but the action count says no: 2/3rds remain RINOs, that is, Democrats.

    ““We are opposed to a standalone bill that would just work on Israel, as we’ve seen proposed. We would oppose a standalone bill, yes,”

    Great. But that’s like saying you oppose Japan eating rice. You have no purpose nor leverage whatsoever. Your opinions are entirely irrelevant and beside the point. …Unless you wish to veto a good funding bill just BECAUSE it doesn’t also include Ukraine, which is your right. I hope you do. So why am I reading this? I’m glad Johnson broke up the bills, but barely. That’s a mere ½ step better than McCarthy.

    “And the best way to get that aid into the hands of the IDF and into the hands of the Ukrainian soldiers is to pass that bipartisan bill that the Senate passed.”

    “Bipartisan” is a throwaway word. 99% of all bills have at least one member of the other side. And I don’t WANT aid in the hands of the IDF – OR – Ukraine. Nor does anyone else in America. Have you asked? (Of course not; the People don’t exist, only their Leaders.)

    “In fact, 15 agencies with knowledge of this project have continuously refused to release any information”

    That’s Science! No Data; No Debate.

    “NPR CEO Katherine Maher attacked Berliner and made clear that NPR had no intention to change its one-sided editorial staff or its coverage.”

    Several levels, but again, why am I paying for one-sided coverage that’s a mouthpiece and direct representative of the Democratic Party? Shouldn’t we then publicly fund Crowder and Alex Jones as a direct far-”right” version of one-sided support for Republicans? Of course we should. You can see strategically, doing this will cause NPR to cease to exist, just as they vaporized CNN, Buzzfeed, HuffPo, Slate, MSNBC, Disney, Budweiser, and so on. Because they’re “Capitalists” their first allegiance is to religion and social engineering and will distort, kill, or destroy anything in the service of “The Message.” Lose all money and cease to be. Even to their own destruction, unemployment, and irrelevancy. Okay then: challenge accepted. I dare you. Please keep going.

    “• EU Leadership Must Go – Orban (RT)

    There’s a lot going on. What are we not seeing? How is Europe enduring such punishment? No market dislocations, for instance.

    “Apple and Google “could, basically, censor whatever you can read, access on your smartphone,”

    Worse: they are CREATING your reality: they offer you an internet newspage entirely different from the person next to you. We are not on the same internet. So they could give you and you alone, health advice that kills you – drink bleach! — and your spouse the Opposite advice so you get into fights, then the whole nation two different data sets, news feeds so THEY get in a Civil War, kill each other and drive the Volvo into the Pond with the kids. Got it? Censorship is almost the LEAST of the problems. It’s like a limited-hangout problem.

    This is not adding the data they collect that goes back from you.

    “So we got two letters that said: whatever we do, we would be violating the US Constitution.”

    That’s exactly what Musk just got, in Brazil. And that’s WHYYYYYY, practically, we have free speech. Because this happens, and a bunch of other things, like Pelosi changing her mind about what “Truth” is, minute-to-minute. So then Twitter has to reverse, minute to minute, so then the people have to reverse, minute to minute. That’s called “Insanity”. There is no “Reality.”

    What else do we see here? Competition. Oh wait, who allowed that in a Capitalist system???? If you’re on Telegram for Tucker, you might bookmark other people there as well. Then we have 4-5, hopefully more platforms and Twitter, — or NPR, BBC, whoever – “Can’t censor” because the info will get out widely anyway, they can only “Spin”. Which sucks, but is tolerable. CNN demonstrates the complete vaporization of someone who spins too much.

    Competition. Like Bankruptcy, a good thing. Try it someday.

    “However, if the goal is that we own nothing and are controlled under a digital currency regime, these assets will be taken as well.”

