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    Camille Pissarro Rue Saint-Honoré in the Afternoon, Effect of Rain 1897   • Zelensky Holding Out For NATO To Enter Ukraine Conflict – Lukashenko
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    “Meta claims that over 10 million people had signed up for its Twitter competitor, Threads, in what CEO Mark Zuckerberg”

    I’ll take a stab at it. 500,000 .gov employees and 9.5 million bots.

    Dr. D

    What a difference a day makes:

    So like Jamie Dimon, “He’ll fire anyone who does this” by which he means publicly, before they’ve bought out all the coins from the rubes while having their wh—-s in Congress hold the price down for them using Gary Gensler.

    Hey Gary: What’s with holding up Bitcoin ETFs for TEN YEARS? S—t or get off the pot. Nope! Ol’ Gary – top supporter of FTX and Bankman Fried’s billion-dollar DNC fraud and money laundering – has held off ALLLLLLLL bitcoin ETFs in favor of his only True Love, yes that most honest, upright, transparent corporation in existence, defender of the “Little Guy”, $6 TRILLION dollar BlackRock. (and also partner and owner of all Neil Young’s music)

    Yes, yes, yes!!! Only an upright, magical, fraud-free multi-trillion dollar monopoly like BlackRock allows open and free trade, and equal access to all comers, defending the little guy. Nobody else will do.

    “I’ll wait for you, forever!” Gary says to Larry Fink, in a dress. Twu Wuv.

    I say all that because THERE IS NO WAY TO MOCK OR LAMBASTE THESE CRIMINALS ENOUGH. Nothing I could say, given 100 years in a courtroom, would adequately cover their ceaseless crimes.

    TEN YEARS. But THIS IS WHY REGULATION EXISTS. To help my friends and destroy my enemies. Same with XRP. Case “Settled”, refuse to publish whatever that is and let it trade, for THREE YEARS. And you ain’t even SEEN Vertiasium and Reggie Middleton, an experience Wall Street guy who was handed all the patents in Crypto. …Handed all the patents, then the government froze his bank accounts and refused to enforce them.

    But he’s black, so Biden likes it that way. “We don’t need no n—-r stockbrokers,” as he says.

    If I’m failing to express myself, THESE GUYS MAKE ME SICK. I hope they all die in a fire. Slowly.

    Other things in need of criticism: “French Gun Control Failed, Leaving Law-Abiding Citizens Helpless As Nation Burned. “It’s almost like such laws enable criminality and keep lawful people unable to defend themselves.”

    Just like Blue inner cities, while black people in rural areas can openly defend themselves. Which do you suppose has a higher crime rate?

    Judge strikes down Administration’s Censorship, Joe immediately appeals to erase the 1st Amendment.

    Hidden in the articles of “Trump appointed judges” “Right wing talking points” and “debunked conspiracy theories” is the simple fact that 1) The judge said the Administration, that is, the Federal Government, was executing a wide-ranging and long-running censorship campaign against the American people, in violation of all known Civil Rights. 2) Although perpetually caught lying, It doesn’t matter whether the information given or opposed is right or wrong, the government is not the arbiter of truth or falsity, it is specifically and expressly denied this function 3) When this specific erasure of Free Speech was brought to the Administration’s attention, they immediately appealed the ruling, arguing they wanted open censorship in violation of all Human Rights.

    That’s not a GOP talking point, those are literal statements of widely reported consensus fact. And again: it doesn’t matter if EVERYTHING people say online is false. THEY The People are the arbiters of truth and not the government. The government may speak and present their own point of view, however, they cannot repress other, the People’s, discussion and own point of view.

    So it’s become quite clear – not that anyone with the mind-virus will know it – you’re either for all human rights, or against them. That goes for the rest of 1A, freedom of religion for example, 2A, 3A (believe it or not, force-housing army personnel in private houses), 4A especially, and so on right down to 10A. Although the GOP is clearly no friend of Human Rights or limited government, the Democratic Party and their Media partners are violently and openly against all Human Rights as listed in the Bill of Rights, and are open and enthusiastic about letting you know.

    As Joe just did, this week. President erases 1A. Caught, then appeals to erase 1A.

    Not that overturning this would help since Free Speech is an innate Human Right that comes from “Our Creator” and springs from us anew each moment, but there is a legal process for this. You can pass a Constitutional Amendment with Congress and 2/3rds of the states, outlawing Free Speech everywhere, exactly as you wish. We can have that discussion rather than 1) NOT being passed by Congress, even as a law, anywhere and 2) Being invented and enforced exclusively by Joe Biden without anyone’s support or permission. We can have that discussion.

