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    Francisco Goya The Dog 1819-23   • Trump Slams Judge After $364 Million Verdict; Vows To Appeal (ZH) • Trump Responds To Judge Engoron’s Decision
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    Come one, Navalny was the CIA’s dickhead. Why the hell he took that job, I guess either he liked to live dangerously or his mother needed an operation and the CIA money was going to pay for it. People are weird, but Navalny was always just a spoiler, he never had any chance of anything else, so you have to assume he was being paid the big bucks to do this shit, which he obviously enjoyed. I suspect he was promised eventual glory by the CIA, it would explain his determination, that was why he was happy in jail, he thought he would be rescued and injected as predident of Russia, or some such other fantasy.

    Looking back, he was dumb as a sack of rocks.


    Flashback: This is the Grand Jury Forman that Willis and Wade selected to indict Trump

    The younger generations have so little empathy with people, it is quite amazing. Anyone with empathy would realise that they are causing immense damage to someone else’s life and would reevaluate their actions. Instead, this person is so enthusiastic in destroying someone else’s life, she has no reservations, she is like the Duracell Bunny, all energy, no brains.

    It is not amazing that it is happening, i have friends who give their children electronic gadgets then they complain that they cannot motivate their children to go outside, to meet friends, to actually do something. Yes, parents are mostly the most stupid and weak humans on our planet, we can blame them for most of our problems.

    When your child’s friends do not sit in front of them; facial, posture, farting, smelly feet and all the other things that people bring with their presence, then how will you know people? To most of these kids their friends are either in class or online, how sad is that, and if you try to tell them that online is wrong, why are you surprised that you get a funny look. As for sleepovers, forget it, these children are made to live in cardboard boxes with mobiles.

    Even class mates meet up online, from the people I know, the children do not do sleepovers or any of those socially constructive activities.


    Navalny the CIA asset is getting way more airtime than the last 10,000 innocent women and children murdered in Gaza. Yet westeners are proud of their morality and values. Go figure.


    For people like Letitia James and Fani Willis, “get Trump” is a career move. As promised in their White House talks.

    You seriously think that people like Fani Willis could have thought up this scheme? Did you hear her in court, she is a complete idiot and I doubt she actually passed any law degree. The only way that these people and Judge Engoron are willing to break the law is not because they are super heroes, it is because the FBI – the ultimate law enforcer in the USA – has given them a plan to follow and a guarantee that they will be protected from prosecution; of course they are also offered an eventual retirement in wealth.

    Think about it; do you really think these people are strong enough or clever enough to do this by themselves? Do you think Judge Engoron is going to risk his retirment pension by passing ridiculous rulings? Of course not, these are people who lay low, they kiss ass, which is why the FBI chooses them to do their illegal activities.


    Have you noticed yet that America has turned into a Coen Brothers movie? Everywhere you look, you see madcap characters disgracing themselves while doing their bit to burn the whole country down.

    Yes, the least intelligent have been promoted into positions of responsibility by the owners and now the owners are demanding the results that are not benefiting us. We can see that the people with apparent power are idiots, that is not difficult, in fact I would challenge anybody to identify an intelligent politician in the western world. We have the likes of Sunak the Indian running the UK, Oaf running Germany, that EU prat that goes on about Europe being a garden etc etc etc but what you notice is that these people have been chosen because they are NOT intelligent, they are less than intelligent but are obedient.

    Intelligent people can reason out their values, they can work out what is right and wrong; they do not rely on their work boss to tell them their principles and values. Our politicians are like policemen, the intelligent are not recruited and instead they are looking for people below the intelligent, people who will obey orders, people who can spend a lot of time doing nothing, being bored, and people who, although they may have doubts, cannot think with sufficient confidence that what they are doing is wrong.

    It is an interesting move by the owners, not because it is surprising, but because it means that they are afraid of real leaders and know they cannot buy real leaders or quality politicians. That is the interesting outcome from all this, they have to resort to the mediocre to drive their policies and so they promote the mediocre into positions of responsibility.

    This means that there are thousands of truely competent people out there waiting to be called up to do their stuff. They are waiting, waiting either for a leader to emerge so that they can join the cause, or for a general movement that they can also support, and maybe organise. Our generation’s best are not in modern day politics, they are biding their time. We are not lost.


    Musk is paying good attention to what happens to Trump: “How far will they go to stop me?”

    Although I give Musk and Trump a load of shite because they are not men of their word, this is where I have to descend to what Jesus would call “grace”; time for grey areas. Musk, Trump and RFK Jr are the only ones we have on offer. Sure, they all have Israeli pumpkins up their asses – RFK Jr is especially keen – but is it possible to not be an Israel botty boy when standing to be the “figurehead” POTUS? If so, who is out there, other than plebs, who is able to criticise Israel?

    So, we have three limp dicks trying to support American demcracy; but what you do not realise is that they are not doing it for American democracy, they are doing it to feed their own greed:
    1) Trump: Ego maniac who wants to be the man, he has attracted the red necks (for some reason) and promises everything, but delivers nothing except for the promises he made to Israel.
    2) Musk: Ego maniac who wants to be the man, his talent is to boost his company stocks by guiding groups of supporters on the internet, demonstrating his ability to manipulate the share prices and hence attracting the funds who are always looking for instant capital appreciation.
    3) RFK Jr: Ego maniac who wants to be the man, his talent is to attack big pharma while hiding behind the “Childrens Health Defence” charity, but this was an unfortunate strategy as, just as he needed the support of the country, his backers who are attached to Israel, started killing children in Gaza, the response: silence.

