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    Alfred Eisenstaedt The kiss (V-J Day in Times Square) 1945   • US Farmers Hit Hard By Price Increases, Fertilizer Costs (JTN) • “Media Isn’t Warn
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    V. Arnold

    Alfred Eisenstaedt The kiss (V-J Day in Times Square) 1945

    The kiss seen/felt ’round the world…and it was my birth year…

    V. Arnold

    …one of the things that leaves me hope less; without hope, is Assange: Forget the U.S.; what about Australia? Assanges home country? HA! What a joke…
    Once a penal colony, always a penal colony? of the U.S./U.K. ?
    As far as I can determine, Australia has been an impotent player in this ongoing travesty of justice…
    Surely they could have intervened…but chose to genuflect to the U.S. ……….
    …the fabric of civilization is a fragile cloth made of gossamer threads so easily torn assunder…

    Dr. D

    “But western officials say anything short of a full Russian withdrawal would mean that crippling economic sanctions against Moscow were retained. “We keep tightening the noose,” said one. “Putin cannot hope for a fait accompli and for the world to go back to some kind of [normality]. There has been an irreversible change.” –FT

    Following yesterday’s too-long article on “all the things we a-gonna do to Russia.” Here’s another real situation: Putin can’t go back. Like the sanctions, the West decided and won’t let him. Anything other than a 30-point checklist of dismantling for Russia will mean sanctions are not removed. The other article said similarly: Removing sanctions is “hard.” ‘Cause we makes money and don’t feel like it.

    So what does that mean for peace? I mean really? The West won’t allow it, basically. They can’t de-Nazify and go away.

    That goes with the very next line from FT, above: “Russian retreat, Putin toppled” Who do they solely consult on how things are going there? Nuland and Blinken. Read the article. Completely objective observers, I’m sure.

    What’s the last line? “Putin wants less Nato, he’s getting more Nato,” [Nato’s] Stoltenberg said” So that’s it then. Do or die for all involved. Russia is conquered by Nato, or Nato fails and breaks. No other paths.

    In Saker: “in light of the sanctions which the EU has enacted on Russia – with prices of everything going up vertically. And as for the other lacuna, there’s no way Europe can find 200 billion cubic meters of gas anywhere else to replace Russia, be it in Algeria, Qatar or Turkmenistan – not to mention the EU’s lack of necessary LNG terminals.”

    Again, this is do or die. But the die is exclusively Europe. So what I’m saying is the West has targeted Russian oligarchs who can go home. Not great perhaps, but acceptable. Russia is cutting off German and European oligarchs. That is, they will live in a shrinking, dying nation, where their safety is not assured as it’s a cauldron of violent populist hardship. See what I mean, then? It takes time, and their denial is lifelong and mortal.

    Worse, IT’S NOT RUSSIA shutting of the German people and oligarchs. It’s the German oligarchs who are cutting off themselves.

    Can Germany keep this up on themselves as their yachts are confiscated (by payment default, not the governments)? Pretty strange world, no one has ever been driven this insane before, we have no precedents. Did the Tulip mania confiscate their own tulips to crash their own values?

    US Farmers Hit Hard by Price Increases, Fertilizer Costs (JTN)”

    True, but prices are way, WAY up and they are likely to regain all the costs and more. …From you, because there’s nowhere else to get them from, and no alternative for you except to eat.

    ”Buy a 2nd freezer, and stock it. Soon.”

    Not sure, may be too late and you’re now buying at the top. Should have had the pantry years before now, but you would have locked up your money for years in that case. Also electric grid will go down in some areas for some days. Do you have a generator too? Otherwise you will both stock the freezer, and lose everything in it. I think we posted Hugh Smith’s article on “Degrowth”, named decroissance. A quick plug into Google Translate says decroissance means “Decay.” You can’t get a freezer because “decay”. You would only make the delta on today’s meat prices vs tomorrow’s minus freezer and electric costs anyway.

    Put it this way: if food has quadrupled and there’s no car parts, what makes you think there are electric transformers and rolls of 660v wire lying around? Think yurt camping and tent stoves instead.