    BATF found the same thing this week when they 1) Invented a new law, without any Bills of Congress, saying a couple million Americans sitting around are now felons. 2) The Executive then tried to enforce a rule that was never proposed, discussed, passed, or signed and 3) Was immediately struck down in court as – shocking – illegal to enforce laws that were never passed by Congress.

    How like Covid, where none of the given statements or advisories were ever signed into law either, yet enforced MORE vigorously than, say, Tax and Gun laws Delaware and DC, or violent riot and murder laws in the +12 U.S. cities.

    That’s where we are and I couldn’t approve more. It has to be open, public, offensive, obvious, for the brick-headed American public to cut out the denial and get it. And it has become so, painful as that is. Now we can have a discussion about the REAL country we live in, instead of the illusion of law and democracy we’ve been hiding behind for 20 or even 60 years.

    Keep talking, Joe. Never stop. Let everyone know exactly who you, your Party, and 2/3rds of the GOP are.

    “Dramatic Video Shows Russian Jets ‘Harassing’ US Drones Over Syria

    Well I would think so! Only one of the two countries has been invited or has any legal right to be there. Either internationally, or domestically. In fact, only one of the two countries even has the POPULAR support of their people to be there. As this is extra-legal, outside all UN or Federal Law, I hope Russia harasses all the U.S. drones – or even men — there right onto a transport plane where they can go home until such day as their presence is legal. In any way. To any one.

    “Last year, the Ukrainian government essentially outsourced the entire post-war “reconstruction” process to BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management firm.”

    Again, BlackRock has no wealth. They’re broke. They DIRECT wealth. The promise of Ukraine may be the only thing keeping them from receivership and a judge taking their assets, esp with Powell letting them buy all the U.S. housing away from America’s working youth, then jacking up mortgage rates on them til the collapse.

    Lose the expectation and confidence of Ukraine – ownership of a whole country, and now only a country this size could save them – and they will likely collapse. Since like Sachs and Morgan they own whole governments, this isn’t easy though.

    “• Zelensky Clashes With Bulgarian President Over Weapons Demands (RT)

    He sounds desperate. When kicked from above, you kick the dog below: a show of pure impotence. Reports say Washington should be careful as Ze will turn on them. Really? To whom? And turn to Russia? Sure, I guess, go ahead and publish all the Biden and Congressional money-laundering, non-stop human/child trafficking of the Lindsay Grahams. We already know.

    But that will END globalism, COLLAPSE EUROPE, and put America First. So…ooooh, I’m shaking. Ze don’t throw us in dat briar patch!

    And, newsflash: how can he not? So let me get this straight: once again, doing everything they do leads us only to the end of Empire, and the return of the Republic. But it’s all one big accident and there’s nobody involved. Right.

    “10,000 staff in Russia. • Raiffeisenbank ‘Postpones’ Plan To Leave Russia – Reuters (RT)”

    Holy smokes, really? Wouldn’t they go bankrupt pulling out then? That’s got to be half their business or something, Austria is not large.

    • Meta Launches Data-Harvesting Twitter Clone, Immediately Starts Censoring (ZH)

    They’re not kidding. Yes, we know they all data-mine. That goes with this week’s discussion, the Internet isn’t profitable nor viable. In fact, it never was. They bailed it out of the collapse in ‘01, Where it merely cannibalized the rest of profitable sectors, like newspapers, using Greenspan-printed venture-capital stock money. Okay, fine.

    …But then in ‘08 it collapsed and was never profitable at all. ALL THE INTERNET MONEY NOW COMES FROM GOVERNMENT, a dirty little secret. Who is Silicon Valley? Google? Meta? All “CIA” initiatives and fronts. Where does the “money” come from? Amazon: CIA contract. WSJ: CIA via Amazon. Twitter: DHS for collection and censorship. HOW is it moved? Yes, the government PRINTS money, in a total merger of corporation and state, created $40 Trillion in bonds off-book (as outside audits show), more more importantly via the complete State-Corporate merger with Wall Street, runs long-term STOCK MANIPULATION that would make their beta-test, Bernie Madoff, green with envy. The least profitable companies, like Tesla, are stock-goosed into 1st place using HFT, ESG Ratings, Boardroom collusion, and every other means. Companies that are profitable and make stuff, Gould’s Pumps for instance, are savaged and ruined in comparison to provide the fuel for the stock-rigger’s success. Wealth TRANSFER. Not creation. Inflation TRANSFERS money. From the poor TO the rich. FROM the working, TO the speculators.

