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    Gustav Klimt Lady with a fan 1917-18 (sold for $108.4m June 27 2023)   • Standoff Between Russia And West Is ‘War Of Worlds’ – Lavrov (RT) • What
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    Are you fucking kidding me! I’d like to think this is bs, but in light of the recent decent of our society into some sort of mass psychosis over this alphabet shit I fear it to be too real. Maybe surreal.
    Only a few minutes.

    Dr. D

    Klimt: It’s all about the name and status. There were many unknowns in the Art Nouveau movement better than Klimt whose works now have the value of movie poster.

    “Switzerland Cites Neutrality In Blocking Nearly 100 German Tanks For Ukraine

    Not neutral unless it comes to money, then they morally can’t be involved. I need to follow this! That is, I’ll have ethics exactly up to the point where they cost me something.

    “Sweden Allows New Quran-Burning Demonstration Ahead Of NATO Summit

    I mean, I agree but Turkey won’t.

    “$200 Billion In SBA Covid Relief Money Went To Fraudsters, Inspector General Reports

    Math anyone? $1,000 in fraud per adult? Meh. Let’s not be hasty. If we don’t look out something bad will happen.

    “Ukraine will “lose a huge amount of wealth and many lives,”

    Sort of. Most of the wealth isn’t lost at all, it’s transferred. Just like market crashes. Don’t let them off the hook.

    “• Russian General Arrested Following Wagner Mutiny (MT)

    It’s certainly interesting and is just the sort of thing they were trying to flush out before launching their offensive. However, Surovikin? Could be more games, as the whole thing is run by FSB I’m sure. Why not make the Derp State think the Kremlin is paranoid and turning on each other, they’ve got the wrong man while their NATO-paid General-traitor is safe? I would. But at some point they would have to sideline the real threat, perhaps even without letting him know, or letting NATO know: just “Well, we re-shuffled the military brass, sorry but you’ve been moved to Archangel” then watch him there. Could be though. Generals are psychos who only think strategy and he may have felt his loyalty was to “Russia” and Putin was betraying Russia by pussy-footing around.

    “RFK Jr: “I’m proud that President Trump likes me … I want to bring people together.”

    Voting the greater of two goods. Between two White Hat teams, arranging so Trump voters can defect to vote in RFK. There are many peculiar items here. Ever hear the theory JFK Jr is alive? Was around the world for years off and on to demonstrate there was a White Hat initiative to select people and get them to sign on? Friends with Donald. Although the best choice, neither he nor especially his wife ever wanted anything to do with publicity. And would get killed by Hillary a 2nd time. So handing to somebody already there, a relative and Congressman, is next-best. Just a thought. If you follow the Hunger Games, he’s Finnick, an Irish name, handsome and popular, with a retiring wife he protects by trafficking in the only thing of value in a Commie-Capital world: Secrets.

    Second, as everything is a lie, we have the problem that DHS sent a report to all 14 branches about the 2020 election. It reportedly says the election was tampered (involving China aka Treason) and arguably Biden is not President. So like so many nations, we have a “real” government and a “Vichy” “Quisling” one. The military very obviously has a whole book of contingency plans for such events. Here’s the modern world though: WHY ADMIT IT? If you admit it, then Trump has to go on, through the expectant fences and barriers Pelosi put up in D.C. and start leveling American Cities which would spread. So why admit it at all? Unless you want 30 million people dead in 3 years. We did that last time in 1860: take a lesson.

    But IF, under this premise, THEN Trump is actually President and is supported only by a very small subset who has no need to admit it either. However, as legitimate government, they have to follow the legal rules the bad guys won’t. That’s what makes you “Good”. Now term limits has never been truly tested by USSC, but if I were him, and at his age, I’d use my potential to run dum-dums around the chessboard chasing their tails and expending their ammunition over me, exposing themselves, yet having no real intention of becoming President 3rd term. That means you need to hand it to somebody who will keep the game going without open war. RFK.

    Ideas. You do what you want.