    Back to my first paragraph: the election is for the “figurehead” POTUS. It does not matter who wins, it does not matter who loses, the harder they pretend to fight, the less you should be convinced that this is a real fight. This is theatre, support who you want, even Nikky Haley, it does not matter, it will make no difference to what happens over the next four years and beyond, these are just the dumb policemen that they are putting in place to keep things ticking over.


    My conflicts with D Benton Smith have been interesting, for me, over the past few days. I discovered that Benton resorted to lies when he was running out of arguments – put a man under stress to see whether he is worthy of the job – and I assume this was an reflexive response (not a compulsive liar). I also noticed that Dr D resorted to woke “hate” insults when he was runinng out of arguments; I think he was just being lazy as he may – or may not – have had more amunition in the breech. Shame, I woud have liked to read it.

    But, the experience did have an impact on me, it made me think that we were approaching this in the wrong way; when you leave the kitchen in a mess, you will get rats, but you are craxy if you think that shouting at the rats is the solution, it is not, the key is to clean the kitchen and keep it clean.

    I have been blaming the Jews – the rats in the kitchen – for using their love of swindling, lies and theft as a reason for the kitchen being in a mess. This is not the case, the kitchen is in a mess because the users of the kitchen did not clean it up. The rats are the symptom.

    The kitchen is America, the users of the kitchen are the people who live in America, the rats are the Jews. Are you surprised that the vermin appear when you start getting messy? We saw this in the UK when the Labour party Jews demolished Corbyn with a barrage of lies. Yes, the UK let the rats into the kitchen and we got “hate speech” laws – particularly beloved by Dr D – and “anti-semitism” laws particuarly loved by Benton the Jew, and in France, “holocaust denial” laws, I personally love these as it gives me a good excuse to tell my wife we cannot travel to France which is now a dump, used to be a nice place in my twenties, although the dairy is still okay.

    We should be blaming the Americans for the USA’s demise, we should be blaming the Germans for Germany’s demise, we should be blaming the Britons for the UK’s demise. The Jews are just the maggots feating on the corpse, like they did in Germany during the 1930s. The Jews are the Canary in the Coalmine, they tell you that your society is falling apart and that chancers and thieves are now taking over.

    Thanks BtJ and Dr D, you got me thinking. Of course, I know you are going to say “well what do you want us to do”, but it is not about you individually, it is about your nationality and how strong that is versus other nationailities; do you love your nation, will you fight for your nation, will you let the Jews eat your nation while you look on? It is about you.


    Camus post above reminds me of the scrubbed Deagle report. A military intelligence outfit predicts 70% of Westerners dead and gone by 2025. Roughly 70% of the populations are vaxxed. Origins of the vaccine, gene specific to not affect ashkenazi bloodlines, can be traced back to DOD. Of course they knew. A planned out genocide no different than Gaza. Same result. different tactics. You’ll need the courage of those goats to navigate this Satanic terrain. May God help us all.


    “Think about it; do you really think these people are strong enough or clever enough to do this by themselves?”

    Aspnaz do you think the puppet masters are strong enough or clever enough to actually control all life on earth? Do you think the small group at the top have any concept of complex organic molecules, amino acids or the expression of proteins? What is your thought when you hear the phrase “Work smarter, not harder”?

    The drive for AI is not bottom up. How clever is a person that desires to cease their cognitive function and relinquish that ability to a machine? Who will be the first in line for a Neuralink? How clever is a person that believes a human brain to computer interface will restore human autonomy? Just a matter of degree!(grin emoji)

    what is the difference between someone willing to ingest meth laced with fentanyl and the person longing and willing to have a neuralink installed?


    “Russia is awesome, the US is crap.”

    Are they looking for a general manager, I can do that, my heart is in the right place.


    Celticbiker said

    You’ll need the courage of those goats to navigate this Satanic terrain. May God help us all.

    On the money as usual, nice comment.


    Illinois school proficiency. The source data base has had a login thrown over it. The home page is just a bare userid/pw screen. They must have thrown it up there fast. You can still access PDFs of the thousands of individual schools individual years. It would be do-able. Maybe a couple key schools.


    tboc said:

    What is your thought when you hear the phrase “Work smarter, not harder”?

    Work is a very weird environment. I was talking to a CEO friend just yesterday, he has over 3000 people underneath him, and we were discussing some of the topics on TAE; he is not a reader of TAE, he has a job!

    Phrases like “work harder, not smarter” only come from people who have been repetitively fired, I assume you were dumped for not being either intelligent enough of just plain lazy. The perspectives of people on TAE versus the real world are quite interesting; people on TAE believe that the corporate types really believe in things like ESG, climate change etc. No they don’t, what they believe in is doing their job and keeping their company alive. You don’t give a shit about that, but for people with a few thousand reports, their fuck ups can mean lots of people going hungry.

    Can’t be bothered with this any more, it is late at night where I am. You are living in an isolated environment, get out there and meet a few people who live in the real world, not just your world but in other worlds.

    Dr. D

    “It’s like every other two-minute clip I watch of this Fani Willis interview she admits to committing another felony.” — Senator JD Vance (R-OH) True, actually. Amazing. Has she admitted, attested to like five new major felonies yet? I’m speechless. AND she volunteered all that stuff.

    “Have you noticed yet that America has turned into a Coen Brothers movie? Everywhere you look, you see madcap characters disgracing themselves while doing their bit to burn the whole country down. It’s a panoramic extravaganza of everything gone wrong, with slapstick overtones, driving toward an apocalyptic climax — civil war, nuclear war, economic collapse, maybe all three. And all because the people on-screen just can’t stop lying.

