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    Elliott Erwitt National Congress Building by Oscar Niemeyer, Brasilia, Brazil 1961   • US Paying Russia For Entire Planeload Of Coronavirus Equip
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 3 2020]

    V. Arnold

    Elliott Erwitt National Congress Building by Oscar Niemeyer, Brasilia, Brazil 1961

    That is one awesome picture…!!!

    The rest…later will be greater…


    Won’t someone state the obvious: US practices are extremely inefficient and wasteful. Bitching about having only one N95 mask and only one gown per day? Gimme a break. No, you are not entitled to a new single use mask every time you enter a hospital room, only to be disposed of and discarded the moment you leave the room to move on to the next patient (and the patient likely to be charged $500 for a $5 item).

    Polder Dweller

    A few remarks: Germany has a huge amount of ICU places. Neighbor the Netherlands has far fewer. But that’s also partly due to a different philosophy: where most countries try to keep people alive as long as possible, the Netherlands has a tradition, way before corona, of focusing more on quality than quantity of life. Old people with multiple ailments are not kept alive at all costs.

    Maybe, but then why does Worldometer say that there are 22400 total recovered in Germany against 250 in The Netherlands?

    John Day
    I worked a full day at clinic yesterday, not just the afternoon, as I usually do, because I went in to help work out the flows, tent placements, car greeting and routing, parking spots for drive up swabs and so on.,
    We have a covered waiting area by the south entrance, and we have put a big tent in it, and a portable privacy fence around it for COVID testing patients to wait outdoors. It is really the best sheltered place, but there is another, smaller space that can serve as a waiting area, if we have to put two exam tents in this space. The greeting/masking desk is in front of the entry, and we can locate a provider-space for gowning/gloving, specimens, documents nearby and sheltered also. We got it laid out, and still, we wait…
    “The Wai-ai-ting is the hardest part”, quoth Tom Petty, but it’s not quite true.
    The first thing a medical student learns on-call is to deal with onslaughts of urgent work, emergencies all night and day. The later, and more psychological challenge is to deal with the lulls, the unnervingly quiet periods, while awaiting the onslaught.
    Due to Austin, Texas cancelling South By Southwest on Friday March 6, a full week before spring break, then cancelling school the Friday before spring break, a strong signal was sent early, before Austin had confirmed COVID cases (or tests, really). That first weekend of spring break, the wife of the UT president, then the president tested positive, after schmoozing donors on the east coast for a week or two. Austin was shut down by the time we heard that, voluntarily shut down. The restaurant closures did not come until after spring break, but traffic on all the streets had already dried up, and restaurants were largely empty. Grocery stores had already cut hours and had people waiting outside to keep aisles uncrowded inside. The mandatory shuttering made very little change.
    Austinites were early adopters. Austin continues to have a trickle of COVID cases, as our ability to test gradually increases, and our hospitals and clinics are waiting with the decks cleared for action. Waiting…
    Austin/Travis-County has 351 confirmed cases this morning, in something like a million people. The Health Department is still able to trace contacts. My first positive patient did not have a fever. I broke protocols to test her, because she lost her sense of smell. As of yesterday afternoon, she was feeling better, but we will check on her again today. She remains “minimally symptomatic”. University Hospital did not have a COVID patient, but my brother Robert’s hospital has 2.
    There are a million people in this area, who have not had novel coronavirus infection, and will eventually get it, we presume.
    At this rate, it will take over a decade for everybody to get infected. That seems un-doable, since you can only do so much work at home, and the internet is bound to break some day. Everybody at work was somewhat uncomfortable with the waiting yesterday. I recognized the pattern in myself. It must be embraced.
    Those of you in New York are in a different boat, a cruise-ship, hunkered down with a clear and present threat.
    What we know from the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu epidemic is that having a long quiet quarantine is the best possible thing, the least damaging to society, the economy, and tears up the fewest families with untimely deaths.
    Extended, uneasy bored waiting is success, the best we can do.
    In Austin, it is spring. A coworker took a picture of me with the artichokes a few days ago, out in the vegetable garden I planted for my coworkers, which I was tending a little, as I do. Thanks LouAnne.
    The new staff entrance is through the garden and break-patio area. It’s getting attention. People are cropping kale and chard, and picking and eating the sugar-snap peas. The magic may be starting to work. I have planted this garden 4 years ago as a subliminal invitation to healthy, humanizing change, in the transition, which is now upon us. There are other humanizing and natural changes for us, as the machine tries to completely isolate and de-humanize us. We are the human animals which nature evolved so gradually to work effectively in small groups, to grow food and take care of each other, and emergencies. That is where our strengths lie.
    We must now explore our human strengths as we await the onslaught of dread contagion.
    This is our transition to a future more human or less human.
    It is our future to build as cooperative groups or as isolated slaves.

