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    Edward Hopper People in the sun 1963   • US Should Erect a Monument To Assange – RFK Jr. (RT) • Of Men and Myths (Jim Kunstler) • Treason of the
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    Dr. D

    “Extreme Hurricane Season Could Trigger “Carrier Revenge”

    Said this 10 years in a row. Been wrong 10 years in a row. I guess the people who never learn are us, who listen to them. Hey, shouldn’t you be busy with Manhattan being underwater and all the missing polar bears or something?

    “”We’re Numb” To Chaos: Baltimore Crowned America’s Overdose Capital
    “Drug gangs have taken over entire neighborhoods, and the police are nowhere to be found. We’ve all become numb to the violence,”

    …As the police prevent the people from defending themselves.

    “1 In 7 American Kids Live In Poverty

    …As the police prevent people from opening businesses and working more hours.

    “”If we’re not careful, we head towards a Chinese-style social credit system,” — Farage

    He actually used the words! In the most surveillance nation on earth, China included. After having his bank shut him off AS a highest-level politician FOR fascist reasons. But “If we’re not careful…”

    ““On my first day in office, I’m going to pardon Edward Snowden and I’m going to drop the charges, all of the charges against Julian Assange..”

    Leads to the interesting question: Can he do that? If they have committed crimes, you can’t not prosecute them, that would be dereliction of duty. (and impeachable depending how annoyed Congress is about it) But WHO decides? We probably think it’s all ludicrous and the prosecutors should be impeached with all their staffs.

    Well, it HAS been done, but if so, doesn’t it show it’s all political and There Is No Law?

    ““Donald Trump doesn’t trust women. I do. ” — “Joe Biden” on “X”

    “Believe all women.” Except women that accuse Joe Biden of finger-rape. Prosecute, slander, and run those women out of the country. “It ain’t easy, bein’ sleezy.” The party that’s presently killing women wherever they are found.

    “Trouble is, the Democratic Party is, in reality, synonymous with the intel blob that infests it,”

    This is a key point so I’ll bring it up again. Democrats aren’t the ONLY party who is infested and synonymous with the Intel Blob (which is really worldwide). Just for unexpected historic reasons they were FOREMOST. Republicans are 2/3rds Intel Blob and I bet everyone thought it would shake out the other way ‘round, where the party of tolerance, freedom, rights, and free speech and expression would be the “Only 2/3rds” captured. Nope. Not after the Clintons they weren’t. As everyone said at the time and were shouted down. How dare you! Don’t you know Bill Clinton was the first Black President? (This was actually said. By the Press.)

    “In the end, Mr. Trump could accomplish something truly remarkable: bringing our country back together as a people united against being fucked-around by their own government.”

    This part is happening, slowly. What was it the 3% in our American Revolution? No one believes it until it happens to YOU. (Whyyyyyy?)

    ““America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

    I’ve long heard yet another different variation of that quote, more similar to the speech. Like most speeches he may have re-said it more than once, and Winston may be out editing wikipedia again. But yes, and that’s why China (Opium Wars) and Bezmenov (Soviet) both said the same thing General Yamamoto said about a rifle behind every blade of grass. So you attack them were they are weak, not strong, with inner rot, the “Long march through the institutions” they are so proud of, starting with innocents liek drugs, playboy, and a “Summer of Love”. When THEY say that, it is reasonable and good. When – I – say that THEY say it, I am crazy and wrong. …I think I still work daily to comprehend.

    So they DID do this. Past-tense. Okay, now what? Do we know it’s happened yet, as daddy’s on the floor, passed out on drugs with his hooker girlfriend riffling the house for cash? Can we say this yet? Okay, now what? We all give up, like everyone here says?

    Sorry guys, I took an oath to the Constitution. I didn’t know that oath came with an “Only while I’m getting paid” and an “Only when it’s really convenient” clause. I must have missed that part. I was going to bring this up to Dr. Rich, as he is a known serviceman, but actually he’s never tried to shirk this that I know of, as much trouble as he’d like to give his fellow soldiers in this fight. I’d say focus on the enemy, but if he thinks we’re pointed at the wrong enemy, that’s fair, he can shout. I been chewed out before, probably will again.