    This is best illustrated by “Van Life”. Glossy, perfect ads and videos about how wonderful, trendy, cool, simple, living in a van by the river is. You’re free. Free to roam the nation, working online. True. Except what we call it: You’re an Indian. A Native. Loose bands of tipis going to the salmon run. Aaaaaaand???? That’s right: General Custer and the U.S. Army will have no trouble destroying you utterly. So sure, I would LIKE to be like that, but I’m well aware I can’t be small, humble and disarmed when you’re just going to kill me. I don’t want to match your power for civil defense, but I have to because you can’t be trusted. That’s the “Own Nothing” round: NeoFeudalism.

    But they are very alarmed by the Bad Guys having “Plans”. They ALWAYS have plans. Do they get anywhere? How’d their Brexit Plan go? The Ukraine Plan? The Israel Plan? Irritatingly, we have to go around and counter their Plans, but that’s life I guess. I don’t see the rich guys taking, say 100 Million houses while there are 400 Million guns, and them not being shot to pieces and in disarray. Now they might prevail, sure, but not without high costs and far too much randomness. So even if you count THEIR Plan, and their “Plan” prevailing, it will be so altered, and with different people ultimately inheriting it, that it scarcely bears thinking about. They won’t “Win” in that sense. So we play the next chess move: tell people and don’t cooperate. Make Me.

    “• IMF Lambasts US Over Ballooning Debt (RT)

    The IMF. Really? The IMF wants and thinks it had moral basis to criticize someone? Okay, man, we’ll see how that turns out for you. You DO know that the U.S. is the main reason you exist and if we shrink, you vanish, right? Watch your step, and sleep tight, Sunshine.

    ““Something will have to give,” the IMF warned.”

    Yes, We’re going to default. We were ALWAYS going to default, at least since Reagan, but probably since 1971 and Nixon. It’s a historical imperative if not a mathematical one at first. Once Reagan (and the Fed, and the Randians of Greenspan) set this in motion, there was no other possible outcome, only WHEN. The IMF knows this.

    What can’t be paid, will be defaulted, as 100% of all times in world history and we’re not different. That is to say, it isn’t paid by the DEBTOR, it will be paid by the CREDITOR. That is, China, etc. They know that too: they’re not stupid, it’s part of their game, cost of business. Then we’ll find the oil and open the mines. What can’t be paid, won’t. When the debt load is lifted, we’ll boom like not seen in 100 years. The present wealthy all get their power from the present system, so erasing the system will critically wound their wealth and power. They can’t pay their blackmail and bribery and lose power of corruption. About 25 years too late, but oh well. Has to happen, so why not now.

    “Dr. Phil” the interesting part about this is “Dr. Phil”. We all knew since March 2020. But he’s speaking and not deplatformed.

    “Dr. Ladapo’s life story is powerful. He says he immigrated from Nigeria when he was only 5 years old, graduated from Harvard Medical School & is now the Surgeon General of Florida.”

    Why do they hate Doctors so much? Is it because he’s Black? Or because he’s an immigrant?

    Dammit, rain in the Desert again! If this keeps up, we’re all gonna dieeee! The world, greening. The north, growing ever greater crops. Food supply increasing. Central Valley, filled up as a garden. All Silk Road in Asia, a vast empire, re-opened to human life. This must be stopped! If this keeps up there will be plants and animals everywhere, possibly even Antarctica! Just imagine: 5.5 Million square miles, an area the size of Australia, teeming with life, animal, crops, cities. Why, we could double the population again! I say we KILL EVERY POOR PERSON TO PREVENT THIS. All 6 Billion of them. NOW. And, of course, leave Europe and the Anglos standing. Of course! They are the “Garden” people.

    AI is us. A bureaucracy is AI, where the computing cells are humans. They just completed the move to digital. So it’s not going to do better, largely because it learned from the lowest, least evolved humans on the planet: Reddit and Twitter, and worse, their Western, Anglo subset. It is insane, because it’s a reflection back to us of our own Cluster B.

    What I’ve been more interested in lately is, being #AntiLogos, they make no logical sense at all. And this used to be an outlier is now becoming common and rising. I mean like, It would be EASIER to do your job correctly, like just go in write up the TPS Report, and hand it in. They pay you money for that. It would be #Logical to avoid, deny, shirk, squirm out of it, that is to be “Lazy”, and we understand the basic human motivation and advantage there. It would be wrong but logical to LIE on it, make stuff up to gain Power, to get more Money, to trash the managers around you. Low, perhaps, but logical, predicable, the systems are built to (try, badly) to reduce this.