    “First they need to stop lying their asses off” – Dave Cullom.

    “Life-Long Charity Volunteer Fired For Not Understanding Pronouns

    That’s tolerance! Tolerance for SOME people, is more equal that others.

    “California Dems Push Bill Paving Way To Free College Tuition For Black Students

    Point. Glad Will Smith’s and Serena Williams’ children will get a free ride. Least I can do. Meanwhile, those new Ukrainian Immigrants will be paying for it. And that’s not going to how Luongo, whose people came here in 1890, will be paying for Jamaicans, who came here in 1990. Slavery! Re-creating it one market at a time. —Obama / Joe.

    “UK Retail Store Sends Gender Identity Magazine With Tips For Chest-Binding Children To 70,000 Employees”

    At $2 per issue, it equals “We can’t figure out why prices are so high” plus “Why are employees leaving and we can’t afford bonuses?” Simple math. 2 + 2 = 5. Every Winston knows this. Tomorrow it = 6.

    “EU Markets Not Immune From New World Disorder Of ‘No Article V’ Trump Office”

    This was interesting and covered by Duran. They are going mental that Trump is giving NATO any guff. But is France going to come to the U.S. and die for our borders? France: “Huh, Whut? Of course not. Never!” Trump says, “You’re not even paying YOUR OWN NATO costs, you’re completely unready” now completely proven with the draw in Ukraine. “And you think the U.S. is going to come defend you for FREE when you haven’t lifted a finger to defend yourselves???”

    Europe: “Yes old chap. That is PRECISELY what we think. And we not only think it, we DEMAND it. Now chop chop peasant, we’ve got some free health care and two months’ vacation to dispense.”

    Here we are, what five years after he brought it up, IN the middle of a WORLD WAR, and Europe can’t be arsed? And you wonder why I think Davos is running the U.S. instead of the other way ‘round.

    Um: newsflash, WHO has free healthcare, 2 months vacation, highest standards of living (they say) and does NOT die anywhere on earth for western interests? Wouldn’t THEY by definition be the TOP of the pile, as the TOP of the pile is the King, the guy who doesn’t do any work? And not the pitchforks, the pikemen, or the plutocrats? That guy is EUROPE. Nobody does less work on earth than the EU parliament.

    Speaking of: “Regarding the surprisingly strong employment data, Fed Chair Powell said the quiet part out loud.”

    So…melt-up bubble stock market. “Strong” employment. “Record” return of inflation. …And Powell is going to lower 7 times this year according to markets. Uh. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Nope. Nay. Never.

    The Fed lowers AFTER something breaks (but often before the headlines). It’s when the yield curve UN-inverts although that’s not absolute. Why bring this up here? SOMEONE (coughYellencoughEuropecoughDavoscough) wants the world to think that the U.S. is going to drop rates like a madman, and therefore the rates in Europe aren’t that bad and they don’t need to sell. AND whoever that is (coughYellencoughEuropecoughDavoscough), has BILLIONS of free dollars to paint the charts to attempt that conclusion. And since that seems like nonsense, they can also LOSE billions on the trade. ‘Cause it ain’t their money. Read: not the Kansas Municipal retirement fund.

    Europe is ATTACKING the United States, daily, have been for years, and are trying to DESTROY us in a cultural, civil, economic war and return us to an African colony. Of course! Who wouldn’t? That’s what Europe DOES, what they’ve always done, I’d be disappointed if they didn’t. What gets me is EVERY. SINGLE. STAT. Is AGAINST Powell cutting, yet I keep hearing he’s about to pivot to “Help the market” when the market is at bubbles now surpassing South Seas and Tulip combined.

    Tesla is worth more than all car companies combined. Nvidia is worth more than the whole Chinese stock market. Surely in such a dire collapse as this, the U.S. stock market needs MOAR trillions, amirite? What says “Crisis” better than all-time highs? I mean, if we see evidence of a bubble, like EVERY HOUSE IN AMERICA is 2-10x overpriced, and not a single one can be bought on wages, only then would we stop lowering and raise, right?

    Ah, why do I bother in a world completely cut off from all reality? Europe needs us to collapse, because as a 500 year colonial center, they can’t withstand the structural end of colonial inflows from Russia, Africa, America, and Europe itself (poor and eastern). They are trying to print money and hide it in tech stocks, rigging them to survive. Uh-huh. Go ahead. I’m sure you can push the price of Tesla above the value of the whole planet Mars, but what will it get you?

    The Center collapses LAST. Maybe I had this wrong. Maybe the US and US$ system is NOT the center. And that’s what we’re deciding right now. Under my own theory, EUROPE is still the real center. That’s what Powell is “risking” – or rather, not risking – being completely ordinary about and in fact very financially loose to find out.

    Sidebar: this financial WAR involves printing money. WAR is inflationary. Inflations ALWAYS help the financiers, and ALWAYS destroy wage earners and workers. That’s exactly what we see now, but harder then any time in history outside of a hot war. Which we’re in. But not in, but we’re also in, according to Schumer, Biden, etc.

    You want inflation to end and wages to rise and catch up, stop the war. Especially the financial one.

    “If that was true, think she would have mentioned it…” — Fani

    “We Make S—t Up!” And why not? No one’s arrested us, no one’s stopped believing it yet. I lie: you give me money. What’s the problem? Been doing it since I was a child so don’t change the rules now.

    Lira-Navalny: Yes. And also Ritter was specifically NOT Lira’s friend. Did not understand why, he didn’t explain it, but he was very cool even the point of dismissive, even destructive. Stop making things up. To boost your feelz. That’s what we have the rest of the planet for, not here.

