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    Vincent van Gogh Field with Irises near Arles 1888   • EU, UK and US Offer Support As Covid-19 ‘Swallowing’ People In India (EN) • Global Pledges
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    V. Arnold

    Vincent van Gogh Field with Irises near Arles 1888

    I do love Irises; their flowers remind me of Orchids…

    I have no idea how this covid shit will play out; probably not in a good way…
    I hate this acronym, covid, for all that’s wrong in todays world.
    We are the enemy we accuse the world of being…
    We’d better wake up PDQ or we’re gonners…
    …and I’ll be damned if I’ll be one of them…


    The Israeli People Committee (IPC), a civilian body made of leading Israeli health experts, has published its April report into the Pfizer vaccine’s side effects.* The findings are catastrophic on every possible level.

    Their verdict is that “there has never been a vaccine that has harmed as many people.”

    Isreali Health Body Report on COVID Vax ‘Deadly’ Impacts

    Basseterre Kitona

    That’s quite something if true.

    • Dr. Harvey Risch: 60% of New Covid Patients Have Been Vaccinated (WR)

    Dr. Risch reveals a bombshell: 60 percent of new covid patients have been vaccinated.

    Hardly a surprise as the vaccines are “leaky” in the sense that they do not stop transmission or prevent infection. They only reduce the impact of the symptoms. Pfizer & Moderna themselves admit this.

    Amazing that so few people understand this and continue to think that the vaccines make them immune.


    Amazing that so few people understand this and continue to think that the vaccines make them immune.

    Maybe not so amazing, since it’s what they’re told c.q. made to believe. Those American tourists in Europe are just some of them. It’s an absolutely blind bet. The role of the media is, once again, highly questionable. It’s a full-blown PR campaign, like selling detergent.

    Mister Roboto

    And I think a lot of people on the true left who usually don’t drink establishment Kool-Aid are this time is because it’s a tenet of leftyism to invest one’s trust in the mechanisms of science. While that’s certainly very rational in its intention, the problem with it, at least in this case, is that it’s possible to forget that science is a tool harnessed by various human motivations, not all of them necessarily wise or benign.

    Dr. D

    Lowest S&P shorts in at least 10 years.
    All Bears disappear.

    So you’ve created the world’s biggest air pocket under the market.

    Don’t worry: I’m sure that will all end well.

    10-year bounced as would be expected, no direction yet although of course the rise in rates is alarming. DXY no help since it only captures DXY-EUR, and they’re equal basket cases on purpose. The money would move to Asia or anywhere there is some rule of law. Dictatorial, draconian, doesn’t matter, it’s better than here. This isn’t opinion, it’s just reason: Every advisor and accountant in the U.S. will tell their clients to sell immediately if the Capital gains change. Why? If it’s cheaper to sell now, take lower taxes, then immediately buy back again, they will. They don’t care: they don’t have opinions, they have realities. Is it cheaper? Yes/No.

    “Immigrant who eats idlis and dosas”

    I — eat idlis and dosas, you dopes. If that’s all it takes, I guess I identify as Indian now. Or as President. Later I’ll drink Coke and be from Atlanta. If I eat a knockwurst do they need to cut my body in half like King Solomon and ship me to Dresden? Apparently that’s how it works now.

    On to actual reason, so we can safely ignore it: does anyone know what Kamala does? Does she do anything ever? She was just put in charge of the border, which was her cue to NOT visit and to maintain complete silence for weeks. Because #OppositeLand, since that’s her new job, she now does everything BUT that job. That is, telling everybody else how to act and what to do and what their job is, except her own. Sheesh.

    “All three waves of Covid-19 infections in the country were caused by the government’s complacency and discrimination in enforcing disease control measures, the party said.”

    Really? Britain and Michigan and the hardest lockdown states are the worst in the world. Explain to me what magic you think Thailand would use if the U.S. military is helpless even during absolute boot camp conditions. What does Wheel of Fauci say? What about New York’s greatest mass murderer? Any helpful advice?