    “Siluanov said on Sunday that it would be “absolutely fair” for Russia to make sovereign debt payments in roubles until its foreign exchange reserves were unfrozen..”

    Embargoing themselves and giving Russia no choice about it.

    “It’s not weather you win or lose, but where you place the blame.” Frustratingly, Biden has successfully shifted the blame of the chart above, Congress and the fed, with Joe quadrupling costs on poor people, AWAY from Wall Street and over to Putin. By force, because he’s still happy to sell us all the grain and oil and pay all the debts with it.

    “Russia has the money to service its debt, but cannot access it.”

    That’s exactly what blew the markets in 1998. Guaranteeing a LTCM collapse that needs “The Committee to Save the World” to save them. Except: no market confidence. Printing to save your pals now does what? Gets your pals in trouble with the peasants.

    “The US Is Still Not Trying Diplomacy with Putin over Ukraine (Antiwar)”

    We always have peace by not talking. Remember in Vietnam how attending peace negotiations were MIC surrender? Even suggesting it made you a commie. Now suggesting it makes you a Nazi. (who are commies) Le meme chose… Nobody learns nothing from history. Which is no surprise since the Dept of Education was formed the U.S. has fallen to dead last among developed nations, and openly graduates complete illiterates in Baltimore, Chicago, NY…

    Russia Seeking China’s Military Help in Ukraine, US “Sources” say (ZH)”

    The same anonymous sources that lied and have been wrong about everything including Justin Beiber’s pants? I’m sure this one time, this 1st time in 25 years, they’ll be true and right.

    “The West’s Cancel Culture Targets All Things Russian (JTN)”

    5 minutes of hate. Must Krystallnacht everything. Actually though, nowhere near as bad as the hate they had for us, ourselves, Americans, specifically poor black neighborhoods, in 2020. Clearly there is nobody they hate or want to burn more than them. But the Russians are also now a distinct race — suddely not “all whitey” like Whoopie said — so we can go ahead and advance the cause of racism on them too! Hopefully, they can make Russians wear stars and herd them into ghettos the better to shoot them later. That’s love, diversity, and tolerance! All hail Facebook!

    the American system, built by and for slave-owners and programmed to boost oligarchies”

    Huh? Please substantiate this point Mr. Pankaj.

    “hacks, trolls and conspiracy theorists of digital media cemented these ideological ecosystems in place, dissent was condemned to impotence.”

    Uh, if I’m not mistaken, trolls ARE the dissent. That’s what makes them trolls. The opposite of troll is “State Mouthpiece”. Which of these two was promoted and which was banned and censored? By Digital Media and recommendation – or worse – of the State?

    Xi’s herding of Uighur Muslims into concentration camps faced as little domestic challenge”

    No, it faces tremendous challenge in the U.S., but exclusively BY the trolls, us dissenters, who won’t quit and which really cheeses them off, and who are all banned for it, as directed at the highest level by the U.S. GOVERNMENT. So putting it in #OpposieLand: the trolls and dissenters are all over this like stink on s—t. Dissent was not impotent, we’re harassing them without end and won’t surrender. And the “Them” is the same oligarchs, slave owners he speaks of, who are controlling the government.

    “George Packer wrote in the Atlantic that ‘for the first time in decades, an American president is showing that he, and only he, can lead the free world.’”

    The Atlantic, therefore more stupid than a bag of hammers, as Biden “leads the free world” by doing? Exactly nothing. “We’ve got your back Ukraine!!! Sike! What other slavs can we kill? Are Poles slavs? Make them attack Russia too and kill more slavs.”

    Doing nothing at all is the leadership he acclaims. Leadership of nobodies, doing nothing.

    Deaths Represent 1.3% of Side Effects Reported for Covid Vaccines (JTN)”

    So one of every 100 humans have been killed on purpose. Discuss?

    How Does It Feel to Be Vindicated? (Malone)”

    Very bad indeed. But what more could I do? It was a free world and I said so. Was I supposed to imprison you against your will like they did?

    Feel sorry for Walensky, so special-ed she just sits up there becoming the new target while Fauci gets away. I don’t really want to harm the mentally retarded and criminally insane, yet here we are. This mentally retarded bureaucrat has committed incredible harm that are in fact mass crimes. Do we let that pass because she has the intelligence of a hamster?