    “For people like Letitia James and Fani Willis, “get Trump” is a career move.”

    Or not. As his Civil Accuser will have spent millions of dollars, lose on appeal, and have to pay it back. But like Kunstler says, Fani and Co DID NO WORK. It was all handed to them by Mary McCord of the White House, as they are clearly too legally illiterate to accomplish anything themselves.

    “Jonathan Turley EXPLODES After Judge Engoron”

    “We Make S—t Up!” “The Law is in my Mouth.” Remember that? Great. Now remember what happened next? It weren’t the peasants holding him down in the ditch. It was the Oligarchs. They’d had it.

    “Musk is paying good attention to what happens to Trump: “How far will they go to stop me?”

    He does have a problem. So he’s not safe as a U.S. Citizen, even as an African-American. Is he safe as a South African? No. A Briton? No. An Indian? Maaaaaybe. You see, if this mafia is running things, you’re not safe anywhere. You have to agitate to stop them even if you don’t want to. The K-Pop mafia is creating their own Nemisis, forcing people to take sides, leave NY, CA, etc. They’ve been voluntarily giving them money for years, making them fabulously rich and powerful, AND YOU’RE MAKING THEM STOP. Like Russia. No more vig flying through London banks. Charlie took us away from all that.

    ““Russia is a nation, not a city. And the Russians love their country..”

    I keep hearing this but I don’t understand it. Russia is a “Civilizational Culture”. This is the same Eurocommie stuff I had to take for 20 years about how “America has no Culture”. You see: EUROPE is the center of the world. They’re the GOOD people, the Garden, that’s why they run a world war and genocide every 70 years, killing every living being they can find, and run Eugenics every day of every year in-between. That’s “Culture.” That’s what “Garden People” do, not like those Jungle bunnies. (even I can barely stand writing something that offensive. Is my point made? Nothing else gets through.)

    Here it’s the same thing. America, which is unique, a clear separate path, which clearly has its own values and trajectory, is not a “Civilization.” We are not a “Nation”. O Rly? POLAND has no borders, they change every 20 years, but they’re a nation. They flip-flopped wildly from King to Soviet to Capitalist and they’re the same, one nation. Half their guys moved away, came back, etc, but they’re a nation, a civilization? But an America running for 250 years with none of that, following the same straight line from Madison is not. K man. My guess is that why I’ve never seen a word actually presenting that case. It’s just “After 20 straight years of communist indoctrination in public schools, “we all know” it’s true.”

    “[with] a public transportation system that’s clean, efficient, streets that are clean, efficient. Why? Because throughout Russia, the Russian people care

    Nations are run by The People, NOT the leaders. Always. WE are the nation. Stop looking to THEM. Ignore them. This is the core truth of The Enlightenment. It is the core “Rights of Man.”

    “The truth is that, in 1991, Ukraine had more than 50 million inhabitants, one of the largest armies in Europe (perhaps the second largest), an enviable military-industrial complex, a highly qualified, talented and productive population, capable of revealing itself in all aspects of human life, from the arts to science, from agriculture to sport.”

    Yes. That was amazing. Ukraine was equal to all Russia, although far smaller. They had better conditions, more advantages, and equal industry, etc to Moscow + . …And Lo! Corruption. That’s it. The End. That’s all it takes. Look at Argentina, one of the top 10 nations in 1900, bottom 200 every day since. Nothing but soy fields, free silver mines, good weather, ports. …And people living in tin shacks. Because “Corruption.”

    Japan: nothing. No workable land, no oil, no resources. Wealthiest nation on earth. Because they contain and control their “Corruption”. Channel it to good use best as they can, because it will always be with us.

    ““..The U.S. media have claimed (preposterously) that if the military aid is not supplied then Ukraine’s defeat could result in American troops being deployed to prevent Russian rampaging across Europe.”

    Every falsehood rolled into one. FIRST, as above, Europe DEMANDS the U.S. fly over, fight all their wars for them while they eat bon-bons. Second, as the Duran says and for some reason has to keep saying, the $60 BILLION IS NO HELP AT ALL. None. Zero. Don’t blame the House, Congress, the GOP. YOUR MONEY MEANS NOTHING. The “money” can’t buy what completely de-industrialized non-nations can’t build. We got up to 28k shells a month or something? Ukraine needs 6,000 shells a DAY to tread water. So we can make 4 day’s shells. Whooooooo!!!!!! Yay us. Trump says bring back industry? They STILL go hebephrenic in foaming spasms on the floor. Biden destroys every railroad, every Union. When the shells are made in 10 districts for maximum waste.

    The “AID” is only to YOURSELVES. You can keep writing monopoly money on printer paper and throwing it down and Boardwalk, but it doesn’t MEAN anything. It’s embarrassing that even now they can’t grasp this. I thought they were like supervillians. Instead they’re like Lenny.

    Russian. Space. Nukes. Omg and grant me the patience to bless their hearts. Russia could take out our satellites since the 60s? Certainly at will since 2010? The very FIRST thing you do when Satellites are INVENTED is to shoot them down. NUKES ARE 100 YEARS OLD NOW, you morons. Why not ride horses into space to de-orbit them with lances? Please help me God get through this window of stupidity and unrefined insanity. We claim we don’t even have a space plane to defend/repair them.

    Yes. They can. China was behind on this and took out satellites with ground lasers as a public coming-out demo in 2010? Or something? Generation ago?

