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    Pablo Picasso Woman in an armchair (Olga) 1922   • The Revolt Begins (Jim Kunstler) • Now Is the Time for Mass Resignations From Within the Rulin
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Woman in an armchair (Olga) 1922

    I see the forshadowing of Picassos abstracts in the sharp line on the left of the woman’s nose…
    Interesting…very interesting…
    Thanks to Ilargi for this perspective of Picasso’s works…


    I shared the IVM story at U of Minn (appreciated DrD’s comment on timing), and he quickly sent this back. Apparently, a LOT of data, but I’m a carpenter and struggling to make sense – help?

    To me it seems it shows kids less likely to get infected from vaccinated parents, but aren’t kids less likely to get infected, period? And the quick ‘efficacy’ fall-off is quite something… Thanks for any assist.

    Dr. D

    In a broadcast virtually no one watched, CNN talking heads and CNN’s potato head Brian Stelter had a ‘debate’ about Joe Rogan’s podcast causing ‘big problems’ for Spotify,”

    That’s just hilarious. I need that on loop.

    We are all haunted by the spectre of this guy who is listening to Joe Rogan and internalizing this bad information”

    …Because people just believe whatever any idiot mouths on TV. I don’t know where they get this. Because they themselves do? Who are these people? Space aliens?

    “Police investigate ‘illegal’ acts at Canadian anti-vaccine mandate rallies” –MSNBC

    No sooner remember to actually report on the biggest story in 30 years – 2 weeks late – then they lie, lie, and lie again. Okay, translation: ‘illegal’ acts. Meaning, scarequotes, “Not Illegal” because if they were illegal, at any time, in any way, by the third homeless guy who’d been there all year, they wouldn’t have the quotes.

    Trying to be positive, they did name them correctly as anti-vaccine MANDATE rallies.

    “Girl Scouts’ First Asian American CEO Credits Her Diverse Girlhood” – MSNBC

    Wow, feel-good story. But if NBC printed it, you know she’s a psychopath, and the story is a lie. Compare with Jimmy Dore’s take on CNN’s “Feel Good” story, “Homeless Girl Scouts Adore Selling Cookies (For Free)”
    That story points out the CEO gets the homeless Girl Scouts to pay for her private jets, high-end NYC apartments, tax-free expenses and such. …Rather than working from home modestly like other charities, or headquartering in Gary, Indiana where the rents are low and the base lives. The former CEO was known as “The Cookie Monster” for getting poor children to work year round for her 5-star lunches, for free.

    So “She what wur a womyn! And has color on the Pantone scale! That means she’s morally superior when she uses homeless girls to get her a private jet and Central Park apartment!” Yay, diversity! Next stop, Condaleesa Rice! Love bombs, hugging, hugging brown children worldwide.

    Ah America, where the little match girl making money for rich CEOs is a HAPPY story. And shows pure love.

    And America, where “1984” is censored, and the new highway bill, with bridges collapsing, is going to fix roads by installing surveillance cameras. Now wait a minute, Mr. Buttigeig, won’t those be expensive? “Oh no, Herr Docktor because you see, YOU are paying for them.” They are going to auto-ticket for auto-crimes, inaccurately as most red light cameras installed in the U.S. have been removed already for CAUSING accidents and legal issues. But you can call it our Social Credit Score, a “Civilian Compliance Program” or CCP for short.

    Naturally if the son of a major politician or a third-rate judge is caught on camera, we’ll be VERY. SERIOUS. with them, not have the FBI hide it, gather and hide the illegal handgun, and not get them off at all. No. Trust us. When I get the film of Senator Happy-Hands in the car with his new boyfriend I pinky-promise not to use it.

    Speaking of, NY exonerates Cuomo with the Headline “NY prosecutor says dropping charges is not an exoneration of Cuomo.” Wait: 1) we’re “Presumed Innocent”. Yes, that is totally and completely an exoneration. 2) So…you’re dropping charges but you think he’s NOT exonerated? That is, you believe him to be guilty? 3) But you’re letting him off anyway?

    I’m getting mixed messages, because what I hear from the Prosecutor is Cuomo is guilty and we’re letting him off for political points and power.

    “a Nazi flag and a Confederate flag were spotted at the protest.”

    Ah, it’s just so easy. Hire a bunch of provocateurs, take a photo and run before the truckers find out. Classic. Almost like having AntiFa climb up and break the Capital windows HIMSELF, then get him and his CNN-paid pals on film saying “I can’t believe we got them to follow us!”Or the guy at the special phot-op in the Rotunda with Shaman-horns having a Communist tattoo. Or a guy who calls for entry, gets booed out of the crowd as a Fed, walks up to the barricade, whisper to the guy to take it down and boom, a minute later Capitol police are removing it. Ya know. Like that. Comparatively, editing a trucker’s year-old Facebook page is softball. Confederate flag. You are kidding, right?

    Okay, problem: unless they precipitate the resignation of all Ministers (hopefully in fear of their lives) and elect themselves to Parliament, what do you think the end of this story looks like? Well, they hold out, divert, accuse, (i.e. lie, lie, lie more) then “concede” and let the truckers win. Two seconds later, reverse it, attack truckers and fuel prices 10-fold, triple their insurance, let people-killing robot trucks on Canada’s highway murdering everyone, and be more crappy than ever.

    Don’t want to pop the bubble, but this is a real old story. You need to take the Parliament, and elect yourselves in. Hopefully not to reverse this, which was never legal in the first place, but arrest Justin for bribery and fraud and possibly mass murder, then roll back the previous 30 years as well.

