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    Henri Gervex Rolla 1878   • Nuclear War No Worse Than Climate Change – Blinken (RT) • DOJ Tries To Jail Key Hunter Biden Witness Devon Archer (NY
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle July 31 2023]

    V. Arnold

    Nuclear War No Worse Than Climate Change – Blinken (RT)

    That encapsulates nicely the morons leading the U.S. government and the western world!
    May the gods help us through the coming travails………..

    Formerly T-Bear

    Re: first article with a Blinken opinion.

    That boy will die still wet behind the ears. What was that bit about ‘a child will lead you’?


    🤣🤣🤣 the msn with the child in his eyes?!


    The ‘Moonwalking octopus’ is actually a robot used in the BBC documentary series ‘Spy In The Ocean’.

    They made quite passable robots of a whale, shark, cuttlefish, octopus, etc. Worth watching it if you can.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Am surprised Elon Musk hasn’t copyrighted ‘©’ SiX’©’ which says in Spanish “Yes! X“.


    Let’s start the day with Sigmund Fraud and his poisonous family

    Netflix Is Not What You Think It Is

    The Origins of modern propaganda




    Snap math quiz



    The answer is two

    Two piles






    The whole truth

    Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow brings/is depression/recession, economic decline, and deindustrialization, and depopulation, and energy shortages, and accepting reality/suffering/lower standard of living.
    censorship/Political/Opiniated/Racist/Unenforceable Rule

    Elon Musk – “Account will be suspended for violated our rule against incitement to violence.”

    • ‘Facebook Files’ Show Biden Admin Even Targeted Jokes For Censorship (Turley)

    “Emails proved to be a mirror image of what had occurred at Twitter — a massive effort by the government to pressure the company to censor its critics and other dissenting voices. Facebook executives used similar language to lament the “overwhelming” effort of the government to censor citizens and its unwillingness to take “no” for an answer.”

    Luck – Learn and prepare your defense for the right conflict/attack so that you can survive today for tomorrow’s challenges




    Not sure if this says more about Barr than it does about Trump’s sense of judgement in picking him to be AG

    Not even sure if Trump has learned anything from the last rodeo

    But I definitely want to watch Barr the Little Rolli-Polli Bitch jump, at least after I fasten an anvil around his neck.



    CAMPAIGN 2024

    I smell change in the air

    Spare change



    Dr. D

    What I said yesterday, about China? Still would bet the U.S. is the one staging these “Chinese Biolabs” in the U.S. Not that they aren’t “real” but can be happily misrepresented. Street fentanyl checkers, etc. Just like Ft. Deitrick to CYA. Who wants to admit that, although it was Gates and the NeoCons, it was U.S. DoD, CDC, APPROVED Gates and NeoCons who killed your grandma worldwide. To win some dumb vote that makes no difference. Way better that China did it.

    I doubt I’ll be able to prove it though.

    “CDC At ‘Precipice’ Of Recommending Annual Covid-19 Shots

    Against strains we don’t have yet, and all the strains that no longer exist. Genius! Would you like Neanderthal Trans-Siberian anti-Mammoth vaccination circa 26,000B.C. with that? A: Why yes, give me three! Safer than water!

    “EU Advisory Committee Details Plan To Exclude Hungary From EU Presidency
    The committee cited Hungary’s “democratic deficit” as its primary reason for trying to block the presidency…”

    Says a body that summarily removed the ITALIAN President without rule or explanation.

    “Russia ‘Ready’ for Clash with US Over Syrian Skies, Putin Says

    They’re pretty sure NATO is completely helpless, just like Joe promised…

    “Pediatrician Fired After Raising Alarm On COVID Vaccines During US Senate Event

    “Follow the Science.” “Trust the Doctors” wait, what? “Free Speech” and “What’s she supposed to do when hauled before Congress? Lie?” Laptop Jockey say “Why yes. That’s what I always do. Is that NOT what all other employees do every minute of THEIR day? Oh My God how do they survive??? Report honestly and not LIE about how many widgets we ship? Oh the humanity!”

    “Science” “How Come nobody is saying that?”