    “Vaccinated Americans Will Reportedly Be Allowed Back In Europe This Summer (F.)”

    Europe, why would you do this to yourself? Accept visiting Americans again, I mean.

    March 2020, when the onset of the coronavirus pandemic shut down much of society.”

    No. YOU shut down much of society. On purpose, for no scientific reason. The virus was having basically no effect, similar to H1N1 and the Hong Kong flu. Funny, when we had the Hong Kong flu we had Woodstock. All the same people now hide under their beds with a bag over their heads. Mr. Natural and Fritz the Cat would be ashamed of you.

    US Set to Be Included on Russia’s New List of ‘Unfriendly Countries’ (RT)”

    Uh, what? That’s like 20 or 100 years too late. Should have done this before the Anglos shot the Tzar and all his children and stole your gold.


    There’s an interesting signal in the US CDC VAERS data.
    I downloaded it all a couple of weeks ago, and then downloaded updated 2021 data again just the other day, and queried for the annual total number of adverse events in which the subject died.
    It turns out that 10 times as many deaths were reported in the first 3 months of 2021 than in the most deadly of any of the previous 30 years. And the number of deaths reported in the past two weeks is almost four times that worst previous annual total.
    If you prefer comparison to averages, as of 23 April the deaths reported are almost 20 times the annual average over the past 30 years of data, and the number reported in the past two weeks is over 5 times the annual average.
    Something is not right.


    New data?

    Vaccines reduces the severity of covid 19.
    After a year, in India, covid 19, is overwhelming the health system.
    A healthy immune system reduces the severity of covid 19.

    Dr. D

    “The Hong Kong flu, also known as the 1968 flu pandemic, was a flu pandemic whose outbreak in 1968 and 1969 killed between one and four million people globally. It is among the deadliest pandemics in history”

    Impeach Johnson! Tin soldiers and Nixon’s coming!

    Dr. D

    I was only kidding about Fauci (not really), but:

    “Fauci Flip-Flops Again: Outdoor COVID Infection Risk Is “Miniscule”

    Whiskey Tango. How does he put his pants on and why does anyone not give him a sippy cup and put him in the corner? Talk about the blind leading the blind and ditches.

    “Hell is the is absence of reason.”


    Money reduces the severity of covid 19.
    Indian Vaccine Makers Jack Up Prices As Outbreak Worsens; 1st COVID “Triple Mutant” Identified

    Doc Robinson

    Isreali Health Body Report on COVID Vax ‘Deadly’ Impacts
    The Israeli People Committee (IPC), a civilian body…

    That group seems to be trying to do the best they can with the data they can find. They say Israel has shut down its adverse event tracking systems, and thousands of people are resorting to social media posts to share their adverse reactions to the vaccine.

    While the Prime Minister of Israel and senior officials of the Ministry of Health brag that Israel serves as a global model for nationwide vaccination, and while they boast that Pfizer has chosen us to be the experimental country thanks to the advanced technological systems of our HMOs [Health Maintenance Organizations], the state has systematically shut down all monitoring and tracking systems, which are designed to identify and alert of adverse events that occur in proximity of receiving the vaccine. This irresponsible conduct by the Ministry of Health during this mass operation providing an experimental treatment to millions of people, regardless of whether such conduct is negligent or intentional, has led to an unprecedented flood of thousands of serious adverse event reports after the vaccine on social media, which seems to be the only forum that still allows people to share their experiences. Surprisingly, such widespread phenomena have not received any media coverage or attention from public officials.

    Adverse Events Report April 2021 english summary


    Mr Natural


    The image link does not seem to work



    Re. the no. of hospital beds in various countries, these depend for a part on the feasability and investment in Home Care.