    “Pfizer Vaccine Batches in the EU Were Placebos, Say Scientists (DS)

    It’s a straight-up depopulation program, but by honest lottery, which is what they tell themselves. They are the Alien Ant Farmers, saving the world of stupid people from themselves. (going into the upcoming Ice Age and CME) My thought is: “are you sure? You’re sure they didn’t tweak a leeeeeetle but more death-doses in Red States?” Exempt themselves like Newsome and Moosilini? (Needle never touched him on camera)

    ““This was organized crime. There’s no other way to define it,”
    • Comer: Overseas Payments To Biden Family Could Exceed $40M (NYP)

    No one cares. They like and support it. Hunter could screw little children on camera and have it published by the NY Post and…Oh. Wait.

    Garland should testify before the House. Simple.”

    I’ve got a better idea: Congress should stop flapping their useless gums and do something. Like AOC they’ll probably say, “Well, I don’t have any power.” Da fuq? What’d we send you for? Who DOES have the power then? What am I wasting time with you for? I’ll go talk to them.


    The Wreck of the Titan – no, not that one – was an 1898 book by Morgan Andrew Roberson in which a passenger liner, the Titan, struck an iceberg some 400 miles off Newfoundland and sank with all hands. In an eerie coincidence, fourteen years later an ocean liner called the Titanic struck an iceberg some 400 miles east of Newfoundland and sank, taking some 1,500 of its 2,208 passengers and crew to the bottom of the Atlantic. And so, Roberson’s book entered the panoply of strange tales, mysteries and conspiracy theories surrounding the ill-fated vessel.

    Was Roberson’s book a premonition? Almost certainly not… at least in the occult sense of the term. More likely, Roberson was just one of the few of his generation to be bright enough not to fall for the media hype of the time, and observant enough to understand that the “arms race” between a handful of transatlantic passenger shipping corporations was bound to end in tragedy sooner or later.

    Importantly though, ocean liners were a tried and tested technology. What did for the people on the Titanic was the age-old combination of cost-cutting and human error. Cost-cutting, especially, in the use of low-quality rivets which sheared on contact with the iceberg. And most fatal among the long list of human errors was that the crew had not been drilled to avoid the reflex instinct to steer away from any obstacle – if the ship had struck the iceberg head-on it would have survived.

    Fast-forward 111 years, and we have a new Titan. A home-brewed carbon fibre coffin just waiting for some uber-rich would be corpses to stump up the quarter of a million-dollar asking price for a one-way trip to the wreck of the Titanic. This was a level of lunacy above and beyond anything seen during the ocean liner frenzy at the end of the nineteenth century. Lunacy which without doubt stems from a deranged faith in technology which is a by-product of what used to be called information and communications technology (ITC) but is currently being hyped as AI.

    In any sane world, someone would have taken Stockton Rush to one side and told him to stick to making model aeroplanes. Except that someone – one of the few people employed by Rush who actually knew about submersibles – did try to do that and was fired for “mansplaining” or “whitesplaining” or some such. Because today, technologies don’t have to conform to the laws of physics or even have the slightest chance of actually working… all that is required is that we believe in them. And when – like Zuckerberg’s fast sinking metaverse – the technology doesn’t work, well:

    It’s just a prototype
    It will improve
    It is inevitable.
    There’s a fair chance that Rush said something along these lines every time water started dripping in through that rickety observation hatch or whenever that cheap game controller stopped working. And the media loved him for it. Because ever since Jeff Bezos started selling books online while Steve Jobs was paying slave labour in China to cram miniaturised ex-military technology into smartphones, we have fallen for the idea that supposedly visionary individuals can break through the wall of doubters to make the impossible come true.

    Never mind that it is impossible to take blood without a needle, the media loved Elizabeth Holmes. And the billionaires and ex-politicians fawned over her. Never mind that plenty of engineers have explained the stupidity of using solar panels to surface a road, the media fell in love with the Brusaws. Elon Musk’s hyperloop may be an engineering non-starter, but the media continues to tell us that it is just around the corner. Same goes for Musk’s battery electric haulage truck which, because of the battery weight-to-power problem, will never replace diesel trucks for big loads and/or long hauls.

