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    John Vachon Auto of migrant fruit worker at gas station, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Jul 1940   • A Very Difficult Night (Craig Murray) • Someone Int
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    Dr. D

    Bosco: Answer about generals on yesterday’s comments.

    Brexit: now the hard work starts.

    “REPLY: The central bank has been in control of short-term rates, not long-term. The Quantitative Easing of 2008-2009 was all about reducing the supply of long-term debt in hopes of lowering long-term rates, which they hoped would revitalize the real estate market. Here, the Fed is dealing with its own perceived power. The mere fact that the Fed had to step into the repo market and continues to provide liquidity is an effort to prevent short-term rates from rising. It also reflects the reality that the Fed has lost control of interest rates. They will ultimately be unsuccessful in maintaining control over short-term rates on a sustained basis. We are entering a whole new dimension. This is not Quantitative Easing as so many immediately called it. They just lack the understanding of how the economy truly works both globally and domestically.

    The Federal Reserve made no change to its target interest rate at its December meeting, expressly saying that the economy remains strong. They said that in fact the economy is so strong that few central bank officials currently saw any need to cut interest rates over the next 12 months. This is because the capital flows are still pointing into the USA while the rest of the global economy is showing major signs of stress. The Fed cannot lower rates when the pressures are for rates to rise due to risk factors nobody will talk about publicly.

    This is simply where international analysis overpowers domestic. We advise internationally. You have a whole different set of criteria to watch.”

    Well, they found a place with enough sides to have a civil war, another attempt underway:

    “Virginia Lawmakers Threaten 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries with National Guard”

    80 areas (sheriffs) have declared they will not comply, and even deputize their citizens to fight this illegal action. …Which it is. If you want this, the legal way is to float and pass a Federal Amendment. Sorry.
    Is this hot air? Well they had zero compliance to the laws in NY, CT, and NJ, so probably not.

    “In Virginia, state law supersedes local law. Citizens and local officials have to comply with state law”

    Strange they would know this and not know FEDERAL law, the 2nd law ever written, supersedes STATE law. Weird how law only applies when they want it, then vanishes when they don’t want it.
    The only question remaining is, who’s ready to die on this hill?” Everyone, they hope. Causing the civil war itself IS the victory. But you knew we weren’t going to just walk away from this.

    Fed Will Flood Market with Gargantuan $500 Billion to Avoid Repo Crisis (ZH)

    Everything’s going so great, best economy evah! That they already have a $500B running bailout and rising exponentially. Remember, it was zero, they were shrinking until 9-11-19. We’re at $500B a QUARTER. That’s $2 Trillion bailout a year, or rather, as it’s doubling each month, $2,040 Trillion by Jan 2021. We won’t get there. As above, they are fighting the (logical and obvious) need for far higher rates.

    However, it may be why Trump has pulled back from the China Tariffs: he cannot have that be the “cause” of the imminent re-set, as the media keeps attempting to plant. …I mean unless you don’t believe he follows the loss of half-a-trillion a month under his own Treasury Secretary. I mean because it’s not like he’s seen a ledger or watched a company go bankrupt and restructure before.

    Trump signed off on it…nobody will ever know what’s in the actual deal, even once we pass it!”

    Oh noes! You mean like the ACA, the Iran deal, TPP which it was illegal for CONGRESS to read, and every important thing in the last 20 years? Call me when he arrests himself or the people give a d—n.

    This has been the most inclusive debate process with more women and candidates of color”

    This is what the party has come to: fascinated with and determining everything on the pre-eminence of skin color over character, but unable to give fair and honest standards without changing them to add or remove candidates at will. …Just as has been criticized every year about the random, insider “Superdelegates” now decades ago. Now that even the superdelegate rigging is not enough to lock out non-insiders, they’ve moved on to this. But it’s “Diverse”, so long as it’s only the candidate the 5 of us picked in a smoke-filled room. Are you all demented? What does skin color have to do with it? That’s not “diversity”, to promote and demote and judge people based on their skin color is racism.


    Interpretations of motivations

    The minority of people read blogs that try to dig out where the truth lie.
    To escape reality, Yesterday, alcohol was the drug of choice.
    Today, drugs have been added to this cocktail.

    I wonder if there is a higher death rate among blog readers who discover reality?
    Should “suicide by police” be included in the statistics?
    What about people going on killing spree?
    Should today’s escape from reality include the death rates,(resignations), of defeated politicians?

    Dr. D

    Here’s that article on Columbia and the wholesale creation of St. Greta:

    “Over 250 news outlets and journalists partnered with Columbia University School of Journalism’s flagship magazine to shape control of “climate crisis” coverage in the lead up to the United Nations climate conference. The coverage-coordination initiative included directing how much time, space and prominence should be devoted to the coverage, and asking that climate “news” be added to seemingly unrelated stories.”

    Because: Friday, they are not journalists but activists, and because their mouths moved, they are lying. In other news: water is still wet.


