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    Mick Jagger letter to Andy Warhol 1969   • Gen. Milley: Counteroffensive ‘Far From A Failure’ (RT) • Gen. Milley Explains F-16 Delay For Ukraine
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    The way we live next
    Posted on July 18, 2023
    “Simultaneous harvest failures across major crop-producing regions are a threat to global food security”, according to a new report published by Nature. The technical jargon here references a “meandering jet stream” but, for non-specialists, what this means is that we can no longer rely on worse-than-average crop conditions in some places being cancelled out by better-than-average conditions in others.
    Commenting on this in The Guardian, George Monbiot says that only five stories about this have appeared in the global media, which he contrasts with “more than 10,000 stories this year about Phillip Schofield, the British television presenter who resigned over an affair with a younger colleague”.
    “In mediaworld, a place that should never be confused with the real world, celebrity gossip is thousands of times more important than existential risk”, says Monbiot.
    This is a conundrum that affects issues beyond climate change, critically important though this obviously is. We can imagine busy people, with lives to lead and issues to confront, switching off in droves when the media turns to economics.
    Moreover, they’re right to do this, if all that’s being presented to them is an outdated, fallacious doctrine which promises infinite growth on a finite planet, and claims that there’s a financial fix for every economic ill.
    If it’s difficult for people to find time to think about a real issue like climate change, how can we expect them to take an interest in nonsense about infinite growth and the cure-all characteristics of money?
    I’m writing this as the Surplus Energy Economics project closes in on its tenth anniversary.
    To be candid about it, I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do next, but I can tell you my immediate plan.
    This is the first of two planned articles to appear here. The second will try to sum up what I think we now know about the economy, understood as an energy system.
    Here, I’m going to reflect on some of the implications that we can draw from what we know about the economy.

    Of reality and perception
    There are, of course, two ways in which we might explain the disparity of coverage between hard and important scientific news and the doings of people in the “mediaworld”. One is that ‘the powers that be’ who control the world’s media don’t want us to hear about – or worry and get angry about – threats to global food security.
    The other is that the general public is simply more interested in stories about ‘slebs’ than in the complicated science and gloomy prognostications of the experts, and the media have a commercial interest in covering those stories which attract the greatest attention.
    As I’m writing this, Southern Europe is in the grip of a searing heatwave, with similar conditions occurring in the United States and China. The media have a choice about how they present this news. They can show images of people suffering from extreme heat in Rome, Athens or Malaga, or they can delve into the back-story of climate change. Some media opt for the latter, but far more choose the former.
    Climate science does at least have aspects that can interest the general public, who are able to experience heatwaves and flooding at first-hand, as well as seeing images of these and other phenomena.
    Economics has no such appeal. The so-called “gloomy science” is indeed gloomy more often than not, but it can’t remotely be called a “science”. Once we understand the concept of two economies – the “real economy” of products and services, and the parallel “financial economy” of money and credit – it becomes apparent that the so-called “laws” of economics are no more than behavioural observations about the human artefact of money, and are in no way analogous to the laws of science.
    Orthodox economics has always promised infinite growth, an absurdity which, at least until recently, has appeared to be true, simply because we’ve been continually ramping up the use of fossil fuels. Last year, we consumed 42% more oil, natural gas and coal – and 50% more primary energy in total – than we did back in 2002. No wonder economic output has increased over that period (though a real-terms tripling of debt between those same years ought to give us serious pause for thought).
    The general public seems to have been becoming aware that meaningful improvement in their own economic conditions has petered out, a process characterised, for many of them, by worsening insecurity, ever-growing burdens of debt and other commitments and, latterly, the combination of surging inflation and sharply rising interest rates.
    Yet officialdom, supported by economists and reported in the media, keeps insisting that “growth” is continuing.
    For many, the understandable suspicion is that, in reality, growth may indeed be continuing as the experts claim, but that they’re not benefiting because a greedy, unprincipled minority is cornering all and more of the growth in which ‘ordinary’ people do not participate. Inequality statistics strongly reinforce such suspicions.
    Small wonder, then, that, in a recent British opinion poll, 38% agreed that “the world is controlled by a secretive elite”, outnumbering the 33% who disagreed. It seems a reasonable supposition that such suspicions are by no means unique to the United Kingdom, and would have been far less pronounced, there or elsewhere, had equivalent polling been conducted thirty, twenty or even ten years ago.
    We cannot know whether these suspicions are well grounded, and it’s worth remembering that different elites in different countries could respond to the same issues in the same ways without a necessity for co-ordination. Moreover, if this un-co-ordinated process did happen, its effects on the experiences of ordinary people would be much the same as if central plotting did exist.
    We can’t, then, know whether the conspiracy theorists are right or not – but we can conclude that ever-increasing numbers of people suspect that they are.

