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    John Day

    The House has not yet taken this up, but should also vote to declassify. What do they mean by “All” here? I suspect Ft. Detricks MD still gets to keep secrets about the “breach” in 2019 that made them close up shop that summer. Thanks Luc.
    BREAKING: Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to Declassify All Docs Related to the Origins of COVID

    Some unanswered questions and circumstantial evidence I dug up 2 years ago, which points to Fort Detrick Maryland as a likely site of the initial leak of SARS-CoV2 in the spring of 2019, leading to a local outbreak in a retirement community, with mysterious deaths from “common cold”.

    Thanks Luc: Bill Gates Arrest Warrant Issued in Philippines For ‘Premeditated Murder’ Linked To Vaccine Roll Out

    Bill Gates Arrest Warrant Issued in Philippines For ‘Premeditated Murder’ Linked To Vaccine Roll Out

    Forests draw rain patterns. Cut down forests and rain decreases in the area.
    Tropical deforestation causes large reductions in observed precipitation

    those darned kids

    for mr. biden:


    Janet Yellen, another Jew telling the white goyim that they have to support the Zelensky Jew, support Soros’ WEF capture of Russia. She, a Jew, is happy to support the use of the Nazis of Ukraine, the people who supposedly committed the worse crime ever against the Jews. Got to wonder.


    Journal of Clinical & Experimental Immunology

    “A worldwide Bayesian causal Impact analysis suggests that COVID-19 gene therapy (mRNA vaccine) causes more COVID-19 cases per million and more non-Covid deaths per million than are associated with COVID-19
    An abundance of studies has shown that the mRNA vaccines are neither safe nor effective, but outright dangerous.




    East Palestine basically got the same treatment

    The village of Huwara was ransacked by Jewish settlers on Sunday evening

    Coming to a town near you after the great reset …


    The criminal psychopaths are trying really hard to convince their victims that black is white, that war is peace and that being lied to and robbed by the very same criminal psychopaths is health and prosperity:

    ‘New poll shows Biden’s approval highest in years as Trump’s popularity slumps hard’

    They’ve even got blue-and-yellow icons to ‘prove it’.


    Another Jew shooting civilian women and children:

    Putin branded the incident “yet another terrorist attack, another crime… they entered the border territory and opened fire at civilians.”

    Denis Nikitin’s real last name is Kapustin. He is about 39 years old and was born in Russia. In 2001, his family moved to Cologne, Germany – taking advantage of rules on Jewish relocation – where Nikitin became interested in martial arts.

    “Nikitin had become a key figure among the far-right extremists in Europe,” noted Robert Claus. According to some anti-Nazi reports, in addition to organizing sports tournaments with a heavy far-right slant, Nikitin financially sponsored neo-Nazis and bankrolled their music festivals.

    Same old story, the Jew provides the money and the amorality.

    D Benton Smith

    A Great deal of time and treasure (yours!) has been invested in gaslighting the masses (even the relatively clever masses) into believing that folks who sought and spoke unvarnished truth were crazies, unworthy of respect, and deserving only pity, rebuke and ridicule (at best). This resulted in its intended effect, of preventing, hiding, obfuscating, devaluing, and subtly altering the study of Earth’s real history. And THAT has resulted in the near total erasure of THE RECORDED LESSONS OF HISTORY from the public mind.

    And yet those duly recorded (but publicly discounted and disrespected) records exist in numerous places, in ample quantity, and attested as true by the greatest minds of all time. Those lessons are simple, and they are true, and if a civilization fails to abide by them ASSIDUOUSLY, then that civilization will not merely fail, it will fail HORRIBLY.

    First and foremost of those lessons is that the Creator of the Universe is a divine and aware creative consciousness that can and does speak helpful and redeeming truth to all of us in terms that we can (and DO) understand. Adherence to that truth is what is known as Good. Denial or repudiation of that truth is called Evil.

    Read Plato’s discourse with Solon. Read The Oera Linda Book, or decipher the recorded history of Jesus, Gautama Siddhartha, and a literal myriad of others.

    What you will find is that these lessons of observation, hard work and honesty have been attained (and then lost) many many times . . . . in precisely the same manner as we are experiencing now.

    Save yourself some trouble and go learn them the easy way, and then follow their advice the hard way.


    In praise of pumpkins.

    It being autumn here, I am busy clearing annuals that have done their dash.

    It really struck me today how wonderful pumpkin plants are. Starting from a moderate-size seed, a plant emerges that grows at a spectacular rate.

    In order to collect as much sunlight as possible in the shortest time possible, it produces leaves up to five times the size of my hand and covers area of the order of 10 square metres, capturing most of the chlorophyl wavelengths and converting into chemical energy.

    Not wasting resources on solid stems, the plant produces stems that are hollow and race across flat ground. But given the opportunity, will also climb almost anything, hanging on with leaves that evolved long ago into grasping tendrils.

    The roots on the other hand, are rubbery and solid, to extract water and mineral from the ground.

    In just 3 or 4 months, this remarkable plant produces one of the largest (if not the largest) fruit found anywhere.

    At this stage I have harvested fourteen at about 4kg each.

    Unlike tomatoes and many other poorly protected fruits, can be stored for months.


    A creepy senile pedophile pretend president is going to ‘lead’ the Empire of Lies®, with no industrial base, into a two front war with Russia and China.

    A twofer.

    What’s not to feel confident about.

    Russia with the largest natural resource and energy base spanning 12 time zones on the Planet Earth and China with over a billion people working in an industrial sector with a production capacity TEN times larger than Empire of Lies on a good day and it’s aging decrepit has-been 20th century infrastructure which has a third world Shithole rail system.