    Veracious Poet

    The POTUS is playing russion roulette with a fully loaded gun, pointed straight at the “american” sheeple (& hamsters)…

    The slaughter will not be televised 😐


    Question for posters, suggestions for search engines that aren’t too restrictive?


    I should’ve mentioned I have switched to Ecosia any thoughts?

    Veracious Poet

    Yuan Deposits Soar At Russian Banks After SWIFT Cut-Off

    With Russia now officially cut off from both the USDollar and the euro, Russia’s VTB Bank is seeing a surge in Chinese Yuan deposits, attracted by the bank offering significantly higher interest rates as Putin shifts focus to ‘friendly’ nations.

    The state-owned bank is offering a Chinese yuan savings account with a maximum interest rate of 8%, hailing the currency as “one of the most affordable and promising options for investing funds” after the country was hit by Western sanctions.

    Yuan Deposits Soar At Russian Banks After SWIFT Cut-Off

    In case you forgot, already:

    PLAYING WITH FIRE World’s most dangerous biolabs studying diseases with NO CURE


    V. arnold. Australia is a gated kindergarten for fat entitled children with no activism, no sense of culture beyond consumerism and no real identity.
    I have to live here – my carbon, from here was assembled and more than likely from here will depart. But there is the worst of apathy that exists – right here.

    V. Arnold


    V. arnold. Australia is a gated kindergarten for fat entitled children with no activism, no sense of culture beyond consumerism and no real identity.

    You have my profound sympathies; thanks for the reply…

    I have to live here – my carbon, from here was assembled and more than likely from here will depart. But there is the worst of apathy that exists – right here.

    Again, my sympathies…but geography isn’t as important as ones ability to see the world (all of it) from a lens of profound questions along with an unfettered intellect…
    Keep on trucking man…


    For me and a (very) small group of friends who can still discuss this thing called ‘ideas’ without enmity here in Appalachia, the phrases “biblical” and “prophetic” often occur. Brett Weinstein writes (…Hunter-Gatherer…) “Cultural beliefs are often literally false, but metaphorically true.”(p. 216)

    Though certainly no biblical scholar, the idea occurred to me that the “reset” folks talk about is the exact inversion of the concept of “jubilee”. Historically, I believe it is the individuals who are released from their debts and not the “corporations” (in whatever form they existed).

    Now, it seems, those that “have” want to hold the individual to task and have consistently released the ‘corporations’ from liability and responsibility.

    It will be interesting, to say the least, when the banks we bailed-out of ‘foreclosure’ (that occurred due to their own behavior and lobbying) come to foreclose on the individual…

    From what Oxy says, it sounds like the Aussies will say, “Okay. Here are the keys”.


    I – raised in public housing, single teenage mom, three children no child-support – very poor neighborhood.
    My wife on the other hand raised in upper middle class beachside Melbourne. Private school, piano and tennis lessons, yachting around the islands, her dad is in the golf club both her parents drive new Audi’s.

    I get invited to a party yesterday – her side of the tracks. 50 – 60 year olds who work in media, medical, finance and law.
    Holy shit. Brutal.
    I was on the ropes till 3 am. Where the hell was Dr. D John Day and Bosco (who I would have in an intellectual knife fight any day.)

    The screaming and the helping. Horrified, I hadn’t vaccinated my children. Outraged I knew (completely unsubstantiated to their ears) of the complications around NATO and Ukraine. Hadn’t heard of substack. The science was settled. All atheists. All heavy drinking and doing coke in a 7 million dollar house.

    Fuck it was a full blown attack. And it’s true what people say about mass formation – facts and data don’t matter (looking at you Deflationista you moron). The editor of the paper – the Australian I think. Pissed. Couldn’t handle the facts on the ground. Asked me where all the problems started -(shit how long is a piece of string?) I said I guess we could start with Greenspan – from there I was simply a Trump supporting Putin apologist who hates freedom. They all said I was confused and right wing and my reading of the automatic earth (as one of many examples) was echo chamber cog-bias etc.
    And I’m like – “ya’ll know I live off-grid with my wife, two beautiful children and cut my own firewood and grow a tonne of my own food – in a house I built with my own hands out of straw and mud right?”