    Home care is medically “acceptable’” for those cases where the conditions are judged great – good – acceptable – which will vary with geography, culture, habit, the type of insult / pathology / medical event / operation, how things are organised, in function of what aims, 5-year plans, etc.

    Hospital beds are very expensive and when unoccupied “eat up” resources, like staff, servicing, sophisticated equipment, the building (water, heat, chill, clean, etc.)

    Some / many patients are already paying (they, their families) for a resting place at home. Home care is also recommended as being more friendly, less stressful for the patient, surely the case for many, NOT all.

    Nosocomial infections are also often mentioned, many patients are safer at home. 🙂 🙂

    France has invested hugely in home care, adjusting the doc /nurse /cleaner /psych /social worker visits etc. (They have to move around, by car, sometimes by motorbike / moped .. etc. the logistics can be horrendous..) Not to argue that F has enough hospital beds, imho it doesn’t, other story.

    Is the policy adequate or optimal (or xxx?) in the particular setting? Very hard to judge, as this isn’t one shoe-size fits all.

    A last factor in play. The planning and prep for sudden ‘illness, disaster’ surges, e.g. pandemic, earthquake, floods, war.

    The speedy set-up of field hospitals, re-groupings of patients, etc. Switz. for ex mobilised 8K military (docs, sanitary, builders and movers, etc.) for Covid-19 with another 8K ready to go for field hospitals, transport, etc. (They were not needed, sent home.)

    No regular hospital beds need be occupied in such disaster events, when patients are treated outside of the hospital. (see China for ex.)

    A last consideration is the authority of the Gvmt. to effect the take-over of private med. facilities, e.g. to requisition a private clinic and occupy it, use it, based on previous agreements / emergency powers, and how well that works out. If the staff accepts, and is paid, it usually works OK.

    a kullervo


    The Synchronicity: recently re-read Stanislaw Lew’s The Invincible.

    My two cents: I’m inclined to believe that Earth’s post-human new apex species will probably be of an “insectoid” nature/complexion.


    a kullervo

    Things come together, and then fall apart;
    they grow tired of collapsing and will assimilate again.

    AnabolismCatabolism – and Limit : that’s all there is.

    The many go with the flow (the “normies“);
    a few oppose it (the “bandits“);
    even fewer have doubts (the “usual suspects“).

    You can stop the tide no more than you can avoid to be who you are.

    (We live in catabolic times: those opposing destruction are now the “bandits”.)

    madamski cafone

    @ Maxwell Quest

    “It would be an improvement to blame this pandemic fiasco on incompetence or lack of imagination, but there is a growing chorus which believes that even darker forces are at work. How does one explain:

    – A gain-of-function chimeric virus escaping from DOD funded lab?
    – Refusal to halt international travel until the virus was already well established?
    – The misuse of PCR testing to exaggerate case counts, promoting fear and panic?
    – Forcing sick patients back into nursing homes to infect others?
    – The suppression of effective Covid treatment protocols?
    – While promoting $3000/pop remdesivir, which effectively does nothing?
    – The push to institute a vaccine passport system?
    – The interference of UN bureaucrats into doctor/patient treatment choices?
    – The full-scale promotion of experimental mRNA vaccines having no history of success?
    – The push to include children and pregnant women in the vaccine trials?
    – The refusal to license vaccine tech for global access?
    – Endless lockdowns unsupported by statistical data?
    – The destruction of the small businesses to the benefit of multinationals?

    Looking at the whole enchilada, there appears more here than just Operation Warp Greed. In the background lurk the $Trillions pumped into the banking system, not to mention the WEF Great Reset agenda.”

    Pursuing my role as deconstructer of Great Conspiracy Models, I’ll offer this view of the above phenomenon:

    Greedy Incompetent People (GIP) exploit a situation for their own gain. This creates problems. They then exploit, for their own gain, the problems they created for their own gain, in the process producing new problems. This cycle goes on until collapse.

