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    Pablo Picasso Head and guitar 1927   • “The Russians” Commit Yet Another “Atrocity” (Saker) • US Oil Imports From Russia Increase By 43% (AMD) •
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    Veracious Poet

    We don’t really know. We don’t have enough information about “the-owners”.
    We sure don’t know what they know.
    TT4TW has an impression of the Rothschild family views and intentions, but I don’t have enough information to agree or disagree with it.
    The danger I see in hopelessness is the same as in believing everything is fine in the world.
    Either belief relieves the believer of any duty to change and prepare.


    I’m not hopeless, I’m a pragmatic realist. I don’t know what I don’t know, clearly, but I know more than enough to conclude the path mankind has chosen is very, VERY dark.

    I did not choose this unnecessary madness, in fact for almost 30 years I did my best to warn people that the future (& the past) was not what they thought it was.

    And just because the road to hell is paved with good intentions, it’s still the road to hell.

    At least as a sojourner on earth, I have faith & firsthand knowledge that once we leave this astral realm that the cause of the chaotic disturbance, the EGO, is stripped away & peace immediately follows…

    In the meantime I’m observing macro geopolitical events to prepare to be helpful & loving to the best of my ability, for the innocent & transcendent.

    Since I’ve come to the conclusion that through recent revelations very, VERY few “humans” belong to the latter, I might last awhile into the emerging dark age…

    Peace be upon you,


    P.S. I’ve spent far too much time writing to no good result, I shall try to focus on being helpful by sharing breaking info during this calamitous journey 🙂


    How much of a problem is that for the Empire of Hate and Lies? Very minor, really. Remember that their PSYOPS are directed at two kind of people: • Those with low intelligence • Those who don’t care about the truth.
    Man – I feel this is my life now. I walked around the cbd of Melbourne today for the first time since mandate protests and felt like a stranger in a strange land. Over 100,000 people in the city to watch the Grand Prix – yes fuel guzzlers going round and around with all the athleticism of someones ankle depressing the accelerator to wow the crowds – covered dutifully by the nightly news I was forced to endure at my in-laws. Putin is a monster they all agreed and I just nodded like the fool on the hill who understands the vast nuance of life in Samsara.

    I’ve never felt more wise, intelligent and at the same time disheartened and lost as I do the last few months and I say this with humility although it appears not.
    I salute you all.

    Dr. D

    RaboBank: “the Fed needs to push down stocks to get inflation under control. We then had a current Fed member say he wants the Fed Funds rate at 3.50% by the end of this year. Yet US stocks decided to stage a late rally”

    The Fed is dead. The market is mocking them. To salvage any power or credibility – that is: to continue to exist – they need to raise rates enough to break the market.

    Now that may sound counterintuitive as they’re the ones who MADE the market. But there are two parts: 1) Blow Bubbles 2) Foreclose on the defaulted collateral you forced everyone to over-leverage. Because they’re the collection of insider banks. Claiming real assets in default is the quickest road to riches.

    But there’s more. As everyone now sees, we have several power-factions in play. Obviously Russia and the global south is in the news right now and doing well. However, we have the previous ones: the Americans…in a way…and the Davos crowd, as recently represented by Klaus and Build Back Bitter. If Davos wins, the Fed dies, subsumed by BIS and Switzerland. To avoid this, they need to counter-leverage, and make Switzerland squeal.

    They just did this, as remember that the BIS will put gold into Tier 1 assets, and…as long said, the Euro was created from birth to be mark-to-market for gold? Therefore, if the Euro wants to relieve pressure, they can just raise the gold price and the EU is re-collateralized? Well London’s gold rigging has held and they could NOT raise the gold price. WWIII = gold barely ripples now. So Basel just delayed the Tier 1 asset, again. London wins. The Anglos.

    Now the Fed is in a jam, and has to raise rates crashing the market. Great, but WHICH market? It will cause a worldwide Financial Crisis II, but that’s not a stupid question. Russia has 20% rates and is drawing capital. Europe is in negative rates and can’t raise them. But the Fed can. We don’t know when the market will crack – 1% or 3% – but if Powell has 300% yield over Europe, money will flee Brussels and go to the United States. Especially for safety at this time, both from Europe, and from the 100% guaranteed recession (oil + yield curve)

    Europe cracks first, their Eurodollars seize up, and the Fed “wins” that round. Davos is set back. This is why the Fed won’t/can’t care that it will cause America’s biggest stock crash since 1930. Besides, they can just print more for their friends and insiders and restart it like ‘08!