    Because all scientists are all liars, every day. Prove me wrong. If “Science” or rather pop magazines, misrepresent you, do something about it. Anything. Here’s what they actually do, and what people actually think of you now:
    Dore (Dore at 15:18, whole video is longer)

    Yup. When lives are on the line, Scientists lie! Lie and Lie and Lie and Lie and Lie and Lie, then get people killed, then lie and lie and lie some more. All so they won’t have to take an $80k/year job, and make it a $65k/year job. Well if that isn’t a reason to genocide the whole human race, I don’t know what is!

    That’s you guys. Aaaaaand thanks to you Science as we know it will now cease to exist. Sleep soundly knowing that’s your legacy of silence. “And THAT’S what’s called the ‘Scientific Process’.” — Fauci

    “there’s no doubt that climate represents an existential challenge to all of us.”

    True. However he means “Us Rich People” and the “Challenge” is to their unlimited tyrannical power to get your daughters out of Minnesota Band Camp and onto Epstein’s plane. For the rest of us, there’s no Climate Emergency, and the data sets show that. If they had Data sets, would they need to FABRICATE them wholesale using #5 Red Dye and taking air measurements inside Pizza Ovens and the Oil Temps of shipboard diesel engines? Uh, no. They could just tell the truth, and it wouldn’t be a debate to problem and they wouldn’t look like Liars like when they say the Sea is 100F in I dunno, New Jersey. (But only for 2 minutes). And the REST of the Scientists wouldn’t look like liars for letting them.

    Anyway, Support Climate Panic: “Make America Safe for Rich Guys Again.” Remember, if you don’t cooperate with their Social Credit score War Rationing, they collapse and have to sweep floors at Dollar General because we’d have a Meritiocracy. And who wants to see that? What? All of you? Snap to it then. I’d like to see Buffet scrubbing toilets next to McConnell and Gates any day.

    ““there are no angels in war..” • Elon Musk Says Russia, Ukraine Should Start ‘Turning Other Cheek’ (Sp.)

    BOTH sides lose in war, it’s just who loses LESS. …Which is why the Anglos are incapable of fighting a war and have other nations do it for them. Now WHY those nations agree to it, I have no idea… I guess the Anglos really are racially superior or something, prove me wrong and call peace.

    “As we speak the flower of Ukrainian youth is dying in trenches,”

    If you mean 13-year-olds, then yes. But mostly 60 year olds. And why not Ukrainian women? I thought we were all equal and the tranny army was da best? A: Nope. They’re all being trafficked to Europe, who likes that sort of thing. They’re worth more on the black market than dead. No? Really? Explain. Is your explanation that women are so wildly inferior as soldiers that Ukraine wouldn’t dare send any? I’d like to hear.

    “• Zelensky Frustrated over Downing of US-Made HIMARS Missiles by Russia (Sp.) “

    Yeah, we don’t have any HIMARS either. And they already used the short-range ammo we allowed them to have because they’re 3 years old and don’t want them to hurt themselves.

    Note this week: As Per Anglos “Every Betrayal, Every Time™” they use Ukraine as a valuable battering ram to harm Russia. But what Ukraine doesn’t grasp is that when every Ukrainian is DEAD, they will have no value to us at all. We’re not going to rebuild them. We’re not even going to support them. And by “them” I don’t mean the People, who BlackRock would kill by the millions, and probably has with experiments of the 75 biolabs we put there. I mean “Zelensky” and “Kolomoisky” and every oligarch that thought they were running things. When Ukraine has no meat to throw at Putin, we’re going to shoot them all in the head. Drag them underwater. On accident. You know, like Obama’s cook.

    On the flip side, now that they’re completely dead and surrendering in mass white flag sales, Ukraine has finally got the tactics that are hitting the Russians pretty hard. They’re not getting through Line 1, mind you, but it’s still pretty hard.

    “• UK Training Elite Ukrainian Force To Seize Crimea Before Christmas (RT)

    Liberals are bad at math. Like: incapable of the simplest numbers, like “1”. What is 2 million into 2,000? 1,000:1 ratio. That is, even if they landed, no one touched them, and they all took their positions on Movie Script Page 9, there’s still one whole small town vs the one psycho who’s trying to trample them all. So again, you can drown them in your piss, crush them with gum wrappers under your car seats, or just drive a used Lada into one in the first 2 hours. And we’ve invented these things called “guns” where you can hit him without looking. Or Arrows. Or knapped flint. Or a pointy stick. Or a rock.

