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    Arthur Siegel Zoot suit, business district, Detroit, Michigan Feb 1942 • US Stocks Surge, Snapping 6-Day Losing Streak (AP) • Worst Decline In World T
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    “Back to the country.”

    I’ve been in China’s true back country, and I’d live there in a second. The unspoiled parts.

    That was a village we had to walk to, on a donkey trail, for an hour. The village where we parked the Jeep Cherokees – no, I would NOT want to live there.

    The pristine village was full of happy people, immaculate laughing young women being what caught my eye the most. 🙂 Adobe houses, communal threshing floor in the middle of everything.

    The village on the road- had dead motorcycles, bare lightbulbs everywhere – and no smiles, almost no young people. Ah, the benefits of western capitalism.


    Greenpa, we’ll yet find out how severe the destruction of the Chinese countryside has been, if we’re “lucky”. What I’ve read through the years is horrendous. Many Chinese have no countryside to go back to.


    Much of Australia has been getting more than its fair share of rain in recent years – after a drought that was blamed on Global Warming.

    The kangaroos are multiplying at an alarming rate as these two clips show:

    “Scary kangaroos”

    “Hungry kangaroos on collision course with snow traffic from Canberra”

    I guess we are living in a parallel universe down here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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