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    > The world’s first trillion-airs are likely to be the partners in the law firm that wins a class action suit over (untested, uncertified) anti-corona virus injections pandered as vaccines. <

    Nice notion, but I don’t think anything like that is going happen (though it would, in a just world).


    deleted, double post.


    Protasevich has a neo-Nazi and anti-communist background. He is a sympathizer of the Pahonia Detachment4, a Belarusian militia that has fought alongside the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine’s post-Maidan civil war.

    The group describes itself as a “non-governmental organization that helps Belarusian volunteers in Ukraine,” on Twitter.

    On March 28, 2017, the Committee to Protect Journalists reported that Protasevich was detained on charges of hoolianism for 10 days shortly before.
    According to his Facebook page, Protasevich moved to Prague, Czech Republic, on December 1, 2017.8

    On April 12, 2018, he arrived in Warsaw, Poland. On April 20, 2018, he flew via Brussels to Washington.On April 23, 2018, he posted a picture with the subtitle “The most important week in my life begins.” The same day he posted a picture of himself inside the US State Department, stating “Never had so many important and interesting encounters in my life. Tired but very pleased.” In DC he met with fellow regime change swamp creature, the Ukrainian-American Gleb Zhavoronkov.

    John Day

    Blog is up: “Germ Warfare” in honor of serious research presented here daily.
    Picture this morning with Mexican-avocado seedlings in Austin garden is included.

    Pepe Escobar reviews Disintegration, Indicator of the Coming American Collapse (I might substitute “Imperial” for “American”. It’s not just Americans behind this.)
    One of Martyanov’s key assessments is that having lost the arms race and every single war it unleashed in the 21st century – as the record shows – geoeconomics is essentially a “euphemism for America’s non-stop sanctions and attempts to sabotage the economies of any nation capable of competing with the United States” (see, for instance, the ongoing Nord Stream 2 saga). This is “the only tool” (his italics) the US is using trying to halt its decline.
    ​ ​On a chapter on Energy, Martyanov demonstrates how the US shale oil adventure is financially non-viable, and how a rise in oil exports was essentially due to the US “pickin up’ quotas freed chiefly as a result of Russia and Saudi Arabia’s earlier cuts within OPEC + in an attempt to balance the world’s oil market”.
    ​ ​In Chapter 7, Losing the Arms Race, Martyanov expands on the key theme he’s the undisputed superstar: the United States cannot win wars. Inflicting Hybrid War is another matter entirely, as in creating “a lot of misery around the world, from effectively starving people to killing them outright”.
    ​ ​A glaring example has been “maximum pressure” economic sanctions on Iran. But the point is these tools – which also included the assassination of Gen Soleimani – that are part of the arsenal of “spreading democracy” have nothing to do with “geoeconomics”, but have “everything to do with the raw power plays designed to achieve the main Clausewitzian object of war – ‘to compel our enemy to do our will’”. And “for America, most of the world is the enemy”.
    ​ ​Martyanov also feels compelled to update what he’s been excelling at for years: the fact that the arrival of hypersonic missiles “has changed warfare forever”. The Khinzal, deployed way back in 2017, has a range of 2,000 km and “is not interceptable by existing US anti-missile systems”. The 3M22 Zircon “changes the calculus of both naval and ground warfare completely”. The US lag behind Russia in air-defense systems is “massive, and both quantitative and qualitative”.
    ​ ​Disintegration additionally qualifies as a sharp critique of the eminently post-modernist phenomenon – starring infinite cultural fragmentation and the refusal to accept that “truth is knowable and can be agreed upon” – responsible for the current social re-engineering of the US, in tandem with an oligarchy that “realistically, is not very bright, despite being rich”.
    ​ ​And then there’s rampant Russophobia. Martyanov sounds the definitive red alert: “Of course, the United States is still capable of starting a war with Russia, but if it does so, this will mean only one thing – the United States will cease to exist, as will most of the human civilization. The horrific thing is that there are some people in the US for whom even this price is too small to pay.”
    ​ ​In the end, a cool scientific intellect cannot but rely on sound realpolitik: assuming the US avoids complete disintegration into “separatist territories”, Martyanov stresses that the only way for the American “elite” to maintain any kind of control “over generations increasingly woke or desensitized by drugs” is through tyranny.