    Let me put it this way: Cramer and the Market always say the Fed is kidding and they’re bluffing this time. The Fed is never bluffing and always raises until there is a crisis, 100% of the time, wherever that level is. Ask The Bernank, it was a mere 3% even back then. They then take all assets in foreclosure and print money for their friends after shorting it ahead of time, even if they have to refuse to admit world-wide default, like MBS did in “The Big Short”. (or Germany did in Greece) They stole your pension and made money shorting it down. What’s the downside? Win-Win. Heads I win, tails I win.

    They did, of course, try this under Trump, but he kept pointing out that if there was any crisis Powell was responsible and they stopped. So they wanted to do this years ago. The market is totally out of control now and they need to do it or go into hyperinflation. I mean, unless 6-sigma folks mysteriously die again, and constantly, but there are limits. The herd will notice…someday…maybe…

    “European sanctions against Russia will throw Europe into a “historical recession”.

    Recession? What? Actually, it’s hard to tell: STOCKS are down universally, like the Russell 5000. So are most favored stocks. The only stocks near all-time highs are a few unicorns propping up the Indexes, like Tesla. That is to say: the 20 levitated insider stocks we use to LIE.

    “Ban European flights”

    Here’s an interesting one. Since America is canceling most of their flights now, American is offering “Air Ground Service.” No, I didn’t make that up and I’m not kidding. Since the “Airline” can’t get you into an “airplane” – because: failing failures – they will get you to your destination via ground! No extra charge! Otherwise known as the “Bus.” Again, I am not kidding. They are selling the bus as an air flight to normal people.

    So is America banning flights too? Except, because America, we also LIE about it?

    Sounds suspiciously like Club of Rome, Greenpeace, Environmentalism, AGW, Carbon Credits, Green New Deal. Funny how no matter WHAT happens: prosperity, economy, disease, war, the answer is always the same: you can’t drive while private jets are tax-free. You can’t eat while I’m at the French Laundry. You live in 500ft concrete and I’m on my 5th mansion at sea level.

    Does this not make anyone suspicious that every problem we’ve had for the last 30 years, no matter how different, have all had the same solution? One that also didn’t work, as Germany is collapsing under green power long before Russia came along? No? No, I guess.

    “Yes, we tie their hands and feet sometimes [then shoot them]”

    He’s in good company. So does everybody else in Ukraine. It is a war after all. Are you supposed to kill them nicely? How does that work?

    [Highest] Food Price Index since they started recording thirty years ago.”

    Killin’ some folks. This is why we can’t get a revolution here: it generally follows high food prices, since people are essentially good and don’t want to wreck things unless you force them to. To defend themselves and their lives. Let’s Go Brandon! We sure showed him who’s boss! Now I’m going to make sure people in Iowa don’t eat again until Putin caves.

    …And where’s that new fracking to gas up that new fertilizer plant? No? No one’s interested?

    Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity was covering this, and pointed out this was in his original “Crash Course”…fifteen years ago. We are mining Potash, sending it to field, then flushing it down a toilet into the ocean in NYC never to be recovered again. Those mines were depleted, critical, and would end crop yields worldwide…twenty years ago. That’s how long we knew this and knew it was red-lined. We could recycle that waste as many places do, or make some adjustments as I’ve said back to animal fertilizer. 20 years red lined. We did nothing. Or actually, we did the #Opposite, and now everybody dies.

    …And this is an accident and not an intentional choice how, exactly? You gave tax credits to make SURE this happened. So you PAID to make this famine sure.

    Killin’ some folks. Population is too high and must be reduced. Starting with grandma in a NY nursing home, collecting Social Security and Medicare that was bankrupting Very Important People. Politicians, Oligarchs, and Billionaires.

    When this is what happened, the answer in the article is “The government should do something.” They already did: THEY CREATED THIS PROBLEM. And now you think they want to fix it? Heavens no, they want to reduce the population, haven’t you heard? It’s all the rage, in all their papers. The New Eugenics, really. Smart people love Eugenics like flies like s—t. You can’t possibly publish that you like humans and don’t want to kill them in any respectable outlet on earth. Don’t you want to be the cool people? Be seen at Studio 54?

