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    Photograph: Palani Mohan/Getty Images • Anxious European Leaders Seek An Early Audience With Trump, Before Putin (AP) • Hands off EU, Trump; We Don’t
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    Primate endangered ….

    If I were an elephant ….

    What if Trump makes a different social/economic society?
    (It will be better for some and worst for others – zero sum)


    What if ….

    Alibaba’a Jack Ma Drops a Redpill in Davos: The U.S. Wasted $14 Trillion on Wars Over the Past 30 Years


    In regard to Keen and Illargi as well, the US deficit is going to rise but spending isn’t. I can’t get over how pervasive is this meme that there is going to be a huge fiscal stimulus. It isn’t going to happen. Taxes are going to be cut, defense and internal security is going to rise, and all other spending that can be cut will be cut. Net net, spending is not going to rise.

    To be clear only congress and specifically the House of Representatives can appropriate money and the GOP lead House is not going to increase spending on anything but those things I mentioned. This weekend the GOP House leadership said they were going to cut total spending by $1TN a year, from a current $3.8TN a year.. Well that’s structurally impossible but the will is there. These guys have based their entire political lives on reducing government spending. It’s in their blood, their bone marrow. Trump and Bannon are not going to turn them.


    “Hottest year ever”

    “Extreme Weather expert Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. noted that the media “hottest year” scare stories are simply not working. “Selling climate policy on “hottest year ever” hard because 2016 also had very low disasters & record high crop productivity. It doesn’t scare people,” ”

    2016 allegedly ‘hottest year’ by immeasurable 1/100 of a degree – While satellites show ‘pause’ continues

    It will be interesting to see how they will continue selling this tall tale as the el-Niño winds down and people start dying of cold in Europe in large numbers.

    WINTER CRISIS: One MILLION pensioners fear they cannot afford to heat their homes

    Over here, in Melbourne, it is a maximum of 21C today – in January. The highest temperature this month is 7C (12F) below its highest in 1939. Since 1939, the urbanization of Melbourne has been immense – and the heat-island effect.

    In South Island, New Zealand, they recently had snow on hills over 1,300 meters – in January.

    E. Swanson

    Nassim, the “satellite temperature” data is the result of a theoretical model. which is applied to the measurements from orbit. There are several areas which are still in contention and the denialist have a habit of picking the one with the lowest trend, since that suits their goal of misinforming the public. The satellites don’t measure surface temperature directly and there are several difficulties which have been found, including one by me just published.

    Your linked Climate Depot blog post is just one of numerous such posts by Marc Morano, who previously worked as Sen Inhoffe’s anti-science attack dog after working for that noted scientific mind, Rush Limbaugh. Morano has no scientific background, yet he repeatedly claims to know for sure that the climate scientists are liars. I think it’s Morano who twists the truth, doing exactly what he claims the scientists are doing. I’m surprised he isn’t working for Trump (or is he?).


    E. Swanson,

    Labelling someone a “denialist” supports my contention that “believers” are a religious cult.

    In science, someone puts up a hypothesis and this hypothesis is tested against the data. The models – which based on the AGW hypothesis – have all failed. Failed repeatedly and by a massive amount. All 80+ of them. When that happens, it is time to go back to the drawing-board and to come up with an alternative hypothesis – something “believers” are loath to do.

    Here is a piece which will never read about in the lying mainstream media. Those who peddle fake news about Aleppo, ISIS, 9/11, MH-17, Ukraine, Israel etc.

    Icebreakers make historic Arctic voyage, then get stuck in frozen sea on return journey

    Let’s be clear about one thing. The Russians would dance for joy if the average temperature of their country were to go up by 5C (9F).

    The article makes it clear that during Soviet times – before 1989 – these and similar ships made these trips regularly at the same time of the years.


    Please everyone do yourself a favor and listen to this.

    PS it does not display properly on my computer and the button to watch the YouTube original does not appear so do a search on YouTube for: Prof. Philip Mirowski keynote Live and Debt Conference



    It is so easy to fix ground data – with the help of “homeginization”. NASA has the gall to prefer ground data over satellite data.

    Here, the temperatures for the whole of Australia have been homogenized using the Sydney Observatory as a base for reality. The trouble is that the this location is not the same as it was 160 years ago. It is close to a very busy highway leading to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

    Sydney Observatory where warming is created by site moves, buildings, freeways

    Add to that the fact that electronic thermometers are housed in much smaller enclosures and measure the temperature in real-time – versus twice per day until not so very long ago.

    Here is the clincher for Europe.

    Scientists Can’t Figure Out Why Leaf Unfolding In Europe Not Happening Earlier

    It would seem that someone forgot to tell the trees to wake up earlier as Spring has arrived – at 1,245 sites. 🙂

    Ultimately, we are supposed to believe that Obama is this time telling the truth – not like all the other times such as Obamacare, Syria, Iraq, ISIS, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey etc. Personally, I think that this man is incapable of saying anything truthfully. The fact that he just gave another $500m to the UN to continue this charade is revealing.


    And here is a good description of how NASA tampers with historical data:

    Massive Data Tampering Uncovered At NASA – Warmth, Cooling Disappears Due To Incompatibility With Models

    E. Swanson

    Nassim, I have used the word “denialist” the same way one might use the word “communist”, that is, to refer to a group of people who share a similar mind set and who are involved in activities which are intended to actively overthrow the established thinking. Both groups share characteristics, such as, dismissing other world views and selecting only information which supports their world view. Your reference to ice breakers is one such example, as it’s just an example of a short term weather event. What about the long term records showing a decline in sea-ice at the end of the melt season in recent decades? The denialist don’t want to talk about that one, do they?

    That other link of yours is just another example. Comparing the state of scientific understanding in 1981 with today’s knowledge is silly, we’ve obviously learned quite a bit more since then. In your link, the first two graphs have different scales, which makes the earlier one appear to have a big warming around 1940, which indeed also appears in the later one if the scales were the same. Are you still using an IBM PX/XT by chance? I seriously doubt it. The decline in sea-ice is flaming obvious to anyone who takes a look at it…


    “I don’t know how much longer I can witness this. At what point do we set up a private army?”

    Willing to go to war but not rethink the concept of exchange (peacefully)? Not particularly logical.

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