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    Gustave Dore Dante and Virgil among the gluttons 1868   • China Reports 57 New Confirmed, 9 Asymptomatic COVID-19 Cases For June 13 (R.) • Cluste
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    V. Arnold

    Gustave Dore Dante and Virgil among the gluttons 1868

    Another awesome engraving by Dore…
    The Virgil, Dante bit, juxtaposed by the gluttons, I do not understand…
    …but awesome it is……………..

    V. Arnold

    I should clarify: It’s the Virgil/Dante relationship I do not understand; the gluttons are obvious…
    I do not know who they (Virgil/Dante) are to each other…

    Carlos Jimenez

    Raul, great find of the SMH article with link to the book on how Wall Street spearheaded the hollowing out of American industry. And continues to do so. Not that we I didn’t know it, I just lacked the operating details. Finance capitalism is the cancer that if not extirpated kills the host that produces real wealth. Jefferson prophecy has come to pass.

    Carlos Jimenez

    Sorry “…not that I…”


    Because he was the greatest poet known to Dante. He says as much. When Virgil and Dante enter limbo, the great poets of the ancients call out: “Give honour to the greatest of all poets! … Second reason: Virgil is a natural guide to Hell as he knows the territory.

    I stole that.


    Upside down world.

    Temp. goes up, pandemic increases.
    Poor countries slow in getting pandemic.



    More videos
    Look for the taser wires. You will see them.
    Nobody is mentioning that the police fired his taser.
    Who is seeing illusions? Not me!



    If this virus was man made, this might explain why it is not temperature sensitive like the Spanish Flu was.

    We do know this virus can thrive at well below normal room temperatures.

    Some poor countries were not slow in getting the virus, maybe just slower due to the reduced volume levels of air travel to their countries. Not looking helps too!

    I do remember seeing a world travel map showing the travel destinations of 60,000 travellers from Wuhan just before Chinese Lunar New Year. Those 60,000 Chinese travellers, travelled to every country in the world! Milan, Italy was a hot spot due to Chinese ownership of textile companies there.


    Republicans issuing criminal referals to the DoJ is all smoke and mirrors.

    Nothing ever happens. No one ever gets prosecuted.

    But it looks good.

    Shows the folks back home they are doing something!

    It is quite safe to issue criminal referals because Congress knows nobody will ever be prosecuted as a result.

    It is the same ploy Congress uses, to fool voters, when they appoint a special prosecutor!

    Since the special prosecutor has to report everything directly to Congress, they can politically front run the prosecutor!

    It provides good political ops for the folks back home!

    Knowing ahead of time, that none of them will ever get prosecuted, is the best part of this scheme!


    So Wall Street has been busy selling out the US to the CCP!

    Wall Street was busy in the 1920s & 1930s selling out the US to Hitler and Stalin too!

    It is what they do best!


    Atlanta police officer fired after fatally shooting black man Rayshard Brooks

    Nobody can see what I see.
    Nobody want to comment.
    Even the news media are cutting off their video so that you won’t see it.
    However, look at the scene near the red car.

    The white cop changes his taser from his right hand to his left, draws his pistol with his right hand, lets go of the taser in his left hand, you can see the light of the taser bouncing on the ground towards the black man and ahead of the white cop, because the taser is attached to the wires, because the prong are into the clothes of the black man running away.
    The taser light stops bouncing when the black man fall down dead from being shot by the white cop.
    The black man was running away to avoid being tasered.

    The news medias and their expert guess are twisting the truth. Everybody is afraid of the cops taking revenge on them.



    I think the dead man’s real fatal mistake was falling asleep drunk in his car while sitting in the Wendy’s drive through lane.

    I am guessing an irrate customer was not amused in having to wait for their Wendy’s “where is the beef?” hamburger and phoned the police.

    This story had a sad ending.


    Everybody knows poor Joe has lost it.

    Continuing to subject poor Joe to this kind of thing is pure elder abuse!

    But who in their right mind, would continue to subject poor Joe to this mistreatment?

    The only one I can think of, is the evil witch, Hillary!

    Using poor Joe so, allows Hillary to avoid the punishing route of the political primary campaign trail, for which the evil witch no longer has the stamina for, being at best, just a “side of beef”.

    I fully expect Hillary to sail in on her flying broom, at the last moment, to save the DNC party!

    Poor Joe represents well the DNC’s corruption, but Hillary better represents the DNC’s corruption and ability to cynically use people to achieve power!

    Hillary alone, best represents the true nature of the DNC!


    P.S. I should add that for Hillary, the Covid-19 has the added bonus of not requiring her to travel and speak to small crowds.

    She can operate her virtual campaign solely from her NYC studio.

    This will also have the additional bonus of preventing the political campaign from interfering with her drinking schedule.