    ​I will comment that the Biden Administration withdrawing sanctions against the Nordstream-2 pipeline is a signal that the end of the unipolar moment has finally been understood by the Western elites.​

    Tom Luongo has been following the Basel-3 accord, and it’s implementation delay, but thinks it will be implemented in early 2022, resulting in a global monetary reset to the gold standard.
    Russia and China are well prepared, with substantial gold holdings (and more off-the-books). Most countries, as I was reading last year, are fairly prepared with proportional gold reserves, to fall into line with a global monetary regime reset back to gold. There will be a massive loss of “value” in speculative assets leveraged on the current debt-based-fiat monetary system. Large commercial banks get cut out in this deal. Credit unions and local retail-banking should likely be preserved.
    So, Basel III is coming to destroy the paper gold markets and destroy the money center banks in New York and London while setting the stage to bail out the euro-zone. Higher gold prices are the answer to all of these things. Think of it this way, in a world where debt assets are failing and new private forms of custodial assets are rising in mindshare, what’s the only real weapon the central banks have to maintain credibility?
    Their gold reserves.
    How do you, if you are the ECB, use that weapon simultaneously against your two main competitors, the commercial banking interests in New York and London and the nascent crypto anarchists? You deploy your gold and steal everyone’s thunder.

    Basel III and the New Role For Gold

    That reset-to-gold-standard is not quite the “tyranny” the “American elites” must use to maintain control, which the Disintegration analysis spoke of.
    Techno-tyranny is the preferred format, which is already in evidence.
    We know that completely-electronic finance, with all users tracked in time and space by their smartphones, is working swell for the CCP in Chinese cities.
    It’s progressing well enough without the social-credit-score in western cities.
    Is that enough tyranny? Where is the “insurance policy”?

    John Day

    A little expanded from earlier…

    John Ward: COVID-19,What’s The Big Idea?
    The essential thrust is that most people want the necessities of life, a little fun, and protection from threats.
    The small group of humans controlling the current system very much want to maintain power for the foreseeable future, and only need a few of the people to serve them well towards that end. Most of the people are just using up limited resources without any benefit to the owners, which is not ecologically sustainable. COVID-19 is being used to direct people, and to induce them to change their ways. It’s functionality as a social driver is being studied. It does seem to be reaching its limits after about a year and a half. It never completely took hold of the popular mentality as effectively as they might have hoped, either.
    (Christine Lagarde dropped a hint about near-term financial-reset, and John reproduced it here.)
    COVID19: what’s the big idea?

    I left this comment to his extensive post:
    ​ ​For your consideration, within the context of “Trust is good; control is better”.
    Why such an overwhelming push for gene-therapy vaccines? Not just vaccines, but genetic insertion technologies?
    I, a practicing (COVID-treating with oral antivirals) Physician, remain plagued by this lingering question.
    I am not convinced that mundane greed is enough to explain this pervasive intensity of persuasive force to be “vaccinated”.
    Lookee here… (What if you could insert a “back-door” in every human? What would you do with it?)
    ​ ​About Gene Drives
    ​ ​Gene drives are a gene-editing application that allows genetic engineers to drive a single artificial trait through an entire population by ensuring that all of an organism’s offspring carry that trait. For example, recent experiments are fitting mice with “daughterless” gene drives that will cascade through mouse populations so that only male pups are born, ensuring that the population becomes extinct after a few generations.
    ​ ​Proponents have framed gene drives as a breakthrough tool for eradicating pests or invasive species. However, the Gene Drive Files reveal that these “conservation” efforts are primarily supported by military funds.

    About the Gene Drive Files

    Doc Robinson

    The vaccine biodistribution is not just an issue with the mRNA injections, it is relevant for viral vector vaccines like J&J and AZ/Oxford,