    If only we could chew them out for giving up, abandoning their post, and denying the Constitution (that is, “All Federal Law”) instead. Right?

    I guess I’d point out that the man who is an Anglo and who now works for China is the foremost here that tells America to surrender and give it all up to them. Well that’s no surprise. Does make you wonder though. And the same thing they said in 1750, 1770, 1850, 1910, and all the times since then, for all the same reasons. America’s too low class! We’re too stupid, never amount to anything. We can’t succeed without Britain/Europe’s/Elite Chief Glue-sniffer’s help. Nope, we must OBEY them. We’re worthless, nothing without them. …The Narcissist’s dream.

    Oh well. Never listened to no Brits before, ain’t gonna give up and start now.

    “In the decades that followed, progressive academics, journalists, novelists, artists, and entertainers all celebrated the socialist ideals of the Bolshevik Revolution. According to Ms. West, even American businessmen were “eager to buy their rope from Lenin.”

    Yup. Just like that. Same guys who loved Eugenics! Loved Technocrats. Loved central planning. They all got destroyed, we’re still here. I guess we Americans are stupid like that.

    “Mr. Stroilov demonstrated that it was an elite American intelligentsia who surrendered the United States to the adversarial socialist culture.”

    Boy, they sure did, but luckily WDGAF what they say and never listened to them, heck, we’re mostly unaware they even exist! That’s how important they are around here. Today, right now, we STILL are unaware they exist and are STILL ignoring them because they’re moronic rodents scurrying around, why bother collecting their names? They came to OUR towns to f– with us, now we’re joining up and going to THEIR towns to f– with them. Real simple. And they don’t like it! Whining like a bunch of babies they are and we haven’t even touched them yet. Oh well. Don’t care what they say. Don’t care if they live or die. Only care they get put back in the box and stop f—ing with us. We march and go on taking scalps until they stop.

    …And we haven’t really started yet. They’ve only got us mad enough at this point to gather around the war-pole and they’re already s—tting themselves. Okay then: YOU started it. Don’t come crying to me. All we asked was to leave our comic books alone. Too much? Too high on yourself you couldn’t do it? Sirs, you need an attitude adjustment, and we’ve only just STARTED THINKING about giving it to you. Don’t run away yet: the fun hasn’t even started!

    I don’t have to either promote or oppose that — what I do doesn’t matter. History says this WILL happen. Right now.

    “Top Ukrainian Officials Don’t Believe Zelensky’s Rhetoric – Guardian (RT)

    Why am I reading this? Why now? ALL the officials ALWAYS didn’t believe Zelensky. Half of them fled the country already – never hear about those. Other half seceded in the east, never hear it put in that way. So that ALREADY leaves hard-core Nazis (literally) and true believers, a minority of the nation. But suddenly now you mention they exist? What were 2/3 of the “government and officials” before now?

    What’s in the quote, still trying to slip in “Just the tip” like a bunch of weasels? “I think we should survive as an independent WESTERN state.” Only if they’re WESTERN. Which 55% of the Ukraine voted AGAINST, which is why we paid $6B ($60B??) for an illegal coup and shot up dozens of civilians to make it happen, locking the doors and lighting the building on fire after. “Western Values”. You can’t be a Western State, sir: The West won’t have you and wants you all to die. Literally. They will have you all dead before they let Ukraine in to ANYTHING in the West. This is what YOUR countrymen could understand but you couldn’t, so you SHOT them. Nice going. Now were they right and you were wrong? Nope, he still thinks the West is his very bestestest friend, 1 Million dead, country lost.

    “Kiev’s claims that Moscow is trying to derail the Swiss-hosted Ukraine peace summit scheduled for next month are ridiculous,”

    Russia isn’t even there! What are they using their Putin-Telepathy to disrupt them with his mind?

    “The US is directly responsible for a Ukrainian strike on a key element of Russia’s nuclear umbrella, Senator Dmitry Rogozin has said, warning that such attacks could lead to the collapse of the entire global nuclear security architecture.”

