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    It’s somewhat deep, yet simultaneously abstract discussion: Rixey/McCairn

    SARS Biowarfare With Charles Rixey

    What’s coming next.

    Rixey did a 3-way discussion with Hoff and KimdotCom earlier this week.
    Start at 19 min 22 sec mark.
    Quite the rabbit hole.



    ‘Chimps are nasty. I was told by a keeper of primates at the Wellington Zoo (NZ) that a fully-grown chimp has the strength of 10 adult men. TEN. The zoo has elaborate security and safety procedures and facilities in place. (For the record, a fully-grown orangutan has the strength of 7 adult men. SEVEN’

    Maybe there was some hyperbole there. A keeper of primates might like to bolster his/her standing in the community by exaggerating the threat of the captives.

    The other aspect is this. Are what we call men actually men anymore?

    Five hundred years ago a man spent his time working in fields all day, or hammering in a place of manufacture all day, or chasing and capturing animals all day. Or if in an army, marching long distances carrying weapons and supplies, and then fighting (perhaps for several hours and often to the death) with other men who were fighting for a different exploiter of men. If on ships, men spent much of their time hauling on ropes attached to sails or anchors. And when not doing that, scrubbing decks or carrying out repairs.

    It is said that the runners who provided communications services for the Inca Empire ran for 10 hours. Every day. The Zulus who defeated the British invaders in the early skirmishes ran over hundred kilometres in three days, carrying spears and shields, in order to meet the invaders.

    Darwin reported that the inhabitants of the islands off the coast of Chile-Argentina wore no clothes and swam in the cold water to collect various sea foods.

    Many tribal societies required adolescent boys to undergo a ritual or ordeal in order to make the transition from child to man -like “Go into the wilderness and don’t come back unless you are carrying the skin or a substantial chunk of a large beast you have killed.”

    I know that man is a useful label to describe a hominid that hardly generate sufficient sperm to inseminate a female of the species, cannot run 2 kilometres at the peak of fitness, cannot construct or use hand tools, and is dependent on a constant supply of medication and 100 constantly-active energy slaves for survival, but when this thing goes down, how many real men will be around? -especially in the bloated NATOstan countries.

    phoenixvoice. I spent several years teaching Asian students to speak and write English. It’s difficult to not be a teacher when it is in you.

    Though glucose and fructose are both sugars, the human body has evolved to run on low levels of glucose. A high level of glucose in the diet throws serious a spanner in the works. A high level of fructose is deadly.

    American industrial agriculture has been set up to convert oil extracted from under the ground and from under shallow seas into glucose and fructose via the substrate that used to be soil. Huge subsidies have been provided by the corporation that controls American society to facilitate this process.


    ‘I gather that the people you “elect” can just switch parties part-way through their term in office, because no-one in either party is calling her out on it as a verboten move. If this is the case, why should any of them claim to be members of one party or the other in the first place? Sounds kind of like it ought to make them unfit for office because they are being deliberately deceptive in their nominal party affiliation – and that’s the most basic item on their curriculum vitae. It sounds shiesty.

    What a bunch of assholes they all are.’

    Airstrip Five went through a period of turmoil in the 1990s, when politicians decided the infighting within a political aprty was too much to bear and switched to another party midstream.

    The controllers could not care less because they controlled all the parties, and the controllers’ agenda was followed whichever party was ‘in power’.

    However, it was a bad look as far as the debt-slaves/wage-slaves were concerned, so the bought-and-paid-for politicians passed legislation banning ‘waka-jumping’.

    ‘What a bunch of assholes they all are’

    Yes. All of them. That’s why they were selected for office.


    Today earns a double Yogi tea tag inspiration: Without the darkness, you would nev er know the light.


    What a bunch of assholes we all are. Every one of us will, I guarantee, hurt someone quite soon. (Trust me; I’m not an expert on anything). All of us have, will, and are now doing something that required another sentient being to suffer:


    I suggest that, rather than cursing the darkness inside another person’s butthole, we pull our heads out of that place and light a match. (The sulfur removes that stanky butt smell.)

    Everybody hurts, as another song sings more comfortingly than the above.

    Why? Mostly because we’re always hurting each other.


    The Jobs “Boom” Isn’t So Hot When We Remember Nearly Six Million Men Are Missing From The Workforce
    Zerohedge Article

    How Many Men Are Out of the Work Force?

    I’m aaaalmost to 100 job applications with just 1 interview at a 50 employee company.

    I’m beginning to think I need to declare myself to be a trans lesbian, stay married to my wife, keep wearing jeans, tshirt, flannel, baseball cap, and combat boots, and I’ll at least get another interview somewhere. Wife already accuses me daily of wearing “lesbian chique” how much difference could it make at this point?