    Although, the modern viral vectors that are used in CoViD vaccines are silenced (replication-deficient), each dose of the vaccine contains a very high viral load (e.g., 50 billion viral particles per dose in Ox/AZ or J&J/Janssen CoViD-19 vaccines whereas 100 billion viral particles per dose in the Sputnik-V). The viral particles are unlikely to be confined to the muscles at the injection site; they are free to distribute across the body and drain through the lymphatic system; their apparent volume of distribution is likely to be very high. The biodistribution of ChaAdOx1 [AZ/Oxford] containing HBV in BALB/c mice (study 0841MV38.001) indicated the highest viral levels at the injection site, but low levels of virus were still detected after 24 hours of injection in all other tissues (including blood, brain, heart, inguinal lymph node, kidney, liver, lung, gonads, and spleen). The proportional tissue distribution of viral vectors in the body tissues away from the injection site was likely to increase with time, however, biodistribution beyond 24h post-dose was not studied. The biodistribution of ChAdOx1 [AZ/Oxford] encoding nCoV-19 following intramuscular injection in mice (study 514559) was ongoing at the time of its regulatory approval [4]. The study 514559 was aimed to examine the biodistribution of ChAdOx1 [AZ/Oxford] nCoV-19 in bone marrow, brain, spinal cord, sciatic nerve, and other body tissues. The data from this study is not yet available in the public domain but this might provide evidence of vaccine delivery in the brain. We, therefore, agree with your comments that all vaccine-related data and analyses in possession of the regulatory authorities must be published in full without any further delays.

    However, in the absence of the results of study 514559, the biodistribution of ChaAdOx1 [AZ/Oxford] HBV in mice (study 0841MV38.001) confirms the delivery of vaccine into the brain tissues. The vaccine may therefore spur the brain cells to produce CoViD spike proteins that may lead to an immune response against brain cells, or it may spark a spike protein-induced thrombosis. This may explain the peculiar incidences of the fatal CVST observed with viral vector-based CoViD-19 vaccines.

    Regarding the “50 billion viral particles per dose in Ox/AZ or J&J/Janssen CoViD-19 vaccines…”

    Trying to put “50 billion viral particles per dose” into numerical perspective, the human liver consists of an estimated 361 billion cells (and it’s reportedly the body’s largest and heaviest internal organ.)


    Doc Robinson: thanks for your solid links and well-chosen excerpts; they’re really helpful.


    Michael Reid

    @ Maxwell Quest

    If only we had access to an elemental to calculate the likely outcomes and activate a Riddick force. While I appreciate your perspective on violence, I feel it will be unavoidable at some point if we are to reclaim our freedom


    This morning ANOTHER article in The Conversation, telling us we must get vaccinated now now now, with the comments TURNED OFF.

    I had thought the academic world was better than this. Sigh.

    Figmund Sreud

    Oh, Canada! You’re in good hands! Yes, …
    … here we have, federal government-folks prepared – pretty much all millennials – report entitled Canada Beyond 150

    Those civil servants worked hard for ten long months then produced treatises on stuff like how to make the government more feminist and inclusionary, open politics, the future of work, sustainability, wellbeing and capital & debt. All fascinating read, …


    V. Arnold

    Long time no see; good to see you back…


    @ John Day: saw the kiddie pool seedling pic. Excellent, inexpensive idea! Do you drill holes in the bottom to allow for drainage when it rains, etc?

    John Day

    @Upstate NYer. Yes, I drill a couple holes about 1 cm up the side, so I can get a little pooling in the pool, but not much.


    The painting:
    The woman is content in her stream- the path is her grandmother and her great-grandmother,,,the other direction is her daughter and her granddaughter…. She is immortal in both directions of time.
    The man clutches his bleeding heart for the mother of the two blood children he harbors- are they his? Why the dark clouds and shades? Where is his part in immortality? Trust and love alone? Where is the logic? What are the facts?
    Separation, indeed.

    Art is propaganda. Human intersection fosters propaganda. Out of that dark-circle-eyed man is the biological manipulation of today. Woman may make babies they know are their own, but MAN can change the recipe. MAN will make life from a petrie dish! MAN will make himself immortal- who needs children! Who needs women?


    @ John Day: Thank you! I’m stealing your idea. 😉

    V. Arnold

    @ John Day

    So, what happened tp you Nam Wa bananas? No mention for ages…


    It is official now. Facebook installed programs to center anyone not 100% pro vax. But we already knew that months ago!

    Formerly T-Bear

    @ V. Arnold #75861

    Had lost my old password, generally had little to say, but, with lots of help got another one reestablished. Now out of the lurking shadows. Enjoy your explorations of the world of art.

    @ Bill7 #75851

    There not being a court house large enough to seat such a trial, was not expecting such to happen. Rather the comment referenced the enormity of the risk taken by vested interests with the public health using untested genetic theories for other purposes. What ever happened to that law of unintended consequences? Has it been cancelled?

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