    At the end of growth
    The reality of the situation is both simpler and more disconcerting. The proper target of popular suspicion should be anyone, including but not limited to politicians, who promises them economic growth in perpetuity.
    The “hoax” that we’ve been subjected to isn’t climate change, for which there’s compelling scientific evidence, but the continuity of “growth”, which, consciously or not, is being faked.
    Simply stated, the fossil fuel dynamic, which has powered economic expansion ever since James Watt unveiled the first really efficient steam engine in 1776, is fading out. Naturally enough, the easiest, most accessible and lowest-cost sources of fossil fuel energy were used first, and are being replaced by ever-costlier alternatives.
    This is a surprise only to those – seemingly a majority – who’ve never been prepared to recognize the obvious. The warnings set out in The Limits to Growth (LtG), published back in 1972, have been reinforced by those who have found close correlation between subsequent data and the LtG projections. Kenneth E. Boulding, co-founder of general systems theory, famously pointed out that only “a madman or an economist” would believe in the possibility of infinite, exponential economic expansion on a finite planet.
    In recent times, we’ve become aware of the environmental and ecological risks posed by reliance on carbon fuels.
    But we have yet to recognize the parallel economic threat, which is that, through relentless rises in energy costs, the fossil-based economy has deteriorated from growth, via stagnation, into contraction.
    We’re assured that a solution exists to climate hazard in the form of renewable energy, principally from wind and solar power. We’ve addressed this issue here before, but many critical questions remain unanswered in the wider world.
    Here are some of them:
    1. If transitioning to renewables is undoubtedly going to be costly – USD 130 trillion seems a reasonable estimate – what are we going to do without in order to pay for it?
    2. This sort of money equates to enormous amounts of raw materials, most obviously steel, copper, lithium, cobalt and other minerals – do they even exist in the requisite quantities, and how much environmental damage are we going to cause by mining and processing them?
    3. What source of energy are we going to use to access and utilize these raw materials, and, again, what other uses of energy are we going to relinquish in order to make this possible?

    The economics of process
    The critical issue here is the nature of the material economy itself. Essentially, the economy functions by using energy to extract raw materials and convert them into products, most of which are destined rapidly for landfill. The necessary parallel thermal process involves the conversion of energy from concentrated into diffuse forms, the latter being waste heat.
    In short, this dissipative-landfill system relies on the availability, not simply of energy itself, but of dense energy. To replace fossil fuels without suffering economic contraction, alternatives would need to match, not just the quantity of energy sourced from oil, gas and coal, but the density of these fuels as well.
    This is something that wind and solar power simply cannot do. Accordingly, a transition to renewables will truncate the dissipative process on which material production depends, the result of which will be a smaller material economy.
    This doesn’t for one moment mean that we should scale back the pursuit of sustainability, still less abandon this quest altogether. Barring some wholly new discovery in the field of energy supply, wind and solar are the best options on the table.
    The problem, rather, lies with unrealistic expectations. A “sustainable economy” may be feasible, but “sustainable growth” is not. Our lives may become cleaner, and might also become immaterially ‘better’, in a post-carbon, post-consumerist economy, but we’re also likely to be materially poorer.
    Can we handle this reality, and stop deluding ourselves that we can ‘fix’ economic contraction? How is the world reacting, or likely to react, to the ending and reversal of “growth”?
    And what, come to that, will the future economy look like?

    A future unfolds
    For large and increasing numbers of people, economic hardship has already arrived. For many, the “cost of living” has been rising more rapidly than incomes. This problem is compounded, not just by rises in the costs of mortgages and rents, but also by the debts and other financial burdens that households already carry.
    Promises that conditions will improve if people ‘just hold their nerve’ are ceasing to convince. We’re told that inflation was triggered by war in Eastern Europe, but – quite apart from the fact that inflation took off before the invasion – the immediate effects of the conflict have now dropped out of the year-on-year figures. There’s scant evidence of a wage-price spiral, but plenty of support for the concept of a margin-price effect, a phenomenon known as “greedflation”.
    As you’ll read in the companion article when it arrives, we know a great deal about the unfolding energy dynamics of the material economy. Rises in trend ECoEs – the Energy Costs of Energy – are making it ever harder to strike prices which meet the needs of producers and consumers. This makes it likely that the availability of energy will decrease, led downwards by fossil fuels.
    Analysis of prior trends makes it clear that the rate of conversion between energy and material economic value is remarkably invariable. This means that, if energy supply decreases, economic output goes into decline. At the same time, rising ECoEs are widening the gap between output and prosperity, the latter being a function of the surplus energy that remains after ECoE has been deducted.
    This has two specific consequences. The first is that, just as prosperity declines, the costs of energy-intensive necessities will carry on rising. The world’s average person is, according to the SEEDS model, going to be 10% less prosperous by 2030, and fully 27% worse off by 2040, than he or she was back in 2019.
    Rises in the real costs of essentials are likely to mean that the average person’s PXE – Prosperity eXcluding Essentials – will have fallen by 20% by 2030, and 50% by 2040.
    The outlook for discretionary (non-essential) products and services, and for those businesses and employees who provide them, is almost unrelievedly grim. The employees affected might be absorbed into a more labour-intensive economy, but this transition will undoubtedly be disruptive. This trend is already emerging, as consumers cut non-essential spending as the costs of necessities rise.
    The second implication is that the financial burdens carried by households – including mortgages, rents, credit commitments, staged-purchases and subscriptions – are going to become impossible to sustain as PXE, the equivalent of disposable incomes, contracts. The “real economy” of products and services is already 43% smaller than the “financial economy” of money and credit. We seem to be heading straight towards a cascade of defaults and a crash in asset prices.