    Anyway, who knew except EVERYBODY. For LIFETIMES. While they destroyed the infrastructure, small farms, and practices that would have even made this POSSIBLE. Because if you’ve torched the barns and let the farm get up to 5,000 acres, you ain’t gonna have a small-animal shop for your fertilizer. You now need some 50 barns, paddocks, small tractors, fences, silos, feedlots, water troughs, trained helpers, and everything else I can’t think of.

    833 Athlete Cardiac Arrests and Serious Issues, 540 Dead, Following Jab (DE)”

    Killin’ some folks. Who could be shoveling hay that keeps us alive.

    …using attorney-client privilege to withhold evidence in a case”

    They did this for the cover, but it’s actually illegal. If I judge finds out about it, they’ll throw the book at you. …But not if you’re the Very Important People. Then we believe whatever half-a—-d nonsense alibi you cook up. So the lawyers and whole law firm were the money bag-men for national crimes. That if they subverted an election with the involvement of a foreign power might amount to treason. Yeah, that “attorney-client” is strong, and should be, but not THAT strong.

    “The president of the United States potentially being involved in money laundering and RICO”

    Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody DOES anything about it. We all know. Would you like to do your job and follow up with charges now? He can present his case in court, as should be.

    “This is called an oligarchy and it is the antithesis of a democracy.”

    Interesting article but I disagree. An “oligarchy” is only when the representatives persist as the same people and families (as we have now, but is not required and in fact avoided in the House of Rep.). “Democracy” is also the 51% voting themselves the property and daughters of the 49%. …No legal rights to the minority. Also yes we “Claim” to be a democracy because everybody’s illiterate. We are not a democracy and the guys who set it up feared and hated democracies above all things: mob rule, which they’d seen. “Democracy” is government-by-Twitter. Where “Science” is whatever is most trending that day. Where if you’re uncool, we vote you into solitary, as we’ve done this last year. Unlike some other bad governments like Kings and Chiefs, “Democracy” wouldn’t even work for a tribe of 500.

    “Democratic ideals” These are not “democratic” because: illiterate. They are the ideals of “The Enlightenment” and “Natural Law”, the “Rights of Man.” That is, we are trying to align government model with the natural law and model. The “mandate of heaven” in the “Way”, the Tao, the #Logos.

    I mean we do need reforms, but we also need to think clearly. Or we’ll do something even stupider than presently, as impossible as that seems.


    • US Oil Imports From Russia Increase By 43%

    • Ban European flights and car use in cities to hurt Putin

    This is what puts the ‘tard in Eurotardistan®

    I mean, come on, we’re getting into 2+2=5 territory.

    I have a ProTip® for the unwashed euro-masses

    If you really want to ‘hurt Putin’ and save energy and precious resources:

    Put a Brick in your coffee maker!


    Maybe I’ll ask Will Smith to sail over to Old Europe and Dope Slap the snot out of the joint, restore some Common Sense to an otherwise punch drunk rump continent.

    Or maybe send in Boris at 5′ 9″ and 231lbs to rough up the plebs.


    On second thought, maybe send in the former Russian Heavy Weight Champion at 7′ 2″ and 328lbs




    Elon seems a little childish at times. He most certainly isn’t Hopi Indian level. He assumes geological and weather stability around sites re Nuclear. Also the biggest hope being a self-sustaining city on Mars. Come on – I like he is thinking outside the box but so much beauty here to be plundered to get there – it’s a bit like draining aquifers to water gold courses and then losing all your good fishing spots.
    Short Term – I’ll take Buddha anyday



    The Empire of Hate and Lies?

    The “entire civilized world” is disgusted and immediately announced even MORE sanctions,

    a false flag


    what topples governments…..
    the four horsemen

    Pestilence – a problem – even bugs need to eat to live
    Covid ….. a problem – Post-vaccination injuries
    War ……. .a problem – Energy consumption hog
    Starvation …. the crisis it will create – was deliberate. – “genocide,”

    Dr D Rich

    Signs of the anti-Narcissist
    “I knew Jimmy Carter!”
    Standard reply: “But does Admiral Rickover know you?”

    For the credulous, here’s more grist for the mill:

    “The U.S. was then called in to help with the clean up the site.

    Carter, a trained nuclear engineer who had worked under famed Admiral Hyman Rickover, the father of the Navy’s nuclear program on the atomic submarine “Sea Wolf,” was asked to lead a team for the clean up operation.”