    If, like Stockton Rush, these were just eccentric characters desperate to earn a Darwin Award, we might benefit in some small way from them. Except that far too many of them have reached positions of power and influence at the apex of the western stakeholder capitalist version of corporatism which bases its entire plan for the future upon a series of internet-based technologies which – like Rush’s self-identifying submersible – have absolutely zero chance of working in practice.

    Consider Ida Auken’s now infamous article:

    “First communication became digitized and free to everyone. Then, when clean energy became free, things started to move quickly. Transportation dropped dramatically in price. It made no sense for us to own cars anymore, because we could call a driverless vehicle or a flying car for longer journeys within minutes…”

    Set aside the impossibility of flying cars as anything more than an expensive novelty and the infantile idea that the infrastructure required to digitise everything could ever be free, and consider the Underpants Gnomes plan which is required to get us from where we are to those driverless cars. For the moment, most cars are privately owned and – as Auken and her colleagues are quick to point out – spend most of their time parked. We use cars as taxis for a public transport version of the same thing. And the big ITC revolution was the development of platforms like Uber and Lyft which allow someone with a smartphone to hail a cab at a moment’s notice.

    It is this “digitisation” of the taxi business, no doubt, that Auken imagines will lead us to the nirvana of self-driving cars. And, of course, many in the establishment media promote this view too. Except that this ignores two obvious truths about the Uber/Lyft platforms. The first concerns the nature of the internet itself, since it hasn’t really changed much from the days when it mostly involved geeks sharing pornographic images… not in the sense that it is all about porn, but more that what those geeks were doing is essentially what we all still do – connecting people who desire something with people who can supply it. Go right back to Amazon setting up its online bookshop to supply a far broader range of books than even the biggest bookshop of the day could have offered. Or the early Google understanding that what people needed was a means of connecting to the things they wanted… a search engine, if you will. Even Facebook connecting people to like-minded people was bound to emerge in some form or another. And that’s the point, in essence, the internet was – and is – a global-scale dating agency.

    What about the second truth? That is the one which Uber rose to prominence on the back of… cheap labour. The internet has always involved a race to the bottom, in which we seek out the best bargains while the corporations go about finding the cheapest means – which usually involves sweatshops in Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa – of meeting our requirements. The beauty of the Uber business model was that it was a taxi firm which didn’t own any cars. And its real customers weren’t the passengers but rather the desperate gig workers in a growing precariat who – once owning and maintaining their own cars was taken into account – earned far less than the minimum wage.

    Somehow, in the Auken/WEF transition to the brave new automated communist future, internet platforms whose success comes precisely from not owning the things they supply – think Airbnb – have to turn full-circle an invest in what are still (far) over-the-horizon technologies. But why would they? Currently a top of the range Tesla costs around £60,000. Add perhaps another £20,000 for the self-driving technology – assuming they can ever get it to the point that it doesn’t indiscriminately slaughter cyclists and pedestrians – and then multiply that by the 260,700 cars currently operating for private hire in the UK, and that’s a £20bn bill just to purchase the self-driving cars. On top of that is the cost for insurance, tax and maintenance. Why would anyone in their right mind even contemplate such an outlay when you can simply pay a gig-driver next to nothing to drive people around in their own car?

    This is the fundamental point about internet-based businesses… they’re cheap to set up, and so require relatively little investment when compared to making things happen in the real world. This is the flaw at the heart of the technocratic green new deal/internet/AI project. It fails to consider the steps – and cost – involved in getting us from where we are to where we are intended to be. In the real world, it takes more than a decade to bring a gigawatt of electricity capacity – whether windfarm or nuclear plant – online, whereas politicians seem to believe that terawatts can be conjured up within a single electoral cycle. Worse still – particularly here in the UK – more generating capacity is being taken offline as it reaches the end of its lifespan than is being added, so that we are increasingly dependent upon imported energy from a Europe which has a growing energy crisis of its own.

    It is for this reason that, in the end, Herr Schwab’s promised internet-connected refrigerators, Auken’s self-driving flying cars, BlackRock’s digital social credit scoring, and the central bankers’ programable digital currencies are all going the same way as Stockton Rush’s imploding submersible. Because the virtual world turns out to be a place where impossible dreams appear to work even as the energy-starved infrastructure which allows it to exist crumbles to dust.