    Tantrum time?
    How is the public, already highly suspicious of the leadership cadres in government and beyond, likely to react to a relentless deterioration in prosperity which is so strikingly at odds with so many promises of “growth”?
    I think we can get some idea by imagining a youngster returning home from school to find that all his shiny toys are being dumped into a skip. Unless he’s a remarkably philosophical child, his reactions are likely to be tantrums, outrage, grief and denial.
    The adult world seems to behave in much the same way. The ultra-rich are determined, at all costs, to hang on to the trinkets and trappings of wealth and power, irrespective of what that might mean for everyone else, or for the climate.
    But ‘ordinary people are likely to react in very similar ways. Anyone doubting this should try standing for election on a platform of ‘saving the planet’ by replacing cars with buses and trams, and restricting or prohibiting overseas flights.
    We might, collectively, want to tackle environmental and ecological hazard, but very few, whether wealthy or not, seem willing to make real sacrifices to this end.
    This could very easily become a home run, not just for conspiracy theorists but for agitators as well. There are numerous historic examples of economic hardship, particularly when allied to perceptions of unfairness, leading to social unrest.
    Governments, whose own resources face relentless compression, could try to tough this out, though history, again, suggests that this won’t work.
    A more rational course, it seems to me, would be to find out what the economic outlook is likely to be, and start to prepare the public accordingly.

    Dr Tim Morgan

    #259: The way we live next


    truth in advertising first. i consume Jesus koolaid by the drum not the glass.

    there was a time when there were words “writ in red” in the Gospels, everything aside from these passages are commentary. Western minds have been taught that a political, economic, socio hierarchy is the Church. In the United States ALL text books for primary education come from the same source. The rubric for elementary mathematics has been changed so frequently that those charged with teaching math no longer have any insight into a millenia old process. A member of my family is an elementary school teacher. The main purpose of our education process has become enforcing obeisance to heirarchy. This is not news, this is history.

    we have arrived at a point in time where those who were taught an attitude of deference or homage to authority are now “authority”. from the article you posted “A more rational course, it seems to me, would be to find out what the economic outlook is likely to be, and start to prepare the public accordingly.” Do you think that those who accepted Reaganomics or Thatcherism and were the authority figures at the time have attempted to prepare any citizen for “A more rational course”?

    do you remember when David Rockefeller stated “there is more oil now than there has ever been” and everyone in authority agreed? Do you remember when those in authority positions applauded Mr. Reagan for removing the the solar collectors from the grounds of the White House? Both of these men and their statements and actions were deemed to be “A more rational course”.

    How do you say to the citizens of the United States “ninety percent of everything you have been taught is a lie”? Do you think that any pharmacist, nurse, doctor, medical system administrator or public employee who went along with poisoning their fellow man to maintain their position of authority has the insight to “to find out what the economic outlook is likely to be”?

    i live in nothwest Florida. In the years since the coup in Ukraine a sufficient number of human beings have been murdered to depopulate northwest Florida from Bay County through Escambia County. How do you prepare citizens who do not understand “and then they came for me”?

    the citizens of the United States as a group, five years to either side of my station, make teats on a boar hog appear utilitarian. This is a group of people who still see the atomic structure of a hydrogen atom in terms of the tinker toy models they encountered in elementary school in the 1950s. “A more rational course”. Give me a rest.

    Dr. D

    “Canadian PM Trudeau Corners Himself Between His Enthusiasm For Trans & Muslims”

    When you’re #Illogical by nature and foundation, this is no problem for you. It’s just a problem for the rest of us.
    When you’re rich and powerful, you never take the consequences of your actions, you push them off on other people. Otherwise, what’s the point of power?

    “IEA Warns of Winter NatGas Crisis If Russia Cuts Supplies”

    What the actual? Russia never cut anything. You boycotted them. Then blew up said pipeline. Then supported blowing up their country and drone-striking the Kremlin.

    “China’s Evergrande Reports $113 Billion Loss Over Two Years

    Just like FTX, we add and remove billions, trillions, from the economy in a few minutes, in a few days, and nothing happens, nothing changes. That’s how you know it’s all fake. Suppose you’ve got a big car auction. And among the 500 people there, the largest dealer in the state just disappears, gets a call, leaves the auction with all his money. Then with 20% less bidding in that auction, all the prices just stay the same? Whatever.

    “Used-Car Prices Continue Slide as Signs of Normalcy Start to Reemerge

    When money is removed, this is what happens. It returns to something like use-value, as related to income. By the way, housing value should be 3x income to be safe. It was 6x income at the ’08 top and now in some places is 10x income.