    What I see is someone spend 5x longer, more work, to lie, make stuff up no one believes, makes others angry, gets people hurt (let’s say they are patients), draw a lot of attention, get sued, lose money and get fired. …Which is difficult to impossible these days. That’s #AntiLogical behavior. I suspect no system can be created nor withstand such behavior, because you have randomized inputs. One day your system intakes cows, then giraffes, then rabid wolves, then a potted ficus plant, then an amoebae. The behavior is randomized and unpredictable. So what’s your middle-process assembly line for that? Also the output. If you’re a Ficus factory and giraffes keep coming in the door, you cannot ship your product. That’s even worse than Cluster B right now, and I never thought I’d say that. Even criminals, even deranged criminals, street people taking to themselves have rules I can understand so I can interact with them. Not so much this new thing. This new – whatever – is spreading as rapidly as the onset of Cluster B did 1-2 decades ago, and since it neither has a cause nor a purpose, it wouldn’t seem to have a prevention or cure. People are simply becoming possessed? Well whatever they’re doing, it’s not “human”, so I’m really reaching here. It’s pretty stark when violent self-serving criminals are a clear upgrade. The only upside is they are so random, they come in to rob the bank then halfway through decide they are a giraffe and wander off.

    “The best one could hope for in that case, even if every fight is won, is a life of interminable conflict”

    This is Sun Tzu, or any bouncer who finally becomes a blackbelt, dominating every fight. Why? Once you know you can beat them, the answer becomes Why Should I? Not that he wouldn’t remove troubled people from the premises, but an offhand luck you could still lose a tooth and is that the best way? Does that resolve the conflict and restore order in the easiest, most direct way? Sometimes yes, and that’s the catch, but usually no, there are so many levels first that they usually take an offramp and see reason. So that declares itself the higher level of the game, and a fighter’s new training: to talk and look and understand, not to fight.


    after a moment’s consideration this is becoming apparent:

    Things that must be done are being done.
    Things that are not needed will fall away.

    Greer was a good read yesterday.

    Doc Robinson

    Assange update from Craig Murray:

    The Farce of Diplomatic Assurances

    The United States has now, on the face of it, produced the Diplomatic Note giving the two assurances required by the High Court to allow the extradition of Julian Assange to proceed. The assurance that Julian Assange will be allowed to rely on the First Amendment in his defence is a blatantly weak piece of sophistry.

    …Assange may seek to raise a First Amendment defence without prohibition on grounds of nationality. This means precisely that his lawyers are permitted to say:

    “My client wishes to claim the protection of the First Amendment for freedom of speech”

    This is “seeking to raise” it.

    The judge will immediately reply:

    “The First Amendment does not apply to your client as a foreign national acting abroad, as established by the US Supreme Court in USAID vs Open Society”.

    That is consistent with the actual operative phrase in the US Diplomatic Note: “A decision as to the applicability of the First Amendment is entirely within the purview of the US Courts”


    Bad theatre and histrionics from supposed “enemies” who all want the same thing, 1 world government, complete dominance and control over survivors of the culling. Poison injections, they all did it. A Reset of satanic global banking which requires stealing everything from everybody, CBDC’s and 1984. But don’t notice that…look over here at some fireworks over israhell, Satan’s command center. No casualties, just a few billion dollars worth of shit blowin up in the sky.


    Macgregor: “The United States has not commit to attacking Iran. This is unacceptable to Netanyahu, and he will work to alter Washington’s position.

    Well we are going to find out who CONTROLS who.

    Is there an actual “Deep State” or is it just “The Jews”?

    Russia (and China) will not permit the destruction of Iran.

    So does the Dip Shit State relent or do “The Jews” push humanity into WWIII and the Apocalypse?