    The Irish slave past was lost on none of the Kennedy’s. The murder of powerful Irish by deep state operatives from the Anglo aristocrats has a possible re-boot but I hope not.

    Kerry Wilson

    The Darwin Awards are about to open up a new category!


    @ Voracious Poet

    I laugh at it all, because it really is so damn funny.
    You have to laugh, or you’d cry.
    We hairless apes are so fucking dumb.

    We inject ourselves with poison, we eat poison, we’re literally swimming in poison.

    You know it’s carcinogenic, I know it’s carcinogenic, but the WHO only says ‘possible’.
    What a hoot!

    Drink up!

    Aspartame sweetener to be declared possible cancer risk by WHO, say reports


    Its true
    I saw it on TV
    (Manipulation of facts)
    Putin “is clearly losing the war in Iraq.”- Biden
    “Ukraine is winning”
    I didn’t see it on TV
    • US Hawks Lose Momentum Amid Faltering Ukrainian Counteroffensive (Sp.)
    It must be a Russian lie

    Fact Check: What Was Real Spot of Russia’s Strike in Kramatorsk


    Vaccines fuck you up.



    The Clotshot has produced wide, wide spread cognitive disorders, mind fog, etc on top of the highest consumption of anti-aniety drugs on planet earth in the Empire of Lies

    This is getting typical


    Anxiety not aniety, see I’ve got some too!




    Holding IMPOSING a peace summit without Moscow


    The Basic Rule of Law

    It’s Gone Baby in the Empire of Lies

    Nice touch flipping the finger to the cops at the end



    I left my heart in San FranShitsco

    Imagine every car in the parking lot



    With Pedo Joe’s blend of senility and criminal venal sin, Rope a Dope Pope Francis tips his Satanic hand to a real artist and Fellow Traveler




    Nothing will function going forward in the Empire of Lies until the basic rule of law is Restored


    What they can look forward to in jail



    So they DO plan to say- hey, Trump can’t serve a third term!

    The placebos are there to confuse observers and keep the adverse events down. I also maintain that they couldn’t possibly have manufactured enough real stuff to put into billions of doses. (See Sasha Latypova). People have wondered -why have so many escaped seemingly unharmed? Now we know. Also, saline would have made it easier to give the second, third, fourth… shots, as well as create the gang of recipients who smugly state that THEY haven’t had any adverse effects, so what’s the big deal?


    ON, “I’m proud that President Trump likes me … I want to bring people together.” R F Kennedy, at top post.

    There might be some hope for ‘democratic’ ppl ‘power’ wins in the USA, if, for example, the populist appeals of RFK Junior (horribly confused, to put mildly, imho, other story) and those of Trump (more consistent on BIZ, competition, but not tops on much of anything.. other) joined together.

    Kennedy could clarion, my VP will be Trump.

    Trump could declare, I will consider Kennedy for VP, watch this show, 3 days later, YAY! Kennedy is my pick…

    Of course that will never happen, as the ‘fabricated’ opposition between factions serves to keep maybe about, idk, 150 + million people (USA adults.. just off the cuff) d-ee-lighted to sit and watch TV and blame and hate, Trump, or Kennedy, or some local pol, and never take any political action at all.

    The good news is that US hegemony is crumbling.


    Putin got the message.

    Canada to add 15 Leopard tanks, 130 troops to NATO battlegroup in Latvia

    Canada to add 15 Leopard tanks, 130 troops to NATO battlegroup in Latvia
    By Sarah Ritchie

    The Canadian Armed Forces will deploy 15 Leopard 2 battle tanks and about 131 personnel to a NATO force in Latvia by next spring, Defence Minister Anita Anand said Friday.

    Anand made the announcement from Brussels, where she was meeting with defence ministers from countries that support Ukraine’s efforts to fight Russia’s invasion.

    The tanks and support vehicles will come from Gagetown, N.B., and Edmonton.

    “There will be 15 Leopard 2 A4M tanks, two armoured recovery vehicles and then a variety of maintenance and fuel and supply and transport vehicles,” Anand said, adding the deployment will consist of a total of 50 vehicles, including the tanks.