    Apparently I’m dangerous. It get’s worse. Janelle – (massive Karen with fixation syndrome) is like “we shouldn’t have to pay for people like you” WTF? I was on by then. I reply “You’re not, but people like me are still underpaid for keeping jokers like you alive – growing your food and pruning your gardens but you should know that parity is closing and it’s getting fun to watch the zoom class do the funky chicken over commodities. I’m not. I create commodities and finally getting rewarded for investing in REALITY”
    She proceeded to gang up on me with another bunch… I ended with something along the lines of “GDP is a measure of waste and you guys run hot at around 12% annual I reckon”

    I’m not racist but I most certainly admit to being classist.


    Sorry…. still decompressing last night. I love people and I know we often come from fear but this lord of MOAR. It’s never enough for these people. They are all sooooooo fuckin’ angry at Putin and the unvaccinated (shit I copped it last night – thank God for intellect and good data recall or I was screwed).
    They are angry because they are not skiing in Chamonix (not a joke). They are angry because, well things don’t arrive on the doorstep the second I jism/think them in to existence. They are angry because I didn’t do what I was told. I tried very hard to explain British Thermal Units and the labour savings of just 1 barrel of crude and they were just touching themselves on the TESLA embossing crutchless underwear.
    I’m speechless.

    Sorry for the rant.
    On a positive note the farmer I work with – I find good land for friends or clients – is super excited about this 10 year ish correction. Doomsday preppers finally get to be called ‘lucky’ or ‘smart’ or ‘ahead of the curve’, ‘spoiler alertists’ or my favourite – ‘people with just enough humility to be grounded in Reality’.
    We are gunna grow, and build and party and smuggle and it’s gonna be fun as hell.
    Night my friends


    Been to similar parties…maybe not quite so high up the food chain, but close. Physician ‘specialists’ with homes on the Atlantic Ocean, financial advisers who simply want to get back to “the good old days”. You ask a question of them regarding interest rates, corporate debt of Fed balance sheet and they look at you as they would the maid, if she spoke up.

    Terrifying that these ‘community leaders’ are so narrowly-focused on themselves, and their wants… Definitely angry with the Captain for daring to rearrange their deck chairs! I tend to ‘tap out’ early, not worth the energy. Best universities on the East Coast…and can’t grasp a logical fallacy.

    One of the retired history professors I do carpentry for told me we are certainly, in no way, in a similar situation as 1929 (as in: “not as bad”). He had no curiosity to discuss further, so I didn’t pursue. Why bother, his reality is CNN and NPR.

    As Greer wrote:
    “Knowing many stories is wisdom,
    Knowing no stories is ignorance,
    Knowing only one story is death”

    Mr. House

    If they had a replacement would they tell? If they had a replacement would they know? Are they still calling the shots?


    The headlines are at TAE

    “Mankind’s survival depends on neither side making one mistake that destroys the world.”

    The mistake was made a long time ago.
    Reality – babushka dolls, stacking dolls, nesting dolls, Russian tea dolls, or Russian dolls) are a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another.
    The world that I thought I was living in has been revealed to be a sham.
    My doctor said my problem is old age
    Count yourself lucky that your are still here

    1. (red problems) clogged veins,
    2. (yellow problems)urinal problems,
    3. (brown problems) bowel movement problems,
    4. Hip replacement,
    5. Knee replacement,
    6. shingles,
    7. arthritis,
    8. gout,

    (One of the well-known symptoms of high uric acid is a condition called Gout. It is a type of arthritis that causes inflammation in one of the joints which occur suddenly. The gout pain in the joint occurs because of the presence of uric acid crystals that are sharp like needles around the joints.)

    9. (cognitive problems) Dementia,
    While Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia (accounting for an estimated 60 to 80 percent of cases), there are several other types. The second most common form, vascular dementia, has a very different cause — namely, high blood pressure.

    10. (blindness) Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinitis Pigmentosa

    11. Covid,
    12. vaccine


    @oxymoron Sorry about you having to dip your toe into the Pool of Madness masquerading as sanity. Sounds like you took one for the Team. Good on you!