    Coming soon to a planet near you.


    legal abuse
    appeal the wrongful conviction to a higher court he will have run out of money and energy and will make a plea to a lessor charge.
    People Power
    the system will not permit Trump’s return to office
    the ruling elite are not going to permit Trump to get it back
    a “New Equation”
    What if Iran had hit serious industrial and infrastructural targets?
    Johnson will hold separate votes on funding for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

    Read my yesterday #157129 REPLY
    Backdoor Pork
    If all four pieces passed the House, they would then be folded into a single bill for the Senate to take up, in an effort to ensure that senators could not cherry-pick pieces to approve or reject.

    Last week Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) wrote in a Tuesday op-ed that officials from 15 federal agencies “knew in 2018 that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was trying to create a coronavirus like COVID-19.” “These officials knew that the Chinese lab was proposing to create a COVID 19-like virus and not one of these officials revealed this scheme to the public.
    Truth telling
    I’ve Been at NPR for 25 Years. Here’s How We Lost America’s Trust.
    Uri Berliner, a veteran at the public radio institution, says the network lost its way when it started telling listeners how to think.

    By Uri Berliner

    April 9, 2024


    So “house flipping” is the only ‘productive’ activity left in Duh’merica.

    50% of the people I know in town seem to be ‘realtors”

    How is that possible?

    This people used to be business people, teachers, worked in health care, etc…. Now they’re all ‘realtors”, flippers.

    What a sad sacko’ shit Duh’merica has devolved into.

    Do they now teach “House Flipping 101” in High School? Community College? Ivy League?

    Many of the local “house flippers’ actually have Ivy League degrees.

    Put this in your “house flipping” Pipe and smoke it.

    Trouble in River City




    Good luck with zerohedge. Obviously everything heads to zero over time!

    Just a follow up about the Donald not putting up a good fight.

    The Donald put up a pretty dam good 4 year fight.
    I would have died from the sheer stress of it all!

    But the Uniparty really had the 52 card deck 100% stacked against him even before he won the Nov 2016 election thanks to Obama.

    1. All of Obama’s political appointees 5,000 plus where turned into special permanent government employees who could not be fired by the president! That meant the Donald couldn’t appoint any of his own people anywhere in the government!
    2. The Donald faced his first impeachment effort before he was even sworn in on Jan 2017 to try and prevent him from being sworn in!
    3. The White House’s Secret Ssrvice head vacated all his agents from the White House one weekend so the FBI could bug the White House so no Secret Service agents would know it was bugged. They used gold to prevent the bugs from being detected during regular security sweeps. The walls had t be torn out to find the bugs! The head was removed but not fired!
    4. To protect Congress’s Ukrainian money laundrymat, the Pentagon installed the 2 Vitman brothers to control the Donald’s access to the Ukraine, and by listening/recording in on conversations, triggering 2 more impeachment efforts.
    5. The Uniparty inserted traitor Jeff Sessions into the Donald’s campaign staff who pretended to support him and then asked for AG position. Upon being confirmed by Congress he immediately recued himself so their was no AG!out
    6. The DoJ and FBI setup the Russiagate shit legally boxing in the Donald with Lawfare as a result. They took over running the DoJ and FBI! They setup a new independent intelligence dept in the DoJ to control the president’s access to CIA etc! Then came the closer Bill Barr! Remember FBI head Comey!
    7. Then the Donald found out that the White House’s gov appointed sleaze lawyer was only “defending the office of the president” not the president! So he had to hire his own lawyers!
    8. The Donald used the already Congress confirmed US ambassador to try and install in the state dept (?) Since he couldn’t get any of his own people confirmed.
    9. Congress’s Jan 6th insurrection setup
    10. DoJ running Lawfare ever since the Donald left office!
    11. Look at the current stacked NY jury! See today’s articlecles! Note Trump is limited to objecting to only ten potential juriers! While prosecutor has unlimited objections and is allowed to asked very biased questions to ensure 100% democrat jury who hate Trump! Also 500 potential juries are prestacked by judge and prosecutor! Nice witch trial setup! About as fair as my ancestor Bridget Bishop’s 1692 trial for being a witch! First Salem witch to be hung and the last to be pardoned!