    Sounds like a recipe for the Empire of Lies® to get eviscerated and then gutted from it’s asshole to it’s Adams Apple.

    Go Empire of Lies®, go dominate the world with your enormous pack of Lies.

    Bed Pan Biden, leading the charge. more speed Pedo Joe, more speed!



    ‘Save yourself some trouble and go learn them the easy way, and then follow their advice the hard way.’

    The last book I published before giving up trying to wake the masses (who don’t read at all or rarely get beyond the TV guide and trashy magazines) was titled The Easy Way.

    About a year ago I lent a copy to someone who does read.

    She agreed that things are in a bad way but could not accept that 9/11 was an inside job, despite the abundant evidence.

    Matrix is incredibly strong and has a vice-like grip on the minds of the masses.

    Rather than admit that jabs are ineffective/toxic, many look for obscure explanations for their own illness.

    It will all come to an end soon. That’s why I’m working such long hours.

    Veracious Poet


    Learn some history before believing the propaganda.

    Bahkmut was a ‘Strategic city’, now it’s reported as a ‘city that has limited strategic value“

    War in Donbas (2014–2022)


    Bakhmut is to be renamed [by the liberating forces] according to Dima’s report on the Military Summary Channel.

    I guess NATO will be happy about that. Yet another defeat down the memory hole because ‘it never existed’.

    How long before the Actor of Kiev gets consigned by NATO down the memory hole?

    John Day

    Reason for firings at key US nuclear base revealed – CNN
    Six members of staff were reportedly dismissed following a failed safety inspection

    (It had nothing to do with UFOs)


    Ecologist Dr Tara McAllister rejected the ‘inaccurate assertion that my tīpuna did not do science’.

    The article she is criticising

    I can see why woke is a religion: the ugliest and most unhealthy in society can now feel wanted in the church of woke, where ugly and fat are virtues and they take pride in disgusting and shocking the rest of society. After all, everyone wants someone to love them, woke is doing that for these ugly duckings. Of course, being nice people would also make them attractive, but that means losing Miss Selfish.


    And so our voices tangle into chatter;
    Aware, but without power, we fade to dust.
    Perhaps we can do nothing that will matter,
    But step aside and do the things we must.


    It took two people to write that nzherald article, yet it doesn’t actually explain how Mātauranga Māori is science, nor when it quotes McAllister saying there are “so many great examples of how mātauranga can enhance science” does it offer any of these examples. An earlier article (July 2021) quoting that exact line (“… my tīpuna did not do science”, which is not in the body of the article linked from the comment but only in the caption of her photo) has at least an example for Mātauranga Māori having empirical characteristics, but that other article also quotes Daniel Hikuroa talking about embedding knowledge that reveals how his understanding of science as a method for generating knowledge is flawed (ie., science is actually apophatic, inherently fragile with assertion and antifragile through rejection, [thus: defeasible] which is why any political program built upon it as method is fundamentally destructive of the object —the polis.).

    Not that I found Dawkins’ tiny rant/essay illuminating or insightful or illustrative or informing, as it really does come from the same provincial fixation and lack of curiosity that’s fueled his writing for fifty years. He doesn’t do science, so the points McAllister states that he doesn’t do research nor understands what he’s talking about are accurate. Boring, maybe so, but that’s open to preference.

    Dr D Rich, I don’t disagree with your observations: not all people learn from their experiences nor approach learning with a desire or a motivation or a reason or a drive to improve one’s self or the environment of others. And, yeah, I also knew some psychopaths and malevolent people who were cops, EMTs, &c, who got off on the power, the access, the tools. Many cultures do allow children to participate in the slaughter of animals for food (or, with flies or gnats or spiders, slaughter for the sake of suburban aesthetics or hygiene), where they learn about the fragility of flesh —but clearly how the Mystery gets handled through the values and philosophical praxis of the culture and community matters greatly here. To me, your observations help diversify the forest I was hiking through.

    On that note, I also appreciate how phoenixvoice and Doc Robinson’s exchange adds further wildlife and tumbling creeks to that forest of pain and action: all of this shows that incorporation of the lessons of pain and the will to act is important for instructing and guiding people into knowing not just what they themselves are capable of but also how they value others, where they situate the suffering of others, what they must do for/with others if they choose to live with themselves afterwards.

    It is exactly this that, I take it, permeates the larger dynamics when jb-hb and Dr D tug at hard-working-yet-vid-watching Afewknowthetruth, or when kultsommer or Veracious Poet urge for grounding in mindful compassion (or rocketing off with mild contempt for the sophomore crowds) when citizenx or Germ rather let the consequences happen to those who chose it to happen to others. Or how all of us not there in Bakhmut or either Palestine talk about how lives end, safely yet effectively, as a way to talk about what we take our ethical obligations to be. Maybe it’s to turn inward, maybe outward, maybe byward, or without words. I don’t know, but I do know that an heirloom ugly pumpkin I put googly-eyes and moustache on for Halloween 2019 sat in my public library for at least a whole year, I then put it in a worm bin, and many months later used some of that compost soil in a pot, where in early 2022 to my surprise up sprouted a little pumpkin vine that I transplanted into a wilded section of the lawn, where it took root and then spread out and over the pokeberry and cat-hiding grass, eventually fruiting three large pumpkins that now sit in my storage room here in early 2023, blinded and unbearded, having outlived all those doomed sprouts who yielded back to the bin’s damp darkness whatever gifts they received from the endless churning of Wormworld.

    Maybe, plant potatoes and pumpkins?

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