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    Gutzon Borglum Repairing the Face of Abraham Lincoln, Mount Rushmore 1962   • Japan Will Trigger ‘The Great Unwind’ – Albert Edwards (MW) • Centr
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    V. Arnold

    Lincoln’s nose; a great photograph of Gutzon Borglum.
    A man not afraid of heigths…
    Something we could take a lesson from?

    Dr. D

    Stocks, bonds, real estate, currencies, bitcoin…they’re not afraid of heights.



    Lets talk supply and demand.

    Canada has the supply.
    The USA wants it for free.

    Therefore, I say “Pay our price or do without”

    Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press
    Published Tuesday, November 28, 2017 1:27PM EST

    “The U.S. … decision to impose punitive anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Canadian softwood lumber producers is unfair, unwarranted and deeply troubling,” the Canadian government said in a statement.
    “We will forcefully defend Canada’s softwood lumber industry.”

    Therefore, I say “Pay our price or do without”
    The Canadian Press Posted: Jan 10, 2018 2:00 AM ET

    Canadian government calls new U.S. duties on newsprint ‘unjustified’
    U.S. Department of Commerce slaps overall tariff of 6.53 % on about 25 Canadian plants

    Therefore, I say “Pay our price or do without”


    U.S. imposing 220% duty on Bombardier CSeries planes
    ‘Boeing is seeking to use a skewed process to stifle competition,’ Bombardier says
    The Canadian Press Posted: Sep 26, 2017 6:56 PM ET

    Therefore, I say “Pay our price or do without”

    Canada takes U.S. to task at WTO over punitive duties

    Canada takes U.S. to task at WTO over punitive duties
    By Alexander Panetta. Published on Jan 10, 2018 3:03pm

    The 32-page complaint cites dozens of examples unrelated to Canada, including 122 cases where the U.S. imposed duties on foreign countries. The disputes over paper, lumber, aerospace and now trade in general are occurring just as the countries prepare to meet in Montreal later this month for a potentially pivotal round of NAFTA negotiations.

    Therefore, I say “Pay our price or do without”

    Dr. D

    .5 meter of snow in the Sahara:

    116f in Australia:

    I’m a little confused by the alarm of Australia being so hot. I mean, Australia has similar highs through the 1930’s but also ’48, ’60, ’62, ’70, and ’72. Isn’t that sort of all the time? What’s more, 116f isn’t that hot: the whole continental U.S., from Arizona to Minnesota can reach 110f. Australia is considered hot, a 2,500 mile desert, and this is unusual? Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are all over 110f. It’s been 104f in Boston on the open North Atlantic for heavens sake, and that was in 1911.

    Man up, Australia, don’t let Boston and Manitoba outdo you! You’re supposed to be hearty folk.


    Our oil prices are too low.
    The demand is there.
    Therefore, I say “Pay our price or do without”

    PUBLISHED – Jan 5, 2018
    The West Texas Intermediate (WTI) price of oil, often a world reference price quoted in the media, averaged US$56.54 a barrel in November 2017, 23.3% higher than it was a year earlier. 

    Western Canada Select (WCS), the price obtained for many Alberta producers for oil, averaged US$45.52 a barrel in November 2017, 42.7% higher than it was a year earlier. This is the highest price of WCS since June 2015, when it reached $51.29.

    The differential of WTI over WCS was US$11.02 in November 2017.

    We are not bankrupt like the USA.
    The Canadian dollar should be worth more than the us dollar
    not the current rate…
    1 CAD 0.79815 Inverse: 1.25294


    “Man up, Australia”

    Dr D,

    I thoroughly agree with you. It seems to me that the current generation of young Austalians seems to think that Australia’s climate should be like that of Northern Europe. The vast majority of Australians live along the coast and have never been inland to the outback.

    My two teenage girls are not taught history at school. It is all part of the process of trying to persuade them that people are substitutable. The media are doing a stellar job of making people think that India is an advanced society – just one example.

    Here, in Melbourne, when the wind changes direction, the temperature can drop by 20C (36F) in a few hours. The interior is a veritable furnace – and always has been.

    Here is what the Sahara was like – 3rd time in 37 years and two years in a row.


    Here we have BBC melange of two different messages that fit into their fake narrative:

    1- An attempt to denegrade Russia
    2- A bit of fake global warming nonsense

    BBC Claims That Reindeer Populations Are In ‘Steep Decline’ Due To Climate Change Are False

    The BBC is so reckless with its reputation. Hard to believe anything they come up with. You can be certain that this series of documentaries “Russia with Simon Reeve” will continue this process of vilification with each episode. It is baked in the cake. 🙂


    The incredibly corrupt and incompetent BOM is telling us that there might be some snow on the hills of Victoria and in Tasmania this weekend!

    Summer snow a chance this weekend

    I don’t believe any of their forecasts. They said it would be 36C today and my outdoor thermometer is at 23.6C. You really cannot make this stuff up.

    However, in December (like June where you are), there was snow in Tasmania.

    Summer in Tasmania brings torrential rain to dry east coast, snowfalls in Central Highlands

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