    Okay, something productive? Are they spinning, or does this show where their minds are at as usual? That means THEY want to take out our satellites. Congress. OUR controllers. THEY want to take down our internet. To hide THEIR banking and Stock collapse. Didn’t they just beta this in Oz or something? Like “No internets”, crikey, no ATM money! Oh wells, I guess you Ozzies all die then. Oops. Then did NOTHING to fix the gap since then. Humans are a virus and they are the cure.

    “Russian Media Thrilled By Biden’s LNG “Gift” To Putin (ZH)

    Is there anything Biden has done that doesn’t help Trump and prove Trump’s case? I’m running dry here.

    “• Political, Economic Indicators Not Promising for Biden (Gallup)

    There’s nothing Biden’s not doing to help Trump and credit MAGA. Nothing.

    “Scratch the veneer of who’s in power in Kiev and Tel Aviv, and who pulls their strings, and you will find the same puppet masters controlling Ukraine, Israel, the US, the UK, and nearly all NATO members..”

    It’s almost as if governments are a mafia protection racket. And they both collude in territories, then eventually vertically-integrate into one. Almost. But that would be crazy. When has that ever happened except every time, every place in all history? How do you think France, Germany, Italy, formed one nation state out of many Baronies, or the U.S. united out of many different opposing states?

    But other than happening every time, every where, always, it never happens.

    This vertically-integrated mafia throws their people under the bus, just as the Italian Mafia throws Italians under the bus.

    Okay, let’s be productive again. How are such mafias stopped? Historically? Would a key element of stopping them, even when they own policemen and judges to EXPOSE that they exist and what their crimes are to the public? Remember in I dunno, 1960, suddenly, Lo! A miracle happened, and the Mafia “Which didn’t exist” suddenly “Had always existed” and everybody always knew what they never knew before? Yup. And no one was discredited. We didn’t fire an entire wing of the FBI for “Always missing” America’s almost largest criminal force for 100 years. We gave them more money! Good job, Brownie! They were smart and learned fast: the more you lie, the more money you get! I can do this all day!

    How did a very certain Mayor and a very specific real estate developer take down one of the last remaining mafias in NYC in 2000? Was it anything like the same process we see today in national and world politics? Are they not re-inventin the wheel on the fly but maybe following what’s proven to work, even if it sucks? The same way Russia is following their 1,000 year winning streak on war and Euro-invasions, even if it sucks? You may only get one chance. Now is not the time to wing it.

    “Here is the case of a dreadfully misguided CIA operation, blatantly in violation of international law,”

    And nobody went to jail. It’s also in violation of national law. In violation of Congress. In violation of Geneva. And in violation of direct Presidential orders to withdraw. They don’t care. WHY don’t they care? Because Nobody went to jail. As Benton says, that’s perfectly logical. You would do it too if the payoff is infinity and the risk is “I can smoke crack with child hookers all day, post it on PronHub, powder my illegal gun in coke, hand it to the FBI, not pay taxes and walk free with a book contract.”

    Now WHY ever would these guys not follow the law? I just can’t understand. Too difficult for my little head. When you pass a law, everyone just follows them, right?

    Dr. D

    Sure Aspnaz, and although you’re still attributing stuff to me/us I don’t say or believe, all we wanted was a hearing. They have always wanted the U.S. as a colony because, why not? The alternative is to do work. The U.S. was under colonization always, as all nations are, but in a more limited fashion than others. That’s why we increased in wealth and power so fast. It’s the 5% compounding vig they DIDN’T get that allows that. But they managed to wheedle back in with the thin end of the wedge. The Fed was not supposed to do what it now does, it was specifically written to be the opposite, but that’s how all their laws are. Or the ones that aren’t laws. Like the IRS possibly never legally ratified, almost certainly not related to “Income” as we know it today, and definitively, visibly, and provably anti-constitutional, extra-governmental in every means and function today. Under the IRS all normal Legal, Constitutional, and Human Rights are waived. Every time. The minute they enter and drop their business card, and everyone just nods and follows.

    Why bring it up? OF COURSE they will do this. Who wouldn’t? But as you say, the nation, the People, have to LET THEM. As you say, WE are the people and WE can stop them if we choose, and there wouldn’t be nothin’ they could do about it. Yes. And that roots in MORALITY, in God, because if we were moral we would have to reject them, and only if WE are immoral and slouchy can we tolerate them, as we can barely tolerate them now. Yes. And that’s our fault as people for 100 years have been saying. And we can only fall from within as Lincoln was saying. And fascism will come in the form of “Helping”, “Religion”, etc as Mencken was saying. And it will absolutely occur unless the Tree of Liberty is watered with the blood of tyrants, generationally, as an example to others, to psychos, as Jefferson was saying. Yes, yes, yes.

    However, since DAY ONE of this, since the first INSTANT of immorality in the U.S., they have spent every minute, every dollar, applied tirelessly and entirely towards the corruption of America and all her people. All $40 Trillion missing dollars, every IRS receipt, every “fund” every “Scholarship” from Rhodes, every exchange program, every loan, every book written, every political party donation, every secret service of every nation in Europe is focused on ONLY ONE thing: Attacking the People of the free United States, and bringing them to heel as a colony of Europe and their mafia elite.

    So, you think, if Zhong Shanshan put his eye on YOU, your town, your county, SPECIFICALLY, and targeted every thing you see, every one you know, every act that happens, for GENERATIONS, he couldn’t get through and have an effect on you? Bring your and your family name low? Subjugate your town, your family, your church, your whole nation? I assure you HE CAN. Alone. And we in the U.S. are up against EVERY billionaire on earth, not just our own. And they’ve had 100 years to work on us. And once they get the wedge in, they make US pay for our own destruction, our own corruption, which costs them nothing and in fact can get rich?

