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    Time to search your soul and do the right thing. Even if your motive is simply to save yourself, it’s still the right thing. Stop lying.

    What the fuck are you talking about? You sound so ominous. And serious. Oooooh I better snap to attention! The rational D Benton Smith has spoken!

    Anyone who combs through the ivermectin data comes to the same conclusions, that is, if you don’t believe in fairy tales. Studies end up getting retracted because of fraud. How many have there been now? But that doesn’t stop the TRUE believers. You just have to BELIEVE in order for it to work. Like a belief in Santa Claus. Or The Secret. Manifest Ivermectin! If you don’t BELIEVE, it doesn’t work.

    The bizarre part is that all of those people charged with combing through the studies only to find fraud still hold out hope that there is benefit. I can provide receipts if you like? I already have. But most people only hear or see what they want to hear or see. I am guessing Sean Lennon is unaware of such analyses.

    And through it all, people STILL have no ability to understand that correlation does not imply causation. Amazing! The ivermectin did it!!! Maybe the ivermectin makes you fucking crazy? Correlate that.

    Hoping ivermectin fails? Hoping? Dr. Pierre “Ivermectin is 100% effective” Kory got covid, and you won’t believe this shit: he got it while taking ivermectin as part of the same protocol his FLCCC tells other people to follow! You can’t make the shit up. I think the days of hoping this works are long over. There is still a slight hope that it will show negligible benefit, but I am not a hopey, changey kind of person. Are you? At this point it is just comical to watch people like Raul and Joe “Well lookie here” Rogan and frankly, the majority of you fall for the BS, hook, line, and sinker. Raul posted the Japan story the other day. Within hours the story was retracted/corrected, but the story was already shared through networks like this one. And facebook. And twitter. Thousands and thousands of times. As if it was some breaking story. No admission or correction of this is ever posted by Raul or anyone else. And the less discerning audience out there, which many of you are part of, just read it and run with it as well. A feedback loop of make believe. When I post the retractions, it’s crickets. Or, in this case, you freak out like I just told your kid that there is no Santa Claus.

    The same thing happened with the truckers in Canada. I saved all the receipts from Raul’s favorite propagandists and their proclamations that 50,000 truckers were streaming to Ottawa. 50,000? Somebody posted a video yesterday where it showed at most 400 trucks being flown over with a drone and some really inspirational music. Ottawa police have their own numbers. And they ain’t anywhere near what you think they are. It is so fucking childish. And what happened when the propagandists said 50,000? You all run with it as if it were ironclad truth. Because it tickles your bias. No need for baloney detection! All your heroes said 50,000, so by god, 50,000 it is. Repeated over and over on social media until at last it is a mass formation psychosis event where people are changing their social media avatars like they did during #metoo or the Paris terror incident. “I Stand with the Truckers” is all you had to say to virtue signal that you are a patriot just like everyone else in your living fairy tale. Crazy as fuck RFK put his estimate at 11,000 and even that was a gross overestimate. And then we are shown drone footage from actual people there on the ground, and it becomes clear that there is nowhere near the amount of people, let alone truckers, in Ottawa that the propagandists said there were. But even that doesn’t matter. You all just go right along and fit your square, 50,000 peg into the round hole. It’s like Trump’s inauguration all over again. And it was even suggested that there was some conspiracy with the cameras around the city. That they were turned off and video played showing far less people in the square than there actually were as if anyone gives a fuck to go that far. Around and around your delusions go. Day in, day out. And you’re worried about Neil fucking Young pulling his OWN music from a platform because he doesn’t agree with the platform’s leniency in allowing dipshits to spread these types of lunatic theories? Mass formation at every level.

    You people spent the summer parroting the lead of Steve “I got vaccinated along with my entire family” Kirsch and his warnings about ADE and suggesting that at some point everyone who got the “clot shot” will just start dropping dead, maybe as early as Christmas. These statements were always made with some hollow disclaimer like “I hope that doesn’t happen, but I am so scared now.” You could always, however, sense some eagerness that ADE might actually be occurring, because in some deep pathological sense, I think a lot of you are more interested in just being 1) contrary and 2) being right. You can always be contrary, but you can’t always be right. In many cases here, you have never been right. You all just seem to be dying for the chance to say “I told you so!” even if it means your friends and family want nothing to do with you, or they die.