    Lawyers complain about lack of access to Julian Assange in jail

    The WikiLeaks founder, 48, appeared at Westminster magistrates court by video link on Friday for a hearing to extend his detention in Belmarsh prison, in south-east London.

    [..] Gareth Peirce, defending Assange, said the legal team were struggling to prepare documents for the case as Assange had no access to the evidence.

    “Without Mr Assange’s knowledge, some of it is recently acquired evidence, some of it is subject to months of investigation not always in this country, of which he is unaware because of the blockage in visits,” she said.

    “Despite our best efforts, Mr Assange has not been given what he must be given, and we are doing our utmost to cut through this.”

    Peirce said the governor of Belmarsh had prioritised family visits over legal visits, and she asked the judge to step in. But the district judge, Vanessa Baraitser, said she had no jurisdiction over the Prison Service.

    “Can I make it clear that I have no desire to stand in the way of any lawyer having proper access to their client and it’s in the interest of justice that they do,” the judge said. “What I can do and say is to state in open court that it would be helpful to this extradition process that Mr Assange’s lawyers have the access to their client.”

    It would be helpful? No, it is his right, and you are the judge, you are the law in which this right is enshrined.

    Doc Robinson

    For the full context, that comic strip from Bill Watterson begins with Calvin saying,
    “The problem with people is they don’t look at the big picture”
    and ends with Calvin saying,
    “… it puts a bad day in perspective.”

    Wise words.

    And then we have the case against Julian Assange.
    From the same Guardian article that Ilargi quoted:
    “He spoke to confirm his name and date of birth and to clarify he was Australian, after the court’s legal adviser mistakenly suggested he was a Swedish national.

    Dr D Rich

    “What I can do and say is to state in open court that it would be helpful to this extradition process that Mr Assange’s lawyers have the access to their client.”
    But she is prim, proper, civil and polite as a lady of society should be. There will be no raised voices of impertinence in her court. She’s a fine example of a woman attaining the levers of power exercising them in a way that both serves her self-image reflected in the mirror of her mind and yet simultaneously signaling to The Man she is down with him. Even the smug declaration of her position’s impotence over Assange’s jailers announces her servility to The Man. I cast my vote for apparatchik of the year.

    A from OZ

    It’s me again.

    The Judge is actually correct – she has no jurisdiction to tell Belmarsh what to do about visitors etc.., if there is some breach of his rights in that area it is again up to his lawyers to actively do something about that.

    Of course, the best thing to do would be to apply for bail, then he’d be out of Belmarsh altogether – yet again the lawyers failed to do that.

    Naomi Colvin (who I would consider to be an “insider”) was in Court and tweeted about it.

    One strange passage from her reporting that isn’t in the piece linked above is:

    Finally, DJ Baraitser asked Gareth Peirce if it would help if Julian #Assange were presented in person on the 19th in order to facilitate a meeting afterwards. Peirce declined saying that “It’s a difficult claustrophobic journey from Belmarsh”

    So, the main complaint apparently – and the headline to the story – is that they need more direct access to Assange. But when the Judge offers one thing that IS in her power to order that would give them at least some direct access in person, the lawyers decline with a flimsy excuse.

    Now that he is on remand he is supposed to be allowed 2 social visits per week and unlimited legal visits. Those two things are separate, one doesn’t preclude the other. If he isn’t getting that and he was my client I’d be raising merry hell about it and dragging whoever necessary into the appropriate Court TODAY to get an Order fixing it.

    In that twitter thread there was an interesting exchange between Colvin and someone called “CarryCandy”:

    CC: do you know why the lawyers did not ask for release from Belmarsh for medical reasons?

    Naomi Colvin: I imagine because there’s no chance of such an application being granted.

    CC: 1. it would be very helpful for the campaign cos everyone wonders why they are inactive. 2. it would shift the legal responsibility to the judge/justice system/British State, who has the excuse that no one asked in the present situation

    Apparently I’m not the only one deeply concerned about the difference between what is presented and what action is, or isn’t, taken to address that.

    Doc Robinson

    According to Sputnik News, Assange’s lawyer Gareth Peirce presented a precedent where another judge “recently intervened with [Belmarsh] prison authorities to ensure an imprisoned defendant had better access to his lawyers and case file.”

    Despite hearing of this new precedent which Assange’s lawyer said meant that Judge Baraitser could intervene with prison authorities, the Judge said the most she would do would be to state in open court that “it would be very helpful if” Assange was provided proper access to his lawyers and his case file.

    Peirce contrasted what Judge Baraitser is prepared to do with the Old Bailey judge who “is on the phone to [Belmarsh] prison saying ‘do it’”.

    Judge in Assange’s Case Ignores Precedent of Another Judge Intervening With Belmarsh Prison


    I guess Assange’s lawyers have been bought, then.

    V. Arnold

    Here’s that article on Columbia and the wholesale creation of St. Greta:

    Surely a sign of end times; when a child leads adults with non-sense…

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