    Otherwise, you’re losing. Slower, but still losing.

    “signatories of the open letter to Spotify”

    You mean the 300 signed doctors that mostly weren’t Doctors? THAT kind of disinformation? So CNN got a permanent ban for reporting the opinion of doctors that weren’t doctors, right? The Supreme Court reprimanded them for openly, transparently false reporting and they were banned forever? No because “Some Animals are more equal than others” and “My side right or wrong.”

    ““understand accountability” for posting “dangerous” content”

    This is exactly the false concessions and compromise that cause the “Fabian Socialists” that is, the SLOW Socialists, whose icon is a turtle, to win so long as they move slowly, generationally. Let’s say we’re at the 50 yard line, and not to be a jerk and keep the game friendly, we concede a 10-yard penalty that probably didn’t happen. 40 yard line. Then we gain 6 yards and they call another penalty that probably isn’t real. 34 yard line. Get the picture? All you have to do to lose is compromise. If they won’t equally compromise. And I really, really, really hate that. Because I want to compromise. I’m happy, relieved to do it, to bring everyone together, settle things down. Except religious zealots won’t, and can’t. The minute they get a compromise, they attack for the next compromise. This makes them bad faith actors, or “Not Agreement Capable” and although the field is very large you see how you will lose if you cooperate with this. Eventually, like Russia, they’re at the door and you can’t retreat.

    Now we have that-which-shall-be-infringed legally controlled everywhere, with everybody, but this week especially stopping guns for the poor. We have no free speech as Congress calls Facebook on the phone and directs their publishing. We have no ability to protest as we cannot get accounting for our own money on who is an FBI informant/involvement, who is directing counterintelpro, and all that. No accounting for FBI derp state as to who’s collecting and holding Congressional and Judicial blackmail files in budget season. No 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 10th Amendments. Because we, the friendly people, have been compromising with evil. With Psychopaths and Narcissistic Sociopaths, bent on evil, murder, theft for themselves wherever found.

    It does not please me, but you can’t compromise with that. Not really. And you need to be so fierce as to roll it back, reverse it. To what date, I don’t know, because it’s not a “Date”, we don’t go back to 1954, we go FORWARD in rights, not backward. Forward in time, not backward. Nevertheless, we need to restore rule of law.

    “Voices on the left are now up in arms because Rogan is showcasing the arguments of critics of Big Pharma.”

    But NOT because he is showcasing the arguments of the Establishment as well? No points for that? No. They will murder him in his bed if they could. You have to not be “Like” me, you have to BECOME me, be so identical to my ego you obey it BEFORE I EVEN ASK. With LOVE and JOY inside you for obedience to me.

    And anyway, how can it be misinformation when they are quoting medical studies? That is just INFORMATION, you oppressive morons. Science says this, and Science says that. Discuss? They are DOCTORS. So Doctors say this, and Doctors say that. Discuss? And how are they “AntiVax” when they’re vaccinated like 20x over the years and also vaccinated with the mRNA? Twice?

    A: Who cares? “We just make s—t up!” Every minute, every day. And you compromise with it so I get free stuff! Like kicking you!

    A: Facts don’t matter. Reality doesn’t matter. Only #Winning. Grinding, grinding you, boot on the face of humanity…forever. And I for one am going to resist my face being like that. Big surprise, you morons. Like other people, I do not believe and obey whatever dumb s–t I am told.

    The United States fully supports your government’s efforts to fight corruption”

    …As long as you fight ‘corruption’ of the other guy, and overlook the equal corruption of ourselves.

    “having just sent National Guard troops to the University of Alabama to make sure two black students were admitted despite the racist objections of Governor George Wallace…”

    Speaking of, we need to do this again, or in this case, Impeach. For what? Well, declaring you will promote a Judge based solely on color and gender and refuse to even consider any others is illegal in the highest under the American Civil Rights law. In the self-same Supreme Court. So you’re packing the Supreme Court with people who have, as their very first action, oppose the decisions of the Supreme Court and the (Amended) Constitution.

    Uh, yeah, that’s completely illegal. And against all Civil Rights ever writ. But we’d expect no less from the proud supporter of the 1994 Crime Bill and co-bomber of every black and brown nation for eight years that they could find. “I have a dream that my children will be judged by the content of their character (and competency) and not the color of their skin.” Biden is wholly against that dream. And against the law.

    Russia has already declared that banning it from the Swift system for international monetary transactions will result in the immediate halt of Russian energy supplies to Europe.”

    They’re only kinda-sorta making this up. Look, gas imports are REALLY BIG. I can’t fly a suitcase of Euros to Moscow pay for them. We’re talking Obama, ‘whole C-130 pallets of cash to Iran’, big. Every month. So if the WEST shuts off SWIFT, – WHICH THEY OWN – how the heck do you THINK Russia is going to receive your hundred-billions in money? A: They’re not. So they HAVE to shut you off, or else just give you all the gas for free. That’s the biggest self-goal in world history.

    But here’s the thing: Europe and the crime cartel are broke. The day they can’t pay, they’ll fabricate a reason for not paying. Like a “War”, even if they lose it in ignominy. Here it is.