    Wife works at a small company, so probably can’t benefit her career from saying she is lesbian, although we could join some book clubs or something so we can be “that brave married lesbian couple.” (who gives a f what the BOOK is…) D&D went woke, maybe we can start one of those groups. Not sure I can put up with clerics using swords or “wizards,” whatever they are. Maybe they are trying to say magic users.

    But anyway, the main thing would be that we would be Brave And Stunning and, judging from the current Youtubes of people playing 5e D&D, using our own bodyweight in hair gel daily. That is SO old school D&D. Possibly. I don’t know THACO not because I started too late, but because I started too early. I missed the super-gelled green hair. Must have been a thing though. Surely. Now pardon me I am off to be that unemployed guy playing Gauntlet at the local hobby store.


    Regarding the green map, I have a useless piece of information as far as the global predicament is concerned.

    The Wallops are in Hampshire, and as child and adolescent I went to Nether Wallop in the family Morris Minor.

    Just north of Nether Wallop is Over Wallop. And between them is Middle Wallop, an RAF base. I remember it quite well.

    Near there is the biggest manmade hill in Europe, constructed around 4000 years ago. And to the west the great stone circles at Avebury and Stonehenge.

    If everything that was constructed after 1960 were removed, it would be a delightful region. The 1960s saw some of the ghastliest ‘developments’ in the history of Britain -completely characterless concrete and steel tower-blocks plonked in the middle of towns with medieval castles and walls. And then it got worse.

    The last time I was in Nether Wallop it still had an eighteenth century feel…stone thatched cottages and an open stream with stone bridges. Tar sealed road surface, though.


    Did you hear???? No?…. Then …. You should watch FOX News
    Twitter Files Part-II: Select users put on secret blacklist for being ‘right-wingers’


    AFKTT – your post on the activities of men from the past really got me. My broken wrist from garden/landscaping in January means although I can do most of what I once could do it is with some pain and a different approach. I have picked up quite a few of these minor and sometimes major hurts and I feel these invisible ghosts all around me at times. The men (and women) of times past that were not blubber born of Haber-Bosch. It has costs but it has benefits too.
    I think the demand destruction going on will give rise to more of these men. People will HAVE to work their bodies to get the heating and the calories etc.

    I’m glad the offered thinking was of some use. It means a lot to be amongst this group.
    And Bosco can I apologise for apologising?
    Good to have you here you big-hearted maniac.

    Dr. D

    Thinking for Oxy, “What makes us judgey?” Stuff I’ve thought so long ago I have to rework up first principles to answer it. Do we think we’re better or smarter? Yes, but that can’t be helped. And we may be, or probably are also wrong about it, but that can’t be helped either.

    The existence of having an ego means you’re individuated, you’re closed off and separated in a way from others, and from the All. That also cannot seem to be helped, as all animals appear to have it, and go through it, and even our highest sages seem to begin there, only to move further later over time.

    As we all are cut off, all have different perceptions or opinions, we have no choice but to believe ours is sensible and better, and the other guy is foolish. We also generally have no choice but to express ourselves for some personal reason, and therefore reveal our opinion and belief, either accidentally or on purpose. Since we think ours make sense, and others don’t, we are confused and likely to ask, discuss, respond, and change according to our new understandings from those interactions. We then tend to ally and associate with others who are similar to us, and get to expressing ourselves generally, even to people who don’t want to hear it, when necessary and from time to time.

    This is the 1st Amendment.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

    We break all of them every day. We are told to believe a THEIR way, or punishment, to not believe what we think is true, to not tell anyone, to not write down and share what we believe is happening and true, not to associate with others, and to be forced to like, hire and associate with people we don’t wish to, and are punished for telling the government this plan is stupid and counterproductive.

    Entertaining, but not really the point. ARE we right? No one knows. Or at least the people who seem to know have minds so different from ours that their explanations make little sense. Here’s a guy says, “Turn the other cheek” and “Carry a soldier’s armor, for no reason, twice as far as he asks you to” and then says “Buy an assault weapon.” We attack at dawn.

    A guy says “Which way to the monastery up here?”
    Nanquan said, “I bought this sickle for thirty pence.”
    “I’m not asking about the sickle. Which Way?”
    Nanquan said, “It feels good when I use it.”

    Other enlightened masters pick up a rock and nonsensically try to polish it when asked basic questions.

    My guess is they are saying something sensible and coherent, but I can’t understand where they’re coming from as our minds – or egos – are in different places.

