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    What is this kind of behavior going to do to these kids

    Figmund Sreud

    @Dr. John Day:

    Ukraine is not Afghanistan. – very, very true, but native western Ukrainians are not Ukrainians. They are a much, much different breed. Canadian non-financial Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister – all in one – is an example of one!

    What should be done with Galicia? that’s a big question. – No idea. I wish my father was still around, … but I can convey here few of stories related to that since my father comes from the farthest SE corner of Poland (Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski), and he, in fact, served in Polish Military – just few years before 1939, in Lwòw, Galicia ( … part of Poland at that time), … plus he fought locally – from The Underground – Germans and the very special western Ukrainians from 1939, all the way up ‘till Red Army Front passed through on the way to Berlin (~1944, I think), and it was no fun! Hint: Germans used Nachtigall Battalion to do their dirtiest policing work. They are called now Azov Special Operations Detachment, so remain still to do the dirtiest work, … but just for a different master!

    Let the other territories vote themselves in or out of “Ukraine”/Galicia? – perhaps, but understand that, that area of Europe has been mixed up ethnically in the ‘18 and ‘19 hundreds that are still very much in effect. See history:




    The expression, “Cutting your nose off,” comes to mind.
    I am under the impression that there will be lots of infrastructure/realestate for sales by Russians owning/living in Europe, especially London, especially the selling of “rich/desirable” assets.

    Michael Reid

    the boys and their toys-
    the bombs and the guns
    the missiles and toxins and crazies-
    are there to be used ’til all are defused
    and the whole world is pushing up daisies.

    Remember when Ed Teller wanted [awww, c’mon, pleeeeeeze, can I can I can I?] to sink his cobalt bomb into a deep hole and crack the earth in two?
    It didn’t happen.
    Sometimes we don’t do the dumbest thing.

    Veracious Poet


    Texas Starts Dispatching Charter Buses to the Southern Border to Transport Illegal Immigrants to Washington D.C. (VIDEO)


    Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) charged in an op-ed Friday that the Florida legislature should end Disney’s $600 million tax cheat loophole.

    Gaetz explained in an op-ed that Walt Disney Corporation benefits from a Florida tax code loophole that has allowed Disney to potentially skirt around hundreds of millions of dollars in state corporate income taxes. To fix this loophole, Gaetz, a former Florida House chairman of Finance and Tax, wrote that Florida should join the majority of states in adopting combined reporting of state corporate income taxes.


    okay- it didn’t make sense. Try again.

    the boys and their toys-
    the bombs and the guns
    the missiles and toxins and crazies-
    are there to be used unless they’re defused
    or the whole world is pushing up daisies.”

    Veracious Poet

    A close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday accused the U.S. of seeking “the end of our motherland” and said escalating tensions could result in a nuclear disaster.

    Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council who also previously served as the country’s president and prime minister, wrote in a post on Russian social networking site that Russia has been “the target of the same mediocre and primitive game” since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    “This means that Russia must be humiliated, limited, shaken, divided and destroyed,” Medvedev wrote, saying if Americans succeed in that objective, “here is the result: the largest nuclear power with an unstable political regime, weak leadership, a collapsed economy and the maximum number of nuclear warheads aimed at targets in the US and Europe.”

    those darned kids

    Michael Reid

    The CV’tastrophe, Eugenics, Transhumanism, and Ukraine, with Dr. Mark Crispin Miller

    Veracious Poet

    Kind of shocked to see that Medvedev article posted on KTLA 😯

    Could it be that legacy media is starting worry about “The Narrative”?

    D Benton Smith

    One of the things that makes the vax lovers’ renunciation of reality so difficult to comprehend resides in one’s own failure to see that the vax lovers are locked into a HORRIBLE condition colloquially known as Stockholm Syndrome. Few understand that condition very well, which is in itself remarkable because the condition is extremely simple in its mechanism.

    Basically Stockholm Syndrome is adoption . . . by the victim . . . of devoted loyalty to their antagonist as a last ditch effort to survive. The instinct-level subconscious calculation is that if they (the victim) are truly, fully and totally loyal and servile then the feared antagonist would have no reason to kill them. The only way to make this subterfuge undetectable as a lie is to make it NOT a lie. If the devoted loyalty is true and factual then the antagonist won’t detect it as fabrication. The antagonist might even see the victim as useful, and therefore let them live, or even reward the sincere loyalty with gifts and good treatment.