    Speaking of, arcana, hard to put in 10 words, BUT, anyone know the history of East Berlin? How it came to be Soviet? Works like this: after war, system is a wreck, and as soldiers met, they were already told not to fraternize with their core allies, the Russians, because we’re attacking them next. Great… So in Berlin, the West immediately set up a central bank, money state. Okay, that’s sensible. BUT…set the money rates far, far too high. So this caused “wealth” (relatively) in Berlin, where Berlin and the West would suck all the manufactured goods out of Russia, collapsing it in revolt. Russia, obviously, warned the West to knock it off. The West Anglos, of course, lied, lied, then lied some more, claiming innocence and victimhood. Why dose big bad Ruskies! Whatever did Goldman Sachs and Beyer, Bosch AG do wrong to the Slavs? (Besides attempt to murder 100% of them for 4 years, with the express backing of Chamberlain, Ford and IBM?)

    So maybe a bad idea, but being a shattered wreck, Russia closed the border with Berlin to stop the collapse of goods and the collapse of the Ruble and the rest is history. It was probably meant to be temporary, but you know what Napoleon says about the ‘temporary’. Later, Germany did the same thing, booted the crap out of the Allies Anglos, and set up a functional Deutchmark over their express objections, when the only alternative was to lose Germany back to the USSR. They were p—–d about that, as it stopped Germany from being an abject slave-state to the Anglos, but what could they do? Germany, which had been languishing post-war, instantly recovered. In months.

    Okay, why do I bring this up? THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO WITH UKRAINE. You have “Free Trade” in Ukraine, set up de-facto non-treaties, EU>Ukraine>Russia, then overvalue, pump fake cash into Kiev and suck out/disrupt Russia and collapse the Ruble, which is strong or untouchable, as they have no debt. The Ruble, with a joint attack on oil price, gold, and wheat, was how they wrecked the USSR in 1990. Without this prybar, the idiotic pinprick of shutting of YOUR OWN GAS, IN THE WINTER, won’t work and won’t destroy the lives of millions of Russians Slavs. And we racist Anglo pigs can’t have that.

    So get a better idea of what’s really going on over there? It’s like two wrestlers, grabbing hands, making forays, but no real contact yet. So the West, being impatient, is going to fabricate and “We make our own reality” as usual. Lying. 100% of the time.

    I’d just wait for the West Anglos to destroy themselves with their own lies, against their own people. You know, when Evergrande doesn’t pay…anyone. Outside of China…ever. And Globalization of Pappa Bush and Clinton, all stops. Oops.


    Good Rant today Doc.
    Starting a youtube channel for my music coz the world is wearing thin and I’m taking a step into being in enjoyable preoccupation.
    My country Australia is the heart of blind obedience.

    Dr. D


    Irony #2. Workers of the world ARE uniting. In Canada and worldwide. And boy are all the Socialists mad. Stop! Stop Uniting!


    The obvious is becoming visible to many. There is no government without the consent of the governed. There is no economy without the delivery of goods. The state has failed when it no longer protects or serves its citizens. But this isn’t seen by Western Administrators. They believe the corporate/state propaganda and have been around way too long. Due to this blindness, many more future failures are guaranteed; for example, 1) the next fifth Omicron BA.2 surge collapses the privatized US healthcare system or 2) a world war with Russia is triggered in Ukraine as a diversion to the coming economic crash.

    The only unknown is how many more people will die or be maimed for life. Only the restoration of democracy and good government will prevent western oligarchs from looting the ruins.

    those darned kids

    “My country Australia is the heart of blind obedience.”

    and canadada, “my” country, is the appendix.


    As part of a bold new marketing strategy to promote inclusivity and appeal to less than 1% of the population, Mars, Incorporated has introduced a new M&M character who identifies as a Skittle.

    Woketards and Wokedumb unite!

    M&Ms Introduce First Trans Character Who Identifies As A Skittle

    John Day

    Finally another construction photo at

    Societies are coordinated in their works, efforts and aspirations by shared narratives of meaning and purpose. Those typically degrade over time, as they are gradually corrupted for selfish gain. What remains is a worm eaten corpse, which must not be closely examined at all, or the delicate societal glue will dissolve.
    I think we’re there again, like in the Great Depression. China was there in the Cultural Revolution. Russia went there in the 1990s. These Social Contracts and civilizational narratives take a whole lot of sustained work, with frustrations, fears and disappointments at betrayals, by the entire society, to be renegotiated and reworked, so that society can again function. This takes something like 10 years to bottom out and turn around. How far are we? I have to ask, so I don’t think we are anywhere near a bottom, a “capitulation”.
    The Western Empire is still pretending it can rule the world. The globalist “owners” don’t seem to have an alternative, except finding ways to reduce the useless-eaters and motivate the useful eaters to excellence-in-service.
    I was recently a useful-eater, but I bucked the narrative and refused COVID vaccination, on principle first, and on scientific evidence also.
    Now I am a problem, because I examine the corpse of the governing societal narrative.
    It stinks. It’s dead. It cannot be resuscitated rationally, because it is completely irrational and counterproductive for everybody except the globalist owners, and it breaks for them next…
    The oligarchy consists of global finance, backed by global military-industrial complex, which forces countries to accept American dollars at interest, through a new BIS-controlled central bank, which is promptly installed. International investors buy resources, assets and human labor at a discount, extract extra at interest, and periodically crash the economy to buyat an even deeper discount. Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Venezuela. It’s the same game plan, but it doesn’t always work the same. It also hollows out the economic core of the centers of empire, like the US. That’s been done.
    If the rest of the world abandons the $US as global reserve currency, and uses something else for international trade, (gold would serve) then the price of everything in the US would double, and valuable things would be bought by foreigners with their dollars, and exported to them. Printing dollars would no longer be an option to fund the government. This began in the decade after Nixon had to default on the gold standard, when America ran out of gold, funding the Vietnam War.
    The petrodollar was arranged by getting Saudi Arabia to only accept $US for oil, and coercing other il producers to do the same. those $US could be recycled into US Federal debt, holding the system intact. The American/NATO global military (the biggest users of oil on our planet) would enforce the regime.
    This worked well for a long time, but all of its foundations are now rotten, all of them.
    The interests of global finance and the military industrial complex are well aligned, and Big Pharma is an eager ally. Big media, the corporate-state-propaganda-apparatus (Free News!) is completely on board, as is the information-search-monopoly, Google, as is the computer software duopoly of Microsoft and Apple.
    What is not holding is a narrative that this is good for society, because that is obviously false. Scapegoats have been created, like Russia’s President Putin, America’s recent President Trump, middle aged white Americans with political opinions (aka “white supremacists”), productively-employed American farmers, truckers, craftsmen and factory workers (“deplorables”), and other “homegrown-terrorists-spreading-disinformation”.
    That’s a pretty big tent excluded by the narrative, but it is sustained by the increasingly stressed Professional Managerial Class and all of those “compliance officers”. Political Correctness helps put boots-on-the-ground.
    Supporters of transgender rights ignore that the great majority of transgendered people just want to be invisibly accepted and left alone. They don’t want to be standard-bearers for the social alliance that supports the status-quo at such a low actual cost to the owners.
    Most black people I talk to have seen this movie before, would like the check, please, but don’t want to be pawns in street riots. They are some of the most suspicious about the COVID narrative (killed a lot of black people) and the mandatory vaccination “solution”. All of the black patients I served were very receptive to getting their families on vitamin-D to help their immune systems work better, all of them, for two years…
    It is too late for this corpse, and I’ll keep pointing that out. I’m going to do some more internal finishing work on the homestead-addition today. The bathroom is going in, too.