    How much more the rest of us wandering around lost, tired, unenlightened, and not likely to be as we’re not looking and don’t care? Maybe the One Light is all the same, but the many darknesses are all different. So do I think I am right? Of Course! …Generally speaking. But I might also be wrong, so therefore I have to follow a certain logical code about it.

    That code is, I’m not going to MAKE somebody do something. That’s violence. I’m not going to MAKE them believe something. That’s violence. I’m not going to MAKE them agree with me or even listen to me. That’s violence. They may even be doing violence themselves, or walking off a cliff, but if I have to intervene to prevent it, then because I may be wrong and probably am, I am going to do a minimum, show restraint, introduce and explain myself, ask them, and only going to interfere under very specific and mostly legally-defined rules.

    This covers just about everything, because we all know Part I: what is; and Part II: what those rules of process are.

    We have a Third Part: what if other people misuse Part II and won’t leave YOU alone? Interfere, express violence to ourselves or our land? And yes, there’s a whole series of moral rules regarding this was well.

    One thing with these: on the whole they are universally-agreed on among all humans. That this exists, and the means of addressing them. Those people may themselves be unenlightened, and enlightened ones certainly respond far more cleverly, but on the whole humans have a similar expression everywhere. This confirms that our first principles are relatively accurate and we are generally correct.

    And then we say so, and try to convince others, without violence, as in Part I, 1A. So are we the Baddies? No. But we’re not perfect either, and the question certainly bears checking back to from time to time.

    What makes our goals good and theirs bad then? Exactly this. It’s the Implicate Order, the truth or reality that arises out of the existence and experience of the universe that no one needs to believe in since everyone can check for themselves. They are expressing violence, every day, in every way, more and more. And we can predict, and see, and will see a lot more, that will backfire on them and their adherents. We warn them, but NOT being essentially violent ourselves, must generally use persuasion and not blasting powder except in special cases. Which also follow the rules of introduction, discussion, and process. Just that I’m not in that line of work, although many of our White Hats are right now.

    If this weren’t so, if it wasn’t conflicting, dividing, self-defeating, it wouldn’t be “evil” in the first place. It would just be “motion.”

    So is the world eating itself? In a way, certainly. But energy transforms into more energy, shapes into shapes. Chicken eats bug, man eats chicken, bug eats man. And these are only physicalities. Underneath the energy body and consciousness moves on regardless.

    So what’s your Virtue or your Virtue-ladder? “Virtue” as a word is expressible, like “Tao”, in the Roman ethos we get the word from, it means everything, from “Manliness” to “Value” to “Character” it’s an ethical ideal. We can follow it 2,000 years through it’s Christianizing of “Cardinal Virtues” prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance as opposed to cardinal sins.

    What does it probably mean for you, though? Probably something like “Dat’s good”. ” ט֑וֹב” “The Lord saw, and it was good.” What is that though?

    Same thing as above: Unity, not division. Coherence, not strife. Smoothness, not conflict. Order, not chaos. This is the Implicate Order that makes the universe, and we are in alignment with it and not against it. As the “Natural Law” of 1A, or the agreement of human principles worldwide.

    This is in Cardinal Virtues, on the list, although abstracted:

    Prudence (φρόνησις, phrónēsis; Latin: prudentia; also Wisdom, Sophia, sapientia), the ability to discern the appropriate course of action to be taken in a given situation at the appropriate time, with consideration of potential consequences. Knowledge, Wisdom, and timing. Being in the Tao, the right Way.

    Justice (δικαιοσύνη, dikaiosýnē; Latin: iustitia): also considered as fairness;[3] the Greek word also having the meaning righteousness. Having balance between sides, and taking action between alternatives.

    Fortitude (ἀνδρεία, andreía; Latin: fortitudo): also termed courage: forbearance, strength, endurance, and the ability to confront fear, uncertainty, and intimidation. Endurance in things that always exist and are eternal, with the knowledge (Sophia) of being in the correct way (Prudentia).

    Temperance (σωφροσύνη, sōphrosýnē; Latin: temperantia): also known as restraint, the practice of self-control, abstention, discretion, and moderation tempering the appetition. Plato considered sōphrosynē, which may also be translated as sound-mindedness, to be the most important virtue. That these laws are Order, Logos, and we stay within Order to stay on the “Way”.