    Okay, one: recognize that and the unfathomable gravity of it, it’s us alone against the universe, and give us Yanks some credit. We’ve held out longer than anyone on earth so far. And Two, WHAT WOULD YOU DO ABOUT IT? Now that they’re sapping 5% and using 4 ½% of it to corrupt and kill us? What’s your plan?

    And it’s not like 1921 and this JUST STARTED. They’ve now had 110 years to work on us, know us perfectly, to create us more than any mad scientist ever has. If our kitchen is messy, what’s the cure? PIMP DADDY WILL MURDER US, IN the kitchen, and leave our body rotting under the counter, if we so much as LOOK like we’re going to clean anything up. Then laugh, call the police who will take our dead picture and post it on PronHub for lols. Making the rest of the house walk around your child-corpse.

    And? So? Everyone knows that. What’s your fix?

    Yes, in a way, the problem IS us. I say that daily. And WE have the power – and the right, the necessity – to gang up on them and kick them out. That’s true. But never for one day in the last 10,000 years has it been that easy, has it? There are very few, almost no cases, where the good organized and displaced the bad. So? Where are the few cases who did and what did they do? How did they manage to win over 10,000-year long odds?

    I’d say the FIRST thing you have to do is SAY it, show it, reveal it, discuss it. Not hide or turn away from it. That’s the stage we’re in now. That’s it. That’s the whole plan. After that, everything follows inevitably, but it all takes time. We either believe in the Age of Enlightenment, that “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government,” or we don’t.

    Which direction are the American people traveling in today? And DESPITE $50 Trillion dollars being wrapped around a brick and applied to our front teeth? I don’t see Europe or China helping. After we win, everyone will jump in and tell us how it was their idea all along. Thanks.


    Dr D said

    However, since DAY ONE of this, since the first INSTANT of immorality in the U.S., they have spent every minute, every dollar, applied tirelessly and entirely towards the corruption of America and all her people. All $40 Trillion missing dollars, every IRS receipt, every “fund” every “Scholarship” from Rhodes, every exchange program, every loan, every book written, every political party donation, every secret service of every nation in Europe is focused on ONLY ONE thing: Attacking the People of the free United States, and bringing them to heel as a colony of Europe and their mafia elite.

    Indeed, as you say, you took your eye off the ball, or in other words, you let your principles slide. I don’t care how you justify it to yourselves, but while this has been happening, you have been murdering millions of foreigners, you have been ignoring it like it is the work of god, and now you are asking me for understanding? Fuck off, you have killed so many people you all deserve to die; even under your three-strikes-and-you-are-out retardedness, you still all deserve to die, after all the damage you have done to the planet; but you won’t die, we will have to live with you in the future.

    Other states have done bads, but none anywhere near as bad as the USA. Consider your current support for the genocide in gaza …. ooops, sorry, did I step on Jew toes, murdering children is another principle of yours that seems to have disappeared? What does the USA stand for now? Genocide of children? That’s you latest reputation? You are shite, absolute shite, but shite with money. Until that ends, we have to talk to you. After that ends, fuck you, we will be gone. Oh, but you will still be saying “What do you want us to do”? Well, it was your country, it is no more your country, maybe you can work it out, but probably not.


    Five Finger Death Punch – Judgement Day (Official Music Video)
    40 million and counting (slaves)


    Who pulls their strings,…MEDIA


    Hate, Anger, Fear

    – get Trump, Trump Impeachment
    – dishing out of hate for Tucker Carlson
    – the pro-Kiev media
    – THE PRO-Alexei Navalny
    – sensational reporting
    – “defending democracy” in a regime dominated by Neo-Nazis
    – proxy war against Russia – a war that is really all about defeating Russia as a geopolitical obstacle to U.S. hegemony.
    – Another driver is the massive profits that taxpayers are subsidizing the military-industrial complex at the rotten heart of Western capitalism.
    – The Americans have no clue what’s happening on the battlefield right now.”
    – find the same puppet masters controlling Ukraine, Israel, the US, the UK, and nearly all NATO members.
    – Yemen’s Ansarallah resistance movement
    – the Israeli genocide in Gaza
    – allegations are not based on any evidence
    – suspend funding for UNRWA
    Voice in the desert

    Bombing Muslims for Peace

    William Astore, Forever War in the Middle East
    USA/Israel seeks “peace” through massive firepower and genocidal destruction.

    Dr D Rich

    You wrote:

     I was talking to a CEO friend just yesterday, he has over 3000 people underneath him, and we were discussing some of the topics on TAE; he is not a reader of TAE, he has a job!

    Productive by nature, the Doers in the company would never understand nor recognize the job performed by the CEO, the latter acquisitive by nature. They, the CEOs, seem all to possess a delusional degree of megalomania.
    Perhaps society masters selected for these “CEO” traits so common to Antisocial personality disorder and Narcissistic personality disorder or their rise comes from the natural order of Leadership Creme rising to the top.
    I’m certain 90% of CEOs perform a service to their successful companies on par with the invisible machinations inside the greatest minds in quantum mechanics.
    I mean invisible to us mere goyim (mortals to Dr D) or to the average Doer.


    This the change.
    Don’t work hard.
    Work smart.
    Let someone else do the work.

    D Benton Smith

    Aspnaz is deeply subscribed to the Chinese cultural mindset that the group is all important and individual merely a disposable and easily replaceable commodity, that in itself is of little to no consequence or value to the group. In that narrow view he fails to comprehend that the “group” is an abstraction, a shared concept only, which consists entirely of individuals whose individual performance determines the nature and viability of the herd.