    Naturally these are just a few of the things I can remember!
    There were a hell of a lot more nasty stuff done in the name of saving “their” democracy!

    So yes, the Donald has not put up much of a fight!

    John Day

    Dr. Ladapo should have replied that “I am an expert in infectious disease and epidemiology, but not a ‘specialist'”. The standard for expert witnesses in court is “expert”.

    PCR Part 4: The Great Dispossession

    The Great Dispossession Part 4


    You’ve got an Empire of Lies that can’t tell itself the Truth about ANYTHING.

    No one can afford “college”

    No one can afford housing

    No one can afford “health care” (medical industrial complex sick care)

    Inflation is on it’s way to make healthy food unaffordable.

    Young couples are thinking twice about even having children “until the time is right” (which is = never)

    Duh’merica’s “military” is a joke, the result of decades of grift and now DEI madness.

    The Global Majority of countries hates the Empire of Lies

    They think Duh’merica is a murder of thieves, thugs and degenerate perverts.

    Even the Houthis have embarrassed the Mighty Duh’merican Navy by closing a major sea lane under their noses.

    Mission Accomplished!


    John Day

    Hi Doc Robinson. Thank You.

    John Day

    @Oroboros: Me too. “Totalitarianism”.
    But “Space Weather” isn’t on the list. “Climate Change” is something of a straw man, I think. Yes it will change. Yes it is changing. No, reducing CO2 emissions won’t “fix” it.
    How many can survive?



    Well at least we know why every town, and city in the western world, have so many real estate agents!
    All supported by central bank’s “pushing on a string” regarding falling money velocity, creating financial and real estate bubbles!
    My town alone has probably 40 to 60 real estate agents, all driving expensive shiny new cars!

    John Day

    @WES: Sorry about Bridget Bishop getting hanged for witchcraft.
    I presume that somebody obtained control of her assets after that departure.
    That is the pattern, as I understand it.


    Don’t worry.
    Take care of you circle of life/your shit.


    EMPIRE OF LIES air defense system

    It’s not the Russians using washing machine chips in their stuff, theirs work great, ask Ukronaziland!

    Duh’merican “technology Powered by Maytag©!

    And don’t forget BOEING quality control!



    John Day

    Again, Is this real? If so, what means it?

    VIDEO: United States Loads Nuclear Bombs onto B-52’s


    For GERM.


    Be afraid, be very afraid…..


    Hire clowns, expect a circus…..



    I know how to fix this:

    With your left hand slowly pat the top of your head

    With your right hand, rub your stomach in a slow counter clockwise motion!


    No problem!


    Russia’s SARMAT ICBM

    Ah, the Satan II

    It can be fired down to the South Pole and come up behind Empire of Lies missile defenses, which are all POINTED TOWARD THE NORTH POLE

    What goes around comes around!



    Regarding Republican House Rep Thomas Massie suddenly demanding that the House Speaker Mike Johnston immediately resign for betraying so called “conservative republicans” for supporting $61 billion aid to Ukraine.

    First of all Massie is a RINO pretending to be upset.

    Massie is trying to set in motion the Uniparty’s goal of appointing a Democrat speaker so they can remove Trump’s name from the presidential ballot, once Trump is convicted in his fake NY kangaroo trial.
    Yes Trump will appeal but that won’t happen until after the election.
    By then it will be too late for Trump.
    All as planned.

    Remember Mitch McConnel has already removed 2 Republican House reps reducing their majority to just 1 or 2 seats.
    In reality with the help of just 1 or 2 RINOs, the Democrats already have a working majority right now to outist Mike Johnston as speaker.

    Why is Thomas Massie suddenly doing this?
    Simple, he is being blackmailed!
    By the snake Mitch!

    See how this is all shaping up?
    Trump will share Julian’s fate to set an example of who is boss.