    What does this mean? The Internet is now ONLY one big government operation. Controlled and paid ONLY by government. US$ cracks, not only will censorship break, but the entire internet may cease to exist as we know it, going back to a simpler, 1994-type inventory – text system as there isn’t money to do nearly anything we do (iPhones) and certainly not for free. With no free…anything…why own an iPhone? For $1,000 and $100/mo I’d then have to pay ANOTHER $1,000 and $100/mo to look stuff up, watch movies, and check Amazon? No way.

    This always happens at the end, in the hyperinflation and hyperspeculation. You can’t stop it once they have the power to print money for their friends and pet projects. However, all good things end.

    Back to Meta: “They immediately start censoring”, yes that wasn’t a joke, not unexpected. Meta is really distinguishing themselves from the Silicon Valley crowd by adding this “Leftist Censorship” service. THE DAY THEY LAUNCHED, they ALREADY censored people. With this statement:

    ““This account has repeatedly posted false information.”

    REPEATEDLY? This is his FIRST POST! AND, the post was to re-post the NY Times reporting that Biden may be on the take. Take it up with the NY Times if you think that’s misinformation.

    “REPEATEDLY”. Like I always say: funny how they already know ahead of time, before checking, what to do. They know before they know! Like magic! How do they do that? Where is “The Memo”?

    Waymo Cones: They probably give robots and AI corporate personhood so that coning a car is kidnapping and murder.

    DISNEY: Cernovich, canned the movie to not let it out. Okay, more news: Disney lost $1 B I L L I O N dollars on their last 8 Woke movies. PLUS another $1 B I L L I O N dollars by tying them exclusive to Disney plus. So THIS movie would have been the ONLY PROFITABLE MOVIE in the last year, and has SAVAGED Indiana Jones, making Jones an also-ran.

    Tell me again how it’s “All about the money” and it’s “Capitalism.” If by “Capitalism” you mean the #Opposite of making money, then yes.

    Disney is huge, but they have N O T H I N G. They have killed Star Wars. Killed Marvel. Zero uptake, not a single Marvel movie has generated interest. Killed all the “Meme-berry” nostalgia-pablum like “Jones” Killed Pixar. Killed their tax structure. Killed their reputation. Killed their theme parks, I kid you not. If they weren’t so large, I would be in fear of their imminent bankruptcy and collapse. Not that they do badly, but that, like major sports stars, even if you make MILLIONS in sure contract, if you then spend TEN millions, you actually go bankrupt way, way faster than I do. Money is power, and this power is like inertia of high-speed objects.

    Losing $2B a year even Disney can’t support that kind of punishment, perhaps EVEN WITH BlackRock and the US Government paying them on the side. I’m early on this, but Consider.

    That can’t be right: Al Gore says all the polar bears went extinct in 2001. There’s no more snow.

    Dr. D

    That’s supposed to be this one:

    Won’t post, won’t edit.


    Not in my back yard
    Needle in the haystack

    cancel some $400 billion in debt for 43 million Americans student loans

    Look here

    COVID-19 vaccine
    Depopulation efforts in Ukraine
    Economic slavery
    Financial money laundering
    Words to remember

    ” the illusion of law and democracy we’ve been hiding behind for 20 or even 60 years.”
    Here is how its done
    “. Ze don’t throw us in dat briar patch!”
    Admit losing the war and negotiate with Russia and letting Russia be the winner.
    “Winner take all”
    Only If there are enough eyeballs that might be motivated.
    Bloggers are safe.


    Opinion Found, cut, and paste


    This is a betrayal of the memory of Americans”: open support of the Ukrainian Nazis will remain a stain of shame in US history
    This was stated by Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov, commenting on the stay in the United States of representatives of the Azov Battalion * (recognized as a terrorist organization and banned in the Russian Federation) and meetings with them in the US Congress.
    “One cannot look indifferently at how the heirs of Hitler and Bandera are honored in the country that contributed to the defeat of Nazi Germany,” Antonov said.
    He stressed that the terrorists, who committed an uncountable number of atrocities against the Russian population in the Donbass, are now “acting within the walls of the once authoritative Stanford University.”

