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    Gonzalo will be done in by smoking, not the Ukronazis

    Keep on Truckin’ man



    This dog hears the faint sound of quad-copter drones in the sky ten to fifteen times better than humans.

    It is one of forty different type of dogs doing 40 different taks for the Russians in the SMO zone. Each type of dog used has special skills better than humans trying the same task.

    I have known some dogs in my life that had extraordinary hear abilities.

    Glad to know it’s not all modern electronic stuff that gets the job done.


    Eritrean President Understands West Can Only Print Money Endlessly

    Even the Eritrean President knows Pedo Joe and the Empire of Lies are impotent little bitchez.

    Putin waits for Western financial collapse.

    It is close, lick your finger and hold it up to the wind

    John Day

    Being Branded

    ​ Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devon Archer has spilled the beans to Congress, telling lawmakers in a closed-door session that Burisma Holdings pressured Hunter Biden in December 2015 to ‘deal with’ a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating the firm for corruption – shortly before then-VP Joe Biden threatened Ukraine with a quid-pro-quo over US aid in exchange for firing said prosecutor…
    ..”Devon Archer testified that the value of adding Hunter Biden to Burisma’s board was ‘the brand’ and confirmed that then-Vice President Joe Biden brought the most value to ‘the brand,'” an anonymous source told JTN. “Archer also stated that Burisma would have gone under if not for ‘the brand.”
    Archer also contradicted Joe Biden’s claims that he had never met with Hunter Biden’s foreign business associates – telling the committee that Joe Biden had gotten on speakerphone over 20 times with his son’s business clients – not to engage in specific business, but he “was put on the phone to sell ‘the brand.'”

    Blinken Says Nuclear War Threat No Worse Than Climate Change
    “Well, you can’t, I think, have a hierarchy. There are some things that are front and center – the wolf at the door – including potential conflict, but there’s no doubt that climate represents an existential challenge to all of us,” Blinken told Australian show 60 Minutes on the Nine Network, when asked what he considered to be a greater challenge for humanity — nuclear war or global climate change.

    The ‘Scandal Implosion’ Stratagem: Will It Work for Ukraine?​ , Alastair Crooke
    Biden: “Putin has already lost the war … Putin has a real problem: How does he move from here? What does he do?” Secretary Blinken repeats ad infinitum the same mantra: ‘Russia has lost’. So does the head of MI6, and Bill Burns, the head of CIA, opines, (replete with snide asides) at the Aspen Security Conference, that not only has Putin ‘lost’, but further, that Putin is failing to keep a hold on a fragmenting Russian state, entering upon a likely death-spiral disintegration.​..
    ​..This tight parroting though is clearly no ‘coincidence’. A clutch of high officials speaking to script and in concert are not deluded. They are mounting a new narrative. The ‘Russia has lost’ mantra defines the mega-narrative that has been decided. It is the prelude to an intense ‘blame game’: Project Ukraine ‘is failing because the Ukrainians are not implementing the doctrines received from NATO trainers – yet despite this, the war has shown that Putin has ‘lost’ too: Russia too, is weakened’.
    ​ This is another exemplar of the current western fixation on the idea that ‘narratives win wars’, and that set-backs in the battle space are incidentals. What matters is to have a thread of unitary narrative articulated across the spectrum, asserting firmly that the Ukraine ‘episode’ now is closed and should be ‘book-ended’ by the demand that we all ‘move on’.
    ​ Afghanistan, something thoroughly rotten – “data-driven defeat”, as one U.S. Afghan veteran described it, that it collapsed in a matter of days. In Ukraine, its forces were caught between Scylla and Charybdis: neither the armoured fist thrust taught by NATO to break the Russian defences, nor the alternative light infantry attacks were successful. Ukraine is suffering rather, a NATO-driven defeat.
    ​ Why then, opt to take reality ‘head-on’, with the snide insistence that Putin ‘has lost’? We do not, of course, know ‘the Team’s’ internal rationale. However, to open negotiations with Moscow in the hope of obtaining a ceasefire or a frozen conflict (to bolster the ‘Narrative’) would likely disclose a ‘Moscow’ as insistent only on Kiev’s full capitulation. And that would sit awkwardly with the ‘Putin losing story’.
    ​ Perhaps the calculus is to hope that between now and winter, public interest in Ukraine would have been so diverted by other events that the public might have ‘moved on’, and with blame clearly hung around the necks of Ukrainian Commanders showing “considerable deficiencies in leadership” which lead to “wrong and dangerous decisions” – by ignoring NATO-standard instruction.