    So, for example, the likes of Gates hold seminars assessing the growing risk of global pandemics. They have gobs of money and power so they believe they also possess wisdom and competence, since our society conflates the former with the latter. (Logic: ‘If you’re so smart why aren’t you a zillionaire?’ equals ‘You’re a zillionaire so you’re so smart.’)

    They tell themselves, each other, and the world that they’re working for the common good, and most of them believe this to be so because they don’t see themselves as Drs. Evil; they see themselves as wise competent powerful elites whose self-alleged/perceived wise competent wealthy power is necessary to fix the problems in the world (mostly caused by the processes by which their kind achieve wealth and power).

    They believe that their wealth and power proves their benevolent acumen, and most people believe them because most people worship wealth and power… and most people would behave much like the GIP do if they were wealthy and powerful.

    Being wealthy and powerful, they have the leverage to benefit from circumstances that diminish most people, like getting rich off a pandemic created by microbes their hubris helped bring into existence, and getting rich off the economic circumstances caused/exacerbated by the pandemic (or war on terror or war on drugs or…).

    Amid all this are genuine malevolent conspiracies, some of which succeed more than not. But at no point is there a coordindated lockstep of Grand Evil Design other than a series of mutual backscratchings and mutual servings of delusional self-aggrandizing bullshit in essence than the self-aggrandizing bullshit many of us display here.

    Why do I follow this logic? Because it fits in with what I see of most people including those in office: the ability to blow smoke up our ass, to tell ourselves we’re agents of the greater good because we couldn’t possibly be assisting, even unwittingly, in sustaining evil consequences. Not us!?!

    To quote Dr. Fauci from his early days working with AIDS: “Hey, I’m the good guy here! I’m trying to save lives!” He probably still thinks so although it probably takes larger amounts of Xanax for him to ignore evidence to the contrary.

    Very very few people alive possess a psyche that can emotionally sustain itself in the pursuit of acts it feels are evil, because that makes them feel evil, and no one wants to feel they’re evil except the tiny few who get off on it. (Takes all kinds of people to make a world.)

    Our ability to tell lies to others begins, with most of us, being able to lie to ourselves, even if the lie is nothing more than ‘they’ll never know’ and ‘it will hardly make a difference’. On some level they are more likely than not to know or eventually find out. Shit is shit and makes an unmistakable stink.

    I submit that the vast majority of the GIP think of themselves as doing good at best or compromising at worst with forces beyond their control. Just as very few people will be a true hero that risks all to oppose the oppressive system, very few people will be a true villain who risks all to create an oppressive system.

    madamski cafone

    @ a kullervo

    “My two cents: I’m inclined to believe that Earth’s post-human new apex species will probably be of an “insectoid” nature/complexion.”

    I have my crazy money wagered these days on something like Jeebus Will Return Soon and begin the restoration process. Oh, I know it’s mostly irrational for me to believe that, but then, human consciousness is mostly irrational. The purpose of belief seems to me to mostly be about creating views of reality that make one feel good about being alive.

    So I choose to believe that all this horror and nonsense amid all this beauty and profundity has at least some divine direction. I am not emotionally equipped to care about living from any other perspective. I agree with (Socrates?): “The only thing I know is that I know nothing.” This makes it easier for me to hand myself over, as much as my ignorant will allows, to whatever divine influencve may avail. Listening to the wind whisper wisdom now and then may be mere delusion, but I like how it fits.

    a kullervo

    We’ve arranged a society based on science and technology in which nobody understands anything about science and technology. This combustible mixture of ignorance and power, sooner or later, is gonna blow up in our faces.
    Carl Sagan, May 27th, 1996

    Perhaps a tad misworded.
    The problem seems to be the utter and willful ignorance concerning human “carrot and stick” nature. The scarce knowledge humans have on this subject matter is used in malevolent ways, mainly for purposes of control by fear.

    Why is it so?
    Because poking around on others is real easy; “knowing thyself” is hard as hell.

    Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.
    Matthew 7:3-5 (English Standard Version)


    On genocide

    CNN’s Rick Santorum: “We birthed a nation from nothing. I mean, there was nothing here. I mean, yes we have Native Americans but candidly there isn’t much Native American culture in American culture”

    On Israeli People Committee IPC

    I tried to google the committee and the people in it … no much luck … very few results

    Doc Robinson

    Dimitri: “On Israeli People Committee IPC I tried to google the committee and the people in it … no much luck … very few results”

    From their website, translated from Hebrew:

    The Israeli People’s Committee
    Civil Investigation Commission

    Who we are

    Dr. Pinky Feinstein – Psychiatrist
    Adv. Irit Yankovich – Lawyer
    Adv. Ratam Brown – Lawyer
    Dr. Amir Shachar – Director of the Niado Emergency Room
    Dr. Galit Naor – Family Physician
    Prof. Etty Inhorn – Head of the Department of Accounting, Tel Aviv University
    Adv. Itai Yaffe – Lawyer
    Dr. Moran Kronenberg – Family Physician
    Adv. Aryeh Sucholovsky – Lawyer
    Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz – Researcher in Health Communication and Risk Communication
    Dr. Yael Pezi in the River – Director of the Laboratory of Structural Biology
    Dr. Ilan Makover – Physician and Family Therapist
    Prof. Nati Ronel – Professor of Criminology
    Dr. Etty Elisha – Doctor of Criminology
    Eitan Marshand – a medical student

    a kullervo


    Thank you for the nice words.

    Beliefs & Other Pastimes:
    We all do what we can to keep ourselves busy during the waking hours.
    (I call it “The human brain as the validation engine™“.)


    @Doc Robinson

    Thank you


    FY I – I just bought 200 x 3mg Dexamethasone tablets from Kachhela.

    Cost – $6 + $30 shipping to UK

    US prices – !!!

    Maxwell Quest


    Your response had me riveted. I couldn’t agree more with your analysis.

    I think what troubles me most as of late is that much of what I see does not appear to be the white noise of your everyday corruption for personal gain, even at the corporate level. I detect a very strong signal indicating a top-down (NATO) orchestration of pandemic policy. This signal clearly popped out of the noise when, after a couple of months, the pandemic was yanked from the control of the medical establishment into the arms of politicians, bureaucrats, and tech companies. Suddenly, as if the script was FedEx’d to everyone overnight, western nations (except Sweden) all singing the same song as to Covid policy.

    Can this all be attributed to political opportunism and grandstanding? Does Big Pharma really have this long of reach and power?


    CNN’s Rick Santorum: “We birthed a nation from nothing. I mean, there was nothing here. I mean, yes we have Native Americans but candidly there isn’t much Native American culture in American culture”

    Now read Charles C. Mann’s 1491 and then 1493. They will teach you so much about America.


    @madamski (handing herself over)
    You might like this poem written in Chiang Mai eight years ago.


    life, a silhouette
    by the darkness
    into which
    it disappears,
    yet, this morning,
    by Angel’s Cafe,
    an eighty year old,
    hair swept up and held
    with a simple comb,
    walked confidently
    on the cobblestones,
    delicate cotton
    singing with blue
    flowing to her ankles

    madamski cafone

    Communism doesn’t work despite the best ideals of all systems because it rests on the principle of enforced love, which is just another kind of rape, metaphysical rape, let’s say. If anything can’t be coerced, it’s genuine love.

    Capitalism fails because it insists that evil can be tolerated for the greater good, which is even more specious reasoning than that of communism but, this being a specious reality, this human culture, capitalism manages to fool us long enough for it to seem viable before dropping us into a plundered vicious wasteland as dire as any communist hellhole but without at least the memories and imprint of higher ideals. (Sure, most didn’t believe in those ideals at least as purveyed by government, but they were TRAINED in them, and that helps when forming group communities is the main job for survival. Meanwhile, capitlaism as in America, touted ideals most people believe in… until the money fails. Since capitalism is nothing but belief in our mutual reverence of money, In $$ We Trust, the collapse of a capitalist economy produces wanton insanity that m akes even the Chinese Cultural Revolution look tepid.