    Canada already leads a 10-country NATO battlegroup in Latvia, with about 700 Canadian troops.

    The military alliance has battle groups in Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Members agreed at the 2022 summit in Brussels to a new model that will involve more high-readiness troops and brigade-size formations in the area.

    At the time, Anand announced that she had signed a deal with Latvia to scale up the 2,000-person battle group to a deployment-ready brigade of about 4,000 troops. The details of those contributions have not been finalized, more than a year later.
    Stoltenberg says summit won’t invite Ukraine to join NATO
    06/19/2023June 19, 2023
    The talks focused on the upcoming NATO summit, scheduled to take place on July 11-12 in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius.

    The summit will largely be focused on the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine.
    NATO chief offers Vilnius summit preview at White House
    Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg vowed to ‘sustain and step up’ support for Ukraine as it faces Russian invasion.

    13 Jun 2023
    Outgoing NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has met with top United States officials at the White House, offering a preview of topics for an upcoming alliance summit in Vilnius, Lithuania.

    He also underscored the need to send a strong message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has championed his country’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine since its launch in February 2022.


    Last night/late post offered at #137977 by VP – The David Lynch video (16 minutes) on Transcendental Meditation, is excellent. It clearly presents a solution/Way forward in response to our current condition(s).

    It would be beneficial to hear your comments on the content of this contribution. We spend lots of time identifying the impact(s) of the problem(s) and not so much on what WE can do to change course.

    What if – the process of TM (Transcendental Meditation) resulted in TRANSFORMATION as the video describes? Can you see how that is possible?

    Access to/awareness of your TRUE NATURE (my words), goodness/creativity/LOVE – is yours by releasing the forces of fear. The video says that we are powerful when we are not in fear. TM is a practice that helps you experience infinite goodness, creativity, and LOVE.

    The video also makes it clear that your inner reality is your outer reality. Your thoughts?

    TM is for everyone – but almost no one will initiate and sustain the effort needed. No one can do it for you, you have to do it for yourSELF. Personally, I find the challenge + the potential of transformation compelling. My own experience reveals that it works.

    LOVE to all WISDOM Seekers.


    Lady With A Fan

    While the fire light’s aglow
    Strange shadows from the flames will grow
    Til things we’ve never seen
    Will seem familiar…


    France is burning up again, Riots, after a 17-yr-old was shot and killed by Police.

    This brief ‘view’ from the MSM “Le Monde” shows that explosions of violence happened all over the country. This was all last night, 28 – 29 June. Video.

    This isn’t terribly new, far more disturbances — Huge damages to property, ppl injured for life, and more, from the Gilets Jaunes protests, and even well before, burning up cars in the banlieues is a tradition.

    But now things are coming to a head, mostly because the Macron Gvmt. is clueless and can’t deal with the violence.

    They can’t up *Repression* though some trials and more arms etc. are floated, and some factions want that, but then, heh, you have to admit that France is a police state with vicious controls. arbitrary detention, etc.

    As for appeasement and negotiation, Macron has toed that line with Gilets Jaunes up to a point (imho none of the concessions won by the G. J. were of any use) and this success on the part of Macron, at a fakey throw to the peasants, was felt like a victory by the Gvmt. Of course, that was only a temporary stay, until the next wave of protests, like now.

    So the Macron Gvmt. will limp along, between Repression and State violence, and Concessions to Appease, it has no consistent analysis, no plan, map, for doing the best for its citizens.


    All in today’s news.
    Are you kidding me ……?

    Tributes pour in for much-loved Scots singer who died suddenly on way to bed

    Brit tourist, 37, dies in Menorca after suddenly falling ill next to his girlfriend in hotel bed

    Police were called to Wood Street as 11.30am today (June 29) to reports of a sudden death.