    And so, to save themselves from predicted demise at the hands of an all-powerful deadly antagonist, victims literally and actually change their own minds, changes their own BELIEF systems, to match what they believe their antagonistic owner desires. They choose happy slavery in the instinctually compulsive hope that such will prevent unhappy death.

    Unfortunately, the worst of the worst antagonists (the real PROFESSIONALS) are fully aware of how this phenomenon works, and gleefully strive to INDUCE Stockholm Syndrome in the people that they wish to enslave and exploit. More than one Mass Formation based psychosis on the large scale has been done in precisely this manner. Like the one we are in now.

    Side Note & Advice : Increased demonization of the evil antagonist does not usually help. In fact, proving the antagonist to be diabolical usually makes the condition WORSE, by making the antagonist appear to be more dangerous than they already seem. Making the antagonist (who the victim already fears to be a demented psychopathic killer) just drives the victim to INCREASE their demonstrations of absolute devotion to them.

    And in those who are persuaded to hate the antagonist and seek to destroy them it doesn’t help much either. They want revenge, punishment, DESTRUCTION of those “evil doers” . Well, it’s not hard to see where that’s going to wind up. It winds up in the pursuit of POWER. You might as well pursue corruption directly (like a Satanist, warlord or serial killer) because power and corruption and HELL itself are pretty close to one and the same thing. Ever see a war that wasn’t followed up shortly thereafter by another war?

    The only workable solution is the excruciatingly slow and exceedingly painful process of educating oneself , and all of the OTHER victims of Stockholm Syndrome, into greater and greater awareness that the antagonist’s feared “power” is nothing more (and I do mean NOTHING more) than their desire and capacity to persuade other people to do bad things to other people in order to avoid other people doing bad things to them for the same reason.

    The whole damned mess is a self-perpetuating “spiralistic” descent into madness. To strive for material victory by somehow overpowering the antagonist is an open invitation to Hell. The ONLY way out is the painful acquisition and sharing of awareness of truth. And a good place to start that process is to start increasing how aware you are of what is REALLY going on all around you . . . no matter how scared it makes you feel as awareness grows. . . and sharing that awareness with others instead of seeking to reduce your own fear by increasing theirs.



    Thanks for the reminder there are no free elections anywhere. France, Canada, US, UK, etc.

    Guess I will have to repeat this. Nobody can beat Russia! Russia is simply too vast a territory for anyone to conquer! While you are in Russia, beating the crap out of some Russians, olde man winter will be beating the crap out of you until you die! If the cold doesn’t get you, then the spring and fall mud will!

    Russia, Russia, Russia! Mother Russia!
    One day I was sitting in the operators cab with my Russian drill crew plus my interpreter. We had lost electrical power, a rather frequent event in mines. So all we could do was wait until power was restored shortly. To help past the time, my drill crew began having a rather lively debate! Soon my usually quiet interpreter was drawn into the lively debate!

    I also noticed she was turning a bit red too. This lively debate went on for some time. Finally my interpreter turned to me and said the drill crew where having a debate about whether I should marry a Russian woman! The final verdict was No! The reason given was because the drill crew didn’t think I was tough enough and they were afraid if I married a Russian woman, she would be able to beat me up! I am forever grateful for their wisdom!

    Instead I married a 1/2German//1/4Scottish//1/4Welch woman! It is the last quarter that I have to watch out for!



    Sylvia Jones is sadly my Ontario member of parliament.

    I already wasn’t going to vote on account of her support for the vaccine mandates. Now I have a second reason not to vote. Since I won’t be voting neither will the other 3 members of my family. I will make sure I am safely at the cottage and not able to vote.


    D Benton. I Love what you wrote/thought. We almost need to look with eyes that see ideas rather than time bound physical end points. I’m becoming humble enough to know I will see correctly when through the eyes of kindness but still angered by injustice. It’s my perceptual problem. Everything I see will perish. I must learn to trust that my eyes lie but my heart can yet tell thee truth

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