    War crimes still do not motivate a call for peace.
    Atrocities is a call for more death/revenge.

    act of barbarity · act of brutality · act of savagery · act of wickedness · cruelty · abomination · enormity · outrage · horror · monstrosity · obscenity · iniquity · [more])


    Meanwhile on the Fakedemic Front

    Legendary story teller Rod Serling, working from the grave, pitches a new tale to present day Mediawhores:



    Will Macron be re-elected?

    To discuss the next French elections, we need to address how Macron was elected in the first place.

    In F, surmising about rigged elections is taboo. I mean, completely forbidden, and not just viewed as crazy conspiracy, deplorable hate speech, etc.

    In the first round turnout was 77%. Of those who voted, 24% voted for Macron, 21% chose Marine Le Pen. The two other popular candidates: Fillon, who was set to become the next president before he was brought down by a fabricated scandal, *PenelopeGate*, got 20% (he would have won easily without the scandal – and the 20% shows that many ppl did not care), and Mélenchon, a ‘left-winger’ got 20% as well (all nos. rounded off ..)

    Only one candidate from the two main traditional parties (‘Républicain’ and ‘Socialistes’) Fillon, got some kind of respectable score, and that after a rabid, daily, pounding, MSM witch-hunt. (Fillon was pro-Russian insofar as that was possible, and is now a Director at Gazprom.)

    the scandal: His wife accepted Gvmt. payments for “non-work”. Perfectly legal in F, and 1/3 of F parliamentarians hire family members, with surely another 1/3 hiring mistresses, etc. To write poetry, or polish their shoes, or whatever.

    15% of those who voted in the first round did so for other candidates.

    The Marine votes can be estimated. There exists a hard-core National Front Le-Pen base (the party has been renamed ..); Marine has participated in many elections; her electorate has been analysed and described exhaustively. For example, in 2012 she took 17% of the vote, with the two ‘main party’ candidates doing better (Sarkozy and Hollande.) 21% in the first round is in line with all analyses, polls, etc.

    The end result of the second round: 43% voted for Macron, 22% for Le Pen, 35% stayed home / voted blank or wrote insults on their ballots. The score for Le Pen is low, not in line with pre-elect. polls, but comprehensible, she performed abysmally in the one debate, absolutely cringe-worthy. (Imho she was afraid of being elected, or other pressures .. Many ppl were very disapointed, angry.)

    The important qu. is: How did Macron make it to the second round? Beating two establishment figures who were quite popular (Fillon, Mélenchon), and keeping in the race the one person who was really hated, despised, feared, by a large majority?

    I won’t bore ppl with a list of the alternative candidates, some of whom had, have, a large following, and were ‘good’ candidates. Only 15% voted (first round) for these candidates (Asselineau, Poutou, Lasalle, etc.) – very odd. In short, if the last election was tampered with (by straight-forward machine vote flipping) votes were taken away from all the alternative candidates, from the Socialist (main party) candidate, and flipped to Macron, to get him into the second round. The votes for Marine were left ‘as is’ as were those (guessing) for Fillon and Mélenchon.

    I’m not saying this happened. But Macron was not known, not popular, and his ‘break’ with traditional party politics (a new uni-party to support one Figure), change era type stuff, was badly managed, though he tried to act the “New Star” it fell flat, it was tinny, risible. So, if vote tampering took place, this is what happened.


    Food – I suppose they could be planning ahead so as not to collapse the markets with a glut of food, as so many people will be- by their own estimations- dead.

    The newest annoyance in my world: I had been wondering for quite a while what this pervasive buzz/hum that lasts almost two days was, and now I find out that it is probably some neighbor charging his Tesla.
    Thanks Elon, for invading my ears.


    @oxy: you are on The Path. We SEE how you use your gifts/tools of compassion and LOVE to translate the experiences of daily living into tangible, practical potentiality. Your musings/our musings are valuable in Ways seen and unseen; our experiences will be called upon for the future use.

    Everyone’s contribution is unique and valuable. Grateful for a place to post love-notes.

    “I’ve never felt more wise, intelligent and at the same time disheartened and lost as I do the last few months and I say this with humility although it appears not.”

    Swinging from side to side (from hopelessness to hopefulness, heartened to dis-heartened) is the process. We can’t LIVE in the extremes on either side; we LIVE in AWARENESS. The center is ours to own.

    (Apologies for any commercial interruption pre-video):



    Will Macron be re-elected? Part 2.