    “AI-Detectors Think The US Constitution Was Written By AI”

    Trust AI. It’s going to take over the world. Like Cisco, Nortel, Nokia, and Japan in 1989. Meanwhile, it can’t even write a paper for a courtroom without lying.

    “Pentagon Says “Significant Escalation” in Russian Jets Endangering Lives of US Pilots over Syria”

    Why are U.S. jets illegally over Syria in contradiction to all domestic and international law?

    “’Libertarian’ Reason Magazine Goes Full Pfizer-Shill, Smears RFK Jr.

    Yes, it’s basic Libertarian value to support monopoly corporations and to oppose people having opinions.

    NY REIT in over it’s head. Yes, somebody needs to take the loss. Button, button, who’s got the button?
    (A: the Taxpayer)

    No, they’ll savage these “commoner” multi-billionaires. They’re no longer big enough to matter. S—t happens.

    Milley claimed that Ukraine’s military is making “steady progress,”

    As from the Pentagon, “steady progress” in demilitarizing and making Europe collapse along with the Euro banks that had the cheek to attempt to kill Wall Street.

    “Gen. Milley Explains F-16 Delay For Ukraine (RT)

    It’s because F16s are too slow, and basically immobile. Clearly it’s not like they can just FLY somewhere, at supersonic speeds or anything. Remember Orlov’s observation that, as a light, fast, home defense plane, it hoovers up all dust and debris from less-than-perfect airports, and destroys itself. Translation: if they wanted them there, they’d all arrive in 24 hours. We have hopping bases and air refueling worldwide.

    P.S. what is Kiev (and Davos) even THINKING, fighting a war not just with lesser air power, but no air power at all? Is there anyone since 1920 who would permit that?

    “Failure Of Counteroffensive May Lead To West’s ‘Devastating Defeat’ (TASS)

    Russia has now gathered 900 tanks and thousands of men in one area. They may be screwing with them, though.

    “How do you win an unwinnable war? Well, the élite answer has been through narrative. By insisting against reality that Ukraine is winning, and Russia is ‘cracking’.”

    No, literally. They’ve written this in their White Papers. A war is now nothing but narrative. Win the Narrative, win the war. …This comes from success, that is hubris. When they discovered Bernays, (and his protege Goebbels) and the astonishing success advertising mind control can have, they kept applying it to more and more areas, with more and more successes until at last, they decided there’s nothing it can’t do. Oh lying: Is there ANYTHING you can’t do? This has led them to the All-American religious conclusion about “The Power of Positive Thinking” and manifesting “your best life now.” That it! You “Think and Grow Rich.™” So here we are. Any tool, be it a book, a laser, nuclear bombs, space ships, they all have limits. There are things they can do and not do, things they are best for and some things they are not.

    They no longer believe this. There is no challenge on the earth, anywhere, at any time, that is not conquered by Bernays, by lying and the Ritual Magic (literally) of Positive Thinking.

    So they literally think Positive thinking will defend them from rocket attacks. I.e., that is, that they’re insane. Or we WOULD all be living in a dream, a simulation, where there are no laws of physical reality even residually, and that would ruin the whole POINT of incarnation. If you want that dream-like rules, stay in the dream and spirit world. The reason to be here is that you DON’T have those rules. Reality here is unbending.

    “The fundamental problem with ‘delusion’ is that the exit from it (if it occurs at all) moves at a much slower pace than events.”

    This turns out to be the key element in war because it can’t be created or removed: Time. We COULD have tanks, but it takes too much Time. And clearly we’ve moved that problem from Soviets making 40 tanks and us making 45, off to Ludicrous Speed. Russia makes 1,000 and we make zero, we’re actually disassembling them for parts.

    Thus the arrival of, well, anything. Any French APCs, any mercenaries, any rockets, any shells. We send one shell at a time, with a card and a box of candy. Like your papa, we let you borrow the tank for the prom but have to have it back by midnight. That may look like numbers, but in the back end, like the F16s, it’s Time.

    Russia is controlling the Time, and so long as we let them, they must win. Like the Viet Cong. If you want the other way, look at Ireland. They re-established control over the time and pace and beat the British Empire 100 miles away. But as in that example controlling Time takes Time. No “Shock and Awe” invasions we demanded they do for us.

    “Response Force (NRF) to over 300,000 troops..” But they don’t have the troops… It’ll take years…” Time…

    “Zelensky has become toxic to the West,”

    Yes, but why? Because he shows NATO and the West – particularly Western MIC arms sales – are worthless. Every single thing we make is worthless, that is, worth no money. Can’t be sold. This needed to be demonstrated, otherwise how do you get rid of the anchors of the MIC and the Derp State: the weapons manufacturers who have 5 lobbyists per Congressman?