    Michael Lesher has a thoughtful article. Here are some excerpts.
    …The COVID coup is fundamentally not about medicine or science. It is not about inflated “case” rates or jiggered statistics or fake news or the pseudo-studies circulated by propaganda outfits like the World Health Organization or the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ​ ​
    ​ ​Yes, all those things have figured in the derangement of constitutional democracy that has characterized the COVID coup. But at bottom it’s not about any of them.
    The real nature of the campaign is at once simpler and far more dangerous. What we’re experiencing is an attack on the very foundation of ordered liberty, an assault that is already in the process of submerging democracies beneath what the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben has called a “permanent ‘state of exception.’”
    ​ ​To put it bluntly: our ruling classes, in one country after another, have effectively switched off their nations’ constitutions and the whole set of civil liberties that are supposed to accompany them – not by formally abolishing them, mind you, but by adopting the extra-legal mechanisms of a “state of emergency” in place of normal constitutional procedures, with the result that the ordinary rules of democracy and the rights of individuals have, for most practical purposes, been indefinitely suspended.
    ​ ​That’s why the COVID coup began, in my own country, with declarations of an “emergency” in four-fifths of the states – and why, with very rare exceptions, those “states of emergency” remain in effect to this day, nearly two years later.
    ​ ​Again, this cannot be explained away as a response to a respiratory virus. When an “emergency” involves suspending constitutional government for two years, it should be obvious that the “emergency” has ceased to be a real emergency (if it ever was one) and has become an extralegal norm – and this is even more emphatically true when virtually no one in the political opposition, the civil rights bar or the mainstream media so much as mentions this fundamental fact…
    ​ ​And that allows them to skirt the real issue. COVID fascism is not a comedy of scientific errors. For all intents and purposes, it is a coup d’état. And it must resisted accordingly.​..
    ​ ​What we’re engaged in is a spiritual struggle. It’s a battle for the survival of the human soul, and in that battle our main weapons are likely to be spiritual ones: courage, hope, self-sacrifice, faith.
    ​ ​Remember, the enemies of humanity have a weak point: they do not believe in human beings, and consequently they do not understand the power contained in each soul that refuses to be duped.

    Truth or Covid? (or, “why we know everything they’re telling us is a lie”)

    John Day

    Glenn Greenwald: The Pressure Campaign on Spotify to Remove Joe Rogan Reveals the Religion of Liberals: Censorship
    ​ ​Constitutional illiteracy to the side, the “hate speech” framework for justifying censorship is now insufficient because liberals are eager to silence a much broader range of voices than those they can credibly accuse of being hateful. That is why the newest, and now most popular, censorship framework is to claim that their targets are guilty of spreading “misinformation” or “disinformation.” These terms, by design, have no clear or concise meaning. Like the term “terrorism,” it is their elasticity that makes them so useful.
    ​ ​When liberals’ favorite media outlets, from CNN and NBC to The New York Times and The Atlantic, spend four years disseminating one fabricated Russia story after the next — from the Kremlin hacking into Vermont’s heating system and Putin’s sexual blackmail over Trump to bounties on the heads of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, the Biden email archive being “Russian disinformation,” and a magical mystery weapon that injures American brains with cricket noises — none of that is “disinformation” that requires banishment. Nor are false claims that COVID’s origin has proven to be zoonotic rather than a lab leak, the vastly overstated claim that vaccines prevent transmission of COVID, or that Julian Assange stole classified documents and caused people to die. Corporate outlets beloved by liberals are free to spout serious falsehoods without being deemed guilty of disinformation, and, because of that, do so routinely.
    ​ ​This “disinformation” term is reserved for those who question liberal pieties, not for those devoted to affirming them. That is the real functional definition of “disinformation” and of its little cousin, “misinformation.” It is not possible to disagree with liberals or see the world differently than they see it. The only two choices are unthinking submission to their dogma or acting as an agent of “disinformation.” Dissent does not exist to them; any deviation from their worldview is inherently dangerous — to the point that it cannot be heard.

