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    Dr D Rich

    “At issue is a demolition of the remnants of Pax Americana, and that means rearranging contemporary combined West into the entity, or entities, which will forget about causing wars and violence around the world for a long while. That’s the prize and Russia is succeeding in capturing it. Xi knows it, he is a very smart and educated politician.”


    We know who ((they)) are and I suspect Xi and Putin want the idealized America they knew and respected to be rid of useless ticks and festering sores.


    One of these kids complained that her childhood was stolen





    I think most of us here are aware that we are up against fuckwits, professional liars and saboteurs (or if you prefer, fuckwits professional liars and saboteurs have declared war on us).

    Here is the latest example of climate lunacy (blatant fraud) on Airstrip Five.

    IPCC report author Bronwyn Hayward says New Zealand cities can tackle transport and construction emissions themselves

    Bronwyn Hayward, a political science professor at Canterbury University, was one of 50 authors of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report.

    No actual chemistry in any of their ‘climate science’ of course.

    John Day

    “Truth Breakiing Out”

    ​ ​Chinese President Xi Jinping has arrived in Moscow on Monday for what Beijing is calling a “trip for peace” – but at a moment the White House is emphasizing “We don’t support calls for a ceasefire right now,” according to the words of White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby. “We certainly don’t support calls for a ceasefire that would be called for by the PRC in a meeting in Moscow that would simply benefit Russia,” Kirby said…
    ​..​”I am very glad, at the invitation of President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, to come back to the land of our close neighbor on a state visit,” Mr. Xi said upon arrival. He added: “China and Russia are good neighbors and reliable partners connected by mountains and rivers.”
    ​ ​Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that China’s 12-point peace plan in Ukraine will top the agenda. “One way or another, issues raised in (Beijing’s) plan for Ukraine will be touched upon during the negotiations,” he said. “Comprehensive explanations will be given by President Putin” of the Russian position.”​
    ..”We are open for a negotiating process on Ukraine,” ​[President Putin]​ added. He noted to Xi that “we have looked at your proposals for the resolution of the Ukraine conflict” and previewed that “we will discuss this question.”

    ​ Moon of Alabama looks at a flurry of recent multilateral diplomacy which is leaving US/NATO power-relationships behind for a new era of peaceful international trade relationships and agreements. Lots of specifics and good contextual analysis. Peaceful trade without paying “insurance” to the empire is now on offer.
    Geopolitical Rumblings Leave U.S. Behind

    ​ ​Xi wrote. “We have been active in practicing true multilateralism, promoting the common values of humanity, and championing the building of a new type of international relations and a community with a shared future for mankind.”
    ​ ​“We have every reason to expect that China and Russia, as fellow travelers on the journey of development and rejuvenation, will make new and greater contributions to human advancement.”
    ​ ​“The world today is going through profound changes unseen in a century,” Xi wrote in an article published on Sunday by Rossiyskaya Gazeta. “The historical trend of peace, development and win-win cooperation is unstoppable. The prevailing trends of world multipolarity, economic globalization and greater democracy in international relations are irreversible.”​ …
    Xi .. noted that the world faces “traditional and non-traditional security challenges,” as well as “damaging acts of hegemony, domination and bullying.” He added that countries around the world are “eager to find a cooperative way out of the crisis” as they try to get through a “long and tortuous global economic recovery.” …
    ..“We believe that as long as all parties embrace the vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, and pursue equal-footed, rational and results-oriented dialogue and consultation, they will find a reasonable way to resolve the crisis, as well as a broad path toward a world of lasting peace and common security,” Xi said. He added that China’s plan takes into account the “legitimate security concerns of all countries.”

    ​Former Director of Central Intelligence, George HW Bush, illegally negotiated with Iran to prevent an agreement between Iran and the Carter administration in their (legal) secret negotiations to free American hostages. This announcement by Ben Barnes cracks open the door to that perfidy.​
    ​ ​As former President Jimmy Carter nears death, an aging Texas politician has come forward to get something big off his chest — claiming that, in 1980, he accompanied former Texas governor John Connally on a whirlwind Middle East tour aimed at keeping Americans hostage of Iran until after the presidential election that elevated Ronald Reagan to power.
    ​ ​“History needs to know that this happened,” 85-year-old Ben Barnes tells the New York Times. “I think it’s so significant and I guess knowing that the end is near for President Carter put it on my mind more and more and more. I just feel like we’ve got to get it down some way.” Barnes is a former Democratic speaker of the Texas House and lieutenant governor.
    ​ ​The claims that Reagan cronies worked to prolong the Iran hostage crisis and torpedo President Carter’s reelection bid aren’t new, but Barnes is by far the most prominent figure to step forward and claim to have been a witness to such a conspiracy.
    ​ ​In the wake of the 1979 Iranian revolution, college students sympathetic with the revolution overran the US embassy in Tehran and took 66 Americans hostage. The long crisis that ensured dominated the presidency of Carter..​.