    Speaking of, Tucker was doing not even a “gotcha” debate it was like the candidates had never seen questions before. …Which of course they hadn’t. And he asked Scott if he would force peace, and Scott demonstrated he’d never heard of that “peace” thingy before. He never considered it, it’s an alien concept. (Seen on Jimmy Dore)

    From that which is only a passing observation we all already knew, is this far better one on RFK. (Time stamp)

    “That’s the thing about RFK, if you ask him a question, he just answers it.” That’s unheard of. Can he DO that? Is that cheating? Election interference? Telling the truth directly is an unfair advantage and needs to be outlawed right away (as they immediately and literally do this by deplatform and hit-piece him from the Kennedy-loving left AND the Libertarian Right.)

    “I think it’s just too soon to know whether that attack on that bridge is going to have any significant military impact on their ability to continue to fight this war,”

    No, it’s not too soon. The attack was pointless, and everyone would know that BEFORE it was attacked. Russia owns the isthmus, they no longer need the bridge. It’s all symbols, signals, The Narrative™. Don’t you know you win wars by signaling? Oh! If only General Patton had realized this, how many lives would be saved! Marcus Aurelius should have just signaled!

    “• Kissinger Warns US And China Against Conflict (RT)

    Who? Some private citizen from a nursing home? Translation: so who is Kissinger speaking for? Who gives him his authority? Clearly it’s somebody very important. More, how come nobody asks? Or even thinks of it? If my grandpa calls up Congress to speak about the war, do Senators drop everything to listen and is then reported by the NYT?

    …But there’s no Derp State. No powerful families around. That’s all a weirdo theory said three generations of Bushes and two generations of Clintons.

    “• Trump Says He Is About To Be Arrested Again (Az.)

    Of course. The last two times didn’t work, his poll numbers didn’t go down.

    “Federal investigators have reportedly seized the phones of advisors to 2024 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump as part of an investigation into”… what their election is up to and how they can counter it. Didn’t they try to grab all his election material and strategy last time too?

    Of course, we could all be wrong. Maybe Clark just went to Catholic mass, then a School Board meeting. Like an unhinged radical.

    “The Pentagon planned to use its biolaboratories in Africa to test unregistered medicines on the local population,”

    This goes with – I read so much I forget, but RFKs discussion? — about how all the vaccinated girls in Africa died at 20% higher rates than the unvaccinated? Just not from the vax diseases such as Diptheria. Yes, that’s a genocide if you’re aware of it. Which it’s nearly impossible they weren’t. I guess like Epstein’s banker, and every other banking scandal in the history of the world like Nick Leeson and Barrings, it’s just one rogue trader out there, increasing a million deaths by 20%, and nobody noticing. Like Madoff, where every banking transaction had to be overseen directly by the Board of Directors but nobody knew nothin’.

    …Except the Africans, who not being stupid, immediately noticed. And have stopped taking certain vaccines and issued arrest warrants. They didn’t lack intelligence or motivation; what they lacked was POWER. Raw, military power to force their will on the people killing them. That may change shortly.


    Democracy in the west …

    Cigarettes I used to smoke in London in 1990’s … Silk Cut.

    The same cigarettes in the current mandated packaging in 2023 … Silk Cut.

    We don’t have any of this shit in China. What has happened to the west, is this their superior life?


    Red, from the moment Gutenberg offered printing as a commercial enterprise there has been no free open fair press. The idea that there has been a press in service to the citizens is a fallacy created by those who own the presses.

    When one has been knocked to the ground with sufficient force to need and ask for assistance in regaining a standing position the ground has been prepared for “A more rational course”.

    ” Out of the night that covers me,
    Black as the pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.

    In the fell clutch of circumstance
    I have not winced nor cried aloud.
    Under the bludgeonings of chance
    My head is bloody, but unbowed.

    Beyond this place of wrath and tears
    Looms but the Horror of the shade,
    And yet the menace of the years
    Finds and shall find me unafraid.

    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate,
    I am the captain of my soul.” Henley
    Do you know anyone who lives these words outside the fantasy they have created for themself?


    Running on a parallel track with the physical annihilation of the Nazilensky Snake Oil Show® is the financial annihilation of Collective Western economies.

    Empty shells of puffery

    I think it’s a part of Putin’s measured pace, wait as long as possible for the West’s financial implosion.

    The rest of the world would love to default on western fiat dollar debt.


    Look at the angle of debt explosion since 1997

    Remarkably constant angle

    The West’s ‘industrial production’ is disintegrating and completely dependent on cheap fossil fuel

    Renewables are a sick joke for replacing that much energy in a timely manner for the western economies.

    The vax injury showing up in work force disability claims will add another dimension of doom to the debt bomb.

    Guess we will have to wait and see


    Dr D Rich

    @aspnaz, SBS, celticbiker don’t stop.

    As an aside, 2nd Vatican Council addressed some of these issues at least for Catholics. Even further afoot, more than one religion espouses money lending for the benefit of the poor and the greater community rather than enriching the lender . One doesn’t or is it two?

    Nostra aetate

    Interesting and unfortunate use of the word ‘apostle’ to describe the ‘peace apostate’ and practitioner of Judaism, Henry Kissinger. For Cambodia alone, no man deserves annihilation more. Live in a Cambodian community briefly and you’ll come to understand Henry Kissinger deserves it even more.