    The ‘Scandal Implosion’ Stratagem: Will It Work for Ukraine?

    John Day

    I’m glad the malware demons have been exorcised!

    John Day

    Wildfires in Syria Used as a Weapon of War​
    Wildfires broke out on July 25 in Latakia province in northwest Syria and are still burning amid new fires being started. The fires spread quickly by a sudden unusual wind which whipped up. The whole country, and the adjacent Mediterranean region, is in a heat-wave which sets the stage for such a devastating fire burning crops, forests and homes. However, this was not a chance wildfire, but was an act of terrorism.
    ​ General Jalal Dawoud, Head of the Fire Department in Latakia, says the fire was man-made. This was determined because the origin of the fire was not in one place, but was started in scattered areas all at the same time in daylight hours.​ After the security forces began their investigation, it was found that the fires were started by drones originating from Idlib, under the occupation of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, formerly Jibhat al-Nusra, the Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria.
    ​ Turkey is illegally occupying Idlib as they protect the terrorists under the command of Mohammed Jolani​…
    ​..The terrorists have been attacking the fire fighters and vehicles. Bassem Bakar, a water tanker driver, was killed when the terrorists targeted his vehicle near Deir Hanna and Rabiah. Two other men with him were injured.
    Turkey is well known for the manufacture of drones​. [As are the US and Israel.]

    Wildfires in Syria Used as a Weapon of War

    ​ This summer has seen a series of near-miss incidents between Russian fighter jets and American MQ-9 Reaper drones. In two incidents this month, the US drones were actually damaged from the encounters, which has reportedly involved the Russian warplanes shooting flares or else possibly dumping fuel.
    ​ The US drones can be damaged by these flares, which according to the Pentagon has happened. When asked about this, Putin stressed in the new comments that “we are always ready for any scenario, but no one wants this.”
    ​ “On an American initiative, we once created a special mechanism to prevent these conflicts; we have department heads that communicate directly with each other, and consult on any crisis situation,” he said of a military-to-military contact hotline intended to avoid inadvertent clash. “This shows that no one wants clashes.”
    ​ Both sides have blamed the other for ‘unsafe’ and ‘irresponsible’ aerial operations over Syria. Russia’s RT has tallied the following, from Moscow’s perspective:
    ​ The Russian military has reported a total of 23 dangerous incidents involving its aircraft and those of the US-led coalition since early 2023, said Admiral Oleg Gurinov, the head of the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria. Most incidents took place in July, he added.
    ​ In 11 cases, Russian pilots recorded being targeted by Western weapon systems. Such provocations by the US-led coalition led to the automatic engagement of onboard defense systems which released decoy flares, the admiral told journalists.
    ​ Just last week, a US Reaper drone was said to be “severely damaged” after a high-risk intercept by a Russian Su-35 fighter.

    ​ EU advisory committee details plan to exclude Hungary from EU presidency
    ​ An independent advisory body to the European Union is drawing up a detailed plan on how to prevent Hungary from assuming the presidency of the European Union scheduled for the second half of 2024, daily Magyar Nemzet reports.
    ​ The​ committee cited Hungary’s “democratic deficit” as its primary reason for trying to block the presidency.​ (“Democracy” is following EU ​diktats.)

    EU advisory committee details plan to exclude Hungary from EU presidency

    ​ While average Ukrainians suffer amid NATO’s proxy war against Russia, business is booming for the surrogate baby industry, which requires a steady supply of healthy and financially desperate women willing to lease their wombs to affluent foreigners.
    ​ Surrogates “have to be from poorer places than our clients,” explained the medical director of Kiev’s largest “baby factory.”​ …
    ..In an interview with Ukrainian newspaper Delo, Tochilovsky discussed the digital economy in the context of the “reproductive technology industry.”
    ​ Referencing climbing infertility rates and theories of “population collapse” presented by the tech billionaire Elon Musk and Chinese businessman Jack Ma, Tochilovsky said that biotechnology will save the human race.
    ​ “Reproductive medicine is the future of humanity,” he said.
    ​ “The most important thing is ectogenesis, the ability to raise a child outside the human body… an artificial uterus. Something like factories that we all saw in the movie The Matrix. I think within five to seven years we will get ectogenesis.” Tochilovsky added that BioTexCom is “working in this direction.”
    ​ When asked how BioTexCom plans to resolve the multitude of legal and ethical issues surrounding his futuristic baby factories, the CEO offered a disconcerting solution.
    ​ “The most important thing,” Tochilovsky insisted, “is to prohibit law enforcement agencies from interfering in the work.”