    ### Guess who else is at Stanford?
    Michael McFaul
    Posted by: Melaleuca | Jul 7 2023 4:23 utc


    I say all that because THERE IS NO WAY TO MOCK OR LAMBASTE THESE CRIMINALS ENOUGH. Nothing I could say, given 100 years in a courtroom, would adequately cover their ceaseless crimes.

    They “take the ball from the ditch out into the clear and continue playing the golf as if nothing unusual happened, while laughing strait into our confused honest faces”. If robbery was done in some old fashion way we would, at least, have some respect for them.


    A different story. Found, cut, and paste
    Lvov | telegram (s):

    § The results of the night strike of the Russian Aerospace Forces on Lvov.
    They aimed at the building of the local SBU.
    §| The source of the Russian Defense Ministry specified the goals of the night strike with Kalibr on Lvov.
    The purpose of today’s strike on the reserves of Ukraine was Western equipment and militants on the territory of the military academy in Lvov. Western armored vehicles were on the territory, with a high degree of probability, British Challenger tanks.
    It is also reported that on the territory of the Academy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the time of the strike there were up to 800 Armed Forces of Ukraine and foreign mercenaries.

    §| Yesterday’s strike on Lvov was significantly bigger than it seemed initially…there are reports of multiple buildings being hit.
    “The target of yesterday’s attack on the strategic reserves of the enemy was Western military equipment and personell on the territory of the Academy of Land Forces in Lvov.
    The strike with precision weapons was carried out on the park area of the academy, where Western-made armored vehicles were located, and with a high degree of probability, including British Challenger tanks,” – said the source to Ria Novosti.
    He added that the blow also hit the barracks, which housed about 800 Ukrainian soldiers and foreign mercenaries.

    §| Last night, the Russian military attacked the AFU facilities in Lvov.
    Local residents claim that this was the most powerful strike on Lvov since the start of the war.
    According to captain of the 1st rank Vladimir Gundarov, the Russian troops used this time some ‘special’ missiles, writes “MK”.
    He noted that the power of the explosions was simply amazing, and the destruction was noted in a large area of the Academy of the Ground Forces of Ukraine. Moreover, not only educational buildings were affected, but also car parks with military equipment, fuel depots, dormitories and barracks.
    If sea-based Calibers were used, as representatives of the Ukrainian Air Force say, then they were most likely a new model missiles with more powerful warheads.
    Moreover, not one or two rockets hit, as 30 buildings were damaged, according to the Lviv authorities, the source explained.
    >… P.S.
    In 2022, a new upgraded Caliber version was announced…they might have been used yesterday at Lvov

    Posted by: Melaleuca | Jul 7 2023 11:35 utc |


    Disney is even worse off than you think!

    Yes, they destroyed their brands – spent billions to buy Power Rangers, sold it back to the guy they bought it from for 10’s of millions after destroying it. Bought Star Wars for 5 Billion, probably sell it back to Lucas for 100 million. There’s already a buyer rumored to be lined up, anonymous at this point.

    But they have roughly 200 Million in cash – barely enough to make one movie. Meanwhile, they HAVE to buy Hulu out from Comcast for a MINIMUM of 27.5 BILLION, as far as I understand it, they have to do it THIS year.

    If they turn around and try to SELL Hulu, it will almost certainly be for LESS money than they paid. They’d have to do things to increase its value – which would take time they don’t have not to mention being a skill they don’t have. They’d spend their time DIMINISHING its value.

    Hilariously, they STILL can’t seem to get rid of Kathleen Kennedy, who made their 5 Billion purchase essentially worthless. Made the last season of Mandalorian unwatchable, CITES the Mandalorian as “proof” she was the smartest guy in the room during the ongoing Disney train crash. The show she kept trying to ruin, the show whose creator she drove away from Disney entirely.

    Book of Boba Fet? An overweight Boba Fett cowtowing to a group of emo teenagers (“Emo” – at least as the general public understands it – the really, really BAD Emo not the good Emo – was what, 15 or so years ago???) riding super-colorful hover VESPAS. The swoopy hair look combined with rainbow vespas was to communicate what exactly I wonder?

    They’ve spent like 300 Million on The Acolyte by Harvey Weinstein’s secretary on how a girlboss discovers that The Force is bad and she goes about destroying it. (the force of Life that connects us all…) I suppose this is because if we discover due to our incompetence we CANNOT make the Force Female, then no one can have it?

    And then for the new main-canon upcoming Star Wars movies, they’ll be bringing back Rey? THAT’s their big announcement.