    Or elsewhere, other cultures can make it clearer:

    Noble Eightfold Path, the way that leads to the extinction of suffering:

    Wisdom (Panna)

    1. Right Understanding (Samma-ditthi)
    2. Right Thought (Samma–sankappa)

    Morality (Sila)

    3. Right Speech (Samma-vaca)
    4. Right Action (Samma-kammanta)
    5. Right Livelihood (Samma-ajiva)

    Concentration (Samadhi)

    6. Right Effort (Samma-vayama)
    7. Right Mindfulness (Samma-sati)
    8. Right Concentration (Samma-samadhi)

    All arise from the same Implicate Order. The Same #Logos.

    So you see although it’s hard to know EXACTLY where we are, or where they are, it’s not that hard to tell if you’re pointed in the right direction, towards the Son, the #Logos, or away from it. Whether you’re in the Tao and the Way, or are conflicting with it.

    Is there conflict? Then you’re conflicting with it. Problem solved.

    Surely, if words have any meaning, if you’re against the whole universe, the way it moves, and are opposing and conflicting with it, then you are on the Wrong, correct? Evil, perhaps? The “Baddies”?

    They are, and they are. We are less so, although somewhat, so it’s easy to tell.

    Even easier than to be judgey.

    Now, what to DO about it? I have a thought that whatever we pay attention to expands. And also they know this. Same principle that THEY give Trump his power by paying attention, following, and responding to him. Sure, but WE follow THEM, the evil, ill-behaved ones. WE give them power. Don’t we?

    If we all ignored them, surely no one would follow their orders and they’d fade away, having to go mop floors or something useful.

    I haven’t got a solution for this yet, but I can certainly see that focusing on THEM and on crimes all day doesn’t seem to be helping. Yet discussing the sheltering of beehives is very specific and not terribly helpful against them either.

    I’m just being aware I have to change. If I want less conflict, then I must conflict less, and that means dropping them to some extent. It isn’t always time, but they and the dangers they create have been well pointed out and most are aware of it now. So maybe I can morally go do other things and not stand in front of this cliff yelling “Bridge out!” all day.

    It would be a better retirement. Have you seen this sickle I bought?


    Did you hear???
    “Merchant of death” traded in a prisoner exchange, for a basketball player??
    He bought gun from


    Sold guns to enemies of


    Got caught by USA, Went to USA jail.


    It is in the nature of Cluster-B, Narcissistic personality disorder types, to, having pretended to adopt “the mantle of _____” to assert that “I have as much dirt on YOU as you have on me!”

    This is because Narcs have trouble with apprehending context. Meaning, being an emergent property of context, they have problem with meaning. Which is why, despite tending to test a little bit higher on IQ tests, they are evaluated by psychologists as “cognitively challenged” or similar. Stupid if cunning. Cannot apprehend meaning.

    If Narcs go around proclaiming morality while DOING evil, then an observer COULD say oh em gee. People who do evil proclaim morality. (what we do is equivalent. I proclaim good and act evil. Now you proclaim good, therefore I have as much dirt on you as you have on me from my perspective, it’s the Jedi who are evil, etc)

    This isn’t all that hard. Entities, groups etc who openly go “Moo haa haa haa we shall be evil” are incredibly, INCREDIBLY rare.

    The recent Kanye/Ye thing, case in point. A certain toothbrush faced fellow grabbed onto a bunch of ongoing concerns. Crony capitalists looting the country. Weirdos doing objectionable weird things in the culture – film, books, theatre, music.

    So Kanye notices this. Er, that is a regular thing I see on the internets. People that read toothbrush faced fellow’s stuff and say holy cow wait, these are real things, was he trying to be a Good Guy? Uh, OF COURSE he cited real concerns. Of course. How else could he get any traction??!?!? You jump on and ride the horse that is standing there, conveniently, as an opportunist. Obviously. Obviously you don’t purely try to base your grift on imaginary shit. How could that succeed?

    So a typical Cluster-B/Narc will claim sanctity, goodness, righteousness, ALWAYS. And THEN if you stand up for Good, will say, hey I am saying THE SAME THINGS, therefore I have the same dirt on you as you have on me and we are at least at an impasse, checkmate.

    But they actually aren’t.

    I want Free Play. And I sure as fuck want to impose it on everyone.

    In High School, I became INFINITELY happier when I decided life was NOT a John Hughes movie

    When I pictured the school and the world as a place where everyone was freely doing their own thing, saying and doing whatever they liked, with no “popular crowd,” everything was cool. If a “popular kid” has 20 friends who attend keggers at houses while parents are at their 2nd or 3rd homes and a band geek has 80 friends, who is the popular one? And who cares? Maybe popular isn’t important.

    I pictured a world in which everyone was responsible for, to the extent that they could, for doing their best to perceive reality correctly and then make their OWN decisions, recognize their own mistakes, and make their own corrections while engaging in FREE association, hanging with who they wanted and avoiding who they didn’t.