    Your tale of woe just confirms the depth of the psy-op directed against Western culture in earnest for the last 100 years or so starting with Sigmund Freud’s poisonous little nephew Edward Bernays.

    Freud’s insights into the human psyche allowed maggots like Bernays to weaponize psychology to an extent undreamt of by depots of old. Bernays’ obituary referred to him as “the father of public relations” not the actual father of modern propaganda.

    Ironically, Bernays actually rebranded ‘propaganda’ as ‘public relations’, his first great victory in the field.

    Having seen how effective propaganda could be during war, Bernays wondered whether it might prove equally useful during peacetime.

    He also called it, ‘“the engineering of consent.” Ah, euphemisms sweet euphemisms!

    He pimped the means to control and regiment the masses according to their ‘leaders’ will without the Sheeple knowing about it. In order to accomplish this slight of hand, it was necessary to appeal not to the rational part of the mind, but the to the Unconscious.

    Back in the day, Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter warned President Roosevelt against allowing Bernays anywhere near any leadership role in World War II, describing him and his colleagues as “professional poisoners of the public mind, exploiters of foolishness, fanaticism, and self-interest.”

    Your cocktail party from hell Oxymoron is a chapter and verse example of this. A cherry on the sundae Brainwashing.

    Goebbels loved Bernays even though he was a jew.

    Goebbels used Bernays techniques to create a cult around Hitler. It worked great for awhile.

    The Dipshit Deep State we have now has out done even the maggot Bernays.

    Hey, and here we are a100 years later. Mission Accomplished.

    The Triumph of the Will just for Olde Times sake.



    Mister Roboto

    Oxymoron’s mass-formation cocktail-party sounds like one of those reminders we occasionally need that the professional-managerial class way of life is headed for a high-speed appointment with a brick wall, and this appointment is guaranteed and unavoidable on account of the choices our societies have made and continue to cling to with the proverbial white-knuckle death-grip.


    Smack your helpless thumb-
    Your throbbing hand won’t mind it.
    The hammer isn’t dumb-
    It is the brain behind it.


    @Red: I’ve been trying Presearch and Brave Search since jettisoning DuckDuckGo last week.

    Oxy’s party experience at least confirms that we are not just dealing with on-line caricatures of people like this–they really exist. Sometimes I have wondered, since I have been fortunate enough to been spared the experience of such encounters en masse.

    Maxwell Quest

    Oxy’s party experience is a snapshot of the profound sickness in western culture. The only cure, I’m afraid, is what Mister Roboto suggested, “a high-speed appointment with a brick wall”. It reminded me a favorite passage from Yogananda’s classic work, Autobiography of a Yogi: (highlights are mine)

    My guru could never be bribed, even by love. He showed no leniency to anyone who, like myself, willingly offered to be his disciple. Whether Master and I were surrounded by his students or by strangers, or were alone together, he always spoke plainly and upbraided sharply. No trifling lapse into shallowness or inconsistency escaped his rebuke. This flattening treatment was hard to endure, but my resolve was to allow Sri Yukteswar to iron out each of my psychological kinks. As he labored at this titanic transformation, I shook many times under the weight of his disciplinary hammer.

    “If you don’t like my words, you are at liberty to leave at any time,” Master assured me. “I want nothing from you but your own improvement. Stay only if you feel benefited.”

    For every humbling blow he dealt my vanity, for every tooth in my metaphorical jaw he knocked loose with stunning aim, I am grateful beyond any facility of expression. The hard core of human egotism is hardly to be dislodged except rudely. With its departure, the Divine finds at last an unobstructed channel. In vain It seeks to percolate through flinty hearts of selfishness.

    This is love. This is a true physician. Not all of us are ready, nor could we tolerate the searing discipline of a Master like Sri Yukteswar. Thus, life must be our teacher. In my own case, the healing process has been the occasional Mister Roboto-like brick wall crash, interspersed with long periods of having the ego slowly ground into a fine powder. And that, just to achieve some sense of sanity.