    Dr D Rich

    ***Leading cause of death in the United States is heart diseae @ 650,000 per annum.

    ***Cancer deaths reach 500,000 with the subcategory lung cancer @ 150,000

    Now, for the difficult discussion. COVID-19 affects the elderly (let’s agree to over 65 yrs old) with the most co-morbidities (heart disease, COPD, asthma, DM, cancer etc).
    This population, old and sick, is the most likely to have had a discussion with their physicians about end of life care. Those discussions are then formalized in documents such as a Living Will, Advanced Healthcare Directives, Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR) and Durable Power of Attorney for health affairs.
    These documents and their initiatives address the very contingencies we see today where a disease progresses to the point of futility as manifested as the need for intubation and respiratory support, in a word, heroic.
    The Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Acute Lung Injury and disseminated intravascular coagulation that often accompany severe COVID-19 disease signal short-term mortality of 30 to 50%, the very situation designed for an advanced healthcare directive.
    Intubated for weeks on a ventilator is exactly the situation most people believe they are precluding with their advanced directive. The document remains valid in the face of a novel disease.

    So, which patients require the ventilators?



    Compared to previous years?
    Obesity Is A Factor
    It’ll prove to be a major factor all over the US.

    • New Orleans Coronavirus Death Rate Is Twice New York. Obesity Is A Factor (R.)

    Some 97% of those killed by COVID-19 in Louisiana had a pre-existing condition, according to the state health department. Diabetes was seen in 40% of the deaths, obesity in 25%, chronic kidney disease in 23% and cardiac problems in 21%.
    Compared to previous years?

    • France’s Coronavirus Death Toll Jumps As Nursing Homes Included (R.)

    The coronavirus death count in France surged to nearly 5,400 people on Thursday after the health ministry began including nursing home fatalities in its data. The pandemic had claimed the lives of 4,503 patients in hospitals by Thursday, up 12% on the previous day’s 4,032, said Jerome Salomon, head of the health authority. A provisional tally showed the coronavirus had killed a further 884 people in nursing homes and other care facilities, he added.
    It was the first region in France to be overwhelmed by a wave of infections that has rapidly moved west to engulf greater Paris, where hospitals are desperately trying to add intensive care beds to cope with the influx of critically ill patients.

    “So, which patients require the ventilators?”
    I think that is the Wrong question.
    What is the mortality Compared to previous years?


    Dr D Rich said “Now, for the difficult discussion. COVID-19 affects the elderly (let’s agree to over 65 yrs old) with the most co-morbidities (heart disease, COPD, asthma, DM, cancer etc)….”

    I’m glad you brought it up. I’m in that age group and I can’t think of a better age group for this pandemic to kill. I would find it horrifying if it was killing my children and grandchildren as in 1918.
    There are over 7.5 billion people on this planet. So if a 105 people die every minute normally + another 3-6 due to the virus, and most of those are old and sick anyway, then we as a species have a long way to go to even worry since about 250 births occur each minute. Total 110 deaths vs 250 births.


    Excellent point D. Rich. Kind of dove tails with Ilargi’s observation about quality vs quantity of life span comparisons between Netherlands and Germany.
    Collective gardens sound lovely. Except they are places where people could congregate so in Ontario Canada it is now an offence to work in a community garden. Insane.


    In Ohio, They’ve closed the play grounds but the golf courses are still open. I hate gentrification.

    Dr. D

    “German health-care system and hospital system has been modernized by the Social Democrats and Christian Democrats over the last 20 years”

    Suuuuure, pal…at the expense of Greece, Italy, and Portugal. Ain’t those Germans smart and far-thinking with extracted colonial money? Why is Lombardy not so smart?

    Also how did testing help? You have it. Great! We know. And we have no cure and nothing for you to do. Somehow knowing helps you breathe better? Reduces your age and underlying conditions?

    “Fed’s Dilemma: Picking Winners for $4 Trillion in Credit (R.)”