    I figured the whole thing, taken together, was kind of a huge problem-solving engine. Everyone doing their own thing, accepting the responsibilities involved, correcting, and ultimately, pragmatic solutions being the result. People who screwed up could re-evaluate the actions of the winners and recalibrate, act again, and win too. A huge game with the goal that EVERYONE wins.

    But of course that would involve free speech, free association, free action. The problem solving machine doesn’t work otherwise. Would I “impose” free play on everyone else? Yep. Would I laugh at cluster-B’s/Narcs saying “From my perspective, it’s the Jedi who are evil!!!!” Yep.


    After reading the deep wisdom expressed in today’s TAE comments, I have concluded that Russia is waging a war in the Ukraine to free all of the Ukrainian’s electricity slaves!

    Indirectly, this will force the Ukrainians to get more exercise, thus reducing their glucose and fructose intake, while saving them from dying of diabetes!

    If the hollywood chimp running the Ukraine has less HFCS in his system, then peace is possible.

    It is OK.
    I am returning to my cave to resume hibernating!
    My next scheduled outing is mid-February to tap my maple syrup tree.
    Until then, sweet dreams!


    “Merchant of death”
    Germany will transfer to Ukraine:
    – 18 wheeled self-propelled guns RCH-155;
    — 80 pickups;
    – 2 hangar tents;
    – 7 trucks;
    – 90 units of anti-drone equipment.

    Also, the German Embassy reported that over the past week, 20 Dingo armored cars and 2 M1070 Oshkosh armored tractors were transferred to Ukraine.



    It’s tough getting old and having a body that does not perform as well as it used to.

    I was just 22 when my back ‘went out’. I spent three days off work.

    When I was 26 I got infected with hepatitis from badly-prepared food served at a meal I was required to attend. Feeling Ill, I went to the locum doctor. he told me to have a dose of whiskey and a couple of Aspirin. The next day I was vomiting and brown liquid was coming from both lower exits. The real GP came to the house and told me I would be ill for 6 weeks. I was. Too week to stand up, I crawled to the toilet.

    At 57 I injured a finger joint by doing too much work with an axe. It swelled and locked up. The right index finger became so sensitive I could not hold a pen. I’m right-handed.

    Over a period of 5 years it gradually came reasonably right, though I normally use the second finger for the trigger of electric tools -yes etc. -I do use electric tools to save further wear and tear on my body and get essential work done quickly.

    The next attack was when I was 65. Misdiagnosed by the medical ‘experts’ on Friday evening. I went through hell that weekend. Pain at the level of 3 or 4 gradually rose to a level of 10 on a scale to 10 -because the virus travels along nerves. A bath reduced the level of pain from 10 to 9.5. A total of about 30 minutes sleep the night before I drove to the medical centre and walked in as soon as they unlocked the door.

    ‘Have you got an appointment.’

    “No. I need to see someone right now.”

    “But you need an appointment.”

    At which point I collapsed on the seating and demanded someone see me straight away.

    “I’ll see if someone is available.”

    [Doctor] “You’ve got shingles. It’ll take about six weeks to recover.”

    I mentioned the pain level. He told me that shingles pain can be much worse than having a bullet blow a hole in your shoulder in battle. Nice to know that.

    The pain was worse than having half your shoulder blown off. But the medication lowered the pain level from 10 to about 4 as the rash crept down my arm from neck to wrist, and then erupted.

    The arm became so weak I could not lift anything. And when I returned to playing bridge I used my left had to write on the bidding pad.

    A year later the pain level had dropped to about 3 without use of painkillers, and I could use my hand again to do normal things. 4 years later the strength in my arm had returned.

    7 years later the pain level has dropped to a fairly constant 2. But if I do too much physical work it goes back up to 3 or 4.

    My adult teeth came under attack by industrially-produced ‘food’ as soon as they emerged. Emulating the incorrect brushing technique promoted by toothpaste advertisers cause severe grooving -which was identified and corrected many decades later when I visited a real dentist. It’s a wonder I still have so many teeth left.

    A few months ago a pain emerged in one leg. It doesn’t go away. But when I am engrossed in projects I don’t notice it.

    I do what I have to do. And now that time for preparing is so short, I appreciate the long hours of daylight and good that ‘Mother Earth is currently delivering.

    By the way, Jupiter is spectacular in the night sky again. no wonder he was ‘a top god’.