    TVASSF (all slain in their youth)


    Germ is demonstrating (a non-action word)

    Synonyms for suddenly
    on a sudden
    all of a sudden
    right away
    right off
    full tilt


    IgG4 Antibodies Induced by Repeated Vaccination May Generate Immune Tolerance to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein

    Less than a year after the global emergence of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, a novel vaccine platform based on mRNA technology was introduced to the market. Globally, around 13.38 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses of diverse platforms have been administered. To date, 72.3% of the total population has been injected at least once with a COVID-19 vaccine. As the immunity provided by these vaccines rapidly wanes, their ability to prevent hospitalization and severe disease in individuals with comorbidities has recently been questioned, and increasing evidence has shown that, as with many other vaccines, they do not produce sterilizing immunity, allowing people to suffer frequent re-infections. Additionally, recent investigations have found abnormally high levels of IgG4 in people who were administered two or more injections of the mRNA vaccines. HIV, Malaria, and Pertussis vaccines have also been reported to induce higher-than-normal IgG4 synthesis. Overall, there are three critical factors determining the class switch to IgG4 antibodies: excessive antigen concentration, repeated vaccination, and the type of vaccine used. It has been suggested that an increase in IgG4 levels could have a protecting role by preventing immune over-activation, similar to that occurring during successful allergen-specific immunotherapy by inhibiting IgE-induced effects. However, emerging evidence suggests that the reported increase in IgG4 levels detected after repeated vaccination with the mRNA vaccines may not be a protective mechanism; rather, it constitutes an immune tolerance mechanism to the spike protein that could promote unopposed SARS-CoV2 infection and replication by suppressing natural antiviral responses. Increased IgG4 synthesis due to repeated mRNA vaccination with high antigen concentrations may also cause autoimmune diseases, and promote cancer growth and autoimmune myocarditis in susceptible individuals.


    According to the NYT the missile that hit Kramatorks destroyed the Ria Lounge Bar. You can find the Ria Lounge Bar on google maps and see the surrounding buildings.
    Here is a NY Times Picture of the missile strike. Something doesn’t add up.

    John Day

    Testing, testing ..Can’t upload.

    That uploaded. I’ll try this:

    John Day

    This is most odd. I can’t upload a simple essay without any links…

    John Day

    half an essay:

    Wikipedia: “Moral Agency is an individual’s ability to make moral choices based on some notion of right and wrong and to be held accountable for these actions.”
    “A Moral Agent is ‘a being who is capable of acting with reference to right and wrong.'”

    A moral-agent will be at odds with an autocrat at the point where the autocrat commands the moral agent to perform an immoral act. This antagonism between individual morality and hierarchy was examined at the Nuremberg Trials and at the Trial of Lieutenant William Calley, following the Mai Lai Massacre in Vietnam.

    For a hierarchy or an autocrat to gain powers over life, death, property and to enslave free people it is necessary for moral agents to relinquish their decision-making about the morality of commands to the commanding authority. The commanding authority, such as a government or religious organization typically cites a “higher moral purpose” or “divine authority” to absolve the subservient-moral-agent of responsibility for actions which would be immoral in typical human interactions.

    Murder has historically been justified on religious grounds, with the souls of the murdered either being “saved” or remitted to “god” for judgement of their “sins against god”. Murder and theft of property and land are also justified by nation-states by saying that the human victims were plotting the murder of the citizens of the nation-state, and had also stolen what was rightfully-theirs. The crimes are cast as “self defense”.

    These calls upon higher-authority absolve the former-moral-agent of responsibility for selfish and unjust actions, because they are not-personally selfish, but are “unselfish”, serving the “highest good”, which happens to profit the hierarchy. The moral-hazard to actors in the hierarchy, autocrats and bureaucrats, is that they profit from immoral acts, which are abstracted in their thoughts, far removed from any personal experience of their horrors.

    Human moral-agents may resist calls to higher moral authority, particularly if they are accustomed to acting morally, valuing the freedom, well-being and personal possessions of others as highly, and in the same way as they would value their own.

    Hierarchies typically seek to diminish human moral agency by abstracting it, and reducing it to bureaucratic protocols, which appear arbitrary, if not strictly “fair”. “Just-going-by-the-book” is the position of a human who has relinquished moral agency in the work setting. Another technique to disengage moral agency is to nudge humans towards dishonest acts, perhaps as trivial as marking a 20 page legal document as “read”, when given 30 seconds to do so.