    Who’s the winner? Us, because this is going to take the system down. The $6T they leveraged 10:1 won’t last 30 days. You want Socialism? So the system is going to replace every Jimmy-Bob paying every Sally in every transaction? Yeah, that’s Quadrillions, right off. You’ll find out in seconds how tiny the Fed and the Government are in relation to us, the market. But no one will learn except to see it for themselves. Back for a larger bailout in 30 days. And larger. Forever. Things that can’t go on, won’t. It’s a reset.

    “The Fed will be dragged to the ground by the zombies it’s carrying.”

    Yes, and that’s the point.

    “US Crude Futures Trim Record Gain (R.)”

    Who won? Chaos. The volatility is going to explode all leveraged trades (CME, Commodities) and every derivative. Those won’t close and be seen for 30 days, and then, as with Greece, will be denied, re-defined, and covered up. But with what? More printed money? Good, that’s what ends it.

    “Cuomo, over the past decade, agreed to close and consolidate numerous public hospitals, [20,000 in the past 20 years] mostly serving the poor, to save money.”Hand out more to the Manhattan rich.

    Saving me the trouble of going over this. “Jacobin” monkey-hammered Andy on this, roadkill. Since they cover slavishly, breathlessly, I had no idea it was so bad.

    “Google has billions of users, has shared location data with non-governmental researchers
    Don’t take your phone. Never needed it before now.

    “Leaked Amazon Memo Details Plan to Smear Fired Warehouse Organizer (Vice)”

    Ah, this is why the government helps by giving them taxpayer money to kill workers with Pinkerton cops and WaPo articles.



    ..the first people that got infected in Germany tended to be younger than the average of the population..

    Any disease would tend to hit old and vulnerable people first. What made Germany -initially- an exception I don’t know. Spring festivities?

    Also, the professor of health economics and epidemiology who claims a 10% infection rate would be his worst-case scenario should maybe have his brain checked for a virus. 10% is everybody else’s pipe-dream scenario. 60-70% is a general expectation.


    Hey boss. So Gandhi was one of your heroes, huh?


    I agree.

    I only want to die once.
    Don’t be jealous or selfish or mean by halting my journey
    Give me a pain killer.
    Let me go.
    Every one says that its better in heaven.
    DNR (do not Resuscitate)

    I’m retired. I’ve fulfilled my function. Soooo whaaat if I got an answer for everything.
    If nobody wants to hear what wisdom that I have accumulated, why would you keep me around, keep me from going to heaven?
    What ever is happening and whatever is being blamed on the virus, will be irrelevant to me after I reach heaven.

    Captain Nemo

    Swiss Propaganda Research has a site called “Facts about Covid-19” – it will be updated daily. You’ll find the newest information by scrolling down.
    The relativ low fatality rate in Germany is also due to recommendations by lung specialists (physicians) to be very conservative with intubations.
    I have to admit, I would like to see more facts and not the repetition of the mainstream propaganda here concerning the virus. We had fake pandemies in the past – e.g. the swine influenca in 2009 that followed a similar script.


    Polder, the Dutch don’t seem to publish their Recovered numbers. No idea why, and can’t find them anywhere.

    New York is now at over 100,000, which puts them in third place behind Italy and Spain.

    Oh, and apparently a virologist said sportsgames and concerts will never be the same. Seems a bit much, but surely a thought.


    YES!!! Give em hell, Grandma!!!!

    Dr. D

    No medical system without an economy:

    “Unprecedented unemployment could bring Medicaid to the brink. “This is a quick enough shock that it could be a huge financial burden on Medicaid systems across the states.”

    I wouldn’t worry about it. We’re already gone, as planned. I told you they hit the detonator back in Sept 14th, a month before the earliest case.

    Dr D Rich

    @OMG…Give Me A Break

    BlackRock is spot on observation and they’re overseen by Kappa Beta Phi.

    Also OMG…GMAB, to expand on the Psychopath vid you posted. Let’s face it, the Cluster
    Bs are running this sh*t-show coz that’s what they do. Cluster B personality disorders include Antisocial, Borderline and Narcissistic. Let’s ignore histrionic. They drive individuals crazy. They push entire societies into collective madness. And they make their legion of followers execute their plans. The most dangerous, it’s all relative to their victim, of the group wears a Mask of emotion and sanity like a skilled actor/actress. They are in fact affectless, capable of only a superficial display of emotion/sanity that serves a narrow purpose. They are cold to the bone. Thomas Modly’s public justification for firing the Theodore Roosevelt skipper is a rare public exposition of the psychopath’s cruelty. They disdain empathic people.
    We are already being subjected to a really rough ride the world over with no end in sight. And the Bs are consolidating their power as we walk around in a daze.