    They’ve lost 300 mil on Acolyte and it doesn’t even EXIST yet. The mind boggles at how many hundreds of millions or billions worth of losers are in the pipeline right now, costs already expended!


    On the other note:
    On this day 1983, Samantha Smith left for the Moscow, being invited to visit the Soviet Union by the president Andropov. Some may say that she had visited the future of the United States, given the striking resemblance to it, four decades later, after the take over by the communists.

    ……Debating myself whether to insert /sarc reminder…..

    I clearly remember how I was smitten by the sheer tour the force of sophistication among the gray socialist existence. World has changed and with it my urge to rush with the resolute opinion about any social affairs which are subject to change regardless. I reserve that for the art.


    Cluster weapons explode in the air over a target, ( for example: Over Russian trenches. Then Ukrainians can advance and take those trenches. Dhuuuu.), releasing dozens to hundreds of smaller submunitions across a wide area.


    Just look at this awfulness. Certainly they are spending a lot of money on people who know how to sort of get the Star Wars look, but the overall effect is someone making an after-school special – what comes through is the writer’s arrogance, incompetence, projection, and self-insertion fantasy.

    I hated the Phantom Menace podracing sequence, but they spent 5 billion and I’d rather watch the podracing 20x than THIS.

    They Bought All The Things which just makes it worse – Marvel, Star Wars, the Muppets, ESPN, Pixar, Narnia, Winnie The Pooh, etc – I don’t think the costs of purchase price vs current valuation have been priced fully into their stock yet.


    If war truly is ‘The Health of the State,’ then someone better prepare to read the State it’s Last Rites.




    Rogan on Rumble.

    John Day

    Removing The Curtain

    ​ ​’America’s Darkest Secret’: Sex Trafficking, Child Abuse and the Biden Administration
    ​ ​Currently, at least 85,000 children are believed to be missing.
    ​ ​”Whether intentional or not, it can be argued that the US Government has become the middleman in a large scale, multi-billion-dollar, child trafficking operation run by bad actors seeking to profit off the lives of children…. Realizing that we were not offering children the American dream, but instead putting them into modern-day slavery with wicked overlords was a terrible revelation…. They threatened me with an investigation. They… took my badge. It is a terrible thing when you blow the whistle to try to save children and you’re retaliated against for trying to help. The HHS [The United States Department of Health and Human Services] did everything they could to keep all of this silent.” — Tara Lee Rodas, testimony before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity​, ​Security, and Enforcement
    ​ ​”Over the last two years, this country has become an international hub for child trafficking. And the US government is behind it. Under Biden, hundreds of thousands of children have come into this country illegally. Once they get here, most are sold for sex, used for cheap labor, or forced to join gangs.” — Rachel Campos-Duffy, Fox News​ …
    ​ Florida Governor Ron DeSantis described what is happening as “effectively the largest human smuggling operation in American history.”

    NATO ‘OK’ With Cluster Bombs After Biden Approves For Ukraine: Stoltenberg
    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg doesn’t see a problem with internationally banned cluster munitions… only when the US or its allies deploy them​.​

    The capitalists are circling over Ukraine​ ​The war is creating massive profit opportunities​ (​U​kraine is already a hub for child slavery and organ harvesting)

    John Day

    ​Eleni sends this essay by Alex Krainer. ​France under attack [Who are the actual players, and why do bankers always come out on top from wars?]
    The pawns are fighting in the streets of France, but the war is between France and the Anglo-American Empire.

    Catching up to the Americans… French Cops Can Now Secretly Activate Phone Cameras, Microphones And GPS To Spy On Citizens

    Judge Doughty issued an important 155 page ruling in the matter of Missouri v. Biden, July 4​ , Meryl Nass MD​
    Freedom of Speech must never again be shuttered, trampled on or blasphemed as the crime of “Misinformation, Disinformation or Malinformation”

    ​Look at the chemtrails criss-crossing our skies and say “that’s normal; they were always there”. I watched this interview for an hour. It never got stupid.
    US Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dane Wigington: Is Climate Engineering Real?

    ​ ​Lancet Study on Covid Vaccine Autopsies Finds 74% Were Caused by Vaccine – Study is Removed Within 24 Hours
    ​ ​Findings: The most implicated organ system in COVID-19 vaccine-associated death was the cardiovascular system (53%), followed by the hematological system (17%), the respiratory system (8%) and multiple organ systems (7%). Three or more organ systems were affected in 21 cases. The mean time from vaccination to death was 14.3 days. Most deaths occurred within a week from last vaccine administration. A total of 240 deaths (73.9%) were independently adjudicated as directly due to or significantly contributed to by COVID-19 vaccination.