    We’ve seen communist/socialist nations collapse, usually with great help to that end from ours truly. We know the horror stories. We have not seen capitalist democracies collapse for a long time, and on nowhere even remotely similar a scale to ours. The last one ws probably Greece/early Rome, right?

    I suspect that capitalistic collapse is spectacularly horrible especially amid a planet stripped bare during a time of increasing climate disruption (whatever the cause; only fools bicker whose fault it is rather than fix the mess the guilty fool made and is incapable of cleaning up being a foolish mess-maker) with closer than not almost 14k nuclear warheads on board.

    Socialism tries to be some kind of compromise between the two, and justly earns the criticism that all mealy-mouthed compromises deserve.


    @ Maxwell Quest

    Riveted? Lordy. I should buy a new dress more often. 😉

    Now, let me clarify. I believe there are heavy-weights at the top scheming grandly, and that a few of them may even do so along the classic Hollywood-depicted lines of evil. I believe this has always been so since recorded history. Any structure large enough to be sufficiently opaque to its constituents, breeds hiding holes for monsters especially at the top which, for all that it’s in plain sight of everyone, contains the most hidey-holes. Especially when its buried under a squirmingpile of reporters.

    And yes, I do believe they’re scheming more mightily than ever, and yes, I believe they’ve been seeing this disastrous climax-before-collapse building up for some time, and have even been analysing a good part of it with some accuracy (not their strong suit), and yes, they seek to exploit the situation for their gain and our loss right down to Y’all Die While We Don’t.

    BUT… all they’re doing is manipulating human nature via a few schemes (money, the original medium, and all other media). That is all they can do. The bulk of the heavy-lifting in our evil march through bad times toward worse (with a nice wee golden age for some of us during the Petroleum Era) has always been done by you, me, and the idjit next door who thinks he’s smarter than us and very well may be cuz we’re idjits too.

    Also: circumstances arise and they exploit them. They don’t create circumstances. We do that. None of this was forced on us. We acquiesced, with minor spurts of autonomous self-assertion, through most of this charade.

    Yes, the GIP are pulling out all the stops, and some of them have been pre-scripted, but none of it is going according to plan. Oh noes. You know, the reason we didn’t form a good relationship with Mao during WWII or afterward is because the GIP actually believed they could control China using Taiwan as a starting point. Not even 200 years old, the main handlers of the USA actually believed they could control and multimillenia old nation/culture from halfway around the world. These are NOT mental giants nor titans of leadership. Anything but.

    I think maybe I’ve made my point. I hope so. The point grows dull from so much making.;) I need to move on to the finer points of brussel-sprouting or spiritual orgasmics.

    If what the GIP are trying to do now worked, it would have already happened. Globalism must fail if only because it requires cooperation among a floating fluctuating cabal of homo saps who are uber-pathologically competitive, selfish, deranged, and massively self-deluded along megalomaniacal lines.

    Other than their uncanny gift for lying, they have virtually no other skills to recommend them to reality, which is why they remain such a small part of humanity even if they are its by far greatest gluttons and drunken drivers: reality can only handle a tiny bit of these misbegotten victims of psychosis. Parasites cannot breed larger than their host population without most of them dying.

    How stupid are they? Silly parasites think that their HOSTS are the problem. Airport all fogged in, control tower full of lunatics.


    @ a kullervo

    “The human brain as the validation engine™“.”