    ​This was my conclusion when “the unvaccinated” first became an underclass.
    I stand unemployed with the underclass.​
    Holocaust Survivor: Never Again Is Now. Unless We All Resist​
    ​In a speech delivered Sunday in Brussels, Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav described the striking parallels between what she witnessed as a child in Nazi-controlled Romania, and COVID policies being enacted today by governments around the globe.

    Holocaust Survivor: Never Again Is Now. Unless We All Resist

    ​Five People died in the January 6, 2021 Protests in Washington DC. Four were killed by police, and the death of the police officer from a stroke, the last death investigated here, could have been avoided, if the medic at the protest had been heeded by the man’s fellow officers, when he said that the officer was showing signs of a stroke and needed immediate medical attention. The officer had not been hit or harmed, not shot dead, while trying to restrain an agent provocateur, not killed by concussion grenades, and not killed by being beaten to death with a billy-club. That was those other folks, and they all got unfairly dissed after they were murdered.

    John Day

    Jim Kunstler: The Revolt Begins
    ​ ​Canada under the Trudeau government has been more restrictive on Covid-19 than the Big Gorilla to its south, with the population compliantly following all the insane, economy-wrecking rules, until a recent mandate to vaxx-up every last trucker in the land finally sparked-off a revolt. Mr. Trudeau’s Liberal Party failed to win a parliamentary majority in last September’s federal election, and he heads a flimsy coalition potentially facing a no-confidence vote that would drive the PM out of office.
    ​ ​For now, the truckers seem determined to stick around and disrupt the Canadian capital. Their estimated 50,000 rigs could surround the city and create siege conditions, where food supplies and other goods won’t get in, starving the government into surrendering on its mandates and restrictions. So far, the local Ottawa police have stood by with a very light hand, and there are rumors that they are on the same page as the truckers against federal overreach.
    ​ ​Will Mr. Trudeau resort to using the military to break up the revolt?​ …
    ​ How will that help move stuff from Point A to Point B? It kind of looks like they have Mr. T over a Molson barrel. For now, it’s a stand-off, but it looks to me like the Prime Minister must resign and whoever takes charge next will have to rapidly rethink the country’s entire Covid-19 policy in a not-insane direction.​..
    ​Let the trucks roll from Fresno to DC if they still want to play rough. Think the “Joe Biden” gang will try to divert attention by starting a war in Ukraine? They don’t dare. Think the financial markets will tank? Well, of course they will, no matter what, because the markets and the money are detached from reality. Face it: what America needs most of all is to reconnect with reality, and you can be sure that the process will be uncomfortable, having sojourned so far from it for so long. (“Let’s Go, Brandon!”) And Let’s go, Canadian truckers!

    The Revolt Begins

    ​ ​Hundreds of protestors have gathered in front of Australia’s Parliament House in solidarity with the massive Convoy to Ottawa that converged on the Canadian capital around the weekend of Jan. 29.
    ​ ​Calls for a similar movement have been echoing Down Under for days, and on Jan. 31, a crowd organised under a “Convoy to Canberra” campaign gathered in front of the national legislature, according to videos circulating on social media.​..​
    ​ ​Social media has been awash with footage of drivers making their way to the Australian capital. The grassroots movement has begun gathering steam as a four-day-old GoFundMe campaign already garnered AU$167,539 in donations, as of Jan. 31.
    ​ ​According to the ABC, the funds have been frozen by the website until details are provided regarding how the organiser will disperse them.


    Gary (from last night) Thanks! I’ll watch it tonight.

    Raul- A particularly fine debt rattle. The Picasso has the weight and presence of a Giotto or Piero della Francesca.

    O Canada- I love you guys!
    The sweetest tears come to my eyes.
    You’ve touched the world; we’re with you, riding:
    The maggot pies are scared and hiding!

    The winds are blowing strong today.
    With luck, they’ll blow the crimes away
    And bring the perps to justice.

    The days are growing longer now
    And truthful folks can take a bow:
    Damn those who said “just trust us!”

    Feet of clay:
    He stands there, perspiring, with grim resolution, slinging the mud of his own dissolution.

    John Day

    If you get a vaccine to only Wuhan-COVID-spike-protein, then your body will only make antibodies to that small part (20%) of that particular virus.
    Your body will make those same antibodies to that historical spike protein when it meets a current strain, which may have an unrecognizable spike-protein (Omicron has a very different spike protein). Those vaccine-antibodies will not work well.
    If natural infection had produced the antibody response, then other parts of the virus would also be targeted by antibodies.
    The N-​protein (nucleocapsid protein) is a really good target for antibodies, but for those who got one of those vaccines, the body, which has been trained to make the antibodies against that outdated spike protein, will do that same trick, and will not modify the trick much, will not readily learn to make better antibodies to the new virus.
    Steve Kirsch, The story of N-antibodies and why they are so important
    ​ ​In its Week 42 “COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report” (published 21 October 2021), the UK Department of Health admits on page 23 that “recent observations from UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) surveillance data that N antibody levels appear to be lower in individuals who acquire infection following 2 doses of vaccination.”
    ​ ​What does this mean? It means that the vaccine interferes with the body’s ability to make antibodies after infection against other parts of the virus.
    ​ ​In particular, vaccinated people do not appear to form antibodies against the nucleocapsid protein, the envelope of the virus, which is an important part of the response in unvaccinated people. The observation may explain why the vaccines actually produce negative efficacy as was shown in the Denmark study, for example.