    They are alarming Russia by shutting down their ICBM visibility. Therefore more edgy about being nuked. “Without American Help” Is that a joke? NOTHING happening in Ukraine is happening without us. Certainly Europe is providing nearly nothing. We’re paying 100% pay, 100% pensions, and 100% free health care – what we here don’t even get, ask Dr. Rich.

    Btw, I cannot comprehend the Ospreys, wtf? Maybe I’m not an expert here, but terrible idea that can’t be fixed, like everything else we make. I ain’t covering for Lockheed’s f- ups.

    “We Must Stay A Step Ahead Of The Enemy – Putin (RT)

    That’s ridiculous, shouldn’t we embezzle all the money and have other people fight our wars with used muskets and a blunderbuss? Isn’t that what Sun Tzu recommended? That’s never gone wrong in history if you arm everyone else, foreigners, immigrants, terrorists, Nazis, and put them in the army so we can sit on the couch, right?

    ““…Smith is not seeking to protect specific witnesses but the entire government from criticism. He objects that the statements create “a grossly misleading impression about the intentions and conduct of federal law enforcement.”

    Or NOT misleading. Who decides? That’s why we have Free Speech.

    So all the government has to do to end free speech is accuse you of something? Oh wait: that’s what Assange is.

    We either discuss things, or you DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD. There are only two ways. Are we a hive wasp? Alien ants? Is that what you think Humans should be like? We believe the Queen Bee because of her superior pheromones.

    “It is another example of Smith’s lack of any sense of restraint in his pursuit of Trump. He has repeatedly shown a pronounced disregard for both due process and free speech in his prosecution of these cases.”

    Then this is a “malicious prosecution”. It is therefore dismissed. I don’t see Turley bringing that case. Why? Aren’t YOU saying a crime is being committed? But crimes against some people are okay?

    “Meanwhile (and there’s always a meanwhile), WikiPedia’s entry on the Appeal to Heaven (aka ‘Pine Tree’) flag has radically changed over the past several days.”

    Ignore the other parts, this is classic: we don’t change reality, we re-define language. Okay WHYYYYY do they get to re-define language, but when we do it, it’s ridiculous? How does that work? No, really, I don’t understand: THEY get up one morning and say “Your flag today means something else.” Then I get up and say “No YOUR gay brown-butthole flag means something else.” Their redefinition wins and mine is tossed. They’re super-nice when they call everyone a Nazi and I’m being mean when I re-post their own quotes. “You can’t reason with people who don’t know the difference between a man and a woman.”

    “• Europe Is Fading Away And Becoming A ‘Lost Continent’ (Sushentsov)

    Yeah, it’s almost like a Jungle over there.

    “the Americans are “cannibalizing” the Western Europeans under the noble guise of protecting the European continent from an imaginary Russian threat. I believe that those in Western Europe should not be blind to this artificial inflation of tensions by the US – they must act in their own interests.”

    But because they’re psychopaths, they can only understand this in terms of then creating an EU dictatorial army. Yes, unelected. Yes, we take whatever we want to fund it without permission or restraint.

    Anyway WE all know this and we all have the same enemy: nobody in America is getting rich from this, the 0.0001% who are are oppressing us all and we’re in the death match with them.

    “• Musk: AI Will ‘Do Everything Better Than You,’ Make Employment Obsolete (CT)

    It’s inevitable, Mr. Anderson. There Is No Alternative. Meanwhile ChatGPT just got drummed out for lying all the time, too often begin wrong. Sounds great! The only tech that can kill more people than Teslas.

    I’d say you can’t get that horse home on roller skates, but there’s always the cameraman. Could be a 5-person camera crew. The seen and the unseen.


    Edward Hopper People in the sun 1963

    They look like they are watching a nuclear test. That lady better grab onto that hat, And that guy in the back row has a mobile hidden in those papers – the addiction was evident in 1963. Anyway, I am pleased to see that people no longer wear business suits to go sun bathing, they really are uncomfortable with sand in the crotch.