    At this point I am sure a lot of people do feel that they want ivermectin to turn out to be a dud, especially after watching the semi-retarded masses heading to the local D&B to buy ivermectin cream and asking the pimple faced workers how much they should swallow based on the recommended dose from FLCCC. Have you ever taken the time to look at the forums of these people discussing techniques on how to administer ivermectin? They are, ironically, the same types of forums that discuss urine therapy. Do whatever the fuck you want with ivermectin or your own piss, but don’t get butt hurt when people with bigger brains than you point out the clinical problems associated with the preprints and studies. And whatever you do, “Doooon’t Stop— Believe- ing Ohhoooooooohooooh”

    And there is a whole swath of people out there who loathe the contrarians in their lives. Like the people here who have described their own families who don’t talk to them anymore. Yeah, they probably do want to see your schtick fail miserably, especially if you tell them that they will be dead by Christmas from ADE because they got the “clot shot”. If you meet an asshole in the morning, you met an asshole. If you meet assholes all day long, you’re the asshole.

    Now, in keeping with tradition, you are concocting the next phase of your anti-vax/conspiracy/narrative. Now in the waning days of Omicron, when cases are peaking and deaths are dropping, you just simply pivot to saying that the “narrative” is crumbling. What the fuck are you talking about? Crumbling? And that somehow “people like me” are getting desperate? What the fuck does that even mean? Nothing has changed. Your fairy tales never end. And you just glom on to the next topic to be contrary about and the goal posts are simply moved. Past predictions never come to pass, but the pearl clutching continues, and new dire predictions are always made.

    Being contrarian for contrarians sake is a fool’s game. And there seems to be a whole lot of people right in this forum who like to play. Science isn’t only real when it confirms what you ‘believe’. You do know that, don’t you? Or maybe you really don’t.

    Most of the time, you should just assume that what you think is wrong. Start there.

    You don’t know what you don’t know.


    TDK: Maybe the BBW virus? (Baric & BatWoman)


    Interesting how Dr. D brings up provocateurs injecting themselves into national protest, based wholly on speculation, when he could just as easily make the same point using actual proven stories. Like the one where right wing “Boogaloo” groups descended on Minnesota to incite violence and set fires. The receipts for that come in the way of police reports and convictions, not back eddy web sites that profit on innuendo.

    those darned kids

    my, my, it’s like being under attack by cnn’s foul-mouthed twin. i know it says in the manual to use profanity and personal attacks to get our attention, but c’mon, man, ease up a little. go to the pub and have a pint. relax. go for a nice walk through the common. fresh air and such.


    D- why waste your time here, flailing rude invectives to save that 1% (comorbidities aside)?…. there must be something better that you can do.


    Speaking of foul-mouthing.
    Literally everything you just said is bullshit Deflationista you childish little sock-puppet. I garden and grow my own food and I know which bugs are chewing my plants. I set traps for them but always something kills them off, or the plant succumbs – but not me so far – I have alternative support systems.

    I wish we could be at that pub.

    You talk tough from behind a keyboard.

    Where do you live exactly and maybe we could chat about this stuff man to man.
    I’m in Castlemaine if you wanna grab a cold one. At say the Cumberland or Bridge hotel.

    Mister Roboto

    Well, at least it’s pretty clear that the Covid Cult now clearly knows it’s on the defensive backfoot (and this would be true whether the current deflationista account is a legitimate participant or some kind of agency psy-op, which I don’t categorically rule out even if I don’t really buy it).

    Veracious Poet

    The only man with balls (not fake ones like Hannity the war monger) on MSM:

    Klown World has failed to “cancel” him so far, even after unleashing PantiFa/BLM mobs on his family home 😐

    Veracious Poet

    Another narcissistic sociopath (D) playing TBTF’s quisling lottery:

    Villa Park State Rep. Deb Conroy (Democrat Karen) wants to “isolate or QUARANTINE persons who are unable or UNWILLING to receive vaccines, medications, or other treatments.”


    Oroboros, heh, nice pix of doggies, the Euro-Trash. Russia is holding a royal straight flush and the EU three-of-a kind. When will these ppl wake up?

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