    Ukraine’s baby factories rake in record profits amid chaos of war

    John Day

    ​ After months of delay Robert Kennedy Jr. is denied Secret Service candidate protection, which program was instituted the day after his father, leading the Democratic primary, having just committed to exiting Vietnam, was assassinated by his bodyguard, while hypnotized patsy, Sirhan Sirhan discharged a gun across the room, which was not the murder weapon by ballistics.
    RFK Jr. is now being accused of some kind of occult-messaging in his request for candidate-protection, though all dates and numbers were simply factual.

    Meryl Nass MD , De-banking used as a hammer to force businesses to go cashless or go under
    ”… After having his own accounts at Coutts closed because his political views were deemed not to align with the bank’s values, ​[Brexiteer] Mr Farage last week welcomed the resignations of Dame Alison Rose, the chief executive of NatWest, which owns Coutts, and Peter Flavel, the Coutts chief executive.
    ​ He wants to significantly widen his campaign with, saying he decided to launch the website because “at the moment we don’t quite know the scale of the problem”.
    ​ He said he had been “overwhelmed” by members of the public sending him their own cases since revealing how his account was closed.
    “I start work at four o’clock in the morning looking at all this stuff,” he added. “I’m beginning to have the impression this is much, much bigger than any of us could have contemplated.”
    ​ The website will try to establish in detail the various reasons why customers are having services withdrawn, with people invited to submit their own experiences along with the banks involved to help identify the “worst offenders”.​..
    ​..Based on what he has heard to date, Mr Farage’s “biggest worry” relates to small and medium-sized businesses – including banks allegedly threatening to close the accounts of enterprises reliant on cash.
    ​ “There are clearly a couple of things that have emerged,” he says. “Number one, a concerted attempt to drive out cash.
    “You’re running a fish store? Well get a credit card machine – we don’t want cash. You’re a window cleaner? Sorry, we don’t want cash. A lot of that.​”
    ​ “I’ve got dozens of accounts of people saying to me that their bank is saying they are putting in too much cash, where’s the cash coming from, do they have the receipts to back up the cash?” He said accounts being closed on this basis has “happened to plenty of people”.

    ​ CV19 Vax is a Crime & Coverup – Ed Dowd
    ​ Dowd made billions of dollars in profits by being right on the data. He’s right on the data again in his recent wildly popular book “Cause Unknown” The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022. Dowd’s book documents the extreme deaths and horrible injuries that are now skyrocketing in number. The huge problems being caused by the CV19 bioweapon/vax are increasing, unstoppable and no longer need to be proven. Dowd says, “I was not in the room, but at this point, it is a crime because it’s a coverup”​…
    ​..”They are killing people. They continue to mandate these jabs at some universities. Some employers still mandate them. The UK is requiring all school children who enter school in the fall to take these shots..​. This is a crime. This is a coverup, and it’s murder at this point.”​
    ​ In 2022 alone, Dowd figured 30% of the workforce had been killed, disabled and cannot work or is working chronically ill. Dowd says the death and disability trend for 2023 is way up. Thousands everyday are reporting they are getting sick, and Dowd says the CV19 bioweapon injections are to blame. Supply chains and society are going to grind to a crawl, and Dowd predicts, “Everything is slowly breaking down. You won’t see this on the news, but you will see this when you need something done, and you will experience this. You are going to be gaslit and told everything is fine. There is not problem here. Don’t look over here. We are going to see glacial Mad Max. Things are going to get harder to do. Businesses and services you take for granted are going to become scarce. I think we are going to see a deflation in financial assets that will start soon enough. We will have inflation in things you need like food, medical care and much other stuff.”