    Yet, there is alternate interpretation to Raul’s “Kissinger as the peace apostle. What’s next?”

    (((Kissinger))) warns U S. and China Against Conflict.
    When (((someone))) deems to warn the world’s two superpowers from a self-imposed position of authority that IS (((arrogance))) nonpareil.
    Makes one wonder (((who))) is running the world notwithstanding The celebration of Kissinger’s 100th birthday by U S. power elite and Kissinger’s audience with China’s defence minister.

    I’ll wait patiently for the China bashing to start for hosting the most notorious (((war criminal)) of our time, an (((American))) no less.
    I mean, they, the Chinese, DID host him and listen to him, right? Is it bad judgment or paying attention to their (((minders)))?


    Waging a proxy war

    Ukraine Is the Mercenary Army for USA
    Ukraine has no troops, no money, no weapons, no ammo … and no planes.

    • Gen. Milley Explains F-16 Delay For Ukraine (RT)
    After +10 years of training and supplying Ukrainians neo-nazi for attack/counteroffensive
    operations that involve large-scale maneuvers featuring tanks, armored vehicles, infantry, artillery, and billions of dollars, and air power, …. Russia has not been defeated.
    Russia dominates the airspace with drones and has near domination of the electromagnetic airspace.
    Spending money that they don’t have and hiring Mercenary army that doesn’t exist.

    • NATO To Quadruple Presence In Bulgaria (RT)

    Bulgaria will endeavor to have the brigade at full strength, meaning at around 5,000 troops, and that the government in Sofia needs to build the logistics and infrastructure to make that possible.

    The US-led bloc plans to dramatically expand its 40,000-strong Response Force (NRF) to over 300,000 troops, citing the supposed danger from Russia and the Ukraine conflict.
    Dr Tim Morgan

    My Answer
    Priority of elites/governments/those in power/authority ….
    depopulation to keep power, and control energy production and control energy distribution.


    Michael Reid

    Former Moldovan politician Iurie Roşca discusses
    how he was forced to make a paradigm shift several times throughout his life
    to come to his current state of mind (e.g. anti-communist, anti-imperialist, anti-globalist).

    He discovered how the Collective West was attempting to change family values
    and even the national constitution in Moldova through economic imperialism.

    He’s been politically assassinated, is persona non grata in Romania,
    and had his website taken down by Moldovan state security.

    Initially, he supported the Collective Kremlin, but many doubts began to emerge.

    The greatest shock came in 2020 with the Covid operation when
    we were able to see that we have only one global center of real power.

    Iurie Roşca: There’s No Multipolarity, Only One Global Center of Real Power

    Iurie Roşca: There’s No Multipolarity, Only One Global Center of Real Power


    Okay, fine, chickens have family, or “tribes.” However, in my observations over nine years, when one dies, fallen to the ground in the chicken yard or coop, the flock does not appear to be bothered in any way.


    Ukrainians Have Lost The Entire Port Infrastructure. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.07.19


    SEE article posted by Red…
    One of the obvious ways to reduce resource use without reducing quality of life significantly is to repair broken things. Of course, to do this well means shifting the way items are produced to make repair more do-able….


    From “ChildWifeAisha” over at ZH comments:
    obit for GvdB’s book collaborator, John Heathco.

    and how he died
    “Prosecutors in Mexico’s Baja California Sur state said last week that autopsies suggest Lutz and Heathco died of “intoxication by an undetermined substance.” Local police initially said gas inhalation was suspected as the cause of death.
    Lutz’s family told CBS News that days before their deaths the couple was treated for what they thought was food poisoning. They spent the night in a Mexican hospital where they were treated for dehydration, her family said.

    The next day, they were back at their hotel.

    “She said, it’s the sickest she’s ever been,” said Lutz’s stepsister, Gabby Slate, adding that Monday night was the last time the family heard from her.
    Fernando Valencia Sotelo and Grisel Valencia Sotelo, [the paramedics] who tried to revive the couple, “were overcome” as they attended to the couple. Now the two are receiving medical care at a private hospital, a fundraiser for the siblings states.


    CNN admits – heh, sub rosa, one employee .. – that climate change, global warming or sthing like that, is, will be the next – pandemic like story. Note he doesn’t even really know what it is all about, struggles to find words, is obviously clueless.

    The MSM now has only one function, to manipulate ppl and instill fear as a no. 1. propaganda move to nudge, encourage, and ultimatley force ppl into submission. Nothing else.

    D Benton Smith

    The world’s debt is exactly as trustworthy of its promise ever being kept (i.e. the promise being that the debt would be repaid) as the trustworthiness of the people who made the promise.

    So, how trustworthy are they?

    Did they tell the truth when they promised to make good on the debt or did they lie?

    So what did they borrow and what did they promises to pay back?

    What they “borrowed” was our goods and services (and loyalty, time, and faith), and what they gave in return were these little scraps of paper that were basically just written IOU’s, or promises to repay the full value of whatever was written or printed on the scrap.

    So, did they?

    Do they give fair value back to us for the goods and service we gave them (and continue to give them!) in exchange for the “money” which they reassured us was fully and dependably equivalent to those goods and service?