    I wonder if they still alive? I wonder, but do not care.


    Thatcher and Reagan a tryst of devils whose illegitimate spawn is the present moment.


    #Thatcher explained why #London, and now the #EU, hate #Russia – because Russia has all the resources and because Russians have refused to be colonized by the #West since the 1700s.

    Thatcher was a faux capiltalist globalist; she liked capitalism when it was skewed in her favour. She sold the UK social housing stock to buy votes, she fought the Falklands war to pretend she was a nationalist, she demolished the NHS (or tried to by selling it off) but really she was just a greedy bitch who wanted the rich to have everything, a little bit Charles Anal Schwab.

    The housing stock was only the first in a long line of national assets that she sold to her friends in business. Reagan, the inept actor, was her side kick. Together they deregulated stock exchanges and brought us into a boom where finance was the number one industry … she despised people who actually worked for a living, she considered that to be the sign of a stupid person, but she gave them houses at 20p on the pound in order to buy their votes. She was a disaster for Britain, which is why the UK is now in decline, her mistakes are still having repercussions.

    Oh, did I mention that Jimmy Saville – the weirdest pedophile you can imagine – was her friend, as in they spent Christmases together. Starmer, the then head of her Criminal Prosecution Service, protected Saville so that he could rape more girls. It now looks like Starmer the rapist (you help, you are also guilty) is soon to be the Primi Minister in the UK …. a pedophile rapist as PM, and people wonder why I don’t go back!


    Thatcher and Reagan started the trend for businesses to focus on getting their profits from government. Government has the money and they encouraged business to come suckle on the teat. Neither country has since recovered, they were thieves and they knew it, but they brought the greed-is-good mentality into play, they despised virtue and their legacies are destroying both countries.


    ” If they have committed crimes, you can’t not prosecute them” – above

    Reporting a crime is a crime?
    Muckraking is a crime?
    Every human being on the planet is subject to US national security laws of obfuscation?
    “We lied, we cheated, we stole. We had entire training courses.”
    Putting an end to an ongoing crime is a crime which must not be committed?

    stop complaining about Merchan


    “On my first day in office, I’m going to pardon Edward Snowden and I’m going to drop the charges, all of the charges against Julian Assange..”

    Bullshit. RFK Jr is poodle to the Jews, and the rich Jews in the UK and the USA do not want him out. If they wanted him out, he would be out, there is nobody to stand in the way of the rich Jews. So this Jew poodle thinks he can change things, the guy is a liar, a typical politician, supporting the murder of children in Gaza while running Children’s Health Defence, which apparently is only for white folk and white Jews, the brown Jews of Palestine, otherwise known as the biblical Israelites, can go die.

    RFK Jr is a sellout, like all the rest …. bad shit floats.


    “ the name of. . . women. . . who just can’t get a fair shake in this land, despite running all the elite universities, the foundations, many corporations (especially MSNBC), and the new misinformation-squelching commissions..”

    Kunt, what about the Jews, they run way more than this, they even get your women fired from these universities because they don’t suck Kunt cock. You are wearing your blinkers again, your hypocrisy is seeping through your skin, your victimhood is ….. I can’t be bothered anymore with this Jew.


    “Publicly, I support what the president says,” the report cited one of the officials as saying. “Unpublicly, I think we should survive as an independent western state that has the possibility of development.”

    And that will be a lot easier to do with access to the sea, which you will not have in 6 months time because the Russians will have reached Transnistria and welcomed another bunch of Russians back into the fold of the motherland, and they will defend them like they have all their other nationals. So you either kill Zelensky and his supporters and rescue Ukraine, or you abandon Ukraine and go live somewhere that has a beach …. so not Ukraine.

    those darned kids


    They’ll Short-Change You!
    They’ll Trick and Swindle!
    They Work on Sundays!

    those darned kids



    those darned kids said


    Is that Zelensky on the piano?

    a kullervo

    When youthful dreams become old age nightmares, or
    the perils of once powerful figures aging without grace.


    the world’s richest person is fairly impoverished philosophically.
    He said his mind is a storm. Bleak and lacking the clarity of stillness and sunshine.
    The purpose of life is living.
    There is no future to arrive at. He is a seeker far more dangerous and with a much higher waste stream than Terrence Howard


    Unbridled Misinformation for the sheep

    Zelensky’s Unconstitutional Power Grab Amidst Ukraine’s Military Failures (Sp.)