    Shown effective in Bangladesh in July 2020, and many times since then. I have prescribed ivermectin based treatment to good effect, since August 2020.
    ​ ​A Japanese pharmaceutical company, Kowa Co, said on Monday that the drug ivermectin has an “antiviral effect” against Omicron and other Covid-19 variants.
    The finding was made with Tokyo’s Kitasato University on a joint non-clinical research project, which has been testing the drug as a potential treatment for the disease, according to Reuters. Kowa says that ivermectin showed the “same antiviral effect” on all “mutant strains,” including Alpha, Delta and Omicron. The company also noted that ivermectin suppresses invasion of the virus and inhibits its replication. “[Ivermectin] is expected to be applied as a therapeutic drug (tablet) for all new coronavirus infectious diseases,” reads the report.​
    ​ ​Of note, Reuters changed their original headline from “effective” against Omicron to having an “antiviral effect,” and corrected a statement that the finding occurred during “Phase III clinical trials.”

    John Day

    ​ Charles Hugh Smith observes the financial rock and hard place that the $US Empire is in. When inflation eroded the dollar in the late 1970s and early 1980s, global finance moved away from the $US as global reserve currency, which greatly threatened global wealth extraction through the global dollar and imperial military combination.​
    The empire must maintain this wealth extraction mechanism until it has something as good or better in place. Nothing yet… Stocks must fall without loose money.
    No wonder the market is skittish:
    ​ ​ Every time the Federal Reserve began to taper quantitative easing / open spigot of liquidity over the past decade, reduce its balance sheet or raise rates from near-zero, the market plummeted (“taper tantrum”) and the Fed stopped tightening and returned to easy-money expansion.
    Now the Fed is boxed in by inflation–it can’t continue the bubblicious easy-money policies, nor does it have any room left to lower rates due to its pinning interest rates to near-zero for years.

    (WARNING: Potentially Russian disinformation!)
    We really need the “right” war before the financial system collapses. We really need to blame Putin…
    ​ ​Despite weeks of escalating tensions and claims that Russian troops and tanks could begin streaming over the border into Ukraine at a moment’s notice, Moscow doesn’t actually appear to be masterminding an invasion of its neighbor, a top NATO official has reportedly admitted.
    ​ ​The senior figure, who represents an EU member state in the bloc’s Brussels HQ has told pan-European news outlet Euractiv that they believe Russia is not on the verge of starting a military incursion into Ukraine.
    ​ ​“To invade such a large country with such military forces [like Ukraine], you need military capabilities other than those that have been currently deployed,” the source said.

    ​Brandon Smith sees it: ​The Globalist Reset Agenda Has Failed – Is Ukraine Plan B? (I don’t agree, however, with everything he sees…)
    ..The funny thing about planning ten steps ahead though is that if anything goes wrong with steps 1-9 then getting to step number 10 will be impossible and you just wasted a whole lot of energy on an elaborate plan that ended up going nowhere. The globalists are NOT the smartest people around; not even close. They aren’t even all that effective when their plans actually function and there are no surprises. Their ideas fail constantly.
    There is only one reason that centralizing criminals have not been brought down, and that is because no one has ever targeted them directly. Every time there is a governmental shake up or rebellion or mass movement for change people target “the system”; they blame the system for all our problems (or they blame a handful of political puppets) and they seek to add a fresh coat of paint or change some of its basic functions, but the men behind the curtain always end up back behind the curtain. The problem is never “the system”, it’s the people running and influencing the system while enjoying the comfort of the shadows.​..
    ​ ​Every once in a while it becomes obvious when they have invested an immense amount of time and planning into a single unique scheme, a fulcrum point that many of their other plans will rely on in the future. There is no doubt that the response to the covid outbreak was meant to bulldoze over numerous social and legal conventions and achieve full bore centralization before the vast majority of people even knew what hit them.​..
    More recently, the covid agenda and by extension the globalist “Reset” has fallen apart in the US and this has led to problems for them in other parts of the world.
    ​ American resistance to the vax mandates and lockdowns was key to everything, more so than I think many people realize. Even if the globalists could implement medical tyranny through much of the rest of the world, with conservative red states blocking the agenda at every turn this created a focal point for resistance. Meaning, all the people in the world can still see that there is another way to do things that does not involve authoritarianism. Life in the red states goes on as if covid barely existed.​..
    ​ For whatever reason, the globalists invested an intense amount of energy into the covid virus and it let them down, and now they are stuck trying to create mass panic over a nothing-burger…
    ​ ​It makes sense that they will need a distraction as a means to redirect momentum, and the globalists will do what they always do, which is create war tensions. This does not mean that large scale war is the intended outcome, but limited regional wars that could grow into something more are always on the table. It is not a mistake that the US could potentially be caught up in not one but two major regional conflicts at this time, including a Chinese invasion of Taiwan as well as a Russian invasion of Ukraine.


    Turdeau Pinches a Loaf

    PM squeezes off a Truth Bomb about Truckers

    Northman El Duce Turdeau drops a load like a giant toad on Oh Canada!