    The polls show a repeat of the previous election, with Macron and Marine going head to head. I haven’t looked closely so ?? I expect Macron will be re-elected.

    The President of F is caught between several rocks and a hard place.

    Under the supervision / orders of Brussels, the EU, and the USA, squeezed and ordered about by Big Corps (eg. Big Pharma, Finance, etc. in France, see the McKinsey scandal ongoing right now.. to the detriment of Macron) being at the same time subject to serious, alarming pressure from below, eg. Yellow Vests, with consequent payoffs needed to prevent major violence in the streets, civil horrors, rumbling underground…

    Seen from above, who is president isn’t important, it is not like any of the 3 top ‘serious’ candidates (Macron, Marine, Mélenchon) could do anything much. The charade churns on.

    Marine used to be somewhat anti-EU, anti-Euro (following Jaques Sapir, a F economist) but she has given that up. She is now a pure emblem of populist policies (while outflanked in her anti-Muslim, ‘racist’ stance by Zenmour, a Berber Jew Media Personality and RABID anti-muslim, who wants to expel all Muslims who… sorry… this gets too long…she will lose the hard core racist vote), advocating, hold your hats…

    No tax for ppl under 30, no tax for biz ppl under 30 for 5 years, upping social aid for families (child allowance and the like, this was a big deal in the last election, and is really important), annuling inheritance tax for poor and middle class families, exonerating family donations from tax (conditions too complex to post), reducing VAT on energy products from 20% to 5.5%.

    Stopping ‘parole’ like measures for ‘criminals’, augmenting prison slots to 85K, allowing ‘legit. self-defense’ for police, etc.

    and… Ensuring Energetic Indepence for France.

    How all that’is to be accomplished is left in the shade.

    link in F, summary of Le Pen policies.

    Article by an Anglo Prof makes a stab at analysis (i don’t necess. agree with it all) but brings up some + points.

    Waking Up from Anesthesia: Decline and Violence in France.



    Yes. We all have a ROLE to “play”. The process of developing/refining it happens in daily living. Like oxy, your translation is valuable. PEACE is an inside job.

    Sharing is essential. Guess this make a case for solo vs. duo/trio/moreo. Appreciate all that is shared here.

    In the meantime I’m observing macro geopolitical events to prepare to be helpful & loving to the best of my ability, for the innocent & transcendent.


    @oxy,,, “ Short Term – I’ll take Buddha anyday”


    Figmund Sreud

    Prime Minister [Dirty Socks] co-convenes the Stand Up for Ukraine event


    “Today, we raised over $12.4 billion in pledges to continue supporting the Ukrainian people who have been displaced by Putin’s ongoing and unjustifiable war. Whether it’s food, water, shelter, or medical aid – we will continue to have your backs and provide the assistance you need at this time. We are also making it easier for Ukrainians fleeing the war to come to Canada. We are standing up for Ukraine.”

    The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

    Anyway, … Are you ready to be a Global Citizen?

    Oh, get stuffed, you phlunkin’ Drama Teacher, you! [ ]



    @Dr D

    Your contributions keep me REAL. Benefits seen and unseen in KNOWING. Appreciate the effort.

    John Day

    @VP Gary: Peace be unto You, and all of us, and even our enemies…

    : You have no scales upon your eyes, Brother.

    @Dr.D: Good information, observations and speculative projections again, Compadre’.

    @Susmarie 108: “Soul Sister” 🙂

    @Professoe Locknload: “He’s BAAACK!”

    : Thanks for further continental insights from (once neutral) CHF.

    @Figmund Sreud: Good finds recently, Friend.

    @Jimmy Carter: Thanks, Sir. I didn’t know.
    My wife asks how come you are still alive.


    There is beauty in humanity…
    With my daughter, who loves to run, I participated in a 5K this morning. It was sponsored by the local high school (where my boys attend) parent club as a fund-raising event. It was conceived to be an inspiration for high schoolers to get running and keep it up for a lifetime. There was food and water for participants, medals and T-shirts and pins. Local sponsors had covered most of the costs of the event, there was a photo booth, a food truck offering crepes. A few Phoenix police officers were there (with an MRAP — I cannot fathom why they brought the MRAP — was it to show it off?). It was a joyful event — a mixing of humans of all ages who mostly didn’t know each other, a few leashed dogs looking for food scraps, and lucky ducks in the canal who received more food tossed than most Saturday mornings.

