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    Dr. Diablo

    A former Svalbard coal miner, [said] “I am really surprised they made such a stupid construction.”

    If that doesn’t say it all about these days that nobody would deign to ask a working guy how to accomplish the most simple — idiotic almost — stone-age task: how to make a hole. You’d think these guys would be experts in digging holes for themselves by now. Ok geniuses, bonus round: who sited this “failsafe” vault, envisioned to save mankind itself “forever”, basically at sea level? Nevermind the permafrost, you do know that earthquakes occur from time to time, and lead to tsunamis in timescales somewhat shorter than “forever”? You’ve heard of subsidence? And they didn’t ask a miner how to mine? So who DID they ask? M.I.T.? What am I saying? Probably the E.U has 50 pages of expert regulations on the construction of holes.

    I’ll take my chances on seed preservation on an opoid-addled former farmer squatting in a broken down trailer in Indiana over these guys, because even after a decade-long diet of Cheetos and Jerry Springer, he is still smarter than our Intellectual-yet-Idiot class.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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