    “Merchant of death”
    US sanctions Russia over Iranian drones
    The Biden administration has accused Russian aerospace forces and the defense ministry of purchasing UAVs from Tehran


    Fun reading for the weekend
    Twitter reveals how it banned Trump
    Framework for removal of US president was set long before Capitol riot


    (aforementioned indulgent sophomorism)

    Some Groundwork is necessary. Down below, there are these things called holograms. Holograms are formed when a coherent beam of light, usually supplied by a laser, is split smoothly and equally into two distinct beams and then reunited. One beam, called the reference beam, is allowed to continue unimpeded to a target plate, usually a photographic film. The other beam, called the interference beam, is aimed first at another object (let’s envision a rose), and from there is reflected to the target plate. The two beams are aimed to converge at a right angle upon the target plate. Here an intricate simplicity, perhaps even a relative singularity, occurs as the reference beam of pure coherent light interacts with the interference beam of adulterated (from being reflected by the rose) but still coherent light.
    Purity, in the form of symmetrical coherence, is the key to what happens next. The interference beam has reflectively acquired the surface visual information of the object – the rose – it encountered along its path to the target plate. This information merges with and through the purely coherent reference beam. In passing through the other, the rigidly symmetrical (Soothic) Reference beam translates the information of the adulterated (Whimsic) Interference beam into a phototopology of the Original Thing (the Rose).

    The two beams, striving to be what they are and to continue as such, together form an informational entity which neither beam could have created individually.

    Imagine God taking a holographic snapshot (picture God taking a picture) of Mount Rainier using a companion lake at its base as a target plate. God, say, Apollo, fires a beam of coherent sunlight through the mirrored lens of an approaching comet which diverges the solar laser beam into two, one heading straight for the lake and the other for the mountain, aimed in such a way as to reflect off the mountain and join its sibling reference beam in a transformative embrace on the lake’s surface. To tourists viewing Lake Holograph from the shore opposite the mountain, the mountain’s reflected image would not appear shimmering upside-down as it would in the conventional postcard vista, but would instead maintain its stern pose as seen from God’s view at high noon, with its volcanic crater squinting into the photoflashic sun. Since God’s point of view is presumably so removed from ours that our vantages of perspective would reveal no discernable change in our view of the holograph, it would present the same frozen facade from all points of view including that of the montanist at the summit who could enjoy the thrill of looking down over his own shoulder at himself looking down over his own shoulder at himself looking down over his own shoulder…(provided he’d closed his eyes during the solar shutterflash)…and while infinite regressions are not a necessary attribute of holography (picture God taking a picture of you picturing God taking a picture of you picturing God), they do provide a nice interferic beam of comparison that helps elucidate holography’s infinite perspective of the same view. Jeepers creepers. I think we’re now prepared to wrestle with the notion of holographic thought itself.


    Oops. Prefatory post god sidewaysed. Let me try smaller chuck:

    Lucky me. Because I registered as a Dem back when the GOP was pushing scfatter-brained war dolts like Dubya and Dick “Dick” Cheney, I get stuff like this every day in my email:


    “And Bosco can I apologise for apologising?”

    Oh shit. I walked right into that one. Lol!


    “So is the world eating itself? In a way, certainly. But energy transforms into more energy, shapes into shapes. Chicken eats bug, man eats chicken, bug eats man. And these are only physicalities. Underneath the energy body and consciousness moves on regardless.”

    A replenishing banquet provided by an obliging sun, which object seems as logical a god-object to worship as anything, and better than most. I mean: phallic symbols? Big-boobied babyback big-buttocked fertility goddesses? Great fetishes they are, but Sol up there rules the local show from original accretion through planetary disc through primogenesis to our busy busy now.

    Science didn’t kill God although most of us believed so. It just pointed out the locality of our sun-god and the prospect of there being other sun-gods to worship and probably other worshippers thereof. Said divine multiplex has been theorized millennia ago in a vast numbers of religions, but science showed us pitchers*, by gum, and we somehow decided that concrete evidence of a bazilllion sun-gods proved that no god could or need ever exist.
    *see next post. indulgent sophomorism alert

    Science, man’s best/worst toy, but has the boy got the toy or the toy got the boy?

    Nice to see you cut loose on things, Dr. D. Much better than the daily kvetch (it’s a Yiddish sailor joke, yo?). The scurrying water beetles have their toxic septic beauty but I’d rather look at the dragonflies, if only because most of what I see in doing so is sky.

    Captain Yid

    “It would be a better retirement. Have you seen this sickle I bought?”