    Rayshard Brooks: police body-cam footage shows buildup to fatal shooting – video

    Footage from Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan shows the officers approaching Rayshard Brooks in his car, which was parked in a Wendy’s drive-in lane, and asking him to move it. They question him and make him take a breathalyser test. The officers then attempt to arrest and handcuff Brooks, leading to a scuffle, which culminates in his shooting. The interaction lasted about 45 minutes. The footage in this video has been edited for length

    Source: AP

    Sun 14 Jun 2020 17.03 BSTLast modified on Sun 14 Jun 2020 17.14 BST
    Here is the best description
    Atlanta officer fired after fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks
    BY JUSTIN WISE – 06/14/20 08:09 AM EDT

    An Atlanta police officer has been fired and another was placed on administrative leave following the deadly shooting of a 27-year-old black man on Friday night, the city’s police department told The Associated Press.

    The announcement comes after the death of Rayshard Brooks fueled a new wave of protests in Atlanta, with demonstrators gathering outside the Wendy’s restaurant where the man was shot. By Saturday night, the building was in flames.

    The killing also prompted Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields to announce her resignation on Saturday.

    The officer fired was identified as Garrett Rolfe, who joined the Atlanta Police Department in October 2013, spokesman Sgt. John Chafee said. Devin Brosnan, who was hired in September 2018, was the officer placed on administrative leave.

    Brooks was shot in the parking lot of a Wendy’s in Atlanta late Friday after officers responded to a complaint that a man was lying in his car asleep in the restaurant’s drive-thru.

    Officers attempted to place Brooks in custody after he failed a sobriety test, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) said. The agency said Saturday that Brooks was fatally shot after getting into a struggle with officers and obtaining one of their Tasers. Citing surveillance video from the restaurant and other footage shared on social media, it noted that Brooks attempted to flee the scene.

    Surveillance footage shared by the GBI showed that Brooks turned and fired the Taser at an officer while running away. The officer then drew his handgun and fired at Brooks in response. Rolfe reportedly fired his weapon three times, striking Brooks.

    Brooks was then taken to a nearby hospital, where he died following surgery.

    The GBI said it is conducting an independent investigation into the incident. The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office is set to take over the case once the probe is completed.

    The police department has released dash and body camera footage from both officers, according to reports. Some of the released footage indicates that about 40 minutes transpired between when Brosnan first arrived on the scene and when Brooks was shot. Rolfe reportedly arrived at the Wendy’s parking lot about 16 minutes after Brosnan.

    But the shooting was reportedly not captured by any of the four videos provided by police. Brosnan’s and Rolfe’s body cameras fell off while a struggle took place between them and Brooks. Footage showed Brooks fighting off the officers as they attempted to handcuff him. The 27-year-old victim was seen being tased briefly before he was shot.

    Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) on Saturday called for the “immediate termination” of the officer who shot Brooks, saying she did not believe a “deadly use of force” was warranted in the situation.

    Shields said in a statement that her decision to step down stemmed from a “deep and abiding love for this City and this department.” She pushed for the city to “move forward and build trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.”


    This is scary. 50% of asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 patients had abnormal lung CT scans.

    This strikes me as being the most newsworthy item of the day, though it could be easy to miss given that it was so short.

    John Day

    That was on The Diamond Princess, and subsequent comments tear up the statement that it was 50%, but it is still impressive that people can be “asymptomatic” and have lung changes on CT scan, isn’t it?


    I drink a glass of water every day. I can say “discombobulated”. But could only think of “Gnat”. I am a year younger than Joe Biden and have lost my short-term memory. “Did I take that pill or not?” He is the last great hope for a member of the Silent Generation to become President.

    My Dentists and Eye Doctors are reopening. I should go to see them. But I am not persuaded yet that cotton gloves and a face mask will prevent me from catching coronavirus. The infection rate in Maryland is going down but is about halfway there at 673 new cases yesterday. Asymptomatic patients and workers in medical offices are death dealers to me. The collapse of the federal government. The failure to test everyone and isolate the infected. The 117,426 dead Americans are impossible for me to ignore.

    V. Arnold

    I drink a glass of water every day. I can say “discombobulated”. But could only think of “Gnat”. I am a year younger than Joe Biden and have lost my short-term memory. “Did I take that pill or not?” He is the last great hope for a member of the Silent Generation to become President.

    LOL, I’m a year younger than you and I number (date) each foil carded high blood pressure pill I take so I have a double check if I took it or not. So, I can relate… 😉
    Biden is a basket case; as is the entire U.S. political machine. Hopeless…….

    As to CV-19? You’re being prudent and smart given the utter failure of the “machine” to properly deal with that emergency.
    I am fortunate to live in a country that dealt with it from the very beginning; but then, their infrastructure is intact and fully functional.
    Best of luck to you.

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