    John Day

    The spin is that Biden is getting Buffet to help save banking. That does not seem possible with derivatives having become even larger and more pervasive of a factor than when they kicked-off the 2008 crisis after Lehman’s assets got snapped up by super-senior holders of derivatives options, preventing an orderly unwinding of Lehman trades and debts. it seems likely that post-crisis arrangements are being made now, as the crisis seems unavoidable. Those derivatives cannot be unwound in an orderly way.​ Buffet likes to deploy cash to mop up valuable assets in a crisis. He’s got plenty of cash.
    ​ ​Biden In Touch With Buffett On Bank Crisis
    ​ ​According to Bloomberg, Berkshire’s Warren Buffett has been in touch with senior officials in President Joe Biden’s administration in recent days as the regional banking crisis goes from bad to worse to Savings And Loan 2.0 (if only America had any savings left).
    ​ ​The buzz of private jet activity centering on Omaha was first reported by Fuzzy Panda who noted that “a large number (>20) of Private Jets landed in Omaha yesterday afternoon” with jets flying from HQs of Regional Banks, Ski Resorts & DC, and prompting the question “Did Buffett just fly all the regional bank CEOs into Omaha & offer a deal to SAVE the banks?”

    ​ Mish Sedlock points out that savings banks need to be safe for savings, which was well understood by Glass, Stegall and FDR in 1933 when the Glass Stegall Act was signed to separate (risky) investment banking from (safe, conservative) savings banking for most American citizens.
    ​ The Perfect Solution to the Banking Crisis Is to Make a Truly Safe Bank
    We don’t need to up the FDIC limit, we need to eliminate the need for FDIC and create a safekeeping bank.
    Specifically, we need a bank that puts 100% of its assets in overnight treasuries and makes zero loans. The bank would not need any loan officers or many operational personnel for obvious reasons. There would be no need for FDIC guarantees because there would be zero risk of a run and zero risk of losses. We can still keep the FDIC term in place, but realistically it would not be needed. In essence, we would create a 100% reserve bank.

    ​ ​Last week, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem broadcast a warning on the Tucker Carlson show about a bill that passed her State House and Senate that she was forced to veto because it changed the definition of money and banned non-govt-issued cryptocurrency like Bitcoin…
    ​ ​As Daniel Horowitz notes in his initial warning dated March 2, 2023:
    ​ ​“The revisions to Article I are very clear now that Bitcoin will not be money, because even though the definition provides for electronic money … it says that an asset that is adopted by a government as its medium of exchange will not qualify as money … if the electronic asset, such as Bitcoin, existed before it was adopted by the government. So Bitcoin, of course, exists today; it existed before El Salvador adopted it as its currency … so it will never be money for UCC purposes. The same for other kinds of crypto currencies.” So there you have it. Officials clearly mean to pave the way for CBDC while explicitly barring all​ ​competition​…
    ..In essence, was the SVB banking collapse, a designed crisis? And as a result, was the federal government response predetermined and just waiting to be triggered?
    ​ ​When asked last week why her legislature would do this, Noem responded the state politicians likely did not read the bill as it was constructed by lobbyists.​…
    ..​The states in green on the map below are states where the UCC revision bill has already been introduced

    Action Alert – List of States Where “Money” Is Being Redefined and Non Govt Issued Cryptocurrency Is Being Banned

    ​ Meryl Nass MD presents this:
    ​ ​Daniel Horowitz: DeSantis’ state compact against ESG is the blueprint to fighting federal-corporate fascism
    ​ ​While we all slept for a number of years past, the federal government has worked with global governments and corporations to remake our society, economy, culture, laws, and policy. More recently, these governments and corporations have built an enforcement mechanism against anyone on the wrong side of “total state” values. It’s a trap of human life, liberty, and property that is seemingly incorrigible save one escape hatch that still remains in Madison’s original design. Now Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is utilizing that escape hatch and plowing a path for using it on every other important issue of our time.

    John Day

    ​ My reaction to this bill was that it would probably not declassify information from the US bioweapons lab in Ft. Detrick MD. it won’t.
    ​ ​Bill Passed by House and Senate to Declassify COVID Origins Documents May Be Attempt to ‘Frame’ China, Experts Warn
    Lawmakers misrepresented a bill requiring the declassification of documents related to the origins of COVID-19, according to several experts who warned that contrary to what the public was told, the legislation limits the types of documents the government must declassify — and that raises questions about the bill’s real intent.​ ​

    Fort Detrick: What I dug up in 2021, about the bioweapons lab there, the closure of the lab in July 2019 for “breach” and the mysterious viral pneumonia that killed people at a nearby retirement community that July and August. Only “common cold virus” was ever found.

