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    Workmen next to the screws of the RMS Titanic at Belfast shipyard, 1911   • Victoria Records Australia’s Worst Day Of COVID19- 15 Deaths, 725 New
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    V. Arnold

    Everything has turned into clickbait.

    I am so thankfull for that quote!
    I’m done with that shit: 1 click or just fucking forget it!
    I’m done with this internet shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    V. Arnold

    It’s done’, it’s all broken…
    Nothing good can come out of this madness!
    Grab what you can and find the safest place you can, if you’re in the U.S..
    If elsewhere, you may have some more time; just don’t take too long…
    Hell on wheels screaming at you…


    I thought they would never abandon globalization (re move ng jobs to Latin “America”). OTOH, unemployment and the mess that the US is may create a “suitably malleable” population to bring jobs back to the US proper.


    I really believed they could have stopped it in Wuhan,” the president said.
    Fact check:
    Wuhan did what the USA could not do and still cannot do to stop covid19.
    Beirut destroyed
    Broken windows
    No money, no jobs
    Millions of new destitute refugee, orphans, infected with covid19, hurt, hungry, thirsty, looking for wages, housing, moving, requesting asylum, wanting to live
    Beirut is another reason to count my blessings.

    John Day

    I have been saving links and thoughts for days, and being busy with less abstract things. I am 3 days behind on my busy inbox, but I’m moving forward with improvements to the homestead in Yoakum, and Jenny is starting to have more normal parts of her daily life following surgery 20 days ago.
    Don’t get too lost in details. This is a good bunch here…

    I was pulling weeds a few days ago when I had the epiphany that all of the features of my “white privilege” were what we called “citizenship” when I was a kid. Citizenship gave us rights to due process, presumption of innocence, a voice in society, and the right and responsibility to act for the good of society, including our best efforts to choose honest and reliable public servants through voting.
    Citizens had very serious discussions about the propriety of things like wars, and the best way to solve societal problems, like racism, and unequal opportunity, and pollution. Citizens voted and got a lot of legislation passed in the 1960s and 1970s, which helped some problems, as intended, and had some unforeseen negative consequences, hurting some unintended victims, and making some corporations surprisingly rich, but…
    That was all very messy, and those who still think they are “Citizens” need to be publicly shamed for their effrontery. Look what they are doing to the descendants of slaves, even though they are also descendants of slaves!
    The real owners want the damned “Citizens” to shut up and quit making problems.
    We have a crisis that requires creating trillions of dollars to be given to the owners again, same as a few months ago, which the “citizens” are responsible to make good on eventually.
    Self-professed “Citizens” are too stupid to understand high finance, and need to get out of the way. “Citizens” should better apologize for things rich white people in America did in the 200 years before they were born, even if their ancestors didn’t come over from Europe until later, and their other ancestors weren’t rich.
    The mass media are working hard to present these interests of the owners to the imagined “citizens” in a way that they can understand. Whether it is all perfectly factual misses the point. It’s what might work, and that’s critical.
    What if all of these “citizens” created a populist-revolt? That would destroy America. What could be worse?!
    Now go back and watch TV, and try to pay attention this time.
    White Privilege is your sin, and you can never be forgiven.
    Listen to the woman of color with the megaphone (in front of those white guys dressed in black).
    Do not pay any attention to the man behind the curtain.

    Charles sent the first 4 stories. Charles is nailing this transition.

    When Charles Darwin was reduced to “survival of the fittest”, one word was misunderstood. He was not talking about who could bench press the most on free-weights, or run the fastest hundred meters, he was talking about who would have the most long term progeny and grand-progeny and great-grand-progeny survive. It turns out that nice-guys-don’t-finish-last, and it’s not just true in humans, either. Friendliness and cooperation are the key to long term success in the gene pool! (Not explained is why we are in this current mess, being ruled by sociopaths, who convince us to slaughter each other every 60 to 80 years.)

    Today the entire world is in a similar position to Europe in the months leading up to the First World War. Oil production – including the fracking and tar sands which kept us afloat for a decade – finally peaked in 2018. There is far more oil beneath the ground than we have burned thus far; but we have reached the cost-complexity limit on oil extraction technology beyond which – for new deposits – further extraction costs more energy than it is worth. Unlike Europe in 1913 (peak coal), however, there is no alternative lower cost energy substitute capable of being deployed on an industrial scale. Worse still, our oil-based technologies have also reached or are close to reaching their cost-complexity limit…
    Like medieval plague doctors seeking to respond to the Black Death, without a theory of energy modern economists blithely imagine that our problems can be overcome by simply printing new currency out of thin air. The left would choose to invest it in non-renewable renewable energy-harvesting technologies for which there is simply not enough left of Planet Earth to achieve more than a fraction of the intended aim. The right, on the other hand, will go full steam ahead in attempting to extract fossil fuels which lie beyond the hard limits of an oil-powered economy. Whichever path we take, the final destination will be the same – a much smaller population living a much less consumptive life on a largely depleted planet whose changing climate may ultimately render even that life unsustainable.
    With a theory of energy, we might, perhaps, cushion the blow by saving the best of our current way of life – like access to clean drinking water and basic healthcare – before it is too late. But, at a time when emotions outweigh data and reason in decision making; I’m not holding my breath.