    John Day

    The Monday UN SecurityCouncil hearing on Russian troops in Russia, near Ukraine​, called by the US, was a chance for the US to blame Russia, for Russia and China to say, “No, NATO is the provocateur” and for other countries to choose sides in public. Who won? (I don’t think Russia wants that rotten bait.)
    US Charged With Trying To Provoke Russian Military Action At UN: “You Want It To Happen”

    ​”Sitting ducks”; there for show. An attack on Russia would see them sunk by hypersonic missiles in a few minutes, right?​ Then what?
    US Naval Presence in Black Sea More Than Doubled in 2021 Compared to 2020
    US warships spent about 182 days in the Black Sea in 2021, compared with about 82 in 2020

    US Naval Presence in Black Sea More Than Doubled in 2021 Compared to 2020

    ​The nuclear submarines are very important.​
    ​ ​Russia’s Northern Fleet conduc​t​ed anti-submarine drills in the Norwegian Sea, not far from NATO member Norway, at a moment of broader and rival naval movements in places like the Black Sea
    ​ ​Russia’s military described the northern drills as involving ships “hunting down a notional enemy’s submarine using sonars and data from military pilots,”

    ​Mish Shedlock, The Battle for European Integration Has Failed and Russia Provides Proof​
    ​ ​Eurointelligence founder Wolfgang Münchau is a strong pro-Europe advocate…
    ​ ​Earlier this month he commented:
    “The battle for European integration has failed. It is time to recognise defeat, and to think through the consequences.​…
    ​”When you fight for a cause that does not materialise, at what point do you recognise, and admit, defeat? There are some causes you may want to keep fighting for no matter what, like human rights or climate change. Is European integration in that category? For me, it is not. My biggest area of disagreement with my fellow European federalists is not in what we think is desirable. What we disagree on is where the dividing line between realpolitik and wishful thinking lies.
    ​ ​A good example occurred this weekend. The fool whose committed the crime of saying what everybody in the SPD is thinking was Kay-Achim Schönbach. He was forced to resign as head of the German Navy for revealing to the world that Germany’s natural ally is Russia.

    ​Same threat as “I’ll shoot myself in the stomach and die horribly on your doorstep”..
    EU threatens to halt Nord Stream 2 & cut Russia off from SWIFT
    ​ ​According to von der Leyen, any EU sanctions against Russia would have a devastating effect. Brussels is Moscow’s largest trading partner, and 75% of direct foreign investment in Russia comes from the EU, she explained, suggesting that economic measures would be painful.
    ​ ​Earlier in January, German newspaper Handelsblatt reported that the EU and the US had refused to consider disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT international bank payment system. It noted that it could destabilize financial markets and help create an alternative payment infrastructure that would no longer be dominated by Western nations.​..

    John Day

    ​It turns out that societies undergo upheaval when bad weather for a few years destroys their food supply. Big volcanoes can do that, even if you live across the planed and are clueless about them​. I wonder if it’s the food-production system breaking down that does this. Seems logical, right? Thanks Charles.
    Climate Clues from the Past Prompt a New Look at History
    As scientists rapidly improve their ability to decipher past climate upheaval through ice cores and other “proxies,” historians are re-examining previous political and social turmoil and linking it to volcanic eruptions, prolonged droughts, and other disturbances in the natural world.

    Pregnant Reporter Forced To Stay In Kabul After Home Country Of New Zealand Denies Her Entry Due To COVID Protocols​
    ​She had been covering “the difficult conditions mothers and babies face” in the country, and has now herself been forced to take up shelter in Kabul, according to AP. She is 25 weeks pregnant and has been vaccinated three times.


    As regards the Stock Market and the FED interst rate racket, Max Keiser for the past 10 years or so has said simply you can’t taper a Ponzi. Period.

    Nothing else needs to be understood.

    You can’t taper a Ponzi

    But what about the FED flogging an incres………..You can’t taper a Ponzi

    But what about stock buy back………….You can’t taper a Ponzi

    But what about controlling run away inflatio………..You can’t taper a Ponzi

    The Rock and the Hard place in a nutshell:

    You can’t taper a Ponzi

    Mitch Feierstein – Inflation Nation


    Second part of Planet Ponzi interview


    Mitch Feierstein uses the term Wokewash to describe the media diversions deployed to paper over staggering wealth inequality

    Check it out


    @ Dr D

    Thanks buddy for the ‘paying money to visit Marx’ tidbit

    I almost spit out my Matcha Latte all over the Formica© counter top.



    The needle and the damage done…piece up top is Heart-breaking. The pairing of Neil’s ballad and those images/story make a powerful statement – hard to watch without tears. Sharing it is the best response I can think of.

    @ Dr D – Always on. LOVE you.

    Day and VP Gary: Living your VALUES is where it’s at…Bringing your values into tangibility through good works, large and small, locally. Good to see you arrive TOGETHER – in your own Ways. Life is worth living. Many here hold this VISION in thought, word, and deed:

    “I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children – not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women – not merely peace in our time but peace for all time.”

    You were invited. Take your picks. Here’s mine:

    Thou unmuzzled, elf-skinned Hugger-mugger.

    Bumper stickers over the years (not on at the same time): To know me is to LOVE me. End-less Wars. Bless us All. Om.


    Today’s Picasso : “I am not having fun because I am stuck indoors wearing this fur-lined blue dress”

    Yesterday’s Picasso: “Hell YES, we’re on to SOMETHING exciting here…gonna keep running until all our clothes fall off!

    Doc Robinson

    Yesterday, the FDA approved (licensed) Moderna’s “SPIKEVAX” but the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine still has only an EUA.