    I thought it was pretty clear. We, that is Raúl and I, are in disagreement on just about every point.


    Thank You Captain Nemo. A must read. I can’t comment much because it’ says it all.

    “Swiss Propaganda Research has a site called “Facts about Covid-19” – it will be updated daily. You’ll find the newest information by scrolling down.”

    The beginning and ending quote is priceless:
    The only means to fight the plague is honesty

    Dr D Rich

    Yep, Dr. D, Overnight REPO operations started back in September 2019 and they denied any connection to bank bailout Quantitative Easing 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7.


    If I remember correctly the early cases in Germany were comprised of skiers who had returned from vacation in Italy and Austria – thus the younger ages.
    Note – these are not the very first cases that occurred in the auto parts company.


    I find it ‘interesting’ that so many people here are espousing the idea that this is ‘no big deal’ so why don’t we just let it rip like this is some kind of original thought.

    It’s definitely not an original idea – it was in fact the default position of apparently all the western democracies. The only one that actually admitted this of course was the UK’s Boris Johnson in his ‘herd immunity’ speech.

    I don’t know how many interviews I heard with ‘infectious disease experts’ who basically said something like ‘Well yes we should probably try to contain this … but … that probably won’t work so then we will just switch to ‘mitigation’ and that will be OK. You know a virus knows no borders, there’s really not much we can do” etc. And of course the widely promoted everywhere – ‘Coronavirus – no big deal – the flu is way worse! ‘

    This idea of don’t do much was reinforced by the stats that showed pretty much everyone who died was old and had co-morbidities anyway. Like no big deal. What a great opportunity to make those pension plans whole, save social security and get rid of these deadweights!

    This idea was thoroughly embraced by some of the younger set who were more than ready to ‘party on’ and cheer for the ‘#boomerremover’.

    But then some ‘stuff ‘ happened:
    1) Italy (Holy Shit!!!)
    2) Info from Europe that it wasn’t just killing old folks and the idea that when it hit North America’s morbidly obese population the stats would be much worse.
    3) Imperial College’s March 16 report that showed that basically any effort at ‘mitigation only’ would probably result in a disaster and full on suppression was also needed.

    Number 3 was sort of the last straw. – If it was right then the optics an this thing would bad – really, really BAD.
    Dead bodies all over the place, morgues set up in ice rinks and refrigerator trucks etc. all those dead grannies. The OPTICS would be bad, really, really BAD.
    I mean we already had ‘populism, we already had people pushing for ‘socialism’ – what would happen after this – pitchforks? (or AR-15’s) We better do something!

    So that’s how we got here. That’s the real conspiracy. There was no real preparation for this and there was no desire to emulate places that had a handle on this until it was too late. No effective travel bans, no effective airport screening, no PPE, no masks, no effective testing, no quarantine, not enough contact tracing, no travel restrictions.

    I ‘followed this story’ from pretty much the start. From the first report of an ‘unknown pneumonia’ in China every new piece of info seemed to make the threat worse but confirmation came when China shut down Wuhan – a city of over 11 million people. I never figured the CCP would have any second thoughts about sacrificing a few thousand or a few 10’s of thousands of their citizens so SOMETHING big must be up – something BAD and then of course they shut down the whole country. What more proof would anyone need (but just in case there were those videos out of Wuhan)

    Yet the west did basically nothing because – see above! Now we have operation CYA starting. ‘We thought masks were bad but now we have ‘new info’ so they are good. It’s all China’s fault – We would have done better but they lied! More of that stuff to come I’m sure.

    Meanwhile ..Well as Martenson keeps saying ‘It didn’t have to be this way”


    raul – when i try to access ‘’ i get a server not found error. searching is also ineffective. is there another address? thanks.



    Its weird to read something that doesn’t blame one of the ism/political


    John Day:

    I envy you your garden! Up here in Toronto, I have to wait another month or more before I can plant anything!

    My daughter’s little Dutch pet rabbit, Moki, all of 2 pounds, wants to come down and nibble away at your garden! She loves her greens!


    Isolated at home. All I’ve got is the internet. But TAE did see that Wuhan China was a future global pandemic which corporate media glossed over the best they could.

    Billionaires have a problem. Either they lose everything, taxed at a 70% rate, or they seize control and throw away the facade of democracy. The professionals, medical doctors and technocrats (who run everything) have turned against globalization and the plutocracy. Life is more important than cheap gadgets.