    Silly rhetorical question isn’t it? Here’s another one, do you think they’re ever going to change?
    And here’s the final one (and it’s a real kicker), so why are you still accepting their lying promises by taking their phony money?

    I should also add (despite the risk of appearing to be pedantic) that it is by their victims accepting the money as good in the first place that the liars hire the help they need to pull off the caper.

    So is the money good? Which is to say, is the debt ever going to be repaid? Or will the liars simply issue more lies to you (which you accept as “not lies”) in order to roll-over refinance the old ones?

    Just askin’

    And I was also wondering how long such an absurdity can continue. It has already far surpassed my own worst expectations, and I’m being frankly honest when I say I just don’t know why it hasn’t already blown up into sky high smithereens. I’m just watching with bated breath like everyone else who ain’t sleeping.


    Re. VAx-X damage, there is a lot going round, but of course no acknowledgement of any problem, and no State / Gvmt. – affiliated, or Corporate / Industry, etc., will touch the issue.

    Even to supposedly ‘investigate’, via ‘token’ atempts, as these would lead to ‘discussions’, ‘objections’, and could be shown to be obfuscatory, manipulated, even false. (Better say nothing.)

    This, from E. Dowd, is hyper alarming and well documented, maybe worth sending on?

    Ed Dowd Drops Bombshell Data: Hematological (Blood-Related) Claims Up 522% Above Trend in 2022


    George Webb snd Reiner Fuellmich discuss Malone and other things.
    (Also from ZH comments)


    Here’s another excellent overlay for viewing our PRESENT circumstances.

    Beyond Thaumatophobia 3: The End of the Age of Reason – post by John Michael Greer

    “You know that an age of reason is coming to an end when magic escapes from these marginal environments and begins to find a home in pop culture. That inevitably faces savage push-back from the managerial caste and their hangers-on, and understandably so; the rise of magic is an exact measure of the failure of reason, since people turn to magic when the officially approved options of their society don’t work. Since no managerial caste anywhere seems to understand that their push-back just makes rejected ideas more popular, that guarantees the spread of magic through the crawlspaces of society.

    The revival of religious institutions comes a little later in the process. What drives that revival is the terminal collapse of the claims of rationalism to provide meaning and value to human life, and that collapse is driven in turn by the failure of the managerial caste to follow through on its grand promises. In the wake of that failure, people left adrift by the collapse of the rationalist promise look for other sources of meaning and value, and a great many of them find it in the old religious institutions of their society. Oswald Spengler, who studied this process carefully in half a dozen civilizations, referred to it as the Second Religiosity.

    You can deal with that by practicing a traditional religion—and the operative word here is “practicing,” not merely believing; the rites, sacraments, and everyday practices of traditional faiths have as one of their benefits the attunement of the individual to positive spiritual currents, which drive off the noxious influences just mentioned. You can also deal with it by practicing some form of traditional occultism. Ethics won’t do the job by themselves but they’re a necessary ingredient in either path.

    Pretending that the Unseen does not exist, though, emphatically won’t cut it any more. The age of reason is ending, and whether or not you believe in metaphysical powers is irrelevant, since their existence and action does not depend on your opinions; whether you believe in them isn’t that important, since they also have a say in the matter. The question at this stage of history’s arc is simply whether you’re going to deal with their reality in a constructive fashion, or in a destructive one, or whether you’re going to close your eyes and let yourself become the passive implement of forces you won’t let yourself perceive. The choice is entirely yours, dear reader. Which will you do?”


    Beyond Thaumatophobia 3: The End of the Age of Reason


    At one time I had all the phone numbers, that I used, memorized.
    Now, I don’t even know my own I-phone number.

    D Benton Smith

    The size of the fear must be commensurate with the acceptability of the solution or else people just won’t accept the solution. Big price-tags require big problems. People are not going to accept lock-down and vax mandates unless they are scared shitless about SOMETHING (either fear of the virus or fear of the storm troopers, it doesn’t matter which one because either will do the trick.)

    So, complete submission to the will of the State is a pretty high price tag. Who would pay it? Only people who are scared shitless about a whole passel of really big things, I really do think.

    Looking around I also really do believe that there are indeed a whole passel of really big things that are really quite scare-worthy.

    I’ll spare you agony of listing them all out yet again, BUT it should be noted that pretty nearly every vital system and institution necessary to the adequate function of an advanced technological civilization is currently at existential risk of going up or down in a blaze of glory or a miasma of infamy. (so MANY metaphors would work! It drives me crazy.)

    That could be enough fear to make some folks accept some pretty bad price tags.

    In fact, I don’t think that it takes an extraordinary amount of conspiratorial mindedness to conclude that it’s possible this whole shit show was actually planned out as one big co-ordinated show, meant to result in stark fear driving humanity into acceptance of transparently suicidal solutions. Ya gotta get folks right their on the razor’s edge of terror driven madness before you can persuade them leap to their certain deaths.