    I’ll do it for you! Whoever does that guy in will be a hero amongst 1,000 forever. Nothing could be better paid.

    But the Brits are experts in this. They only have 2,000 troops on the planet, so it’s familiar ground to have vastly outnumbered, math illiterate morons making no difference in the world.

    “Yet even as Washington and its allies seem willing to pull all the stops in its economic war against Russia,”

    They had sanctions? When did they begin? Russia didn’t notice.

    Yup, boy those stores all filled with American and European goods, boy the Russians sure feel stupid now! While London and NY have no eggs, boy howdy.

    In the essential “We make s—t up” department, they’re nattering about “Dual Use” military support from China. You mean like “Pancakes” and “Socks”? Things you can use in a barracks? Shut. The. F–. Up. I’d rather have dual use than no use at all. Which is what America has. If we go to war with China, it will be barefoot. In a canoe, as we have no shipyards and no steel.

    The German economy is expected to be the worst-performing among the G7 nations this year, with the country’s GDP likely to plummet by at least 0.3%.”

    This goes to Jim Rickard’s reminder of what a “Depression” is. It’s not a bad Recession, defined as two quarters of negative growth. Oddly, its definition is unrelated. It’s that we would have growth LESS THAN NORMAL over a long period. That is, we should have long-term 3% growth, and we have 1%. Over 10 years that’s 20% missing growth (work with me here, this is ballpark). Germany is therefore in a DEPRESSION, by definition, and so are We.

    Heck, we haven’t had actual growth since like 2000, and probably hardly any before then. It’s all been (inflationary) speculation. Surely I’m mistaken when we’ve had “Hoovervilles” or “Bushervilles” since 2000, expanding every year until it’s the whole coast of CA in RVs now flushing sewage into the sea.

    “‘Facebook Files’ Show Biden Admin Even Especially Targeted Jokes for Censorship (Turley)

    The problem was, with no sense of humor, they can’t identify what a “joke” is. So they had to invent AI who could tell for them, but since they were the one’s creating AI, and is Woke, it can’t tell either. Therefore: there are no jokes. “Do as you’re told.”

    Remember: ESPECIALLY Jokes. Exclusively jokes, if they could. Because mocking them as useless, pointless, loveless, humorless nags and scolds undermines all authority and all support and they wouldn’t last a minute. AND, it drives them crazy since they don’t know where it’s coming from, being unable to figure out what a “joke” is. “It’s like everybody’s laughing at us”! Not sure!

    When nobody takes you seriously, you’re not in control, which is their mental illness and only fear. Now: since humor is a core human experience, WHAT are they channeling, what are they aligning to, what have they telepathically merged with that HAS no humor? Aliens? Demons? Insects? Bill Gates? What? ‘Cause whatever it is, it ain’t human by definition.

    But we are. Go forth and prosper. Be fruitful and multiply.


    8 m’s?
    Blinken is just on the propaganda campaign in the old Beta-testing stomping ground for subservient convicts in Australia who really know what it means to be house slave to the English owners.

    severe challenges to the international order like Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.”
    That’s New World International Order scumbags.

    Formerly T-Bear

    What id happening? I was finally able to post my comment on the 30 July Debt Rattle at #140344 here:

    Debt Rattle July 30 2023

    and the previous comment was #140336.
    Yesterday was a horror.
    What going on?


    it is very comfortable and popular to believe that propaganda came into being in the twentieth century.
    where is Goebbels mentioned in the linked video?
    Bernays is more commonly referred to as the father of public relations. Of course public relations is the polite means to mention propaganda.
    Has no one read The Prince?
    None of the bloody intrigue that is the history of western Europe was influenced by propaganda?
    The Children’s Crusade was complete nobility and honesty?

    the bitchute film is propaganda, though the last word in the video is good advice


    out of left field
    Has anyone here seen the video of the metallic sphere captured by a Reaper over Irag? The idea is put forward that these objects are a global phenomena. Would anyone care to offer their hypothesis concerning these objects?

    my guess – due to quantum entanglement a wholesale nuclear conflagration would be a major spanner in the works and not just locally, the mad monkeys need to be monitored.