    I concur. Nice scythian steelware. That was a nice piece of moral/natural/super-natural philosophy, and the only thing I enjoy and value more than that as both pastime and guide is love with my wife, the slightly less intimate love I have with a dog and a bird, and singing, especially if my hand/minds will grind out a tolerable piano accompaniment and my ears are working enough to make it bearable for the neighbors. Smokes good, nice aroma, swell head buzz.

    I’ll disagree with this:

    “That code is, I’m not going to MAKE somebody do something. That’s violence.”

    You will always have to make somebody do something. That violence is called staying alive even if it’s done via lawsuit to enforce a contract that they signed. I think the avoidable violence is the violence to one’s soul (or psyche if one prefers) done by pretending one isn’t chronically indebted to violence all around and from you in order for you to contemplate a way to find some peace.

    So there. Now you know I read it all .;)

    P.S. Only reason I ever called you a bot was cuz a) all that denunciative stuff is violent: it’s very divisive even when you’re preaching to the choir, and b) you’re a goddam genius and it frosts my cute little booty when you just phone it in. I’m gentle and kind and encouraging to people I respect, but to people I seriously admire, I’m as ruthless as an editor granting a 6-figure publisher’s advance on a first time author.

    Thanx for sharing.


    “But of course that would involve free speech, free association, free action. The problem solving machine doesn’t work otherwise. Would I “impose” free play on everyone else? Yep. Would I laugh at cluster-B’s/Narcs saying “From my perspective, it’s the Jedi who are evil!!!!” Yep.”

    Raised a Mormon, and conversant with natural history including cosmogenesis, I’d say that since apparently God declined that gambit, you should by all means give it a shot if you ever get the cheat codes to do so. God has to be cautious. Relative omnipotence breeds caution. But I’m sure God adores it in individual sentiences.


    “After reading the deep wisdom expressed in today’s TAE comments, I have concluded that Russia is waging a war in the Ukraine to free all of the Ukrainian’s electricity slaves!

    Indirectly, this will force the Ukrainians to get more exercise, thus reducing their glucose and fructose intake, while saving them from dying of diabetes!

    “If the hollywood chimp running the Ukraine has less HFCS in his system, then peace is possible.

    “It is OK.
    I am returning to my cave to resume hibernating!
    My next scheduled outing is mid-February to tap my maple syrup tree.
    Until then, sweet dreams!”

    Oh, Christ on a drunk moose, WES: why on earth would you try to make sense of what we say here? Are you mad? Have you no religion?


    The variety of Wallops in England provided my evening chuckle. Being mostly English/Scotch in my lineage, I <3 stuff like this: “The last time I was in Nether Wallop it still had an eighteenth century feel…stone thatched cottages and an open stream with stone bridges.”

    Old Slow Air

    I turn 67 early January. I invite a roll call of ages. How old are yez? Bill7 needn’t answer, for obvious security reasons, but perhaps flora can?


    Looking good, jb-hb. Notice how they airbrush out what is obviously an impressive man bulge.


    P.S. This is hambone, not even parlor-grade but basement booze amateur doctoring from me, but I cannot recommend enough just simple.deep.breathing,using the diaphragm, tightening the core muscles (a Grand Kegel, if you will), clearing the mind (impossible but necessary to attempt),j focusing on What You Really Want Right Now/What You Really Appreciate Right Now… etc.

    Big athletic breaths that frickin exhaust you. Smooth deep breaths that put you to sleep. Singing an easy note from full-breath to complete lung squish.

    We all know hard it is to slow down by will. Man, it’s hard, and man, is it rewarding to a hammered old body, if ye ask bosco horowitz, N.D. (Not a Doctor)

    <a href=”


    And two flavors of jazz. Good flavors:

    Best Version

    Music for Five Monkeys


    Putin’s fake meeting with the fake war mothers.

    “Friday Vladimir Putin held the highly anticipated meeting with the mothers of the mobilized. Kind of.
    In fact, the mothers in question were carefully selected and mostly turned out to be United Russia officials. Also, their sons are mostly professional soldiers rather than mobilized Joe Blows.
    The mothers’ of the mobilized organization that originally sought the meeting ahead of Mother’s Day on the 27th reported that not a single representative of theirs was invited.
    Russian media was able to identify seven participants, most have government ties:
    Olga Beltseva is a United Russia deputy in Moscow City.
    Yulia Belekhova ran on the United Russia list for the federal Duma in 2016, but was not elected. She heads the Association of Chairmen of Councils of Apartment Buildings of the Moscow Region.
    Nadezhda Uzunova is a former adviser to the head of Khakassia. In 2018, she worked for ex-governor Viktor Zimin and United Russia. Now she is in charge of collecting humanitarian aid in the Combat Brotherhood.
    Irina Tas-Ool, an official from Tyva, the head of the department for family, youth and sports in the administration of the Kaa-Khemsky district.
    Olesya Shigina shoots Orthodox patriotic films.
    Zharadat Agueva, is the mother to high-ranking Chechen security officials, the commander of the West-Akhmat battalion, Ismail Aguev, and the head of the Kurchaloy District Department of Interior Affairs, Rustam Aguev. Kadyrov has repeatedly called Rustam Aguev his “brother” and regularly talks about the “exploits” of Ismail Aguev in his telegram channel.
    Marina Migunova, a member of the Public Chamber of Orekhovo-Zuyeva, also collects humanitarian aid for the front.
    Putin must have felt very relaxed in the presence of these United Russia cadres for what he told them was truly horrific:”