    Navy Capt. Crozier, fired for letter about coronavirus on USS Roosevelt, gets big send-off from sailors

    Medscape; “US Betrays Healthcare Workers in Coronavirus Disaster”

    Nothing will be the same again. Either democracy is restored and every American gets a job, healthcare and shelter or there will be civil wars and the West collapses into nuclear armed failed states.

    John Day

    Thanks Wes,

    I do better where I can grow some food in the winter. Home garden in Austin pictured here a few days ago.
    I need to get some pictures of the garden down in Yoakum, too. It;s closer to the coast, generally warmer and moister.

    V. Arnold

    Well, as the worm turns; vitamin C has disappeared from the shelves here; a first in my 17 years. Usually the shelves are full. My wife will check the chemist in her home town this afternoon for some vitamin C.
    Masks also at a premium; even if available, only for personal use. Exporting is verbotten with serious charges for violators.
    Home made can be sent out of country…we’re having some made…
    Mostly staying home and exercising via my exercycle; good for heart and lungs…
    75 in a month and a half with no underlying health issues…
    Very disturbing talk in the media, about us old fogies and our expendability; we’re not used up old rags to be thrown out…

    V. Arnold

    Nothing will be the same again. Either democracy is restored and every American gets a job, healthcare and shelter or there will be civil wars and the West collapses into nuclear armed failed states.

    IMO, the U.S. is already a failed nuclear state; the rest will/are already in serious decline. The CV-19 is akin to a coup de grâce…
    As to civil war; unrest is assured, but; civil war? I hope not…

    Actually, what I fear most, is the U.S. will go to war against Iran or Venezuela to distract its citizens from the domestic collapse; being on a war footing would descourage civil unrest and the military could be deployed easily and quickly to put down dissent…


    John Day:

    Some big green thumb! And to think you somehow manage to have 3 gardens growing at the same time!

    I am not sure if we could quite fit your garden into Moki’s cage even though she has a rather large walk-in cage (12′ x 12′ plus 4′ x 12′ plus 6′ x 12′ solarium) for such a small rabbit! I seriously doubt Moki could possibly eat even 1% of all those greens!

    But I do know, being an European rabbit, she would dig a burrow in your garden! (North American rabbits, contrary to Bugs Bunny, do not dig burrows!)

    Dr. D

    Yes, Moto, a pleasant change. You probably already captured this, but the problems was: it’s not going to be stopped. And therefore, exactly as you say, all attempts to quarantine and stop it are indeed optics. Only. What annoys me is that for the purpose of optics only they will take a virus that can’t effectively be stopped, and increase the deaths 10-fold by shutting down the economy. But in good political fashion, if you die of robbery, it doesn’t count, whereas if you die of Wu, it’s the world’s biggest tragedy.

    I mean, the Humanity, the Humanity! Did you see Chris Cuomo had a FEVER? Why, I say! Shut it all down! Shut it all down!

    Denninger is following this extensively, but I figure what’s the point of repeating? (among dozens)

    The only way to stop is to stop ALL people, EVERYWHERE, for over 40 days, which implies either level 4 medical conditions and 100% medical quarantines, including the janitors, or to not have any medical care at all.

    If you fail anywhere, at any time, Wu will immediately re-appear and continue where it left off. We don’t have a lot of worry for respirators since they don’t help a great deal anyway.

    Doing any of this will shut down the U.S. economy, the world, cause 10 or 100x more deaths, and perhaps make nations desperate enough to ram navy vessels into cruise ships in an attempt at open piracy. So that’s not lacking empathy, that’s following science and math like an adult. But sure, make sure 90% of the people who subsequently die are unnecessary, from optics and your need to “do something.”

    That said, they are pathological in refusing to show us deaths vs ADDITIONAL deaths. Is anyone dying? At all? Probably, but you wouldn’t know it over the drama and reporting these guys have, in order to make political hay, get the big $$$, and turn the planet into an eternal Stalinist nightmare. As long described in the white papers of the self-same people.

    Martensen is not correct on this, starting as he does from a doctor’s perspective and training. His theories WOULD be great, it WOULD be nice, but I don’t think they intersect that much with the real world.

    For carriers, same. First, as I said, it’s a gift that 98% of your crew are certain to live. Second, you don’t send a letter, “Hey China! Yoohoo! Over here. Disabled ship ripe for the shooting! Sailing in circles like and injured fish!” If you want to start a world war, that’s a great start. Yes, indicating to the enemy your force of readiness IS a removable offense.

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