    Both viewpoints have significant validity, in that each of the viewpoints is precisely HALF true, but neither of the viewpoints is sufficiently true in itself to fully supplant the other. In other words, it requires comprehension of both viewpoints to understand the truth about human behavior, and hopefully thereby improve it some.

    This is a roundabout way of saying that while aspnaz is not a total idiot, he is most definitely and vociferously and ANNOYINGLY, a textbook example of halfwit.

    Please identify and explain even ONE lie that you think I have told. To the best of my recollection I have told NONE, but I’ve been wrong before and am always ready to correct an error and become even more perfect than I already am.

    Dr. D

    I just told you the universe is arrayed against us. We’ve held the line every year after excruciating year, them having to roll us by sheer force every year, in every state, on every issue. Our entire cultural history is nothing but this fact, over and over again. This was all supposed to be out by “1984”, we’ve rolled them off for FORTY YEARS and STILL haven’t lost, still itching to fight them and getting stronger, while China, Asia, Europe all tuck their yellow tails and roll under. Every ally is gone: England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France. No hope left on earth as you yourself say each day, as Celtic advises. “It’s all lost! It’s all controlled!! You’ll never win!!!” Hahahaha! Don’t care. You guys just make me laugh and be happy. We haven’t even STARTED fighting. We’re only on the couch realizing we SHOULD get up and be fighting.

    “Why do you keep fighting Mr. Anderson???” Why, why, why? Why do you do it? Why? Why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you’re fighting for something? For more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it freedom or truth? Perhaps peace? Could it be for love? Illusions, Mr. Anderson, vagaries of perception. Temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose! And all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself, although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love. You must be able to see it, Mr. Anderson. You must know it by now. You can’t win. It’s pointless to keep fighting. Why, Mr. Anderson? Why? Why do you persist?”

    [Neo:]Because I choose to.”

    Ain’t none of you guys helping. Sitting over there, telling us it’s all lost, no hope, no allies, no purpose, everything is already controlled, we’re just pieces of human s–t who deserve all that’s coming to us. Yup! That’s the winning ticket! Call it and call us lost WHILE WE’RE STILL FIGHTING and giving them losses such as they’ve never seen on earth BEFORE we’ve even got off the couch. Yup, yup, yup. That’s the winning stroke, the master strategy. Rocky’s in the corner and you’re shouting “Give it UP already, ya bum!”

    Oh no brother. As one of my countrymen said, “We have not get begun to fight.” All this, these 60 years since Eisenhower, they were all only to get out the word that we SHOULD fight, and WHO we should fight. What’s really going on and why.

    You’re my next fight, as Benton and I cut through the last layers of programming you guys admit you have and point out who it really is, while you’re rocking in the corner giving up, saying the same old s–t.

    That’s alright. I’ll shoulder your rifle and fight for you if you won’t. If you want to sit on the beach and criticize. That’s how it always is and this time is no different either. Hey, things are so bad in America, why don’t you come over and help push the rudder in the right direction? Ha ha ha. As if I need ask.

    Don’t you realize the major global push is merely a demoralization campaign? A misdirection initiative? C’mon, use your head. You’re smarter than to fall for that.


    AI date

    Wave of the Future

    Ritual Humiliation comes in many forms

    Romance is dead, long live romance!



    There are four reasons not to give up hope on Duh;merica and the Collective West


    And remember there is always the ‘Walking on Water Thing’



    D Benton Smith

    I had to correct someone today on their declaration that the US Supreme Court wasn’t worth shit. Of course it is!


    The Younger Generation are the Hope and the Future!



    Dr. D
    Which part of the media are you?
    Like everybody, I’ve been recruited by ….



    Hate, Anger, Fear


    Not my fault
    Since Ukraine defeat is already conveyed in MSM, and the narrative is to blame the Republicans for ‘lack of funding”

    Washington seems to have cleverly made the Euros the bagholders for the tragedy of The Ukrainian Civil War.


    re: missing music, that is a tragedy.

    I have a recording of Shostakovitch #8, only tried to listen a couple times, can’t finish. It’s harrowing, like you can listen to an Otto Dix painting. That’s the terror of war. Bartok’s Miraculous Mandarin is the terror of corruption and degeneracy, also pretty harrowing, but closer to a good movie soundtrack.

    D Benton Smith

    Tyrants must periodically be reminded, by Reality itself, that at the end of the day EVERY individual DOES has veto power.

    D Benton Smith

    The one reality that most people have the most trouble accepting is that they live on a teeter totter that has Freedom at one end and Slavery at the other and think that their own end of the plank can eliminate the other end of the plank.

    Well the last time I did any woodworking I just could not help but notice that no matter how many times I cut the end off of the board it still had the other end.

    D Benton Smith

    Along the track of the same metaphorical train of thought mentioned in my previous post, it should be CAREFULLY noted that if you try to better your own position by cutting off the other guy’s end of the teeter totter you will soon find yourself sitting on a VERY VERY teeny remaining board, with one helluva lot of people on the other end, and none of them too happy about it either.


    people on TAE believe that the corporate types really believe in things like ESG, climate change etc. No they don’t, what they believe in is doing their job and keeping their company alive. You don’t give a shit about that, but for people with a few thousand reports, their fuck ups can mean lots of people going hungry.

    YAWN. Having worked in corporate America for decades, I can sleep through the C-suite people’s speeches along these lines, wake up, and tell them what their speech was.