    But, “Vaccines Save Lives” is such a good story! Whaddaya mean “they don’t”? (I was lectured in Med School that the big life-saving intervention was sewers and clean water supplies, after the class was asked what we thought it had been. It was not penicillin.) Thanks Luc.
    ​ ​Published in 1977 in The Millbank Memorial Fund Quarterly, the McKinlay’s study was titled, “The Questionable Contribution of Medical Measures to the Decline of Mortality in the United States in the Twentieth Century.” The study clearly proved, with data, something that the McKinlay’s acknowledged might be viewed by some as medical “heresy.” Namely:
    ​ ​“that the introduction of specific medical measures and/or the expansion of medical services are generally not responsible for most of the modern decline in mortality.”
    ​ ​By “medical measures,” the McKinlay’s really meant ANYTHING modern medicine had come up with, whether that was antibiotics, vaccines, new prescription drugs, whatever. The McKinlay’s 23-page study really should be read cover to cover, but in a nutshell the McKinlay’s sought to analyze how much of an impact medical interventions (antibiotics, surgery, vaccines) had on this massive decline in mortality rates between 1900 and 1970:

    ​..​92.3% of the mortality rate decline happened between 1900 and 1950 [before most vaccines existed]
    ​ ​Medical measures “appear to have contributed little to the overall decline in mortality in the United States since about 1900–having in many instances been introduced several decades after a marked decline had already set in and having no detectable influence in most instances.”​…..In plain English: of the total decline in mortality since 1900, that 74% number I keep mentioning, vaccines (and other medical interventions like antibiotics) were responsible for somewhere between 1% and 3.5% of that decline.

    ​ ​Report Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ in Children Made Public After CDC, HHS Tried to Block It
    ​ ​The NTP, an interagency program run by HHS that researches and reports on environmental toxins, conducted a six-year systematic review to assess scientific studies on fluoride exposure and potential neurodevelopmental and cognitive health effects in humans.
    ​ ​The report, containing a monograph and a meta-analysis, went through two rounds of peer review by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Comments from reviewers and HHS and NTP’s responses also were included in the report released Wednesday.
    ​ ​According to its website, the NTP “removed the hazardous classification of fluoride” in response to comments in the peer-review process. Yet, the report states:
    ​ ​“Our meta-analysis confirms results of previous meta-analyses and extends them by including newer, more precise studies with individual-level exposure measures.​”​
    ​ ​“The data support a consistent inverse association between fluoride exposure and children’s IQ …
    ​ ​“The results were robust to stratifications by risk of bias, gender, age group, outcome assessment, study location, exposure timing, and exposure type (including both drinking water and urinary fluoride).”
    ​ ​“These findings fly in the face of the empty, unscientific claims U.S. health officials have propagated for years, namely that water fluoridation is safe and beneficial,” said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

    Report Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ in Children Made Public After CDC, HHS Tried to Block It


    The Fed by raising interest rates has been trying to slow down the economy.
    Commodity charts, like oil and copper, are now showing early signs that the economy is starting to roll over.
    For what it is worth.


    The Garden of Earthy Delights. I don’t remember who it was who much earlier noted Bosch’s artwork and his relevance to today. I bookmarked it then, wonderful musical accompaniment to the comment. I bookmarked it then but have since lost the bookmark. Perhaps whoever it was will comment and leave a link. I hope so.

    John Day

    @WES: WTI was at $66/bbl today when I checked. That’s a suppressed economy at the end of spring break.


    Wyatt Earp. He saw his duty and he did it. What a concept.

    Dr D Rich

    @John Day

    Therapeutic Nihilism is nothing new and still saves a few lives and lessens suffering. I wrote about it in 1985 and ppl noticed.

    Kristi Noem can prattle on about outlawing cryptocurrency but the NSA and Feds writ large didn’t and their/the answer is/was Monero:XMR at least since 2017.

    In an O-6 uniform i stood against Torture and its Bush Presidency Advocates, against the Marines Run Amok at Haditha and advocated for the prosecution of military physicians that were present at The Monumental War Crime that was Fallujah. Yet it’s more than atrocious symmetry that spares ICC Indictment for all those aforementioned malevolent actors who targeted children intentionally while ICC indicts Putin for removing children from Harm’s Way.

    There’s only so much time to live



    I think contagion is hard.
    They make pathogens but they don’t fly. They have to sneak them into “vaccines”. Nature has a built in brick wall when it comes to contagion. Benign contagion- the common cold, for example- is the only sort that works. Deadly, ubiquitous contagion is dead-end.


    Dr D said

    I disagree, there was definitely a virus.

    But influenza magically disappeared while Covid was around, then came back when Covid disappeared. Magic. Similar to how father christmas magically appears when Dad disappears and then Dad returns when Father Christmas disappears: obviously, no connection. However, have you ever noticed how Dad and Father Christmas look very similar, same as influenza symptons and Covid symptoms are almost indistinguishable: obviously, no connection. Believe what you will but for me the PCR test was the Covid: there was no Father Christmas, it was Dad all along.

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