    SPIKEVAX (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) is licensed for individuals 18 years of age and older. There remains, however, a significant amount of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine that was manufactured and labeled in accordance with this emergency use authorization. This [EUA] authorization remains in place for Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine for this population.

    Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Letter of Authorization (page 15)

    John Day

    Thanks Susmarie 108: My truck just got puled out of the mud here in Yoakum, a problem caused by recent construction trenching therough the driveway, heavy rains, and clay soil.
    Fix needs implementation before proceeding with construction inside.
    Life is full of complications caused by doing something else…


    Gay Skittles. Well.


    Scott Ritter (30 Jan, top post) on Ukr. – US is good with the facts but surprisingly seems off, or simplistic, naive, on a part of the story.

    Headline: Seen in retrospect, Russia’s demand for a written response was a trap, one neither the U.S. nor NATO yet recognizes.


    By rejecting Russian demands for security guarantees, the U.S. and NATO have married themselves to a posture defined by the “open-door” policy on NATO membership.

    Hmm…no… shakes head..

    Russia requested a written a response to its two written ‘proposals’ for agreeing on *treaties* (or whatever other diplo. status one wants to ascribe to these texts.)

    Russia did this because past verbal assurances, pledges, promises were not adhered to, and foreign-force threats on their borders have been creeping up for decades, since the Fall of the Wall.

    Written docs. are less ambiguous and can, do, serve as a kind of stable engagement (e.g. a sweet whisper “I love you” vs. a marriage contract with a pre-nup.) This move was also very important internally: the public is informed, these are our proposals, read it, now the ball is in the others, US and Euro-trash, court, we will see. (Signed treaties, agreements can be broken, but then at least one knows what went down.)

    The US – NATO understood perfectly well what was being proposed, they are not idiots and can read. They did not fall into any kind of trap.

    They decided, willfully and in harmony, to skirt the demands, the main points, or the ‘esprit’ (security guarantees to Russia) to concentrate on points that looks reasonable but are in fact tangential, such as the “right for countries to decide what alliance they want to join” which may sound legit in principle (it reminds me of the “Right To Protect” discourse) but is far removed from reality.

    E.g. to join NATO all other NATO countries have to agree, and as far as Ukr. is concerned, everyone admits that it won’t happen.. including Biden and the EU.

    So what the West did was in essence to signal to Russia, EFF YU. We will not discuss any of your proposals in a serious manner, Take that Buster. They threw the ball back at Russia. (Russia knew that would happen.)

    So now we can … wait and see. Interesting times. 🙂


    TAE comment are #1

    I had a dream… Omicron Central Command Center
    Dealing with Supply Line challenges

    1. With disposal of dead cells, broken/useless particles. surplus inputs

    2. New births/clones, input shortages,

    3. Assignment/prioritizing activities/function


    @ deflat

    Not only does Ivermectin work, it’s even more effective than Paxlovid against Omicron.

    “However, Ivermectin showed the highest binding affinity and may be the most effective drug candidate against the Omicron variant. ”

    See Table 5.

    Remind me again, what’s the price of a course of Paxlovid?
    And IVM?


    @ Doc R.

    Don’t fall for that trick again.


    “…..They threw the ball back at Russia. (Russia knew that would happen)……”

    How about cutting off ALLL energy deliveries in the dead of winter.

    Even the brain dead EU public might put down the beer and wine and do that impression of a dog going…


    The EU body politic in visual form


    Herd immunity
    You already go it or you will get it after getting Omicron.

    TAE Summary

    The Blind Men and the Epidemic

    It was six post-doc PhD’s
    Credentials still were scant
    Who heard about the pandemic
    And hoped to get a grant
    Though none of them knew medicine
    But all were sycophant

    The First one said of early measures
    “Why this cannot be!
    Such measure will not cure a soul
    It’s very plain to see
    A measure cannot claim success
    Without an RCT!”

    The Second hoped to cure us all
    He struggled with the task
    But then he learned it spread by air
    “There’s just one thing to ask
    We’ll cure this virus right away
    If we all wear a mask!”

    The Third approached the dread disease
    And tried to find it’s source
    He thought it likely from a lab;
    They threatened him with force
    He then announced “It’s plain to see
    It’s from a bat, of course!”

    The Fourth long pondered the disease
    Infecting some in town
    He figured out a policy
    Announcing with a frown
    “This virus is unstoppable
    Unless we’re all locked down!”

    The Fifth, was not sure what to do
    And not sure where to start
    It seems he wasn’t all the bright
    And not so very smart
    But he had an epiphany
    “Just stand six feet apart!”

    The Sixth considered the disease
    “I know what this all means
    We’re suffering from infected cells
    We need to change our genes
    We’ll fix this issue if all get
    mRNA vaccines”

    And so those post-doc PHD’s
    All published papers long,
    And each received a research grant
    Their CV’s now were strong,
    Though none of them were in the right,
    Yes, all were in the wrong

    So oft in epidemic times,
    Proposals that get tweeted,
    Suggest in utter ignorance
    From “experts” quite conceited,
    Who try to cure contagion
    Not one of them has treated.

    D Benton Smith

    Latest public statement from Vladimir Putin:

    We have decided not to invade Ukraine because the only things there worth having we’ve already got.. If someone else launches a war in Ukrain in the hopes that we will show up at the party we have decided to win it by not selling you any more gas.


    Interesting photographs taken by New Zealand scientist using a dark field microscope.
    Anyone curious about the science behind the vaccines could be interested in this link:

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