    Dr D Rich

    Come on D.
    Rochelle got you too?
    Her game, her con, her shtick is/are exactly what works for her and for what she has been rewarded.
    Her game is to project “I’m inoffensive” and onto her relatively blank slate, people “see” the imagined traits of sweet, amiable, sincere, harmless, caring, mothering and, yes, stupidity but assuredly not inoffensive ignorance.
    This Con-game works and, for this child forever trapped in a woman’s body, remains her permanent mask of sanity. Good girl!
    Mrs. Walensky’s affectation visibly drips with earnestness, eagerness to please, fealty, conviviality, polity, gentility, and constipated genteelness ad nauseam.
    She is the embodiment of the modern manager executive.

    Susan C

    I can’t resist sending this for my friends at TAE to watch. Thanks Illargi!

    Natasha From Russia With Love


    I picked up two pocketfuls of fallen velvet mesquite pods late last night while walking through a local park. This morning I ground them up with a coffee grinder and offered them to my hens. Success! They like it. 🙂 17% protein. I need to secure regular sources of the pods, however, velvet mesquite pods have just become a chicken feed additive. My own mesquite tree is not the “velvet” kind, and the pods are not for grinding into flour. I’m considering testing how easy it might be to sprout them, and feed the sprouts to the hens….

    Formerly T-Bear

    Oxymoron at # 104169
    John Pilger wrote a revealing book of Oz; “The Secret Country, The Hidden Australia” ISBN 0-394-57462-1 (Knopf) (and has lived in London ever since). Also, Robert Hughes’ “The Fatal Shore, The Epic of Australia’s Founding” ISBN 0-394-50668-5 (Knopf) narrates the ‘founding’ of the British presence on the continent (supposedly empty at that). It is not hard to conclude today’s Oz is an aggregation of lies. I have offended some readers by stating that the finest Australians descended from people not worth a rope and are ruled by the spawn of their warders; still standing by my words having spent a month traversing the continent and working with a number of sound transplants in the U.S. The books are old but their content is still sterling.

    All the best in contending with inbred authoritarians (numbering about 1 in 20) and whinging limeys (ubiquitous). I have experienced the Oz government and am still at boycott things Australian, do not will not support 3rd Reich British National Socialists.


    @Susan C

    I love Natasha From Russia with Love

    I couldn’t take my eyes off her!

    Figmund Sreud

    … stand-by for False Flag Attack. Yes. Any time now, … by Russia, of course!

    “There is significant danger that the Ukraine, the UK or the U.S. will launch a false flag attack in Ukraine.

    People have started to take note of the directional fear mongering that is coming from various ‘western’ officials.

    The Sirius Report @thesiriusreport – 23:36 UTC · Mar 12, 2022
    Setting the scene for a false flag?
    Polish President:
    If Putin uses weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine, NATO will have to think seriously about what to do.

    You would have to be sub 100 IQ not to see what is going on.

    To which I responded:

    Moon of Alabama @MoonofA – 17:56 UTC · Mar 13, 2022
    They are indeed doing this on all channels.
    IMHO an upcoming false flag attempt to get NATO into the fight.
    Historian and Russia expert Gilbert Doctorow points into the same direction:

    Warning: it is “highly likely” the United States is now about to carry out a ‘false flag’ operation in Ukraine in which it will accuse the Russians of using chemical weapons. “

    Ukraine – Officials Announce False Flag Attack – Sanctions Hit Back

    Anyway, … more carefully I read the tea leaves from my morning Dirty Chai – black tea with espresso coffee, more I see that U.S. is trying hardest to make sure the next step is a much, much wider war!

    … quietus!


    John Day

    @My Parents Said Know: From yesterday. Take fluoroquinolones if you get anthrax,
    They are ideal when they are the only reliable treatment. They do, occasionally, have a broad variety of weird adverse events (psychosis and death, for instance), so avoid them when there are other effective treatments with better overall risk profiles.


    7.9% inflation is 40 year high
    I don’t remember.
    I must have done the right decisions.
    I’m still here.
    I survived it 40 years ago.
    (How ….. consume less or earn more)

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice: Watch out. Mesquite is invasive and spreads through the roots.
    It is so widespread because cattle love it, and it is fairly drought-hardy.

    a kullervo

    In a closed system, creation implies destruction.