    Hungary Blocking EU Plan To Give Russian Money To Ukraine – FT (RT)

    Ukraine Peace Summit Another US-invented Scam – Zakharova (RT)
    “It was an ideological war waged by the totalitarian utopia of Socialism against our civilization, a U.S. Republic, as “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”
    • We Must Stay A Step Ahead Of The Enemy – Putin (RT)

    – such as radio-electronic warfare devices or sophisticated drones – must be fast-tracked for adoption by the military, the president said
    Whenever we manage to get an edge, no matter how slim it is, this increases our effectiveness manyfold,” Putin added.
    Your elected leadership demonstrates its critical thinking

    AOC Demands To Know Where Alito Bought An Upside-Down U.S. Flag


    Duh’merica: What passes off as Wisdom in the Kingdom of Lies


    The screaming Woketard Karens of the DNC can’t process this Reality



    ELECTION 2024

    Of Men and Myths……





    Run by wokewomen, top to bottom

    Just sayin’

    Is this why Duh’merican has so many Big Shitties?



    The Good Old Days

    the good old day, the good old days

    I was there, where were they?

    There were Silver Linings however……



    Flash that Peace Sign Baby!



    Dr D Rich
      ………… serviceman………..

    Almost HALF Of UCLA Medical Students Fail Basic Competency Tests, Professors Say Aggressive DEI Policies Are To Blame

    UCLA’s throwin’ the MD under the bus for the combined failures of UCLA Chancellor Johnese Spisso and her UCLA Medical Students, but nary a murmur or complaint cast at Chancellor Johnese Spisso……Academic Extraordinary RN by way Latrobe, Westmoreland county, Chapman College, St. Francis school of Nursing.
    THIS WOMAN JERK IS THE WALKING TALKING DEFINITION OF Acquisitive Projective Identification, but Chanc. Spisso sure as hell ain’t gonna take the heat for industrial scale failure of medical students at The Academic Institution she leads academically propelled by prior seasoning at academic programs leading academics….blah blah blah blah.

    Notice MD Lucero takes the blame for being reactionary in the DEI environment and Med Student failures receive credit for being unqualified and stupid. Ouch!
    However, Chancellor RNAcademic JOHNESE SPISSO maintains her untarnished rep.
    Am I repeating myself?
    Well, dammit it bears repeating until the horse is beaten to death or the Bush.

    Here’s The RNchancellor herself Johnnese!!

      bachelor’s degree in health sciences from Chapman College. She earned her RN at the St. Francis School of Nursing

      years at UW Medicine in Seattle, Washington, where she was promoted from Chief Nursing Officer to Chief Operating Officer to Chief Health System Officer and Vice President of Medical Affairs for the University of Washington. She served in the latter role from 2007-2016 and was responsible for the two academic medical centers

    At least Dr. Lucero designated Fall-Chick (I conjugated the word fall-guy) has/had an MD degree indicative of some level of academic achievement in contrast to non-Dr. Johnese’s claim to have routinely LEADERSHIPPED others to achieve it without realizing any of those academic achievements herself. I heard non-Dr. Spisso’s bros was an E-9 Army. So maybe he qualifies to lead VA PITTSBURGH like Navy E-7 Kevin Amick.

    And Y’all wondered where the stupid came from but it didn’t arrive overnight.
    They selected for it at The David Geffen School of Medicine


    Thanks to Dr. John for the ethical skeptic articles yesterday.

    UCLA medical students…perhaps by design? All they need to do is catalog symptoms and feed them into a computer which spits out diagnoses and treatments: this doesn’t take much.