    Blinken leaves one with the impression that Rumsfield was an intellectual giant

    Figmund Sreud

    Alastair CROOKE this a.m.:

    ‘[E]vents’ are marching forward – with or without the media.

    The ‘Scandal Implosion’ Stratagem: Will It Work for Ukraine?



    “A few Quotes

    The ‘Scandal Implosion’ Stratagem: Will It Work for Ukraine?

    the public long ago lost trust in mainstream media.

    “the last ditch effort of the members of Congress and the media to get the public to just ‘move on’ from the Biden corruption scandal”

    The ‘Chorus’ cries out, ‘Putin has lost’, in spite of Ukraine messing up its chance to weaken Russia decisively. The hope is plain – that ‘Team Biden’ can steal away, undamaged, ….

    Perhaps the calculus is to hope that between now and winter, public interest in Ukraine would have been so diverted by other events that the public might have ‘moved on’,

    The stakes were never higher. Yet did the ruling-class think this through when they so lightly embarked on this ill-fated Ukraine ‘project’? Did the possibility of ‘failure’ even enter to their consciousness?

    The views of individual contributors do not necessarily represent those of the Strategic Culture Foundation.


    Fun read from Un-denial:

    Today’s guest post by Charles is an excellent primer on the diversity of beliefs held by many of the best minds that think about our overshoot predicament. Charles wisely reminds us that no one knows what the future will bring.

    Charles recounts his journey of increasing awareness that led to depression and despair, followed by an awakening of acceptance and constructive action, that has provided him with some peace and happiness.

    It’s funny how I (we?) construct incorrect mental images of people we meet on the web. I imagined Charles to be an elderly retired reclusive spiritual philosopher, not a middle-aged top-tier software developer with a deep scholarly interest in human overshoot, and an impressive sustainable food growing sideline.

    Charles concludes by asking readers to share their own visions of the future. If you have something to say that deserves more than a comment, please contact me about posting a guest essay.

    P.S. I believe Charles now holds the doomosphere record for the most links in a single essay.

    By Charles: Doomers’ Visions of the Future


    Comment retry…..


    Yesterday, regarding undocumented immigrants, everything I related was not from an article where a writer spoke with others, it was from my first-hand experience with people that I have known personally over the course of many, many years. Secondhand accounts, no matter the source, no matter how vitriolic, cannot blot out my lived experience.

    Yes, there are criminals who happen to be immigrants. And there are criminals who are citizens. Those who commit violent crimes and who are vandalizing and thieving ought to be turned over to the legal apparatus.

    I am sure that there are undocumented criminals in Phoenix. But I have never gotten to know one. I have had people here in my life that I have known pretty well that along the way I figured out probably didn’t have their immigration status in proper order. Every one was a solid person, contributing well to their family and the overall economy. Now, it may be that I don’t bother taking the time to get to know people who are criminals. However, for the folks that I have known that I am fairly sure are undocumented, to force them to leave would be to rip them away from the bosoms of citizens who are family and friends whom they benefit and support.

    In the Bible, doesn’t it talk of sifting the chaff from the wheat? I see the logic in ejecting the undocumented who are chaff, but there is no sense in ejecting the undocumented who are the wheat.


    Piers Corbyn defies store policy, purchasing strawberries with coin, rather than electronic means.

    John Day

    @Figmund Sreud: Glad to see you can post again.

    Spartacus on “Cognitive Security” and the “protection” apparatus.

    In the minds of these deranged technocrats, if you say anything that undermines the establishment and its stability in any way, you should be targeted and censored by a mass surveillance panopticon, even if you have entirely legitimate grievances that need airing.

    We are at a pivotal moment in history, and we must reject this intolerable state of affairs and build parallel systems to preserve our privacy, civil liberties, autonomy, and dignity.

    We recommend mailing your local representatives and informing them about COGSEC and the grave threat to your freedom of speech.