    Energy restrictions >> Population decrease >> Civilization collapse

    Apparently, TPTB are trying to stage a controlled demolition.
    If so, one possible question is: is a civilization’s controlled demolition feasible?

    Human beings are nothing more than chaotic agents.

    The good news are that tranquility will return once again.
    The bad news (from a human standpoint) are that there will be no humans around to enjoy it.

    Radical acceptance (peace of mind is the loneliest place to be.)

    Desires are the wages of ignorance.

    John Day

    @Oxymoron: Good work at the Entitled Snob Party last night, Mate!
    They are experiencing free-floating-anxiety and you Gave Them A Focus, for the moment, anyway.

    Good deed for the day is done. I hope you sleep well.
    I generally avoid discussions with those who only want to win at any cost.

    John Day

    a kullervo (Finnish name?) said:
    “In a closed system, creation implies destruction.

    Energy restrictions >> Population decrease >> Civilization collapse

    Apparently, TPTB are trying to stage a controlled demolition.
    If so, one possible question is: is a civilization’s controlled demolition feasible?

    Human beings are nothing more than chaotic agents.”

    Humans can make the transition from exploiters through destruction – to – Stewards of Living Systems,
    and the game will not be less-than-zero-sum, but a cooperative-reforestation model.
    It’s a good model. Jpan did it for hundreds of years.
    I’d rather try the “hopeless” than do nothing, myself.


    (The oligarch …. a very rich business leader with a great deal of political influence in every countries)

    The battle of the oligarch is getting dangerous for non-participating riffraf.
    The number of evacuees leaving the battlefields keep growing
    None of the oligarch are talking peace.
    Even the snobs have been manipulated/brain scrambled.


    I am not sure what the Russian aims are in Ukraine. If they do get a peace treaty the Ukrainians can just say it was signed under duress and can be ignored. NATO will pump huge amounts of weapons into Ukraine and Russia is back to square minus one.

    How do they intend to ‘de-nazify’ Ukraine? Exterminate the Azof Batallion? Go door to door in Kiev and round people up?

    The only way I see that Russia can ‘win’ is if they keep what they control.


    Gonzalo Lira

    He lives in Karkov with his wife and kids.

    His sources tell him that the US wants to stage a false flag chemical attack because the Empire of Lies has been lying tov the US public that Russia is losing the war and is desperate. This he says is not true.
    The all out media compaign in the West to portray the Ukranian forces defeating Russia at every turn is pure fantasy.

    Russia is very decisively winning and reaching their stated goal of destroying the Ukraine military and infrastructure.

    He says the Russia forces have surrounded all the principle Ukrainian forces and are in the process of slowly putting together the pieces to :

    Overwhelm them
    Overrun them
    or annihilate them

    a kullervo

    @John Day

    I kindly disagree:
    Humans are not meant to be ecological stewards (their short lifespans prevent them to perform the adequate assessment of the consequences of their acts); the homo sapiens sapiens ecological role is to perform a major overhaul of the planet’s surface.

    a kullervo

    If it’s in The Creator’s will, one day future generations will assess this moment with clear heads, and they will be dumbfounded with disgust.


    The economic crisis of 2008 was so much more fun than this one. People were building chicken coops, there were garden tours. I was a big part of that. I was primed by reading Kunstler. I hadn’t caught on to Ilargi at that point but I remember that overwrought woman who was the partner on theauotmaticearth who disappeared to New Zealand. After the fed induced financial shenanigans “normalized” the economy the local food movement died down + people went back to car driving consumerism. But I didn’t go for that. I literally have not bought a vegetable since, have almost 2 doz fruit trees + all kind of berries. I grow corn, beans + even have some winter wheat in the ground. Am I concerned or panicked about the coming NPK shortages. Absolutely not! I am amused up to my eyeballs! I have a nitrogen factory, everyone of us does! Our own urine is an incredibly great fertilizer and it is not even noxious because it needs to be diluted at about 8:1(big margin of error there, 6:1 to 12:1 is all good). Urine also has good amounts of (P)hosphoous and Potasium(K). I live in an arid region. Arid regions mostly have soil loaded with K and never need it. I am set for P too, but that’s another story…

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