    The symptom of our disease

    Is history repeating itself? Again? Like before? With different actors and scripts? Same plot?
    ​ ​Unpredictability can arrive in the form of tyrannical technologies, the cascading effects of climate change or in the form of a globe-trotting pathogens.
    ​ ​As a consequence, tomorrow will not look like yesterday. This modest pandemic, which will be followed by more pathogenic mischief, has reminded us that our society has entered a very dangerous phase in its historic cycle.
    ​ ​Can we build a simpler society that can survive random shocks? Can we re-localize the economy, tax the rich, support small farms, simplify our brutal technologies, power down and distribute authority more evenly among local communities?​ (Crazy talk!)
    ​ ​Or do we return to “normalcy” by courting more catastrophe with accelerated globalization, sending ourselves galloping over the cliff?
    ​ ​This pandemic has given us a clear historic choice: change or collapse.​ (It’s no choice at all, is it?)

    Mr. House

    8 months in and we still don’t know where the virus came from or when it was first in the United States. Seems to me these should have been the first two things we answered.


    With a good imagination you can see a jester in the photo of the Titanic.
    The eye is the hole at top left with a propeller blade making his cheek; the other blade makes his nose, and the swoop of the crankshaft casing (?)of the rightmost propeller makes his hat, with the propeller as the dingle on it.
    I wonder what he’s smirking about.
    The Titanic is an icon of hubris. I suspect the species is currently working on a better one.

    Mr. House

    @my parents said know

    “The Titanic is an icon of hubris. I suspect the species is currently working on a better one.”

    its called the global economy and the idea that those at the top earned that right


    Here’s another good take (and Ilargi – I’m conscious it’s your role to do the link posting.. I’ve posted ones recently that have been from more obscure sources where they’re relevant on the discussion. On the assumption you can’t scour the entire internet alone..):
    A couple of quotes from it that I liked (for those not wanting to read the article):

    Noting that Stella Immanuel who promoted a HCQ treatment was vilified by the media:
    “I further note that if conservatives had unleashed such a stream of invective against a leftist African American woman the screams of racism and sexism from the very leftists currently imprecating Dr. Immanuel would shake the heavens. But if the left didn’t have double standards, it would have no standards at all.”

    “At best the evidence supports the view expressed early in the outbreak (but curiously discarded) that restrictions on social interactions could affect the timing of the progression of the disease, but not its ultimate toll. That is these policies can affect the shape of the curve, but not the integral under the curve.
    Why? Because virus gonna virus. A point that I made early on, and many bona fide experts did as well.

    Related to this is the interest of the governing class. The Faucis and Kashkaris and Democratic governors and mayors and county executives of the US (and their foreign equivalents) quite like the vast powers that they have arrogated in the name of public health. They have achieved unchecked authorities that they could only have dreamed of in January. Why should they want to stop now? And why should they want to tamp down hysteria, when it has worked out oh-so-well for them? Of course they don’t–hell, they have every incentive to stoke it, and by all evidence they are doing so with a hearty assist from the hopeless media.”

    Mr. House

    “The Internet has become an Orwellian chorus of shrieking, sanctimonious voices bullying everyone into conformity with charts, graphs, and desperate guilt-trips, few of which have much connection to reality. Corporations and governments are censoring dissent. We’re approaching a level of manufactured mass hysteria and herd mentality that not even Goebbels could have imagined.”

    CJ Hopkins is great if you guys haven’t read him

    Virus of Mass Destruction

    V. Arnold

    With a good imagination you can see a jester in the photo of the Titanic.
    The eye is the hole at top left with a propeller blade making his cheek; the other blade makes his nose, and the swoop of the crankshaft casing (?)of the rightmost propeller makes his hat, with the propeller as the dingle on it.
    I wonder what he’s smirking about.

    Yes, with the mouth at about head level with the work crew… 🙂

    I wonder what he’s smirking about?

    That the Titanic is an icon of hubris?


    V. Arnold-
    I’m so glad you could see the jester.


    Thank you for sharing this information.

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