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    Cave of swimmers, Gilf Kebir plateau, Sahara c6000 BCE   • Just 7.3% Of Stockholm Had COVID19 Antibodies By End Of April (G.) • Brazil Suffers Re
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    Our leaders did this to the rifraf.

    • US Layoffs Spread Despite Businesses Reopening (R.)
    Good idea. The rifraf will be too stupid to realize that the money is meant to be spent and save the rich.

    • New Zealand Discussing ‘Helicopter Money’ Handouts To Stimulate Economy (R.)
    This was not done by the dumb uneducated rifraf. Look at the regular suspects – the educated accountants, lawyers, and bankers.
    • Washington State Loses 100s Of Millions Of Dollars In Unemployment Fraud (ST)
    Is that all? I guess the counting was done by an accountant. The rifraf would count the trillions that were printed.
    • America’s 600+ Billionaires So Far Made $434 Billion During The Pandemic (F.)
    The elites don’t like the truth. The truth will land you in jail


    The rich are eating their young.
    Will Trump move under a bridge?

    The second great depression in commercial real estate has arrived, many shopping malls and hotels may not survive.

    Dr. D

    “Youth Chase Police off Beach” In mild, law-abiding Holland.

    “Migrants Riot for Fourth Consecutive Night in Paris”

    How can that be? “We told them” to follow the law! Don’t they know rioting is illegal? You know what we need? More government. Then they shall taunt thee a second time.

    “to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.” With riots and armed force if necessary. Blah blah reading blah blah boring, “Respect my author-i-tie! Don’t you know who I am?”

    But if not, we could all end up in Belmarsh for telling the obvious truth. Either way. Because, lacking objective reality, all things are equally good, who am I to judge?

    The parties supporting Epstein and Weinstein have lasting problems with “consent”, of governed or otherwise.

    If you want to be a great leader,
    you must learn to follow the Tao.
    Stop trying to control.
    Let go of fixed plans and concepts,
    and the world will govern itself.

    The more prohibitions you have,
    the less virtuous people will be.
    The more weapons you have,
    the less secure people will be.
    The more subsidies you have,
    the less self-reliant people will be.

    Therefore the Master says:
    I let go of the law,
    and people become honest.
    I let go of economics,
    and people become prosperous.
    I let go of religion,
    and people become serene.
    I let go of all desire for the common good,
    and the good becomes common as grass.
    When the government is too intrusive,
    people lose their spirit.

    Act for the people’s benefit.
    Trust them; leave them alone.

    Nah. What fun would the world be if I didn’t tell everybody on earth what to do?


    Dr. D:

    You can pretty much tell which states are police states by the number of protests!



    I think we will find that the Nigerians scamming Washington State’s unemployment system, live in Washington State!



    …. live in Washington State!
    learned the Washington State system because he’s an university educated graduate enabler of Washington State.
    will also apply for the whistleblower reward for reporting his partners and also get witness protection and live happily ever after enjoying lalaland teaching at the university.



    I suspect the scammers sent the money to Nigeria to be cleaned in a laundry mat before being sent back stateside!

    Same as the Ukraine laundry mat operation Congress set up!



    Here in Toronto we are finally getting some nice spring weather!

    Too late for Victoria Weekend though.


    I see that Remdesivir does not work! Basically useless!

    But we at TAE already knew that!


    Tonight Canada surpasses China’s official coronavirus cases!

    Canada passed China’s official death rate over 3,000 deaths ago!


    The beach is so fascinating right now- all those shells and flotsam and whatnot- there are fish we could never catch flopping around- you can just pick them up.
    Look! Over there! I swear it’s a treasure chest, overflowing with jewels! C’mon- we can haul this in if we work together.
    Pay no attention to that dark line on the horizon. Look how slow it is- it won’t get here for a long time. If we all could just work together we can have the pot of gold! If we just work together things will be just fine.
    Together we can fight the virus. But what about that approaching wave?



    You will be perfectly safe if you just wear a mask!

    A life jacket is optional.

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