    (I saw this on display at my daughter’s most recent doctor visit…I’m finding her a new medical practice.)

    that AI will be better than humans at everything,

    No. AI is not biological, it doesn’t grow into awareness requiring nurture, it isn’t human.. It is a parody of humanity. And, as humanity’s golem, it can do a great deal of things. Some AI accomplishments, according to certain metrics, will be deemed as better than humans. But everything? I think not.


    “A United Reich”

    From the 1800’s. A newspaper article reporting the formation of Germany as a country?

    Is Germany merely existing inherently evil?

    Are KINGDOMS inherently evil? Will we freak out that Thailand, the UK, and Saudi Arabia, for instance, are kingdoms? Or just the MENTION of a kingdom in a reproduction of an 1880’s newspaper?

    Did Hitler’s third reich go back and time to make the 2nd and 1st Reichs evil?

    There’s a lot of Reich to consider. Do we hate all the Hohenstaufens now? Henry VII? Maximilian? Do we need to hate them all for specific reasons, all millenium or so of them, or is it enough the word Reich is in there somewhere? All countries touched by the Hapsburgs, then? All Austrian and Hungarian monarchs ever?

    Dr. D

    But Dr. Rich, look at that building! Has there ever been a cooler, more professional looking building? Well I think not.

    And look at those COATS. You think just anyone can get cool white Doctor’s coat like that? Well, I rest my case, they are clearly medically competent and ready to serve, sir.


    United KINGDOM.

    THEY’RE a United Reich??!?!?!? Holy #&#ing #$^#%!!!!

    Defund the UK!!!


    I’d like to recommend this recent interview on geopolitics and empire: David Hughes has released the first of a two-book set that examines the whole COVID fiasco in the context of a subtle but much larger historical drive to centralize power:


    “We keep wondering why these young people are not coming home to the Democrats. Why are blacks not coming home to the Democrats? Because Democrat messaging is full of shit, that’s why.”

    ummm. Your entire platform, everything you want and believe in according to yourselves since at least 2016, everything you’ve worked towards and actually done since at least the 90’s? The ACTUAL THINGS not the fucking messaging? But the MESSAGING is a problem???


    Thinking about Reincarnation,

    Answer from copilot
    Certainly! Reincarnation, also known as rebirth or transmigration, is a philosophical or religious concept. Here are some key points:

    Indian Religions:
    Reincarnation is a central tenet of Indian religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.
    In these traditions, the soul (or consciousness) continues its existence after physical death and is reborn into a new physical form or body. The cycle of birth, death, and rebirth continues until spiritual liberation or enlightenment is achieved.
    Other Belief Systems:
    Reincarnation occurs as an esoteric belief in many streams of Judaism, certain pagan religions (including Wicca), and some Indigenous peoples of the Americas and Indigenous Australians.
    Ancient Greek historical figures like Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato also expressed belief in the soul’s rebirth.
    Approximately 1.4 billion people, which is about 19% of the world’s population, believe in reincarnation.
    Followers of Hinduism (950 million), Buddhism (500 million), Sikhism (23.8 million), Jainism (4.2 million), Shinto (4 million), and Taoism (2.7 million) hold this belief1.
    Remember that beliefs about reincarnation vary across cultures and religions, but it remains a fascinating and enduring concept for many people worldwide!


    Victoria Day (Canada), Memorial Day (USA)

    Demonstrators for peace, cease fire, and anti war are being attacked by your governments.


    Israel defiant in face of ICJ order to stop Rafah offensive
    Trudeau, did you hear the news?
    You did not move Israel from their position of wanting to exterminate/kill/eliminate/murder all Palestinians

    Hundreds of graduates walk out of Harvard commencement chanting ‘Free, free Palestine’ over Gaza war


    zerosum said

    Hundreds of graduates walk out of Harvard commencement chanting ‘Free, free Palestine’ over Gaza war

    The jew PR machine will soon conflate these people wanting the freedom of the Palestinians to be “Hamas supporters”. That is how they trick the stupid in America – the vast majority – in keeping in line and abandoning their own principles. Good to see some people doing something, even though the likes of Dr D sits helpless on his sofa, maybe if the people of the USA had got off their sofas more often over the past 50 years, the USA would be in better shape. There again, maybe not, the people of the USA are a bloodthirsty lot, maybe they would have just encouraged themselves to go kill more darkies.