    I mostly walked. But walked quickly! (I dislike running, preferring to bike, walk, swim, hike, or dance for my exercise. No blisters on the feet from biking!)

    When at such an event, it is almost inconceivable to realize that in other areas of the globe there are conflicts, wars, etc. Conflict seems so unnecessary, even ridiculous. We are mostly strangers gathered here yet we all get along just fine, with loose organization. And then I remember back to November, when I was shunned at a public park — by people that I thought were my friends and peers — for the offense of not wearing a face covering. That was madness, absolute insanity. And there is sad clarity as I understand in a visceral way how and why conflicts and wars and deliberate infliction of pain occurs.

    I am also beginning to comprehend “evil.” Because evil is not what I was taught in Sunday School. My Mormon upbringing suggested to me that evil was “disobeying God’s laws.” Life has taught me that viewpoint is a gross mis-rendering of reality, likely designed by the old to control the young, by those with power to control the masses. Nor is evil derived from absent-mindedness nor unintentional neglect — although those do cause pain to others, and mindfulness can help avoid such behavior. Evil is intentional efforts to subvert, exclude, defraud, deceive, cause pain, deprive of sustenance, etc., of others.

    It is good to know that in the face of so much chaos derived from evil intent, that strangers can peaceably mix and mingle for exercise, health, and community.


    Our perception of reality, etc. has been shaken.
    I’m glad to have TAE community in search for peace.


    @Noirette: thank you. Always enjoy your posts. The insights into the French election cycle are especially appreciated. As an aside, I was terribly disappointed when Macron was elected, and I don’t even somewhat follow France politics. He has not disappointed in that respect.

    On Brownstone today, a devastating take down of the pharmaceutical industry, FDA, CDC, et al, complete with links to supporting info. Hats off to this author.

    Even if you already know this stuff, this piece is worth the read.

    The Anatomy of Big Pharma’s Political Reach


    The kids are in trouble:

    “The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has recently detected higher than usual rates of liver inflammation (hepatitis) in children. Similar cases are being assessed in Scotland.”

    This is a link to the letter to the editor of the Journal of Hepatology from April 2021 that started the concern about possible liver problems after vaccination.

    In fact, after the injection, the greatest distribution of the spike protein seems to occur in the liver, according to this Canadian study. See tables 1, 2, and 3.

    There is a February 2022 article published in “Current Issues in Microbiology” that specifically looks at the hepatic effects of the Pfizer vaccine. The abstract says:

    “Our results indicate a fast up-take of BNT162b2 [Pfizer vaccine] into human liver cell line Huh7, leading to changes in LINE-1 expression and distribution. We also show that BNT162b2 mRNA is reverse transcribed intracellularly into DNA in as fast as 6 h upon BNT162b2 exposure.”



    Farage 2014 – right again

    John Day

    Thanks for all of the bad news, Germ.
    I hope that you and your remaining family are well, and that they may have begun to see the truth…


    Appreciated John D.

    Apart from my wife and son, and 83 year old mother, they’re all on board the narrative.

    Vaxxed, boosted, Putin is evil, etc etc.

    Like many here, I’ve learned that absolutely no amount of evidence will persuade them otherwise.

    And like many, this forum along with a couple of others, keeps me sane

    Stay strong all.

    ps. As cases explode in the UK I’ve added Nigella Sativa oil capsules to my ever expanding regimen of supplements.


    Trudeau expects to raise $6 Billion from the banking tax, (which will be paid for by consumers.)

    Figmund Sreud

    Not sure if following was posted here earlier. Forgive me if it was, …

    … so here it goes – perhaps again:

    Manufactured Crisis: CIA trained the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion and has chosen Ukraine as birthplace of new “Global White Supremacist” Terror Threat – by Whitney Webb, April 3, 2022

    … snip:

    Soon after Russia began military operations in Ukraine, Foreign Affairs – the media arm of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) – published an article entitled “The Coming Ukrainian Insurgency.”

    The piece was authored by Douglas London, a self-described “retired Russian-speaking CIA operations officer who served in Central Asia and managed agency counterinsurgency operations.” He asserted in the article that “Putin will face a long, bloody insurgency that will spread across multiple borders” with the potential to create “widening unrest that could destabilize other countries in Russia’s orbit.”

    Other notable statements made by London include his assertion that “the United States will invariably be a major and essential source of backing for a Ukrainian insurgency.”