    Lancet Study on Covid Vaccine Autopsies Finds 74% Were Caused by Vaccine – Study is Removed Within 24 Hours


    the military academy in Lvov, which was attacked at night by Russian missiles, there were Western armored vehicles.


    Ukraine must Chose to go through cluster munitions or
    As soon as close combat becomes imminent, Russians retreat and let artillery work on Ukrainian infantry sitting on the abandoned positions, which usually ends with Ukrainians suffering losses and fleeing


    French police gain remote spying powers –
    A new law allows authorities to activate the cameras and microphones of suspects’ cell phones

    Police in France gained the power to remotely activate and monitor the camera, microphone, and GPS of a suspect’s devices under a so-called “justice reform bill” that passed the National Assembly on Wednesday, according to media reports.

    The legislation, which passed with a majority of 80-24, allows police to use laptops, cars, phones, and other connected electronics in order to monitor terrorism suspects, as well as those suspected of organized crime and delinquency.

    and delinquency? Wtf !
    Does France still have pitchforks or has the entire Nation gone full cuck? Govern me harder Macron, Turdeu, Biden ! Sniff harder Pedo Biden.

    What will it actually take to end these Liberal Scum policies ?

    Dr. D

    This is gruesome, the attacking power is now too strong. What on EARTH could you hide under to protect yourself?

    Hint: not a bridge, not a 400ft NATO bunker.


    If we play ‘age-reversal game” on “Dr” Hotez we end up with all to familiar thick lipped fatso from our school years, who talked exactly like he’s talking, have that suspicious gaze through the glasses and disliked by anybody. Formula to become villain:

    I am fully aware of my typos on the previous post(s). Still not bad for the ESL but “visual type person”.


    Link is better as direct insted part of UNZ comments. So here:


    …instead as a part of comments on UNZ….

    Michael Reid

    Here’s What’s Really Behind the Global Reset and Sustainable Development Agenda 2030

    Here’s What’s Really Behind the Global Reset and Sustainable Development Agenda 2030

    Figmund Sreud

    Everything collapses slowly, … and than all of a sudden, … but there is no reason to fret, … “the “West” is composed of “value-based” societies under “the rule of law,” were “equity” and “diversity” and “human rights” are being upheld, where “carbon and nitrogen emissions” are being limited, and where “fake news” and “disinformation” are banned.



    Record temperatures -of oceans, of the lower atmosphere and on land-, record forest fires, record ice melts, record levels of atmospheric CO2 (within the timeframe of human existence), and truly astounding levels of denial of reality!

    Whoops! There goes the Greenland ice sheet over the next decade or so.

    Michael Reid
    Sweet Kenny

    The people putting traffic cones on self-driving cars are this centuries horse and buggy

    When People Hated Cars

    Sweet Kenny

    The incident occurred due to her request for reparations. Great after gender, climate change and Ukraine shenanigans, we got this starting.


    MARK RUTTE FORCED OUT In Netherlands

    That is great news and thank you for the heads up- good read too-
    from the substack-

    Macron? Trudeau? Biden?
    Imagine, in 2023, having to fight to the very death for the right to…continue to produce food.

    Yes, Rutte should be prosecuted as a treasonous war criminal who tried to destroy his people.

    My experience is waiting for them to run out of steam, wondering when they will “back off”, remaining passive, not responding or retaliating is a futile ineffective tactic- they just will not stop.

    With this past super Moon on the 3rd (also called ‘buck moon’ or ‘thunder moon’) combined with Independence Day- I vowed to fight back harder than they’ve been dishing it out.

    Whatever bs they push, or when they strike- I vow to hit back 3 times as hard. Done f’n around with Libtard Scum. Little tyrant ‘karens’ can eat shit and die-hard. The militant gay Lgbtqxyz tards are complicit in all this crap and they too can all foad, Libs, Dems, wokesters- all deserve to be bitch slapped to hell and get a hard dose of their own medicine they’ve been dishing out.

    It is past time to fight back, hit back, scream back- whatever it takes. All within the full extent of the ‘law’.
    Be ungovernable, be fierce, unrelenting… they deserve it times 3. Do not fold, give up, or yield- take the power back. Ultimately they are spineless cowards with no ethics, morality or decency.

    Hit em and hit em f’n hard…

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