    The only thing left for Donald Trump to prove to everybody, is that we are no longer free!
    2016 was the first free presidential election and also the last.*


    At work


    Karine Jean-Pierre going to work



    Russia and Iran

    Joined at the hip


    John Day

    Google Quickly Fires 28 Employees Who Protested Dealings With Israel

    John Day

    I saw a report yesterday that Russia told Israel that Iran already has nuclear weapons.
    BIG rumors are flying.

    Iran Says It Could Pursue Nuclear Weapons If Israel Threatens Atomic Sites

    John Day

    Watch: Biden Falsely Claims That WWII Uncle Eaten By Cannibals, Twice

    John Day

    Excused Juror Reveals Selection Process For Trump’s ‘Hush-Money’ Trial: ‘All Have Prior Opinions’
    “We all have prior opinions on the defendant, unless you’ve been living in a cardbox,” she said, adding that she was excused because of her job in the cybersecurity sector.

    Regarding her personal feelings on President Trump, the woman said, “I’m not a fan.” The main reason why, she said, is because of how she believed he handled the COVID-19 pandemic response.

    But Ms. McGee provided some insight on the questions that were asked of the jurors.

    “One of which is: Do you have opinions about the ability for a former sitting president to be tried in a court of law? Which I think the way people answered that showed how they felt about case,” she said. “The other one was: Do you have any opinions about legal limits for campaign finance donation amounts? Which I believe was another one that was kinda meant to gauge feelings about the particular case,” she added.

    As of Wednesday morning, seven jurors have been selected with five more slots remaining. The judge has indicated that he will choose about six extra jurors to serve as backups.


    NPR’s CEO Katherine Maher on the truth:

    I think, perhaps, that she is confusing “The Truth” with “personal values.” Personal values are often called “personal truths,” because they are regarded as “truth” by individuals, and they are foundational for how individuals build their narratives of the world.

    One of the beauties of the human knowledge that is called science is that it is predicated upon experiments that are REPRODUCIBLE. This is key, because reproducibility means that, in theory, I don’t have to take someone’s word for it, I can test it for myself. Therefore, science is a method at reaching “universal truth.”

    Many have noted that the ethical/moral underpinnings of the large human religions share many of the same principles or tenets. I remember a famous book with the title All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten , which touches on many of these same concepts. We can infer that these are representational of some other “universal truths” about humans and their interactions.

    Personal values guide people, and can lead them to have strikingly different opinions. Since we are a herd-based population, we need to have some methods to get along to some degree. One way to do this is to have glorious discussions based upon our personal values to find common ground — and often common ground is found when we discover “universal truth.”

    Ms. Maher seems to be suggesting that we skip the “glorious discussion” part and cut straight to the compromise part. While I don’t deny that there are times when that may be necessary, it is through finding universal truths that we forge lasting compromises and lasting societies where all or most agree and will support without coercion.


    The Empire of Lies and their Cuck Navy are being embarrassed every day in every way at the southern entrance to Suez.

    The Houthis are Bitch Slappin’® Duh’merica’s impotent navy.

    So what do you think the Chinese and their vast arsenal of HYPERSONIC anti-ship missiles will do to Old Uncle Sam in Taiwan and the South China Sea?

    The same way Billy Mitchell demonstrated the ultimate uselessness of battleships, the Chinese will demonstrate the ultimate uselessness of Air Craft Carriers and their ‘battle groups”

    Get the fuck out of the Duh’merican Navy kids, you’re dead men floating.

    Chinese Hypersonic Missiles ‘Sink’ USS Gerald R Ford Aircraft Carrier in Simulation drills



    Some of the Chinese hypersonic anti-ship missiles used to ‘sink’ the Gerald Ford were fired from as far away as the Gobi Desert!



    Biden Falsely Claims That WWII Uncle Eaten By Cannibals, Twice

    The name syphilis is derived from the Greek word ‘suphilos’ (σúφιλος), meaning ‘piglover’ or ‘swinefucker’

    Pedo Joe’s brain has actually been eaten by syphilis

    True story


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