    Other notable statements made by London include his assertion that “the United States will invariably be a major and essential source of backing for a Ukrainian insurgency.”

    He also states that “As the United States learned in Vietnam and Afghanistan, an insurgency that has reliable supply lines, ample reserves of fighters, and sanctuary over the border can sustain itself indefinitely, sap an occupying army’s will to fight, and exhaust political support for the occupation at home.”

    London explicitly refers to models for this apparently imminent Ukrainian insurgency as the CIA-backed insurgencies in Afghanistan in the 1980s and the “moderate rebels” in Syria from 2011 to the present.

    London isn’t alone in promoting these past CIA-backed insurgencies as a model for “covert” US aid to Ukraine. […]

    Manufactured Crisis: CIA trained the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion and has chosen Ukraine as birthplace of new “Global White Supremacist” Terror Threat

    My comment: All this stuff simply means that Russia – in order to survive as a sovereign state – must fight this whole Russia-NATO/USA war as quickly as possible, … and make it unequivocally victorious to boot!


    I want to repeat it.

    A new/old “Global White Supremacist” Survivors

    John Day

    Thanks Germ,
    I’m glad your Mom believes you.
    My Mom is ok with ivermectin, but not Putin, and thinks Biden is a good and decent American.
    Could be worse…

    John Day

    @Figmund Sreud: I think somebody put that up, but I can’t recall exactly where I read it.
    Ukraine is not Afghanistan.
    What should be done with Galicia? that’s the big question.
    Rename Galicia as “Ukraine”?
    Let the other territories vote themselves in or out of “Ukraine”/Galicia?

    John Day

    Picture of gardener with carrots and sunbeam this morning in the garden:

    Ellen Brown has been reading and thinking about the same fall-of-the-petrobuck issues as I have, and reading a lot of the same essays and authors. Thanks Dan.
    (Do keep a lookout for anything by Sergei Glazyev, Russia’s foremost independent economist and former advisor to V. Putin.)
    I leap to her conclusion that the $US losing global reserve currency status (we assume) is a blessing in disguise for the real American economy, and it will be, but not for Americans who live on limited and fixed incomes, like retirees. The $US must lose about 75% of its current buying power to re-equilibrate, and to pay off the 120% of GDP that the federal government now owes.
    How will people live if their Social Security check is worth half of what it is now?
    The cost-of-living-adjustments are designed to not-keep-up with inflation, as we know.
    I will point out , as does Ms. Brown, that moving away from the for-private-profit “Federal Reserve” banking system, to a national central bank, not for profit, and representing national economic interests, would greatly soften that blow. (Digital currency is the threat to individual free choice.)
    Exorbitant Privilege or Exorbitant Burden?
    ​ ​If that (global commodity linked reserve currency) system succeeds, what will the effect be on the U.S. economy? Investment strategist Lynn Alden writes in a detailed analysis titled “The Fraying of the US Global Currency Reserve System” that there will be short-term pain, but, in the long run, it will benefit the U.S. economy. The subject is complicated, but the bottom line is that reserve currency dominance has resulted in the destruction of our manufacturing base and the buildup of a massive federal debt. Sharing the reserve currency load would have the effect that sanctions are having on the Russian economy – nurturing domestic industries as a tariff would, allowing the American manufacturing base to be rebuilt.
    ​ ​Other commentators also say that being the sole global reserve currency is less an exorbitant privilege than an exorbitant burden. Losing that status would not end the importance of the U.S. dollar, which is too heavily embedded in global finance to be dislodged. But it could well mean the end of the petrodollar as sole global reserve currency, and the end of the devastating petroleum wars it has funded to maintain its dominance.
    The Coming Global Financial Revolution: Russia Is Following the American Playbook

    ​The Russian Ruble is still weaker against the $US than it was before the (still present) 2014 sanctions, but stronger than it was 5 months ago..
    Despite sanctions the ruble is stronger than before the war. Why?

    Despite sanctions the ruble is stronger than before the war. Why?

    Graph of Ruble to Dollar over time:

    (Hereditary) Economist Pipa Malmgren speaks at the World Government Summit in Dubai, mentioning that her father was an economic advisor to Richard Nixon when Nixon took the US/world off the gold standard, giving her insights into how things work. She predicts the near-term end of “money as we have known it”, to be replaced by national blockchain digital currencies, which would record every transaction. She foresees a need to legislate human rights guarantees into this new system, which is inherently biased against individual humans. (I hope that works out, but I’d rather not trust that it will.)

