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    Amedeo Modigliani Jeanne Hebuterne 1919   • The Bitcoin Ramp – Is It Sustainable? (Lebowitz) • UK, EU Plan Regulatory Crackdown On Cryptocurrenci
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    The primary way to earn real money is to create goods and sell them [this includes food]. Essentially it is using energy to create new products, i.e. manufacturing.

    A secondary way to earn money is on the back on manufacturing, either selling raw materials or in services.

    The money earned is the main driver of the economy via workers wages and share income via pension funds.

    The third way is to print money, but this is fake money as it is mot earned. It usually ends up harming the economy, not stimulating it.

    The impetus is to change this fake money for tangible assets such as houses, shares and land. This increases the cost of rents, mortgages and food, and also means pension funds pay more for shares while receiving the same income.

    Because real money is not increased [wages] it means that those who depend on it face increased living costs with no increase in income. In general the result is less discretionary spending which drives the economy downwards. For the poorest the increases in rent and food means extreme poverty.



    “The proposed changes come amid increasing fears that Bitcoin is being used by gangs to launder the proceeds of crime while also attracting currency speculators”

    How is Bitcoin used for money laundering? You need a bank account to buy Bitcoin, by which time the money has already been laundered. The last estimate I read about for money laundering through the global banking system was about 150 billion dollars per year.

    The only currency worth speculating against is Bitcoin itself, as it is so volatile. Will the UK legislate against people making money from Bitcoin which would be liable for capital gains tax [40%]?


    “Attenborough has been in nature for 70 years”

    I used to like watching Attenborough – many years ago. Now, he is just working on scaring people – but never about wind-turbines that kill so many raptors and rare birds. That is quite OK – because it is “saving the planet”

    ‘Green’ Hypocrisy: the Wind Industry’s State-Sanctioned Eagle Slaughter

    Attenborough never ceases to insert the phrase “due to Global Warming” repeatedly in his catastrophe scenarios.

    David Attenborough on climate change: ‘The world will be transformed’

    The reality is that the temperature has been more or less stable for 30 years and has actually started trending downwards!

    7 Major Signs The Globe’s Surface Has Been Cooling, And Will Continue To Cool

    If you think the BBC is not in the propaganda business, think again. Last week they suggested that the Iranians maybe building a military base near Damascus – without any proof. A bit later, the Israeli defence minister says that there are no Iranian troops in Syria – merely advisers. Later still, the Israelis bomb that place near Damascus using the BBC report as justification. It is all as synchronised as the legs of the girls doing the “Cancan” at the Folies Bergères.


    How is Bitcoin used for money laundering? You need a bank account to buy Bitcoin, by which time the money has already been laundered.

    You can buy Bitcoin with cash if you know where to ask. Once you sell Bitcoin it becomes investment income.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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