    Aye, which is why I use the God concept to harness the unruly brat. God, for the core mind/heart/body complex, is like kiddie cartoons to a 7-year old. They’re the only thing capable of keeping kids indoors on a Saturday (back when kids still played primarily outside), and God, in my experience, is the only thing capable of applying enough leverage (desire<>despair whipsawing it via powerful AC soul amperage) to make me actually FOCUS on the heart of the matter which, neatly enough, resides in my heart. I can feel it. Right there in my solar plexus. Mental illusion or connection with the divine, I don’t know or care. Stupid question, since I have zero clue as to why I have a mind that can permorm mental illusions that easily trick me. God, another word for I-don’t-know, makes mind; therefore God trumps secular, physics-only explanations of spiritual phenomena including NDEs.

    Or, as a toddler would wisely say: I can believe whatever I wanna!

    madamski cafone

    @ straightwalker

    “cobblestones” provide a deft anchor for all the metaphysics becoming a joyous toddler. Well done!


    @ kullervo

    “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.Matthew 7:3-5 (English Standard Version)”

    I’ll say from a different perspective what I interpret you saying. We always interpret this scripture as referring to sin, a comparison of who’s more right versus who’s more wrong when it could just as well refer to holy wisdom itself. People arguing whose path is right. Fellow Xtians caught up in ad infinitum counts of who has the most angels dancing on their pinheads.

    When the only line of sight to higher wisdom, or what we call spiritual enlightenment, is through one’s own personal vision, one had no energy to spare on juding — or following — others. So I read that Jesus line like this: “Quit worrying about his problems, you have plenty of your own. If you’ll stop focusing on all the bad shit this world inevitably produces, and look into that which produces all this stuff for you — your personal consciousness — you just might find happiness and more.”

    Go into your closet and pray in secret, He added. Y’all sound nutso when you pray in public, you know that? You do that religious talk thing. It’s hokey and boring. Imagine how bad it is for God fall asleep during a prayer? Keep it real, already?


    Listen to “Bill Gates’s vaccine monopolism is a global health disaster.”


    Re: Rick Santorum vid

    Might be time to go review high school European and US history before making assertions that US founding documents were based on Judeochristian principles.

    Those documents where based rather on principles of the enlightenment. Much of the enlightenment came about because of the influx of Ancient Greek and Roman philosophers and writers…most of those were decidedly neither Jewish nor Christian.

    The founding fathers of US were mostly Deists, which is a hop, skip, and a jump away from being atheists….

    And thus the lies are spread and believed…bleh.

    madamski cafone

    Oh, I think it’s fair to say that Judeo-Xtian principles were involved. Absolute;y. JUst not Xtian dogma.

    And being a deist is anything but a hop skip jump fropm atheism. Deism means, oh, you know… or maybe not:

    /ˈdēˌizəm,ˈdāˌizəm/ noun
    belief in the existence of a supreme being, specifically of a creator who does not intervene in the universe. The term is used chiefly of an intellectual movement of the 17th and 18th centuries that accepted the existence of a creator on the basis of reason but rejected belief in a supernatural deity who interacts with humankind.”

    It astounds me how so many people allow silly dogma of specific name brand religions to reflexively close their minds to the essential concepts that religions address, however poorly.

    That said, deism seems like a precursor to the term that Thomas Huxley invented in the latter 19th century: agnosticism, a much more honorable term, in my opinion. We don’t know what we don’t know but believe what we believe. I am both an agnostic about, and a devout believer in, the existence of something like God.

    The most foolish talk from either camp — theism or atheism — comes when they critique each other.

    Brittannica doesn’t do too bad a job of finessing the issue:

    Founding Father and Religion

    Neither camp, theism, deism, and certainly not atheism, can lay predominant claim over the FFathers.


    I see joe has handed another hot potato issue to kamala!
    First it was the southernborder.
    Now it is unions!
    Isn’t this where all hot potatoes go to die?


    In the dualism of Perfectly Planned Diabolical conspiracy vs Total Random Serendipitous Sh*thappens I view things like a good musician, a jazz player jamming or improvising.