    John Day

    Michael Hudson closes his most recent currency WW-3 analysis with this (and yes, what will support the Euro going forward?):
    ​ ​From its planning stages, U.S. diplomatic strategists viewed the looming World War III as a war of economic systems. What side will countries choose: their own economic interest and social cohesion, or submission to local political leaders installed by U.S. meddling like the $5 billion that Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland bragged of having invested in Ukraine’s neo-Nazi parties eight years ago to initiate the fighting that has erupted into today’s war?
    ​ ​In the face of all this political meddling and media propaganda, how long will it take the rest of the world to realize that there’s a global war underway, with World War III on the horizon? The real problem is that by the time the world understands what is going on, the global fracture will already have enabled Russia, China and Eurasia to create a real non-neoliberal New World Order that does not need NATO countries and which has lost trust and hope for mutual economic gains with them.

    Boycott Russia! ,,, ​Look, It’s a Squirrel!
    In the past week, the US administration has increased its imports of Russian oil by 43%, reaching 100,000 barrels a day.

    ​ To really beat PUTIN you must starve, freeze, and never drive or fly. Pepe Escobar has some details.
    ​ ​Vast swathes of NATOstan have been corralled into behaving like a Russophobic lynch mob. No dissent is tolerated. The full psyops has de facto upgraded the Empire of Lies to the status of Empire of Hate in a Total War – hybrid and otherwise – to cancel Russia.​..
    ​ ​“Europe has chosen its fate. And chose fate for Russia. What you are seeing now is the death of Europe. Even if it does not come to nuclear strikes on industrial centers, Europe is doomed. In a situation where European industry is left without cheap Russian energy sources and raw materials – and China will begin to receive these same energy carriers and raw materials at a discount, there can be no talk of any real competition with China from Europe. As a result, literally everything will collapse there – after industry, agriculture will collapse, welfare and social security will collapse, hunger, banditry and chaos will begin.”​…
    ​ Bucha allowed the disappearance of Pentagon bioweapon labs from the Western mediasphere, complete with its ramifications: evidence of a concerted American drive to ultimately deploy real weapons of mass destruction against Russia.​..
    [This is WW-3 between 2 global economic models. May the better model “win” for awhile.]
    ​ What may be seriously in dispute is whether the U.S., after “the economic conquest of Europe”, will be able to “lock in African, South American and Asian countries”. The Eurasia integration process, rolling in earnest for 10 years now, conducted by the Russia-China strategic partnership and expanding to most of the Global South, will go no holds barred to prevent it.

    The Total War to Cancel Russia

    John Day

    AI screening is blocking something from uploading, maybe the Pakistan article:

    On US relations with Pakistan over the decades, and recent attempts to unseat the recently elected nationalist Prime Minister:
    “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.” — Henry Kissinger…
    The irony is that the US does not want to be a friend of Pakistan, nor does it allow any other country to be friendly with Pakistan. To understand American mentality, the above-quoted saying of Henry Kissinger is a perfect example. The US might succeed in punishing Prime Minister Imran Khan, but the narrative he has left among the youth of this nation will remain alive. Pakistan will not bow to any foreign power and will resist any pressure and coercion. The US has been exposed and lost its credibility as a sincere friend. The US is neither friend nor well-wisher of any country or nation.

    John Day

    Well, after several tries, I cannot post any links about General Cloutier being alive and well in (thanksgiving) Turkey, not a Russian POW, so look at the blog, I guess…

    Next Saturday, April 16, we will have a pre-Easter garden party at the Yoakum homestead, with local beer from the only real Texas brewery and veggies with zero-food-miles. We sent out invites, but if you read this, and want to attend, ask me for details. It’s noonish at 202 Hefferman Street. Park on the dirt if it’s dry. Bring something you cooked or prepared. We’ll cook plenty of beans and rice.


    TAE community – Whaddya mean? That you all won’t participate in the two-minutes hate? How else can we instigate thoughcrime charges against you all, for not hating Putin and the Russians?

    Get with the cult and be peace loving and happy (like Dr. strangelove) Here, take this experimental shot! Adopt a child from a country needing democracy (like Ukraine) and allow the state (and Disney) to train them to be a good LGBT/unicorn loving servants (or die naked in the rain, your choice 😉

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