    The upside of the horror show is that as push comes to shove it becomes more and more apparent just who, in particular, is orchestrating the mess. Their identities gradually emerge into the open, and an enemy seen is an enemy who can be fought.

    Quite obviously a disproportionately large number of these planners and takers are Jewish, especially in the finance and managerial ranks. Now aspnaz and CelticBiker start frothing at about that point, but all I’ve got to say further about that is to point out that knowing what they are doesn’t tell you who they are. And one last other point, too: the “who” that we’re chasing down predates the Jews by decades of millennia. That “Jewish Connection” is a valid clue, but it is only a clue as well as being way late in the chronological chain. Inadvisable to get side-tracked and bogged down into a vast generality when our target is very very much a small number of SPECIFICS.

    The mists are clearing. Keep your eyes peeled.



    Hunter propositioning the wrong woman


    Golly Gee Wilikers

    Renting is now much more affordable than owning

    Look at that curve angle at the end for mortgage/income ratio

    Much worse than 2007-08


    Michael Reid

    Does anyone have knowledge about or experience with this long covid protocol?

    Doc Robinson

    It’s been 5 months since the train fire in Ohio, and while the EPA hasn’t been testing for dioxins inside homes, independent testing has found “dioxin levels were more than eight times higher than that of the controlled sample.”

    Independent testing of furnace filters shows elevated dioxin levels in East Palestine

    Michael Reid

    https://www.rt. com/shows/crosstalk/579883-tucker-carlson-comeback-show/


    Don’t take a genius to know jewmoney owns republicans and democrats in jewsa. They just bent over backwards, in congress, for a love vote. We love jews, fuck us harder! Now just extend this to the international stage. Mr Rosca is correct. There is 1 crew, 1 boss, which means its all dismal theatre, like the 100 year old jewboy, feuled by adrenechrome. It’s all bullshit and lies….you’re being played, Goyim, wake the fuck up.


    Looks like CMT (Country Music TV) wants to die, I guess someone had to take the baton from Bud Light …

    TAE Summary

    * The bad news: climate change may be an extinction level event
    The good news: it’s not caused by burning fossil fuels so let’s use them all while we can

    * Dogs are creatures of their pack; Cats are creatures of their territory; Chickens are creatures of their pecking order

    * The Amish have no autism, no myocarditis, no SIDS, no SADS, no ADHD, but they suck at World of Warcraft, so there

    * The jabbed will never revolt; It is hard for them to kick against the pricks

    * Peak Oil is nonsense; There is more oil now than there ever has been or ever will be

    * The MSM instills fear to survive; They have nothing to fear but the fear having nothing to fear itself

    * My Tucker’s back and you’re gonna be in trouble, hey la, day la, my Tucker’s back

    * The total world debt of $225 trillion divided among the 7.8 billion people on the earth is only about $29K per person; We could eliminate the debt by declaring a jubilee or better yet by having every person on earth sell just one of their kidneys

    * The Europeans are to blame for all our problems; Never trust anyone over 30 degrees latitude


    Celticbiker said

    Don’t take a genius to know jewmoney owns republicans and democrats in jewsa.

    True, but the “clever” people are too afraid to stand up to the Jews, too afraid to be social outcasts and labelled as “haters”. Remember when people used to insult the “anti-vax” community for being stupid, they stood by their reasoning and they were socially outcast. Remember all the cowards who knew nothing but would turn on the anti-vaxers. The anti-vaxers are not so stupid anymore, not such outcasts any more. But the Jews are still a step too far, the cowardice of the “clever” people is bringing down the whole of the West, not just the USA. They will eventually reaslise what is happening, but by then they will have been ruined even further, like the vaccinated.


    Winner takes all. Lose it or Negotiate with Russia
    This report was researched and authored by Frédéric Mousseau and Eve Devillers.


    It used to be products were sold to the people
    By showing off whistles and bells,
    But psychology showed us that just one thing matters,
    And that is: anxiety sells.

    And so we live in constant fear to keep up profits year to year.

    Michael Reid

    The bad news:
    We are being played by the globalists

    The good news:
    We are not dead yet

    Michael Reid

    @ my parents said know

    Regardind sequios, they are beautiful and large.

    If you would like to visit and pick blueberries, September is a good time.

    My email is

    Michael Reid

    That injection that was given
    should not have been called the vax injection.

    It should have been called the HIV injection.

    Immune system destroyed / goes on tilt.

    And then nothing to fight the cancer cells.

    Seems like everyone in my family that took the vax has had cancer. That will teach you.

    those darned kids

    Over the last few weeks I’ve been chewing on The Spectacle of Covid. The more I think about it, the weirder it gets. What’s striking about the iconic images from the pandemic is how contrived and artificial they now appear. These photos were presented as “breaking news” but now it seems that nearly all of the iconic images of the pandemic were elaborately staged to tell a particular story and achieve certain political outcomes.

    Formerly T-Bear

    At TAE Summary #139404

    * The Europeans are to blame for all our problems; Never trust anyone over 30 degrees latitude NORTH

    Fixed it for you – No Charge

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