    Searchable data base

    Here is the link to the article on Volodymyr Zelensky in the Panama Papers:
    Credit: James O’Brien/OCCRP

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky rode to power on pledges to clean up the Eastern European country, but the Pandora Papers reveal he and his close circle were the beneficiaries of a network of offshore companies, including some that owned expensive London property.
    by Elena Loginova (OCCRP/Slidstvo.Info)
    3 October 2021
    Also published by our partner Slidstvo.Info (Ukraine, in Ukrainian)

    Aubrey Belford (OCCRP), Margot Gibbs (ICIJ), Luke Harding (The Guardian), and Simon Goodley (The Guardian) contributed reporting.
    Your turn. Do a hunt for Hunter Biden
    Burisma Holdings Limited ( Ukrainian: Бурісма Холдингс) is a holding company for a group of energy exploration and production companies. It is registered in Limassol, Cyprus, but based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Burisma Holdings has operated in the Ukrainian natural gas market since 2002. It is one of the largest private natural gas producers in Ukraine.


    “…build parallel systems to preserve our privacy, civil liberties, autonomy, and dignity.”

    parallel systems – Good Grief






    Kanye West was reinstated to X on Saturday after the social network formerly known as Twitter was provided with assurances that the controversial rapper will not use the platform to spread anti-Semitic or otherwise offensive content, the Wall Street Journal reported.

    Ye reinstated as long as he does not exercise his constitutional right to free speech? Fabulous.




    Dr. D said

    What I said yesterday, about China? Still would bet the U.S. is the one staging these “Chinese Biolabs” in the U.S. Not that they aren’t “real” but can be happily misrepresented. Street fentanyl checkers, etc. Just like Ft. Deitrick to CYA. Who wants to admit that, although it was Gates and the NeoCons, it was U.S. DoD, CDC, APPROVED Gates and NeoCons who killed your grandma worldwide. To win some dumb vote that makes no difference. Way better that China did it.

    They lied to everyone about Russia in order to start that war. Now they are lying to everyone about China to garner support for …. I wonder what? I suspect they try to get the general population behind their plan because they know that the people they depend on in positions of power are weak and that some may cave if they have to push back hard against the public will.


    TAE appears to have emerged from it’s spaz session; good to see.


    Ukronaziland has lost so bad that according to Col MacGregor, they have, at best, 30 to 40k troops left and a even those troops are not trained or equipped up to standards that would allow them to go toe to toe with Russian troops and integrated weapons systems

    The ‘offensive’ in the South is a sad sick joke, the Ukronazis are being annihilated in a whole sale manner.

    Meanwhile the Russians are advancing up North on Kharkov and will draw troops from the south to stop the flood of Russian advances in the north.

    A Loop of Doom

    The Ukronazis have no air cover

    No anti-aircraft defenses to speak of

    They have virtually no more artillery shells.

    Their tanks and APC are useless targets and are being destroyed by the thousands, so they will have none shortly and have to use Toyota pickups to get to the front.

    They can’t even make it to the FIRST line of Russian defenses.

    They are being destroyed in the ‘security zone between the line of contact.

    The Crush Zone as the Russians call it.

    Everything the Empire of Lies and Ukronaziland says an utter lie and a projection of their impotence.

    Russian laser guided tank round finds Ukronazi tank on southern ‘offensive’

    John Day

    Gonzalo Lira is chipper in this video, after 9 weeks in prison. He will be tried this Sunday. Out on bail.

    Thanks Christine


    @oroboros re: anarchy

    Steve Martin bit from the ’70s:

    STEVE: Let’s all recite The Nonconformists’ Oath!
    STEVE: Ready?
    STEVE: “I promise to be different!”
    CROWD: I promise to be different!
    STEVE: “I promise to be unique!”
    CROWD: I promise to be unique!
    STEVE: “I promise not to repeat things other people say!”
    CROWD: I pr… huh? mumble mumble mumble


    Blinken is a jew, dual citizen. Why do we have dual citizens running our country? Why doesn’t anyone give a fuck? All these people murdered, crippled, debilitated for life…no 1 is held responsible? The NWO is not coming…its already here..


    Good job, Ilargi! I knew you’d come through.

    Mister Roboto

    Yo-yo-yo, guess who’s back!

    If this doesn’t make it through the spam-filter, I’ll just try three posts with one video each.

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