    The jam session might have a vague starting point, an opening bar or two of Charlie Parker get spontaneously played to start but evolves into something with a mind of it’s own, like an emergent property in a weather event, the butterfly wing beat producing a hurricane thing.

    But anyone who has jammed knows that subtlety assertive, even secretly aggressive players can steer the jam with aplomb.

    The sociopathic / psychopathic ratio is different in different slices the the population.

    Dr Robert Hare pioneered the field long before there was much formal interest in it.

    “…given his expertise with the subject and the research that suggests 1 in 100 people are psychopaths who tend to blend in, like cold-blooded chameleons. We know psychopaths make up 15 to 20 percent of the prison population, at least 70 percent of repeat violent offenders and the significant majority of serial killers and sex offenders…”

    Dr Hare was asked once to detect the rate of sociopathic / psychopathic behavior in the financial industry years ago by of all organizations the New York Stock exchange!

    He finished his study by concluding about roughly 25% of the US financial industry was sociopathic / psychopathic!

    That’s higher than the prison population! hahahahaha!

    Dr Hare came to the conclusion after decades of study that about 1% of the general population were psychopathic and that roughly 3% were sociopathic.

    So to say only a tiny portion of the general population is depraved with greed lust misses the fact that the .001% oligarchs have a MUCH higher starting percentage of sociopathic / psychopathic behavior to begin with than the general public.

    The ‘elites” (gag cough) playing the current hustle probably have a similar ratio to ”repeat violent offenders and the significant majority of serial killers and sex offenders…”!

    70 percent of them, NOT the 1-3% the the general sheeple are lizard brained.

    Sure, a minority think they’re doing “God’s Work” but the rest are beyond the pail.

    “When Dr. Robert Hare started his job as a young prison psychologist, the first prisoner he met was a psychopath, although Hare didn’t know it yet. In an interview published in Discover Magazine, Hare describes the encounter with a man he calls “Ray:”
    “He was extremely predatory, looked at me like I was food,” recalls Hare. “With his eyes, he nailed me to the wall.” Then Ray pulled out a crude, handmade knife and waved it at Hare. When Hare refrained from pressing the panic button, Ray said he planned to use his weapon on another inmate. Hare felt that Ray was testing him, so he chose not to report the prisoner or the contraband weapon to other staff.”
    I knew someone years ago who worked in French Indochina aka Vietnam who stayed on to build roads and bridges up the spine of the country in the 50’s, The Ugly American.

    He finally left in disgust in the early 60’s and he told me later that every time he worked to build a bridge for a year or two the Viet Minh would blow it up as soon as it opened.

    He said you can’t run a society were even 1% of the population is committed to destroying the infrastructure, that was the approximately estimated strength of the Viet Minh in his area at the time.

    Whether you think most of the Oligarchs are just serendipitous opportunists, even a very small hard core of sociopathic / psychopathic players can dramatically change the tune of the Jam.

    John Day

    Here is a link to a (free, I think) online summit:
    Truth Over Fear, COVID-19 and The Great Reset

    Peter McCullough MD sent it and is one of the many panelists (scroll down).

    Also, Harvey Risch MD is quite a stickler for details. If he says most cases of COVID-19 in Israel are now in the 50% or so of the population which has been vaccinated, that is so.
    It looks like there is a spike in cases in the 2 weeks right after vaccination.
    The reason is unclear. Several hypotheses on the C-19D list.

    Also, nitric oxide spray up your nose helps clear virus:
    This would be useful in early disease, when symptoms are just starting. It looks mild enough to use without a test result, even.



    Was listening to some old songs.

    “In The Year 2525” song by Zager & Evans, these lyrics made me think of what you have been saying!
    Have we travelled further and faster than we think?

    In the year 2020,
    Ain’t gonna have to tell the truth, tell no lies.
    Everything you think, do and say,
    Is in the pill you took today.

    Seems like we swalled the msm pill in 2020, 480 years early!

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