    CV19 Vax is a Crime & Coverup – Ed Dowd

    John Day

    Peter McCullough MD , Toxicity of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein from the Virus and Produced from COVID-19 mRNA or Adenoviral DNA Vaccines
    ​..What is happening with SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein accumulating in the human body? It is not easily cleared by human peptidases and can be found in virtually every tissue and organ. Hence we have a heavy reliance on Base Spike Detox (BSD) for 3-12 or more months comprised of:
    Nattokinase 2000 FU (100 mg) twice daily
    Bromelain 500 mg once daily
    Nano/Liposomal Curcumin 500 mg twice daily

    ​Steve Kirsch , COVID vaccines increase risk of serious cardiac events by 18X
    Vaccinated kids are experiencing severe cardiac events at a rate 18X higher than their unvaccinated peers.

    ​More medical literature review and analysis from Steve Kirsch, The more early childhood vaccines, the higher the infant death rate
    Confirmed in yet another study in the peer-reviewed literature.
    The paper: Neonatal, Infant, and Under Age Five Vaccine Doses Routinely Given in Developed Nations and Their Association With Mortality Rates.!/
    neonatal mortality (r = 0.34, p = .017)
    infant mortality (r = 0.46, p = .0008)
    ​Under age five mortality (r = 0.48, p = .0004)
    Which means more vaccination —> higher mortality.

    ​ Gonzolo Lira was in prison for 9+ weeks. He was beaten/tortured for 30 hours to extort $70,000. He is out on parole. He has just ridden his motorcycle 1000 miles to the Hungarian border, where he plans to cross and seek political asylum.”Victoria Nuland knows who he is and hates his guts.”
    He asks us to “raise a ruckus” if this is the last video we see from him, because he will be sent to a prison labor camp to die.
    I’m praying for him, even though he didn’t ask for that.


    So, I have subscribed to the NYT since about 1982. I haven’t looked at it much since they ruined the book review with a lousy editor, but my husband has continued to read it each morning while I am reading TAE.
    He has come around a lot on seeing how biased it is. (It’s always been the puzzles for me).
    He just showed me the cover from this morning’s front page above the fold. He had held off showing it to me because it so infuriated him.
    It was a picture of a “dead Russian soldier” as nothing but a flattened image on the road.
    It didn’t look real but he wondered if that mattered. Either way it was contemptable.
    I had to agree with him.
    He wants to cancel. Without an abject retraction, I will agree (it’s my subscription).


    I made my second visit to VA Medical Center for healthcare that I couldn’t postpone. I am still surprised by the changes there since the pandemic. I am now an Ancient One. Others my age were killed off. Everyone is friendly. One man saw me looking around and told me how to get to the men’s room. A woman escorted me back to Valet Parking at the Entrance to make sure I didn’t fall down. My take is that everyone has gone through a trauma and is seeking community.

    Denial is a way of coping. But this pandemic was directly caused by the corruption and incompetence of the Trump and Biden Administrations and the seizing of the public health response from WHO by drug NGOs led by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Together with the proxy World War III in Ukraine and Climate Change’s “Shock Doctrine”; if the financial parasites are not excised, and if the past or present rotating Emperors remain in power; the Western Empire is finished. Either governments that work for the good of people are restored or a global Apocalypse looms. At best, North America becomes another Eurasian backwater like South America (that is if a nuclear war, pestilence, and famine are somehow avoided).

    Sam Birch

    No sign of any update to Gonzalo’s twitter account, at least publicly (without signing in to twitter). Same applies to all twitter accounts I checked which have all been rolled back more than 6 months.

    What is going on? Does anyone have access to new and current activity on twitter accounts? Gonzalo said that he’d post details but may have not been able to get past security verification since Musk put twitter/x on ice.

    It may be helpful if we were to screenshot any documentation Gonzalo has uploaded on twitter. I wish Gonzalo Lira good luck.

    Alexander Carpenter

    For those of us who seek to understand the actual, legitimate science that is developing about the Earth’s climate, here is the current iteration of a weekly collection of research reports and commentary:

    Both Watts Up With That (WUWT) and Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) are news aggregators that represent the honest scientific-method approach to understanding climate dynamics as a science, as well as examine its denial, corruption, and politicization, and are an excellent antidote to the hype and hysteria we get from the Standard Narrative and its dupes (or co-conspirators) such as AFKTT.


    VietnamVet posted:

    But this pandemic was directly caused by the corruption and incompetence of the Trump and Biden Administrations and the seizing of the public health response from WHO by drug NGOs led by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Together with the proxy World War III in Ukraine and Climate Change’s “Shock Doctrine”; if the financial parasites are not excised, and if the past or present rotating Emperors remain in power; the Western Empire is finished.


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