    So much now to ponder. Good to hear the humanity. Good to reflect. I really appreciate the time taken to respond as I have been in Kassandra’s boat.

    I think Dr D, your perspectives address in a deep way my thinking about being normal. We have to follow that human impulse on what feels right because if we listen it does guide us and there are a bunch of individuals out there not listening and up to no good. I agree with you but I also feel a compulsion or impetus brewing toward a surrender of some type. Dunno. Maybe meditation, maybe a few tears but by golly gosh I am sure as hell glad we get to hash it out here and hopefully share a few of the alternative views Raul and others are able to scrape together because it is turning out to be quite the Totalitarian thought-crime unit out on the net these days.


    This is not from Ritter or Pepe , or some former US general who are all writing from their desks in the US or Hong Kong , this is from a fluent Russian speaking American who lives in Russia and has one of the most popular Russian language blogs in the country.

    “Actually, this gradual shift from cheerleading to becoming sharply critical of how the kremlins are running the war effort has marked the entire Russian military blogosphere (including the Telegram microblogs). The only exceptions are the very few who were realists from the very start. (Only in the English language can you still find Kremlin apologists.)”

    “It was interesting to observe that Yaplakal posters when the war broke out switched from anti-Covidianism and government-hating typical of ordinary Russians, to uncritical hurrah patriotism, but which lasted only weeks. The “normie” Russian internet users actually came down to earth much faster than did the military blogosphere like Rybar.
    In Russia it was the “normies” who instinctively recognized something was going terribly wrong and that Shoigu was full of shit before the specialists did. (Or at least before the specialists spoke up.)
    Check it out. Maybe you’ll be surprised by the level of cynicism and realism on the ground in Russia. You think I’m too critical of Putin/Kremlin? Every Russian I have ever spoken to got annoyed with me within 10 minutes for being too pro-Putin and sounding too much like their boomer TV for their taste. And that’s just the gopniks I was drinking 2-liter plastic beers with on a Moscow Khrushchyovka rooftop at 3 am. (There was a 9-pm liquor ban but they knew an Uzbek shop that would sell it anyway.)





    Pubic war morale mood swings are as old as war and newspapers:

    Redneck is a fine example of this mental meat-grinding process. Here is another:

    Those Dirty Cannibal Japs

    It’s one thing to be an asshole. Dime a dozen at the dirty disco dollar store.

    But to be a smug white supremacist shitface assole, and wrong about pert near everything it touches, that’s another. What do we have to do, kill it with kindness?

    Make it stop, Mommy?

    D Benton Smith


    That’s sure one peculiar game you’re playing. I’m sure it’s quite amusing (to your at least) but better be careful. If you keep twisting your mind around too long it might stick in that position and THEN what are ya gonna do?


    Read the tweets and decide.
    THE TWITTER FILES: The Removal Of Donald Trump, Part 1


    Closing thought: a devastation as great as is happening to us/our civilization and the majority of the planet’s surface, could not be wrought by great powerful bad men alone. It would take minions. Many many minions. Billions and billions of minions. Homo minionus is a good a name for civilized humanity.

    Why are we so angry at the Bohemian Grove creepsters?

    Because we do their bidding.

    God loves a fool. God is often cruel to those He loves. Look how He did His son. But nobody’s perfect.


    This assumes that Redneck has a mind (of its own, anyway) to twist. Rather like imagining an NYT columnist having opinions of its own.


    Sweet dreams, WES. Sweet dreams, everyone.

    V. Arnold

    Salvador Dali Back the girl 1926

    Love that painting; the hair is just awesome…couldn’t let that one go without a comment…

    Sweet Kenny

    The irony about having a large bank account balance is that you are merely an unsecured creditor of the bank and if the bank fails you “bail in” the bank so the taxpayer doesn’t have to bail it out – thank you to people with lots of money in the bank.

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