    Yesterday I was trying to explain to a Chinese guy why the Jews are white and the Palestinians are darker skinned. Umm, that is a very difficult discussion in polite society – oppressed society – but fortunately here in China the Jews are just a curiosity, not an idol to worship everyday and to beg forgiveness. I explained that the Jews are just white people pretending to be from the middle east so that they can steal the land of Israel, the reason being that Israel is is important to their religion and they want to take it over, steal it away from the people who have lived there for millenia, the Palestinians, otherwise known as the Israelites in the Bible.

    Dr D Rich
    Dr D Rich


    Click on it.

    Special leaders are not just simply leaders. They are Leaderships. I know it’s hard to understand the distinction. So look it up yourself.

    How can This Leadership RN Academician Johnese Spisso NOT step forward in her fancy, dancy business formal suits matching the splendor of UCLA’s David friend of epstein Geffen Medical School campus AND TAKE full-throated, full responsibility for Academic Failure where she claims Chancellor-level academic responsibility??????


    Bright happy colors and very very very good oculoplastic surgery results.


    phoenixvoice said

    that AI will be better than humans at everything,

    Well, here is some more grist for the mill ….


    Good news. This fake, gay jewrun shitshow is at the end of the line, last stop, Fuckyousville, stick your plantation money system up your ass. The youngsters get it, ain’t no future in Jewberry. They either got to nuke us,, make us all sick/dead or get the fuck out. None of their paid for whores, including Trump, is gonna put Humpty Dumpy back together again.

    Dr D Rich


      You wrote: UCLA medical students…perhaps by design? All they need to do is catalog symptoms and feed them into a computer which spits out diagnoses and treatments: this doesn’t take much.

    They most certainly can’t recognize symptoms, signs or physical findings. So what catalogued nonsense would those medical school matriculants feed into a computer? Some of the smartest guys I know (alumni of the most prestigious fellowships) couldn’t recognize a valid sign or physical finding even when they were shown or handed the answer.
    Dug in there heels did they?
    You bet they did.
    And they never broke stride.
    Isn’t that mind boggling?

    I already shared my son’s personal saga up against these greats Ed Buckley Chairman Duke Ophthalmology, Johnny Green colorectal UW, Kevin Greason cardiothoracic Mayo and as it turns out, Navy Medicine finest CO PEDOPHILE at NMC San Diego..
    Take a gander at the nightmares that are optic nerve hypoplasia, catastrophic bowel, untreated mechanical small bowel obstruction and abdominal retention sutures. Then imagine doing that to one month old or a 4 year old….twice.

    The whole of society, humanity is up against it.

    Sometimes an anecdote serves the purpose and illustrates the phenomenon.
    Right now in my case 3 radiologists, 4 neurologists, 2 ortho spine surgeons, 1 infectious disease consultant, 1 ARNP and 2 family malpractitioners couldn’t discern the physical signs and symptoms of severe cervical spinal stenosis at two levels even when MRI results demonstrated the disease.
    On the same MRIs and In the same patient none of those aforementioned 10 nonhealthcare providers nor the 3 radiologist interpreters detected the unmistakable radiological evidence of SSS Silent Sinus Syndrome and the accompanying disfiguring facial sequelae EVEN after IT, SSS was pointed out to them.

    Putting Johnese Spisso in charge of UCLA Medical Centers, Dave Tam in charge of Beebe, Kevin Amick in charge of VA Pittsburgh and Bruce The Pedophile Meneley in charge of Navy hospitals in GITMO or Afghanistan won’t help with any of that.

    There is a common thread for all those people.
    None of those Medical Leaders lost their jobs….for any of their myriad monstrous mistakes or exceptional inadequacies except the father and last patient did.



    This is Kamala Harris’ step-daughter




    Bring back the glory days of Duh’merica



    Presidementia Pedo Jo-Jo workin’ the campaign circuit

    Brain Freeze...again…..


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