    No, I can tell you they believe in wokeism – it is their luxury belief that gives them that extra special something over the filthy proles.

    I had those multiple mandatory half day sessions listening to Ibrahim X Kendri because of how efficient and practical C Suite holes are, sure. And they poisoned their employees – because of how constructive they are – and fired anyone who didn’t want poison. If only we had some kind of filter for cognitive function and made it really high stakes, like the worker’s own lives? Brilliant.

    And I’ve watched them continually do stupid incompetent sometimes meanspirited self-destructive company destructive wealth destructive things. Rather than not stupid low or no cost things. Boeing and Disney are confirmations of my own corporate experience as opposed to new information. I find them to be utterly unsurprising. My overall impression especially in the last 2 decades is that C-suite people are increasingly going with stupidity and evil as a rule rather than the exception. And I consider things that are bad for the customers, employees, or stockholders to all be evil.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Also this week, the scandal of the century was re-kindled when alt-news reporters Taibbi, Shellenberger, and Gutentag filed the story of how Barack Obama and CIA Director John Brennan, with his chore girls, Avril Haines and Gina Haspel, cooked up the RussiaGate caper and fed it to the FBI, with a major assist from The New York Times, the WashPo, CNN, and other useful idiot coconspirator news media vectors.”

    There, fixed it.

    I’m sure that Kunstler is aware that today’s media organizations are mostly staffed with political activists, not to mention heavily infiltrated by the many alphabet intel agencies; therefore, he should not be letting them off the hook by calling them “useful idiots” – a term commonly used to identify those who are unaware they are being manipulated for nefarious purposes.

    As Herr Doktor often states, “words have meaning”.

    D Benton Smith

    Grownups in the room will probably hear much to please them in this latest analysis of the developments in Gaza vis a vis South Africa’s Genocide suit against Israel in the ICJ, and what that leads to ON THE GROUND in Rafah and elsewhere in Gaza and the surrounding Arabic and Muslim countries.

    link: to the Duran video :


    Yes, the UK let the rats into the kitchen and we got “hate speech” laws – particularly beloved by Dr D – and “anti-semitism” laws particuarly loved by D.Benton.S the Jew, and in France, “holocaust denial” laws,

    Spot on.

    Right out of the playbook, Dr D DBS instantly resort to any criticism of The Jewish State as racist, anti-semitic, and hate speech.

    Then the little jew apologist tag team deflects and obfuscates the horrific crimes against humanity that the jews are actively committing. “Oh it’s zionists not jews” , “don’t blame jews for what the jews are doing”

    Dr D Dbs- fuck both of you cowardly slimy sniveling shitbags. Neither of you have a speck of dignity, morality or conscience. Shiling for jews while jews are claiming victim simultaneously committing worse crimes than the nazis ?

    You both negate the extreme hatred that jews are displaying to the world- by blaming anyone who criticizes jews as being full of hatred. How pathetic.

    Is Israel a Jewish State or not motherfuckers?
    Is the Jewish State behaving in any dignified manner? Especially after they have stolen the spotlight of permanent Victim status from WW2- more non jews were killed in camps than jews ! But to jews- it was only jews who were persecuted.

    Jews are disgusting shameful liars regarding their conduct today. Both of you should be ashamed, but you are not because you are part of the problem.

    40 thousand+ dead in Gaza – murdered by Jews- which you both ignore.

    D Benton Smith

    It may seem fruitless and frustrating for us hoi paloi to rail against the stupidity, injustice, cruelty and just plain wacko insanity of the US Government carrying out the suicidal marching orders from the Elites.

    I’ve heard that sense of powerlessness expressed many times both here on TAE and most everywhere else that outraged citizens gather to lament the fact that the crazies are still at it and no one seems to be stopping them. Where are our leaders at this time when we need them the most?

    Well, they’re waiting for us.

    That’s right. They have no power to act until WE provide it by letting them know that we have their backs. No politician can champion the so-called “will of the people” until the outraged clamor of the people is loud enough to convince them that they really ARE expressing the will of the people.

    It’s kind of funny how that works, but the fact is that leaders can’t lead until enough people tell them where they want to be led to. You’ve heard the expression that, “It’s a two way street.” Well this is a classic example of it being a two way street.

    Keep grousing. Turn up the heat. Turn it up higher. Ridicule, invalidate, prove wrong and ABANDON the creeps who double-down on their losing hand. It’s almost magical how “leaders” suddenly find the courage to do the right thing when they lose their fear of not getting elected.

    Shake those pitchforks! Wave those torches! As it becomes clearer that you really mean it your “leaders” will rush to the front to “lead the way” once you make it safe for them to do so.

    Yeah, it’s pathetic, but it’s also how things work.

    A bunch of them are still going to lie to you, but that will improve after you sack the one’s you catch lying. You want leaders to stick their necks out in your behalf? Then back their play, in advance.


    Depopulation, economic slaves, debt slaves, EU, to add 75 Million More Migrants


    Dr D said

    That’s alright. I’ll shoulder your rifle and fight for you if you won’t. If you want to sit on the beach and criticize. That’s how it always is and this time is no different either.

    You want me to come and fight for your country? Ha ha, why the hell would I do that, your country is a shithole and the sooner it’s gone the better. I left my own country in the west because it is a shithole and there was nothing I could do about it because I was surrounded by people who liked it that way. I am sitting over here cheering on your self-inflicted demise, I do whatever I can to accelerate that demise, such as not buying American-made products. The sooner you are gone the sooner the world will stop the massacres that you keep funding in Ukraine, Gaza and maybe soon Taiwan and Iran.

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