    Within a rules-based bureaucracy, some humans may be re-defined as “suspects”, a form of sub-human, devoid of usual human rights, or as “unvaccinated”, and therefore subject to firing and exclusion from society.

    The naming of classes of sub-humans, to be shunned, disparaged by upright citizens, then denied basic rights to due-process under the law, and bodily autonomy, become critical when a member of society is forced to choose a favorable designation, or to accept losses for choosing the unfavorable designation.
    With the COVID vaccine-mandates, people were subjected to a greater-good moral argument for a year before the blaming of “the unvaccinated” began. This was phased in faster in some places than others, but media virtue-signalling of the “vaccinated” was pervasive.

    John Day

    I have tried multiple times to upload the second half of that essay, with no links. I’ll break it up into little bites…

    The “unvaccinated” were guilt-tripped for “killing grandma”, and were blamed as leper-pariahs when the “vaccines” failed to protect good “vaccinated” people from the COVID contagion. In the US people with jobs were more likely to receive COVID “vaccines”, often offered to them at work, or as a condition of continued employment, and without “informed consent” regarding side effects including myocarditis, miscarriage, autoimmune disease, neurological disorders, bleeding disorders and death, which were already well known to the manufacturers, the CDC and the Defense Department in the US. This was a nudge to relinquish bodily autonomy as if accepting a “gift”.

    Once the decision had been made to accept the injections, the recipient was made to feel more moral than those selfish cowards who had rejected the “gift” through moral weakness. This was broadly effective, particularly in the medical professions, except for a small minority who chose to be fired for the principle of bodily-autonomy. These people, like the Nurses at Methodist Hospital in Houston, took a Gandhian stance of principled civil-disobedience. Overnight they went from being “heroes” to “deplorables”. Many people who had reservations about the rush to “get a needle in every arm” saw this as unjust, which weakened the control-narrative of the bureaucracy and the media.

    John Day

    The last 3 paragraphs just won’t upoad. Let’s try one…

    Also weakening the vaccine-only control-narrative was the growing population of people who had received ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine based early treatment for COVID, or the cases when courts forced hospitals to allow ivermectin provision to hospitalized patients on ventilators, who “were expected to die anyway”, and they survived to return home.

    John Day


    Tractor Supply Company sold vast quantities of ivermectin “horse paste” since fall of 2021, and is still selling it, for all of those 160# horses that Americans love so much. This silent civil-disobedience illustrates a strong undercurrent of growing distrust of governmental control-narratives, perhaps similar to that which formed against the Vietnam War in 1968. The Tet offensive in Vietnam at the beginning of that year crystallized the resolve of quiet Americans who had been suspicious that the war was immoral, and that they were being lied to by President Johnson. Will another morally crystallizing event arise this year?

    John Day

    “thuree” …

    Dr. Marian Laderoute asks “When will the Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) End?” and adds that “the excess all-cause mortality remains high even when by June 19, 2023 there are zero COVID-19 deaths per million for these 5 countries”.

    John Day

    Will it take one link at a time?

    Charles Hugh Smith asks (and explores in detail) How Did Someone Like Me Get Shadow-Banned?
    Given my adherence to journalistic standards, I wonder: how did someone like me get shadow-banned?
    The standard cause (or excuse) for being overtly banned is “distributing misinformation.” This charge is never specific; something you posted “violates our community standards,” or equivalent broad-brush language.
    Shadow-banning is even more pernicious because you’re not even notified that your visibility to others has been restricted or dropped to zero. You see your post, but nobody else does.

    John Day

    Will even this one excerpt and link load (trying, trying, trying..)

    ​The European Media Freedom Act envisages installing spyware on journalists’ phones for the sake of “national security”.
    ​ ​”There is no legitimate reason to spy on journalists,” Lucy Komisar, an investigative journalist based in New York, told Sputnik.
    ​ ​”Remember, this law targets people identified as journalists, not as spies or terrorists or criminals. Journalism is not a crime, unless Julian Assange does it. The real reason is to protect government officials from journalists reporting on officials’ misguided policies, abuses and corruption. It’s quite ironic in view of the EU’s self-congratulatory rules trumpeted as protecting peoples’ data from tech companies.

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